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Hellcats: Saving Savannah Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Marti had awoken from her best night's sleep since, well ever, to find she was alone in her room. This was not an unusual occurrence as regardless of how late she stayed up Savannah would wake up before the crack of dawn, and would have prayed, showered, dressed and had breakfast long before any of her other fellow Hellcats. But Marti would have thought that this would have been an exception, or that at least Savannah would wake her up so they could snuggle, and more importantly talk. Then again Marti was a pretty heavy sleeper so maybe Savannah tried and failed to wake her... no, it was far more likely the brunette just let her sleep which Marti appreciated. She was awake now though, and she wanted to see Savannah. She needed too.

So Marti went looking for Savannah. She ended up spending the entire day looking, the blonde becoming more frantic as every second ticked by.

Savannah wasn't at her parents' home, or in The RAT, or in Cheer Town, or anywhere at the University, or any church in the local area, Marti checking the last three places multiple times throughout the day.

She asked Dan if he knew where Savannah was, but he simply replied he didn't and then there was this long awkward pause between them. It was like he knew what Marti had done with Savannah barely an hour after Dan had broken up with her, which Marti had to admit wasn't exactly the actions of a good friend. It hadn't been her intention of course but that was a lame excuse and she was in no hurry to give it, or to discuss what was going on with her and Savannah with anyone except the cheerleader captain. So she had lamely excused herself, almost literally ran away from him and kept all her following conversations brief as she asked around to see if anyone knew where Savannah was. At least until she had talked to every member of the Hellcats except one.

At the end of the day, even though she really didn't want too, Marti knocked on Alice's door, barely waiting until it open before practically yelling, "Is she here?"

"Hello to you too." Alice smirked.

"Is she here?" Marti repeated firmly before adding, "Have you seen her? Do you know where she is?"

"Your girlfriend?" Alice questioned in a mocking tone, before quickly adding, "No. Haven't seen her. No one has. But I'm guessing you already knew that."

There was a moment of silence as Marti quietly acknowledged to herself that she was acting like a crazy person, and she really kind of hoped she was wrong because she didn't want Savannah to see her like this. Then she roughly shoved Alice out the way, entered the other Hellcat's room and frantically looked around.

Empty. Well, not empty but no Savannah... unless she was hiding.

Unable to stop herself Marti checked underneath the beds and in the closets before turning back to look at Alice, an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment flooding her body.

"Are you done?" Alice questioned dryly, and then when Marti didn't answer added, "So... you two did it, huh? Thank God. I was beginning to think you'd screwed it up."

"Right, everything's peachy." Marti snapped angrily, suddenly feeling like she needed to defend Savannah's honour, or at least her reputation, and adding in timid voice the blonde didn't really recognise as her own, "Besides we... we didn't..."

"Oh please, you might as well have 'I had sex' written all over your face." Alice smirked, "I mean, look at you. You're being so... obvious. It's kind of pathetic."

Marti was used to wanting to punch Alice, but at that moment the urge was overwhelming. She even stepped forwards to the point where she was right in Alice's face, and honestly she wasn't even sure why she stopped. After all this was all Alice's fault.

"If..." Marti began, not wanting to voice this insecurity out loud but feeling as if she needed too, "If you've just been messing with my head and... and Savannah really is straight and you made me do that to her you'll-

"Let's be clear." Alice snapped, "I didn't make you do anything. I just knocked some sense into you. And if you're still deluding yourself into believing that there's even the tiniest chance that the Queen of Queer Town Savannah Monroe is anything other than a total lesbo then you're both screwed."

"Then why isn't she here?" Marti asked, suddenly feeling like she was going to literally cry with frustration, "Why did she leave?"

"Because you let her." Alice shrugged, "What? Did you think this was going to be easy? Please, that girl and everyone around her have spent her entire life convincing her she's something she's not, and being anything else is unnatural and wrong, and what? One night with you is supposed to make all that go away? No. Like I said if you really want her, you're going to need to drag her kicking and screaming out of the closet. You're going to have to push her, scream at her, and make her hate you, and in the end even if you make her admit the truth she still might choose to live the life she's been living all her life because it's all she knows and it's safe. If you can suffer through all that melodrama go-ahead, she's all yours. No other girl is probably going to do it for her. I'm sure as hell not, and I don't see her family encouraging her sinful ways. So again, if you want to save her from herself, go ahead. Now get the hell out and never push me again. And don't come back here looking for another pep talk. I don't like you, and I don't want to be in the middle of this crap anymore."

Marti stared dumbfoundedly at the other cheerleader for a few minutes then asked softly, "But what if I can't find her?"

Alice rolled her eyes, "Please, where is she going to go? Her whole life is cheering so even if she's going to transfer she'll have to show up sooner or later."

"But-" Marti began to protest.

"Did I mention how I don't care?" Alice interrupted firmly, "Just get back to your room and wait for her. Hell, the bitch is probably already there."

* * *

Annoyingly Alice was proven right, although Marti was far more preoccupied by the heart wrenching sight of Savannah shoving her belongings into a suitcase.

When Marti opened the door Savannah stared over at her like a deer caught in the headlights for several long seconds, but then she quickly went back to what she was doing after softly mumbling, "Hey Marti."

"Hey." Marti mumbled back.

The blonde had been thinking about what she was going to say to this girl all day, had imagined this scenario over and over again in her head, and the best she could do was 'hey'. That was all she could get out, Marti just standing there dumbstruck as she watched Savannah run around the room like a frightened animal, grabbing whatever belonged to her and shoving it into a big suitcase. And it was shoving. The girl who had lectured Marti several times over the few weeks they'd known each other about the importance of properly folding away clothes and keeping everything nice and neat was desperately shoving her things into this case like her life depended on it, and it broke Marti's heart because she knew it was her fault.

She'd made Savannah afraid of her, afraid of herself, and whatever was going on between them. And Marti didn't blame Savannah, because it terrified the blonde to the point where she didn't think she could breathe. But as terrifying as it was Marti knew one thing with absolute clarity, she couldn't lose Savannah Monroe.

In some way, shape or form she needed this girl in her life, but in that moment she didn't want to settle for friendship. She just... needed her.

Quickly closing her case Savannah grabbed it by the handle, straightened up and finally turned to look at Marti.

The two girls stared at each other for a few long seconds, then Savannah's gaze dropped downwards and she tried to walk past the blonde. Marti didn't let her, moving sideways so she was directly in the brunette's path. Savannah tried dodging her unsuccessfully for a few moments and then she looked up into her eyes.

Marti waited for a few seconds for Savannah to say something, anything, then she asked, "Where are you going?"

Savannah just kept staring at her for a few more seconds, then her eyes darted downwards again as she murmured, "I... we... there's a spare room now Wedge has quit. I thought..."

"That it might be easier to avoid me if you had your own room?" Marti finished for her, trying to keep any bitterness out of her voice. When Savannah didn't say anything in response the blonde cheerleader added, "What happened to having roommates helps promote sisterhood huh? Isn't that what you told me when I first moved in? Then again I guess what we did last night wasn't very sisterly."

"Marti, please..." Savannah said softly, still not looking up.

"Please what?" Marti huffed.

"Please, don't... don't make this hard." Savannah whispered.

The words themselves flared Marti's rage, but just then Savannah looked up at her with this teary expression which broke the blonde's heart and made her anger fade away.

Deciding that was probably the wrong tactic anyway Marti took a step forward and reached out for Savannah, "Look-"

"Don't touch me!" Savannah cried out, dropping her suitcase and moving back half a dozen paces until she was almost pressed against the wall behind her.

The hurt and the anguish in Savannah's eyes and tone of voice broke Marti's heart all over again, only this time it was worse because she got this rush of self-hatred and sadness that she had hurt this girl so much. But she had to push on. She just had too.

"You kissed me." Marti murmured after a few long seconds of silence, then adding more firmly after a few more equally long seconds, "You, you were the one who kissed me. And you try doing it before-"

"I don't remember that." Savannah interrupted unconvincingly.

"Really?" Marti questioned, then when Savannah didn't answer added, "Do you remember last night? What we did? Because... it was the greatest night of my life."

"Marti..." Savannah whispered, finally looking away again, "I can't-"

"I love you Savannah." Marti said, slowly stepping forward as her eyes watered, "I don't know how, or when, but... I fell in love with you. And if you really don't feel the same way that's fine. I swear I'll never touch you again. I'll move out of Cheer Town, I'll transfer schools, I'll do whatever you want. Just... just tell me you don't like me back. Tell me I'm a disgusting dyke. That you hate my guts. That I can go burn in hell. Just look me in the eyes and say it. Tell me you don't love me. Tell me-"

"Stop!" Savannah cried out loudly.

Marti had been so caught up in her little speech she hadn't really noticed that she had backed Savannah right up against the wall, and tears were flowing freely out of not just her own eyes but out of Savannah's.

"Please... don't... don't touch me, I... I..." Savannah whimpered, "I... I don't love you."

The words themselves made Marti feel like Savannah had torn her heart from her chest, but the way they were said made her feel like her heart was still beating in the brunette's hand. Simply put she still felt like she had a slim chance.

"You have to mean it." Marti croaked as tears flowed down her cheeks.

"I... I mean it." Savannah wept.

"I don't believe you." Marti pushed.

"I don't care." Savannah snapped, becoming more angry than Marti had ever seen her, "Who are you to tell me how I feel? Who are you to tell me what I want? You don't know me. I'm not some kind of deviant. I'm not like you. I do not give into temptation. I'm a good, normal girl, and I don't care what you or anyone says, I am not in love with anybody!"

At this point Savannah was screaming at her and Marti felt like her heart was now on the floor being repeatedly stomped on, but as much as she wanted to crumple to the floor dead there was a burning rage inside her which pushed her to yell the second Savannah was done talking, "Why did you kiss me?"

"I don't know." Savannah said.

"Why didn't you stop me last night?" Marti asked, forcing herself to sound somewhat calm, "If you're such a good, normal girl why didn't you tell me to stop? Why did you let me make love to you? Why did you moan and scream in pleasure, and cum in my mouth, and on my fingers, and all over my-"

"You tricked me!" Savannah snapped.

"You kissed me and then when I asked you if you wanted me to stop all you did was moan in pleasure!" Marti countered, "Why? Why did you let me do that to you? Why didn't you tell me to stop?"

"I DON'T KNOW!" Savannah screeched, clearly breaking down, "You make me feel things I'm not supposed to feel, make me want to do things I don't want to do... why are you doing this to me Marti? Why... NO, please don't! Don't touch me!"

Marti frowned. She had moved forward to try and comfort the crying girl without thinking, just as she didn't really think when she asked, "Why not?"

"I... I... I can't... I, I can't think... normally, when you touch me." Savannah stammered.

From the look in Savannah's eyes Marti could tell she immediately realised she'd said the wrong thing, but before she could take it back the blonde took advantage of it by quickly grabbing the other cheerleader and pulling her into her arms. From there Marti softly but firmly held Savannah and pressed her forehead against the cheerleader captain's, a fresh tear running down Marti's cheek as she looked into Savannah's eyes and softly murmured, "Why... why... why did you kiss me?"

Savannah opened her mouth and Marti waited for what felt like an eternity, barely being able to breathe as each agonising second ticked by.

Marti hadn't wanted it to go down like this. She'd wanted to talk to the brunette like a rational thinking human being, but when she was around Savannah she couldn't think rationally anymore. Apparently like Savannah, she flat-out couldn't think. All she could do was run her mouth, like always, only this time it felt like she was going to lose everything that mattered to her just because she couldn't keep her feelings bottled up, and she knew she was making a liar out of herself because if Savannah told her to go to hell she would dropped to her knees and beg for her to stay, for her to let her stay, for them to stay together as friends because in that moment Marti didn't think she could handle life without Savannah Monroe.

Luckily it didn't appear she would have too. Unluckily her actions led to fresh tears rolling down Savannah's cheeks, "I... I... I'm... I don't... Marti... Oh God..."

Trailing off Savannah started absolutely balling her eyes out, the normally so together cheerleader captain breaking down to the point where she collapsed like deadweight into Marti's arms, crying into her shoulder hysterically.

For a long time Marti just stood there, her heart feeling as if it was being stabbed over and over again as the girl she loved cried in her arms. When it became emotionally too much for the blonde she gently moved so they could lie back down on Savannah's bed, Marti never letting go while Savannah never stopped crying.

They lay like that for what felt like hours, Marti still trying to figure out what she could possibly say as Savannah ran out of tears to shed, her wails slowly decreasing to sobs, then whimpers and then finally the room was deafeningly silent.

The deafening, horrible silence just kept going and going, both girls' minds racing a mile a minute, until finally Savannah croaked, "I can't."

Marti should have probably admitted defeat after those two heart breaking words, but she was determined to fight to the bitter end if need be.

"Why?" The blonde softly asked.

There was another couple of long seconds of silence and then Savannah whispered, "I'm supposed to get married. Have kids. Start my own cheer camp."

"Supposed too?" Marti questioned dryly.

"Want too." Savannah quickly corrected herself, "I want to do those things."

"We could do those things." Marti countered, quickly adding, "One day. We could do those things one day way, way in the future."

There was another brief silence and then Savannah whispered, "Who's going to send their daughter to a cheer camp run by a lesbian."

"Parents who aren't homophobic ass holes." Marti quickly said.

More silence and then Savannah asked, "What about the girls? What if they found out and left? Or everyone new right from the start and not a single girl signed up?"

"Hey, look at me... look at me!" Marti said, waiting until Savannah raised her head to look at her before continuing, "By the time you open your camp you'll have a championship ring on every finger and girls will be lining up to learn from you. Even the homophobic ass holes will want to learn from you, and maybe you will even help them not to be homophobic ass holes when they see how awesome you are."

Savannah just stared dumbfoundedly at the blonde for a few long moments, then she croaked out, "My family-"

"Don't deserve you!" Marti interrupted firmly, pausing to slightly smirk, "I mean, if anyone knows how families can suck-"

"Your Mom loves you. Unconditionally." Savannah interrupted.

"So should yours." Marti pointed out, "But she doesn't. They don't. I don't understand why they don't, but... they don't, so they have no right to expect anything from you, or tell you what you should do or who or what you should be. And I know, you're always going to love them, and always want their approval, but you were brave enough to go against their wishes once. You left Memphis Christian and joined Lancer so you could walk your own path. So that you could step outside their little bubble. Live a little. And... and you don't have to turn your back on God. I looked it up, there's a whole community of Christians who believe God accepts gay men and women. That as long as two people love each other that's all that matters."

Savannah lowered her gaze, "That's not what I was taught to believe."

"Well maybe not everything you were taught was right." Marti said.

"How do you know?" Savannah asked looking back at the blonde.

"I don't. But no one knows for sure. And I can't wrap my head around the idea of anyone or anything hating you if you liked girls instead of boys. And... I don't want anything to do with someone or something that hates you for that. Or for any reason." Marti said softly.

There was more silence, the two girls feeling like they were staring at each other forever until Savannah softly asked, "How... how can you be so sure?"

"About what?" Marti asked.

"What you want." Savannah clarified softly, "How can you be so sure you know what you want?"

Marti thought about this for a moment and then said, "I don't know. I... I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought I had my whole life planned out just like you, only replace championship ring covered camp councillor with being a Supreme Court judge. But... I don't know... when I met you, there was this... spark. I mean... I never even thought about experimenting in college because it was so clich‚, and before you I never even questioned that I was straight, then all of a sudden there you are, always on my mind, the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night, and... it got so much worse when you nearly kissed me. Then... then, we kissed, and suddenly... it was like everything before was in black and white and then all of a sudden everything was in colour, and in that moment I never wanted anything as badly as I wanted you. I needed you. And, I've pretty much felt that way ever since... and it scares the hell out of me."

"You're scared?" Savannah questioned, sounding surprised.

"I'm fucking terrified." Marti admitted with a weak smile, "But, maybe anything really worth having is supposed to be that way. Maybe that's what being in love is. Being terrified, and excited, and like you're in this little bubble of happiness which feels like it could break at any second and you want to do anything you can to save it. And... it's like..."

"You feel more alive." Savannah murmured.

"Yes." Marti smiled, before adding without thinking, "Is that how you feel?"

There was another heart wrenching long pause and then Savannah softly murmured, "I... I don't know. I don't know how I feel. I don't know what I want."

Marti swallowed, "That's ok."

"No it's not!" Savannah snapped, "My whole life I've known what I wanted, how I felt, what I wanted to be... and... and I knew anything else was wrong and unnatural... and now... I don't know... and I'm so scared. Of not knowing, and what everyone seems to think they know, and most of all... that I think they might be right. But I don't know. I just... being, being with you feels so wrong... and I know it's supposed to feel wrong, but... it feels so, so right. And I'm so confused-"

All of a sudden Marti was kissing her and Savannah's mind went blank. It was just a soft press of lip on lip, but it felt like the gentle touch sent a shockwave through her entire body which short-circuited her brain, leaving her a whimpering wreck who was helpless to do anything but press her lips back against Marti's.

Savannah continued feeling mindless as she was suddenly flipped onto her back, the poor brunette melting into the body that was now on top of her, kissing her, taking all of her troubles away.

Then just as suddenly as it started it was over, Marti hovering over Savannah as she whispered, "You don't have to sign a contract. You don't have to be one thing or the other forever. Just, just give me some time. A month. A week. A couple of days. Let me prove I'm worthy of you. That I can make you happy. Because I swear, that's all I really want to do. All I want to do is make you happy..."

Just before Marti trailed off she lowered her head down slightly so that her lips were millimetres away from Savannah's, the brunette closing her eyes in anticipation of another kiss. However at the last second Marti moved to press her lips to Savannah's jaw, those lips then quickly moving to travel up and down the brunette's neck, making Savannah squirm with pleasure.

"Please Savannah, give me a chance." Marti paused to whisper in the other girl's ear, "Give us a chance."

With that Marti went back to kissing Savannah's neck, which was totally unfair. Savannah has already confessed what the simplest of touches from Marti did to her, and now her supposed friend was taking advantage of that. And while part of Savannah wanted her to take advantage of it there was another part which was screaming at her to run. To fight back. To yell abuse at this sexual deviant until she finally got it through her head that Savannah Monroe was straight. But there was another voice inside Savannah's head screaming at her to give in and let Marti do whatever she wanted to her. It also felt like there were thousands of other voices screaming inside her head at the same time driving her crazy, with the only thing that could dull them being Marti's touch.

After what felt like a lifetime of trying to sort out the mess in her cluttered head Savannah softly whispered, "Ok."

Lifting her head up Marti looked into Savannah's eye and asked, "Ok?"

"We... I guess... a... a week..." Savannah stammered, "We can... for a week..."

Marti smiled and pressed her forehead down against Savannah's, "You won't regret this. I promise."

Savannah opened her mouth, completely unsure what she was going to say. It didn't matter, Marti's lips crashed against hers and the other girl's tongue entered her mouth, and Savannah was rendered mindless again. All those screaming voices went silent and Savannah became lost in the overwhelming sensations going off inside her, the poor girl feeling like she was going to explode and melt all at the same time. It was how she'd always dreamt kissing her true love would feel, how she wished kissing Dan or any of the other boys she had kissed and made her feel, and how she wished kissing Marti didn't make her feel.

For what felt like a blissful eternity Savannah didn't worry about that as she was fully concentrated on massaging Marti's mouth and tongue with her own, but it all came flooding back when Marti switched to kissing her neck again.

Was she committing a sinful act? Was she going to hell? Was her mother going to have her killed if she found out she engaged in this type of debauchery?

Savannah was mercifully interrupted from these thoughts when Marti managed to squeeze a hand underneath the brunette's tightfitting tank top and cup one of her bra clad breasts. The gentle touch caused Savannah to gasp into Marti's mouth, and then again and again and again as that hand gently caressed her sensitive flesh far better than any guy who she'd allowed to go that far with her. Which was as far as any guy had gone with her. Namely just Dan, who hadn't been able to make Savannah feel a fraction of what she was feeling now.

Suddenly Marti pulled away from her neck, looked her in the eye, grabbed hold of her tank top and whispered, "Do you want me to stop?"

There was a long pause, Savannah's mind filling with so many thoughts she couldn't even distinguish one from the other. Faced with all that white noise she found herself simply obeying her body's wants and desires, meaning she slowly shook her head.

Accepting that answer Marti slowly pulled the tank top up and over Savannah's head, the brunette automatically lifting her arms up to help the blonde remove the offending item. Savannah's bra followed shortly, both girls giggling softly when Marti struggled to unhook the clasp. Any laughter was forgotten after Marti removed the bra, Savannah feeling a shiver of anticipation as Marti just stared at her exposed breasts for several long seconds before diving down to attack one with her mouth.

"Oh God!" Savannah cried out and arched her back as Marti's mouth closed around her right nipple and began sucking on it. The blonde switched to the left shortly afterwards, then back to the right, then left again, Marti moving back and forth repeatedly as she varied the intensity of the suction she decided to give Savannah's nipples. Soon afterwards she began swirling her tongue around each nipple, and sliding her lips over the soft flesh surrounding those nipples, and using her free hand to gently caress whichever breast her mouth wasn't working on.

With the exception of last night all this attention to her chest gave Savannah the greatest amount of pleasure she'd ever known in her whole entire life. However she had been haunted by the ecstasy she had felt last night all day long, so as amazing as this was she yearned for Marti's mouth to move lower. She even almost begged for it what seemed like a thousand times, but she couldn't work up the courage to utter a word. At least not until the amazing pleasure turned to unbearable torture.

It all happened so fast. One moment all Savannah could think about was the heavenly feeling of Marti's mouth, tongue and fingers working over her perky little titties, the next Savannah was extremely aware of a ache between her legs. That ache turned into a burning desire to be touched down there, for Marti to go down on her again and use that wicked mouth, tongue and fingers of hers on her again. Savannah wanted it. She needed it. And inevitably, she couldn't stand not having it.

That was why she eventually got up the nerve to whimper, "Marti... please..."

"Please what?" Marti grinned, barely removing her mouth from Savannah's left nipple before going right back to sucking on it.

"Please..." Savannah blushed, "Touch me..."

With that Marti suddenly started kissing her way down Savannah's left breast and then down to her flat little stomach, lingering on the area just above Savannah's short shorts, making sure the brunette was whimpering in anticipation. Then her short shorts and panties were being almost literally torn off her body, Savannah's heart racing as she thought she knew what was going to come next.

It turned out she was wrong but her heart rate didn't exactly slow down as after Marti finished stripping the cheerleader captain naked she got off the bed and quickly pulled her own top over her head. Then she took off her bra and then Savannah just became lost in staring at Marti's full round breasts, the brunette too lost in staring to worry about the fact that she was practically salivating. Then Marti was back on the bed, fully naked now, and kissing her way up Savannah's inner right thigh until she reached her destination.

That was when Savannah nearly died twice in quick succession, her heart feeling like it was literally stopping first as Marti closed her eyes and gently breathed in the scent of the cheerleader captain's most intimate area, and then a second time as Marti looked up at her with piercing eyes.

The two girls just stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, then Savannah softly whispered, "Please... I need... I need you to... please..."

For a moment Savannah thought Marti was going to force her to say it. And as much as part of her hated it she tried to say it. But in the end Marti just gave her what she wanted, Savannah's mind once again becoming blissfully free of thought as her fellow cheerleader bent her head downwards and slid her tongue slowly over the full length of her pussy.

As the long slow lick was quickly followed by another and another and another Savannah's body went into business for itself, her legs parting as wide as they could without it being painful and one of her hands shooting to the top of Marti's head as the other gripped firmly to the bed sheets. From there the fingers of one hand gripped tightly to blonde curls while the other clawed frantically at soft fabric, the cheerleader captain closing her eyes as she let another cheerleader sent her to heaven. Or an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness that she associated with heaven.

That brief analogy threatened to make her thoughts come back, but as if she could sense Savannah might freak out if she continued to take things slow Marti's tongue slid over the brunette's clit, making her mind go numb all over again.

The next coherent thought that went through Savannah's head was shortly after what had to be the millionth lick to her pussy when Marti's mouth clamped down on her sex and began gently sucking. It was a thought which made the brunette blush, and yet she was so far gone it only added to her arousal. That thought? It was that Marti was drinking her. Another girl was sucking her arousal into her mouth and swallowing it with ever increasing eagerness, Marti literally hungry for her. Like this wasn't an obligation, something Marti was doing to make Savannah 'happy', this was something Marti really liked doing. Marti liked going down on her, and regardless of how much part of her would like it to be otherwise, Savannah liked it too. More than liked it even.

Shortly after that thought, or collection of thoughts, Marti slid her tongue inside Savannah's pussy and that was it. The brunette's head snapped back, her back arched, and her spirit left her body. Her soul was floating above herself, watching as she whimpered, moaned and cried Marti's name, writhed on the blonde's tongue, and shoved her needy sex into the other cheerleader's face with an almost vicious force. And part of Savannah wanted to scream at herself to act more dignified, and more importantly not to hurt Marti, but she wasn't in control anymore. She was just a helpless, quivering mess, shaking like a leaf at the force of the ecstasy she was feeling.

Then like last night her soul soared up into the heavens and Savannah thought she was literally there. Like Marti had given her so much pleasure her body had exploded into a million pieces and her spirit was being let into the kingdom of heaven based on mostly good behaviour. Yet on some level Savannah knew the truth. That she was cumming in Marti Perkins' mouth. That a member of her cheerleading squad had used her mouth and tongue on her until she came. That right now her cum was filling another girl's mouth, and that girl was eagerly swallowing as much of her cum as she could while a lot of liquid ended up on her face. And when her cum stopped flowing this girl who she just might be in love with went right back to tongue fucking her until she came in her mouth and all over her face again. And this truth only made Savannah cum harder, especially the part where she knew it was Marti Perkins doing this to her.

She wasn't sure how long the other girl fucked her, but the moment Savannah thought she was going to faint Marti stopped, the blonde gently bringing her down from her high and then cleaning her pussy of any left over cum before slowly kissing her way up her body.

When they were face to face again Marti paused to stare intensely into Savannah's eyes, the brunette so captivated by it she almost didn't notice just how soaked with her cum and pussy juice the other cheerleader's face was.

All of a sudden they were kissing again, and on some level Savannah knew she should hate it because she was being forced to taste her own cum and pussy juice on Marti's lips and tongue, and on the inside of the blonde's mouth, however the thought of it only made her hotter for some twisted reason. She even liked the taste, a fact which drove Savannah to frantically kiss Marti back. Marti returned the favour, the kiss becoming increasingly passionate and hungry with every passing second until Marti started literally humping her.

If a guy had done it during a make out session Savannah would have probably laughed and told him to stop it, but somehow it didn't feel silly. In fact it felt... good. Really good.

It took a while for Savannah to work out why it felt good, probably because she was in such a haze from the multiple orgasms Marti had effortlessly given her, but slowly she became aware of Marti's breasts rubbing against her own, and more importantly Marti's pussy rubbing against hers.

On a simple physical level rubbing those areas was bound to give her pleasure. However there was something nearly indescribable about the way those areas were now being stimulated.

Savannah's pleasure dazzled mind searched for an accurate description as best it could throughout this weird process. Finally she settled on the idea that it felt like Marti was literally fucking her in the way a man would fuck a woman. It was... primal. Like the caveman mounting his mate, only in this case it was a cavewoman, who had seen another cavewoman and decided to make that other cavewoman her mate. And the thought of it excited Savannah. Cavewoman Marti mounting Cavewoman Savannah and making her her mate. Making her hers.

After these thoughts rushed through her head Savannah suddenly became aware just how much of their bodies were rubbing together. She wasn't even sure if it had been like that from the beginning but now she could clearly feel her nipples which felt as hard as rocks rubbing against Marti's equally hard nipples, and Marti's clit felt like it was literally bullying Savannah's clit into submission. Making it hers. And in that moment it was. It was Marti's clit. It was Marti's pussy. It was Marti's body. In that moment Savannah's entire being belonged to Marti.

Suddenly things took a turn for the heart wrenching as Marti's tongue stopped making Savannah's tongue it's bitch and the blonde pulled away to stare into the brunette's eyes. The look was captivating, and so overwhelmingly beautiful, Savannah feeling the love and devotion Marti obviously felt for her in those eyes like never before.

It was totally unnecessary but just in case she wasn't making herself clear Marti whispered, "I love you Savannah."

Opening her mouth Savannah almost said 'I love you too' but she stopped herself just in time, not because she wasn't sure it was true, but because she was almost totally sure in that moment that it was. In fact she felt really, really sure she was in love with Marti Perkins and the only real reason she didn't say it back was because the idea that she was in love with a girl still scared her out of her mind.

Luckily instead of trying to force some kind of verbal response out of her Marti just kissed her again, and continued rubbing herself firmly against her, until the blonde was shaking in climax. Savannah became lost in the moment again as yet another powerful orgasm rushed through her body seemingly seconds after Marti came, the two cheerleaders trembling in each other's arms for a few wonderful moments and then Marti rolled them over, grabbed onto the sheets and pulled them over them.

The light was still on but neither girl had the energy to move, Savannah gently drifting off to sleep in the arms of her lover.


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