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Authors note: This is story takes place during Season 3, episode 7.

Keywords: Abuse, Ff, Language, Oral, TV-parody

Heroes: Elle's Pain Slut Part 1
by MTL ([email protected])

Claire Bennet and Elle Bishop had sat in almost total silence since the plane
took off. It was probably for the best, most of the time when they talked
they ended up at each other's throats, but Claire was finding it hard to
ignore the other blonde.

Much like Claire herself Elle had supernatural powers, but while Claire could
heal Elle had power over electricity. Or at least she used to have power over
electricity, now it almost seemed to be the other way around.

Every few seconds a small electrical charge passed through Elle's body almost
completely without her control.

Before they had got on the flight Claire had questioned whether this was a
good idea or not but Elle had assured her that as long as she remained calm
everything would be fine.

The cheerleader was beginning to wonder whether the former company agent had
just told her that because she couldn't bear to take any type of other,
slower transport to New York. If that was the case it was too late to do
anything about it now. All Claire could do was hoped that Elle stayed calm,
if not for her indestructible sake then for the sakes of the very
destructible people on this plane, and of course for Elle herself.

Once again another flash of blue electricity passed through Elle's body and
against her better judgment Claire asked, "Everything alright?"

She had asked that question a lot over the last hour, and a lot more during
takeoff, but always Elle replied with a quick 'shut up'. This time however
Elle actually gave more of a reply.

"I'm what some people would refer to as a anxious flyer." Elle said.

Claire couldn't help smirking at this.

"Big, tough, company agent can't handle being 30000 feet up?" Claire mocked.

"Yeah, well, I was never a very good agent." Elle said dismissively.

"So I read you let all those villains escape level 5 right?" Claire asked.

Elle felt anger rush up inside her but quickly calmed herself. Her powers
grew strong through her emotions, but unlike before she could not always stop
herself from using her powers if she got emotional, and this was the last
place on Earth she should be using her powers.

Claire obviously didn't get that. Why would she? Her powers were constant,
she had no idea what Elle was going through, and couldn't understand that
even the slightest little argument could set her off.

Elle hadn't told Claire that of course. She should have, but her father had
always told her not to show anyone your weaknesses unless you absolutely had
to, so Elle had chosen to tell Claire as little as possible about her
condition. Hopefully it was not a choice which was going to cost Elle her

She just had to avoid arguing with Claire, and everything would be alright...

"Shut up." Elle replied dismissively, hoping Claire would let it go.

No such luck.

"Yeah, I caught Doyle, I helped clean up your mess." Claire said smugly.

"Doyle." Elle said.

"Yeah, the freak with the puppets." Claire said, "This agent thing isn't so

Isn't so hard... who did this cheerleader think she was Elle thought angrily
to herself.

Unable to control her emotions Elle turned to the other blonde and said, "You
know my father pushed me into this life, I wanted no part of it, and if you
do, you're an idiot."

"Elle..." Claire began but she was cut off.

"You have no idea how good you have it!" Elle said angrily.

Just then the blue sparks which had been visibly been building up slid out of
Elle's body, through the chair seat and directly into the plane, causing the
lights to go on and off and the plane to momentarily lose altitude.

Suddenly a voice came over the speakers, "This is your captain speaking, we
would like to remind our passengers to turn off all electrical equipment,
thank you."

Silence fell between the two girls as the plane struggled to stay in the air
and Elle struggled to keep her powers under control.

"I think he's talking about you." Claire whispered.

"Shut up." Elle spat, desperately trying to concentrate.

More silence as the plane and Elle continued to struggle.

"Seriously, calm down. You have to turn it off or we're going to crash."
Claire said.

"If I knew how to do that I wouldn't be here in the first place." Elle said,
desperately trying to keep calm but it just didn't help.

What Elle had neglected to tell Claire when she had been giving her as little
information about her current situation as possible was that sometimes even
when she was calm she couldn't control her powers, and her fear of not being
able to keep calm finally caught up with her.

Elle began uncontrollably shooting large bursts of electricity into the
plane, causing almost all the lights to go off and for the plane to start
taking a nosedive.

People screamed in the background as they plummeted towards the earth.

Claire realised she needed to do something. Thinking quickly she held out her

"Take my hand." Claire yelled above the screams.

Elle looked at her like she was crazy.

"Let me help you, conduct your electricity into me." Claire said, speaking as
loudly as she could without getting anyone's attention, not that she really
had to worry at this point.

Elle looked hesitant.

"Do it!" Claire yelled.

Doing as she was told Elle took Claire's hand and concentrated conducting all
her electricity into Claire, and only Claire. Elle had concentrated her
powers on many unfortunate individuals, a number of whom she had killed with
it, but never in her life had she felt as much electricity passed through her
as she did in that moment. And it was... wonderful. After weeks of finding no
release whatsoever from her torment Elle finally found something she could
shock as much as she wanted. She just kind of hoped Claire had been telling
the truth about not being able to feel pain otherwise she was going to be
stuck next to one pissed off indestructible cheerleader for the rest of the

As the electricity entered her body Claire felt the same odd sensations she
had felt when Elle had electrocuted her back in her house after she had found
her on her dad's computer. At her house the first blast of electricity had
been so weak Claire wasn't even sure she had felt anything, but the second
one which Elle had used on her while she was down, she had felt something.
She hadn't had time to analyse it but had been thinking about it ever since.
It couldn't be what she thought it had been, she had tested herself
afterwards to make sure, but those sensations were back and they were more
powerful and... it felt like... pain... but that was impossible, wasn't it?

After what felt like an eternity of desperately clinging to Claire's hand
Elle began to feel better, and then something happened she was beginning to
think would never happen again, she began to feel better, like her normal
self again. It was only then that she noticed the plane had recovered and was
now flying normally.

"We did it." Claire said breathlessly, trying to hide the many different
thoughts going off in her head by faking a smile.

Elle returned the smile, only her smile wasn't fake, it was a genuine smile
of relief and gratitude. Relief because for the first time in what felt like
forever Elle was no longer in agony, and gratitude because she was genuinely
grateful to the cheerleader. That gratitude, along with her smile, quickly
faded as Elle realised she was still desperately clinging on to Claire's
hand. She couldn't remember the last time she had clung to anything with such
a feeling of desperate need, need for someone else's help, and it made Elle
feel uncomfortable.

"Do you mind?" Elle said, eyes darting to were they were still holding hands.

Both girls simultaneously let go of each other's hands, Elle quickly looking
away from the other blonde and trying to think of something to say. After
taking away her pain the least Elle could do was say thank you to Claire.
Elle had never been good at saying those words to anyone, but she needed to
say them to Claire. She just needed a little time to say them.

Clare looked at her hand in disbelief. It was red and swollen but quickly
healed before her very eyes, and Claire felt nothing, just like she had felt
nothing when she had got injured before. Every time, she felt nothing...
except when...

Looking over to check Elle wasn't paying her much attention Claire silently
unbuckled her seatbelt and quickly made her way to the bathroom.

Once the bathroom door was locked behind her Claire briefly inspected her
small and cramped surroundings, almost as if to check no one was watching
her, before reaching into her pants and taking out the little knife she had
been carrying with her.

Claire had been carrying this knife for a while and she could still remember
when her mom had found it. She had told her it was for self defence, but the
truth was she was using it on herself. It was something she needed to do from
time to time, to remind herself she was still human. She had seen so much,
she had survived so much, that it became overwhelming and as twisted as it
was, a few quick stabs to her hand was actually quite therapeutic. Her powers
always healed her, so it really didn't matter and it made her feel as normal
as she possibly could when she had felt pain.

God, how she missed that pain.

Since Sylar attacked her Claire hadn't been able to feel pain... until a few
seconds ago when Elle electrocuted her.

Finally Claire felt human again, but was it real? Did she really feel pain,
or was it just wishful thinking.

Taking the knife firmly in her right hand Claire placed her left hand down on
the basin so the blood could be washed away, took a deep breath and stabbed


Claire stabbed herself again, and again, and again.

Still nothing, not even a tingle.

Claire watched in dismay as her wounds quickly healed themselves while giving
her none of the pain she craved.

Feeling as if she was about to cry Claire fell backwards on to the toilet
seat. What the hell was going on?

Suddenly there was a loud banging on the door.

"Claire, are you ok?" Elle asked in between banging.

Elle. The girl who had somehow made Claire feel pain for the first time in
weeks. The girl who had made her feel human for the first time in weeks.

"I said are you ok in there pom-pom?" Elle asked, obviously becoming annoyed.

Claire should tell Elle she was ok and go and sit back down in her chair and
forget this whole thing. But she didn't. She had to know if what she felt
before was real. She had to know whether it was a fluke or not.

So, against her better judgment, Clare reached over and unlocked the door. No
sooner had the door been unlocked Elle forced her way inside the cramped
space and looked Claire up and down.

"Again, and hopefully for the final time, are you ok? Because you look fine
and all, but if you're not I don't see how that's my fault considering that
was your idea, and you were totally the one who said you couldn't feel pain
any more, so I don't see why you should be blaming me for something that
isn't my fault." Elle said, stopping and calming herself down as she felt her
anger trigger her desire to use her power again, "I mean, if I hurt you or
upset you or something... I'm sorry... and... I just wanted you to know...
I'm grateful... you know... for before... and..."

Elle was cut off when Claire stood up, closed the door on them and slowly
advanced on her. In her fragile state Elle felt an odd twinge of fear as
Claire approached her. She wouldn't have thought it was possible for the
cheerleader to make her feel fear, but she did, and she also felt something
else which she couldn't quite put her finger on.

Standing in front of the other girl Claire took a moment to rethink this but
as much as her brain was telling her this was a bad idea she needed to know
if somehow Elle could give her the pain she craved.

"Do it again." Clare finally said.

"What?" Elle asked, obviously confused.

"Use your power on me." Clare said.

"But..." Elle began.

"Please." Clare said, "Just do it!"

Elle bit her lip. She had been malfunctioning for weeks and had been losing
control over her powers, but zapping Claire had made her feel better and she
wanted to do it again.

Up until a few weeks ago Elle had loved using her powers. They had made her
feel all good and tingly inside, even if she was using them to do bad
things... especially when she was using them to do bad things. Sometimes she
found if she didn't use her powers for a certain amount of time she got the
desire to use them, but now she craved using them every single moment of
every single day and it was never enough and keeping it in was torturing her
both mentally and physically. For weeks she had been in agony, but now she
felt as if she was back to her old self again, and it was all thanks to

So if Claire wanted Elle to give her a little shock what was the harm in
giving it to her? It wasn't like the cheerleader couldn't take a little
electricity. So Elle reached out to grab a firm hold of Claire's shoulder,
looked into her eyes to see some kind of hesitation and when seeing none she
did as she was told.

Claire gasped as sparks of electricity ran from Elle's fingers through her
body, sending slight tingling sensations throughout the cheerleader. It
wasn't much, but at least it was something.

"More." Claire demanded.

Hesitating briefly Elle gave Claire the more she asked for.

More tingles, but no pain.

"More." Claire said, still unsatisfied.

More tingles, but no pain.

"More." Claire said, still unsatisfied.

More tingles, but no pain.

"You're holding back." Claire said, "Why?"

Elle stared blankly at her for a few moments, genuinely unsure of the answer
to that herself.

"Don't." Claire said, "Give me everything you've got."

"Everything?" Elle questioned.

Claire nodded.

"Ok." Elle said with a grin, "Brace yourself pom-pom."

With that Elle gave Claire everything, shooting enough electricity through
the cheerleader to light up an entire city.

And then it happened. Pain. Wonderful, wonderful pain. It wasn't unbearable,
and it wasn't even that painful, but it could be classed as pain which was
wonderful to Claire, but still she wanted more. She tried to cry out for it
but her body was so overwhelmed by the electricity she could do nothing but
stand there and take it until finally Elle started slowing down and then
gently came to stop.

"No!" Claire pleaded as her cinched red flesh began to heal, "Don't stop."

"Sorry pom-pom, running low on juice here." Elle panted and chuckled.

The former Company agent had electrocuted a lot of people in her time, some
of them had even asked for more as Claire just had, but none so desperately,
and none had asked for so much. She would have easily killed anyone who
wasn't Claire with that much juice, but Elle knew she could take it.

"Please." Claire said with such need in her voice.

"Mm, quite the little pain slut aren't you?" Elle laughed.

"Pain slut." Claire repeated those two words which echoed in her mind, two
words which she had never heard used together but seemed to perfectly
describe her.

"Pain slut. As in a slut for pain. Someone who takes pleasure in pain." Elle
explained helpfully, "Does that accurately describe you pom-pom?"

Elle laughed again when Claire blushed, but her laughter soon went away as an
idea formed in her head.

"It's ok, we all have our little fetishes. I like shocking people. It gives
me pleasure. I love to watch the look on their faces as I'm giving them a
little buzz, and you looked really cute when I gave you a buzz." Elle said
playfully, "And you still want more, don't you my little pain slut?"

Claire bit her lip, and nodded.

"Well I'll tell you what cheerleader," Elle said with a mischievous smile on
her face, "I've felt nothing but agony for weeks, and while you might like
pain, I don't. I'm a giver, not a receiver. At least when it comes to pain.
Pleasure on the other hand, I can't get enough of that. So how about we help
each other out. I'll satisfy your need for pain, and you satisfy my need for

"What do you mean?" Claire asked.

"I mean, I'll satisfy your need for pain..." Elle said, holding up her hand
and sending a few sparks in between her fingers to represent pain, "If you
satisfy my need for pleasure."

Elle step forward until she was face-to-face with Claire, her lips only
millimetres away from the other girl's, hoping she would understand her not
so subtle meaning.

Clare's eyes widened in shock as she realised what Elle was saying. The
cheerleader had experience the occasional daydream about being with another
girl, but she had never considered being with one before. Well, never
seriously considered being with one. Ok, so maybe she had, but while the idea
of being with another girl wasn't completely repulsive to Claire, the idea of
being with Elle was kind of worrying, partly because Elle was a dangerous,
homicidal, psychopath and partly because the idea didn't disgust her in the
way Claire kind of felt that it should.

"I'm... I'm not into girls." Claire said, her mouth suddenly feeling very

"Really, you've never even thought about it?" Elle asked.

"No." Claire said, but there was a slight pause making it only too obvious
that she was lying.

"Well you should." Elle said mischievously, somehow bringing her lips even
closer, "It's a lot of fun, and if you are a good little pain slut maybe I'll
let you be my pleasure slut too."

Claire unintentionally let out a little moan as all of her occasional girl-
girl daydreams came back with a vengeance, bringing many friends with them,
all of which seemed to be visions of Elle doing wicked and wonderful things
to her.

"I'm... I'm not your slut." Claire said weakly.

"You could be." Elle said, smiling wickedly, but then suddenly turning and
reaching for the door handle, "But if you're not into girls..."

"Wait." Claire said, grabbing Elle's hand.

Elle stared intently at Claire, who swallowed, and then said, "Ok."

"Ok?" Elle questioned.

"Ok." Claire nodded, "But you've got to promise to keep using your power on

"Oh don't worry pom-pom, I promise." Elle said with a wicked smile as she
leant forward and gently kissed Claire, pushing the other blonde back against
the basin and then pushing herself against her.

Claire stiffened when she felt Elle's lips pressed themselves against hers,
but found the way those lips gently caressed her own to be quite... inviting
and before the cheerleader knew it she found herself relaxing into the

It really wasn't so bad. A lot like she had thought it would be. Elle's lips
soft against hers, just as she had imagined, and it felt good, better than
she had imagined actually.

However the similarities between this and her occasional girl-girl daydreams
quickly came to an abrupt end when Elle started kissing her more insistently,
the other girl pressing her body more firmly into her own as she practically
devoured her lips with hers. It was rougher than any kiss Claire had ever had
before... and they hadn't even started using their tongues yet... and...
Claire liked it. She liked it a lot. So when Elle forced her tongue into
Claire's mouth the cheerleader welcomed it with her own.

Clare's willingness surprised Elle, but it was a good surprise. It was the
kind of surprised that could make things easier.

Still kissing the cheerleader Elle slid her hands over Claire's body,
avoiding the fun parts for as long as she could, which was about two seconds,
before grabbing hold of the other blonde's butt with one hand and one of her
boobs with the other.

The cheerleader gasped into Elle's mouth and tensed from the sudden groping
but much to Elle's delight quickly relaxed and let her do whatever she wanted
to her.

After massaging and pinching Claire's ass and nipples through her clothes for
a little while Elle smiled into the kiss as she realised Claire's nipples
were getting hard and the other blonde seemed to be whimpering in pleasure
under her playful fingers. Deciding to rub this in a bit Elle broke the kiss
and moved her mouth down to Claire's neck which she gently covered in kisses
before moving on to whisper in her ear.

"You know, for someone who isn't into girls you seem to be kind of enjoying
yourself pom-pom." Elle whispered with a megawatt grin on her face.

Claire would have liked to give the other blonde a witty comeback to that but
she was too busy biting her lip to stop herself from moaning too loudly as
Elle played with her body.

The cheerleader's lack of a good comeback made Elle smile even wider before
she captured Claire's lips with her own again, kissing the other blonde with
just as much passion as before and then moving back and forth between kissing
Claire's neck and her lips, weighting as long as she possibly could before
finally the need to move on became too great. Reaching down Elle pushed
Claire's top up so that it exposed her bra covered breasts and pulled her bra
down and out of the way before breaking the kiss, leaning down and capturing
one of Claire's nipples into her mouth.

"Oh my God." Claire gasped as she felt the other girl's soft mouth gently
sucking at her nipple.

The reaction caused Elle to smile around Claire's nipple and then suck on it
harder and harder, seeing how loud she could make the cheerleader moan.

After having her fun with that nipple Elle moved her mouth to the other
giving it more or less the same treatment, except this time she added her
tongue to the mix, swirling it around that hard little ball of flesh in
between sucks before returning to the nipple she was originally sucking on.

For a while Elle concentrated on Claire's nipples, making sure to caress the
rest of her fellow blonde's boobs with her hands as the younger girl moaned.
Finally Elle slid a hand downwards under the cheerleader's pants and into her
panties, causing Claire to gasp out loud in shock.

Elle smiled around Claire's nipple when she felt how wet the cheerleader was
for her. She smiled even wider when Claire offered no protest and just
relaxed into her arms, allowing Elle to do whatever she wanted to her.

"Having fun pom-pom?" Elle asked after removing Claire's nipple from her

Claire blushed, but truthfully nodded her head.

"Want me to fuck you?" Elle asked mischievously as she slid her fingers up
and down Claire's slit, causing the other blonde to moan as she nodded her
head, "Well first I want you to do something for me. Jump up and park that
cute little ass on the basin and wrap your legs around me."

Claire hesitated and then said, "What about the pain?"

"What." Elle said, a little confused.

"Pain. You promised you would use your powers on me, give me pain. You
promised." Claire said.

"Oh my God pom-pom, you really are a little pain slut!" Elle laughed. This
was the first time she'd ever had someone complain that she was giving them
too much pleasure and not enough pain, "But don't worry though, I haven't
forgotten. I'll give you all the pain you want soon enough, but first, jump
up and wrap your legs around me."

Claire hesitated again briefly, before lifting herself up and sitting down
uncomfortably on the basin behind her and wrapped her legs around Elle's

"Good girl." Elle said, smiling wickedly as she plunged two fingers up to the
knuckles inside the cheerleader's cunt in one powerful thrust.

Claire gasped as Elle's fingers invaded her, and then moaned loudly when
those fingers started moving in and out of her at a steady pace, Elle's thumb
lazily brushing against her clit.

The sensations were incredible, Claire had never felt anything like them

Elle's fingers felt so good inside her. They did things to her which had
never been done before, things which felt wonderful, like rubbing the inside
of her pussy walls as they slid in and out of her, finding little spots
inside her which she didn't know about and then playing with them
mercilessly, pinching her clit in a way which would have been painful if it
was anyone else but to her felt oh so good, and Claire thought she was going
to cum on the spot when Elle twisted her fingers inside her. But as good as
all this felt it left Claire feeling empty.

She wanted to feel pain, not pleasure, and she wanted Elle to give her that
pain she wanted so much, but every time she opened her mouth to beg Elle to
hurt her the other girl would twist her fingers inside her cunt, or attack a
sweet spot inside her pussy, or rub her clit, or a combination of those
things so that all that came out of Claire's mouth was another in a series of

Elle grinned proudly as she easily made the cheerleader moan for her. She
would have never imagined someone like Claire would be so into this, but the
other blonde was practically drowning her hand in juice. Normally Elle wasn't
fond of liquid of any kind, but a little she could handle, and of all the
liquids in the world she didn't mind so much having part of her covered in

Looking up from where her fingers were sliding in and out of the other blonde
Elle could see the blissful look of pleasure on Claire's face. This was
awful. She had promised the cheerleader pain and she wasn't delivering on
that promise. She'd have to do something about that.

Leaning forward Elle captured Claire's lips as the other girl moaned for her
and shoved her tongue down her throat, this time the cheerleader not even
hesitating for a second before kissing her back roughly, the two blondes
briefly engaging in a passionate lip lock before Elle playfully sent an
electric shock through her mouth and into Claire's.

She had done this before, many times in fact, but unlike every other time
before this instead of moving away in shock Claire moaned happily and kissed
Elle back with even more passion than before.

For once it was Elle who broke a kiss in shock, but she quickly recovered and

"Still want that pain pom-pom?" Elle asked.

Clare nodded, making Elle smile again.

"Give me your hand." Elle demanded, taking her left hand from where it had
been rubbing Claire's back and holding it out in front of her.

Biting her lip Claire looks at Elle's hand suspiciously but wanting to feel
the pain that had been promised to her cautiously held out her right hand.

Grinning mischievously Elle took Claire's hand and then slid her tongue over
the other girl's fingers, taking them into her mouth and sucking on them
softly and seductively, causing a shiver of desire to slide through the other
blonde's body.

Once she had decided Claire's fingers were appropriately wet Elle guided the
cheerleader's hand slowly down her body, until she reached her pants, and
then slowly pushed them inside her pants and into her panties.

Claire gasped as she touched another girl's wet pussy for the first time, but
did not pull her hand from Elle's grasp or give the other blonde any
indication she was uncomfortable, so after the briefest of pauses Elle began
gently guiding Claire's fingers up and down her pussy lips, practically
masturbating herself using the cheerleader's hand.

Elle did this for quite awhile, playing with Claire's pussy with her right
hand as she used her left to make Claire's hand rub her own pussy, worried if
she removed her hand from the cheerleader's she would stop or freak out, but
to her great delight when she finally stopped Claire rubbed her pussy of her
own accord, following the same pattern Elle had shown her. The slow rubbing
was great but the never patient Elle quickly tired of it and decided to give
Claire some incentive by sending a small spark of electricity into Claire's

Because of all the liquid on her hand this actually hurt Elle, but because it
wasn't covering her it only stung her hand a little. On the other hand she
sent enough electricity into Claire's cunt that any normal girl would be
scarred for life, but Claire wasn't a normal girl and the cheerleader
welcomed the pain. It was pain which was going to get Elle what she wanted.

"Fuck me cheerleader." Elle said huskily, "Fuck me and I'll give you the pain
you want."

Again Claire hesitated, but again it was only brief before she pushed her
fingers inside Elle's pussy, making the other girl gasp, fuck her harder, and
electrocute her.

Groaning in pleasure and pain Claire began fucking Elle with her fingers,
trying to concentrate on what the other girl was doing to her and copying it
as best she could under the circumstances. The copying really paid off
because soon both girls were frantically slamming their fingers into each
other as hard as they could, twisting, rubbing and even pinching at each
other's womanhoods, the only difference being one girl occasionally zapping
the other with enough electricity to kill an elephant.

The shocks running through her body were only very mildly painful, especially
compared to the pain Claire had known before that horrible day she had lost
the ability to feel pain, but it was something, something which she could
describe as pain and that was enough. Right now it was more than enough. In
fact the mild pain only seem to add to the incredible pleasure Elle was
giving her, pleasure Claire could have never imagined receiving from another

Claire had imagined being with a girl, but it had been nothing like this,
nothing even close to this. She had imagined being with another girl would
lead to soft, gentle, tender sex but this was anything but that. This was
hard, brutal, rough sex... and Claire loved it.

All the guys she had been romantically linked to in some way had treated her
like some sort of fragile glass princess, like she would break if they were
anything but sickeningly gentle with her. It had made her want to scream.

She could still remember the way West had looked at her the first and only
time they had sex, like she was some kind of precious little flower. It made
her sick. And the way he made love to her... it was all she could do not to
cry. She didn't want to be made love too, she wanted to be fucked. West
hadn't understood that. He hadn't understood her. None of them had understood
her. None of them. But Elle did.

Elle knew what she was, what she wanted, what she needed, how to treat her.
She wasn't making soft, gentle love to her, Elle was fucking her, hard and
roughly, giving Claire the pain she needed with her pleasure.

For some sick and twisted reason Elle of all people understood what she was,
and more to the point, had just helped Claire realise what she was. She,
Clare Bennet, was a pain slut, and she was sick and tired of pretending

She wanted to be fucked, she wanted to be hurt, and for once she was going to
get what she wanted.

Elle had dreamed what it would be like to fuck the precious little
cheerleader who everyone made such a fuss about Claire Bennet. It was one of
the many things that infuriated her about the girl, that deep down she wanted

Of course, it wasn't unusual for her to want somebody she hated. She had
dreamed of going after, and in many cases gone after, many different men and
women who she shouldn't have been having those thoughts about with varying
different levels of success for years, but Claire, Claire was different
somehow, but Elle couldn't quite put her finger on it. It was something else
which made her hate the cheerleader.

Then again Elle might have to rethink hating Claire, because she certainly
wasn't hating her right now. The cheerleader's fingers felt to good inside
her for Elle to hate her. As a matter of fact she was loving her right now
because for the first time in weeks Elle felt pleasure. Elle had been an
agonising pain for weeks and unlike Claire she didn't like it, but now thanks
to Claire's ability, and fingers, not only was Elle not in pain but she was
actually sky rocketing towards a powerful orgasm. If that wasn't enough the
cherry on top was that she was actually getting to fuck Little Miss Perfect
Claire Bennet, who as it turned out wasn't so perfect after all. That was
something she actually liked about her.

This whole time Elle had been wrong about Claire. She had thought the
cheerleader was some innocent little Goody two shoes, Little Miss Perfect,
but she was just as screwed up as Elle was, if not more. The girl liked pain.
She was electrocuting her and she was getting off on it. It was so fucked up,
and so hot.

Elle had dreamed what it would be like to be with Claire. She had dreamed of
soft satin sheets, a bottle of wine, romantic music playing in the
background, slowly exploring each other's bodies for hours of gentle
lovemaking, but the reality was nothing like that. The reality was so much

This was animalistic fucking between two horny girls, slamming their fingers
in and out of each other as if they were trying to cause more pain than
pleasure, which was actually almost true for one of them. Almost, because
Elle wasn't constantly electrocuting Claire, she was doing it at random
intervals in between roughly finger fucking the cheerleader's cunt, trying to
give Claire an equal amount of pleasure and pain.

She was failing.

Even the most powerful of Elle's shocks weren't that painful, and they in no
way compared to the pleasure Claire was receiving from Elle's skilled
fingers. On every single thrust Elle would make sure she touched every one of
Claire's most sensitive spots, her thumb cruelly bullying her clit as she did
so, her mouth either attacking hers or going after her neck or nipples,
bringing Claire to the brink of orgasm time after time, but every time
denying her to the point where Claire was crying in frustration. Whether Elle
made her cum or showed her some real pain Claire didn't care, she just wanted
more of either the pleasure or the pain she was feeling, but no matter how
much she pleaded and begged Elle the other blonde just smiled at her wickedly
and kept fucking her to the brink of climax only to deny her yet again.

After being teased for what felt like an eternity Claire became furious with
rage and began slamming her fingers in and out of Elle's pussy with every
ounce of her strength, furiously rubbing the other girl's clit as she did so,
hoping Elle would make her cum if she made her cum.

She was in luck. The reason Elle had been denying her orgasm was because she
wanted one of her own. Well, that and Elle like torturing people, and Claire
really should have appreciated this type of torture, but nevertheless once
Elle finally achieved climax, when Claire's fingers brought her to the type
of trembling orgasm she had been craving for weeks, when her eyes rolled in
the back of her head and her body went numb for the briefest of moments, Elle
smiled mischievously and looked up at Claire.

The cheerleader found the look on Elle's face to be worrying, and if she had
been any other girl her worries would have been totally justified, but as it
was Claire had nothing to worry about. When Elle's fingers went into
overdrive and she pounded Claire's pussy with her fingers the cheerleader had
nothing to worry about. She also had nothing to worry about when Elle pinched
her clit harder than ever before, or when Elle broke a kiss by roughly biting
on Claire's lip, or when Elle sent the tiniest of electric shocks through her
mouth and fingers into Claire's body. The cheerleader didn't have to worry
about these things, because when they were all suddenly done at the same time
she crashed over the edge of the most powerful orgasm of her life, an orgasm
which stopped her from caring about such things.

It didn't last. The moment Claire started shaking in orgasm Elle gave the
other blonde everything she had, electrocuting the girl with enough energy to
light up several cities, maybe even several states, the whole time
frantically fucking the other girl with her fingers.

A single tear ran down Claire's cheek. Pain. Pleasure. She struggled to tell
the difference. For the briefest of moments both meant the same thing, total
and utter bliss. And then both the pain and the pleasure slowly died down,
the electricity slowly starting to decrease in strength until it was no more,
Elle's fingers gradually slowing down until they came to a stop inside
Claire's pussy, Elle breaking the kiss they had been sharing and grinning at
the cheerleader wickedly.

Taking Claire's hand out of her pants Elle slowly brought it up to her mouth
and then seductively licked her own juices from Claire's fingers one by one,
before taking her hand out of Claire's pants and then doing the same, moaning
pleasurably as she did so.

"Sweet, I knew you'd be sweet. Sweet, and very, very tasty." Elle said,
before leaning in to whisper in Claire's ear, "Mind if I taste you from the
source pom-pom?"

There was a brief pause and then Claire smiled.

"Only if you promise to keep using your power on me." Claire said.

Pleasantly surprised by this reaction Elle grinned.

"Mmmmm, such a little pain slut." Elle said, as she gripped tightly to
Claire's pants, "I'm really beginning to like that about you pom-pom."

With that Elle brought her lips crashing back down to Claire's and held them
captive in another passionate kiss as she started tugging at Claire's pants.
Clare welcomed the kiss and lifted herself upwards to make it easier for Elle
to remove her pants, the other girl taking her panties down with them,
exposing her bottom half completely.

Breaking the brief but heated kiss Elle kneeled before Claire, pulled her
pants and panties around her ankles, spread her legs as wide as she could and
then lowered her mouth down to Claire's pussy, shoving her tongue as deep
into the cheerleader's cunt as it would go.

Elle was never a big fan of foreplay, and after all the kissing of Claire's
neck, tits and mouth the former company agent had done what she considered to
be more than enough foreplay for the rest of this round of girl-girl fun.
Besides, it wasn't like Claire's cunt wasn't dripping wet with her cum and
pussy juice thanks to the hard finger fucking Elle had just given her, and
the cheerleader certainly didn't complain when Elle buried her tongue inside
her. Anything but really.

Claire moaned loudly when Elle penetrated her pussy with her tongue, and
again when she began sliding it in and out of her, and again when she wrapped
her lips around that sweet hole and began sucking, until she was just moaning

The cheerleader wasn't the only one who moaned. Elle moaned into Claire's
pussy when she tasted her for the first time, because the girl was delicious.
Sweet, just like she had imagined. Of all the things she had imagined about
being with Claire and been wrong about Elle was glad she was right about
this. She could definitely handle the other blonde not being as innocent as
she had thought, and she could definitely handle Claire's dark desires for
pain, but Elle didn't think she could have gone on living if the cheerleader
hadn't tasted as sweet as she looked.

It was this sweetness which caused Elle to be even more eager to eat pussy
than she normally would be, her tongue quickly picking up its pace inside
Claire's cunt until it was jack-hammering its way through the other girl's
love channel, making sure to twirl her tongue inside her as she did so she
could attack all of the other blonde's sweet spots which her fingers had
found earlier, Elle happily swallowing every drop of delicious Claire cream
that she could suck into her mouth.

Elle could have very easily become lost in eating this yummy pussy, but she
had promised Claire she would keep using her power on her, and that was
exactly what she was going to do. It's what they both wanted, what they both
needed. So Elle listened very carefully to Claire's moans, waited until she
heard enough moans of frustration as well as pleasure, and then gently sent a
spark of electricity from her mouth directly into Claire's cunt. Doing so
stung the inside of Elle's mouth, but it was totally worth it to hear how
loudly Claire moaned for her. So she did it again, and again, and again,
shocking Claire in between sucking on her pussy and thrusting her tongue in
and out of her cunt.

If Claire's body could still feel pain which wasn't just caused by
electricity her throat would have been probably too sore at this point to
make any kind of noise, but because that wasn't the case the cheerleader was
moaning endlessly, her cries echoing throughout the small cubicle as her mind
became lost in pleasure and pain. There wasn't a lot of pain, but the
electricity flowing into her cunt was definitely causing a wonderful little
stinging sensation which just added to the overwhelming feelings of pleasure
being caused by Elle's extremely talented mouth and tongue.

Even though there wasn't as much pain as she would have liked the pleasure
more than made up for it, plus after finally getting to feel pain for the
first time in weeks Claire welcomed the pleasure she was feeling with open
arms... or should that be open legs.

Speaking of her legs it took some time but Claire managed to kick off her
pants and panties so she could spread her legs wider for Elle, hoping that
would give the other blonde more incentive to eat her.

It worked.

Seeing Claire's legs were free Elle grabbed them, threw them over her
shoulders, and buried her face even deeper into the cheerleader's pussy,
somehow fucking her even harder with her tongue.

How Elle could fuck her so hard with something so soft as a tongue was a
mystery to Claire, but that's exactly what she was doing and it felt
wonderful. It was actually kind of funny. Elle's tongue was being more rough
with Claire than all her old boyfriends combined, and in doing so was
satisfying her more than all of them combined.

Wanting Elle's tongue to go even deeper into her pussy Claire reached down to
grab a handful of the other blonde's hair and crossed her legs behind Elle's
back, pulling her deeper into her needy hole. Still wanting more Claire began
thrusting herself against Elle's face in an attempt to get more tongue inside

Elle responded by grabbing two handfuls of the cheerleader's ass cheeks,
slamming her tongue even faster than before in and out of Claire and sending
a little spark of electricity directly to the other blonde's clit. This was
something Elle had done before to get her female toys off. It had never
failed before, and this time was no exception.

Screaming at the top of her lungs Claire came, her body shaking violently as
she thrust her pussy into Elle's face. The orgasm easily rivalled the ones
she had experienced earlier under Elle's fingers and maybe even surpassed
them, but it was nothing compared to what happened next.

Removing her mouth from Clare's cunt Elle shoved two fingers into the
cheerleader and started fucking her with them at the same speed that she had
been fucking her with her tongue. At first her fingers shocked Claire at the
same random, gentle level her tongue had, but quickly increased in power
until Elle was firing as much electricity through Claire's pussy and into her
body as she possibly could through her still thrusting in and out fingers,
the mixture of pain and pleasure causing Claire to cum again.

Leaning down Elle bit onto Claire's clit and concentrated on electrocuting it
until she made the cheerleader cum for a third time. She then removed her cum
soaked fingers from Claire's cunt and replace them with two fingers from her
other hand. After that, she moved her cum soaked fingers down to the tiny
rosebud of Clare's ass hole and slowly forced them through the other girls
tight anal ring and into her butt hole. Then, Elle sent electricity through
Claire's pussy and ass hole until the cheerleader was shaking violently
through orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm.

Elle was so fascinated by the sight of the multi orgasmic cheerleader that
she didn't hear the loud banging which quickly started on the door, and
Claire was so lost in a sea of pain and pleasure she was beyond comprehending
anything that was going on around her.

So lost in their twisted and dangerous sex play the girls didn't notice the
door unlocking behind them, or the look on the air hostess's face when she
saw the two of them together. Later the hostess would tell herself she had
been so shocked by the sight of two girls having sex that she must have
imagined all the blue light which was crackling over one of their bodies. As
did the rest of the passengers standing behind her who immediately forgot
their anger because of the noise coming from the cubicle and just stared
blankly as one girl finger fucked the other's pussy and ass to half a dozen

When she felt like there wasn't a drop of energy, or electricity, left inside
her Elle slowly decreased the speeds of her thrusts and how much electricity
she was using until she came to a stop inside Claire's pussy, the last of the
blue sparks fading away and becoming no more. Pulling her fingers out Elle
licked her fingers clean before leaning forward to gently lap at Claire's
already healing pussy.

After a few gentle licks Elle pushed her tongue inside the other girl's cunt
and wrapped her mouth around it, eagerly drinking the sweetest, most
delicious thing she had ever tasted, Claire's cum. Ignoring the sound she
heard from behind her until she had swallowed every drop of Clare's cum, Elle
finally removed her mouth from the sweet honey hole and looked behind her at
her audience.

"Yes?" Elle asked innocently.

"Erm... Miss... were about to land and other people want to use the
facilities so if you and your girlfriend could return to your seats it would
be greatly appreciated." The hostess asked politely.

Elle looked thoughtful for a moment. Girlfriend... oh, she meant Claire.
Claire wasn't her girlfriend. Elle had never had a girlfriend, or a boyfriend
for that matter. She'd had toys though, lots of them back in the company.
Elle missed having toys. Claire could be a toy, Claire could be a very good
toy. Her very own pain slut toy.

Smiling at the idea Elle stood up, gently kissed a barely conscious Claire
and said, "Wakey wakey pom-pom."

Claire blinked as her eyes slowly refocused, and blushed furiously as she saw
for the first time people staring at her naked body. She quickly covered
herself, but it was a little late for modesty.

"We're about to land so we have to take our seats. Come sit with me and hold
my hand." Elle said, holding out her hand and grinning in a way that told
Claire the other girl probably intended to shock her all through the landing.

Despite her current embarrassing state of public nudity and very satisfying
sex Claire felt a shiver of desire run through her body which caused her to
give Elle a half smile.

"Erm, could you give me a minute?" Claire asked.

"Sure." Elle said, briefly kissing Claire on the lips, "Just don't keep me
waiting pom-pom."

With that Elle left, the sea of people moving out of her way as she did so,
leaving Claire alone and exposed in the bathroom.

Clare was so shocked she just sat there for a few moments wondering what the
hell just happened.


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