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* * *

Previously on "Hellcats"

Newly single Savannah Monroe attempted to get on with her life after her breakup with Dan Patch, an effort that included setting her BFF, Marti Perkins, up on a date with Savannah's own base, Tom. Savannah still didn't know Marti is a lesbian, so the date wasn't the highlight of Marti's week, which also included coming out to Wanda, who'd already known Marti was gay.

It was a busy week for all the Hellcats, with the critical MemChrist football game, as well as deeply personal interviews for many of the team members by a Lancer psychology student. But while the team was spilling their deepest, darkest secrets, some of them were creating new ones. Lewis, Dan, Tom and Jason ended up at an off-campus party and three of them ended up sleeping with members of the rival Memphis Christian Cyclones, only to be caught by former Lancer coach and new MemChrist employee Vanessa Lodge. And rookie Molly Cratchit continued her affair with her professor, Natalie Hershlag, despite nearly being caught by Dean Laverne himself.

Meanwhile, with the dastardly Dean Laverne fighting hard to get the cheerleaders gone, the Hellcats were out canvasing local businesses for money in order to afford the trip to Sectionals. Things took a turn for the sexy when Marti and Alice ended up at a strip club, becoming the star attractions on amateur night. If that wasn't bad enough, the two drunk Hellcats spent the night screwing in a nearby motel. The next morning, they swore never to speak of it, something Marti was becoming all-too familiar with.

Now Marti's looking for more than a one-night stand, Savannah's looking to move on from Dan, Molly's looking to keep her affair a secret and Emily's looking to find out just who Molly's sleeping with. With bake sales, pandering and stripping all done, the Hellcats move on to their next ploy for cash - the annual Hellcats calendar shoot...

One, two, one, two, three, four

Move to the left, move to the right


Marti Perkins came crashing up out of the pool, water cascading down over her blonde hair, over her face and neck, caressing the bare skin of her d‚colletage before running over the blue and gold bikini top she wore to keep her breasts covered, though the bikini was small enough that it did little to hinder anyone's imagination, especially with Marti's nipples so blatantly erect beneath it.

She popped up by the side of the Lancer swim team pool and grabbed onto the edge, pulling herself up just enough to be seen as she tried to stay up enough that there was room between the cement at the edge of the pool and her drenched breasts to show off some of her taunt stomach, which was also naturally dripping wet. The extra lighting in the pool area glistened off her skin enticingly as Marti tried to hold her pose just right.

"Perfect! Do it again, just like that!"

Marti sighed mentally, but did as she was told and ducked her head back under the water, glad that at least this was the indoor pool and not outside in the mid-October cool that was starting to settle over Memphis. Right then what she wanted most was to kick Alice's ass for deciding that this year's Hellcats calendars just had to be swimsuit calendars. So, instead of posing in a warm studio in cute outfits like last year, all the Hellcats would be posing in bikinis in and around water. The boys at least got away with swim trunks, though Alice had forbidden shirts on the men, something only Darwin didn't seem to mind all that much.

Acting on her instructions, Marti again surfaced and put herself right back on the side of the pool, landing her arms right where they'd been before, using her well defined muscles to keep herself aloft as the camera snapped away, trying to catch the perfect shot of the sopping wet cheerleader.

Though the pool water was hardly the only thing making Marti Perkins sopping wet this morning.

"That's so hot, Marti!" Demi Torres called out. A Lancer sophomore working toward an art major, Demi had volunteered her time to shoot the Hellcats calendars for free. A perky young brunette, Demi had some Latina ancestry in her, giving her skin a tanned look that was quite alluring.

That morning she was showing off that skin with a pair of cut-off denim shorts that were so small that the pockets hung below the frayed bottom of her short legs and the material hugged her spectacular ass perfectly. Her Lancer Lions t-shirt was bisected by her camera strap, which only highlighted the impressive breasts underneath - that and the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra to keep them up and perky.

The two were alone in the pool area, which had been helpfully closed off thanks to the swim coach's desire to get a free copy of the calendar - the male version, he specified to Britney when he didn't think Marti and Demi were listening. Marti wasn't the type to judge, but Demi immediately whispered to the Hellcat that the coach must be gay.

"So?" Marti whispered back, really hoping that Demi wasn't the type to have a problem with that.

"So, that's awesome," Demi had replied. "I love gay guys. They never try and hit on you. I hate it when guys hit on me."

That had been the first comment Demi made that had rung a little bell inside Marti's head that Demi Torres might have been gay too. By the time Demi was whistling at Marti's backside in her bikini, there wasn't even a question anymore.

"So, are you bisexual or just straight-up lesbian?" Marti dared to ask the cute photographer once Britney and the swim coach had left.

Demi looked around, as if she expected to see someone spying on her. "Honestly?" She asked.

"Yeah, honestly," Marti said, trying not to stare at Demi's suddenly erect nipples.

"I sleep with guys, but mostly just to keep the fact that I like girls secret from my family. They're really traditional and don't take kindly to 'alternative lifestyles,' as they say."

"Have you ever been with a girl?" Marti asked, trying not to make it sound like she was hitting on Demi, even though she wanted nothing more than to lay the photographer down on the nearest towel and ravish her for an hour or two.

"Yeah, I have," Demi said, reaching down and adjusting Marti's hair. "Nothing too serious in a while though. My first girlfriend, Alex... she broke my heart, you know?"

"Yeah," Marti said, even though she'd never had a girlfriend.

"We only slept together once and then she dumped me for another woman, but I knew from that moment on I was into girls."

"But you still sleep with guys?"

"Don't get me wrong, a good penis isn't all that bad every now and then - but they make plastic ones that feel just as good and don't come attached to idiots and pigs. But my mom keeps setting me up with boys, or my sister does and I keep going out with them."

"You don't have to sleep with them," Marti pointed out.

"Yes, I do," Demi sighed. "I tried keeping it chaste in high school, but after turning down three boyfriends, Dallas - my sister - started to hear rumors I was gay. She told my mom and she practically sent me to Bible camp just for NOT opening my legs for boys."

Demi rolled her eyes as she relayed the story, concluding it with, "My family would rather I be a slut than a lesbian."

"I'm sorry?" Marti said, not knowing what else to say.

Demi took a deep breath and then smiled. "Well, that's why I'm here at college, right? Away from the family, able to see whomever I want, no matter their gender. I just can't go bragging about it or anything."

"So, are you seeing anyone?" Marti asked, trying to keep it coy but not particularly succeeding. Every word out of Demi's mouth was making her more interested.

"Why?" Demi asked back. "Are you interested?"

"Yeah," Marti said, surprising herself with her comfort in admitting it. "Yeah, I am."

"Seriously?" Demi asked. "A hot number like you wants to see a nerdy girl like me?"

"Nerdy? What are you talking about? You're gorgeous," Marti said, honestly.

"Aww, you're just saying that so I'll take good pictures of you," Demi said. "Not that it's hard to make you look good."

"I'm serious," Marti said. "I think you're hot."

"So, wait, you're into girls too?" Demi asked, seemingly shocked that someone like Marti would be interested in playing for her team.

"Yeah, yeah I am," Marti admitted after a deep breath. "I only realized it recently. I've been with a few girls, but I haven't really told anyone outside my mom yet. And my sister," she added, not mentioning that it was Deirdre who had introduced her to lesbian sex and her true sexuality in an incestuous night of lust. She'd never tell ANYONE about that.

"And you really want to be with me?" Demi asked, still shocked but very happily so.

"Yeah," Marti said, smiling. "Yeah, I would." And, deciding to strike while the mood was perfect for it, she leaned in for a kiss-

-And had to break off as Britney and the swim coach returned at just the wrong time.

It had gone like that for the last couple of hours. Every time Britney and Demi would get close, someone would show up. Either Britney or Alice or even Red Raymond, who wanted to talk to the swim coach about letting the football team try some underwater weight training techniques he'd just heard about.

Each successive interruption had left Marti increasingly frustrated and horny as she splayed about her barely clad body, wet in more ways than one, while the object of her desires took pictures. What was worse was that the more she spoke with Demi, the more she liked her. She was smart, funny, creative, liked a lot of the same music Marti did and seemed determined to make it in life as a photographer.

Demi seemed to like Marti, too. She smiled more and more as they approached and every now and then, Demi would lick her lips when Marti would position herself in a new way. It was pretty clear Demi Torres wanted nothing more than to see just how good Marti Perkins tasted.

"Wow, that's so sexy," a male voice said in an awed tone, breaking Marti and Demi's eye flirting. Marti looked up and gave a sad smile as Lewis Flynn walked in.

"Hey Lewis. You up next?" she asked.

"Nah, we boys don't start until tomorrow."

"Ladies first, always," Demi confirmed with a smile.

"So what brings you by? Aside from scoping me out in a bikini?" Marti asked, very happy that, despite her and Lewis being exes, they were good enough friends that they could joke around like this.

"Looking for Britney, actually. Dean Laverne is up in arms about the photo-shoots and wants to see her. Now."

"She was talking with the swim coach in his office," Demi offered, pointing across the poolroom. "But that was a little while ago."

"Hope I'm not walking in on them," Lewis said with a sheepish grin.

"Pretty sure that's not an issue," Marti said.

"Looking good, Marti," Lewis said as he walked off.

"You dated him?" Demi asked when Lewis was out of earshot, having picked up on the obvious chemistry between the two.

"Yeah, for a little while last year. It didn't work out," she said, not mentioning that it was her cheating on Lewis with Dan that broke them up.

"He seems nice," Demi said.

"He's not really my type any more," Marti said, smiling up as Demi approached, camera in hand.

"And who is your type?" Demi asked.

"You," Marti said blatantly. "You're my type, Demi."

"A short little dark-haired girl like me?" Demi asked, taking a picture of Marti as she got closer.

"Perfect for a tall blonde like me," Marti argued.

"I do like blondes," Demi admitted. "Lean back. Keep your hands on the side of the pool, but lean back." Marti did as she was told and Demi snapped some more shots.

"You like me, I like you. We should do something about that," Marti said, hardly believing she was so bold. But she'd realized something lately. Between her less-than-great date with Tom and turning down that Ashley girl, Marti Perkins was over her failed relationship with Julian Parrish. She was over her failed relationship with Lewis. She was even over her never-started relationship with Dan Patch.

Marti Perkins was ready to date again. And this time, she wanted to date a girl.

"And what would you do?"

"Take you out to dinner?" Marti asked, suddenly realizing how lame that sounded.

"Nowhere around here, I presume," Demi said, kneeling down at the edge of the pool.

"No, we can do better than that," Marti said. "Especially if you don't want anyone from Lancer seeing you."

"That's very tempting, Marti," Demi admitted, putting the camera aside.

"Then is that a yes?" Marti asked,

Demi didn't get a chance to answer. The door to the swim coach's office slammed open and an irate Britney Allen came storming out, followed by a worried looking Lewis and a flustered looking swim coach.

"Girls, whatever happens, do NOT leave this pool until you've got the shots you need," Britney said as she walked past. "I am NOT letting that damn Laverne stop us from shooting these calendars."

"I think I might-" Demi started to say.

"Keep shooting!" Britney said, practically at the door. "When Marti's done, keep her here until the next girl shows up. We are NOT giving up just because Laverne has his panties in a twist!"

"Sorry," Lewis said with a shrug as he followed the two coaches out. And just like that, Demi and Marti were alone again.

But the moment had passed and Demi went back to taking photos of Marti, suddenly a lot less flirty than she'd been.

Marti was dumbfounded. She followed Demi's instructions, posing how the photographer wanted and tried repeatedly to get the younger girl to respond, but Demi was all business. Whatever had happened clearly was gone and Marti didn't know what she did wrong.

They finally settled on a picture of Marti floating on her back in the pool, a shot that took seven different attempts to get right, but when it was right, it was beautiful. Marti had never been turned on by herself before, but she loved what she saw here. She would've bought the calendar for that pic alone.

"Okay, why don't you go get changed while I start cleaning up?" Demi said. Britney might have wanted them to stay at the pool, but Demi wanted each girl to be shot somewhere different, meaning that staying in the pool was pointless.

"Uh, sure," Marti said, feeling rejected. Demi hadn't looked at her once without the camera. Marti trudged off to the locker room the Lancer swim team used and started pulling out her clothes, trying hard not to think about what might have been if she and Demi had actually gone on a date.

Marti changed out of her bikini quickly enough, but before she threw her jeans and T-shirt back on, decided to go take a shower. She was cold from having been in the pool that much and warm water seemed like the best solution. Leaving her clothes in her gym bag, she grabbed a spare towel and stepped into the showers, hoping there wasn't a swim practice any time too soon. Demi probably needed more time taking down all her equipment anyway, so Marti had time.

The warm water felt good on her skin and Marti should have been able to drift off into relaxing thoughts, but she kept finding herself regretting that nothing had happened with Demi.

It was less about missing out on the possible sex, though Marti suspected Demi was fantastic in bed, than it was the chance at actual romance. Ever since she and Julian had broken up over the summer, Marti had been alone, aside from her various one-night-stands. And even then, three of them she couldn't speak about. Her trysts with Alice, Britney and especially Deirdre had to be kept secret, leaving her with the least scandalous one, sleeping with that rival cheerleader, Kat, back at Qualifiers. It would have been nice if she'd had someone she could actually go out on a date with. Cuddled with in the Cheertown common room. Shared meals and see movies with. It would have been nice to be part of a couple again.

Marti shivered and realized she'd been woolgathering in the shower long enough for the water to turn cool. She shut it off, grabbed her towel and was just wrapping it around her ample breasts as she stepped back into the locker room-

-To find Demi Torres standing there, looking at her nervously.


"I'm not out," Demi said quickly. "To anyone. At all. Only the girls I've slept with and now you. But I want to be. I want to date a girl, Marti. I want that so bad. I'd like that girl to be you, if you'll have me."

Marti's eyes went wide. "O-of course," Marti said. "But-"

"But we can't be out. I'm not ready for that yet," Demi said firmly. "My family wouldn't stand for it. If you want me walking down Main Street in a pride parade, it's not going to happen."

"I'm not out, either," Marti pointed out, but Demi kept right on going.

"But I like you, I think you're beautiful and if you really want to, I'm willing to give it a shot, Marti. Just - just you know, we have to be careful and all."

Marti felt her own heart swelling. It had been a long time since anyone had come anywhere close to confessing these kinds of feelings for her. In fact, she wasn't sure anyone ever had. Not Dan, not Lewis, not Julian. Deirdre, maybe, but they couldn't go there. Not again.

But here was cute, adorable Demi Torres, nervously spilling her heart out, looking all wonderfully anxious about the whole situation. Marti was incredibly flattered. Before the shorter girl could ramble on any more, Marti stepped forward, took each of Demi's hands in her own and leaned in to kiss her gently on the cheek, just once.

"Demi Torres, would you like to go out with me sometime?" Marti asked.

Demi seemed to open up like a blossoming flower. "Yes! Yes, yes, YES!" With that, Demi leapt at Marti, grabbing her in a fierce hug. Marti returned the embrace happily, only to suddenly become very aware that she wore nothing but a towel. It hardly mattered, she realized a heartbeat later - Demi had spent the morning looking at her in a tiny bikini, all dripping wet. The towel actually covered more.

Demi eased the hug a little and looked up at Marti, who returned the warm expression she got from her newest date. To her surprise, Demi pressed in and kissed the Hellcat right on the lips. Soft, supple lips met Marti's and without intending to, Marti returned the kiss, only with more passion. Demi's lips tasted sweet, like a soft honey and it was a taste Marti suddenly wanted to feast on quite a bit.

Without thinking, Marti kissed Demi back. Hard. Hard enough to push the young photographer across the locker room until Demi's back banged into the row of lockers behind her. Neither girl seemed to mind. Demi's hands came up behind Marti and the touch of her cool fingers on the bare skin above Marti's towel send a thrill through the blonde cheerleader. She groaned her delight, even as her tongue and Demi's wrestled for dominance inside their mouths. Demi groaned back, actually needing to open her mouth, which finally broke their kiss.

"We really should wait for our date," Marti said, fighting to catch her breath.

"Yeah, I know," Demi said, reaching down and gently tugging on Marti's towel. The white terrycloth fell away, exposing her entire body to Demi's hungry eyes. "But you are so gorgeous," Demi said, drinking in the view of Marti Perkins in the nude.

"Thank you," Marti said, pulling the still fully-clothed Demi to her for another kiss. This time, it was Demi doing the pushing and before she knew it, the back of Marti's calf hit the bench between locker rows.

"Oops," she said, breaking the kiss to glance down to see what she hit. Demi took advantage, pushing Marti back until the blonde had no choice but to sit down on the bench, the shorter girl now hovering above her.

"We really should wait for our date," Demi said, looking down at Marti and licking her lips.

"We are so not waiting for our date, are we?" Marti asked, reaching up to grab Demi by the T-shirt. Demi had just enough time to straddle the bench before kissing Marti once more, this time lying atop the naked cheerleader.

"We don't have much time," Demi said, breaking the kiss and throwing her T-shirt over her head, exposing her bare breasts to Marti. They weren't as big as Marti's, but they were naturally perky and perfectly sized for Demi's curvy little body. Marti didn't even stop to think - she leaned forward and sucked one of Demi's nipples right into her mouth. The photographer swooned as Marti's lips and tongue started to dance atop her nipple, but she quickly fought to regain her control.

"Someone could walk in at any moment," Demi said, glancing up towards the door.

"Then be quick," Marti said, switching to the other nipple, fully intent on slowing Demi down. Marti hadn't gotten laid since she'd banged Alice the night before the big MemChrist game and while she'd been able to handle her own business, she looked forward to getting her mouth on more than just Demi's breasts.

"Stop it," Demi said, pushing Marti off her. "I want you so bad, Marti, but we can't go all out. I gotta get this camera equipment to the next shoot and we're almost over our time limit in the pool."

"So that's a no?" Marti asked, confused.

"No, it's not a no," Demi said, leaning in to kiss Marti quickly. "But this is just a quickie. A taste of what to you'll get if I still like you after our date."

"Oh, wow, you're just going to assume I put out on a first date," Marti said, trying to sound serious but failing miserably.

"You're putting out before we've even set the date," Demi pointed out playfully, running a finger down to Marti's pierced belly button.

"Yeah, well, so are you," Marti said, having a hard time coming up with a better comeback the closer Demi's finger moved towards her hot wet snatch.

"You have me there," Demi agreed, leaning in and kissing Marti once more. "Lay back," the photographer ordered. Marti did what she was told, well used to taking orders from Demi by now - a couple of hours as a model for a demanding photographer would make anyone used to taking direction.

Demi smiled as Marti lay back on the bench and without preamble the younger girl slid a single finger into Marti's drenched pussy. The blonde groaned in delight and Demi pushed right in until the entire finger was enveloped inside the Hellcat. Slowly, Demi withdrew the finger, not taking her eyes off Marti's face. Demi had slept with a few girls, though not many - just two more than Marti had, though neither of them knew that fact - and the part Demi loved the most was watching a girl's face contort with pleasure at the dirty things she was doing to her. Marti's face seemed to compress, as if by puckering her lips and squinting her eyes, she might get through the unbearable pleasure the younger girl was now bringing her.

Demi's finger plopped out of Marti's slit, and Demi immediately returned it, this time with an extra finger along for the ride, doubling the width inside her new lover. Marti's groan was louder this time and that made Demi even hotter. She still wore her short-shorts, a fact she'd have to rectify as soon as she could free her hand from the Hellcat pussy it was now buried in.

But before she could do that, she had to give Marti the hard finger fucking she so desperately needed.

Placing her thumb atop Marti's clit, Demi started to circle Marti's erect clit. Marti gasped when Demi turned her hand over, so her fingers were angling down instead of up. She had just enough time to give Demi a questioning look before started pushing down and into the blonde cheerleader.

"Oh fuck YES!" Marti gasped as Demi quickly built some speed. Unlike the other finger fuckings she'd had, Marti felt like Demi was really fucking her, like the best sex she'd ever had with a guy. The pressure from the way Demi was thrusting into her actually moved Marti's body back and forth of the locker room bench. Marti had to reach down and grab the sides of the bench to hold herself in place, an act that became increasingly hard as Demi made her feel hotter and hotter.

Then Demi lowered her mouth to Marti's clit and the Hellcat was lost. Between the incredible finger work Demi was performing and the younger woman's mouth dancing across Marti's sensitive little bud, it wasn't very long at all before the blonde Hellcat reached orgasm.

"OH FUCK ME YES!!!!" Marti bellowed, unable to control herself as a powerful release filled her body. Demi kept thrusting into her, even as Marti thrashed about on the thin bench. The blonde cheerleader nearly fell off twice, but Demi managed to keep her new love interest from dropping to the floor.

As Marti came down from her orgasmic high, she saw Demi looking over her shoulder, both at the door to the locker room and the clock. "We've still got a few minutes," the darker haired girl said. "Wanna 69?"

"Uh, sure!" Marti said, eager to get her lips on Demi's sweet pussy. Demi quickly got off of Marti and shucked her shorts and panties - a bright green neon thong that didn't match anything, Marti noticed - and then moved to straddle Marti's head. The blonde Hellcat gazed up at a perfect little pussy before it lowered itself down atop her mouth. She started licking immediately, savoring the tangy taste, even as it stung the sides of her mouth.

Marti only got to savor that taste for a few seconds. Then suddenly Demi's mouth was on her pussy and it became hard to concentrate on what she was supposed to be doing. Despite the fact that she'd just climaxed, Demi's oral efforts very quickly drove Marti right back to the edge of bliss. Marti tried to fight it off. She wanted to give Demi back as much as she'd gotten and by her count, she was a full orgasm behind.

"Oooh, right there, Marti," Demi said. Marti wasn't sure what she'd done, but she pressed her tongue back to where she'd just licked along the rim of Demi's slit and felt her new lover quiver above her. "Yes!" Demi hissed. "Yes, right there! Right there!" Marti kept at it, glad that Demi's moaning was keeping the other girl's tongue off the cheerleader's crotch - Marti was fairly certain she was only a few licks away from her second orgasm. Demi moaning and groaning would give her time to beat that release back down and let her concentrate on her own oral efforts.

"God, your tongue feels soooo good, Marti. Lick my little honey pot, Marti! Lick it like a good little slut!" Marti fought to keep from groaning herself. Something about Demi saying such dirty little things made Marti's pussy quiver. She pressed her tongue harder against that spot that seemed to be driving Demi wild and hoped it would give the other girl even more pleasure.

It did. "Oooh, FUCK! Fuck me with your tongue, Marti! Harder! HARDER!"

Marti did as she was told, pressing harder. She had to reach up and grab Demi's bubble butt with both hands, holding the other girl tight so she could get the leverage required, but Demi didn't seem to mind. Quite the opposite, in fact.

"I'm so close! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop fucking me! Fuck me, Marti! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" Marti really didn't have a choice. At this point, Demi was more fucking Marti's face and chin than Marti was eating out Demi. The shorter girl was pressing her hot box against Marti's face like mad, working herself off while Marti pretty much laid there, tongue out, enjoying the view and the feel. Unable to do much else, Marti squeezed Demi's ass cheeks and was rewarded with an even harder face fucking. ?

Suddenly, Demi went dead quiet, but kept pressing against Marti's face. It took a moment for Marti to realize the other girl was holding her breath and shuddering. It lasted for a few moments, then just as suddenly Demi collapsed atop Marti's body, spent.

"Are you okay?" Marti asked.

"Mmmm... better than okay. I needed that."

"You came?" Marti asked, surprised.

"Not everyone makes a lot of noise when they cum, Marti Perkins. Some girls can barely breathe, let alone shout," Demi informed her as she climbed off the blonde. "But trust me, I loved it." She bent down and kissed Marti once on the lips, then hurried to start throwing her clothes back on.

"So, uh, when should we have our date?"

"I gotta shoot Hellcats all day," Demi said, throwing her shirt on. "Tomorrow night?"

"Sure," Marti said, remembering her own schedule. "Where do you want to-"

"Let me worry about that, I know a few places no Lancer students go," Demi said. "I don't, you know, really wanna be seen yet."

"Right, me either," Marti said, sitting up. She was still stark naked, but made no move to start getting dressed yet. Instead she watched her latest lover slide back into her shorts.

"I gotta hurry, I've got another Hellcat to photograph," Demi said.

"Going to seduce that one, too?" Marti asked playfully.

"Probably not. Some guy named Darwin. Sounds like a nerd to me," Demi said. She bent down and kissed Marti once more, then raced back out to the pool to start packing up.

* * *

Dan Patch wandered into part of Lancer's media studies department that he'd never once thought about entering before - the still photo classroom/lab. Dan was all about video. He visualized in movies and that meant movement. Still photos bored him to death. Even all his porn was video, without a single picture anywhere on his laptop. For Dan, only movement mattered which is what made what he heard next ironically appropriate.

"Don't move!" a stern voice snapped. Dan froze mid-step and looked about, not at all surprised to see Holland Skyler just behind the door, an antique looking 35mm camera in her hand. Across the room, an empty stool sat in front of a black background. The lighting - something Dan understood from his video work - was perfect for whoever might actually sit on the stool.

But there was no one there.

"You shooting the cover for Stools Monthly, Holland?" Dan quipped, backing up out of her shot.

"Ha-ha, Dan Patch," she muttered. "My model's changing in the dark room."

"Good, I was worried you were going to ask me to pose," Dan said. "Why'd you want to see me?"

"I need your help," Holland said. "I'm doing a photo portfolio for my black and white imaging class and my assistant just crapped out on me."

"You need an assistant for something like that?" Dan asked skeptically.

"I do and you'd be perfect."

"What makes you say that?"

"You know most of the equipment, you're a master of lighting and you're hiding from your cheerleader friends, so an excuse to be off campus during your free time should be right up your alley."

"I'm not hiding," Dan defensively shot back.

"Sure you aren't," Holland said. "Meet me at The Rat at 6 and be ready to lug."

"Fine," Dan muttered. She was right about one thing - this would be a good way to be off campus and away from Savannah and her Hellcat buddies. Especially Marti. "I'll see you at 6 tonight."

"You're a peach, Dan Patch," Holland said.

"Keep telling yourself that," Dan grumbled, heading to the door. He was halfway out it when the rotating door to the dark room slid open and a gorgeous naked girl stepped out.

"There you are, Ashley," Holland said. The photographer turned to look at Dan. "Close the door, Dan. She's naked."

"I see that," Dan said, his eyes a little wide at the unexpected show. "I don't suppose this is this part of the project you need help with?"

"Who's the cute guy?" Ashley asked, making no effort to cover herself.

"No one you need to know, Ashley Carson," Holland scolded. "And NO, Dan, this isn't part of the project I need YOUR help with."

"You sure?" Dan asked.

"Yeah, are you sure?" Ashley asked, winking at Dan.

"Weren't you JUST telling me you wanted to go gay?" Holland asked Ashley, exasperated.

"I do, but a girl can still flirt, can't she?" Ashley said, not taking her eyes off Dan.

"GOODBYE NOW DAN!" Holland said, coming around and physically shoving Dan out the door.

"Happy to help!" Dan called after her. The door slammed behind him.

"I swear, all the girls on this campus are crazy," Dan said, shaking his head.

* * *

"...So we're listening, trying to figure out when we're going to escape and Coach Wilcox starts using the bathroom right next to us," Savannah continued with her story as she and the tall strawberry blonde she was talking to cut through the crowd of the Lancer dining hall. It was Barbecue Rib Sandwich Day so naturally the place was packed, which meant finding a seat would be tough. "And when we thought things couldn't get worse, Kathy storms in, turning the room upside-down looking for the phone. But she couldn't find it or us and she runs out, dragging Coach Wilcox with her."

"Oh my God, that's terrible," Debby Pickett gasped. "So, you and Charlotte were hiding in the shower for how long?"

"Too long," Savannah explained. "But then when we heard Kathy and Coach Wilcox leave, we made a beeline for the door and got out of there like a bat out of Hades."

Debby giggled to herself over Savannah's word choice and asked her, "Does anybody say, 'Like a bat out of Hades,'" anymore?"

Savannah tilted her head to the side as though she were in thought and replied, "No, I think I'm alone."

"I think you're right," Debby said. "Please tell me that picture got deleted."

"Oh, Alice and Miranda found it and erased it," Savannah said. "Can you imagine what a disaster it would have been to go through all that and then not find it? Needless to say, it felt really good not just knowing the picture was gone and then the real cherry on top was when we got out there and beat the pants off MemChrist at Qualifiers."

"I'll say," Debby told her. "I'm just glad you're going back to Louisville."

Savannah and Debby were certainly unlikely friends, but ever since they met in their sports science course and Savannah asked Debby if she could borrow a pencil, the two had become pretty good friends. While they were certainly unlikely friends, they had good chemistry in the classroom. They were study partners and had written papers side-by-side since the first day of class.

Debby was born and raised in East Texas and had the accent to show it. Her hair was frequently changing colors, but her current strawberry blonde was one of the longest lasting shades she had. She was dressed conservatively, sporting a floral design dress, but it was doing nothing to hide her impressive cleavage or her butt's toned shape, which was indicative of her athletic background.

Debby had originally come to Lancer to be a cross-country runner, but one bad run up a hill had left her with a completely torn Achilles tendon and she was forced to drop off the team. But the devastating injury had at least come with a silver lining and now she was working to become an assistant with her high school coach who had trained Debby to be a two-time All-State runner in the first place.

"Hey, thanks for the help on the paper on long-term sports injures," Savannah told Debby. "You gave me some great quotes and I think I have enough to get a perfect score."

"Well, anything I can do to help at all," Debby told her. "I would like to see you back again with a championship ring on every finger, like you always say you will. Not that you would have any trouble with that."

"Well, it is a lot---" Savannah started to say before Debby's phone cut her off.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Savannah, but I need to take this call," Debby interrupted.

"Go ahead if you need to," Savannah encouraged. "I need to eat anyway."

As Savannah worked on her sandwich, she watched as Debby picked up her phone and spoke.

"Hey, baby, how are you?" Debby began, Savannah smiling as she watched Debby tussle with her hair. She thought about how nice it would be to do those little things you did when you were in love with somebody and they made you feel good.

"Yeah, I'm meeting with Savannah right now," Debby continued. "Two slices of pizza? Sure, I can get those for you. Really? Well, if you do that, I promise to do that thing you like. Baby, don't make me say it in front of Savannah." Now, Savannah's attention was turned toward the conversation even though she knew it shouldn't be. It sure seemed like Debby and her boyfriend were having a very healthy sex life and Savannah felt guilty for feeling her ears perk up over it. It was none of her business and it was rude for her to be curious about something so personal.

"Oh, alright. I'll talk to you later, honey," Debby said as she was wrapping up the conversation. "Love you, too, babe. Bye."

Unable to resist making at least one comment, Savannah just looked at Debby and said, "Your boyfriend sounds like he really enjoys being with you."

"Oh, I don't have a boyfriend," Debby corrected her.

"But I just heard you call him 'Baby' and---"

"I mean that wasn't a boy I was talking to. I don't have a boyfriend. I have a girlfriend."

Savannah coughed when she heard Debby say that, almost like her body making an instinctive move to prevent her from choking on her water. She was fortunate not to spit anything up, but the revelation was stunning.

"Your girlfriend? Oh, wow!" Savannah said as she processed the news. "Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I had no idea you were a lesbian."

"Oh, I don't like labeling myself," Debby said. "I still like guys after all, so I guess people would call me bisexual. Ummmm I actually thought you knew. I never told you I like women?"

Savannah shook her head and Debby blushed a little in response. She didn't keep it a secret but she also didn't typically just drop it in the middle of a conversation either.

"Damn. I could have sworn I had. Sorry to be so nonchalant about telling you."

"No, it's okay," Savannah tried to assure her. "It's just that I never pegged you as the type to date women."

"Yeah, I try not to advertise my sexual preferences, that's all," Debby explained. "I wasn't trying to hide that from you. Maybe I should have told you about that when you were talking about trying to help out Alice and Miranda."

"I know you weren't. I'm just sorry I acted so surprised," Savannah said. Even though Lancer was a public college, Savannah was a little surprised to know so many people who were LGBT in the Mid-South. Patty Wedgerman last year. Darwin. Deirdre. Alice. Miranda. She was fairly certain Ariana was open to flirting with anybody regardless of gender, if what she said about Dr. Van Der Hooven was true.

Now she knew Debby swung both ways, too. This may have been college, but it was still Tennessee, so it was a bit jarring to know all these gay, lesbian and bisexual people. However, Savannah didn't mind. She reminded herself that they were just like her, except they had different preferences in bed.

"Well, thanks for letting me know," Savannah told her, not quite sure what to say. "I don't want anything being awkward between us."

"Me neither, which makes me happy you understand," Debby replied.

And Savannah did understand. It didn't matter to her who Debby was with as long as they treated her right and made her happy. It wasn't any of her business what gender they were. Which made the next thing she said so surprising.

"Ummmm, what's it like? You know, to kiss a girl?" Savannah asked. Debby was a bit shocked at the question, but Savannah was even more surprised that she asked that question. She had no idea where it came from herself.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry! That's such an inappropriate question! I shouldn't have asked," Savannah apologized, blushing furiously and wondering where that question had even come from. "That's so personal and I---"

"No, that's okay," Debby said, calming her suddenly flustered friend down. "I have no problems answering. That is if you really want me to."

Savannah wanted to say, "No," because she felt, even with the assurance from Debby, she had overstepped her boundaries. But instead she opened her mouth and...

"I want to know."

Debby took a quick sip of her water and told Savannah.

"Well, girls can be so soft and delicate. And they taste so sweet. Kissing men is good, but women are just amazing. They're incredibly sensual. Every part of their body is so soft and feeling their skin pressed against my body just gets me turned on every time I'm with a woman."

"Wow, that good? You must really like girls, don't you?" Savannah asked, trying her best not to sound enthralled by all of this even though she was dying with curiosity on the inside. This was such a naughty thing to talk about and the fact that she never usually talked about things like this was making it feel so taboo to her.

"Oh, that's not even the best part," Debby continued. "The sex is mind-blowing. Especially when it's with a girl you are in love with. That's the best. When you have that kind of connection where you feel like you don't have to hold anything back because you're with someone who understands you and loves you. It's like fireworks going off in your mind in colors you've never seen before. It takes somebody really special to draw that out of you."

"Whoa, slow down, Debby, you're really going to town on that sales pitch," Savannah said, giggling a little as she saw how worked up Debby was getting talking about those feelings.

"Did I say too much?"

"No, it's just that it was a lot for me to take in," Savannah told her honestly. "It sounds really amazing though. I want that kind of feeling...just with a guy, you know."

"Oh, well, I didn't mean to," Debby said. "I mean, you're still a virgin and I thought---"

"Awww c'mon Debby, just because I'm still a virgin doesn't mean I'm uncomfortable talking about sex," Savannah stated. She might not have been so open about her own love life as it seemed everyone else was, but she didn't want her friend to think she was some kind of prude.

"Right, sorry," Debby apologized. "But if I may ask, why did you want to know about what being with a woman is like?"

Having been as surprised by her own question as Debby had been, Savannah had to think for a moment. It wasn't because of anything she was feeling. Savannah knew that. But there was a good answer for this and, after thinking about it for a few seconds, she said it.

"Well, I've got so many friends who have been with people of the same sex and, I don't know, I guess I was curious," Savannah answered. Debby shot her a look. "Not like that. Not curious like I was curious 'cause I want to find out or anything. I just mean I wanted to hear what the appeal of it was."

"So, if you don't mind me asking, are you curious about sleeping with a woman?" Debby prodded.

"Who me? Oh no. I mean it's fine if people like that, but that's not me," Savannah answered. "I've never thought about women that way."

"Too bad," Debby said with a little look that sent a small shiver up Savannah's spine. "Anyway, you want to crack the books and work on our project lab?"

"Might as well," Savannah said, grateful the subject was being changed even though she knew she had enjoyed the thrill of talking about something so personal. "So, we need to look at Knute Rockne and what led to his success at Notre Dame."

For the next 90 minutes, Savannah and Debby looked over the legendary coach's career and absorbed his secrets for success. But even with the active discussions, Savannah still, for some reason, found herself unable to shake one very particular thought.

As much as she didn't want to admit it, Debby's description about the wonder of being with women was sticking in her mind. Sure, it sounded crazy to Savannah, being with another woman. She hadn't even been with a man yet. But everything Debby had said about her experiences with girls had sounded so sexy, even to her.

Of course that was crazy. Being with another girl? Savannah knew that it was never going to happen. She'd had crushes on a lot of the boys in the neighborhood and had never even thought anything like that about a girl. And her mother's homeschooling drummed that thought out of her head. Sure, there was nothing wrong with being curious, but that's what Savannah was telling herself it was. Curiosity. Nothing more. It wasn't like her conversation with Debby was going to change her life or anything.

* * *

"Whoa, don't you look nice!"

Marti Perkins jumped in surprise from the unexpected presence, one of the tiny spaghetti straps from her dress nearly sliding off her shoulder as she did so. Wanda Perkins came up behind her daughter and yanked it back in place, then stepped back to admire Marti.

"I always say, there's no way a woman can look bad in a LBD," Wanda said, approvingly.

"It looks good?" Marti said, turning back towards the mirror. The little black dress - LBD to Wanda, a term she picked up from an out-of-date fashion magazine at a hairdresser a lifetime ago and never forgot - certainly fit the description of little. Coming maybe 10 inches below Marti's butt, it flared in a little, clinging to the cheerleader's taunt stomach before barely expanding enough to hold in her breasts. It didn't show much for cleavage, but ended just below the nape of Marti's neck. Backless from the shoulder blades up, it was probably better suited for summer than mid-October, but it wasn't that cold in Memphis yet and with Marti's long legs sticking out the bottom, no one would be complaining.

"It looks wonderful," Wanda said. "What's the occasion?"

"I, uh, I have a date," Marti said.

"Oh, who's the lucky girl?" Wanda asked.

Marti winced, definitely not used to the idea that her mother knew she was into girls now. "Her name's Demi Torres and she was the girl doing our calendar photos this year."

"Another older person? Marti, I thought you learned your lesson from Julian over the summer-"

"Ughhh don't start. She's a student photographer, Mom," Marti corrected. "We aren't paying her. She's actually a little younger than I am."

"Oh," Wanda said, chastised, but actually finding herself liking that Marti called her "Mom" instead of "Wanda" for once. "Well, good. You need someone your own age. Is she cute?"

"Yeah, she's cute," Marti said. "Are you done giving me the third degree?"

"No," Wanda said. "This is your first lesbian date, right? It's like your first real date all over again!"

"No, it's not," Marti insisted.

"It is!"

"Mom!" Marti groaned.

"Oh, come on, Marti, it's exciting!" Wanda said. "Do I get to meet her?"

"Not yet," Marti said. "She's not 'out' yet, so she probably doesn't want me going around bragging about her or anything. And it's just one date. It might go horribly and we might never see each other again."

"I doubt that," Wanda said. "But back up a sec - she's not out? Marti, sweetheart, YOU aren't out, either. When are you going to let everyone know?"

Marti shivered despite the heat in Wanda's apartment. "Not yet," she said. "When I'm ready."

"Marti, you know I'll support you no matter what, but you don't want to be living a lie. And there's no more accepting bunch of people in this world than your fellow Hellcats. You can trust them."

"I'm - I'm just not ready yet," Marti said. "I wasn't even ready to tell YOU, but you walked in on me and... and well you know..." Marti grumbled, trying to forget she'd drunkenly slept with Britney Allen, her cheerleading coach, on Wanda's couch, thinking they were alone in the apartment only to find out in the morning they weren't, which only had made the hung-over regret about a thousand times worse.

"But aren't you glad you're out to me now? We can talk about stuff. Like how many rainbow stickers I should get for the car-"

"Mom!" Marti said, but Wanda was already laughing.

"Sweetheart, sometimes you're just too easy." She got serious again. "But you can't just rely on me, Marti. You need someone else."

"Maybe I'll have Demi," Marti reasoned.

"Maybe. But wouldn't you feel better if you told Savannah? She is your best friend, after all."

"No!" Marti said vehemently. "I love Savannah to pieces, Mom, but she is so not ready for her best friend to be gay."

"You never know. She might surprise you. She accepts Alice, right?"

"That's different. She and Alice aren't sharing the same dorm room."

"You really think Savannah would have that big a problem?"

"There's a reason I'm getting dressed here instead of at Cheertown, Mom," Marti said. She sighed. "Believe me, I'd like to be able to talk to Savannah about this. But she's not ready and I'm not ready to lose her over it. She's my rock, Mom. My best friend."

"You used to say that about Dan," Wanda pointed out. "Have you told him yet?"

"I've barely seen Dan since he and Savannah broke up and we haven't talked at all," Marti said. "I - I think I might have already lost him."

"I doubt that, Marti. I really do. That boy still loves you."

"And you think he wants to hear I'd rather be with girls now?" Marti scoffed.

"No. But he loves you like a sister. Which is another person you could talk to. Your sister. Your GAY sister."

"Deirdre already knows, Mom," Marti said, rolling her eyes. Naturally, she didn't mention it was Deirdre who introduced her to the art of lesbian sex.

"Good," Wanda said. "Maybe you and she can double-date sometime. She needs a good girlfriend, too. Though her roommate seems sweet."


"Ashley, her roommate. They were at the big Lancer/MemChrist game the other day."

"I know who her roommate is, Mom, I just didn't know she hung out with you guys."

"Well, she did. I don't know if that girl's gay or not, but seems to me that Ashley might have the hots for Deirdre."

Marti snorted, remembering Ashley coming on to her before the game. "I didn't get that impression."

"You hardly spent any time with them together," Wanda said. "Trust me, there's a spark there. Maybe nothing romantic, but I bet they'd have fireworks between the sheets."

"MOM!" Marti cried. "That's my sister!"

"So? I hope your sister's having good sex just like I hope you will be soon. Now that you're both lesbians, it's not like you can come home preggers and ruin your life, right?"

"I so don't have time for this," Marti said. She spun about and grabbed her purse off a nearby shelf.

"Marti!" Wanda called after her. "Good luck tonight."

Marti sighed but gave Wanda a smile. "Thanks Mom. For everything."

* * *

Marti Perkins wasn't the only one getting ready for a secret date, but unlike the more senior Hellcat, Molly Cratchit didn't have the advantage of an off-campus apartment where she could change for it. Instead, she was stuck trying to squeeze into her outfit for the night at Cheertown and, unlike Marti, Molly wasn't able to get by with just a cute little black dress for her date.

"Oooh, are you playing dress-up?"

Molly practically jumped out of her skin - more of which was showing than she'd generally wish at the moment - as Ariana Valentine slipped into the room. Molly's face turned as red as her hair as she was essentially caught with no pants on, her top only covered by a bright orange lace-up bust crop top.

It wasn't that she didn't have pants - she was just having trouble reaching behind her and lacing up the tight, form-fitting low-rise shorts. Why the ties couldn't be in the front... well, if they were in the front, she quickly realized, then part of her crotch would be on display.

Not that most of the rest of her wasn't on display already. The sexy outfit - designed to be some slutty version of a prison uniform, in that classic prison orange - left her midriff and a fair amount of cleavage on display and with the shorts on, there was plenty of leg on display, too. With the lace in the back of the shorts, even some of Molly's ass crack would be visible, if one looked close enough. And Molly knew that Prof. Hershlag intended to look more than close enough.

"I'm, uh, I'm just-"

"If it's what you're wearing for Halloween, it's totally cute," Ariana said, ignoring Molly's flustered search for words. "Kinda slutty, but that's hot."

"Uh, thanks?" Molly said, trying to cover her naked crotch as Ariana came closer.

"Need help with the shorts?" Ariana asked.

"I can't get them to tie in the-"

"I'll do it!" Ariana said, slipping around behind Molly. "C'mon, put 'em on!"

Molly reluctantly stepped into the bright orange shorts and pulled them up. Ariana immediately started lacing the string that covered the crack of her ass in the back. But of course, Ariana couldn't just lace the shorts up when it was more fun to drop some rhymes in the process.

"I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other brothers can't deny, that when you see one you get sprung!"

"What in the world are you saying?" Molly asked, turning around to look at Ariana as she undid all her previous work with the laces.

"Sir Mix-a-Lot," Ariana said. "That song always comes into my head when I see a nice butt."

"My butt's not big," Molly said defensively.

"It's a very nice butt," Ariana agreed.

"But not big."

"Nice," Ariana repeated, backing up a step from Molly. "Cute, even."

"But NOT big."

"Not big," Ariana agreed. The two stared at each other for a few seconds. "Do you still want me to tie your shorts?"

Molly glanced over her shoulder at the mirror. Sure enough, half her ass was on display because the ties had come undone. "Yes," she grumbled. "But no singing this time."

"I'll try," Ariana said as Molly turned back around. Ariana managed to get the ties laced up without singing, but she didn't quite finish before someone else came in.

"Hey, you guys wanna split a piz-whoa! Molly! What are you wearing?" Miranda Summer asked stumbling into the room.

"I'm, uh-"

"It's her Halloween costume!" Ariana offered helpfully. "She looks totally slutty."

"Yeah she does," Miranda said, her voice filled with a little awe. "You're like some kind of sexy prisoner, right?"

"Yeah," Molly relented. Better they thought it was for Halloween than its real purpose, she figured.

"I haven't even thought of my costume yet," Miranda said. "Though if I looked half as good in that as you do I might steal that costume from you."

"You want it?" Molly asked. "I'm thinking I might wear something else." She glanced back over in the mirror. "Something that covers a bit more, maybe."

"Why?" Miranda asked. "I bet you have all the guys drooling all over you if you wear that."

"I don't want all the guys drooling all over me," Molly said. "If you want to wear it, you can Miranda. I think I'll go as something else."

"We'll see," Miranda said. "Maybe Alice wants to go as a couples costume or something."

"You were saying something about pizza?" Ariana said, looking at Miranda.

"Yeah, Frankie and I were thinking of getting some. You guys wanna split one?"

"I, uh, I gotta go somewhere," Molly said. She was going to be late for her date at this rate.

"Okay. Ariana, you wanna go eat at the pizza place?" Miranda asked.

"Yay! Pizza!" Ariana said, practically bouncing out of the room. Molly stayed behind, checking her costume. She did look awfully sexy, she mused. Once she was sure Miranda, Ariana and Frankie were gone, she grabbed the biggest coat she could find and ran out the door.

The things she did for her economics professor.

* * *

The address Demi had texted Marti was on the far side of Memphis, a weird little part of town neither Marti nor her mother could recall ever having visited. The architecture was strictly old Victorian, as if it was left over from 150 years ago. The sidewalks were cobblestone and while many places looked like they could use a couple of coats of paint, the building Marti was standing in front of was an impressively bright shade of white.

The windows were blocked by thick curtains inside and while she saw couples and groups entering - all dressed at least as impressive as Marti herself was - she couldn't tell if it was a restaurant, a theater, or something else. Considering the last strange building here in Memphis Marti had let another girl take her into had turned out to be a strip club, she thought it best to wait out on the street until Demi got there.

For a bit, Marti wondered if this was some sort of gay establishment - maybe even a small gay community. She had never really thought about it before, but most cities the size of Memphis had one these days. Could this be it? If so, maybe she'd end up spending a lot of time here. It wasn't that Marti felt like she had to strap on a rainbow flag and go running around promoting her sexual preferences, but of the small number of gay people she'd gotten to know, they all seemed to be involved in some way or another.

Even Darwin took a day out of every other week to volunteer at some gay crisis hotline center. Marti shook her head, smiling at the thought of Alice Verdura volunteering for anything that didn't benefit her directly. She supposed there was one gay person who wasn't involved in "the cause."

Maybe Marti would get involved someday, she reasoned, but she had to come out first and she was hardly ready for that.

She was just checking the time on her phone - Demi was only a couple minutes late, hardly anything to get worried about - but when she looked up, she thought for certain she'd just swallowed her own tongue.

The crowd seemed to part around Demi Torres as she approached and why not? The gorgeous young woman wore a hip-hugging red dress with a plunging neckline that only ended in a synch a good inch or two below her bustline, leaving plenty of soft caramel-colored cleavage on display. There was no way she was wearing a bra under that.

Her hair, now a shade darker Marti swore, was tied up on her head in a fancy but loose design. The only jewelry she wore was a pair of simple, square gold earrings that still somehow appeared incredibly stylish. Her lipstick and clutch matched the dress' color exactly and pretty much every guy's eyes followed her through the crowd. Several of the women too. Not that Marti noticed their reactions. She only had eyes for Demi.

"Wow," was all Marti could say when Demi stopped next to her, smiling.

"Wow yourself. That's a sexy little number you got there, Marti."

"Are you kidding? I look like a cheap whore next to you."

Demi raised an eyebrow. "Maybe I like cheap whores," she said playfully. "But you do look good, Marti."

"So, first date, huh?" Marti said, not knowing what else to say.

"First date. I promise to be gentle," the girl in red said.

"And what if this cheap whore wants it rough?" Marti shot back with a little smirk.

"Then I can be rough, too," Demi said with a wink. "But let's eat first, okay?"

"Sure. Where are we going?"

"It's just in here," Demi said, leading the way. For a second, Marti wanted to take Demi's hand, but the shorter girl didn't offer and Marti just followed her in. Right away, Marti could tell the place wasn't a gay club or establishment. There were too many straight couples, though she saw one or two other pairs of women in line. And there was a line, down a long hallway once they got in the old building itself.

"What is this place?" Marti asked.

"It's a Cajun-Italian restaurant, Moncello's. Best place in the world to get crawfish ravioli or catfish Parmesan."

"You're joking," Marti said, but she could already smell the distinct smells of Cajun food.

"No joke," Demi said. "Wait, you're not vegetarian, are you?" she asked suddenly, looking worried.

"If I am, I'm eating too many barbecue ribs of late," Marti said. "Don't worry, I love Italian and I like Cajun. I'm just having a hard time seeing them combined."

It took almost 20 minutes for them to get seated, the place packed with patrons like it was. Their waitress was a charming older black lady who was so enthusiastic about the special - a white perch Sac-au-Lait coated in Pesto and olive oil, served with spaghetti mixed with the Cajun Holy Trinity of bell pepper, celery and onion - that both Marti and Demi wanted to try it. It would be a wait, they were warned, but neither girl minded.

The conversation started simply enough, talking about classes they were taking at Lancer. Marti enthused about her environmental law course and Demi complained bitterly about her early American history course. "I've studied the American Revolution every year of school I've ever had. It's like once we got our independence, nothing else happened!"

From there, the conversation turned to Lancer in general and by the time the food arrived, Demi had revealed to Marti there were two whole buildings on campus that Marti didn't even know existed. That lead them to the story of how Demi found them - one of them while locked out of her dorm room in her bra and running shorts, having tried to go to her car after hours and forgetting her ID badge. The other was a far more detailed story of Demi and a friend trying to get another friend of theirs away from a drunken boyfriend who just happened to work for campus security.

That led to Marti telling the tale of how she'd been "kidnapped" by the Hellcats for initiation night and when she mentioned she'd been worried it was Bill Marsh's goons that led to tell the long, complicated story of getting Travis freed and Marsh kicked out of Lancer for good.

"So, yeah, there I was in this guy's office, looking for my laptop, when he started to come in. I had to jump out the window."

"Lucky you didn't get caught - or stuck in the window," Demi said.

"Yeah, knowing my luck, Alice would've taken a picture of my ass hanging out and left me there to face the consequences," Marti said with a snort.

"She's your friend, she wouldn't have left you," Demi said, taking her last bite of the fish.

"We weren't so friendly back then," Marti said, the memory of the hot sex she and Alice had after that strip club incident flashing in her mind.

"That said," Demi added playfully, "I wouldn't have minded seeing that picture."

"If you want to see my ass, all you have to do is ask," Marti said, getting her best flirt on.

"Don't let your mouth write checks your butt won't cash, Marti Perkins," Demi said. "I'd do things to your ass-" she stopped short as their waitress approached.

"Can I get you two any dessert?" she asked.

Marti glanced at Demi, who looked back at her. "I don't think I need anything," Marti said. "Everything was delicious, though."

"Are you sure? We have some lovely shaved ice, it's very light," the waitress offered.

"Just the check, I think," Demi said, grabbing her clutch. "My friend and I have to get going."

"Oh, you're just friends?" the waitress said. "Shame. You two make a cute couple."

"We get that a lot," Marti said, covering as Demi's eyes went wide with fear. "My boyfriend hates it."

"They always do, sweetie," the waitress said. "I'll be right back with your check."

"Quick thinking," Demi said once she was out of earshot. "But who's this boyfriend I need to worry about?"

"No boyfriend, just my vibrator," Marti joked. "Are you okay?"

"Sorry," Demi said. "I just... I'm sorry, I'm ruining our date. Can we just get out of here?"

"Sure, sure," Marti said. The waitress returned quickly with their check and Demi insisted on paying, so Marti left a decent tip. Within five minutes, the two girls were out walking on the street, heading towards the parking lot where Demi had left her car.

"You sure you're okay?" Marti asked.

"Honestly? I don't know," Demi said. "I mean, I know I'm a lesbian, right? Yeah, I'm attracted to some guys, but girls just blow me away. I nearly creamed myself when I saw you waiting for me tonight."

"I think I did when I saw you," Marti admitted.

"My family's very anti-gay. Like, disown you anti-gay," Demi said. "One of my father's best friends came out during our Fourth of July celebration last year and my father practically threw him off the property. And some of the things my sister said..."

"We don't have to tell anyone. Not yet. This is something you can do when you want to do it," Marti said softly, seeking to calm her date's understandable anxiety.

"But if they find out-" Demi trailed off and for a moment, it looked like she might cry. Marti wanted to hug her, but they were hardly alone on the street and Marti could tell Demi was quite nervous about being seen.

"Come on," Marti said. "Let's get you home, alright?"

"Alright," Demi said. "Just, you know, I don't want you to leave me alone Marti. I need you with me tonight. Don't go anywhere."

"I won't," Marti said. "I won't move if you don't want me to."

* * *

"Don't move!"

Molly Cratchit froze in place, wishing once again that she was wearing more. Her prison uniform was half undone and one of her nipples was poking out, visible to anyone who might look in the window.

The cop didn't care. She pressed Molly up against the wall roughly and gripped both hands behind Molly's back, locking them in handcuffs roughly.

"You didn't really think you could escape, did you Inmate 69?" the cop asked, pressing Molly against the wall with her body.

"Please, Officer, I was just trying to get home to my girlfriend," Molly pleaded, wishing she was wearing more than this silly costume. The laces over her ass cheeks in the back of her panties were threatening to come undone and the matching ones over her cleavage were already loose.

"That's no excuse," the cop said. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you."

"Please, please, there must be a way out of this!" Molly pleaded.

The cop paused and seemed to consider for a moment. "What are you willing to do?" the officer asked.

"ANYTHING," Molly pleaded emphatically.

"I could be convinced," the cop said, running a hand through Molly's red hair. "But first I'd better search you. Make sure you're not hiding any weapons."

Immediately, the cop's hands went to Molly's breasts, groping the college student fiercely. Molly gasped in a mix of pain and surprise. She'd known it was coming, but had expected the cop to be a bit gentler, maybe start with Molly's bare legs and work her way up to the sexy spots. Clearly, someone was in a rush tonight.

"Oww," Molly said as the cop roughly grabbed her tits, pulling hard enough on the costume to undo the loose ties in the front.

"No talking, it could be used against you," the cop reminded her, reaching down now to cram her hands into Molly's shorts. With no panties on, the cop immediately found Molly's slit and it was quite wet, despite the rough treatment. Molly gasped as a pair of fingers penetrated her at once, followed quickly by the cop's other hand returning to her breasts, actually fighting its way through the laces to grip the bare flesh and hard nipple beneath.

"Oh, Natalie!" Molly moaned despite herself.

"Hey!" Natalie Hershlag snapped, pulling her hands off Molly. "Stay in character, please."

The college professor - dressed as a slutty looking cop to go with Molly's slutty prisoner - made her point clear to her student when she spanked Molly. Hard.

"Ouch!" Molly said.

"I told you to stay in character," Natalie hissed. "Now spread 'em, Inmate 69."

"Yes, ma'am," Molly muttered, assuming the position, well aware that her shorts were soaked and her nipples were threatening to rip through the cheap costume. As much as she thought her lover was being too rough, Molly was enjoying this. There was something fun about dressing up and pretending to be someone else. Even if it was a criminal.

Natalie began to pat Molly down like she was really doing a search, though her fingers lingered between Molly's legs and around her breasts. Part of Molly loved the attention, but another part wanted nothing more than to get a good kiss from Natalie. Their lips hadn't touched since Molly had arrived at Natalie's.

"I don't feel anything," Natalie said, back in character while undoing the handcuffs on Molly's hands, "But I don't trust you. Take off your clothes, I'm going to do a strip search."

"Yes, Officer," Molly said. Her costume was practically falling off her anyway, so stripping out of it wasn't that big an issue. Both sets of ties were already undone and her shorts were practically falling off anyway. She let them slide down her legs even as she shucked the bright prison orange shirt over her head.

A few weeks ago, Molly would've been shy, even embarrassed about being completely naked in front of Prof. Natalie Hershlag, but they'd been together long enough now that Molly didn't even worry about it. Getting out of her clothes just meant she was that much closer to making love to Natalie and that was always worth getting naked for.

Natalie made a big show of checking Molly's clothes for hidden weapons, but obviously finding nothing. When she finished her search, she dropped Molly's clothes and shoved them aside with a stiletto heel.

Molly stood there silently. She couldn't see Natalie's eyes behind the sunglasses that were part of her cop costume, but she could feel them running over her naked body and the redheaded Hellcat loved it. To have someone so powerful, so smart, so important lusting after her was all the aphrodisiac Molly would ever need.

"I still think you're hiding something," Natalie said.

"Where?" Molly asked, though she fully knew what was coming next.

"I think you need a cavity search."

"Oh no!" Molly said, trying not to giggle. "Please, not that! Don't stick your fingers up my butt!"

"Your butt? Is that the best you can do?" Natalie asked, breaking character for a minute.

"My ass?" Molly asked.

"We'll work on it," Natalie promised. Then she was back in character, sauntering over to Molly and running a hand down the redhead's bare stomach.

"I need to be sure you're not hiding anything," Natalie said, pressing her fingers against the entrance to Molly's pussy.

"Be gentle?" Molly said, even as Natalie's fingers slowly slid up into her.

"Always," Natalie whispered, out-of-character once more. And she was gentle, even as she slid three fingers deep up into Molly's wet snatch. The redheaded student cooed, luxuriating in the feeling of being so full. Natalie curled her fingers just right and pressed against Molly's G-spot, making her shiver in delight. Natalie stroked that delicate spot once, twice, three times, then slowly withdrew her hand, now coated with Molly's juices.

"Bend over," Natalie said, motioning her student towards the nearest couch. Molly moved over to it and bent over the back, leaving her backside exposed to the professor/cop. Molly took a deep breath and braced herself as Natalie started to ease a pussy-lubed finger up into her backside.

"Oh!" Molly gasped.

"It's okay, it's okay," Natalie said, rubbing the small of Molly's back with her free hand. "Let me know if I'm going too fast."

"It's okay," Molly said. "It's just... big, is all."

"My little hand? Hardly," Natalie said. She kept rubbing Molly's back while fingering. "Are you liking this at all?"

"A little," Molly admitted. "It feels so dirty and..."

"And that's what makes it feel good," Natalie offered. "Do you want to try another finger?"

"O-okay," Molly said, trying to both steel herself and relax at the same time. It didn't work all that well. Natalie pulled out and then added a second, well-lubed finger. But Molly's tight backside didn't want to cooperate.

"Ow! Ow! OW! Stop! Stop, please stop!" Molly said, pulling away as best she could.

"Are you okay?" Natalie asked, instantly worried.

"It was too much. I'm sorry," Molly added sheepishly.

"It's okay, we don't need to rush," Natalie said. She bent over the couch and cupped Molly's face with one hand and gentle kissed the redhead. "You ready to get back to being the naughty criminal?"

"Do I have to?" Molly asked.

"For me?" Natalie countered.

"Okay, Officer," Molly said.

"On your knees!" Natalie snapped, changing personas instantly. "You want to get out of this, criminal, you're going to have to make it worth my time."

"Anything, Officer," Molly said as Natalie unsnapped the buttons on the crotch of her police-blue shorts and yanked them down far enough to expose her dripping wet snatch to her younger lover.

"Eat me," Natalie commanded. Molly looked up at her sexy professor, glaring down at her from behind those dark sunglasses and for a moment, wondered if her lover really was a cop. Molly wondered if perhaps Natalie Hershlag was in the wrong business. She would've been a wonderful actress.

Then Molly crammed her mouth onto Natalie's pussy and she revised that theory a little. Natalie would've been a wonderful porn actress.

* * *

Demi lived in one of the Lancer dorms that were far more traditional than Cheertown. Marti had never lived in one, having either been with Wanda off campus, or in Cheertown to be with the Hellcats. The classic hallways lined with doors and small rooms were foreign to her, despite being one of those quintessential college experiences. The close quarters actually bothered Marti, who'd been a little nervous when she'd moved into Cheertown. She wasn't sure she would've made it this far in college living in real dorms.

Not that it wasn't fascinating. Half naked boys and girls ran about - was anyone actually wearing a full set of clothes? - coming and going from the communal bathrooms, or each other's rooms. They passed no less than three doors with socks on them, a universal warning that someone was getting laid inside and to not come in. Beyond that, it was LOUD. From guys playing video games to girls watching movies to someone of indeterminable gender rocking out to Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty" somewhere a floor or two away, Marti couldn't believe this much was going on this late at night.

Savannah, she thought, would've had a conniption.

"Hey Demi, looking GOOD," a shirtless boy said, passing the two girls.

"You know it, Bobby," Demi said.

"Who's that?" Marti asked, realizing that both she and Demi were standing out a bit because of their dresses.

"Bobby," Demi said. "Don't worry, Friday night he'll be dressed as a stunning blonde with big breasts named Bobbi. That's with an 'I' at the end."

"Somehow, that doesn't make me feel any less jealous," Marti quipped.

"Yeah, but his boyfriend Roberto should." Demi paused in front of a door, reading the message on it.

"So, should we worry about any roommates coming up and interrupting our fun?" Marti asked.

"Nope," Demi said. "I don't have a roommate. It's just going to be the two of us."

"I don't know, Ms. Torres," Marti said, using her best lawyer voice. "It might be construed that you kicked her out for the night to lure an unsuspecting young law student back to your room."

"God, it's sexy when you get litigious," Demi laughed.

"You wanna see my briefs?" Marti asked next. Demi laughed harder.

"You laugh, a guy in one of my law classes totally used that line on me last year," Marti said.

"Please tell me you slept with him," Demi said. "A line that corny totally deserves SOMETHING."

"Ewww, no. He was totally gross," Marti said. "Besides, I was already sleeping with someone else at the time."

"Another girl?" Demi asked playfully.

"No, no," Marti said. "I was seeing my former law professor," she admitted.

"My my, you are a naughty girl," Demi said.

"You seem to be feeling better," Marti said.

"I am," Demi admitted. "You make me feel better."

"I'm glad," Marti said, looking around. The other side of the room was filled with pictures of naked men. "Guess your roommate isn't gay."

"She keeps claiming she's bi," Demi said. "But she's never brought a girl home and she's never made a move on me, so..." she trailed off as Marti shot her a dirty look.

"Oh, so if someone doesn't make a move on you, they're straight?" Marti said, approaching the woman in red.

"Seems to work for me," Demi said, reaching up to wrap her arms around Marti's neck.

"Well, guess I better prove I'm gay by making a move on you."

"I already know you're gay, Marti Perkins," Demi said, kissing the taller girl. "Remember what we did in the locker room?"

"I remember," Marti said, kissing Demi back. "I remember very well."

"I don't usually put out on the first date," Demi said, even as Marti reached around to start undoing the straps of her dress.

"I've never put out on a first date," Marti said.

"We can't even claim the photo shoot was our first date," Demi said as she guided Marti towards the bed. "We fucked then, too."

"Do you want to stop?" Marti asked, even as her back legs pressed against the bed.

"No, no I don't," Demi said, letting her dress drop, exposing her breasts to the other girl. Marti groaned in need at the sight.

"Well, what do you suggest?"

"That we lie if anyone asks?" Demi offered.

"Works for me," Marti said before hungrily kissing Demi. A minute later, Marti fell back on the bed, Demi quickly climbing atop her before returning her mouth to the other girl's. They lay like that for quite some time, Demi atop Marti, their lips locked in a kiss that seemed endless, unbreakable, both girls more than willing to just make out for all time.

But their bodies eventually won out, unable to resist their needs for more than just kissing. Demi sat up, breaking the kiss at last and reached for the tiny straps of Marti's dress.

"I need to feel your skin," she said breathlessly, gently tugging the black fabric down until Marti's glorious globes lay revealed to her.

Then Demi's mouth returned to where it had been before, pressing her own chest against Marti's, the two women luxuriating in the sensations of skin on skin.

For Marti, it was wonderful. She felt so amazing lying there with Demi gradually reaching down to cup one of her tits. Demi's other hand cupped Marti's chin and guided the Hellcat's head in the direction she wanted, maximizing the pleasure of their ongoing kiss. It was a blissful existence and Marti Perkins wouldn't have left it for all the money in the world.

But there was a more pressing need growing inside her between her legs and feeling Demi's hard nipples pressing into her skin only made matters worse. As Demi broke the kiss and began to work her mouth down Marti's neck, the cheerleader couldn't wait any longer.

"God, fuck me Demi! Fuck me, please!"

"Mmmm, dirty little cheerleading slut," Demi whispered. But the hand left Marti's breast and traveled down, fishing up beneath the bottom of Marti's skirt and quickly found its way to her panty-covered pussy. Here, Demi gently ran her fingers all over the growing wet spot between Marti's legs, the sensation driving Miss Perkins wild.

"Ooooh," Marti swooned, aided by Demi adding her mouth to one of Marti's nipples. Part of Marti wanted to reach up and pull Demi to her, make the other girl feel as good as she did. But Demi knew what she was doing and another part of Marti - namely her crotch - was more than willing to just lay there and let Demi take the lead.

Faster and faster, Demi's fingers worked over Marti's panty-clad pussy, doing more with gentle sensation than Marti would've ever guessed possible. Somehow, the lacy fabric of Marti's own thong felt more erotic than any time Marti had crammed her own fingers down there. Demi's fingertips seemed to make the lace radiate through Marti's skin, deep into her throbbing pussy. Combined with the work Demi was doing on Marti's nipples and-

"Ohmygod, I'm gonna-" Marti started to say, but Demi cut her off.

"Cum for me, Marti. Cum for me. Let go and cum!" Demi practically pleaded and Marti stopped trying to hold back. With her dress around her waist and her panties still on, Marti Perkins let go and was rewarded with a powerful little orgasm that sent her sprawling to the bed.

"Wow," Marti said when she could speak again. Demi hadn't moved, her hand still resting atop Marti's crotch and her mouth idly playing with one of the blonde's nipples. "That was... that was..."

"I know," Demi said, leaning forward enough to kiss Marti on the lips again. "Now, let's get you out of that dress. And those panties."

"God yes," Marti said, struggling to get up on her elbows. It took a bit of effort, but soon she was as naked as the day she was born and ready for more from Demi.

"I want to go down on you," Marti said, kissing her new love.

"You want to taste me?" Demi asked, returning the kiss.

"I want to taste you," Marti echoed.

"You want to lick my sweet little honey pot?"

"Mmmm, yes!" Marti said. "I want to lick your honey pot! I need to taste that honey, Demi!"

"How bad do you need to taste it?" Demi asked.

"So bad," Marti said.

Demi rolled off her new lover and laid flat on the bed, arms and legs akimbo as she looked playfully at the cheerleader. "Better get going then," she added.

Marti tried not to look like she was hurrying, but she did scramble a bit to get up on her knees and in between Demi's spread legs. Marti found herself staring down at a beautiful pussy, the folds glistening with Demi's juices. Marti took one last look up at her new love's face before lowering her head down into Demi's crotch.

"Mmmm," Demi groaned appreciatively as Marti's tongue began to probe into her. Marti was gentle, careful at first. Yes, she had slept with Demi before, but that had been quick and Demi had done most of the work. Now Marti had the chance to show the other girl just how much she craved her and Marti wanted to do a great job.

"Yes, yes!" Demi said as Marti ran her tongue down the length of Demi's entire slit. "Lick my pussy, Marti. Lick it like a slut."

"You want me to be a slut?" Marti asked. "You want me to be a dirty slut who licks your pussy because she needs to taste it so bad?"

"YES!" Demi hissed. "I want you to be a slut, Marti! I want you to be MY slut!"

"Oh, I'm all yours," Marti said before lowering her mouth onto Demi's pussy once more. This time, she ran her tongue deep into the darker-haired girl.

"Oh, fuck yes! Oh Marti! Marti! Marti! Fuck my pussy Marti! Fuck it with your tongue! Fuck me with your mouth cock!"

Marti snorted and looked up. "Mouth cock?"

Demi blushed. "Sorry, I get carried away sometimes when I'm talking dirty." She paused for a second. "You're alright with that, right?"

"That I'm turning you on so much you start talking like the dirtiest, silliest sailor ever? Yeah, I'm okay with that," Marti admitted.

"Good, because it's not going to stop," Demi said. "Now, get those lips of yours back on my clit."

"Yes, ma'am!" Marti said at once. For the next several minutes, Marti Perkins feasted on Demi's lovebox, not stopping until the shorter girl reached her climax upon the cheerleader's tongue.

"Oh my gawd, that was good," Demi panted minutes later. Marti looked up from between the shorter girl's legs, her heart swelling at the praise.

"So, my mouth cock was enough for you then?" Marti asked playfully, looking up at Demi.

"Oh, you're never going to let me forget that, are you?" Demi asked, her head rolling back on her neck.

"Yep, though I could probably be persuaded to stop teasing you about it," Marti said.

"Oh and what would I have to do to persuade you?" Demi asked.

"Go out with me again," Marti said.

"That's it?" Demi laughed. "You got yourself a deal, Marti Perkins."

"Good," Marti said. "So you're feeling better?" she asked, getting serious.

"You make me feel better," Demi said, motioning for Marti to come lay next to her. Marti did so and Demi pulled the blonde close, kissed her while pulling the sheets up and before either one knew it, they were fast asleep.

* * *

Marti had never been to the Wyndyke Country Club, on the outskirts of Memphis. She'd never even known anyone who'd been there - though, it occurred to her, maybe Savannah's father might have been a member - before he'd gone on the run from the law, that is. The place was beautiful, the lawn still pristine green even in the middle of October. Some of the trees were starting to turn to shades of orange and brown and red, but many still looked like it was the middle of June instead. Marti couldn't help but stare out the passenger side window as Britney Allen pulled in to the parking lot.

It had been a strange ride. The call from Savannah had come in to Britney's office, demanding that both Britney and Marti come to the club. Savannah and Demi were supposed to be taking Savannah's pictures for the Hellcats calendar, but something had gone wrong. A couple of somethings, apparently. Demi needed Britney, Savannah needed Marti. So both had come running.

The last time Britney and Marti had been alone, they'd gotten drunk and slept together. They'd hardly spoken since, but it took a fair amount of time to cross Memphis in the middle of the day. They'd made a little chitchat, but most of the ride had been silent, as if they were both afraid the attraction they held for each other might lead them to do something they shouldn't. Again.

Demi was waiting for them as the car pulled up. Along with a guy in a bright green blazer, horn-rimmed glasses and carrying a clipboard and a sour look.

"Britney, thank God," Demi said. "This guy won't let me set up!"

"Ms. Allen? Davis Courtly, Head of Public Relations for Wyndyke.

"What's the problem, Mr. Courtly?" Britney asked. "I thought we were all cleared."

"We were, until the general manager saw the type of pictures you're looking to take."

"I sent a copy of last year's calendar - his second copy, according to our records," Britney added. "How can he have a problem with this?"

"You'll have to speak with him, Ms. Allen. I'm sorry."

"Okay, show me to him. Marti, help Demi set up. You ARE shooting today."

"Thanks Britney!" Demi called after the departing cheer coach.

"So, what's the emergency that needs me?" Marti asked, smiling at Demi. "Need someone to remind you how hot you were last night on our date?"

"No, you did that this morning before you snuck out. But that doesn't mean I don't like hearing it again," Demi said, glancing around. No one was looking, so she quickly leaned in and kissed Marti. "Good to see you."

"Right back at you," Marti said. It felt oddly good to be part of a couple, even if it was a secret one.

"I didn't call for you. Savannah did," Demi said with a sigh. "She's over by the pool, in the changing room with her wardrobe choices."

"Uh-oh?" Marti asked.

"Uh-oh is right. Please, talk some sense into her. We can't have one-piece bathing suits. They just aren't sexy enough," Demi said.

"You would know," Marti said, looking around too. No one around at all, the place practically deserted. Marti took a chance and took Demi's hand. The shorter, darker-haired girl smiled and led the way to the pool.

* * *

"I don't see what the problem is, Mr. Van Dyke," Britney said. "We cleared this through your PR department, the club will get a credit in the calendar - and free advertising, I might add. You've even got last year's calendar hanging on the wall out there."

"Yes, well, that's out there. We have a few Lancer alumni working here."

"Great!" Britney said. "So what's the problem?"

Gregory Van Dyke was pretty good looking for an older man. He had a shock of white hair, but he had all of it, trimmed close and stylish. He was thin, not a bit of fat from what Britney could tell. And tall. Six-foot-two if he was an inch. Britney had to look up at him when he stood. Britney had always been attracted to tall men. And being older didn't hurt, either. If Van Dyke wasn't being such a dick at the moment, she might have been developing a little crush on him.

Instead, she wanted to kick him in the balls.

"The problem is that the Wyndyke is a family establishment," he said, gesturing to the wide window behind him, overlooking much of the club. "We can't have half-naked girls running around, taking nearly pornographic pictures."

"They're nowhere near pornographic," Britney cut in, but Van Dyke rolled right over her.

"I'm afraid that your calendar is not in keeping with Wyndyke values," he said.

"That's NOT what we were told earlier," Britney said. "Please, Mr. Van Dyke, we need these calendars to make the money we need to get to Sectionals."

"I'm afraid I'm just not seeing the need to help a bunch of cheerleaders who'd display themselves in such a fashion just to advance to some silly competition," Van Dyke said, sitting down and glaring at Britney.

"The need? Mr. Van Dyke, we made all the proper arrangements. We got permission from everyone who we needed to get permission from!"

"Not from me," he said.

"Where's your school spirit, Mr. Van Dyke?" Britney asked, grasping at straws.

"At Memphis Christian," he said with a smirk, looking off to the side. Britney followed his gaze. Sure enough, there was a MemChrist diploma on the wall that she hadn't spotted earlier.

"Is that why you're doing this? How long ago did you graduate?" she asked. "Twenty years? Twenty-five?"

"Fifteen," he grumbled. "I can see they've not bothered to start classes on respect at Lancer."

"I graduated from UCLA," Brtiney said.

"Did you?" he said, an odd note in his voice.

"Yes I did. And we were taught to stick up for what we believe in."

"My high school girlfriend went to UCLA," he said quietly, clearly not having listened to Britney at all.

"Please, Mr. Van Dyke - what can I do to get you to let my girls take their pictures here today?"

Van Dyke looked at her. "What are you willing to do?"

"Anything," Britney said, exasperated.

"Anything?" he echoed, his tone off.

"What do you want?" she asked carefully.

"Do you still have your UCLA cheerleader uniform?" he asked.

"I do..." Britney answered carefully.

"Can you get it and be back here in... half an hour?" he asked, looking at his watch.

"If I leave right away."

"My high school girlfriend went to UCLA and became a cheerleader," Van Dyke said, standing up. "By the time she came home, she'd gotten all Californian and dumped me. In her uniform, of all things."

"And you want to tell her off?" Britney guessed.

"No, I want to fuck her in it," Van Dyke said flatly. "One last good fuck, to get her out of my system once and for all."

"Aren't you married?" Britney sputtered out, feeling the walls closing in on her. She was shocked by the turn this was taken and the thought of giving this slimeball what he wanted revolted her. But, right then, she wasn't seeing any better options.

"Do you want your calendar pics or not?" Van Dyke said.

"I can't-" Britney started to protest.

"Ms. Allen, either you go get your UCLA uniform and let me take you right here on this desk, or I'll have your girls thrown off this property and I'll sue Lancer for trespassing."

"You can't be serious."

"Both the District Attorney and the Police Commissioner for Memphis are members here, Ms. Allen. I assure you, any complaint I file will go through."

"This is blackmail, Mr. Van Dyke," Britney said, the knot in her stomach growing as she knew that deep down she'd already decided to do this. She'd promised the girls. She couldn't let them down and have all their hard work go to waste. And besides, she hadn't had sex since she and Marti Perkins had drunkenly hooked up. Maybe a little sex with a man would help her get that night off her mind...

* * *

"Oh, thank God! There you are, Marti! Can I talk to you in here?" Savannah Monroe asked as she craned her head out from her changing room door.

"Um, yeah, sure thing, Savannah," Marti answered as she and Demi approached.

"I gotta start setting up," Demi said. "Please, just get her into something two-piece. PLEASE," Demi whispered before pecking Marti on the cheek and running off. And, while she knew that her best friend was impatiently waiting for her, Marti stared for a moment at Demi's fine ass in her tight little short-shorts as she left.

Marti shook her head. Having a girlfriend was fun. With Demi out of sight, she turned to the dressing room, showing herself in. She wondered what could be going through her best friend's mind. As she stepped inside, Marti saw Savannah had her hands tucked in the pockets of her cotton white bathrobe, noticeably fidgeting through the uneasiness. "Everything okay? You look like you've been in an earthquake."

"Sorry, I'm just so nervous right now," Savannah apologized. "Can you promise me that you will be completely honest with me about something? And when I say, 'Honest,' I mean brutally. Don't just say what you think I want to hear."

"Umm, yeah, I can do that," Marti said, a little more hesitantly than she wanted but still conveying truthfulness. As Savannah started untying the sash to her bathrobe, Marti immediately began to realize it had to do with what Savannah was wearing underneath.

Probably just has to do with the calendar shoot, Marti thought to herself. Savannah seemed like the type to never even wear a bikini and Marti assumed she was probably nervous about showing off her goodies a little. Though she had no reason to be, Marti thought. Savannah was a beautiful girl. Hell they'd probably make a fortune on the calendar if Savannah was naked...

But as soon as she began to think that, Marti stepped on the brakes in her brain. Not only did she have a girlfriend now but Savannah was her best friend. There had to be some limits and thinking of Savannah naked was definitely one of them.

"Alright, what do you think of this?" Savannah said, snapping Marti out of her spacey state. Having finally untied the knot, she dropped the robe down her arms.

Marti had sorta known what to expect, but even so, she still raised an eyebrow. Savannah was clad in an official Lancer swim team one-piece. It not only covered her entire torso, but actually ran up onto her neck. Only her arms and legs were bare.

"What on Earth are you wearing, 'Vanna?" Marti asked.

"It's an official Lancer swimsuit!" Savannah protested. But she knew deep down Marti was right. She'd had doubts she could pull this off as soon as she'd looked at herself in it and that was why she had called Marti over here so frantically. She'd hoped that her roommate would assure her that it was totally cool to wear this but Savannah now had it confirmed that she had only been fooling herself.

"For Mormons, maybe!" Marti said. "You're not back at MemChrist, Savannah. We gotta show some skin to move these calendars!"

"I just- I- I" Savannah stammered. "Mom got so upset last year and I don't want to look know...slutty."

"Well, I'm here now and I know slutty, trust me," Marti said.

"Is that a good thing?" Savannah asked.

"In this case, yes," Marti said. "I can help you find something sexy that's not too revealing. Try another suit - I know Demi brought more than one."

"Okay, okay," Savannah said, heading back into the dressing room. "Thanks for coming, Marti," she continued through the door. "You're so much better at this stuff than I am."

"Better?" Marti asked, smiling as she looked over to see Demi approaching. Demi shot her a questioning look, but didn't say anything.

"At being sexy. You're probably used to it," Savannah said.

"She's right there," Demi whispered into Marti's ear before nibbling on it. Marti quivered in delight at the photographer's tone, dripping with lusty need.

"U-used to it?" Marti stammered.

"Yeah," Savannah said through the curtain. "I mean, you're not a virgin and you've been with a lot of guys."

"I wouldn't say, 'a lot,'" Marti said quickly, looking at the playfully disapproving look Demi was giving her.

"Compared to me," Savannah said. "Okay, coming out!"

"Thanks for the heads up," Demi said as Savannah opened the curtain.

"Well, that's a step in the right direction, I guess," Marti said. Savannah now wore a bright neon green tankini, a lot better than what she had been wearing, but nowhere near sexy enough.

"How'd that even get in there?" Demi asked. "That's not Lancer colors."

"You didn't put it in?" Savannah asked, her eyes going wide.

"Nope," the photographer shook her head. "You must be wearing someone's forgotten suit."

Savannah jumped back into the changing room like a jackrabbit, barely pulling the curtain shut before starting to strip out of it. "Ew! Ew! Ew! Used swimsuit!" Savannah exclaimed from behind the curtain.

"You really didn't put that one in there?" Marti asked quietly.

"Totally did - but it's mine - I was hoping to go swimming in the club pool when we got done," Demi admitted with a sly smile.

Marti took on a disappointed look. "Ms. Torres, you're ruining all my sexy bikini fantasies of you."

"Well, if you want to find something sexier for me to wear when I go swimming..." Demi trailed off.

"Yeah I do," Marti said, sneaking a quick kiss from her girlfriend.

* * *

Blue, white and gold. For Britney Allen, alumni of UCLA, these would always be HER school colors. That was actually a reason she was happy to work for Lancer - the colors were similar. Clad once more in the tank top and flared skirt that she'd spent so many hours in for four of the best years of her life, Britney got out of her car again and walked quickly towards the offices of the Wyndyke Country Club.

It wasn't going to be the first time she'd slept with a guy while wearing her cheerleader uniform. Most cheerleaders were able to cross that particular fetish off before they got through their freshman year. But it was the first time Britney was being blackmailed into it.

She didn't have to do this. She knew that. She could pack Demi and Savannah up and they could find anywhere else to take the pictures, screw Van Dyke and his club. Savannah could stand under a garden hose and get wet that way. None of the Hellcats were asking her to do this. None of them even knew she was going to do it. Only Van Dyke did and he probably thought she wouldn't go through with it.

But Britney would. And she'd try and enjoy it, too.

She'd been thinking about this the whole trip back and forth to grab the uniform. The whole arrangement was offensive to its core. Britney knew she should have been offended and furious. She should have wanted to rip Van Dyke's dick off just for suggesting it. But there she was actually trying to make the best of it instead. It wasn't just about getting the picture. It wasn't just about taking one for the team - she'd already proven she could do that by running naked across campus. For Britney Allen, this little blackmail tryst was about one thing.

The sex.

It would be her first time since she and Marti Perkins had drunkenly hooked up - and try as she might, Britney was having a hard time forgetting that. The diminutive cheerleading coach needed a way to block out the flashes of memory that kept coming back to her. Suckling Marti's gorgeous tits. Feeling Marti's tongue on her pussy. Hearing Marti moan her name as she fingered her to climax. She might have imagined half of them, but it didn't matter. Sex with Marti was keeping Britney up at night, and since she could never - EVER - sleep with Marti again, she needed to forget it.

Britney Allen was hoping that being Gregory Van Dyke's little fantasy would help her forget the awful, awful, sexy thing she'd done with one of her cheerleaders.

That it benefited the team at the same time was just the slight motivation she needed to actually go through with it. It got her off her ass and into the arms of an attractive older man.

"Ms. Allen? I half expected you to not come back," Van Dyke said as she entered his office. "You look quite fetching in your uniform."

"Let's get this over with, Mr. Van Dyke," Britney said. "This is a one-time thing and if you tell ANYONE-"

"If I tell anyone, my marriage will end, so will my career and my reputation will be ruined," Van Dyke said, standing up and coming around his desk. Britney had to look up as he approached, he was so tall. "Trust me, this is between you, me and the walls."

"The walls better not have ears," Britney muttered as Van Dyke reached out and caressed a lock of her blonde hair, twirling it around his finger once.

"They don't," he said. "On your knees, please."

Britney dropped to her knees, repressing a sigh. She was hoping it'd be a quickie, but Van Dyke clearly wanted a little oral action first. She didn't even wait for him to ask or move, she simply reached forward and unzipped his pants, freeing his growing cock from its cloth prison. She blinked once - he was fairly good sized. Not so long, but thick. A good, thick, hard cock. It'd been a while since Britney had one of those...

"Go on," he said quietly, his cock twitching in Britney's face. He was hard already and it showed just how much he was getting off on this fantasy. Carefully, Britney took Van Dyke's cock in her hand, part of her loving the thickness of it. She was a small girl with small hands, barely able to wrap her fingers around the shaft. She took a few tentative jerks, savoring the sensation of hard, hot meat.

"If I'd wanted a hand job, I could've done it myself," Van Dyke chided, though not harshly. Britney got the message anyway, and opened her mouth. Praying she wouldn't choke on it, she took Van Dyke's cock in her mouth and began to suck. He grunted his pleasure at once as Britney's warm, wet mouth surrounded his manhood. For Britney, it was a less pleasant experience.

Britney liked giving head. Months before she'd let Jesse take her virginity, she'd given him blowjobs. At first, she'd been awful, but by the time she gave up her V-card in the back of Jesse's car, Britney had developed quite the skill level at cock sucking. She knew how to twirl her tongue, how to caress the balls, how to rotate her mouth at just the right time. She could lick, suck and even bite in a way that'd drive men crazy.

Van Dyke's cock wouldn't let her do any of that. It was big enough that she had a hard time doing much more than just wrap her mouth around it. Her tongue, usually more active, was pressed down to the bottom of her mouth as he slid in and out. Any thought Britney might have had to just getting Van Dyke off quickly with her mouth were dashed.

That didn't stop him from fucking her face for several long minutes. Britney gave up trying to do anything more than just keep her mouth wet and breathe through her nose. It came as a relief when Van Dyke finally pulled out, even though she knew what was next.

"Up," he said, the first word he'd spoken in several minutes. Britney barely got to her feet before Van Dyke grabbed her by the arm and hauled her over to the desk. He gently, but firmly, pushed her in the small of her back until she bent over the top of the desk. She was short enough that she had to be up on her toes to keep her feet on the ground, but with the bulk of her body atop the desk, it hardly mattered. Van Dyke reached up under her skirt and yanked off her spankies, leaving the white cotton panties underneath for the moment. Britney's toes left the floor as he slipped the spankies off and tossed them aside.

"Ooh!" Britney gasped as Van Dyke gripped her ass cheek with one hand, and rubbed her covered crotch with the other. Both she and Van Dyke were surprised by how wet she was.

"Slutty little cheerleader! I knew you wanted this! All you cheerleaders are little sluts just waiting to be fucked like the whores you are!" he grumbled, yanking the panties down. Britney gasped, then gasped again as Van Dyke pressed his large shaft up into Britney's wet pussy. That was slow going, as even though Britney was sopping, Van Dyke was quite a bit thicker than any cock she'd ever had. He must have been used to it, though, because he took his time, slowly but steadily working his way up inside her.

"Oh, fuck!" Britney groaned. She'd never been this full before! It felt so good!

"Keep quiet!" he snapped before pulling out. This time, he went in faster, making Britney groan. A few more slow entries and all pretense of being gentle went away. With Britney bent over the desk, Van Dyke began fucking her in earnest.

* * *

"How's this one?"

Marti and Demi barely had time to let go of each other and step apart before Savannah stepped out from the dressing room. She was in a Lancer blue bikini but had a Lancer football jersey on top of it, leaving most of herself covered.

"We discussed that this was supposed to be sexy, right?" Demi asked.

"I know, I know," Savannah said, frustrated. "This was so much easier last year."

"Okay, let me pick one out," Demi said. "Marti, boost your friend's ego a little."

"Uh, sure," Marti said as Demi went to start picking through the swimsuits. "Come on, 'Vanna, you got this. It's no different from last year."

"But I kinda regret last year," Savannah admitted in a whisper. "I mean, you know boys are probably... well you know...doing stuff to themselves when they look at those pictures."

Marti snorted. "They better be masturbating to our pics - we looked HOT last year!"

"Marti looks hot this year," Demi added over her shoulder from the swimsuit rack. "Hey, Savannah, lift up the back of your jersey for a second."

"Why, is there something on it?" Savannah asked, reaching around to grab the tail of her jersey. While she looked for an offending stain or something, Marti caught Demi scoping out Savannah's ass. For a second, a burst of jealousy shot through Marti - Demi should've only been ogling her ass, not some other girl's. Then she got ahold of herself and remembered what it was Demi was doing. Looking for a suit.

"Must have been a bug or something," Marti said, helping Demi to cover her action.

"Good, we have to return that to the football team when we're done," Demi added.

"Savannah," Marti said returning to the job of boosting her roommate's self-esteem and hopefully eliminating an inhibition or two in the process, "Demi's going to find you a great suit, you're going to look amazing and it's going to help us sell, like, a million of these calendars."

"We're only printing a thousand of them," Savannah said.

"Exaggeration, sweetie, exaggeration," Marti calmed her. "I promise, Demi's going to make you look fantastic. Just go in there, try on the sexiest suit there is, hop under that waterfall and watch us fund our entire trip to Sectionals in a snap."

"But what about the boys who-"

"Savannah, they're already doing that to pictures of us in our cheer uniforms," Marti pointed out. "Guys will jack off to a copy of Newsweek if they can. Why not let them pay us money and help us get where we need to go?"

"I guess," Savannah said.

"This is it!" Demi said, pulling out a suit and shoving it into Savannah's hands. "Go put that one on and we'll get shooting."

"There's not a-"

"Savannah, we don't have all day," Demi reminded her, actually pushing the little cheerleader into the changing room and closing the door shut behind her.

"I saw you," Marti whispered as Demi came back over and hugged her.

"Saw me?" Demi asked innocently.

"You were totally checking out my roommate's ass."

"She does have a nice ass," Demi said with a smirk.

"Nicer than mine?"

"Hell no," Demi said, reaching down and grabbing it through Marti's shorts. "Your ass is totally hotter."

"Yeah, well, I like your ass, too," Marti said quietly, kissing Demi's nose quickly.

"Your friend is totally going to catch us," Demi said, reaching up and kissing Marti.

"No she won't," Marti whispered, kissing Demi back. "How's it going in there, Savannah?" she called out loudly.

"It's tiny!" Savannah complained. "I feel like I'm naked!"

"Good!" Marti called back. She leaned in and whispered in Demi's ear. "I bet the thong I'm wearing is tinier."

"You going to show me, or do I gotta guess?" Demi whispered in response, while sliding her hands up enough to then slide them past the waistband of Marti's shorts. Both girls were looking around nervously - if someone came around now, or if Savannah stumbled out of that changing room, there'd be no hiding what the girls were doing. Still, Marti cooed as Demi's fingers slid low enough to touch bare skin on Marti's buttocks.

"Mmmm, you've got a great ass," Demi whispered in Marti's ear.

* * *

"I'm going to fuck your ass, you little slut," Van Dyke growled, working through years of issues with his ex as he pulled out of Britney.

"Whoa-whoa. We didn't-" Britney tried to protest, but Van Dyke was already lined up and he began slowly easing his monster cock into Britney's backside just like that. "OHMYGOD!" Britney gasped. Britney Allen wasn't an anal virgin, but it had been a while since a cock had gone up her backside and, considering how large Van Dyke was, she might as well have been one.

"Fuck, you're tight," he grumbled, pushing in a little more.

"Ugh, okay that hurts!" Britney snapped. "Oww! Stop! STOP!"

To her surprise, Van Dyke actually stopped, pulling out and when she turned around, he looked legitimately concerned.

"I didn't really hurt you, did I?"

"You're too big for that hole," Britney said, gazing down at his dick, still shiny with her own pussy juice.

"I'm sorry, I got carried away and..." he trailed off as Britney, shimmied her UCLA skirt down and off her legs, then jumped up on the desk, spreading her legs wide.

"Shut up and get back over here," Britney said, forgetting that this man with the giant cock had blackmailed her into this. "Here's the deal - my girls get to shoot whatever they want here at Wyndyke, whenever they want, from now on. You get to fuck my pussy, but not my ass and when we're done, we never EVER speak of it again. Okay?"

Gregory Van Dyke cocked his head to the side and slowly smiled. "I may have misjudged you, Ms. Allen."

"This slutty cheerleader has been known to have been misjudged every now and then," Britney said, patting her crotch. "Now hurry up. I want to check on my Hellcats."

Van Dyke's large cock was back into Britney a few seconds later. Now feeling a bit more in control, Britney let herself go and started to enjoy the fucking. For that was all it was. The big, hard cock felt good inside her pussy, which was still dripping wet despite the painful time-out for the attempted anal. Britney ran her legs around Van Dyke's back, just to keep him in place.

Yes, Britney realized, she did still like sex with men. And Van Dyke's fat cock was doing wonders for her now, driving her closer to climax with every thrust. But even looking at his masculine body pressing into her, Britney found herself thinking back to sex with Marti Perkins. Yes, this sex was good, but somehow, drunken lesbian sex with one of her cheerleaders had been better.

"Harder," Britney pleaded. She had to be sure. She had to know.

What, exactly, had Marti Perkins awakened in her?

It didn't seem to matter. Van Dyke was pounding her hard and it wouldn't be long before Britney creamed all over his shaft. She might be thinking about girls, but she was getting off on a guy. Maybe, just maybe she was bisexual.

She almost believed it, too, except when she reached climax, she could only see Marti Perkins' perfect breasts in her head.

"Thank you," Van Dyke said as Britney came down from her climax. She hadn't even realized he'd cum, too. "That was... something I needed. Your girls can use our course any time," he added.

"Thanks," Britney said, her tone making it clear she didn't quite enjoy having to prostitute herself to get this. At least the sex had been good. Just with the wrong person. "We're never speaking of this again, right?"

"Right," Van Dyke said. "I've just always wanted to fuck a UCLA cheerleader."

"Now you have," Britney said, pulling her skirt down. She'd have to change before seeing the girls - there'd be too many questions if she showed up dressed like this. Then she'd have to find an excuse to wear it again, because she didn't want THIS to be the last time she wore this uniform.

"Thank you, Mr. Van Dyke," Britney said. "The Hellcats appreciate your help and the help of the Wyndyke."

"Of course, of course," he said, zipping up. He didn't look at Britney as she left, which suited her just fine. And true to his word, Gregory Van Dyke never spoke of it again.

* * *

"Okay, I'm coming out!" Savannah warned. "But I'm not comfortable!"

Heeding the warning, Demi's hands flew out of Marti's shorts, where they were dangerously close to sliding around towards the front and Marti's hands dropped from up underneath Demi's T-shirt, having traveled up there without either girl realizing it. Demi took three big steps away from Marti and pretended to be fiddling with her camera when Savannah slowly stepped out of the dressing room.

It took all of Marti's willpower not to choke on her tongue.

Savannah was wearing a royal blue bikini with a floral design that was just a shade of blue lighter than the rest of the bikini. The trim was yellow, completing the Lancer color scheme, as was the fold-down waist of the bottoms.

As if the bikini wasn't enough, the top pushed up Savannah's breasts enough to give a teasing hint of cleavage and her stomach was on full display and in all its well-toned glory.

"God, Savannah...that's um, just..." Marti stammered.

"You hate it already. I knew it," Savannah said, picking her robe up and getting ready to put it back on.

"No!" Marti exclaimed. "It's just you look so amazing. Do you realize how many people are going to lose their breath when they see you wearing that?"

"I'm not talking about the front, Marti," Savannah explained. "I'm talking about the back. Look."

Savannah spun around to show Marti what she meant and if the blonde had trouble focusing before, she damn near fainted when she saw what her best friend was talking about.

The back of Savannah's bottoms was cut in a slender V-shape, not leaving much of her booty to the imagination. And what a booty it was. Marti knew how beautiful her best friend was, but she had never seen her like this before. Her ass was simply magnificent and in this suit it was looking so juicy and tempting. 'Jeez, what could Savannah's problem be?' Marti thought. 'It looks great.'

"Well?" Savannah asked, snapping Marti out of her thoughts.

"What's the problem? You look terrific," Demi told her, approaching the two roommates.

"Well, don't you think it's, you know...?"

"Cheeky?" Demi offered with a smirk.

"I was going to say, 'Not enough,' but that works," Savannah said. "It feels like I'm showing too much butt."

"Savannah, let me tell you something," Marti said. "Your butt is probably the best part of your body. Don't be afraid to flaunt it."

"You really think that?"

"I do and so do a lot of people," Marti added, trying to make it sound like she hadn't been checking her out. "Between you and me, Dan's said he's always thought it was incredibly sexy."

"Wait, you and Dan talked about that?" Savannah asked.

"Well, we used to before, you know... the breakup. But that's not the point..." Marti stated. "The point is that a lot of people like it and you shouldn't really be worried about showing it off. Come on, I guarantee your picture will be one of the biggest hits of the calendar."

"You mean it?"

"Absolutely. I promise it."

"Trust me, Savannah - your pic is going to be amazing," Demi added. "I'll go set up the camera, you come get under the water as soon as you're ready, Savannah."

"Thanks, Marti," Savannah said as Demi walked off, reaching in for a hug that Marti returned. "I guess I just needed an honest opinion to reassure me."

"Anything I can do to help," Marti told her, feeling a little disappointed as Savannah reached for her bathrobe and put it back on after breaking the hug. "Oh, um, I forgot to tell you, I got a perfect score on my Environmental Law midterm."

"Oh my God! Congratulations!" Savannah exclaimed. "I knew you could do it!"

"Yeah, well, it was always great to have someone supporting me. Thank you, again."

"You're welcome," Savannah said. "So, do you have anything else going on over the next few days?"

"Well, I'm going to do some studying at Wanda's," Marti lied to cover for her plans to spend more time with Demi. "Just need the peace and quiet. What about you?"

"You know my friend, Debby, right?"

"Your friend from your Sports Science course, Texas accent, can never settle on if she's a dirty blonde or redhead?" Marti asked

"She's a strawberry blonde for now, but that's her," Savannah told her. "Yeah, we're going to be meeting for lunch at the quad later on to wrap up the assignment we're working on."

"That's cool. Maybe you two can work together one day," Marti said.

"Nah, she's more of a cross country girl," Savannah said. "But she said she would like to see my calendar pictures."

"Lucky her," Marti responded, trying to hold back a bit of jealousy that she wasn't getting a sneak preview.

"I guess she is," Savannah agreed, not picking up on her friend's disappointment over not being able to see the flesh show. "God, I am so excited for this shoot. But you know who is really excited?"


"Charlotte," Savannah answered as if it were the most obvious answer in the world. "She's been busting herself to get her old body back after she had John and it's only been five months, but she looks better than ever. She wants to have something to be proud of about how far she has come."

"Well, she's deserved it," Marti told her. "Charlotte has come a long way. She should feel proud of her progress."

"I bet her picture is even sexier than mine," Savannah said wistfully as she turned to follow Demi. "Thanks again, Marti! See you back at Cheertown."

"See you," Marti said, unable to keep from staring at Savannah's cheeky bikini bottoms as she walked off.

"Whoa, that's a helluva suit for Savannah to be wearing," Britney Allen said, popping up next to Marti. The younger girl jumped, surprised.

"You startled me," Marti said, glancing over at Britney in her baggy jeans and a UCLA sweatshirt. "Ummm did you change clothes?"

"Don't ask," Britney muttered. "I'm just going to tell Demi she can take all the pics here she wants, then I'm heading back. Meet you at the car?"

"Okay," Marti said. She found herself shaking her head a moment later when she caught herself staring at Britney's ass as the coach walked off. God, between Savannah, Britney and, of course, Demi, Marti was going to need some serious cold showers soon.

* * *

An hour later, Britney dropped Marti and Savannah off in front of Cheertown, leaving them while she took her car home, where she'd shower and try not to think too hard about what she'd done for the team today. Neither Hellcat picked up on what their coach had done and indeed they were both lost in their own worlds. Marti was trying to think of how she could top Demi's dinner date, while Savannah was trying to think about her project with Debby.

* * *

Charlotte Monroe had experienced the pleasures of sex exactly twice before this very moment. Her first time, she'd gotten pregnant and ended up having a child with her big sister's ex-boyfriend. That had been a disaster to say the least. Then, a year later, her second time had been almost equally disastrous, as Charlotte had let herself be seduced by another girl in the shower. Charlotte had enjoyed that second time so much more than the first, but she hated the fact that she'd enjoyed it. She wish she'd stopped Deirdre Perkins from kissing her, from licking her, from making her climax so much harder than Charlotte ever had before.

But she hadn't and she'd returned some of those dirty, dirty favors and enjoyed doing that too. Charlotte had spent many nights after that trying to find a way to forget it ever happened. She WASN'T a lesbian. She was certain of that. Yes, she had enjoyed lesbian sex and yes, she found other women attractive - but that was just appreciating seeing something beautiful she told herself, believing the lie.

So she was very happy when she found a way to forget her little tryst with Deirdre had happened. She found it in the arms of a boy. A cute boy, who treated her sweetly, didn't care that she had a son with someone else and hadn't once pressured her to have sex. In fact, she had to pressure him a little, though he caved pretty quickly once Charlotte sank her hand under the waistband of his shorts and found his erection waiting for her.

"You are so beautiful," he said, looking up at her with an expression that said he meant it. If Charlotte hadn't already been riding his cock, she would've dropped her panties from that look alone. She tried not to blush, failed and rode him a little harder just to cover it.

This, this was GOOD. None of the pain of her first experience, none of the guilt of enjoying the body of another woman. No, this was just pleasurable sex, good feelings, a man and woman expressing their feelings for each other physically. Yes, as Charlotte felt her heart pound in her chest, she figured this was right. This was how sex had to be. Third time was the charm, it seemed.

"You. Are. So. BIG!" Charlotte gasped, sliding herself up and down atop her new lover. It was true. He was bigger than Noah and Noah had spent half their very brief time together begging Charlotte to tell him how big he was. Her new guy hadn't asked once, but Charlotte actually felt like telling him that.

"And you are so TIGHT!" he shot back, thrusting up into her once again. Then he stopped as she glared down at him.

"Tight for a mother, you mean?" she asked pointedly.

"N-no!" He stammered. "I meant, just, you know, tight. In a 'this is so hot I can barely think' sorta way."

"Maybe you'd better just shut up and be thankful I think you're hot enough to ignore that last statement," Charlotte smiled. To emphasis the point, she ground down on his shaft, making him moan. Truthfully, he could've called her a slutty whore at that moment and she'd keep on bouncing atop him. Charlotte was close. So close. Only a few more strokes, just like this.

"Say my name," she called out.

"Charlotte!" he said.


"Charlotte!" he repeated.

She was so close, just one or two more - "AGAIN!" she demanded.


Charlotte's eyes went wide when she realized that wasn't his voice. She looked up and there in the doorway to Cheertown stood Savannah and Marti, both of their mouths wide open.

* * *

"OH MY GOD CHARLOTTE?!?!?!" Savannah said as her eyes registered what was going on. There on the couch, in the middle of Cheertown, was her own baby sister, wearing only her Hellcats skirt, her bare breasts exposed to the world, as she straddled her base, Jason, who was clearly naked, his modesty only covered by the spread pleating of Charlotte's skirt.

"Savannah?! What are you doing here?" Charlotte asked, too shocked to move.

"I live here, what are YOU doing?! Get off him! Now!"

Reacting automatically, Charlotte climbed off, giving both Savannah and Marti an eyeful of his full erection, covered only with a condom and still glistening with Charlotte's -

"Ohmygod," Savannah said, averting her eyes.

"Wow, good for you, Charlotte," Marti said, speaking for the first time.

"Shut up Marti," Savannah barked. "Charlotte, what on Earth are you doing? Are you TRYING to have another baby?"

"What? No! God, we were using protection, Savannah," Charlotte snapped, getting angry.

"Uh, I think I'll go put some pants on-" Jason started to say, but Savannah stopped him cold.

"Don't you dare go anywhere, mister," she said, trying hard to look him in the eye without letting her gaze wander back down. "What, exactly, are your intentions towards my sister?"

"Uh..." he stammered, covering himself with his hands.

"Leave him alone, Savannah! You've got no right to give him the third degree," Charlotte said.

"I just walked in on him molesting my sister," Savannah said. "I have every right!"

"Molesting?!" Jason said, his eyes going wide.

"Oh stop being such a drama queen, Savannah," Charlotte said. "If anything, I was molesting him. I was on top, after all." She walked over and grabbed Jason's head in her hands, delivering a rather passionate kiss.

"STOP IT!" Savannah said. "Charlotte, don't you remember what happened the last time you had sex?"

"Yes, I do," Charlotte said. "I got John! My wonderful baby boy, John! Yes, he was an accident, but he's the best thing to ever happen to me, Savannah. And don't you dare try and make me feel otherwise!"

That knocked Savannah off the high horse she was riding and she felt bad for going there. "I-I'm sorry, Char. I didn't mean that the way it-"

"I'm not done," Charlotte said. She reached down and grabbed Jason's hands, pulling them away from his manhood.

"Hey!" he protested as he was put on display for three women, but Charlotte didn't let go. "You see that, sis? That's a condom. We were using protection! I'm not an idiot, Savannah. I've learned my lesson. But I'm a grown woman and I'm allowed to have sex with my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" Savannah asked.

"Boyfriend?" Jason echoed. "We making it that official now?"

"Yeah, if you want," Charlotte said, actually blushing a little. "If you want."

"'Course I want," Jason said. "Be nice not to have to hide what we're doing."

"You could hide parts of it behind closed doors," Marti offered.

Jason glanced down and seemed to remember his predicament. "I, uh, I'd really like to go put pants on right now."

"I'll come with you, unless Savannah wants to rage on about something else...?" she trailed off, leaving the challenge in the air for her older sister.

"Char, I'm sorry," Savannah said. "You just, you know, caught me by surprise."

"Same here, Vanna," Charlotte said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go put pants on my boyfriend."

"No rush on my account," Marti said, still eyeing Jason.

"Marti!" Savannah gasped, slapping her arm.

"What? I haven't seen a real live penis for this long since Julian and I broke up!"

"TMI Marti, TMI," Charlotte said.

"Right back at you, kid," Marti said. "I really didn't need to know you like to ride cowgirl."

"Cowgirl?" Savannah asked. "What's that got to do with anything?"

Charlotte and Marti traded looks. "You brought it up, Marti, you explain it to her," Charlotte said, walking off with Jason in tow.

"But you were the one- ah, crap," Marti said, realizing she was sunk now.

"Well?" Savannah asked expectantly.

Marti rolled her eyes, wishing she'd stayed with Demi instead. "Okay, Savannah. When a boy and girl really like each other..."

* * *

Molly found the bus stop she was looking for, finding the corner where Natalie was going to pick her up, leaning on the outside part of the glass shield used to protect travelers from the rain. Ever weary of how illicit this relationship was on a professional level for Natalie, the redhead checked around her, making sure nobody else was around that could blow the whistle on the two of them. After a few moments, Molly relaxed as she was certain nobody she was familiar with was watching her.

But, as fate would have it, despite being as careful as she was, Molly was indeed being watched. Hidden beneath the shadows in an alley just a few buildings down, Emily Sear lurked by, trying to see what her friend and teammate was up to. There was so much that the skateboarding cheerleader didn't know about Molly and that frustrated the blonde to no end.

Even though Molly had checked her surroundings as thoroughly as possible, there was still no way she would have seen Emily. She was hidden behind enough boxes to get a good view without being spotted. And even with the garbage and the occasional dead rat that she stepped on, she was determined to see what Molly's little secret was.

The problem with Molly, as Emily found out early on, was that the business student was basically closed off. She certainly had baggage and, no matter how much Emily prodded, Molly was determined not to open up. Being naturally inquisitive and curious, Emily wasn't going to take Molly's defensive tactics lying down. She was going to get to the bottom of it no matter what even if it meant turning into a stalker for the night. Besides, Emily didn't consider this stalking. It was being a concerned friend. That was all.

Already, Molly's behavior was strange to Emily. She was leaning on the glass shield of the bus stop when the bench underneath the shield was completely empty. Why would she do that? It was like Molly was trying to stay away from anybody who was taking the bus.

Molly took a look up Beale Street and saw a black BMW with tinted windows pulling up to the bus stop, the passenger side next to the redheaded cheerleader. This was it. The driver was going to get up and reveal himself. Emily could feel her breath escape her mouth.

"Excuse me!" somebody said behind Emily. "This is my corner, bitch! You need to get your own!"

"Wha---" Emily gasped as she looked behind her. Sure enough, she found herself with a prostitute, who stood taller than Emily and looked as though she was really a he. "Oh, no, I'm not trying to move in on your area, I just..."

"Don't lie to me, tramp!" the hooker yelled. "Nobody comes back here wearing a trashy outfit like that unless they're working!"

"Excuse me?" Emily scowled. "You don't know me. Why don't you go somewhere else like a cheap motel room?"

"Slut, I could make more than you with one trick than you could in a week," the hooker growled. "Now get off my territory."

"Make me," Emily dared "her". As the streetwalker moved toward, Emily kicked her skateboard into her hands and held it like a baseball bat. "But if you move one step closer, I'll bash that Adam's apple in."

The hooker thought of moving in, but thought wiser of it.

"Yeah, keeping walking away, Sir," Emily snarled, adding the last word to piss the pro off. When she saw "she" was away, Emily returned to her viewing post to see what Molly was doing.

Nothing. No Molly. No BMW. Everything that had been there before was gone along with her chance to solve the mystery of what her friend was really up to.

"Goddamn it!" Emily cursed. She had been so close to finally learning what dirty little secret Molly had been keeping and her best opportunity was gone. If it hadn't been for that prostitute, she would have had her answers by now.

Frustrated with herself, the tomboyish Emily punched one of the cardboard boxes stacked in front of her, causing the wall of boxes to fall over. As she got on her skateboard and headed back to campus, she wondered how she was going to find out what Molly was hiding.

* * *

"No no, don't put that light there! It'll wash out all the shadows!"

Dan Patch groaned. "That's the point, Holland!"

"No, it's not Dan," she snapped back. "This is black and white photography. You WANT the shadows!"

"You still need to be able to see what you're shooting," Dan argued. God, he hated still photography. "'Casablanca' might have looked filled with shadows, but trust me, Bogey had two sets of lights on him the whole time."

"You're still thinking movies, Dan. This is still photography," Holland said.

Dan groaned, wishing he'd never agreed to help Holland Skyler out with this stupid project. They were in the middle of a darkened street, shooting a far-too-clothed Ashley Carson beneath a streetlight. Dan got what Holland was going for, a sort of noir-ish, mystery shot that really did remind him of old Humphrey Bogart films, but her refusal to use a second, contrasting light was washing out all the details.

Of course, Ashley constantly stopping and talking on her smartphone didn't help maters either.

"How much longer is this going to be?" Ashley asked. "I got a date and my roommate's picking me up for it."

"We're almost done," Holland said. "Dan, put that light away and just step back," she said.

"Your GPA," he muttered, stepping back. Holland took the old 35mm camera and stepped closer to Ashley, a contrast in wardrobe to be sure. She wore one of those awful yellow raincoats that don't look good on anyone over the age of 10 and a gorgeous pink and white sundress that was probably leaving her a little cool in mid-October. She looked gorgeous, which this being the third shoot with the girl, was something Dan was getting used to.

As Holland kneeled down to shoot up at Ashley, Dan wondered whom this date Ashley was going on was with. He'd be tempted to take a shot himself, except every third comment out of Ashley's mouth was something about going gay. A shame that, having seen Ashley stark naked, Dan envied whatever girl ended up nailing that.

"Dan?" a new voice said from behind him. "What are you doing here?"

Dan turned, surprised to see Deirdre Perkins walking up to him. The younger Perkins sister wore a black Misfits t-shirt and tattered jeans and carried a large backpack signaling that she'd just come from a late class.

"Deirdre, hey," he said. "I'm helping Holland with her project. By which I mean I'm lugging all her gear and letting her yell at me."

"You're really good at being yelled at, Dan!" Holland called over her shoulder.

"What brings you here?"

"Ashley's my roommate," Deirdre said. "I gotta bring her home for her date tonight."

"Ah," Dan said. "Small world, I guess."

"Huh?" Deirdre asked.

"Never mind," he said. "So, have you heard from Marti lately?"

"I haven't seen her since the Lancer/MemChrist game," Deirdre said. "Or any of the Hellcats, actually."


"I did hear you and Savannah broke up," Deirdre said. "Sorry, I guess."

"Yeah, well, she was a little too goody-goody for me anyway," Dan said, trying to deflect.

"Then why did you go out with her in the first place?" Deirdre asked.

"Uh, well, ah..." Dan stammered, trying to find the words.

"Was it just because she's really cute?" Deirdre offered. "Because I can see that."

"That wasn't the only reason," Dan said.

"It's okay if it is. I'd sleep with Savannah if she'd let me," Deidre said straight faced.

"Yeah, well, if you did, you'd officially get further than I ever did with her," Dan grumbled.

"Oh," Deidre said. "That's right, Savannah's still a virgin."

"Probably will be until she gets married," Dan agreed. He glanced over to where Holland was taking shots practically from Ashley's feet. "You getting any good up-skirt shots over there, Holland?"

"Ooh, then I'm glad I wore my best G-string," Ashley laughed.

"Shut up, Dan!" Holland snapped. "Okay, Ashley, I think we're done. You can go. But I need you again tomorrow and the day after and-"

"And the day after," Ashley said. "Being a gorgeous model sure is time consuming," she said, smiling at Dan as she passed. "Hey roomie."

"Hey Ashley," Deirdre said. "Later Dan," she added, turning to follow her roommate.

"Later Deirdre." He paused for a second. "Hey, tell Marti I said, 'Hi,' would you? I haven't heard from her in forever. Don't know what's going on with her."

"If I see her," Deirdre said.

"Yeah, if you see her," Dan said, watching the younger Perkins sister follow her roommate away.

"Quit staring at the pretty girls and help me pack up, Dan," Holland said, walking past him towards her car.

"Why am I helping you again?" Dan asked, grabbing the spare lights before following her.

* * *

Frustrated both at the prostitute that distracted her and herself for allowing her attention to be diverted in the first place, Emily hopped off her skateboard at the entrance to Cheertown, walked in and slammed the door behind her. Stomping her way to her room without a care of who was hearing her, she made her way to her room, set to scream into her pillow, when...

"Ariana?" Emily asked. "What are you doing in my room?"

"Oh, hi, Emily!" Ariana said excitedly after she took out her iPod ear buds and paused the very loud music. "Sorry, I was listening to Muddy Waters."

"Yeah, I thought I recognized 'Hoochie Koochie Man'," Emily said. "But like I was asking, why are you in my room?"

"Oh, Alice and Miranda are in there getting some sleep," Ariana answered. Nothing more needed to be said about those two. "And there was no other place to study."

"Right," Emily agreed, not wanting to put Ariana down by mentioning the common room was empty. Ariana might have been a little spacy but she was way too sweet to call her out on it. Instead, Emily plopped down on her bed and buried her hands in her hands.

"What's wrong? You seem upset," Ariana observed.

"It's nothing, Ariana," Emily said. "It's just... God, alright, it is something. Has Molly seemed a little, I don't know, secretive to you?"

"Welllll," Ariana said as she joined Emily on the bed, lying on her stomach. Emily was a little surprised she hadn't noticed her teammate looked cute in her light green halter-top and off-white boy shorts. "When I saw her last she was wearing this slutty prisoner's costume. Looked like a Halloween costume. Then I left for pizza with Miranda and Frankie."

That caught Emily's attention. Ariana had just described what Molly had been wearing earlier. This was possibly the kind of information she had been looking for.

"Ariana, before she left, did Molly tell you or anybody else where she was going or who she was meeting with?" Emily asked, looking her tinier teammate dead in the eyes. For several moments, Ariana racked her brain, trying to recall if Molly had said anything to her, Miranda or Frankie, the artificial redhead uncharacteristically trying her hardest to remember every word of the conversation.

Finally, after thinking back to everything that was said, Ariana had her answer.

"No, sorry."

"Goddamn it!" Emily swore. She was so certain she had a lead, but Ariana's answer left her back at square one.

"Maybe she was doing early trick-or-treating," Ariana suggested, her na‹ve side showing again.

"Ariana, it's 13 days before Halloween. Nobody is going to be giving her candy tonight," Emily told her. "I'm never going to figure what is going on with Molly at this rate."

No sooner had the words left Emily's mouth, though, did a heavy and excited gasp come bursting out of Ariana's mouth.

"I have an idea!" she said quite enthusiastically with the innocent charm she was known for. "You and I should work together! We can figure out what Molly is doing together!"

"Oh, um, I don't know," Emily stammered. The last time she has asked Ariana for help, the success she had was, to say the least, mixed.

"What's there to worry about?" Ariana asked as though she didn't know what the answer was. "If you and I do this together, we can figure it out sooner. And it will be so much fun!"

"Look, I appreciate the help, but I don't know if it work," Emily explained. "Remember when you helped Molly and I with the cupcakes?"

"She told me those were a hit!"

"Yes, but I can never understand you caused that much damage to the countertop with the mixers," Emily answered, thinking of all the little chips of stone she ducked that day.

"That was one time," Ariana justified. "Besides, I can totally hide well in my surroundings. Molly will have no idea I'll be around."

It sounded like a good prospect to Emily. As much as she hated to admit it, she could use a second hand in helping her. And Ariana did seem genuine in wanting to help. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

But then again, if simply making cupcakes caused so much damage, Lord only knew what trouble Ariana could cause.

"I'm sorry, Ariana," Emily said. "I going to have to say, 'No.' It's nothing personal, but I can't."

"Oh, come on, Emily!" Ariana whined. "What can I do to make you change your mind?"

"Nothing," Emily said upfront.

"Why not? You can be James Bond and I'll be the Bond Girl. It will be so fun!" Ariana tried again, jumping up off the bed in front of Emily.

"You're not going to quit, are you?" Emily asked her.

"Not until I get what I want," Ariana said. "And right now, I want to help you find out what's up with Molly."

"Tell you what," Emily told her. "You try and persuade me to get you work with me and if I like it, you can work with me."

"Oh, I can be persuasive," Ariana said. "Very persuasive."

Emily crossed her arms over her chest waiting for Ariana's argument when she felt a hand graze up her inner thigh. She jolted back in shock, her eyes wide like saucers. Did... did Ariana Valentine, of all the people in the world, touch her like that?

And why did Emily actually like it?

"What are you doing, Ari?" Emily asked, trying to wrap her head around what just happened?

"What's the matter, Emily?" Ariana asked her. "I'm just trying to persuade you like you asked. Don't you want me to touch you like that?"

"Well, it's just that I, you know, never pegged you for the type to like girls, that's all," Emily stammered.

"Oh, really?" Ariana asked, pulling herself chest-to-chest and face-to-face with her teammate. "Remember that Phi Sigma Kappa party we went to after our first practice?"

"Um, I remember you hitting on a bunch of guys there."

"Yeah, you must have missed me making out with a couple of girls from Zeta Tau Alpha," Ariana smirked.

"Really?" Emily asked. Where the hell was she when this was happening, at the beer pong table?

"Yep," Ariana answered before making her next move, leaning up on her toes and kissing Emily on the lips. Those soft, pillow-like lips.

Emily couldn't believe Ariana was doing this. She may have been a woman who was just out of high school like her, but she was also quite childish in the way she acted. Right now, Emily wanted to think of where Ariana Valentine, Sex Demon had come from, but she couldn't. She just wanted Ariana.

"Alright, tell you what," Emily promised. "If you make me come, then I'll let you help me find out what's going on with Molly."

"YAY!" Ariana squealed, giving Emily another kiss. The blonde tried to grab a hold of something to keep her support. Damn, this girl knew how to kiss and she loved every part of it.

As Ariana started using some tongue, Emily put her fingers into the sides of the artificial redhead's boy shorts, getting ready to pull them down when suddenly, the other freshman put a stop to that.

"Wait," Ariana insisted. "I have an idea. I've always wanted to do something."


Ariana leaned into Emily's ear and told the skateboarder her dirty little fantasy.

"Oh, wow! We've got to do that!" Emily said excitedly.

* * *

"Helloooooo, is anybody here?"


"Come on, there's nobody inside!" Ariana said excitedly, dragging Emily into the empty gym.

"You think this is the first time two girls have ever done what we are about to do in here without a guy getting involved?" Emily asked as she looked around the football gymnasium. They could've just gone to the Hellcats own gym, but that was hardly original and besides, Frankie and Darwin were practicing some routines in there and would've seen them at once.

"I'd assume not," Ariana answered, closing the door behind her. She didn't know why, but there was something about it that made it seem risky and exciting to fuck there. She always thought her first time there would be with some football player. But Ariana was more than willing to be with Emily.

And as she shut the door, she found Emily had already shucked her shirt, leaving her topless and already working on her pants.

"What? I'm just excited," Emily responded to the stunned silence.

Ariana already knew that just from having felt Emily's hard nipples against her body back in the room but she didn't say anything. Instead she just admired the view.

"I can see. God, I've wanted to taste you for so long."

"Really?" Emily asked. "Why didn't you ask earlier? After all, you must know I'm comfortable with other women."

"Of course, everybody knows about you, Tom and what's-her-face," Ariana told her. "I was a little jealous, but now I got you and I don't want to waste any more time."

"Well, maybe you should---" Emily started to say, only to be cut off by Ariana kissing her again, this time using a little bit of tongue.

The fake redhead pulled down Emily's pants, leaving the blonde naked, her hands exploring Ariana's back over her shirt. If there was one thing the two Hellcat freshmen had in common, it was that neither one had an actual sexual label. They wanted whomever they wanted, man or woman. And at that moment, they just wanted each other.

Emily had to feel Ariana's skin against her own and she wasn't going to wait anymore for it. She broke away just long enough to untie Ariana's string and starting pulling the halter top up with some of Ariana's help. Hungrily, Emily helped herself to her teammate's petite boobs. For someone with small tits, Ariana's flesh was very sensitive and Emily relished hearing her teammate moan in pleasure.

"God, yessss," Ariana hissed. "Kiss them, Emily! No, wait, bite them! I want to you to be nasty and bite my titties. Oh, yeah! So good!"

Emily had indeed started biting Ariana's nipples, loving the horny moans of pleasure. And her lover wasn't holding back in showing her pleasure, her nipples fully erect. Emily wasn't content trying to please Ariana with her mouth, though. She wanted more. And she got more.

Using her mouth on one of Ariana's nipple and one hand on the other tit, Emily ran her free arm down her teammate's stomach and into her pants. From underneath the sweatpants and boy shorts Ariana was wearing, the brunette skateboarder wiggled her fingers around and found precisely what she had been looking for.

"Oh, my God, yes!" Ariana said in between labored breaths. "Touch me there! Fuck, rub my clit! Fuck me!"

Emily loved doing this. Ariana was already soaking wet and they hadn't even started the real fun yet. At the same time, though, that did leave Emily with a reminder that Ariana had promised her something, so she took her hand out of the artificial ginger's pants.

"Uh, no!" Ariana whined. "But it felt so good! Why'd you do that?"

"Because you made me a promise, Valentine," Emily told her. "Remember? You said if you'd make me come, I'd let you help me find out what's going with Molly. Well, it's time for you to pay up."

"Hmm, I did say that, didn't I?" Ariana said lustfully. As much as she craved Emily's touch, she wanted the taste of the blonde's cunt on her lips most of all. And why would she deny herself such a sweet reward? "Okay, let me get undressed and you go hit the switch. It's over there, the third from the left."

Emily turned to flip the switch when something stopped her. "Wait, how do you know which switch it is?"

"Alright, alright, I've snuck in here to relax sometimes." Emily cocked an eyebrow to her teammate, to which Ariana responded, "Don't judge me."

"Whatever," Emily said before walking back to the light switches and found the third one from the left, flipping it into the "on" position.

When she turned around, Emily found Ariana had dropped her pants down around her ankles and was now working on her undergarments. It was then Emily noticed Ariana's peach looked as good as it felt. It looked so delicious and juicy in all its bare glory. While she made her teammate promise that her own pleasure came first, Emily knew the wait for her friend's juices would be worth it.

"Ready?" Ariana asked as she shucked her clothes off her body once and for all.

"You don't have to ask," Emily said, grabbing Ariana by the hand and leading her over to the hot tub. They both stepped into the bubbly water, Emily nearly losing her footing as she put a foot in but catching herself at the last second, something the two women shared a brief giggle over.

Once the laughter subsided, Emily and Ariana could keep their lust bottled in much longer, their tongues intertwining as their lips mashed. Emily wrapped her hands around the back her smaller friend's neck, almost determined not to let Ariana escape.

Of course, Ariana wouldn't have run off at all. It was no secret Emily was into guys and girls alike and they all wanted her. And as someone who didn't like being defined by a sexual preference, Ariana had to have the blonde to herself for at least this night.

Reluctant to have this sexy moment end, Ariana started working her way down Emily's body, eventually settling at the two best parts of her friend's body.

"God, you have such amazing boobs," Ariana marveled, unable to help herself and paw at the shapely mounds. "I'm so jealous that I'm flat and you got these great tits. They are perfect."

"Oh, trust me, you look amazing too, yesss," Emily moaned as Ariana started to suck on the hard, pink nipples. "But thanks. Ohhhh, your mouth feels so good. God, yesss, I love it."

The feel of Ariana's tongue on her nipples was driving Emily so crazy that she was already grinding her pussy against Emily's body underneath the water. She rarely ever got this excited during sex. Her teammate knew what she was doing and she couldn't wait any longer until Ariana went down on her.

"Oh, fuck me, Ari, fuck me please!" Emily begged. "Don't make me wait anymore! Fuck me now!"

Ariana knew she wouldn't have been a good friend if she didn't grant Emily's wishes and, to her, a little dirty talk always went a long way. Why would she ever ignore a plea like that?

"Hmm, sit down on the edge," Ariana instructed. "Spread those legs for me, Em."

"Oh, you really want this, don't you?" Emily asked as she hopped up to the outside edge of the tub and hitched her legs open for Ariana. "Think you can handle my pussy?"

"Why don't you tell me?" Ariana replied with confidence beaming in her voice. The younger tumbler backed up her cockiness by taking her first lick of Emily.

"Oh shiiiiiit!" Emily hissed, her teeth gritted and her hands grabbing onto the edge of the hot tub as if she was going to fall in if she loosened her grip.

"Well?" Ariana asked, her eyes looking at her teammate with a sexy allure that shattered all preconceptions that she was an innocent girl. "What'd you think of that?"

"Don't stop, Ariana!" Emily pleaded. As gorgeous as her friend's eyes were, Emily just couldn't keep her own open. Ariana's tongue was working so feverishly, the blonde had been throwing her head back, moaning her appreciation of what her fellow tumbler had been doing to her. "Fuck! Oh my God, that is so fucking good!"

Ariana certainly had no intention of slowing down. Emily tasted so good, she never wanted to remove her head from between those legs. That sweet nectar had her craving more like a busy worker bee. Ariana was pleased that her head had been fused to Emily's pussy because otherwise, she might have blabbed that she was being pleasured at two ends.

While she couldn't have enjoyed the taste of Emily's clit any more than she already was, the jets of the hot tub were also working her into a sexual frenzy by pleasuring Ariana's exposed pussy. She had strategically placed her in front of one of jets, hoping to get herself closer to the edge of orgasm. She hadn't wanted the jets to get her off, though. That was something Emily needed to do. It was just that Ariana needed to feel good. She felt so horny that she couldn't wait any longer to feel even the slightest amount of pleasure to her body.

Even if she looked down, Emily couldn't see what was going on around Ariana's hips - the water was too chopped up. But it hardly mattered. Emily could barely open her eyes, let alone direct them in any particular direction. Increasingly, all Emily could think about was the pleasure radiating out of her crotch. No stranger to sex with men or women, Emily had to rank Ariana near the top of the list when it came to oral sex. Who would've thought that? Forgetful, air-headed, unabashed Ariana Valentine was an expert at cunnilingus.

"Oh fuck!" Emily suddenly gasped. Ariana's tongue was hitting just the right spot and - "I'm close! I'm so fucking close!"

Ariana didn't stop. If anything, she shimmied closer and kept licking, her fingers gripping each of Emily's legs to hold the blonde still. That was taking more and more effort and Ariana had to practically press her crotch directly against the water jet to keep the pressure on her sex while driving Emily closer and closer to relief.

And then, just like that, Emily Sears went over the edge - both literally and figuratively. Her orgasm hit and her whole body convulsed, knocking her off the side of the hot tub and sending her falling atop Ariana's body, fully drenching the both of them. Ariana let out a cry, which was promptly drowned out by Emily's orgasm-drive scream.

"Ohmygosh," Ariana said as her head broke the water again a second or two later, her artificially red hair now plastered to her skin and it was that erotic image Emily saw as she regained her senses.

"Are you okay?" Emily asked, realizing what had happened.

"I'm good," Ariana said, wiping water off her face with her hand. "Did you get off?"

Emily smiled like an idiot. "Yeah I did. Ari, girl, I don't know where you learned to eat pussy, but-"

"Is someone in here?"

The voice shut both Hellcats up immediately and they ducked down into the hot tub. Emily wanted to swear. They were caught and by none other than football coach Red Raymond. If he found them, they were in huge trouble and both girls knew it as they tried to hide.

"I knew we should've stuck to the Hellcats gym," Emily whispered.

"Shush!" Ariana said.

"Anyone?" Red called out, walking into the still dark gym, looking around. "I know I heard someone in here! Come on out!"

Ariana started to stand up, but Emily grabbed her by the arm and held her down, both girls in the water up to the noses.

"C'mon guys, if one of you brought a girl in here, I understand," Red said, continuing to stroll towards where the Hellcats were hiding. "You're still in trouble, but I understand."

Red strolled forward and the girls sank lower in the water, trying to stay out of sight. The lights were mostly down anyway, hiding them from view, but neither girl wanted to be caught. Red kept scanning the room, clearly looking for what he thought was one of his players. He moved slowly, but headed right for them. Emily was suddenly sure that she and Ariana were far from the first Lancer students to have sex in this hot tub.

The hot tub! It was still on! And making just enough gurgling noise to draw Red's attention as he got closer. And the controls were on the wall, way too far away for either of them to reach!

"C'mon, guys, I know you're here. I can hear the hot tub," Red said aloud. "Do I have to drain that thing after every practice?"

Ariana and Emily traded worried looks. He had zoned right in on them and pretty soon he'd be right on top of them! They were about to be caught, naked, in the football team's gym, by the football coach himself.

Suddenly, the Lancer fight song filled the air. Red paused and reached into his pocket, pulling out his phone.

"Cool ringtone," Ariana whispered. Emily rolled her eyes.

"Vanessa, hey babe," Red said. "You're coming home early? And you're not wearing what?" There was a long pause as Red slowly turned around. "Uh, yeah I can be there in a few minutes. Yes, I'll stop and get protection before I come home. Yeah. Yeah. The sooner you hang up, the sooner I'll be there. Right. Right. Right. Yes babe. See you soon."

Red hung up and glanced about the gym one more time. "All right, whoever you are you are the damn luckiest son of a bitch! You're getting a reprieve tonight! Make sure you turn the lights out when you leave and there'll be 10 extra laps tomorrow at practice." With that, Red left in a hurry, leaving two very relieved Hellcats behind.

"That was too close," Emily said when the door closed behind him. "I think we should head back to Cheertown."

"That's okay, I got what I wanted," Ariana said, slipping out of the hot tub.

"You did?" Emily said.

"Yeah, you got off. Now you gotta let me help you with you figure out what's going on with Molly."

"Oh." Emily blinked. She had promised that, hadn't she? "You, uh, you sure you don't want me just to get you off and we can call it even?"

"I do want you to get me off," Ariana said, leaning in to kiss Emily on the cheek. "But not until we know what's going on with Molly. Come on, let's go!"

Emily shook her head. Like it or not, she now had a partner in crime. Ariana started to trot towards the door, not even waiting for Emily to get out of the hot tub. She almost got there before Emily called after her.

"Hey, Ari? Before we go hunting for Molly, maybe you want to put your clothes back on."

Ariana glanced down at her wet, naked body. "Oh, yeah," she said. "I'm always forgetting that."

"We've all noticed," Emily said, handing Ariana her panties before grabbing her own off the floor.

Neither girl forgot to turn the lights off before they left.

* * *

"Jesus, that's practically porn right there."

Marti Perkins, shading her eyes from the early afternoon sun, glanced over to see Jason approaching, his eyes locked across the parking lot.

"Says the boy who got caught getting dirty in the common area yesterday," Marti said. "Glad to see you're at least wearing pants."

"Hey, I ran across campus naked, same as everyone else," Jason said. "No one complained then."

"You weren't banging Savannah's sister then," Marti pointed out.

"Charlotte was naked, too," he said defensively.

"Hey, don't look at me," Marti said, raising her hands. "Who Charlotte dates is up to Charlotte, but I gotta sit on that couch to watch TV, so, you know, keep your fluids off it please."

"I think we've established my ability to use proper protection," Jason grumbled, making Marti laugh. He laughed too and after a moment they both turned back to the scene taking place before them.

"You do yours yet?" he asked.

"Yeah, had to come out of the pool looking all sexy and stuff," Marti said, watching Demi move about with her camera. "You?"

He nodded. "She wanted me coming out of the shower in just a towel. But she kept giving me the smaller towels. Fell off me about six times. Pretty sure Demi there's got a couple of naked pictures of me on her memory card."

Marti made a mental note to ask her girlfriend about that. "You don't seem too shook up about it."

He shrugged. "Char doesn't seem to mind. Said it was sorta like bragging, I guess. Like 'ooh, my man's so hot, other girls have naked pictures of him' or something."

"Are you blushing while you say that?" Marti asked, looking at him sideways.

"Nah, must be the sun going down," he said. Marti raised an eyebrow, but didn't bother to point out it was only 2 p.m. "Whose idea was it to have Miranda and Alice do their shoot together like this?"

"Alice's, of course," Marti snorted. "The captain gets what the captain wants."

"Wow, no bitterness in how you say, 'Captain,' is there?" Jason laughed. There was a long pause. "You know, Charlotte thinks Savannah should try and get the captaincy back. Their mom's being more than helpful with John and she's making enough money at The Rat to get by, thanks to the cheerleading scholarship."

"I think it's a little late for that," Marti said. "Savannah gave it up, fair and square. Unless Alice really messes up and we vote her out, there's no getting her out of the captaincy."

"Wait, we get a vote?" Jason said. "I thought this was a cheer-tocracy."

"Wow, a boy quoting 'Bring It On'," Marti laughed. "If I hadn't JUST seen you sticking it to Charlotte, I'd wonder about your sexuality."

"Hey, Charlotte's not the first cheerleader I've dated. You can't date one for any serious length of time without having that movie burned into your brain," he said, a hint of sourness in his voice. He glanced over at the photo shoot. "Speaking of sexuality, though, holy crap, that's practically porn!"

"You've said that already," Marti said, but glancing over at Alice and Miranda, it was hard to argue. Both were clad in small Lancer-blue bikinis, Alice's quite a bit smaller. A flash of the night she spent with the cheer-captain reminded Marti that Alice had every right to be proud of that body, but she was certainly showing off enough of it. The two were washing a car - also Lancer blue, though Marti didn't know whom it belong to. And by washing, they were throwing water over each other and all but kissing atop it. Marti had not only seen Alice naked, she'd actually slept with her. And she could tell that dripping wet bikini wasn't hiding much at all. And where Miranda's hands were wandering on her...

"So, Britney sent me to get Alice. What are YOU doing here?" Jason asked, after they stared for a while at the other two Hellcats.

"Oh, uh, I wanted to ask Demi something."

"What?" Jason asked, casually.

"Something about photography," Marti lied.

"I did a little photography in high school. Journalism was going to be my major when I first came here."

"What is it now?" Marti asked, hoping to deflect him.

"Undecided," Jason said. "Which pretty much describes my life. Undecided. Unfocused. Undirected."

"Okay..." Marti said, not knowing how to respond to that.

"Overshare?" he asked.

"Maybe just a bit," she confirmed.

"Well, you've already seen me bare my body, might as well bare my soul a little, too, I guess," he said, shrugging.

"That was oversharing, too," Marti said.

"You do know how to wound a guy, Marti Perkins," he said.

"I wouldn't have thought you were so thin-skinned," Marti shot back.

"When my name and thickness comes up, rarely is the discussion about my skin," he said with a perverse twinkle in his eye, glancing down towards his crotch.

Marti laughed. "Okay, you win. How long have you been sitting on THAT line?"

"Couple years," he admitted. "It's amazing how no one sets up a good zinger when you need them to."

"Okay girls, I think we got it! You can take your hands off each other now!" Demi called out across the parking lot. Marti glanced over and saw that while Miranda's hands fell away, Alice's lingered on her lover's ass just a moment too long. Marti rolled her eyes, hoping she wasn't THAT obvious with Demi.

"I better go grab the captain," Jason said. "See you at practice, Marti."

"So long as you're wearing pants."

"Note that I'm not asking YOU to wear pants," he said over his shoulder with a wink before jogging across the parking lot. Marti shook her head and strolled as casually towards Demi as she could.

"Why, hello there Marti Perkins," Demi said when Marti got close enough. "What brings you here?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just wanted to say, 'Hi,'" Marti said.

Demi stopped putting her camera equipment away and looked up with a bright smile towards Marti. "Hi."

"Hi," Marti said, smiling like a goof. "Wanna go do something together?" Marti asked.

"Loved to, but I gotta meet my sister soon," Demi said. "Dallas is-"

"Dallas is here," a new voice said from behind Marti. The two girls turned and Demi squealed with joy, rushing over to hug her older sister.

"Quite the show you're putting on here, sis," Dallas Torres said as the hug broke up. "Just how sinful were you going to let those two get?"

"There's no 'letting' with Alice," Marti said without thinking. "She does what she wants and you're just along for the ride."

"Dallas, this is my friend, Marti Perkins. She's also a Hellcat."

"Hellcats - awful name for a team," Dallas said, reaching out to shake Marti's hand anyway.

"Marti, this is my big sister Dallas," Demi said, shooting her sister an ugly look. "We're having a family reunion this weekend and Dallas and her husband flew in a little early."

"Nice to meet you," Marti said, trying to be polite. She didn't want to get Demi into any kind of family trouble, so she held back, hoping Demi would take the lead. It probably wasn't a good sign that she introduced Marti as her "friend."

"I'm pretty sure Mother would have a heart attack seeing these pictures you're taking, Demi," Dallas said. "Those two girls were practically lesbian-ing!" she added, whispering the last word.

"They ARE lesbians," Marti said, without thinking. "And they were nowhere near close to doing anything bad."

Dallas glanced over at Marti, somehow looking down her nose while smiling politely. "Well, they are your teammates, it's natural you'd be defensive for them."

"Yeah," Marti said. "For them." Marti decided right then and there she didn't much like Dallas Torres.

Demi Torres stepped between the two before things could get worse. "Marti, I gotta show Dallas around. Call me later, okay?"

"Sure, sure," Marti said.

"Nice to meet you," Dallas said as Marti turned to leave, clearly not meaning it.

"Yeah, same to you," Marti said, matching the other woman's tone almost exactly.

* * *

"Okay, ladies, we need this to be one of our better practices," Savannah instructed the freshmen. "So, if you don't mind, arms in."

"Don't you think this is a little silly?" Miranda asked, reluctantly sticking her right arm into the center of the circle. "I feel like we're plenty motivated as it is."

From anybody else, Savannah might have taken offense to that. But, since Miranda was just a freshman, she was willing to let it slide. She still had a lot to learn and Savannah was eager, as ever, to be a teacher.

"It never hurts to have a confidence boost, Miranda," Savannah told her as she pulled the cap off her Sharpie. "I'd rather see you all with extra confidence than not enough."

"But isn't overconfidence supposed to be a bad thing?" Molly questioned.

"She never said anything about being overconfident, Mol," Emily corrected her. "Besides, that's not the point she's trying to make. She's trying to keep us motivated and not lose sight of where we're supposed to go."

"You don't mean you're going to draw a map from Memphis to Louisville on us, are you?" Ariana asked.

Savannah bit her lip to keep herself from laughing as Emily and Molly face-palmed at Ariana's question and Miranda shook her head.

"No, I meant to keep us focused on winning in Louisville and then making it to Nationals. Now, come on, everybody in."

With her signature Sharpie out, Savannah wrote, "Stick the Landing," on Ariana, Emily and Molly's arms before adding, "Soar," on Miranda's. As the freshmen ran off to get warmed up for practice, Alice approached her predecessor as captain.

"Looks like you got them all buying into your sunny outlook," Alice commented.

"Yeah, I just don't want them to look too far ahead to Nationals and just keep them focused on Sectionals," Savannah said. "So, what do you have for me today, Alice?"

"I've got some tumbling routines for them to look over," Alice told her. "If you could, I need Charlotte to look these over and drill them into their heads today."

She didn't say anything, but Savannah knew just why Alice was hesitant to approach Charlotte. Miranda might have been a freshman but she was also Alice's new lover and she had replaced Charlotte, who had years more cheerleading experience, from her spot as a flier. Savannah hated to think that something shady might have happened where bedroom promises had resulted in her sister being bounced from her rightful spot, but it was pretty obvious. She just wished she had some proof so she could leverage that and get Charlotte back to her rightful position.

But she didn't have anything more than a gut feeling and that meant she had to take the high road here, especially since doing so was in the best interests of the squad. She might not have been captain anymore but she was as dedicated to the Hellcats as much as ever and she didn't want petty jealousies tearing them apart and keeping them from where they needed to accomplish.

"Will do," Savannah said, taking the notes and running over to Charlotte, who had been doing chin-ups underneath the bleachers to warm up.

"You're never going to lighten up on the exercise, are you, Char?" Savannah asked her younger sister.

"Not until this last pound of baby weight is gone, Vanna," Charlotte answered as she let go of the support beams and dropped to the floor. "So what's Alice got you running all this way to me for?"

"Just some routines she wants you to run," Savannah said, handing Charlotte the notes.

"Alright, let's see what she drew up," Charlotte said as she began to examine the first page.

While Charlotte looked over the bullet points and illustrations to Alice's plan, Savannah thought to herself that she wished her sister would lighten up her workout regimen. Whatever time Charlotte hadn't dedicated to her practice, schoolwork or John went to hitting the gym in an effort to lose the last bit of baby weight she carried. It was just a pound and two ounces, but Charlotte already looked stunning. Why couldn't she see that?

Savannah couldn't help but think about how she had seen up close and personal how stunning her sister looked. She had tried to push the thoughts of how embarrassing it had been to walk in on her sister's nearly naked body as she and Jason had been having their fun. Savannah felt guilty about how she had flipped out over it and the last thing she wanted to think about was her own sister's bouncing boobs. But she had to admit that Charlotte had an amazing body and she wished her self-esteem was higher. Of course Savannah knew her life would be a lot better if she could just get the image of Charlotte riding Jason out of her brain.

But for something she didn't want to think about, she was thinking about it a lot and that meant she wasn't paying attention to the conversation she was supposed to be having.

"Savannah, are you there?" Charlotte asked.

"Oh, sorry, what?" Savannah said, regaining her focus.

"I said these routines are highly advanced," Charlotte repeated. "I mean, I can handle these no problem and so can Frankie, but Ariana, Emily and Molly? Does Alice really think they're ready for this?"

"I'm not going to pretend to be in Alice's head," Savannah said. "But we need to teach these to them at some time. The competition is only going to getter better and we need to beat them to the punch so we can move forward."

Charlotte sighed. Leave it to such a devoted cheerleader like Savannah to win her over with that logic. "Alright. It may take a while, but I'll get them going on these. Thanks. Oh, Vanna, thanks for not telling Mom about me and Jason."

"Thanks for not being mad about me flipping out about it," Savannah said, getting more eager to forget about it all by the second. "I just worry about you. I don't want you to get hurt again."

"I know and that's why you're the best sister," Charlotte replied with a smile and a hug before she left to go talk to Frankie.

That left Savannah alone for a moment and gave her an opportunity to do a quick overview of the gym before practice started, a habit she hadn't dropped even though she was no longer captain. When she did it, she frowned though because she noticed right away that one of the key members of this team was missing. So she reached into her gym bag and pulled out her cell phone, dialed a number she knew she would never forget and waited for it to pick up.


"Marti, where are you?" Savannah asked. "Practice is about to start!"

"Stop having kittens and turn around, bestie," Marti replied and Savannah turned on cue. But when she did she found herself immediately short of breath.

Marti was indeed right behind her and she was showing more skin then she usually did. The blonde was wearing a tiny pair of black workout shorts and a matching sports bra that did nothing to hide her impressive breasts. Through all the years of cheerleading, Savannah had seen plenty of beautiful women in almost nothing and even less but it had never impacted her like the sight of Marti was now.

"Marti...what...what are you wearing?" Savannah gasped, trying not to swallow her tongue as she saw her roommate and best friend dressed like she was about to do a pole dance, not a cheerleading routine. But what was most shocking to Savannah wasn't that Marti would come to practice like that, it was that it was having such an effect on her. She had eyes that worked perfectly so it wasn't like she hadn't noticed that Marti Perkins was beautiful. But the way she looked went beyond attractiveness. Marti looked hot and the sight of her made Savannah six kinds of flustered.

"Umm, Savannah, aren't you going to hang up?" Marti asked, noting that her friend hadn't put her phone away yet.

"Oh, right," Savannah said, quickly ending the call and trying to think about changing the subject to something...anything. God, even thinking about Charlotte naked was better than this. But, just like always, when she saw something she just couldn't let it go. "So...why are you wearing that?"

"This?" Marti asked. "Well, the rest of my Hellcats gear is in the laundry and I needed something to wear. I should probably go wash it all when we get back to Cheertown."

"Ummmmm yeahhh...that...that might be a good idea," Savannah murmured as she tried not to think about how it looked like Marti's boobs were about to explode out of that outfit. God, her friend had such an amazing body. How could she ever compete with something like that for Dan or for any guy? She wasn't mad at Marti for that though. Frankly she was in awe of her.

Marti's body was the kind that drove men crazy and she was sure it didn't just do that to women. Savannah couldn't help but wonder what her new friend Debby would think if she saw Marti like that. She probably wouldn't be able to control herself and would just tackle her in the middle of the gym if she did. It was a crazy thought, of course, but Savannah couldn't stop herself from thinking about what it would be like if Debby and Marti started making out in front of everyone. Marti wasn't a lesbian but Debby was pretty hot herself. Maybe she could convert her or something...

Wait...what the hell was she thinking? Savannah shook her head as if to try and chase those thoughts away. There was no way something like that ever could happen and it was totally weird to even think that. Savannah had to admit she had been wondering just a little bit what it was like to have two girls be together ever since she had talked with Debby but what she was thinking now was totally inappropriate.

"You okay Savannah?" Marti asked, noting that something was clearly bothering her friend.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It''s nothing. Um, come on, it's almost time to get going," Savannah said, eager to get to practice to shake these crazy thoughts out of her head. And she suddenly thought of a great way to change the subject. "Hey, by the way, you want to make tonight a movie night? I just got 'The Princess Bride' in the mail."

"Not tonight, but I'll take a rain check for later in the week. I need to go to my apartment and get some alone time to study," Marti lied as she didn't reveal anything about her planned date that night. She felt bad about having to hide the truth. She didn't want to lie to Savannah anymore. She really wished she could tell her the truth and tell her about Demi. But the time didn't feel right to her yet.

"Oh, well, Saturday night, then?" Savannah offered, trying not to look a little hurt.

"Count on it," Marti promised her with a smile as Britney walked into the room. Savannah returned the smile, glad to spend some time with her best friend.

"Alright, everybody, listen up," Britney said. "I know everybody's feeling good right now. However, I'm afraid I've got some bad news." She really didn't want to say this, but she knew the team had to know. "MemChrist is back in the title chase."

The underclassmen in particular exploded into shouts of "NO!" and "WHY!" over this. They knew how the Cyclones had tried to use underhanded tactics to knock out Lancer at Qualifiers.

"But we beat them at Qualifiers!" Emily shouted in Britney's direction. "They can't still be competing!"

"I understand your disappointment, Emily, but MemChrist earned their way in," Britney explained. "If you don't win at Qualifiers, you can make a bid video and send it in to the CCCA to extend your season. MemChrist got the highest score nationally, so they're in."

"We did the same thing last year after our budget was cut prior to Sectionals," Alice explained to the younger teammates. "I don't like having to face the Cyclones as much as the rest of you, but they put themselves back in and we need to beat them again."

"Alice is exactly right," Britney confirmed. "We'll just have to beat them at Sectionals and that will give us a clear path to Nationals. Until then, though, we need to be at the peak of our game. Everybody, start stretching!"

The Hellcats lined up to start stretching, setting themselves up in rows of five. Savannah found herself in the back row with Marti by her side, a position the brunette was quite happy and comfortable to be in. As they set up do toe touches, Savannah bent down, but unlike usual, she stopped short when she noticed something.

Whoa, had Alice always had a booty like that? Savannah couldn't believe it but she actually found herself staring at her rival as she stretched her body, jutting her butt out. Alice wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. It was just their standard stretching but Savannah was noticing for the first time that this actually looked pretty sexual. No wonder guys had such a thing for cheerleaders. And wow, if Debby ever came to a practice she was sure she'd appreciate the show even more.

Oh God, there she went again! Where were these thoughts coming from? She kept dragging poor Debby into her own thoughts and that made Savannah feel like she was violating her new friend's privacy or something. Her new friend might have been bi but that didn't make her like one of those girls in those gross pornos who just did it with anyone. Why was she making inappropriate assumptions about her? Just because she liked girls didn't mean she was some kind of nymphomaniac. Though Savannah could see why she liked them. Girls did have great bodies. How could every girl not be a lesbian when women looked so good?

But before she could think about this anymore she was snapped about these illicit daydreams when Lewis nudged her leg with his foot.

"Savannah, come on! Focus," Lewis whispered.

"Oh, sorry, thanks," Savannah responded softly, feeling really weird right then about all these thoughts that seemed to be coming out of nowhere.

"You okay?" he asked. That was unlike Savannah to be distracted in warm-ups.

"Yeah, feeling fine," Savannah lied. She didn't know what was more disturbing, these thoughts or not knowing where they came from? She had to force them out and focus on beating MemChrist instead.

Fortunately the rest of the warm-ups went perfectly for Savannah and feeling refreshed, she awaited her orders from Britney.

"Okay, tumblers, Charlotte and Frankie will run you through your new routines," Britney instructed. "Fliers and bases, let's work on those liberties!"

Deciding to use this moment to be friendly to those she had been angry with, Savannah walked over to the youngest flier and told her, "Remember, I want to see you soar today, Miranda. Touch the sky out there."

"Will do, Savannah," Miranda said. "Good luck out there yourself."

And as she ran off, Miranda swatted Savannah's butt, leaving the senior with a look of shock at her teammate. She had rarely let anybody spank her like that. The last time a girl had done that to her, Alice did it to get her fired up last year during the flag football game and Savannah had left her a stern warning to never do that again.

This time, though, was different for Savannah. She liked it. She liked Miranda's bold behavior and she liked the sting of the freshman flier's hand on her skin. Savannah knew she should have gone and made sure Miranda knew that she knew it was an innocent gesture, but one she still didn't appreciate. Yet, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Instead she found herself wondering some naughty things.

Had Miranda ever done that to Alice in bed? Did Alice like it? Savannah again found herself wondering about Debby. Did she like getting spanked in bed? What was it like to have someone touch you like that? It wasn't like she advertised it but Savannah had let her thoughts about boys drift into that kind of naughty territory before and having Miranda touch her like that, even though it wasn't meant to be sexual, made her think about what it would be like to have a woman do that. Wait...was she actually thinking about having a woman spank her in bed? What the hell was wrong with her today? Why was she thinking about a woman in bed with her much less thinking of being spanked by her?

"Savannah!" Tom called out. "Let's go!"

"Sorry, Tom, I'm coming," Savannah said, running over to her base. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Britney looking at her, hands on her hips and obviously concerned that something was up with her star flier.

Savannah got behind Tom and uttered, "Remember, liberty." Tom nodded in understanding and after being cued by Britney, Savannah was hoisted into the air with Marti, Alice and Miranda up there with her. Savannah breathed a sigh of relief that she had been able to execute the move perfectly. She was glad to have her focus back and off...whatever the heck that was she had been thinking about before. But that relief lasted all of a couple of seconds when she looked over and saw the tumblers landing their splits.

God, their legs were all so amazing! And what flexibility. Savannah had never really ever thought about how much fun their moves could be in bed. She wondered if Alice and Miranda were into all kinds of acrobatics when they made love. What kind of wild positions could they get into? And what could she do in bed if she tried that? Maybe Alice and Miranda would let her watch and show her a few things. Wait...what?

Now all of a sudden she wasn't just thinking about other girls like Debby or Alice going lesbian. Now she was thinking about herself that way too and Savannah felt her leg start to buckle and wobble. She was within a hair of dropping down on top of her base when Jason lowered her down to prevent a crash landing.

All Britney could do was bow her head, shake it and yell, "Bases, fliers, take five. Savannah, come over here please."

Even the tumblers stopped and paused over that announcement. Of all the people that were likely to get pulled aside publicly like that, Savannah was the least likely of the Hellcats. Charlotte watched in complete surprise as her older sister jogged off to her coach. Savannah was so well disciplined that for things to come to a halt for her was unfathomable.

"Savannah, what's going on with you?" Britney asked quietly. She wanted this conversation to be as soft and gentle as she could because Savannah had been sharpest performer along with Marti. "I can see something's distracting you. This is completely unlike you. You have the best focus of anyone on the squad."

"I'm sorry, Coach," Savannah apologized. "I..."

Her first instinct was to just admit the honest truth to her coach. Maybe saying it out loud would get it off her mind, but Savannah figured better of it before she even opened her mouth. How could she admit something so crazy? Everyone would think she was some kind of a weirdo. So instead Savannah did something that came quite unnaturally to her. She lied.

"I was just thinking about my biology class. It's been really difficult lately."

Britney didn't buy it. She had been in touch with Savannah's guidance counselor as part of her academic probation and knew she was excelling this semester. Still, she didn't want to call out one of her best in such a public settling so she rolled with it.

"Listen, Savannah, I'm willing to chalk this up to you having a bad day," Britney told her. "It happens to the best of us. Lord only knows how many times it's happened to me. But just let me know if you can stay in there or not. I don't want you doing anything that would hurt you or your teammates. Okay?"

Savannah didn't hesitate with her answer. Whatever this was, she would do what she always did when she had a challenge. She would work through it until she conquered it. "Coach, I'm staying out there."

"Okay," Britney said, hoping she wouldn't regret this move. "Why don't you go splash some water on your face before you head back out to get you focused?"

"I will, Coach," Savannah told her before making a beeline for the drinking fountain. Turning on the fountain, Savannah cupped her hand and splashed several handfuls of water on her face to reinvigorate her senses. She was determined to finish off this practice and not blow it the rest of the way.

As she walked back to the gym, though, she saw Marti coming toward her.

"Savannah, what's wrong?" Marti asked. "Somebody as good as you doesn't nearly fall like you did out there."

"It's just an off-day, I suppose," Savannah offered lamely, trying not to look at Marti's little outfit and think about how all her fellow Hellcats had such great bodies. "Don't worry about me, Marti, I'm fine."

"I know you're not," Marti told her. "I was talking with Lewis and Darwin and they said that as long as you've been at Lancer, they've never seen need to go down to avoid falling. Come on, what's going on?"

"I, um, oh God," Savannah stammered. She knew the best thing to do was to open up to her friend and tell her the truth. Whatever this was, it wasn't something she could keep to herself. It was a burden that would keep growing and she knew Marti would understand and help her feel better in a way that not even Charlotte could. "Look, Marti, this going to sound crazy, but..."

"Savannah! Marti! Snap to it! We need to get back to practice," Britney called out.

"Shoot," Savannah said, annoyed that she wasn't able to get this off her chest. "Alright, look, Marti, I'll talk to you later, okay?"

"Alright, but whatever it is, we can talk about it, Savannah," Marti instructed without having any clue that the thoughts plaguing her roommate were identical to ones she had gone through herself. "This conversation is to be continued. Don't be afraid to let me help you, okay?"

"Understood," Savannah said, jogging side-by-side with her friend back to practice.

She was eager to get back out there and try and forget all about this and the more time back on the mat, the more Savannah felt like she was regaining her focus. The liberties and other moves came to her naturally and it felt like a relief that confusing, out of nowhere visions of beautiful women weren't clouding her judgment. She was in her element here. When she was performing everything made sense and nothing felt better.

About halfway through practice, Britney decided to try one of the most challenging moves around. "Alright, fliers, you've been doing great. How about you all give me a toss-up scorpion now?"

Even though that move came with a high degree of difficulty, it had always been a favorite of Savannah's because of how challenging it was. The eager brunette lined up in front of Tom while Marti, Alice and Miranda joined their respective bases.

"Ready, Savannah?" Tom asked.

"As I'll ever be, Tom," Savannah answered, taking a heavy sigh before her base hoisted her up.

"On the count of three," Britney instructed. "One! Two! Three!"

The four cheerleaders found themselves hovering over the air and stretched their bodies out to lift one leg behind their heads and grab it. To Savannah, this was academic.

Then she looked over and saw the way Marti had contorted herself. She looked so unbelievably sexy and the way her breasts jutted out, Savannah found herself thinking about how she could see how girls like Debby and Alice went gay. Women were so beautiful. Marti's body was incredible. All her teammates were gorgeous. It was becoming more and more obvious how women could be attracted to women.

The lack of concentration, though, left Savannah in a vulnerable position and her leg shook underneath her. Her attempts to right her body only worsened her plight and seconds later, she found herself falling to the floor and landing on top of Tom.

The other Hellcats stopped what they were doing, the bases lowering their fliers to the floor gently. It was so rare that Savannah Monroe would crash and burn so spectacularly. Amid the tumblers, Charlotte watched with her hands over her mouth, remembering how she nearly injured her neck at last year's Qualifiers.

"Shit, Savannah, are you okay?" Marti asked, rushing to her best friend's side.

"Ugh, I'm fine," Savannah groaned as she picked herself up off the floor, relieved she hadn't broken anything, but feeling so embarrassed. How could she have let it happen again?

Britney came over and, after checking on Tom, walked to Savannah and said, "Can you come with me for a moment, please?"

Getting herself on her feet, Savannah walked alongside Britney, her head down in dejection. She had a bad feeling about what was coming.

"Savannah, I really don't want to say this to you," Britney began, keeping her voice low to keep this as private as possible. "Believe me, I don't. But you've been too much of a liability to yourself and your teammates today. Why don't you take the rest of the day off to get your head straight?"

Savannah didn't want to hear what Britney just said. Even when she had first taken up cheerleading when she was in kindergarten, she had never left practice early.

"Coach, please, I can still perform at my best," Savannah pleaded. "I won't mess up again! I promise!"

"Normally, Savannah, I'd give you the benefit of the doubt," Britney explained. "But it's clear you're not all here mentally. Something is on your mind and I can't have you out there putting yourself or your teammates at risk. Try not to think about cheerleading for the next 24 hours and then you come back tomorrow. Just get whatever is on your mind out of your head."

"Please, it's just a fluke, Coach," Savannah asked. "I'm fine! I swear! Let me prove it to you!"

"Savannah, it's an order," Britney told her in a tone that made it clear she was not about to be second-guessed on this. She liked Savannah and she knew no one worked harder. But she had to take a firm hand here even though she didn't want to. It was in the best interests of the squad. She couldn't have someone as critical to their success as Savannah losing focus. That put people at risk. To make her judgment final, Britney walked off, ready to tell Tom he'd be working with her for the rest of practice.

For Savannah, this felt like the end of the world. She had never felt so down on herself. Here she was, being forced to leave practice at a time when her teammates needed her the most to be at the top of her game. And it was all because she suddenly had all these stupid distractions in her head. Deep down she knew Britney was right for what she'd done. She was a liability out there and recognizing it made it feel worse because Savannah began thinking she only had herself to blame.

She had no idea what was happening to her or why she was feeling this way. It had never happened to her before and all she wanted was for it to stop.

* * *

In the locker room, Savannah hurriedly shoved things into her bag, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. She could still hear practice going and while the sounds of the routines she knew by heart filled her with anger and shame over how she had let not only the squad, but herself, down with her performance they also gave her a small sense of relief. After all, as long as everyone was practicing no one was going to come check on her.

Savannah couldn't face anyone right then. How could she? The last thing she wanted was for Charlotte or Marti to ask her about what had happened out there. What could she possibly say to them? She couldn't even explain it to herself. She was already kicking herself so hard she was probably leaving mental bruises so she didn't want to add to that the weird looks she would no doubt get from her sister and her best friend if she told them the truth.

What was wrong with her? She never got distracted when she was performing now suddenly her brain was full of the kind of thoughts she had never had in her life? How could she be thinking about lesbian sex? She was straight. She liked men. Lesbianism was fine for a girl like Debby...a nice, beautiful and sexy girl like Debby...but it wasn't for her. There was nothing wrong with it, of course. But she was totally straight.

So how come she had let herself be distracted by all the gorgeous bodies of her squad mates? She had never let this happen before even though all the guys on the Hellcats were pretty fine looking themselves. So why was she thinking about what it would be like if all of them did their routines naked, their bare bodies glistening with sweat as their cute boobs bounced and their asses jiggled just right and splits took on entirely new meaning as Britney watched her naked squad of sexy cheerleaders and peeled off her clothes to join them so she could show them all how it was done.

God. There she went again. What was wrong with her? Did she have some kind of fever? Did getting sick have weird lesbian fantasy side effects? No! Of course not! That was ridiculous. But if not that, then what was it? Because something was sure wrong. This wasn't how she acted at all.

Maybe some fresh air and time alone would clear her head and get her back to normal. And if it didn't...well then Savannah had no idea what she could do. So she knew she had better try it fast before someone came looking for her. She wasn't even bothering to shower. She had thrown on the kind of clothes she could walk around campus in and was now grabbing her bag with the full intention of leaving. She couldn't believe she was feeling this way about her teammates...especially Marti. How could she have even thought about looking at her like that? She was her best friend. She was like her sister! She couldn't think of Marti like that any more than she could Charlotte.

She had never been sexually attracted to another woman. She knew that plenty of women, especially her teammates, were attractive, but there was a fine line between that and being aroused. And she had never really thought about what it was like until yesterday when...

Of course! Debby! It had been all of her talking about how beautiful women were and what great kissers they were that planted those seeds into Savannah's head. Of course, her new friend hadn't meant to have that profound of an impact on Savannah, but what Debby told her was still resonating in her head. Was what she had said really true? Were women really amazing kissers? Was their skin really that soft? Was the sex really that good? Savannah couldn't shake these questions from her head even though she kept telling herself that wasn't who she was.

She needed to get out of here but before she could reach the door, she paused. She heard something from the locker room. She wasn't alone anymore and, at first, she worried it was Charlotte or Marti or someone looking to check on her. But she quickly knew that wasn't the case. The shower was running. Whoever was there was more interested in themselves than her and that was just how Savannah wanted it. But, instead of heading for the door, Savannah found herself walking in the opposite direction...toward the sound of the running shower.

She warned herself all about what curiosity did to the cat, but it didn't seem to make much difference. The idea of one of her fellow Hellcats naked in the shower was something she just couldn't resist seeing. She crept closer and closer to the running water and the mystery of who it was became clear before she could even see her shockingly bright red hair as she heard Ariana's voice covering a classic Britney Spears tune.

You see my problem is this

I'm dreaming away

Wishing that heroes, they truly exist

I cry, watching the days

Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways?

But to lose all my senses

That is just so typically me

Baby, oh...

Right then, Savannah felt like a fool herself. What was she doing? She was acting like a total creeper, checking out her teammate naked in the shower. She couldn't stop thinking about kissing and touching beautiful women and finding out if everything that Debby had told her really was true. She didn't know why Ariana was showering while practice was still going on. If she'd asked, Ariana would have cheerfully told her that she had been excused early because she had a meeting with her faculty advisor she couldn't miss, but Savannah didn't ask. She didn't say a word. She just stared at the showering, singing girl.

Oops!... I did it again

I played with your heart, got lost in the game

Oh baby, baby...

But Savannah wasn't listening to the lyrics. She was far too focused on the view she now had of the girl in the open shower stall.

Naturally in the shower, Ariana wasn't wearing a stitch on her body. It wasn't the first time she had seen the younger girl naked, but for Savannah it was the first time she had ever really looked as she watched the girl wash herself, her eyes unable to stop staring at that juicy little round booty of Ariana's as she sang and gave a sexy little butt wiggle in tune with the lyrics, fascinating the audience she didn't know she had. Savannah was enraptured by the view of Ariana's bare back and that perfect little butt. She didn't think the view could get any better, but then...

"Oooops...dang it!" Ariana said as the soap slipped right out of her hand and she bent right over to pick it up, making Savannah gasp as she suddenly had the kind of view you usually only got in dirty movies. She quickly covered her mouth to keep her presence from being detected and, totally unaware, Ariana continued her song.

Oops!... you think I'm in love

That I'm sent from above

I'm not that innocent!

Sensing that Ariana was about to turn that delightfully petite body of hers around and seen that she was being stared at, Savannah quickly ducked away and this time she didn't stop for anything. She got out of the locker room and left the gym behind, hoping she could put this nightmare of a day behind her too.

* * *

The fresh air immediately did Savannah good as she got outside. It allowed her to breathe and better calm herself down. She hated how she had been forced to leave practice but she didn't blame Britney. She knew her coach had done the right thing. Her head wasn't in the right place and as long as it was her performance was going to suffer. How could she demand the best out of everyone around her when she couldn't even get her own focus right? So she had to get these thoughts out of her head and she had to do it soon.

But how? Not only were these thoughts new and unexpected but they were scary too. What was happening to her? This scared her a lot. Savannah had never been attracted to a woman before, not like this! Heck, she'd barely been this attracted to Dan and he was the only guy she'd ever really seriously thought about having sex with. But now she was having these naughty thoughts and it not only confused her it made her ashamed of herself. How could she have thought such things about her teammates? Especially Marti! How could she even have considered for a second having sexual feelings for her? Marti was more than her roommate. She was more than her best friend. She was like another sister to her. That meant when she had thought those wicked thoughts after seeing Marti in that tiny outfit, they had been more than inappropriate. Those thoughts had been perverse.

What Savannah knew she needed right then was to be alone and a long walk to clear her head sounded pretty good. She had to get herself right before practice tomorrow. There wasn't time for all of this. Fortunately, as she trekked through a wooded area of the campus, she felt her brain being a little less clouded but still loaded with questions.

The most pressing, though, was if she had really thought women were sexy or if this was just some kind of repressed curiosity bubbling up at a very inconvenient time. She remembered how in her first year at Lancer, she had been the idiot who asked Patty Wedgerman what happened that made her a lesbian. The Wedge, rather than taking offense to the question posed by the sheltered Savannah, explained that nothing made her gay, it was just who she was. It had been no secret that Patty knew for her entire life she was a lesbian. Savannah accepted that and had felt bad about being so blunt about her question. And now she had to wonder. Was she the same way? Had she been too focused on other things all these years to even know how she felt? Had she been attracted to women the whole time and never even noticed it? That sounded crazy. But was it really?

Savannah hadn't had much of a love live and what little of one she had only developed in the past four years. Her time with Noah had been brief and uneventful and after all he did to Charlotte, she was glad that she hadn't stayed with him. And while things had been great with Dan, it was too much for her to deal with, from his insecurities to him probably still being hung up on Marti. She was so relieved she hadn't given her virginity to him. The person she gave that to had to be the right one for her. There couldn't be any doubts.

With that in mind, Savannah couldn't help but think of her religious upbringing. She had grown up her entire life being told that homosexuality was a sin. But she had also been told that God had a plan for everybody. What if her failures with men were a sign from a higher power that she had been looking in the wrong places?

These questions were exhausting her and she decided to take a quick rest. She leaned back against a nearby tree and checked her phone. She'd turned it off during practice and hadn't bothered to put it back on. Savannah wasn't surprised to see several unread texts waiting for her from Charlotte and Marti worried about her and asking if she was okay. Not wanting them to think she had disappeared, Savannah texted them both back without revealing what was so troubling her.

"I'm fine. Need 2 think. B back 4 dinner."

Wanting to put more distance between herself and Cheertown, Savannah continued to wander deeper into the woods, reminding herself to stay along the path so she could find her way back before night fell over Memphis. Getting lost in the woods would have been the perfect end to a thoroughly rotten day and Savannah was eager to avoid it. So, keeping an eye on where she had been going, Savannah continued along, trying to clear her head in the process when suddenly, she heard a grunt and a soft thud.

Looking around, Savannah recognized that she had wandered into a part of Lancer University that was rarely used by the general population. It was the training grounds for the school's ROTC and she saw that not only wasn't she alone, but there was a familiar face there.

"Deirdre?" Savannah announced, catching the blonde off-guard.

"Savannah? What are you doing here?" Deirdre asked. She came up to Savannah, wearing a green and white track top uniform, the top strained by Deirdre's heavy breasts as she came closer.

Savannah groaned internally when she noticed how quickly she had gone for staring right at the other girl's chest and she tried to keep her concentration on Deirdre's eyes, but even those piercing blue eyes made it hard for her to focus.

"Um, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you," Savannah apologized as she worked to keep her composure and not think about how sexy Marti's half-sister was. "I was just going for a walk. I didn't think anyone was going to be here."

"Well, it's a good place for me to keep fit and keep up with my skills," Deirdre explained. "I found this spot by accident in September and I like that this place out of the way and it can be just me and the obstacle course. And the ROTC doesn't care as long as I clean up when I leave."

"Huh. I didn't know you did track and field," Savannah said.

"Yep," Deirdre said, as she turned around to grab her water bottle, unintentionally giving quite a view to the very confused cheerleader as Savannah tried to not stare as she admired the way Deirdre's booty struggled to stay inside her track bottoms. "I did the long jump, high jump, triple jump and pole vault when I was attending White Station."

"Were you any good?" Savannah asked, trying to distract herself from any thought about wondering what Deirdre looked like naked.

"Well, like I said, I don't want to brag, but I was on the All-SCIAA Team in my senior year two years ago," Deirdre answered, referring to the conference her school was in.

"Whoa!" Savannah said, astounded her best friend's half-sister was so athletically gifted and happy for any kind of distraction from how good-looking she was. "Why didn't you get recruited to continue in college?"

"I guess I wasn't what the schools were looking for," Deirdre assumed. "I really need to get back to work on my long jump. So what brings you out into the woods? Isn't this supposed to be your practice time? I texted Marti earlier and she said you all were deep in training."

"Don't ask," Savannah replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Well when you say, 'Don't ask,' the natural response is to ask," Deirdre pointed out. "What's up Savannah? You look like something's wrong."

"No it's nothing and I...wait..." Savannah began to say before she stopped herself when she realized she might have inadvertently stumbled upon the one person who could help her. "Ummmm you're right...something is wrong. I mean not wrong...but yeah...wrong. I'm just...just...well I don't even know how to say it."

"Opening your mouth and letting the words out is usually a good start," Deirdre asked. She didn't like how this interruption was cutting into her training program but she had to admit she was getting REALLY curious about what was on the super-cheerleader's mind. Savannah usually acted like she was skipping and singing through the meadow like she was in some kind of Disney cartoon. This was the first time she had ever seen the girl like this and it was obvious something was bothering her. "What's wrong? You and Marti get into a fight or something?"

" like that," Savannah replied. "Gawwwd I can't believe I'm asking this did you know that you liked girls? Like you really, really liked girls?"

"Whoa..." Deirdre responded, nearly choking on her water. It was probably the last question she had expected to be asked by Savannah and the idea that someone like her could be flirting with at least a little bi-curiosity could have knocked Deirdre over with a feather. "Seriously?"

"I know it's such an inappropriate thing to ask and if you don't want to tell me it's okay," Savannah said, looking very embarrassed as she wrung her hands and looked like she wanted to climb one of the nearby trees and stay up there for a while. "I know it's none of my business but I just...I need to know."

"'s cool...I don't mind," Deirdre said, noting a bench a few feet away. "Wanna sit down?"

"Yes! Absolutely," Savannah answered, realizing she wasn't even sure how long she had been walking. The two girls took a seat next to each other and Deirdre couldn't help but think about how surprising it was that she was in this position with Savannah of all people.

"So.... I can't help but think you're not just asking because you're suddenly interested in my biography," Deirdre said, wanting to proceed carefully. "Something more personal triggering this?"

"Yes!" Savannah groaned, admitting it "I...I don't even know what's happening. But all of a sudden I started feeling this way. I started noticing girls and thinking about them and looking at their bodies's making me start to think that I like know, like you like them."

"Yeah I get the general idea," Deirdre said, trying not to be too outwardly shocked that Marti's repressed roomie could be admitting she wanted to be with a girl. "What do you think started all this? I mean, I gotta say this Savannah. You don't just wake up in the morning and decide you're a lesbian. That's not how it works."

"I know...I know...I just...I don't even know why I feel this way...but I guess maybe it started a few days ago and I didn't even realize it until now..." Savannah began. She then began her story about her conversation with Debby and how it had piqued her interest and then led to how she had gone to practice that day and how she had noticed her teammates and how good she had looked and how she had been spying on Ariana in the shower. It felt so good to admit it that she just spilled out for one part. Savannah edited herself when it came to the part about how sexy Marti had looked in that outfit. She was sure Deirdre would never want to hear something like that about her half-sister.

Deirdre listened with rapt attention and not because the thought of Savannah seducing one of her teammates was sexy as hell even though she was sure it would be. Looking at all those hot Hellcats like she had in the past, Deirdre had enjoyed an occasional masturbatory fantasy of their practices turning into one big lesbian orgy with all those sexy cheerleaders doing each other as she commanded them around and took control of the squad like they were all her little lesbian fuck toys...mmmm especially Marti. But this wasn't the time or the place to think about that and Deirdre knew it.

She could easily see that Savannah was confused and she honestly wanted to help her. She might not have known the girl very well but it was impossible not to like Savannah and Deirdre wanted to help her. She listened to every word the girl said in her stream of conscious revelation about her newfound admiration of women and how sexy they were and she sympathized. Deirdre knew what the girl was going through and she also knew how much help it could be to have someone to confide in.

When Savannah had finally finished, Deirdre responded by saying, "Wow. So, um, had you ever felt that way about women before you met with Debby?"

"Honestly, I don't know," Savannah said. "I can't recall if I had seen women like that before or if I've been keeping it buried. I mean, maybe I had. I don't know. God! This is so confusing!"

"Well, what is confusing you about it?" Deirdre asked, sounding more like a psychiatrist than a college student.

"Everything!" Savannah complained. "I always thought I was into boys, not girls! Now all I'm doing is seeing my female teammates and wondering what they would be like!"

"Okay, well the first thing is that just because you find yourself looking at girls it doesn't mean you're a lesbian," Deirdre pointed out. "A lot of girls I know just like looking at other girls. I mean, c'mon, women are hot. Even if you don't want to sleep with them you can admit that women look good!"

Savannah nodded her head and found herself smiling a little. That was true. Women were beautiful. She didn't have to be gay to realize that. But...Savannah couldn't stop thinking about how she wanted to do more than admire a pretty face or how a woman looked in a gorgeous dress. She wanted those dresses off. The more she talked about this, the more she began to feel that this really was more than just a chaste admiration of beauty.

"And second, even if you do like girls, it's not like you have to sleep with your teammates," Deirdre said. "The Hellcats don't have the monopoly on hot girls. So if you're looking to experiment you don't have to with one of them. Do it with someone you can be comfortable with and someone you won't have regrets about. You have to do what makes you happy Savannah. That's the most important thing."

"You're right...I know you're right...I just wasn't expecting to ever feel this way," Savannah sighed. It felt good to say this to someone and she knew Deirdre would understand in ways Marti never could. But all this confusion still felt like a burden.

"Well don't twist yourself into a pretzel over it," Deirdre advised. "You've got plenty of time to figure out who you really are. Trust me, you're not the only person in college who realized they're attracted to people of the same sex."

At that, Deirdre couldn't help but think of both her own sister and Savannah's. She badly wanted to tell Savannah that there were people very close to her who had gone through the same confusion she was experiencing. But she bit her tongue. Those secrets weren't hers to tell, especially because Deirdre was sure that hearing that she had not only slept with Savannah's sister but her own would only upset her more.

"I just don't know what to do," Savannah said. "Should I tell my mom?"

"Whoa whoa relax a little," Deirdre assured Savanna, placing her hand on hers for support. "You don't need to prepare your coming out speech to your family yet. Figure out who you are first and decide what you want and then you can worry about telling people. Remember Savannah, this shouldn't be about how you feel others should see you. It should be about what you want, no matter what that is. If it's girls, great! If it's guys, great! If it's both? Then go for it! It's your like and you have to make the decisions for it. Not your mom. Not your sister. Not Marti. Not anyone but you."

Savannah liked hearing that. It relaxed her and made her feel more at ease. It was her life. She just wanted to be back in control of it again. But she did feel bad about unloading her burden on Deirdre. She barely knew the girl and now she was confiding in her like she'd known her for years.

"God, Deirdre, I'm really sorry. This must be a lot for to unload on you."

"No need to apologize," Deirdre told her. "Any friend of Marti's is a friend of mine and I just wanted to help you out. I know I'm not the best with advice, but I've seen a lot of people in your shoes, realizing this later at life and having to look back at all those wasted years because they were too scared to go after what made them happy. It's the least I could do."

"Well, it is greatly appreciated," Savannah said. "I'm so glad you help me out a little. You must have a lot of women coming to you for help."

"Yeah, not really. Women tend to avoid me," Deirdre reminded her. "I don't know if Marti told you this when she found out I was her half-sister, but people think I'm stand-offish."

"She has mentioned that, but I don't see that right now," Savannah said. "I know I've still got a lot to figure out and you've been so good to me. You let that side show more often, maybe more women will approach you."

"I don't know," Deirdre replied apprehensively. "I just don't do well with people ever. In fact this is like the longest conversation I can remember having with a girl that...mmmmphhh!"

Deirdre was about to say more when the last thing in the world she expected happened. Savannah kissed her! And it wasn't some friendly kiss on the cheek either. It was one right on the lips. It was a real kiss. A sex kiss! And it was coming from someone she had never expected would ever consider something like that. Savannah had completely shocked her with this and at first Deirdre froze, not knowing how to react. But that didn't last.

The seconds started ticking by and the more she felt Savannah's inexperienced but oh so soft lips on hers, the more Deirdre liked it. So she began kissing back. She tenderly started to kiss Savannah back as she devilishly thought about how she'd now kissed both Monroe sisters and considered finding out if Savannah was as eager to go all the way as Charlotte had. But then another wholly unexpected thing happened...Deirdre found herself thinking better of taking Savannah back to her dorm room and showing her all the things girls could do with each other.

Instead, Deirdre took control and gently pushed Savannah away. Not because she didn't like the kiss. And not because she didn't find Savannah Monroe to be gorgeous. But because it was the right thing to do.

"Whoa...slow down there Savannah," Deirdre said, not even believing the words that were coming out of her mouth.

"Why? Am I doing it wrong?" Savannah asked, taking Deirdre's restraint as rejection. "Am I a bad kisser?"

"Oh my God, the exact opposite," Deirdre said, a large part of her wanting to grab this repressed little Hellcat and showing her everything she had shown to both Marti and Charlotte and then showing her a little more. "You're an amazing kisser Savannah and you're so beautiful..."

"But?" Savannah asked, knowing there was something else coming.

" this what you really want?" Deirdre asked, hating herself for developing a conscience at the most inopportune time.

"Yeah...I mean I think...I mean...I don't know," Savannah groaned, admitting defeat to the forces of confusion again. "I don't know why I did that. You just looked so beautiful and you were being so nice to me and I figured you me what it was like. Maybe that's the only way I can know what I want."

Savannah was feeling so embarrassed now. Deirdre had been trying to give her advice and she had taken it completely the wrong way. Now she had ruined this budding friendship and made a fool of herself in the process. She was never going to be able to look at Deirdre in the eye again after that stupid, impetuous kiss. And what if she...

"Please don't tell Marti I did that!" Savannah begged, terrified her best friend would hate her if she found out she had kissed her sister. She had been so mad about Marti and Dan and Savannah knew Marti would be even madder at her if she found out what she had just done to Deirdre.

"Don't worry, it's our secret," Deirdre assured the girl, thinking now she had a lot of secrets with these girls and that the ones she had with Charlotte and Marti were a lot more salacious than just a kiss on a bench. "There's nothing for you to be embarrassed about. You're a beautiful girl Savannah. Any girl would be lucky to be with you. But...I'm not the right kind of girl for you to experiment with."

"Yeah..." Savannah replied, relieved that Deirdre wasn't going to run to Marti and tell her about her psycho lesbian roommate, but also still embarrassed that she had done that. She supposed it was for the best that Deirdre had stopped her. After all, sleeping with her best friend's sister would have made things super awkward between her and Marti. God, what had she been thinking? She'd kept her virginity as a treasure to give to a man she loved. Now she was thinking about giving it to the first random girl she talked to? What was wrong with her?

But Savannah had to admit that it had felt good to kiss Deirdre. Her lips were so soft, much more than Noah's and even more than Dan's. It had felt like heaven and Savannah instantly blushed at the thought of wanting it again. That kiss felt unlike anything Savannah had ever experienced before.

"So...ummmm...I guess I should get going," Savannah said nervously but she felt Deirdre's hand on hers again.

"Don't worry about what just happened," Deirdre assured her. "I liked kissing you Savannah. You're going to make some special girl really happy. But don't be reckless. Think before you jump and you're going to be glad you did. I know I'm like the worst person to ever give advice since I usually go and do the opposite of what I'm saying but listen to my experience from a lot of regrets. Figure out what you want before you go for it. Once you do, your heart is going to lead you in the right direction, no matter what it is."

"Okay," Savannah said, sitting up from the bench and starting to walk away before she turned around. "Thank you Deirdre. I really mean it. Thanks for listening. Thanks for not freaking out and...well...thanks for everything."

"Anytime," Deirdre said, even as on the inside she was still shocked at her own restraint. She had never thought twice about something like this before and now she was acting totally unlike herself. She as acting...nice. What the fuck was wrong with her? And that question and her own confusion over her lack of action was hammered home as she watched Savannah Monroe walk away, that cute booty of hers looking so much sexier now that she knew her sister's BFF had a pussy craving side too.

As she walked back to campus, knowing she had to hurry before it got dark, Savannah couldn't help but relive the kiss in her mind. She knew it had been an impulsive mistake but she had to admit that she Savannah liked kissing a girl. No, she had loved it. It felt so incredible. It was like the 4th of July fireworks over Manhattan. A woman's lips were so much softer and more sensual to Savannah. It was like a spark had ignited the lusts that she was now feeling.

The spark. Savannah thought back to what Debby had told her earlier. That all it took for her friend was that one kiss to light the spark that awoken those feelings she had about women. Maybe she could go to Debby's and find out more about that spark. Because if Deirdre was the wrong girl for her experiment with, maybe her new friend Debby was the right one?

Almost as if her legs were moving without her brain giving her any commands, Savannah found herself trekking through the woods one more time.

* * *

"I think what I need to do is set aside this amount of the athletic department's revenue and put that aside for the men's basketball team," Philip Laverne said as he crunched numbers. "It'll keep them in the red for the season."

"Bad idea," Emily Townsend advised. "If you leave that much to the men's team, it'll leave the women's team underfunded and, most importantly, opening you and the university up to a Title IX lawsuit."

"What if I go talk to the sponsors and try to get them to loosen the purse strings?"

"Well, that could work," Townsend said. "But I say cut this slice of money in half between the men's and women's teams just to be on the safe side."

"Alright, I'll do it, but this better not hurt me in the long run," Laverne told her. He had been struggling to prepare a financial report for Lancer's athletic department for the next calendar year and he needed to turn a profit in the worst way while being sure to even out the funding for the men's and women's sports. "I swear, once those damn cheerleaders are gone, we won't have to worry about this anymore."

"Hey, what have I been telling you since the school hired me?" Townsend reminded him. "You got nothing to worry about. With my plan, the Hellcats are guaranteed to fall."

"You sure? Because we thought our plan to be rid of them by Qualifiers was foolproof," Laverne said.

"Trust me," Townsend assured him. "After Sectionals, the Hellcats will be an afterthought."

After Bill Marsh resigned in disgrace as athletic director during the previous season, Lancer had hired Emily Townsend, a world-renowned sports attorney, to regulate the school's athletic department. The only reason she jumped at the job, though, was to strike back against her ex-husband, football coach Red Raymond, as well as the woman who broke up her marriage, then-Hellcats coach Vanessa Lodge. With Laverne's help, she had succeeded in getting Vanessa fired, but that hadn't been enough for Townsend. She wanted to see the Hellcats erased from the face of the earth. The team had reminded her of her broken marriage and now she wanted to see the team suffer before she dealt the deathblow.

"God, I love that beautiful mind," Laverne said.

"And here I am thinking you were into me because of my body," Townsend joked. She went in to give the athletic director a kiss, but a buzz from Laverne's desk shattered any hopes of some closed-door action.

"Phil, your 6 p.m. is here," the intercom announced.

"Damn it," Laverne cursed, having forgotten his appointment, before turning back to Townsend. "Once we get back to my place, I promise." He then focused his attention on the intercom. "Alright, Megan, send her in."

"You sure you don't want me here to help you along?" Townsend asked. "Because this woman has a reputation in the sports world in the Mid-South."

"Emily, I'm the athletic director here," Laverne said. "Before that, I was the dean of student affairs. If there's anything I can do, it's handle myself around women like her. Besides, we discussed the perimeters of this visit. It's just a simple Q&A. If I could, I'd be serving coffee for her."

"Your funeral, babe," Townsend said, shaking her head as walked out the door...

...and came face-to-face with Kelsey Curtis. The reporter exuded confidence and pride, a feeling she always carried with her. Dressed in a navy blue pantsuit and a cream blouse, her librarian-like glasses framing her blue eyes, Kelsey stopped short of walking into the room so she didn't collide with Townsend.

"My apologies, Ms. Curtis," Townsend said as she left, trying not to make eye contact with the tenacious reporter.

"No need to apologize," Kelsey said, noting Townsend's inability to look at her. If her information had served her correctly, then she knew why the attorney was trying to look away.

"Ah, Kelsey Curtis, nice of you to come all this way," Laverne greeted her, giving her his friendliest smile. "How are things at Photo Gem?"

"They're doing great," Kelsey said, also flashing her own smile, only hers was more genuine than the snake-like look he was shooting her.

Although Kelsey and Laverne agreed to the Q&A to focus on Lancer's rebuilding of the athletic department following the Marsh scandal, the reporter was using this as her chance to crack the AD's armor about Vanessa's firing. Every detail the current MemChrist cheer coach had fed Kelsey raised red flags to Laverne and Townsend's true motives. She wanted to use this meeting to divide and conquer. If she could get him to slip up without Townsend sitting next to him, Kelsey might be able to dig a little deeper into the story.

"So, Mr. Laverne---" Kelsey began.

"Please, you can call me Phil."

"Okay, Phil, it's my understanding from a few sources that as the Lancer athletic department looks to regain the public trust, you are seeking to expand sports here," Kelsey stated. She had actually talked to some friends in the department who had leaked her rumors of the Lions' expansion into more sports but had thought of them as only water cooler gossip.

"Actually, Kelsey, your sources are right. We are thinking of taking Lancer into a new direction," Laverne told her. "We've gotten significant backing to develop men's and women's lacrosse among our intercollegiate programs and we've also been in discussion with a few sponsors about starting a men's ice hockey team."

"Interesting, I may just drop in those teams to see their progress," Kelsey said, putting on her best poker face. It had been no question that Lancer was struggling to keep the Hellcats afloat. How was it the school was getting funding for three new sports on top of Laverne's own raise when the cheerleaders faced an uncertain future? Something was wrong here and she knew it, but Kelsey continued to stick to the script, as it were, not tipping her hand to Laverne as she filed away this information for later.

For the better part of 30 minutes, Kelsey continued to ask questions about Lancer's athletics, asking for his opinions on the highly-touted recruiting classes for the men's and women's basketball teams plus a possible conference repeat for the volleyball team and even stretching well into the future concerning the rebuilding baseball and softball programs.

Satisfied she had enough material for her fake article, Kelsey decided to pull out the big gun.

"I'm sure you've noticed one of the teams that has gained the most support among the students has been the Hellcats," Kelsey began, watching Laverne shift uncomfortably in his seat. She knew she had struck a nerve by bringing the cheerleaders up and dug deeper. "You must be really impressed after what happened last year that they were able to rebound and knock off the defending national champions at Qualifiers."

"Well, what can I say?" Laverne asked. "The Hellcats have a great deal of veteran leadership that has carried the team to their current success. Ms. Verdura knows how to lead a championship-caliber team on the mat."

Kelsey smirked to herself as she thought back to Alice's ability to give a championship-caliber performance in the bedroom too. Just the thought of the captain had Kelsey close to getting her panties wet. She focused to her next question to save face.

"And with such a young coach, too. It's my understanding Britney Allen was only a couple of months removed from graduating from UCLA when you hired her."

"Ms. Allen has been a remarkable success for us," Laverne told her. "When we saw what she was capable of, leading her team to a near title-winning routine at Nationals, we knew we had to have her in the Lancer family the moment we saw her video r‚sum‚."

Kelsey didn't buy it for a moment, especially considering there had to be more-qualified applicants for the job than Britney, regardless of the Hellcats' Qualifiers performance. Which brought her to her next point.

"Yet you had a coach who guided the team to Atlanta last year," Kelsey pointed out. "Only the team got disqualified under unusual circumstances and she was fired when she got back to Memphis. Do you think Britney can replicate the success Vanessa Lodge brought to them?"

Laverne twitched his eye and Kelsey knew she could take him for everything he owned if they ever played Texas Hold 'Em.

"Well, it was unfortunate that Vanessa had to be let go, but it needed to be done for the sake of the team," Laverne lied. "I'm sure you heard she covered up that one of her athletes had contracted mono, right?"

"It's a rumor I've heard," Kelsey said. She had him violating the NDA that Vanessa had previously mentioned and it corroborated her story.

"Between you and I, I see a lot of Vanessa in Britney. She's passionate about the team and is as dedicated to the job as her predecessor."

"Still, some people I have spoken to have said Vanessa was fired for other reasons, not just some incident covering up mono," Kelsey continued.

"Which people?"

"Sources," Kelsey answered coyly.

"Ms. Curtis, I'm not sure what your sources are trying to imply, but the reason for Ms. Lodge's termination was because of her professional conduct at Nationals. Not anything else," Laverne stated. "Not anything unprofessional, not any gallivanting, nothing. And if I may, I think this goes outside the scope of the interview."

"You're right, I'm sorry," Kelsey apologized, looking as sincere as possible, trying to get Laverne to play into her act. "I sometimes get sidetracked and I didn't mean for that to happen."

"It's nothing," Laverne forgave her. "I lost my cool there myself. I don't want to ruin the school's public image over my mistakes."

"Okay," Kelsey said. "You know, it happens. Anyway, let me ask you about the Hellcats' run to Nationals this season."

Kelsey and Laverne continued on about the team's hope to win at Nationals. It was clear that she was going to get nothing else from Laverne, but he had managed to slip up just like she had hoped we would. The mention of Vanessa "gallivanting" certainly pinged on her radar because Kelsey hadn't mentioned any other reason Vanessa would have been fired, yet Laverne gave her a specific reason why she was fired. If she could prove Vanessa had been fired for this reason instead of what the official story said, it would be a big blow to the athletic department.

Instead of wrapping up the interview after talking about the Hellcats, Kelsey continued on and asked about the football team's bid for a BCS game. What had been a fake story had turned into cover story material and she figured with such good quotes, why not turn it into a payday? Laverne certainly was high about the football team's chances considering he talked about them for an hour.

As the interview ended, Laverne stood up and said, "Well, Ms. Curtis, I hope you have everything you need."

"Indeed, I do Phil. I think you gave me plenty," Kelsey responded with a slick smile that slipped past the AD's eyes. Probably because he was using this as a chance to check out her large tits.

"If you ever need another sound bite, you let me know," Laverne said invitingly.

"Believe me, Phil, I'll come to you for another," Kelsey said. In her head, she had been thinking, "Whether you want me to or not."

* * *

"Come in!" Demi's voice called through the door and Marti reached down to twist open the door with her thumb and forefinger, the rest of her hand trying hard to hold onto the plastic bag holding the food. It took three tries, but she managed to get the latch to undo and found herself slipping into Demi's dorm room without any further problems.

Demi looked up from where she sat at her desk, talking on the phone. She held up a pair of fingers to indicate two minutes and kept talking.

"No, it's just a friend with some food, Mom. No, not a boy. If I had a boyfriend, you'd know about it, Mom," Demi said, rolling her eyes theatrically for Marti, who tried not to laugh. Instead, she looked around the room. Originally, Demi was supposed to have a roommate, but the other girl had dropped out after a week, leaving Demi with a single room for the semester at least and the young photographer had taken full advantage, plastering up her artwork all around the room. It was an eclectic mix of landscapes, portraits, and nudes and they were all remarkable. Demi had some real talent, as far as Marti could tell.

"No, Mom, I don't know what Dallas is talking about. You know how she overreacts to everything," Demi said, continuing her conversation. Marti had the strange feeling she was being spoken about. She found herself looking at the nudes, trying to ignore Demi's half of the conversation. There were a few men in the mix - in fact, there was Jason with his towel just not covering up enough to make it into the Hellcats calendar - but an easy four-fifths of the nudes were of women. Some were simple shots of a model against a wall, others were close-ups of breasts and butts and one shot that was suspiciously close to Demi's pillow was an almost gynecological shot of a woman's privates spread wide open mere inches from the camera. None of the women had faces, Marti noticed, making her wonder if they were anyone she knew. There was a half-covered tattoo on one butt that looked like one she saw on a hot brunette in her Environmental Law class...

"Sorry about that," Demi said, finally hanging up her phone. "You know how parents can be."

"Remind me to introduce you to Wanda sometime when she's on one of her tirades. Your mom will seem like a pussycat by comparison."

"I doubt that," Demi said, pulling Marti close and kissing her. "I've missed you."

"Missed you, too. How goes the photo shoots?"

"Almost done. We should go over to the dark room, you can see the best ones so far."

"Oooh, a sneak peek of next year's Hellcats calendar? Count me in," Marti said with mock enthusiasm.

"Well, it's not free," Demi said, gripping Marti's ass.

"I brought you food," Marti said, pointing towards the bag. "Wanda's second-best ribs."


"They were out of the usual barbecue sauce she likes. Travis swears by this brand, but Wanda likes what she likes, so these are 'second best,'" Marti explained.

Demi laughed. "Wanda sounds like a hoot."

"She'd love to meet you," Marti said.

Demi's face went dark. "You didn't tell her about-"

"No!" Marti said at once. "No no. I mean, she knows I like girls, but she doesn't know about you specifically."

"Okay," Demi said relaxing. "Sorry, it's just that my mom was just literally giving me the 'homosexuality is the work of the devil' riot act again and Dallas is so suspicious and-"

Marti cut her off by giving Demi one long, slow kiss. Demi seemed to melt in Marti's embrace and held the kiss until they were both a little woozy from lack of oxygen.

"What was that for?" Demi asked.

"You looked like you needed something sweet," Marti said. "Or at least a distraction."

"You ARE rather distracting," Demi said. "Let me grab some plates and we can eat, then go over to the dark room."

"Deal," Marti said. Demi stepped over to her closet and started rummaging around in one of the interior drawers.

"I don't get to use these much," Demi said, her head still in the closet. "I usually either eat out, or at least in the cafeteria. Mom's always worrying about my diet. Thinks I'm not eating enough."

"Mmm," Marti said, glaring at the sight of Demi's thong appearing over the top of her jeans. "I don't know, you look pretty curvy to me."

"Huh?" Demi asked, standing back up.

"Nothing," Marti said. "Nice artwork, by-the-way," she said, changing the subject.

"Thanks. It's all mine."

"I guessed that. Kinda hard to miss Jason over there. Second time I've seen him naked this week."

"Huh?" Demi asked, hanging Marti one of the plates.

"Oh, didn't I mention that?" Marti said. She spent the next few minutes explaining how she and Savannah had walked in on Charlotte and Jason having sex.

"Jason and Charlotte? Huh, didn't see that couple coming," Demi said as the girls sat down on Demi's bed, each with a plate of ribs. "Not that they wouldn't be cute together. Just, you know, he seems like she'd be a little stuck up for him."

"Charlotte?" Marti asked before digging into a rib.

"Yeah. You know, I did her shoot earlier today and she's all prim and proper and she brought her adorable baby along and... well, when I did his, he was more laid back."

"Even as you took pictures of him naked," Marti said, elbowing her girlfriend.

"Even as I took pictures of him naked, yes," Demi said, elbowing Marti back playfully.

"Well, Charlotte takes after Savannah a little," Marti said. "Kind of a sheltered life."

"What would they say if they knew Savannah's BFF Marti Perkins was here with a sexy photographer intent on getting her naked?" Demi asked.

"Oh, so you're going to get me naked, are you?" Marti said, licking some barbecue sauce off her finger.

"Well, you didn't come all this way to just sit around my room, gossiping about the other Hellcats, did you?" Demi asked, taking Marti's hand. Marti felt her breath catch as Demi leaned down and sucked the sauce off of Marti's thumb.

"Okay, that was hot," Marti said when Demi let her hand go.

"I don't know, I've tasted hotter," Demi said. Marti felt her jaw drop, but Demi was laughing already. "The barbecue sauce, silly!" Demi clarified.

"Just for that, you're going to have to wait to get me naked," Marti said, throwing a napkin at Demi.

"Spoilsport," Demi said.

"You want to show me the calendar pictures?" Marti asked.

"They aren't here, they're in the school darkroom."

"Then you'll just have to take me there," Marti said. "C'mon, it's a dark room and no one else will be there. You can be my secret girlfriend there just as much as you can here."

"Okay, okay," Demi said. "Can we finish eating first?"

"Sure, but I'm not changing my mind," Marti said. "I want to see those pics before I put out tonight."

"But you'll put out?" Demi asked with a raised eyebrow.

Marti answered by licking some of the sauce off Demi's finger.

* * *

The knocking on Debby Pickett's apartment door hadn't exactly been loud, but it had been persistent enough that the strawberry blonde could no longer ignore it. Disappointed to pull herself away from the task at hand, she walked over to the entrance of her apartment, ready to give a piece of her mind to whoever was interrupting her.

Instead, she saw the last person she expected to see at her door that day.

"Savannah? What are you doing here?"

"Deb, I need to talk to you," Savannah told her friend and classmate.

"Um, Savannah, now isn't the best time in the world," Debby told her. "You think you could come back later?"

"Please, Debby, this is really important to me," Savannah begged.

Debby gave it some thought. Just a few moments ago, she was having the time of her life. Now, a persistent and frustratingly vague Savannah Monroe was interrupting her. As much as Debby wished Savannah was anywhere but at her door, she couldn't turn down her worried-looking friend.

"Alright, come on in," Debby instructed. "But this needs to be quick, alright?"

"Okay," Savannah said, walking inside and closing the door behind her. The young brunette bore a worried and contemplative look one her face, as if she had decided she wanted to do something but still wasn't certain it was the right thing to do. It was exactly how Savannah felt as she braced to get this off her chest.

"Are you okay? You don't look so good," Debby observed.

"Um, I'm fine, I've just been thinking a lot," Savannah said. "Thinking about what we were talking about the other day."

"What are you talking about?" Debby asked, crossing her arms over her chest, hoping that Savannah would get the hint and notice she was wearing a ratty, oversized, paint-covered t-shirt and nothing more.

"Well, I've been thinking about all the things you told me that day," Savannah continued, not picking up on Debby's state of dress. "About, oh jeez, you know, women. How you mentioned how sexy they are. How they feel and how they taste."

Debby could hardly believe what she was hearing. This wasn't like the Savannah Monroe she knew. Not too long ago, she said he questions about Debby's relationships with women were curiosity. Now she couldn't wonder if that had been a lie or if she had unleashed something in friend she hadn't intended to.

"And I don't know why, but I've been thinking about all these friends of mine on the team," Savannah continued. "I've been thinking about what it'd be like to kiss them, to touch them, to feel them against me."

Debby just couldn't believe this. She had no idea her words would have such a profound impact on her friend. She tried to butt in, but Savannah cut her off before she even had the chance.

"One of those friends even kissed me and it made me realize something. That I liked it."

Now Debby was almost certain she had fallen into the Twilight Zone. She had been wondering what the hell she could have done that made Savannah do such a quick 180. She opened her mouth again to get Savannah to slow down, but the brunette just kept on talking.

"But no matter who I was thinking of, there was only one woman I kept thinking of. And that's you."


"You," Savannah confirmed. "You made everything sound sexy, Debby. You're the one person who's been running through my head. I want to explore these feelings, Debby. And I want my friend there with me."

To say Debby had been stunned was an understatement. She had no idea were words would have such a profound impact on Savannah, let alone make her friend come on to her like this. And the harder Savannah pushed on, the more uncomfortable Debby felt.

"Savannah, wait," Debby pleaded. "This isn't right and you need to stop. I'm glad you feel this way, but I can't do this with you."

"Why not?" Savannah asked, moving closer to Debby. She had been surprised herself by her own aggressiveness. Nobody, not even Dan had made her feel this way. As surprised as she was, though, Savannah enjoyed every second of it. "Come on, Debby, I need to feel this."

There was one step between Savannah and Debby and the former felt the blood surge through her body. She had just planned on kissing Debby, nothing more. She wasn't set to give up her virginity yet, but the simple thought of kissing Debby drove Savannah wild with lust. She had to feel her lips against her friends.

"Debby, where are you?"

Savannah nearly leapt of her skin when she heard a third voice in the apartment call for Debby. A female voice. And one that Savannah was all too familiar with.

"I'm at the door," Debby said, feeling so relieved to get out of this moment.

Though Savannah knew whom that voice belonged to, it was still a shock to see her here. And seeing her so bare, too.


"Savannah?" Brenda Wu asked, standing in the frame of the threshold wearing nothing but a bed sheet around her otherwise naked body.

"You two know each other?" Debby asked.

"Um, uh, yeah," Savannah stammered out. "I'm, um, taking one of her surveys."

Brenda sighed, feeling glad she didn't have to explain this to Debby without violating Savannah's confidentiality in the survey.

"How do you know each other?" Savannah asked.

"Savannah, I'm so sorry, but Brenda's my girlfriend," Debby answered. "Remember when I told you about that the other day?"

The weight of that question dropped on top of Savannah like a pallet of bricks. How could she forget that Debby said that? And as she looked at Debby, she noticed the shirt and how old and dirty it was, remembering all the times Alice came back from a one-nighter looking the same way. And Brenda in the bed sheet, too. Then it occurred to Savannah that Debby was the "hot date" Brenda had talked about prior to the survey meeting.

The tears starting coming to Savannah's eyes as she felt her cheeks turn red with embarrassment. She had just humiliated at herself in front of one of her few friends outside the Hellcats and that was if Debby still wanted to be friends after this.

"Debby, I'm so sorry," Savannah whimpered out. "I didn't mean to..." The cheerleader sniffled mid-sentence and decided she needed to leave immediately. She opened the door and ran straight out of the apartment, not even bothering to close it behind her or look back at Debby and Brenda.

* * *

At any other time, the Hellcats' arena was where Savannah was at her happiest. It was her home away from home, her sanctuary, her temple, her safe place from all that worried her.

This time was anything other than normal. Savannah was alone, crying her eyes out on a pile of gym mats in one of the arena's rafters. It was actually the same rafter Savannah did her suicide drop from when she first joined the Hellcats. Now, though, it felt like her life was in a very different fall.

It had been a long time since Savannah lost what little resolve she had left when she left Debby's apartment, pouring her heart and to her pal and entertaining the notion of taking their friendship to the next level, only to see Debby was already in a relationship with Brenda. Ever since she got up into the rafter, she had been cursing herself for own idiocy and carelessness. Savannah had no idea she was going to patch things up with Debby or be able to continue to participate anymore in Brenda's sex survey.

And that was just the icing on the cake.

Never, not even when Parker skipped town, had Savannah felt so miserable and hopeless. The entire day had been a disaster to her. She already found out she was attracted to women. How was she going to ever have that talk with Layne? Savannah's feelings flew in the face of everything her mother taught her and she was still treading lightly with her family after leaving MemChrist for Lancer.

Her first kiss with another woman had been with Deirdre, too. How on Earth was Savannah even going to talk to her ever again? Worse, what would Marti think of her? Would she think Savannah was some kind of predator before she even knew the whole story?

In Savannah's mind, her world was falling apart. Her unbendable inner strength was being crushed like a sheet of paper. How could she even talk to anybody about this?

Suddenly, one of the doors to the arena opened and footsteps could be heard from the rafters. Savannah didn't want to be seen like this by anybody, even if it was just the janitor coming in to wax the court. Trying to regain some sense of composure, she wiped the tears from her eyes, which had remained misty.

Instead of staying down on the court, the soft steps were climbing up the stairs that led to the rafter. Savannah braced herself to excuse herself from whoever was coming her.

The door to the balcony opened and it sure wasn't a janitor that was on the other side.

"VANNA!" Charlotte cried out, running over to older sister and nearly knocking the senior on her back when she hugged her. "Oh my God, I was so worried for you. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, Char," Savannah answered, her voice soft from all her sobbing. She knew Charlotte was asking about her physical well-being, but inside, Savannah was anything but fine.

"Thank God," Charlotte said. "Hang on, let me take care of something." The youngest Monroe daughter let go of the hug, took out her phone and reached out to one of her teammates. "Hey, Britney, I found her. She's fine. Thanks. You don't mind if I talk to her first, do you? Great, see you later." When she got off the phone with Marti, Charlotte went back to embracing her sister.

For several moments, there was nothing but silence. Charlotte held Savannah close, almost as though if she let go, she'd be gone. She just held on, wanting her older sister to know that she was by her side.

After several minutes, Savannah broke the silence and asked, "How did you know I would be here?"

"I'm your sister, Savannah. I know you way too well," Charlotte answered. "Though I was really starting to worry because I thought of six other places you could be and I was running low on ideas."

"Thanks," Savannah said, breaking away and trying to wipe a tear away. "I'm sorry you're seeing me like this."

"What has been wrong with you today?" Charlotte asked with a near-maternal level concern that she normally had for her son. "You tanked at practice, you disappear for hours without texting me or any of your other teammates, you're up in the rafters while you're crying your eyes out. This isn't like you at all."

"God, Char, you're going to hate me if I told you," Savannah said. "I really messed up."

"Savannah, I got pregnant when I lost my virginity to your ex-boyfriend," Charlotte reminded her. "Believe me when I say that whatever you did can't be nearly half as bad as the mistake I made."

Savannah sighed. "Alright, but you're right about me not being myself."

The tears returned to Savannah's eyes has she recounted the day's struggles to Charlotte. She left no stone unturned except for the momentary attraction she had to Marti, which she felt relieved she wasn't experiencing at that moment. Everything else, though, she poured out to Charlotte. The lunch discussion with Debby. The attraction she felt toward her teammates at practice. The conversation with Deirdre that led to Savannah getting her first girl-on-girl kiss. Her disastrous attempt to kiss Debby. Through the waterworks streaming down her face, Savannah confessed it all to Charlotte.

For her part, Charlotte listened with mouth open in surprise. Part of her wanted to think Savannah was pulling her leg, but the emotion she heard told her that this was anything but some elaborate joke. Still, this couldn't have been real. Sure, Savannah was little more rebellious that herself, but Charlotte still thought she was the good sister in the family. This just didn't sound like the Savannah Monroe she grew up with.

More surprising to Charlotte, though, was that the first girl to have kissed Savannah was Deirdre. It hadn't been that long since Charlotte had her own first lesbian kiss with the quirkier of the Perkins sisters. Somehow, Deirdre had managed be the first girl-on-girl kiss for both herself and her sister. Charlotte wondered to herself if this was some well-planned ploy by Deirdre to get back into her skirt. But despite how wonderful that first time felt, it was something that was never going to happen again.

Savannah's recollection of the day's events had been positively heart-breaking and as she struggled to get the words out of her month between the sobs and whines, Charlotte felt her own eyes begin to well up. It pained her to see her big sister, normally an unbreakable pillar of optimism and positivity, reduced to uncontrollable tears.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," Savannah said. "Mom's going to hate me if she finds out and Marti's never going to never speak to me again because I kissed her sister. I don't know if Debby will even want to look at me again."

"Come on, Vanna, don't be like that," Charlotte tried to encourage her. "If it's alright with you, let me take care of Debby and Brenda. I'm sure I can make things right."

"I don't know," Savannah said. "What if you don't---"

"I will succeed," Charlotte told her. It hadn't been lost on her that Savannah's sunny deposition was really shaken if she was hesitant to have Charlotte help her. "Trust me."

"But what about Mom?" Savannah cried.

"Listen to me, Savannah, Mom doesn't have to know," Charlotte stated. "I'll protect you. I'll be sure she doesn't have a clue that you like women."

"But, but..." Savannah sputtered out, "what about Marti? What do I do?"

"Look, Marti is your best friend. She's not going to get mad at you because her sister kissed you," Charlotte said, although she was uncertain of herself because she herself did a lot more than kiss Deirdre. "Trust me, Vanna, you'll be fine. Just tell her."

"I don't know, Char," Savannah cried. "I really don't know. This whole day has been a disaster."

"Stop beating yourself up, Vanna," Charlotte told her. "There are problems a lot worse than liking girls you could be going through. Come on, it's like you always say. Positive outcomes only."

Savannah sniffled and looked her sister in the eyes.

"I don't know if I can think of one."

* * *

The Lancer University darkroom was surprisingly small, Marti though, for such a large institution with a sizeable journalism program. But as Demi was quick to point out, photography was mostly digital these days and that there was a large bank of computers a room or two over where most students did their work. Demi was a bit of a traditionalist, however and had done both digital and film photos of all the Hellcats. Even she admitted the digital shots were probably clearer and more likely to be chosen for the calendar, but the artist in her wouldn't let her not take film shots as well.

"I really meant for our second date to be a little fancier than this," Marti said as Demi worked her through the rotating door from the outside into the light-blocked room.

"I'm getting to show my pictures to a girl I think is totally hot and sweet and wonderful - I don't need anything fancier," Demi said as the stepped out into the red light. Marti had seen dark rooms on TV and in movies, but had never actually been in one. The red light was strange - a little creepy in her mind - but as Demi explained, it was the only light that wouldn't spoil the old exposure film.

"Mmm, you look good in red, Marti," Demi said, glancing at her as she lead the way down the small row of tables with developing machines. There wasn't much room in the place, as it was little more than a hallway maybe 50 feet long, lined with shelves large enough for the machines, the trays for the developing liquid and with strings of clothesline above for hanging pictures from to dry.

"Kinda crowded in here," Marti said.

"I guess," Demi said. "I don't know, I kinda love it here, so I never noticed."

"How many people are in here at a time usually?"

"There's enough room for 10 people to develop pictures at a time, but I've never been in here with more than three other people working," Demi said. "Everyone's just all about digital these days."

"You sound sad."

"I am!" Demi said. "There's something so wonderfully old-fashioned about using real film. But in another four or five years, it'll be impossible to afford film anymore if you're not a professional. Hell, it'll be too expensive for professionals soon, too.

Marti didn't have a response to that, other than to squeeze Demi's hand. "You wanna show me the calendar pics?"

Demi smiled wolfishly. "Over here," she said, moving towards the back of the room. Marti followed, never letting go of Demi's hand. It felt right holding her hand. Marti had never been one of those girls who had to hold her guy's hand, to latch on to someone she was dating. But with Demi...

"Ohmygod, is that Savannah?!" Marti said as Demi showed her the first pic.

"It is," Demi said. Sure enough, it was Savannah in that wonderful floral print bikini from the Wyndyke the other day, with a gorgeous waterfall behind her. Her hair was wet, as if she'd just walked through the water and she was turning back to go through again, glancing over her shoulder as if looking for someone to follow her. She looked stunningly gorgeous, but Marti couldn't take her eyes off Savannah's perfectly shaped rear end.

"Yeah," Demi said, seeing Marti's reaction. "That shot's going to sell a lot of calendars."

"I can't believe you got Savannah to pose like that."

"Didn't," Demi admitted. "Honestly, she was turning around to go through the waterfall again and I snapped this one. Sometimes, the best pics are the ones you don't plan."

"What else do you have?" Marti asked.

"Oh, lots of fun ones. Here's Charlotte," Demi said, pointing to another picture. Sure enough, there was Charlotte Monroe, her taunt little belly showing no sign of ever having given birth, as she leapt from a diving board. Next was Emily, looking all hot and sweaty in her Lancer sports bra, dumping water over her head while guys skateboarded off ramps behind her. After that came Molly, who wore a Lancer one-piece suit, but lay out on a boat, basking in the sun, her small but perky breasts straining the suit suggestively. Then there was Ariana's, which looked surprisingly similar to Jason's, with the cute little redhead coming out of the shower with just a Lancer blue towel wrapped around her.

"How many naked pictures of Ariana did you end up with?" Marti asked with mock suspicion.

"A couple dozen," Demi said with a laugh. "Girl does NOT mind being naked."

"What is it with you and showers? I mean first Jason, then Ariana - and you and I first did it in a locker room, not five feet from showers."

"Falling water does turn me on," Demi said, pinching Marti's ass.

"Have we seen all the pics?"

"Nope," Demi said, not taking her hand off Marti just yet. She pointed over towards where Alice and Miranda were all but kissing atop a car. "That's about the raciest I think we could get away with, though there's a few shots of them locking lips I might develop for another class project, if they'll let me."

"Alice probably will," Marti said. "Not so sure about Miranda."

"I've got a few more girls who I haven't shot yet, including Frankie who's trying to get her firefighter uncle to open up a fire hydrant for us for a half hour or so."

"Ooh, that sounds cool," Marti said.

"Yeah, but there's two more, and they're my favorites," Demi said, reaching for a folder on the desk. "I developed them first just because."

The first picture she handed over was Marti's and Marti hardly recognized herself. With the water cascading down her body, she looked like some kind of sexy sea goddess. But it was the second pic that made Marti do a double-take.

"Britney?" Marti said, surprised to see her diminutive coach in the image. She wore just a Hellcats jacket and a pair of blue panties or bikini bottoms, Marti couldn't tell from here. But it hardly mattered, because just a hint of it - and a little more hint of her ass - peeked out from beneath the bottom of the jacket. The image cut off maybe an inch or so below that, leaving out any leg, but it hardly matter. It was one of the sexiest shots, simply because of what it didn't show.

"Wow. Just wow," Marti said.

"Gotta admit, Marti, your coach is hot," Demi said, grabbing Marti's ass again. "You wanna see the boys' pictures?"

"Not really," Marti said, putting the pictures down and turning towards Demi.

"Then what do you want to do?"

Marti reached down and took Demi's hand off her ass and moved it to her chest. She leaned in to kiss her girlfriend, answering as she did so.

"You showed me the pics, now I'm going to put out."

Demi didn't even have time to smile completely before Marti's lips locked with hers and a moment later they were dropping to the floor, shedding shirts and jeans in the process.

The next thing Marti Perkins knew, she was flat on her back, her sexy new girlfriend's mouth latched upon her nipple, sucking away like crazy while looking up at Marti's face. It was the look of pure lust in Demi's eyes that made Marti nearly cream herself - it was blatantly clear that the only thing Demi Torres wanted to do at that moment was fuck and as the lucky recipient of said fucking, Marti was thrilled.

Marti still had her panties on, but that didn't stop Demi's hand from shoving the cotton fabric aside and sinking two fingers into Marti's wet slit. Marti barely had time to gasp before Demi started sliding in and out, not bothering to either ask permission or start slowly. Even as she feasted on Marti's not-insignificant breasts, Demi was finger fucking the lovely Ms. Perkins like a woman possessed.

"Oh Demi! Demi! DEMI!" Marti chanted, loving the sound of her girlfriend's name on her tongue. At that very moment, Marti couldn't imagine ever not being into girls. Even with this frenzied pace, everything about what Demi was doing to her felt so right. So much better than anything any boy had ever done to her. Not Lewis. Not Julian. Not even Dan.

Demi's mouth came off Marti's nipple and she grinned at her lover for a moment before starting to kiss her way down Marti's taunt stomach.

"My God, you're nothing but abs, Marti Perkins," Demi said, still finger fucking the blonde. "I swear, there's a mile between your tits and your box."

"My box?" Marti asked, breathing heavy.

"Your vagina," Demi said playfully, flicking Marti's clit with her thumb. "Your pussy, your cunt. Your dirty little fuck hole."

Marti swooned a little, either from the dirty talk or Demi's finger work. "No, those are all wrong," she said. "It's your box. Your pussy, your cunt, your dirty little fuck hole, Demi. Yours to do whatever you want to it."

Demi actually closed her eyes and shivered in delight at those words. She opened them, leaned up to kiss Marti's lips once, then looked down at the Hellcat's crotch. "Well," she said. "If that's now my filthy little sex slit, I guess I better treat it right. And I think I'll start by giving it a little tongue bath."

Now it was Marti's turn to shiver in delight and before she knew it, Demi was jabbing her tongue as deep as she possibly could up into her. Marti gasped in pleasure as Demi feasted upon her sex. If Demi was an expert with her fingers, she was a virtuoso with her mouth. Quickly, Marti lost all track of time and space, forgetting completely that she was laying on the floor of a dark room, bathed only in red light. All she could think of was the pleasure shooting through her body, brought on by Demi's tongue and lips. Soon she couldn't even think of that, as she felt a rush of orgasm crashing up through her body.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Marti cried out. Demi kept right going, driving Marti past the point of no return. Marti's eyes exploded into a rainbow of color, even as she squeezed them shut against sensory overload. Every cell of her body seemed to be dancing for joy and for a moment, she thought she'd forgotten how to breathe. Her entire existence had become nothing but pure sexual bliss.

She floated there, amid that bliss for the world's shortest eternity, then suddenly came crashing down when a new voice suddenly broke into her head.

"Oh shit, Marti?!"

Marti's eyes flew open and she spun towards the door, even as Demi cried out and dove for her clothes. Marti didn't bother, she knew that voice a little too well.

Sure enough, standing in the revolving, light block doorway with some girl Marti didn't recognize, and looking completely dumbfounded, was Dan Patch.


* * *

Hellcats: Season 2 Episode 6 - Calendar Girls

Aly Michalka as Marti Perkins
Ashley Tisdale as Savannah Monroe
Heather Hemmens as Alice Verdura
AJ Michalka at Deirdre Perkins
Emma Lahana as Charlotte Monroe

Emily Osment as Emily Sear
Ariana Grande as Ariana Valentine
Molly Quinn as Molly Crachit
Miranda Cosgrove as Miranda Summer
Hayden Panettiere as Britney Allen

Guest Starring
Holly Dignard as Kelsey Curtis
Alana Randall as Frankie
Ashley Benson as Ashley Carson
Holland Roden as Holland Skyler
Demi Lovato as Demi Torres
Brenda Song as Brenda Wu
Dallas Lovato as Dallas Torres
Debby Ryan as Debby Pickett
With Special Guest Star
Natalie Portman as Prof. Natalie Hershlag

InThe313 and TRL claim no ownership of the copyrighted material. Believe us, if we did, we'd be trying to get "Hellcats" back on TV. "Hellcats" is the property of Bonanza Productions, Tom Welling Productions, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios, while the show was based on the book "Cheer: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders" written by Kate Torgnovick and published by Touchstone Publishing. "Bring It On: All or Nothing", which is where Britney Allen originated, is the property of Universal Studios Home Entertainment Family Productions. "Belong Here" was performed by 78violet. It was written by 78violet and Butch Walker for the 2009 "Hellcats" soundtrack. "Baby Got Back" was performed and written by Sir Mix-a-Lot for his 1992 album "Mack Daddy". "Oops!... I Did It Again" was performed by Britney Spears for her 2000 album "Oops!... I Did It Again" and was written by Max Martin and Rami Yacoub. This work is 100 percent fiction. Any similarities to any person, living or dead, is completely coincidental. Like we always ask, please support the official releases.

Codes: FF, MF, oral, anal, bondage


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