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Authors note: This story takes place after Season 3, episode 7, which is what really happened as far as I'm concerned. Anything post Season 3, episode 7 is not cannon to me.

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Heroes: Elle's Pain Slut Part 9
by MTL ([email protected])

Heavy rain was not exactly a common occurrence in California, then again neither were gale force winds or snowstorms but all three had occurred over the course of the day. While others pondered the bizarre phenomena Claire Bennet was the only one in her school who knew what was going on, that someone like her had decided the best way to use his powers was to use them for his own personal amusement.

At this very moment Claire was finishing her English exam, the last of the monotonous tests she had to take before graduating high school and all she could really think about was her girlfriend and her father, both of whom were out there trying to be heroes and save the world. She should be out there with them, not cooped up in a classroom, but Claire had cut a deal with her father, he would allow her to join the company if that's what she truly wanted but only if she graduated college first and to do that she had to graduate high school first so she tried to focus on her tests as much as possible. It was one of the most difficult thing she'd had to do but Claire was just about able to concentrate enough to answer enough questions before the bell rang to signify the end to this horrible experience.

Claire's day, unlike the weather, suddenly got a lot brighter when she stepped out of school to see who was waiting for her.

There was a time that rain like this would have been Elle's worst nightmare, but that time was now a distant memory, the company agent leaning against the side of her car with her head tilted upwards and her eyes closed, simply allowing the rain to wash over her like it was nothing.

To passers-by it looked like Elle was just getting wet, but Claire knew what an achievement this was for the now mostly former aquaphobic blonde and she couldn't be more proud of her, "Hey you."

"Hey." Elle replied nonchalantly, opening her eyes, looking at Claire before she smiled, her eyes travelling over the other girl's cheerleader uniform, "Mmmmmmm, I will never get tired of seeing you in that outfit."

Claire smiled. It wasn't like she needed to wear her blue cheerleader uniform on her last day, and she'd even got some strange looks from the teachers and her fellow students, but the look on Elle's face definitely made wearing the uniform worth it.

"Enjoy it while you can, it's my last day, remember?" Claire pointed out, before quickly changing the subject as Elle pouted, "You catch him?"

"No problem." Elle said, and then when Claire gave her a look added, "Well... he didn't exactly come quietly, and while his powers didn't completely take me out of the game like they would have before it still left me pretty useless. All I really ended up doing was providing a decent distraction while your Daddy took him down."

"But there were no problems... with you I mean? You were able to keep your cool?" Claire asked.

Elle smiled and nodded, "Thanks to you."

"I'm just glad you're ok." Claire said, reaching up and cupping Elle's face.

"Ooooo, be careful cheerleader, we're coming dangerously close to a public display of affection." Elle teased.

Claire tried to scowl at her girlfriend but couldn't stop a little smile from breaking through. Deciding to cut off Elle before she had any further chance to tease her Claire slowly moved forward, gently gripping Elle's face with both hands before kissing the other girl softly, Elle unsurprisingly very eager to respond.

Both girls were dully aware they were getting more than a few looks from the other students as they exited the school, some merely glancing at them with disinterest or disgust while many more gave them lustful looks before they too tried to get out of the rain. For their part Claire and Elle didn't care if anyone else was looking at them or not.

"Promise me you'll still wear this pretty little uniform sometimes... for me." Elle said softly, her eyes darting back down to Claire's cheerleader uniform.

"I thought you preferred the red one?" Claire scoffed.

"I do. But the blue ones good too." Elle grinned.

"Well, I was thinking of burning all my cheerleader uniforms..." Claire teased, but it was clear she wasn't fooling anyone, "But I guess I could keep them around for you. And who knows, maybe I could try on some of the other outfits you bought me."

"Oh, that would be fun." Elle said, kissing Claire softly.

After letting the kiss linger for a short while Claire broke it and asked, "So, when's the rain stopping?"

Elle grinned but decided against anything other than a straight answer after the look Claire gave her, "I can't say for sure. Weatherman ended up making it rain over most of the country so it could take a while for things to clear up completely. Maybe hours. Maybe days. All depends whether your daddy can wake Weatherman up and convince him to play nice and make it sunny again."

"Ok. You want to go home?" Claire asked.

"What, you don't want to sneak into your school and fuck in one of the empty class rooms, again, in celebration of your last day?" Elle grinned wickedly.

Claire blushed as she remembered the last time Elle had picked her up from school and then returned her girlfriend's wicked grin, "I'd rather fuck you in our nice soft bed... or at least inside your car."

"Mmmmmm, I like the sound of that." Elle said, her grin slowly disappearing as she leaned in for another kiss.

"You like the sound of anything as long as it involves sex." Claire teased, also leaning in so that her lips were hovering a millimetre away from Elle's.

"That's just because I love fucking my super hot girlfriend." Elle teased back, pressing her lips against the other girl's before Claire had a chance to respond.

The kiss was feather soft, as was all the ones that followed except they were a long Claire's neck, the cheerleader moaning softly as her girlfriend nuzzled her soft skin, Elle lightly nipping at it with her teeth. Even though she could never leave a mark that lasted more than a few seconds Elle never seem to stop trying, the older girl often becoming almost like a cavewoman, determined to mark her territory and lay claim to what was rightfully hers. Claire couldn't help love this territorial side of her girlfriend, the younger blonde continuing to moan softly as the soft treatment continued, the rain and the other people around them momentarily forgotten about completely.

Suddenly one of Elle's hands reached her butt and gave it a firm squeeze, at which point Claire remembered they were in a very public place and people were looking at them.

"Elle, you need to stop." Claire moaned.

"Why?" Elle asked in a childlike tone, only removing her lips from Claire's neck for a moment to do so.

"Because if you don't stop you are going to end up fucking me in front of a couple hundred people." Claire groaned.

"Well, maybe they'll learn something. Oooooh, it could be like girl on girl sex ed, an absolute must for all inspiring sexually curious girls." Elle teased.

"What about all the guys?" Claire asked.

Elle shrugged, "For them, it's a free show."

"Elle." Claire whined, before switching tactics, "If we go right now I promise we can find somewhere quiet and do whatever you want. I'll even let you fuck me up the ass again..."

"Because that's such a rare occurrence." Elle quipped.

Claire blushed. Ok... so she might have grown to enjoy anal sex a little... to the point where she was taking it up the butt almost every night... and most mornings... and often at random points throughout the day, but Elle should still think of it as a treat.

"Elle, I'm serious." Claire said firmly, putting her foot down.

"Fine, fine, but sooner or later I'm going to have my way with you pom-pom." Elle said as she let go of the other blonde who walked round to the passenger side.

"You always do." Claire replied with a smile as she opened her door and climbed inside, Elle quickly following.

"I got you something." Elle said once they were inside, quickly pulling something from the glove compartment and presenting it to Claire with a gentle smile on her face.

Claire returned that smile, took the item from Elle and smelt it, the whole time thinking what she always thought during this little routine but had only said out loud the first time, that being Elle could be such a dork. A sweet one though.

The item in question was a flower, this one even more bent out of shape than the usual ones thanks to being in the glove compartment. Sometimes it was a special occasion or they were somewhere fancy Elle would present Claire with a perfect looking rose or something more exotic but just as beautiful, however most of the time she gave her a flower like this one.

Claire would never forget what Elle had told her the first time she brought her a flower like this one and always recited in her head whenever they went through this routine. To Elle the flower was her, something that just wasn't quite right, something that was broken and unloved. So whenever Elle gave Claire a flower like this it was a symbol that she was giving herself to her, that she was Claire's. However as sweet as that was to Claire the flower also worked as a symbol for both of them, that they were both not quite right, but as long as they loved each other like Claire loved the broken flowers Elle gave her everything would be ok.

"I love it, thank you." Claire said softly, leaning over to give Elle a soft kiss, and thus completing their little ritual.

More often than not Elle would say something to break the mood, but this time she just gently smiled once the kiss was over, started the ignition and drove out of the school car park.

A comfortable silence fell between the two girls, both feeling that any further words at this point would simply break their feelings of intimacy, feelings which were maintained and intensified as their hands intertwined like they had done what felt like an eternity ago on a plane, only this time there were no literal sparks passing between them.

After a while Elle bit her lip. Elle didn't want to break the mood, but she had just remembered something she had forgotten to ask which she really should, "Sooooo... how'd you do?"

Startled out of her dreamlike state Claire simply replied, "Huh?"

"The test..." Elle clarified, "How'd you do on the test?"

"Oh, well... I think it went ok, I kind of rambled at some points, and... and you don't have to pretend you care, you know?" Claire smiled.

"Yeah I do. I mean, I do. Care I mean." Elle explained poorly, "I care about you, and I want you to succeed, it's just... growing up all my teachers doubled as shrinks, and I never really had any classmates after that one little itty-bitty accident, so I don't have that great an experience, and even without all that shit I'm pretty sure I would have found school boring. But you were saying how being in a relationship meant that sometimes you had to let your partner bore you because it shows that you're there for them, even through the stuff they probably find boring themselves, and there's no one I'd rather be bored with than you."

There was a brief pause and then Claire laughed.

"That didn't really come out right." Elle sulked.

"I know what you mean, and there's no one I'd rather be bored with than you either." Claire teased, "But you know, we don't have to bore each other. As a matter of fact, I can think of something much more interesting we could do."

As she was talking Claire slipped her hand from Elle's to her girlfriend's thigh, gently caressing it suggestively which caused Elle to bite her lip, "It's ok... you, you can tell me about your day."

"Alright... it was, boring. I did my best to concentrate and do my work, but the whole time I was thinking about you. Sure, most of it was worrying if you were ok, but just like every other time I think about you I can't help but think about fucking you. I think I got to question three before I started thinking about this morning when you woke me up by making me cum in your mouth. Mmmmmm, I love it when you wake me up like that. I love having the first thing I feel being your tongue licking my pussy or thrusting in and out of it, mmmmmm, I don't know how you can make me feel so good and not wake me up sooner." Claire marvelled, her hand slowly sliding closer to Elle's pants covered pussy.

"It's a gift." Elle said, trying to sound cocky but the effect was ruined by a gasp escaping her lips as Claire's hand reached her crotch.

"You know what else I love in the morning Elle?" Claire whispered, ignoring her girlfriend's comment and continuing her own little speech, "It's blinking my eyes open, looking down and seeing a pretty blonde head between my legs. I swear, half of the time I cum from just seeing you down there, making me feel good, making me all hot and bothered, making me want to return the favour the first chance I get. And I always return the favour, don't I Elle?"

At that moment Elle seemed to swerve the car to the right, the suddenness surprising Claire into stopping for a moment, before she realised where they were headed.

"Taking me up to Make Out Mountain? Hmmmm, I wonder what you're planning to do to me when we get there." Claire went back to teasing, "Is it that other thing you did to me this morning? Is that it?"

"Maybe." Elle shot back playfully in a singsong voice.

"And what was that? Remind me, my poor brain is exhausted from my test." Claire pouted.

"I butt fucked you." Elle grinned.

"Oh yeah, that's why I'm so exhausted. You fucked my tight little butt." Claire whispered sensuously, "You strapped on a big hard dildo, rammed it right up my tight little butt and ass fucked me to like a gazillion orgasms. You liked that didn't you? Did you bring one of your toys to butt fuck me with? Are you going to ram my tight little butt again?"

"That's the idea." Elle said as they finally reached their destination.

Elle was going to pounce on Claire the first chance she got, but she was beaten to it as the moment she parked Claire leaped onto her lap, her legs straddling her sides as the cheerleader shoved her tongue down her throat.

Usually Claire wasn't so forceful or demanding, but Elle certainly wasn't complaining, the company agent easily keeping up with the frantic pace of the kissing, her hands roaming her girlfriend's body as she practically got dry humped by the other girl. It became literal for a moment as Elle's hand squeezed Claire's ass, and then the fun came to an abrupt end.

"I, have a better idea." Claire said a little breathlessly after she broke the kiss, "How about I get to be the one who fucks YOUR tight little butt."

Surprised by her girlfriend's suggestion Elle bit her lip, "Now?"

"Well, I had a few other things in mind first, but yeah. I wanna fuck you up the butt, and soon." Claire said, trying to sound sexy and when it was clear the other blonde was still hesitant she added, "Oh come on Elle, we've talked about this. You know I wanna butt fuck you, to give you the same mind blowing pleasure you give me every time you fill my tight little ass up and ram it hard. Mmmmmm, I get so fucking wet just thinking about it."

A brief smile crossed Elle's face as she asked, "Me butt fucking you, or you butt fucking me?"

"Both. But I take it up the ass all the time. I want you to feel what I feel whenever you take me back there. I want you to cum for me as hard as I do for you when you ass fuck me." Claire said.

"I don't know pom-pom, last time I checked your pretty good at getting me off." Elle said huskily, sliding her hands gently over Claire's body, making her moan softly, "In fact I've never cum harder than I have when you've fucked my pussy with your soft little mouth, your nimble little fingers, or all those wonderful little toys."

"Yeah." Claire moaned softly. She couldn't deny what Elle was saying, after all she had been there to hear Elle's orgasmic screams, see her body tremble and taste the sweet fruits of her labour, but despite everything they had done Claire wanted more, "But anal's the one thing I don't get to do to you that you get to do to me, and I just... I want all of you. Every little bit, even if it's only once."

There was a pause and then Elle said, "I don't know cheerleader..."

"Please Elle?" Claire asked, using a tone and a look which almost always got her what she wanted, and when even it didn't seem to work continued, "I know I'm kind of a bottom... ok, pretty much a total bottom, but you've let me top you before and you said I was kind of ok at it."

"Actually I think perfect was one of the words I used." Elle said softly.

"Ok so, this is just like those times, only with a little extra." Claire said, using her tone and look again as she added, "Please Elle, for me?"

Elle sighed, "You should know by now pom-pom, I can't deny you anything."

Claire beamed and then after a brief pause said, "You're like the greatest girlfriend ever."

Elle highly doubted that, but it was hard to care when Claire Bennet was leaning forward to press a soft kiss to her lips like she was doing now, and it was impossible to care about anything as her lips melted with those incredibly soft lips which belonged to her cheerleader.

"So," Elle said several breathless moments later once the kiss was over, "What were those other things you had in mind first?"

Suddenly Elle felt like she was looking in a mirror as a very familiar grin crossed Claire's face, this along with the fact that little Claire Bennet wanted to ass fuck another girl proving that Elle was definitely rubbing off on the cheerleader.

"Well..." Claire began, pretending to look thoughtful, "You know how the first time you let me be in control you thought we were going to do certain naughty things which I really love you doing to me, but I was more gentle instead..."

"Uh-huh." Elle couldn't help but grin back.

"Well, I was thinking we could go more in that direction now. Like... I could be Mistress Claire, and you could be my rebellious little lesbian sex slave who I need to properly break in and discipline because you're not showing me the proper respect." Claire explained, sounding very excited by the idea of the role-play.

"Because I'm calling you things like Mistress Pom-Pom and Mistress Cheerleader?" Elle smirked.

"Exactly." Claire nodded, "And it's much more than that. In fact, my slave has been a very, very naughty girl."

"It's true, I have... Mistress Claire-Bear." Elle grinned challengingly.

Claire smirked, "Get out of the car."

Elle opened her mouth to point out Claire was still sitting on top of her and thus needed to move out of the way, but Claire did exactly that before she got the chance, the younger girl stepping out into the rain and after briefly checking that there was no one around stripped off her cheerleader top and threw it into the car.

"I'm waiting." Claire said, stripping off her bra before adding, "Do as you're told slave."

Not needing to be told again Elle slowly got out of the car, watching lustfully as her girlfriend quickly stripped in front of her and threw the rest of her uniform into the car before shutting it's door.

"Now you. Strip for me." Claire ordered.

Grinning mischievously Elle did as she was told, but doing so slowly and sensuously, which did get her clothes a little wet, but it was a small price to pay for seeing the look in Claire's eyes. Elle's little striptease was a little too effective though as it seem to hypnotise Claire into a lustful trance, the younger blonde simply staring at the older blonde for several long moments before she was finally awoken from her dreamy haze.

"Command me oh great and powerful Mistress Pom-Pom. I humbly live to serve you." Elle said mockingly, pretending to curtsy to her temporary mistress.

Claire blushed a little at being caught ogling another girl, an instinctive response she hadn't shaken despite being in a committed and extremely sexually active lesbian relationship, before she smirked, slowly and she hoped sensuously walked towards Elle and stuck out two fingers.

"Suck my fingers." Claire commanded, softly moaning as Elle immediately jerked her head forward to swallow those fingers, sucking them hard at first, but then slow and sensuously, treating the fingers like a cock or a strap on she was giving a blow job too.

It still amazed Claire how Elle could turn her on so much from something so simple, but she tried to not concentrate on it too much. After all, Claire was supposed to be in control, and however tempting it might be she couldn't allow herself to swoon at Elle's actions. In fact, it was high time Claire made Elle swoon.

With this in mind Claire suddenly pulled her fingers out of Elle's mouth and in a flash moved them down to Elle's pussy, gently sliding those wet digits over those even wetter lips, the younger girl smiling to herself as her older girlfriend groaned softly for her.

"Ooooohhhhhh, yeah, that's it cheerleader... I mean, Mistress Cheerleader." Elle grinned, "Fuck me. Fuck my pussy with those cute little fingers of yours."

"No. You fuck my fingers with your cute little pussy." Claire ordered, "Come on slave, rub that sexy cunt on my fingers, get them inside of you. Fuck yourself on my fingers like the good little lesbian sex slave you are!"

"Mmmmmm, as you command Mistress Pom-Pom." Elle moaned in response, pumping her crotch like a bitch in heat at those soft fingers, trying to get them inside of her but Claire wouldn't allow it.

The two girls smiled at each other as Elle continued to try and thrust down on those fingers, Elle's pussy lips and clit getting bashed with every pump of her hips, which for a while made up for not having those fingers inside of her. However Elle had never been a patient girl.

Elle was just about to complain when Claire shoved them all the way inside her, causing her to throw her head back and moan even louder than before. She basked in the pleasure for a few moments, before crying out as she felt a pair of teeth bite down on her right nipple, the sudden pain almost causing her to lose control of her powers, which would have been extremely bad with all this rain around.

"I told you to ride my fingers." Claire grinned mischievously, before taking Elle's nipple into her mouth for a soft suck as way of apologising for the bite.

"No problem Mistress Care-Bear." Elle said bitterly through gritted teeth as she began lifting herself up and down.

Elle immediately regretted her tone when she saw the look on Claire's face. She had been way more pissed at herself for almost losing control of her powers than for Claire to surprise her by biting her nipple, in fact Elle really liked that, especially as it led to some nice suction and even a little licking for first the nipple that had been attacked, and then the other nipple, Claire going back and forth as if she had something to apologise for.

This wasn't true and Elle wanted to tell her girlfriend that, but she didn't want to break the mood, so promising to tell Claire later Elle concentrated on riding those soft fingers, Claire helpfully keeping those fingers upright and almost as still as a statue, the effect making the company agent feel like she was riding a small cock or dildo. To think of it that way was kind of fun, if only because Elle had some much bigger toys in her car which she kept there in case of emergencies, like suddenly needing to fuck her girlfriend somewhere away from their extensive toy supply at home, although now it looked like she was the one who was going to get fucked and Elle had no problem with that.

Elle had let Claire fuck her before, and while this time would obviously be different it was something she had been thinking about a lot, and despite her earlier reluctance she was ready. Of course Claire's fingers inside her helped, especially when they started randomly curling inside her, attacking her G-spot so wonderfully.

Claire wanted Elle to be the one doing most of the work right now, but that didn't mean she wanted to do nothing whatsoever. It was tempting as Claire knew from recent experience just how hot Elle looked riding something, a few nights ago suddenly springing to mind when Claire had been lying on her back in the soft bed she shared with her lesbian lover, a respectable sized strap on around her waist, Elle gently bouncing up and down while they talked dirty to each other, much like they were doing now.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good Mistress Pom-Pom. Mmmmmm, your fingers feel so good inside of me. I just love fucking them. I just love fucking them with my pussy." Elle moaned loudly, clearly not caring they were in a public place, "How about you? Do you love my pussy fucking your fingers? Do you love feeling the inside of my cunt? Do you like the feeling of those soft, wet walls clamping down on your little digits? Do you?"

"Yeah, I like it... just as much as I'm sure you'll like this." Claire said softly before grabbing one of Elle's hands and pushing it to her pussy, "You like this? The feeling of my wet pussy? Do you like feeling how wet you're getting me?"

"Oh yes, I love the feeling of your juicy pussy Mistress Pom-Pom." Elle exclaimed gleefully, running her fingers all over Claire's downstairs lips, causing her upstairs lips to part in yet more moans, "Can I fuck it? Can I fuck your juicy little pussy Mistress Pom-Pom?"

"Mmmmmm, yeah, oooooohhhhhhh!" Claire cried out as she was quickly penetrated and pounded, "But slowly! Slowly... slower... mmmmmm, that's it, just like that. Fuck me slowly. Oh God, fuck me just like that. Oh it feels so good."

As Elle began pumping her fingers in and out of Claire's hotbox at the preferred speed Claire tried to continue her nipple worship, even extending it to slide her mouth and tongue all over the other girl's tits, but Elle's skilled touch made it difficult, and the constant back and forth between them made it virtually impossible.

To provide a brief respite from the conversation Claire stuck her tongue down Elle's throat, Elle eagerly accepting the tongue into her mouth, but conquering it easily with her own. It was just like normal really, even to the point where Elle moved the battleground more firmly back into Claire's mouth until the cheerleader was forced to break the kiss, panting breathlessly as Elle grinned in triumph.

"Want me to fuck you harder yet Mistress Pom-Pom?" Elle offered, the grin not leaving her face.

"No, I want you to start fucking yourself harder on my fingers." Claire said, ignoring the look on Elle's face as the older blonde gleefully did as she was told, "Harder. Harder. Come on Elle, pound your pussy on my fingers. Make yourself cum hard on my fingers so you're nice and relaxed for when I fuck you up the ass."

"Mmmmmm, looking forward to that aren't we Mistress Cheerleader?" Elle stated playfully.

"Oh yeah, going to fuck your ass so good. Make you cum like you make me cum when you fuck me back there. Mmmmmm, it's going to be so hot." Claire replied, curling her fingers inside Elle's pussy as she finished speaking.

"Aaaaahhhh yeah, it's going to be so hot. You strapping on a nice big cock, looking oh so cute as you stuff your cock up my virgin ass." Elle moaned.

"What!?" Claire exclaimed, stopping dead in her tracks.

Elle looked confused for a moment, so much so she actually slowed down her thrusting into Claire's cunt and onto her fingers.

"You're... you're an anal virgin?" Claire questioned in surprise.

Elle continued to look confused, "Yeah, so?"

"So, you didn't tell me." Claire said softly.

"I thought I did." Elle shrugged, "Why, is it a problem?"

"No, it's just... you're so experienced with everything I kind of just assumed... you know." Claire stammered.

"That I was a big anal slut." Elle finished for her, continuing before Claire could open her mouth, "Well no, but I will be for you. I'll be the biggest anal slut ever for you, begging you to fuck me harder no matter how brutally you pound my ass."

"Ok." Claire said, a smile slowly crossing her face as she imagined taking Elle's anal cherry.

"Ok? That's all you have to say about taking my virgin butt?" Elle teased, "I would have thought given how much you've talked about fucking my ass you'd be a little more enthusiastic."

Claire grinned, "Elle, I can't wait to take your virgin butt. I'm going to pound it hard and deep, make it all stretched out and used, make you walk funny because of how hard I fuck you up the ass."

"Mmmmmm, that's it Mistress Pom-Pom, tell me how badly you're looking forward to fucking my virgin ass." Elle moaned as she began to pick up speed, thrusting herself harder on those fingers while pounding Claire's pussy as hard as she could with her own fingers.

"First... get those fingers out of me!" Claire commanded. Elle looked shocked, but did as she was told. That was good. Claire needed to control the situation, and that wasn't going to happen with those talented fingers making her explode like a firework. She needed to be firm. So, as firmly as she could she told her temporary slave, "Keep bouncing on my fingers as hard as you can. That's good, now, I'll tell you how badly I'm looking forward to fucking your virgin ass, if you do one itty-bitty favour for me."

"Name it Mistress Claire-Bear." Elle replied, deliberately trying to antagonise her lover.

Ignoring the deliberate attempt to antagonise her Claire simply said, "Cum for me like a slut."

With that Claire began slamming her own fingers into Elle as hard as she could, curling them inside her with almost every thrust and drumming a steady rhythm on her clit with her thumb.

As a result Elle was sent to the edge of orgasm almost immediately, the sadistic blonde forcing herself to remain on the edge for a few moments, fighting the incredible amount of stimulation that the little bundle of perfect known as Claire Bennet was giving her, before ultimately succumbing to it as Claire's words washed over her.

"I'm looking forward to fucking your virgin ass so bad Elle. You have no idea how bad I want to fuck you back there. I wanna fill up that virgin hole with cock, slowly penetrating it before pumping in and out of that little hole you shit from, me, your submissive little girlfriend fucking you up the ass, making you my anal slut. You like that? You like the thought of being my anal slut? You like the thought of cumming for me right now like a little slut, covering my fingers in your sticky juices at the thought of me fucking you in your virgin ass? Well cum for me Elle. Cum for me my little slut. My little lesbian anal slut. My sweet, beautiful girlfriend."

For all the dirty talk it was Claire's last words which sent Elle over the edge, aftershocks racing through her body and making her lightly shake as Claire lovingly kissed her neck as she recovered from the orgasm which had just made her eyes roll in the back of her head.

Once Claire was sure Elle had come down from her high she gently kissed her, Elle happily returning the soft kiss before breaking it and asking, "So, do I get to make you cum now?"

"I don't know... I have a feeling I was looking forward to doing something. What was that again?" Claire pretended to look thoughtful, "Oh yeah, fuck your virgin butt hole."

"Well you can totally do that, after I make you cum." Elle said.

"I don't know." Claire said, biting her lip. It was genuinely hard for her to tell what she wanted more, an orgasm or her long-awaited shot at Elle's ass.

"I'll tell you what, I'll just quickly bury my face in between your pretty little legs and make you cum a little bit, and then you can fuck my ass as much as you want." Elle offered, and then when Claire continued to seem unsure added, "Come on Mistress Pom-Pom, we both know how quickly I can make you cum with my mouth."

"You can make me cum pretty quickly with your fingers too." Claire said softly.

"Yeah, but then I wouldn't get to taste your cum. And I really wanna taste of that sweet little honeypot in between your thighs." Elle growled softly, licking her lips in a way which made Claire shudder.

Biting her own lips Claire considered the fact that she really should be more in control here, and to demand that Elle bent over for that butt fucking right now would be a great show of dominance... however Claire just couldn't resist Elle's offer.

"Ok, but..." Claire quickly continued as she parked her butt up on the hood of Elle's car, "It's got to be a quick one. No foreplay, and you only make me cum once."

"As you wish Mistress Cheerleader." Elle grinned as she fell to her knees and dived headfirst in between Claire's legs.

Claire let out a soft gasp as she felt Elle's tongue slamming itself deep into her cunt before immediately beginning to drill in and out of her like some kind of power tool, or sex toy. Sex toy was by far the better analogy, especially as in the middle of their passionate love making sessions Claire had often wondered if Elle had replaced her tongue with a sex toy, or even whether the older girl was really a robot designed to pleasure a woman. Either would have been a good explanation for the things she did to her, but the truth was Elle was extremely experienced at eating pussy, and pacifically Claire's pussy.

As if she was out to prove this Elle began twirling her tongue inside Claire's cunt, effortlessly touching each and every sensitive spot, even beginning to attack some spots more than others as if she was some kind of musician trying to play Claire's pussy so she could enjoy some type of sweet melody from her. It was a silent yet wonderful melody which only Claire really got to enjoy, unless her moans counted, in which case Elle seemed to be enjoying the melody very much given how she was fucking Claire ever increasingly harder with her tongue.

Of course Elle's well documented love for Claire's cunt cream could be another reason for her eagerness, as could be her cum which Elle had also taken great joy in telling Claire exactly how much she loved swallowing, and if Elle kept up the skilled tongue fucking she would be swallowing Claire's cum in no time.

Lifting her head back as a particularly loud moan escaped from her lips Claire took a moment to enjoy the feeling of water continuing to fall on her body. She had used to hate the rain, and not really had much time for showers or baths either, but since she had been slowly training Elle into controlling her abilities so she could survive these things Claire had learned new appreciation for them. The fact that she had memories of cumming ridiculously hard in all three of these environments probably helped, and as Elle curled her tongue upwards against an extremely special spot inside her Claire couldn't help smile and cum ridiculously hard in her girlfriend's mouth.

Elle knew that the feeling of Claire shaking and cumming in her mouth meant the pussy licking was over and, via her earlier promise, it was time for her to get out from between Claire's legs.

Elle also knew she had no intention of doing that.

It wasn't because she didn't want to be butt fucked. Sure she was curious, but it could wait. No, she just hated only giving Claire one orgasm when she knew it was so easy to give her more. The cheerleader was a little ball of pent-up sexual energy, just waiting for someone to make her pop, and Elle was just the girl to do it.

Ok, so Elle hated breaking promises to Claire and did her best to be as infrequent as she could with her promise breaking, but she had always been kind of a screwup so breaking promises was just in her nature. Of course, this was one of the few times that was a good thing as Elle found it hard to believe Claire would be truly mad at her for breaking this particular promise.

Above her Claire's body was still softly shaking from the aftershocks of her orgasm. Elle had been holding on tightly to her as her tongue gently lapped up the remainder of the yummy cum, continuing to gently stimulate Claire in the process. If Elle had been going to stop now would have been the ideal time to do it. She had done so in the past, so she was banking on Claire expecting her to stop, which of course would only make what Elle planned next more sweet.

The little cry of shock that escape Claire's lips alone was worth it, Elle grinning happily before she concentrated all her efforts on gently thrusting her tongue in and out of Claire's still extremely sensitive snatch, driving the cheerleader to the edge orgasm in mere minutes.

Elle listened very carefully for sounds of protest the entire time she was doing this but Claire unsurprisingly gave her no indication to stop whatsoever, meaning Elle felt virtually no guilt at all as she tongue fucked her girlfriend to a second climax. The moment Claire went over the edge of a second orgasm Elle started working on her third, forgoing the chance to swallow Claire's heavenly cum and instead sucking her clit into her mouth, attacking it viciously with her lips and tongue as she slammed two fingers into Claire's cunt and began roughly fucking her with them.

This was when Elle really started to enjoy her favourite game in the world. She called it the 'make the cheerleader cum as much as you can' game. It was a game Elle loved having as exclusively hers, and while there were no other players she could think of one other person who just happened to be screaming her name who probably loved it just as much as she did.

Of course the thing about the specific game was Elle had a nasty habit of losing track. Elle blamed Claire's cum. It was just so yummy she could get distracted swallowing it, and then she wasn't sure whether the last couple of spasms were aftershocks or orgasms, or even whether the cum she was swallowing was part of Claire's last orgasm or a fresh batch. Despite trying to shut it out the rain didn't help, and was as much of a distraction as anything else at this stage, so ultimately Elle gave up on trying to beat the previous record, brought Claire to a couple more climaxes for good measure and then gently brought her girlfriend down from her high, gently kissing her way up her body before taking her into her arms for a soft little smooching session, and then finally grinning wickedly when she saw the pout on Claire's face.

"That was way more than once." Claire complained.

"Really," Elle said like this was some kind of great revelation before smirking, "I don't remember hearing you complaining while I was actually fucking you."

"Yeah, well..." Claire blushed, trying and failing not to stroke her girlfriend's ego. Once it was clear it was a lost cause she added "It's not my fault you have an addictive mouth and tongue."

Elle chuckled, gave Claire's lips a soft peck and then asked, "So... are you going to punish me by fucking my naughty little butt?"

"Hmmmmm," Claire looked thoughtful as she gently pushed Elle back far enough so she could jump off the car, "Actually, I was thinking of a different type of punishment for your naughty little butt."

"Oh, and what would that be?" Elle asked, the look on her face making it clear she had a pretty good idea what it was.

She was proven right when Claire said, "A spanking. I'm going to spank your naughty little butt."

"Awwww, cheerleader..." Elle whined, pretending like this wasn't something she wasn't totally willing to do, "I haven't been that naughty have I? We both know that no matter how many times I make you cum your ability makes sure you're energy gets replenished. It's one of my favourite things about you. You're like a cute little rabbit, you just keep going, and going, and going, and going. So surely making you cum like that shouldn't warrant a spanking..."

"Maybe... but you keep disrespecting me by not calling me by my proper title." Claire pointed out, "I also get the feeling you're not taking me seriously as your Mistress, and that's something that even a temporary Mistress shouldn't let slide."

Elle's defiance was all part of the game and thus Elle considered keeping up her facade of rebellion, but instead decided to submit to her Mistress's decision.

"You're right," Elle grinned, "I have been a bad, bad girl. A disobedient little lesbo sex slave. I need to be punished. Please, punish me Mistress Claire."

Claire looked uncertain weather Elle was seriously submitting or whether this is all part of her act of defiance. Elle wasn't entirely sure herself, but obeyed when Claire told her, "Lie flat across the hood of the car."

As she did this Elle's stomach, upper thighs and pussy came into contact with the leftovers of Claire's juices which hadn't been either washed away by the rain or lapped up by Elle. The feeling had Elle smirking before she cried out at the feel of a sharp stinging slap to her rear.

"We're going to take a little page out of your playbook." Claire explained, "You're going to count and thank me properly for each spank. If you call me anything other than Mistress Claire we will start again. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress Claire... owww... one, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... two, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... three, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... four, thank you Mistress Claire-Bear... owww... five, thank you Mistress Claire..."

"Wrong, start again." Claire sighed, "We're doing this until you get it right."

"As you wish Mistress Claire... owww... one, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... two, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... three, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... four, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... five, thank you Mistress Claire..."

There were few things Elle Bishop hadn't tried in the name of sexual experimentation. This was actually one of them. Elle chose not to tell Claire in case she freaked out like she did when she told her she was an anal virgin. Plus if she told Claire she'd probably take it easy on her and while Elle definitely wanted the cheerleader to take it easy on her ass when she was trying to fuck it she wasn't as worried about a spanking because while it wasn't hard to imagine an anal violating via dildo hurting like hell Elle had trouble imagining Claire hurting her intentionally.

To actually feel Claire trying, sort of, was actually quite fun.

Sure the blows stung, but it still felt way too soft and playful to really hurt. The soft spanking actually had Elle giggling and deliberately slipping in the wrong name here and there, mostly as they reached the end so Claire was forced to continue.

Elle figured Claire would get fed up and complain about her disobedience, but instead the cheerleader continued seemingly unflustered, all but ignoring Elle's defiance and in doing so not acknowledging the slight loss of control in the process.

Claire even began increasing the force and the speed of the spankings so she made Elle make a mistake, regaining that control Elle had taken from her. That actually quite impressed Elle, as did the force of the blows that followed, her round yet firm ass cheeks beginning to jiggle slightly under the force of each spank as the butt beatings became hard more often than not.

As the spanking became generally painful Elle couldn't help thinking how an element of this little game was very much true... she was a bad girl. She had tortured, mutilated, killed and other horrible things in the name of what she thought was right, and while she had always considered herself a necessary evil, one of the good guys who wasn't necessarily good, etc her mind did sometimes wonder, and right now it felt like she was finally getting punishment for all her sins.

In that moment the spanking cease to be fun, instead of becoming in a twisted way therapeutic, Elle welcoming the pain, accepting it as something she had coming for a very long time.

Claire was surprised by her girlfriend's sudden change of demeanour.

It was like a switch had been thrown and Elle had suddenly turned from disobedient slave to humble servant in a matter of seconds.

Claire almost asked if something was wrong, but instead she decided to go with it, see if Elle had something in mind. Besides, it wasn't everyday she got to see Elle being vulnerable.

Even on those few occasions she had topped her lesbian lover Claire had found Elle remained guarded, like she was afraid to be weak around the usually submissive cheerleader, meaning those few rare moments Elle actually completely gave into feelings of submission was a rare, intoxicating treat for Claire, and was something she savoured every time she got to see truly submissive Elle.

Elle had been in a submissive position for quite awhile now, bent over with her cute little ass sticking up in the air, just begging to be spanked, but Elle's demeanour have remained defensive, even challenging, the older blonde even deliberately messing up the count, seemingly just to mess with Claire's authority.

While Claire had used one of Elle's own spanking tactics to regain the upper hand the older girl had continued to defy her, a battle of wills raging between them, Claire feeling like she needed to win so she could properly dominate her usually dominant lover. But before Claire could figure out a way to do it Elle seemed to surrender to her, even raising her ass up higher in submission.

Cautiously Claire continued the spanking, testing the water by increasing the force so that she was slapping Elle's butt as hard as she could, her girlfriend's already spanked pink flesh turning a light shade of red under the assault, and yet Elle seemed to continue to remain submissive. It was very intoxicating, and while it could have easily been a trick Claire chose to just go with it, delivering the hardest spanking she was capable of while Elle correctly counted and thanked her for each strike.

"Owww... ninety six, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... ninety seven, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... ninety eight, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... ninety nine, thank you Mistress Claire... owww... one hundred, thank you Mistress Claire."

Elle moaned softly after the spanking came to a close and Claire's hand began to wander all over her surprisingly well beaten butt, gently caressing the pain away until it was merely a dull sting, at which point Elle gasped as that hand slid in between her legs.

Claire was surprised just how wet Elle was, but she recovered quickly enough to smirk before teasing her lover, "I thought I was the pain slut of this relationship?"

"You are, it's just, oh, it's just kind of fun to be the receiver for a change." Elle moaned softly.

"I'll bet." Claire said huskily, squeezing further moans from her girlfriend as she first pushed two fingers into her extremely welcoming pussy, fucked her like that for a little bit and then pressed her fingers against Elle's anal opening, "Can I fuck you here now?"

"Yes." Elle responded with a moan much quicker than she would have liked.

"Good. Wait here, I'll be right back." Claire promised, smacking Elle on the butt before practically skipping round to the trunk of the car, opening it up and quickly finding Elle's secret stash of goodies.

Her own slutty body practically trembled as she relished through all the dildos, her holes remembering each one of them fondly as she tried to decide which one to use on Elle. After all Elle was cherry back there so she didn't want to go to big, but she didn't want to disappoint her with a small one either. Ultimately Claire went for a safe looking medium-size one, quickly strapping it around before grabbing the anal lubricant she had personally hid in one of the corners.

Returning to her girlfriend side Claire found herself stopping to admire Elle's ass for a few moments as while her own healed in seconds Elle's was still suffering the effects of the spanking as it was still red and saw looking.

Claire couldn't help find it hot, but despite the kinky relationship she had with her girlfriend she also felt a little guilty for just how battered the other blonde's butt looked. Both of these things inspired Claire to lean forward and start gently kissing Elle's ass better, sliding her lips all over the cheeks for several moments before spreading them with the intention of licking the slightly older girl's ass hole.

Licking Elle's ass hole was something Claire had done a lot. It was more or less the closest thing she'd come so far to butt fucking Elle, and yet Claire felt like she had never really looked at it until now.

It was so... tiny. Was her own ass hole that tiny? Sure it felt small when Elle was trying to shove a toy into it, and Claire's healing ability didn't help under the circumstances, but Claire didn't have to feel the pain of it. Elle would.

Claire loved pain but Elle didn't, at least when it came to receiving. Elle was a giver. It was one of the things that made their relationship works so well. In the beginning it had been the only thing, but now things were different. Now Claire was about to be the giver, and at that moment she wasn't sure she wanted to be any more.

Sensing Claire's hesitation Elle moaned, "Mmmmmm, yeah, lick my ass Mistress Cheerleader. Lick my ass hole long and deep. Get me ready for my first butt fucking. I can't wait for you to shove your big strap on inside my ass, but I have too. I have to wait for you to lube up my ass hole, make it slippery wet so your big cock slides right in."

This helped with Claire's nerves a little, or more accurately a lot, as she was able to put the idea of hurting her girlfriend out of her mind as she clearly gave her pleasure, each of Elle's loud moans encouraging Claire to push her face deeper in between the other girl's butt cheeks and worship her ass hole.

At first those moans had been a little forced as Elle tried to calm Claire's nerves, but that didn't last for long as Claire's skilled little tongue went to work, to the point where the roles were reversed so that it was Claire who was calming Elle's nerves, even if she had no idea she was doing it.

All things considered Elle believed she had a right to be apprehensive about taking it up the butt for the first time. It was a natural instinct for even the most anally curious, and trying to do it when rain was still pitter pattering down on top of her nervous body probably wasn't her best idea ever, but Elle liked the fact she was finally breaking this taboo in an environment which up until recently had been a pure hell for her.

That was why when Claire finally pulled her tongue out of her ass and gently shoved first one and then a second finger into Elle's back door the older girl welcomed the feeling of being stretched out back there, eagerly anticipating what was to come.

Claire was way more apprehensive than Elle at this point, but at least she was able to distract herself by finger fucking Elle's ass. This was something Claire had done on a few occasions, but each time she had been in between Elle's legs, lapping away at her pussy and just trying to provide a little extra stimulation to either make her girlfriend cum or to make her cum again right after her last climax. This was completely different. Now she was simply fingering Elle's ass, a not at all unpleasant experience in itself, and a big part of Claire enjoyed the idea that she was stretching out Elle's butt so she could fuck it, but another equally big part of her was worried about actually go through with it.

Ultimately it was Claire's hesitance which kept the anal fingering going on much longer than was necessary to the point that by the end of it Claire was sliding two fingers in and out of Elle's ass with no problem, even twirling them around inside the older girl's rectum.

When she felt like waiting any longer would be beyond ridiculous Claire removed her fingers, slowly coated her strap on in lubricant, and then pressed the head against Elle's virgin butt hole.

There was a long pause, and then Elle said softly, "It's better if you don't wait too long. We don't all heal in under 30 seconds, but a little fingering like that won't keep me loose back there for long."

Claire smiled, and then surprised Elle by ordering her, "Spread your cheeks."

Elle paused for only a second before reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks wide.

"Now..." Claire began, again surprising Elle with what she said next, "Are you sure this is something you really want?"

"Yes." Elle shrugged.

"You're sure?" Claire pressed.

"I'm sure." Elle confirmed.

Claire smiled, "Then beg for it."

Elle smirked as they re-entered more familiar territory, "Oh please, Mistress Cheerleader, fuck my ass. Stick your big, fat cock in my ass and fuck it. I want to feel it. I want to feel it deep inside my ass. Come on Mistress Pom-Pom, fuck my assssssss!"

Crying out in surprise more than pain Elle felt her ass hole suddenly stretching wider than ever before. The pain swiftly became worse as her butt hole open to what felt like inhuman levels as the bulbous head of the dildo forced its way into Elle's previously unviolated back passage, several painful moments ticking by before Elle actually realised that was it, she had just lost her anal virginity to her cheerleader.

"I said are you ok? Do you want me to take it out?" Claire repeated, terrified she had done something wrong and really hurt the girl she loved.

"No, I'm fine." Elle said weakly, trying to adjust to the new sensations she was feeling while at the same time cursing herself for initially missing Claire's questions and thus making her girlfriend worried.

"Are you sure?" Claire pressed.

"Claire, I said I'm fine and I swear I mean it." Elle said, making sure to use her girlfriend's real name which both girls knew was a sign she was serious about what she was saying, "It hurts, it's going to hurt, but I can deal with it."

"But you're not the pain slut here, I am." Claire whined.

"I know, but that doesn't mean I can't deal." Elle assured, "Come on Claire, don't act like you didn't know it would be this way at first. Stick that thing up my ass so it can start to feel good."

Claire bit her lip but complied, pushing inch after inch into Elle's butt, guilt running through her every time she saw her lover wince in pain or try and stifle a heart wrenching cry.

While Claire had wondered if it was going to be a little painful for Elle she never really considered just how much it might hurt the other girl. It was an odd thing to think considering the spanking Claire had just given Elle, but Claire didn't want to hurt the older blonde, at least not in a way she wouldn't like. The spanking had turned Elle on, Claire had seen the evidence of that dripping from Elle's pussy, but this was different and with every additional inch Claire regretted forcing Elle into this little more.

Elle hadn't exactly known what she was getting herself into by allowing Claire to ass fuck her, but she had a good idea. She knew was going to be painful, and while it was actually a little worse than she expected she did her best not to let Claire know that in case she freaked out and didn't give the ass fucking the chance Elle was willing to give it.

Sure, even after Claire's thighs finally came to rest against her ass cheeks and Elle found her now formally virgin ass hole stuffed with a full length of cock for the first time in her life, to the point where it felt like her bowels were going to burst, Elle found herself in more pain than she would have liked, but it was slowly getting better as her rectum relaxed to its violation.

After a few long moments of nothing but the sound of heavy breathing and rain Elle softly moaned, "Oh Mistress Cheerleader, my tight little ass is now full of your big strap on cock. It, oh, it feels so good. Fuck me. Fuck my virgin ass. My ass was completely virgin a few seconds ago, now you've taken my anal cherry. You've popped it and claimed it as yours. My anal cherry is yours Mistress Pom-Pom... wanna see if you can make my ass yours too?"

There was another few moments of silence in which Elle began to think she was going to need to provide Claire with further encouragement, and then she gasped again as she felt that big dildo slowly start leaving her ass, the pain returning anew. By now her already damaged ass cheeks were almost being cut into as she dug her nails deeply into them, Elle trying to cope with the feeling of the strap on leaving her back passage, and then re-entering it, Claire slowly establishing a rhythm, the cheerleader officially beginning to fuck her ass.

As the pain continued Elle began feeling a little confused. Wasn't this the point all the girls she had fucked in the ass who had been able to feel pain had started to enjoy it? Where was her pleasure?

Then Elle felt it. It was tiny at first, just a little spark of pleasure, but it was enough to put a smile on Elle's face.

She had begun worrying there was something wrong with her, or she just wasn't a up the butt type of girl, which could have been a problem considering how much Claire loved anal. Sure Claire would probably be more than happy just receiving, but Elle had to agree with Claire's earlier point, this was the only thing that Elle constantly did to Claire which Claire wasn't allowed to do in return and the least the older girl could do was give taking it in the ass a fair try.

From the looks of things this was definitely something Elle could get used too, very used to it in fact if the ever-increasing in number and strength sparks of pleasure were anything to go by, Elle letting out a loud moan seemingly out of nowhere as her rectum walls suddenly seemed to become alive with the latest thrust.

As far as Claire knew there had been nothing special about the last thrust. It was like most of the others, except it got exactly what she had been hoping for ever since she had started sodomising the other girl, namely a sign from Elle she was actually enjoying taking it up the ass.

The original anal penetration had more than proven Claire hadn't realised just how much pain she was potentially giving Elle, but while her own dullness to pain might have clouded her to that fact she knew there was nothing wrong with her ability to feel pleasure, and if she could get her girlfriend passed the pain phase and into the pleasure phase Claire knew that Elle would more than forgive her for her earlier miscalculations.

She wanted to return the anal pleasure Elle had given her so bad, hell if she could manage just a fraction of it she'd be happy, and Elle would probably be as addicted to anal as she was, and that was something Claire definitely wanted as well. Herself and her girlfriend, living in total bowel bliss, fucking each other's asses just as regularly as they fingered or went down on each other, making it virtually impossible for Claire not to be able to give Elle close to the same number of mind blowing orgasms she gave her. The idea she wasn't able to return the same amount of ecstasy to her girlfriend had been a very serious worry to Claire lately, hence why she was so determined to get a turn being on top, and just as importantly getting to fuck Elle's bottom, and now she was getting to do it Claire was determined to make the most of it.

Once Elle's moans had gone from infrequent to consistent Claire began doing the kinds of things Elle did whenever Claire's butt was nice and loosened up during a sodomy session, namely things like delivering random hard thrusts, suddenly stopping to push the dildo up and down or left and right or even rotate her hips around, all three options resulting in the strap on stretching Elle's shit pipe like never before.

All of Elle's own tricks seem to work on her like a charm, something that wasn't lost on the company agent as she was forced to cry out blissfully as her rectum walls were stimulated, giving her a level of pleasure even she hadn't been quite expecting at this stage.

"Oh fuck Mistress Cheerleader, that feels so fucking good." Elle moaned, breaking the silence which had fallen between the two girls.

"You like it?" Claire grinned, "You like it up the butt?"

"Fuck yeah I like it, it feels so good. Fuck me Mistress Pom-Pom. Fuck my ass." Elle pleaded softly.

"Hm, you like it in the ass... what does that make you?" Claire asked.

Elle thought for a moment, and then grinned, "An anal slut. Liking it in the ass makes me an anal slut. Just like you. We're both enormous anal sluts now cheerleader. Mmmmmmm, we can't get enough of it up our asses."

"That's right, you're an anal slut just like me. You're just like me. You've taunted me so much about having a slutty shit hole when your shit hole is just as slutty as mine. And now you're going to beg for it, just like I do whenever you fuck my ass. You're going to beg me to pound your ass real hard, slam your slutty shit hole hard and deep, make you cum like a total anal slut. Beg for it. Beg for it now!" Claire demanded lustfully.

"Fuck me cheerleader, fuck my ass as hard as you can. Pound it hard and deep. Slam my slutty little shit hole. Destroy it until it's even more of a gaping mess then your slutty little shit hole is whenever I'm done with it. You want to be in control pom-pom? You want me to call you Mistress Claire and bend over for you? Fucking make me. Fucking make me want to be your little bitch from now on. Make me want to give up control completely and just be your little slut from now on, doing what ever you say, licking your sweet little pussy and ass hole, bending over and spreading my butt cheeks so you can fuck my ass hole, what ever you want, whenever you want. But you're going to have to fuck me. You're going to have to fuck me up the ass and make me cum like a total anal slut." Elle challenged, before a particularly hard spark of pleasure had her shamelessly begging, "Please Claire, make me cum. I seriously need it so bad!"

In the blink of an eye Elle's hands were suddenly grabbed, taken off her ass cheeks and moved down in front of her. This allowed her to grip on to the other side of the car, which came in handy as the steady pooper pounding began picking up speed, Elle moaning shamelessly for more with each thrust, "That's it, give it to me, fuck my ass, mmmmmm, yes, fuck my naughty little ass as hard as you can, oh, oh Claire!"

Claire growled like some kind of animal in her ear as a response, the feeling of the other girl's hands clutching her own, pushing them down against the car, and her body on top of Elle adding to the idea that they were just a couple of animals running around in the wild and Claire was mounting her to show Elle who the Alpha female was. Elle's eyes practically rolled in the back of her head when Claire pushed her hair out of the way so she could get at her neck, the cheerleader's teeth sinking deeply into Elle's neck, Claire marking her territory, leaving a symbol to show Elle was hers.

The reverse of this had happened countless times, Elle sinking her teeth into Claire's neck like she was trying to mark Claire as hers so to be the one getting marked for a change was incredibly intoxicating, and in a weird perverted way actually kind of sweet. In a perverted way it kind of felt like Claire was showing that she cared about Elle just as much as Elle cared about her, but they both wanted there to be no doubt that they belonged to each other.

Of course as much as Elle loved a lot of things about Claire's healing ability the fact that it didn't allow such markings to stick around for very long was one of the few annoying things about her girlfriend's specialness. Elle's body on the other hand didn't heal itself, at least not as quickly, so when Claire finally removed her teeth it was thrilling to Elle to know that the mark on her neck would remain there for hours, reminding her who she belonged to, and who belonged to her... and of these amazing sensations which were flowing through her.

They got even more amazing when Claire straightened up, gripped onto Elle's hips and really started going to town on the older blonde's butt hole, pounding her cock in and out of the electric girl's back passage at an ever increasing speed until Elle felt herself on the edge, only to be denied at the last second as Claire slowed it down just enough to deny Elle her orgasm. The moment it had passed Claire sped up again, repeating this process over and over, causing Elle to loudly curse as she recognised another of her own tricks being used against her.

Claire grinned as her girlfriend swore, her words incoherent as they were just full of random swear words, moans and gibberish. What Elle was actually trying to say couldn't have been more clear though. She wanted to cum, just as badly as Claire wanted to cum whenever she was in this position.

Well... payback was a bitch.

Not that it was a bad thing in this case.

In fact Claire was sure that even though it was extremely unlikely Elle would admit it later all the denial would turn out to be a very good thing when Elle was cumming like a rocket, the buildup of all those denied orgasms meaning that when she finally went over the edge Elle would go off like a fireworks display. Elle had never failed to make Claire's anally induced orgasms mind blowing, and Claire was determined to return the favour.

While Claire kind of wished she wanted to make her girlfriend cum hard for purely that reason she had another.

She wanted to make Elle cum hard so she would let her fuck her ass again.

Claire was very happy being the bottom in her relationship with Elle. They both preferred it that way, but every so often they liked switching roles. Claire had loved taking control and fucking Elle's pussy with a strap on. It never failed to get them both off really hard, and it was really hot to see her usually dominant lesbian lover being submissive for her. But this was a whole new level of dominance for Claire, a whole new level of submission for Elle.

Elle had literally never let anyone dominate her in this way before. Never let anyone fuck her up the ass like Claire was doing now. No one had ever seen Elle like this before, bent over in front of them, her ass hole opened and stretching around a big fat cock. It was such an intoxicating position of submission, one which Claire had been in many times and she knew exactly what Elle had to be feeling right now. She wanted her to be able to feel that way again, if only as a break from her usual dominance.

So Claire continued torturing Elle with near orgasm after near orgasm for what seemed like hours, butt fucking her girlfriend relentlessly until the rain stopped completely and the sun even came out from behind the clouds.

It was then Claire decided to send Elle over the edge in style, reaching down and pulling her hair back before yelling, "Who's the slut Elle?"

"Me. I'm the slut!" Elle quickly replied.

"That's right, you're the slut!" Claire yelled, smacking Elle's ass, "You always keep telling me what a slut I am, but the truth is if anyone is a slut around here it's you. You're the one that keeps fucking me, making me do all these naughty little things. Who do you think's responsible for your ass hole getting fucked right now, huh? It's not me, it's you. If you hadn't been constantly fucking my ass hole and making me cum so hard you wouldn't be getting butt fucked right now. You wouldn't be getting your butt stretched out and fucked till its gaping if you hadn't turned me into such an anal slut that I want to give my girlfriend the same pleasure. If you weren't such a slut, I wouldn't be like this. I wouldn't be fucking your ass hole and loving every minute of it. I would still be just kissing boys and telling myself I was happy as an innocent little straight girl. But thanks to you I get to be a pain loving lesbian slut who just can't get enough of fucking her girlfriend's ass, or any other part of her body. You made me your slut Elle, and you made me want to make you mine. You made me want to make you my slut, and that's what I'm making you now isn't it?"

"Oh yes cheerleader, you're making me your slut. You're making me your slut and I love it." Elle moaned, "I wanna be your slut Claire, I want to be your slut just like you're mine!"

"You wanna be my slut?" Claire parroted.

"Fuck yeah, I want to be your slut." Elle confirmed, "Make me your fucking slut!"

"You going to let me do this to you again? You going to let me dominate you? Spank you? Butt fuck you? You going to give me that ass whenever I want?" Claire asked.

"Yes! Yes you can dominate me, you can spank me, and you can definitely butt fuck me again cheerleader. Mmmmmm, you can have my ass. You can own it. It can be your property. You can have my ass whenever you want, just as long as I'm not fucking yours at the time." Elle grinned, before taking it one step further, "I swear Claire, I'll never say no to you again. You can have me in any way you want. We can do anything you want, whenever you want, just please fuck me and make me cum. I need it so bad. Please Claire, make your slut cum. Fuck your slut's slutty ass. Fuck my slutty ass and make me cum."

"And what should you be calling me?" Claire asked, smacking Elle's ass again.

"Mistress Claire! I should be calling you Mistress Claire! I'm so sorry I haven't been showing you the proper respect Mistress Claire, and I swear I'll call you by your proper title whenever you want, just please fuck my ass and make me cum. I need it so bad. Please Mistress Claire, make me cum." Elle practically wept.

"Ok Elle, cum for me like an anal slut!" Claire demanded as she seriously increased the shitter slamming, "Cum for me like the little up the butt anal slut you are!"

"Oh yes, fuck my ass and make me cum Mistress Claire!" Elle screamed before her words dissolved into garbled noises of pleasure as little Claire Bennet butt fucked her harder than she would have thought she possibly could.

Not even the hardest fucking Claire had given her pussy could compare to this, and it even seemed to put some of Elle's efforts on Claire to shame, the sound of Claire's wet hips smacking off Elle's wet ass cheeks echoing seemingly throughout the hilly area of the two girls became completely lost to the anal sex.

Elle couldn't remember ever feeling so submissive and under someone else's control, at least when it came to sex, and she found it intoxicating. It wasn't completely surprising as she had enjoyed bottoming for Claire before, but there was just something so much more submissive about letting another girl fuck her in the ass than a regular pussy fucking, and as that dildo hammered its way through her bowels, driving her to orgasm Elle couldn't help think this would definitely be something she'd like to try again.

The massive explosion that raced through her body sealed the deal, Elle's eyes rolling in the back of her head and her body shaking in a massive orgasm, easily as big as any the cheerleader had ever given her, and considering previous standards that was really saying something. Those standards might have even be surpassed by some of the massive climaxes that followed, although like many times before Elle found herself slipping into such a dazed state it was honestly hard for her to tell whether the Nirvana she was experiencing was any better than the last paradise her lover had sent her too.

There was a distinct difference though. For Elle she was getting off at a intoxicating level of submission she had never known before while Claire was getting off on an equally intoxicating level of domination which easily surpassed what she had previously known and while she'd had much stronger climaxes the one she experienced alone were more than enough to make her want to come back for more. Of coarse it was being able to see Elle's body shake and shudder beneath her, the older blonde's butt hole spasming around her strap on which was the real treat, along with the knowledge that she had finally returned the favour she had been longing to reciprocate for a very long time.

Claire's ability meant she could literally fuck Elle until the other girl passed out or begged her to stop. Both scenarios had happened more than once when Claire had donned a strap on, but after a few tries Claire now knew, more or less, when she had to stop. Of coarse this was under different circumstances, however after a handful of orgasms Claire started concentrating on Elle as hard as she could, watching out for the slightest sign Elle had reached her limit.

When Elle seemed to have reached that limit as she was babbling incoherent and gently shaking, Claire began gently slowing down before coming to a stop, her dildo completely buried inside Elle's butt, the younger girl stroking her lover's hair affectionately and cooing softly.

This was another one of Elle's tricks which Claire had used before, and like the other times it proved successful, Elle slowly coming back to the world as Claire smiled, leant down and kissed the bite mark she had left on Elle's neck, delighting in the idea that it would remain there for hours to come as a reminder of not just the ass fucking but that Elle was hers.

"Did you enjoy your first butt fucking?" Claire whispered after a while.

"It was alright." Elle said nonchalantly while trying to keep a grin from crossing her face.

Claire scowled and was about to respond when she had a better idea and suddenly pulled away, the dildo rocketing down Elle's supersensitive back passage and out of her rectum, Elle crying out in surprise as the cock was suddenly removed from her bowels, leaving her with an incredibly weird sensation of emptiness back there.

Seeing Claire's look of disbelief Elle tried to crane her head to see her ass but she couldn't get a good angle. Settling for the reflection in her car's windows Elle whistled, "Wow, that is one impressive looking gape."

Claire couldn't help but nod silently. Elle's back hole remained obscenely stretched open, a red ring crater exposing the dark tunnel within.

"Will it heal?" Claire asked, moving so she could continue to stare at Elle's gaping butt hole.

"Not as fast as your slutty ass, but yeah." Elle grinned.

"Hey, who's the one with the gaping butt hole here?" Claire questioned, pretending to be offended.

"Well," Elle said, looking thoughtful, before she slowly and sensuously approached the other girl, "That would be me. For now. But soon, it's going to be you."

"Is that right?" Claire grinned challengingly.

"That's right." Elle confirmed as she reached round to grab two handfuls of Claire's butt cheeks, pulling her in so she could growl in her ear, "Because when we get back I'm going to ass fuck you so hard your ass hole will be gaping twice as wide as mine is right now. I'm going to show you exactly how to properly butt fuck a girl, pound your ass so hard and deep you'll be begging to eat my pussy just so you can have a break from getting your shit hole stretched. And maybe I'll let you. Maybe we can eat each other's pussies for a little while, just so your ass can heal up to a nice virgin tightness so I can fuck your ass all over again!"

"Mmmmmm, why wait?" Claire sighed, "Fuck my ass now Elle. Get your revenge on me for ass fucking her by ass fucking me till my butt hole all stretched out in gaping and I can't shit right."

"I'd love to pom-pom... but, I need a little break. My ass is to sore for me to thrust into yours." Elle admitted with a blush.

"Really," Claire grinned at the admittance, "Well, maybe you can make it up to me by cleaning my cock of your naughty ass juices."

As she spoke Claire reached for the back of Elle's head, the older girl sliding down into her knees with surprising ease before looking up and grinning before swallowing the head of the dildo.

Claire moaned softly at the submissive display, keeping her hand tightly on the back of Elle's head as the other blonde sucked on the strap on, Claire incredibly turned on by the thought of where that dildo had just been.

Elle had tasted her own ass on Claire's lips whenever she had made the cheerleader rim her but other than that this was pretty much the first time she was tasting her own butt, and certainly the first time she was tasting such a deep part of it as the head of the strap on had reached part of her bowels fingers and tongues had never reached before.

Much like many of the other things they had done Elle was surprised how much she liked it, really getting into the blow job and sucking it with way more passion and enthusiasm than she had shown the last real cock she had sucked, even taking it almost all the way down her throat before licking the base to make sure she got every drop of her ass juice from it.

Once the cock was totally clean Elle slowly kissed her way up Claire's body before pulling the cheerleader into a soft embrace, Claire not even caring that Elle unstrapped the dildo from around her waist as they kissed as she was way too lost in it to even begin to care.

"So, I think you promised me a butt fucking?" Claire grinned once they gently broke simultaneously.

"I thought that's what we were just doing." Elle shot back.

"You know what I mean." Claire laughed, slapping Elle on the butt, her eyebrow raising at how her girlfriend winced, "Do you want me to drive?"

"No, I'm fine." Elle lied, trying her best to walk normally back to the car. It proved impossible, as did not wincing every so often as she and the other girl slowly got dressed.

"Are you sure you're fine?" Claire asked again.

"Yeah, I told you, I'm fine." Elle insisted a little snappily, before lightly crying out as she rested her sore butt against the car seat, the sound causing Claire to giggle and Elle to glare at her, "Oh you are getting your ass fucked so hard when we get back home."

"Looking forward to it." Claire grinned as they drove off, heading home to the promised ass fucking for the cheerleader, Claire practically quivering with anticipation.


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