Hellraiser: Sleep Over In Hell Part 4 (m/f,con)
by PJ ([email protected])

Tanya screamed as she tore herself away from the hooked chains embedded in
the flesh of her arms and ankles. Blood poured down her naked limbs while
she staggered across the chain filled room, the nail faced man walking
sedately in pursuit. The man's mocking laughter echoed in Tanya's ears as
her feet pounded up a narrow staircase, her ankles throbbing with pain, her
bare feet soaked with her blood. Tanya panted with terror, her breasts
heaving beneath her open nightshirt. The fleeing girl climbed the seeming
infinite staircase until she emerged upon a flat expanse of grey stone.

The mournful wail of a horn roared down upon Tanya as a powerful wind blasted
over her. The girl's long, red hair billowed behind her as she gazed up at
a slowly rotating object that hung above an endless landscape of mazes and
stairs. The object was shaped like an elongated diamond, with the same
golden designs that had been etched upon the puzzle box she had opened. A
completely black beam poured from the rotating obelisk, shining down upon
the maze below.

"Beautiful? Is it not?" murmured the nail man adoringly.

"What is it?" asked Tanya, her fear of the obelisk momentarily overcoming
her fear of her pursuer.

"The god of flesh, hunger, and desire. Leviathan. The Lord of the
Labyrinth," smiled the nail faced man, his dark eyes gleaming.

Tanya turned from the nail man back to Leviathan, just as the dark god
pinned her with his black gaze. A sensation of intense cold filled Tanya
while she endured images of being raped by Bradley, the handsome young man
laughing cruelly as he fucked her asshole mercilessly.

"Surrender yourself to Leviathan. Give in to the pleasures He can offer
you," shouted the nail man above the raging wind and thunder that shook the
grey plain around them.

"I'd die first!" replied Tanya defiantly, backing away from her pursuer
towards the edge of the grey stone.

"Oh, you will die, child, many times, and each death will be more exquisitely
painful than the last," chuckled the nail faced man while he unhooked a blood
stained serrated knife from his black leather belt.

Tanya's heels passed the edge of the stone. Gulping with apprehension, Tanya
spun around and dived out into open air, arms outstretched to embrace her
only escape. The nail man hissed, uncoiling two wide bat-like wings from his
back. The cenobite sailed after the girl, his grey hands grasping for Tanya.
He wrapped his strong arms around the limp young woman, flinging her towards
a huge stained glass window built within one of the walls of the gaping
abyss. Tanya screamed as she hurled through the shattering glass, falling
heavily upon the stone floor. Tanya coughed painfully, rising unsteadily to
her blood-stained feet.

"There you are, Tanya," purred Tracy, emerging from one of the shadowy
corners of the dimly lit cathedral.

Tanya sighed with relief when she heard the voice of her friend, but she
gasped in horror when she looked upon Tracy's new form. Tracy wore a black
rubber two piece dress with holes in the top piece for her pale blue breasts.
Gleaming rings were embedded along the entire length of both of Tracy's
earlobes. Rings covered her dark blue lips, hung from her nostrils, and
glowed from her bared belly button. Several long needles were impaled in
each of Tracy's stiff nipples. Tracy twisted one of the needles in her left
breast, moaning with ecstasy from the luscious pain. A barbed whip snapped
at Tanya's feet, making her jump back reflexively. Amy appeared from
another corner, garbed in a tight black leather harness that pressed snugly
against her fleshless breasts and ran between her blue skinned thighs.
Gleaming whips were embedded in each of Amy's palms, she snapped them both
at Tanya, grinning with obscene delight, the only sound from her mouth a
weak, baby-like burble.

The nail man landed gracefully on the floor, his wings folding back into
his body.

"I see you've met your friends, child. They have adapted quite well to
their new home, as will you."

"No way! I'm leaving!"

"So young, so foolish," smiled the cenobite ruefully.

"But we want to play with you!" giggled Tracy, slowly pulling one of the
needles from her right tit, blowing sensually upon it until it glowed with

"Time to play," said the nail man, brandishing his bloody knife, striding
inexorably towards the shivering girl.

"Go to Hell!" screamed Tanya, running away from the trio of cenobites,
searching frantically for an exit from the vast cathedral.

Amy lashed out with one of her whips, cutting a deep furrow across Tanya's
shoulders. Tanya staggered from the blow, but kept running from her
tormentors. She spotted a dark entryway, which she quickly dove into. Tanya
ran forever, her lungs searing within her chest, a cold sweat covering every
part of her body. Occasionally she heard a needle scratch against a wall, or
felt the kiss of a barbed whip over her flesh. Tanya staggered onward, never
looking back, intent on reaching the end of the dark passage. Finally, a
bright opening appeared, and as she drew closer, Tanya could see her bed and
the other furnishings of her bedroom. Gasping with relief, Tanya maintained
her flight, her bare feet pounding the cold stone as she raced for freedom.

Tanya could feel the hot outside air upon her face when the sides of the
portal began to close. Shouting in desperation, Tanya reached out to keep
the doorway open, her legs trembling with exhaustion as she poured every
last bit of her strength into her running limbs. Tanya's open right hand
passed through the portal when one of Amy's whips coiled around Tanya's left
ankle and pulled her leg out from under her. Tanya hit the stone floor hard,
her breath blasting out of her gaping mouth. Tanya screamed as she was
reeled back into the dark passage, until Tracy straddled her prone body and
plunged a long smoldering needle into the back of her neck. The last sight
Tanya saw was the collapse of the portal, then nothing remained but darkness
and pain.

After the disappearance of Tanya and her friends, Tanya's parents sold their
house and moved far away. Because the house was considered "haunted", no
one ever bought or rented the home, until finally it was abandoned and left
to decay.


Rebecca let John pull her through the shattered window, then brushed the
dust from her long, bare legs. John grinned with excitement as he took
Rebecca's hand and led her through the abandoned house till they reached a
bedroom with web covered furniture and a hastily brushed off bed.

"You couldn't spring for a decent hotel room?" inquired Rebecca, idly curling
a strand of golden hair around her finger while John spread open the bed's
red sheets and stretched out over them.

"Haven't you ever made love in a haunted house before," grinned John, slowly
unbuckling his jeans.

"No, and I'd rather not start," retorted Rebecca, but she bit back another
biting remark after noticing the hurt look in John's eyes. The beautiful
girl sighed, reciting in her mind why she liked John as she pulled off her
pink t-shirt and unfastened her white lace bra. John's eagerness returned
when he beheld Rebecca's generous, rounded breasts, of which she was quite
proud. Rebecca took her time unzipping the back of her skirt, enjoying how
John almost drooled at the sight of her undressing for him. Garbed only in
her white silk panties and sneakers, Rebecca climbed onto the bed next to
John, giggling as he pounced on her, fondling her tits while kissing her
enthusiastically. John nibbled on the side of Rebecca's neck, his right
hand caressing her smooth ass, grasping the back of her panties and pulling
the material between her cunt lips. Rebecca ran her right hand through
John's short brown hair while her left hand rested over his crotch, rubbing
his hardening cock through his cotton underwear.

"You're so sexy," growled John in Rebecca's left ear before he licked the
lobe sensually.

"Fuck me you big strong stud," giggled Rebecca, kissing John hotly with
her warm mouth.

As the two lovers kissed and fondled each other, a pale white glow appeared
on the floor near the far wall. Steam rose from the circle of radiance, a
strong, musky aroma that coiled through the bedroom like a living thing as
a pillar of black obsidian emerged from the ground. Inhaling the powerful
musk made the lovers even more aroused, John crushed Rebecca's firm left
breast in his hand, his kisses were demanding, almost violent as he rammed
his tongue down the girl's pliant throat.

"Slow down," murmured Rebecca as she rested her chin on John's right
shoulder, peering over him at the rotating pillar near the wall.


Gleaming black chains exploded from the pillar, digging into John's flesh,
yanking him away from Rebecca's warm embrace.

"Huh?" gasped John before he slammed into the pillar, chains wrapping around
his writhing body. As Rebecca screamed in terror, a glowing needle ran
through John's neck from one end to the other. John gurgled weakly, his
limbs twitching as his body was slowly absorbed into the oily surface of the
pillar. After John's body was completely devoured, barbed tendrils
surrounded the pillar, slowly cutting through the blue flesh of Amy, who was
stretched halfway out and partway within the tall, gleaming black pillar. A
black leather gag covered Amy's mouth, her skinless breasts glimmering with
blood and exposed muscle. The pillar rotated, groaning loudly, while Rebecca
pressed herself against the headboard of the bed, her naked legs pressed
against her stomach, the red sheets held tightly against her bare torso as
she stared at the obsidian pillar with revulsion. The face of Tracy appeared
next, her raven hair pressed back against her skull, her pale blue skin
glowing from the moonlight pouring from outside. Tracy smiled seductively at
the trembling girl, her lip rings glittering hypnotically.

"What is your pleasure?"

The End.


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