Hellraiser: Sleep Over In Hell Part 3 (M/f,rape,inc,ncon,piercing)
by PJ ([email protected])

The wind began to pick up as Tracy walked towards the end of the passageway.
The flashlight in her right hand provided a scant amount of illumination in
front of the girl. Tracy stopped at the threshold of the hallway's mouth,
her eyes wide as she took in the huge chamber before her. A maze of
staircases formed a roughly square configuration with a bottomless floor and
an open ceiling that allowed a strong current of air to howl through the
stairs and the countless open portals that offered entrance to different
passages. The wind ruffled Tracy's long raven hair and her waist length
sleeping jersey as she peered down into the yawning abyss beneath her.

"Wow," murmured Tracy before she began her descent down a narrow staircase.
The wind tugged at her jersey, but she pressed herself tightly against the
wall to her right, clinging to the cold grey stone. She followed the stairs,
moving lower and lower until she reached a small landing. The landing had a
doorway that opened into another hallway, plus a second stairway that began
a descent to yet another landing further below the one she stood upon.
Unwilling to descend too far, Tracy took the doorway, brandishing her
flashlight like a holy talisman, letting it light the way ahead of her as
she slowly followed the arched, narrow hallway, her bare feet quickly coated
with a film of clinging grime.

A flash of blinding light surrounded Tracy when she walked through the arch
at the end of the hall, forcing her to squeeze her eyes tightly shut. When
she opened her eyelids, Tracy found herself wrapped snugly in her own bed in
her own bedroom, the lights off, the night clear and starlit to her right.
Tracy glanced to her right, gasping when she saw the flashlight still in her
hand, the stairs had not been a dream!

Before Tracy could think about how she was back in her room, the door opened,
and her father peeked inside.

"Honey?" he whispered.

"Daddy!" exclaimed Tracy, eagerly clasping her father in a tight hug. "You'll
never believe what happened to me!"

"Your skin's hot," smiled Tracy's father, brushing his large right hand
across his daughter's flushed brow.

"Guess I'm kind of excited, it was so weird!"

"Hush, baby," soothed Tracy's father, before he leaned forward and kissed
her on the lips.

"Daddy! What are you doing?" shuddered Tracy while her father threw her
covers aside to caress her slim, bare thighs.

"Shhh! We don't want your mom to hear us," warned Tracy's father before he
began unbuttoning her jersey.

"Daddy! Stop it!" snapped Tracy, pushing her father away.

An expression of pure hatred washed across the man's face just before he
slapped Tracy hard. Tracy fell onto her side, the left cheek of her face
burning. Tracy's father rolled his daughter onto her back, ripping her
sleeping jersey all the way open. He roughly pushed her legs apart, yanking
off her panties. Tracy lay in shock, unmoving, while her father buried his
face in her pussy, sucking wetly on the puffy pink lips of her cunt.

"You taste so good, honey," moaned Tracy's father, rubbing her clit with
his finger as he probed inside her vagina with his tongue. Tracy groaned
softly, her pussy becoming warm under her father's tender care. He reached
up with his strong arms, fondling his daughter's tits as he sucked on her
cunt, tugging at her soft folds with his teeth. Despite her horror, Tracy
felt the first trickles of arousal flow out of her vagina. While rubbing
Tracy's clit vigorously, the girl's father unbuckled his pants, letting
them fall to the floor as he uncovered his stiffening shaft.

"I want you to suck on this, honey," said Tracy's father, climbing onto the
bed next to his naked daughter, turning her face towards his erect cock.
Tracy gazed numbly at her father's prick, she observed how the engorged,
rounded head gleamed with fluids that oozed from the quivering slit on top.

"C'mon, dear. Suck on daddy's pole," urged the lustful man.

Tracy hesitantly opened her mouth, letting her father slide his cock between
her soft lips. Tracy's father moaned with ecstasy as he rammed his shaft
deeply down his daughter's throat, her lips caressing every throbbing inch
of his member. The man reached down with his right hand, resuming his clit
rubbing, his finger running up and down Tracy's cunt, the pink flesh becoming
moist from the girl's flowing juices. Tracy moaned around her father's cock,
her tongue flicking around the meat stick stuck between her jaws. When he
almost felt like exploding in his little girl's mouth, Tracy's father
withdrew his pole from her lips, moving to kneel between her open legs. He
rubbed her pussy, spreading her juices over the entire surface of her
shivering slit. He took his time inserting his cock into Tracy's pussy,
moaning with pleasure as her vagina clasped hungrily around his prick,
squeezing it firmly.

"Cum for daddy," smiled Tracy's father, his hips pumping forward, forcing
his cock even deeper into his little girl's belly. Tracy groaned, tears
gleaming at the edges of her brown eyes as she shook with each thrust into
her pussy, her tits jiggling while her father fucked her eagerly. The heat
between Tracy's legs became stronger and stronger, until her father orgasmed
with a grunt, shooting a load of hot cum into Tracy's young womb. Tracy
gasped, her pussy on fire, until she climaxed with a harsh intake of breath,
honey mixing with her father's semen and the blood of her torn hymen.

"Good girl," chuckled Tracy's father, pressing his sweating body over hers,
covering her panting mouth with his own hungry lips.

Tracy gasped, falling against the stone wall of the corridor, a sticky
wetness between her thighs. Tracy pressed her left hand upon the wall, her
breathing harsh and desperate. She wiped sweat from her pale forehead, then
looked around, noticing that she was back in the hallway within the strange
dimension she had discovered with her two friends.

"Just...a dream," sighed Tracy, before she realized that her flashlight was
gone and that her panties were stained with cum and blood. Embarrassed, yet
unwilling to wear the soiled garment, Tracy slid out of her wet panties,
tossing them away eagerly. With no light except the faint glow that emanated
from the corridor's walls, Tracy resumed her trek down the hallway, the
breeze washing across her bare pussy, making her shiver with forbidden

Tracy walked and walked, then entered a small salon with a hydraulic chair.
A short, dirty man with tattoo-laden arms leaned against the chair, smacking
loudly on the gum in his mouth.

"Hey, missy! I ain't got all day! You want me to pierce you or what?"

Tracy clasped her hands against her chest, then looked down, to see that
she was wearing the pleated skirt and blouse that her mom made her wear to
school every day.

"Your parents are going to be pissed when they find out!" giggled Amy

"No kidding! My dad said that if I got my ears pierced he'd slap my ass so
hard I wouldn't be able to sit for a week!"

"Fuck that old goat! I say go for it! Hey, why don't you get a nipple
pierce while you're here?" smirked Amy.

"Shut up!" sputtered Tracy, shoving at her friend.

"Hey! Can I help you or what?"

"I'll call you tonight, I want to check out the bookstore," said Amy before
she disappeared down the sidewalk.

"Probably going to drool over those bondage mags," muttered Tracy as she
entered the parlor and tentatively approached the slimy man and the waiting

"Don't worry, Miss, I won't bite..hard," snorted the short, greasy man,
his eyes roving down Tracy's legs to her brown polished shoes.

"I... want my ears pierced," stammered Tracy, her face red with
embarrassment, her eyes locked on the floor.

"How many do you want?" replied the short man, brushing off the chair seat
with a soiled cloth.

"How many? Two... I guess," answered Tracy, reluctantly climbing into the
large, metal chair.

"That's all? Most chicks get three or four in each ear," said the man before
he grasped Tracy's head, critically examining her ears. "Ears all ya want?
How about a nose ring, or a tongue pierce?"

"No!" exclaimed Tracy vehemently.

"How about a nipple ring, or a hole in your clit?" chuckled the short man,
licking his lips lewdly as he ran his finger along Tracy's left ear lobe.

"No! Just an ear pierce, one in each ear," snapped Tracy hotly.

"Okay! Okay! Just reviewing the options with you," said the grinning man
before he went to a table adorned with shiny metal implements. Tracy
squirmed in the huge chair, her hands clenched over the padded arms while
the shop owner perused through his selection of needles and piercing devices.
He eventually picked up a long silver needle, approaching Tracy with a leer
on his ugly, unshaven face.

"Hey! Aren't you going to put some alcohol on it first?" protested Tracy
as the man grasped her chin and tilted her head to the side.

"Nah, this'll be quick," grinned the man before he jabbed the silver needle
into Tracy's left ear lobe.

Tracy squeaked in pain, her face locked in a grimace while her tormentor
slowly pulled the needle out of her lobe.

"Shit! That hurts!"

"Part of the initiation, baby!" cackled the short man as he moved to her
right side, grasping her face again and positioning her head.

"Here we go!" exclaimed the man, ramming the glistening needle into Tracy's
right ear, sighing almost with lust as the point slid through her white

"Done!" grinned the short, dark man before he licked Tracy's blood from the
shining instrument.

"How much do I owe you?" inquired Tracy as she began to climb out of the

"We're not done yet!" said the short man before thick leather straps erupted
from the chair, wrapping around Tracy's wrists and ankles.

"Hey! Let me go!" screamed Tracy, wriggling violently within the chair.

"We've got a lot of work to do yet," said the short man as he retrieved a
hand held puncher from his tool tray.

"You get me the hell out of here! Your ass will be in jail before you know
it!" shouted Tracy, her eyes widening in terror as she watched the gleaming
device draw closer in the man's grasp.

The short, greasy man just chuckled as he seized Tracy's head, pried her
mouth open, and reached down with the puncher, catching her tongue between
its prongs and squeezing firmly. Tracy's muffled screams filled the parlor,
blood spurting from her mouth, as the man withdrew his bloody hand device.
He snapped his puncher two more times, making a hole in each of Tracy's
nostrils. Tracy sobbed in agony, blood staining her shaking lips and
dribbling down her chin. Replacing the puncher on the tool table, the short
man took another long needle, blowing on it, making it glow red with heat.
He returned to the bound girl, grasping her left breast after tearing open
her blouse and bra, pressing the smoldering tip of the needle on her nipple,
then thrusting the instrument through her stiff knob. Tracy's body shuddered
within its bonds, her nipple smoking as the man stabbed a hole through it.
The short man withdrew the needle, blowing on it again until it glowed, then
thrusting it into Tracy's right nipple. Tracy gritted her blood-stained
teeth, her breasts throbbing with pain.

The short man replaced the smoking, blood-stained needle with a clean,
smaller one. He reached between Tracy's bound legs, raising her dark green
pleated skirt, then carefully pulling down her white cotton panties. Tracy
moaned softly as the shop owner fondled her bush of black pubic hair before
prying apart the lips of her warm pussy. He tickled her stiff clit with the
needle in his hand, then shoved it through the little hard pink nub. As
Tracy gasped with fresh pain, the filthy man poked several holes in both
flaps of her labia.

"Please... stop," sobbed Tracy, long tracks of silver tears flowing down her

"All done, Miss," smiled the shop owner, revealing a mouthful of jagged
fangs. "Now let's get some rings in those nice holes before they heal up."

Tracy stared at the man helplessly, trapped in the unyielding chair as he
rolled over a tray covered with various gold and silver rings, jeweled studs,
and pins. The scruffy man picked through the jewelry, finally choosing a
thick golden stud with a ruby on top.

"Open wide," laughed the sharp toothed man, holding Tracy's face roughly
in his left hand, squeezing her bleeding mouth open in order to fasten the
gold stud within the bound girl's scarlet-stained tongue.


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