Hellraiser: Sleep Over In Hell Part 1 (m/f,ncon?)
by PJ

"What a night for the air conditioner to crash!" said Amy as she shoved up
one of the windows of Tanya's bedroom.

"Sorry everybody," grinned Tanya, setting a small oscillating fan on the

"It beats staying at home," remarked Tracy, sliding her jersey nightshirt
over her naked torso.

"What do you want to do tonight?" asked Tanya, flopping onto her bed.

"Watch TV?" suggested Tracy.

"Boring!" retorted Amy.

"Did you have anything in mind?" parried Tanya.

"As a matter of fact, I do!" smiled Amy mysteriously, reaching down along the
side of the bed to retrieve something from her overnight bag. She reverently
withdrew a square box that was roughly the size of her open palm. It had
ornate gilded designs all across its surface.

"What's that?" asked Tracy.

"It's magic," giggled Amy with a gleam in her eye. "My grandfather gave it
to me about a month ago. He said that if you can solve the puzzle of the box
it will open a doorway to a magical place. A place of dreams."

"Cool," murmured Tracy, tentatively touching the box with her right hand.

"Have you solved the puzzle?" asked Tanya, drawing her slim legs beneath her.

"Uh, no. That's why I brought it over. I hoped that maybe all three of us
could figure it out," grinned Amy sheepishly.

"Let's do it!" said Tanya.

The three girls examined the box for hours, eventually discovering that
certain sections of the box could be moved around to form different shapes.
Nothing opened a magical doorway, however, so soon the girls began to nod off
and fall asleep.

Tanya was the last one awake, sitting on her bed, the box lying sedately upon
her lap. She picked up the box, scanning every inch of it with her sharp
blue eyes. She let the golden light of the single lamp beside her bed
illuminate the surface of the box, making a circular silver disk on the top
side of the box gleam faintly. Idly, Tanya slid her finger around the edge
of the silver circle, then pressed the center with her thumb. Suddenly,
faint clicking sounds came from the interior of the box. Tanya dropped the
box at the sudden noise, watching in amazement as the box opened and
reconfigured itself upon her bed. The box spread open like a blossoming
flower, then it folded back into a box shape, falling silent once more. As
Tanya cautiously reached forward to pick up the now quiet box, the sound of a
strong wind began to draw closer. The walls of Tanya's bedroom started to
shake, and a bright white light spilled from beneath the wall opposite her

"What the hell?" groaned Amy, rising groggily from her sleeping bag.

"I opened the box!" exclaimed Tanya over the roaring of the wind around them.

"What?" shouted Amy, her green eyes wide with shock.

"Hey! What's going on? Is a plane flying over?" inquired Tracy, her eyelids
heavy with drowsiness.

"Wake up, stupid! Tanya opened the box!" snapped Amy, pulling the sleepy
brunette to her feet.

All three girls stood closely together as the wind slowly died, the wall
before them sliding open like the automatic doors of a supermarket. A long
grey stone passageway led into the dark, cobwebs dangling from the hall's
arched ceiling. A cool wind blew from the passage, washing pleasantly over the
girls' perspiring skin.

"That doesn't look like a place of dreams to me," observed Tracy.

"Let's check it out," said Amy enthusiastically.

"What do you think, Tanya?" murmured Tracy.

Tanya gazed down the passageway, into the concealing darkness that beckoned
her to pierce its veil of mystery.

"Let's go," smiled Tanya, going to her bedside table to retrieve the
flashlight that she kept there for emergencies.

"Shouldn't we get dressed?" asked Tracy, touching the hem of the jersey she
wore as a nightshirt.

"Nah," grinned Amy, her own white silk shift billowing from the breeze
emanating from the dark passageway.

Tanya returned to her friends, her flashlight cutting through the shadows
cloaking the hall's interior. All three girls slowly entered the passage,
Amy slightly ahead, eager to explore, while Tanya and Tracy held back, Tracy
holding lightly onto Tanya's right arm for security. The girls walked for an
indeterminate length of time, and when they looked back they could no longer
see Tanya's bedroom, only a yawning length of passage that ended in darkness.
Amy continued forward without hesitation, followed by her two young friends
who proceeded with far less enthusiasm. Finally, the trio reached an
intersection in the passage, with three branches leading forward.

"Three passages, one for each of us," said Amy, choosing the central hallway
for herself.

"I don't think we should separate, Amy," advised Tanya.

"Yeah, that's how girls are killed in those horror movies. They split up,
then whack! Some crazy guy cuts their throats," said Tracy.

"Oh, please! Has anything even remotely threatening happened to us yet?
There's been plenty of opportunity for it. Don't be so chicken!"

"Amy..," warned Tanya.

"I'm taking this passage, you two cowards do what you want!" snapped Amy
before she marched down the central passage.

"Should we go after her?" asked Tracy.

"No. I guess she's right. Which one do you want?"


"Okay. We'll meet back here in one hour."

"Uh, can I have the flashlight?"

"Sure," grinned Tanya, pressing the flashlight into Tracy's desperate hand.
"Be careful!"

"You too," smiled Tracy weakly before she disappeared down the passageway to
the right.

Sighing to herself, Tanya carefully made her way down the hallway, brushing
her hands over the dirty stone walls as she progressed. Tanya wished she had
put on some decent clothes, instead of following Amy's lead and remaining in
her sleeping garb, a set of peach silk pajamas that her mother had bought for
her. The cool breeze tugged at Tanya's long curly red locks, she brushed a
few strands away from her beautiful face. The passage led into a chamber
that looked suspiciously like the boys' locker room at school. Tanya entered
the large room tentatively, the stench of sweat and unwashed clothing making
the girl wrinkle her pert nose.

"I knew you'd come, Tanya," grinned the tall, muscular boy who walked out of
the shadows.

"Bradley?" whispered Tanya, squinting her eyes to make out the boy's

"Were you planning on meeting some other guy here?" retorted Bradley as he
drew closer to the astonished young girl, his bare chest beading with water,
his only garment a towel wrapped around his waist.

Tanya blushed when she realized that the boy she had formed a crush on was
nearly naked in front of her.

Bradley stood close to Tanya, touching her left cheek, then wrapping a
tendril of her red hair around one of his fingers.

"I'm glad you came," whispered the boy. "I have so many things to show you."

"Bradley, I...don't know how I got here," murmured Tanya, averting her eyes
from Bradley's firm chest and belly.

"It doesn't matter. Let's just enjoy the moment," smiled Bradley, tilting
Tanya's face upward, then softly kissing her trembling lips. Tanya wrapped
her arms around Bradley's neck, devouring his mouth with hers. Bradley
enfolded Tanya's slim waist with his powerful arms, his hands sliding down to
squeeze her tight buttocks. Tanya released Bradley's mouth to kiss down his
strong neck, then licked across his chest, flicking her tongue over his right
nipple. Bradley picked up Tanya easily, kissing her passionately while he
carried her to one of the long locker benches nearby. He set the girl down
carefully before flinging away his towel, revealing his huge erection to her.
Tanya grabbed Bradley's cock in her small right hand, licking the engorged
head while he unbuttoned her pajama shirt, reaching inside to fondle her soft
tits. Tanya opened her mouth wide, sucking Bradley's cock between her moist
lips as he unfastened her pajama pants and pulled them off of her smooth,
slim legs. Tanya moaned softly as she sucked on Bradley's shaft, her tongue
caressing the underside while her lips massaged every throbbing vein.
Bradley rubbed Tanya's pussy from over her white panties, then he pulled the
underwear aside, running one thick finger up and down her moistening cunt.

"Fuck me," panted Tanya, drool trickling down the side of her mouth.

Bradley smiled, straddling Tanya on the bench, ripping off her panties before
shoving his cock violently into her pussy.

"Not so hard," grunted Tanya as Bradley rammed himself into her cunt, his
large hands crushing her breasts in a vice grip.

"It hurts," frowned Tanya before agony erupted in her crotch. Bradley tore
through her hymen, causing a stream of blood to flow down Tanya's thighs onto
the bench beneath her.

"Stop it!" screamed Tanya, her hands beating on Bradley's pumping chest, his
hips thrusting mechanically as he shoved into her pussy again and again, his
cock swelling inside her vagina until she thought she would explode from the

Tanya cocked her right leg, ramming her foot into Bradley's chest, kicking
the crazed boy away from her.

"What the fuck's wrong with you? I told you to stop!" shouted Tanya,
covering her heaving breasts with her unbuttoned nightshirt.

"I wasn't done yet, you little bitch!" snarled Bradley, hate burning from his
brown eyes. "Now lay back down and let me cum, like a good little whore!"

"Bastard!" sobbed Tanya, thick hot tears flowing down her pale cheeks.

"I said lay down!" shouted Bradley, reaching out to grab Tanya.

Tanya backed away, running down the aisle between lockers, then turning
right, searching frantically for an exit. A dark portal beckoned, so she
hurled herself into the concealing void.

A cold length of chain caressed Tanya's flesh, making her flinch abruptly.
She hit another chain, then realized that the entire room she was in was full
of chains dangling from the ceiling. A single black pillar rotated in the
center of the room, low moans coming from its dark heart.

"Did you enjoy your first taste of Hell?" inquired a deep voice above Tanya.

The girl spun around, her eyes searching the dimly lit room until she found a
figure standing on the opposite side of the chamber.

"Who are you? What do you want?" shuddered Tanya, holding her nightshirt
closed with one hand while trying to cover her naked pussy with the other.

"I have many names, does it really matter who I am?" smiled the figure, the
gleam of nails illuminating his pasty grey flesh. "As for what I want, I
want your flesh, I want your sweet soul."

"You're a monster!" said Tanya, tears welling in her beautiful eyes as she
backed away from her advancing tormentor.

"Welcome to Hell, child," growled the nail-adorned man before several chains
flashed out to entrap Tanya's lithe form.


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