Disclaimer: This is the current 'Radical Comics' version of Atalanta and
is meant as satire. These versions of Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto, and
others are an amalgam of comics, tv, and Tyval versions and are also

Rated NC-17 for F/F sex, orgy, cons bdsm

Can Xena save a brave heroine from despair and unite her with soul-mates?

Hercules/Xena Warrior Princess: The Redemption Of Atalanta Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

The border between Thrace and Greece: King Cotys, really to no ones great
surprise, had betrayed the Greek's, refusing to honor his treaty in their war
against Troy, and was using this opportunity to invade Greece. He had hired
Hercules and his band of heroes to train his army then betrayed them.
Unfortunately for King Cotys, Hercules was hard to kill.

Hercules and the surviving heroes scattered to find allies to stop Cotys. It
would not be easy. The Greeks had sent 1000 ships and their greatest heroes
to Troy. Greece was ripe for plunder but luck in the form of encroaching
winter gave Hercules and his friends time.

"Winter is too close," Hercules said, "If Cotys moves now his army will be
cut off without supplies. If he takes the time to gather supplies the passes
will be blocked. This gives us anywhere from 4-6 months to gather forces to
keep him penned up."

"Not going to be easy," Iolaus said, "The best are off to Troy."

"I'm still a prince of Calydon," Meleager said, "We're not at war with Troy.
But the best I could do is maybe 2000 foot and a few chariots."

"That's a start," Hercules said.

"Athens isn't heavily involved," Amphiaraus said, "A few volunteer units, but
Athens, if they can be rallied, could provide all the man power we need."

"I'll put you in charge of that then," Hercules said, "But in case Athens
doesn't join, we need to gather as many allies as possible. What about you

"I can get archers and thieves," Autolycus answered, "Not the most
trustworthy men, but if you need some ambusher's and assassins I can get

"We still need cavalry," Atalanta said, "The amazons. I know you've had a
shaky history with them, sometimes fighting for them, sometimes against. But
they have the best cavalry in Greece."

All of them looked at her, knowing the real reason she wanted to meet the

"Well, I should find Xena then," Autolycus smiled teasing her, "I've worked
with her before and Gabrielle is an amazon princess after all."

"I should go to the amazons," Atalanta shot back, "Who knows where Xena is
these days?"

"Righttttttt," even Hercules was smiling.

Atalanta gave all of them an evil look before storming off. Smiles turned to
laughter as soon as she was out of earshot.

"If she does meet the amazons, you think she'll stop eating pussy long enough
to ask them to join?" Iolaus asked.

"No," Hercules laughed, "And if by chance she runs into Xena we'll never see
her again."

"It's strange Hercules," Autolycus mused, "You and Iolaus father and my
father knew Xena, but she looks so young! And her daughter Livia rides with
her now."

"Your father didn't tell you the story?" Iolaus asked, "Why Xena's barely 30
and she has a 22 year old daughter?"

"It's a long story," Hercules said, "And there's magic involved. I've seen
some strange things, like evil Xena's or Callisto's from other worlds. Let's
just say that Ares was involved and leave it at that."

"Hard to see those 2 as enemies," Iolaus said, thinking of Xena and Callisto.

"I heard Xena and her crew feel the same about men as our dear Atalanta,"
Amphiarus said.

"Well, Gabrielle, Callisto, Americe, and Livia," Hercules said, "Xena greatly
prefers nymphs, but every once in a great while. And yes, I do know from
experiance. Let's put it this way, 999 out of a 1000 she's rather gut a man."

"Like you said, if she hooks up with Xena we'll never see her again,"
Autolycus laughed.

This got the 'King of Thieves' a dirty look from Meleager who was hopelessly
in love with Atalanta. Atalanta of course didn't love him, and barely liked
any of them. She travelled with them because they were the mightiest warriors
in Greece. Atalanta hated and despised men even before Hippomenes had tricked
her and taken her virginity. Feeling that her patron goddess Artemis had
deserted her Atalanta now sought an honorable death to try to earn her

Atalanta was so swift of foot that she could outrun a horse, short or long
distance. Her speed was almost superhuman, a gift from Artemis that the
goddess had not taken away. Nonetheless the beautiful huntress was on horse
at the moment as she rode towards the known lands of the 'northern amazons'.
Xena was known to have wintered with them the previous year, plus they were
the closest.

Atalanta traveled light, wearing only a short athletic dress, her only armor
was her greaves and forearm guards. In combat she relied on her speed and her
sex, making sure her opponents knew she was a woman cased many to hesitate, a
fatal mistake. She had her bow and a dozen arrows, a short sword, a heavy
dagger and 2 throwing daggers. In battle she carried more arrows and used her
bow at first. In close combat, naturally amidexterious she fought 2 handed,
using 1 weapon for attack, the other, and her iron armguards for defense.

On the second day of her journey she stopped by a small stream. Atalanta took
a bath after filling her water skin. She had some growth on her normally bare
pussy and under her ams so she quickly shaved so as to make herself hairless
as Artemis desired. This always made her hotter and hornier as she rubbed

"Ohhhhhh, a tongue, a whip, a finger," Atalanta moaned, "Girls, girls, girls.
I love girls."

She was well hidden and naked as she kneaded her large 36DD breasts, her
nipples instantly erect. She licked her right hand and slid it down to her
pussy while she continued to roughly toy with her tits with her left hand.
Atalanta had barely gotten started when she heard something. It was so faint
that even a dog would have had a hard time hearing it, but Atalanta, the
ultimate huntress, definately heard the sound of other women laughing and

For a minute she thought about taking her horse, or arming herself, or even
dressing, but she was so aroused she was careless for only the second time of
her life. After all, she was Atalanta who could outrun a deer and deck most
men with a single blow. Atalanta the huntress, Atalanta the Argonaut,
Atalanta the lesbian who had been too long without another woman.

The sound had come from miles away, it took Atalanta less than 10 minutes as
she ran barefoot and noiselessly through the light woods. Not a single briar,
thorn, or thistle touched her bare flesh. Artemis may have abandoned her, but
her gifts remained. The women had hid their own horses well. Atalanta counted
5 and began to regret coming nude and unarmed.

Atalanta took another 10 minutes to confirm that all 5 riders were indeed
female. He own, near psychic rapport wth animals allowed her to walk up to,
touch, and soothe the horses. Even the most cautious, the blondish mare,
sensed that she meant no harm and remaind silent.

The sound of female laughter was very close. Like a whisper she flitted
closer. The water was much deeper here, deep enough to fully submerge
compared to kneedeep where she had bathed. Atalanta spotted their clothes
and weapons. The chakram was a dead giveaway. Only 1 person that she knew
used that kind of weapon in this part of the world.

'I've found Xena,' Atalanta thought, 'What luck!'

Girlish giggling drew her attention back to the water. The tall, thin, but
wiry long haired blonde had to be Callisto. Livia, with her long red hair and
excellent muscle tone. Gabrielle was shorter and had short blonde hair, but
was also very fit. At first glance, Americe, was very deceptive. Petite, with
medium length brown hair she didn't look like she was a fighter, unless you
had the eyes and experiance Atalanta had. Americe was built for speed
fighting much like Atalanta herself, just in a smaller package.

Atalanta didn't see Xena as she was intent on watching the others. The
beautiful nude women splashed and played as Atalanta admired their hard
warrior bodies She could tell they all shaved themselves bare like she and
most female fighters did. Most people didn't understand why they did that.
It was to prevent chafing, and heat rashes caused by the extra warmth both
pubic and pit hair caused.

As she watched, Atalanta's hands again strayed to her breasts. She licked her
fingers, then circled them around her nipples before pinching and pulling on
them. Atalanta stifled a moan as her nipples became rock hard and a full inch
long. The only bad thing about being a huntress and warrior to Atalanta was
that she had to keep her nails short. She wished that she could dig her nails
into her tit fesh and give herself more pain.

Biting her lower lip to stay silent Atalanta now had one hand on her pussy,
toying with her clit. A finger then entered her pussy as she rubbed her clit
with her thumb. The women started coming out of the water holding hands and
lightly kissing. Livia dumped a bag full of whips of various sizes out on
their sleeping furs. This caused Atalanta to bite her lip even harder,
drawing blood as she tried to stifle her moans. She had 2 fingers in her own
pussy and had a finger in her ass by this time.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!" Atalanta cried out as she was grabbed from behind.

Atalanta had never encounterd a woman stronger than her before as Xena easily
twisted her arms behind her and cuffed her wrists. Xena, who was also nude,
drug her into the open where Atalanta quickly found herself surrounded. Five
pairs of hands were soon touching and caressing her.

"Look what I caught," Xena said, "Caught her playing with herself watching

"Aw, are you a pervert girl," Callisto licked her ear.

"Oh, yes, yes," Atalanta moaned, "Do with me as you will."

"She's beautiful," Gabrielle said, kissing one of her nipples, "Nice tits."

"They are yours mistress," Atalanta moaned.

"Great body," Livia smiled running her hands up and down Atalanta, "You don't
get muscles like this in a gym. She's a huntress, or a warrior."

"I'm your slave now," Atalanta looked pleadingly at her, "Take me, take me."

"Are you a pervert girl?," Americe asked, "Do you like running around naked
and looking at naked girls?"

"Yes, yes," Atalanta moaned, "Girls, girls, girls. I love girls."

"She's good," Xena smiled, "She's no ordinary woman. She snuck up on us, even
got past Argo. Never made a sound. If I hadn't caught a brief glimpse of her
we'd have never known she was here."

"Who are you?" Gabrielle demanded, "A bounty hunter? An assassin?"

"Who sent you? Ares? Discord?" Livia ordered.

"No! No! I was looking for you," Atalanta protested.

"Looking for us? Why?" Xena ordered.

"Should we torture her?" Americe asked.

"Please, please torture me," Atalanta begged, "Please! Whip me, beat me, I'll
lick your feet, your assholes, I'll suck your pussies all day!"

"I think we should be really mean and not torture her," Gabrielle smiled.

"I'll talk, I'll talk!" Atalanta cried, "I'll tell you everyting, just please
torture me!"

"Okay, but first, let's rechain her," Xena grinned.

Atalanta didn't resist as her wrists were cuffed in front of her, then
chained high overhead forcing her on her tiptoes. Gabrielle used sai mostly
these days, but had replaced her old staff. Spreading Atalanta's legs they
tied her ankles to the ends of the staff.

"Will you torture me now?" Atalanta pleaded.

"First, talk," Xena demanded, "Who are you?"

"My name is Atalanta," Atalanta answered.

"The Argonaut Atalanta?" Callisto asked.

"Yes, I-I travel with Hercules and the heroes," Atalanta said, "I was looking
for you and the amazons. We are trying to save Greece from invasion by King
Cotys of Thrace while so many are at war in Troy. The amazons are the best
light calvary in the entire world. If we can recruit them and Athenian
infintry we can stop that maniac."

"The amazons have rebuilt their numbers, but they are divided," Gabrielle

"In the face of a common enemy though," Americe added.

"So, you are a friend," Xena smiled running her fingers along Atalana's wet
slit, "And very wet. You like nymph's?"

"Men are disgusting," Atalanta snorted.

"That's the truth," Livia said also playing with Atalanta's pussy, "Taste
yourself slut!"

"Yes mistress," Atalanta complied sucking her fingers, "Will you torture me

Gabrielle got a pair of her dirty panties and shoved them into Atalanta's

"Do you like my dirty panties?" Gabrielle wickedly asked.

Atalanta nodded yes, as she savored the taste of the bard.

"You don't deserve to cum pervert girl," Callisto smirked, "Let's fuck and
suck in front of her and not let her have any."

"Nmmmmfffff!! Plmmmmmffff!" Atalanta tried to scream as the warrior women
left her hanging and walked to their sleeping furs.

Tears rolled down Atalanta's cheeks as she struggled in vain as the women
started kissing each other right in front of her. She tried to scream as
breasts were sucked. This wasn't fair! She sobbed unconrollably cursing her
fate. Why? How could they be so mean?

"Do you think we've tortured her enough?" Xena asked smiling.

"Yea, let's let her join in," Gabrielle grinned.

Atalanta furiously nodded her head yes and looked pleadngly at them.
Gabrielle removed the now sopping wet panty.

"Please, please," Atalanta begged, "I'll do anything you want, anything.
Please. I'll be your slave. Let me touch you, kiss you, lick you, anywhere
you desire."

"Would you like to travel with us?" Xena asked, "You were an Argonaut, you
travel with Hercules, so you must be our equal as a fighter."

"Oh yes, yes," Atalanta moaned.

"You will be an equal, not a slave," Callisto said, "But that still means
LOTS of hot girl sex!"

"Oh, thank you, thank you," Atalanta hugged each of them as she was set free
of her bonds.

"Besides, 6 is an even number," Americe laughed taking her hand.

Americe and Atalanta kissed deeply. Xena and Gabrielle paired up, as did
Livia and Callisto. Atalanta kissed down the neck, then down to the small
shapely tits of the petite amazon. Americe kneaded Atalanta's tits while
Atalanta went from tit to tit, licking and suckng her hard nipples.

Xena was on top of Gabrielle as they kissed, tongues intwining. Too eager to
waste time with foreplay Callisto and Livia were already in a 69 position.
They hungrily licked each others wet pussys. Xena had kissed down to
Gabielle's tits and was going from one to the other as Gabby stroked her long
black hair. Americe and Atalanta were still kissing, their tits pressed

"I want to fuck you," Atalanta breathed.

"Oh yes," Americe moaned, "Fuck me."

Atalanta positoned herself between the smaller girl's legs. She arranged
herself lips to lips, tit to tit, nipple to nipple, pussy to pussy. Kissing
Americe, the huntress began a slow sensuous pussyfuck. Livia and Callisto
were not satisfied just eating pussy. Livia stated by moving lower, using
her tongue around the blonde's anus, then probing inside.

"Oh, you nasty little girl!" Callisto yelped in surprise, "You like asshole
bitch? I'm gonna tongue fuck your ass good!"

Callisto attacked Livia's ass with her tongue getting as much of it inside
her as she could. Livia umped the ante, licking a finger and gently inserted
it deep into Callisto's asshole. Livia finger fuced Callisto's ass for a few
seconds then replaced the finger with her tongue as far up her ass as she
could loving the tangy taste.

"I love your asshole baby," Livia moaned.

Callisto moaned and redoubled her own rimming efforts. Xena was fully eating
Gabrielle's pussy, the bard roughly kneading her own tits.

"Oh yeah, suck me, suck me," Gabby moaned.

Xena couldn't resist inserting a finger into the bard's ass. This almost
made Gabrielle cum. Seconds later she did cum as Xena sucked on her clit.
Atalanta was fucking Americe faster, her downward thrusts met by the petite

"Fuck me!" Americe cried out, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Aaaaaaahhhh!!"

"Kiss me," Atalanta gasped as she too neared orgasm.

Gabrielle now attacked Xena's pussy with her tongue, also inserting 2 fingers
into her lover's pussy. It was surpising how quickly Xena was brought to
orgasm. Usually Xena could hold out longer, but the Atalanta teasing had
really turned her on. Americe and Atalanta came together. Livia and Callisto
didn't hold out much longer.

Six-way cuddling and kissing followed. Fingers touched pussys, scooping up
girl cum that was quicky licked up.

"Let's make a daisy chain," Xena suggested.

"All right," Gabby laughed as they made a circle.

Xena was lcing Gabrielle's pussy, Gabby licked Atalanta who was licking
Livia. Livia was sucking Americe, Americe sucked Callisto's pussy, Callisto
completed the circle licking Xena's pussy. It was a beautiful sight.

But other eyes watched them.

* * *

Olympus: The palace of Artemis:

A very pissed off Aphrodite stormed into her sisters palace.

"Artemis! Get your ass over here!" Aphrodite demanded as she reached her
sisters throne room.

"What is it?" the beautiful fire haired goddess of the hunt asked as she
materialized on her throne.

"Like you don't know?" the goddess of love asked.

"What?" Artemis asked, bored.

"I don't belive this," Aphrodte was indignent, "First you seduce Athena's 6
best human guards away from her, now, you are planning to use them against
that poor girl that YOU screwed over, but still loves you."

"So, that's none of your business," Artemis said.

"It is now," Aphrodite said, "She's with my friends. and If you want to keep
Elanis, Gina, Ming, Dia, Lita, and Helena alive you'll call them off!"

"Your friends?" Artemis asked.

"Xena and Gabrielle," Aphrodite said, "Oh, and don't think I don't know
about that 'plauge of monkeys' you are planning to use on the amazon's!"

"Well, I don't want my girls dead," Artemis said, "Sending them against Xena
alone would be suicide, against her whole crew... I'll stop them. How did you
find out about the monkeys?"

"I don't believe you," Aphrodite was flabegasted, "The amazons are among your
most devoted worshippers. In fact, this whole worship thing is over-rated."

"You know, a lot of us are staring to worry about you," Artemis shot back,
"You are spending way too much time helping Hercules, Xena, and especially
that Gabrielle chick. Are you hot for her? I am."

"They help people," Aphrodite said, ignoring her, "Something we should be
doing. We're supposed to be the gods. What do we do? Spend our time devising
new ways to torment mortals. That's wrong."

"You're getting weird sis," Artemis shook her head, "You've been turned
mortal a couple of times hanging with them, it's clouded your judgement.
Look, just get some slave girls and have some kinky sex, you'll feel better."

"Ooooooooo!" a furious Aphrodite said warping out.

"Hmmmmmm," Artemis thought, visions of nude women having sapphic sex for her
pleasure coming to her.

Artemis sent out a mental command to her girls, telling them to surrender
because they couldn't beat Xena.

"Can we still fight if they'll torture us and make us sex slaves?" Elanis

"Make sure you are nice, don't make them mad," Artemis said, "You are all
great warriors, but even I know you're totally overmatched. Lay down your
weapons fast, don't hurt any innocents, I don't want you to get hurt."

The 6 exotic women nervously headed for the amazon village.
_ _ _

end of part 1


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