Hello, everybody. Welcome to the story. I'm InThe313 and my co-author for this project is TRL.

So you may be wondering what two C-S-S-A Award winners are doing at T-S-S-A. Well, the two of us, along with most of our friends, were enthralled with the show "Hellcats". It was a fun show about cheerleaders that gave us Alyson Michalka and Ashley Tisdale dancing half-naked in cheerleader uniforms every episode. The thing that caught our attention the most, however, was the unbelievable unresolved sexual tension between the two ladies' characters. It
was pretty much a once-an-episode occurrence and made us scream repeatedly at the TV, "KISS ALREADY!"

Sadly, we never got to that point because The CW, in all its infinite wisdom, canceled "Hellcats" after one season. Once again, a show we liked with hot chicks got prematurely canned by The CBSWB, so if you're a fan of "Veronica Mars" or "Privileged", TRL and I feel your pain.

That's where the two of us come in. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "Hellcats: Season 2". TRL and myself will be giving our version of what would have happened in Season 2 of this show, only we're far more XXX than The CW. All of the characters you loved are back. We've got Marti, Savannah, Alice, Lewis, Dan, Vanessa and Wanda returning, as well as some of your favorite recurring characters. Additionally, we're creating our own original characters and even bringing in someone from a different fictional work. You'll have to keep reading to find out who that is.

Now, before we begin, let's go over the legalities. First off, this is obviously porn, so you need to be at least 18 to continue reading in most areas of the world. In others, you need to be at least 21. And there are some parts of the globe where reading this is illegal period. So if you fail to meet the requirements to read the story, you have to go. Also, this is a story with explicit lesbian sexual activities, so if that offends you, I highly suggest you leave while I ponder why you came here at all.

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I think I've said all I need. Let's get started. Enjoy our story, "Hellcats: Season 2, Episode 1: Sister, Oh Sister".

Previously on "Hellcats":

Marti Perkins, desperate to save her scholarship to Lancer University, joined their award-winning cheerleading program, the Hellcats. Joining team captain Savannah Monroe, flyer Alice Vedura, base Lewis Flynn and a host of other cheerleaders, Marti managed to help the team reach the National Championship, only to be denied the chance to compete when strep throat claimed more than half the Hellcats. Savannah, beset with family issues including her father going on the run from the FBI, her sister Charlotte giving birth out-of-wedlock and her mother Layne highly disapproving of Savannah's choice to go to a secular school, had to relinquish her captaincy at the end of the year. Alice was the one to pick up the title of captain, but she'll be facing a lot of challenges, especially when the Hellcats' coach, Vanessa Lodge, was fired upon the Hellcats' failure to place at Nationals.

Not all of the Hellcats issues' were cheerleading based, however. Marti found herself involved in a love triangle between herself, her new best friend Savannah, and her old best friend Dan Patch, as well as dating her own base Lewis, who was Alice's ex-lover. Getting out of that mess, Marti stepped right into another, dating her law professor, Julian Parrish - who's 40 years old and has a daughter. Along the way, Lewis dated "Nasty" Kathy Kurowski, captain of the rival Memphis Christian Cyclone cheerleaders. But when Alice helped Lewis win his dad a car, Nasty Kathy didn't take it well. She locked Lewis in a hotel bathroom, making almost him miss the Hellcats' Nationals performance. Savannah missed it, too, as her sister Charlotte, also a Cyclone cheerleader, went into labor at that exact time.

Savannah wasn't the only one with family issues. Marti learned that her mother, Wanda Perkins, lied about her father, Rex, dying when she was young. Indeed, he'd gone on to father another child, Deirdre Perkins, who Marti met working in a record store where Rex once performed. Marti and Deirdre worked up a friendship, but Deirdre was keeping a secret - Rex isn't dead and Deirdre knows how to get in touch with him. When last we saw them, Marti and Deirdre had a huge fight and it looked like the budding family reunion was over before it started.

Now, as a new semester starts at Lancer University, Marti, Savannah and Alice must survive not only their own individual challenges, but find a way to get the Hellcats back to Nationals, all while dealing with a new coach, a dwindling budget and a host of new, inexperienced cheerleaders...

One, two, one, two, three, four

Move to the left, move to the right

Hellcats: Episode 2.1. "Sister, Oh Sister" (FF, MF, cons, inter, oral)
by InThe313 & TRL

She stood there, a woman confidant that all eyes were on her, and relished that fact. Indeed, all eyes were on her, for she was beautiful, and standing up in front of several hundred people, the vast all in or around her own very early 20s in age, and she was here for them all, in some form or another. She'd have it no other way.

She had skin the color of hot chocolate, hair the color of ravens and eyes almost as dark. She wore a uniform of blue and gold, two part and cut to show ample leg and midriff, and doing nothing to hide her natural curves. There were some regulations to such uniforms and it would seem likely to even a casual observer that her uniform was either flaunting those regulations or was perhaps a size too-small on her. Those who knew her knew it was the latter and she did so on purpose.

She wasn't alone upon the steps of Lancer University's Victoria Building. Indeed, four other girls stood with her, all clad in the same uniform and all standing in the exact same pose she stood in, unmoving. But like the crowd below, the other girls only had eyes for their leader, their captain, awaiting her signal to move. And just as she relished the eyes of the crowd upon her, she relished the eyes of her fellows upon her. She had waited - and schemed and fought - for a full year to be in the position she was in now, team captain and in this, her first chance to show what she could do in that position, she would do whatever it took to make every single person who could see her remember what she did here today.

Her name was Alice Verdura and she was the Captain of the Lancer Hellcat Cheerleaders.

"ARE YOU READY, HELLCATS?!" she called out in her best stage voice. The crowd was theirs, frozen in place across the campus lawn, drawn ever more to her. The energy seemed to crackle around her, and it drove her wild. Part adrenaline, part coolness, all aphrodisiac, Alice lived for this sensation and she drank it in, even as her call was answered.

"HELL, YES!" came the reply from the four girls spread out behind her in an arrowhead formation.

Alice's smile changed, ever-so-slightly, almost becoming evil, in a way. "Then let's rock," she said to herself, her lips barely moving, her voice unheard by anyone but herself. She took a deep breath and counted aloud, once again hitting her stage voice. "ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!"

As she hit four she lifted and slammed her right foot down, and the music started, and in that instant, the Lancer Hellcats did one of the two things they were most famous for.

On Alice's cue, the Hellcats began to dance.

Put your sneakers on
Put your sneakers on
We're goin' dancing all night long!

The girls started at the top of the stairs, Alice down two, her friends Savannah and Marti right behind her, two more Hellcats behind them. With each beat, the five girls took a step down, each perfectly timed, their shapely legs hitting perfectly in the afternoon sunlight.

I got somewhere to be (where to be)
I want you to come with me (come with me)
See, I put my sneakers on
Cause I'm gone keep dancin'
After they all go home

As Alice hit the middle step of the stairs, she spun around in a tight circle, her skirt flittering up behind her to show off her shapely behind in too-tight spankies, while Marti and Savannah crossed behind her, slapping hands above Alice's head, all still in time to the catchy pop beat.

So are you ready?
Did you eat?
Do you have the energy?
Are you reloaded?
Are you able to stay on your feet?
Don't want you passing out
After a couple o' hours of beats
We gonna keep going and going and going
Yeah, cause

As the music and tempo started the build, the five-some started to slide back and forth, leading with their shoulders as they continued down the stairs. As they hit the bottom, Marti and Savannah dropped down into crouches and the two Hellcats behind them leapt over them, doing splits at the apex of their leaps, the eliciting the first - but far from the last - cheers from the crowd.

Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
It will come easily when you hear the beat (oh)

The chorus set the girls out running, spreading out a bit like five parts of a star, Alice heading straight into the open space before the crowd, created ahead of time by other Hellcats only now joining in. As Alice stopped dead center, still very much in everyone's mind, other Hellcats were doing more flips and jumps behind her, performing amazing displays of acrobatics and gymnastics, while other Hellcats lead the crowd in cheering them on.

Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
All you gotta do is take a chance
Yeah that's right, it's sneakernight

Now Marti and Savannah were back, close to Alice and matching her dance moves step for step. As Alice's hands shot up above her head, so did the other girls. By the time Alice and the others had jumped into a spread-legged position, three more Hellcats were behind them, all in sync, all in time, all looking utterly gorgeous in the Blue and Gold.

So now they're closing
(Close it up, shut it down, go home now)
But this is far from the end
(Second round, ding, it's about to begin)

Cause I've got comfortable footwear
The weather is nice
So let's take it outside
This needs some hand claps
And the beat-box, and it's alright

Now Alice lead Marti and Savannah back into the growing number of Hellcats behind them, which now included a few men and with that same perfect timing, they were lifted up onto shoulders then up onto arms, until they were standing tall above the crowd, their left legs out in a classic liberty stunt, making the crowd roar their approval once more.

Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
It will come easily when you hear the beat (oh)

As the chorus came back, the three Hellcat fliers came down, caught perfectly by their bases, and were shot forward as the other Hellcats continued to flip, twist, run and turn behind them, while still clearing out enough room for the girls to dance again.

Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
All you gotta do is take a chance
Yeah that's right, it's sneakernight

The original five girls were back, dancing their way backwards towards the steps once more. But even as they moved, sashaying in time with the chorus, more Hellcats crowded before them, leaping over each other in perfect time before rolling out of the way for the next pair.

When the sun goes down (sun goes down)
Oh we wake up (we wake up)
A good night's sleep
Ha! No need!
No problem staying awake (no, no)
When the beat is like an earthquake

Now all eyes were again on Alice, who clapped her hands above her head in time with the beat, while gyrating her body back and forth, eliciting cheers and catcalls from the crowd. Every step forward she took seemed to drive everyone louder and louder, until they were almost drowning out the music.

Not that loud cheering had EVER stopped a Lancer Hellcat.

And we're unstoppable
We're uncontrollable
Just admit it

You can't stop it
It's addictive
Yeah yeah yeah!

Suddenly, two Hellcat men appeared beside Alice, just in time for her to extend her arms out and be lifted off the ground by her new companions. They spun her about as she kicked and smiled, depositing her right back where they picked her up, just in time for Marti and Savannah to rejoin her for the chorus.

Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Yeah that's right, it's sneakernight

Once more, Marti and Savannah matched Alice move for move as she shot her hands up above her head before bringing them down behind her, followed quickly by bringing their right arms up onto their heads while swinging their asses a bit, their right legs bent at a most alluring angle. In perfect time with the beat, they swung those arms up and swept them down again, before bringing them up ahead of them, Savannah waving to the crowd as she did so. The girls spun around once more, doing a complete 180, their skirts raising with the spirits of the crowd and allowing the trio to make a move back towards the stairs.

Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
It will come easily when you hear the beat (oh)

More jumpers, more dancers, more Hellcats shot between the crowd and the three girls once more, just long enough for them to get back to the Victoria Building steps. As the other Hellcats parted, the three were joined by the same two girls who'd been with them at the very beginning. Now, in an exact mirror of how they came down, they moved up the steps, still matching the pace of the music, even though the tempo had increased.

Basically what we're gonna do is dance
Basically what we're gonna do is dance
All you gotta do is take a chance
Yeah that's right, it's sneakernight

As the music came to a close, the Hellcats were exactly where they started, Alice's eyes glaring out at the crowd in a vision of pure, unadulterated lust.

The crowd loved it, and they loved her, too.

"Yeah! How 'bout them Lancer Hellcats, y'all?!"

The music was replaced, far too quickly, by the deep Southern drawl of Wanda Perkins, who somehow had ended up holding a megaphone while standing next to the Hellcats signup table. It was, after all, the first day of classes at Lancer and this was the events fair, where everyone went to sign up for their extracurricular activities, the clubs and sports they wanted to join or try out for. The vast majority of the student body was perusing the tables and booths, looking for something that caught their eyes.

Alice Verdura seriously hoped that anyone with any cheerleading experience had their eyes caught by the performance she'd just put on. Because even with all the Hellcats involved, they were still several short of a regulation cheer squad. She also hoped Wanda Perkins didn't scare them all off.

"Great job, Alice!" Savannah Monroe said coming up behind the new Hellcats captain and giving her a squeeze on the shoulders.

"I know," Alice said smugly before descending the steps ahead of the others.

"Now, any of you out there who's interested, the Hellcats are lookin' for some new members and it's an open invitation to try out," Wanda Perkins' voice once more carried loud and clear across the crowd. "I'm telling' all y'all, it's a great group of girls - and GUYS - and it's just like family!
And Lancer's still got those nice cheerleadin' scholarships - that's how my daughter, Marti, can go here."

"Oh God," Marti Perkins said, shutting her eyes and shuddering a bit.

"Hey Marti, I always wondered," Savannah said as the two roommates followed Alice down. "How come your mom has got that thick Southern accent, and you've barely got any?"

"I could ask the same of you and your mom," the tall blonde shot her short brunette best friend. "But if you MUST know, Wanda doesn't do anything half-way - including reminding everyone she was born here in the South. Plus, I have every intention of moving away from here when I get my law degree. I keep telling Dan, I'm moving north, I'm going to work in a law office where everyone speaks with flat vowels and doesn't take six hours to tell a story.
Someplace like Boston or Providence, maybe."

"Boston?" Savannah asked. "I don't think their vowels are all that flat there."

"Sure they are. That's up north," Marti said as the two girls hit the bottom step.

"Don't they call chowder, 'Chowdaaah,' up there?"

Marti stopped dead in her tracks for a second. "Okay, so maybe not Boston," she replied, making Savannah laugh. The two girls crossed the courtyard until they reached the Hellcats table, which was sparsely attended. It wasn't a good sign.

"Gee, I thought that performance would've garnered a few new recruits," Savannah said. "Alice certainly worked hard enough on it."

"I should say so - demanding we be here two weeks before classes started to get the choreography right," Marti grumbled.

"She wants to do a good job as captain, Marti. We should give her a chance."

"Did I say I wasn't giving her a chance?" Marti asked. "Did I?"

Savannah shook her head. "Go get your mom off that megaphone, would you?" she told her friend with a laugh.

"Right, before she gets us all kicked outta school," Marti shot over her shoulder, heading for Wanda, who was looking at the settings on her megaphone.

"Hey, Savannah?" Alice said, coming up from behind quickly, carrying her gym bag and purse. "I've gotta run, can you cover the booth for a while for me?"

"Sure," Savannah said. "What's up?"

"Nothing important, just a meeting. For a class," Alice said, clearly lying.

"Alice, are you-"

"Gotta run," Alice said, taking off before Savannah could finish.

"Stay out of trouble!"

"No promises!" Alice shot back over her shoulder.

Savannah shook her head and went over to the booth. Last year, she'd been captain of the Hellcats, and if anything, she'd been worse than Alice in getting everyone moving. But at the same time, she'd spent the entire first day at this table, signing up newcomers, talking to them about cheerleading, explaining the Hellcats' No. 7 ranking - No. 15 this year, after their disastrous meltdown at Nationals last spring - and getting to know most of the applicants before they were even finished signing up.

Now Alice was running off to do... something fishy. And Savannah didn't like it.

"Um, excuse me?" a timid voice said from behind Savannah. The cheerleader spun around and was surprised to find herself face-to-face with a young girl, a few inches taller than Savannah was, clad in a too-big Lancer sweatshirt and carrying a couple of giant text books held protectively in front of her.

"Hello," Savannah said warmly.

"I, uh, I wanted to say you girls were amazing just now," the girl said. "I really liked the way you all moved together, especially when you were lifted in the air like that."

"That what we cheerleaders do," Savannah said proudly. "Did they have cheerleaders at your high school?"

"Oh, no," the girl said, pushing her glasses up her nose as she spoke. "I, uh, I was home-schooled."

"Really? Both me and my sister were home-schooled!" Savannah said, overjoyed. "How are you doing at Lancer?"

"I learned a lot," the girl said, looking around nervously.

Savannah smiled. She couldn't quite put her finger on it yet, but she liked this girl. "I'm Savannah. Welcome to Lancer University."

"Thanks," the girl said, taking Savannah's hand and shaking it. "My name's Miranda."

"Well, Miranda, would you like to learn more about the Hellcats?"

Miranda looked tempted. "I would," she admitted. "You all looked so beautiful and you were clearly having so much fun. I've never done anything like that."

"We've got some paperwork I can show you," Savannah said. "And if Marti's done getting the megaphone away from Wanda, we can have her tell you all about her first year as a Hellcat."

Alice sat back in her corner booth, waiting impatiently for the person she had called to have lunch with. It had been ten minutes, Alice noticed as she looked at the clock in the restaurant. She began twirling the ice cubes in her glass out of boredom. Given her guest's profession, Alice thought she would be waiting for her, not the other way around. She started to feel nagging doubts inside her that maybe this wasn't going to happen and that was the last thing Alice wanted.

Alice was sitting all by herself at one of Memphis' premiere restaurants for music lovers, the Hard Rock Caf‚, which was fittingly located on Beale Street. Before getting a table, she rushed into the ladies' room and changed out of her Hellcats uniform into a white blouse and a black skirt. She wanted to look as professional as possible for this meeting because she knew how important this lunch would be.

But now Alice was dreading things wouldn't go her way. She had already gotten her water and even followed the cardinal rule of HRC visitors by buying the shirt custom-made for the location. Now it was a matter of if her guest would show.

Her wait didn't last much longer. As Alice admired a denim jacket worn in the film "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley from afar, she felt a tap on her shoulder that caused her to yelp in surprise. She turned around and saw a woman is a business-causal suit with a blouse underneath her jacket. The fact she had the top three buttons undone to show some enticing cleavage and sported a pair of glasses only the stereotypical hot teacher would wear had turned some heads as she walked in the HRC.

"You know, I had the same reaction when you called and said you wanted to talk because I thought you were pissed at me," deadpanned Kelsey Curtis, reporter at Photo Gem Magazine. "I mean, I did drag one of your teammates into the plagiarism story."

"The way I see it right now, there are more important issues for me to be a bitch about," Alice said. "Take a seat, there's something huge I need to talk to you about."

"Alright, let me ask you somethi..." Kelsey said before their waitress came in to take their order. Kelsey did a quick scan of the menu and gave her order and Alice said what she wanted. Once the waitress moved away, Kelsey continued from where she was interrupted. "So, not trying to bring up bad memories for you, but what happened with Lewis?"

"No bad memories, they didn't affect me," Alice answered bluntly. "Turned out the reason Lewis bought a paper on evolution was for the then-captain, Savannah. Long story short, her family believes in Creationism."

"So, by saying 'then-captain,' I'm guessing she got her post taken away?" Kelsey asked.

"No, she gave that to me at the end of the year voluntarily," Alice explained. "Anyways, they pleaded guilty, Savannah failed the class, Lewis was put on academic probation and neither of them was suspended from Nationals. It all worked out well."

"That's good to hear," said Kelsey as she started to drink her just-arrived water. "Hmm, but don't expect an apology from me. It was just me doing my job."

"I'm perfectly aware of that," Alice said. "Besides, I may have been angry at you while watching Savannah before the Honor Court, but I've had bigger issues to worry about and that's why I asked you to meet me here."

"Sounds like it's personal," Kelsey observed. "What's on your mind?"

Alice leaned and whispered, "I want you to do an expos‚ because I feel there is something wrong at Lancer, specifically in the athletic department."

"Again?" Kelsey gasped, taken aback by what Alice told her. "Alice, what you're asking for is really pushing the envelope. The NCAA has already put the football team on probation for pay-for-play, Jake Harrow is doing time in prison for what would have Travis Guthrie's third strike, Bill Marsh resigned in shame, the two of us exposed a wave of cheating amongst student-athletes and your coach got fired. Do you really want to give the NCAA reason to... Oh, I got it. This is about Vanessa, isn't it?"

"You caught on quickly," Alice said with a sinister grin. "Something smells rotten in Memphis, Kelsey and it isn't Danish tourists. I know there is something wrong with Vanessa being fired. All the other Hellcats feel the same way. The problem is, what we have is just rumors and heresy. All I know is that there is this feeling that Vanessa was fired without just cause."

"Alice, I can't just go to my editor and suggest a story that's based on mere speculation," Kelsey said. "I need to have some facts because right now, it sounds like you're angry at the school for firing your coach."

"Damn right, I'm mad and I have every reason to be!" Alice hissed before she calmed down, realizing that showing a temper may hurt her case. "Look, when Vanessa told us she was fired, she wouldn't give us the reason why, no matter how often we asked. I think there's more to her firing than meets the eye."

"We know the school's dean, Brian Laverne, fired her, but do you think he fired Vanessa without reason?" Kelsey asked, trying to make Alice think.

"Other than the fact that he's known around school as a slimy motherfucker who will hurt anyone just to get to the top, no."

"So why do you think Vanessa was fired?"

Alice sighed. This was the trump card and she had to play it right.

"It's an attorney by the name of Emily Sullivan. She was hired by the NCAA to check into any further corruption in the Lancer athletic department after Jake's arrest. When I saw the article The Commercial Appeal ran about Vanessa's firing, which, by the way, didn't specify the cause for termination, that's where I first saw her name. It said she was the lead investigator. All it took for me to find more information on her was to type her name into a search engine and find some incriminating dirt."

"What kind of dirt are we talking about?" Kelsey asked, wondering where Alice was going with this.

Alice took a drink of water as she braced to drop the bomb on Kelsey. Once her glass was down, she let the bomb fall. "Emily is the ex-wife of Red Raymond."

As the explosion erupted, Kelsey's eyes grew in shock. "Wait, let me get this straight. The NCAA actually hired an attorney to investigate corruption at Lancer, she's the football coach's ex-wife and she gets an employee fired?"

"I know Vanessa is friends with Red," Alice said. "Think of it. Emily investigates Red, finds he's friends with Vanessa, gets jealous and finds some bullshit excuse to get her fired."

"Alice, that is an interesting theory, but it's incredibly dangerous," Kelsey said. She was about to continue, but the waitress returned with their salads. Once she was out of earshot, Kelsey continued. "If an ex-employee of a school already in hot water accuses an NCAA employee of corruption and it backfires, this could kill the Hellcats and maybe even the entire Lancer athletic department. What I expect Ohio State to get from Tatoogate is going to be a mere slap on the wrist compared to what the NCAA would do to Lancer."

"Isn't the role of the investigative reporter supposed to be a watchdog for the community?" Alice asked, stunning Kelsey by using what the reporter learned almost ten years ago in her Ethics and Law of the Press classes.

"I'm impressed you know that. Seems you've done your homework on the profession," Kelsey said, smiling from ear-to-ear. "Okay, Alice, you just repeat for me exactly what it is you want for me to uncover and if I like it, I will try to sell it to my editor."

"What I want is for an investigation into whether Emily Sullivan's failed marriage to Red Raymond made Sullivan biased against Lancer in any way and if she created a fake excuse to get Vanessa Lodge fired," Alice said. "Oh, I also want to know if she had any accomplices to aid her, whether they are from the NCAA, Lancer or elsewhere."

"Okay, I'll sell it," Kelsey said. "It's risky, but I like risky, so that's why I'll do it."

"Thank you so much, Kelsey," Alice responded. "This is just terrific. I don't know how..."

"I'm not finished," Kelsey interrupted. "I'll talk to my editors about this story on one condition only."

"Yeah, sure, whatever you want," Alice said. "Just name it."

"Not right here, Alice," Kelsey stated. "I'll tell you in the parking lot."

Nervous, Alice bit into her salad. She had no idea what Kelsey wanted her to do, but even if it meant blowing up a bus full of orphans, she would do it to get Vanessa back.

"Alright, sure, in the parking lot," Alice said with a hint of hesitation in her voice.

"Great. Now what do you say we finish our salads?" Kelsey said nonchalantly.

As Alice and Kelsey continued eating the meals, they talked about a wide range of subjects, from the memorabilia on the walls to their summers. Still, Alice was nervous about whatever Kelsey wanted her to do. The normally unflappable cheerleader took part in the discussion, but the anxiety was evident in her voice. As they finished up and Alice paid the bill, Kelsey made her way to the gift shop and returned with a Memphis Hard Rock Caf‚ shirt before leading Alice outside.

"Alright, we're in the parking lot," Alice said. "Now please tell me what your condition is."

"Just come with me to my car," Kelsey said.

"Come on, Kelsey!" Alice complained. "Why are you being so coy with me?"

"Look, if you want Vanessa back, I suggest you follow my orders!" Kelsey said firmly. "Come on, my car is only a few rows away."

Begrudgingly, Alice did what Kelsey said. She wanted Vanessa back more than anything, but she was not thrilled about having to jump through hoops. By the time the two reached Kelsey's black SUV, Alice instinctively made her way to the front passenger's seat.

"Uh-uh, I need you in the back seat," Kelsey said.

"You better not be trying to kidnap me," Alice said, half-jokingly, half-serious.

"Relax, it's not like that at all," Kelsey said reassuringly. "Now, come on and hop in."

Nervously, Alice moved to the back passenger side door. When she opened it, she was surprised to see that not only were the back seats folded down, but Kelsey was sitting on top of one of the rows, too.

"Alright, I'd be lying if I said this isn't weird," Alice said, still going along by closing the door, sitting down and putting her purse and gym bag on the floor. "Okay, Kelsey, we're in your car. Will you please just tell me what the hell your condition is?"

"I will," Kelsey said. "You remember what I said inside the restaurant about taking your idea to my editor because I like the risk?"

"Yeah, what about it?" Alice questioned.

"Well, my condition is that for me to help Vanessa, I want to take a risk right now," Kelsey said. "And I want to take that risk with you."

"What are you talking..." Alice had started to incredulously ask, only to be cut off by a pair of lips. Kelsey's lips.

The older reporter had grabbed a hold of the cheerleader by the face and forced her tongue into the other's mouth. It took several seconds of kissing for Alice's brain to register what Kelsey was doing, forcing herself to push away from Kelsey and scoot towards the door.


"Well, not necessarily," Kelsey said with a catlike grin. "I was going to help you with what you had, regardless of what it was. Eating your pussy is just the icing on the cake."

Kelsey moved toward Alice for another kiss, but this time, Alice had her arms in front of her to block Kelsey.

"Kelsey, no!" Alice said as she was trying to calm down. She had to try to get out of this. "Look, I appreciate you thinking I look sexy, but girls aren't my thing. I need to go."

Alice opened the door to get out, but Kelsey stopped her cold when she asked, "What's the matter, Verdura? Afraid of realizing the truth?"

All Alice could do was turn around and ask, "What do you mean by the truth?"

"That you're a lesbian, duh!" Kelsey said. Alice opened her mouth to tear into her, but Kelsey continued. "Don't deny it. When we worked on that plagiarism story, I could see it painted all over your face. You like cock now, but want you really want is a girl's touch. How does it make you feel when you see your hard-bodied teammates undress and shower? Does it make your
pussy wet?"

Alice had closed the door, but she was panicking inside. "How could Kelsey know that? Well, I'm not attracted to girls," she told herself. "I mean maybe there were those handful of times when I'd watch Marti and Savannah shake their asses and strip in the locker room that I thought they looked attractive and... OH SHIT! SHE'S IN MY HEAD!"

"Look, just because I've checked out their bodies doesn't mean I'm gay!" Alice tried to explain.

"I've experienced what you're going through," Kelsey remembered, keeping a seductive tone. "Even though I had a boyfriend at the time, my roommate showed me what I was missing out on. I don't even feel attracted to a man anymore. After that first time, I realized I had always been subconsciously checking out other women on campus. It was so liberating for me. I had a feeling about you when we met, but my gaydar went crazy during the plagiarism story. You and I are more alike than you realize, Alice."

As Kelsey moved in for the next kiss, Alice sat there stunned, trying to take this all in. Kelsey actually managed to shrink her and make her wonder if this was for her. As the older woman made her way in for the kiss, there was no resistance on Alice's part. All she could do was feel the soft touch of Kelsey's lips against hers while Kelsey's tongue navigated its way through her mouth. To Alice, it actually felt good. As Kelsey pulled away, all Alice could do was soak in what just happened.

"So, you really want this, Alice?" Kelsey said.

This was it. Alice had never been with a girl before. She had given her body to so many men in the past and a select few were lucky enough to get her ass. But a girl? That was a different type of ballgame. Still, it meant getting Vanessa the justice she deserved. There was no choice.

"What the hell?" Alice replied. "I want to get Vanessa back more than anything, so if that means dyking out, so be it. Plus, it's college. Aren't girls supposed to be experimenting in their sexuality?"

"Exactly and I am so glad you said yes," Kelsey answered before surprising Alice by slamming her back on to the folded seat and effortlessly popping the top two buttons from Alice's blouse. "I wasn't going to take no for an answer in the first place."

Kelsey made her move, kissing the beautiful cleavage she had exposed by popping open Alice's blouse. The Hellcat began moaning her approval of what the reporter was doing. Kelsey decided to step up her game and unbuttoned Alice's blouse completely, being treated to a delectable surprise.

"Oh, black, lacey and Victoria's Secret," Kelsey admired as she watched Alice's chest heave with anticipation. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to get laid."

"Oh, just shut up and make me feel fucking good!" Alice groaned in ecstasy. "I want those gorgeous fucking lips covering my body now!"

"You mean do something like this?" Kelsey asked, undoing the front clasp of Alice bra, letting the cheerleader's generous breasts fall out. Once Alice's tits were free from their restraint, Kelsey took advantage of them by sucking on one of her dark nipples.

"OHHHHH, GAWWWWWWD!" Alice moaned. Her breasts had always been one of her more sensitive spots, but usually, men were too rough with them. To them, they were merely something to entertain themselves with before fucking her. Not with Kelsey. The journalist knew exactly what she was doing with Alice's gorgeous tits. She was deliberate in her every move, making sure each tit got as much attention as the other. As inexperienced as Alice was with lesbian sex, she wasn't so na‹ve to ignore that this was something Kelsey had done over and over.

As Alice writhed on the carpeted back of the seat, she could feel her senses heighten. The sight of Kelsey sucking her firm, round tits; the feel of her mouth on her dark nipples; the smell of the reporter's Lolita Lempicka perfume. It was all so intoxicating. As Kelsey continued to show generous love to each breast, Alice began to wonder how much longer she could last. As new as this was, she wanted to reach her orgasm at the right time, and she figured she might not last much longer.

"OHHHHHH, KELSEY, SOOOOOO GOOD!" Alice happily exclaimed. "I NEED IT, BABY!

"Okay, Alice, but only because you asked so nicely," Kelsey smirked. She did plan eating Alice out, but she was going to methodical about it. Tentatively, Kelsey moved from Alice's tits to her breastbone, slowly but surely making her way down the light brown skin of Alice's well-toned stomach, leaving a trail of tender but sexy kisses.

As Kelsey zeroed in on her navel, Alice could hardly take it. Everything about her friend and new lover oozed of sex. There was no wasted moment. While Kelsey licked lightly kissed the cheerleader's belly button, all Alice could do was flip her hair up in a sexual frenzy. If spontaneous human combustion was possible, Kelsey would have to be cleaning her car because Alice was pent up with passion, waiting for the explosion she knew was coming.

When Kelsey finally reached the hem of Alice's skirt, she finally listened to Alice's impassioned moans. Moans weren't want Kelsey wanted to hear anymore. She wanted screams of pleasure. She lifted up Alice's skirt, revealing a thong that matched her since-removed bra. Ready for the inevitable pleasure she was about to bring, Kelsey moved the thong over to the side and for the first time her life, Alice felt the pleasure of another woman licking her pussy. The contact made an immediate impact on the pleasure center of the young woman's brain.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" Alice screamed, shooting into an upright seated position, her eyes as wide as saucers. No man had ever licked her this good, not even Lewis. This was as intense a pleasure as she ever felt. "OHHHHHHH MY GOD, IF I KNEW GIRLS WERE SO GOOD AT THIS, I WOULD HAVE HAD THIS DONE A LONG TIME AGOOOOOOOOOO!"

The best way Kelsey could describe Alice was that she was not an M&M because the cheerleader was melting in her mouth. That didn't make the chocolate-skinned beauty any less delicious as she flicked the lips of Alice's neatly trimmed pussy with her tongue. Kelsey had been with so many women in her life, she had lost track. Still, there was something special about Alice that she couldn't put her finger on. It wasn't because this was the first time she was eating out a woman who had never had lesbian sex, in fact, this was far from it. Whatever it was, Kelsey could focus on it later. Right now, there were more important things to worry about, like the rich reward that was to come.

Kelsey was ready to kick it up a notch when she had an idea. Before she could put her tongue into fifth-gear, she slowly pulled away from Alice's legs.

"WHA... What?" Alice stammered, facing rare moment where self-doubt clouded her brain. "What are you doing, Kelsey? I thought you wanted me. Is there something wrong?"

"Oh, don't worry about a thing, Alice," Kelsey said seductively. "There's just one tiny little thing we need to fix about you."

"Excuse me?" Alice asked as she showed signs she was beginning to feel offended by Kelsey's choice of words. She was a cheerleader. She worked harder than most other athletes at school to get her body in shape, dammit, and now she was about to be called out on something?

"Sweetie, you have way too may clothes on you," Kelsey said reassuringly. "Let's get these off. I want to see your entire body when I make you come, sexy."

"Oh, I like the sound of that!" Alice said. "Let me give you a hand."

Alice reached around to her back, undid the zipper to skirt and proceeded to slide it down her body with ease. Once that was out of the way, Kelsey quickly yanked down Alice's thong, leaving the raven-haired beauty in nothing more but her gorgeous skin sweater.

"Now how about I get to back to work?" Kelsey asked, needing to feed the sex panther caged in her body. With a pussy as loose as Alice's, the journalist had no trouble beginning to lick away at the cheerleader's pussy. Kelsey's tongue movements so stimulated Alice's body, she began shouting words that would have made Savannah blush a beet-red color.


Not wanting to ignore that sort of request, Kelsey decided it was time to finish the job. Going in slightly deeper, the investigative reporter uncovered what she was looking for: Alice's throbbing clit. It looked so in need of attention and Kelsey decided to grant its wish. Without waiting
another second, she closed in and licked it like she had to so many others before Alice while at the same time, reaching around and give her beautiful ass a smack that caused the cheerleader to roar in excitement.


It didn't take much longer for Kelsey to reach her goal. Within seconds, her face was coated with the sweet, beautiful nectar of Alice's pussy.


As Alice began to finish her first lesbian orgasm, Kelsey finished licking up Alice's juices, lapping up whatever was left both on her face and between Alice's legs. While Alice was far from Kelsey's first African-American lover, this experience had reaffirmed what she had known all along but hadn't experienced in so long: The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

With a thud, Alice Verdura collapsed on the car seat, her gorgeous breasts heaving with each labored breath, her long black hair matted to her sweat-coated face. She couldn't believe what she had just done. She had just had sex with another woman. Never in her wildest dreams did Alice ever dream she would do what she just did.

The ecstasy of the moment only increased as Kelsey parted Alice's wet hair and kissed her new lover, their tongues fighting for control. It seemed so taboo, but Alice liked tasting her sex from another woman's mouth. She had done it with men before, but what she was doing seemed out-of-place even to her. "This is something I can really get used to," Alice thought to herself.

"That was..." Alice just barely mustered out.

"Exciting? Wonderful? Great? Amazing? Nasty?" Kelsey rattled off, using compliments she had her from previous lovers.

"Yes to every one of those adjectives," Alice answered with a silly grin, still feeling the effects of her first lesbian orgasm.

"I have to admit this is why I was so happy you called me to investigate," Kelsey said. "I wanted to be able to get to you. I'm not blowing smoke up your ass, Alice, but you are a 10, both physically and mentally. I guess that's why I wanted you so badly."

"Well, it'd be wrong for me to not be appreciative of mind-blowing sex, so thank you for the incredible fuck, Kelsey," Alice said, her trademark mischievous smirk returning to her face.

"You're welcome, Alice," Kelsey responded as she leaned in to Alice's left ear. "But I need to let you know something. It's time for me to show you the ropes."

Once again, Kelsey pulled Alice in by the face, their lips locking once again and their tongues once more intertwining. Though the kiss the two women shared sparked a lot of heat, inside, the normally sexually unflappable Alice was feeling butterflies in her stomach. Her? Fuck another woman? She had just been on the receiving end of her first lesbian encounter minutes ago. How could Kelsey possibly think she was ready to eat another woman out?

Sensing Alice's body beginning to tighten, Kelsey broke off the kiss. She wanted her own orgasmic release, but she knew she had to take it slow with Alice and reassure her.

"Don't worry about a thing," Kelsey said in a comforting way. "I know you're nervous, so I'll guide you through this. Just try and retrace my steps."

"Well, okay, if that's what you want me to do," Alice said, trying to remember how Kelsey pleasured her. She eyed the reporter up and down, noticing that she was still fully dressed. This was going to be a bigger challenge for Alice than she thought, but she knew she had to it. If it meant getting justice for Vanessa, then so be it.

Trying to combine what Kelsey did to her and what she knew felt good to her, Alice started kissing the bronzed skin of her friend. The familiar aroma of the reporter's Lolita Lempicka perfume again filled Alice's nostrils, exciting her even more. With each kiss, she felt herself becoming more confident. Based on her heavier breathing, it appeared that Kelsey was approving of this, too.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good, Alice," Kelsey complimented. "You are a fast learner. Ohhhhh, you are a natural at this. Yeah, that's the spot. Why don't you get my jacket off? My clothes are starting to feel, oh, yesssss, like a second skin."

Wanting to make her new lover happy, Alice did as she was asked, pulling the jacket down from Kelsey's arms and away from her body. The journalist gasped in pleasure as Alice started kissing down her chest. Wanting a feel of what she would soon get her in mouth, Alice put her hands to Kelsey's breasts and found that the only thing separating the two bodies was Kelsey's dark blue blouse.

"No bra, huh?" Alice observed, her confidence beginning to grow again. "Let me guess, you were feeling cocky enough to get me to sleep with you."

"It's not being cocky when you can back it up," Kelsey said, looking at Alice's nude body, still glistening with sweat, as proof of her statement. "Don't stop, Alice. You're doing terrific and... Ohhhh, yeah!"

Before Kelsey could continue, Alice resumed kissing the perfectly-tanned skin of the older woman, making her way down to her cleavage. With three buttons already undone, Alice started working on the others until the blouse was completely unbuttoned. Dropping the blouse from Kelsey's shoulders, Alice delighted in what she saw.

In front of the younger woman were Kelsey's large tits. Now Alice knew why her friend dressed the way she did. She wanted to look somewhat professional. Kelsey's boobs were large enough to rival Marti's D-cups.

"Oh my God, Kelsey, your tits are huge!" Alice stated, hypnotized by their beauty. She had to hold her mouth to prevent herself from losing focus and drooling like an idiot.

"Thanks, but I think they want to be sucked, don't you think?" Kelsey asked.

"Oh, right, I almost forgot!" Alice said as she snapped back to reality. She was so enthralled with what was before her that she almost lost focus of the task at hand.

Following Kelsey's advice of mimicking her earlier moves, Alice grabbed hold of one of her seducer's tits and sucking one nipple after another. The groans of pleasure from Kelsey told Alice she was doing this right, but she wanted to try something else. She had this done by quite a few of her former lovers and she liked it when they did, so she decided to take the chance. Taking Kelsey's right breast, Alice licked around her slightly-darkened areola a few times before flicking her rock-hard nipple with her tongue.

"Ohhhhhhh, Alice, are you sure this is your first time?" Kelsey asked. "Hmmmm, I didn't think a newbie like yourself would be so good. Yessssssss."

"What can I say, I'm a faster learner," Alice boasted. "Plus, I think I have an excellent teacher."

"Don't get tooooooooo far ahead of yourself," Kelsey said as Alice began flicking her nipples again. "The real work has yet to come."

Thinking she had given plenty of attention to Kelsey's breasts, Alice decided she needed to push herself a little further. She began blazing a trail down the naturally tanned stomach of her newest lover with her tongue, leaving a slippery path of saliva down from Kelsey's breasts to the top of the reporter's pants. The happy moans elicited from the Sapphic teacher were saying that her student was doing things right.

"Let's see what we have down here," Alice said, her self-confidence continuing to grow the further she went with this. Unbuttoning the black pants Kelsey was wearing, Alice pulled down the zipper with one fluid movement and was pleased to see the glasses-wearing beauty was going all-out commando today.

"Oh, you were really confident, weren't you?" Alice said, admiring Kelsey's lovely kitty, which was neatly trimmed into a V-shape.

"I just knew I was going to succeed in getting you where I wanted you," Kelsey answered with a dirty smile crossing her face. "But don't you think of leaving me hanging."

This was the moment of truth for Alice. She could go ahead and eat out Kelsey or wuss out. Considering that she had gone this far and was still naked herself, the decision was a no-brainer.

Without wasting a second, Alice dropped Kelsey's dress pants, leaving the reporter in just her glasses, which had begun to fog up from the heat this encounter had generated.

"Ohhh, eat me, Alice," Kelsey said. "I want you to fuck me so good with that nasty little tongue. Show my pussy what you've made the rest of my body experience. I want this so fucking bad. Come on, Alic... WHOAAAAAAAAAAA!"

The only thing that Alice could think of that would stop Kelsey from giving her instructions was to start her licking her pussy. As Kelsey moaned and writhed on the seat, Alice followed in the older woman's step, starting by licking the lips of her pussy. This was the first time she had ever done anything like this and Alice could feel that she could do this just as well as giving a blowjob to some guy. The only difference was this felt so much better.


Despite what Kelsey just told her, Alice decided she had gotten her friend went enough to try something that only the brightest of her lovers in the past had to done to her.

"HOLY FUCKING HELL!" Kelsey shouted as Alice slipped a finger in while continuing her oral attack on her sopping wet pussy. "GIVE IT TO ME! MAKE ME COME! OHHHHHHHH, HAD DID YOU KNOW I LIKED THAT? GAWWWWWWD, MAKE ME FUCKING COME ON THAT SLUTTY FUCKING FACE!"

In most circumstances, Alice would take offense to be being called a slut, even if she would freely admit to herself that it was true. This, however, was a different story. She wanted to make Kelsey come hard against her face. Alice couldn't believe that the journalist had unleashed this side of her, but she loved it and was planning on seeing this through to the end.

Speaking of which, Alice's fingering had loosened up Kelsey's labia enough for her to find her clit. Never wanting to do things half-assed, Alice started thrashing Kelsey's clit with quick licks. With each movement, Kelsey started feeling herself go closer to the edge.

"OHHHHHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD!" Kelsey cursed, sweating dripping from every pore onto her body and her wet hair clinging to her flesh. "DO IT, ALICE! DO IT! MAKE ME FUCKING COME! I WANT TO COAT THAT GORGEOUS FACE WITH MY COME! YESSSSSSSSS, SO... FUCKING... CLOSSSSSSSSSSE!"

Continuing with her licking and fingering, Alice figured that Kelsey was seconds away from releasing. She began speeding up her assault on the journalist's clit and was promptly rewarded.


Alice could care less if the Hard Rock staff had heard Kelsey's screams and called the police to investigate. This was too good to think of anything else. Even though Kelsey's essence came quicker than she had planned, Alice took in as much of the older woman's sex as she could lick. It had such a sweet taste, the cheerleader wished she had brought a water bottle to collect this and drink it after a rough practice. The flavor was simply intoxicating.

As Kelsey collapsed on top of the seat, Alice greeted her face-to-face with a kiss, allowing the reporter taste herself inside the cheerleader's mouth. It was one of her favorite parts about having sex. No matter how many times she did it, Kelsey loved getting the flavor of her own pussy from another woman's mouth. There was just something special about doing this with Alice, but she wasn't sure what it was.

The SUV now smelled of a sweet mixture of sweat, sex and Lolita Lempicka. Alice and Kelsey lay face-to-face, kissing each other, relaxing in the afterglow of what had transpired. For Kelsey, this was one of the greatest notches on her bedpost. For Alice, this was just another boundary shattered. For both girls, this was simply one of the best sexual encounters either had experienced.

"You weren't kidding when you said you're a fast learner, Alice," Kelsey said. "I've been the first for many women, but you showed the most progress of any rookie lesbian I've fucked."

"Well, it does help, like I said, that I have a great teacher," Alice said. "Plus, there are two things I love to do the most: Cheerleading and fucking."

"No wonder your body is in such perfect shape," Kelsey responded. "I've seen you perform at meets and at football games and I've been in awe with how fit you ladies are."

"Thank you," Alice answered. "Later on, you've got to tell me how you got so fucking toned."

"I can if you want me to, but I doubt you'll need the advice," Kelsey joked, causing both girls to laugh.

"Well, I think there's just one thing I need to ask," Alice said as the laughter died down. "Will you sell my idea of investigating Vanessa's firing to your editors?"

"Let's me think," Kelsey said, her smile betraying the serious tone in her voice. "You are my friend, you do need help, there's something fishy about her termination, you let me fuck you senseless and you fucked me better than most of my recent hook-ups. What the hell? I'll do it."

"Thanks. I think I should come to you every time there's something that needs to be investigated," Alice said with a wide grin before resuming her kiss with Kelsey.

Walking together to the school gymnasium, clad in Lancer Blue and Gold, Marti, Savannah and Lewis tried to have a sense of confidence radiate from them. The truth was each of the three Hellcats were feeling nervous inside. After the strep throat debacle that got the team disqualified from Nationals last year, Marti, Savannah and Lewis knew this year was do-or-die. Either they brought the National Championship Trophy to Lancer, or there would probably be no Hellcats in the future.

Trying to break the tension, Savannah asked, "So, Lewis, did you have a good summer?"

"What? Oh, yeah, I did," Lewis said, trying the shake the clouds of doubt from his mind. "My dad and I actually took the new Toyota down to Biloxi so I could be Alice's date for her father's wedding. And while the new Mr. and Mrs. Verdura were off in the, ahem, Honeymoon Suite, Alice, myself and my dad hit the slots, tables and bars at the casinos. It was just a wild time. All I can say is that some things that happen on the Gulf Coast should never be talked about again."

"Like what, swimming in oil?" Marti joked in her trademark deadpan.

"It's actually pretty clean, there," Lewis said before realizing something was wrong with last year's addition to the team. "You alright, Marti? I've never seen you so frustrated before and that's saying something."

"Nah, it's nothing," Marti said, trying to dismiss any attention to her.

"I think Lewis is right, there is something on your mind," Savannah bluntly pointed out. "Come on, Marti, we're your best friends. Tell us what's up."

As much as she loved Savannah like a sister, her lack of tact really did rub Marti the wrong way sometimes. Still, there was no sense of keeping it bottled up, so she decided to fill them in.

"It's just that I'm scared of what's next," Marti began. "Last year, there's a strep throat breakout that causes us to get disqualified from Nationals, and then out of the blue, Vanessa gets fired. I don't want to add any pressure, but we need all the help we can get because I don't think the
athletic department is ready to give us a third chan... OOF!"

Not paying attention to their surroundings, Marti, Savannah and Lewis ran into another pedestrian. The three cheerleaders landed on their asses, while their victim fell onto her back. Marti, who had taken the brunt of the hit, picked herself up off the ground to apologize.

"Sorry about that, I wasn't watching where I was... DEIRDRE! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Marti screamed as she realized that the person she ran into was the last person she wanted to see, her half-sister, Deirdre Perkins.

"Oh, shit, Marti!" Deirdre panicked when she saw who she walked into. She had been so engrossed in her map of the school, she didn't even see Marti. To make matters worse, Savannah and Lewis were with her and Deirdre feared this could turn ugly fast.

"What are you doing here, Deirdre?" Marti repeated.

"Well, um, you see, I'm kind of, ah, taking classes at Lancer," Deirdre stammered. This wasn't what she had hoped for. She was hoping to go at least until Halloween before being seen by her estranged half-sister. Now, she was face-to-face with her on the first day of classes. Deirdre's plan of flying under the radar could not have failed in a more spectacular way.

"YOU WHAT?" Marti erupted, hardly believing her ears. "YOU'RE GOING TO LANCER? WHEN WERE YOU PLANNING ON TELLING ME THIS?"

"Umm, actually, I kind of forgot that you hadn't graduated," Deirdre fibbed. The truth was she was finally able to afford to go to college and Lancer was the best public school in Tennessee within her budget, even though she knew she was running the risk of seeing Marti.


Passersby walked past with morbid curiosity as the sisterly feud unraveled, but Savannah and Lewis stood frozen where they were. For Savannah, it was out of fear and for Lewis, he was waiting for things to break down before intervening. Still, neither of them had seen this side of Marti or a temper this violent from her.

"Marti, look, I had to hide those things from you," Deirdre said, feeling more and more defensive. "It's just that you wouldn't understand why I did everything."


"Well, if the pom-pom fits," Deirdre said dryly.

That was the last straw for Marti. She tackled her half-sister back to the ground. Their hands began flying, trying to get to each other in a frenzy to tear the other sister apart. It was clear that now Marti was out for blood and Deirdre was ready to kill Marti in self-defense. One of them may have succeeded had Lewis not run in and pull Marti off of Deirdre, keeping the older Perkins sister wrapped in his arm and close to his body.

As Deirdre pulled herself back to her feet, she spat, "And look, you even have your teammates to save you from getting your ass kicked."

"Damn right, I have teammates," Marti said as tried to catch her breath. "I've got people who've got my back no matter what. I've got people who love and support me. That's more than you got."

"You bitch! Go fuck yourself, you over-glorified football groupie!" Deirdre said with venom in her voice as she turned around and walked away, vanishing into the crowd.

"TAKE THAT BACK!" Savannah suddenly yelled, starting to charge toward Deirdre.

"Savannah, no!" Lewis yelled as he put his arm out to restrain the seething brunette. "Look, I care about you two too much to let you go and hurt yourselves. Besides, the West Tennessee Qualifiers aren't that far off, so we need to be healthy. She didn't cut you, did she?"

"No, it looks like I'm not hurt," Marti said, trying to regain her composure.

"So, I take it you guys didn't have a family reunion on the 4th of July together?" Lewis assumed.

"We don't do the 4th in my family," Marti answered. "We make our own fireworks."

"Come on, let's go see the new Cats," Lewis said. "Maybe you'll enjoy watching tryouts."

"Yeah, can't get any worse than that," Marti responded.

As the Hellcats proceeded to the gym, Marti tried to piece what just happened together. What was it about Deirdre's life that she wouldn't understand? Whatever it was, seeing Deirdre on campus and knowing she was enrolled in the school meant that this might possibly be the longest year of Marti's life.

While the fire was still raging in Marti's eyes, Savannah's flames were beginning to flicker out over what Deirdre said. Still, she had never see Marti so irate at her own half-sister. Savannah never had that kind of a blow-up with Charlotte before. Lord willing, she wouldn't, because they needed each other more than ever. After seeing what had happened, Savannah looked at Marti with concern. What if she never made peace with Deirdre?

Savannah began praying quietly to herself, asking for a way for Marti and Deirdre to bury the hatchet because if they didn't, there may have never been a chance for redemption between the sisters.

Sign-up day had produced some results, though if Savannah had been in charge, she would've been worried that they didn't have enough. The team was painfully short on bodies this year. And they had maybe 20 or 25 possible new recruits, all stretching out on the mats before the judging table.

"God, I was No. 26 at this point last year," Marti muttered, more to herself than either of the other two.

"Feeling a little d‚j… vu?" Lewis asked Marti as the trio looked out over the newcomers.

"I was really hoping all the tryout nausea was a one-time event," Marti quipped. She did look a little nervous.

"Hey, just consider yourself lucky we're down on so many bodies," Lewis reminded her. "Some years, we've all had to re-audition for our spots on the team."

"Really?" Marti asked, alarm shooting through her face.

"Don't worry," Savannah said. "Not enough people came back this year. Between graduating seniors, transfers, and drop-outs, we can barely field a regulation team right now and if we don't score some major new talent, we could be in trouble."

As Savannah spoke, two short redheads - one stretching her arms behind her back, the other doing cartwheels - crashed into each other, landing in a small tangle of arms and legs on the ground.

"Lots of raw talent here," Marti said, rolling her eyes.

"I hope they can all cheer," Savannah said, quietly as she looked out over the small crowd.

"So you still get to help Alice choose the new recruits?" Marti asked.

"Yep - three-person panel, just like last year. Me, Alice and the new coach."

"You still haven't met her?" Lewis asked.

"No," Savannah said. "Why, have you?"

"Yep," Lewis said simply. "And that's all I'm saying about THAT."

"What, is she some big new secret?" Marti asked.

"Is it even a she?" Savannah asked.

"She's a she - Britney Allen, fresh from UCLA," Lewis said. "There's Dan over by the camera. Gotta go talk to him."

"Say, 'Hi,' for me?" Savannah asked as Lewis walked away.

"I'm not telling your boyfriend you say, 'Hi,'" Lewis said as he walked away.

"He'll say, 'Hi,' won't he?" Savannah asked.

"They're both guys. They don't pass along stuff like that," Marti reminded her.

"Fudge," Savannah sighed. "Come on, let's go meet the new coach."

Marti and Savannah crossed the gym towards the simple folding table that would be where Savannah, Alice and the new coach would be spending most of their afternoon. Tryouts were a process, even with considerably fewer hopefuls this year when compared to last. All the hopefuls would gather, just as Marti had and go through some basic skills checks - tumbling, somersault, cartwheels and handstands. When everyone had proved they weren't going to collapse from doing a single jumping jack, the boys would break off with Lewis, the senior base and be tested on their strength and lifting skills. The Hellcats needed four new bases this year and there were only five guys trying out, so unless one of them was horrible out-of-shape, they'd all at least make backup status. The girls, who were far more prevalent and, traditionally, far more important in cheerleading, would be judge by the coach, the captain and the senior cheerleader, as was Hellcat tradition. That left Marti standing around watching until she was called upon to show a routine for the new girls to learn.

"No sign of our new coach yet?"

"She'll be along, I'm sure," Alice said with a sigh.

"Not nice to keep us all waiting on the first day," Marti muttered.

"I'm sure she'll be fine, she's probably just having trouble finding her way around campus," Savannah said, sitting down at the table, leaving a single chair in the middle for the coach. Then Savannah paused for a moment and looked over at Alice. "It IS a she, right?"

Alice rolled her eyes. "Yes, Savannah, she's a girl. God, I need a drink," the new Hellcats captain muttered, getting up.

As she moved, Marti suddenly spotted a girl she hadn't seen before. Super short, no more than 5'1" or 5'2" at the most, with long, straight blonde hair that went down well past her shoulders. She had a pleasant smile on her face as she spoke with a couple of students in the stands who were watching tryouts. She looked young, late teens, early twenties at best. Marti might not have noticed her at all, but she wore short-shorts that hugged her shapely behind and a Hellcats jacket - a TEAM jacket. The type that was only given out to those girls who made the team and were custom fitted, which this girl's jacket most certainly was.

"Who's that?" Marti asked. "The little girl in the Hellcats jacket?"

"I don't know," Savannah said. "It's kinda early for high school tours of the campus..."

"THAT little girl is our new coach," Alice grumbled, walking past Marti and Savannah. "At least, for now."

"THAT?" Marti said. "That's our coach?"

"But she's, what, sixteen?" Savannah asked, surprised.

"She's 22, her name's Britney Allen and she comes with a long list of credentials that I don't care to list off, but most promising among them is that she led the Crenshaw Heights cheerleaders to victory to appear in that Rihanna video that never actually aired on MTV."

"MTV shows videos?" Savannah asked.

"Missing the point, Savannah," Marti said quietly. "The point is that that little ball of energy is our new coach and she's coming this way, so pick your jaw up off the ground and pull out some of that Southern charm your mother does so well."

Savannah shook her head at Marti. "My mom does NOT do Southern charm well. More like... Southern judgment."

"Too late now," Alice muttered, walking away towards the locker room. As she left, the little girl - Britney - came over to the table, smiling the whole way.

"Hey girls! I'm Britney and I'm your new coach!" she said, smiling up at them - it took some effort to be shorter than Savannah, but Britney had somehow managed to pull that off.

"Marti Perkins," Marti offered.

"Savannah Monroe," Savannah said, offering her hand cautiously, giving Marti a confused look.

"Oh, Savannah! You're the girl who was captain last year! I'm so glad you decided to stay with the team, we need all the help we can get."

"That's for sure," Marti said.

"And Marti... you're the law student who's waaay too tall to be a flyer, right?" Britney asked, turning towards the taller blonde.

"Yeah," Marti said carefully.

"Marti is a GREAT flyer," Savannah said quickly. "She's tough and spirited and flexy and-"

"And she doesn't need to worry - if you and Alice vouch for her, she can stay a flyer," Britney said. "You're a flyer, too, right Savannah?"

"Yes," Savannah answered. "Listen, it's not our returning Hellcats we need to worry about, it's-"

"The newbies, yeah, I know," Britney said with a smile. "I've been a cheer captain in both high school and college, Savannah and have sat in on a lot of tryouts as a judge in some form or another. Believe it or not, I know what I'm doing."

"How, exactly?" Marti asked. "Sorry, knee-jerk law student reaction," she added a bit sheepishly.

"I've lead teams at both high school and college levels, as well as getting my degree in Sports Coaching and Organization. I may not have coached a cheerleading squad in competition yet, but I think you'll find I know what I'm doing."

"I certainly hope so," Alice said, sliding back into her seat behind the others. "We used to have a GREAT coach, but now we're stuck with you." She shot Britney a sour look. "Try not and make us regret it."

"Just give me a chance, Alice," Britney said smiling. "Is everyone here?"

"Looks like it," Alice said. "Not a great turnout, is it?"

"We took a helluva beating when we didn't place at Nationals. We dropped out of the Top 10 rankings over the summer," Savannah said, her tone a mixture of concern and sadness.

"Then we'll just have to get back to Nationals and win it all then, right?" Britney said. "Come on, let's get things moving!" With that, the small, bubbly blonde moved out towards where the Hellcat hopefuls were stretching.

"We're screwed," Alice muttered.

"No, no," Savannah clucked. "Positive outcomes only, Alice," Savannah reminded her, though she didn't sound like she was believing her own mantra all that much at the moment.

"Good luck," Marti said, moving off to go watch the ensuing carnage with Lewis and the other non-judge Hellcats.

"Hey? Hey everyone? Hello?!" Britney called out to the small crowd of potential Hellcats. "Hello? Can I have your attention, please!"

No one even turned towards her.

"HEY!" Alice screamed. "LISTEN UP, WANNABES!"

The room went dead silent.

Britney shot Alice a little frown, but by the time she'd turned back towards the new recruits, it had flipped over into a big broad smile.

"Hello everyone! My name is Britney Allen, I'm here from UCLA and I am THRILLED to welcome you all to this year's tryouts for the award-winning Lancer Hellcat cheerleading program!"

Around the room, the already enlisted Hellcats all clapped, though none all that enthusiastically. If it bothered Britney, she didn't let it show.

"As you know, we're looking for several new members this year, so I'm really hoping a lot of you have what it takes to wear Hellcat Blue!"

More polite applause was heard and the two redheads who'd crashed into each other earlier actually leapt up and down in excitement.

"Nice to see someone's got some spirit," Alice muttered.

"Be nice," Savannah warned her.

"Only when I have to."

"All right girls - and boys!" Britney called out. "Let's get you all lined up for some tumbling drills and we'll start to see who's got what!"

As the hopefuls gathered around to start performing the drills, Lewis drifted back over to Marti as they stood watching from the sidelines.

"Seriously, I feel like I was just doing this yesterday," Marti said, watching as the first girls started to do their tumbling.

"I remember that - man, you looked lost out there when they were showing you the routines," Lewis laughed.

"Yeah, so then I just started to make stuff up," Marti said, shaking her head. "Thank God I impressed Vanessa."

"Hey, it all worked out," Lewis said. "Maybe not the way we'd like, but it all worked out. That's the important part."

"Tell that to Vanessa," Marti sighed.

Britney eyed the room, trying to see if there was anybody she had to cut immediately. She took notice of a short but spunky-looking blonde in a black tank top and sweat pants. "Looks like I need to put her out of her misery now before she embarrasses herself," Britney thought internally.

"No. 14, step forward, please!" Britney yelled. The Hellcat wannabe followed her orders and moved up. "Do you have any background as a tumbler or cheerleader?"

"Umm, no, I actually don't," the blonde said nervously.

"Alright, well, I'm looking for people with experience and are serious about being a Hellcat, so I'm sorry, but I need you to grab your stuff and head off," Britney instructed.

"Wait, Coach Allen, don't cut me yet!" the young woman begged. "Look, I may not have experience, but I really do want to be a part of the team! Just give me one chance! I know I can prove myself worthy to be a Hellcat!"

Giving the blonde's request some serious thought, Britney made up her mind and said, "Alright, No. 14, the floor is yours. But you're only getting one opportunity to nail it."

As No. 14 walked toward a corner on the mat, Alice leaned into Savannah's ear and whispered, "She doesn't have a chance."

"Come on, Alice, have some faith in her," Savannah instructed. "Remember what Marti did last year? You can't dismiss someone too quickly."

Alice accepted the former captain's words as both ladies turned their attention to the Hellcat-hopeful.

Taking a deep sigh, No. 14 wiped the sweat from her forehead and took a running start. Once she hit her stride, she did a side handspring, rotated her body to execute two consecutive back handsprings and launched herself diagonally into the air with a 360-degree rotation, her feet pointing toward the ceiling, before landing flat on her feet.

The rest of the tryouts roared in applause for the inexperienced girl. Marti and Lewis rose to their feet in the stands, their mouths agape and in shock from what they had seen No. 14 pull off. Dan was so floored, he actually had to rewind the disk to be sure he got it on camera. Savannah and Alice exchanged wide-eyed, open-mouth looks of astonishment with each other before trying figure out what just happened.

"Did No. 14 just perform a back handspring, pull, twist?" Savannah asked to no one in particular.

"I think she just did," Alice said. She could believe this. That was one of the most difficult moves, even for a veteran Hellcat. How did a novice execute a move like that?

"Whoa, girl, I'm sorry I was quick to rush," Britney apologized as she approached No. 14. "What's your name?"

"Emily Sear," the blonde answered.

"Emily, you have GOT to tell me where you learned that because I've seen even the best fail at that move," Britney asked.

"I just saw it being performed at a competition on ESPN and thought I should try it," Emily explained. "I had done rotations like that before with my skateboard, so then it became a matter of incorporating the gymnastics and getting in the air without my board. It took me a lot of practice, but I finally nailed it."

"Wow, that is quite an impressive method of practice," Britney said. "Alright, Emily, stick around. I want to see what else you have."

"Thank you, Coach Allen, thank you!" Emily said with giddiness in her voice.

Britney had to admit she liked Emily's spark. After all, it was similar to how she was in high school and college. If there was one thing about Emily that Britney couldn't wait to see, it was the potential of the student.

An hour later and Lewis was gone to go over skills with the male hopefuls, leaving Marti alone for the moment, watching the new girls continue their tumbling progress. No. 14 aside, the girls all had rather standard skills - enough to make most college teams, but lacking any serious showmanship that the Hellcats needed. Ironically, the two best performers so far were the two clumsy redheads who'd bounced into each other earlier, Nos. 9 and 17.

And of course, applicant No. 1, who'd been on the tryout list for most of the summer. But everyone expected her to make the team. She had an in, after all.

Marti found herself wandering over to where Dan stood, recording the process. "You know, for some guys, this would be a dream job - spend you day recording hot co-eds in their bras and shorts running around, getting all hot and sweaty," she said as she stepped up next to him.

"I do lead a blessed life," Dan commented without looking up at her. "I suppose I shouldn't complain, it's not like I get to spend whole afternoons in the same room as my girlfriend every day."

"How are things going with you and Savannah?" Marti asked.

That got Dan to stand up from his camera. "I, ah, I don't really know. She's so busy these days, with Charlotte and working at the Rat and classes and the Hellcats - we're lucky if we get to see each other once a week of late."

"Must be hard," Marti said.

"Says the girl who hasn't had a boyfriend since the middle of summer."

"Hey, you know why I left Julian."

"Yeah, you got tired of hiding the fact you were sleeping with one of your professors," Dan said with a wry smile.

"He wasn't my professor when we were... dating," Marti said. He might have been again in the fall, though, certainly in spring when he was scheduled to teach no less than two classes Marti needed to graduate.

"Hey, you don't need to explain yourself to me - I know all about falling for the wrong person." Marti frowned at Dan, who was back looking into his camera, focusing on No. 25, a little brunette who seemed far from confident about her tumbling, almost as if this was the first time she'd ever done any of it.

Marti wasn't sure if Dan was referring to his strained relationship with Savannah - or his on-again, off-again quasi-love affair with Marti herself. She hoped he wasn't redeveloping his crush on her - Marti had no intention of going down THAT path again.

Or maybe he was referring to Marti's failed relationship with Lewis, who was now back to dating Alice again.

"Man, we Hellcats are an incestuous bunch," Marti muttered to herself.

"You do realize this camera has a microphone on it, too, right?" Dan asked, glancing up at Marti again.

Marti's face went white, and she walked off, leaving a laughing Dan behind.

There were 25 applicants for the empty spots on the Hellcats roster and out of all of them, everyone considered applicant No. 1 to be the shoe-in, the one who had all the advantages and was almost certainly going to make the team. And she almost certainly would - after all, her sister was one of the judges, she had a ton of cheerleading experience, she'd been a prominent flyer for the rival Memphis Christian Cyclones last season. She knew the routines, she knew the skills and she knew the sport. Yes, everyone was certain applicant No. 1 would make the cut - some were even wondering why she was trying out at all.

The only one who wasn't sure was applicant No. 1 herself, Charlotte Monroe. While everyone else thought Charlotte, Savannah's younger sister, could pretty much walk out of tryouts right now and still get a prime spot on the Hellcats team, Charlotte felt like she was a fat cow with all the grace that came with being a giant bovine.

Charlotte was only a few months shy of having a baby, rarely got the sleep she needed and despite a workout and diet routine that would've put some dieting celebrities to shame, she hadn't quite lost all the weight she'd gained from her unplanned trip to motherhood. Those last six pounds were killing her and to her judgmental eye, they were all located in her stomach, right where her new Hellcat uniform showed nothing but skin.

This hadn't been Charlotte's plan at all. Unlike Savannah, who needed to rush off to Lancer in order to prove she could make it in the world on her own, Charlotte had been happy at Memphis Christian, being a good little Cyclone and a good little Christian. Unfortunately, she slipped up and slept with Savannah's ex-boyfriend - and like all good little Christians at good little Christian colleges, when she slipped up, she slipped up bad. One night of less-than-fulfilling sex had left Charlotte pregnant. Things had only gone from bad to worse as she used Savannah to cover for her until she could no longer hide the pregnancy. By then, there was nothing she could do but have the baby and hope her mother didn't disown her.

Layne hadn't disowned her, but the baby father had, even transferring to some no-name Christian college in Utah to get away from his baby. So being a single, unwed mother left Charlotte out in the cold. Soon her Cyclone teammates turned on her - she hadn't worked out with the team in months, they argued, though Charlotte suspected Nasty Kathy had been behind that movement - and she was off the team. Off the team meant no more scholarship, even at her mother's alma mater and the only school that would take her within driving distance of the Monroe home was Lancer.

Charlotte NEEDED her spot on the Hellcats, because she needed the same scholarship Savannah had. She also needed on campus housing and all the advantages that come with living in Cheertown, the Hellcats dorm. Like the other Monroes, Charlotte needed all the help she could get.

"Good work, No. 1!" Britney Allen called out as Charlotte completed a back flip tuck. "Okay, everyone, grab some water, catch your breath and take five! When we come back, we'll start going over a routine and see how fast you guys can pick up the moves!"

Charlotte took a deep breath and wanted to just collapse to the floor right there. But she couldn't - not with Savannah waving at her from the judges table. Charlotte waved back and moved towards where some bottled water was out for everyone to drink from.

"Nice back flip tuck, Charlotte," one of the other applicants said, a short redhead wearing the number 17 on her sports bra.

"I'm sorry, have we met?" Charlotte asked, unable to place the girl.

"No, but I'm a bit of a fan," the girl replied. "I saw you and the Cyclones compete at Qualifiers last year. Took the day off from school to do so."

"Okay, wow, someone's a cheerleading fan," Charlotte said.

"Ariana Valentine," the redhead said, offering her hand. "Both of you Monroe girls are so talented, I'm excited to know you'll both be on the team this year."

"I haven't made the team yet," Charlotte reminded her.

"Maybe not, but if you don't, then the new coach is an idiot. You're too talented NOT to be on the team," Ariana said.

"I hope you're right," Charlotte said.

"Me, too," the little redhead replied. "I also hope I'm right in thinking I'll make the team, too."

Charlotte smiled. "Well, as my sister always says, 'Positive outcomes only,'" she said, pausing only to take a long swig of water. "So according to her, if we both think we'll make the team, we both will."

"Positive outcomes only?" Ariana said. "I like that! It could be a song title!"

"Sure, why not?" Charlotte said, smiling. "If you can write it, maybe my sister will sing it - she's got some pipes on her. Or maybe Marti - she sings all the time."

"I play a mean bass guitar," Ariana said. "Oooh, maybe we can all start a band!"

"I wouldn't count on that - being a Hellcat takes a lot of work," Charlotte warned. "I doubt we'd have time to practice. I know I wouldn't, anyway. Besides, Savannah got all the musical chops in our family."

"Well, then you can cheer us on from the crowd." Suddenly, Ariana's face lit up with an idea. "Oooh, you could be our cheerleader in the stands! How perfect is that?!"

"Okay, you certainly have the pep to be a cheerleader," Charlotte said, shaking her head.

"Positive outcomes only," Ariana replied in a sing-song voice. Some of the other hopefuls rolled their eyes, but Charlotte smiled. It was hard NOT to like Ariana.

"Ugh, this batch is AWFUL," Alice complained as Marti and some of the other returning Hellcats started to slowly go through one of the simpler routines they did. "Nothing but a bunch of sluggish, overweight, fugly bitches who apparently haven't learned how to operate combs yet, let alone run a routine properly."

"Alice!" Britney snapped. "That's uncalled for!"

"Whatever," Alice muttered. "I can already cut about ten of these bitches just from their poor tumbling skills, and I bet I'd be able to cut the other 14 by the time this routine is over."

"That's only 24 girls," Savannah said, doing the math in her head. "We have 25 applicants."

"Don't worry," Alice said. "I wouldn't DARE cut your sister," Alice said, mollifying Savannah. "Besides," she added in a whisper to Britney, "it'd be nice to have someone on the team with a claim at being a bigger slut than I am."

"Alice," Britney said warningly.

The judges watched as the girls broke into groups of five for performances. As much as Savannah hated to admit it, there were more misses than hits in this group. No. 6 seemed to have trouble telling her right foot from her left, No. 22 couldn't lift her legs high enough to clear her knees and No. 4 clearly didn't know what a bra was, as her ample breasts flew about under her t-shirt in a most distracting fashion - a fact proven almost prophetic moments later when a small jump sent those boobs flying up to smack her in the face and plop her on her ass.

But they weren't all bad. No. 14, Emily Sear, was managing to keep up with the choreography, and the two little redheads, No. 17 and No. 9 were actually matching some of the moves exactly. Charlotte, of course, was knocking it out of the park, in part because Savannah had taught her this exact routine as part of Charlotte's fight to lose her baby weight over the summer.

"There's one with some promise," Britney said, nodding towards No. 9. As Savannah watched, redheaded No. 9 was nailing the routine solidly, a look of pure concentration on her face. She seemed to be picking up the moves fast, but she didn't look all that happy about it.

"No. 9? No. 9, smile! This is supposed to be fun!"

"Smile?" 9 shot back, as if the word was new to her. She threw a very unconvincing grin on her face that didn't touch her eyes at all.

"No, smile like you MEAN it!" Britney called out. "Come on, smile like you just got a new puppy!"

"I'm allergic to dogs!" 9 shot back.

Britney rolled her eyes. "Come on, No. 9 - what's your name?"

"Molly Cratchit, ma'am."

"Oh, I'm NOT used to being called ma'am," Britney muttered to herself. "Molly, what makes you happy?"

Molly had to stop and think about it for a moment or two. "Getting a good grade?"

"Then smile like you just got an A-plus-plus!" Britney suggest.

Molly tried harder, and her smile did look a bit more realistic, but it still needed work.

"Going to have to work on that girl's pep," Britney muttered to Savannah.

"Reminds me of Marti last year," Savannah said. "Took her a while to get used to the 'cheer' part of cheerleading. Maybe she can help Molly here."

"Ugh, I guess that means you'll both vote for her?" Alice asked.

"We aren't discussing voting until it's time to vote," Britney reminded her.

"Ugh, whatever," Alice muttered, her head nearly collapsing into the palms of her hands.

There was one more standout in the group and by the time they got to her, Alice was ready to leave. This had to be, by far, the WORST bunch of cheerleading hopefuls she'd ever seen. So many rookies with little-to-no experience, so many girls who couldn't do the simplest of jumps, or couldn't master a cheer to save their lives. Most of them probably thought cheerleading meant standing on the side of the football field in short skirts waving pompoms while the men did all the real work. Alice couldn't stand girls like that.

"No. 25!" Britney called out. "You've got to loosen up."

"Yes, ma'am!" 25 called back. Something in Alice's mind sparked on that voice. It was quiet, barely audible over here at the judging table, despite the fact that the girl had clearly raised her voice to be heard. Honestly, Alice had barely even glanced at applicant No. 25 until now, but when she did, something happened.

She was a brunette with straight hair and fairly visible cheekbones, even all the way over here. She was thin, with a small chest that wasn't exactly trying to break through her sports bra and her Lancer sweatpants looked brand new. She was cute, in a girl-next-door sorta way, but nothing outstanding.

Which didn't help why Alice's crotch grew wet when she looked at her.

Alice's brain flashed back to what she had done with Kelsey the day before and how that lesbian sex had made her feel. She'd thought maybe it was a one-time thing, enjoying something like that. But looking at No. 25, Alice felt her nipples harden and her mouth water in a way she hadn't felt for a lot of the boys she'd slept with.

"Who is that?" Alice asked, not realizing she was speaking aloud.

"Her name's Miranda Summer," Savannah said. "I met her yesterday. She was home-schooled, just like me and Charlotte. She's really sweet."

"Home-schooled?" Britney asked, looking at Savannah for a moment before turning back towards the hopefuls. "No. 25, have you ever cheered before?"

"No, ma'am," Miranda replied sheepishly.

"What about gymnastics?" Britney asked.

"No, ma'am."

"Have you played ANY sports at all?"

"No, ma'am."

Britney was silent for a long moment. "All right, I think that's all we need, girls! We'll consult with each other and Alice will post the results in the Quad when we're done. Thank you all so much for coming out. Go Lancer!"

Alice was in a bit of a fog as the hopefuls began to fall out, and she was surprised to find her eyes locking on Miranda's ass as the quiet girl was the last one to leave the gym. The regular Hellcats followed, with Lewis dropping off his notes on the male hopefuls. As expected, all five would make the team, one of them as an extreme backup. They weren't the best, but they'd do.

The girls, however, needed to be voted on.

For most of the cases, the three judges were unanimous. Charlotte would've made the team in a heartbeat, even if Savannah hadn't been her sister. It wouldn't have mattered, both Britney and Alice knew she was the best of the bunch. No. 17, Ariana Valentine, made the cut, as did No. 14, Emily Sear, with flying colors. Alice wasn't as fond of No. 9, Molly Cratchit, but both Savannah and Britney liked her, and Alice had to admit, there were worse candidates.

"Okay," Britney said finally. "What about No. 25, Miranda Summer?"

"I like her!" Savannah said at once. "I think she'll do well."

"Based on what?" Britney asked. "She's got no experience. She's never even held a pompom before, let alone matched choreography like we'll need to do to place at Qualifiers in a few days."

"She's really sweet, and she really wants to cheer," Savannah said. "I'm voting for her."

"Well, I'm not - I'm sorry, Savannah, I just can't take someone THAT green."

They both turned and looked at Alice, Savannah frowning. Alice, who was quick to cut anyone and everyone for the simplest of reasons.

And normally, Alice would have cut her. She had absolutely nothing going for her, and what she'd shown of her skills so far, she wasn't going to be ready in time for Regionals, let alone Qualifiers in a week.

But all Alice could see was Miranda's butt walking out the door. Alice had seen a lot of female butts in her time - came with the territory when you're a cheerleader, after all. But none of them had ever affected her like Miranda's had.

"I vote we keep her," Alice said, shocking both Savannah and Britney. "I think she has... potential."

Britney didn't say anything for a long moment, but then sighed. "All right, consider me outvoted. We needed one more body anyway, so she gets to be it. I just hope it doesn't come back to bite us in the ass."

Alice didn't really hear her. She was imagining taking a bite out of Miranda's ass.

Marti caught up with Savannah just in time to watch Alice strut her stuff across the Lancer lawn to post the results of the Hellcats tryouts later that afternoon. "Someone thinks she's all that and a bag of chips," Marti commented, watching Alice's ass swing back and forth in her little cheerleader skirt.

"Be nice," Savannah said with a sigh. "This was one of my favorite parts, you know? Posting the results of the tryouts. Letting everyone know who was going to be the newest members of our little family. Pretty heady stuff."

"You mean you weren't in it for all the attention like Alice?" Marti said, elbowing Savannah playfully.

"No one is in it for the attention like Alice is," Savannah said.

Alice posted the list with a flourish, spun on her heels smartly, and actually winked at a couple of the boys who tried out before walking back towards Cheertown. Quickly, everyone who tried out and hadn't been blatantly cut rushed over to see if they'd made the team. Marti could make out Emily, Molly, Ariana, and Miranda all excited to see their names posted, Molly and Ariana actually jumping up and down for joy. Savannah had already called Charlotte to tell her the good news - the younger Monroe sister had to race back home to watch her son while Layne went to meet with her lawyers.

"Best part," Savannah said wistfully.

"Hey, I was doing cartwheels when I saw I made the list."

"You earned it, roomie," Savannah said as the two turned to head back to Cheertown. "Even after you called me a football groupie."

Marti winced. "Yeah, sorry about that. I, ah, well I was stupid back then."

"I know," Savannah said with a cute little smile. "And then I called you a Goth."

"It was the start of a beautiful friendship," Marti said with a laugh.

"It was!" Savannah insisted. "We didn't know it at the time, but look at what we've become! You're like the best friend I've ever had!"

"Yeah, I'm totally your BFF," Marti snorted.

"You are," Savannah teased. "In fact, you should totally be braiding my hair while telling me all about your boy problems."

"NEVER," Marti insisted.

"But you are my best friend, Marti," Savannah insisted. "And I'm pretty sure I'm yours."

"What about Dan?" Marti asked.

"He doesn't count - he's DAN," Savannah said, making a bit of a silly face. "Besides, you know I'm totally a better friend than Dan."

"You're not going to let this go, are you?" Marti asked as they reached the steps of Cheertown.

"Nope," Savannah said, standing above Marti with her fists on her hips. "Not until you tell me I'm your best friend."

Marti rolled her eyes exaggeratedly. "Okay, if I hug you, would that be enough to tell you how I feel about you?"

"Absolutely," Savannah said.

Marti shook her head, but she hugged Savannah, squeezing her friend tightly. Because Marti really did feel like Savannah was her best friend these days. She certainly couldn't imagine her life without Savannah in it. So she squeezed the little brunette as hard as she could, happy that SOMEONE in her life wasn't letting her down.

"There, how's that?" Marti asked then they finally separated.

"It'll do," Savannah said coyly.

"Good. Then, as my best friend, you'll totally help me lug all my stuff up into our room when Wanda gets here with the car!" Marti said, marching past Savannah before the other girl could answer.

"TO LANCER AND THE HELLCATS!" was the cry that emitted from the employee lounge of The Rat, followed by the silent tapping of plastic Coca-Cola bottles.

Unable to join their teammates at Cheertown to celebrate the arrival of the new Hellcats, Savannah and Charlotte sat in the back room of the restaurant, enjoying some soda and deli sandwiches they bought on their way in to work. The Monroe sisters really wanted to get to know the new members of the team, but that would have to wait until the next day because they needed to work.

Their father, Parker, had been arrested for using his position as a city employee to steal from the City of Memphis and after being bailed out, he fled the area. He hadn't been seen since and the FBI recently told the Monroes that they were about to put pressure on Parker by giving him one of the vacant spots on their Ten Most Wanted List, which had remained empty since Osama bin Laden's death and James J. Bulger's capture. At the time of his arrest, the financial accounts of the Monroe family were frozen to ensure that they were not aiding him. As the months passed and it became apparent that Savannah, Charlotte and their mother, Layne, were not supporting Parker, the FBI loosened their restrictions and let the Monroes have some access to their money, but not complete access.

Aside from the fact that the Monroes had to work to get back the $100,000 they used from their church's Angel Fund to bail out Parker, they had other expenses. Food, clothing, gas and other essentials were needed for the three Monroe women, as well all the costs of everything that wouldn't be covered by Savannah and Charlotte's cheerleading scholarships, which were soon to be filed. Additionally, there was everything Charlotte needed for her son, John. Raising her baby as a single mother was the right choice to make, especially since the child's father, Noah Campbell, only slept with Charlotte to get closer to Savannah. Still, the financial burden of the extra mouth was putting stress on Charlotte.

On top of it all, there was no emotional support as Savannah's dreams of winning Nationals were dashed, or as Charlotte needed a shoulder to cry on when she received the news of her excommunication from the Cyclones because of her out-of-wedlock pregnancy. The Monroes felt as though Parker deserted them in their time of need.

Where he failed his family, others chipped to help the beleaguered Monroes. One such instance was Wanda. When the FBI had the Monroe's accounts frozen, Wanda stepped in and gave Savannah and Charlotte jobs waiting tables at The Rat when she was told what had happened by Marti. There were no r‚sum‚s or interviews. They just received the jobs without any questions. The only thing was Savannah and Charlotte were still being paid under the table so they could take care of themselves and their family.

Additionally, many families in the Memphis area were willing to pay Savannah in cash so she could their tutor high school cheerleader children. While the work was hard and strenuous over the summer, it certainly paid off. Though the Monroes weren't even close to paying back the church for the bail money, which was to be revoked upon Parker's arrest, they were getting closer every day and they were reminded of that every time Savannah told them, "Positive outcomes only."

Charlotte would consider making the Hellcats to be one of the best things to happen in the last year of drama. With Layne watching John on weekdays because he was not allowed to live at Cheertown, Charlotte felt ready to finally relax and celebrate with Savannah on making the Hellcats.

"You know what I feel coming, Savannah?" Charlotte asked.

"No, what?" Savannah said, feeling curious.

"I feel a win for the Hellcats at Nationals!" Charlotte predicted, which prompted the sisters to raise another toast. "Honestly, I want to win that trophy and rub in Nasty Kathy's face."

"Wow, that is the first time I ever heard you call Kathy that," Savannah said, somewhat stunned that Charlotte called out the sisters' former friend by her unfriendly nickname.

"What can I say, she was the one who got the ball rolling to get me kicked out of MemChrist," Charlotte stated. "Once I got pregnant, she took over the Cyclones and got me booted, which led to the administration showing me the door. I can't believe I was even her friend. She's psychotic."

"Yeah, tell Lewis that and you'll have enough to dirt to write a tell-all book," Savannah joked, referring to the debacle at Nationals that led to Lewis being locked in a bathroom.

"I was just wondering, does it look like the gym work is paying off?" Charlotte asked. When she had the time, she worked herself hard to get back in her pre-baby body.

"Of course, you do. And don't worry about the stretch marks, we've got some concealer for that," Savannah deadpanned.

"No kidding," Charlotte laughed before turning serious. "Look, Savannah, I just wanted to say thank you for everything that's happened this year. For taking my spot at competition that one time, helping me out during the pregnancy, getting Mom to back me, getting me out of a doomed marriage, being a shoulder to cry on when Dad ran off, helping raise John, getting me in shape, getting me on the Hellcats, it all means a lot to me. One thing I've learned through all this is that people will come and go during your life, but sisters are forever."

"I only wish that were true, Char," Savannah said distantly.

"What did you say?" Charlotte asked, having expected an entirely different response from Savannah.

"Oh, shoot, um, nothing," Savannah said. "I'm sorry, I said too much."

"No, I heard you say, 'I only wish that were true,'" Charlotte said. "What's wrong?"

"Okay, Char, this is going to be crazy," Savannah said, checking to see if Wanda was around before speaking in a low whisper. "I was walking to tryouts with Marti and Lewis and we literally ran into Deirdre."

"What?" Charlotte exclaimed quietly, her eyebrows shot up to her forehead in shock. She had been told about the latest twist in the soap opera that was the Perkins family that developed after Nationals, so to hear that Deirdre was at Lancer was a shocker. "Why was she at Lancer?"

"She's enrolled! She's a student and everything!" Savannah answered.

"Shut up!" Charlotte said.

"I can't make this stuff up if I tried," Savannah explained. "Anyways, things got heated very quickly and it would've broken down into a catfight if Lewis hadn't stepped in."

"Wow. All I can say is I wouldn't want to be Marti right now," Charlotte said, biting into her sandwich.

"Me too, but it was just awful to watch," Savannah recalled. "I know Marti says she hates Deirdre now, but if Wanda keeps drinking the way she does, Marti won't have any other family to turn to. I mean, who knows if Rex is even in Deirdre's life regularly?"

"You're right, Savannah," Charlotte pointed out. "Wanda could keel over at any given time. Thanks to Dad, we know how quickly someone can be gone from your life. And nobody to support her? I mean, sure, we can be there for her, but we're not flesh-and-blood family. That's who she would want."

"I just wish there was some way to get them together again," Savannah said off-handily as she drank her soda.

"Wait a second, I think I have something," Charlotte said. "Savannah, I have an idea to get Marti and Deirdre to talk to each other."

Gulping at the thought of Charlotte having an idea, Savannah murmured to herself, "Positive outcomes only."

The Monroe sisters spent the rest of their break finishing up their dinner while going over and, for some parts, altering Charlotte's plan to get Marti and Deirdre to get back in each other's lives. After some fine-tuning, Charlotte and Savannah had a plan set before returning to taking orders.

The rest of the Hellcats had headed back to Cheertown, giddy and drunk on the excitement of the day, but for Emily Sear, she needed to get something out of her system before she could sleep in her new dorm for the night. So as the others left The Rat, the young dirty blonde went to the bathroom, changed out of her brand new cheerleading uniform and slid into some form-fitting short-shorts and her brother's old Lancer T-shirt that he'd given to her when she got accepted to his alma mater. Then, shoving the uniform into her bag, Emily removed her elbow and knee pads, grabbed her helmet and took her skateboard to the nearest skate park, thankfully just off Lancer grounds.

This late at night, the place was deserted, which was how Emily liked it. She did her best skating alone, when no one could bitch about a girl being on the half-pipe, or critique her aerials before she even started. For the next half hour or so, Emily was in heaven, pulling all her favorite tricks in the cool night air, with no one to bother her, no one to intrude upon her peace, no one to distract her from what she loved doing.

Emily might have become a cheerleader to pay for her college education, but she was a boarder, first, foremost and always.

Then, suddenly, there was a second border in the park, some non-descript skater dude in a helmet and board shorts - no shirt covering his muscular torso. Emily didn't recognize him and he seemed to be staying on the far side of the park from her, so she paid little attention to him.

She pulled off a few more ollies before she spotted him doing a handstand off the edge of the ramp and Emily suddenly had to stop and watch.

He was good. Almost as good as she was. And that turned her on.

Emily almost never dated skater boys - they were crass, they treated her like shit, even though she was better than most of them and they usually stank like there was no tomorrow. But that didn't stop her from occasionally pulling a particularly talented one into a bathroom stall for a little fun. The way this cut skater boy was making moves about the ramp, he held potential.

And it'd been a while since Emily had gotten any.

Then he did a nasty kick flip that would've impressed some professionals and Emily's panties just about dropped. Oh yes, this boy had loads of potential.

Seducing skater boys when you're a skater girl isn't all that hard. Show a little skin, compliment them on their mad skills, even if they don't have any and offer to put out. Emily usually hated that about skater boys - skater groupies would show up, do just that, and take away any prime cuts Emily might have gone after. But there were no groupies here. In fact, there was no one at all.

There was also a severe lack of public bathrooms to use, but Emily could improvise when she needed to. She shed her Lancer t-shirt and headed over to the ramp, watching him nearly choke on a simple fakie when he saw her approaching in just her sports bra and shorts.

"Nice move, sucker," she said as he scrambled to stay on his feet. "Don't want to break that board, do you?"

"Hell no," he said, coasting to a stop in front of her.

"Better watch those fakies, then," she advised, moving to sit on the nearby bench "You keep messing them up like that, and that board'll snap in two."

"Thanks," he said, moving to sit next to her. He smiled at her, but didn't say anything else. Emily appreciated that.

"You skate here every night?"

"Nope. Not from Memphis."

"Go to Lancer?" She asked next.

"Nope. Don't like school," he said, his eyes wandering down to her chest. Emily didn't mind, her eyes weren't exactly focusing above his neck, either. Dude was ripped, more than most skaters she knew.

"You got a girlfriend?"


"Not gay, are you?"

"Hell no," he shot back, almost too quickly. Emily hadn't thought so, the way he was eyeing her up like a steak on the grill. Poor boy was practically drooling.

"So, listen, I got an itch and I think you can scratch it," Emily said.

"Okay," he said, his eyes still on her chest.

"This is a one-time thing," Emily said carefully. "And it's gotta be right here."

"Here?" He asked, looking around. "Like, on the bench?"

"Sure, why not?" Emily said, standing up and stretching a bit before moving to stand before him. "You got a problem with that?"

The guy actually looked around and Emily almost walked off right there. She didn't need some poser who acted cool, but freaked out at a girl taking charge, or doing something in public when no one was around.

But then, bless his heart - or other parts of his anatomy, anyway - the boy actually started to tent his shorts. And as Emily watched with growing interest, that tent kept getting bigger.

"Unzip, dude," Emily said flatly, kneeling before the guy. He fumbled a bit as he reached down and found his fly. A moment later, he was yanking out his impressive cock and Emily actually licked her lips in anticipation. Without another word, she dropped to her knees - still wearing her kneepads - and took the guy's cock in one hand, lovingly stroking it to its full strength.

"My my, someone's eager," Emily said, seeing the precum that was already starting to leak out of him. The guy just nodded, his eyes still darting about. Probably couldn't believe his luck. That was fine, Emily didn't care at this point. She was feeling the need for some cock and the one growing in her hand was just what the doctor ordered.

Emily wrapped her hand tightly around the guy's shaft and began stroking. The guy groaned in appreciation, leaning back against the bench. Emily had no intention of letting him get away with just a hand job, but she had to admit, sometimes, it was just fun stroking a guy's cock with her hands, watching the way his face reacted as one of the simplest forms of pleasure washed over

"You're a skater, so you should like this," Emily said. "It's called a fakie hand job." She closed her forefinger and her thumb together in a little circle just large enough to wrap around his cock, then flipped her hand over, flaring out her other fingers a bit as she stroked up and down. It wasn't much different from what she'd just been doing, she had to admit, but she liked to think it felt a bit more like fucking a woman, where the tightest part was in the beginning. The guy - she never actually bothered to learn his name - sure as hell wasn't complaining.

Still, judging by the look on his face, he wasn't all that far off. She stopped stroking and held his cock by the base, down near his balls. "All right, boy, here's the big question of the night - you got any protection on you?" Emily asked him, looking him in the eyes.


"If you answer no, then this is all you get, and you'd damn well better return the favor," Emily warned him. "But if you've got a rubber on you, we can do more." She squeezed his cock a little harder. "A lot more."

"My wallet-" he started to say, but she cut him off.

"Is it the same condom you've had in your wallet since you were 16 and never bothered to use?"

"No, it's brand new."

"Let me see," Emily said, still holding his shaft as he fumbled for his wallet. Sure enough, the condom had an expiration date still a year in the future, and didn't look damaged or anything.

"Let's get this on and get going then, shall we?" Emily tore the condom open with her teeth, and started to slowly roll it down the guy's cock. Once she was certain he was safely covered, Emily shucked her short-shorts stood up and straddled the boy.

"All right, let's see what you can do," Emily said, slowly sinking down onto him. She had to repress a moan as the cool-yet-warm sensation of the condom-covered cock filling her was exactly what she needed.

"Aaahhh," the guy moaned, her hands coming up to cup Emily's ass. She didn't stop him and rested her own arms on his shoulders to support herself as she continued to engulf him. By the time she had bottomed out on him, he was filling her insides just right, making her want to just sit there, holding him inside her for a long moment, relishing the sensation.

But he couldn't wait and Emily couldn't blame him. He started thrusting up with his hips to get her moving and the new Lancer cheerleader conceded, starting to raise and lower herself in time with his desperate thrusts.

It wasn't the easiest thing to do. She was kneeling on either side of his hips, her kneepads pressing against the back of the bench, one of them actually shoved up a few inches, leaving her legs mismatched. At the same time, her sneaker clad feet, with her short-shorts still around the
ankles, jutted out just past his knees and hung in open air, meaning she didn't have the support she would've liked as she humped this skater boy's cock. She had to rely on her hands upon his shoulders more for stabilization - last thing either one of them wanted was Emily falling off onto the pavement. But if what she was doing was in any way uncomfortable to him, he wasn't letting on.

And he was doing wonders for Emily. It had been a long time - too long - since she'd last gotten fucked and her body was reacting to this chance to scratch that particular itch rapidly. Already, she could feel herself building quickly towards release, and she sped up her humping to try and
bring about her release faster.

It was about this point that the guy took a chance and removed one hand from Emily's ass and yanked up her sports bra enough to reveal her firm young breasts, which he pawed at once before returning his grip to her ass. Emily almost told him to put his hand back on her tit - but before she could, he dropped his mouth onto one of her nipples and began sucking away.

"Mmmm, yes!" Emily moaned aloud. "Suck on my tiny titties! Use that tongue boy!"

He did, leaning further into Emily, sucking more and more of her petite frame into his mouth - but he went just a bit too far. Overbalanced, Emily fell backwards, nearly coming off his lap - only his last minute shifting of his hands from her ass to her back kept her from landing on the pavement.

"This ain't working," he said, panting a bit.

"Right," Emily said, standing up and stepping one foot out of her shorts. She moved and bent over the back of the bench. "Come on, hurry up," she said, patting her own bare ass. "I haven't got all night!"

He hurried. Nearly tripping over his dropped shorts, he scurried behind her and quickly slid himself back into her from behind, refilling her snugly.

"Ooooh, yeah," Emily said. Something about this new angle, taken from behind, felt better. It was almost as if he was hitting some particularly sensitive spot inside her that he'd been missing before. With each thrust into her, Emily felt like gasping for breath, as if his rock hard shaft was pushing it out of her, along with any remaining inhibitions she might have had left.

"Harder," she moaned. "Harder, harder, HARDER!"

He followed directions, slamming into her and hitting that spot she craved each time, driving her crazy. It was all she could do to hold on to the bench and not go flying over it, but she didn't care. She could feel relief coming, that explosion of lust and heat and wetness that she craved so much. Just a little bit more, a few more thrusts, almost-

"Don't you fucking DARE stop!" Emily cried over her should before letting herself go upon another thrust.

Orgasm shattered her body, exploding every cell of her body, turning them into pleasurable mush that collapsed her over the bench. Following her directions, he kept right on fucking her, each thrust adding another blast of pleasure to Emily's delight. She quickly lost count of how many more times he slid in and out of her before she fell off his shaft, but she didn't care - she was awash in orgasmic bliss, that itch scratched oh-so-well.

"You okay?" he asked as Emily picked herself up off the bench.

"Oh yeah," she said with a little laugh. "Nice work, boy."

"Thanks. Can I, uh, you know..." he motioned down towards his still-wrapped, still erect cock.

Emily rolled her eyes. THIS was one of the downsides to sleeping with guys - they were only concerned with their orgasms. With a snort, Emily reached down and gripped his cock hard. Finishing like she started, she jerked his rod a few times until he started gushing forth, filling the condom.

"Happy?" she asked, the tone of her voice making it clear she didn't really care.

"Fuck yeah," he said, gasping for breath. "But I was kinda hoping..." he trailed off, watching as Emily yanked her shorts back up her legs, his eyes never leaving her ass.

"Forget it. You had your chance," Emily said. "Just be thankful you got laid when you did."

"Will I see you again?" he asked, standing there with his pants around his ankles.

"Wouldn't plan on it," Emily said, grabbing her board and shirt and skating off in the direction of Lancer. One of these days, she'd learn to live without boys, but until then, she'd enjoy them when she could.

After all, what other choice did she have?

It was a good night at The Rat as far business went. There were a lot of customers and Savannah and Charlotte made more than their usual in tips. The one down side to the night was they were stuck washing dishes since Travis was in Johnson City visiting his brother for the first time since being locked up. Even then, it meant the sisters would be out before Wanda.

As Wanda was busy counting up the day's money, Savannah and Charlotte approached their boss, ready to hatch their plan.

"Hey, Wanda, could you do us a favor, please?" Charlotte said, getting the attention of the older blonde.

"Why, sure, sweetie, I'd do anything for you," Wanda responded in her thick Southern drawl. "What can I do for y'all?"

"Well, I'm moving into Cheertown tomorrow and I need help assembling my shelves," Charlotte continued. "When my dad fled, he had the toolbox in the car, so I asked Marti if you guys had anything we needed and she said yes. Problem is, neither Savannah nor I have a key to your apartment, so..."

"Say no more, Charlotte," Wanda told her, going into her make-up bag and pulling out an extra key. "I always figured I'd be giving you two a spare one day anyway, with your sister being best friends with Marti and what not. And don't worry about bringing it back, you can keep that."

"Thank you so much, Wanda. We'll have your toolbox back by the end of the week," Charlotte promised. "Have a good night."

"You, too, honey," Wanda called out as the sisters walked off. "And you, too, Savannah."

"Thanks, Wanda and the same to you," Savannah said before closing the door and turning to her sister. "Damn, I forgot Dad left with the toolbox in the car."

"He did?" Charlotte asked, looking shocked. "Wow, I thought I was just making that up. We really need to get that, too. Anyways, I don't know how much time we have before Wanda closes up, so let's go."

Charlotte and Savannah hoped into the new mother's car and made a beeline to the Perkins' apartment. Once there, they got buzzed in, walked up to the Perkins' home and got in once Charlotte unlocked the door.

"So, think she's gonna have a picture of Deirdre around?" Charlotte asked, her eyes scanning the apartment.

"Unlikely and that's putting it mildly," Savannah said, creeping over to Marti's room to be sure her friend was still at Cheertown, which, thankfully, she was.

The Monroe sisters' plan to get Marti and Deirdre talking to each other hinged on Charlotte making contact with Deirdre. Since Charlotte and Deirdre had never met, this was the best shot Savannah and Charlotte had at getting Deirdre where they wanted her without raising eyebrows.

"So let's go surfing, sis," Charlotte instructed.

"This feels so wrong, but yet so good," Savannah said as she pulled up a seat to the counter where the Perkins family laptop was. Fortunately, Wanda was the last user, so the computer was still on and didn't ask Savannah for a password.

"I think there's only one way to start and that's search for our girl," Savannah said, typing "Deirdre Perkins" into a search engine. After going through a few pages, she was stunned not to find anything. "I can't believe this! This should have been a cakewalk!"

"I can't believe she's the only girl in America not friending people or telling the world what she's doing in 140 characters!" Charlotte sighed. "There has to be something else!"

"Wait a second, there is!" Savannah realized. "Her place of employment, um, oh, CRAP! I completely forgot where Deirdre works. It has to do with music. Rain-something. It's escaping me."

At that moment, the wheels started turning in Charlotte's head. "Type in 'Wainwright's Guitar Shop.'"

"Oh, yeah, now I remember!" Savannah realized. "How'd you know that, Char?"

"I used to drive by there on the way to my prenatal checkups," Charlotte explained. "There! Is
that her?"

"Sure is!" Savannah said as Charlotte pointed to a picture on the home page of Deirdre modeling
some vintage blues guitars. "Let's print this picture and get going."

As soon as Savannah hit the "PRINT" button, the sound of the printer was heard in the family
room. Once it was finished, Savannah grabbed the sheet of paper, closed the windows on the
computer and shut the laptop close. The Monroes walked out the door, successful in their mission, ready for the next step. That was until Charlotte realized something.

"Oh, man, I forgot the toolbox!" Charlotte realized, rushing back into the apartment. After a few
minutes of looking, the oldest of the new Hellcats emerged with a black toolbox.

"Did we forget anything else?" Savannah asked.

"Nope, just lock the door and we can get back to Cheertown," Charlotte said. As soon as Savannah turned the key, the sisters were off and back in their car, heading back to Lancer, feeling confident that this would be a great success.

Marti had to endure a lot in her first year as a Hellcat. If it was a part of her body, odds were she injured it last year. She had just about everything, from bumps and bruises to twists and sprains. Parts of her body she didn't know existed earlier were in pain. In the high-risk, high-reward world of being a Lancer Hellcat, such was the price to pay.

What Marti hadn't anticipated was carrying three books down to the last room at the end of the hallway. And these were no ordinary books. Each one had to have been the size of a large-font copy of "War & Peace". By the time she had reached the car parked outside Cheertown, sweat was pouring down her brow.

"Don't... you... fucking... make me do that again!" Marti cursed as she approached one of her newer teammates.

"Sorry, but I already brought in the fridge, microwave and TV in by myself," Molly told her as she gathered some business dresses from the back seat of her car. If there was any remorse in the redhead's voice, Marti couldn't detect it. Hell, it had been the first day and she couldn't tell if Molly had any actual emotion.

"Look, why don't I just take your computer in for you?" Marti offered. "It looks nice and light."

"Okay, but while you're at it, could you grab my other textbooks from the back seat?" Molly requested.

"WHAT?!" Marti yelled. She looked into the back seat and found three more business textbooks, each as big as the others she carried. "OH BALLS! Come on, Molly, I haven't found anything in here that shows you like to have fun! No movies, CDs, MP3s, video games, nothing! What is it you do to unwind?"

"Studying," Molly simply shrugged. "I want to be able to be a powerful woman in the business world one day and I won't get there if I'm distracted."

"Alright, that certainly explains a lot," Marti murmured, trying to sound as polite as possible. "What I don't get is how that explains you're a cheerleader."

"I get to be on scholarship and build my r‚sum‚," Molly said as straight-faced as possible. "Do you know how much companies value people who participate in social activities? I mean, I don't get the intrigue of it myself, but if it helps me get ahead in the world, I'll do it."

"Haven't you ever thought of it as an opportunity to have fun?" Marti asked, trying to see if anything cheered the freshman up.

"Initially, yes, but the injuries made it hard to smile through the pain," Molly answered honestly.

"Okay, seriously, where did you go to school, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow?" Marti asked sarcastically, drawing a glare from Molly.

It wasn't like Molly actually wanted to be mean to Marti. She liked the blonde Hellcat a lot and thought she could make a good friend. It was just that over the last few months, Molly had built a thick wall around herself so she wouldn't be hurt again. She thought at times if things hadn't happened like they had over the summer, maybe she'd be a little more open to her new
teammates, but Molly still felt vulnerable. She just wished that the events of the last summer could be corrected so she wouldn't have been so icy.

"Sorry about the crack, just trying to ease the tension," Marti apologized.

"Well, okay," Molly accepted but still not changing the emotionless look on her face. "And by the way, I have heard that insult before."

"Holy shit! Forget the branch. This girl has an entire sequoia tree up her ass!" Marti thought to herself. "Maybe she needs to get laid. Too bad Dan and Lewis are taken."

"Hang on, Molly, let me grab a hold of your books," Marti said, placing her hands between the car seat and the bottom book. Lifting with her knees, the blonde got the books out of the car and placed her chin on the top.

"By the way, I do appreciate the help," Molly said, still stone-faced. "It's good to know people are here to help with anything."

She still hadn't showed any real emotion, but Marti saw it to be some progress that Molly was grateful for having some assistance. Sure, she would be sore from something other than cheerleading for the first time in a while, but Marti thought there was hope for Molly.

That was until Marti heard the sound of four plastic wheels making contact with the road. Turning around, she saw Emily coming toward them on her skateboard. The only problem was Emily was listening to her iPod and not paying attention to what was in front of her.

"EMILY, SLOW DOWN!" Marti yelled, but it was too late. Not knowing what hit her, Emily careened right to Marti and Molly, causing the three Hellcats to be wrapped into one big mass of humanity. Molly's textbooks landed nearby with loud thuds, while the redhead's business suits landed on top of the three.


That answered one question on Marti and Emily's minds: Molly was certainly capable of feeling anger when pushed hard enough. And she was certainly fuming as she marched back into Cheertown.

"You okay?" Emily asked Marti.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Marti replied. "You really need to be paying attention when you're on that thing, Em. You're lucky none of us are hurt."

"Sorry, I just lose focus sometimes," Emily said as she pulled one of Molly's dressed off her head. "I haven't seen her act like that since we met."

"I've yet to see her act like anything," Marti quipped. "Look, Emily, maybe you should just avoid talking to her until she cools down."

"Yeah, good idea," Emily agreed. "Let me get the rest of these clothes for you, Marti."

"Actually, let me handle the clothes, Em," Marti said. "You can take her books."

"Wait, you want ME to carry THOSE?" Emily said, looking at the giant books and wondering how she was even going to lift them in the first place.

"Consider it a hazing ritual," Marti retorted. "Welcome to Cheertown. Now lug something heavy!"

"What have I gotten myself into?" Miranda thought to herself as she walked into Cheertown. The transition from being home-schooled to attending a large university was beating down the young Hellcat after her first day of classes and practice.

For one, there was the fact she had navigate her way across campus was a large difference to her. Normally, when she needed to go grab a book or some supplies, Miranda would just walk down the hallway of her house. She was pretty confident she could navigate her friends' old high school, too. But college was a different animal for Miranda. Lancer had to have been about 1,500 acres of land. Between her classes and cheerleading practice, she could have been walking two, maybe even three, miles a day. The Lancer University experience seemed to be one big culture shock after another for Miranda.

At that moment, Miranda wanted nothing more than to lay her bags down on her bed and draw a cold bath to ease her aching muscles. There was nothing more she wanted than to wash away the sweat of the longest day of her life. Fortunately, the day was almost done and Miranda would be able to put the day's events behind as she prepared for tomorrow, which she was sure to be just as grueling.

As she opened the door, the longest day of Miranda's life drew even longer as she saw what was awaiting her. Ariana was lying on her bed, clad in only a pair of boy shorts, blasting blues music at full volume on her iPod. Miranda's eyes locked on the two bare breasts, so round and perfect, just resting there as Ariana laid there, bobbing her head. So much bare skin, the sight of it made Miranda's own skin flush a little before her sheltered home life began to kick in and she reacted on pure instinct.

"Oh, my, I'm so sorry! I should have knocked. I'll go now," Miranda said, quickly closing the door. Her heart rate had increased and her eyes were huge. Some things, she had not been prepared for. "Maybe I'll just put my bags on the bathroom floor," Miranda thought to herself. "I'm sure they won't get wet." As soon as Miranda began making her way to the bathroom, Ariana called out to her.

"Hey, roomie, wait up," the redhead called out, running after Miranda. The home-schooled brunette turned around and quickly averted her eyes elsewhere when she saw Ariana was still topless. Miranda started to wonder if her new roommate had any sense of dignity at all. "Something wrong?"

"Umm, no, not really," Miranda answered, obviously lying.

"Come on, Miranda, I can see something's up," Ariana said. "If we're going to be roommates and teammates, can't you at least be honest about it?"

"Well, it's just, well, you know," Miranda stammered. This was going to be harder than she thought. "It's that I didn't, um, expect to come into my room and see, oh, gosh, umm, those!"

"Those?" Ariana pondered, wondering what was on Miranda's mind before putting two and two together. "Oh, you mean my tits!"

"Yeah, exactly," Miranda quickly blurted out, still keeping her line of vision away from Ariana's almost naked body.

"Oh, come on, like you've never looked at yourself naked in the mirror and said, 'Wow, I look good!'" Ariana prodded.

"Actually, no, I haven't," Miranda responded.

"Geez, Miranda, can't you relax?" Ariana said innocently while trying to get Miranda to make at least eye contact. "Sometimes, I wonder who's more uptight, you or Molly."

"Umm, definitely, Molly. Have you ever her seen her smile?" Miranda said, still counting the paint bumps in the wall.

"True, she hasn't smiled unless she forces it," Ariana said thoughtfully before realizing she was getting off track. "Look, Miranda, you are going to be a cheerleader and showering with us. You might as well get used to seeing a naked woman now."

"No, thanks, I think I'll just stick to hiding in the shower stalls," Miranda answered quickly, trying to end this conversation as painlessly as possible. Right now, she was wondering if she needed to speak to Alice, Britney or somebody else so she wouldn't be sharing a room with an exhibitionist.

"Alright, I didn't want to do this, but you left me no choice," Ariana said.

Before she even knew what her, Miranda was grabbed by her torso as Ariana grabbed a hold of her and moved from Miranda's front to her back, tickling her roommate's rib cage.

"Oh my God, Ariana, what are you doing?" Miranda asked, trying to control her laughter. She knew she was screwed. Right from the get-go, Ariana found where she was the most ticklish. Even worse, the redhead had her chest pressed to Miranda's back.

"I'm going to get you to look at me, that's what I'm doing," Ariana said, continuing the laughter-induced assault.

"Cut... it... out!" Miranda yelled in between fits of laughter. She was trying desperately to escape the vice grip she was in, not because she was trying to avoid looking at Ariana's body, but because she felt a little awkward feeling her teammate's bare chest against her back. Miranda felt as though it felt good for some bizarre reason. This wasn't something she had felt before.

Before Miranda could think things any further, Ariana swung her hips to the side and turned her body, taking the small brunette down with the redhead on top. Ariana quickly grabbed both of Miranda's wrists to pin her roommate down, giving Miranda a view from below of Ariana's body.

Both girls were breathing heavily, but Ariana taking in the sweet smell of victory, knowing Miranda couldn't look at anything else. The only choice Miranda had right now was look at her roommate's body. What she saw were a small but perky set of tits and some killer washboard abs.

"Wow, your body does look great," Miranda said as Ariana kept her pinned.

"Thank you," Ariana said sweetly. She would have said more if she hadn't noticed that they
weren't alone in the hallway.

"Umm, I'll let you two have your privacy," Molly said, shocked at what she had encountered. "I need to go change the batteries on my, um, toaster anyways. Yeaaah."

As Molly walked back into her room, Ariana and Miranda broke out into a hysterical fit of laughter. They'd explain what was really going on to Molly later, but right now, they just wanted to live in this rather humorous moment.

"Wow, that's going to be difficult to explain," Ariana said, still laughing. "She's not going to believe us, is she?"

"Maybe sometime soon, but not right now," Miranda tried to say as she also attempted to catch her breath. "Sorry about being so rigid earlier, Ariana. It's just that I hadn't been around a topless woman before."

"Apology accepted," Ariana said kindly. "Look, Miranda, this is just who I am. I'm not trying to prove a point or anything to you by doing this. But you really have got to get used to seeing us like this, especially in the locker room."

"I can deal with that as long as you do something for me," Miranda said.

"Name it and I'll do it," Ariana responded.

"If I have company over here, you will wear clothes, right?" Miranda asked.

"I can make that work," Ariana agreed. "So, how about we take your stuff back to your room?"

"That sounds good to me," Miranda complied. "By the way, how'd you learn those moves?"

"Simple, I grew up with three older brothers," Ariana said with a smile. "You have to learn how to fend for yourself when you lived the way I did."

As the brunette grabbed her backpack and the redhead took the gym bag, Miranda wondered why she felt so strange looking at Ariana's body. She tried to shake it off as nothing, but she just couldn't do it. She wasn't uncomfortable anymore. It was just that Miranda didn't know what it was about Ariana's bare skin that was making her feel this way. Finally, Miranda decided she'd worry about that later. Right now, that cold bath was sounding more and more like a good idea.

Business was good at Wainwright's Guitar Shop. The store was always full of promising new musicians looking for the right instruments and sheet music. That was the thing about living in Memphis. It's an overflowing oasis of musical talent.

So as closing time approached, Deirdre Perkins was taking inventory of the day's sales and smiled when she saw that Pops, which was her affectionate nickname for the store's owner, had actually managed to sell some of their old Gibson guitars before they went on clearance. "Damn, Pops, you still know how to turn on the charm," Deirdre whispered to herself with a smile.

As she was checking to see how many drum cymbals they managed to sell, the familiar sound of the store's front door bells rang and since there hadn't had any customers in the last five minutes, it had to have meant somebody came in. Begrudgingly, Deirdre took her eyes off her current task and went to the front of the store.

When she turned around, Deirdre saw that she was being approached by a younger looking woman with messy light brown hair. She was definitely shorter than Deirdre, but what she lacked in height, she more than made up for in energy. Just looking at her, Deirdre could tell this woman was radiating nothing but confidence.

"Can I help you?" Deirdre asked.

"Yeah, I was told you guys do electronics installation," the woman said. "I was wondering if I could get somebody to help set up my stereo system."

"You came to the right place," Deirdre said. "That's one of my specialties. And it's affordable. We only charge $25 an hour plus a $5 upfront deposit for us to come out."

"Terrific!" the small woman exclaimed, reaching into her purse and pulling out a $5 bill. "That's right within my price range and I could use all the help I can get."

"Well, we do aim to please our customers the best we can," Deirdre commented. "So, can I get your name so I can put it in our records?"

"Sure. My name's Charlotte Monroe."

Hearing the name Monroe made Deirdre freeze up for a moment as she typed. "Monroe, Monroe, Monroe. Where have I heard that name before?" Deirdre thought to herself. Suddenly, it came crashing down on her. Hard. Monroe was the last name of Marti's friend, Savannah, which meant Charlotte was probably Savannah's sister or cousin or something. And Savannah was there yesterday when Deirdre and Marti were exchanging words. The bugged-eyed look in Deirdre's eyes communicated her thoughts exactly as, "OH SHIT!"

"Are you okay?" Charlotte asked as she tried to get Deirdre back down to Earth.

"Oh, umm, yeah, sorry," Deirdre apologized as she snapped back to reality. "Alright, Charlotte Monroe. Great. So, what address will I be at?"

"Well, my building doesn't have an address, but you can't miss it," Charlotte answered. "It's this place on the Lancer campus known as Barr House, though often, it will have a banner over the sign that says 'Cheertown'."

"OH FUCK! I'M SCREWED!" Deirdre thought to herself. If Charlotte was living at Cheertown, not only could she be related to Savannah, but a teammate of Marti's. The blonde's blue eyes once again widened with concern. "How am I going to do this without running to Marti, Savannah or what's-his-face from yesterday, um, Lewis? How can I avoid them without costing Pops a sale?" Deirdre kept thinking. "Wait, I got it!"

"Listen, Charlotte, we usually provide next-day service," Deirdre explained, trying to buy some time for her. "It gives us enough time to run a credit check and all that. And I'm the only employee working here tomorrow except for the owner and he's pretty old, so I don't want to leave him alone, if you understand where I'm going with this."

"I get what you're saying," Charlotte confirmed.

"Great, so if I can swing by after we close tomorrow, say, 6, would that be alright with you?" Deirdre asked.

"That sounds terrific," Charlotte said happily. "I'll just be getting out of class, so that works perfectly with my schedule."

In actuality, Charlotte's schedule for tomorrow was clear except for practice. If what Savannah had shared with Charlotte concerning Marti's class schedule held up, the eldest Perkins sister would be locking up her bike at Cheertown about 15 minutes after Deirdre arrived.

"Okay, then, it looks like we have a deal," Deirdre said, trying to hide the worry she felt spread through her body. "Can I just get a home address for the bill and the credit check? Oh, also, how many hours do you think this will take?"

"One at the most," Charlotte said. Of course, what she and Savannah had planned would probably take much longer than that. "And my address is 562 Navy Rd, Millington, 38053."

"Okay, I just need your credit card," Deirdre said. Charlotte handed Deirdre her American Express and Deirdre punched some numbers on the cash register and swiped the card, then proceeded to give Charlotte her card and a pair of receipts. After Charlotte signed one of the receipts for the store, she handed it back to Deirdre and the sale was complete.

"Alright, Charlotte, that should be everything I need," Deirdre said as she was biting the inside of her mouth underneath her lower lip in stress, all the while trying to conceal it from Charlotte. "I will see you tomorrow night at 6. Anything else I can help you with?"

"No, I'm good," Charlotte said. "You've been a great help, though, so thank you very much. And I look forward to seeing you tomorrow."

"Me, too," Deirdre lied, all the while gritting her teeth. "Have a nice day!"

"I will and you too!" Charlotte said as she left Wainwright's.

Heading back outside, Charlotte walked past a few businesses before turning the corner at the nearest intersection. As soon as she saw Deirdre hadn't followed her, Charlotte pulled out a cell phone and started texting Savannah that things were right on track.

"Vanna, Phase 2 of Op. Sister Trap is done. We spring it 2morrow nite at 6."

"All right, Hellcats! First practice! We have to get ready for Qualifiers and we have to get ready NOW! Marti, Savannah, hit your marks, let's show the new girls how it's done! Lewis, move it, summer break is OVER! Ariana, turn back around and go back to the locker room and come back when you're wearing your panties - no full moon in Memphis tonight, thank you!"

"Whoops," Ariana said, actually grabbing her skirt-covered butt and running back towards the locker room, no shame on her face at all. Two of the new male bases, Tom and Jason, traded sour looks at the news they wouldn't be getting a free show, but no one else so much as batted an eye. Molly and Miranda moved to get out of the way of the scurrying Ariana, Molly almost tripping over her fellow redhead in the process.

Britney Allen sighed. There were a LOT of green kids in this crowd. Still, she'd worked with worse. Of course, she'd had help when working with worse.

"Has anyone seen Alice yet?" she called out, looking around the gym.

"Right behind you, boss lady," Alice said, sliding up next to Britney. "You catch Ariana's bare ass before she started jumping around?"

"Yes - how'd you know about that?"

"Saw her leave the locker room with her panties still on the bench," Alice said. "And her spankies."

"And you didn't stop her?"

"She was already gone," Alice said in a tone that made Britney suspect Alice wasn't entirely telling the truth.

"All right, can you run the veterans through some drills?" Britney asked. "I wanna get the newbies into some formations and see how fast they can pick up some stuff."

"Like each other?" Alice asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"For starters," Britney grumbled. She left Alice behind and moved to gather the new kids around. "Rookies, front and center! Let's see if we can do a simple formation. Charlotte, since you're the most experienced, we'll have to as our flyer on this."

"Okay," Charlotte said, nodding, her hands held protectively over her exposed stomach.

"Jason, Tom, on either side of Charlotte, please, you're going to be our bases." The two boys moved to stand on either side of Charlotte, which made her blush a bit. Britney didn't know why, she'd already given birth, so she'd been close to boys before.

"Miranda, come in front here and face Charlotte, you're going to be our front spot, your job is to keep Charlotte from tumbling forward.

"Uh, okay," Miranda said, clearly not confident about what she was doing yet.

"Molly, why don't you be the back spot?" Britney suggested, feeling confident that Molly, at least, had enough cheerleading experience to know a little of what she was doing. Still, just to be sure, Britney moved in a few feet behind Miranda, just in case.

"Okay, we're going to do a basic prep, boys and girls, so all we're looking for is getting Charlotte up in the air, both feet held by the bases. This SHOULD take a count of eight. On two you should all be down making a basket, except the back support, who'll be waiting. On four all three of you in the front should have your hands down in the middle and Charlotte will be stepping into your hands with her stronger foot - right foot Charlotte?" Britney asked.

"Right foot," Charlotte confirmed.

"Right, so on four her right foot should be in the little basket you guys will make with your hands. On six she should be loading her weight in and pulling her left foot in and by eight she should be held up in the hands of the two main side bases. Everyone got that?"

"Yes," everyone answered.

"Okay, let's try this once slowly. One-two everyone set, three-four Charlotte steps into the basket, five-six her second foot is in the basket, seven-eight she's held up." As she spoke, the new Hellcats followed along, slowly going through in time with Britney's count. As expected, Charlotte was perfect, her poise and balance all textbook ready. The rest of the crew, on the other hand...

The first try going slow, Jason mishandled Charlotte's left foot and she never got lifted. On the second try, Tom lifted too fast, dumping Charlotte back where Molly had to catch her. Third try sent Charlotte spilling forward, and Britney had to rush forward to catch her when Miranda didn't look like she was going to be able to stop her fall. The fourth try was even worse, as she tumbled to her left, taking Jason down with her, both of them landing hard, Charlotte straddling his head.

It wasn't until the ninth try that they pulled it off, getting Charlotte in the air on steady hands. Britney whooped in delight and the more senior Hellcats gave some mock applause as they went through basket tosses and Scorpion lifts.

Britney had the new crew go through the process several more times before moving on.

"Okay, let's do a basket toss. Charlotte, you want to take a shot at really flying with the new crew?"

Charlotte nodded her head. "Yeah, I want to fly again," she said with a smile. "Been wanting to fly all summer long."

"Then let's do it," Britney said with a smile.

While Britney was running the new girls through their drills - they weren't doing as badly as expected - Alice was hard at work drilling the veteran Hellcats back into competition shape. Or at least, she should've been, if her eyes didn't keep wandering over to the new girls, her eyes locking on one of them in particular.

"How was that?"

"Fine," Alice said to whoever was speaking, her eyes locked on Miranda Summer's ass. It was her turn to be lifted up and their pyramid was angled just right so that Alice could look up Miranda's skirt and see the shapely behind.

"Fine? Marti missed two steps, Lewis nearly dropped her during the lib and you haven't been watching us at all."

"What?" Alice said. She turned to face Savannah - no surprise it was her yakking - and was surprised to find the whole half-squad glaring at her.

"Listen, Alice, I know you've got concerns about Britney, but she's doing a fine job over there. We need our captain to focus on us right now," Savannah said, incorrectly guessing Alice's motivation for watching the new girls like a hawk. "We need to be competition ready in less than a week if we're going to kick butt at Qualifiers."

"That's ignoring the fact that we've been practicing for Qualifiers for half the summer," Marti quipped.

"Not helping, Marti," Savannah shot back over her shoulder.

"Right, sorry," Alice said, shaking her head. She glanced over at the new girls again. Miranda was on the ground and was bending over, tying her shoelaces. Her butt was jutting out perfectly from beneath her skirt, her spankies hugging every curve perfectly, just like how Kelsey's ass had been so perfectly smooth and-

Suddenly, Alice realized she was getting wet. All she could think about was what she'd done with Kelsey and doing all those same things with Miranda. Her nipples were getting hard and her pulse was starting to race. She glanced around, as if hoping Kelsey would appear by magic, ready and willing to fuck, but the reporter was nowhere to be seen. And even though she wanted to do all those nasty, naughty things to Miranda, she had no idea if Miranda would want to do any of that stuff with her, especially right now, in the middle of a practice.

That left her with two choices. One was to run off to her room and the very lovely vibrator she had not-so-secretly stashed in her bedside stand and the other was to grab Lewis and have her way with him.

With him.

Alice was still trying to get used to the fact that she'd bedded a woman and was daydreaming about bedding another. Maybe what she needed now was a palette cleanser, a shot of good, hard, stiff cock to break her out of this lesbian funk.

"Savannah, take over for me for a bit," Alice said, grabbing Lewis by the arm. "I need to touch base with our lead base," she added, dragging Lewis away, completely aware of how silly she sounded.

"How can I take over if you're stealing Lewis?" Savannah asked. "We can't do half our routine without him!"

"Then do the other half!" Alice shot back, yanking Lewis around the corner and leaving the other Hellcats behind in confused.

Miranda Summer had never done any cheerleading before today, but she was rapidly finding she loved it. The best part was flying. Being thrown into the air, spinning her body as best she could, only to be caught be several people, all of them more than a little attractive - it was like something out of her most private of dreams. And when Miranda considered the Hellcats uniform was skimpier than anything she'd ever worn before, it really was like those private dreams.

"Okay, good work everyone!" Britney said smiling. "You've all come a long way in just a short time. I KNOW we can make Hellcats out of all of you. Take five and we'll try doing some stuff with the full team."

"Yay!" Ariana said, smiling at Miranda and Molly.

"Miranda, are you sure you've never cheered before?" Molly asked. "You're nailing some of these moves faster than anyone I've ever seen."

"Never," Miranda said. "But I've got this trick where if I see a move and can practice it a few times, I'm pretty good at memorizing it. It's not quite photographic memory and it doesn't help at all with words or names or faces, but actions and movements? Yeah, doesn't take me long."

"Are you as good with dance moves?"

"I learned how to 'Dougie' after watching the video only once, does that count?" Miranda asked.

"No," Molly said with a laugh. "But it's a good sign."

"Hey, guys, do you want a Gatorade out of the vending machine?" Ariana said, popping up between Miranda and Molly.

"Sure, let me grab my money," Molly said.

"Oh, shoot," Miranda said. "I don't have any cash right now."

"No problem, roomie. I'll spot you," Ariana said. "You can pay me whenever."

"Really?" Miranda asked, surprised.

"Sure. We're teammates and roommates. We gotta back each other up, you know? I'll totally cover you."

"Wow, thanks," Miranda said. She couldn't quite believe Ariana was doing this, but wasn't going to complain.

"Be right back," Ariana said, spinning around with a little jump in her step, making the skirt of her uniform flare up enough to show her butt making quite a meal out of her spankies.

Miranda wasn't sure what made her feel more unusual - the sight of Ariana's tight little tushy devouring her panties, or the fact that Ariana would already do stuff for Miranda. How far, the young freshman wondered, would Ariana really go?

"Alice, what's going on?" Lewis asked as Alice dragged him into her dorm room.

"What's going on is that I'm feeling frisky," she said, shucking her Hellcats top and exposing her breasts to her boyfriend.

"Now? During practice?" Lewis asked as Alice continued to shed her uniform, her skirt hitting the floor, leaving her clad it just her spankies and thong she had on underneath.

"C'mon, I can see you tenting your pants," Alice said, reaching down to step out of her spankies. "Get Mr. Happy out and let's play."

"I don't know, Alice," Lewis hemmed. "Everyone's going to be expecting us back soon."

"Lewis, I'll let you fuck my ass," Alice said.

"Like, right now?" Lewis said, surprised. Lewis wasn't much of an ass man, but Alice had always been dead-set against it, having had some less-than-pleasant experiences with it in the past. Lewis didn't need to ram his cock up Alice's backside, but he had to admit, he enjoyed fucking a girl's ass every now and then. And the last girl's ass he'd fucked, Nasty Kathy's, had been so tight, Lewis had been left craving a shot at another rear end. And here was Alice, just offering...

Alice turned around and bent over, pointing her thong-clad ass towards Lewis. "Well?" she asked.

"I'm so going to regret this," Lewis muttered as he shed his pants and moved towards Alice.

"Okay, where are Alice and Lewis?" Britney asked, watching the shorthanded Hellcats run through one of their more basic routines without their captain and lead base. They'd been gone a while now and Britney really wanted to run some full-team drills.

"Knowing Alice? Getting into trouble," Marti said with a slight smirk on her face.

Britney didn't like the sound of that. "Miranda? Can you go see what's keeping them?"

"Sure, Coach," Miranda said, hurrying off to go find the missing Hellcats. "Marti," Britney said, motioning the blonde over to her. As Marti approached, Britney realized just how tall she was for a flier. If she wasn't so good at it, Britney might have thought about replacing her and using her as a more solid support leg for someone shorter, like Savannah.

"What's up?" Marti asked.

"You tell me," Britney said. "Is there something I should know about Alice and Lewis?"

"Other than the fact that they're dating? Or that Alice can be a bit underhanded?"

"Dating? Damn it, is it serious?"

"With Alice, who can tell?" Marti asked. "But Lewis must think there's something there. He's a good guy."

"You sound like you know that from experience," Britney said sourly.

"Yeah, Lewis and I dated briefly last year. What of it?"

"Is there a LOT of dating in the squad?" Britney asked, surprised. Her team at UCLA had a strict no-dating policy among the squad.

"Well, yeah, some. We're kind of an incestuous bunch, as my mother would say," Marti replied. "Something wrong with that?"

"Has it affected the team?"

"I don't think so. I mean, it's kinda bound to happen, doesn't it? You put a bunch of horny college kids into a coed dorm, make them spend all sorts of time together - it's basic biology. They're going to start hooking up."

"And you don't see a problem with that?"

"You do?" Marti asked, surprised.

"Well, yeah. What happens when Lewis and Alice break up? Or, say Tom and Ariana start dating, but Tom's assigned to be Molly's base and Ariana gets jealous? Don't these personal relationships get in the way?"

"I don't know, Lewis and I dated, like I said and he's been my base the whole time. I've never felt like he wasn't going to be there for me. He's my rock when I'm in the air and he'll always catch me. Only person on this team I trust more than Lewis is Savannah."

"But does everyone feel that way about their partners?"

"I don't know, but if you're thinking of making some sort of rule where Hellcats can't date each other, you're only going to make things worse. You won't stop anyone from sleeping with each other, you'll just make them have to sneak around and do it behind your back and that WILL eventually cause problems."

Marti went back to her stretching, leaving Britney behind to consider what the tall blonde had said.

Miranda Summer didn't consider herself a prude. Just because she was home-schooled didn't mean she did have a teenager's natural curiosity towards sex and its various elements. She'd had sex - just once and it wasn't very good, but according to the Internet, no one's first time was good. So she hadn't done it much since and she'd been fine with that.

But this was college and Miranda had every intention of having sex while she was here. Sex was part of the college experience and Miranda fully planed on experiencing it. She just had to find the right guy yet. Or any guys, really. Outside of the boys on the team, she hadn't really met any other boys, so it's not like her options had been that great so far. In fact, if you counted Ariana, she'd seen more naked girls than boys since she'd gotten to Lancer.

Miranda frowned at that thought as she entered the dorm area of Cheertown. She could remember quite a bit about Ariana's half-naked body and she hadn't really looked at it that long. Still, the swell of Ariana's breasts, the glistening of her pale skin, the hardness of her nipples - they were all still quite fresh in Miranda's mind a full day after she'd seen them. She couldn't remember what the guy who'd taken her virginity's penis looked like, but she could remember half-seen breasts of her roommate. How weird was that?

"Gah, harder!"

Alice's voice echoed down the hallway and the tone made Miranda freeze. Miranda didn't know much about Alice Vedura yet, but she knew when she was angry - and Alice was clearly mad about SOMETHING.

"I can't go much harder," Lewis' voice shot back, clearly out of breath. "God, what's up with you today?!"

"Just fuckin' fuck me, Lewis. I need to cum so bad!" Alice screamed aloud.

Miranda's jaw dropped as she rounded the corner into Alice's dormroom and was confronted by the sight of Alice and Lewis, both stark naked, going at it like a couple of dogs in heat.

Lewis was flat on his back on the bed, thrusting up into Alice as hard as he could, while Alice sat atop his hips, pushing down in time to his every thrust, her arms stretched out before her to rest on Lewis' shoulders, her shapely tits bouncing up and down with her vigorous movements. Miranda's eyes were rapt to the scene, unable to pull away from the sight of the two exceedingly gorgeous naked people on the bed. Alice's hair was flying about her like a dark corona, whipping back and forth as she feverishly tried to bring herself to orgasm.

"Alice, I'm gonna-" Lewis started to say, a warning tone in her voice.

"Don't you dare, Lewis Flynn!" Alice screamed at him. "Don't you-!"

"GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Lewis' face scrunched up and he completely stopped moving, save for some tiny little thrusts of his hips up into Alice. Miranda watched, amazed. She'd only seen one boy climax before in real life and he'd looked completely different from Lewis. Of course, that boy had been atop Miranda and his head had been lying next to hers, face down in the pillow as he emptied his seed into her, so she didn't have that much to go on, but somehow, Lewis' orgasm seemed far more powerful.

But not nearly as powerful as Alice's rage.

"FUCK!" She screamed, slamming her fists down on either side of Lewis' head. "Fuck, fuck, FUCK! Can you go again?"

"Again?" Lewis asked, his voice a bit dazed. "You know I'm no good for at least an hour."

"God damn it," Alice said, slowly lifting herself off Lewis' big, black cock. "DAMN IT!"

"What is your problem?" Lewis asked, looking at Alice like she'd grown a second head.

"I couldn't cum, that's what's wrong!" she snarled. "God damn it, Lewis, I need a release something bad and you didn't fucking do it!"

"Hey, I did my best. We never even got to the ass-fucking-"

"Well we aren't now, are we?" Alice snapped at him. "You and your god-damned hair trigger."

"Hair trigger?!" Lewis said, sitting up. "We fucked for twenty minutes, Alice-" he stopped, his eyes going wide. Miranda's went wide too, because he was suddenly looking RIGHT at her.

"Uh, hey guys," she said meekly, waving slightly. "Britney would, ah, would really like to have you back at practice."

With that, Miranda spun around and started to walk back towards the gym as fast as she could without looking like she was running. She wanted to run. She didn't want Lewis or worse, Alice coming after her, considering how upset they both were. Maybe they'd think she just barely got there and she hadn't-


Alice's voice stopped Miranda in her tracks, and the freshman cursed to herself. Slowly she turned around, and wasn't all that surprised to see Alice marching towards her, buck naked.

"What did you hear?" Alice demanded, stopping right in front of Miranda, close enough that Miranda could easily pick up the smells of sweat and sex on her body. For an angry woman about to murder a young cheerleader, Alice was gorgeous. Miranda had to fight to keep her eyes locked on Alice's face and not dropping them down to gawk openly at the cheer captain's perfect figure.

"N-n-nothing?" Miranda answered, caught between wanting to be anywhere else and wanting to look, just once, at Alice's nude form.

"I don't believe you," Alice said flatly.

"Alice?" Lewis' voice drifted down the hallway, but neither girl bothered to turn towards him.

"I'm handling this!" Alice said flatly. "Well, what did you hear?"

"Nothing I'll ever tell anyone?" Miranda tried.

That made Alice pause. She seemed to actively reconsider Miranda for a long moment. "Good answer," Alice said finally. "I see you understand how the game is played."

"I-I do?" Miranda asked.

"You know that if you keep your mouth shut, I'll do something for you," Alice said, slowly starting to walk around Miranda; for half a second, Miranda thought Alice was licking her lips as she moved out-of-sight, but that couldn't be, could it? "So now you've got dirt on me, what's it going to cost me to keep your mouth shut about my little... personal difficulties with Lewis?"

"What do I want?" Miranda asked. "Like, what?"

"Like anything," Alice said, coming around Miranda's other side, still naked, still sweaty, still gorgeous, but now with an evil smile upon her face. "I'm cheer captain and I've got a lot of sway on the team. For that matter, I'm rather popular here on campus and I can get it for you."

"Like what?" Miranda asked again, intrigued.

"You want my word you'll make the starting team for the Hellcats? You've got it. You want the attention of some of the football players? Give me a day or two and I'll have half the team drooling over you. Want a better roommate? I can make that happen, too."

"Can - can I be a flier?" Miranda asked. "A starting flier?"

Alice stopped and chewed her bottom lip. The Hellcats featured four starting fliers and with her, Marti and Savannah as veterans, there was really only one open spot, and that had been seemingly locked for Charlotte, who had more experience than all the other new recruits combined. But Miranda had enjoyed her few turns up in the air and really, who wanted to be a cheerleader who spent all her time on the ground? The fliers were the ones everyone watched and that's what Miranda wanted.

"It doesn't have to be for Qualifiers," Miranda added quickly, sensing Alice's hesitation. "But by Regionals, if we make it, I'd like to be one of the girls in the air."

"And you won't tell ANYONE what you heard?"

"I promise," Miranda said carefully. "You make me a starting flier by Regionals and I'll forget I ever saw you and Lewis in bed together, let alone that he couldn't-"

"DON'T SAY IT!" Alice shouted, making Miranda jump. "Sorry," she added quickly. Clearly, this really bothered Alice. "Just never speak of it again, okay?"

"Okay," Miranda said. "I'll go tell Britney you and Lewis will be right there."

"Thanks," Alice said, turning to head back to her room and giving Miranda one long, glorious look at her naked ass, the sight of which made Miranda's heart skip a beat. Alice reached the door to her room and went inside, then popped her head out almost immediately.

"Miranda?" she asked.


"Thank you," Alice said, seemingly meaning it. "You're... you're... just, thank you. We'll talk later, okay?"

"O-okay," Miranda said, and then Alice was out of sight and Miranda headed back towards the gym, unsure what thrilled her more - the fact that she was going to be a freshman starting flier for the Hellcats, or the mental image of Alice's naked ass.

An hour later and the Hellcats 2011-2012 squad was powering through its first full official practice. It had gone better than Britney Allen had thought it might, but not as well as she thought it could have. The veterans, with the possible exceptions of Alice and Lewis, hadn't lost a step and Charlotte remained the star cheerleader she'd been at Memphis Christian, but the new kids were all very green. They were learning fast - especially Miranda, Emily, Ariana and Molly, but they had a long way to go to be truly competition worthy and nowhere near enough time to make that happen.

"All right, girls and boys, good effort today!" Britney called out as Miranda Summer touched down from her last liberty stand - Alice was pushing for Miranda to become a flier all of a sudden, which seemed odd - the Hellcats were overloaded with fliers and needed more support - something Miranda was already proving adept at. Still, Britney was letting Alice make that call, figuring the team captain might know something the brand new coach didn't. She certainly had known things when she'd been team captain at UCLA that her coach had never heard about. "Everyone take five and we'll go over some tumbling drills, then hit the choreography, okay?"

The Hellcats started to mill about, chatting among themselves while Britney wrote down some notes on her clipboard. As she did so, she kept a wary eye on Alice and Lewis, who despite having disappeared together earlier, now looked like they were barely talking.

Britney was just thinking about calling Alice over for a talk when Savannah Monroe popped up next to her, eternally perky and eternally helpful. Britney wasn't sure she liked that all that much, especially since Savannah and her "Positive Outcomes" had been the source of about a third of the team's problems last year, according to everything Britney had heard.

"Something on your mind, Miss Monroe?" Britney asked with a warm smile as the little brunette approached.

"I know I'm no longer cheer captain, but I saw a couple of things that would help the team next session."

"Sounds like someone might be regretting her decision to give up the captain's position," Britney said with a sly wink.

"No!" Savannah said. "I mean, maybe a little, but Alice deserves it and I'm so busy and Charlotte needs help with the baby and-"

"And I was joking, Savannah," Britney said, cutting Savannah off before she could ramble on too long. "Listen, I'd love to hear your ideas, but I gotta get my notes down, then go over the tumbling and look up our choreography. And after all that, I've got a meeting with Dean Laverne, the athletics director, at 4."

"At 4?" Savannah said. "But it's 3:30 now."

"Ah, damn it!" Britney said, checking her phone out of habit - Savannah was right, it was 3:32. "I gotta shower and change. I'll chat with you later, Savannah, I promise!"

"Okay!" Savannah said, watching Britney run off. "Let me know!"

"Where's she off to?" Alice asked, approaching Savannah as Britney ran out.

"Meeting with Dean Laverne," Savannah said, turning around to look at the other cheerleaders. "Alright, Hellcats!" Savannah yelled. "Tumbling routines! Let's take it from the top!"

"Excuse me, but didn't you relinquish the spot of captain to me?!" Alice asked with a hint of anger.

"Sorry, old habits," Savannah said sheepishly.

"That better be all it is," Alice said, giving Savannah a sour look. "Alright, Hellcats!" Alice yelled. "Tumbling routines! Let's take it from the top!"

Sitting in his office and looking over some papers, Dean Brian Laverne heard somebody knocking on his door. He knew who it was. He had this meeting booked for quite some time. "Come on in, the door's unlocked," Laverne responded.

The door swung open and into the office walked Britney. She had come in a grey business jacket and a long skirt with a black blouse. It was obvious from her heavy breathing that the new Hellcats coach came to the appointment in a hurry.

"Britney, why are you so out of breath?" Laverne asked.

"I'm sorry, Dean Laverne, but when I was practicing with the Hellcats and I lost track of time, so I had to get showered and then put on something nice and..." Britney rambled on.

"Rope it in, Britney," Laverne tried to calm his newest hire down. "I don't want the Hellcats coach to drop dead before Qualifiers. We're past the interview phase of getting to know each other, so the next time I summon you to my office, just come dressed as you are, provided you won't get arrested for indecent exposure. And finally, you can just call me Brian. Only the students call me Dean Laverne."

"Yes, Dean Laverne, I mean, Brian," Britney said.

Laverne proceeded to step away from his chair and approached the young blonde, "Do you know why I hired you, Britney? It's because you're young enough to relate to these girls and you struck me as fearless. Now, I'm not asking this as an excuse to fire you, but I want to know if you've ever been afraid for your life."

It didn't take much thinking on Britney's part, as she quickly answered, "Yes, Brian. When my family was forced to relocate, I had to change schools and adapt to a whole new environment. I went from the luxurious world of Pacific Vista to Crenshaw Heights. That is one of the worst areas of Los Angeles to live in. Have you ever seen 'Boyz n the Hood', Brian?"

"Yes, I did, when it was first released and I loved it," Laverne answered.

"That's what I lived through, but it was the high school version. At least that was what my first days there were like," Britney continued. "I was one of only a handful of white students. Once I got on the cheerleading team, though, it really smoothed over any tension we had. We built some strong friendships and I still keep in touch with most of the CHHS team and we got the school some exposure. I mean, we appeared in a music video for Rihanna! That says something. Once I was friends with the cheerleaders at Crenshaw Heights, I didn't fear for my life once after that. Well, except for that one time we performed at a road game in Compton, but I really don't want to discuss that."

"I see," Laverne commented. "So when you saw the opportunity to coach here at Lancer, did you realize the prestige and glory that comes with being a part of the Lancer Hellcats?"

"I did my research, Brian," Britney answered confidently. "You guys have represented West Tennessee in more Regionals competitions than any other school. Lancer has numerous Regionals titles and even a few Nationals victories. When I saw that the job was open, I wanted it badly. I wasn't afraid to take this chance."

"I'm glad you feel that way, Britney," Laverne said. "Your confidence is amazing. I like that about you. However, I do need to inform you of some bad news."

"What kind of bad news?" Britney said, feeling a little nervous.

"You see, in recent years, the Hellcats haven't been receiving sufficient funding from boosters, sponsors, alumni and other donors," Laverne explained. "Now, Lancer can fund the program for this season, but beyond that, there's no telling. The only way we can keep the Hellcats afloat is for the team to place at Nationals. And I'm sorry to put that pressure on you because you just arrived here, but that's how college athletic programs work."

"No offense, Dean Laverne, I mean Brian, but that is a hell of lot of pressure," Britney said. "I just came here from being a college cheerleader myself to being the head coach of a Division I program. It worries me that if this program closes after my first year on the job, I may not get another opportunity to coach elsewhere. And what about all the cheerleaders? What do I tell them, that if we don't place, their scholarships and likely their chances of going to school are finished?"

"That's exactly what I would do, tell them the truth," Laverne said as he moved to the front of his desk and sat down face-to-face with Britney. "It will motivate these girls to push their hardest. I know this is a lot for you to take in, but we've seen the film of you at UCLA, Britney. We know you can guide the Hellcats to Nationals. As long as you don't slip and fall like your predecessor did, you'll do fine."

"Okay, I guess that makes me feel a little better," Britney said. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still nervous, but I do see what you're saying."

"That's great, Britney," Laverne said with a smile. "Now, remember, if you need any help, you can come to me, understood?"

"Yes, Dean Laverne, I mean Brian, I understand," Britney answered.

"Great, I'm glad we could have this conversation. Good luck this year," Laverne said as he stood up and extended his hand.

"Thank you and I'm glad I could speak with you, too," Britney said, standing up and shaking her boss' hand. "I'll see you again sometime."

"I look forward to it," Laverne said.

As Britney turned around and walked out the door, she didn't notice the sly smile that had begun to stretch across Dean Laverne's face.

"OH, GIVE ME A BREAK!" Charlotte screamed from the bathroom as, once again, the scale proved to be the most hated thing to ever exist. "HOW COME I CAN'T LOSE SIX SIMPLE POUNDS?!"

"Well, maybe there's an explanation to all this," Savannah said, trying to think of the best possible outcome. "Maybe the baby weight has been neutralized by the muscle you've gained since you started working out."

"Savannah, are you just trying to be nice because you're my sister?" Charlotte said with doubt in her voice. "I still feel like I've given birth to a wild boar!"

"Come on, Charlotte, you look like you're in great health," Savannah said as she leapt off the bathroom counter. "Maybe it's just all the milk that's stored up inside you."

"I'm sorry, what are you trying to get at?" Charlotte said as she put her hands on her hips.

"What I'm saying is that you only see John a few times a week at least and since you prefer to breastfeed him, maybe the milk's starting to build up in your breasts," Savannah explained. "Maybe after you spend the weekend with him, you'll feel a little lighter. Then we can give you BMI index test to see if you're really gaining muscle."

"That makes sense to me," Charlotte concluded. "My breasts have been feeling heavier lately."

"See, don't you feel a little better already, Char?" Savannah inquired.

"I do," Charlotte agreed. "Thanks, Vanna."

Charlotte and Savannah embraced in a sisterly hug. After everything that had happened to the Monroe sisters, they promised each other one thing: To always stick by each other no matter how bad things got.

Unfortunately for them, their embrace was interrupted by the sound of knocking on the doorframe.

"Hey, we're sorry to interrupt," Ariana said as she stood in the doorway with Emily. "We got to talk, though."

"What do you need?" Savannah asked as she and Charlotte broke up their hug.

"Well, we were just on our way to a sorority party when we saw this girl at the door," Emily explained. "If her hair was curlier, I might have mistaken her for Marti."

"WHAT?! DEIRDRE'S HERE?!" Savannah panicked. She looked at the clock she kept on the sink to keep track of how long she was brushing her teeth and saw that it was 6:17. "OH MY GOD, I LOST TRACK OF THE TIME! THANKS, GIRLS!"

Savannah and Charlotte sprinted past Emily and Ariana to the front door, where Deirdre had been waiting for Charlotte. This was it. This was the third phase of their plan and they needed everything to be perfect for it to work.

"Hey, Charlotte," Deirdre said as she walked in.

"Hi, umm, oh man, I didn't ask your name at the store," Charlotte said, even though she who she was all along.

"Deirdre," the younger Perkins sister filled her in. "And hi, umm... Oh crap!"

This was one of the things Deirdre feared, that Savannah was going to be here. This confirmed that, in some way, she was related to Charlotte. Surely, after Deirdre got into it with Marti in front of Savannah and Lewis, word would have caught on to Charlotte. She had to try to sweet-talk her way out of this.

"Hey, Savannah," Deirdre said, the apprehension she was feeling evident in her voice. "Look, I'm really sorry about the other day, calling you guys football groupies and..."

"It's alright, Deirdre," Savannah explained. "If you help install my sister's stereo, all will be forgiven."

"Well, alright, but just let me ask something first," Deirdre requested. "Is Marti around?"

"Nope, she's still in class," Charlotte assured her. "And I think we'll get this done before she gets back."

Normally, Charlotte would have been worried about lying for fear of being smitten, but since she gave birth to John, she felt she had nothing to be concerned with anymore.

"Alright, well, just show me to your room so I can started," Deirdre said as she picked up her toolbox.

"Oh, don't worry about that, we have our own set," Savannah said. "Just follow us."

"Hey, can you at least let us know what's going on?" Emily asked as she and Ariana emerged from the hallway.

"Aren't you going to be late for your sorority party?" Charlotte asked, trying to tell the freshmen that they needed to keep things secret.

"Okay, then, we'll see you after the party," Ariana said as she and Emily walked out the door. Once they were out of the building, Ariana turned to Emily and asked, "What do you think Savannah and Charlotte are doing?"

"Whatever it is, I feel they have something mischievous up their sleeves," Emily answered.

While Emily and Ariana were heading to the party, Savannah and Charlotte led Deirdre down to the room where the blonde was to work.

"Wow, you girls must be very good at cheerleading," Deirdre admired. "And you're both so clean."

Not only was the room full of Savannah and Charlotte's cheerleading trophies, but it was tidier than most of the rooms Deirdre worked in. In fact, there didn't seem to be a thing out of place.

The Monroes, on the other hand, knew something was amiss because they made it that way. What Deirdre didn't know was that the room she was in was the one that Savannah shared with Marti. While Marti was out, though, Savannah and Charlotte moved all evidence of the Hellcats' star flier to Charlotte's room and then moved all of Charlotte's stuff to this room to give off the impression the Monroes were sharing a room together.

Savannah and Charlotte were confident they could pull this off. All they needed was the right time for Deirdre to realize the set-up. Plus, they filled in Molly, who was rooming with Charlotte, on enough of the details so that she promised she wouldn't rat them out for moving Marti's stuff to their room. Of course, Molly was at the library, so it wasn't like she would tell Deirdre the truth.

"Okay, let's see what we're working with," Deirdre said as she examined the box with Charlotte's sound system. "Hmm, a Sony CMT-LX20i. Honestly, I'm not sure why you needed my assistance. This is a very simple system to install by yourself."

"Yeah, well, I'm not much of a techie person," Charlotte said, trying to hold her tongue before she called out Deirdre on her tactless behavior.

"Oh, Deirdre, did you grab anything to eat before you came here?" Savannah asked.

"Oh, no, I was on my way here directly from work," Deirdre explained.

"Would you like me to make you something?" Savannah inquired.

"Sure," Deirdre answered. "You got everything for a BLT?"

"Yeah, sure," Savannah said. "Let me make you one."

Savannah walked off to the kitchen as soon as Deirdre starting explaining to Charlotte how to set up the stereo. Not bothering with the sandwich, she stood at the dividing counter between the kitchen and the common room so it would give her a perfect view of the front door. At any moment, the next step in the Monroe sisters' plan would have to be hatched and Savannah needed to watch that door like a hawk.

After only a few moments, Savannah saw what she was hoping for: Marti coming into Cheertown.

"Hey, roomie, how's... Whoa!" Savannah said, screeching to a halt when she Marti was wearing her Hellcats uniform. "Tell me you didn't go to class wearing that!"

"I didn't," Marti said. "Class was canceled. Turned out my professor came down with a bad case of mono. Funny thing is, the rumor in the Law Department is that he was cheating on his wife. I guess he's busted now."

"So, why are in you in your competitive gear?" Savannah asked.

"Oh, well, I had some time to kill, so I thought maybe I'd head to the gym since the new guys were there," Marti answered. "Britney wanted me to evaluate their performances as bases. They're actually not that bad. They didn't drop me and my ass isn't sore, so that's something good about them."

"I'm glad to hear that," Savannah said as she opened the door of the refrigerator to rummage through the food. "You hungry? I was just about to make dinner."

"Nah, I'm already hopped up on 5-hour Energy and some protein bars, so I'm good," Marti answered as she began walking to her room.

"Oh, alright," Savannah said as she saw the opportunity to spring the trap. "HEY, CHAR, I CAN'T FIND THE MUSTARD!"

"LET ME HELP YOU!" Charlotte screamed back as she made her way down the hallway, knowing what was happening. "Hey, Marti, how's it going?"

"Fine, Charlotte, was your move okay?" Marti asked.

"Oh, it was flawless, I'm just getting some help with my stereo right now," Charlotte said nonchalantly.

"That's good," Marti said. "Just don't play any lullabies on your iPod unless John's here."

"Don't worry, I won't," Charlotte laughed as she walked off. That was one of the things Marti loved about the Monroe sisters. Even when they were dealing with drama, they always tried their best to keep a positive spin on things. Marti always thought that was the best thing about Savannah and certainly seemed like it was rubbing off on Charlotte.

Marti was so busy thinking about the Monroes' sunny deposition, she almost didn't see the stranger in the room until she almost walked into her.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't... DEIRDRE?!" Marti shouted as soon as she saw her half-sister.

"What the... OH SHIT! MARTI!" Deirdre screamed as she came face-to-face with her sister for the second time on campus already.


"I'm here for an installation job," Deirdre began to explain before Marti's words hit her. "Wait, your room? This is Savannah and Charlotte's room. They told me that themselves."

"Impossible," Marti exclaimed. "Just look at the wal... WHERE THE FUCK IS MY STUFF?!"

Marti had planned on showing Deirdre the things she put on the wall to show she did live in the room she was in, but instead became enraged when she found all her things had been replaced with Charlotte's.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" Marti yelled, still facing the wall. Nothing was making sense to her. Deirdre was in the room, all evidence Marti lived here was replaced by Charlotte's things. Marti felt like she had slipped down the rabbit hole.

And as if things hadn't gotten more bizarre, Marti heard the sound of the room's door closing and the lock being turned.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Marti yelled as she ran to the door knob and tried to turn it, but to no avail.

"Unbelievable," Deirdre said. "That little bitch set me up the moment she walked into the store!"

"You sure do realize things fast," Charlotte laughed from the other side of the door as she high-fived Savannah on a job well done.


"Forget it, Marti," Savannah said. "We're not letting you out until the two of you make peace."


"Don't know who that is, but I'll take that as an insult," Deirdre said, not knowing about Marti's battle the previous year with the former athletic director, but knowing full-well what Marti meant.

"You're really not helping right now," Marti hissed. She had to think of something that would get them out of this predicament. "Come on, Savannah! You know Deirdre and I aren't going to make up! You're going to have to sleep here tonight!"

"No, I don't," Savannah said. "I'm sleeping in Charlotte and Molly's room on the floor."

"CRAP!" Marti thought. "They thought of everything!"

"You're the law expert! Doesn't this violate any laws?" Deirdre asked.


It was a bluff, though. Marti knew the current Tennessee statute didn't apply to their situation.

"You can't," Charlotte boasted. "One, I know you wouldn't rat out Savannah, Marti. Two, in case I was wrong, I snatched your cell phones when you weren't looking."

"WHAT?!" the Perkins sisters yelled. They checked and Charlotte was indeed telling the truth. Marti made the mistake of leaving her bag open, which Charlotte took advantage of, while Deirdre felt nothing in her back pocket where she kept her phone.

"Until you finally put this behind you and start acting like real sisters, we're not opening the door," Savannah said. "I suggest if you want to get out of this, you start hashing this out right now."

"Savannah, Charlotte, look, there's too much drama here," Marti tried to plead. "This is more than just me and Deirdre. This is about my father being alive. This is about me not knowing that for 18 years. This is about Deirdre keeping that a secret. You need to understand that this isn't going to be solved overnight. This could be much longer than that. Please, don't keep us cooped up in here."

There was no response from the other end of the door.

"Savannah? Charlotte?" Marti whimpered. The silence from the other side said it all. Savannah and Charlotte had left the door, leaving Marti with no choice but to face her estranged half-sister one-on-one for the first time since Marti learned her father was alive.

Marti turned around and glared at Deirdre, still seated on the floor with Charlotte's stereo in her hands. The only thing Deirdre could do was give a tentative smile, but it only seemed to enrage Marti more.

"You do realize this is all on you, right?" Marti asked.

"Whoa, on me?! What makes you think that?" Deirdre questioned.

"Because if you had just been honest the moment I walked into Wainwright's, we wouldn't be in this damn mess," Marti pointed out.

"Oh, stop acting like you're so holy," Deirdre complained. "I have just as much of a reason to be pissed at you."

"What is your problem with me?" Marti finally said, throwing her hands up. "What did I ever do to you that has you so pissed at me?"

"You LEFT me! You promised you'd stay and you LEFT ME! At least Rex stayed in touch, asshole that he is! You LEFT and never said another word! You said you'd love me no matter what!"

"You KNEW I was looking for Rex!" Marti screamed. "You KNEW! And you lied to me!"

"Hey, I told you I don't do social so well," Deirdre snapped. "Ask any of my girlfriends, they'll tell you I'm not good with people. Or pottery."

"Rex is the whole reason we MET. He's our FATHER, the one I never knew!" Marti cried.

"Not my fault!" Deirdre shot back.

"But you could have TOLD ME HE WAS ALIVE!!!" Marti screamed loud enough to make the trophies on Savannah's wall shake.

"Why? So you could run off and steal the only family I have left?"

"He's NOT your only family - I'm your family. And you should trust me like that."

"I don't know how you think family works, but it's not like that! They use you and move on. As soon as you had Rex, you'd forget all about poor little Deirdre, the quirky music girl you don't want to admit you share DNA with!"

"Hey, I'm still with Wanda and she's boatloads more quirky than you!"

"Yeah, Wanda - your mother who you won't even call 'Mom.' Great family relations there, huh? GOD! You're infuriating. You say one thing and do exactly the opposite!"

There was a long pause. "THAT," Marti said, "is family. At least, the Perkins family."

"So I can blame all my running away on Rex's DNA?"

"Why not?" Marti said. "I always have."

There was another long pause, as Marti collapsed onto Savannah's Lancer bedspread, looking up at the ceiling. "I didn't mean to run out on you. At least, not like that. I just couldn't deal with learning that not only was Rex Alive, but you KNEW he was."

"Yeah, well, when you first showed up, I didn't know what you wanted with Rex and he and I have... issues. You aren't the first person to come looking for him. He owes a lot of people a lot of money and I thought maybe you were one of them. You said you thought he was dead and it was just easier to run with that. To let you keep thinking that instead of telling you the truth.

Deirdre took a deep breath and lay back on Marti's bed, looking up at the same ceiling Marti was. "Then I found out we were sisters and you found out we were sisters and I started to like you and you introduced me to Wanda and all your friends and for, like, half a minute, I had what I always wanted. Someone who loved me, you know? I didn't want that to go away." She turned her head to look at Marti. "I didn't want YOU to go away."

"And I did," Marti groaned. "God, I swear, we just can't do anything right in this family."

"So our family trait is fucking up things with our family?" Deirdre asked.

Marti laughed. "I'm sorry," she said. "But I'm laying here on Savannah's bed and never, EVER, thought I'd hear the word 'fuck' in this room."

"No swearing in Cheertown?"

"Oh, no - we swear a LOT. In fact, when Lewis and I were dating, he had me swearing up a storm one night when he was doing me so good, I just-" Marti stopped dead, "You don't need to hear that."

"About you and some boy? No, I do not," Deirdre agreed.

"Yeah, well, if I could take that night back, I would. I mean, you're the first family I've gained since Rex left and I never knew him. It's been me and Wanda forever and most of the time, I've been the adult in that relationship."

"So, what, you didn't want a new kid to look after?" Deirdre snapped. "'Cause I can take care of myself."

"No, it's not about you - god, Deirdre, it's NEVER about you - it's about what you HID from me! Don't you see, you had the one piece of information I've wanted since I was little - where my DAD was - and you hid it from me. Right from the beginning!"

"Yeah, I told you, I fucked up. I'm sorry," Deirdre said, rather deadpanned. "What do you want, me to call Rex and tell him to come talk to you? Because he won't. He's an ass like that. He doesn't call, except when he needs something."

"No, I don't want that," Marti said. "At least, not now. Someday, maybe. I don't know. Gah!" she screamed, rolling over and shoving her own face into the sheets. "Why did you have to keep that secret?! Why?"

"Because it's who I am, alright?" Deirdre said, getting angry again. "You know that by now! You know I'm broken and can't be fixed! I'm all screwy inside and everyone knows it! Don't worry about broken Deirdre, she'll just screw everything up anyway!" Deirdre hopped off her bed and marched towards the door, yanking on it again, as if somehow it might magically be unlocked. It wasn't and she was punched the door before turning around and sinking to the ground, her back against the wood.

"You can't believe that," Marti said, sitting up on the bed. "You aren't broken. You're just..." she trailed off, searching for the word.

"How am I not broken?" Deirdre demanded when Marti didn't speak. "I've got no family, I've got no friends, I can't keep a girlfriend to save my life, I'm barely keeping my job! I don't do ANYTHING right!"

"Maybe if you stopped pushing everyone away, you'd find out you've got people around you who care!" Marti said. "People who want you, people who love you." Marti stood up. "I mean, you drive me nuts, but you ARE my sister." She walked over to Deirdre and held out her hands.

"What are you doing?" Deirdre asked, looking up at Marti towering over her in her Hellcats uniform.

"Come on - I haven't roomed with Savannah all this time without learning a few things about conflict resolution," Marti said, helping Deirdre up. Soon the two sisters were looking each other in the fact, Marti ducking her chin a bit so that their eyes met evenly.

"Is this going to be all touchy-feely?" Deirdre asked. "'Cause I'd really rather-" she stopped as Marti pulled her into a hug and squeezed tightly. Deirdre went stiff, still not used to stuff like this. But she soon melted into it, and let her arms come up and circle her sister and return the

"I love you, sister," Marti said.

"Yay you," Deirdre muttered, but didn't release the hug.

"Now you say it back."

"Eww, no!" Deirdre said. "That's waaay too emotional-like."

"Are you going to cooperate or what?" Marti snapped.

"Fine, but you should know, I haven't held another woman this long without getting laid since I was 15."

"Just tell me you love me, alright?" Marti said, getting flabbergasted.

"Fine. I, like, love you and stuff. Are we good?" Deirdre asked.

"You really don't know how to do this stuff, do you?" Marti said, shaking her head and releasing Deirdre a bit. She pulled back and looked down at her sister. "We both fucked up, I know. I'm telling you that despite that, my feelings for you haven't changed. I want to try again. I want to be your sister. I want to love you, and I want you to love me. Okay?"

Deirdre looked up into her sister's eyes and for a long moment, there wasn't a sound in the room. Then, her voice barely more than a whisper, Deirdre replied.

"Okay. I love you, too."

Marti pulled Deirdre in for another hug. This time, when she released, Deirdre held on, looking up at her sister. Marti looked back at her, expecting her to say something. Anything.

Deirdre didn't speak.

She just stood up on her tiptoes and kissed Marti.

She had meant it to be simple, casual. The kind of kiss she'd seen sisters give each other for years, never really knowing what that was like. She meant it to show the sisterly love she felt for Marti, a kind of love she hadn't felt ever before.

But it was more than that and Deirdre FELT more than that as her lips pressed against Marti's. Deirdre's heart leapt at the contact, in a way she'd never felt before, even with her other girlfriends.

Suddenly, Marti pushed her off, her eyes filled with questions - and her nipples practically bursting out of her shirt.

"What-" she started to say, but the younger Perkins sister put a finger to Marti's mouth. She didn't want Marti to speak. She didn't want her sister to say anything, to do anything. All Deirdre wanted was Marti.

"I love you, Marti and I'm going to prove it," Deirdre said before kissing Marti again. This time, Marti didn't fight it. Instead, she pulled Deirdre into her arms and returned the kiss as hard as she could.

Some part of Deirdre knew this was wrong. Some part of her was screaming the word INCEST at her something awful. But that part was so much smaller than the lust - and indeed, the LOVE - she was feeling. She did love Marti, the sister she never knew she had. And as far as Deirdre knew, there was no better way to show someone you loved them than by making love to them.

Maybe then, after she made Marti feel as good as she possibly could, Marti would stay. That really was all Deirdre wanted.

Marti was a different story. She knew this wasn't right - sisters don't kiss, not like this. Not with a heated passion that spoke more of her sex drive than her heart. But it also felt right, somehow. Deirdre's lips were so much better than Julian's, or Lewis', or Dan's, or any other boy she'd ever
kissed. Why? Why did it feel better to kiss her own half-sister than it had ever felt to kiss a boy? That couldn't be right, could it?

Deirdre was a lesbian - she'd never made a secret of that, though it hadn't been much of an issue between the girls. She'd never come right out and said as much to Marti, but from a few clues she'd dropped here and there, Marti had always suspected and both Lewis and Dan had agreed with her suspicions - Savannah, being the good little Christian, had disagreed, claiming she was
just awkward, socially challenged.

But here, kissing Marti, was all the proof that Deirdre did, indeed, like girls. And she liked them very well.

Marti's body was reacting in ways that were both familiar and unusual, all at the strange time. Her blood was on fire, her nipples rock hard, her crotch moistening with every passing second. At her hottest moments, she'd felt lust like this. But at the same time, this was different. This was better. This was...

This was what?

Incest, certainly and while Marti wasn't the good little Christian bitch that Savannah was, she certainly didn't think family having sex was a good idea.

But was Deirdre really family? They'd gone most of their lives not even knowing each other and then most of the time since they met lying and fighting with each other. And really, they only had Rex in common. Wanda wasn't Deirdre's mother. They were half-siblings, half-sisters.

And Deirdre's lips felt so good upon Marti's.

Marti had never been with a woman. She'd had boys before, but had never even thought about being with a girl. She was a good little southern woman and lesbianism wasn't something she'd ever considered, even here in Cheertown with half-naked cheerleaders running around all over the place. But Deirdre was a lesbian and she clearly liked being so. She might have had the social skills of a snapping turtle, but she certainly had some skills with kissing.

Then Deirdre's tongue slipped between her older sister's lips and Marti decided right then and there that kissing her sister wasn't a bad thing at all.

Suddenly Marti backed into a shelf - she hadn't realized Deirdre was pushing her, but here she was, backed against Savannah's trophy shelf. One of Savannah's pictures - a shot of her and Marti celebrating after Qualifiers last year, wobbled back and forth before falling forward, hiding Savannah's image from Marti's view. Marti decided that was a good thing as Deirdre was pulling Marti down towards Savannah's bed.

The kiss broke as Marti's butt made contact with Savannah's perfectly pressed sheets and both Perkins sisters gasped for breath. They traded looks loaded with a question - "Do we really want to do this?" - that neither one dared answer out loud. It was almost as if either one spoke, the magic of the moment would break and common sense would flood back in.

Instead, Deirdre merely reached up and lifted her t-shirt up over her head, revealing a simple, white cotton bra holding her breasts in. Marti pulled her sister to her again, hungrily kissing Deirdre, feeling the bare skin of Deirdre's stomach against her own. Deirdre's flesh felt warm against Marti's stomach and Marti almost pulled away. But Deirdre's tongue was invading Marti's mouth and it was as if their tongues, twisting together in a playful little tussle for dominance, locked the two sisters together.

For Deirdre, the kissing wasn't so much that she enjoyed it - she did - but it was an act of desperation. The more she kissed Marti, the more she wanted to kiss Marti, and the more she feared that if their lips weren't working over each other, Deirdre would open her mouth and say something stupid, ruining the moment. The more she thought about it, the more she couldn't stand it if that happened. Marti was the only family she had left - Rex certainly didn't count for anything - and if what they were about to do - what Deirdre wanted to do so badly - ruined that relationship, Deirdre would never forgive herself.

Fortunately, Marti seemed as into it as Deirdre was. The taller, older blonde was gripping her sister hard and she was returning Deirdre's kiss with just as much force. Deirdre decided to risk it all and reached up, cupping Marti's magnificent breasts through the top of her Hellcats uniform. She half expected her older sister to pull away, but instead Marti moaned into Deirdre's mouth. That sound, that half-muffled groan of delight, made Deirdre's pussy drip with anticipation. It was increasingly hard to think of how wrong it was that they were sisters and increasingly easy to think of how good it felt.

Suddenly, Marti pulled away and for a heartbeat, Deirdre feared the worst. But Marti merely needed to shuck her Hellcats top, throwing the blue and gold garment across the room to land silently on Marti's bed. Now clad in a dark grey sports bra that was doing absolutely nothing to really restrain Marti's breasts, the older Perkins sister lunged for her sister, their mouths again meeting. This time, though, Deirdre fell back onto the bed, Marti lying atop her and for the longest time, the two girls had their entire worlds shrink down to their passionate kissing.

Marti had no idea how much time passed between when she lunged at Deirdre and when she realized her body desperately needed more than just kissing. It could've been mere minutes, or it could've been whole hours. All she knew was that one moment she was kissing the softest, most delicate lips she'd ever kissed and the suddenly, her pussy was demanding attention. Lots of attention.

As if working of their own volition, Marti's hips began to hump against Deirdre's legs, the pressure on her crotch doing nothing to relieve Marti's needs. Deirdre had worn jeans to come and do her installation and the rough fabric suddenly felt horrible against Marti's legs and knees. But what felt even worse were the spankies and G-string Marti wore under her skirt. She'd always felt like they were a little on the skimpy side before, but now they were too much - far, far too much. She had to get out of them, she had to let her pussy breathe!

She broke the kiss. "I'm sorry, I gotta get out of these!" she said, breathing heavily.

"G-good idea," Deirdre said as Marti rolled off her and began to shed the lower half of her uniform. Usually, these were all pull up and forget garments, save the skirt which had a small zipper on the side and an internal button to help hold it against Marti's waist. Marti had already gone through three of these skirts because the little buttons were cheap and broke all the time, but of course right now, when she wanted out of that skirt more than anything in the world, the damn button was suddenly made of titanium and wouldn't release. Desperate, Marti almost reached for a pair of scissors on Savannah's desk, but suddenly Deirdre's hand was on Marti's.

"Let me," Deirdre told her sister. Marti glanced at her and realized Deirdre was beautiful. Her jeans were gone - clearly easier to get out of than that stupid skirt - and she wore a pair of black boy shorts that didn't go at all with her white bra. Something about that mismatched combo seemed so Deirdre to Marti and for a moment, all she wanted to do was gaze at her gorgeous, troubled, half-naked sister. But Deirdre wasn't holding still. She reached forward and in one simple move, undid the button of Marti's skirt, yanked down the tiny zipper and then looked right at Marti's face.

"You want to lift your butt so I can pull this off?"

Marti merely nodded, still speechless. Her ass cleared Savannah's bed and Deirdre slowly removed the skirt down over Marti's long legs. Marti didn't see what the younger Perkins sister did with the skirt, but Deirdre was right back and pulling down Marti's spankies, those magical panties all cheerleaders used to keep from having wardrobe malfunctions while flying about. Until this very moment, Marti had always kinda liked the silly things, keeping her most private parts hidden even when she was towering above an entire crowd, one leg up to her head. Normal panties would've brushed aside or been eaten by her butt cheeks. Not spankies.

Now though, those blasted spankies were keeping Marti from feeling the cool air of the room from Marti's steaming hot pussy. But Deirdre was back and just as she had done with Marti's skirt, the younger Perkins sister quickly slid the spankies down Marti's legs without any fuss, leaving Marti in just her sports bra and a small G-string.

"You're, like, totally beautiful," Deirdre said, drinking in the view of Marti's body for a moment.

"Back at ya," Marti said. She was expecting Deirdre to remove the G-string next, but instead Deirdre spread Marti's legs wide and slid between them, her face resting right above Marti's barely covered crotch. Before Marti could even think about it, Deidre lowered her mouth and kissed her sister's clit through the thin silky fabric of Marti's panties.

"Oh WOW!" Marti exclaimed as a wave of lust-fueled heat exploded out of her crotch. Just like with the kissing, Marti could tell that Deirdre clearly knew what she was doing.

Almost as quickly as Deirdre started, she stopped, looking up from between Marti's legs to smile at her sister. For Deirdre, this was the most intimate thing she'd ever done and she'd only ever done it to those who she believed she really loved. Her first girlfriend, her third girlfriend and now Marti, her sister. She did love Marti and she wanted Marti to feel good, and what better way to make someone feel good than to give them an orgasm? So Deirdre puckered her lips, gently slid aside the patch of fabric covering Marti's most private of areas and glanced down, past the small bit of blonde fuzz above Marti's pussy, to the engorged clit, already poking out in readiness, desperate for the kind of attention Deirdre was about to give it.

"Are you ready?" Deirdre asked, giving Marti one last chance to back out, to change her mind, to stop this before they went too far.

"Yes," Marti said, nodding her head.

And with that, Deirdre went down on her half-sister.

Marti had been eaten out before. Pretty much every guy she'd ever fucked had tried his hands at it, including both Lewis and Dan, though neither of them were all that skilled at it. Perhaps the only guy who never did was Julian Parrish, who'd flat out refused, finding it some kind of strange affront to his manhood to be forced to please a woman with his mouth. But some guys had not only happily gone down on Marti, they'd done so pretty well, she'd believed. One or two had even managed to get her to climax every time with just their tongues and Marti had been dead certain that had been the very best oral sex she'd ever have.

It took all of two seconds of Deirdre's lips upon her clit for Marti to realize how wrong she had been.

Deirdre's tongue danced over Marti's clit like a prima ballerina, eliciting pleasures Marti had never felt before. Twists and turns and licks and laps, everything Deirdre did felt better than any tongue Marti had ever felt upon her body. Little sparks of ecstasy seemed to shoot out from Marti's clit, hitting strange and wonderful places throughout her body when Deirdre licked one way. Then when the younger Perkins shifted to sucking upon Marti's bud, those sparks turned to rivulets of heated passion that dribbled out to each of her fingers and toes, making them contract without Marti's brain even thinking about it.

Those pleasurable sensations weren't the only things flowing in Marti's body. Her pussy was soaked, practically gushing with her juices, desperate for something - anything - to enter it. But aside from the edge of Deirdre's chin, nothing would, not yet. Deirdre was focused entirely on Marti's clit and would hear of nothing else until she had made Marti cum.

That wasn't going to be long of a wait. Marti had gone quite some time without any sex and hadn't done more than the occasional self-pleasuring to keep her needs at bay. Her body was primed and ready for sexual release and with the dogged attention of Deirdre's tongue upon her clit, no amount of self-restraint was going to keep the inevitable at bay for long.

"I'm gonna-" Marti gasped before a particularly sweet lick made her lose her breath for a second. "I'm gonna- AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Deirdre cut Marti off by sucking her older sister's clit into her mouth and holding it there, unmoving for a long moment. For a long moment, neither sister moved for fear that anything they did would set Marti off, neither one sure exactly what would happen then. "Just- just give me a sec," Marti said. "Unless you want me to-"

"I do," Deirdre said, releasing Marti's clit for a second. She glanced up just long enough to see Marti's eyes go wide with surprise and then Deirdre dropped her head down once more, sucking Marti's clit in and began a feverish assault upon her sister's clit again, practically attacking it this time.

"Oh! OH! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!" Marti shouted. If Deirdre's earlier work had been fantastic and quick to bring her close, this effort was designed specifically to make Marti climax as soon as possible. Deirdre's tongue darted over Marti's clit rapid fire, shooting blasts of bliss into Marti's brain so fast that they seemed to almost blend together into a single, unending wash of sexual delight, unlike anything Marti Perkins had ever felt before. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her fingers clawed at the sheets of Savannah's bed and she lost all control of the impending explosion within her.

"OHFUUUUCCCKKKYYEEEESSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Marti screamed as orgasm claimed her, making her entire body quiver and shake. For a long moment, she lost all control of herself, a rainbow of colors exploding just behind her eyes and every cell in her body danced in delight. Marti Perkins had never cum like that before and she regretted every sexual encounter she'd ever had before that hadn't ended exactly like this.

Marti wasn't sure how long she was out of it - it couldn't have been THAT long - but when she came too, Deirdre was completely naked, lying next to Marti on the bed, eyeing her older sister suggestively.

"W-wow," was all Marti could say. Deirdre looked gorgeous, a strand of her blonde hair dropping down between her eyes haphazardly, glued to her forehead by the sweat that coated her entire body. Her breasts seemed so perfectly shaped, leaning one on top of the other as she lay next to Marti and the small riot of blonde fuzz between her legs seemed so perfectly Deirdre to the older Perkins sister.

"Wow yourself," Deirdre said casually. "Wanna lose the bra so we can keep going or what?"

"Keep going?" Marti asked, confused.

"Yeah, unless you wanna stop," Deirdre said, suddenly looking concerned.

"No no!" Marti said quickly. "I wanna keep going," Marti said eagerly. "I just, you know, didn't know if, you know..." she trailed off, not really knowing what to say.

"Okay, well, let's just get you out of this and forget we stopped, okay?" Deirdre said, reaching forward and grabbing the bottom of Marti's sports bra. The Hellcat dutifully lifted her arms up over her head and Deirdre quickly yanked the offending garment up and off her sister, freeing Marti's breasts, which seemed to jiggle in appreciation.

"Oh, wow." It was Deirdre's turn to comment, gazing at Marti's chest, mesmerized. "Wanda sure gave you some big ones."

"Thanks," Marti said. "I think."

"Oh, sorry - shouldn't bring up Wanda during sex," Deirdre realized.

"Not unless you want to stop."

"I don't," Deirdre said and to prove it, she pressed forward and sucked one of Marti's erect nipples into her mouth.

And just like that, they were at it again, Marti's body reacting to Deirdre's touch like she hadn't just had one of the best orgasms of her life. This time, Deirdre wasted no time sliding a pair of fingers down to Marti's still-wet pussy, penetrating her sister easily. Marti swooned as the sensation of a pair of hard fingers entering her pussy after she'd already climaxed once. No
boy she'd even slept with had ever tried to have sex with her after she'd just reached an orgasm before, at least not this quickly. Men required more time to be ready again, but Deirdre's fingers were ready and eager to get back to work, it seemed.

Marti found she loved the sensation. It was almost as if her first orgasm had primed her for sex, turning all her senses and nerves on high. Now as Deirdre began to slowly fuck her with her fingers, Marti felt every stroke of those two digits within her like she'd never felt anything before.

"Oh! Oooohhhhh," Marti moaned. "Oh, that feels so good!"

"Yeah, it's supposed to," Deirdre said. She had lifted her head from Marti's breast and was splitting her time between looking down at what she was doing with her fingers, and looking up at Marti's face, watching the effect she was having upon her older sister. Deirdre wasn't the most experienced sexual being, but she'd slept with a few girls and knew that the first orgasm was only the start. She thought about adding another finger into Marti's snatch, but paused as a possibility occurred to her.

"Hey, you don't have a vibrator, do you?"

"What? N-n-no," Marti stammered as Deirdre's fingers continued to slide in and out of her.

"What about Churchy McPerky? She got a little pocket rocket to help her through the long lonely nights?" Deirdre asked.

"Savannah?" Marti asked, flabbergasted. "Savannah Monroe, owning a vibrator? Never."

Deirdre shrugged, giving up on that idea. "There's a birthday present idea for you, then."

"Yeah, I don't think soOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Marti's response became an explosion of delight as Deirdre slid down to start tonguing Marti's clit once more. The younger Perkins sister proved again that she knew what she was doing, but decided to have a little fun with it.

With a combination of finger fucking and clit licking, Deirdre brought Marti to the edge of climax and then just stopped.

"W-what?" Marti asked, gasping for breath as Deirdre pulled out of her and actually slid away from her older sister's naked body. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Deirdre said. "Roll over, please."


"Roll over. On your stomach."

"Uh, okay," Marti said, clearly confused. Still, she rolled over on her stomach, propping herself up on her elbows and glancing back over her shoulder at Deirdre, wondering what the younger blonde was about to do.

"You have a really great ass," Deirdre said, running a hand over one of Marti's butt cheeks. "I really like butts and yours is so sexy."

Marti didn't know how to respond to that - she didn't know how to respond to any of what was going on and part of her worried if she thought about it too much, she'd freak out and jump out the window or something. So she didn't think about the fact that her lesbian half-sister was incestuously lusting after Marti's ass, running fingers still coated with Marti's own juices over the taunt, warm flesh.

"Have you ever had anal?" Deirdre asked suddenly.

"No," Marti said.

"Me, neither," Deirdre said with a strangely dreamy sigh. "But if I had your ass, I'd totally get fucked in it all the time."

"Is- Is that supposed to be a compliment?" Marti asked, confused and aroused at the same time. She really wished Deirdre would get back to fingering and licking her.

Deirdre suddenly moved, straddling Marti's rear end and pressing her crotch against Marti's bubble butt and started to hump it a little. "Oh, I bet your ass is really tight, Marti. Man, if I had a strap-on right now, I'd totally wreck your ass."

"Wreck it?"

"Wreck it, fuck it, own it - you know, pound it until you begged me to stop."

"That'd probably be pretty quick," Marti said, though she was far from sure of that. Just the act of Deirdre humping her butt cheeks was keeping Marti more than a bit turned on.

No one had ever fucked Marti Perkins' ass - the thought of a guy pounding himself up into a hole that didn't lubricate itself had never appealed to the Hellcat. But Marti had never thought about what a girl might do with her back door. Now, as Deirdre slid off, her hands once more tracing down to Marti's ass, the older sister began to wonder. Would a woman - her own sister - treat her rear end with more care than some random boy?

As if to answer that question, Deirdre squeezed both of Marti's cheeks with her hands, groping the flesh like so many boys had in Marti's life. The older sister was about to protest the way Deirdre was treating her when Deirdre suddenly let go. A heartbeat later, a single finger ran slowly down Marti's ass crack, slowing as it approached her rear entrance. Marti found her pulse increasing as Deirdre's finger got closer and closer to her backdoor and her already labored breath grew more ragged with each gasp. She was so turned on, so aroused, so ready to burst again!

For a moment, Marti thought Deirdre was going to stick that finger up her ass and indeed Deirdre paused for a long moment, the tip of her finger hovering just above Marti's back hole. But then, with a mischievous smile that her sister couldn't see, Deirdre instead plunged her finger - and two others - into Marti's soaked pussy and began feverishly finger fucking her sister from behind.

"OH! OH! OH DEIRDRE!" Marti screamed aloud, feeling her body rushing back towards orgasm once more.

"Cum for me, sis," Deirdre said, her own breathing labored as she drove her fingers in and out of Marti like a woman possessed. The shorter blonde just kept driving faster and faster, speeding the older sister towards the inevitable.

Marti's second orgasm crashed into her like a brick wall. While her first orgasm had seemed to explode out from within her, this one stopped her dead in her tracks, making her collapse onto the bed, her ass held in the air only by the fact that Deirdre was pounding away. The bliss that washed over Marti seemed to drain her of every last drop of energy she had, save for the pulsating bursts of sexual ecstasy coming from between her legs. Finally, the muscles in her legs gave out and her crotch fell to the bed, too.

Ironically, the first thought in her mind when she could think again was that she'd have to do Savannah's sheets for her, since she was pretty sure they'd stink of sweat and sex for a while. The bubbly cheerleader wouldn't care for that at all.

"You okay?" Deirdre asked cautiously as Marti slowly rolled over onto her back.

"Mmmm, yeah," Marti said, a little dreamily. "I don't think I've ever felt like that before."

"Peachy, Marti," Deirdre said, lying flat on her back. "Let me know when you want to return the favor."

"Return the favor?" Marti asked, suddenly realizing what Deirdre meant. "I've, uh, I've never-"

"So? Gotta start somewhere and it's rude to let me do all that to you without trying to get me off, too."

She was right. Marti hated it when the guys she'd been with had stopped once they'd cum and left her hanging, usually to handle matters personally. Considering Deirdre had just gotten her off twice, Marti felt like she had to respond in kind. She just didn't know how.

"I, ah, I don't know what to-" Marti started to say, but Deirdre stopped her by reaching up and kissing her.

"Just do what I say, okay?"

"Okay," Marti said.

"Good, now slide up next to me here," Deirdre ordered. "Closer, right up against me," she added as Marti slid next to her. Carefully, Deirdre took Marti's left hand in her right and placed it upon her breast, making Marti knead the flesh gently.

"No need to go fast," Deirdre lied - she needed fucking so badly at that moment, but knew that if she pushed Marti too far, she'd break. There was a huge difference between having a woman get you off - and getting another woman off.

"Am - am I doing this right?" Marti asked.

"Yeah," Deirdre said. Marti's fingers were rolling over Deirdre's sensitive nipples. The younger Perkins sister's breasts were topped with diamond-hard nubs at the moment and every little brush of Marti's fingers drove Deirdre just a little bit closer to what she wanted.

But she couldn't wait much longer. No, as good as Marti feeling her breast was, she needed more and she needed it between her legs. So keeping her hand upon Marti's, Deirdre guided her older sister's probing fingers down across her taunt stomach until it reached the patch of blonde fur above Deirdre's slit.

Marti seemed to hesitate there, clearly not ready to go further just yet. Part of Deirdre wanted to scream - her pussy was begging to be touched - but instead she just reached up and cupped one of Marti's breasts for a moment and leaned over for another kiss. Marti eagerly returned the kiss, her eyes closing to slits as Deirdre massaged her breast. Finally, Marti's hand dipped lower and brushed the top of Deirdre's clit.

"Aahhhh!" Deirdre moaned in desperate relief - it felt so good to feel ANYTHING down there. Still, Marti barely moved her finger, letting it just sort of hover there above Deirdre's clit.

"W-what now?" Marti said, her voice a whisper.

"God, rub me Marti!" Deirdre hissed. "Touch me like you touch yourself down there."

Marti didn't look quite so certain, but she slowly moved her finger down. One advantage any woman has during her first lesbian encounter was the fact that she should've been somewhat familiar with the plumbing - while every vagina was different, they were also all essentially the same and most things that get one vagina wet works on all others, so as long as a woman has a passing knowledge of what gets herself sexually aroused, she should be able to figure out how to get the other woman turned on.

This was the case for Marti, though the older Perkins sister seemed unsure of herself - a rare event in that. She moved slowly, as if worried she'd hurt her younger half-sister by rubbing her clit and pussy lips or something.

"Harder," Deirdre hissed as Marti's feather touch brushed over her erect clit. Marti faltered but moved quickly to repeat what she just did. "Harder!" Deirdre demanded again and this time Marti responded immediately. Deirdre quickly learned that her older sister could, indeed, learn new things quickly.

Soon enough Marti was stroking at a very pleasing pace and firmness, driving Deirdre towards her orgasm at a steady pace - enough of one that Deirdre could pull Marti's face down to hers and start making out with her again, their blonde hair tangling about Deirdre's face. For a while, everything was perfect. Deirdre was getting stroked, she was making out with a super-hot blonde cheerleader and all her problems were gone. Sure, this sex would no doubt cause only more problems, but for now, it was enough.

That wasn't quite the case for Marti. She'd given in to the sex, her need for it to happen, but even as she learned the not-so-tricky method of rubbing another girl's pussy, part of her mind was spinning. She liked this. She liked touching another girl sexually. Deirdre was pretty and sexy and had gone to great lengths to get Marti off first - twice! No boy had ever done that, or even offered. Not Dan, not Lewis, not anyone. Deirdre had and she'd done it better than all those boys combined.

Marti just wasn't sure if she liked this so much because Deirdre was a girl - or because she was her sister.

Then suddenly Deirdre's hand was back pinching at her nipple and Marti lost the ability to think all that rationally.

They made out, Marti stroking Deirdre's clit, Deirdre pinching Marti's nipple, for quite some time, both of them lost in the pure pleasure of two sexually charged young women enjoying each other. But they were both leading towards orgasm - Marti's an impossible third, more than she'd ever dreamed of having in one night. And Deirdre was clearly in dire need, her pussy practically coating Marti's hands with fluid. They both needed more than just kissing and stroking and Deirdre finally had enough. Breaking their kiss, she manhandled her sister over onto her back and spread Marti's legs wide.

"I - I thought you wanted-"

"I'm taking what I wanted," Deirdre said before bending down to kiss Marti's clitoris once. Marti's body thrilled at THAT sensation, but Deirdre quickly moved on to what she really wanted. The younger girl slid her legs between Marti's and moved up her sister's body - running her tongue up Marti's super taunt stomach as she went. Then suddenly her head was just below Marti's, looking up into her eyes, where Marti saw nothing but lust as Deirdre lowered her steaming hot, dripping wet crotch atop Marti's.

"Ahhhh!" Marti gasped as Deirdre matched their wet pussies atop each other. For a moment, Marti thought that was all Deirdre was going to do, but the younger Perkins sibling had other ideas.

"You ready?" Deirdre asked, cupping one of Marti's breasts playfully.

"Ready?" Marti asked. Deirdre didn't answer in words. Instead she started moving her hips up and done, sliding her wet pussy lips across Marti's.

Marti almost came right there. She'd never even imagined anything like this before, but here she was, rubbing her most private areas against another woman's most private areas. There could be nothing more intimate, even closer than a man sticking his cock inside her. That was an intrusion. This, this was heavenly.

"Oh! Oh fuck, Deirdre! Fuck, fuck FUCK!" Marti gasped loudly, then covering her mouth with a hand.

"Savannah's going to kick your ass for all that swearing," Deirdre giggled in Marti's ear before sucking on an earlobe and pressing even harder against Marti's crotch. Marti didn't care. This felt too good - too perfect - to worry what Savannah might hear. The image of Savannah's frowning face gave Marti a second's pause, but then Deirdre kissed her and Marti forgot all about Savannah Monroe.

Even as she kissed Marti, Deirdre continued to hump their pussies together, closing in on her orgasm at last. But Marti, clearly an over achiever in sex like she was in school and the rest of life, was beating her to it.

"Oh! Oh, fuck Deirdre! I'm gonna cum again!"

"Again?" Deirdre asked, a bit surprised. They'd barely started! And she still hadn't cum once!

"Fuck me, Deirdre! Please, please, FUCK ME!"

"Hush you," Deirdre said. She almost complied. Almost. She could have ground her pussy down atop Marti's until her older sister creamed herself something good, but then Deirdre had a wicked idea and she couldn't resist.

"No," Deirdre said, pulling off Marti and moving away, rolling over onto her back once more.

"N-NO!" Marti practically screamed. "But-but-but-"

"No, YOU make ME come, sis," Deirdre said, opening her legs wide, exposing her soaked pussy to Marti.

To her credit, the older Perkins sister paused but a moment, hesitating only long enough to look down between Deirdre's legs. Then she sprang up and maneuvered herself above Deirdre. With a little guidance from Deirdre, Marti was able to lay flat atop her sister, her pussy pressed against Deirdre, with the younger Perkins legs spread wide at the hips. Once there, Marti instinctively started rocking on the bed, pressing their pussy lips together once more and bringing that wonderful, intimate sensation to both of them once more.

"Oh, yeah! That's it Marti! Fuck my little pussy! Fuck it! Fuck ME! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!" Deirdre hollered as her body began to boil over at last. Marti, still a bit fearful of Savannah or any of the other Hellcats hearing, blocked Deirdre's mouth with her own and soon the two sisters were moaning into each other just as they were reaching climax.

Marti came first, her third orgasm thankfully not enough to stop her from rocking atop Deirdre like crazy. Still, her eyes squeezed shut and bliss soaked her mind for the third time. Deirdre was only a few seconds behind her older sister, something about feeling Marti's pussy quiver in climax atop her own finally sending the more experienced girl over the edge into sexual release and relief. Deirdre felt the wash of orgasm cleanse her body of all aches, all pains, all stresses and she collapsed, uncaring that she was naked and spread lewdly underneath her older half-sister.

Marti didn't care, either. Her body betrayed her and she collapsed atop Deirdre, her mouth landing next to one of Deirdre's still erect nipples. If either girl minded, they made no move to change the situation. Instead, the two naked Perkins sisters lay entwined in each other, coated in sweat and other juices, both more content than they'd ever expected.

"I love you, Marti," Deirdre whispered, running a hand through Marti's curly hair before drifting off to sleep.

"Mmmm, I love you, too," Marti said, kissing Deirdre's nipple before joining her sister in slumber, completely oblivious to the fact that her life had just taken a major turn and would never quite be the same.

Both girls were completely oblivious to the fact that they'd fallen asleep in Savannah Monroe's bed.

But they'd both remember that fact quickly enough, when they woke up the next morning...

Hellcats: Season 2: Episode 1: Sister, Oh Sister

Alyson Michalka as Marti Perkins
Ashley Tisdale as Savannah Monroe
Heather Hemmens as Alice Vedura
Amanda Michalka as Deirdre Perkins
Emma Lahana as Charlotte Monroe

Emily Osment as Emily Sear
Ariana Grande as Ariana Valentine
Molly C. Quinn as Molly Cratchit
Miranda Cosgrove as Miranda Summer
Hayden Panettiere as Britney Allen

Guest Starring
Holly Dignard as Kelsey

Neither TRL nor I claim any right of ownership of "Hellcats" or anything copyrighted to do with the show; that is all the property of CBS Television Studios, Warner Bros. Studios and Tom Welling Productions, and the show was inspired by the Kate Torgnovick book, "Cheer: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders", published by Touchstone Publishing. Britney Allen is the same character played by Hayden Panettiere in "Bring It On: All or Nothing", so neither TRL nor I own the character rights; Universal Studios owns those. Also, we don't own the lyrics to the show's theme song, "Belong Here", which was performed by 78violet for the "Hellcats" soundtrack in 2010 and written by 78violet and Butch Walker. We don't own the lyrics to "Sneakernight", which was performed by Vanessa Hudgens for her 2008 album "Identified" and written by J. R. Rotem, S. Nymoen and L. Solf. Finally, any similarities in the story to the events of any real person, dead or alive, are coincidental. Oh, and please support the official releases.

To be continued...


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