This story is purely fictitious. It should not be read by anyone eighteen
years of age or younger. It is based on the TV series "Hearts Afire" wherein
Markie Post plays the part of the beautiful and sexy Georgie Lathi.

Hearts Afire: Georgie And Billy-Bob Get It On! (MF)
by Db288 ([email protected])

Georgie, the beautiful wife of John, Senator Smither's aide, was one of the
most attractive women on Capitol Hill. She turned heads wherever she went.
She was worldly in that she spent many years on the Near East and got to know
many of the foreign dignitaries intimately. In a culture where almost every
male adult had a mistress or two, Georgie was much sought after. She inwardly
prided herself in having made love with every ambassador in the area. One of
the Saudi sultans had wanted her for his harem and offered her big sums of
money and a life of ease, but Georgie wanted her freedom more and refused.
Besides, she was getting plenty of sex as it was.

But that was in her past -- perhaps. Now that she had married and settled
down to a conventional life in Washington, she accepted life in a different
culture. Billy-Bob, John's boyhood friend and now his assistant, was totally
taken in by Georgie's beauty, as were many others. Her beautiful face, her
long blonde hair, her larger than normal breasts, her slim figure, her great
legs that she loved to display by wearing the shortest imaginable mini
skirts, and her bubbly personality; all these turned Billy-Bob on and made
him horny every time he saw her. But he was John's best friend and didn't
want to encroach on his territory.

One time, however, when John was away on business for the Senator, Billy-Bob
couldn't resist going over to Georgie's house to see her, to keep her
company, and to just be around her. He went with no expectations and who
knew what might happen. He rang her door bell and waited nervously. He was
as horny as he could be in anticipation of just seeing her and being near
her. Georgie opened the door and greeted Billy-Bob with surprise and
enthusiasm. She was wearing a skirt and a tight fitting collared shirt that
buttoned (or unbuttoned) down the front. With her slim waist and large,
protruding breasts she looked very sexy. She was very glad to see him as she
was getting bored with not much to do in John's absence except watch TV. As
he entered the house, something in her sensed his animal lust for her. As
soon as the door closed and they were in the house together and alone,
Georgie spontaneously, and surprisingly to her, she gave him a big kiss --
on the mouth. Billy-Bob was taken aback. As soon as he realized what was
happening, he ardently kissed her back. He held her tightly for a long time
and was excited when she used her tongue to probe his mouth. His cock began
to swell, and he was sure Georgie could feel it against her leg. He put his
hands on her ass and brought her tightly against his penis. She didn't seem
to mind.

When their kiss finally broke off, Georgie sighed and smiled at Billy-Bob.
She said, "Wow, that was some kiss!"

All he could say was, "It sure was! You don't know how long I have wanted to
do that."

Georgie said, "Why Billy-Bob, I didn't know you cared for me."

Billy-Bob's reply was, "If you only knew."

They stood looking at each other not quite knowing what to do next. Finally
she offered him coffee and the two of them settled down on the couch.
Georgie's short skirt exposed her legs up to her thighs. She was wearing
stockings held up by a garter belt. Billy-Bob couldn't keep his eyes off of
them. Georgie was aware of this and finally crossed her legs. As she did so,
she intentionally, but casually, pulled up her skirt so that the tops of her
nylons were visible. She said, "You like my legs don't you!"

Billy-Bob said, "They're beautiful. I can't keep my eyes off of them."

With that he put his hand on her nearest leg and let his fingers go between
her legs. Georgie was pretty horny herself, not having been fucked by John
in over a week. She did nothing to discourage what Billy-Bob was doing.
She spread her legs slightly. He said, "Georgie, you know me. I'm always
outspoken and honest. Here's the deal. I am totally turned on by you. You
are beautiful, your breasts are outstanding, your body is ravishing, your
legs are very sexy, and you totally turn me on. I want very much to make
love to you."

Georgie was not surprised to hear those words based on her background of
having been a mistress to many men in the past. She said, "Billy-Bob, you're
not so bad yourself. You're not the most handsome or men, but I bet you're
good in bed."

Billy-Bob was surprised to hear these words coming form Georgie. It didn't
take long for him to say, "Georgie, I want to show you."

They smiled at each other and when they looked into each others eyes things
began to happen. The invite was there. Georgie lay her head back on the couch
and Billy-Bob bent over to kiss her as passionately as he had when he first
came in the house. She responded by thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth
in a long and sustained French kiss. She put her hand behind his neck and
drew him to her. Then, while they were kissing, she started unbuttoning her
blouse. Billy-Bob could feel her hands as they worked their way down each
button. When the last button was undone, she pulled her blouse off her
shoulders. While she was doing this, Billy-Bob then ran his hand all the way
up the inside of her leg and onto her pussy. He began to message her cunt.
She spread her legs wider to give him more room. She was really liking this.
He then broke off the kiss to look at her. She was not wearing a bra so her
breasts totally exposed. She was young enough such that her tits stood out
without sagging. She thrust her chest forward. Her nipples were rosy and
stuck out prominently. He just stared. She then squirmed her body and put
her hand on his pressing it into her vagina. He extended a finger and probed
for her G spot. When he found it he began rubbing it. She then put her hand
behind his neck and pulled his head down to one of her waiting tits. She
thrust her tit into Billy-Bob's mouth and he engulfed most of her breast in
his mouth. Then he began licking her nipple. It stood erect and grew in size.
Billy-Bob kept sucking on her breast and rubbing her G spot at the same time.
Georgie was going wild with excitement. She kept saying, "Oh Billy. Oh
Billy!" She climaxed several times.

Then Billy-Bob turned Georgie around and grabbed both her breasts. She lay
her head against his shoulder. He loved the smell of her clean, golden hair.
His hands began kneading and milking her breasts. He was fairly rough.
Georgie was really turned on by this. Her breasts were very sensitive, and
she loved to have them played with this way.

Billy-Bob's cock was straining at the leash. Georgie knew this and soon
reached her hands down and carefully unzipped his fly. Her hand probed inside
his pants until she found his cock. She grabbed it and brought it out of it's
confinement. It was huge! Georgie stared at it and thought how beautiful it
was. She said, "Billy-Bob, you're quite a man!" She began to jerk him off. "I
didn't know you had such a big cock. Wow!"

Billy-Bob couldn't believe what he was hearing or what was happening. He was
being jerked off by the beautiful Georgie! She was sitting next to him with
her naked breasts exposed for him to see and feel. Her beautiful blonde hair
was tumbling over her shoulders and she stroking his penis up and down, up
and down. He couldn't believe it! She was enjoying it as much as he.

His penis oozed a slippery fluid to aid Georgie's strokes. She was trying to
get it as large and hard as she could because she wanted it in her. It was
much larger than John's and she was eager to have Billy-Bob fuck her with it
for all he was worth. Billy-Bob had to tell her to stop jerking him off or
he would come. Georgie then said, "Lets get it on!"

They then both stood up simultaneously and started to strip off all their
clothes. When Georgie began to take off her stockings, Billy-Bob asked her
to leave them on, and her garter belt as well. He told her this made her
even sexier looking. She smiled and did as she was told. She took off her
panties and let her blouse drop to the floor.

The two love makers stood and looked at each other. They grinned at the
anticipation of what was to come. Billy-Bob had a full erection that Georgie
could hardly keep her eyes off of. He looked her over up and down and his
penis strained for action. She went over to him, took his penis in both
hands, and looked into his eyes. They could not be hornier. She stroked his
cock a few times then pushed him down on the couch and told him to spread
his legs. Billy-Bob's penis was at full mast and standing straight up.
Georgie looked at it and licked her lips. She kneeled down and put her two
hands either side of his trunk. Then she messaged it between the cleavage of
her two breasts. His penis strained toward her waiting lips. She bent her
head over and stuck out her tongue to lick the tip of his cock. Her hair
tumbled down around his cock so that he couldn't watch what she was doing.
He brushed it aside. Georgie pouted her lips then kissed the head of his
cock. He thrust his cock into her mouth. She let it penetrate to the back of
her throat. Then she brought her lips back to the head of his cock. She
repeated this action over and over using her tongue to message his shaft.
Billy-Bob could stand it no longer. He exploded his cum into her mouth,
which she quickly swallowed. Billy-Bob's penis relaxed and Georgie took it
out of her mouth and smile at him. He could only smile back and say, "That
was wonderful!"

Georgie said, "I hope you can get erect again. I have plans for that
beautiful penis of yours. I want you to fuck me" Billy-Bob's wildest dream
was coming true. He said, "I will have no problems getting excited again,
believe me. You are so fucking sexy!" Georgie only smiled. He asked her to
sit next to him and cuddle while he recovered.

They were both essentially naked, so Georgie grabbed a blanket to throw over
them. It felt good to press against each other and feel each other's warmth.

Before too long, Billy-Bob began to feel horny again. He let his hand find
one of Georgie's breasts. He cupped it in his palm and gently squeezed it.
Her nipples became erect and sensitive. She let her hand find his cock, which
was beginning to come to life. She held his shaft in her hand and squeezed it
gently. He reacted by getting stiffer and larger. He oozed that slippery
fluid and she began to jerk him off. Georgie sensed it was time for her to
get fucked. She threw the blanket onto the floor and straightened it out.
Then she threw a few pillows down and lay on the blanket. She positioned a
pillow under her ass, spread her legs, and looked up at Billy-Bob. All she
was wearing were black stockings and a garter belt. She was a most inviting
sight! Billy-Bob kneeled down between her legs, put his hands under her ass,
and brought his cock into contact with her vagina. He wanted to shove it home
immediately, but thought he would tease her first. He rubbed the entrance to
her vagina with the head of his cock. She started to squirm her ass. She
humped her ass up and down trying to get him to shove his cock into her.
Finally she said, "Billy, fuck me, fuck me now!"

He smiled at her, then drove his shaft home with a massive thrust. It drove
Georgie backward. Her ass was still on the pillow and he press down hard on
her. She gyrated her ass in circles giving him the screwing of his life.
Georgie was really good at this; with all the experiences she had, she had
become known as the best fuck in the Near East. The two of them got going
in a rhythm. Georgie climaxed time after time. Billy finally could take it
no longer, pulled his cock out of her, and came all over her tummy.

The two of them lay exhausted. Georgie had had the best fuck she had had in
a long time. John was good, but not this good. She said, "Billy-Bob, hold me
tight. I want to feel your weight on me."

The two of them lay that way for a long. Georgie said, "Kiss me." They kissed
for a long time. Georgie finally said, "John's not coming home for two more
days. Will you come back tomorrow?" No answer was necessary. Billy-Bob came


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