This story is just that, a story so it is fiction, a.k.a. not real.
Therefore, this event never actually happened, but if it did it would have
been amazing. Also, I obviously don't own or have anything to do with any of
the shows or products mentioned. Oh well, enjoy the story if you're 18 or

Character: Claire Bennett

Codes: Mf, reluc

Heroes: A True Hero
by The Chemist ([email protected])

"Claire, it's very simple. If you want your mother to live, you'll drop to
your knees and give me a blowjob. If you're too selfish to save your mother
life, then she dies." Bob said to Claire very plainly as he stood a few feet
away from them, holding a gun pointed directly at Mrs. Bennett.

Claire knew she didn't have a choice, so once she got over the same she
walked to Bob, the morbidly obese leader of the company her dad once worked
for, and got onto her knees. She was still wearing her navy cheerleading
uniform from school, with the skirt barely coming down far enough to cover
her perfectly rounded teen ass. She had decided to wear her long blonde hair
down today, which went down to her b-cup sized boobs, but because the outfit
was so tight and her wearing a push-up bra, her tits looked more like c-cups.

"Good girl. Now undo my pants and start sucking on my cock." The 6'2",
balding 40 year old told her.

Claire was out of options; Bob had won so she had to do this to save her
mom's life. It's not like this was foreign territory to her anyway, she had
given a lot of blow jobs to West in the short time they had dated and even a
few back in Texas to her friend Kyle as practice. Claire reached up with her
hands and began to unzip his dress pants then pulled them down his legs,
followed by his tight, white underwear. She nearly throw up at the sight of
his manhood as it was 7 inches flaccid with nuts the size of a tennis ball
and everything was enclosed in a mat of long, thick, dark pubic hair.

"So now that you see the task at hand, I'll help guide you through it. Wrap
your hand around my dick and give my a handjob while you use your mouth to
suck on my balls. I like it best when you fit them all in your mouth, but
for now I'll trust your judgement." Bob dictated as he saw the look of fear
flash over her face as her initial reaction.

Claire was revolted, but once she took a look over her shoulder and saw
her mother taped to the chair, she took hold of his soft penis and started
rubbing it to life while she slowly lowered her head to his giant, hairy
sack and began licking it. It was just as disgusting as she thought, barely
able for her tongue to make contact with skin due to all the hair, but the
kept working them and eventually summoned the courage to take one of the nuts
into her mouth. The Californian weather most have made the big man sweat as
he sack tasted salty and disgusting, but Claire kept sucking on the foul
testicle and switched them to give the equal attention. How Bob expected her
to get them both in her mouth was a mystery to her as each one nearly filled
her, but the more pressing issue was how she was going to work his huge cock,
as she had stroked it to its full length of 11 inches.

"Now put them both in Claire." Bob demanded.

Not wanting to test his patience, Claire did as she was told and tried to
shove them both in her mouth, but that was met with difficulty. She was
persistent and eventually popped the second nut into her mouth and started
sucking and fondling them with her tongue, which was met with pleasing moans
from her father's former boss.

"Excellent job Claire, you've exceed my expectations. I was guessing you were
a timid, inexperience little girl but you have proved to be a pure slut. Now
why don't you finish me off with a blowjob, and I want to deep-throated." Bob
beckoned again.

The sexy blonde gave him her patented glare of hatred before taken his
saliva-covered nuts from her mouth and wrapping her plump lips around his big
cock. He started with just the tip and she soon realized that she must have
been good at giving a handjob as he was leaking precum, which was very foul
tasting. She pressed on with the task of getting his entire length down her
throat and moved past the thick head and started to put some inches of the
shaft into her 17-year-old mouth. She had accomplishing getting over half of
it into her mouth when she started to have trouble putting more of the meat
into her mouth. Being the problem-solver that he was, Bob took two handfuls
of her long blonde hair and forced her to down the remaining 5 inches of his
member into her throat, which he held in place while Claire's face went red
from lack of oxygen. The leader of the company then forced her off his cock
so she could take in some air before he slammed his entire length back down
her gullet. Bob continued to face-fuck Claire until he felt his balls
contract and knew his pending orgasm was about to occur so he held himself
in her throat until the first burst shot out, then pulled her off of him and
squirted the rest in her adorable face that landed on her forehead, nose and

"Clean yourself off, you have more business to take care of." Bob said as he
stood above the messy teenager.

"You said if I gave you head then you would leave my mother alone." Claire
said with a rasp in her voice from the assault she was just subjected to.

"Well I've decided that I want to have a taste of your delightful little
cunt, and then I'm going to fuck it raw. After that I'll leave your mom

Claire gave him her angry glare again as she opened the box labeled bathroom
and whipped her face off of the sticky cum with a towel.

"I love the role playing too. I've only seen a cheerleader get fucked in
porn, now I'm going to get to do it, what a bonus today has been." Bob said
as he eyed up his submissive capture.

"I'm happy I can fulfill your perverse fantasy you sick bastard." Claire said
with hatred in her voice. She was startled when the much bigger Bob came from
behind her and started squeezing her boobs roughly while placing kisses all
along her neck. He then removed his hands from kneading her clothing-covered
tits and used them to undo the zipper at the back of her cheerleading uniform
so that the top fell away from her fit body, which was soon followed by her
black bra. Bob returned his hands to Claire's now bare breasts and resumed
mauling them while also occasionally pulling at her erect, pink nipples. He
then used his large frame to generate the strength to lift Claire up into the
air and place her standing on top of her coffee table so he could bend her
over and be eye level her ass without him having to bend at all. Bob reached
underneath of her skirt, flipped it up to rest on her exposed back and pulled
off her tight black underwear, which matched the rest of the uniform and
threw them to the floor. He looked at her teen twat for what seemed like an
eternity so he could fully appreciate the beauty of it. Claire had taken the
time to cleanly shave her pubic region, she also had a small, bright pink
pussy and a plump ass that was just as smooth as her mound.

As Bob took the time to undress himself from his jacket, tie and dress shirt,
he noticed something within the bathroom box that caught his eye and sparked
his imagination, mineral oil. Ever since meeting Claire at her high school
earlier that day, Bob couldn't stop thinking about how sexy her legs looked
in her cheerleading mini-skirt. Her legs were short given the nature of her
body and they had some muscle to them, which was what Bob had always fancied
so he couldn't wait to see them all wet and lubed up. Bob took the time to
spread the oil all over Claire's sexy legs as well as her bubble butt so it
looked even more enticing. He then removed his glasses so he could bury his
face into her waiting young pussy, which tasted just as sweet as he imagined,
and she was uber-tight as well, which he discovered when he worked a finger
into her and it was might with some resistance.

"It appears we have a virgin on our hands, but a more reasonable explanation
is that your hymen grows back after each sexual encounter."

"What makes you think I've had sex before" Claire asked.

"Well for one you look cock hungry and for two, there are very few virgins
that shave their box." Bob replied before he buried his mouth back around
Claire's smooth sex to retrieve more of her sweet nectar. Claire hated to
admit it, but Bob could really munch carpet as his tongue was very skillful
and used his finger effectively too, unfortunately he was much better than
West. She began to moan, praying that the disgusting Bob didn't hear her
because she knows that he would get off on it and humiliate her further with
that knowledge.

"Just like I thought, you are a horny little girl, I can hear you muffling
those moans Claire." Bob said as he assisted her down from the coffee table
and led her to couch, where he then pushed her over the arm rest so her wet
ass was sticking straight up.

"What do you prefer, fast and get it over with or slow and work it in?" Bob
asked, showing he had somewhat of a heart.

"Fast, get into a good rhythm." Claire answered, knowing that with West the
pain quickly receded and was replaced with pleasure sooner when he pounded
her hard to break her hymen. Bob didn't reply as he instead impaled her onto
his shaft so he was completely inside her with his fat belly resting on her
bubble butt. All Claire could do was bite into a pillow as the man nearly
double her height with an 11 inch cock drove into her repeatedly, each time
causing her slick ass to jiggle due to the force of the pounding.

Bob couldn't believe how fortunate he was as today he was only meant to
kidnap Claire because of her ability to regenerate, but ended up having sex
with the beautiful teenage goddess. He was fully taking advantage as he was
ploughing into her with all his might and was working up quite the sweat,
but he seemed instantly reenergized when he heard Claire erupt in a massive
orgasm after only 5 minutes.

"A love being right. You are a cock hungry slut. Now I've worked myself into
exhaustion so why don't you take over for a bit Claire." Bob said as he threw
himself onto the loveseat. Claire was rocked by her orgasm by recovered
enough to make it to her feet, walked over to the obese man and straddled the
obese man's lap. He couldn't believe how incredibly tight she was again as he
felt his cock pop her cherry for a second time that day as he watched Claire
grimace in pain for the first minute of her intense riding. After that
initial time, Claire's facial expression changed as she was clearly starting
to enjoy herself, which made Bob produce a sly smile. He waited for Claire to
build up her orgasm then used his superior strength to hold her at the tip of
his cock before she could cum. He did this repeatedly for five or six times,
each time preventing Claire from orgasming, which built it up her need
further to cum, but it also made her hymen grow back so she had to fight
through the pain to get to the pleasure, which she easily did. Finally, Bob
let the younger girl cum, which she did and screamed as if she was being
killed before falling exhausted onto his large sweaty chest.

Bob lifted both of them from the chair then threw Claire down into it so her
tired carcass sat slumped in the loveseat with the cheerleading navy blue
skirt covering her twat. Bob flipped the thin fabric layer onto her flat
stomach and drove his cock into her, breaking her hymen once again, but that
barely registered on Claire's lifeless body. Bob continued to hump her for
several minutes, each time driving his large cock fully into the petite high
school girl until he felt his balls begin to tighten. He withdrew from her
vice-like pussy and climbed onto the seat so he could insert the tip of his
thick cock into Claire's gapping mouth. He jerked himself off for a few
seconds until he spewed his bitter-tasting cum into, which she instinctively
swallowed. Bob then redressed himself when he got a call on his cell phone
from the rogue agent Noah Bennett, Claire's father, demanding a trade of the
daughters since he had kidnapped Elle. Bob agreed and retrieved his kit to
extract some of Claire's blood to be used for testing of the virus, however
Bob knew that giving back Claire was only temporary. Before Bob had left New
York to go to California, he had injected his testicles with a highly
concentrated nicotine serum, which upon a taste of his cum would instantly
make an addict of the recipient, and just to be sure he gave the blonde
beauty two doses. He knew that it would only be a matter of time before
Claire started fucking and sucking everyone in town to satisfy her need for
cum, but only Bob's could give her what she craved. She would eventually
realize her need for his seed and come willingly to him, where he could use
her as another pawn of the company.


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