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Hellcats: Saving Savannah Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

The first thing Marti thought as she woke was she couldn't feel Savannah in her arms anymore. So before she'd even opened her eyes she was filled with terror and pain which jolted her up in bed worse than any nightmare had done previously. As with those nightmares she frantically looked around, but instead of looking for ghosts or monsters or geography teachers Marti was just really looking for a petite brunette, an overwhelming feeling of relief filling her when she saw Savannah kneeling by their window.

Sometimes Marti had to remind herself Savannah was more than just the stereotype she could seem on the surface. Now was one of those times as the first thing Marti saw when she woke up was the brunette kneeling with her hands clasped together as she looked up to the heavens. It was so... cute.

Marti smiled warmly at the thought, which was the sight that greeted Savannah as she turned to look at her.

They stared at each other briefly and then Savannah murmured, "Hey..."

"Hey..." Marti responded.

Then there was more staring, the two cheerleaders falling into this long awkward silence, during which Marti noticed a tray which had a glass of orange juice on it along with some bacon and toast.

Particularly the bacon was making Marti's stomach rumble, and while she didn't want to be presumptuous she couldn't help but eventually ask, "Is... is that for me?"

"Huh? Oh right, yes." Savannah stammered, quickly getting up, grabbing the tray and offering it to Marti, "I thought, well... here..."

Marti smiled. Of course Savannah would know exactly when she would be likely to wake up. However sensing this wasn't the time to tease the brunette about her attention to detail, or anything really, the blonde simply murmured, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Savannah said, handing the tray to Marti once she had moved so she was sitting at the edge of the bed.

Marti ate in silence for a few long moments before asking, "Would you like some?"

"No thank you, I've eaten." Savannah said.

"I thought you might." Marti murmured.

More awkward silence.

"So, what were you praying about?" Marti asked.

Savannah bit her lip and unconvincingly murmured, "Nothing. I mean, not nothing, just... the usual."

Marti frowned at her for a few moments but to Savannah's relief accepted that answer. Not that it made her feel any less guilty.

Then again how could she tell Marti that she had prayed for forgiveness for what they had done last night? How could she tell Marti that part of her felt ashamed for engaging in such sinful activity? That part of her feared she was now eternally damned for giving in to the sins of the flesh and that no matter how much she prayed it wouldn't save her?

Of course last night had been one of the only times in her entire life Savannah Monroe had ever been truly happy. Being in Marti's arms, kissing the other girl, giving into those forbidden desires had felt so good. So right. And not just sexually, but spiritually. Like her prayers for love had been answered, only not in the way she'd imagined.

When she had woken up Savannah had been so happy. Yesterday she had immediately freaked out, but today she'd been able to lay in Marti's arms without a care in the world for a few extra minutes before getting up. Then very slowly her doubts and fears had returned full force, her mother's voice screaming in her head that she was a disgusting freak, a sexual deviant, a sinner who needed to repent. Those voices had gotten to her during her morning shower and Savannah had broken down, desperately praying for salvation as she wept.

In the hours that followed Savannah stumbled her way through her morning routine, her mind a raging battlefield with the only thing able to soothe it being the sight of the sleeping blonde. Of course Savannah didn't want Marti to wake up to find her staring at her like some kind of stalker so she began praying for guidance by the window, gently restricting her looks over to the beautiful blonde to glances every other minute.


Marti's voice awoke Savannah from her thoughts, the brunette briefly noticing the blonde had finished her meal and placed the tray to one side before answering, "Yeah?"

"Would you... erm..." Marti blushed. She could do this. She needed to do this, "Maybe, later... like to... you know... do something?"

A little spark of excitement ran through Savannah's body as she realised what Marti was getting at, "You... you mean like... a date?"

There was a brief pause and then Marti said, "We don't have to call it that, if you don't want too."

Savannah smiled softly, "What would we call it?"

"I don't know." Marti admitted, "Just, hanging out I guess."

Again Savannah smiled and then thought about it for a moment. Of course there were like a thousand voices screaming in her head to say no, but she had already committed to a week of 'evil debauchery' so there was no sense in backing out now.

After taking a deep breath Savannah stammered, "I... I, I guess we could... hang out."

Marti smiled, "Ok then... if, if you give me a minute, I'll walk you to your first class, ok?"

"Ok." Savannah said, smiling as she found herself adding, "Will... will you carry my books?"

Marti smiled as she got up. It was great to see Savannah trying to make a joke, even if it was bad, as at least it seemed a step in the right direction.

Deciding to go with it Marti beamed, "Sure, and I'll open doors for you."

Savannah smiled, although it faded when Marti softly kissed her cheek.

Marti noticed this, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah." Savannah answered unconvincingly, before adding, "It's just... this is going to take some getting used too."

Nodding softly Marti murmured, "I'm sorry. This is all really new to me and... if I ever do something you don't like just tell me and-"

Savannah cut off the other girl by pressing her lips to her's, lingering there for a few seconds before pulling back ever so slightly, "I, I never said I didn't like it."

"Oh..." Marti mumbled, her lips remaining inches away from Savannah's for a few agonizing seconds.

Then Savannah pulled away, "You, you should, you know, get dressed and stuff if you're going to walk me to class."

"Right... sure..." Marti murmured, quickly grabbing her shower stuff and heading out.

It was going to need to be a cold shower. A very, very cold shower.

* * *

"Ok, a little to the left... perfect!" Marti beamed, "Thanks Lewis."

"No problem." Lewis gasped, trying and failing to hide his exhaustion. No, fatigue. Because he wasn't exhausted, just a little winded. He just needed a second to get his breath back, which was why it was probably a bad idea for him to mention in between gasps for air, "You know... there are these amazing things... called flat screen TVs... they came out like, ages ago."

"Yeah I know, but it's not like I'm rolling in money right now and this old thing is still good." Marti said.

"Is it in colour?" Lewis asked, which earned him a light punch to the arm, "Hey, I'm just saying if I knew that robbing your Mom was going to take this much effort-"

"Hey, this... is mine." Marti pointed out.

"I wouldn't be that proud of that if I was you." Lewis countered.

After looking solemn for a moment Marti said, "I used to watch cartoons on it when I was a kid. It's like one of my earliest memories. Then my Mom sold it so we could make rent, then I saved up and brought it back. So it means something to me, ok?"

"Ok." Lewis nodded.

"Besides, you're doing this to get back in my good books, remember?" Marti pointed out.

"Right." Lewis nodded again, knowing he should probably leave it at that but unable to stop himself from asking, "About that... are you-"

"Am I what?" Marti interrupted, giving him a clear look that he had better choose his words carefully.

"Look..." He said slowly, "Like I said I'm sorry about the other day. I didn't want to offend you then and I don't want to offend you now, so... if you want I'll drop it. But... if you ever want to talk about it, I'm here."

Marti smiled warmly, "Thanks."

There was a long, slightly awkward pause. A few days ago Marti had thought there might be something between them... well, there was, but it was just friendship. And she was really hesitant to say anything to anyone which might jeopardise what she had with Savannah, but Marti felt she owed Lewis the truth about her feelings for him.

"You're a good friend." Marti murmured, "And... I know I complicated things between us, but that's what I think we should be. Friends. Cool?"

"Cool." Lewis smiled, doing his best to hide his disappointment as he truthfully added, "I just want you to be happy. No matter what."

The last comment hung in the air for a few seconds, then Savannah walked in, initially smiling as she saw her two fellow cheerleaders before the serious tone of the room caused her smiled to fade, "Hey guys... what's going on?"

Turning to his captain Lewis smiled, "We were just discussing how we're probably better off as friends."

"Oh." Savannah said, a smile briefly crossing her face of its own accord before she could stop it, the brunette inwardly panicking as she frowned and said, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be, it's cool." Lewis assured her before turning to Marti, "You want some help setting up?"

"No I got it thanks." Marti said, awkwardly trying to think of how to nicely tell Lewis to leave.

Sensing that's what she wanted Lewis saved her the trouble, "Ok. I've got some stuff to catch up on, so if you need me I'll be in my room."

With that he left, subtly making sure the door was closed as he did so.

About a second later Savannah started freaking out, "Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh-"

"What?" Marti asked, quickly trying to calm the brunette as she stepped closer to her.

"I smiled." Savannah explained, before realising she needed to elaborate, "I smiled when he told me you guys were just going to be friends. I didn't mean to but, gosh, he's going to think I'm a terrible friend, or maybe he'll think I'd don't want you guys to get together because I have a thing for him or, or... or maybe he'll think that... you know... that there's something going on between you and me... that-"

"Shhhh, relax." Marti said, gently placing her hands on Savannah's waist, pulling the other girl against her and then wrapping her arms around her, "No one could ever think you're a bad friend. Like ever. He knows that and he probably thought nothing of it. And if he did, well... he already kind of thinks that there's something going on between us."

"He does?" Savannah murmured, looking increasingly worried, but not necessarily surprised.

"Yeah, but he doesn't know anything. Just whatever Alice told him, and no one is likely to buy her as a credible source." Marti quickly pointed out before softly adding, "And it's not like he's going to say anything either way, so everything's fine, ok?"

There was a pause and then Savannah smiled, "Ok."

Savannah didn't sound very convinced so in a further attempt to take her mind off it Marti slowly leaned in and kissed the other girl. Ok, maybe the blonde also just wanted to kiss her beautiful roommate, but it wasn't like Savannah objected, the two girls gently pressing their lips together for a few long seconds before simultaneously pulling back.

"So... is the idea that I spend the entire night watching you trying to get that thing to work?" Savannah teased, feeling a lot better now she was in Marti's arms.

"Hey, 'that thing' was working fine before Lewis manhandled it up here." Marti argued, "So if it doesn't work, we'll just take the TV from his room."

"Ok... so, movie night? How original." Savannah teased again.

Smiling softly Marti said, "I thought that, you know, you might appreciate something that two girls could do together, no questions asked. Besides this is the room that we became friends in. The first place we had a conversation which didn't end in yelling. Somewhere we bonded. The place where, we had our first kiss. And the first time, and the second time... that we made love. And most of all, it's where you agreed to, you know, give me a chance. So... I thought this would be good, but-"

"It's perfect." Savannah said softly, resting her forehead against Marti's, "Thank you."

Marti smiled back, a brief silence falling between them.

Then Savannah murmured, "So... movie night, huh? What are we watching?"

Marti smiled, "Bring It On."

"Oh my gosh Marti, I love that movie!" Savannah beamed excitedly.

"I know." Marti said without thinking.

This caused Savannah to frown for a moment, then she smiled happily, "I told you it was my favourite movie, didn't I?"

Trying not to blush Marti murmured nonchalantly, "Yeah, you might have mentioned it. But it's no big deal, it just seemed like something I should remember."

"I told you the day we became roomies." Savannah recalled, remembering it perfectly.

"So?" Marti pouted.

"So, you listen to me. Most girls would consider that a plus for a potential... erm... mate." Savannah blushed. She'd been afraid to say the G - word, but what slipped out of her mouth was kind of worse.

Luckily Marti sensed that a subject change was needed, "How about we go grab something to eat? Maybe bring it in here so we can have our own private dinner and a movie?"

"Ok." Savannah said softly, excepting a gentle kiss before they broke apart.

* * *

The next couple of hours were kind of a blur.

Savannah had of course insisted on 'helping' Marti with the cooking which had led the controlling brunette to take over most of it. Marti had found this very cute, so much so she only teased Savannah a little bit. Although it was probably for the best as nothing Marti had ever cooked tasted quite as good as what Savannah served her.

For the first twenty minutes they ate in silence while they watched the movie, then spent another ten watching as they laid side by side on Marti's bed. Then Marti slowly and hesitantly placed her hand on top of Savannah's. For a few seconds Savannah didn't even look at her. When she finally did Marti almost apologised and removed her hand given how conflicted Savannah looked, but before she could the brunette looked down and then slowly moved her hand so her fingers were interlocking with the blonde's, this gentle act causing Marti to smile widely.

Marti wasn't sure how long they stayed like that but she felt like she could have laid there holding Savannah's hand forever, because to her this small gesture made the whole world fall the way so it was just the two of them.

Savannah kind of felt the same way except she wanted more, and as the seconds ticked by want seemed to turn into need. Eventually this led Savannah to lift up Marti's arm, roll over so she was curled up against the other girl's body and placed the blonde's arm around her shoulder. Instead of protesting like part of Savannah had feared the blonde might Marti just smiled warmly, placed a gentle kiss to her forehead and then went back to watching the movie. This allowed Savannah to relax and become lost in the heaven that was being in Marti's arms with her all-time favourite movie playing on in front of her, even if that movie was now pretty much background noise as Savannah mostly concentrated on the soft beating of Marti's heart and the gentle sound of the blondes breathing.

Meanwhile Marti had found herself mostly concentrating on Savannah throughout the movie, which she'd never actually seen before. A week ago when Marti had told her now lover that Savannah had been amazed, telling the blonde she had to see it as soon as possible. In return Marti had playfully mocked the cheerleader who's favourite movie was a cheerleading movie only to find herself quickly apologising and promising they could watch it together sometime, which was why Marti remembered that Savannah liked the movie so vividly. She probably hadn't imagined watching it while snuggling with the smaller girl, but that was just a bonus.

Unfortunately now Marti wasn't positive she could properly debate the movie. Hell, she was struggling to remember it's plot, Marti's mouth opening and closing like some kind of fish as she searched for something to say.

Luckily Savannah beat her to it, although what the brunette said completely floored the blonde, "I... I, I think this is the best first date I've ever had."

Marti blinked, allowing the words to sink in for a few seconds before softly murmuring, "I told you, we don't have to call it that."

"I... I want to call it that." Savannah said softly, finally lifting her head up so she was actually looking at Marti, "I've been thinking about it a lot, and... and I don't want to trivialise this, or pretend like it's something it's not. Well, I do want too, a little, because this whole thing scares me, but I, I want to call this what it is. You know?"

Smiling softly Marti stroked Savannah's cheek, "I know. And, for the record, this is the best first date I've ever had too. And best date I've ever had, not that this really has much competition."

After letting out a tiny giggle Savannah smiled and said, "That bad, huh?"

"Yeah, and because you're special." Marti said softly.

It was true, something that slipped out of Marti's mouth without her thinking about it yet even as the words seem to echo throughout the room Marti knew she meant it. She also knew that, for once in her life, she'd said the right thing. She could just tell, even before Savannah lent down and kissed her passionately.

The passion was soft and gentle at first but quickly increased to something rough and needy, Savannah taking Marti by surprise as the brunette move so that she was directly on top of the blonde and then using that moment of surprise to shove her tongue into Marti's mouth.

Despite her surprise Marti was only too happy to kiss back, massaging the invading tongue with her own as her hands gently caressed Savannah's body. In response to that Savannah moaned into Marti's mouth and then began to grind down on top of the blonde in a way that made sure both girls' thighs were rubbing against the other's most sensitive areas. That extremely pleasant rubbing had Marti's eyelids slightly fluttering for a few moments, then she tried to roll them over so she could be on top.

Surprising the blonde once again Savannah forcefully pushed downwards with all her might, forcing Marti back down to the bed sheets. In the middle of all this Savannah broke the kiss so she could then lean down and whisper in Marti's ear, "You've done so much for me... let me do something for you."

Marti gulped softly. She wanted to keep her big mouth shut more than ever before in her entire life, but she couldn't, "You, you don't have too."

"I want too." Savannah reassured the blonde, before adding in a teasing tone, "Besides, I remember you saying you were a bottom."

Frowning in confusion Marti thought back and then suddenly remembered their initial conversation on dresser draw space, specifically her response to Savannah telling her she preferred the upper drawers. The memory had the blonde blushing and quickly murmuring, "I, I told you, that was a joke... but if you wanna top I'm cool with it. But like I said, you don't have too."

Marti's words had Savannah smiling, then blushing and then smiling again although this time more softly. Then the brunette murmured, "Well, like I said I, I... I want too... just... just please be patient with me, ok?"

"Always." Marti groaned as Savannah's lips began sliding across her neck, "I, mmmmmm, I would never want you to do something you didn't want to do."

Savannah smiled softly before going back to kissing Marti's neck. She truly believed that Marti meant it, the problem was Savannah didn't know what she wanted. Not entirely. And it wasn't like this was some random guess, but... she was just so confused.

Ignoring her confusion, and any thoughts at all, Savannah pressed her right hand down against Marti's flat stomach and slowly moved upwards until she was cupping a extremely soft and unmistakably feminine body part. Which was actually something Savannah had done before, but only in the heat of passion when Marti's fast hands were sliding so quickly around her body it felt like they were touching every part of her at once. Now Marti's hands were motionless by her side, the blonde girl letting out a soft gasp which seemed to echo throughout the room at this gentle touch.

After Savannah remained frozen for a few seconds Marti clearly forced out, "You, you don't have too. It's ok."

Then Marti gasped again as Savannah cautiously squeezed her breast, the blonde kind of feeling like all of a sudden that part of her body was being judged like a piece of meat by a butcher. It was unfortunately a familiar feeling, however Savannah's hand was far more gentle about it, and as the brunette seemed to increasing confidence rather than pulling roughly or squeezing painfully or anything like that the cheerleader captain began cupping and caressing her in a way which made Marti moan.

She moaned even more as Savannah became more confident, switching to the other breast as she eagerly kissed, licked and sucked at Marti's neck. Then all of a sudden Savannah was pulling at Marti's shirt, the curly haired cheerleader barely having time to lift her arms up as her captain yanked the offending item of clothing off.

To Marti's surprise Savannah then stared at her bra covered boobs with something she'd never seen before from her virtuous roommate, lust. And honestly, Marti kind of liked it. Actually she definitely liked it, although not as much as the passionate kiss Savannah suddenly gave her, and the feeling of the other girl's hands sliding around her back to fiddle with her bra. It seemed despite wearing them herself Savannah was no better at removing Marti's bra than... Marti's previous lover. In fact she was worse, which made Marti smiled briefly until suddenly her bra was being torn off, probably literally as she swore she heard the sound of something tearing, but then Savannah's hands were on her naked tits and Marti honestly didn't care about any stupid bra.

Meanwhile Savannah didn't care about anything. While that wasn't true, Savannah didn't care about what had got into her or what the various voices in her head were saying, she was totally focused on how good Marti felt underneath her, and how amazing the other girl's breasts felt in her hands, and how wonderful her fellow cheerleader's lips felt pressed against her own. And that's how things stayed for a few long glorious minutes, Savannah only concentrated on kissing Marti and playing with the blonde's boobs.

However, shortly after Marti's nipple had become hard under her gentle touch, Savannah heard the sound of a moan filled with frustration as well as pleasure. She immediately realised it came from Marti's lips, Savannah faced with a very daunting fact that this alone was nothing but a tease. Foreplay. And while under different circumstances it might be all that was required of her after the way Marti made her feel Savannah couldn't see how it would be fair if she were to stop now.

So, extremely slowly and nervously, Savannah moved her right hand down Marti's incredibly toned stomach until her fingertips were tracing her roomie's waistband. This made Marti's breathing become incredibly erratic, even more so than before, Savannah accidentally building up the tension as she hesitated.

It wasn't like she hadn't thought about doing this before, and thanks to her previous times with Marti she did have a pretty good idea what she was doing. However it was still one of those things which Savannah found mind numbingly terrifying. Luckily for her when she did finally slide her hand into Marti's pants she again lost the ability to think, Savannah never more grateful to be lost in what she was doing.

Marti wasn't so lucky. Because even as Savannah, a girl Marti loved more than anyone or anything she had ever known, was touching her most intimate area for the first time, albeit through her panties, Marti couldn't stop thinking about Dan Patch. The first person she'd ever had sex with and the only other person who had ever touched her as intimately.

It was not a favourable comparison for Dan. She had felt nothing as he clumsily groped her tits, and Marti had almost put a stop to the whole thing when he shoved his hands down her pants, and then shortly afterwards violated her with his fingers. In retrospect she wished more than anything she had stopped him and that this was her first time because Dan Patch had nothing on Savannah Monroe.

Before Savannah's hand had moved south the cheerleader captain had already made Marti feel like every part of her body was on fire with need, with one particular part begging for attention more than any other. And then Savannah's hand had got closer and closer to that part, so close Marti felt delirious with need, then Savannah was touching her and, Marti was gay. She was so very gay.

Although, as Savannah's fingertips cautiously rubbed Marti's pussy lips through her panties, the blonde admitted that it was perhaps unfair to conclude just because Dan couldn't make her feel a 10th of what she was feeling now didn't mean that no guy possibly could, and maybe deep down she was bi. But honestly, in that moment Marti couldn't imagine being with another guy ever again. Not that she wanted to imagine being with a girl who wasn't Savannah. No, Marti just wanted to be gay for Savannah. She wanted to be Savannah-sexual as Marti honestly didn't think anyone could ever make her feel like her beautiful roomie could.

As if she's trying to prove this Savannah chose that moment to push Marti's panties aside and start sliding her index finger up and down Marti's pussy lips, the direct touch making the blonde practically hyperventilate. Then there was a finger being pushed inside her and Marti was barely even aware that she cried out, "OH MY GOD SAVANNAH OOOOOOHHHHHH... oh fuck... fuck me! Oh Savannah fuck me! Please fuck me!"

Marti was too lost in what she was feeling to notice Savannah briefly cringing at the obscene language. Of course Savannah was in no state to scold Marti for her foul mouth, not when her index finger was being almost painfully squeezed by velvety soft wetness.

The location of her finger was far from mystery but it took a few moments for Savannah's frail mind to fully acknowledge it, and when her mind finally did it was surrounded by the words oh my gosh. As in, she was inside Marti, oh my gosh, she was inside another girl, oh my gosh, her finger was inside another girl's pussy, oh my gosh, she was fingering another girl, oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh... gosh.

Savannah very nearly had a panic attack from the voices in her head and simply being overwhelmed by what was happening, however she was thankfully saved from this by Marti. Partly because the string of curses the blonde let out which again caused her to cringe and even blush a little, however the most distracting thing was the look on Marti's face. And in her eyes. The look of... pleasure? Yes pleasure. Savannah was giving Marti pleasure. After all the ecstasy Marti had given Savannah now finally the cheerleader captain was returning the favour, and no matter how scared or confused or whatever she was nothing was more important to Savannah than being able to finally return the favour.

So doing her best to clear her mind Savannah began slowly moving her finger in and out of Marti's pussy, slowly and nervously at first but as she became ever so slightly more relaxed the brunette picked up the pace until finally she became lost in the act. Lost in the act of fucking the blonde. Lost in the act of fucking Marti. She was fucking Marti. She was fucking another girl. And she loved it. Marti was so soft, and so tight, and most of all so very, very wet, particularly that last fact echoing in Savannah's tortured mind as she became consumed with trying to give Marti at least a 10th of the ecstasy she had given her.

If Marti had known what Savannah was thinking she would have thought it hilarious given what she was feeling now was easily the closest thing to ecstasy she'd ever known, and she wasn't exactly being subtle about it. In fact Marti was surprised there hadn't been a knock on the door already considering how loud she was being, even despite her best efforts to quieten herself down. Biting her lip, grinding her teeth, clawing at the bed sheets and clenching her fists all seemed to have little or no effect but Marti continue doing them anyway, her muddled mind having problems thinking of anything else, especially as there was one word echoing through her head which was making it hard to think about anything else. That word was more. As in more, more, more.

Eventually the words even found their way to Marti's lips, "Mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh more, please more, oh Savannah, oh please more, please... more... I, I, ooooooohhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, please stick another finger inside of me! Please, please, please, please, I need it so bad, please, yes, OH YEEEEESSSSSSS, OHHHHHH SAVANNAH!"

When she first made herself clear Savannah gave her this apprehensive look which immediately had Marti regretting her words. She in no way wanted to push Savannah too far too soon. It was just... what she was feeling now was amazing, but Marti could tell that an extra finger inside of her would make it feel so much better.

Marti was proven right when after a little hesitation Savannah pressed her middle finger against the blonde's opening and pushed slowly inside, Marti's head shooting backwards against the pillow and a loud moan escaped her lips at this heavenly addition. And then Savannah started fucking her with those two fingers and... and Marti just couldn't understand why she hadn't been with a girl sooner. No, Marti couldn't understand why she didn't kiss Savannah when they met like she had known part of her had wanted too. If only after that heated argument she had pulled this beautiful girl into her arms and kissed her maybe, just maybe they could have skipped trying to be friends and gone right to this stage of giving each other the type of incredible ecstasy Marti was now feeling.

Of course even though it didn't seem possible Marti knew it was going to get better. That as long as Savannah didn't stop she would cum, and given what she could feel building it promised to be an orgasm like none she had experienced before. And it was.

Even though Marti saw it coming like a train that was hurtling towards her it suddenly was pushed extra fast by Savannah's thumb brushing against her clit. It could have been accidental, it could have been on purpose, Marti didn't know and Marti didn't care. All she knew and all she cared about was at that second a sensation more powerful than she'd ever known crashed through her body, turning her into a quivering wreck.

Savannah was so focused on slamming her fingers in and out of Marti's pussy while staring deep into the other girl's eyes it took her a few moments to realise what happened. Even as Marti's eyes became extra pretty and the other cheerleader's cunt clamped roughly down on Savannah's fingers which was suddenly being covered in even more wetness and what she had become used to Savannah just didn't figure it out. Not until Marti suddenly went limp and let out a long satisfied sigh. That was when she realised Marti had just cum on her fingers. Another girl had just covered her fingers in cum.

Those last two sentences echoed in Savannah's mind as she slowly removed her fingers from Marti's sex and then slowly brought them up to her face. For quite awhile Savannah just stared at them, looking at the juices glistening on those two fingers, trying to work up the courage to slide her tongue out and taste that sweet smelling liquid. Then all of a sudden Marti was leaning forward, gently grabbing hold of Savannah's arm and taking those two fingers into her mouth. This had Savannah gasping, blushing and biting her lip as she watched Marti greedily suck her own cum from the brunette's fingers, the blonde even sliding her tongue over Savannah's hand to make sure she got everything.

When she was done Marti gave Savannah this burning hungry look and pretty much literally growled, "Your turn."

Before Savannah had time to respond Marti lunged forwards and attacked the brunette's lips with her own, the ferocity of which scared Savannah briefly but she surrendered to Marti's lips without hesitation. By the time Marti's tongue entered her mouth Savannah was a conquered nation happily welcoming her conqueror, the blonde's tongue then occupying the brunette's mouth for several long, wonderful moments. Briefly Marti pulled away so she could lift Savannah's skirt up and over her head, the poor dazed brunette struggling to even lift her arms up to help with this process, and then just as she was awaking from her happy stupor Savannah was being kissed again sending her right back to that dreamlike state. It was a state she remained in as Marti removed her bra with surprising ease, her panties proving to be more of a challenge but at least Savannah was awake enough to help kick those off. Then Marti was kissing her cheek and then the side of her neck as she jumped out from underneath Savannah, using such speed and agility that the cheerleader captain didn't even get a chance to move before her fellow cheerleader was kneeling beside her.

"Stay where you are ok? I wanna try something." Marti panted huskily.

Savannah wasn't sure if it had been a request or a command but either way she obeyed, moaning softly as Marti pushed her brown hair out of the way so she could kiss not only the side of her neck but the back as well. Then she started kissing her way down her spine, a gentle pressure on her back telling Savannah to lean forward and use her hands to support her weight which she did with that question. A few seconds later Savannah realised exactly what position that put her in, which made the captain of the Hellcats blush. However Savannah trusted Marti and truly believed that whatever would happen next would be something she'd enjoy. Besides, after what she had just done to the other girl, Savannah almost felt like the kisses to her spine alone would make her cum.

Once she had kissed all the way down Savannah's spine Marti pulled back slightly and bit her lip. Even when she been desperately trying to convince herself of her heterosexuality Marti had found her eyes lingering on Savannah's cute little butt. It was just always wiggling around in front of her in a pair of tight fitting short shorts or being flashed at her in those little skirts and Marti just hadn't been able to stop herself from looking. Now for the first time ever she was really staring at it and wow, cute just didn't seem to do it justice. It was... beautiful. Perfect.

Marti could already think of a handful of naughty things she wanted to do to that butt. Like maybe spank it a little. Not hard-core discipline, just a few playful swats. Maybe rub her pussy against those soft cheeks, literally humping the other girl and then licking her juices from that perfect ass. And... other things. First though Marti simply began sliding her lips across that little bubble butt, literally becoming a kiss ass for a few moments, strategically moving so that she was getting closer and closer to Savannah's pussy which if she wasn't mistaken was increasingly dripping with juice. Then Marti moved to catch one of those drops, pressing her tongue against Savannah's thigh and then giving one steady lick upwards to the origin of that drop.

The second her tongue made contact with Savannah's sex the brunette let out a loud gasp, following it up by moaning Marti's name. The moaning continued as Marti began licking Savannah's pussy with long but quick strokes, using both her hands to spread her roomie's ass while resting her weight on her knees so she could have as much access to the other cheerleader's cunt as possible.

For a while they stayed like that, the only thing changing being Savannah burying her face in the pillows to try and muffle her moans, groans and whimpers of pleasure. Of course it wasn't exactly the most comfortable position for Marti, but it allowed her to keep spreading Savannah's butt cheeks and lightly play with them as she concentrated most of her efforts on gently licking the other girl's pussy, and Marti was simply enjoying both those acts too much to stop.

Savannah certainly didn't want her to stop. In fact it sounded like it was exactly the opposite, given what the brunette was moaning into the pillows, "Mmmmmm yesssss, oh Marti, more, ooooooooh please more. Make... make me cum. Please Marti make me cum!"

Knowing how difficult the last couple of words were for the prudish brunette to say Marti slowly pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into Savannah's welcoming love hole and then began gently thrusting it in and out, making her roommate scream joyfully. Savannah screamed even louder as Marti increase the pace, the blonde closing her mouth around the brunette's sex to try and make sure at least the majority of the heavenly liquid flowed down her throat and into her stomach where it belonged. And while a good majority still ended up on her face Marti had an idea of something she could do about that. However first she wanted to bring Savannah to the edge of orgasm.

As with the two previous times that proved to be an easy task for the blonde. In fact Savannah kind of felt like she was on the edge of cumming throughout the entire pussy licking, and then when Marti started tongue fucking her it was only a matter of time before she was trembling with orgasm. And sure enough with an extra loud scream Savannah came in the type of wonderful climax that she was beginning to think only Marti Perkins could give her. Then all of a sudden something weird happened.

For a few seconds Marti removed her mouth from Savannah's sex, resulting in the cheerleader captain first crying out in dismay and blushing with embarrassment. When had she become so greedy? Had Marti's mouth, tongue and fingers already turned her into a selfish brat? Yet, Savannah couldn't help it. She wanted more. She needed more. She craved more.

Savannah got what she craved a few seconds later and everything was wonderful again. Then she realised Marti's mouth was in a different position than before. She could feel it, and looking down she could see it, Marti on her back while using her hands to push the brunette down onto her face. That revelation had Savannah blushing again, but before she could say a word she was once again cumming hard into Marti's soft mouth, the blonde's tongue working overtime to make sure Savannah wasn't in the frame of mind to worry or complain about what was happening.

All this would have been fine of course accept Marti was pushing Savannah downwards on top of her to the point that the captain of the Hellcats was worried that her team member couldn't breathe. To make matters worse Savannah's body seemed to be moving of it's own accord this way and that, grinding down on top of Marti's face in a way which dramatically increased the pleasure Savannah was feeling, but at what cost?

Savannah desperately tried to stop herself but she just couldn't, her body melting into nothing but a grinding mess as she came over and over again, practically drowning Marti with her cum.

Meanwhile Marti was using one hand to try to keep Savannah in place as much as possible while the other hand frantically slammed two fingers in and out of her own cunt, the blonde cumming several times as she became lost in what she could only describe as pure heaven.

Neither of the cheerleaders had any idea how long it lasted, but eventually Savannah rolled over onto her side a whimpering and shaking mess, and no matter how badly she wanted to roll over to glue her mouth back onto that delicious pussy Marti forced herself not too as she was pretty sure Savannah desperately needed a break. So, after scooping as much of the other girl's cum off her face and into her mouth as possible while fingering herself to one last orgasm, Marti got up to turn off the light and the TV before snuggling in behind Savannah in the spooning position, only pulling away from the other cheerleader briefly to grab the covers so she could pull them over herself and her lover.

They lay like that for a little while, Savannah trembling in Marti's arms. Then just as Marti was about to go to sleep she heard the other cheerleader softly whisper, "Are... are you ok?"

"Mmmmm, I'm so beyond ok." Marti grinned as she gently stroked Savannah's body.

"I... I mean..." Savannah blushed, "Didn't it hurt? When I was... you know, pressing down on top of you?"

"Hell no, it was amazing." Marti said dreamingly, "It was like... you were my everything. You were all I could see, all I could smell... all I could taste. You were my world and I loved it."

"Oh... ok..." Savannah blushed, her tired mind wandering what it would be like in the other position, which of course only made her blush more.

There was a moment of silence and then Marti whispered, "Maybe we could do that again sometime? You know, if you want too..."

Savannah smiled softly, "Maybe... and maybe I could, you know... do something for you again."

Marti grinned mischievously, "It's a date."


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