Note: The following story is totally disgusting! Well, it is if you don't
like blood. This is a story about a Vampire sucking menstrual blood. That's
a girl on her period if you don't know. There's also high dominance... And
some physical smacking! Please note I don't agree with this, it's just a
story. Please never do such a thing in real life!!!!

Hellsing: Teaching the New Girl (Ff,oral,menstrual,nc-cons)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected]

Seras Victoria sat alone in her room, mindlessly stirring her bloody dinner.
No matter how many times she tried, she just couldn't bring herself to drink

"I know I'm a vampire now and all, and master says I need it to say strong,
but I just can't..." she moaned as she poured the blood onto the floor.

"I wish you wouldn't do that Miss Victoria!"

Victoria turned to see Walter. She smiled at him, Walter's the retainer to
the Hellsing family. Well, she never understood what that meant, but he was
kind of like a Butler in her mind.

"You know, it's Me who will have to clean that up!" he said with his normal

"Oh, I'm very sorry Walter, I just can't bring myself to drink it," she said
with a sigh.

"Yes, Miss Victoria, I know. Which is why I believe Sir Integra wishes to see
you." He said smiling before turning and waving his arm out, willing her to
follow him.

Victoria blinked before moaning, "Integra, Shit!! Now I'm in for it!!" She
sighed again before slowly starting to follow Walter. She kept her head down
most of the way to Integra's office, only looking up when she was at the
bottom at the stairs.

Instantly she regretted doing so...

Integra stood like a statue at the top of them, her eyes glazing at Victoria
from behind her glasses. Even though she was a vampire, Victoria could feel
her heart stop. Sir Integra raised only one finger and pointed into her

Victoria gulped before slowly walking up the stairs and past Integra before
entering her office. She was soon followed in by Integra who only said one


Victoria quickly made her way to the chair in front of the desk and sat down.
Her heart almost burst in her chest as she heard the loud locking sounds, of
Integra lock all the doors.

"So I have a Vampire that won't drink Blood... Is that It?" Integra said as
she walked around the room to her desk.

"No Sir... I just can't bring myself..." Victoria stammered
before being cut off by Integra slamming her fists into her desk...

"I DON'T CARE!!!!" She yelled bringing her face as close to Victoria's as she

"I don't care what you feel like doing or not... Your a god damn blood
sucking vampire cunt!!!"

Victoria could feel her blood boil but she found she couldn't bring herself
to move, not against Sir Integra's piercing stare.

She could only manage a soft "C..c...Cunt?" as a reply.

"Yes... Cunt!! Your nothing but a Blood sucking, cunt eating CUNT!!!" She

"N...Now wait just a minute!!!" Victoria stammered back before being smacked
across her face.

Integra had slapped her!!!

Victoria was so shocked she almost forgot she was stronger then humans...
Almost!!! Victoria had, had enough!!!

"How dare you!!! How dare the slap me you Bitch!!" She said as she jumped up
and walked angrily around Integra's desk. She smiled and she swung her fist
at Integra. She was going to love breaking Integra's face in...

But what happened was a far more amazing sight! Integra simply stuck her palm
out and caught Victoria's fist.

Victoria stood frozen for a minute before trying to pull her hand away. But
Integra simply closed her fingers around Victoria's fist and held her tight.
Victoria tried pulling away again but she couldn't brake free of Integra's

"L...Let go of me!!" She stared to beg as she tried to jerk her hand free.

Integra smiled and simply twisted her wrist sending Victoria dropping to her

"Make me, you stupid cunt!!" Integra growled... "You can't can you!!!" She
laughed as Victoria desperately tried to pull her hand away, or at least bend
her wrist enough for it to stop hurting.

"And do you know why you can't you stupid cunt!!" Integra growled. "Because
your to much of a stupid cunt to realize you need fucking blood to stay
strong..." She yelled as she let go of Victoria's hand and slapped her again.

Integra smiling wickedly as she looked down at Victoria and started to
undo the belt of her suit. Victoria looked up in amazement as Sir Integra's
business pants dropped to the floor..

"Wh...What are you doing?..." she stammered.

"What does it look like I'm doing, you stupid cunt... I'm getting ready so
you can eat out my pussy!" She laughed.

Victoria's jaw almost dropped to the floor... "I..I will do nothing of the
sort!!" She stammered again.

"Oh I think you will, if you ever want to see your pathetic master Arucard
again..." Integra said with a smirk.

"My Master?" Victoria said in shock as she lowered her face to the floor.
"You can't!!!" She moaned and she dug her fingernails into the wood floor.

Integra laughed again before grabbing Victoria by her hair forcing Victoria
to look right into her eyes...

"I own you, you fucking cunt!!! You'll do what ever I tell you too..."
Integra screamed right in her face before letting her go... Integra smiled
as she looked down on Victoria as a master would look down and a pet dog.

Smiling she turned and walked back to her chair. Still smiling she hooked
her fingers around the bands of her underwear. Slowly she slid them down and
kicked them off. Hitting Victoria in the face with them.

Victoria wanted to curse her as she looked up at Integra from the floor...

"Oh my if looks could kill." Integra laughed as she sat down and crossed her

Victoria was about to say something, anything to curse Integra to hell, but
strangely her mouth started to water. She could smell blood... Fresh Blood!!!
Victoria blinked as she looked around searching for the source of the smell.

When she found it her eyes went wide. Slowly her trembling hand retch out and
picked up Integra's panties!! Victoria could feel her blood reacting to the
aroma of Integra's bloody panties.

"W...What is this?" she stammered and looked up at Integra.

"What does it look like Victoria... It's your dinner!" Integra said as she
uncrossed her legs showing Victoria her bald cunt.

Victoria almost started drooling as Sir Integra scent washed over her... The
smell of fresh blood almost Pulling her closer..

"I...I couldn't..." she stammered and she started to crawl closer. "I...It
Sick!! It isn't right!!" she moaned as she retched at Sir Integra's feet.
Her whole body trembled as she sat there of all fours starring at Integra's
crotch. She could even see a drop of fresh blood...

It was all to much for poor Victoria and Integra knew it!!! She could almost
see Victoria's blood lust winning her over...

Then like a gun shot, Victoria dove her face between Integra's thigh's...

Victoria was almost screaming as she pressed her face tightly to Integra's
bleeding pussy, she couldn't stop herself anymore. She slid her tongue over
and around Integra's pussy. Shamefully she started to spread the pink folds
of Integra's pussy licking the over ever inch of her bloody sex.

"It works better if you stick your tongue in you stupid cunt..." Integra said
with a slight moan. Victoria couldn't see, but she was sure Integra had a her
trademark smirk on her face. Victoria was sure she was enjoy the show... But
all Victoria could do was growl and she slid her tongue inside of Integra's
nasty twat.

But she could stop she had to have MORE!! Integra's blood tasted wonderful,
and... as ashamed as she was to admit it... So did her cunt!

Integra's wicked laughs filled the room as she grabbed Victoria's hair and
pulled her away from her bleeding cunt. She laughed even louder as Victoria
long vamperic tongue hanged out of her mouth before starting to lick the
blood from her lips.

"Did you like that, cunt?... Do you want more?!!" Integra laughed as she held
Victoria away. Shamefully Victoria nodded yes.

Integra laughed "I own you, you fucking cunt! Isn't that right?" She

"yes," Victoria whispered.

"Yes, WHAT?" Integra growled.

Softly Victoria answered. "Yes...MASTER!!!!"


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