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Hercules: In The Year 2003 (MF)
by The Fan

Hercules was bored.

He was really bored. For one who led such an adventurous lifestyle
boredom did not come easy. He stood well over six feet tall, muscular and
strong-looking with dirty blond hair and pale blue eyes. His skin was bronze
due to labors in sunlight. This was no ordinary man but the Son of Zeus, king
of the Gods of Olympus. As such, Hercules had abilities far beyond those of
normal men. He could lift a 2000-pound rock and toss it around like a beach
ball. He had an awesome strength.

There was almost nothing he couldn't do. He could leap incredible heights.
He could face any creature whether mortal, immortal or divine and emerge the
victor. He had done well. He defeated the Titans and the Old Giants and saved
the gods from destruction. He fought monsters, beasts, wild animals and
demons. He even defeated Hades, the god of the Underworld. He had lost
something, though. His girl Megara left him because she couldn't live with a
man who was always running off to some adventure. His buddy, the immortal
satyr Philoctetes had returned to his island of Lemnos to train some would be
hero named Pericles. A guy who was always saying everybody had an opinion and
that people should rule themselves. He called his idea demokracy. He sounded
less like a hero and more like an Athenian politician.

Hercules was alone.

He missed his friends. He felt alone. He had felt the completeness of being a
god for a short while but had given it up to live with Meg but she left him.
Hercules was alone and felt doomed. He stood up and grabbed a steel spear. He
bend it around and around then hurled it about 10,000 feet into the air. Such
was his strength. And he was only nineteen years old.

Zeus watched his son.

The lad was sad. No doubt about it. He needed a change of scenery.

Zeus knew something was amiss and that had nothing to do with Hercules. He
knew the Endgame was coming. The twilight of the gods. The gods of Olympus
would be forced to leave the Earth, as would the gods of pretty much every
other place to make space for one supreme being. It was inevitable. The
death of countless gods and goddesses. Zeus did not want such a fate for his
boy. He would spare him the Sight of the End of the Gods and the Golden Age
of Heroes.

He flew down from Olympus and went to Thebes where Hercules resided.

The boy was asleep. Zeus used his godly powers to open up a gateway through
space and time. He opened this Portal to a time when the ancient gods and
demons and monsters were gone. When Mankind was in control of its own
destiny. When magic was all but gone and was replaced by technology.


Zeus himself could not see through the Portal so he had no idea where his Son
was going but wherever Hercules went, he would be safe from the Endgame.

Hercules woke up slowly and painfully.

He was lying down ... somewhere. He found himself in a white room. A very
pretty lady looked at him. Hercules thought he was in the Elysian Fields.
But he wasn't. Surely he could not be dead!

"I'm not DEAD!" he screamed.

The woman looked at him. "Of course you're not dead," she said. "You are
alive and well, mr...."

He looked at her. She was a slim woman, dark haired and blue-eyed. Her skin
was bronze like his. "Who are you?"

"My name is Jessica Welleston," she said. "I am a nurse."

He looked at her. She looked and smelled good but wore a strange attire.
"What is this place?"

"Oh, you are in a hospital, in Los Angeles, California."

"What?" he said. "I was in Greece this morning. Thebes, my city."

"Oh," she said. "You're either amnesic or delusional."

Hercules got up. She tried to stop him but she was no match for him. He
pushed her aside gently.

"I must return to my city," he said. "The citizens of Thebes may be in need
of me. The gods would frown upon my abandoning my charges."

He walked away.

"Just where exactly do you think you're going?" she asked.

"To Thebes, woman," he said. "Are you feeble-minded?"

She gasped at that and the Son of Zeus walked away.

He found the place strange. White like a temple except that it was entirely
dedicated to healing the sick.

"What kind of place was that?"

He found two men in uniforms coming at him. They told him to stop. The son
of Zeus glared at them. They were good-sized men, perhaps fighters but they
wore strange clothing. Ridiculous ones at that. He told them to stand aside
and when they wouldn't, he tossed them.

He finally made it outside. The whole place was weird. But nothing could
have prepared him for what he saw. Before him lay a strange city. There were
buildings there. Tall, metallic towers. There were strange, four-wheeled
things moving around very fast. Hercules was puzzled. And amazed.

"What the hell is this place?"

Just then the men came after him.

Maybe it was because of the day he had or where he woke up but Hercules
simply ran. He hoped, no, prayed to Father Zeus he was only hallucinating
or perhaps drunk. Or maybe this was a trick of Hades or one of the Elder
gods, those older than even Zeus? Nah, they weren't that creative. The gods
were usually petty, cruel but not very bright.

He ran.

He did not know where he was going but he had to get away from the noise and
the strange sights. Hercules was not only super strong but also a lot faster
than a mortal man. He went at full speed, which was upwards of forty miles
per hour. People looked at him, and gawked. "Wow, look at that guy! Man, he's
like that dude on Smallville! What the hell is he wearing?"

Hercules went to an abandoned building.

He went there, and lay down. He was tired. He had his limits.

Over the next few weeks he watched the people. They weren't that different
from what he was used to. They ate. They slept. They made love. They worked.
They had flying machines and wonders. He was beginning hate it.

One day he saw something familiar. Four men had one woman pressed against
a wall. To Hercules's super eyes, it looked suspicious. They were in the
process of using her. She kept telling them to take money. Thye just laughed.
Hercules had always hated the men who abused women. Oh, being rude to a lady
was forgivable but harming one physically was wrong. He had not stood for
this in his time and would not allow it here. Hercules waded into the men.
He grabbed a hispanic one and tossed him into a wall. Two of his friends soon
joined him. Hercules pushed the last man aside. Then he went to the lady.

"Are you okay?" he said.

She looked at him with wide eyes. "You?"

It was the one from the hospital. He picked up her fallen bag and gave it to
her. She looked at him with hesitation in her eyes. He smiled.

"I mean you no harm," he said.

She was still looking at him when something caught her attention. The last
man was pulling a gun. "Watch out!" she screamed.

Hercules turned around to see the man aiming some metallic object at him. The
weapon was puzzlingly small and he didn't worry. He was very surprised when
there was a loud noise and something hit him in the chest. He felt a sharp
pain. He walked to the man, grabbed him by the collar then threw him into the
air. Then he picked up the man's fallen weapon. "What is this?" he said,
showing it to the lady.

She looked at him with weird eyes. "Oh my God, you've been shot!"

"Yes," he said. "Small projectile weapon, very ineffective." He held the
gun in his palm then closed in around it and ground it. With his fantastic
strength he ground the metal to scrap.

The lady looked at him with very wide eyes. "How can you do that?" she asked.

"I'm Hercules," he said proudly. "The Son of Zeus. I was born with the
strength of the Divine."

"I'm Jessica," she said. "Welleston."

"Nice to meet you again," he said.

She looked at his chest. "You're bleeding," she said.

He looked at her, read her frightened expression and was puzzled. "A small
injury, nothing more," he said.

"You need to go the hospital."

At the mention of the word hospital, Hercules was apprehensive. He recalled
the white place and the sick within its walls and the men in weird costumed.
They also carried weapons that stung. He called them Stingers.

"No hospital," he said. "I'll heal." He started to walk away but Jessica
planted herself firmly in his path.

"Listen, I don't know how you did that but you are injured. If you don't take
care of that, you will die."

Hercules stared at her. "Death is for mortals," he said.

"She sighed. "He looks good, wears strange clothes, acts macho and happens to
be crazy, Just my luck."

She took him to her apartment. She lived in a small apartment in East L.A.

First she made him take his shirt off and was amazed at his spectacular
build. Hercules was a strong man, no doubt about that. She took the bullet
out with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. He did not even blink. Then she
watched in amzement as his wound suddenly healed. Completely. Like something
out of a movie. "Wow!" she said. "How the hell did you do that?"

He resumed telling her how he was half human and half god and found himself
in this place. She listened to his stories. Either he was really good with
stories and took the latest steroids or he was the real deal. A divinely
empowered superhuman from the past.

"Do you have a place to stay?" she asked.

"Once, my home was in Thebes, the greatest city in the world, favored by the
gods, now I am homeless," he said.

She hesitated. She didn't know him. He was weird and somehow freakishly
strong and fast. He healed rapidly. He spoke funny. He said weird things. Yet
he had saved her life and behaved the way her mother told her a good man
behaves. "You can stay here," she said. He thanked her. 'Just for the day,'
she promised herself.

But things changed....

Hercules was curious about her world. He found its dangers awesome. He spoke
of battling monsters and was really disappointed to hear there were none.
"Not even dragons?" he said. "I love slaying dragons, they were awesome
beasts," he said.

Everyday she went to work and he stayed home to watch TV. When he got bored
he went out walking.

Hercules took the train with her one day. Jessica was going to visit her
mother. Her "ma"as she called her still lived in New England and Jesica
hadn't seen her in a while. Hercules was bored and wanted to come. He had
nothing else to do. He was drawing too much attention.

Today he wore a black leather jacket unbuttoned over a white silk shirt,
blue jeans and boots. He thought he looked ridiculous. Jessica caught herself
looking at him more and more. He was so handsome. Physically perfect in a
way male models and gym athletes could never be. He was strong like an ox and
there was an innocence in him that was just touching. Now he was sleeping,
leaning on her shoulder. She looked at him. The person sitting in the seat
before them, an elderly lady looked at Jessica and smiled.

"You and your husband make a cute couple," she said.

Jessica blushed. "He's not my husband, he's just a friend," she said.

The lady smiled. "Too bad," she said.

The trip was uneventful enough and Jessica spent the time between reading her
VC Andrews novel and watching Hercules sleeping. He was talking in his sleep.
He kept saying a name over and over. Megara. Megara. Megara.

When he woke up, she asked him about it.

"So, Herc, who's Megara?"

Hercules looked at her. "Who?"

"Megara. You kept saying her name."

"Oh," he said. There was pain in his voice. He looked away. Jessica had
never seen him like this. Hercules was always straightforward about
everything. Even the most embarassing or insignificant things.

"Long ago," he said. "She was my....fiance."

"What happened?" Jessica asked.

He told her of the missions he was always going into. They were unbelievable.
"I chose work over her," he said sadly. "I could not disobey my father. I had
to. She left me. Now she's gone and I am here. I wasn't good enough. It is
all my fault." He looked away and Jessica thought his eyes actually looked

She could see this hurt him. A while ago she could not believe anything could
hurt him. "It's not your fault," she said. "You were out saving lives."

"A man's woman should always be his first priority," Hercules said. "I should
have known. I could have found a way..."

"Shhhhhhh." She pressed her index finger against his lips, silencing him.

He looked at her with surprise in his blue eyes. She held him. He was
surprised but relaxed in her hold. She buried her head in his neck, standing
on her tip toes for she stood only 5'1" and he was over 6'3".

They remained like this for the rest of the ride.

They arrived in Boston and took the T. It took them to her mother's place.
They met her mother there and Hercules surprised Jessica by being charming.
"Greeks were the architects of civilization," he reminded her. "They met
more and more of her family and friends. They stayed there for a while."

They were staying at her mother's house.


One night....

There was no one at the house.

Hercules was in the backyard, naked to the waist. In the heat of the night
he worked, uprooting trees and cutting them to pieces, all with his bare
hands. Jessica watched him work. A while ago she would have been amazed. She
still was but she knew there was more to the Son of Zeus than his facade as
a strongman. She had known him for nine weeks now. He was a great guy. He
worked hard at cocealing his strength and because he was a guy with a natural
tendency to boast, she had to admire that. He suddenly turned around and he
caught her looking at him. Jessica blushed. Hercules was still staring. He
walked toward her, dropping a 1000-pound wooden log.

He walked to the veranda where she stayed.

"Hello," he said.


"Jessica Welleston, what is bothering you?" he said.

"Oh, nothing."

He looked at her. "You are worried I might be seen using my powers," he said.

"You needn't worry, across the neighborhood people are sleeping."

He looked around, using his semi-divine sight to scan things. He smiled.
"Well, except for a certain youngster who is watching a video. He seems
very excited and cosntantly looks over his shoulder."

"No, Herc, I am not worried about that."

"What then?"

"I am afraid," she said.

"Afraid of what?" he asked suddenly alert. "Who is is that threatens you?"

"Not like that," she said. Boy, was he protective.

"What is it then?" he asked.

There was a look of genuine concern in those eyes of his. For a moment she
was lost in those eyes of his. Eyes that saw everything but what he was
supposed to see. The woman in front of him. "Afraid of making love to you,"
she admitted dryly.

Hercules looked at her with wide eyes. "WHAT?"

She did not let him recover. She kissed him full and deep. Hercules was
surprised and held her in his arms. He returned the kiss. It seemed to make
him melt for suddenly he was squeezing her in an affectionate way. Their kiss
softened, their lips barely touching and time seemed to stop there for a
second. She pulled her head away, looking up into his eyes and whispered
something to which he nodded. She took his hand and led him upstairs. They
went to an empty room.

"I am feeling very nervous at this moment, Jessica," he said. "I've never
done this before."

Jessica looked at him in amazement. It was hard to imagine such a handsome
young man, gifted with such power never ever knowing the love of a woman.
She remembered his tales of danger. Boyish tales. He had no time for a girl.
She remembered his brashness that night in the alley when he was shot. He
could have died. The thought of him.....dying....never knowing a woman's

Hercules was looking slightly embarassed.

"I understand, Herc," she said. "Just relax."

He watched as she expertly slipped out of her dress and stepped out of it.
She showed her voluptuous body. The bulge appearing in Hercules's pants was
becoming more and more evident. She removed her bra, allwoing her ample
breasts to bob up and down slightly. Hercules admired her bronze-skin and
beautiful body. She turned around, letting him see her perfectly rounded,
shapely ass.

She went to undress him. She took off his shirt and pants until he remained
in his underwear. She admired his beautiful body. He admired hers. She
reached out and freed his cock, holding in her hand. She gasped. It was well
in proportion to the rest of his herculean body. At least eleven inches long.
It wasn't just long but also fairly thick in circumference.

She got to her knees, taking Hercules by surprise and running her tongue
along the ridge of his cock. He was watching every move, his face a picture
of sheer bliss as she attempted to take it into her mouth. She managed to get
in at least six inches. She gave him the best blowjob he would ever know and
sucked him, caressing and squeezing him. Hercules howled. He was in heaven.

Something happened to Jessica, something that had never happened with the
many, many men she had been with. She started to cum, just from the
anticipation of having this strongman's cock inside her pussy.

Hercules was still a virgin but he jerked off like all guys so he knew when
he was about to cum. He warned her. That didn't stop Jessica. She welcomed
the flood of cum that invaded her mouth, struggling to swallow every last
drop. Then she took control of his semi hard dick and worked her brand o
magic on it. Soon he was hard again.

She made him lie down on the bed and lowered herself onto his manhood.
Hercules watched eagerly as her pussy walls stretched to take him. She went
down until she thought she could go no furhter then she wnet up again until
she was comfortable with his size. Then the speed changed. She was bobbing
up and down onto the superhuman's dick.

Hercules cupped her breasts gently in his hands and held them while she
worked her magic. The warm feeling around his cock made him crazy. He began
fucking her and fucking her as hard as he could. Then he felt the walls of
her pussy tighten around him. Tighten and tighten like the coils of the
hydra....only pleasant. He shot his load inside of her. They both screamed.

They went like this all night. He was on top of her, drilling her with his
huge dick or she was on all fours and he was giving her a hard fucking. Then
they fell against each other. Hercules was breathing heavily, he had a look
of pleasure and surprise on his face. "That was..." he began.

Jessica silenced him with a kiss. This led to one more session then they were
both too tired. Hercules kissed her then fell asleep, his arms around her.

Jessica didn't sleep. She watched him. She thought about last night's events.
He was so surprising. So hard yet so gentle it hurts. So innocent yet so
strong. And he wasn't like any man she had ever been with. When he came in
her, he remained long after the pleasure had subsided. Guys had a tendency to
simply pull out once they were satisfied. Hercules wasn't most guys. He was
sweet, honest and caring and thanks to her he was now a man.

She reached out to his touch his dirty-blond head. He slept with an
expression of bliss on his face. And why shouldn't he? He had power no man
could ever have, an otherworldy legacy and at long last a woman who loved
him. Yes, Hercules had every reason to be happy.

And she'd make sure he stayed that way.

The End


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