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Hellcats: Saving Savannah Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

"And the winners of the National Cheerleading Championships are... the Lancer Hellcats!"

The crowd cheered loudly and confetti began rapidly falling down around them as the Hellcats began screaming, yelling and jumping up and down in triumph. However Savannah Monroe was barely aware of any of it, which was kind of funny.

Savannah had always imagined reacting just like her fellow Hellcats, but while the overwhelming feeling of joy and triumph was just as amazing as Savannah had imagined it, if not more so, there was only one person in the entire world Savannah wanted to share this precious moment with. The person who's hand she'd been squeezing so hard she had thought it might break, and right now despite the loud noise and all the people around them was the only person in Savannah's world. That person of course being Marti Perkins, the girl Savannah loved with all her heart.

Turning to her beautiful blonde girlfriend Savannah smiled. Marti smiled back, the two girls staring at each other for a few moments before the blonde moved in for a hug. As she did so the last academic year flashed before Savannah's eyes. She saw herself meeting Marti for the first time, the blonde trying out for the Hellcats, the two of them becoming roommates, trying to be friends, their first kiss, the first time they made love, all Savannah's turmoil as Marti helped her accept who she was, how patient and loving Marti had been with her, how she had been there for her and promised she always would be, and how she was the reason that Savannah no longer quietly hated herself and feared rejection from those around her if the truth ever came out. Then Savannah thought how Marti made her happier than she could have ever imagined. Then Savannah smiled again, and jumped into Marti's arms. Literally, Savannah wrapping her legs around Marti's waist and her arms around the blonde's neck so her girlfriend was forced to hold her up in the air.

Pretty much every time Savannah did this it caught Marti off guard, but this time perhaps more than ever before Marti was afraid for a few seconds she was going to drop the most precious thing in the world to her. Luckily like every other time Marti was able to find her balance but she remained shocked by this action as it was so intimate, and even after six months Savannah had been hesitant to hold her hand outside of the grounds of Lancer, The Rat and Cheer Town.

For a moment Marti wondered whether Savannah was hoping to pass this off as just an enthusiastic celebration, one which would probably go pretty much unnoticed giving all the other Hellcats were happily embracing each other. Then she looked up into the eyes of the girl she loved, becoming lost in them for wonderful moment. Then Savannah slowly lent down and pressed her lips to Marti's.

Like most of the times they kissed both girls became completely lost in it, the whole world falling away and their minds clearing of all thoughts as they focused only on each other. The variable part of the equation was whether the kiss was heated and lustful or soft and tender. In this case it was the latter, and while both types of kiss were equally passionate the two cheerleaders would later think that soft and tender was definitely the appropriate option for this occasion.

Eventually Savannah broke the kiss, pressed her forehead against Marti's, smiled and then softly said, "I love you."

Marti smiled warmly back and said, "I love you too."

Savannah then smiled again, only this time it wasn't quite so... innocent. There was a twinkle in her girlfriend's eyes which Marti recognised and welcomed, especially when Savannah lent down to whisper in her ear, "You're so getting laid tonight."

This had Marti smiling happily, and blushing a little.

Savannah had spend a lot of time feeling guilty that she was still hesitant to show Marti affection publicly but she had found something of a consolation prize for the blonde, that being whispering in Marti's ear how much she wanted her. Savannah used mostly innocent words to do so because she was a little uncomfortable with bad words but they still seemed to have a very positive effect, one in which Savannah usually reaped the benefits of later on, which given the look in Marti's eyes would definitely be the case tonight.

Then all of a sudden a familiar voice broke up the moment, "Get a room you two."

Turning to look at Alice with a grin on her face Marti said, "We have one."

"So use it, before tomorrow's headline becomes 'Lesbian Cheerleaders Win'." Alice said, briefly glancing to the cameras taking their pictures and filming them, the latter of which hopefully not picking up this conversation under the loud noise going on around them.

"It's probably a little late for that." Marti shrugged after disentangling herself from Savannah and giving a glance in the same direction, "But hey, I'd have thought you'd like being front-page news."

"Only if the story is about me! Thanks to your little stunt I might not even get a mention..." Alice complained, pausing as an idea suddenly popped into her head and then suddenly walking off yelling, "Frankie, honey, where are you?"

Marti watched with disbelief as Alice marched over to Frankie, grabbed hold of her big hair and shoved her tongue down the surprised girl's throat... who after a few seconds seemed kind of ok with it as she kissed back. Then Marti and Savannah joined in the celebration, eventually hugging each and everyone of their teammates before accepting the trophy and posing for various pictures.

When they finally headed for the showers Marti pulled Savannah aside and asked, "Are... are you going to be ok with this? If people make a fuss out of the kiss I mean."

Savannah smiled softly and said, "Let them."

"But-" Marti began.

"Shhhhh." Savannah murmured softly, briefly kissing the other cheerleader before continuing, "I'm tired of hesitating every time I introduce you as my girlfriend, or stumble over the words. Not that I'm sure I can stop, or always take your hand the second you offer it, but this way everyone in the cheerleading community and a few more know about us. That makes things easier... besides, it's not like we could take it back even if we wanted too... I mean, I know I wouldn't."

Marti smiled at Savannah's obvious reluctance to speak on her behalf, "Me neither."

"Oh... good." Savannah smiled.

Just then they heard their coach Vanessa call out, "Hurry up girls! We've got interviews to get too, then after that I'm taking all of you out to celebrate. Tonight the Hellcats party in style!"

* * *

Raising his glass Michael Verdura, a.k.a. Alice's rich father, proudly toasted, "To the Hellcats."

Those words were then echoed around the table, everyone on it quickly knocking their glass against his and each other's in celebration before the table became filled with chatter again as particularly the cheerleaders themselves waited hungrily for their food. There were two exceptions as Marti and Savannah were quite content with holding hands underneath the table and smiling at each other. Which unfortunately they paid for, Alice once again deciding to rain on their parade, this time using Marti's mother to do it.

"So, Wanda..." Alice called out, waiting until she had the other woman's attention before asking, "How are you adjusting to having a lesbian daughter? Last I heard you were having a tough time with it, and after Marti's little stunt today it's pretty clear the cats out of the bag once and for all."

Marti glared at Alice and then cringed as her mother answered, "Well, it was kind of hard at first. I always imagined my life a certain way, you know? And that included Marti shacking up with a man and popping out lots of little rugrats, but you know, Savannah's a sweet girl, and Marti could do a lot worse. Besides, have you tasted this girl's cooking? I swear if Marti doesn't stick a ring on her finger soon I will!"

That got a chorus of laughs, or at least giggles, from the other members of the table. Which of course weren't just the Hellcats themselves but their friends and families, which made the situation perhaps one of the most embarrassing of Marti's life. Not that she hadn't thought about popping the question, but she'd already pacifically explained to her Mom neither she or Savannah were ready for that kind of commitment. If, or hopefully when, it happened it had to be right, and this wasn't the time or place to discuss it.

Of course getting mad wouldn't help so Marti tried to laugh it off, "I've told you before Mom, if you try and steal Savannah from me I will have to kill you. But hey, after what happened earlier maybe Alice is available."

"Mmmmm, na." Alice smirked, "Kissing Frankie didn't suck, but I prefer cock. Isn't that right babe?"

"No comment." Lewis said dryly before his girlfriend pulled him into a kiss.

"Lucky, lucky Lewis." Marti mocked, still not entirely sure whether to be happy that her two teammates had got back together.

On the one hand Marti kind of thought Lewis deserved better, but he seemed happy. He even confessed that in his time apart from Alice he'd learned that he preferred girls that were 'challenging'. And he kind of helped Alice mellow out a little.

But not a lot, Alice turning to the one member of the table who had been in competition with them that day and asking, "How about you, loser? How are you doing with having a dyke for a sister?"

Scowling at the boastful winner Charlotte murmured, "Fine."

"You don't look or sound fine." Alice pointed out.

"Well..." Charlotte began, glancing over at Savannah before adding, "I always knew Savannah was... different. And unhappy. Like, really unhappy. She always pretended not to be, but I could tell, you know? And Marti makes Savannah happy. Happier than I've ever seen her, which I guess is what is important. Besides, the church's views on sex are so old-fashioned and totally out of touch with today's society. So I might always find the whole gay thing a little icky, but I love my big queer sister, and if it ever happens I'll totally be a bridesmaid at her lesbian wedding. Or commitment ceremony or whatever."

This got another round of giggles, particularly Savannah obviously embarrassed by this whole conversation. Luckily help was at hand.

"Alice, stop picking on Marti and Savannah." Lewis warned, not for the first time.

"Oh what a you going to do, refuse to have sex with me again?" Alice shot back, immediately regretting it given the look on her boyfriend's face, "Damn, I'm totally in a relationship with a girl too aren't I?"

"Alice, be nicer to Lewis." Michael warned his daughter, quickly adding, "And your friends."

"Whatever Dad." Alice grumbled, "I was just messing around."

"Because you're jealous?" Savannah piped up, feeling emboldened by Marti squeezing her hand and the alcohol running through her veins.

"Na, I told you I prefer cock." Alice scoffed dismissively.

"I don't know, your kiss with Frankie was pretty passionate." Savannah said, looking over at Frankie, "What do you think?"

"It didn't suck." Frankie grinned.

"Oh shut up." Alice pouted, a slight redness to her cheeks which didn't go unnoticed.

"Oh my Gosh Alice, are you blushing?" Savannah grinned happily.

"Looks like Lewis is about to lose another girlfriend to a girl." Marti laughed.

"Hey, what did I do?" Lewis complained before adding, "Besides, we were never really dating."

"Because you were too busy trying to delude yourself into believing you weren't in love with Savannah." Alice pointed out, "Which you still owe me a thank you for snapping you out of by the way."

"I'm pretty sure I did, and you were only doing it to win a bet. But, since I'm in a generous mood... thank you." Marti sighed, then added, "Seriously thanks... but that's all you're getting, ok? I'm not going to sleep with you, and I'm sure as hell not sharing Savannah, so if you wanna have some lesbian fun go find another girl and stop hitting on us. We're taken."

There was another round of giggles, and another after Frankie added, "And again, I'm available."

"Enough girls." Vanessa said, kind of wishing she'd spoken up sooner but she'd gotten distracted by her fianc‚, "Tonight is supposed to be about celebrating."

"Exactly!" Alice's father said, again raising his glass, "And I'm paying!"

This got another round of cheers and raised classes, and even though particularly Alice and Marti kept sniping at each other, and Wanda continue to be something of an embarrassment to her daughter, at least Marti and Savannah had each other and plenty of alcohol.

A few more embarrassing and/or infuriating conversations later most of the older family members made their excuses and left the Hellcats to go to the nearest bar to continue their celebration. Wanda of course continued to hang around, somehow embarrassing Marti even more as she drank the Hellcats under the table, one by one the cheerleaders making their excuses and staggering off to their thankfully nearby hotel rooms. As captain Savannah insisted on staying as long as possible even though she was the first one to be hammered out of her mind.

When Savannah finally agreed to leave, leaving Wanda to 'look after' the surviving Hellcats, Marti found herself with a serious case of d‚j… vu.

"I love you Marti." Savannah Monroe slurred as she stumbled into the hotel room she shared with Marti thanks to a lot of help from her girlfriend.

"Yeah, you mentioned that. A lot." Marti smiled as she kicked the door closed behind them, her arms busy making sure the brunette who was resting against her shoulder didn't fall, "You also mentioned that, in no particular order, you love Charlotte, Lewis, Alice, my Mom, Lancer, colours, koalas, bunnies, kittens, puppies, nail polish, my big boobs, my cute butt, my sexy mouth and talented little tongue, all of which were your words by the way, my 'curly-curly' hair, pretty lights, and everyone in the whole entire world, but especially all the Hellcats of course."

"But I love you the best." Savannah murmured dreamily, before adding, "I love you more than anything."

"Well, I love you more." Marti said softly, gently kissing Savannah's forehead before she started guiding Savannah towards the bed.

"Nu-uh, I love you more!" Savannah insisted.

"Well, I-" Marti began before suddenly she tripped over Savannah's feet. Or Savannah tripped over hers. Marti wasn't sure, but one second they were walking, the next they were crashing downwards.

Luckily they were close enough to the bed so that they landed directly on top of it. As a result there was a brief moment of silence and then Savannah burst out laughing and Marti couldn't help join in with a few giggles of her own.

Then the room became deafeningly silent as the two girls stared into each other's eyes. It gave Marti the chance to briefly reminisce how similar this was to the first night she saw Savannah drunk, a night which had set so much in motion. Then again perhaps Marti and Savannah were already on a collision course at that point and it had been inevitable that something was going to happen between them. Marti wasn't sure. All she knew was that even though nothing had technically happened that night it was one of the first milestones changing their relationship from friendship to something so much better. So kind of getting to relive that night seemed like a blessing.

Of course they were in a completely different room, in a completely different state, and while back then Marti had so desperately fought and even denied the urges she felt for the beautiful girl underneath her now Marti was only too happy to give in to them.

Luckily the same seemed to be true for Savannah who welcomed Marti's lips with her own and even lifted her head slightly when Marti started lowering her lips downwards. Then Marti gently grabbed hold of Savannah's head and guided it back down to the bed sheets, wanting to make sure her girlfriend was as comfortable as possible before she allowed herself to become lost in their latest kiss.

Like their very public one earlier this kiss started out soft and tender however it quickly changed to heated and lustful, like many other times Marti reintroducing her tongue to Savannah's being the thing that ignited the flame of lust between them. Or more accurately reignited it given that whenever she wasn't telling Marti what she loved Savannah was whispering in the blonde's ear about how much she wanted her, wanted her body and wanted, no, needed Marti to touch her and make her feel good. The memory of that was the only thing echoing in Marti's mind as she grinded herself down against her fellow cheerleader, however when they broke apart for air Marti's annoying rational mind kicked in again.

"We can't do this." Marti groaned, hating herself for saying it.

"Why not?" Savannah asked, sounding confused.

"You're drunk." Marti pointed out, "I can't take advantage of you like this."

"But Marti, you're my girlfriend! You can't take advantage of me." Savannah argued.

"I'm not sure that's true." Marti muttered softly.

"It is." Savannah insisted, "I'm yours. That means you can have me whenever you want."

"I'm... I'm not sure that's true." Marti murmured, wishing that she would just shut up and do a Savannah said.

"Nu-uh, it'ssss true!" Savannah slightly slurred before smiling, "Besides, I want you too. I really, really want you too."

Marti bit her lip, her eyes briefly glancing over Savannah's body as she contemplated the other girl's words. Not that Savannah gave her much chance to think about it.

"Come on Marti, please? You'rrrre pretty drunk toooo, and you want this too, don't you? Mmmmmm, I can tell." Savannah grinned, leaning up to whisper in Marti's ear as sexily as she could, "I can tell you want to fuck me... I want you to, so do it... fuck me."

This was totally unfair, Savannah knew exactly what doing that did to Marti. Knew how sexy Marti found Savannah swearing like that, the good little Christian girl who never cussed outside the bedroom, unless she was whispering in Marti's ear like this, actually asking Marti to fuck her. Begging her to fuck her.

Then Savannah sealed the deal, "Please Marti, I'll let you do whatever you want, just please fuck me."

After biting her lip again Marti asked, "Whatever I want?"

"Uh-huh." Savannah quickly agreed, "You can do anything to me, or make me do anything to you, just please fuck me. I need you to fuck me Marti. I need you."

"Ok." Marti said, after briefly licking her lips, "Let's get you out of these clothes."

"Yay!" Savannah grinned happily, lifting her arms up expectantly.

Marti smiled softly, quickly kissed the other girl and then grabbed hold of Savannah's top and pulled it over her head. There was another, longer kiss, then Marti's top was removed, then their bras, shoes, skirts, socks and finally their panties. In between each item of clothing that was removed they kissed, each longer than the last and the final couple of lip locks were so long and heated Marti wondered if they were ever going to be naked.

Honestly there was part of Marti which would have been perfectly happy to spend the entire night kissing the girl she loved, and maybe that's what she should be doing anyway, however Savannah had unknowingly given her an opportunity to do something she wanted to do for quite a while, and Marti wasn't in the mood to let it slide.

So after one more marathon kissing session, this time involving their naked flesh rubbing against each other in all the right places, Marti huskily said, "Turn over!"

Savannah was clearly taken aback by Marti's demanding tone, and honestly it had been a little more harsh than Marti had intended, however before she could apologise the cheerleader saw a spark of lust in her captain's eyes which made her hold her tongue.

Then Savannah very slowly turned over onto her stomach, Marti biting her lip for a few seconds before ordering in the same demanding tone, "Get up on your hands and knees."

Again there was a brief hesitation and then Savannah did as she was told, Marti's body moving at the same time so that she was behind her roommate/lover, the usually quite talkative blonde becoming speechless at the sight of the brunette's perfect ass.

Marti adored every single part of Savannah's body, however if she had to name her girlfriend's best feature it would be Savannah's cute little bubble butt. It was tight and perky, and when Marti found an excuse to smack it those rounded little cheeks would jiggle ever so slightly, making it the best ass in the entire world. Of course she was admittedly biased, but Marti saw absolutely nothing wrong with having this opinion or the opinion that she was dating the most beautiful girl who had ever lived.

The point was Marti was now facing perfection, and she had some very serious plans for that perfection. That included pressing her lips to Savannah's butt and then beginning to cover those pert little cheeks in kisses, something Marti had done many times before and never failed to make Savannah giggle slightly before the cheerleader captain moaned in anticipation. After half a dozen kisses Marti gave Savannah exactly what she had been anticipating, moving her head down so she could press her tongue against her girlfriend's clit and lingering there so her lover could moan and shudder with pleasure and yet more anticipation. Then Marti gently moved her tongue upwards, sliding it over Savannah's pussy lips which caused the brunette to cry out in pleasure and thrust herself backwards, clearly hoping for more oral attention.

Marti gave it to her, just not in the way Savannah had expected, the brunette's eyes pretty much bulging out of their sockets as Marti's tongue moved further up to tickle the tiny rosebud above her needy cunt. Then instead of returning to her pussy Marti's tongue lingered on that forbidden area, gently lapping at it, and... and causing Savannah to moan in pleasure.

Savannah couldn't believe how good it felt to have Marti licking her back there. Not quite as good as the feeling of Marti licking her pussy, but the forbidden nature of the act provided an extra thrill which prevented Savannah from immediately asking Marti to stop. Which was a good thing because after telling Marti she could do whatever she wanted the very least Savannah could do was think about whether she was ok with this before saying anything.

In truth this was something Savannah had never really put much thought into. She used to dismiss it as a sinful act which only dirty girls endured to please the man in their lives, then her sister Charlotte told her how enjoyable butt play could be. Which granted had been an extremely uncomfortable conversation, but the two sisters had indulged in a lot of those lately in an attempt to better understand each other. They had grown closer as a result, Savannah shocked but accepting of her sister's choice to indulge in sex before marriage, but another side-effect was all of Charlotte's words about anal sex had made Savannah curious to try it. Not curious enough to mention it to Marti, but now her girlfriend's tongue was massaging her little rosebud Savannah decided she would live up to her word and let Marti do whatever she wanted to her, perhaps indulging in her curiosities about butt sex in the process.

At the very least her curiosities about what it would be like to receive a rim job were quickly answered, Savannah soon finding herself loving the feeling of Marti licking her ass hole. She also loved it when Marti crudely spat on her butt hole and licked the saliva up, and wrapped her lips around her back hole to give it a gentle sucking, and even the blonde trying to push her tongue inside her butt. Those three things happened a lot until to Savannah's amazement Marti actually succeeded in pushing a little bit of her tongue into her ass... and it felt good. Really good.

Then, after a few more minutes of passionate ass licking, Marti pulled back and breathlessly asked, "Did you like that?"

Savannah blushed but truthfully replied, "Uh-huh."

Unsurprised by that answer given all the moaning Marti went for gold, or perhaps silver, and quickly select one of her fingers before pressing it against Savannah's virgin back door.

There was a long pause in which Savannah clearly clenched nervously then Marti said softly, "Savannah, I don't care what you said earlier, we don't have to do anything you don't want too. But you've liked everything else we've tried so far, and I think if you give this a chance you might like it. So do you think you can be brave for me? Do you think you can try really hard to relax and let me try this?"

Savannah smiled warmly at Marti giving her an out. Ironically it kind of sealed the deal, her recent curiosities and enjoyment of the rim job combining with Marti making it clear that she cared about her first and foremost pushing Savannah to softly murmur, "Ok, we... we can try... this."

Only pausing briefly to smile and think God she had such an amazing girlfriend Marti slowly but firmly pushed forwards, using enough force to make sure she got her finger into the knuckle in Savannah's virgin ass hole in one slow thrust. The second Marti's finger entered Savannah's back door both girls left out a soft cry, the brunette from mostly result of sharp pain and discomfort while the blonde's was mostly from pleasure.

Savannah's ass hole was so tight it felt as if it was going to crush her finger but it didn't, and there was something about that tightness which Marti found overwhelmingly sexy. Which she knew was kind of absurd given that she wouldn't enjoy the same way a guy would, but then again Marti was still trying to make sense of the fact that she found the idea of ass fucking the girl she loved such an amazing turn on. She kind of blamed all those pornos she had watched looking for tips on how to keep their sex life fresh and exciting, although truth be told Marti had imagined shoving things inside Savannah's perfect butt long before she had watched two women having anal sex on film.

As usual the reality of actually performing the act with Savannah was like a million times better than simply imagining it or watching a film of two women she didn't know doing it, Marti simply savouring the heavenly feeling of her girlfriend's ass clamping down on her finger for a few long moments before gently beginning to thrust in and out of Savannah's virgin butt hole. To her delight, and great relief, the small action caused Savannah to moan softly, the same thing happening several minutes later when Marti introduced a second finger into Savannah's tight little bubble butt.

After that Marti kept gently finger fucking Savannah's ass for quite some time, the blonde trying to think of the nicest way to tell her girlfriend she wanted to shove an 8 inch strap on up her ass. Which was a dilemma Marti had been contemplating for quite a while, and in truth even now at this crucial point she was no closer to thinking of a tactful way of saying it.

Then Savannah gave her an opening by moaning softly, "Marti... please... make me cum."

Smiling softly Marti moved closer and whispered, "How do you want me to do that baby?"

"I, I don't know..." Savannah blushed furiously, "Could... could, you know... you finger my pussy a little? Or lick me? Mmmmmm, please lick me. Lick my pussy Marti, mmmmmmm, please lick my pussy while you fuck my ass!"

Marti was impressed just how much Savannah had said, although her girl could get quite disparate when she needed to cum, and a desperate Savannah could similarly do just about anything.

Deciding to push her luck Marti whispered, "I could do that... or... I could really take your anal cherry. Go get my 8 incher and make this tiny little hole of yours truly mine... or that's something maybe we could try another day. Or not. It's up to you."

Savannah smiled briefly at Marti's uncertainty, the blonde clearly not wanting to push her into doing something but at the same time clearly wanting to do it. The question was, would Savannah let her?

The old Savannah would have said no without hesitation, but the old Savannah was repressed, lonely and miserable. The new Savannah was happier than she could have ever imagined, and that was partly thanks to exploring her sexuality with the woman she loved, the woman Savannah had only recently promised to do anything for. Again, did she really want to go back on that promise? Of course this was a lot scarier than simply a tongue or a finger, but those two things felt so good Savannah was at least a little curious about trying this. Besides, she trusted Marti to stop if she didn't like it.

So after a few long seconds Savannah hesitantly whispered, "O... ok."

"Are you sure?" Marti asked hesitantly.

"Uh-huh... butt fuck me." Savannah blushed, "Fuck me in the butt."

Knowing her girlfriend all too well Savannah smiled as this may Marti moved in what seemed like lightning speed, quickly grabbing the smallest strap on in their collection, the one Marti had used to take Savannah's cherry, quickly strapped it around her waist and lubed it up. Then Marti got behind Savannah and pushed a couple of lube covered fingers up her butt, giving that tight hole a long fingering before Marti finally removed those fingers.

Then there was a long pause. Then Marti asked huskily, "Will you do me a favour baby?"

That kind of seemed funny under the circumstances but Savannah only smiled softly at the thought before murmuring, "What?"

There was a pause and then Marti murmured, "Reach back with both hands and spread your ass cheeks."

For a moment Marti thought she had pushed things too far as there was another pause. Then to her indescribable delight Savannah slowly reached back, grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled them as wide apart as she could, exposing her most intimate area to the horny blonde.

In those pornos Marti had watched she had seen various porn stars do this and it always seemed so bizarrely hot, but it was so much hotter now because not only was Savannah intimately exposing herself she was offering up her virgin ass hole to Marti. Literally showing Marti her virgin butt hole and making it easier for the blonde to take her anal cherry... Savannah sacrificing her anal virginity for Marti's pleasure. The thought occurred through Marti's mind in various incarnations, making her feel like she was going to cum without even touching the other girl.

Marti continued feeling almost orgasmic as, several long seconds later, she pressed the tip of the strap on against Savannah's puckered rosebud and slowly but firmly pushed forwards, her girlfriend's virgin ass hole slowly beginning to open before her lust filled eyes.

Almost immediately Savannah let out a soft cry, leading Marti to stop in her tracks, look hesitantly at the face of the girl she loved and then softly murmur, "Shhhhh, relax baby. Please... just relax."

Since she was pretty sure if their positions were reversed she would find these kind of remarks annoying Marti tried to hold her tongue when it came to other such comments, however it was extremely difficult as she heard Savannah continue to let out soft mewling sounds and grimace in clear discomfort. Of course Marti had known that at least discomfort was inevitable which was why she had been so hesitant to bring up this particular fantasy, but she couldn't just back out now, not after coming so far and not when Savannah's butt hole looked so cute stretching for her cock. So Marti pushed herself onwards, Savannah's butt hole looking cuter by the second as it slowly opened wider and wider until finally the head of the dildo slid inside... Marti officially taking the good little Christian girl's anal virginity.

The sensation predictably caused Savannah to cry out again, although not as much as Marti feared, the blonde then quickly trying to offer up words of encouragement again, "Shhhhh, it's ok baby. You're doing so well. You've got the head all the way inside you, which means the worst part is over and... and you let me take your anal virginity. You let me pop your anal cherry, which means all of your cherries are now mine. I've taken you in every hole baby, and now I'm going to make sure this hole is mine."

Hoping those words were working for Savannah as much as they were working for her Marti waited a few moments for Savannah to relax and maybe back out, then she pushed forwards ever so slightly and paused again. The blonde then continued that process for a little while, watching lustfully as inch after inch of dildo... of her cock disappeared in between Savannah's cheeks, the brunette still obediently spreading those cute little globes of flesh so Marti could get the best possible view of her girlfriend's now formally virgin butt hole stretching for her strap on cock.

Savannah found the whole experience so overwhelming she could barely think. The entire world had faded away and the only thing in it was the big dildo stretching her forbidden hole and the sensations it was causing... which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Although it was kind of embarrassing.

In all her time of secretly fantasising about lesbian sex Savannah had never imagined this, and doing something like this with a guy had been out of the question. After all Savannah wasn't that type of girl. She was a good girl. She didn't do things like this. Which was probably why doing it was making her so horny.

Of course it hurt, especially the first part which had dragged on for so long and then when the dildo finally pushed inside her Savannah had felt one of the sharpest pains she'd ever felt... but... even during the build-up she had kind of been excited, and now... it kind of felt good. Then all of a sudden Marti switched tactics from continuously trying to shove more dick up Savannah's butt to gently pulling a few inches out and then pushing them back in, the blonde cheerleader repeating the process so that she officially began to butt fuck her captain.

Almost immediately Savannah moaned, and then blushed. She was being fucked in the butt, and she was enjoying it right off the bat? What the heck?

Biting her lip Savannah tried to hold back her moans, not wanting Marti to know how much she was enjoying this already, the pain quickly fading to a barely noticeable dull ache as places inside her which had never been touched before were stimulated. There was maybe only half of the dick inside her ass, which was about 4 inches, but it felt so good. And while Savannah had always figured she wasn't that type of girl maybe she was. Maybe... maybe she had a bad side. No, a naughty side. Because total good girls didn't moan when being fucked in the ass, something Savannah could no longer stop herself from doing only after about a minute or two of gentle ass fucking.

Which of course didn't go unnoticed by Marti, "You like that, huh?"

Savannah blushed, but there was no use denying it so she ever so slightly nodded her head and murmured, "Uh-huh."

Then Marti pushed a few more inches in, causing Savannah to let out a clear moan of delight which had the blonde grinning, "What was that baby?"

"I, I like it." Savannah whispered, before surprising Marti and herself by adding, "Give me more."

"Are you sure?" Marti murmured nervously, and then when Savannah nodded again hopefully comforted the brunette by adding, "Just a couple more inches to go, ok?"

"Ok." Savannah whispered, doing her best to relax as she felt Marti give her butt one long, slow thrust.

Throughout the thrust Marti's eyes were locked on Savannah's ass hole, only looking up at her girlfriend once that cute little hole was out of sight... her hips now pressed against those soft but firm cheeks meaning Marti had officially buried every inch of her strap on cock inside Savannah's butt. That thought... that realisation echoed through Marti's mind as she looked back and forth between Savannah's kind of hard to read face and the beautiful sight of her thighs against the other girl's ass cheeks, the blonde desperately trying to ignore her own feelings of lust so she could concentrate on what was really important, her girlfriend's well-being.

Luckily from the looks of it Savannah was as well as could be expected, but that didn't stop Marti from asking if she was ok... after laying a little groundwork of course, "It's inside you Savannah. Every inch. Every inch of my big girl cock is deep inside your tight little ass. Mmmmmm, I'm so proud of you baby. I'm so proud of you for taking me all the way inside your ass. How does it feel? How does my cock feel inside your ass?"

"G, g, good." Savannah blushed, "It, it feels good."

Grinning widely but not wanting to push her luck Marti softly said, "Well just keep relaxing baby, because I promise it's about to feel a whole lot better."

With that Marti restarted the butt fucking, this time the full length of the dildo being embedded in Savannah's bowels with every in thrust, although she made sure to only remove a few inches each time. Savannah let out some mixed cries as a result, but they seemed to be mostly of pleasure and better yet seem to become purely pleasurable after a few long minutes.

Throughout those minutes Marti did her best to concentrate on Savannah's reactions, but she got more than a little distracted watching her cock sliding in and out of her girlfriend's butt hole. It had been captivating enough before but now Savannah's virgin ass was taking 8 inches of dildo deep inside it Marti found the whole thing extra intoxicating, the captain of her cheerleading squad still spreading her ass cheeks so Marti got a perfect view of her strap on violating Savannah's back door.

The whole thing made Marti feel so... dominant. So powerful. So in control. Which were feelings Marti had grown to selfishly love while having sex with Savannah. Although to be fair the other girl happily classified herself as a bottom and there was nothing wrong with both of them indulging in the roles they felt most comfortable with, but this felt like it was a whole new level of dominance Marti had never quite experienced before, and she really liked it. Luckily Savannah seemed to like too given that she was now moaning pretty regularly, Marti using the skills she had learned from using this dildo on the brunette's pussy to gently butt fuck Savannah and make sure her ass was as relaxed and loose possible before any serious fucking started.

Even when Savannah was constantly moaning in pure pleasure Marti kept fucking her girlfriend's ass as slowly as she possibly could, revelling in the dominance she felt and beautiful sight of Savannah face down, ass up and taking her cock in her ass. Then finally Marti ordered, "Savannah... let go of your cheeks, and get into doggy for me."

Doggy style had quickly become one of their favourite positions whenever Marti used her strap on so Savannah was only too happy to do as she was told, blushing shortly afterwards as she felt the blonde's hands continue the work her own had done by pulling apart her butt cheeks again, allowing Marti once again a perfect view of her butt hole stretching around that large toy. This made Savannah feel embarrassed but excited, loving the feeling of Marti's hands gently squeezing and even smacking her behind as the blonde continued gently butt fucking her.

After a few minutes of this Marti asked, "How does it feel now?"

"Really, really good." Savannah moaned truthfully.

"Do you like it?" Marti pushed.

"Uh-huh, I like it." Savannah answered with a nod.

There was a brief pause and then Marti asked, "What do you like?"

Savannah blushed and then stammered, "I... I, I like your cock. Mmmmmm, I, I like your cock in, in my butt. I like your cock in my butt. Oh Marti, it feels so naughty, but I like it. I, oooooooh, I like it so much. Ohhhhhh please, please fuck me. Fuck my butt. Butt fuck me. Fuck my butt hole and make it yours!"

While she wasn't looking back at Marti and couldn't tell for sure Savannah swore she heard the blonde let out a primal growl before her hands moved to grip firmly to the brunette's waist and begin to gently increase the pace of the sodomy. That pace continued to be increased until Marti's thighs were smacking against her backside so hard Savannah felt like she was being spanked, the sound of flesh meeting flesh echoing throughout the room almost as loudly as the cheerleader captain's screams of pleasure as her girlfriend began roughly sodomising her.

Throughout this process Savannah felt no pain, only what she always felt when being roughly fucked by Marti in this position... pure pleasure and submission. The latter of which had somewhat taken her by surprise at first but like Marti she had embraced her role in their relationship and now revelled in being the 'bottom'. The submissive female. The... the bitch.

She avoided bringing it up directly because the last thing Marti would likely want to hear during sex was the mention of her mother but Savannah often thought about all those times Wanda had called Marti the butch in their relationship and how it was totally true. Marti's attitude and the way she looked had many people thinking she was some kind of butch lesbian before the two of them got together, and now Marti had pretty much embraced the stereotype Savannah couldn't help think how the opposite to a butch was apparently a bitch. And sure, Savannah knew she should find that offensive, but in truth it was kind of a turn on to think of herself as the bitch in her lesbian relationship... as... as Marti's bitch. Yes, Savannah really liked the idea of being Marti's bitch.

That thought and the overwhelming ecstasy she was feeling caused Savannah to, mostly, forget about how much dirty words embarrassed her so she could encourage Marti to fuck her harder, "Fuck me Marti! Ohhhhhhhh Goshhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck my butt! Fuck me in the butt! Butt fuck me! Oh Marti! Harder! Ohhhhhh please, please fuck me harder! Oh Marti, fuck my butt hard and make it yours! Mmmmmm ahhhhhhhh butt fuck me and make my butt hole yours! Just like my pussy! Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh, that's yours Marti! My pussy is yours, mmmmmmm, and now my butt hole is going to be yours too! Ooooooohhhhhhh Marti, all my holes are going to be yours! I'm yours Marti! I've been yours since the moment we met, ahhhhhhhh fuck! But now, mmmmmmmm, now you're claiming the last of my holes as yours so now truly every part of me will belong to you! I'll belong to you completely! Oh Marti, harder, oh Marti, I'm truly yours now! I'm, ooooooooh, I'm... I'm, I'm your bitch!"

"My bitch, huh?" Marti growled, lust overwhelming her senses, "Is that what you are?"

"Yessssssss, oh Marti, I'm your bitch!" Savannah practically screamed joyfully, "I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch!"

Savannah repeated that a few more times, the words causing Marti to increase the pace of the butt fucking until both cheerleaders were completely beyond words as they were consumed by the pleasure they were feeling.

Savannah barely had time to register she was about to cum when her entire body suddenly felt like it was exploding into a million pieces, her girl cum literally squirting from her as she trembled like a leaf. Marti continued to relentlessly assault her ass through her orgasm, quickly making Savannah cum again, and again, and again until she collapsed face down into the bed sheets, rendered nothing but a whimpering wreck.

Marti came too, over and over again as she fucked Savannah's ass, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of pounding the other girl's perfect posterior so overwhelming that it took Marti a few seconds to realise Savannah had collapsed. When she did Marti stopped immediately, although her final thrust made them both cum one final glorious time, the power of that climax almost causing the blonde to collapse. The only thing which kept her on her feet, well, technically on her knees, was the fact she was worried that if she pulled her cock out of Savannah's ass too quickly it would hurt the girl she loved. She also had another, less selfless reason.

As Savannah's welfare was always, always the priority Marti asked, "Savannah, baby, are you ok?"

"Soooooo much better than ok." Savannah moaned happily as after-shocks continued to ravage her body.

"Good." Marti smiled in relief, before she tried to figure out what to say next. While waiting Marti rubbed her hands all over Savannah's back and butt, relaxing the other girl who gently cooed at this soft treatment. Then Marti finally murmured, "I'm going to take the dildo out of your butt now, ok?"

"Ok." Savannah whispered, trying and failing not to tense as she prepared for the removal of the dildo.

Clearly seeing Savannah tensing, and feeling it underneath her fingertips, Marti waited a few long seconds for her lover to relax. Then she firmly gripped onto Savannah's hips and started moving her own backwards as slowly as possible. Marti did this partly to make it easier on Savannah, but if she was honest with herself she also did it partly due to enjoying watching her cock slowly slid out of her girlfriend's ass hole, Marti feeling a rush of adrenaline from seeing that abused anal ring stretch for her dick.

Marti got another, perhaps more powerful shot of adrenaline when her strap on left Savannah's butt with a loud pop, leaving the brunette's butt hole gaping open. And it remained gaping open, Marti feeling incredibly guilty about doing that to Savannah's ass but feeling even more guilty for finding it sexy, her hands seemingly moving of their own volition to spread the other girl's butt cheeks so she could get a better look at Savannah's gaping ass hole.

If Marti had seen something like this on film a year ago she would have been disgusted and looked away, but while researching lesbian sex she had been drawn to some of the more kinkier acts and despite herself she found this utterly fascinating. It... it was like a testament to how well she'd butt fucked Savannah. How she had brutalised the brunette's butt hole until it was gaping, proving Marti was a great butt fucker and perhaps more importantly shown who was the dominant one in this relationship. Yes, Savannah's gaping butt hole was proof of Marti's dominance. And Savannah's submission. Submission to her. That loose and slutty back hole proving who was the top and who was the bottom of their relationship. Proving that Marti was an Alpha female and Savannah was her bitch.

Shaking herself out of that perverted train of thought Marti asked, "Savannah, are... are you sure you're ok?"

Still trying to recover from her orgasms Savannah sighed happily, "Yes... why?"

Marti bit her lip, "It's just... your butt hole... it looks... very sore."

As she spoke Marti traced her finger along Savannah's open rear hole, the brunette blushing as she realised her current predicament, but she was still too overwhelmed to do anything but gasp and tell the truth, "It... it is. It's really sore, and it kind of hurts, but it was sooooooo worth it."

"Really?" Marti asked, somewhat in disbelief.

"Oh yes. Mmmmmm Marti, you made me cum sooooooo hard." Savannah moaned, and then blushed, "You always do, but... that was so hot. I loved every minute of it. I, I don't think I will be sitting down for a while, and my butt really hurts, but I definitely want to do that again. If you wanna..."

"Oh I wanna." Marti smiled, a brief silence falling between them before the blonde added, "So, was it the butt sex you liked, or being submissive to me?"

"Both." Savannah whispered, looking back so she was looking directly in Marti's eyes, "I... I think I've always been submissive to you, but... I loved being your bitch. Not that I'd want it like that every time, but... sometimes we could make love, other times I could be your butt sex loving bitch. If, if that's ok with you."

Marti grinned widely at her blushing girlfriend, then lay down next to her and said, "Come here."

Obediently Savannah crawled into her arms, although truthfully she didn't get very far as after a little movement Marti reached out and pulled her lover on top of her. She then kissed the other girl passionately, Savannah quickly parting her lips to allow Marti's tongue to enter her mouth and bully her tongue into submission, the blonde once again revelling in her dominance over the brunette.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing Marti pulled back and whispered, "You really are perfect for me, aren't you?"

Savannah blushed, "Only because you're perfect for me."

"We're perfect for each other." Marti smiled, kissing Savannah again.


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