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Story summary: Author is at dinner while the Hellcats hold a freestyle session on the dance floor where Marti asks him to dance.

Character in story: Marti Perkins

Story codes: MF, oral, anal

Hellcats: Prime Beef
by Money

Living in Memphis you had to know where the best BBQ joints were. Downtown almost always smelled like it even in winter most of the time it was a mix of beef, pork, or, chicken. The one I normally went to on fridays was large enough to support a dance space as well which had a contest going on with the Lancer Hellcats cheerleaders. I didn't mind a floor show while I ate and they were very good a few were flying around after getting tossed the tallish blonde Marti caught my eye in her cowgirl hat, jeans, plaid shirt, and black leather bra giving a hint of some impressive boobs.

"I'm short a dance partner." she said

"I'm not very good at it." I said

I toyed with her a little as she pulled my pinky finger trying to pull me out of my chair. I pulled back with a slight tug nearly pulling her into my lap.

"Come on just one crazy stuff." Marti said

"Ok I'll do it looks like your pal is interested." I said

Savannah was watching from across the room at 7 '4 I wasn't very big sitting down when I stood up to my full height both Marti and Savannah fainted. I caught Marti easily enough though Savannah landed on the floor with a loud thud and drool on her face.

"What does your mom feed you? Seriously I had no idea you were so....huge." she said

"A high protein diet, exercise, and genetics." I said

Marti was quite a dancer kind of made me wish she wore her cheerleader outfit so I could get the full effect I was still enjoying myself while she kept rubbing on most of my body getting closer and closer.

"I'm pretty sure we are quite a sight together." she said

"It's totally normal for a tall cheerleader to be dancing with a guy that could be a bodyguard." I said

We had plenty of eyes on us even for that short time together after our one dance I returned to eating before Marti came to my table again with a mild interuption.

"I hate to bother you again but my crew bailed while we were dancing I kind of need a ride home." she said

"That's ok I don't live far from the campus anyway." I said

Travelling down I-69 just sounded too good for an omen It was already lights out at the dorm when we arrived Marti pulled me into her room Savannah was gone for the weekend so Marti had the run of the room.

"I know I need a shower but I can't wait." she purred

"I've seen that look.before." I said

Before I could stop her she pulled my pants down letting my thick 18 inch cock out nearly hitting Marti in the face with it's girth.

"Oh jackpot." she said

We slipped in unnoticed Marti already had my pants down jerking off my 18 inch monster cock her cowgirl hat, plaid shirt, and leather bra in a pile on the floor. I tore off her jeans like they were tissue paper while she sat on my arm I eased in 3 fingers up her pussy making her shudder.

"Careful with those fingers I might orgasm really hard." she said

"Good to know." I said

I pulled Marti's boots off laying her on the bed driving my thick 18 inch rod up her pussy for a cheerleader she was more limber than I hoped for and tight if her hymen was still intact I had to be careful.

"Your horse dick is stretching me out." she said

"Oh boy." I said

I looked down and saw my dick making Marti's pussy distort from the size of it even with her legs stretched out if she wasn't a virgin her pussy would pretty much be ruined anyway.

"So thick." she moaned

"Parties just starting." I said

Marti was bouncing on my shaft like a pornstar the busty blonde arched her back giving me total access to her ample chest that I sucked on rather hard.

"Good thing everybody went home for the weekend." she moaned

"Your roommate will be wondering what that smell is when she gets back." I said

If she was much louder during sex I figured the dorm advisor would catch us the sex odor was already building to epic stages where the rest of the cheerleaders would know what happened over the weekend.

"Almost...there." she moaned

"Can't hold it." I said

Marti's screaming orgasm was mostly muffled by the pillow in her face her big tits bounced around while my dick sprayed her womb with baby batter she rode me hard milking it for every drop including some oral action that plastered her rack and part of the wall.

The next week

Marti had called me for a quickie before practice I thought it was going to be in the gym where I could watch when it moved outside. I was stuck in the locker room locked in Marti's space for a while nearly getting busted by the janitor. The constant flow of eye candy helped keep my sanity and my motor going between the legs, ass, and boobs on display when she let me out I was hard and horny.

"You look ready." she said

"I need flesh." I growled

I picked Marti up bending her over and pulling her cheer skirt off in one motion before pulling my monster cock out resting it on her anal opening.

"Not sure if I can handle that back there." she said

"One way to find out." I said

She didn't scream but her eyes bugged out as her anal ring was almost destroyed from my pounding it with my meat on the bench by the lockers Marti's abs bulged as she bounced on my thick shaft her fingers digging into the shower stall walls.

"This feels amazing." she moaned

"Then your going to love this." I said

I pulled Marti's cheer top off with my free hand feeling up her big tits driving her wild the blonde bombshell was soaked between her legs rubbing her clit at a near blistering pace watching her reflection in the sink mirror.

"I'm so turned on right now." she cooed

"Not finished yet." I said

I turned Marti around to face me her deep blue eyes like pools I sucked her big tits with such force she nearly orgasmed on the spot my dick was litterally the only thing holding her up as we kissed.

"Can't hold out much longer." she moaned

"Well keep the screams down I'm not exactly supposed to be in here." I said

Our thrusts slowed down a little but the sounds of wet flesh could still be heard halfway across the campus if any AV club guys were recording this I wanted a copy Marti was running out of steam.


"Ride it out." I said

I muffled Marti's screaming orgasm with my shoulder her teeth were slightly sharper than I thought she could have passed for a vampire my own orgasm hit moments later unloaded an amount of thick spunk that almost rendered my balls dry. Marti's orgasm lasted longer than mine where I was standing coated from my shaft down in girl cream and sweat her blonde hair a total mess from the workout.

Even after our little tryst Marti could still walk siting down without moaning was something else though. I wasn't sure if she would call again but she did hint at talking Savannah into a free dinner.


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