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Content of the Story: FF, oral, toy

About what: He-Man

Characters involved: Evil-Lyn/Teela

He-Man: Sappho Visits Eternia Part 1
by Victor2K ([email protected] or [email protected])

"Forget it, darling. You will never get out of these strong steel cuffs".

This was said by the evil and cruel woman known as Evil-Lyn, as she
approached from a small dungeon in a cave, where her prisoner, the
heroine of this realm, Teela, was locked up after being knocked
unconscious by one of Skeletor’s evil henchman.

"Don't think about that. He-Man will find me and save me, not after
kicking the ass of Skeletor", the redhead challenged defiantly.

"Why should I worry about that? He will never find you here! I made
certain myself that your ‘new place' was as secluded as I could get. I
have everything in hand, especially you."

Evil-Lyn looked in her proud wryly ironical face to Teela, as the
heroine was trying get out her hands and feet of the rock that she was
attached. The evil woman laughed as her hostage tried to escape.

"I already said, Teela, there is no way that you can escape out of that.
Now, you are very much mine", Evil-Lyn bragged.

"Damn!" Teela shouted.

Teela tried to escape, but her efforts proved futile. Every time she
pushed back and forth on the chains it was even more impossible to
escape, and the face of her captor was showing an evil skeptic mood, as
she was watching the redhead get increasingly pissed off at being bound
into a place she knew no way out of or even where it was. Her captor
was supremely confident she wasn't escaping at all.

After a few minutes, Teela got tired, and with her body getting sweaty
from the exertion, Evil-Lyn licked her lips as Teela's body was getting
even more covered with perspiration.

"Argh! "Dammit!"

"I already told, you...what a waste of your excellent muscles," The evil
woman said.

"Argh..." Teela grumped before she moaned and looked at her captor. Her
eyes had less of their usual fire. "Ok, I give up. You won. But at least
tell me something: why did you get me in the first place?"

"Do you wanna really know?" The bad woman said, walking to approach the
captured Teela.

"There is no other way for me...I must know."

Evil-Lyn looked Teela's from heads to heels, with a wicked smile, while
seeing the impatience of the other female. Finally she was at her hands,
without escape and merciless to her own desires.

"Here is the thing. I captured you because I needed to make it straight
with me and you."

"From what?", the redhead asked.

"From everything. I believe you didn't forgot our stint at the desert?"

"When we fought Kothos in Aradan?" Teela asked, for surprise of her

"Hmm...seems that you didn't forget it all. Anyway, when we were stuck in
desert, I started to see the things in a way I never expected to."


"I came to see you as different from what I had previously thought. I
used to find you a very hard girl to handle, too much aggression and
proud as hell. Now I see you as a respectable and strong enemy. I feel
somehow proud to have you in my list of opponents." The evil woman

"Thanks, is soo nice to hear something like this...even from an enemy",
Teela said, ironically.

"But there is more. When I said that I started to see you with other
eyes, I am not kidding. It's really serious." Evil-Lyn said, positioning
a few steps near Teela. "When we were there, I saw you, your way of
speech, to handle stuff, to act, your savvy. I don't know, I asked
myself a dozen times why, but...hmm...I feel attracted for you."

"What?" Teela went astonished.

"Yes. I, Evil-Lyn, am attracted to you, Teela. Sexually attracted, I
mean" The villainess stated as Teela went shocked at hearing such a thing.

"No, I can't believe. My ears are fooling me. I cannot hear a thing like

"Yes, you heard every word, darling. I love you and there is nothing
that you can do against it" Evil-Lyn stated.

"Yes I can! This is filthy, this is nasty, and this is horrendous!"
Teela shouted in anger and loathing, her animosity to her sworn enemy
bubbling to the surface.

"And you like it too. Admit it, you felt something for me while we were
in the desert, didn't you?" The evil woman declared.

"Of course not. I like men. I am straight!" Teela shouted, mad as hell.

"And I am, or was. I still feel something for men in general, but you
made me think different ideas. I never got this for a woman. I
masturbated myself thinking about you all the time, I made it my goal to
get you and have you in a way that I should never forget, and make you
feel the same for me. That's why I beat you and held you as hostage",
Evil-Lyn explained, while using her index finger to touch Teela's cheeks.

"You can't be serious that I will have sex with you. You are the last
choice for me in this matter"

"I think you cannot disagree with me, watching your position right now"
Evil-Lyn grinned as she started to touch and play with Teela's cheeks,
then going to her body, groping her helpless tits and buttocks. "I think
this will persuade you on my are not in any position to defy
my will,'s best to submit to it."

She screams once.

"Please, stop!"

And twice.


And thrice.


And four times.

"STOP, YOU..."

But as much as Teela could scream, the more Evil-Lyn would grope her.
Soon the redhead heroine started to give up. It was a slow realization,
but feeling the hand of someone in her private parts was good for her.
Evil-Lyn's hands touched everywhere they could, as Teela's begging
changed dramatically to the opposite.


* Perfect * the villain thought as the good girl became on her hands.
Teela knew that it was ages since someone had touched her like that.
Either Prince Adam or his alter-ego, He-Man, did that with frequency.
She was always left for some fight or training, being alone thinking
about her man.

* Why am I doing this? Why has this become good? Am I a lesbian? I
like this girl, Skeletor's companion on taking Eternia? Do I? * Teela
thought, as the villain stopped the rude groping of her hostage, now
more covered in sweat than ever.

"And now, do I convince you?" Evil-Lyn asked.

"Please...don't...I-I c-can't" Teela whispered, worn out by the procedure.

"Yes, you can. Touching you makes my pussy wet. Now I really know that I
desire your body."

"N-No.." Teela tried to say something, but she was too tired to argue
with her rival. And

"I think we should exchange a kiss, my darling" Evil-Lyn said, as she
put her face a few inches away from Teela's. The redhead then turned her
face, offering her cheek to the villain.

"Don't move. I will spit on you!"

"I believe you can't do anything about it". The villain said before
touching Teela's mound and feel her wetness through her battle uniform.
"Your cunt deposes against you." Evil- Lynn smiled slyly.

"No, no...don't..."

But Teela surrendered to Evil-Lyn's persuasive hands, even if she
couldn't accept that, it made little difference. She loved the touch of
that woman and wanted more, but she was too proud to admit that she was
getting into the evil one. In this scenario, Teela only offered short
resistance to Evil-Lyn, trying to hold her lips away of her companion.
But Evil-Lyn was in control, the one pulling the strings.

Then, shortly, the lips touched themselves and the tongues danced.
Teela, as from the beginning, tried to pull the evil female away, but it
became so hot that the redhead "jumped" on Evil-Lyn's lips, their
kissing like that of a couple of youngsters. The tongues danced and
wrestled as their lips locked on each other and their breasts pressed
against each other's.


Evil-Lyn and Teela then broke the kiss and looked at each other, the
good girl tried to deny what she did with the bad one.

"Seems you don't have the strength that everyone says."

"I-I..." Teela tried to spill some words.

"I know you try do deny it, but is too late. We are horny for each
other; we want to fuck each other. I can't go against it, neither can
you, my little Teela", Evil-Lyn said, giving a contained naughty smile.
Teela tried to give a look of objection, but now her mind was thinking
about undressing the villainess and doing all sorts of kinky things.

"Damn! I tried to resist, I swear. I tried, I tried, but this kiss...I
think...I think I want you, Evil-Lyn. I need to fuck you, right now..."
Teela stated, still conflicted, but her pussy now clearly winning the
argument against her mind.

"Good girl" Evil-Lyn shaken her head as sign of approval as she got her
scepter and aimed at the cuffs. "Be careful" she warned as her powers
destroyed the cuffs and chains that kept Teela imprisoned. The redhead
girl fell on the cave's floor, but she was able to stand up again.


"You are welcome...don't ever think of trying to run away." The evil one
complimented as they kissed each other again. With freedom, Teela could
roam with her hands all along Evil-Lyn's body. Her companion was quite
older than her, but it always had a well shaped body, which was superior
to that of a lot of young people, with a good pair of tits and a nice
ass. * I never knew this one could be hot like this * Teela thought to
herself, as the dark femme's body enthralled her..

Both groped each other as long as they could get, getting wet and hot
all the time. It was time to do something more direct. Both broke off
from the mouth-mouth pleasing and then looked at each other.

"I think we should do something...more delightful" Teela proposed.

"But we need to take off our clothes first" Evil-Lyn replied.

"No problem," Teela said

Soon, Teela removed Evil-Lyn's suit. First, exposing the evil woman's
breasts, all firm and shapely. Teela played with them using the hands,
as her now love partner moaned.

"You have beautiful breasts. I have to praise you for that."

"So why don't you play then with our mouth?" Evil-Lyn suggested and
Teela accepted. Her mouth went to the older woman's left tit, licking
her nipples like a baby being fed.



Evil-Lyn was pleased as Teela played with tongue on her tits. She
switched to the boobs and played them with her hands, to get their
playing even naughtier.

"Your tits are hot, Evil-Lyn...*slurp* so hot!"

"So...hmm..Please...lick them...ahh...yes! Lick it!"

Teela then sat Evil-Lyn on the cave's floor, as she could proceed on
tit-sucking. While she sucked her now lover's tits, Evil-Lyn tore
Teela's clothes to expose her boobs, which were as firm as Evil-Lyn's.

"I wanna play with these, too!" The villainess demanded.

Then both women started to take turns on tit-sucking, often rubbing
their nipples against each other. They were moaning and squealing as
louder as they could, because nobody would ever find them.



"Rub it...ahhh"

Teela then stopped the procedure, now undressing her partner completely.
She could see now the, to her amazement, the completely shaven
Evil-Lyn's pussy, wet and "begging" for pleasure.

"I can't believe you are shaven!?"

"It's for the battles. I think it would help me to get healthy and not
worry with my outfit" Evil-Lyn explained, as she open wide her lips to
Teela observe, getting her mouth wet with the excitement.

"I believe you need my fingers and mouth on that" Teela said, licking
her lips in anticipation.

"Would be so good!"

As Evil-Lyn said that, Teela slid a finger inside her pussy and started
to finger-fuck the evil female, pleasing this one with that. She could
feel the wetness of the villain as the finger went deep inside. Deep.

"Ohh...fuck me...oohh"

As Teela fucked with the index finger, her thumb was touching and
rubbing the swollen clitoris. With this stimulation, Evil-Lyn couldn't
offer any resistance.

" good...Fuck me Teela...ahh..." She squealed.

"You are so hot I could do it with more fingers" Teela said as the
middle finger went inside Evil-Lyn, speeding up the thrusts. With her
other hand, she made the other girl lick and kiss the fingers.


The evil woman gasped with each Teela's skilled finger fuck, probing her
cunt. The redhead one was looking at the each moan of her lover with an
evil yet pleasant smile, ready to take the next step.

After some good screwing, she withdrew the fingers from inside the
genitalia, rubbed the labia with her tips and tasted the juices from

"You taste very nice, but I think I need to look more in depth at that
honeypot of yours", Teela said.

The redhead then opened very wide her partner's legs and then buried her
mouth in Evil-Lyn's stimulated pussy. Teela's tongue came into action to
lick all over the bad woman's cunt.


Evil-Lyn went into pleasure overdrive as Teela went to work with tongue
and lips, all over her vagina, moaning at each trip of the redhead's
tongue tip on her clitoris and labia, tasting her juices, touching all
her erogenous areas.


"Lick my me...ohh"

Teela loved to perform such thing with Evil-Lyn. All her disgust with
sex among women was erased in the moment that the villainess started to
kiss and grope her. She couldn't believe that to eat a woman's pussy
would be that fantastic. If Evil-Lyn was evil, she loved the taste of evil.

"I want to eat you all over. I want to eat you all the time" Teela said,
now hooked on vaginal juices. "I love the taste of your evil juices!"

"Ohhh...God!" It was the only thing that Evil-Lyn could say about that,
twisting her legs as her partner could have full vision and fully enjoy
that piece of meat.

The good one licked Evil-Lyn, to "dry" her out, bringing her into an
orgasm that she never felt in life, either with men or women

"Ohh...shit...oh...I'm Cumming..ohh..."

"Cum on me! Yes! Cum, Evil-Lyn, my love. Cum" Teela ‘ordered' as she got
every drop of the orgasm juices of the villain lady. Evil-Lyn had sweat
in all over of her body.

After a good climax, Evil-Lyn laid down, all sweaty and tired,
recovering herself from Teela's "attack". The redhead sat close to her
and faced Evil-Lyn.

"From your face, I can guess you liked it?" She grinned.

"You are such a could you lick like that?" The evil villain

"I have seen lot of stuff like that. ..."

"But you weren't refusing, doing that?"

"First I was, but it came in my mind that you are so kinky that I didn't
resist" Teela explained, caressing her lover's tummy. "And I bet you
want do the the same with me, don't you?"

"Yes; (puff)...just let me get a minute and down we go" Evil-Lyn said, not
before pulling up Teela's outfit garment, making it touch her asshole.
Teela sighed, the sensations making her soak herself.

After her "minute", Evil-Lyn quickly undressed the entire redhead woman,
exposing a mound of ginger pubic hair anticipating her pussy, a very
tasty piece of pussy, all wet with the licking done by the heroine.
Teela's cunt was as willing as a woman's entrance could be.

"I can't believe that I let you be wet like that" Evil-Lyn noted.

"And I cannot believe that you are the one who will dive on it" Teela
replied to that comment, which made the evil woman smile wickedly. This
was the sweetest of victories for Evil-Lyn, more so than any battle she
had fought for Skeletor.

Positioning her with back on the cave walls, and legs spread, Evil-Lyn
could spread the redhead's pussy lips, in order to tease her new found
lover. Then she started to lick Teela's genitals, brushing her tongue to


Evil-Lyn got to "devour" Teela's pussy in style. Her tongue teasing her
clit, licking and sucking it quick to make the other woman squeal in
pleasure, then licking the lips and eating her juices. Her lifetime
dream was being fulfilled and she needed to do all the she wanted.


" me...ohh"

While that took place, Teela was astonished that a woman could do such a
pleasing thing with her, that prior to this day never was much fond of
women for sex. Evil-Lyn's tongue was, surely, opening her mind to that
kind of stuff.

"You know...your body, your *lap*, I am,...*slurp...
falling in love with...your pussy...I need your pussy more than...*lap*

", lick my...ahhhh...cunt, Evil-Lyn.... it....uhhh...I"

Evil-Lyn's licking procedure was so good that Teela tried to "cool down"
her mind so she couldn't have an orgasm, while her new lover was licking
her cunt, biting and spanking her thigh. This made Teela moan louder.

"Oohh...God...this a-j....

When Teela shouted the word "cum", the evil lady watched the redhead get
the best orgasm she had ever had. Neither Adam, or even He-Man, or any
other man for that matter, made her cum like that. She screamed alot
with pleasure and joy, as Evil-Lyn got all her floating juices on her.


Evil-Lyn watched her cum with a smiling face. When she heard Teela saying
that she loved her, she didn't believed it at first, assuming that were
those things that people say while they are in their climax. When Teela
almost collapsed from the thunderous orgasm, she came nearby her and made
sure that everything was alright with the redhead one.

Teela regained her senses, recovering her breath and all sweaty. When
she opened her eyes, it was Evil-Lyn, smiling on seeing her fine.

"I assume this means you enjoyed what I did?" The evil woman asked

"Y-Yes...Wow, I could never believe that another woman could do something
like that." The redhead heroine answered, still trying to get her stamina

"It's what they say: no one knows a woman's body better than another woman."

"I don't know, maybe I am totally crazy or this orgasm kind of drugged
me, I start to see you with new eyes", Teela said before
touching her night partner's face and then caressing it. "I think I am
falling in love with you, Evil-Lyn."

"This cannot be true. You are appalled by the fuck we did", Evil-Lyn
replied with a strong denial.. Teela then stood face-to-face with her.

"Look. I love a man, or men, but they never gave me the same love in
return. For Adam, I am like his sister and for He-Man, I am some kind of
business partner. You, you are the only person capable enough to seduce
and have sex with me in proper style. I never told anyone, but you are
the best enemy I fought in my life. You are the one who matches me in


"But nothing" Teela said, before shutting the villainess mouth with her
finger. "You said you love me, correct? Now you can have me. Maybe I am
taken off by the sex or something, but your plan worked very, very well.
You got my love in return." Teela explained, to Evil-Lyn's unbelief.
After thinking a little while about Teela's love speech, she answered...

"Yeah, right, okay, I admit. My plan worked, and better than I ever
thought. I just wanted to have sex with you, but I think this changes

"Better believe on that!" Teela smiled.

Evil-Lyn smiled back and then they kissed again, but now a brief,
passionate one. After the kiss, Evil-Lyn walked out and went to some
sort of hideout inside the cave, leaving Teela wondering what she was
doing. When she came back, she brought something with her on hands.

"You got a gift for me? You didn't need that..." The redhead joked, with

"In fact, is a gift for two of us" The villainess stated, before showing
to her the "gift": a double ended dildo, a white one, seemed too
"homemade", but big enough to please a pair of horny women like them.

"I see that you brought one of your own collection".

"Maybe...this was the one I made thinking about filling you with it"
Evil-Lyn explained.

Teela then held it and felt the material, so hard and thick. "You seem
to be a very busy woman to do such things"

"With a bunch of jerks and being beaten so many times, I need time for
myself. Don't tell me that you don't have your own...ahem...'playtoys'?"
The evil one asked.

"I have my own, but I like to use fingers too. Less constraints and
better fun using more than one" Teela answered, to another moment of
surprise for Evil-Lyn.

"This was new for me...soo, I believe you are ready for the grand finale?"
The villainess teased Teela by showing the dildo. The redhead looked,
thought a little and answered with no doubt.

"I think I can't deny such a pleasing invitation" Teela again made fun
of that, as both women laid on the hideout's floor, in a position that
they could see each other's cunts. Evil-Lyn then introduced one of the
toy's ‘heads' inside herself, while Teela positioned herself to stick
the other ‘head' into her pussy. As everything was ok, the fun begun...

Each started to push the other head inside each other, in some sort of
"mutual fucking". Pleasing sounds became again the main sound of the cave.


"Shove it....ah...stick...uhh..."

The women were fucking themselves in such a manner that sooner it looked
like they were rubbing their own pussies. Evil-Lyn and Teela were
enjoying the naughty playing with the dildo so much that it became also
a kind of "self-fucking". This was what everything prior had been
building to, ever since they had that desert encounter..

"This fantastic....yesss...ah...." Teela said between

"Really? Ahh....fuck...I needed an...uh...entire day to do...ahhh...yess...
that!" Evil-Lyn declared.

The moaning and screwing became so quick and frenzied that it wasn't
possible to not love that. The effort of fucking brought the women into
the edge of climax rapidly. The girls tried to get a hold for a moment,
but they soon slipped into the orgasmic realm again.




The orgasm was different from the rapture of the oral sex, but it was
good and ended the sexual intercourse in true style. Soon after they
came, both women collapsed and sunk into a heavy slumber.

* * *

Hours later, the girls woke up and looked at each other, at first like
they were trying to not look at the other and not remember what happened
inside the cave, but they couldn't deny it for long and then smiled. A
true bond between them was being forged.

They talked a lot about the sex thing, how it was good and how each is
attracted to the other. When they were putting their outfits on, Teela
made a bold suggestion.

"Let's run away?"

"Huh?" Evil-Lyn looked the redhead in disbelief.

"Let's run away. Me and you, together". Teela was not joking; her eyes
had that unmistakable, serious intent which Evil-Lyn recognized from the

"I can't believe...what I have done...Why would you want to run away with
me?" The villainess asked

"Because I need to be with you. I am tired of being in Grayskull castle,
looking after a man who might not look at me as I wanted to. What we
done today, it was amazing!" Teela tried to convince Evil-Lyn,
her voice cracking with emotion.

"I don't know. I cannot leave Skeletor without giving a reason to do
it...he is not a reasonable man, and not a forgiving one, either."

"Say that you are going to be looking for a way to beat He-Man, he'll
believe anything which he thinks might give him a future victory", Teela
said, with her hands on Evil-Lyn's shoulders.

"And how about you?" The villainess asked, looking thoughtful and pensive.

"Well, I say that I will study martial arts or something far away. That
will impress them. I am sure that they will release me."

Evil-Lyn then looked at Teela's eyes, in semi-agreement with the
redhead. "And what will we do, besides getting it on with each other?"

Teela paused and thought, then spoke firmly. "I have a plan."

"What plan?" Evil-Lyn asked, curious as to just how Teela would
extricate them from their alliances.

"We are going to seduce all of the women of Eternia we can" Teela
answered, giving a wicked smile to her new lover. Her eyes beamed.

"WHAT?!! Are you crazy or something?!!?" The villainess was shocked on
hear such idea came from the redhead, especially one who had such a
"good girl reputation prior to today.

"No, I am not. I knew a lot of women in these past years, some of them
very attractive. I believe you did that too? We are single women and
need to enjoy our sexual life, we have a bunch of pussy waiting for us
and I want them! I want to taste every pussy in Eternia!"

Evil-Lyn thought and pondered a little, but it did not take her long to
see the advantages of Teela's scenario, and came to conclusion that
Teela was right and she needed to enjoy some hot steamy sex around Eternia.

"Ok, you won. But do you promise me that I am the number one in you
life?" Evil-Lyn asked, her eyes fervently looking for a positive answer
from her new lover.

"How you couldn't you be, honey" Teela smiled, to then receive a
full-lip kiss, full of the hotness they now felt for each other.

Later, Teela and Evil-Lyn jumped aboard the redhead's air vehicle and
began the journey to solve their lives and then travel inside Eternia to
have sex with the many delicious women from there. A lot of screwing and
pussy conquest awaited them.


* * *

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