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Hellcats: Saving Savannah Part 1
by MTL ([email protected])

"Get that girl a hurricane and keep them coming."

Marti Perkins grumbled as she heard Lewis's voice in her head yet again. Why couldn't he just have said 'get that girl a hurricane' or just 'get that girl a beer'. That would have loosened the brunette up.

"I love you Marti." Savannah Monroe slurred as she stumbled into her room with a lot of help from her roommate.

"Yeah, you mentioned that." Marti said dismissively as she kicked the door closed behind them, her arms busy making sure the brunette who was resting against her shoulder didn't fall, "You also mentioned, several times, that you apparently love Dan, Lewis, Lancer, colours, koalas, bunnies, nail polish, my boobs, bright lights, and everyone in Cheer Town. And hurricanes of course."

"They are the yummiest." Savannah murmured dreamily, before adding, "But I love you the best."

"Well I'm honoured." Marti said dryly as she guided Savannah towards her bed.

"Don't you believe me?" Savannah asked, sounding disappointed.

"Well, I-" Marti began before suddenly she tripped over Savannah's feet. Or Savannah tripped over hers. Marti wasn't sure, but one second they were walking, the next they were crashing downwards.

Luckily they were close enough to Savannah's bed so that they landed directly on top of it. As a result there was a brief moment of silence and then Savannah burst out laughing and Marti couldn't help join in with a few giggles of her own. Then Marti Perkins' life turned upside down.

Staring into Savannah's eyes the laughter died on Marti's lips and the room suddenly became deafeningly silent as the two girls stared at each other. It only lasted a few seconds, but it seem to go on forever, and during it Marti had this sudden... urge.

When she realised what that urge was Marti panicked, suddenly feeling very aware she was lying on top of the other girl and quickly pushing herself up and off of Savannah. She then just stared down at her, almost immediately regretting her hasty actions and ridiculous thoughts as she looked down at the innocent brunette who in that moment seem to resemble a tiny frightened animal.

"Savannah..." Marti said softly, desperately searching for the right words and finally coming up with "I'm sorry."

There was a pause and then Savannah asked, "For what?"

Marti thought about this for a second. What had actually happened? Nothing, that's what and she was being stupid.

"Nothing. For being stupid, I guess." Marti mumbled before trying to change the subject, "How, how do you feel?"

"I feel great." Savannah slurred happily, a goofy smile crossing her face.

"Good... that's gonna change, but we can worry about that tomorrow." Marti smiled, things briefly feeling like they were going back to normal when suddenly the next words fell out of her mouth, "Do you think you're going to be able to get changed ok or... do, do you want some, you know... help?"

"Are you saying you wanna get me naked?" Savannah giggled.

"N, no, I, I-" Marti quickly stammered.

"Marti, that was a joke!" Savannah laughed almost hysterically, "I'm the one who's not supposed to get jokes, not you."

"Right." Marti said softly.

"Besides, I'm fine... look..." Savannah insisted as she lifted up her dress, the drunk girl getting caught in a way which momentarily dissolved the tension.

"Come on, hold still. I'll help." Marti said, trying to fight back the urge to laugh as she grabbed hold of the dress and gently disentangled Savannah from it. That was a mistake as Marti found herself face to face with her roommate again, this time her eyes wandering down to a pair of very full breasts, which again caused her mouth to act on its own accord, "That's, that's a great bra."

"You like it?" Savannah beamed.

"It's great." Marti repeated, her eyes locked to Savannah's tits.

"I got it because I wanted to feel sexy, like you." Savannah smiled happily. Innocently. Dammit, what was Marti doing?

"It, it's great." Marti repeated, quickly grabbing on to Savannah's shoes, pulling them off and looking up to ask, "Is it ok if you sleep in your underwear?"

There was another long pause, then Savannah smiled widely and lent down so slowly it was like she was in slow motion.

For an agonisingly long second Marti was frozen to the spot. Then she turned her head ever so slightly, Savannah's lips pressing against her cheek as a result instead of her original target.

They stayed like that for what felt like an eternity, then Savannah slowly pulled back a little. Seemingly of it's own accord Marti's head turned back, allowing her to look at the other girl who seemed horrified by what she'd just done.

Sensing an impending meltdown Marti reached up, gently brushed a stray strand of hair out of Savannah's eyes and whispered, "It's ok."

Then Marti's gaze lowered to Savannah's lips and for the briefest of moments she wasn't sure why she'd turned her head.

As if she could sense this thought Savannah suddenly dived underneath her covers, pulling them tightly around her before murmuring "Good night Marti."

Marti stayed exactly where she was for a few long seconds, then she murmured, "Good night Savannah."

* * *

Marti had awoken to the sadly familiar sound of someone throwing up. However unlike her mother Savannah at least seemed grateful when Marti held her hair back as she regurgitated into their soon to be thrown out trash can. After that unpleasantness Marti brought the brunette a glass of water and a little bread, although few words passed between them. Five minutes later Marti could barely remember them, but she remembered every detail of last night, the last few minutes of it replaying in her head over and over again throughout the day.

She wished she could just forget about it, but she couldn't. She couldn't talk to Savannah about it either, at least not during the day as whenever she saw the brunette they were in very public places, mostly with people they knew. When they were back in Cheer Town Marti couldn't convince herself to ask Savannah for a private word, and they both seemed to be avoiding going back to their room. Eventually Marti went to bed, lying awake for what felt like hours as she tried to think what she could possibly say to her roommate.

When she heard Savannah try and sneak in Marti waited until the door was closed and then turned on the light and sat up in bed, "Hey."

"Hey." Savannah said, sounding embarrassed, "Did I wake you?"

"No. I was up." Marti said, still struggling to find the right words, "Look Savannah, about last night-"

"Can we please not talk about it. I'm embarrassed enough as it is." Savannah quickly snapped, before adding in a apologetic tone, "Gosh Marti, I... I'm so sorry you had to see me like that. And I'm so sorry to be such a burden."

"Hey, you're not a burden." Marti said, taking offence to the word.

"I'll never drink again." Savannah mumbled, either because she didn't hear Marti or because she was simply having her own conversation.

"Well, you say that now." Marti smirked, "But when taken in moderation-"

"Never! I will not embarrass myself like that again." Savannah said firmly, before adding, "So, I'm sorry. Can we just drop it?"

"Sure." Marti said, pretty much automatically.

That could have been it, and maybe it should have been. Savannah was obviously uncomfortable about what had happened, and was giving them both an easy out. Why shouldn't Marti take it? Especially when the last thing she wanted to do was push an issue which had turned her into a nervous wreck the entire day. But there was this nagging voice inside Marti. A need to know the truth, no matter what the consequences. She almost fought it off, for once in her life managing to keep her mouth shut as Savannah excused herself to change into her pyjamas in the bathroom, brush her teeth and then get underneath her covers.

Then just as Savannah was about to turn off the light words seem to just fall out of Marti's mouth, "It's ok you know."

"What's ok?" Savannah asked, finally sounding like she was back to her normal cheery self after a day of being hungover.

"If you're... you know." Marti mumbled.

"No. What?" Savannah pushed, not sounding so cheery.

"Forget it." Marti said, turning off her own light and turning over to try and get to sleep.

Savannah wanted to leave it there, and maybe somewhere in another time and another place she did, but in this time and this place she couldn't stop herself from asking, "What?"

There was a long pause and then Marti hesitantly sat back up and looked at her roommate, "It's ok if... you like girls."

There was another pause as Savannah stared at Marti blankly for a moment and then in a worried tone asked, "Did somebody say something?"

"No." Marti said softly.

"Because if it was Alice she's just trying to screw with you. She does that." Savannah blurted, becoming even more panicked as she added, "She's a liar. Whoever told you that is a liar, I'm not, I would never, I'm-"

"Shhhhhh, calm down." Marti said, trying to comfort her friend, "I just meant, after what happened last-"

"Nothing happened last night." Savannah snapped, before adding, "I got drunk and you took me home. I don't remember anything else."

"Really?" Marti said in a sarcastic tone, "Is that why you've been avoiding me?"

"I haven't been..." Savannah tried to protest but, after Marti gave her a look, switched too, "Ok, maybe a little, but that's only because I was embarrassed about what happened at the bar. If, if I did something after that I'm sorry, but it was only because I was drunk."

There was a pause as Marti tried to work out whether Savannah was lying or not. Unfortunately while she liked to think of herself as a good judge of these things there was just something about Savannah which through Marti off. She just couldn't get a good read on her. But then again, why exactly was she pushing this so much when it was obvious her friend didn't want to talk about it?

"Ok, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you." Marti said, quickly backtracking.

"No, no, no, you didn't offend me." Savannah said, her usual cheeriness somewhat returning, "It's just... funny. I mean, we'll probably laugh about it later. It'll be a funny story. Hey, remember that time I almost kissed you? It'll-"

"I thought you said you didn't remember." Marti interrupted.

For a moment Savannah's cheeriness disappeared entirely to be replace by a look of horror and fear which was heart-breaking, Marti desperately wishing she could take back what just came out of her big mouth.

Then Savannah started talking a mile a minute, "I didn't. I don't. If you're accusing me of being something I'm not I must have done something, and that was just a lucky guess. I don't like girls. I've never liked girls. Not in that way. I'm not like that. I don't condemn those who are, but I'm not. I'm not... I'm not like that. Ok?"

Marti gulped softly, "Ok."

There was a pause and then both girls said "I'm sorry."

A coy smile was exchanged, then Savannah asked, "So, can we just drop all this silliness and forget about last night?"

Marti smiled, "Sure."

But Marti couldn't.

* * *

A few weeks later Marti was at The Rat again, this time watching the humiliated volleyball team cheer for the Hellcats in their underwear. Or at least she was pretending too. Really she was watching Savannah like some creepy stalker, Marti hating herself for it but she just couldn't stop.

Savannah seemed happy. God she was beautiful when she was happy.

Marti kicked herself mentally for what felt like the millionth time. She had to stop this. She was being weird. She just needed to focus on her defeated enemies. The celebration of the Hellcats. Her drink.

"Hey Marti."

Oh dear God, Marti thought, she was so desperate for a distraction even Alice Verdura was a welcome sight.

"Peace offering?" Alice held out a full drink to replace Marti's nearly empty one, adding with a wicked smile, "It's not poisoned. I promise."

Not in the mood for this, but at the same time not wanting to be left alone with her thoughts Marti simply nodded and took the drink. Alice sat down beside her and the two shared an uncomfortable silence.

"I don't like you." Alice said finally.

"Thanks." Marti murmured sarcastically.

"I wasn't finished." Alice said shortly, "I don't like you... but... I'm beginning to see how you could be an asset."

"Like helping you win at flag football." Marti said dryly.

"Exactly." Alice smiled, "And maybe other things. But for now, the way I see it I kind of, maybe, owe you a favour-"

"Because I saved you from being up there." Marti said, her eyes darting to the dancing volleyball players.

"Yeah." Alice scowled, then brightened up, "So, as a thank you I'm going to give you a little reality check."

"Oh really?" Marti scoffed.

"Really." Alice said, moving closer and loudly whispering, "And here it is... Savannah... is... gay."

Marti blinked and her mouth opened slightly, a little taken aback by Alice's little 'reality check' but quickly got a hold of herself, "You mean dating my best friend, who's a boy, Savannah? The strictly religious Savannah? Is that the girl you're talking about?"

"Wow... you seriously don't know, do you?" Alice laughed.

"You're out of your mind." Marti scoffed, "Or you're messing with me... that's it isn't it?"

"It is something I would do." Alice agreed, "But not this time. Thanks to you I'm not prancing around in my underwear in the middle of some stinky bar for a bunch of butch closet cases and any horn dog lucky enough to stagger in here. So, listen very carefully and try and get this through your thick head. Savannah Monroe is the biggest closet case in the history of closet cases. She's the Queen of Queer Town. She's-"

"Straight." Marti cut the other girl off.

Slowly getting frustrated Alice glared and moved closer, "Are you seriously telling me you haven't noticed the way she looks at you? Touches you?"

"She's affectionate." Marti countered.

"She's in denial." Alice shot back, "And sure, she might as well walk around with a sign saying free hugs, but she hugs girls a lot more, and it's different with you. She lingers. Like she doesn't want to let you go."

Marti only really paused for a couple of seconds, but it made Alice grin widely. Unfortunately Marti couldn't exactly tell the raven haired girl she was wrong so instead she deflected, "You know what, if you're so convinced, go ahead. Ask her out. See how it goes."

"If I wanted her, I could have her." Alice smiled, adding before Marti could do anything other than scoff, "But she doesn't want me. Not for anything other than a quick fuck, and that would just screw the poor girl up even more. Hell, she'd probably repress the whole thing. Forget it ever happened. Or at least she'd try, tell herself it was just a meaningless college fling, even though it'll be all she thinks about when her husband is flopping around on top of her."

This time Marti said nothing, perhaps for the first time in her life rendered speechless.

Leaning in even closer Alice softly murmured, "Here's a little newsflash about Savannah's future. It's miserable. She's going to marry the first loser who asks her and then pop out a handful screaming brats who'll probably never really care about her, just like their Daddy. If she's lucky, and smart, she'll marry rich so she'll be able to open that little cheer camp of her dreams. And if she's really lucky there'll be girls like me there who'll recognise her for the total closet case she is and fuck her, but even if she gets caught she'll stay with her hubby for the sake of the kids. Of course she's more likely to end up a housewife and never know what an orgasm is like. And the whole time she'll convince herself that's her fault, so totally wrapped up in her own denial that she'll never even admit what she really is, not even to herself. It's sad, isn't it Marti? When someone can't admit what they really are?"

There was a deafening moment of silence between the two cheerleaders, then Marti felt a red hot rage boiling inside her the likes of which she'd never known before.

"You don't know what you're talking about." Marti said, struggling to keep her voice down, "Savannah is straight. I'm straight! If you're not that's cool but don't you dare spread any of this to anyone. It could hurt Savannah, especially if her family heard about it."

"Well, look at you acting all protective." Alice smiled, "Been having the urge to do that a lot lately, have you? Put a girl you just met a couple weeks ago before yourself? Before your precious career? Hey, isn't that what you did today? Choose Savannah over lawyering?"

"I was saving her from having to humiliate herself." Marti pointed out, before adding, "And my friends. And me. I'd be up there too you know, prancing around in my underwear just because I didn't show up to help out my friends, so I was pretty much saving myself."

"So saving Savannah wasn't your main motivation?" Alice questioned, and then when Marti answered the question by pausing the dark haired girl added, "And you didn't like being your girl's knight in shining armour? Being there for her when she needed you most?"

"Shut up." Marti snapped back, unable to think of anything else to say.

"And like I said, that girl needs saving." Alice continued, "From herself, her family, her deeply depressing future, and here's the thing, you're the only one who can really do it. Because if Savannah is ever going to be truly happy she needs someone to drag her kicking and screaming out of the closet. She's sure as hell not going to come out herself and you're the only one around here with the balls to actually do it and then more importantly the only one who'll hold her tight and stop her from running back to hiding in the safety of the closet instead of accepting who she really is. But we both know how blissfully happy that would make you, and her, and God forbid that should happen so go ahead... call me a lying bitch and storm off, because as far as I'm concerned we're now even. I've done my bit, the rest is up to you."

That red hot rage which had been simmering inside Marti momentarily reached another boiling point, the blonde getting right up in Alice's face, wanting nothing more than to slap the other girl silly while her fellow cheerleader seem to be begging her to do it. Then Marti realised her actions were drawing attention so she did what really she should have done ages ago, and wasn't sure why she hadn't, that being too down the last of her drink, turn her back to the bitch and leave.

It took a lot but as she didn't want to turn this into a scene and have to explain it later Marti even chose to ignore Alice loudly calling out behind her, "You can save her Marti. You just have to be honest about what it is you really want."

* * *

"Well do you?"

Marti blinked, staring dumbfoundedly at the response of her sort of maybe boyfriend Lewis Flynn after she just finished telling him about her encounter with Alice. Then, becoming angry again, she murmured, "Do I what?"

"Like Savannah?" Lewis asked, wishing he was anywhere else, doing anything else, right now.

"How can you possibly say that to me?" Marti asked in disbelief.

Lewis sighed, "Look, you're cool, and trust me I'm kicking myself for this, and I'll probably be kicking myself for the rest of my life for it, but... the thing about Alice's she can be, well... difficult but she's very smart. And... observant. She notices a lot of little things and has this kind of annoying tendency to realise something before you do. And Savannah is a great girl, but I've wondered about her for a while, and you and her seem to have this... connection. So if she really is wrong I'm sorry, but I don't wanna be with anyone who doesn't want to be with me, so unless you're absolutely 100% sure she's wrong... maybe we need to take a little break. Cool off for a little while. A few weeks, or months from now if you wanna get back together that's great. If not, at least we can still be friends."

While Marti had dragged Lewis outside of the bar to talk the blonde couldn't just blow a gasket at him where someone might hear, so she swallowed down some of her anger and took a moment to think about this. Clearly Alice had screwed with Lewis' head, but seeing as he was stupid enough to buy into it he deserved a little wrath.

"You know what." Marti said coldly, "That's fine. I don't want to be with anyone who doesn't want to be with me either, so fine. Whatever this was, it's done. As for you and me as friends... we'll see. But if you wanna be friends, listen very carefully to me, and spread this around the other Hellcats and whoever Alice's big mouth has reached... There is nothing going on between me and Savannah. We're just friends."

* * *

Marti wished she was half as sure as she had pretended to be in front of Alice and Lewis, but the truth was the anger she had thrown at them was mostly a result of the overwhelming terror running through her body. It was a terror born of the thoughts she'd been having ever since she and Savannah almost kissed, nurtured by the words of her fellow Hellcats into an uncontrollable beast which left her a nervous wreck even as she ran back to the supposed safety of the room she shared with the girl she couldn't stop thinking about.

Every morning and every evening Savannah was right there, so why shouldn't Marti think about her in those moments? And she was around Savannah a lot, so that didn't mean anything either. But whenever Marti was away from the cheery brunette she was practically all she could think about, the blonde barely being able to concentrate in classes because she was thinking about the other girl. And not all these thoughts were... pure.

Marti had tried to pass whatever this was off as a girl crush, something that was probably long overdue, and as she's never really had a close female friend before it was natural she'd get friendly feelings mixed with something else, right? Only she'd never really been able to convince herself of that, and she was beginning to think what she was feeling was a lot more than a crush.

Which of course was crazy. Marti had never been anything other than straight. She'd... she'd never even seriously considered it... but what if that was the problem? She'd been so busy taking care of her Mom and focusing on what she'd wanted to do with her life she'd just never realised she was gay.

It wasn't like she'd ever had a serious boyfriend before. Or ever been in love. Not that she was in love with Savannah, but hypothetically... how would she possibly know?

That was the thought that went through Marti's head as she opened her bedroom door to hear the sound of gentle sobbing. The sound mercifully brought her out of her thoughts yet broke her heart as she instantly knew who was crying.

"Savannah." Marti murmured almost frantically, quickly shutting the door and advancing on her friend.

For her part Savannah sat up in bed, wiping her tears and trying to get herself under control, "Marti, hey-"

"What did Dan do?" Marti interrupted.

There was a brief moment of silence and then Savannah answered, "He broke up with me."

Marti opened her mouth to curse her long-time best friend's name. After all she had warned him about hurting her roomy. However her initial anger died on her lips as she realised how... convenient it seemed.

"Did, did he say why?" Marti asked.

"He... he said we needed time apart to think about what we really want, which I don't understand because I thought I wanted him and he wanted me." Savannah mumbled, suddenly frowning as she added, "Unless... you..."

Marti felt her heart racing, "Unless I what?"

Savannah gulped softly, a fresh tear running down her cheek, "You and him-"

"No! I told you, there's nothing between me and Dan Patch." Marti said quickly and firmly, wishing she could be as sure about her feelings for Savannah.

"Then, why doesn't he want me?" Savannah asked, and then added in a tone so soft it was barely audible, "What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing." Marti said quickly, and then when Savannah tried to look away the blonde grabbed her face in both hands and used her thumbs to wipe away her friend's tears as she continued firmly, "Hey, look at me... there's nothing wrong with you. You're amazing. You're the sweetest, nicest, most beautiful person I've ever met. You're... you're perfect. If Dan really doesn't see it he's an idiot, because... how could anyone not love you?"

Savannah stared at her for a few long seconds. Then she leant forward and kissed her.

Unlike last time it all happened so fast, although even if she'd had time to move out of the way Marti wasn't sure she would have, and either way it was a good thing she didn't because it was a kiss which changed her life.

If anyone had been watching the kiss they would have thought it was nothing. Well, almost nothing. Savannah's lips lingered a few seconds to long for it to be a friendly sign of affection, but still the act itself seemed relatively tame. The feelings it caused Marti weren't.

It was everything those cheesy songs/movies used to say a first kiss should be. It was fireworks. It was breath taking. It was everything Marti had scoffed at but secretly wanted. It... it was the electricity Marti had felt the first time she met/argued with Savannah times a thousand.

When Savannah pulled back and looked at her with this heart-breaking mixture of terror and horror Marti had a moment of clarity. Savannah obviously thought that she'd done something wrong, that Marti didn't want this, which couldn't be further from the truth, because in that moment Marti realised she'd never wanted anything more than this girl.

Suddenly desperate to prove it Marti tightened the loose grip she still had on the side of Savannah's head and pulled the other girl forwards as she moved to meet her, this time their lips crushing roughly together with Marti being very much the aggressor.

Immediately Savannah's hands came up to Marti's chest as if she was about to push her away.

Fearing that was what was about to happen Marti paused, giving her friend the opportunity to do it. But Savannah didn't, the two cheerleaders remaining frozen with their lips pressed against each other's for several agonisingly long seconds. Then Marti started cautiously brushing her lips against Savannah's, and then a few seconds later the other girl started kissing back, which was the greatest moment in Marti's life so far.

Nothing had ever felt so good. So right.

Kissing guys didn't even come close.

For a while Marti was completely lost in it. There were literally no thoughts in her head, all her worries being lost in her first girl on girl kiss. Well, first 'real' girl on girl kiss.

It seemed to last an eternity. Like time had stopped and they were going to be frozen with their lips pressed against each other forever. Marti actually hoped that was true, because an eternity where Marti just enjoy the perfect moment of her lips touching Savannah's without her head been cluttered with worries and doubts seemed like heaven.

Then Marti became aware of this urge inside her which slowly grew to an all-consuming need the likes of which she'd never felt before.

Lust. Pure unadulterated sexual need. For Savannah. Marti needed Savannah. She needed her now.

During her previous kisses Marti had slid her tongue against the guy's lips asking for more, although it was more common for the guy to 'ask'. This time there was no 'asking', one moment Marti's lips started practically attacking Savannah's, the next Marti was shoving her tongue inside the other girl's mouth.

Savannah seemed stunned but responded best she could, which pretty much amounted to the brunette's tongue doing whatever the blonde's tongue wanted, Marti feeling like she literally conquered Savannah's mouth and tongue with her own.

She was barely even aware of it but shortly after the kiss became rough, and almost desperate, Marti got up, pushed Savannah's bed sheets out of the way, shoved the brunette down onto her back and got on top of her. Marti somehow managed all of this without breaking the kiss, the blonde only really noticing her actions when she started grinding herself down on top of Savannah, that action finally breaking the lip lock as a result of both girls pulling back to cry out in pleasure as their most sensitive places rubbed together.

The feeling of their bodies, their tits, their pussies rubbing together through their clothes drove Marti crazy, that all-consuming need the blonde had been feeling suddenly becoming so overwhelming that she seemed to lose control of her body entirely.

Suddenly her hands were everywhere and she was grinding herself down on Savannah like some kind of bitch in heat, her lips reattaching themselves to the brunette's so she could swallow her cries of pleasure. Then her right hand was pushing itself into Savannah's pyjama bottoms, both girls simultaneously breaking the kiss to gasp as Marti's hand came into contact with Savannah's sex.

The other girl was so wet. Wet for her. This innocent little church girl's pussy was wet and begging Marti to take it, the blonde's fingers making contact with Savannah's entrance and almost sliding inside. However at the last moment Marti finally got control of herself.

This was Savannah's first-time, wasn't it? It had to be given the girl's strong beliefs, so wouldn't she want it to be more... romantic? No, she'd probably prefer to wait until her wedding night. But if Savannah was gay, how would that work? It's not like her faith would approve of her waiting until marriage to have lesbian sex. Would it? Savannah's family definitely wouldn't approve. And could Savannah really be sure she was gay or straight if she'd never actually had sex with anyone?

Refocusing on the girl beneath her Marti looked into the most beautiful brown eyes she'd ever seen and waited for Savannah to say something. Anything. After all, this should be Savannah's choice. More than anything else that was what was important.

So Marti waited. And waited. And waited. And became impatient.

In an attempt to speed the process up Marti started sliding her fingers up and down Savannah's slit, the blonde telling herself it didn't mean anything. As long as nothing entered Savannah surely she would still be a technical virgin and whatever this was could be classed as fooling around. Not that Marti wanted it to be. In fact the thought was pretty devastating, although it was hard to get upset over what might be when Marti was very much concentrating on the present, perhaps more than she'd ever done in her entire life.

Savannah's eyes were wide, and her mouth kept opening as if to say something but the only sounds which escaped her lips were moans, groans and whimpers. They were the sexiest sounds Marti had ever heard, and that combining with the feeling of Savannah's wetness made the blonde cheerleader increasingly desperate to enter the other girl because God, she wanted to be inside her so bad it hurt.

Trying to push Savannah to make a decision Marti deliberately started brushing her fingertips against the brunette cheerleader's clit, the gentle touch making her Captain cry out extra loudly with joy but still not utter anything close to a coherent word.

Eventually Marti tried a direct approach, deciding that if Savannah still didn't respond after that her nonresponse meant yes. That direct approach was to press her fingertips against Savannah's entrance and, even though she was worried it would break the spell that had fallen between them, Marti ended the silence, her soft words sounding deafening under the circumstances, "If... if you want me to stop... I will..."

As had been the case for quite a while now Savannah looked like she wanted to say something but words failed her, although her silence arguably spoke volumes.

Marti waited for what was probably about a minute, then partly because she thought Savannah needed to hear it, and partly because it was true, whispered, "I love you."

Less than a second later Marti was pushing her index finger into Savannah's pussy, the brunette crying out as she was entered for the first time while Marti struggle to remember she needed to breathe.

The feeling of being inside Savannah was almost indescribable. The other girl was so very wet, and so very tight, Marti's finger feeling as if it was going to be crushed by wonderfully soft wetness. But the physical didn't compare to the mental, Marti overwhelmed by the knowledge she was Savannah's first. She was inside another girl for the first time in her life. She had taken the girl she loved's virginity. She was in love with a girl and she was having sex with her.

As she began pumping her finger in and out of Savannah's pussy, literally fucking the other girl, Marti tried to pinpoint the moment she realised she was in love with Savannah Monroe.

When she was about to slide her finger into the other cheerleader was the easy answer, but it wasn't right. Marti had known before then. During their first kiss would have been a good answer, but it wasn't right either. Nor was the night they'd nearly kissed a couple of times. No, the truth was Marti had fallen in love with Savannah the moment she met her and had known it all along but had been so deeply in denial she would have probably never have been able to admit the truth even to herself if...

Alice! That bitch. Almost every word she'd said about Savannah was true for Marti too, and the bitch had known it. And now Marti owed the bitch a debt of gratitude because helping to win some stupid bet and avoiding a little humiliation was nothing compared to this. Not that this was all Alice of course, if she and Savannah hadn't almost kissed Marti probably wouldn't have taken any of this seriously. Not that any of it really mattered now. All that mattered was making Savannah feel good. Showing Savannah how good she could make her feel. What Marti would eagerly do every day if Savannah agreed to be hers.

Focusing on the task at hand Marti pushed her middle finger into Savannah's snatch to join her index finger, increased the speed of her thrusting and curled her fingers upwards in a way which was supposed to be extra effective but no guy had ever seemed to manage to do to Marti. It worked like a charm on Savannah, the cheerleader captain writhing underneath the blonde cheerleader's touch, her screams becoming almost deafening.

Quickly Marti kissed Savannah again, quieting her down probably just enough to make sure that all of Cheer Town didn't hear her as the blonde's thumb found the brunette's clit.

Savannah's reaction was intense, the brunette bucking back against the blonde's fingers, trembling, crying out and covering Marti's fingers in juices like never before. It took Marti a few seconds, but then she got it. She'd made Savannah cum. Savannah had just cum on her fingers, covering them with her cream.

Suddenly curious to know what girl cum tasted like Marti removed her fingers from inside Savannah, much to her fellow cheerleader's displeasure, and brought those digits up to her lips. When she wrapped her lips around them and tasted the fruits of her labour Marti's mind was filled with one word, more.

In what seemed like a second later the brunette's pyjama bottoms were down around her knees and Marti's face was in between Savannah's thighs, the blonde eagerly taking her first long lick of another girl's pussy. It was quickly followed by her second, third, fourth, fifth and so on, Marti pushing Savannah's pyjama bottoms down even further so she could spread her roommate's legs even wider and get more access to that tasty treat.

Savannah's cum was the most delicious thing Marti had ever tasted, although Savannah's pussy juice was a close second, the blonde cheerleader hungrily lapping up the latter once she had gobbled up every drop of the former. Yet no matter how eagerly she licked Savannah's juicy little cunt Marti couldn't get enough. So she closed her mouth around Savannah's scrumptious snatch, creating a seal which kept most of the other girl's cunt cream flowing directly into her mouth and down her throat. Of course that still wasn't enough for Marti who soon began ravenously sucking at Savannah's pussy lips, more, more, more, still echoing in her mind.

Finally Marti shoved her tongue directly into Savannah's pussy and began fucking the other cheerleader with it, trying to keep her thrusts gentle at first but then Savannah came in her mouth. Marti knew it instantly this time as heaven in liquid form poured into her mouth and down her throat, the blonde's eyelids fluttering as she hungrily swallowed down every drop.

When Savannah's cum ran out Marti seemed to go berserk, her tongue almost immediately beginning to slam in and out of Savannah's sex, Marti making sure to curl her tongue upwards as she used it to fuck the other girl as hard as she could.

This worked like a charm and soon Savannah was cumming in Marti's mouth over, and over, and over again. When Marti's tongue got tired she replaced it with two of her fingers, pumping them in and out of Savannah's pussy as she frantically licked and sucked her roommate's clit, quickly returning her mouth to Savannah's yummy little cunt every time there was fresh cum to swallow.

Throughout this Savannah screamed in pleasure, probably loud enough so everyone in the country could hear them but Marti didn't care. In fact she wanted everyone to know... know that she, Marti Perkins, was having lesbian sex with Savannah Monroe.

Sadly after what seemed like countless orgasms Savannah's screaming came to an abrupt end, forcing Marti to reluctantly lift her head from the paradise she'd found in between her roommate's thighs and look up. Just as Marti had feared Savannah was out like a light, bringing an abrupt end to what Marti was determined to make sure was the first of many times.

Gently rolling off Savannah's bed Marti landed on her butt with a soft thud, then licked her lips. The taste of Savannah's juices reignited her lust and soon Marti was shamelessly hammering her fingers in and out of herself using her free hand to scoop any girl cum and pussy cream off her face and into her mouth. Like that Marti came faster and harder than she'd ever done before, for the first time not feeling ashamed that it was thoughts like Savannah in between her legs, her tongue in her roommate's pussy and the two of them in a 69 which helped get her off.

After laying there for a few long seconds Marti got up and began to strip off. Too tired to change she left her underwear on, move to get into her bed, then stopped and looked to a softly breathing Savannah.

She didn't want to wake her roomy up, but... she didn't want to sleep alone. So slowly, cautiously, she slipped in alongside the brunette and curled up against her with the intention of sleeping. Instead Marti laid awake for hours just staring at Savannah, unable to remember why she had fought so hard against her feelings for this girl.

Just before she finally rested her head down, and fell asleep soon afterwards, Marti gently kissed Savannah's forehead and softly whispered, "I love you Savannah Monroe."

It was something Savannah wished she hadn't been awake to hear.


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