Hello again, smut reading TV fans. This is TRL, here again with my good friend InThe313, bringing you yet another new episode of Hellcats: Season 2. Once again, we've dared to do what the CW network foolishly (but not unexpectedly) refused to do - continuing the adventures of the lovely, kooky bunch of college cheerleaders at Lancer University, as seen in the One-Season-And-Done juggernaut "Hellcats."

So, if you've read any of our previous episodes, you know how this work - we've written very XXX-rated new Hellcats stories as if this was the second season we never got. This, for example, would be Episode 4, and by now you'd know that we wouldn't even get something this steamy on one of the pay cable networks. We're on to the porn channels by now, which means we have to give out some warnings.

The following work of erotic fiction is just that - fiction. None of this ever happened, and in fact these characters don't exist in real life. Any similarities to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental, and no harm was ever intended. To the same extent, we don't mean to imply the ACTRESSES who played these characters are at all like this in real life, and have nothing but respect and healthy physical attraction to said actresses. This story contains graphic examples of sex, including sex between two women - also known as lesbians. I, personally, find this beautiful and attractive, but you might not. If you don't, maybe consider reading something else, because it's hard to ignore that in this episode.

We've tuned down the music a bit for this episode, but a few songs still get referenced, so they'll be listed at the end. We've also got a few surprise (or maybe not all THAT surprising, considering who we are) guest stars, and because they're a surprise, they'll be listed at the end of the story, too - think of it as End Credits. You can always scroll down to the bottom if it bothers you not know who's who, but in most cases, if you've read the previous episodes, you should know who the players are in this one.

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So, enough with the chit chat, let's start the show. Welcome back to Hellcats: Season 2 with Episode 4:

Previously on "Hellcats":

Facing blackmail from "Nasty Kathy" Kurowski of the hated Memphis Christian Cyclones, the Hellcats had to band together to steal back camera phone pictures Kathy had taken of Alice and Miranda making out. The crazy scheme worked, but Lewis and Alice broke up, leaving Alice to announce her newfound lesbianism to the entire squad. This left Marti in a bit of a pickle, as she slept with a competing cheer captain and was only now coming to terms with the fact that she, too, is a lesbian.

Meanwhile, the Hellcats went on to give an incredible performance at Qualifiers and managed to beat out last year's national champions - the MemChrist Cyclones. Nasty Kathy vows revenge, but the Hellcats return home victorious. But all victories come with a price and this one in particular is steep - vengeful Dean of Athletics Phillip Laverne, out for Hellcat blood, cut all travel funding for the cheer squad, leaving them to come up with some new way to fund their trip to Sectionals and beyond that, Nationals.

How will the Hellcats come to grips with this latest challenge? And what wrath will Nasty Kathy bring next?

One, two, one, two, three, four

Move to the left, move to the right

Hellcats: Episode 2.4 "The Very Long Week Of Marti Perkins" (FF,F-solo,oral,anal,ATM)
by InThe313 and TRL

"You're late!"

Marti Perkins leapt off her bike, rolling her eyes a bit as she hauled her backpack full of six different law books over one shoulder and made for the steps leading towards the Hellcats' gym.

"Then so are you, Alice," Marti shot back, stepping quickly to catch up with the Hellcats captain.

"I've been here waiting for five minutes," Alice Vedura snorted. "You're the last to arrive, except for Britney herself."

"If Britney called the meeting and isn't here yet, then how can I be late?" Marti asked casually.

"Oh, shut up and get inside," Alice grumbled. "I'm sure our adorable little coach will be along any minute now."

The way Alice stressed "adorable" and "little" made it pretty clear the Hellcats captain certainly didn't find Britney all that adorable.

Marti followed Alice inside and sure enough, the rest of the Hellcats were gathered about. A few were in uniform - like Savannah and Charlotte Monroe - while others were wearing whatever they'd been wearing when they'd been summoned. Lewis Flynn wore shorts and a tank top that marked him as having come directly from the basketball court, while Emily Sear wore her skateboarding getup and was holding her helmet under one arm. Marti herself wore a t-shirt and jeans that didn't quite meet up at her hips, leaving a tantalizing stretch of belly flesh exposed. And that view visibly captivated Tom and Jason, the two new bases who were doing a piss poor job keeping their eyes off Marti.

"What's the emergency, Alice?" Miranda Summer asked, the freshman's newly and officially consummated relationship with the Hellcats captain making her a little bolder in group settings of late.

"Don't know," Alice admitted. "This is Britney's rodeo - we're all just here for the ride."

"Where is she, then?" Darwin asked from the back of the group.

As if summoned by Darwin's words, the doors swung open and the Hellcats' coach Britney Allen rushed in, her small frame moving with the fluid energy of an experienced athlete - Marti had no doubt that had she not already graduated, Britney could've still performed as a competitive cheerleader at the college level.

"I'm here, I'm here!" Britney called out, closing her phone as she rushed in. "Sorry, I was meeting with the university's legal advisors about this and it didn't go well."

"About what?" Savannah asked, looking worried.

"I just got word from Dean Laverne," Britney said, taking a deep breath as if to steel herself from what she'd have to say next. "Lancer is eliminating our travel budget. If we want to get to any future meets or competition, we have to pay our own way."

"WHAT?" Alice roared, drowning out the chorus of protests of the other Hellcats, though only temporarily.

"How can they do this?" Savannah asked. "We just qualified to go to Sectionals! We HAVE to go!"

"They can't get away with this!" Marti said. "There's got to be a loophole or something in the school bylaws we can use. They can't just pull the funding like this with no warning!"

"Maybe we can get a ride with another team?" Ariana Valentine suggested, calmer than the rest of her teammates as she tried to find some kind...any kind...of solution that could make this better.

"No other team is going to bring the competition," Frankie grumbled.

"How much money are we talking? How expensive can it be to get a bus tickets for all of us?" Tom asked.

"It's not just bus tickets. It's so much more. You have to add in the hotels, food, travel too and from the stadium, paying the coaches and who knows what else," Molly Cratchit said, clearly crunching some numbers in her head. "We'll need to get a couple of thousand dollars and that's just for Sectionals. If we make it to Nationals, that cost will go up - it's in Miami this year."

"Okay, okay, everyone calm down!" Britney called out. "Just listen for a moment, will you?"

The Hellcats shut up and all looked expectantly toward their new coach.

Britney took a deep breath, insuring there was quiet, before she spoke.

"Listen, we're in it deep. I get that. But we aren't giving up. What we need now are ideas. Money making ideas. We need cash and we're in no condition to turn down ideas."

"Wet T-shirt contest?" Jason suggested. Charlotte punched him in the arm.

"I mean REAL ideas," Britney shot back at the squad's new base. "I'm not turning my athletes into sex objects."

"What about the calendars we shot last year? Those sold well," Lewis pointed out.

"What'd I just say?" Britney said. The idea of literally exposing her squad went against everything she stood for as a coach.

"No, I'm serious!" Lewis insisted. "This was a real fundraiser and it did us a lot of good. It wasn't exploitative. I'm not talking 'Girls Gone Wild' here."

And Britney could quickly see that, despite her reluctance, the squad itself didn't seem to mind.

"Yeah, but what about the photographer?" Alice asked. "Last year he donated his time, but he probably won't this year. We can't afford to pay him."

"Wait a minute," Tom said. "Why pay anyone? There's a couple of really advanced photography classes in the school registrar. Why not just see if we can get a Lancer student to do it for some extra credit or something?"

"I know Prof. Parker," Frankie spoke up, enthusiasm for the idea seeming to grow as more and more voices chimed in. "He teaches most of the photography classes. Maybe he can suggest someone. Maybe even give up the cameras and whatnot we need."

"Wellllll maybe that will work," Britney said, not wanting to stand in the way of this idea if the squad was into it. Besides, it wasn't like they had the luxury of turning down feasible ideas. She just didn't want to turn this into a Playboy layout. "Anyone have anything else?"

"Bake sale?" Ariana suggested.

"Ugh, no," Alice snapped.

"That's definitely not an idea we're turning down, Alice," Britney scolded. "A bake sale is something we can throw together this week and they actually can raise a lot of money quickly. Everyone make up a dish and we can throw it Thursday. It's also a good way to show the dean that the campus supports us. It can't hurt to send him a message like that."

"If we aren't turning down ideas, can we go back to the wet T-shirt thing?" Jason asked. This time Charlotte stomped on his foot.

"Hey, I NEED that foot!" Jason cried.

"Then learn to keep quiet unless you're going to be serious," Britney said. "We can't panic. But we can't waste time either. Come on people, brainstorm!"

"Bachelor and bachelorette auctions. They were popular last year," Darwin pointed out.

"Okay, I can get behind that. If it worked last year then we'll do it again," Britney said. "More people, come on! Time is almost literally money here!"

"What about finding a sponsor?" Charlotte offered. "Last year the Cyclones found a local business to pretty much pay our entire way to Nationals."

Savannah winced as Charlotte said, "Our," but Britney nodded enthusiastically.

"Do you think they'd be willing to sponsor the Hellcats this year?" the coach asked. The better solutions were starting to come forward now and the more she could see the Hellcats coming together on this, the more she was convinced they could pull this off.

"No, the guy was a MemChrist alumn," Charlotte muttered.

"Then we'll look around at other businesses," Britney said. "Someone will sponsor us, I'm certain. Especially if we send some doe-eyed cheerleaders around canvassing for help. Any more ideas?"

"What about a charity fashion show and auction?" Charlotte asked.

"Huh?" Lewis said.

"No, that's an idea right there," Molly said. "We did something similar in my high school - though we didn't get any big name designers, just the local stores. We made a little over two grand doing that."

"Two grand?" Marti asked, surprised. "As in $2,000?"

"And change, yes."

Savannah's eyes were wide. "I say we go for it."

"Even if we only make two grand, we'll be doing grand," Charlotte said with a smile.

"Now this is brainstorming, people! I like it!" Britney said. "We can make this work!"

"Wait a second..." Alice said. "Wasn't there a famous Lancer grad who became a fashion designer?"

The rest of the team stared at her with blank looks.

"I'm serious, there was a famous fashion designer who graduated from Lancer," the Captain insisted.

"I don't remember that," Savannah said.

"Does this mystery designer have a name?" Frankie asked.

"I'm sure she does," Alice snapped. "I just can't remember it right now."

"Well, that's what Google is for and if you think of it, let us know," Britney said. "Until then, let's go with the local businesses aspect. If we can pull even half of what Molly's high school did, it'll be a huge chunk out of our travel expenses. Charlotte, why don't you and Molly look up some possible stores - get a good cross-section so that we have some different looks."

"That's going to take some time," Molly said.

"I'm sure," Britney agreed. "So do what you can and we'll start with the small stuff and work our way up."

"Small stuff?" Alice asked suspiciously.

Britney gave the Hellcats Captain a wry look. "We ARE doing a bake sale, Alice. Hell, if we need to, we'll do a bake sale every week until we get the money we need."

"Ugh, one bake sale is enough," Alice muttered. "Is there anything else? I have somewhere I need to be and-"

"Go, go," Britney said. "Everyone keep thinking of ideas - I'll consider just about anything." She frowned as Jason opened his mouth to speak again. "EXCEPT wet T-shirt contests."

"Damnit," Jason grumbled.

"Oh, Marti, before I forget - you need to stop by Dr. Van Der Hooven's office later today," Britney said as the Hellcats started to file out of the room. "She told me she needed to see you. You might have your physical redone or something."

"Do I have to?" Marti asked, wincing at the thought. Marti wasn't exactly the most fond of doctors or checkups and she'd only had her last one done because it had been required to get into Lancer. She'd gone to great lengths to avoid going to the doctor since.

"You do if you want to keep cheerleading," Britney said. "I know it's no fun, but go and get it over with."

"All right, I'll stop by this afternoon," Marti reluctantly agreed. "But I just know I'm going to hate it."

* * *

"Ugh, I hate it."

Vanessa Lodge looked at herself in the mostly-white Memphis Christian Cyclones coaching uniform and sighed. She hadn't realized how much it would hurt to put on a non-Hellcat uniform until she had to do it. The fact that it was Lancer's hated rival didn't help matters. It was akin to a diehard Red Sox fan forced to work in a Yankee uniform, or a Michigan student suddenly transferred to Ohio State. There were just some things that would never feel right.

Still, beggars couldn't be choosers and if Vanessa hadn't taken this job at MemChrist, begging was going to start to become a realistic alternative. Being the interim coach for the Cyclones beat unemployment by a fair margin and Vanessa was ready to try just about anything.

She just wished she could do it at another school. Or at least in another school's uniform.

With another sigh, Vanessa looked herself in the mirror, thought of Savannah Monroe and muttered a quick, "Positive outcomes only," to herself before turning around and heading towards the gym.

Unlike Lancer, which begrudgingly gave the Hellcats their own gym, the Memphis Christian Cyclones shared their gym with pretty much every other female sport on campus, from softball to basketball, volleyball to table tennis. MemChrist had won the Women's Regional Table Tennis Championships the last six years in a row, making it their leading sports program, but that hadn't earned them a space of their own.

Each team had to sign up for time, though several sports could practice at the same time in the large, open facility. Right away, Vanessa saw the track team running around the upper-level running track, the volleyball team working the net off to the left and the vaunted ping pongers slapping paddles back and forth like crazy on the right. The Cyclones were practicing in the far corner, already broken up into three groups, working on some sloppy looking helicopter lifts.

Vanessa frowned. They shouldn't have been practicing without her and they certainly shouldn't have been doing helicopter lifts in the middle of a gym without padding underneath them! Before she knew it, Vanessa was storming over.

"What the hell are you all doing?" she demanded loudly, arriving just in time to see three Cyclones flyers come down safely from their lifts, though one of the bases trembled a little as he let Kathy Kurowski go. "That's too dangerous a move for here. Knock it off now!"

"So it's true," Kathy said, looking at Vanessa with more than a little disdain. "Our coach goes into labor and we get the Hellcats castoffs."

"It's so nice to see you, too, Kathy," Vanessa said, reminding herself that she was this girl's coach now and had to stop thinking of her with the "Nasty" nickname Savannah had tagged her with. "Now, what is going on here? I didn't tell you to do any of this."

"Practice," Kathy said. "For whatever it's worth. Not like we're going anywhere this year."

"What are you talking about?" Vanessa asked.

"You have been out of the loop," Kathy grumbled. "When your damn Hellcats won Qualifiers, we lost our guaranteed shot at advancing this year. No Sectionals, certainly no Nationals, unless we impress the Governing Committee, which apparently our routine at Qualifiers didn't do."

"Impossible. You guys had the second best score," Vanessa said. "How was that not enough to impress the judges?"

"It wasn't technical enough," a blonde girl said, coming up to stand next to Kathy.

"Yeah," another, smaller blonde said, looking quite sour as she stood on Kathy's other side.

"Tiffany, Meaghan, shut up and let me handle this," Kathy snapped. "We're done, Vanessa. That's probably why the dean thought he could get away with hiring you."

"No way! You - WE - aren't done," Vanessa said, her competitive juices already flowing. "We can file an appeal. We can get the committee to allow you to participate. You're last year's National Champions, for Christ's sake! You need to be there this year."

"Blasphemy!" a short brunette gasped.

"Not now, Sarah," Kathy hushed.

Vanessa rolled her eyes. "I'll do a few Hail Mary's for that later," she said. "After you guys get going to Sectionals."

"Well, we aren't going," Meaghan, the shorter blonde muttered.

"What do you mean, file an appeal?" Kathy said, holding up a hand to silence Meaghan.

"Just what I said. We'll file an appeal. We'll need to use a bid vid - a video for our bid for Sectionals - to show them what we're capable of, but Qualifiers just happened, so we've got time. If the last routine wasn't technical enough, we'll create a new, more technical one." Vanessa looked over the Cyclones. "That is, if you're all up to that."

"Hell yes we are!" Tiffany said!

"Language, Tiffany," Kathy said absent-mindedly.

"Damnit," Tiffany said, then winced again. "Sorry."

"Tiffany has a bit of a swearing problem," Meaghan said when Vanessa looked confused. "We've got a swear jar going in the office for her and another one back at Storm's Eye."

"Storm's Eye?" Vanessa asked, feeling increasingly lost.

"That's what we call Murphy House, our residence hall," Kathy explained. "You know, like the eye of the storm, the center of a cyclone."

"Oh, like how the Hellcats call their residence hall Cheertown," Vanessa said, getting it now.

"Cheertown? Wow, THAT'S creative," Meaghan snarked.

"No one said the Hellcats were all that clever," Nasty Kathy said. "Just annoyingly persistent."

"Can we get off the Hellcat bashing and back to the matter at hand?" Vanessa asked. "You're not going to get anywhere by focusing on another team. You're going to get there by focusing on what we can do. Now, are we going to try and get back into Nationals or what?"

All the Cyclones looked to Kathy. If Vanessa needed any more proof that Ms. Kurowski was the de facto leader around here that was more than enough. These first official moments of her coaching career here had already made it clear to Vanessa that she and Kathy were going to butt heads the entire time Vanessa was here at MemChrist.

"We're going to need a REALLY good video," Kathy said after a moment's reflection. "Something better than just us performing right in front of the camera."

"Funny you should say that," Vanessa said. "I know just the man to help us out, if he'll agree."

"Who?" Meaghan asked.

* * *

Dan Patch? Kathy Kurowski nearly tore her hair out when she heard that Hellcat reject Vanessa bring up Savannah's boyfriend. She'd also nearly vetoed the whole project right then and there. There was no way she was going to rely on anyone even remotely connected to the Hellcats to get her Cyclones to Sectionals. It just wasn't going to happen.

But before she opened her mouth to protest - to scream, to yell, to cry, to throw a hissy-fit about the unfairness of life itself - a thought occurred to her.

Dan Patch. Savannah Monroe's boyfriend. Here, on the MemChrist campus, well away from Savannah for at least a day, maybe longer. Dan Patch, who according to what Lewis had told Kathy while they were dating, had a history of love 'em and leave 'em relationships with girls before dating Savannah. Dan Patch, who cheated on Savannah with Marti Perkins, Savannah's new BFF and roommate.

What better way to stick it to Savannah - and thus all those damn Hellcats - than to use her own boyfriend? The wheels in her head quickly began to turn and it didn't take long for a plan to form.

Vanessa had agreed to call Dan and start the process, but Kathy had no intention of just letting Vanessa bring him in. No, this was going to require a little more leg work on her part. If she couldn't break the Hellcats in competition, she could at least break Savannah's heart.

And everyone knew Savannah Monroe was the heart of the Hellcats.

* * *

About 20 miles away from the heart of Memphis, the suburb of Germantown was awfully quite. With the kids in school and the parents at work, one of the richest cities in Tennessee was remarkably silent for a community of its size.

Except for one house, where the sounds of a body being slammed against a wall were heard from the outside.

Alice should have known this was going to happen to her. She just didn't think it would happen as soon as she walked in the door.

"Hmm, baby, that's it, right there," Alice moaned. "God, you have no idea what you do to me."

Still clad in her Hellcats uniform, Alice found herself being held tight as the homeowner kissed her neck. Her body pressed against the wall, she didn't mind this woman showing some domination to her. After all, the woman had done it once before.

"I couldn't forget what drove you wild last time. And just consider this a congratulations fuck for winning Qualifiers," Kelsey Curtis said as she looked Alice in the eye.

"I would tell you to at least give me a hello, but I've done the same thing to guys before," Alice quipped before moaning once again. "Don't stop, Kelsey, don't stop!"

Kelsey was dressed down by her standards, even though her wardrobe was still pretty expensive. She was wearing a black over-the-shoulder top that showed no bra strap on her right shoulder from Victoria's Secret and a pair of short jeans from Roberto Cavalli.

Deep inside her, Alice knew she should have been more prepared. She was planning on talking to Kelsey about what she gathered from Vanessa, but the moment Kelsey opened the door, the Hellcats captain melted in the sports reporter's hands.

"Hmm, you really missed me, haven't you?" Alice said as Kelsey starting unzipping the cheerleader's jacket and throwing it to the ground. "Have you not gotten laid since the Hard Rock?"

"Oh, I did, last week, Friday," Kelsey answered. "Just a one-night stand. Nothing serious. Terrific legs and a great ass, though."

"Sounds like somebody I would have tried to keep," Alice said as she lifted Kelsey's top over her head, leaving the journalist's large tits bare to her.

"Not sure if she was your type," Kelsey responded, trying to stifle a smile. If only Alice knew that she was talking about her former coach. "What about you? Fucked anybody lately?"

"God, I couldn't get enough," Alice sighed as Kelsey dropped the cheerleader's skirt to the floor. "I let Lewis and two of the freshman bases fuck me senseless, but the crazy thing was that none of them could make me come."

"So you need me to give you a much-needed orgasm?" Kelsey asked after she slid the ebony beauty's spankies and panties off her body.

"Oh, I've been satisfied," Alice answered. "Get up here, I want to see you naked. I need your pussy again."

"You don't have to ask twice," Kelsey agreed, unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans while Alice whipped off her jacket, top and bra, leaving both women completely naked. "Come with me. I want to take this to the couch."

Grabbing Alice by the hand, Kelsey dragged the cheerleader from the entranceway and into the family room, which had a green, leather sectional couch in front of a pricey-looking media center. Alice was going to comment on how great the room looked, but Kelsey dropped her on back on the couch and kneeled in front of her on a cushion, hungry as ever.

"So, you said you've been seeing someone since the Hard Rock?" Kelsey said. "Spill, Alice. I want to know everything."

"Well, I got something to ask first. When you first came to grips that you were a lesbian, were you in denial?" Alice questioned.

"I wasn't. A few girls I've met before were, though. It's definitely not something that's easy to adjust to," Kelsey explained. "Why? What happened?"

"I kept trying to get Lewis to make me come after we fucked," Alice answered. "But he couldn't. He was great and all, but I wasn't feeling the pleasure. I even tried with a couple of freshman bases, but they couldn't get it done either."

"Oh, that can't be good," Kelsey interrupted as she thought about all the ways she could get it done with this gorgeous cheerleader.

"All I could think of was you and everything we did," Alice continued. "You and somebody else."

"And who might this someone else be?" Kelsey inquired, curious to hear more.

"Her name is Miranda Summer. She's a freshman tumbler for the Hellcats," Alice explained. "She has these beautiful girl-next-door looks and one of the juiciest asses you'll ever see, but it doesn't have an ounce of fat to it."

"Hmmm, you're getting me wet just talking about her," Kelsey purred, starting to take a few loving licks to Alice's pussy. "Keep going. I want to hear more."

"I had been, ohh, yeah, thinking about her a lot leading up to Qualifiers," Alice said, trying and failing to keep her pleasure in check as Kelsey began eating her out. "I was so fucking frustrated cause I couldn't come from any of the guys and, by some stroke of fate, when we met together in some back corner of FedExForum, I went for it. I kissed her."

"And was she worth it?" Kelsey asked after looking up briefly.

"Oh, yeah. Her lips were so soft, like yours," Alice moaned as Kelsey continued her oral examination of the Hellcat. "And she was so innocent. It felt so right. Everything was going perfect. Until..."

"Until what?" Kelsey hadn't been expecting another game-changer in this story and paused to listen to the rest of Alice's recollection of events.

"Kathy, our hated rival, the captain of MemChrist, saw us and took a picture of the two of us kissing on her phone and then blackmailed us to drop out of Qualifiers."

"So what happened then?" Kelsey was so intrigued, she was half-tempted to go into the kitchen and microwave a bag of popcorn for the rest of the story. Her desire to fuck the ever-living hell out of this pretty young thing was fighting with her reporter's instincts to find out the story.

"I tried to organize a girls-only meeting, just myself, Miranda and Marti and Savannah... You remember those two, right?" Alice asked. Kelsey nodded her head. "...And Charlotte Monroe, Savannah's sister. But Lewis and Coach Allen found out we were having this secret meeting and Lewis forced me to confess everything that was going on."

"Did you?" Kelsey questioned, wondering if he found out about them.

"I did," Alice admitted. "Including you and me. Look, I didn't want to. It's just that Lewis is a guy with strong morals and expects the truth every time."

"Relax, I have no problem with people knowing I'm a lesbian," Kelsey said. "I'm not worried about anybody knowing about what we did."

"Okay, good," Alice sighed, finding it difficult to recount this story because all she wanted was to have Kelsey's tongue licking her. But at the same time it was almost a bit cathartic to tell someone all of this. "Anyway, Lewis broke up with me right there, but he stuck around with the rest of us to get the phone and delete the picture. And since part of Kathy's plan was to try and get him back in her panties, he offered himself to her in the hot tub in the pool area. But what she didn't know is Miranda and I were watching from the gym next door and saw her phone."

"So you went for it, I take it?" Kelsey said. She had begun stroking Alice's pussy again, eliciting sexual moans from the cheerleader.

"Miranda, ohh, she did," Alice said, starting to feel the warm invitation of Kelsey's fingers again. "She was definitely a team player that night. She went in and grabbed the phone. Kathy didn't suspect a thing until long after. And I couldn't help it. I kissed Miranda again and, ohhhh, we started taking off each others' clothes."

"Please tell me there isn't a major twist," Kelsey begged.

"No," Alice answered hesitantly, wondering where Kelsey was going.

"Good," Kelsey replied. "You keep the story going and I'll keep listening, I promise. Mmmm and I'll also do this too."

With that, Kelsey immediately began eating her friend out again.

"Ohhh, wow!" Alice moaned. She had missed Kelsey's tongue and all the things she could do with it. They might have only been together once, but there was no minimizing the impact it had had on her. "Once I had her down to her underwear, I just attacked her. I hadn't gotten off since you made me come, so I wanted her bad. Ooooh I needed her! I couldn't even begin to control myself. She was grinding her leg up against my pussy and I was feeling so hot from that. Jesus, it felt so good."

"You mean like this?" Kelsey asked, repositioning herself so that she was on top of Alice face-to-face, her leg up against Alice's sweet honeypot.

"Yeahhhh, that's it, right there, Kelsey," Alice said as the familiar feeling of sexual bliss coursed through her veins. "God, I had never had somebody try that to me before but it felt soooooo unbelievable."

"And you want it more, don't you?" Kelsey said. "You want this woman to do what that girl did to you? You want me to make me you come like she did?"

"Noooo!" Alice groaned, catching Kelsey off-guard. "Make me come like I made her come. Laying on this couch, your face between my legs."

"Just what I was hoping for," Kelsey proclaimed while smiling wickedly. The glasses-wearing brunette went back down to the young woman's budding clit, making Alice scream in pleasure.


"I can tell," Kelsey laughed quietly. It didn't escape her that she now had Alice in the same position that she had gotten Miranda in. In the story Alice was the aggressor, but now she was deliciously submissive and Kelsey loved it.


Kelsey giggled to herself how excited Alice got over sex. She was really getting more and more into girl sex now and Kelsey enjoyed seeing the transformation of her pupil. And because she was enjoying it so, the only logical thing to was to make Alice come. One last suck on Alice's clit and she was gone.


Alice's brain was still a little foggy after having her body rocked the way it did, but the one thing that remained abundantly clear was that Kelsey had left her a soaking wet mess. Her hair was matted to her face from the sweat that accumulated and her leg bones had been reduced to Jell-O, but the Hellcat captain knew it was all worth it with her reporter friend.

"Hmmm, so was Miranda that good?" Kelsey purred as she finished snacking on Alice's kitty.

"Oh, she's got potential, but she's a long way from catching you, Kelsey," Alice sighed.

As a reward for her answer, Kelsey pulled herself up to Alice's face and kissed the chocolate-skinned woman with a heated passion. The Hellcat was all too happy to let the journalist have her way with her and at that moment, she was ready to return the favor.

"You know, you never told me about this mystery woman you banged," Alice pointed out. "Start talking, Kelsey Curtis. Was she good?"

"Ummm, she was so good," Kelsey said with fond memories. She knew where the conversation was going, but she was willing to play Alice's game. "She hadn't had much experience with women before, but she warmed up nicely to it."

"Really?" Alice wanted more and she wasn't going to stop until she poked and prodded for all the details. And speaking of poking and prodding, she decided to give Kelsey some motivation by teasing her pussy lips with her fingers. "Tell me more. What was her body like?"

Seeing that question coming from a mile away, Kelsey, the veteran reporter that she was, had an answer ready, one she knew wouldn't reveal her secret lover was Vanessa. "She was absolutely stunning. She had these dark brown eyes that you get lost in forever and the silkiest brown hair. Her skin was smooth to the touch, yet you could do laundry on her abs."

"Oh, she sounds delicious," Alice moaned, feeling herself getting wet again. If Kelsey was this good at telling erotic stories, she felt she'd need to call Frankie and let her know their room was all hers that night. "What else? Tell me, Kelsey. I want to know more about this random slut."

Trying to stifle a laugh at Alice calling her former coach a slut, Kelsey continued by saying, "God, her tits were just the right size for her. She was a tall girl but very athletic and her breasts were firm with just the right amount of bounce to her. And her legs carried on for miles. Michelangelo couldn't have sculpted better legs if he tried. And she had this amazing ass. So toned and tight, but she couldn't lose its round shape if she tried. She was incredible."

"Oh, she sounds so beautiful," Alice moaned, trying to picture the image of this beautiful woman in her head. "Who was this, Halle Berry?"

"Damn close," Kelsey said with a smile. Before she knew what hit her, though, Kelsey yelped in happy shock as Alice put her hands on the reporter's shoulders and put the bespectacled woman on her back on the couch.

"I wanna know what you did with her," Alice told her new lover. "How'd you fuck this woman? Tell me while I eat you."

Sinking down to Kelsey's waist, Alice made good on her promise and started worming her tongue in the writer's drenched honeypot.

"Ohhhh, her ass, it needed to be worshipped," Kelsey began, knowing already how good Alice was at sex and trying to remain as coherent as long as possible. "I gave her butt all the attention I could give it, from kisses to squeezes. And, oh, she loved it when I teased her tight little asshole with my tongue."

Alice was no stranger to anal sex, but she was very select on which men in her life got it. Now, she was wondering if Kelsey could do her butt better than any man could. Deciding to worry about that later, Alice made a mental note to let Kelsey do things to her ass later and continued to go down on her friend.

"She was grinding her pussy on my hand and she felt so damp," Kelsey carried on. "She wanted to come so bad. Oh, yeah, just like I do. And I started teasing that booty of hers with a finger, like I was going to put in her, but she just couldn't hold back anymore and... WHOA! What the fuck?!"

Before she could even react, Alice put all the strength in her body into flipping the older woman over with her back facing the ceiling. Through a wide smile, Alice said, "Sorry, Kelsey. I couldn't help it. I just wanted something to hold on to. Something I can sink my fingers into."

Knowing what she meant, Kelsey turned her head over shoulder and looked at Alice, saying, "You know you're insatiable, right?"

"Haven't heard any complaints about that yet."

Without any more hesitation, Alice went back to work to eating Kelsey's pussy, putting the brunette closer to the inevitable orgasmic precipice. Just to be sure the writer would reach that level, the cheerleader made good on her promise to grab hold of Kelsey's tight butt cheeks.

"Umm, ohhhhhhh, yeaaaaaah, I love when girls do that to my ass!" Kelsey moaned. "Ohhhh, come on, Alice! I need to come now!"

"Keep talking dirty to me, slut," Alice thought to herself. "You want to play naughty with anonymous whores? Let's see how you like it when I have fun with you?"

Catching Kelsey off-guard once again, Alice slid one of her fingers down the crevice of the reporter's butt, hovering just over the tight starfish.

"Yeaaaaaaah, that's it, Alice! Finger my ass!" Kelsey begged. "Don't you even think of teasing me, you nasty slut!"

"Too late," Alice thought to herself, rubbing the fingers right on the edge of Kelsey's asshole, at the same time remaining focused on Kelsey's throbbing clit. As she continued bringing her lover closer to an orgasm, Alice rubbed the outer edges of Kelsey's puckered hole, sending waves of pleasure from the several nerves in the area to her brain.

"God, yes, you're so fucking nasty, Alice!" Kelsey yelled. "Just like me! Make me come! Do it! I need it!"

Deciding now was as good a time as any, Alice sucked hard on Kelsey's red bud, but that wasn't what pushed the reporter to her breaking point. For a little added pleasure, the ebony cheerleader slowly inserted her teasing finger into Kelsey's ass. She didn't want to put it in too deep to avoid causing pain, so Alice figured the top knuckle would be a good place to stop. Fortunately, her decision paid great dividends.

"OH, GAAAAAAAAAWD!" Kelsey yelled at the top of her voice. "I'M COMINNNNNNNNNNG! FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"

And come she did. Alice had already been bracing for Kelsey's orgasm and the juices rushed at her face with the speed of a Corvette. As she savored the taste of the journalist's cream, Alice pulled her finger out of Kelsey's ass, grinning from ear-to-ear about that she actually managed to make another come from anal sex.

While she began controlling her heart rate, Kelsey flipped back over, her back now on the couch, wiggling a finger in front of her face. Taking the universal cue, Alice slid up her friend's body so that they were face-to-face. Combing some loose locks behind the cheerleader's ear, Kelsey and Alice came together for another heated kiss. This felt so wild to Alice. Kelsey still carried the same radiating passion that she did when she opened the door. There seemed to be no off button on her and it drove Alice crazy in the best way possible.

Feeling her naughty side kick in, Kelsey broke the kiss and took control of the hand Alice had used to tease her ass before slipping the finger that went inside her in her mouth. Ass-to-mouth wasn't something she didn't do often, but when she did, it always felt so good. She had thought Alice had done such a great job with her body, that she wanted to reward her by unleashing her kinky side.

Alice could hardly believe what Kelsey was doing. She knew damn well where that finger had been. She had never tried ass-to-mouth before, but the way Kelsey was licking her finger made it seem she was enjoying the whole thing. Suddenly, Alice found herself wondering if she would ever try ATM.

"You are one naughty slut, you know that?" Alice giggled.

"Hi, Pot, I'm Kettle," Kelsey smirked, getting Alice laughing before sharing a quick kiss. "So, could I interest you in a glass of wine?"

"Sure, even though I that was supposed to come during the seduction," Alice quipped.

"I just enjoying breaking it out for my house guests," Kelsey replied, getting up toward the kitchen and letting Alice take in the glorious sight of her nude body. She really wanted to know how the reporter kept in shape because Kelsey's body was so tight. "Ah, just what I was looking for, the 2001 Gaja Barbaresco. One of my favorite Italian imports. Care for some?"

"Yes, please," Alice said, watching Kelsey pour the wine. God, she felt so lucky to be banging the journalist. Kelsey was crazy fit but maintained the perfect combination of big tits and a round ass, all while being the living embodiment of the hot librarian fantasy. The one regret that Alice felt was that she wasn't the one to make a move on Kelsey. Oh, well, at least she knew she'd be sharing a bed with her more often. In fact, Alice was feeling Kelsey wasn't quite done with her tonight as she got her wine. "Thanks. Hmm, tastes good."

"It better. I normally don't spend $190 for causal conversation wine," Kelsey smirked as she too took a sip. "But I have something else to talk to you about. Of course, you knew this wasn't going to be just a booty call, right?"

"Truth be told, I wasn't sure to expect a booty call and was expecting business," Alice answered.

"Well, I've got something to talk to you about," Kelsey said as she sat back down on the couch and reached into a side table drawer. Alice peered over Kelsey's shoulder to see what she was reaching for, but saw the drawer was empty. She was about to ask what Kelsey was doing when she saw her pull at something.

"Is that a false bottom?" Alice asked.

"Sure is. It's where I keep all my current story material," Kelsey answered. "In my line of work, you make a lot of powerful enemies and you don't want them finding the dirt."

"So what's all this?"

"My notepad and sheets of transcribed audio. It's all from my conversation with Vanessa," Kelsey replied. "It's, shall I say, very interesting stuff. You're going to want to see everything that's been highlighted in yellow."

As Alice picked up the notes, she began to wonder what Kelsey could have dug up on Vanessa. Then she found the damning evidence she was looking for and saw that the fears she her teammates had were for good reason.

"'[Laverne] flat out told me when he started the job, 'I don't like you,''" Alice read from the transcript. "'It was evident from the very beginning that what transpired with my team and AD Marsh had painted a bull's-eye on my back.' Aw, I knew Dean Laverne was up to something, I knew it!"

"It gets worse," Kelsey said. "Flip to Page 4, top paragraph."

Reluctantly doing so, knowing it would probably break her heart, Alice turned the pages and found what she was dreading.

"'Yes, members of the team were being infected with strep throat,'" Alice continued to read. "'But I don't think that's why I was terminated. I took several precautions to ensure that the rest of the team would not be infected. Either my actions were not enough in the eyes of the Lancer Athletic Department or Dean Phillip Laverne chose to ignore them. I have every reason in the world to believe he was looking for an excuse, no matter how pathetic, to have me fired based on a petty grudge.' That bastard! If he was here right now, I'd kill him!"

"You might want to keep reading," Kelsey advised. "Check the next paragraph."

"'But even though he was on the one who fired me, I believe it was also Emily Townsend, the attorney acting as the university-appointed athletic compliance monitor, who also played a role in my firing,'" Alice read further. "'They wanted to get rid of me because if they fired Red Raymond, it would cause an uproar among the athletic boosters. Firing me barely registered in the Commercial-Appeal and online. I do not regret being in a relationship with Red at all, but I believe that Emily, Red's ex-wife, acted outside her official duties and let a personal vendetta dictate her actions.'"

Bewildered and in disbelief, Alice set Kelsey's transcript and notepad down on the coffee table in front of her, a blank stare in her eyes.

"Alice, are you okay?" Kelsey asked, concerning cresting over her face for her lover.

"Not really," Alice answered. "I knew Laverne was a douchebag, but this whole thing hasn't set in yet, knowing he really did do this. What can you publish so far?"

"Nothing," Kelsey replied. "Vanessa told me straight up that she had no proof beyond her conversations, which were unrecorded. What we have now basically amounts to hearsay. I need more concrete evidence before I can start writing."

"Fuck!" Alice cursed. "I want Laverne and Emily nailed to the wall so badly. They can't get away with this."

"Well, there is something I think you'll love to hear," Kelsey promised, wrapping her arm around Alice's shoulders after taking another drink of wine. "She speaks real highly of the entire team. You, Savannah, Marti, Lewis, Frankie, Darwin, even that Dan Patch guy. She still considers you to be her team."

"She does?" Alice said, looking through Kelsey's glasses into her eyes.

"Absolutely," Kelsey reassured her. "I don't think that anything will change that. She was so passionate about the Hellcats that I do believe her about being screwed over by Laverne and Townsend. You have my word that I will expose them for the liars that they are."

Alice just smiled while keeping unbreakable eye contact with Kelsey. The investigative reporter was going after this assignment because she knew two people employed by Lancer were abusing their positions as employees of the State of Tennessee had to be exposed. It wasn't because Kelsey was banging Alice but because she knew a wrong had to be righted.

"Thank you, Kelsey," Alice told her friend. "Vanessa needs this. She saved me from self-destructing. I have to pay her back."

"You will, Alice. I know you will," Kelsey said, looking at Alice's grateful smile. And also Alice's nude body. She felt a little guilty about doing this, but Kelsey went back in and kissed Alice lightly on the lips. That contact reignited the pleasure center of the journalist's brain.

"I don't mean to change the mood, but I still feel horny," Kelsey told the cheerleader. "How about we take this upstairs to the bedroom?"

"Sounds good to me," Alice said excitedly. "Just so long as you tease my ass this time, like you did with that mystery girl."

"Oh, I will."

Taking Alice by the hand, Kelsey took the Hellcat by the hand and up the stairs to the bedroom. For a brief moment, she considered letting her lover in on the fact that Vanessa was her secret fuck buddy, but she quickly pushed that thought out of her head. Some secrets are better off as just that, Kelsey told herself.

* * *

"...and that's just ONE of the reasons the economic disaster in Greece could potentially bring about an end to the European Union. I could list about a dozen more, but I see we're almost done for the day, so everyone read up on Spain so we can discuss how that nation could be the next one to default on its loans."

Prof. Natalie Hershlag's class let out, and once again, Molly Cratchit couldn't believe how lucky she was to be the in it, let alone the professor's teaching assistant. As the other students filed out, their eyes looking a bit glazed over, Molly approached the front, beaming.

"Excellent lecture today, professor," Molly said.

"Thanks, Molly, but you already got the job, no need to kiss my ass now," Natalie replied. "Were you able to get those reports photocopied for me before class?"

"Yes, they're on your desk in your office. I also collated them and copied your notes onto your backup hard drive, just like you asked."

"Gold star, Ms. Cratchit," the professor said, impressed. "Do they teach you to be so driven in the Hellcats?"

"Well, actually, yes. Or at least, cheerleading in general has. I've only been with the Hellcats for a short time."

"But you already won a major competition with them," Natalie pointed out.

"We did, but it's only one step in a very long road," Molly said. "In fact, I may need more time for the Hellcats - we've got to raise the money we need for travel expenses this year and that's going to involve a lot of fund raising."

"Well, I'm sure we can work out something," Natalie said. "But I thought the school covered your travel expenses."

"They used to, but I guess they've had to cut back this year and we're the first victims. In fact, we'll be having a bake sale later this week," Molly said.

"A bake sale?" Natalie said, surprised. "How very... grade school."

"I know, right?" Molly said with a sigh. "But it's not like we have a lot of options. We need every penny we can get and this was the quickest thing we could get going."

Natalie glanced at the clock on the wall before she stood up and gathered her paperwork.. "I've got another class in a few minutes and it's a few rooms away, but I'd be very interested in hearing what ideas you've come up with. After all, I do know a little bit about making money."

Molly felt her chest swell. Of course! If anyone could help the Hellcats make the money they needed, it was Natalie! Not many people she knew were as acclaimed for their work in economics as the famed economic professor was. Molly's head spun at the very thought - not only would she work with her idol, she'd actually work with her to make real money!

"Oh and if you've got some red velvet cupcakes at your little bake sale, I'll be sure to buy one," Natalie said before popping out the door.

"I'll make sure of it!" Molly called after her. As soon as the door closed, Molly let out a very out-of-character squeal of delight and she quickly did a little dance of joy before she stopped dead when she realized she had no idea how to make red velvet cupcakes.

* * *

With a sigh and slight hesitation, Marti stepped up to the Lancer Athletics Medical Department door and knocked, hoping beyond reason that perhaps, just perhaps, no one was inside. Marti wasn't a fan of doctors in general and aside from an unusually chipper report from Ariana, she hadn't heard many glowing reports about Dr. Van Der Hooven. The new Hellcats team doctor didn't exactly come with a reputation for her bedside manner.

"It's open!"

"Dammit!" Marti thought to herself as she opened the door.

"Good to see you, Ms. Perkins," Dr. Kristen Van Der Hooven said, although the tone of her voice indicated anything but. "Sorry to drag you out of practice, but this has to be done."

Dressed in one of those universal lab coats that every doctor everywhere else in the world seemed to have, a simple grey blouse and a skirt that would've been too short on most other girls, but seemed a bit flirtatious on the short doctor, Kristen barley looked up from her paperwork as Marti came in, closing the door behind her.

"I know, I know," Marti said, trying to sound humorous but coming off agitated instead. "So, what do you want me to do, take off my clothes and put on some Barry White?"

"Just the clothes, please," Kristen said with a raised eyebrow. She sighed, not at all surprised that a law student would be difficult to work with. How one could become a cheerleader in the first place was beyond the doctor, but she neither had the time or the inclination to pry into that story. "And while you do that, could you answer some questions for me?"

"Um, sure," Marti relented.

"How's your mood?"

"Could be better," the cheerleader grumbled as she slid her top off. She almost added something about having to get naked for a doctor with a bad attitude bringing it down, but thought better of it.

"Psychological issues?"

"None," Marti lied. She was NOT going to discuss her recent discovery of her homosexuality with this stranger.

"Any changes in medication?"

"Not taking any."

"Not even birth control?" the doctor asked.

"Well, yeah, that, but that's been the same for a couple years now."

"What about dangerous behavior? Any drugs, alcohol, unprotected sex, that sort of thing?"

"No, drinking reasonably and no," Marti rattled off as she slid her skirt down her legs. She really should've worn something other than her uniform to this. It felt tawdry to be stripping out of a cheerleader outfit, even if it was for a medical exam.

"Is your cycle on schedule?"

"Do you seriously have to ask that?" Marti, despite being used to that question, was never comfortable talking about menstruation with anyone. There had been one too many god-awful instances where Wanda had either tried to get her new tampons or thought she was pregnant for Marti to EVER enjoy the topic.

"Just answer the question, Ms. Perkins," the doctor said, frustration seeping into her voice. "The sooner you do-"

"The sooner we're done, yeah, yeah," Marti grumbled. "Yes, my cycle is regular. Happy?"

"I'd be happier if you'd get out of your bra and panties and into an exam gown," Dr. Van Der Hooven muttered. "But you'll be relieved to know that's the last of the questions I need."

"To be honest, Doc, I never liked going to the doctor's office. Feels like I'm having my privacy taken away," Marti replied as she undid the clasp of her bra. "No offense. I know you're just doing your job."

"It's alright, I've never been fond of cheerleaders myself," Kristen retorted. "So since we don't like what the other does, what do you say we just do this as quickly and painlessly as possible?"

"Works for me," Marti agreed, taking off her spankies and snagging her socks at the same time. "If you don't mind me asking, though, why'd you get involved with collegiate athletics if you don't like working with cheerleaders?"

"Ms. Perkins, I have worked with Olympic-level athletes, professional hockey players and more than my fair share of college football players. Just because I dislike cheerleaders does NOT mean I dislike sports medicine," the doctor said, frowning at the thong-clad Hellcat. "Working on cheerleaders is the price one pays to be at one of the premiere sports schools."

"Sorry I asked," Marti grumbled.

"Just lose the thong and get into the gown, Ms. Perkins," Kristen said. "Clearly, we're both rather sick of each other. Let's be done with this. Then, if you can avoid any serious injuries this season, we'll rarely have to speak with each other again."

Marti frowned as she dropped her thong and kicked it over by her shoes. The doctor was right. Even if Marti didn't get hurt, she had to deal with this woman all season so it made sense to be polite and at least cordial instead of adversarial. As she shrugged her way into the paper gown - was this thing ripping at the shoulders already?! - Marti looked around for something, ANYTHING, to break the ice and try and turn this whole exam around.

She saw it sitting in a very prominent spot on the doctor's shelf behind her desk.

"Is that a Stanley Cup ring?" Marti asked.

"From the 2008 season, my first year with the Red Wings," Kristen said, beaming despite herself. It was the first time Marti had seen the doctor smile and it made her look beautiful. "I probably could've paid off medical school with that thing, but I couldn't part with it."

"Who could?" Marti said. "You don't get that sort of hardware every day."

"You a hockey fan?" the doctor asked as she led Marti over to the scale.

"Not really. I mean, I don't mind it, but Dan - Dan Patch, our videographer - makes me watch all the big games with him. Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup. And those Red Wings were one of the best teams either one of us had seen."

"They really were something else," Kristen agreed. The two made small talk about hockey and maybe catching the Red Wings the next time they were in Nashville to play the Predators, all while the doctor checked Marti's height, weight and did some quick BMI calculations. "Okay, move over to the table and I'll check your blood pressure and heart rate."

Marti cautiously got up on the exam table, painfully aware that her bare ass was visible to the doctor for more than a few moments before she could sit back down. If Kristen noticed, she didn't comment and quickly wrapped the sphygmomanometer around Marti's arm, which was one more thing Marti didn't care for at the doctor's office.

"Base blood pressure is 105-over-69," Kristen said, frowning.

Marti tried to avoid the junior high part of herself and snicker over the number 69 and was mostly successful at it while at the same time she found just the briefest flash in her brain of what it would be like to 69 with the doctor. "Where the hell did that come from?" Marti asked herself as she shoved it away and tried to keep concentrating on how to get out of here as quickly as possible.

"Is something wrong? I thought that was good," Marti said as she struggled not to think about how she was naked here and what a 69 with this woman would feel like. After all, it wasn't like the doctor was a troll or anything.

"Generally, it is," Kristen said distractedly. "But it's getting higher as we speak. Take the top of your gown down, please. I need to listen to your heart."

Feeling more bashful then she'd been since that time she'd been trapped in the Cheertown showers without a towel, Marti reluctantly pulled the paper gown down off her shoulders, exposing her bare breasts to Dr. Van Der Hoover. Trying hard to not to think about how hard her nipples were already thanks to the deadly combination of the cool room and her mind's hot stirrings, Marti waited for the team doctor to place the stethoscope on her chest.

For her part, Kristen was trying not to stare at Marti's incredibly perky tits. Large, but not too large and without an ounce of sag to them, they were perfect examples of college-aged breasts. God, they were young sexuality embodied in two perfect globes and the doctor felt a string of jealousy. Though no more than a decade older than Marti, Kristen envied the younger girl. Her tits had never been this perky. Or that BIG. Oh God what it would be like to lick one of those nipples and -

The doctor shook her head, cutting off that last though. She had only once before in her life ever felt the slightest stirrings of sexual attraction to another girl and had written it off as a fluke. But the perfectly perky tits of Marti Perkins had something unusual stirring inside Kristen and it was something she didn't want to think about.

Trying to cover up her sudden and she feared very visible, distraction, Kristen blew on the head of her stethoscope a few times, then ran her palm over it quickly. "I hope this is warm enough," she muttered as she placed it against Marti's chest, right above one of those glorious breasts.

"It's okay," Marti said quickly. Well, it wasn't cold anyway. But that wasn't what she was focused on right then. Those little thoughts she had been shoving out of her brain were back and with friends too. Marti felt like her heart was about to burst out of her chest any second if the sexy little doctor lowered her hand another inch or so. Already, the cheerleader's nipples were hard enough to cut diamonds and Marti's blood was heating up by the second.

"Your pulse is racing," the doctor said, sounding concerned.

"Well, I, ah, I did just come from practice," Marti said, hoping that would cover up the fact she was getting a little aroused just by the exam. What had happened? A few moments ago, Marti would've rather been felt up by Nasty Kathy than visit the team doctor. Now all she wanted to do was lay back and let Dr. Van Der Hottie - what a perfect nickname, Marti realized later - do extremely inappropriate things to her.

"Hmmm, I suppose that must be it," Kristen said cautiously. "Still I can't get a truly accurate reading right now. Let's go on with the exam and that should provide enough time to get your heart rate down."

"Okay," Marti said reluctantly. She wasn't so sure about that. Every touch of Kristen's hand upon her skin was like a tiny bolt of electricity shooting through her body, all ending at her increasingly wet crotch.

It was taking all her strength and willpower to not react to this or break the poker face she hoped she was maintaining about what this examination was truly making her feel. Marti sat silently and let the doctor check her lungs, ears, throat and eyes. Like having the sphygmomanometer or the cold stethoscope on her skin, Marti disliked having things crammed into her mouth or her eyes. Thank God no doctor ever came up with an exam that required shoving something up a person's nose.

"Okay, let's do the breast exam," Kristen said. "Have you been doing self-exams at home?"

"Should I?" Marti asked. "I'm not even 23 yet."

"It's never too early to be on the lookout for breast cancer," the doctor said. "Cancer can strike at any age."

"Oh," Marti said, trying not to sound too nervous as she realized what this exam was going to involve and the possibility she wouldn't be able to stand it. "Yeah, I guess it can."

"Lay down on the bed, please and extend your arm over your head," Kristen instructed. Marti did as instructed and lay back. "When you're on your own, you can always do this in the shower. Just rest one arm over your head and use two or three fingers from the other hand to feel the breast. Once you're done, change sides."

Standing over Marti, Kristen took the three middle fingers of her left hand and, one-by-one, went along the inside of Marti's armpit and the upper side of her chest. Kristen could feel the sweat dripping from Marti's pores, her excitement growing with every move. What was wrong with this girl? But as soon as Kristen asked that question inside her mind, another one soon followed. What was wrong with herself? Because the patient wasn't the only one that was acting strangely.

Kristen suddenly found her own pulse starting to speed up. Oh God, not again! Not since Colorado had she felt like this, when little Kaylie Cruz had been laying naked on her bench, legs spread, ass cheeks exposed to the world so Kristen could massage the calve muscles. Kristen had managed to avoid molesting the Olympic hopeful and it in part led to her jump at the chance to come to Lancer.

But now there were those damn cheerleaders, like Ariana and Marti here. Such young bodies, ripe with hormones and taunt, smooth skin. The flesh surrounding Marti's breasts was like newborn skin, smooth and flawless. The fact that Marti was sweating a little despite the air conditioning did nothing to detract from the increasing attraction Kristen had toward her patient.

Patient! Yes, Marti was a patient Kristen reminded herself. And as a doctor, Kristen shouldn't - couldn't - take advantage of her. If she didn't get some control of herself soon, the license she had worked her whole life for could disappear in a puff of smoke. Quickly, Kristen ran her hands around Marti's breast, feeling for any lumps or bumps as quickly as possible.

"Switch arms," Kristen said, moving around the bench, now wanting to get this over with almost as much as her patient did. Marti did as she was told dropping the arm that had been above her head and putting up the other before Kristen could even get around the table. As she prepared to start feeling up the cheerleader's chest again, the doctor thought she saw a strange look cross Marti's face. Was she holding her breath? Or just biting her lips?

"If you're uncomfortable-" the doctor started to say.

"I'm hella uncomfortable, Doc, but better to get this over with," Marti said, a strange look in her eyes. If the doctor could've read her mind, Kristen would've learned her patient was uncomfortable because of how much illicit pleasure she was getting from her doctor's fingers. "At least your hands aren't cold."

Kristen used it as an excuse to hurry up and do Marti's other breast as quickly and clinically as possible. She didn't know it was too late. For even though she was a medical professional, she was clueless to the fact that Marti's body was reacting to the sensation around her breasts, getting her youthful body ready for sex. Marti knew this, of course. How could she not? Her pulse was racing, her pussy practically dripping wet, her nipples almost painfully erect. It was all she could do not to reach up and pull Dr. Kristen down into an embrace.

Heck, it was all Marti could do not to reach over and rip off the doctor's clothes and start ravishing her petite little body. Fuckkkkk what was wrong with her? How could she be feeling like this? But the longer she was in this position, the less Marti thought of Kristen as a cold blooded doctor poking and prodding and more like a hot babe who needed to be shown the deliciously dirty things horny girls could do to one another.

"Well, everything seems normal there," Kristen said, moving away from her patient so abruptly that Marti actually gasped in disappointment. Oh how she wanted the good doctor to "examine" her breasts a bit more.

But a big part of Marti was relieved that this sweet torture had ended before she had said or done something to embarrass herself in front of this professional. That feeling only lasted a moment though before Kristen told her what was next to be checked.

"Pelvic exam? Shouldn't you be buying me dinner first, Doc?" Marti said, only half kidding. If the hot little pixie of a doctor wanted to paw all over Marti's crotch, the law student wasn't going to say, "No." She hoped that a purposely bad joke would cool herself down, but the way her body was feeling that didn't seem possible.

Then suddenly, Marti realized something. As soon as Kristen got near Marti's nether regions, the doctor was going to know that Mari was aroused. More than aroused, she was literally seconds away from dripping all over the exam table! Marti was gripped by fear that her secret was about to be exposed and the doctor was going to see far more than she expected. If Marti had thought Kristen would've returned the lusty feelings the cheerleader was feeling, then maybe...just maybe she would've had the courage to spread her legs and let Kristen see how turned on she was. But Kristen was her doctor and probably found the female body as arousing as a butcher found a piece of meat. And in seconds, she was going to see that Marti was a raging nympho! She'd never hear the end of it!

For two smart women, both Marti and Kristen were completely unaware that the feelings they were trying to hide inside themselves were shared. And as Marti struggled to keep from her embarrassing arousal from being exposed, Kristen was also suffering in silence and trying to hide the fact that her own pussy was dangerously close to leaking itself.

The doctor reached down and pulled out a pair of stirrups from beneath the exam table.

"I'm sure you know how this works. Please put your feet in these and then scoot your butt up to the very edge of the exam table and lay back," Kristen said, moving over to get out the lube and her speculum.

And of course, this wasn't the first time Marti had undergone this kind of examination. She'd been seeing a gynecologist for years and while there was nothing fun about this and the embarrassment she was now feeling, at least Kristen was an awful lot cuter than the 50-year-old fat lady doctor who'd done Marti's first few exams. Ughhhh SO much cuter. So cute and hot and with perfect little hands that could probably make her feel ecstasy for hours. Marti grimaced as she could literally feel her pussy leak a few drops of her excitement.

Kristen brought a rolling stool over to sit on and plopped herself between Marti's open legs. "You've had one of these before, I assume," Kristen said, rubbing the lube over the medical device.

"Yeah, but I was hoping to go a lot longer before I had one of those giant things shoved in me again," Marti muttered. To her, the speculum looked huge. So much larger than anything Marti had willingly shoved up her pussy.

"It's not THAT large," Kristen said, placing it at the entrance to Marti's most private of areas. "This one's actually one of the smaller options - we use them here because so many young girls..." Kristen stopped short, just now noticing how wet Marti was.

"What's wrong?" Marti asked, blushing and scared at the same time, afraid that the doctor was going to think she was the biggest pervert she had ever seen.

"Nothing's wrong," Kristen said, trying not to trip over her own words over this most surprising of developments. "Ummm you know Marti...many patients get turned on by medical exams. It's perfectly natural. Just...just relax..."

What wasn't natural however, the doctor failed to mention, was the doctor getting turned on by the sight of a sloppy wet cheerleader pussy. Kristen was certain her own privates were just as juicy as Marti's were at the moment.

"Oh my God," Marti said, bringing her hands up to cover her face, wondering right then if the doctor was licensed for assisted suicides because she wanted to die of shame. "I'm so sorry!"

"'s nothing...nothing to be sorry about at all," Kristen said. "In fact, I guess it will help the process. You're naturally lubricated."

"It's just that..."

"Don't worry about it," Kristen cut Marti off. She didn't want to hear the excuse for why Marti was so horny. As ashamed of the thought as the doctor was, she wanted to pretend the busty blonde bombshell was soaking wet because of her doctor. She wanted to pretend that this little coed hottie was getting juicy because of her. Oh fuck, how hot would that be? To have a cheerleader slut horny for her?

If she'd had any idea how close to the truth she was...

"This is going to be a bit uncomfortable," Kristen said. "Just breathe normally and relax you pelvic muscles when I tell you to."

Marti held her breath despite herself and found herself closing her eyes as Kristen inserted the speculum into her pussy. Marti was a long way from being a virgin and she'd certainly had inanimate objects shoved into her pussy before, her torrid night of sex with that Kat girl being only the most recent example. But somehow, it was always more uncomfortable at the doctor's office. Yet still, despite the pressure and the embarrassing situation, Marti still got a little thrill out of being penetrated by the gorgeous young doctor.

"I'm just taking a quick look," Kristen said. "No need for any samples today, I don't think." To Marti, the words sounded reassuring, but for the doctor, it was simply a way to get the pretty young cheerleader off her table and out the door before she lost control. Kristen was feeling so turned on that it was hard for her to not throw away everything she had worked for and break about a million laws by reaching up and just squeezing Marti's butt cheeks. So perfectly shaped, round and pert, flawlessly smooth...

Kristen shook her head and found herself staring into Marti's spread-open pussy. Kristen had done more than her fair share of pelvic exams in her time and Kaley Cruz aside, she'd never so much as blinked at them. Now, though, the doctor wanted nothing more than to be horribly inappropriate with her patient.

"Everything, uh, everything looks good," Kristen said. "I'll be removing the speculum now. If you just exhale as I withdraw it..."

Marti exhaled, but not because Kristen told her too. She simply couldn't hold her breath any longer! The phallic shaped probe left Marti's slit and the blonde cheerleader nearly creamed herself right then and there. She hadn't been this turned on since... well, since she had sex with that slut, Kat.

Oh, how Marti wished Kat was here right now. Ohhhh fuck or Deirdre! What she was feeling right then made her want to turn everything she had said to her half-sister about how they could never repeat their night of incestuous passion into empty words that could be discarded any time either of them were horny. Just thinking that was making her arousal worse and Marti didn't think she'd be able to hold onto any self-control for long.

Kristen pulled the speculum out and for a moment was utterly incapable of moving her eyes off Marti's honey pot. The light in the small office caught the wetness of Marti's sex perfectly, making Marti's puffy lower lips seem to glisten enchantingly. Kristen actually licked her lips staring at it.

For a heartbeat, all of Kristen's inhibitions melted away. She didn't care that Marti was her patient, or nearly a decade younger than she was. She didn't care that Marti was a girl, or that Kristen herself had never had sex with a woman before in her life. She didn't care that she'd probably be forcing herself on the cheerleader and be lucky if she wasn't thrown in jail. Kristen had to taste Marti's snatch. Right then the cheerleader's spread, soaked pussy seemed like it would be worth everything she would lose if she just leaned in and licked it.

The doctor took a deep breath, smelling Marti's arousal in the process and leaned forward, her tongue darting out, no more than an inch away from Marti's...


The door to the office slammed open, sending Kristen shooting up and spinning about. There, standing in the doorway in just her sports bra and spandex shorts, covered in sweat, was Carol Lang, the captain of Lancer's volleyball team and a fierce rival of both Savannah's and Alice's. Last year, the volleyball team lost a flag football match to the Hellcats and had to do a cheer routine in front of everyone in The Rat wearing only their underwear. The not-so-cold war between the Hellcats and the Lions hadn't gotten any better after that.

"Carol? What is it?" Kristen said, popping up from between Marti's legs and leaving the Hellcat completely exposed to her volleyball rival.

"It's Taneesha," Carol said, her eyes lingering on Marti's exposed crotch. "She took a spike to the face - we think she broke her nose."

"I'll be right there," Kristen said, moving to grab her emergency bag as she felt a twin mix of intense embarrassment that she had let things go this far and true relief that this interruption had stopped them before they had gone even further. "Marti, come back some time next week - we'll get your heart rate and blood pressure then."

With that, Kristen was gone, leaving Marti and Carol behind.

Carol gave Marti a withering look. "I guess this makes up for you making me dance in my underwear last year," the Lion muttered.

"Careful where your eyes go, Carol," Marti said. "Or people are going to start to believe those rumors about how all you volleybitches are lesbians."

Marti felt like a hypocrite for saying that - and a bit more of one for not closing her legs or covering up. Did she secretly wish Carol was a lesbian and would go down on her, right there in the doctor's office?

"I'm not the one all open for business, you cheerslut," Carol said. "And even if I was a carpet muncher, I could do a lot better than your stanky ass."

"You wanna come over here and say that, whore?" Marti said, finally getting up.

"I don't have time to fight with you," Carol said, rolling her eyes. "I gotta see to my teammates. WE won our championship last year, after all." With that, Carol was gone, leaving the door wide open, where anyone passing by could look in and see Marti naked and fuming.

Marti almost went after Carol, but a small trickle of her juices started to ooze out of her pussy and she remembered where she was - and what she WASN'T wearing. She quickly grabbed her clothes and started getting dressed, trying to ignore how horny she still was.

Marti needed to either find a girl soon, or spend some quality time with her vibrator. Too bad she had two more classes today. She really could use a quick release...

* * *

The early morning sun kissed the Lancer campus, giving it an almost angelic white glow that somehow was quite the affront to Dan Patch's sensibilities. It was criminal to be up this early, especially when you were up late the night before, trapped in an editing room with a nerdy film student who apparently thought bathing was optional. Four hours of sleep and two cups of bad campus coffee wasn't enough to deal with too cheery a morning.

Which, of course, meant that Savannah Monroe was completely in her element.

"...and I need some flour for the snicker doodles and some glitter for the cash box and maybe some streamers to decorate the table."

Dan nearly groaned into his phone. "Vanna, what on Earth are you going on about again?"

"The bake sale, of course! Are you even out of bed yet, Dan?" Savannah replied with far too much energy.

"I'm not only out of bed, I'm halfway across campus to get to my calculus class, thank you very much," Dan muttered. "And 8 a.m. is far too early in the morning for words like calculus. Or class, for that matter."

"I like early morning classes," Dan's girlfriend replied. "Get up, get them over with and you can relax the rest of the day."

"Savannah Monroe, I know for a fact that you haven't rested since last spring," Dan said accusingly. "Between the Hellcats, Charlotte, working at The Rat, keeping up with your classes, meeting with your guidance counselor and now you're going on about fund-raising. Savannah, you don't have time for ME, let alone relaxing."

"You're right," Savannah's voice came back after a brief pause. "And I promise, I'll try and make more time for you. I can fit you in after my guidance check up tomorrow afternoon - I think I've got 15 minutes between that and the start of practice and it only takes me five to get back to the gym, so-"

"I've got class then, Savannah," Dan pointed out. "What about dinner tonight?"

"Can't. Working."


"Hellcats stuff."

"Thursday?" Dan asked, getting exasperated.

"Working again," Savannah said.

"Friday? You HAVE to be free sometime on Friday."

"Maybe. Depends on how late practice runs and how successful the bake sale is, I guess."

"Fine," Dan said with a sigh. "Just, ah, fill me in when you've got a decent hole in your schedule, I guess."

"Thanks Dan," Savannah said, seemingly unaware of just how frustrated her boyfriend was. "I gotta get to class. Talk to you soon. Bye."

With that, the line went dead before Dan could even so much as echo his girlfriend's thought, let alone speak it aloud.

"Well, that's fantastic," Dan muttered. He rubbed his eyes and hurried to calculus class, hoping he wasn't going to fall asleep during one of Dr. McCarthy's lectures - it wouldn't be the first time and the semester wasn't THAT far along yet.

He managed to get through calculus and then history and even Econ 101 before his eyes really started to droop again. Thankfully, he was out of class for a few hours. Most film classes, being a far more reasonable curriculum than many others, didn't start until the afternoon. Dan stopped at the first coffee place he saw, then downing a large black, made his way back across town, hoping to snag some lunch at home before he had to get to his History of Film course at 2.

"Dan Patch, college student. Rather surprising development."

The voice caught Dan by surprise, seeing as how it had almost never been directed his way any time he'd ever heard it. Turning around, he confirmed that the speaker was none other than Kathy Kurkowski - Savannah's mortal enemy and rival cheerleader for the Memphis Christian Cyclones.

"Na...ummm...Kathy?" Dan said, surprised and so tired that he nearly used Savannah's favorite nickname for the girl. "What do you want?"

"Nice to see you, too, Dan," Kathy said sarcastically. "You've sure got that Southern charm down pat."

"Yeah, sorry, I save my A-game for girls who aren't sadistic bitches," Dan muttered.

"I'll let that slide," Kathy said. "You get a phone call from Vanessa yesterday?"

"Yeah, yeah I did," Dan replied cautiously. He'd been surprised to get a call from the former Hellcats coach - and more surprised to hear she was now coaching the Cyclones.

"So, are you going to help us out or not?" Kathy asked, putting a hand on her hip. For the first time, Dan noticed what Kathy was wearing. Wisely choosing to skip the MemChrist uniform here on the Lancer campus, Kathy wore a T-shit with a purple Eiffel Tower on it and a pair of white denim shorts that showed a lot of leg. With her hair down, even Dan had to admit, Kathy looked good.

"Why should I? I'm dating the former Hellcats captain, unless you forgot."

"Oh, I could never forget who you're dating," Kathy said, flipping her hair casually. "But you got to know Vanessa. You liked her. Won't you help a friend out?"

"Not if it means I'm helping YOU," Dan said.

"I'm not THAT bad," Kathy said, placing both hands on her hips now. Somehow, the act pushed her T-shirt down a little and it tightened the fabric subtly against her breasts. With the Eiffel Tower image running up between them, Dan suddenly had some mental images that he wished he didn't have.

"Find someone else, Kathy," Dan said, shaking his head. "I'm a Lancer man now. Just like Savannah, I wouldn't betray my school and I wouldn't betray her."

Kathy sighed and reached into the bag she was carrying over her shoulder. She pulled out an iPad and started poking away at it. "I really didn't want to show you this." She turned the device towards him and Dan found himself looking at a video of a Cyclones performance.

"What is this?" he asked.

"It's a video from less than a year ago," Kathy said, moving it closer to Dan so he could get a better look. "This was the performance that solidified our funding all the way to Nationals."

"So?" Dan asked, a little confused.

"Look closely," Kathy said. Dan peered in and then blinked.

"Savannah?!?!" He exclaimed, shocked to see the Hellcat strutting around in her old Cyclones uniform like she was born to wear it. "What the hell is this Kathy? This has got to be an old video!"

"It's not - we changed the pipping on our uniform skirts last year - Savannah's wearing the new version here. She was filling in for Charlotte, who, you know, was preggers at the time."

"Nice, Kathy," Dan snapped. "So, what, you want me to help you guys out because Savannah helped you out?"

"Honestly? No," Kathy said, putting the iPad back in her bag. "I just want you to think about your precious little Savannah. She's not what she appears to be."

"Yeah and you're not just saying that because you hate her," Dan said, trying to get the image of Savannah in a Cyclones uniform out of his head. The video had to be fake. It had to be.

"Oh, I hate her guts," Kathy admitted. "But it's because she lies so much. She's got you blinded right now, but you've been with her long enough, Dan. Has she given you any sign that your relationship is going anywhere?"

"What do you mean?"

"Has she brought up marriage? What about moving in together? Shown any interest in a future together?"

Dan frowned. He'd barely seen Savannah all summer, let alone had the time to have this sort of discussion.

"Has she even slept with you yet, Dan?" Kathy asked.

"She's saving herself," Dan said by rote. "And I am NOT having this conversation here...or with you...EVER!"

"For what? Marriage? Or just someone else?"

Dan frowned. He'd been assuming marriage, but since they'd almost slept together last year, before she found out he and Marti had lost their virginities to each other and ran off, she hadn't shown too much interest in sex at all. He'd just sorta dealt with his desires himself, but it was hard going so long with just his hand and Internet porn to keep himself from hooking up with some chick a little more open to sex than Savannah.

If Savannah was at least acting like she WANTED to marry Dan some day, he'd be more inclined to wait, but she hadn't even brought up the M-word since before the Hellcats got disqualified at Nationals.

"You know Dan, if you were my boyfriend, I wouldn't make you wait so long," Kathy said as she turned to leave. "Just ask Lewis. He knows how well I treat my boyfriends in bed."

That was all she said before walking away down the sidewalk, leaving a confused Dan Patch behind. He watched her go, and found himself marveling at how tight her shorts were over her ass - especially when she stopped to bend over and tie her shoes.

Dan cursed his schedule. He knew it was going to be a long wait until he could get back to his computer and relieve the stress he was now feeling, thanks to Nasty Kathy.

* * *

Marti Perkins' bike came to a screeching stop outside Cheertown - clearly, she needed to have its brakes checked - and she hopped off, pausing only long enough to lock it to the bike rack before racing up the stairs. The ride across campus had been hard and fast and Marti had found it especially interesting, as her bike seat had pressed up against her privates in a way she'd never noticed before. She didn't think anything had actually changed, but she could've sworn her bike seat was rubbing against her crotch with every peddle she made. And it took a lot of peddling to get from her last class to Cheertown.

Marti suspected it was just one more symptom of being so turned on in general. Ever since Dr. Van Der Hooven had done her check-up, Marti had been craving sexual contact in the worst way. Of course, she'd had no chance to act on that, what with her busy schedule and Savannah hanging out in their dorm room every time Marti came home. Marti couldn't exactly kick Savannah out just to take a moment to give herself some satisfaction, but it was increasingly tempting.

It had been a long night for Marti, her dreams being all sexual and rather vivid. She took turns between fucking Deirdre, that Kat girl she'd gotten with during Qualifiers and even Dr. Van Der Hooven. Marti couldn't remember many details, frustratingly, but she knew she dreamt of each of those girls going down on her and going down on each of them in turn. There'd been another girl in there, too - a brunette that Marti knew she knew, but never saw their face. It didn't matter, it was all dreams and it was all nothing but foggy memories now, leaving the cheerleader even more turned on than she'd been when she'd gone to bed.

Showering in the morning hadn't helped. Miranda and Alice, having clearly spent the night in the same bed, had been feeling a little flirty in the changing room and while they'd stopped when they realized Marti was there, she'd seen just enough of Alice's naked body to feel her own clit pulse jealously.

Marti had spent the day trying to ignore how cute Lancer girls were and focus on her classwork, and she'd almost gotten through Professor Ericsson's environmental law class without any thoughts of sex at all - until his hot, redheaded wife had popped in early to get him for lunch, her ample, post-pregnancy tits practically spilling out of her top. Her time in the library after lunch hadn't helped, either. Two hours of studying the Stabler vs. Benson case for her women and law class had calmed her down a bit, until an exceptionally busty co-ed had sat down in the study room directly across from Marti and proceeded to lose a button on her top, exposing the lacy top part of a rather racy bra to the law student's eyes and then absentmindedly ran her pencil down between her cleavage while reading whatever text book she'd gathered.

Marti had barely made it to her next class without stopping at a bathroom and giving herself a "hand." But she had and she'd gotten through the class after that, too. Now she had about 30 minutes to take a quick shower and get dressed for the big event tonight and for once she knew that pretty much every other Hellcat would be somewhere other than Cheertown.

Marti could almost feel the hot, wet caress of the showerhead on her poor pussy already.

Marti raced in the door and smiled as she saw no one out in the common area, or in the kitchen. She stripped off her team jacket and debated just going to the bathroom - no one else was here, so modesty wouldn't be an issue and her crotch was soooo needy. But she knew that with her luck, someone would walk in as she was walking out, so she instead went to her room, quickly got undressed and threw on her bathrobe. She was out of towels, so she'd have to grab one when she got there, but she didn't mind. With her soap and shampoo in one hand, she made sure her door wasn't locked, stepped out of her room-

-and nearly collided with a very naked Ariana Valentine.

"Marti! Thank goodness!" Ariana said, looking relieved to be completely exposed to the older Hellcat.

"Ariana?!" Marti exclaimed, her eyes going wide. The short redhead was dripping wet, her artificially colored hair laying over one shoulder, coming down just shy of covering up one of her small but perky breasts. As Marti looked, she saw a single drop of water form on Ariana's left nipple and dangle for a moment before dropping off and falling to the floor. Marti's eyes reflexively followed it, but stopped as it passed Ariana's shaved pussy.

Marti wanted to dive into that little pussy, but Ariana's voice snapped her out of her lustful woolgathering.

"Marti, can you call Miranda? Or maybe Britney? I locked my keys in my room when I went to take a shower."

"Where's your towel?" Marti asked, trying very hard to keep her eyes north of Ariana's naughty bits and failing rather miserably.

"In the hamper - I was done with it."

"But you left your clothes in your room?"

"I'm not THAT far from the bathroom. And I thought I was the only one here."

Marti scowled. "I thought you had class?"

"I did - I missed it when I locked myself out," Ariana said, sounding a bit pitiful. Suddenly, Marti felt more sorry for Ariana than turned on by her. It was like she was some helpless kitten. "I spilled chocolate milk all over my shirt at lunch and I couldn't go to class like that - my lab partner is lactose intolerant and I didn't want him to get sick looking at me."

"That's not how lactose intolerance works," Marti said, pinching her nose and closing her eyes, willing her body to wait a while longer. Her own sexual needs would have to wait. Again.

"So, can you call someone to let me in?" Ariana asked hopefully, idly stroking her wet hair with both hands as she waited for Marti's answer.

"Yeah, yeah," Marti said. "I'll make a call." She turned around, realizing her own shower was off, too.

At least this would make some things a little easier for the big event later. Heading into her room, Marti grabbed her phone and punched in a phone call.

"Hey, I'm here in Cheertown with Ariana," she said when the call was picked up. "She locked herself out of her room and needs someone to come get her. Yeah, I can wait with her." With that, Marti hung up and turned to see a hopeful Ariana looking at her expectantly.

"Someone's coming," Marti said. "Now, lets get you a towel," she added. Marti wanted Ariana covered up before the wait for help made the older Hellcat think thoughts she really shouldn't be thinking about a teammate.

* * *

"That will be $36.29. Will that be cash or credit?" the bored checkout cashier said. Britney Allen couldn't blame her. The Piggly Wiggly was practically abandoned, even this early in the evening. There were maybe three other customers in the grocery store and there didn't seem to be much restocking to be done.

"Credit," Britney said, wanting to leave the grocery store. She had been hoping the days of Gatorade bottles and ramen noodles were behind her after UCLA. Now that she was a coach, well, nothing had changed. Not only was her team underfunded, she felt she was being underpaid. Britney wanted to cook her dinner using something other than her microwave.

"Paper or plastic?"


When she learned she would be the head coach of a Division I cheer program, Britney felt she'd have garnered more respect. While she wasn't asking for a monument built to the sky with her name on it, she wanted better. She knew of Lancer's rich cheerleading history. The Hellcats were definitely better than being forced to hold a bake sale to maintain a dwindling travel budget. It's like Dean Laverne wanted her to suffer. Britney had only been at the school for a month and it felt like Laverne had put her on a short leash with a tight collar.

Leaving the Piggly Wiggly, Britney began the long trek back to her apartment and questioned her decision-making process. She left Los Angeles, great friends, a wonderful boyfriend and a loving family for a job that left her feeling under-appreciated. Most of the athletic department didn't know her name and her boss seemed to enjoy watching her squirm.

"Well, at least the Hellcats appreciate me," Britney reassured herself. "They seem to like me. And they certainly respect me. They may be overdramatic with each other at times, but what team isn't?"

With only the streetlights guiding her, Britney was back in the parking lot of her building in only a few minutes. She sighed and starting rustling through her purse for her keys. As she got closer, though, she thought she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around, only to find nothing but a series of cars in the lot. Not seeing anything, the coach shrugged it off as an overactive imagination. She certainly had enough stress at the moment and that had lead to her getting paranoid in the past.

She turned back toward the door, made it another three or four steps and then heard the footsteps again. She heard the steps coming closer and turned around again, but there was still nothing. Something was certainly amiss. Remembering a survival trick she learned from her friends in Crenshaw Heights, Britney bent her grocery-carrying arm and slid the bags up to her elbow, continuing to clutch her keys. She then placed the other hand in her purse, hoping whoever was watching would think she was reaching for a weapon. She didn't have one, but if someone did approach her, she was willing to go down fighting.

She tried not to look like she was hurrying as she moved to the front of her apartment building and started fumbling with her keys. She got the right one into the door and for a moment, she was certain she'd managed to escape whoever else was in the parking lot.

That was when the bag went over her head and Britney was hauled off her feet and thrown into the back of a van.

* * *

There was a rush of noise, voices Charlotte Monroe couldn't make out and then suddenly the bag over her head vanished, her eyes flooded with light.


Charlotte blinked as she forced her eyes to focus and found herself sitting on a chair in the middle of the Hellcats gym. The other new Hellcats were there, too - Emily, Molly, Jason, Miranda, Tom and Ariana - who was only wearing a towel for some reason. Britney was there too, looking more pissed than confused. They were surrounded by the other Hellcats, all dressed in either tuxes, like Lewis and Darwin, or elegant black dresses like Marti, Alice, Frankie and the others. They were all clapping and cheering and before Charlotte knew what was happening, Savannah was hugging her.

"Thanks for letting me borrow the van, sis," Savannah whispered in her ear. "It really helped with all the kidnappings."

"Kidnappings?" Molly said, sounding alarmed. "What's going on here?"

"Oh, I know what this is," Britney said sourly. "I went through something like this at UCLA."

"I bet you did," Alice said, stepping forward. "Newest Hellcats, welcome to Initiation Night! We're through our first formal competition and now that we've got a few moments, it's time you all became official. Unlike last year, we have several new 'Cats, so we'll have to move quickly to do this right. But for now, you're all underdressed. Especially Ariana."

"Anybody want to explain why Ariana was brought here naked?"

"Do really want that answer, Lewis?" Alice asked him. "Really think about that."

Having given it some thought, Lewis replied, "Guess I don't. They didn't put up much of fight, I hope."

"Nope, we just tried to use the same tactics when we got kidnapped," Marti answered. "Once we got our hands on them, they went quietly - well, except Ariana, who kept talking throughout the whole thing."

"I was naked with a bag over my head," Ariana explained. "I talk when I'm scared."

"You talk when you aren't scared," Miranda pointed out.

"Enough," Alice said. "Come on, boys and girls. We gotta get you dressed. This IS a party, after all!"

Suddenly, an elegant white party dress was flopped onto Charlotte's lap. "C'mon, Sis," Savannah said. "Time to get all pretty."

"Like she needs help there," Jason said, picking up the white tux Darwin was handing him. "This isn't mine."

"It's a rental," Lewis said. "So, you know, don't get it dirty."

The new Hellcats were lead into the locker rooms and Charlotte quickly found herself stripped down to her panties before being shoved into the dress. It was TIGHT - so tight, she couldn't fit her bra underneath it. An off-the-shoulder item, it was fancier than anything Charlotte had ever worn, including to her high school prom.

"You look fantastic, sis," Savannah said.

"Thanks, 'Vanna. But did you say you used my van?" As a bit of a gift to Charlotte upon John's birth, her mother Layne had given her the old minivan she'd been driving. With their father on the run, Layne was using his sedan and the minivan just worked better for ferrying a baby about. Since it had been Savannah's idea, Charlotte had told Savannah she could use the van in emergencies. She hadn't realized that emergencies included kidnapping new cheerleaders.

"Yeah, well with so many new Hellcats this year, we couldn't do it just with the school van Red Raymond got for us. So Lewis drove that, while I took Marti and Alice about in yours. We even filled the tank for you."

"Thanks," Charlotte said, smoothing out her dress. "I think."

"Hey guys?" Marti spoke up. "We've got a problem."

"What?" Alice asked from where she was helping Miranda into her strapless dress.

"Ariana doesn't have any underwear in her locker. At all."

"So, send her commando," Alice said. "We don't have time to waste."

"It wouldn't be the first time," Frankie pointed out from where she was tying the bodice to Molly's dress.

"All right," Marti said reluctantly. "It's not like we haven't all seen her bare ass before." Charlotte frowned as Marti said that - something about the way the tall blonde's tone changed made it seem almost like Marti was hoping someone would stop it from happening.

"You okay Marti?" Savannah said, clearly picking up on something just as Charlotte had.

"Huh? Oh, yeah," Marti said. "I, uh, I was just remembering my own abduction last year." Marti had been the only new Hellcat the year before and her initiation had waited until much later in the year, in part because of how busy everyone had been. By then, Marti had been embroiled in freeing Travis Guthrie from jail and uncovering the pay-for-play scandal at Lancer, making her a real enemy of former Dean of Athletics Bill Marsh.

On the night the other Hellcats had abducted her, she thought A.D. Marsh's goons had gotten to her and thrown her into the back of a van to be driven off into the night and "dealt with." That was until she heard Alice and Lewis yell, "Gun it," which is when Frankie complained from the front that she didn't want to draw attention to campus police. While realizing her fellow Hellcats had taken her had calmed her down, Marti still had a ton of questions and a lot of anxiety. Even when the car stopped at the gym, she was still shaking like a leaf until she was dragged into a chair and the blindfold was yanked off her head, revealing the other Hellcats.

"Well, you were the only initiate last year, Marti," Alice said. "This year we've got six new cheerleaders AND a new head coach. So let's move. Things to do, and I want time to party before we're done."

"Things to do?" Charlotte asked.

"Yeah, the kidnapping was only the beginning, sis," Savannah said with a wink that Charlotte could've sworn had a real evil tint to it.

* * *

With the new Hellcats decked out in white and the more senior ones in black, the whole group looked an awful lot more dapper than Britney Allen was used to. And while Jason looked uncomfortable in his tux and Ariana kept tugging at her dress, making it clear she wasn't wearing panties, for the most part, it was the most elegant Britney had ever seen her team.

"You guys clean up good," she said, smiling.

"So do you, coach," Marti said. Britney glanced down at her own outfit, a fantastic, slinky white dress that clung to her in all the right places. There wasn't much for cleavage, but there was a slit on one side that ran from essentially the side of her thong down to her toes, giving the illusion that the petite cheerleading coach had a lot more leg than she really did. She hadn't felt this glamorous in her life.

"I don't want to know where you got this dress," Britney said.

"No, you do not," Alice said. "Now, Coach Allen, if you'll join the other new recruits and follow me?" Britney complied, rolling her eyes slightly. Alice clearly got off on being in charge, especially over someone usually in charge of her. Still, she followed the Hellcats captain out to the medal case in the front of the gym. When all the white-clad individuals were standing directly in front of it, she spoke aloud, her voice solemn, reverent even.

"The Hellcats were founded more than 25 years ago. Since that time, we've generated a number of very special traditions - such as initiation night." A small cheer went up from the senior Hellcats. Alice reached into the trophy case and pulled out a long stick, with a small hellcat head carved into the top of it. "This is the Hellcats Spirit Stick. It symbolizes the team's spirit and unity. As new Hellcats, you will each take turns holding it throughout the night."

"Do NOT drop it," Marti added empathically.

"I think most of us have held spirit sticks before," Britney pointed out as Alice handed the stick to Miranda.

"I haven't," Miranda said, gazing with some distrust towards the snarling cat head at the top.

"Don't drop it," Savannah said. "That would be really bad."

"Thanks, I got that," Miranda said.

The ceremony proceeded after that, with Lewis reading a letter from the original founder of the Hellcats and then Savannah leading the girls in some sort of official dance that was alarmingly like a chicken dance - Darwin was particularly skilled at it. It was, as far as initiation nights went, rather tame, Britney thought. At UCLA, she'd had to give each of the senior male cheerleaders and the female captain a lap dance in her bra and panties while the rest of the team cheered her on. There were a few embarrassing photos of her out there somewhere but she wasn't the least bit shamed of any of it. She wouldn't have traded her time as a UCLA cheerleader for anything.

The night took on a bit of a party atmosphere for a while, with music and dancing and non-alcoholic drinking. But Britney would've given her left arm for a good beer towards the end of the dancing - this was getting boring.

Then, suddenly, the new Hellcats were all gathered up and led outside, where they waited patiently for Lewis and Savannah to lead them in one at a time. Long minutes stretched during the time between newbies being brought in and Britney was saved for last. She suspected one last hazing ritual was being done - though considering Savannah was involved in this, she doubted it was anything too scandalous. She was starting to miss the debauchery of the UCLA Initiation night. At least there she'd been able to drink. AFTER the lap dances, anyway.

"Britney?" Savannah said, finally appearing at the doorway. "It's your turn."

Britney followed Savannah and Lewis back into the gym and wasn't that surprised to find it pitch dark inside. What was surprising was that Britney was lead to the upper levels, to the balcony that ran along the inside of the gym.

"Welcome to the final step of initiation, Britney," Savannah said. "The Suicide Drop."

"What a charming name," Britney muttered. As she looked down, a trio of spotlights from below shone up at her, blinding her a bit and preventing her from seeing if anyone was down there or not. Right away, she knew where this was going.

"The squad will catch you," Lewis said before vanishing back the way he came, Savannah right behind her.

Britney shook her head. Yeah, this was supposed to intimidate her, make her question her trust in the team. It probably worked great on the new cheerleaders, giving them all sorts of fits. But Britney had done a lot more to prove her trust and loyalty to a number of teams since she started her cheerleading career. Without hesitation, she turned around and fell backwards off the ledge.

For a brief moment she seemed to be floating in the darkness, but then she was caught by steady hands. THAT part felt even better than the weightless falling - it had been too long since Britney had been caught by bases after flying through the air like a real cheerleader.

"Nice catch, gang," she said.

A cheer roared out and the lights came up. Lewis and Savannah came running around the corner, dismay on the young Ms. Monroe. "She dropped already?! We didn't even have time to get back down here."

"I didn't get to be your coach by hesitating, Savannah," Britney said as Darwin and Tom let her down onto her feet.

"Speaking of," Alice said, stepping forward. "It's been a long time since we had to initiate a new coach."

"What do you mean?" Darwin asked. "Vanessa was only here for two years. I started the same year you and she did and she didn't even do the Suicide Drop."

"That's because she did it when she was a Hellcat cheerleader," Alice said, giving Darwin a nasty look. "But Britney didn't graduate from Lancer and she hasn't been a Hellcat before. So she has to do something extra to prove herself."

"Name it," Britney said, game for just about anything.

"Something that proves your loyalty to the Hellcats, while also your leadership skills," Alice said, giving the new coach a wicked smile.

"You already know what it is you're going to make me do, Alice," Britney said. "So just get on with it. You want me to swallow worms? Drink something disgusting? Make out with all the boys here?"

"Is that one a real option?" Jason asked, earning himself a kick to the shin from Charlotte.

"You're our new coach and our new leader," Alice said. "So why don't you lead the new Hellcats on a run across campus."

Britney rolled her eyes. She knew exactly what Alice was going to say next.


The other Hellcats gasped - Savannah quite loudly. Alice had not shared this plan with any of them and it showed. Marti's eyes seemed to be bulging out of their sockets and Frankie and Darwin traded worried looks. Behind her, Britney suspected the new recruits weren't too thrilled either.

"You want me, a school official, to lead a group of my students streaking across campus?"

"We have to know our new coach is willing to stand with us in any situation," Alice said, her voice sweet like honey, but tinted with challenge. Britney had known this moment was coming since she first met Alice. The ambitious and devious team captain had wanted to make it clear she felt she was better than Britney. And she'd walked Britney right into this little trap.

The new coach knew that she could get into some serious trouble if she was caught doing what Alice suggested. But she also knew that if she backed down and refused, Alice would be able to hold that over her head for the rest of their time together and maybe even longer - alumni had a tendency to demand things of school employees from time-to-time and Britney had no doubt Alice would in a heartbeat.

So here she was, between a rock and a hard place.

But Britney had been here before, dating all the way back to when she moved to Crenshaw Heights. There'd been a dozen times at UCLA where she'd faced similar ultimatums from rivals and even former friends. And she'd never once backed down. Not then and not now.

As the room held its breath, Britney looked right at Alice and smiled.

"Let's go streaking then, boys and girls," she declared before she started stripping out of her clothes.

"Wait, boys too?" Tom asked, looking worried.

"No, just you two," Alice said, giving him and Jason a look that made it clear she wasn't taking no for an answer.

"Alice, do we have to force all the newbies to do this?" Savannah asked.

"It's Hellcat tradition, Savannah. When a new, non-Hellcat coach takes over, she proves she's willing to lead us by streaking across campus. You don't say, 'No,' to tradition."

Britney's dress fell to the floor and a moment later her bra did as well. Marti's eyes weren't the only ones wide as Britney bent over and shucked off her thong. Even Darwin looked more than a bit interested. Britney knew she was completely exposed, with nothing left to hide and she decided to use it. Taking the Hellcats Spirit Stick from a shocked Charlotte, Britney stepped over to one of the chairs she and the newbies had been sitting in when initiation started and stood up on it.

"Everyone get a good look!" she shouted. "My name is Britney Allen and I am the head coach of the Lancer Hellcats! I stand before you all right now, completely naked - completely exposed - and I swear to you this: I am a Hellcat and I stand behind my team completely! I will do ANYTHING for this team, no matter what it costs me! Now, hurry up Hellkittens, let's show these old cats what the next generation can do!"

The new recruits hesitated a moment, then Ariana undid the zipper of her dress and let it fall to the floor. Having gone commando all night, she was instantly naked and she moved to stand next to Britney, giggling. "Come on, everyone!" she said. "It's going to be so much fun!"

"I don't know what's fun about this," Emily said, peeling out of her dress. "But what the hell, I'm in."

"That's the spirit!" Britney said. "Miranda? Molly? You want to join us?"

"No!" Molly said, worried that someone important might see her and report her. If she was caught, she could be expelled or worse. She'd lose out on her college education and all the connections she'd make. She'd lose her chance to work with Natalie Hershlag for certain!

"Come on, Molly," Miranda said, turning her back to the redhead. "Undo my zipper and then I'll help you. It won't be that bad."

"But, but-"

"But are you a Hellcat or not, Molly?" Alice said sternly.

"Alice!" Savannah snapped, but the new captain glared back at the old one and Savannah held her tongue.

"Well?" Alice asked.

"Molly, I promise you, it'll be all right," Britney said.

Molly seemed to shrink a little. "Fine," she said. "But no one look!" With that, she quickly undid the zipper to Miranda's dress, then struggled to get her own. By the time she was down to her bra and panties, Emily and Miranda were standing naked with Britney and Ariana.

"Boys, you're in too," Britney said, giving them a knowing look.

"Oh, I'm coming," Jason said, struggling with his cummerbund. "Tuxedoes are hard to get out of!"

"Don't rip them, they're rentals!" Lewis shouted at the boys.

"Uh, shit," Tom said, "I think I just popped a button."

"I have a sewing kit in my purse!" Savannah offered.

"Wait until he's naked first, Savannah," Frankie said, eyeing both Tom and Jason eagerly. "After all, he might rip something else.

"Charlotte, you're last," Britney said, looking at the younger Monroe sister. "You're joining us, right?"

Charlotte looked even more conflicted than Molly had been. Her eyes kept darting between where the naked newbies stood and Savannah, who didn't look like she really approved of her sister running naked across campus.

"Can I do something else instead?" she asked.

"What's the matter, Mommy?" Alice taunted. "Worried your stretch marks won't look so good in the moonlight?"

"Shut up Alice," Charlotte said. She shot Savannah an apologetic look and started undressing.

Moments later, all the new Hellcats - Emily, Molly, Miranda, Ariana, Jason, Tom and Charlotte - stood before the rest of the team stark naked. The boys were not doing a very good job keeping their eyes off the girls naughty bits and neither Ariana or Emily were doing much to hide their shame. Molly and Charlotte kept their hands over their breasts and crotches, but they weren't quite that successful in hiding everything.

Britney looked over her group and nodded. "All right, boys and girls. The rest of the team thinks they're going to break us, make us quit by doing this. Well, they aren't. Our commitment to the Hellcats is just as strong as theirs and we're going to prove it. Follow me!"

With that, Britney Allen ran naked out of the gym and out onto Lancer's campus. And seven new cheerleaders followed her, while the rest of the team looked on in rather stunned silence.

"I may have underestimated her," Alice said, her voice tinted with respect as she watched them go.

"What do you mean?" Savannah asked.

"I never thought Britney'd do it. I thought she'd make me give up. She's got balls."

"She was just standing here naked in front of us, Alice," Marti said. "Trust me, there are no balls on that body."

"Nice," Lewis said. "Alice, I don't remember ever hearing about any other Hellcats coach leading the team streaking before."

"Oh, that's because none of them ever has," Alice said. "I made it up."

"WHY?" Savannah asked, shocked.

"To see if she'd do it, why else?" Alice said. "And she did and she took all the Hellkittens with her - and she looked pretty damn good doing it, too."

"Yeah she did," Marti agreed.

"Ugh, Alice Vedura, you are the WORST!" Savannah shouted, reaching down to grab Charlotte's dress. "Come on, let's bring them their clothes before they get in trouble!"

"You going to run after them?" Marti said.

"If we take the vans, we can get across campus before they do," Lewis pointed out. "At least meet them there and let them dress in privacy."

"Fine," Savannah said. "But so help me, Alice, if you pull this crap again-"

"Yeah yeah, hurry up, Savannah - you've got the keys," Alice said, walking out of the gym.

* * *

Being a college campus, Lancer University had certainly seen its fair share of streakers in its history. For a number of years, the local LGBTA group had sponsored a naked run to show support for the sexually different on campus, but the school had shut that down due to the fact that it quickly turned into an excuse to hook up in public. Other sports teams, including the football team, had at some point or another streaked across the quad before and there had even been an instance where a number of Hellcats had run about naked, though that had involved a small fire in the old gym locker room back in '97.

But in the Fall of 2011, eight Hellcat cheerleaders ran the most famous streaking event across Lancer University, essentially on a dare.

For years, rumors would spread that they did it in celebration of their unexpected win at Qualifiers, or their victory over MemChrist. By 2016, the time of year for the legend moved it to homecoming to celebrate the Lions' return from a very successful run of six victories on the road.

Legend grew out of the run, based on few scraps of facts. One legend spoke of it as the entire team not only streaking campus, but actually camping outside the president's residence for hours. In truth, they eight runners never got less than a hundred yards away from the president's OFFICE during the run and their route kept them running in the opposite direction from the president's residence. Other rumors had it that it was a running orgy, with Hellcats stopping to fuck left and right, including picking up random Lancer students to be included in the fun. In truth, no sex happened during the run at all, for obvious reasons and only two Hellcats got laid because of the streaking that night, one of them not even participating.

But the most persistent legend of the 2011 Hellcats Streaking was that it wasn't just cheerleaders, but faculty involved in it. This one was true, though no one would ever publicly admit it. In fact, with the exception of a single cellphone camera picture taken by one of the runners himself, there was no evidence at all about who participated in the streaking. And the Hellcats certainly weren't going to turn in their newest members for any kind of official complaint. Indeed, another legend spoke of Dean Phillip Laverne actually having a heart attack when he learned about it - though in reality, he merely suffered extreme acid reflux from trying to get someone to name names later.

The streaking would be all the talk of campus the next morning and students would swear up and down that some teacher joined in on the naked run. Names were bandied about, mostly by those who never saw any of it. Word was Professor German, the Spanish faculty head, had joined in, though in fact she wasn't on campus that night. Others claimed Natalie Hershlag had gotten involved and while she witnessed it, she kept her clothing on.

Oddly enough, no one - not one student or faculty member - even thought that newly appointed Hellcats coach Britney Allen might have lead the nudity, even encouraged it. But she had and even though it would eventually cause her trouble later on, she never once regretted it.

* * *

Standing at the far end of campus, waiting with clothes in their hand, Alice Vedura, Marti Perkins and Savannah Monroe all saw the eight streaking Hellcats running towards them and each of them had very different reactions, though oddly enough, very similar at the same time.

Alice was both impressed and pissed off at the same time. Britney hadn't just called her bluff about the streaking, she'd gotten all the new girls and boys to go along with it and from the exhilarated looks upon their faces, they'd all enjoyed it. Even Molly and Charlotte seemed to be laughing and cheering by this point. It was clear they'd enjoyed running naked across campus more than they'd expected to.

This cut again at Alice's not-so-subtle little power play. She'd hope to put Britney in her place and maintain complete control over the Hellcats. But now she'd have to try something else. Glancing at Miranda's naked body as the younger cheerleader ran towards her, two thoughts entered Alice's mind. The first was that if she was to find a new way to keep control of the team to herself, she'd need help from someone else. The second thought was that Miranda looked particularly enticing as she ran in the moonlight.

Alice wasn't sure if it was the plotting or Miranda's nudity that made her nipples hard - but either way, she needed to get off and soon. Very soon.

For Marti Perkins, the naked running was torture. The kind of torture she'd been enduring since her exam and seemed to be growing with each passing hour. So many naked women running right towards her. Each one a little different, but each one equally sexy. From Molly's adorable body, to Ariana's free-spirited run, Emily's athletic build, to Miranda's restrained elegance. Each one of them alone would've made Marti horny. Collectively, they were almost painful.

Those who were painful, however, were Britney and Charlotte. The Hellcats coach, leading the way, was pure running sex, her tiny body a bundle of jiggling, sweaty skin that was perfect in every way and oh-so-enticing. Marti knew the next time she got a chance to play around in the shower, she'd be imagining Britney's naked body. If only Britney wasn't her coach, Marti would make a move - surely a woman as sexy as Britney Allen had experienced the occasional lesbian yearning, a desire to experiment. Oh, what Marti would've done to be the one to experiment with her.

Rivaling Britney, though, was Charlotte. Her athletic little body belied the fact that she was a young mother and the way her tits bounced when she ran was hypnotic. As she ran beside Jason - was he holding something in his hands? - laughing along with him, Marti couldn't help but stare at the grace and beauty Savannah's sister carried, despite running naked in public. Much like Britney, Marti would've loved to sleep with Charlotte, though considering she was Marti's best friend's sister, that would NEVER happen. That would be a betrayal even worse than Marti sleeping with Dan.

Beside Marti, Savannah Monroe was also watching the naked procession with unexpected interest. Having grown up with a rather sheltered upbringing, Savannah had seen naked people before, but never like this.

She hated to admit it, but she was fascinated. As she watched Charlotte and Jason run, she couldn't pry her eyes of their naked bodies. She had never seen a naked man live before, having only seen pictures in textbooks or slide shows. Jason was, for the most part, the well-toned base he always was and indeed she'd seen him shirtless many times in practices already. But without his shorts on, with his manhood swinging between his legs... Savannah felt something she'd never quite felt before. Was it...sexual? Oh God, it was. It was arousing her and she knew it, the realization causing a blush to fall over her face that she was just glad it was too dark outside for anyone to see.

That made Savannah pause. She hadn't even considered having sex since that night she learned Dan and Marti had lost their virginities to each other. Now, however, Savannah was suddenly feeling certain urges in her body - urges she'd never felt anywhere near this powerful before.

It wasn't just Jason, either. There was Tom, Savannah's own base this year, running naked not far from them, laughing and shoving Emily, who was giving back as good as she got. Tom was, if anything, in even better shape than Jason. And Savannah already knew how safe his hands felt. Just as safe as Dan's.

It was, Savannah reflected later, a good thing Dan wasn't there at that moment, or Savannah might have taken him somewhere and done something she'd regret later. As it was, the way her body was reacting, she very nearly called him anyway.

Yes, all three of them - Alice, Marti, and Savannah - watched as the new Hellcats ran towards them and to a woman, all three of them got turned on.

Only one of them would get laid that night, however.

* * *

The streakers were rushed into the two vans - Charlotte's minivan and the school one Lewis had gotten Red Raymond to sign out for "Important Sports-Related Traditions." There the newbies threw on their clothes before being driven home.

But not everyone got into the vans.

"Miranda, over here," Alice said, beckoning her lover with a crooked finger.

"Have you got my clothes?" Miranda asked, approaching the bushes where Alice was standing. It was just off an important Lancer walkway between the library and two of the residence halls marking the north-most border of campus. The bushes were large, taller than Alice and there was a small clearing inside them where couples were known to go and make out in the middle of the day. Miranda suspected a little more than just making out happened in there during the night and if that's what Alice wanted...

"You were great out there," Alice said, pulling Miranda into the bushes before the younger Hellcat could protest.

"Thanks, but I'm getting a little cold. Can I have my shirt at least?"

"Earn it," Alice said, pulling Miranda in for a passionate kiss. Miranda enjoyed the feel of Alice's lips upon her own, but she knew that it was going to be a while yet before she could get dressed. Alice clearly wanted some and seeing as how she was holding Miranda's panties, there really wasn't any option but to give it to her.

"Mmmm, that's nice," Miranda said as Alice's hands slid down her back, cupping Miranda's naked ass.

"You know me," Alice said, moving her lips down to Miranda's neck. "I'm always nice."

"Then be nice to me in another way," Miranda said, pulling Alice's head back for a moment. "Make me a flyer."

"You know I will. I promised you and I'll follow through," Alice said, one of her hands coming up to cup Miranda's left tit.

"Do it tomorrow," Miranda insisted, reaching down to grab Alice's ass through her dress. "Do it tomorrow and you can do whatever you want to me right here, right now."

Alice's eyes traveled down Miranda's naked body and Miranda knew she had her. There was no way Alice could resist an offer like that.

But Alice surprised Miranda. "Promise to help me out with something and you got a deal."

"What?" Miranda asked.

"I want to put Britney in her place. Will you help me?"

"Won't making me a flyer be a step in that direction?"

"Only a step."

"Well, you can't take a second step until you take a first."

"I've already taken your first," Alice said, leaning in to kiss Miranda again, her mind clearly back on sex.

"Fine, then fuck me real good, Alice Vedura. Fuck me real good and tomorrow we start on whatever plan you've got to put Britney in her place."

With that, Alice broke, practically shoving Miranda to the ground, and after pausing only long enough to lift the skirt of her black dress - Ariana wasn't the only one to attend initiation commando - she lowered herself down onto Miranda's crotch. Miranda groaned as their pussies made contact and Alice immediately started sliding hers back and forth, rubbing them together.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" Miranda gasped.

"Hush, unless you want to get caught," Alice said, her facing grinning nastily - Miranda couldn't be sure if that was something Alice wanted or not.

It didn't matter. Even with Alice using her tongue to try and silence the younger cheerleader, Miranda was having a hard time staying silent. She hadn't been immune to the sexual energy of half a dozen naked college students running naked across campus, their bodies on complete display. Miranda had happily gazed at Emily and Molly and Ariana - though, really, she'd seen Ariana naked often enough that it wasn't all THAT exciting. She'd also been quite turned on looking at the boys - the sight of Jason and Tom racing after her and the other girls had made her rethink her subconscious girls-only rule.

But right now, as she lay naked in the cool night, only some bushes and Alice's dress between her and anyone walking by, Miranda only had lusts for her captain and lover. She reached up and cupped Alice's tits through the thin fabric of her black dress and felt the older girl's nipples poke into her palms at once.

"Mmm, yeah baby, tweak those," Alice groaned, rubbing her pussy harder against Miranda's crotch. Miranda did as told, pinching Alice's nubs through her dress, while at the same time trying to move her own hips to match Alice's movements. Whatever she did, it worked, because Alice's head snapped back on her neck and her mouth hung open in delight. The sight turned Miranda on, not that she needed more help in that department. But she wanted Alice to climax first. She wanted her lover to feel sated, to feel completed. After all, Alice would be more willing to do stuff for Miranda if she felt that way.

Suddenly, there was some noise just outside the bushes. The two Hellcats froze, mid-coitus. Miranda tried hard to hold her breath as she strained her ears.

"-totally missed it! All the cheerleaders running naked across campus," a voice said, some guy Miranda couldn't place.

"Fuck, I always miss the good stuff. Some of those chicks are so hot," a second voice replied.

"Well, the guys were there too."

"So you would've really enjoyed it," the second voice joked.

"Fuck off, dude."

"Hey man, I've seen the stains on your Hellcats calendar. December is glued shut for life."

"Fuck off! God, I need a drink. Let's go hit up..." the voices trailed off and Alice and Miranda looked at each other for a long moment, neither one willing to make a noise until they were sure the boys were out of earshot.

Then they just laughed aloud. For a long time, that was all they could do before continuing their fucking. It didn't matter much. Alice still came first, then made a great show of going down on Miranda until she came twice. By the time they got their clothes back on and snuck back to Cheertown, the night was more than half over.

* * *

"Oh, good, Molly I'm glad you're here."

Molly Cratchit lifted her head up from the news article she'd been reading in The New York Times business section and wasn't at all surprised to see Prof. Hershlag come swinging in, a coffee cup in one hand, her attach‚ bag slung over one shoulder and a bundle of papers clutched in her other hand. The ever-stylish teacher today wore a light, salmon-colored blouse and a grey pencil skirt. Her dark brown hair was tied back in a loose knot that looked both half-hazard and styled at the same time and a small pair of wire-rim glasses sat upon her nose, giving her a sexy-librarian look that Molly knew would've set all the boys - and some of the girls - on the Hellcats team buzzing.

"Anything," Molly said, leaping up, her article already forgotten.

"Well I didn't ask you to do anything yet but I like the enthusiasm," Natalie replied. "Please organize these papers I need to return in order of the row and seats for my second class - I gave you the seating charts the other day. Then run down to the mailroom and get my mail for today and if you see Prof. Watson, tell him I'd like to move our little meeting until after lunch, if at all possible."

"Should I stop by his office if I don't see him?" Molly asked, taking the stack of papers from Natalie's hand.

"He's halfway across campus, in the Levenworth building," Natalie paused and gave Molly a sly look. "I know you ran across the entire campus last night, but that might still be a little far to go."

Molly froze. "W-what?" she stammered.

"I saw you and your fellow Hellcats streaking last night," Natalie confessed. "I was walking out of this very building as you ran by across the parking lot. I must say, it was quite the sight."

"Professor, I'm SO sorry," Molly pleaded. "It was initiation night and I needed to make sure the rest of the team knew I was with them and-"

"And don't worry about it," Natalie said with a smile. "It's nothing I haven't seen before, trust me. I've done my fair share of topless sunbathing after all."

"Then you're not upset?"

"Upset about seeing attractive young cheerleaders running across campus in the buff? Why would I ever be upset about that?" Natalie leaned in a little closer. "One of the boys even looked like a guy I dated at Harvard."

"That'd be either Tom or Jason."

"Oh, his name was even Jason," Natalie said, suddenly lost in a memory for a long moment. "Well, that's in the past. But I must make it a point to attend more cheerleading functions."

"You'd be more than welcome."

"Well, not right now, obviously," Natalie said. "Work to do. And yes, please run to Prof. Watson's office - he's one of those old fuddy-duddies who won't use a cellphone and if I call his office, he likely will keep me on the phone for 40 minutes."

"I'll go right now," Molly said. "And I'll grab your mail when I get back."

"Excellent, excellent," Natalie said as Molly moved towards the door. "Oh and Molly?"

"Yes, Professor?"

"All you girls looked in very good shape, too. You have NOTHING to be ashamed of about last night, trust me."

Molly couldn't help smiling as she ran out the door.

She also couldn't help imagining Prof. Natalie sunbathing topless.

* * *

Hellcats practice started at 2 p.m. exactly on the day after initiation and if anyone doubted that leading a group of cheerleaders streaking across campus was good for morale, the way the Cats leapt at Britney's suggestions and commands was all the proof they needed.

"Good, good!" Britney called out. "Jason, you gotta hold Charlotte a little higher. Lock your elbows. Look at what Lewis is doing with Marti!"

"Tom, watch your footing - we don't want to drop Savannah."

"Emily, Molly, it's tuck, flip, roll, not tuck, roll, flip!"

"Alice, lift your leg a bit higher during that helicopter!"

"Tom, watch your footwork! Savannah's counting on you to keep her in the air!"

"Ariana, please tell me you're wearing a bra, because you are bouncing all over the place right now and not in a very cheerleadery way!"

"Nice backflip Miranda! You're practically flying today!"

"Tom, watch how you're catching Savannah! You could've dislocated her arm that time!"

As Britney barked orders, a spectator slinked into the gym. Deirdre Perkins had been busy with her classes most of the week, but when she heard that she missed the Hellcats streaking across campus - she'd had a date with another student that hadn't panned out to much that night - she'd felt the urge to stop by and see how her sister and her hot friends were doing. She sat down on the bleachers off to one side and watched all the pretty girls flipping through the air or tumbling on the ground. She couldn't imagine ever doing such things herself, but she had to admit - it was kinda sexy to watch.

Deirdre sighed. She was horny. She'd really thought the bookish little closet-case she'd taken to Beale Street last night would be grateful enough to put out, but as the two returned to Deirdre's dorm room, Deirdre's roommate was home - along with her skeevy boyfriend. Ashley had offered to share some pizza with Deirdre and her date, but fear of being outed weighed too heavily and the other girl had run before Deirdre could so much as get a promise of a second date - or at least a flash of boob to stroke herself off to later.

So here she was, watching sexy cheerleaders flying about, feeling more than a little horny and hoping despite all her protests to the contrary, her sister Marti would give in to another round of the lesbian love that dare not speak its name.

Still, Marti was busy. The cute new coach was using her and Lewis to demonstrate stuff to Savannah's new base, Tom. Deirdre wasn't even sure Marti knew she was in the gym. The younger Perkins sister sighed. If this went too much longer, she'd have to give up on getting laid this afternoon and go to her next class. She only had maybe 20 minutes, after all.

"Okay, okay," Britney said a few minutes later. "Charlotte, Alice, take a break. Let's get our backup fliers - Miranda, Frankie - in to get a little work with Darwin and Jason while Marti, Lewis and I bring Tom up to speed on how to keep Savannah in the air safely. The rest of you, take five. Don't go far, we've still gotta go over some of the ideas for the new routine's dance moves."

Deirdre leaned forward, her eyes off Marti's sexy legs and instead focused on her other Hellcats conquest - Charlotte Monroe. The young MILF was walking towards the changing rooms, but none of the other girls were following her. Feeling her pussy grow warm, Deirdre figured that if she couldn't be with the Hellcat she wanted most, maybe she could get a very acceptable substitute.

* * *

Charlotte tried to ignore the strange look she got from Miranda as the other brunette teamed up with Jason and headed towards the locker room. She wanted to call her mother and see how Baby John was doing. When she'd gotten back from initiation the night before, Layne had called with news that John had suffered from a little colic during the night. It was all Charlotte could do not to hop in her van and race home, but Layne had informed her that she'd dealt with two far-more fussy babies when she'd raised Savannah and Charlotte and she could handle a crying baby just fine. It was more important Charlotte stay at school and keep her grades up.

Charlotte wondered how her mother would've reacted if she'd known Charlotte had just run across the entire Lancer campus in nothing but her birthday suit, while naked boys ran after her.

Still, being a new mother, she was worried about her son and she intended to use this quick little break for her third check-up call of the day.

The call lasted 10 minutes. Layne had gotten another visit from the FBI, with no news about what happened to Charlotte and Savannah's father. This wasn't unexpected - they showed up every week or so to make sure he hadn't returned home - but it always drove Layne into a rant about how awful it was their father abandoned them and how insulting it was to have federal officials show up at her door and ask her questions, like she had anything to do with it. By the time Charlotte finally got an answer about John, she was late getting back to practice.

"Hey there, hot stuff."

The voice froze Charlotte in the middle of closing her locker. She turned around, surprised to see Deirdre standing in the doorway, eyeing her.


"You remember! I thought maybe you forgot who I was," Deirdre said.

"I didn't forget! But we promised not to speak about it!" Charlotte hissed. "What are you doing here?"

"I have an itch to scratch and you came in here all alone. Thought maybe we could hook up again."

"Here? Right now?" Charlotte asked, her eyes going wide.

"We could go to the showers, if that would help," Deirdre pointed out, eyeing the doorway to the girls shower.

"No!" Charlotte said, a little too loudly.

"You didn't enjoy what we did?" Deirdre asked.

Charlotte frowned. She'd enjoyed it. She'd enjoyed it too much. That was the problem.

"We can't do it again," Charlotte said. "I'm not like you."

"Not like me?"

"Not a..." Charlotte looked around to be sure no one was in the room. "Not a lesbian," she replied, barely whispering the last word.

"Who says you have to be a lesbian just to have sex with another girl? Trust me, you can do it and be completely straight."

"That- that doesn't make sense."

"Well, maybe this will straighten you out." Boldly, Deirdre walked across the room, reached up around Charlotte's neck and pulled the younger Monroe sister in for a deep kiss.

* * *

"Okay, okay, enough," Britney said as the four Hellcat fliers landed on their feet, one of them a full two seconds behind the others. "Savannah, will you work with Tom after practice and get him up to speed?"

"Sure," Savannah said. "We want everything to be perfect."

"Okay, let's go over the new dance routine then. Is everyone back?"

"I don't see Charlotte," Marti said.

"She went to the locker room," Miranda offered, shooting Alice a look that no one else caught.

"Fine, fine. Go get her, would you Miranda?" Britney said. "The rest of us, let's set up for the first move."

Miranda winked at Alice as she jogged past, heading for the locker room. She hoped Alice would take the hint and use this time when both she and Charlotte were out of the room to bring up replacing the young mother with the freshman, but from the look Alice gave her back, Miranda figured the Hellcats captain was merely thinking about the hot sex they'd had the night before. It was so hard keeping Alice's head out of her crotch at times.

Miranda reached the locker room and quickly came to a halt just outside the door. There, standing right next to her locker, was Charlotte, making out with that cute but awkward sister of Marti's - Dee-something. Miranda couldn't remember her name. It didn't matter. All that mattered was that Marti's sister was an out lesbian and good little Christian Charlotte Monroe was locking lips with her. Miranda quickly hid back around the corner and hoped she hadn't been noticed.

"Deirdre, no," Charlotte said, pushing the blonde off her a moment later.

"Come on, Charlotte. Just a little quickie. I promise, I'll be fast. Let me go down on you. You don't even have to take your clothes off."

"Deirdre, what happened between us was a one-time thing. A college experiment, okay? I like boys. I got pregnant by a boy, for crying out loud! I have my eyes on another boy right now!"

"I have a couple of toys that'll let me do you better than any boy could," Deirdre said, leaning in to kiss Charlotte again.

"NO!" Charlotte said, loud enough to get Deirdre to stop. "I'm sorry Deirdre. I can't say I didn't like what we did, but we CAN'T do it again."

"God, what is it with you Hellcats and only wanting to fuck a girl once?" Deirdre said, turning around to storm off. Miranda quickly turned around, looking for a place to hide without success, but Deirdre turned the other way and never even saw her standing there before she headed back to the gym.

Charlotte paused long enough to collect herself and straighten out her Hellcats uniform. But before she could leave, Miranda appeared in the doorway.

"You slept with Marti's sister," Miranda said, getting right to the point.

* * *

Deirdre was even hornier now and a little mad. This was two girls in a row to turn her down. How the hell hard was it to get laid on this campus? She'd fucked two cheerleaders within her first month here and had a few other girls make moves on her. Now when she really needed the sex, everyone else's legs were suddenly closed? She was about to storm completely out of the gym when she suddenly collided with her sister, Marti.

"Whoa, Deirdre?!" Marti said, clearly surprised. "What are you doing here?"

Deirdre collected herself for a second, then looked up at her older half-sister, looking all super-hot in her little cheerleading uniform. Suddenly, her failure with Charlotte was forgotten and Marti was back on her radar.

"Hey, sis. I came looking for you."

"You did?" Marti said.

"Yeah, you got a few minutes?"

"Not really, I just came looking for Charlotte and Miranda - Coach wants them back now."

"Charlotte's in the locker room. I don't know where Miranda is."

"Oh." Marti said. "What was it you wanted from me?"

* * *

"I want to be a flyer, Charlotte," Miranda said, blocking the exit from the locker room. "I want to be a flyer, but I'm just a freshman. I can't bounce Marti or Savannah from their positions without one of them getting injured."

"So just get your sex partner to let you have her spot," Charlotte snapped. "Haven't you got Alice wrapped around your finger yet?"

"I don't want Alice's spot," Miranda said. "I want yours."

"And let me guess? If I don't let you have it, you'll tell everyone I slept with Deirdre," Charlotte said. Suddenly, Miranda was looking an awful lot like Nasty Kathy.

"No, I won't tell everyone," Miranda said. "Not at first, anyway. I'll just tell Marti. And if Savannah's in the room at the same time..." she trailed off, making it clear she'd be sure Savannah was around when she dropped that particular bombshell.

"You bitch," Charlotte grumbled. "Can't we work out something else?"

"You don't have anything else I want, Charlotte."

Charlotte's mind was whirling like a hurricane. It seemed like everything had been thrown around in just the last few minutes. First there had been Deirdre's aggressive come on and now this. She couldn't lose her spot...especially not like this. She had worked her whole life to be one of the best in cheerleading and to be ostracized from Memphis Christian and then have a spot on the Hellcats yanked away from her didn't seem right. But what could she do? And then suddenly, thinking of what Deirdre had done made a lightbulb go off over her head.

"Nothing?" Charlotte asked before she could think twice about making an offer she never would have dreamed she could make. "Even though you're bedding Alice?"

"Wait, are you offering what I think you're offering?" Miranda said, surprised.

"It'd be a one-time thing - one night. No one else can know, but I'll let you do whatever you want with me. I mean, it's not like you can get me pregnant or anything."

For a second, Miranda's eyes turned hungry and she looked Charlotte up and down, clearly liking what she saw. But then her face turned cold again - how that round, generally pleasant face could do that, no one knew.

"That's tempting and maybe I'll take you up on it someday. But for now, I want your position on the team more than I want your body, Charlotte."

Charlotte was actually a little relieved. She meant what she said to Deirdre - she wasn't a lesbian. But she WAS a flyer - like Savannah, she'd been born to be one. She loved being thrown up into the air, twirling about in perfect rhythm and landing safely in someone's arms. More than anything else, it was what she wanted most in life.

But she had to keep certain things in mind. She was a mother now and if Savannah found out Charlotte had engaged in lesbian sex, there was no way she was going to keep it secret from their mother. And if Layne learned what Charlotte did-

The youngest Monroe girl shuddered at the thought. With a tear in her eye, she agreed.

"All right, you win," Charlotte said. "You can take my place as a flyer."

* * *

"I can't stop thinking about that night we spent together, Marti," Deirdre confessed, causing Marti blink in surprise. She knew Deirdre had wanted to sleep together again, despite the whole incest factor and she wasn't surprised she was thinking about it considering the wild fantasies going on in her overheating brain but she wasn't expecting to have her bring it up so directly and in a place where so many people could hear what she never wanted them to know.

But just the words from her younger sister filled Marti's mind with images of the sexy night that had made the older Perkins sister realize she, too, was a lesbian. The mental picture of Deirdre's blonde head between her legs, lapping away was enough to make Marti's sex-deprived body shudder.

"You want to do it again?" Marti asked.

"Absolutely," Deirdre said. "Right now, if you want."

"We can't!" Marti said, even as her nipples hardened. Her pussy was on fire and she swore her mouth was starting to water at the thought of it. God, she was SOOO horny!

"I'm game if you are sis," Deirdre said quietly, actually reaching down and undoing the button to her jeans. Her belt kept the pants from sliding to the floor and really she didn't expose any more skin than she'd had on display before. But just the implication was enough to make Marti cringe.

"Deirdre, we can't," Marti pleaded quietly, looking over her shoulder. Savannah caught sight of her and waved hello. Britney scowled until she saw Deirdre, then turned around and started barking orders at Ariana and Emily, who were clearly out-of-place for the routine. Why did Deirdre have to ask this right now, out in front of the whole team?

Deirdre sighed. "All right, listen, I have to get to class. But my offer stands, sis. I don't think what we did was wrong and I want to do it again. I get it if you don't, but if you ever do - even just once more - well, you know where to find me."

"Deirdre, please, don't be mad-" Marti said.

"I'm not mad, Marti," Deirdre said. "I'm horny. If you ever get horny too, let me know."

With that, Deirdre walked off and Marti's body screamed at her to go after her sister. Incest seemed like such a silly taboo at that moment and if they hadn't been right there in the middle of the gym, Marti probably would've broken.

After all, she was probably even hornier than Deirdre was. If Marti didn't get a release soon, she swore, she was going to explode.

Suddenly, Charlotte and Miranda came around the corner. Charlotte was upset and Miranda was holding her hand in a supportive manner that didn't quite sit with Marti. Maybe she was just jealous that Charlotte had someone else touching her skin when that was what Marti wanted most right about now.

"Hey guys?" Charlotte called out. "I, uh, John's not doing so well and, well, I think I need to cut back a little on my work with the team."

"Is everything okay?" Savannah asked, rushing over. Britney was right behind her.

"He will be, Mom's certain. But, uh... I really need to go see him. And I think maybe that means I shouldn't be in such an important role here with the Hellcats."

"What do you mean?" Britney asked.

"I'm going to step down as a flyer, if that's okay," Charlotte said, looking at Miranda and purposely avoiding Savannah's shocked gaze.

"You are?" Alice blurted out. "Really?"

"Yeah. Miranda said she'd take my place," Charlotte said.

"Well, okay then," Britney said. "I hate to lose an experienced flyer like you, Charlotte, but I can't argue with you having a kid. Do you want to stay on as a tumbler?"

"Absolutely," Charlotte said, her head snapping up. "I still want to be a Hellcat."

"Then it's settled," Alice said, smiling. "Miranda's our new fourth flyer and Charlotte can lead the tumblers."

"Are you sure, Char?" Savannah asked.

"Yeah, Vanna," Charlotte said slowly, gripping Miranda's hand tightly. "I'm sure."

"Okay. I just hope you're doing the right thing for the right reasons," Savannah said, clearly still confused.

Marti couldn't blame her. She was confused too - Charlotte had worked too hard to stay in shape and make the Hellcats to not be a flyer. Everyone, from Savannah to Layne to even Wanda had bent over backwards to help her get there. So why was she letting the team down now?

"I think we've all had enough excitement for one day," Britney said. "Let's all meet back here tomorrow and we can settle into our new roles. Good work everyone."

"I gotta work with Tom," Savannah quickly said to Charlotte, "but I can let someone else-"

"No, stay," Charlotte said. "I, uh, I think I'll just go see John now."

"Call me if you need anything," Savannah insisted.

"You're going to be here a while, Savannah?" Marti asked.

"Probably," Savannah said, looking over at a sheepish Tom.

Marti suddenly realized she'd finally have their room all to herself. Deirdre's little confession and incestuous plea had Marti all worked up - AGAIN - and for the first time all week, Marti knew she had the privacy she needed to relief her sexual frustration.

"Okay, I'll be in our room if you need me," Marti said.

"Don't you have class this afternoon?" Savannah asked.

Marti frowned and glanced down at her watch. "Fuck," she grumbled. Savannah was right.

Well, maybe Savannah would work Tom longer than Marti's class would last. And if it didn't, maybe Marti would just take a long, hot shower. Back at home. When Wanda was out.

Marti sighed. How hard could it be for a girl to get a few minutes alone to get off?

* * *

Molly Cratchit was used to doing things well. She strived to be the best, or at least do her very best, no matter the task. It was why she needed to get all As on her report cards, why she had to be a champion cheerleader and even why she had to have the best clothes she could possibly afford. And being the best came rather naturally to the petite redhead. She excelled in school, had a real talent for cheerleading and when she couldn't afford the best clothes, she worked harder to earn the money to buy them - or something even better.

Yes, Molly had worked hard her entire life and had never failed to overcome any obstacles.


Which was, perhaps, the most frustrating thing about making red velvet cupcakes - Molly was a truly horrible cook.

Slamming another burned batch of cupcakes - which might, optimistically, be called black charcoal - Molly curled her fists and tried to refrain herself from lashing out at the admittedly limited cooking equipment in Cheertown's kitchen. The place was great for making smoothies, healthy salads, or even on rare occasion, barbecue ribs, but when it came to baking anything, Cheertown came well short of it's name.

Gaining control of her temper, Molly took the ruined cupcakes and dumped them into the garbage, where they joined the two previous batches Molly had ruined earlier in the morning. This new one was just the latest to be ruined since she'd returned from practice. One cupcake, glued in place when the batter had somehow flowed over the edge of it's liner onto the pan itself, refused to let go, stubbornly staying in place even as Molly repeatedly hit the pan against the side of the trash can.

"What's all the racket, Red?"

Molly glanced over her shoulder at Emily Sear, who was just coming into Cheertown. Emily wore a sports bra and a pair of spandex shorts that did absolutely nothing to hide her athletic physique and carried her treasured skateboard under one arm.

"I'm trying to make red velvet cupcakes for the bake sale," Molly said. "And not doing very well."

"That's why I like to just buy food," Emily said, coming into the kitchen area. "It's hard for even me to screw up a bag of Oreos."

"Yeah, well, I kinda promised someone I'd make red velvet cupcakes," Molly said as she poked at the burn cupcake still in the tray.

"Ever made them before?" Emily asked.

"Never. I've ever even eaten a red velvet cupcake," Molly admitted. Suddenly the cupcake gave way and fell into the trash with a resounding thud. Emily and Molly traded looks. "At this rate, I kinda doubt I ever will."

"We could always go buy some," Emily offered.

"No," Molly said. "No, I want to make them myself."

"Why? Who are they for?"

Molly froze. "Just, someone," she said, knowing instantly that she was digging herself a bigger hole.

"Someone," Emily said with a sly smile. "Is this someone a boy? A fellow Hellcat, perhaps?"

"No, it's not," Emily said as she threw the empty cupcake pan into the dishwasher and went hunting for another one.

"Then is he a football player?" Emily asked.


"No, of course not. You're too brainy to go out with some jock head," Emily said, hefting herself up so she could sit on a table, her bare legs swinging idly beneath her. "You like the nerdy boys. Someone with glasses and a mop of hair that's only barely combed."

"No!" Molly said.

"Yeah you do. You like 'em smart, Molly. I know you do."

"I'm not saying a word," Molly said, bending down to pull the final cupcake tray out from underneath a pile of other dishes in one of the lower drawers.

"C'mon, Molly! I need some dirt. A little something spicy. I haven't gotten any since Tom and I banged Katie after Qualifiers."

"TMI, Emily," Molly said.

"Yeah, well, it won't happen again. Tom was alright, but that Katie seems a little clingy," Emily said. "Why are girls always like that?"

"I wouldn't know," Molly muttered as she looked once more at the recipe she'd downloaded from the internet.

Emily suddenly jumped down from the table. "Oh my gosh, that's it, isn't it! It's not some nerdy BOY you're interested in! It's another girl!"

"SHUT UP!" Molly said, spinning on Emily. "I do NOT like her like that!"

Emily cackled as she slapped her knee. "You do! You do," she chanted. "You're making her cupcakes and dreaming about her and I bet you even think about her when you touch yourself in the shower!"

"I DON'T TOUCH MYSELF IN THE SHOWER!" Molly gasped, covering her mouth, having not wanted to declare that particular detail so loudly.

Emily gave Molly a sly look that made it clear she didn't believe the redhead. Molly grabbed a nearby potholder and chucked it at Emily's head.

"Okay, okay - no need to get violent," Emily said. "So, you going to tell me who this mystery girl is?"

"Absolutely not," Molly said.

"Even if I totally promise to keep it secret?"

"You're horrible about keeping secrets," Molly pointed out.

"No I'm not."

"You told half the squad you had a threesome with Tom and Katie within three hours of doing it."

"I didn't want to keep that a secret," Emily replied with a shrug.

"Yeah, well, I think I'll totally keep the person I totally don't have a crush on a total secret from you."

"Three totals, that's a lot," Emily said, grabbing the potholder and tossing it back to Molly, who caught it easily.

"I better get back to ruining another batch," Molly said.

"I'll help," Emily offered.

"Can you bake?"

"Hell no, but at least then you can blame me when this batch gets ruined."

Molly grunted. "Fine. At this point, I'll take whatever I can get." She turned back towards the recipe, trying to figure out what she was doing wrong.

"So you're really not going to tell me who the girl you're crushing on is?" Emily asked.

"I never even said it was a girl," Molly pointed out.

"It's totally okay if it is, if that's what you're worried about."

"It's not."

"I mean, I generally like boys, but I've had a girl or two before," Emily said.

"I know," Molly said.

"So, you know, I won't judge."

"People who have threesomes and then brag about them really shouldn't judge."

"Are you worried your parents wouldn't approve?"

"I've got three gay cousins who spend so much time in my place, my father considers them his own children."

"Is it the rest of the Hellcats, then? 'Cause we've got a gay captain now and no one's holding it against her," Emily pointed out. "Well, except maybe Lewis, but he's kinda got a good reason."

"Emily, can we totally just NOT talk about it?" Molly asked.

"Yeah, sure," Emily said. For a long moment, the two girls were quiet. Then, without saying a word, Emily stepped up behind Molly and hugged the other girl gently. "Whatever it is," Emily said quietly, "I accept you."

"T-thanks," Molly stammered as Emily let go. The silence returned, only to be interrupted again.

"I kissed a girl and I liked it!"

Both Molly and Emily jumped, shocked at the voice suddenly singing behind them. The two girls spun around to find Ariana Valentine behind them, dancing along to her headphones. She wore a Lancer blue tank-top and a pair of neon pink panties that didn't quite cover her ass cheeks, which were swaying in time to Katy Perry.

"Oh, hey guys!" Ariana said, spotting them for the first time. "I'm listening to Katy Perry," she said, pointing at her iPod. "I totally didn't kiss a girl."

"Yeah, we gathered," Emily said as both she and Molly relaxed.

"I mean, I DID kiss a girl, but that was back in high school. She had braces and my bubblegum totally got stuck in them, so the school nurse made us promise to never kiss again. And I got in trouble for chewing gum in class."

"Uh, okay," Molly said, looking at Emily, who merely shrugged.

"But I did like it," Ariana giggled before sashaying past the two girls to head towards the fridge. She opened it and pulled out a bottle of water before pirouetting on one foot and dancing back towards the other freshman Hellcats. She stopped in front of them and frowned.

"It smells like burning in here. Is it supposed to smell like burning?"

"That's my fault," Molly said. "I'm trying to make red velvet cupcakes for the bake sale and -"

"Oooh!" Ariana said excitedly. "I love red velvet cupcakes!"

"Do you know how to bake them?" Emily asked.

"I do!" Ariana said. "One time, I made them for this boy I liked in high school and he totally became my boyfriend!" Emily shot Molly a grin, but Ariana paused, then frowned. "But then he broke up with me when I caught him wearing my panties to wrestling practice with the other boys."

"And you say I share TMI," Emily muttered under her breath.

"Ariana, can you help me make red velvet cupcakes?"

"I can!" Ariana said. "I love red velvet cupcakes!"

"Great, let's get started," Molly said. "Here's the recipe."

"Yay, I love baking! Let me just go get my apron," she said, running out of the common area, leaving a bewildered Molly and a giggling Emily behind.

"You did say you were desperate," Emily pointed out.

"I am," Molly admitted. "Please tell me you're going to stick around."

"And miss the show? Not on your life - and don't worry, I won't tell anyone they're for your secret crush."

"Thanks," Molly said.

"I just hope Ariana puts on some pants or something," Emily added.

A moment later, Ariana returned, now wearing a frilly white apron that read "Kiss the Cook." She had not put on pants, as Molly and Emily learned the moment Ariana passed them, her neon-pink panties still not-quite covering her ass. But now, her Lancer tank top was missing as well and the only thing besides the panties covering Ariana was the apron and her bra.

"Ariana, did you take OFF your shirt?" Molly asked, bewildered.

"Yeah, duh!" Ariana said. "I don't want to get it dirty."

"That's what the apron's for," Emily pointed out.

Ariana actually blushed, adding to her over-all red hue. "I'm kind of a sloppy baker. Trust me, my shirt would've gotten messy."

Molly and Emily traded worried looks again.

"Who's got the spatula?" Ariana called out with glee as she turned back towards the kitchen.

* * *

Dan Patch smiled politely as two cute coeds waved and winked at him, clearly interested as he passed them by on his way to the Hellcats gym. What was it about this campus? Was every girl here horny? It seemed that way, especially this week. He'd been hit on by more classmates and even random strangers than he had since he'd gone down to the Gulf to help clean up after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill - volunteer work really made some girls into horny sluts, it seemed.

Unfortunately perhaps the only girl immune to whatever was in the water here at Lancer was Dan's girlfriend, Savannah. She'd barely kept in touch with him in the last few days and had neglected to tell him that the team was going streaking the night before. Not that he would've joined in, but if Savannah Monroe was running across Lancer buck naked, he very much would've liked to have seen that.

Dan shook his head. Man, he needed to get off soon. First chance he got when he got home, he'd be pulling up the files he kept hidden on his computer labeled "Dead Gulf Animals" but actually held his modest collection of porn. That collection had grown a bit since he started dating Savannah - a man might be willing to give up other girls, but he wasn't going to give up masturbation!

Trotting up the steps to the Hellcats gym, Dan hoped Savannah was in a good mood - he wanted to tell her about Vanessa and Nasty Kathy coming to him to get him to do MemChrist's BidVid and he didn't want to keep secrets from her. But if Savannah was all worked up over some new crisis... well, this would keep. It wasn't like he was going to go ahead and do the video or anything.

Dan smiled as he heard the sound of Savannah's laughter wafting through the air and turned the corner, expecting to find his girlfriend laughing with Marti, or perhaps her sister Charlotte. Maybe even Alice, or one of the new girls.

What he HADN'T expected was to find his girlfriend in just her sports bra and short-shorts, straddling a shirtless freshman dude!

"Savannah?!" Dan said, shocked enough to drop his backpack off his shoulder.

"Dan?!" Savannah said, smiling up at him. "What are you doing here?"

"Interrupting, apparently," Dan snapped. "What the hell are you doing?"

It seemed to only now dawn on Savannah and the guy she was straddling that they were in a bit of a compromising position. Savannah quickly slid off and the two hurried to stand up.

"Dan, you know my new base, Tom, right?"

"I don't and I don't appreciate him having his hands all over you," Dan said darkly.

"Uh, I'm her base. I kinda have to have my hands all over her," Tom pointed out.

"Shut up and put a shirt on," Dan said, turning towards Savannah. "Vanna, what the hell are you doing on top of that guy?"

"Dan, calm down. I was just practicing with Tom and we slipped during a lift. We were laughing because we'd just joked that we'd screwed up everything BUT that lift today and-"

"And you're in your underwear and he's practically naked."

"I got sweatpants on, dude," Tom pointed out.

"Shut up and stay out of this!" Dan insisted.

"Tom, I think we're done for the day," Savannah said, now frowning at Dan. "If you'll excuse me, I need to talk to my suddenly insane boyfriend."

"Yeah, okay," Tom said. "Thanks for the help today, Savannah."

Dan fumed as he watched Tom walk out the door. Neither he or Savannah said a word until the freshman had crossed the gym and exited towards the locker rooms.

"What is WRONG with you?" Savannah said suddenly. "Have you lost your mind?"

"Have YOU?" Dan insisted. "Do you know what that guy was doing right before Qualifiers? Setting himself up to get into a threesome! And now you're on top of him wearing less clothing than I've ever seen you wear."

"Dan Patch, you've seen me wear this at practice a dozen times!" Savannah said, never-the-less covering her bare midriff with her arms.

"I don't like it and I don't trust him."

"Him, or me?" Savannah snapped. "Which one of us don't you trust, because you're not yelling at Tom right now!"

"That's because you sent him away. And a good thing, too - I see him touch you like that again, I'm going to pound his face into the cement."

"Tom has been nothing but a gentleman to me, Dan - in fact, he's treated me better than you are right now!"

"Oh, right, like this is all MY fault!"

"It IS!" Savannah said. "You're the one to come in here yelling just because I fell on my base - my BASE, Dan! The guy who throws me in the air and then catches me! He HAS to touch me- that's his JOB!"

"You know what, forget it," Dan said suddenly. "I came here hoping we could talk, but you're clearly more worried about cheerleading than me. Again!"

"Oh, get off it, Dan! You knew I was a Hellcat when you asked me out the first time!"

Dan wasn't listening. He was already storming towards the door.

"Don't you walk away from me, Dan Patch!" Savannah yelled after him. "Dan? DAN!"

Dan left and didn't turn back. He couldn't face Savannah right now. He was furious, he was frustrated and he was still a little horny. Not that he had any intention of going home and jerking off now. He was too worked up. He didn't care for walking in on his girl all but cheating on him. He needed a way to work off his frustrations - not just about this, but about everything that'd happened between him and Savannah all summer.

Without thinking, Dan pulled up his phone. He had a call to make.

* * *

A single rivulet of sweat dripped down Vanessa Lodge's chest, sliding between her two naked, heavy breasts, making her dark skin glisten in the candlelight of the bedroom. She ignored it and kept bouncing atop Red Raymond's cock, loving the sensation of solid manhood inside her once more.

Yes, Vanessa may have been experimenting with girls a little lately, but she swore she'd never give up on cock. Especially cock this good.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

"Ignore it," Red pleaded from beneath her.

"I can't," Vanessa said, reaching to the bedside table and grabbing it before Red could stop her. "It could be from the team."

"You've been their coach for three days," Red said. "I doubt they're calling in the middle of your afternoon off-"

He was right. It wasn't any of the Cyclones.

She answered it anyway.

"Dan?" she said into the phone, quickly coming to a rest atop Red.

"Vanessa?" Dan said, sounding a little upset. "You still need someone to film the Cyclones BidVid?"

"You know I do," Vanessa said, placing a finger on Red's lips to keep him from interrupting.

"Then I'm your man. When do you need me?"

Vanessa thought quickly. "Can you be here Saturday?"

"I'll be there. With bells on. See you then." With that, he hung up.

"What was that all about?" Red asked as Vanessa put down the phone.

"Just team business," Vanessa said. "Now, where was I?"

"Riding me like a champion rodeo rider," Red said, sliding up into her once more.

"Then let's get back to that," Vanessa said, giggling.

* * *

"Hey, Lewis," Marti said, rushing into Cheertown. "Savannah back yet?"

"Nope," Lewis said as he lounged on the couch, watching SoapNet on the communal TV.

"Really, 'One Tree Hill' reruns?" Marti questioned. "I'll never understand why you like that show, let alone comprehend how you got Dan to watch a 24-hour marathon with you."

"Hey, it's good drama," Lewis rebutted, having had this conversation with Marti more times than he could remember. "And even without Hilarie Burton, it's still loaded with chicks."

"Whatever you say," Marti replied, a slight giggle heard in her voice. "Hey, do you know when Savannah will be back from working with Tom?"

"Knowing her, she's probably going to be practicing until she feels her moves are exactly how she wants them," Lewis answered. "Poor Tom. Can't imagine being a freshman base for a senior flyer who is such a perfectionist."

"He'll recover," Marti told him. "Trust me. I went through something similar with you last year." Lewis couldn't help but smile at that. "Anyway, I'm going to go listen to some music on my computer. Enjoy the teen angst."

"Don't worry, I will," Lewis said as Marti practically ran to her room. Since Kristen had almost made her come during her examination, her need for an orgasm had been growing greater. And since Deirdre had propositioned her at the end of practice, Marti hadn't been able to think of anything BUT sex. It had been too long since she had her last climax and now she had a room to herself and time on her side. No way Marti was leaving the room unfulfilled.

For a while, Marti had considered looking up some porn, but thought of a naughtier idea that made the corners of her mouth curl up mischievously.

Even before that fateful night with Deirdre, Marti had a girl crush on Tori Amos for as long as she could remember. She was far from the first woman, gay or straight, to wish that she would be Tori's piano bench. But now since that incestuous one-night stand, Marti was even more in lust with everything about her, from her flaming red hair to the tortured passion of her lyrics and voice. If Marti could have Tori grinding between her legs and flipping her hair back, she would have died and gone to heaven.

Hopping onto her bed and throwing a blanket over her lap, Marti grabbed her laptop, plugged in her headphones and put them on, went to her favorite video site and found the video she was looking. It was bar none her favorite Tori Amos song and the video only made it better for her after she had come to grips with her sexuality.

Using one hand, Marti pressed play on the computer while her other hand snaked down her other hand under the blanket, unbuttoned her pants and slid underneath her panties.

As the video began, Tori walked into the screen wearing only a white towel, the camera zooming in closer on her as she sang. All Marti could see was that flaming red head of hair between her legs, letting the towel go and exposing her body.

Every finger in the room

Is pointing at me

I wanna spit in their faces

Then I get afraid of what that could bring

I got a bowling ball in my stomach

I got a desert in my mouth

Figures that my courage would choose to sell our now

As the scene shifted to Tori playing on her piano, Marti continued playing with herself, quickening the pace of her fingering. There was something about the way Tori performed on the piano, the way she looked and the way she sang that made the blonde cheerleader go wild.

I've been looking for a savior in these dirty streets

Looking for a savior beneath these dirty sheets

I've been raising up my hands

Drive another nail in

Just what God needs

One more victim

With the scene cutting to a narrow close-up of Tori's face and occasionally working down to her little black dress, Marti worked a finger inside her pussy, already feeling a climax beginning to approach.

Why do we

Crucify ourselves

Every day

I crucify myself

Nothing I do is good enough for you

Crucify myself

Every day

And at the end of the chorus, there were shots not only of Tori in her LBD, but at her piano, moving her hips on the bench. Marti's breathing began escalating at that sight, wishing the pianist was sitting on her face while her pussy was being from above. A shiver ran up Marti's spine as she entertained the thought of such an erotic 69.

And my heart is sick of being in chains


"AHHH!" The sound of a woman groaning in frustration caused Marti to not only break out of her sexual trance, but to also fall out of her bed, her body still under her sheet and her laptop laying over her chest.

"Marti, are you okay?" Savannah asked as she slammed the door behind her, clearly surprised to see her roommate on the floor.

"Um, yeah, I'm fine," Marti said as she held out her free hand to hold back Savannah, weary that her other hand was still in her pants. In her head, Marti thought to herself, "I can't believe this! I thought I locked the door!"

"Ummmm I thought you and Tom were still practicing," Marti said aloud, trying to change the subject before Savannah could look too closely at what Marti was doing.

"We were, but something came up," Savannah started. "Let me ask you something. Has Dan ever thought a girl was cheating on him?"

"No. Dan's usually the guy who women cheat WITH, not on," Marti said, her best friend's words worrying her. "Why, what happened?"

"He walked in on me straddling Tom's waist," Savannah answered.

"YOU WHAT?!" Marti exclaimed.

"I fell on top of him," Savannah said, turning into the closet. "He thought I was cheating on him and went on about how I can't trust Tom because he's a player. This is Dan Patch saying that! Unbelievable!"

"Uhhhhh...yeah, that's crazy," Marti said sort of half listening as she took advantage of Savannah turning her back to get her hand out of her pants and zip them back up.

"I know we haven't spent as much time together as normally do, but I don't want to leave him for someone else," Savannah said, wiggling out of her skirt and her spankies, not knowing that something so simple as changing clothes would drive Marti wild.

"Holy shit, has her ass always looked that good?" Marti asked herself, looking at her best friend wearing pink cotton panties. "Good God, how is Savannah still a virgin? Why hasn't she let Dan hit that yet? I mean... Oh God!"

Marti did everything she could to stop her thoughts dead in their tracks as Savannah took off her cheer top and exposed a blue sports bra, highlighting the curves of her breasts. While the brunette meandered on about her troubles with Dan, Marti could only think about what it would be like to finally unwrap Savannah's body from her clothes and show her the pleasure that the former captain had long denied herself.

"Hold it right there, girl!" Marti's brain warned her pussy. "This is Savannah Monroe! She's hurting because your best friend thinks she's cheating. And she's never going to consider sex with a woman. Savannah's your best friend! She would never talk to me again if I even hinted at us doing something like that. Get a hold of yourself!"

Fortunately, Savannah did not throw more fuel onto Marti's internal fires by getting naked. Instead she inadvertently helped tamp down the flames by getting herself into a baggy white t-shirt and grey sweatpants.

"I've told Dan before that Tom has been a perfect gentleman with me. Never once did he make a pass at me," Savannah rambled on, not realizing for a second her best friend was having impure thoughts about her. "I just wish Dan would realize that Tom isn't trying to steal me from him. I know an extended relationship is new to Dan, but he's being completely unreasonable."

Although her pussy was soaked and aching for an orgasm, Marti sucked up her horniness. If there was anything that would make her push anything to the back burner, even the need for sex, it was a hurt Savannah.

"You're right, Savannah," Marti said, trying to assure her friend even as she didn't realize that suddenly she was in the same position as Dan...completely horny for Savannah with no release in sight. "Dan is being unreasonable. He doesn't know how he should react about this situation."

"What do you think I should do?" Savannah asked, trying to prevent the tears from flowing.

"Dan works best under stress alone, just like when he left for New Orleans last year," Marti answered. "Don't worry, he's not going anywhere, not when it could cost him a film degree. As for you and me, I know just the way to give him space."


"We go to Walgreens and pick up some pints of H„agen-Dazs, we put on our PJs and watch a movie together while bitching about men," Marti explained.

Thinking it over for a moment, Savannah cracked into a smile. "That sounds like a great idea. I'll get the keys to the van from Charlotte." As Savannah walked past the mess of sheets and Marti's computer, she noticed what was in the open window. "Tori Amos? You're a fan of hers or something, aren't you?"

"Or something," Marti muttered under breath, feeling that her body was going to be paying for her kindness the next day.

* * *

"Great work, Miranda!"

Miranda Summer smiled as Jason let her down from her spiral twist and she landed sure-footed in front of her lover and team captain. Alice beamed, proud that her little fuck buddy was proving to be a quick learned when it came to flying.

"She'll do," Britney Allen said from beside Alice. "Charlotte was better, but Charlotte had years of experience."

"Give me time and Miranda will be just as good," Alice stated, matter-of-factly.

"Not so sure of that," Britney said, turning to head back to her office. "And I don't like the fact that you're sleeping with her."

"That's never been a problem before," Alice said, following the diminutive coach.

"Well, I wasn't head coach then," Britney said. "Tell the truth, Alice - would you really want Miranda as a flyer if you weren't tipping her velvet at night?"

"Tipping her what?"

"It's slang - really old slang - for going down on a girl," Britney said.

"How do YOU know that?"

"I am a college graduate, Ms. Vedura," Britney snapped. "Plus I roomed with a lesbian in college and she was always watching lesbian movies. That was a title of one of them."

"Sounds kinky, I'll have to rent it."

"Yeah, well, don't let it get in the way of the Hellcats. You're team captain, Alice. Start acting like it."

"Excuse me? I planned our entire routine for Qualifiers - the routine that won us nearly perfect scores and got us on the road to Sectionals."

"I know," Britney said. "And since then, all you've done is sleep with half the freshmen, drive Lewis crazy and play your little power games with me."

"My what?" Alice said, surprised Britney had even noticed. She would've argued the sleeping with half the freshmen, but then she remembered bedding Jason and Tom and realized that put her at three of the six freshmen on the team.

"Listen, I know last year you felt like Savannah took your role of captain away from you and you spent half the year trying to get her out. Then she hands it to you after the disaster at Nationals and you're in - so DO something with it. Don't sit around trying to find ways to undermine me."

"How have I ever undermined you?" Alice interrupted.

"I didn't run naked across campus because I'm an exhibitionist, Alice," Britney snapped. "Stop trying to take MY job! You can't coach the Hellcats and BE a Hellcat at the same time. If you could, Vanessa Lodge would've done it last year, I'm certain."

"You don't know Vanessa," Alice snapped back.

"No, but I know if I were her and that had been an option I would've thrown a Hellcats uniform on and been out there with the rest of you. Just as I would today, if they'd let me."

"Somehow, I don't believe that," Alice said.

"What do I have to do to prove myself to you, Alice?" Britney asked.

"Get Vanessa back," Alice retorted before storming off.

Britney sighed. Alice was going to continue to be trouble, she was certain. It was times like this she wished her boyfriend, Jesse, lived anywhere near Memphis, instead of back in California. She could use a shoulder to lean on right about now.

She watched as Miranda and Jason practiced another lift, Jason holding her by her heels and keeping her upright as he turned around. "Hey, you two!" She yelled out. "That's enough for now. Go bring your dishes to the bake sale. We gotta earn some money if you're going to get the chance to show everyone what you can do!"

* * *

"Everything just looks so delicious! I do love chocolate chip cookies. Makes me wish I had some milk."

Marti Perkins shivered a bit as the large-breasted co-ed leaned over the Hellcats bake sale, eyeing all the goodies while inadvertently giving a show of her goodies. Marti's eyes were locked on the glorious tit-flesh on display before her as the low-cut top of the girl's outfit did absolutely nothing to cover her sexy mounds. While the girl - who's name Marti never caught - drooled over the cookies, cakes, pies and whatnot, Marti fought not to drool herself.

God, she SO needed to get laid! Everything lately had been like some giant conspiracy to get her horny and then deny her relief. Everywhere she had looked there was nothing but hot girls but no way for her to have any fun with them. In the days since she had first felt the touch of her medical examination gone wrong, Marti had just gotten hornier and hornier.

Now she was sitting here in her Hellcats uniform as all sorts of Lancer girls came and went, their attire equally skimpy on this abnormally warm early October day and it was only making things worse. She'd squirmed uncomfortably when that blonde had swung by in her bikini top earlier and had drooled when the still-wet volley ball team had come by after their practice. They'd failed to buy anything once they learned what the bake sale supported, but that hadn't stopped Marti from lusting after half of them. And now this big-breasted co-ed was just the latest piece of eye candy Marti couldn't admit to anyone that she was savoring.

That she wasn't manning the place alone didn't help. Molly sat next to her, working the cash box and looking about anxiously, clearly waiting for someone. She was also glaring at the red velvet cupcakes she and Ariana had made. They were hot sellers and the double batch that had arrived at the start of the sale was down to a mere three.

"I think I'll take two of those," the co-ed said, pointing towards a pair of cookies.

Marti blinked, imagining what she could do to the giant tits ahead of her. Clearly a little lost, she just stood there blankly for a long moment.

"That'll be $4," Molly said, stepping in to save Marti. "Marti, get the girl a bag, please."

"Right. Right!" Marti said, snapping out of her reverie. She quickly grabbed a small paper bag and shoved two of the cookies into them while the co-ed paid Molly. As she walked away, Marti could just hear the girl mutter something about air-headed cheerleaders.

"You okay, Marti?" Molly asked. "You need a break or something?"

"I could use a drink," Marti admitted. "Unfortunately, all we have is coffee, tea or water."

"You look a little stressed," Molly said, clearly unconvinced about Marti's wellbeing.

"You could say that," Marti admitted, glancing down at the redhead's tight little stomach. Oh, suddenly Marti very much wanted to lick that little belly button of Molly's. That would've gone a long way towards curing Marti's stress. Or even just five minutes alone in a bathroom stall with just her own fingers would've helped Marti. It had been days now! Days, and not a single chance for sexual release! If this kept up much longer, Marti would begin to worry that just putting on her panties would be enough to set her off.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Molly asked, once again looking about.

Marti wanted to tell Molly to get on her knees under the table and use that pretty mouth of hers to help her get some stress relief, but didn't dare. "I, ah, I don't think so," Marti stammered. "Are you waiting for someone?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

"Huh?" Molly asked. "Uh, yeah. I told one of my professors I'd save her a cupcake."

"She better hurry then," Marti said. "Those things are selling pretty fast."

"I'll save one aside for her if I have to," Molly said.

"You need to suck up to her or something?" Marti asked.

"No - not at all," Molly said. "I love her class, and I'm working as her teacher's assistant."

"Wow, they let a freshman do that?" Marti asked, surprised. "None of my professors have ever had less than seniors."

"Well, her original one fell through and I guessed I impressed her."

"Wow, that's so cool," Marti said. "But if you've already impressed her, what's with getting her a cupcake?"

"She asked me to save her one," Molly said. Something in the way she said it made Marti wonder if that was the entire truth, but Marti didn't want to

"Well, hope she shows up soon," Marti said. "Those cupcakes you made are going fast."

"I had help," Molly admitted. But Molly seemed more than a little worried about the cupcakes vanishing.

Marti had to shake her head a moment or two later when she realized she was thinking about Molly's "cupcakes." God, why did she have to be so horny?! Even when she'd been at the heights of puberty, she'd never felt this sexually charged. And everything that happened this week so far had done nothing but drive Marti that much further towards insanity. From Dr. Van Der Hooven's very personal exam, to Savannah walking in while Marti was trying to relieve her sexual frustrations to that Tori Amos video and everything in-between, it was as if Marti's entire life had been driving her to total sexual frustration.

Heck, if Marti thought for a moment Molly might have said, "Yes," she'd jump the freshman Hellcat the first moment they were alone. With that in mind, Marti wasn't sure if she was glad or not that the bake sale was being quite so successful.

"Well well, this is interesting."

The cold, fake sincerity of Dean Phillip Laverne's voice cut through the newest wave of arousal Marti was feeling, and drew both Hellcat's attention. Short, bald and stinking of used car salesman, Dean Laverne glared down at Marti and Molly as he appraised the table.

"Dean Laverne, would you like to buy something to help the Hellcats get to Sectionals?" Marti asked pointedly.

"Oh, I would, Miss...?"

"Perkins. Marti Perkins," Marti said.

"I've heard your name before, Ms. Perkins," the Dean said casually, his attention on the table before him. "Though I can't recall where." He paused theatrically. "Oh, that's right. You were central to bringing down the last Dean of Athletics not two semesters ago. If I'm not mistaken, it was your rather intrepid junior investigating and Scooby-Doo antics that nearly cost Lancer its entire football program."

"At least I didn't send an innocent man to jail to cover up an over-hyped hazing event," Marti shot back.

"Nor did I," Laverne said coldly. For a moment, he stared Marti down. Marti stared right back at him - considering his limited height and lack of imposing features, it wasn't that hard.

"Would you like to buy a cookie?" Molly asked, trying to break the tension.

"Oh, while I do love a good snicker doodle," Dean Laverne said, "I'm afraid I have a matter of school procedure to check on first. Tell me, do the Hellcats have official permission to be holding this fundraiser on school property?"

Marti and Molly exchanged worried looks. "Coach Allen said we were clear to set up-" Marti started to say, but the Dean cut her off.

"Because my office doesn't have any record of such permission being granted and according to Lancer regulations, no students can hold a fundraising event without either official permission from the head of their departments, or an official sponsorship from a faculty member. And I don't believe you have either."

"Don't be ridiculous, Dean Laverne," a new voice said suddenly. Marti glanced over to see a gorgeous young woman - short, thin, with long dark brown hair, stylish business attire that complimented her small frame perfectly and a smile so deviously wicked that it made Laverne's attempts at being slimy look amateur in comparison. "Ms. Cratchit and all the Hellcats have MY sponsorship. Actually this is some extra credit Ms. Cratchit cooked up for my class, if you'll excuse the pun."

"Prof. Hershlag!" Molly said, excitement in her voice.

"Hello, Molly. I see all is going well," Prof. Natalie Hershlag said, smiling warmly down at the two seated Hellcats. Marti felt her pussy twinge a bit at that smile - oh, Marti suddenly wanted that face smiling up at her from between Marti's legs. So sexy! And she was a professor here? Marti now badly wanted to transfer classes.

"Prof. Hershlag, you approved this... this BAKE SALE?" Dean Laverne said, clearly surprised.

"Indeed," Natalie said. "Ms. Cratchit here came to me with several ideas about how to get the Hellcats the funding they need, since their budget was cut so suddenly."

"The athletic budget is tight," Laverne muttered.

"Especially with that raise you got over the summer," Hershlag pointed out. "Anyway, I thought Ms. Cratchit's ideas were both valid and an excellent learning opportunity. So, I approved her and her friends to start fundraising immediately. A bake sale was simply the first thing they could throw together this quickly."

"Then there'll be more of these little... fundraisers?" Laverne grumbled.

"Many, many more," Natalie said, smiling sweetly. "All approved by me. I can make sure to copy you in on the paperwork, if you'd like."

Laverne glared down at the professor for a long moment before reaching down and grabbing a single snicker doodle. "No need," he said. "Ladies, enjoy your bake sale." With that, Laverne walked off, though Marti swore she saw him crushing the snicker doodle with his hand as he went.

"He didn't even pay for that," Molly complained.

"I'll cover him," Prof. Hershalg said. "Oh and I do hope you've got a red velvet cupcake left."

"Right here!" Molly said, happily offering up the plate.

"You are like my new hero," Marti said, gazing up at Natalie.

"Aww, you're sweet," Natalie said, taking one of the cupcakes. "And don't worry about Laverne. I've dealt with enough administrators in my career to know when they've got their panties in a twist and when they just need to vent." As she spoke, all Marti could do was imagine Natalie in her panties.

"Are you sure?" Molly asked. "I mean, we really did think Coach Allen had everything squared away."

"She probably did," Natalie said, swiping the slightest bit of frosting off her cupcake with one finger. "But most of the time, guys like Laverne there just throw their weight around because they can." Natalie paused long enough to lick the frosting off her finger nearly making Marti cream herself right there. "If you have any more trouble with him, tell him to come talk to me."

"Thanks, Prof. Hershlag," Molly said, beaming.

"You know what? Why don't you call me Natalie when we aren't in the classroom," Natalie told her.

"Uh, sure, Natalie," Molly said, practically bubbling over with excitement.

"Your cupcakes look delicious. I can't wait to get a real taste of them, Molly," Natalie said. "Here's $5 to cover me and the Dean. I better get going, I see you've got a bit of a rush coming."

Marti almost groaned aloud as a bunch of students were headed towards the Hellcats table, some already fishing out their money. All Marti wanted to do was rush to the bathroom and finger herself to orgasm on just the mental image of Natalie licking frosting off her finger. But Marti couldn't leave Molly alone to deal with THIS many customers.

"Bye, Prof. Her- er, I mean Natalie!" Molly called out. Marti glanced up and caught herself watching the way Natalie's tight little ass swayed in her tight grey skirt as she walked away. Once more, Marti nearly groaned.

If only she'd known that right next to her, Molly was nearly groaning at the sight, too.

* * *

"Hey Dan, what's all that equipment for?"

Dan Patch looked up from where he was loading his second camera and an entire case of spare batteries into the back of his father's truck. Standing behind him clad in a Lions tank-top and the shortest pair of short-shorts he'd ever seen was Holland Skyler, one of his fellow film students here at Lancer. She was good - probably better than he was at the technical elements of filmmaking, though her stuff tended to lack some heart, he thought. Not that he'd ever tell her.

"Oh, I got a job over the weekend and I'm going to need all this."

"A job? Like a wedding or something?"

"Or something," Dan said. "Why, did you need some of this?"

"Oh, no - I was just in seeing Prof. Gershon and saw you loading. Thought I'd offer to help."

"You are too kind, ma'am," Dan said. "Hand me that lens case, would you?"

"Sure thing. So, what are you filming?"

Dan hesitated. MemChrist and Lancer weren't just Cheerleading rivals, they were football rivals, though it had been a number of years since MemChrist actually beat the Lions or got anywhere near the playoffs. Still, that rivalry ran deep and Holland really took to a lot of the Lancer traditions.

"Nothing too special. Just some performance for an old friend." That wasn't quite a lie, he figured, if he stretched his personal definition of friendship to include casual acquaintances like Vanessa Lodge.

"Hmm, sounds mysterious," Holland said, handing him a bag of wires and cables. "You want some help?"

"Nah, it's probably not going to be half as big as what all this equipment makes it look," he lied. Man, this girl was nosey. "Say, hand me that last tripod and I think I'm all set."

"Not a problem," she said, grabbing it and hefting it towards him. He caught it easily and placed it into the bed of the truck. "You let me know if you need any help, okay? I'm not doing anything this weekend except maybe going out to the bars or something."

"Sounds like you'll be having more fun than me," Dan said. "Thanks for the assist in loading."

"Catch you later," Holland said, walking away. Dan rolled his eyes. What WAS it about Lancer girls that made them all crazy?

* * *

The bake sale was still going on when Emily and Darwin came to relieve Molly and Marti. Molly headed back to Cheertown to get her books for her next class, but Marti headed in a different direction.

She was at her wits' end. Every little thing was making her hornier and hornier and if she didn't get off soon she felt like she was going to go absolutely crazy and start masturbating in public or even hump the leg of the next hot girl she saw. And even that, she suspected, wouldn't be enough. Marti needed another woman's skin against hers and she was no longer willing to let little things like morals and taboos stand in her way.

That's why Marti Perkins made a direct path to her sister's dorm room, completely willing and even eager to engage in incestuous lesbian sex until both of them were finally sated.

Marti felt exceedingly dirty as she knocked on Deirdre's door, but didn't care. Her lustful needs were overriding all her common sense and she didn't care. Marti just wanted to get laid. If this didn't work, she'd seriously have to consider looking for a guy to bang her, though she had no idea who she'd look for. Lewis, maybe? Tom might be willing, he seemed like a bit of a man slut.

Deirdre's door opened and Marti was greeted by a sexy blonde wearing little more than a pink tank-top and jean shorts tight enough to leave marks on her legs where the seams had been laying when she'd been sitting down. Marti's pussy ached at the sight and she wanted nothing more than to rip those shorts off and feast on this girl's pussy.

Only problem was, this wasn't Deirdre Perkins.

"You... are not who I was expecting," the girl said, surprised to see Marti. "Taller, blonder, cuter - all pluses, but still not who I was expecting."

"I was looking for Deirdre," Marti said.

"THAT'S who you are, the sexy cheerleading sister," the blonde said. "Little tall for a cheerleader, aren't you?"

"I'm sorry, you are-?"

"Ashley Carson, Deirdre's roommate and guide to social graces this semester at Lancer," the girl answered, shaking Marti's hand. She paused for a second. "Ten bucks says we don't room together next semester."

"So, Deirdre is...?" Marti trailed off, wondering if this sexy little chatterbox was going to actually help her with anything other than feeling hornier than she already did.

"Not here. Probably out trying to find another sexy date or something. Shame about that little librarian chick she brought home the other day - they made a cute couple."

"Deirdre's dating?" Marti said, surprised.

"Nothing serious - I think your sister was just looking to get laid. Shame she's not into dudes, my boyfriend would totally be able to hook her up with some of his buddies."

"Yeah, no, Deirdre likes the ladies," Marti said.

"Nothing wrong with that," Ashley said, moving back to sit at her desk, leaving the door wide open. "I've been known to make out with a hot chick here or there. Even had one go down on me once, though I didn't return the favor."

Part of her was a little surprised that this woman she had met all of 30 seconds ago was revealing intimate details about her sex life to her, but even more than that, this confession made Marti's mind whirl even more. She immediately imagined going down on this Ashley chick and Marti found she liked the idea of fucking the ever living hell out of her sister's roommate with her tongue.

"So you've never gone all the way with another girl?" she found herself asking.

"Nope. Not that I wouldn't," Ashley quickly added. "You know, if I found someone sexy enough."

"How sexy do they need to be?" Marti said, stepping inside and closing the door behind her. She couldn't believe she was doing something so bold, but she needed to get off so badly and this girl was too tempting to pass up.

Ashley looked up from her computer and immediately saw where Marti was going.

"My my, Ms. Deirdre's sister-"

"Marti," the cheerleader offered helpfully.

"Ms. Marti," Ashley corrected herself. "Are you trying to seduce me?"

And in response to such a direct question, the law student offered a very direct answer.

"Yes," Marti said flat out. "Listen, I'll be honest - I've been horny all week and you are far and away one of the sexiest women I've seen in a while - and I live with a bunch of cheerleaders."

"Cheerleaders who run across campus naked," Ashley said giggling. "I didn't see you in that crowd."

"It was only for the freshmen," Marti said.

"Too bad," Ashley said. "I think I'd like to see you naked."

"I can arrange that," Marti said, leaning down and kissing Ashley on the lips.

Immediately, Marti's brain went to war with itself. Part of her screamed that this was crazy. She knew literally nothing about this girl except her name and that she roomed with Deirdre. Sure, she was a sexy little ball of energy with a shaggy haircut and luscious lips and plump little breasts and legs that went on for ages-

The other half of Marti's brain shut up as Ashley reached up and cupped Marti's ass beneath her Hellcats skirt.

The kiss broke and Marti immediately pulled her top off over her head, leaving her in just her sports bra.

"You move fast," Ashley said.

"Listen, if you want to back out, please say so now," Marti said. "I'm so horny, that once I get started...."

But Ashley never gave Marti a chance to finish giving her an escape hatch. Instead, Ashley got up out of her chair, took Marti by the hand and led her the three feet to her bed.

"Just be gentle," Ashley said with a giggle. "It's my first time with another girl."

"You'll love it, I promise," Marti said. She kissed Ashley again and lowered the other blonde down onto the bed. Ashley paused only long enough to undo the button on her jeans and shuck them down her legs, leaving her crotch clad only in a black thong, before she lay down on her back and let Marti climb on top of her.

Marti began to lose control of herself. She yanked her sports bra over her head, exposing her own tits to this strange girl, then sank down to kiss Ashley's neck and collarbone. Marti reveled in the taste, that salty fresh taste of female skin upon her tongue. It was just one of those little things she'd so craved this last week. From the moment Dr. Van Der Hooven had first touched her, Marti had craved this. Now, finally, she was going to get it.

"Mmm, yeah, fuck me Deirdre's sister!" Ashley said as Marti's hand traced down to the thong, playing through the thin fabric, rubbing against Ashley's throbbing pussy lips. It was all Marti could do not to rip that thong right off Ashley's body and fuse her mouth over those lips. She reached up with her other hand and cupped one of Ashley's tits through her tank top, loving the sensation of once again feeling a woman's breast in her hands. It had been too long for Marti.

Marti was about to lift Ashley's tank top over her head and really get down to business when suddenly the door to the room swung open and some strange guy was standing in the doorway.

"Whoa, whoa, what the fucking hell is this?" the guy hollered, his voice practically knocking Marti off Ashley's bed. As it was she rolled off the other girl, clutching her hands to her chest to cover her naked tits. Inwardly, Marti screamed, not of embarrassment but of continued intense frustration. Was she destined to be denied sex again the rest of her life?!

"Danny? You're finally here!" Ashley said, sitting up.

"I'm three minutes late and you're suddenly shacking up with some lesbo?" he asked, his voice thick with a New Jersey accent.

"Calm down, Danny. You know I kinda like girls."

"Yeah, but you're with me now and I don't like this gay shit. Your pussy belongs to me, you know?"

"No, my pussy belongs to ME, asshole," Ashley said. She turned to Marti. "Deirdre's sister, I'm so sorry, but I need to kick my boyfriend's ass. Raincheck?"

"Raincheck?" Marti asked, totally confused and even more frustrated than before.

"Or not - I understand if this didn't work for you. Maybe I can get with Deirdre later." Ashley glanced over at Danny. "I sure as fuck won't be getting any cock today."

"Says you, you bitch," Danny said. "Hey, blondie, get out would'ya?"

"Later, Deirdre's sister," Ashley said sympathetically, handing Marti her discarded clothing. The next thing Marti knew, she was standing out in the hallway once more, topless with her uniform shirt and bra in her hands.

"What the fuck?" was all she could say as she quickly got dressed before anyone else could see her like this and decided maybe she'd go back to Cheertown after all. Sometimes, life sent you messages. Marti chose to take this as one.

Marti sighed again in equal parts frustration and need. Savannah would be back by now and probably wanted to bitch about Dan again all night. Marti wouldn't get any more private time and wouldn't be able to masturbate again. At this rate, she'd been begging for Dan to take Savannah on a date just so Marti could get some quality alone time with her own fingers.

"Damn, I need a girlfriend," Marti grumbled, leaving Deirdre's dorm room and her odd, but sexy roommate behind.

* * *

"Sorry, but I got a girlfriend."

Dan Patch found himself saying that for what had to be the fifth or sixth time since arriving on the Memphis Christian campus early Saturday morning. A fair number of the Cyclones had made passes at him - including one of the guys, which Dan couldn't decide was completely surprising or totally unsurprising at a school like this - and he'd had to turn them all down. He didn't mention that his girlfriend was the former captain and still top member of the Hellcats. That might cause problems.

Of course, the fact that he was here doing this because said girlfriend had pissed him off and ignored him most of the summer wouldn't have helped, either.

"Too bad," the sultry looking, raven-haired girl in a Cyclones uniform said, sucking on a lollipop that made her look 16 instead of the twenty-something she had to be to be a senior member of the Cyclones. Dan thought her name was Sarah, but he really didn't want to know more. She was the type of girl that if he wasn't with Savannah, he'd be getting in trouble with in the back of his dad's truck right now instead of filming Nasty Kathy screaming at her fellow cheerleaders to straighten up.

"Quite the bunch you got here, Vanessa," Dan muttered.

"They aren't the Hellcats, that's for sure," Vanessa Lodge admitted, with mixed emotions clear in her voice. "But they're good. They're damn good."

"Better than the Hellcats?" Dan asked, keeping his camera focused as the bases threw two of the Cyclones that had hit on him earlier - Tiffany and Meaghan - into the air where they passed within a foot of each other before being caught by the bases who'd thrown the other girl.

"If you ever tell anyone back at Lancer I said this, I'll deny it and come hunting for your head," Vanessa said. "But they just might be. They were national champions last year and I think only because some of their new blood wasn't up for competition kept them from beating the Cats at Qualifiers."

"And now this video is going to get them to Sectionals," Dan said. "Great, Savannah's going to love this."

"Why are you doing this if it's going to make Savannah mad?" Vanessa asked.

"Honestly? We had a fight and I'm doing it to get back at her." When Vanessa shot him a disapproving look, he shrugged. "I never said I was good at this whole long-term relationship thing."

"She's too good for you, Dan Patch. Don't you hurt her."

"Even if she hurts me?"

The two of them were silent for a long time after that.

The filming went well. Outside, with shots of some of the MemChrist buildings and landmarks behind them, the video was reminiscent of the video Dan had wanted to make for Lancer last year - more artistic and creative than just the plain old stunts and cheers they'd ended up going with when they ran out of time. The Cyclones had a lot more time to film this than the Hellcats had and it was going to show. Dan knew this video would impress anyone watching it.

It wasn't just him. For the last year, he'd become a bit of a student of cheerleading - you don't date a cheerleader and be best friends with another without picking up a lot - and he could tell the Cyclones were damn good. They were a more senior team than the Hellcats, too. The Hellcats had a lot of new blood this year, literal freshmen, who'd at best cheered at the high school level. The Cyclones only had two freshmen, one of them a hunk of a base who looked like she would've made a better wrestler than a cheerleader, but who could toss someone like Kathy more than eight feet in the air without help.

Dan wouldn't want to have to bet serious money in a competition between the Cyclones and the Hellcats. And the Cyclones were only going to get better, especially with Vanessa leading them.

They day wore on and Dan got fantastic footage. But soon enough, he was done and it was time to pack up the truck again and get this equipment back to Lancer.

"Come by any time, Dan," Tiffany said, winking at him.

"ANY time," Meaghan added, blowing him a kiss.

"Or just call," Sarah said, popping him a piece of paper with her number on it. He rolled his eyes and ignored them, loading up his truck.

"Thanks again, Dan. You are a life saver," Vanessa said, handing him a check. She shook her head a little. "It's odd, I never had this kind of money to throw around with the Hellcats."

"MemChrist certainly loves it's cheerleaders more than Lancer does," Dan agreed.

"No, Lancer loves the Hellcats - it's the administration that doesn't," Vanessa said, her voice dripping with venom.

"Well, good luck, Vanessa. I'm sure I'll see you at Sectionals."

"Stay well, Dan. And watch out for Savannah. I mean it," Vanessa said, shaking his hand and walking off. Dan glanced down at the check - wow, Vanessa really DID have money to throw around - and quickly stuffed it into his wallet. He then turned around and opened up the door to his truck.

"I thought she'd never leave." Kathy Kurowski sat in the passenger side of Dan's truck. She wore her Cyclones top, but had removed her skirt - and everything underneath it.

"Kathy?" Dan asked, surprised.

"I thought you deserved a little more than just a check and a thank you," she said while flaunting her nudity. "I know what this might cost you."

"Why aren't you wearing pants?" Dan asked, still trying to wrap his head around this.

"How did you get into college with a brain that addled?" Kathy snapped. "I'm here to fuck you, Dan. Come on, get in and give me a whirl. I promise, you'll enjoy it."

"You can't be serious," Dan said. "You know I'm with Savannah-"

"And if she's telling the truth, you've got to have the bluest balls in Tennessee, Dan. Unless she's lying about being a virgin."

"She's not lying," Dan sighed.

"Well, you know I'm not and I'm willing to let you have a shot at me. So, get in here."

"I'm not going to sleep with you, Kathy."

"Who said anything about sleeping with me? This is just sex. Come on, I know you must want it."

She was right. Dan was suddenly quite glad his jeans were baggy enough to hide his erection. But as much as that part of him wanted nothing more than to climb atop Kathy and rut away until he got off, he knew he couldn't. He still had enough blood in his brain to recognize that cheating would be a betrayal of Savannah but cheating with THIS girl would make the knife twist in deeper.

"I'm sorry, Kathy, but I still love Savannah."

"Do you? Do you really? Or are you just trying to prove to yourself you're good enough for someone LIKE Savannah? Either way, I don't think she loves you back. Not if she's willing to let you out of her sight long enough to come do this." Kathy reached down and yanked her skirt up - Dan hadn't even realized it was around her ankles.

"That offer still stands, Dan," Kathy said, hopping out of his car. "And that's something Savannah Monroe will NEVER offer you. Keep that in mind."

With that, Kathy walked away, the wind blowing her skirt up enough to show off her naked ass one last time before she rounded a corner and disappeared. Dan was left regretting that he was even in this position. He just wasn't sure if it was because he had come to Nasty Kathy's aid - or that he left Nasty Kathy walk away without fucking her first.

* * *

The Saturday afternoon sun was approaching the horizon with alarming speed, casting a red glow across Memphis. Molly Cratchit tried not to worry too much that she might be out late as she stepped off the bus in front of the Arbco Apartments complex in Downtown Memphis. This area didn't worry her too much, but riding the bus back to Lancer after dark could be... interesting. She was glad her father had insisted she carry a can of mace with her when she went to college away from home.

Arbco Apartments was the kind of place Molly hoped to find herself living in a few years out of Lancer. Upscale, but not out-of-reach for someone who made a decent salary, the upper levels actually had a lovely view of the Memphis skyline.

Exactly the sort of place she'd expect someone as classy and perfect as Natalie Hershlag would live.

Molly clutched her bag, holding the important envelope that had been delivered to Natalie's office earlier that day by courier - a courier too stupid to know that Prof. Hershlag wouldn't be in on a Saturday, meaning she would have to send someone else to pick it up. That someone ended up being Molly, who despite the long bus ride and the poor timing, dropped everything to do it, leaving Britney alone to count up the proceeds from the bake sale in the process. After what Natalie had done for the Hellcats, getting Dean Laverne off their backs the day before, Britney couldn't argue though.

Molly rode the elevator up to the seventh floor - only the eighth floor penthouses were above Natalie's place -and found herself daydreaming about living in a place like this. It spoke of independence and wealth and pride - all the things young Molly Cratchit wanted to have when she graduated.

She quickly reached Natalie's apartment and rang the bell - a charmingly simple DING-DONG instead of a buzzer. It took a few minutes and Molly considered ringing it again, but before she could, Natalie opened the door.

Molly knew immediately something was wrong.

"Molly?" Natalie said between sniffles. "What are you doing here?"

"I brought that envelope that got dropped off at your office earlier, like you asked me to," Molly reminded her.

"Oh, right, the Stackpole contract. Thank you, Molly." Natalie paused to blow her nose into a well-abused hanky. "I forgot all about it."

"Is everything all right?"

"Huh? Oh, uh, no, not really."

"Is there something I can do to help?"

"I don't - wait, do you know how to make tea?"

"Sure," Molly said. "Are you sick?"

"Not unless heartbreak counts as sick," Natalie said. "Come on in, if you don't mind. I don't mean to burden you. I mean I shouldn't be doing this. But I could really use a shoulder to try on."

"What happened?" Molly asked, admiring the apartment as Natalie led her inside. All tans and gold, with a few dark brown highlights, the place seemed almost masculine, save for the occasional feminine picture or flower vase.

"I, uh, well I broke up with my girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" Molly said, shocked.

"Yeah, I know - I totally don't come off as gay, right?"

"Uh, no, that's not what I meant-" Molly stammered. It wasn't, either. Molly hadn't known Natalie was seeing ANYONE much less another woman.

"It's okay. I don't really go around advertising it and Mila lived in New York City, so we hadn't seen each other for a couple of months now. Still, it hurt when she called me to tell me she was dating a guy."

"Ohhhhh...I'm so sorry Prof- I mean Natalie...I can't believe someone would treat you like that," Molly said, trying to still her heart. Oh, how she wanted to show Natalie how she would treat her if she were her girlfriend. Molly wouldn't dump her over the phone and certainly not for some guy.

"Yeah, so here I am, crying like some 16-year-old who got left at prom when her date got offered a joint by the quarterback of the football team."

"Did that happen to you?"

"Yeah, the girl I brought to prom left me for the local football jerk and then he knocked her up and now they've got like six kids and she totally doesn't remember that she used to swear up and down she was a lesbian." Natalie paused to blow her nose again. "Men suck."

"Yeah, they do," Molly said. "Let me go get you your tea."

"Kitchen's right around the corner," Natalie said, sitting down on her couch and curling up into a ball.

Molly was a wash of different emotions. She'd never expected to see her mentor in this sort of situation, stuck in the fetal position because some skank had left her for a guy. So Molly took a few minutes to process. She went around the corner, found the tea and a kettle and made Natalie a cup of organic tea - Natalie was apparently quite the vegetarian, judging by the labels in her cupboards. Molly waited patiently for the water to boil, then for the tea to brew in the cup, before returning to Natalie, who was indeed exactly where Molly had left her.

"Thank you," Natalie said as Molly handed her the tea and a fresh Kleenex from the box by the couch. Molly sat down next to her professor and held the box while Natalie sat up to sip her tea.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through this," Molly said.

"You're sweet," Natalie said. "I'm sorry to be burdening you like this. I know that I'm probably telling you more than you ever wanted to know and this isn't exactly what you signed up for. But I appreciate it. Thanks for helping out. I don't tell you that enough."

"You tell me that every day," Molly said.

"I do?"

"Yeah. I've never felt unappreciated by you, Natalie."

"Good," Natalie said. "No one should feel unappreciated. Especially by another woman."

"Well, you're very good at saying, 'Thanks,'" Molly said. "And other things."

"Yeah, but I guess I'm not a good girlfriend," Natalie said.

"I bet you are," Molly said.

"Not good enough for Mila."

"Forget her," Molly said. "She's off dating some himbo with the IQ of a dead turtle and you're out here teaching the next generation of financial wizards."

"I'm not THAT much older than you are," Natalie said.

"No and you've got plenty of time to do all sorts of things, including finding a girl who'll treat you like you should be treated. Like a princess. No! Like a queen!"

"You are too sweet," Natalie said.

"I mean it," Molly said. She was talking fast now, not really thinking before she spoke. "If you were my girlfriend, I'd make sure you knew how much I loved you every day."

"You like girls, too?" Natalie asked, surprised.

"Uh, yeah, yeah I guess I do," Molly said. "I've never really thought about it all that much, but I've never really dated a guy for more than a couple weeks and most of my crushes have been on girls, so... yes. Yes, I like girls."

"I bet you've got some of those hot cheerleaders begging to be with you," Natalie said with a weak smile - the first she'd made since Molly had arrived.

"Nah, they're all hooking up with each other," Molly said, thinking about how Alice and Miranda were lovers and how Tom and Emily had hooked up.

"You're the prettiest of the bunch," Natalie said. "And you're a natural redhead, too."

Molly blushed, knowing how Natalie knew that - she'd seen Molly streaking across campus. "Yeah, I guess there's no hiding that, huh?"

"You have nothing to be ashamed of," Natalie said. "You're beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you," Molly said.

"I beg to differ," Natalie said. With that, Natalie leaned in and kissed Molly right on the lips.

Fireworks. Molly was certain she literally saw fireworks as Natalie kissed her, their lips touching for a brief moment. She saw sparks and colors and heard a bang - though that might have been her heart pounding in her ears. For the first time in her young life, Molly Cratchit knew what it meant to be kissed and really feel it.

Suddenly, Natalie pulled away.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. Never should've done that."

"I didn't mind-"

"No, no! You are my student and my teaching assistant and you're too cute and I've already seen you naked. This is wrong. I'm never going to be one of THOSE professors! I don't want to take advantage of you!"

"But I liked it-" Molly protested.

"No, I think you'd better go," Natalie said, hopping up and pulling Molly from her seat.


"Go, go, before we do something we regret," Natalie said. She practically shoved Molly out the door. "Thank you for bringing that contract for me and thank you for the tea."


"I'll see you Monday," Natalie said, closing the door.

"But I liked it," Molly insisted to the door wanting to be let back inside more than she had ever wanted anything before.

After a long moment, Natalie's voice filtered back through the door.

"So did I."

* * *

Saturday nights weren't supposed to be like this for Britney. She was a young woman just out of college herself and was living in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. She would have killed to be hitting the trendiest nightclubs in Memphis. Sure, she had a job to worry about, but Saturday nights were supposed to be about going out and having fun, especially to people her age.

Instead, Britney was doing a final count of the bake sale money, ensuring that she had an accurate tally all the way down to the last penny. Never in her wildest dreams did she envision her career as a cheerleading coach hinging on the sales of baked sweets packed with calories, fat and sugar.

"This doesn't feel right," Britney thought to herself as she sat at her office desk. "Why do we have to fight for our survival like this? We just won Qualifiers and this team could have taken the National Championship last year! We shouldn't have to hold bake sales like we're in high school or something."

Assured that the total was right after it hadn't changed from the previous four countings, Britney wrote the sum down on an envelope, placed the money inside and put the envelope in the back of one of her filing cabinets until she could deposit it in the bank Monday morning. The Hellcats' bake sale had been a hit which wasn't a surprise. After all, what guy in their right mind would turn down baked goods from beautiful cheerleaders? Still, the team was still deep in the red and needed to make more money fast.

Before she could contemplate what other ideas her cheerleaders had suggested to supplement their travel budget, Britney was nearly knocked backwards onto the floor when her office phone rang. The young coach was a bit taken aback that somebody would call her office number on a Saturday night, when the office was normally closed. Guessing it was a telemarketer, Britney picked it up with the intent of telling the salesman off.

"I'm not interesting in whatever it is you're selling," Britney said.

"Shit, that's quite a rude hello, white girl," the person on the other end responded with a laugh. At the sound of the voice and hearing her nickname, Britney immediately smiled.

"Camille!" Britney shouted in excitement. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry! My office is normally closed now and I just thought, well, you know..." The blonde took a breath to compose herself and stop carrying on. "How'd you get this number?"

"Lancer website," Camille said matter-of-factly. "I was going to call your cell if you didn't pick up."

"God, it feels great to hear your voice again," Britney said. She hadn't talked to Camille since her first day at Lancer but she wanted to hear everything from her friend from California. Camille may have butted heads with Britney upon the blonde's arrival to Crenshaw Heights, but they eventually smoothed things over and won numerous titles together, in addition to a spot in a Rihanna music video. They even went to UCLA together, as did several of Britney's friends from both Crenshaw Heights and Pacific Vista. The two of them even joked that they were sisters from another mister. Camille was still in Los Angeles after she received an extra year of eligibility after tearing her ACL in her sophomore season and was now Britney's successor as captain of the UCLA squad.

"It really does," Camille replied. "How's Memphis treating you? Not getting a heart attack from the ribs, I hope?"

"Not yet," Britney laughed. "Memphis has been great and Lancer just won the West Tennessee Qualifiers."

"Congratulations, coach white girl!" Camille offered. "Look at you, keeping the winning ways going at a whole new level. Who knows, maybe we'll see each other at Nationals."

"Oh my God, you won?!" Britney exclaimed. With all the drama surrounding the Hellcats, she forgot to wish her former Bruins teammates luck in the weekend's Southern California Qualifiers. "I'm so excited for you! But don't think my Hellcats will take it easy on you if we see each other."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Camille smirked. "I'd love to kick your bubble ass fair and square."

"You'll be kissing my bubble ass, that's what you'll be doing," Britney retorted. "When's the video going to be online?"

"It should be up by Monday," Camille answered. "But Qualifiers isn't the only reason I called. You alone, Britney?"

"Um, yeah, I am," Britney replied. She knew this couldn't have been good. Britney knew Camille hardly ever called her by her real name and when she did, it was usually when something bad had happened. "What's going on?"

"It's about Jesse," Camille stated.

"Jesse?" Britney asked, fearing the worse. Jesse had been so much to her. He was the only one who was kind to her on her first day at Crenshaw Heights, the boyfriend who got her back on her feet after her Pacific Vista boyfriend Brad broke her heart, her rock at UCLA, the man she gave her virginity to during the summer after their freshman year and the man who promised her they would make their relationship work while he stayed in Los Angeles and she went off to Memphis.

"Britney, hon, I'm really sorry to tell you this," Camille started. "Amber and I went down to the hotel lobby for breakfast this morning and we saw... well, we saw Jessie kissing... another woman."

Silence was the only thing heard on the phone for several seconds before...

"What?" Britney asked flatly, feeling her heart sink to the pit of her stomach. "Camille, please tell me you're not sure. Tell me you and Amber saw somebody who looked like Jesse. Just please tell me he didn't cheat on me."

"He did," Camille confirmed. "There's no doubt it was him and Amber saw the same thing. He hasn't stayed faithful to you, Britney. I'm really sorry."

Britney couldn't believe what she was hearing. Jesse, the man she loved, the one who vowed to keep their romance going until he got to Memphis, the one who she was sure was going to propose when they reunited, had cheated on her? "No," Britney thought to herself. "There has to be a mistake. He would never do that. Jesse's not that kind of guy."

"Camille, you've got to be mistaken," Britney said with an urgent tone. "He's more loyal than most dogs I've met. There's no way he could do that to me. I can't believe it and I won't."

"You're not going to make this easy on me, are you?" Camille sighed. "Hold on. I really didn't want to do this."

"Do what?" Britney asked. She could have sworn she heard the typing of a computer keyboard on the other end. "Camille, what are you doing?"

"One second, Britney," Camille answered. "There. You should check your email, but I'm going to warn you that you're going to hate what you see."

"What did you send me?" Britney questioned.

"Proof," Camille answered.

Hesitantly, Britney went on to her email account and found Camille sent her a picture attachment. Clicking on the file, she opened it and felt her heart shatter into a million pieces.

There, clear as day, taken on presumably Camille's phone, was Jesse kissing some random Mexican skank. She had a slender body, but her tits and her ass were huge. Britney couldn't shake the shock. She hadn't been gone for a month and Jesse was cheating on her with some piece of ass he had probably just met.

Then Britney saw that he hadn't just met her. They had known each other. It was made perfectly clear with the whore wearing a Cardinal and Gold cheerleading uniform.

"Is that Helena Dominguez?! THE FUCKING USC CAPTAIN!" Britney shouted. Not only did Jesse cheat on her, but he did it with the captain of their hated crosstown rival.

"Britney, I'm sorry, babe," Camille said, trying to console her friend.

"WHY WOULD HE DO THIS TO ME?!" Britney cried out. Her UCLA team had no love for their Trojan foes, but her contempt of the women of Troy grew tenfold at that moment. Demoralized, Britney's hatred of her now apparently ex-boyfriend and her arch rival caused her to drop her head over her desk, her arms cushioning any potential impact and cried hard for several minutes, the phone still at her ear.

This couldn't be true. Jesse had been everything Brad hadn't: Caring, thoughtful, intelligent, loyal, nurturing and so forth. But all of Britney's compassion for him was gone, knowing that he was cheating on her with her hated collegiate rival.

After several minutes, Camille finally spoke up and said, "Because he's an asshole."

"Umm, what?" Britney asked, trying to regain her composure.

"You asked why he would do that to you and I said that he's an asshole," Camille answered.

"Why didn't you mention he was cheating on me with Helena?" Britney asked. She wasn't angry at Camille for holding that back so much as she wanted to know why.

"Amber and I felt if you knew all the details, it would crush you worse than just telling you Jesse cheated," Camille explained. "That was only going to be used as a last resort, in case you didn't believe me."

"I thought he loved me and now he's off kissing that slut!" Britney cried.

"I was shocked, too," Camille responded. "I never questioned Jesse's love for you, white girl. I thought he was going to be your one and only."

"I though that, too," Britney cried, her eyeliner beginning to drop from her face to her desk.

"Look, I know this may not be my place, but can I suggest something?" Camille offered.

Sniffling, Britney held the phone close and thought it over before answered. "Okay."

"I thought I knew Jesse, too," Camille began, "but it's clear that none of us did. And you're Britney Allen, the white girl to my chocolate bear. Anybody does that to you is no friend of mine."

"Wait, you've known Jesse longer than me," Britney protested.

"It doesn't matter," Camille said. "You and I are practically sisters. I'm going to be his teammate, but off the mat, I'm washing my hands of Jesse. And you need to do that, too."

"You sure?" Britney asked.

"Listen to me, Britney," Camille stated. "The entire time I've known you, when you've wanted something, you never stopped until you got it. And you want somebody to fall in love with, right?"

"Of course, I do," Britney replied.

"Then the first thing you need to do is dump Jesse," Camille explained. "Let him know you're not going to put up with that bullshit and that you're going to find someone who will treat you right."

Still feeling down but sensing her confidence beginning to pick back up, Britney said, "You're right, Camille. I can do better than him and I will do better than him. I will find somebody better than Jesse. You know what? I'm going to break up with him right now."

"That's the girl I know," Camille said. "Let him know how you really feel."

"I am." Britney said. She was about to hang up, but then she realized something. "Wait, Camille, I wanted to say thank you. And to Amber. Thanks for letting me know and not letting me live a lie. You girls are the best friends I could ever ask for."

"We're just looking out for you," Camille told her friend. "Take care, white girl."

"I will. Bye," Britney said, hanging up. She wasn't 100 percent sure that she wanted to break up over the phone. There had to have been a more personal way.

"Oh, just do it over the phone," Britney thought to herself. "After what he did to me, Jesse deserves it."

Selecting his number from the contacts in her cell phone, Britney waited as the phone rang until she heard, "Hey, this is Jesse. Leave a message and I'll be back with you."

"Good," Britney said to herself before the beep. She wasn't looking for a showdown because she didn't want Jesse to hurt her with any more lies. Eventually, the beep came and Britney poured her heart out over the phone.

"Jesse, it's Britney," the former UCLA captain said through angry sobs. "We're through! I know about you and Helena! And before you can deny it, I have the picture! So don't call me and say that she meant nothing to you! Actually, I never want to hear from you! Never call me again! I put my trust in you and you tore it up! You aren't getting a second chance, so you can keep your filthy whore! Just know that I'll be better off without you and that..."

Britney had more she wanted to say, but she couldn't force the words out of the throat. The sobs had taken control of her voice and she was unable to say anything else. Before her speech got anymore jumbled, she hung up and threw her phone in her purse.

Britney needed to get out of her office. She was heart-broken and angry. She had to get out and try to make this night as much of a blurry memory as she could. While she wasn't much of a drinker, she knew where she wanted to go. Anything to take her mind off of Jesse sounded like a good idea to her.

* * *

When Dan Patch walked into The Rat, he was greeted by six cold eyes - Savannah's, Charlotte's and Wanda's. The Monroe sisters were busy serving drinks, but Wanda marched right over to him, clearly upset.

"You gotta lot of nerve, Dan Patch," Wanda said. "Waltzing in here after yelling at Savannah like that. You know she was just practicing with that boy."

"Christ, is she STILL upset about that?" Dan grumbled.

"YES, she's still upset Dan. And she should be. You practically accused her of cheatin' on you right there in the middle of the gym. She should tar and feather you, you ask me."

"Come on, Wanda, you don't mean that."

"Dan Patch, I have known you since you were... well, since you and Marti were younger, anyway. And I know you mean well, but you mark my words - Savannah Monroe is too good for you and you are letting her slip away."

"Yeah, well, if she's too good for me, maybe I should let her get away," Dan snapped. "Seems like everyone would like that."

With that, Dan turned around and marched out of the Rat.

"Dan? DAN!" Savannah came running after him before he could get half a block away. Clad in just an apron over her clothes with no coat on, she looked cold on the brisk October night - fall was definitely coming.

"What do you want, Savannah? You want to yell at me some more? Didn't Wanda do that enough for you?"

"What is WRONG with you?" Savannah asked.

"What's wrong with me? How about my girlfriend ignoring me all summer? Or how about her preferring to hang out with her cheerleading buddies instead of me? Or how about the fact that we've been going out for more than a year and we still haven't had sex?"

"You know I'm saving myself," Savannah said, but it sounded weak even to her. She had come out thinking she could be in a position of righteous anger over Dan and guilt him into coming back with his tail between his legs for some making up, but now he was coming back at her with some truth and she was the one starting to feel guilty.

"For what, Vanna? What are you saving yourself for? Marriage? Graduation? Or just some guy better than me?"

"No Dan! It's not like that! Don't be like this! I- I- I don't-" Savannah stammered as it dawned on her that she had no good answers to give him because she didn't even know the answer herself.

"Yeah, well, I don't care," Dan said, cutting her off. "Everyone's been telling me you're too good for me and that I shouldn't hurt you. But no one seems to care that you've been hurting me ever since John was born, ever since Nationals. Ever since you found out about me and Marti!"

"Dan, that's not fair!" Savannah protested as she began to feel herself get emotional from the recognition that what he was saying was least partially.

"No, it's not," Dan agreed. "It's not fair to you and it's not fair to me." He took a deep breath. "Savannah Monroe, you're going to make someone very happy some day and if they don't make you happy in return, you let me know and I'll kick their ass. But clearly I'm not the one for the job. I just hope you find them soon. You deserve someone special and I really mean that. But it's just no fun for me to know that I'm not that person!"

"Wait, Dan! Are...are you breaking up with me?" Savannah asked. The streetlights reflected the tears in her eyes and Dan felt his heart break. He hated this. He hated making Savannah feel bad, hurting her. But he had to do it. It was the best thing for both of them. Everything today had made that clear. This had been coming for months now and it was best to do it now and not drag it out any further. He knew that, but it still didn't make it any easier.

"Yes, Savannah," he said. "I'm breaking up with you."

Dan turned around and continued to walk down the street. He didn't dare turn around. He knew seeing Savannah crying there in the cold night air would break his heart all that much more.

* * *

Marti Perkins was desperate to get laid. There was no other way to look at it. For the bulk of the week, her sexual temperature had been running on high and every effort she'd made to alleviate the problem had backfired. She hadn't even been able to masturbate, for crying out loud - she hadn't had THAT problem since the time Wanda had walked in on Marti when she was 14 and summarily decided Marti needed a lock on the door - and better inspirational material than a Justin Timberlake issue of Tiger Beat. Marti was pretty sure Wanda still had that subscription to Naked Dudes magazine too...

But being reminded of teenage embarrassment wasn't solving her problem either, so Marti shoved that out of her mind. And, desperate and unable to get the job done on campus, Marti found herself miles OFF campus. She didn't want to be seen by any Lancer students, so she couldn't stay near school anyway. And because most of the dive bars she knew away from Lancer were down by the docks - and frequented by Dan Patch - Marti was left going some place she'd never really been before.

Freddy's fit the bill as best Marti could find. About an equal distance from both Lancer and the docks - though not too far from Wanda's apartment, Freddy's had two things going for it - no one from Lancer came there and Wanda hated the place. She and Rex had apparently frequented the place a little too often before Marti was born. There was a stage for live music, though no one was performing tonight and the beer was fairly cheap - and the guy at the door had triple-checked her ID, meaning the odds of most of the under aged Hellcats wouldn't be let in.

Marti nursed her Bud Light and looked around the joint. She wasn't the only girl in the place, but she might as well have been. There was the country floozy, wearing a red plaid shirt tied up over her breasts, leaving plenty of cleavage and stomach - and a rather ugly looking Jason Aldean tattoo on her left side - open to view, but she was hitting up a pair of cowboy hat wearing wannabes pretty hard. There was the hard-worn blonde sitting at a table with a date she clearly wasn't enjoying, but at the rate she was chain smoking, Marti figured she'd burn the bed down before she'd actually go down on another woman. There was the mildly out-of-place Asian waitress who Marti thought might actually be willing to give her a happy ending, but not until after closing time and only for a rather large tip.

There was also the blatant prostitute in the corner, a haggard looking black woman who looked about as bored with the local prospects as Marti was, but had already gone out the back door with two different men and come back looking a little less alive each time. Marti was feeling pretty desperate, but wasn't THAT desperate. Yet.

With most of the women out of question, the newly lesbian Marti was actually considering trying to hook up with one of the guys. She knew it wouldn't be exactly what she wanted, but maybe it would get her by until she could find someone better. Maybe she could find a guy who'd be willing to go down on her and get her off before he took his turn. It seemed unlikely in this crowd, but you never knew.

"You going to sip on that all night, or should I get you something stronger?" Ted, the bartender asked. Clearly in his 50s, with a pot belly and a mustache that was more salt than pepper, Ted had already warned her off two of the more predatory guys in the joint. He wasn't saving her for himself, Marti figured with a sigh of relief, but rather acting a bit like a protective father or grandfather, maybe. Not that Marti really knew what either of those things was like.

"I'll keep sipping for now, thanks," Marti said, making a show of taking a very small swig of her beer.

"Let me know - I got some great whiskey if you're interested." With that, he walked off, leaving Marti alone to ruminate some more.

She was beginning to regret never taking Patty Wegerman up on that offer to go to one of Memphis' few lesbian bars. She couldn't even name one now and didn't know who to ask. It wasn't like she could ask the Hellcats. This was all pretty damn new to her and she wasn't really quite so eager to walk around Cheertown or anywhere on the Lancer campus with a big "lesbian" neon flashing sign over her head.

Suddenly, there was a familiar voice across the bar. "Jack and Cola, easy on the cola." Marti glanced up and was immediately surprised by who was sitting down at one of the stools.

"Well, I thought seeing my first-grade teacher at the grocery store was strange, but this beats that," Marti thought to herself before she took one last long pull on her beer, finishing it and moved down the bar.

"Coach Allen?" Marti asked, looking for confirmation it was her coach and receiving it when the shorter woman glanced up to look at her.

"Oh, shit!" Britney swore, seeing one of her cheerleaders at a time when all she wanted to do was be incognito. "Um, hey, Marti. Look, I'm sorry, but I'm not in the mood to talk."

"The Jack and Cola was a good indication," Marti responded. "I'm not much in the mood to talk either, so maybe we could watch each other's drinks tonight? Ted, can I get another Bud Light here?"

Britney looked around, frowning a bit. "Yeah, this does look like the kinda place where something skeevy might happen to your drink. Alright, have a seat. But no talking," the older girl added quickly.

"No talking," Marti agreed as the bartender slid the blonde her second bottle of the night and she cracked it open with the bottle opener on her keychain. Marti took a deep pull, then placed the bottle back down next to Brtiney's newly arrived drink and immediately turned her back on the bar, looking once more out at the very limited potential of Freddy's clientele. As she did, she saw perhaps the best looking guy in the joint - though far from anyone Marti would've really considered anywhere else - take the prostitute out the back door, leaving the Hellcat with that many fewer options.

"Men suck," Marti grumbled under her breath, turning around to grab her beer.

"Tell me about it," Britney agreed. "I was so stupid, thinking I can trust him while I'm almost the entire country away."

"Boy trouble at home?" Marti inquired and even though the "no talking" rule had been violated, the coach didn't seem to mind.

"Let me ask you something, Marti, have you ever been cheated on?" Britney went on.

"No, but I was the other woman once," Marti answered, trying not to reveal too much about her, Savannah and Dan. "The guilt is a terrible feeling."

"Glad to hear that," Britney said bitterly. "But being cheated on, that sucks more. It feels like I was stabbed in the back and when I turned around to see who did it to me, I got another knife into the heart."

For someone who didn't want to talk about it, it seemed very much like Britney needed to rant and Marti felt like being a shoulder to cry on. After all, another person's problems could get her mind off her own.

"Ted, another round," Marti said, motioning towards her and Britney's drinks. The bartender nodded and Marti returned her attention to her coach. It was easy to forget sometimes that the diminutive little girl was actually older than Marti - but not THAT much older and Marti had experienced enough heartache to sympathize with Britney. Once again, her lustful needs went on the back burner as she helped out a friend.

"I know you said you didn't want to talk, but I've always found it's better to get your problems off your chest when someone offers help," Marti tried to reason. "Come on, we got all night and a lot of alcohol. Maybe I can help."

"Suppose it couldn't hurt," Britney assumed, finishing her Jack and Coke. "Bartender, another."

As the minutes ticked by, Marti heard all about Britney's relationship with Jesse. She learned how they met, how they got together, how they won championships together and with each detail came more drinks and with more drinks came less holding back from the coach as she told Marti how Jesse had been her first. Britney held nothing back as she told the story all the way up to her phone conversation with Camille hours prior that had caused her world to crumble on top of her. And by that point, Marti had shed a few sympathy tears for Britney. How could he have treated her like that?

"I don't know how he could do that to me," Britney cried, now working on her fifth drink of the evening. "I can't think of anything I could have said that made him do that. Was I not good enough for him?"

"No! Of course not," Marti said. Her words had a slight slur to them now, but she was still aware enough to know that she might have been legally impaired, but Britney was drunk. "Jesse's an idiot. He won't know what he lost until it's too late. Trust me, Britney, if he knew that you got us to win Qualifiers and that you streaked across campus, he'd know what a smart, gutsy woman he let slip away."

"It's not just that though," Britney continued. "Brad, well, I should've seen what he did coming, but Jesse? It's like every boyfriend I've had has cheated on me. God, men suck!"

"Agreed," Marti told her coach. "Okay, except for Lewis and Dan. They're some of the best friends I could ask for. But in general, yeah, men do suck."

"Didn't you cheat on Lewis with Dan?" Britney asked, sipping her drink. "And didn't Dan cheat on Savannah with you?"

"Ughhhh! What? Fuck! You know far too much of our history for someone who's only been here a couple of weeks," Marti grumbled. "Ted? Another!"

"Ditto!" Britney echoed enthusiastically. If she had been more sober herself, Marti might have done something to slow her coach down. After all little Britney Allen didn't exactly have the body mass to contain all the alcohol she was drinking. But by now Marti was having too much fun with her own intoxication to want to throw the brakes on this.

"I think I'm looking in the wrong places," Britney grumbled. "It's not like some guy is going to waltz in here of all the gin joints in the world, sit next to me and tell me that he wants to take me to his place."

"Yeah, that'd be nuts," Marti giggled before a light bulb went off over her drunken head. "But you could always..."

However, before she could say more, Marti recognized what her tongue was going to do and she clamped her lips shut and tried to turn that light bulb off. Her brain, fuzzy with alcohol, was contemplating a very forbidden 'what if' and she knew she had to stop it.

"NO!" Marti shouted internally at her pussy. You can't do this! Not only does she work for Lancer, but she's your fucking coach! You do this and it backfires, no more Hellcats, no more scholarship, no law career!

And all of that was right on the money. But at the same time, her pussy had an excellent counter point to make as it purred back at her to look Britney over and imagine what she could do to her tight, little body. And Marti couldn't help but shift her eyes to her coach. Britney was wearing her blue Lancer athletic jacket on top and somehow the petite coach had managed to squeeze into a tight pair of blue jeans today. Britney's ass was acting like a cushion for her body on the barstool and Marti had found herself guilty of eyeing her coach. It wasn't the first time she had done it, but this time it was with a real purpose.

Britney had a penchant for wearing yoga pants and the tiniest little gym shorts around practice and it had driven Marti crazy, especially in her horny state as of late. But she had been able to tamp those feelings down before and now the horny cheerleader found herself openly fantasizing about what it would be like to touch that ass, to squeeze it, to spank it, to kiss it...

And the more she thought about crossing this very big line with her coach, the more Marti's defense weakened. Booze and lust mixed together inside her for a very dangerous cocktail and before she could talk herself out of it, she found her lips moving as she made her move.

"Well, maybe it's not that you're looking in the wrong places," Marti began, trying to be as smooth as possible even though she was anything but on the inside. "Maybe what you need to do is cast a wider net."

"What do you mean?" Britney asked, her cheerleader's words not yet fully registering with her.

"Here, let me clarify what I'm talking about," Marti said, putting her hand on Britney's upper thigh and caressing it.

The message was immediately received, as evidenced by Britney's eyes bugging out of her head. Marti's hands had done just enough to sober her up as to what was suddenly happening here.

"Marti, are you serious?" Britney whispered, trying to keep her voice soft enough that no one would hear her.

"I'm dead serious," Marti said, trying to sound sweet enough to convince Britney (and herself) that this was okay. "You come by my apartment tonight and I'll do things that will make you forget about that loser Jesse. What do you say?"

And Britney didn't hesitate to answer.

* * *

The door to Wanda Perkins' apartment swung open and two blonde women practically fell in, their lips upon each other best they could be with the half-foot height difference between them. It was unclear if their stumbling had more to do with how drunk they both were or how much their young bodies were lusting after each other.

"Wait, wait, wait-" Marti said quickly, pulling her lips off Britney's. "Wanda, you here?!"

There was no reply.

"Thank God," Marti said. "I do NOT want to have to explain this to Wanda."

"Marti, shut up and kiss me," Britney ordered. Marti immediately complied. For a long moment, they just kissed, but it wasn't enough for either girl. Fully intent on moving things faster, Marti lead Britney further into the room, before falling backwards onto Wanda's couch.

"Ever done anything like this before?" Marti asked as she lay on her back, looking up at Britney, something she never thought would happen.

"Marti, I went to UCLA - you really think you're my first girl?" Britney replied.

"Oh," Marti said, letting that sink through her brain. "So... wait, why were you with Jesse if you've been with girls?"

"God, you are SUCH a lawyer," Britney said, bending down to kiss Marti again. "I didn't say I was alone when I experienced other women. Now, what about you? Have you ever batted for the other team?"

"Just a couple of times, but enough to feel like I know what I'm doing," Marti told her, even though it had actually been a few. "God, you have no idea what you do to me. Being in practice, seeing you in those hot pants, it was so hard to keep focus. And then when you went streaking, oh my God, I thought was going to explode. I just wanted to take you back to Cheertown and do whatever I wanted with you."

"Well, I'm right here," Britney said. "Do whatever you want."

"Hmm, will do, Coach," Marti stated, sitting up and pulling Britney in for another kiss. Britney's engine was already purring and everything this younger girl was driving her crazy with lust. Hearing Marti call her "coach" was making her ache for this girl already. The only clothes that had been taken off were each other's shoes and Britney wondered if this could get any hotter.

Marti proved that it could when she unzipped Britney's Lancer jacket, revealing a black tank top that really showed off the curves of her breasts, even underneath her bra. And to take things up a notch, Marti grabbed at Britney's amazing butt, which sent a moan from the coach's mouth into the cheerleader's.

"Well, well, you must really like having your ass played with, don't you?" Marti teased. "You're a naughty little coach, aren't you, Britney?"

"Ohh, I love it when people play with my butt! It turns me on so much!" Britney said as Marti began kneading her buns like dough. "I'm so naughty, Marti! Play with my ass!"

"Oh, you have to earn that, Coach," Marti said, taking her hands off Britney's posterior. "You want me to play with your ass more, you got to make me feel good."

With that, Marti pulled her shirt up from the bottom, over her head and off her arms and then reaching back to undo her bra, letting fall off her arms. "You know what you have to do, right?"

"I think I have a good idea," Britney said, looking hungrily at Marti's large tits before leaning in and kissing the right breast gently. Her lips were so tender and soft against Marti's skin, continuing to fuel the lust the cheerleader had for her coach.

"Umm, that's it," Marti purred. "Come on, Coach, kiss your slutty cheerleader's big tits! Show me how badly you want them."

Wanting to please Marti, Britney continued her kisses on the right breast while taking a hand and massaging the left. She could hardly believe one of her cheerleaders had just unleashed this side of her. Even in her drunken state, Britney knew this was all kinds of wrong. But she couldn't stop herself. Marti was already touching her better than Jesse ever did.

While she worked on kissing her coach's neck, Marti worked her hands down the curves of Britney's body, reaching the hem of her jeans. As Marti unbuttoned the garment, Britney picked up on what she was trying to do and stood up from the couch, never removing her face from the law student's rack. This gave Marti the perfect opportunity to pull Britney's jeans and panties down her legs, ultimately letting them puddle at the coach's feet.

As Marti's hands briefly cupped Britney's bare ass, all thoughts of losing her job vanished from Britney's admittedly foggy brain. She'd had a lot of alcohol, but she swore the taste of Marti's sweat, licked from the cheerleader's oh-so perfect rack, was sobering her up. Or at least turning her on something fierce. Was there a difference?

Britney's only lesbian experiences had all been drunken threesomes - or foursomes - with Jesse at UCLA. She'd never done a girl alone before, though she'd certainly thought about it. But somehow, not having Jesse begging to get between the other girls legs with his cock, or begging to film the action on his phone, or trying to force his cock up Brit's ass during the whole thing made the act of kissing and fondling another woman so much better.

Marti's hands were all over Britney's tits, having abandoned the coach's ass for now. Britney suddenly realized that she was the only one completely naked. Sitting up, reluctantly breaking her lip lock on Marti's nipple, the shorter blonde smiled. "I'm going to have to ask you to take those pants off, Marti."

"Are you sure, Coach?" Marti asked. "I mean, I can do all sorts of stuff to you with my pants on and you could-"

"Marti Perkins, I'm your coach and you will do as I say," Britney said, firmly, though the wicked smile upon her face betrayed her own amusement at the situation. "Do NOT make me enforce a No Pants policy for the Hellcats."

"I don't think the boys would appreciate that," Marti said, reaching down to start to wiggle out of her own leg coverings.

"Mmmm, but I might - I shouldn't say this, but I did enjoy seeing the boys run naked across campus, too."

"Ooooh, Coach!" Marti moaned, both at the naughty thought and at the fact that Britney's hand had sunk down to find Marti's panty-clad crotch and the Hellcat's throbbing clit responded to the gentle stroke through the cotton fabric covering it.

"That's right, I'm your coach, Marti. And you're going to do everything I say."

"Mmmm, yes Coach," Marti said as Britney stood up, shuffled forward a bit and lowered her bare crotch to Marti's face.

"Lick," Britney commanded. Marti obeyed at once, sticking her tongue out and instantly getting rewarded by the sticky sweet and tangy taste of Britney's already wet snatch. The shorter girl swooned a bit as much-needed sexual relief coursed through her body. She was already forgetting all about Jesse cheating on her with... with whatever that slut's name was. It didn't matter. All that mattered now was just how good Marti's tongue felt between her legs.

Marti feasted, loving Britney's taste and the fact that she finally - FINALLY - was getting some action! Oh, the past week had been so frustrating. But here she lay, with a gorgeous little blonde girl with a killer body and an amazing cunt atop her and nothing was going to get in the way.

Sure, this was her coach and sure, she was drunk as a skunk and sure, Marti was already pretty damn sure she'd regret this in the morning, but she didn't care. Her body cared even less, the glorious sensation of rising sexual pleasure flooding her blood with that addictive flood of chemicals. And she wasn't even being touched! She was the one doing all the work.

"Is that the best you can do?" Britney said, grinding her pussy down on Marti's face a little. "Come on, I've seen you give more effort in practice!"

"Yes, Coach!" Marti managed to eek out before Britney's pussy pushed down on her face once more. Marti redoubled her efforts, forgoing just licking and got her lips involved too, sucking and kissing Britney's tiny folds between laps.

"Ooooh, ooh fuck!" Britney groaned in delight. "Harder, Marti. Harder! Make your coach come so hard!"

Marti focused on Britney's clit, which was engorged with the blood pumping through the smaller blonde's body. Marti treated it like a target and locked her lips around it. Above her, Britney swooned again, but Marti didn't let that distract her. She sucked on the little bud of flesh between her lips and kept sucking, refusing to let go even as Britney swayed back and forth above her.

"Marti? Marti Wait, I'm going - going to-"

Marti didn't stop. Instead, she reached up with her hands and once more cupped Britney's amazing ass - how was a backside this perfect given to such a small little white girl?

"Fuck, I'm cummMMINNGGGGGGAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Britney cried out as her body betrayed her. Flooded with passion and relief, Britney fell off of Marti - and the couch, landing on the floor with a thud. The cheerleading coach never heard it - or felt anything. Her body was still reeling from one of the more powerful orgasms she'd ever had in her life.

Marti rolled off, landing atop Britney and kept the action going by stroking Brit's tits as the older blonde came down slowly from her ecstasy. Marti marveled at the sight of her coach blessed out, sweating slightly and panting for breath and positively glowing from the release.

Marti was insanely jealous, but bit her tongue - literally - to keep from forcing herself on the spent Britney.

"Oh, wow - it HAS been a while," Britney said as she came around a moment or two later.

"We're not done yet, are we?" Marti asked hopefully.

"Oh no, we've got a LONG way to go," Britney smiled up at her playfully. "I believe you were looking to do something with my ass?"

"Anything," Marti said hungrily.

Britney got up and laid down on the couch, this time on her stomach. She glanced up over her shoulder and winked at Marti. "Come on, Perkins - let's see if your mouth works as well on my ass as it did my pussy."

Marti took the challenge. Dropping to her knees, she sank between Britney's legs and spread them as best she could on the couch. Britney's bubble butt stared up at her, the two halves held apart by Marti's own hands, exposing the little winking eye between them like a pearl in an oyster. A sexy, sexy oyster, Marti mused.

Marti's tongue darted down into Britney's forbidden hole and once more, the cheerleading coach gasped in pleasure. Marti admittedly wasn't as experienced with analingus as she was with cunnilingus, having had almost no opportunities to practice it, but the practice was fairly similar, just a whole lot dirtier. In a good way.

This was perhaps the naughtiest thing Marti had ever done, licking another woman's asshole and her body thrilled to the act almost as much as Britney clearly was. Marti let go of one of Brit's ass cheeks and let her hand drift down between her own legs, finding her pussy literally dripping with desire. Marti instantly dipped a finger into her little honey pot, aware that it was the first time she'd been able to do that since her aborted masturbatory efforts earlier in the week. Her body was about ready to shatter from lack of sexual release.

But despite her finger now sliding in and out of the wet tunnel between her legs, Marti pleaded to hold off on her own release. She was eating out another girl's ass - a gorgeous, perfectly shaped little behind - and hoped that the favor would be returned. Marti didn't dare cum yet. She wanted Britney to be the one to give her the release she'd needed all week.

And what a horrible week it had been. Between Dr. Van Der Hooven's exam, to the newbies streaking the campus, to Savannah walking in on Marti while she was jilling off to Tori Amos, to Deirdre's sexy little roommate backing out of sex at the last minute, Marti had been denied release like some poor nerd in a teen movie. She'd craved release all week, made it through unimaginably sexy situations without getting off. She damn well wasn't going to just climax on her own fingers when she had a truly sexy little girl underneath her that could do the job oh so much better.

"Harder," Britney groaned, breaking into Marti's mental woolgathering once more. "C'mon Marti! Don't be shy! Tongue fuck that ass! Do your coach you little slut!"

Hearing Britney talk like that was a real thrill and Marti increased the pace and depth of her tongue inside Britney's ass as she felt the other woman shiver in delight. Marti knew she'd soon watch her coach orgasm again and decided she wasn't willing to wait too long - she needed Britney returning the favor soon, after all. So she boldly took her free hand off Britney's ass and slammed three fingers into the shorter blonde's snatch from behind.

"OH, FUCK YES!" Britney screamed, and Marti winced. The neighbors would probably be complaining to Wanda in the next day or two. Well, tough luck, she figured. Britney could scream loud enough to wake the dead, so long as Marti got her chance to scream in orgasm, too.

"Harder! HARDER!" Britney commanded, and like a well trained little cheerleader, Marti pounded her coach harder, just as she was told. It was getting tougher to keep her mouth inside Britney's ass with nothing holding the cheeks open, but Marti didn't dare remove the hand she had in her own pussy. It was keeping her both stimulated and kept her from stroking her own clit to completion - she knew that would not take long at all.

"God, Marti, I'm going to cum again! Harder! HARDER! MAKE ME FUCKING CUM!" Britney hollered.

Marti did as she was told, slamming her fingers deep into Britney's snatch in time with her tongue darting into Britney's ass. The diminutive cheerleading coach arched her back and once more exploded with orgasmic passion. This time, her scream was silent, but her mouth hung open, her eyes rolling back into her tiny head, which lolled about on her neck for a perfect moment. Marti, barely seeing this from between Britney's ass cheeks, marveled at the delight for but a second before Britney collapsed onto the couch once more, spent.

It took longer this time for Britney to come around, a side effect of having orgasmed twice in rapid succession and being completely sloshed. Marti spent the painful minutes turning Britney over and laying her own body atop her coaches, pressing their naked tits together and kissing her coach's neck and collarbone.

"Mmmm, Marti," Britney said coming around.

"Brit, I want you so bad," Marti said into Britney's ear. "Fuck me, Britney. Fuck me good."

"You sure you want it?" Britney asked, slowly getting up on her elbows.

"I want it all," Marti said. "Lick my clit, fuck my pussy, pound my ass. Just please, please, PLEASE make me cum, Britney. I need it so bad. I need YOU so bad!"

Britney still wasn't anywhere near sober, but as she looked up into Marti's eyes, part of her realized once more that what they were doing was wrong. Britney would have to give Marti instructions during practice, maybe even position the towering blonde's legs or arms while demonstrating a move. She might have to tell Marti bad news, or even drop her from a routine or even the team all together someday. She would certainly have to discipline her for some infraction before the year was out. Could she still do that to a girl she'd so thoroughly fucked?

Then Marti licked her lips. It was probably an unconscious move, but it looked too damn seductive for Britney and she gave in again.

"Lay down," Britney said, pointing towards the floor - there wasn't enough room on the couch and the shag carpeting looked plenty comfortable - though Britney might end up with some rug burns, she mused.

Marti did was told, laying down and spreading her legs wide for Britney. Britney dropped to her knees between them and lovingly leaned in to kiss Marti three times - once on the lips and once on each nipple.

Then she crammed three fingers into Marti's sopping wet snatch and began fucking the younger blonde for all she was worth.

"Oooohhh, yesssssss!!!!" Marti groaned loudly. Finally. FINALLY! She was getting fucked. Her body, primed for sex seemingly from the first moment Kristen Van Der Hooven had placed her fingers on it earlier in the week, was now flooding with sexual euphoria as its needs were finally getting met. Britney pounded away with her fingers, making Marti squirm in delight with each thrust. Already, the busty blonde had her eyes screwed tight, her fingers and toes curling and her breath coming in ragged gasps between long moans.

Marti had no idea when or with whom Britney had gained her lesbian experience with, but the Hellcats coach was putting it to splendid use right now. Her mouth was latched upon one of Marti's perfect breasts and her fingers continued to slide into Marti's pussy. It was quite clear to Marti that Britney really had done this before, probably more than once. Not that it mattered with whom and how many times- it felt so good and Marti was so horny, she wasn't going to last long enough to even ask.

"Good little slutty cheerleader," Britney said. "Show your coach how much you like what she's doing to you."

"I love it," Marti gasped. "I love it, I love it!"

"Tell me what you want," Britney ordered.

"I want you to fuck me!"

"Tell me what you want," Britney repeated.

"Fuck me!" Marti shouted.

"Tell me what you want!" the coach demanded.

"FUCK ME IN MY ASS!" Marti bellowed.

And just like that, Britney rolled Marti over, somehow slipping between the flyer's long legs without getting hit. Before Marti could so much as catch her breath, Britney's fingers, so recently freed from the younger blonde's snatch, slid into Marti's tight asshole.

"FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!" Marti screamed as pure sexual electricity exploded out of her rear entrance. Marti didn't know how many fingers Britney was using to penetrate her, but it felt better than any time Marti had let a guy back there - which wasn't all that often. Lubed only with Marti's own juices, Britney's fingers never the less slid in and out easily, leaving Marti to gasp with each thrust.

It quickly became clear to both Marti and Britney that Marti wasn't going to last much longer. Britney just wanted to make sure Marti enjoyed her orgasm when it came. Marti just wanted to finally HAVE her orgasm, so long denied her.

"Cum for me, my little cheerleading slut," Britney demanded.

Marti came at once.

Her body exploded. She lost the ability to see, to hear, to speak, to smell. She couldn't tell what her hands were grasping, if her body was even touching the floor, or if she'd begun levitating from one of the most powerful orgasms she would ever have in her life. Her world was nothing but orgasmic wonder for a microscopic eternity. She swore, her every cell vibrated with release and her very life essence flooded out of her pussy in a golden wave.

In truth, her orgasm lasted mere seconds and she blacked out from it - well, that and all the alcohol she had in her system. Her body, primed for sex for the majority of a week, took release as the sign to practically shut down and being more than a bit drunk facilitated the process nicely.

If Britney was at all insulted that her lover for the night passed out in her arms, she didn't have much time to worry about it. In fact, she did little more than lay down next to Marti before she, too, succumbed to her body's need for sleep. And there, on Wanda Perkins' floor, the two lovers - coach and cheerleader - spent the night, naked and entwined at the legs.

* * *

They were out for more than half an hour before the door to Wanda's bedroom silently swung open. Naked save for a towel wrapped around her, Wanda tiptoed out into the main room, having been trapped in her own room from the moment of Marti's return.

"Wanda? Wanda, get back here!" Travis Guthrie whispered from the doorway.

"In a moment, Travis - Momma's just checking on her baby cub."

"Your baby cub just had lesbian sex on your floor while her mother and her boyfriend were trapped in the bedroom," Travis hissed. "Now get back here before you wake her up!"

"Oh, Marti," Wanda said, smiling down at her naked daughter. "I always thought you might swing the other way. I just wish you hadn't come in while Travis was in my ass-"

"Wanda! Get back here!" Travis called.

"Fine - but no more backside fun for you," Wanda muttered.

"But I still get front side fun, right?"

"Honey, after the sex we just heard, I'm not letting you sleep until I've been screaming like my daughter."

* * *


Marti's head exploded with pain as the insanely loud noise went off in Wanda's suddenly very tiny apartment. Judging from the way Marti's head was pounding with each explosion of noise, she had a hangover - something she hadn't had in a while. Marti couldn't remember drinking - couldn't remember much of anything at the moment. All she knew was that she was on the floor of Wanda's apartment - her apartment, too, technically - and that it was later in the morning than she usually got up.


"Too loud," a voice - a female voice - groaned next to Marti.

Marti sighed. That female voice - and the fact that she could feel bare skin against her own bare skin - meant that she'd finally gotten laid. The pain in her head aside, Marti felt good. Post-coital good. She smiled briefly, but winced in pain - too much movement hurt her head. It didn't mater. She'd gotten laid, finally and her body coursed with relief. Her week-long nightmare was finally over.


"Too loud!" the voice at Marti's side said again. "What IS that?"

"I don't know," Marti said, turning towards the sound. It was coming from her discarded pants, which lay turned inside out over the arm of the couch. What on Earth could be making that horrible racket?


The woman next to Marti sat up and wavered - clearly just as hungover as Marti was. The tiny blonde turned towards Marti and froze.

Marti froze too.

"Marti?!" Britney gasped in surprise.

"Coach Allen?" Marti cried, her eyes going wide before squinting shut in pain.


"Oh no," Britney said. "Oh no, oh no, oh no!"

"Please tell me we didn't-" Marti started to say, but winced as that awful noise cut through her brain again.


"Marti, this can't have happened! You're one of my cheerleaders! I'm your coach!"

"I know, I know!" Marti said, sitting up. Britney was already up and moving about, trying to gather up her discarded clothes. "I think that's my bra," Marti added as Britney tried to slide her impressive breasts into one of the two discarded undergarments strewn about the place.


"Marti, you need to hear me right now. This? It didn't happen. We never did anything, I wasn't here and it's never, ever, EVER going to happen again."

"I know, I know," Marti said. She'd had this discussion before, only with Julian over the summer. Teachers and faculty members couldn't date students and while it happened fairly often around Lancer, they were not encouraged to have sexual affairs with students, either.


"What IS that?" Marti groaned.

"I think it's your phone," Britney said, trying to step into her panties - but somehow getting her legs in the same leg hole at once.

Marti reached for her pants and dug around for the pocket - harder to do when the pants were wrong-side out. Finally, she found her phone, which sure enough was the source of the horrendous racket. The phone itself wasn't any louder than usual, but the hangovers Marti and Britney had weren't helping their heads any.

"Hello?" Marti croaked.

"Marti?" a sobbing voice on the other side said. "It's Savannah. I need you."

* * *

It had taken a few minutes to get Britney dressed and out the door - and a few minutes more for Marti to throw her own clothes on. Both women agreed to never speak of the event again, but as Britney turned to leave, Marti caught a glimpse of her coach's ass and found herself wishing she remembered more about the night before.

But there wasn't time for that. Marti was on her bike moments later, peddling as fast as she could, something that wasn't easy when hung over, to get to Cheertown. She passed Alice and Miranda making out on the front steps, a worried looking Molly whispering into her phone in the hallway and she ducked Frankie's question if she'd seen Britney this morning - a question Marti wouldn't have wanted to answer even if she hadn't had other things on her mind.

Marti ran right to her room, unlocked the door and found Savannah Monroe weeping on her perfectly made bed. And Savannah didn't have to say a word. Marti could tell right away what had happened.

There were a million things Marti might have said. She could've demonized Dan, or told Savannah that she'd find better. She could have thrown any number of platitudes and quotes at her best friend. She could have sworn vengeance against Dan and the entire Patch family, or told untrue jokes about the size of Dan's manhood.

But she did none of that. She moved across the room, sat down on the bed, and didn't say a word as she hugged Savannah and let her cry.


* * *

Aly Michalka as Marti Perkins
Ashley Tisdale as Savannah Munroe
Heather Hemmens as Alice Verdura
Sharon Leal as Vanessa Lodge
Amanda Michalka as Deirdre Perkins
Emma Lahana as Charlotte Munroe

Emily Osment as Emily Sears
Ariana Gradne as Ariana Valentine
Molly Quinn as Molly Cratchit
Miranda Cosgrove as Miranda Summer
Hayden Panettiere as Britney Allen

Guest Starring
Holly Dignard as Kelsey
Magda Apanowicz as "Nasty Kathy" Kurowski
Solange Knowles as Camille
Alana Randall as Frankie
Kate Lang Johnson as Carol Lang
Tiffany Thornton as Tiffany
Meaghan Jette Martin as Meaghan
Sarah Hyland as Sarah
Ashley Benson as Ashley Carson
Holland Roden as Holland Skyler

Kristen Bell as Dr. Kristen Van Der Hooven

With Special Guest Star
Natalie Portman as Professor Natalie Hershlag


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