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Authors note: This story takes place after Season 3, episode 7, which is what really happened as far as I'm concerned. Anything post Season 3, episode 7 is not cannon to me.

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Heroes: Elle's Pain Slut Part 10
by MTL ([email protected])

"Are you ok? You're very quiet." Mr Bennet observed.

"I'm fine." Claire said unconvincingly.

The silence returned to the car for a while before Mr Bennet said, "I told you, Hiro can teleport most of your stuff to your door room but to have you just appear in your room is not a good idea. There'll be so busy with their own unpacking they'll figure they just missed seeing most of your unpacking, but people need to remember seeing you arrive."

"I know, and I know this is supposed to be Daddy-daughter bonding time, I just..." Claire stammered, trying to find the words, "Do you think it's possible for people to fall out of love?"

"Honest answer?" Mr Bennet asked, glancing from the road to his daughter's face which was difficult to read. He decided to go with honesty, "I think relationships can be very complicated. People can fall madly in love and then the spark which originally brought them together can go out in a flash or slowly fade. For others the intensity for each other may fade but love remains. It's all a question whether what the people were feeling was just lust or real love."

"Gee, thanks." Claire huffed.

There was more silence and then Mr Bennet said, "You're worried about Elle?"

"No." Claire lied briefly, before adding, "It's just that... she wasn't sad. I'm off to college, stuck sharing a room with some girl I don't even know, and I don't know when I'm even going to see the girl I love again, and she doesn't even care."

There was more silence and then Mr Bennet said, "For what it's worth, I think she cares. I truly think she cares about you more than anyone else she's ever known. If she didn't, I would have probably killed her by now."

"Then why didn't she cry? Why didn't she tell me she was going to miss me? I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest, and she doesn't care!" Claire said, fighting back the tears.

There was more silence and then Mr Bennet said, "Perhaps she's being mature for once. Understanding this is something you both agreed too and is willing to put on a brave face and just get through it."

Claire felt like yelling at her father again, but she knew it would be a waste of breath. It was an argument they'd had repeatedly since Claire got into Arlington VA. Claire hadn't wanted to go. She wanted to train to be a company agent so she could be close to Elle. Her parents wanted her to go to college first, get a good education and at least consider the possibility of doing something else. So she made a deal with them, she would go to Arlington VA, do all the normal College girl things like staying in dorms, etc and once she graduated if she still wanted to join the company not only would she get trained by Elle but she would get trained to be Elle's partner.

In the long term it was a great deal, but as the start of term drew closer and closer the idea of being away from Elle for so long had become unbearable so naturally Claire had tried and failed to get a better deal. Now she was resigned to her fate, a fate which would be much more bearable if Elle seemed at least a little upset about Claire leaving.

"I get that." Claire sighed away her frustration as best she could, "And, I want to believe she still feels the same way about me that I do about her... and I kind of do, I just... I just wish she told me she was going to miss me, that's all."

* * *

A few hours later Claire was sitting on her new bed thinking about Elle. She occasionally thought about how she regretted not talking to her father on the long drive over, and how she probably should start knocking on some nearby doors and make some friends, etc, but she kept coming back to her girlfriend.

Dozens of questions echoed through Claire's mind repeatedly. Was Elle getting bored of her? Was she doing something wrong? Was she not doing something right? What was going on with them?

Trying to focus on something else Claire once again looked across at the bags which were on the bed opposite to the bed she was now sitting on. They had been there when she arrived, her new roommate already claiming the bed she wanted before leaving and, presumably, actually doing what Claire should be doing right now and going to explore the surroundings and try and make some friends.

Claire sighed. If there had been one thing she had been obsessing over almost as much as the situation with Elle was how she was going to get on with this girl, who ever she was. Would they find common ground and become friends? Would they fail to connect and end up awkward acquaintances? What happens if she ended up hating her new roommate, or what happened if her new roommate ended up hating her. After all, it wasn't like Claire was going to come out to her new roomie immediately after introductions, but at the same time she didn't want to hide who she was, and how many girls would be cool with rooming with a dyke? About a year ago Claire had liked to think of herself as open minded, but she probably would have been a little worried about sharing a room with a lesbian, which was ironic as she could no longer sleep properly unless she was in Elle's arms.

The last thought reminded Claire she was probably in for a lot of sleepless nights.

Just then her phone went off. Checking caller ID Claire frowned. Think of the devil and she will eventually call you.

"Hey cheerleader, what are you wearing?" Elle greeted cheerily down the phone.

"You saw me a few hours ago. You know what I'm wearing." Claire reminded glumly.

"Oh don't be a spoilsport pom-pom." Elle huffed, "Hey, how about this one... have you still got that butt plug up your ass? I can't remember if you took it out or not this morning."

"I'm not playing Elle." Claire grumbled.

"Well, someone's acting all Little Miss Cranky Pants all of a sudden." Elle grumbled back, "What's got you all cranky Little Miss Cranky Pants?"

Claire was dumbfounded, "You really don't know?"

"Why would I?" Elle shrugged.

Trying her best to not cry out in frustration Claire said, "Elle, I know you don't get some social aspects, and you've never had a relationship before, and I love you, I really do, but sometimes you can just be such a bitch."

There was a moment of silence in which Claire found herself quickly regretting her words.

"Look... I'm sorry, but this whole leaving home thing is a really big deal for me and, and I really need to know that you're going to miss me." Claire explained softly.

"But I'm not." Elle said nonchalantly.

"You're, you're not?" Claire said weakly.

"Why would I?" Elle asked.

"Why?" Claire repeated in disbelief, slowly becoming angry, "I don't know... because I'm your girlfriend? Because you love me? Because we're not going to see each other again for weeks?"

"Claire... look up." Elle said softly.

Just then there was a knock on Claire's door, the words and the sound getting Claire to look up to see someone standing in her doorway who immediately had her standing up and breathlessly crying out, "Elle?"

"Hey roomie." Elle grinned, slowly walking over to her stunned girlfriend.

Words began slowly and softly falling out of Claire's mouth, "What... how... why... roomie?"

"You know, you're so freaking adorable when you're flustered." Elle said, gently taking Claire's face in her hands, "I mean you're always the cutest thing ever, but when you get like this, I don't know whether to squeeze you until you pop, or fuck you until you scream my name."

Elle then gently kissed Claire who continued to look dumbfounded for a few more moments before softly repeating, "Roomie?"

"Uh-huh. Roomie. As in roommate. As in your new." Elle beamed.

Claire blinked and then softly asked, "How?"

"Well, a couple of months ago your Dad pulled me aside and asked me to help him and your Mom to get you to go to college. They were totally willing to let me live somewhere on a campus to watch over you, but then I thought, hey, I've never been to college, and most people think I'm still in my teens when they first meet me, so why don't I follow you to college?" Elle explained with a grin, "I mean, it wasn't a super easy thing. I only got a really basic education, and I never really got any qualifications from it. After all, it's easier to control someone like me if we don't have the necessary paperwork to apply for a decent job. So, technically, I'm not really qualified to be here. Your Dad had to pull some strings. But that wasn't the hard part. That was convincing your parents to go along with my plan. They thought it was a little mean, and I'm a little surprise that they actually went through with it, but I'm so glad they did as just the look on your face right now makes it all worth it."

There was a moment of silence as Claire just stared at Elle blankly.

"But the question is, what do we do now?" Elle wondered, looking thoughtful for a moment before her eyes lit up, "Oh, I know. I'll go out and come back in again and we can pretend like we've never met before. It'll be great. Plus I'll have a second chance to seduce my way into Claire Bennet's panties. I mean, it probably won't be much of a challenge considering how easy it was the first time, but what the hell, it should be a fun couple of seconds."

Practically giddy with excitement Elle happily skipped out of the room, closing the door behind her only to reopen it, look around the room and pretend like she was just spotting Claire.

"Hi, you must be my new roommate." Elle greeted cheerfully approaching the other girl with an outstretched hand for her to shake, "Nice to meet you."

Claire's eyes glanced down to Elle's hand but otherwise she continued to stare dumbfound at her girlfriend.

"Ok... I'm Elle Bishop." Elle introduced herself, "I'm from Michigan originally, but I lived in a lot of boring places and ended up graduating with honours from Costa Verde High in California, where I scored some decent but unspectacular grades, before literally twisting a few arms to get into this place. How about you?"

There was silence as Claire's dumbfounded look slowly turned into a glare.

"Not much of a talker are you?" Elle asked rhetorically, before a wicked smile slowly began crossing her face as she again closed the gap between them, "That's ok, we don't have to talk. In fact let's put a hold on all the small talk and just skip straight to the sex. I mean, from what I've heard in college it's practically mandatory for girls to get drunk and experiment with their sexuality, although not necessarily at the same time, which is good because I don't have any booze on me right now but I still totally want to fuck you. Mmmmmmmm, I totally hit the jackpot with you. You're even hotter than I dreamed you'd be and I'm going to enjoy every moment of fucking you all over this room. Can you see it? Because I can. I can see us having lots of sex in this room. Lots, and lots, and lots. Oh, if you were a cheerleader it would be perfect. Fucking a cheerleader is my biggest fantasy, but fucking my college room mate is a very close second, one which I can't wait to come true."

With that Elle leant forward and pressed her lips to Claire's, the other blonde remaining unresponsive as her girlfriend began kissing her neck when Claire finally growled, "You're such a bitch."

"Well, that's not a very nice way to greet your new room mate/lover." Elle pouted, "I mean jeez, we've only just met, and ok, I can be a bitch but..."

"I hate you." Claire interrupted, sounding more angry than Elle had ever seen her, not that this discouraged the sociopath any.

"That's unfortunate, but I guess we can always have hate sex. That would be fun. Just... be gentle with me, at least the first time, ok? I'm a virgin." Elle whispered the last part, struggling not to burst out laughing as she did so.

"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you." Claire grumbled.

Elle grinned, "I love you too pom-pom."

"And your second first impression sucked." Claire huffed.

"Was my first really that great?" Elle questioned, still very much all smiles, "I mean, didn't I shoot you and your boyfriend out of the sky?"

"The first time was way better. I mean virgin, really?" Claire snapped, fighting back tears, "You think this is funny? You made me think you didn't love me any more?"

"You really thought that?" Elle asked, suddenly becoming very serious.

Claire paused and softly replied, "Yes."

"Well you shouldn't." Elle said, slowly moving forward, "Ever. I love you Claire. More than anything."

"Well then act like it." Claire huffed.

"Ok." Elle grinned wickedly, quickly grabbing a soft hold of Claire and kissing the other girl softly before moving her lips down to her.

"You know that's not what I meant." Claire grumbled while trying and failing not to moan.

"I know. And I promise never to be so mean to you again." Elle swore softly, although her tone of voice confirmed what both girls already knew, Elle would probably never stopped toying with Claire, "But you know I find actions more fun than words, especially when it comes to showing you how much I care. And... I think you find it more fun too."

Claire moaned as Elle's fingers rubbed up against her most sensitive spot through her clothes, "Stop it, oh, no..."

Immediately doing just that Elle pulled away and frowned, "Do you really mean that pom-pom?"

"Well... I'm still really mad at you." Claire pouted, and then cracked a smile, "I should really withhold sex from you altogether for a few weeks, just to punish you, but we both know I probably wouldn't last five seconds."

"You wouldn't." Elle grinned boastfully.

"So..." Claire said, another smile crossing her face although this one wicked and even playful, "I'm just going to have to find another way to punish you."

"Ooooooh. Like what cheerleader?" Elle grinned happily, "Are you going to give me a spanking? Are you going to have to spank my naughty little bottom for tricking you?"

"For starters." Claire said, "Then I'm going to fuck your slutty little ass. Way harder than you fucked mine this morning. Make sure your ass will be aching inside and out when I'm done with you."

"Sounds fun." Elle beamed, "But first, let's really make the beginning of college memorable."

Claire frowned, "How?"

Elle grinned, "Follow me."

Before Claire had the chance to protest she was being dragged by her hand out of her room and into the bathroom she now shared with half a dozen other girls. Of course even before Elle had locked the door behind them and looked at Claire with that signature wicked grin of hers the former cheerleader knew exactly what her girlfriend had in mind.

"No." Claire said firmly.

"Oh come on pom-pom. It'll be romantic. A reminder of our first time." Elle said wistfully.

"There was nothing romantic about our first time, and I'm not reliving it with you now." Claire said, adding before Elle could say anything, "Why? Because I don't want my first impression to be of me screaming in pleasure as your fucking me. Being known as a lesbian is one thing. If anyone doesn't like that about me that's their problem. But being known as a lesbian slut is another. Even if it's true I don't want anyone saying that behind my back. Just you to my face when we're fucking."

"Well, I think you should be proud of the total lesbian slut you are." Elle said, ever the supportive girlfriend, "But you don't have to worry. I made sure the place was suited to our needs before anyone got here, which included soundproofing our room and this one."

"Really?" Claire said, raising an eyebrow.

"Really, really." Elle smiled mischievously, "So... can we have sex now?"

Claire sighed, "How can I resist such a romantic proposal."

Grinning happily Elle roughly kissed Claire and then began undressing her. Claire was a little reluctant at first, but was pretty eager when it came time to return the favour, both of their clothes soon laying strewed around them as they fell into another kiss, this one the roughest so far as Claire put her all into it.

"Just one thing..." Claire said.

"Oh, I love Demanding Cheerleader Barbie." Elle beamed.

Claire glared at her girlfriend, and then grabbed her, lifted her up and placed Elle down on the sink, "This time you can be the one sitting uncomfortably."

"Ooooooh, I love Take Charge Cheerleader Barbie even more than Demanding Cheerleader Barbie." Elle laughed, Claire quickly shutting her up with a hard kiss.

The kiss got increasingly harder to the point where it could have easily been mistaken for an act of violence, as could the way they were grinding against each other, their tits, nipples and most importantly pussies rubbing against each other in just the right way to drive them both crazy.

In a reverse of their first time it was Claire who was the first to slam her fingers into the other blonde, Elle's wet pussy welcoming those fingers as the electricity thrower moaned happily into Claire's mouth and then eagerly returned the favour.

As she began steadily finger fucking her girlfriend Claire thought, and not for the first time, how weird it was that sometimes sex with Elle could be like this. After all Elle and Claire usually teased each other first, sometimes for hours until the other was begging and pleading for it, and even then sometimes the final release was still caused by gentle fucking. And yet at times like this it only seemed to take a few minutes for Claire to reach her peak, her countless hours of Elle fucking telling Claire that her girlfriend was just as close to cumming as she was.

To be fair they were both totally cheating, and of course Elle had started it. Specifically, Elle had began curling her fingers inside of Claire, relentlessly attacking her G-spot as the sadistic blonde used her thumb to start an equally relentless attack on Claire's clit. What was Claire supposed to do? Not immediately retaliate by using her own fingers and thumb to curl and rub Elle's most easily stimulated spots? Claire couldn't even imagine doing that, and she certainly didn't.

What Claire did do was fuck her girlfriend hard and rough as Elle did the same to her, the two blondes barely pausing for breath as they finger fucked each other to a powerful climax.

Elle had been hoping for a little more build up to her first orgasm in her new home, but it was hard to complain when her cheerleader's pretty little fingers were fucking her so good. Plus, while she certainly hoped to make Claire beg and plead for her first climax in their new home Elle was confident she'd have her girlfriend begging and pleading for her soon enough. So when Elle was unable to resist playing dirty, and Claire of course returned the favour, it was no big deal. In fact as her orgasm washed over her Elle decided it was probably for the best, as this way it took off the edge of not cumming for nearly a whole eight long hours. Now the real fun could begin.

That didn't mean Elle didn't do everything in her power to enjoy her first climax.

Aside from giving Claire everything she had, ensuring the good little cheerleader would return the favour, Elle finally broke the marathon kissing session the two blondes had been passionately engaging in and just stared into the eyes of the girl she loved.

Elle timed this perfectly to be just before they went over the edge, the two lovers staring deep into each other's souls as they simultaneously orgasmed.

Thanks to this Elle was able to see total love and devotion in the eyes of her girlfriend, Elle having absolutely no doubt Claire was seeing the same thing in her eyes, the silent declaration of love making the moment perfect.

The moment that followed was almost as perfect, the two girls slipping into a gentle kiss as they enjoyed the afterglow. Then Claire began quickly kissing her way down Elle's neck and chest to her girlfriend's tits, immediately using her tongue on one of the other blonde's nipples before taking it into her mouth to gently suck on it.

"Ohhhhhh, yes, that's it cheerleader, suck my titties. Mmmmmm, that feels so good." Elle moaned softly, cupping Claire's head and gently pushing it into her cleavage, "Yes, suck it, mmmmmmmm, yes lick it too. Oh, good girl."

Claire knew her girlfriend was only going to get louder and ruder with her words, which normally Claire loved, but even if this room was soundproof there was a chance someone would still here Elle. It was unlikely, but if Elle was loud enough and someone checked the bathroom was occupied at the right moment they just might hear something.

Of course the longer they stayed in the bathroom the greater chance they had of being discovered, and Claire really didn't want to be nicknamed 'That Bathroom Dyke' or something. So Claire moved as quickly as she could, going back and forth between Elle's tits for only a few brief minutes before she kissed her way down her girlfriend's body, giving Elle just enough foreplay to ensure her pussy would be nice and ready for the licking Claire intended to give it.

As she got down on her knees in front of the older blonde Claire briefly considered the fact that because of the earlier fingering she probably could have just dropped to her knees right away. Then again there was something to be said for having a little build up, and after skipping it once already Claire had no intention of doing it again.

That was why instead of immediately beginning to tongue fuck Elle's cunt Claire slid her tongue over the other girl's pussy lips in one gentle if quick lick, Claire repeating this action over and over as Elle moaned happily, "Yeeeeessssssss! Lick me cheerleader! Lick my fucking cunt! Oooooooh, my girlfriend is such a great little cunt lapper! Mmmmmmm, eat my fucking pussy pom-pom! Oh yeeeeeessssss! Just like that! Yeeeeesssssss! Ooooooohhhhhh!"

Ignoring Elle's increasingly loud moans Claire continued to gently lick the other girl's pussy lips, just up and down for quite a while before she began sliding her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise, and even began lingering on the entrance to Elle's cunt. Claire purposely left out Elle's clit from all the attention, until Claire was sure she had given her girlfriend a decent amount of foreplay by any reasonable standard. That was when Claire clamped her mouth around Elle's clit and sucked it as hard as she could.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk!" Elle screamed joyfully, "I, fuck, oh, oh Gooooooooddddddd yeeeeeesssssssss! Fuck me! OH! OH FUCK YES!"

As Elle screamed incoherently Claire moved her mouth downwards ever so slightly so she could thrust her tongue deep into her girlfriend's pussy.

Again wanting to provide at least a little build up Claire tongue fucked Elle softly, at least after the initial thrust, deliberately avoiding the older blonde's most sensitive of spots even though the former cheerleader had memorised where all of them were and could have easily made Elle cum in seconds if she wanted too.

This lack of focus was not something Elle approved of, "Come on cheerleader, mmmmmmmm, we both know you can do better than this. Ohhhhhhhh, yes, that's, mmmmmmm, that's good, but you can do better. So do it. Fuck me. Fuck me nice and hard with your cute little cheerleader tongue. Ooooooooh, don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. Get that tongue to work Missy. Fuck me. Oh, that's a little better. Now give it to me. Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, give it aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

Elle was cut off from her train of thought when she got exactly what she was asking for, at least for a few seconds. Claire slammed her tongue in and out of Elle's pussy, easily hitting all of the most sensitive areas, fucking Elle until the electric blonde was sure she was going to cum. Then just as quickly as the hard tongue fucking began it stopped, that orgasm Elle was so sure she was about to have suddenly torn from her grasp.

"Cllllllllaaaaaiiiiiiiirrrrrrreeeeeeee! Elle whined, stretching out the younger blonde's name out in frustration, "Don't be like that. You know what I want. What I need. Please, oh, ahhhh, please pom-pom, fuck me. Yeeeeessssss, like that. More. Yes, oh, more. Mmmmmmm, yes fuck me. I'm so sorry Claire. I'm so sorry I played such a nasty trick on you. I'll make it up to you I swear... ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!"

Fighting back the urge to smile Elle stopped taunting altogether and just concentrated on moaning Claire's name, making sure to use the real one as opposed to all the fun nicknames she had for her.

When it came to sex Elle was used to doing whatever she wanted, but with Claire, it was different. Elle actually cared about the other blonde, and didn't mind playing nice to get what she wanted, or even just playing nice because it was what Claire wanted. In this case it was a combination of both, but Elle quickly found herself unable to care about the reason as all that really mattered to her was that Claire began to tongue fuck her exactly the way she wanted, hard and fast as she attacked all of her sweet spots.

It was difficult for Elle not to scream anything except Claire's name for a little while, but then as her orgasm approached it became difficult to imagine she could really say anything coherently. Then when that talented little tongue repeatedly curled upwards to hit her G-spot Elle couldn't even think about anything, let alone what to say. All she could do was scream and shudder as a powerful climax washed over her, quickly followed by another, and another, and another.

Even though Claire knew Elle didn't deserve it, and they really should be trying to get out of the bathroom as fast as they could, the masochistic blonde couldn't help continuing to fuck her sadistic girlfriend, making her cum multiple times. Claire even switched her tongue with her fingers so she could fuck Elle and suck on her clit, which of course only made Elle scream louder and the whole thing take longer.

Claire was too lost in eating pussy to care, but when she finally removed her mouth and tongue from Elle's cunt and began kissing her way up the older blonde's body it all came rushing back to her. Of course Elle's lips briefly took it away again, but then it quickly returned for a second time after their latest kiss was broken.

"We should go." Claire panted.

"Awww. We just got here." Elle whined, before a little smile crossed her face as she decided to try a different tactic, "Don't you want a turn?"

"Sure, when we get back to our room." Claire said firmly, quickly adding "Look, we did things your way, and I admit it was kind of fun to take a trip down memory lane, but we can't hog this room. It would be too suspicious."

"Because two girls in a bathroom together for a short time isn't suspicious at all." Elle said dryly.

"No, it is... if they're seen." Claire pointed out, "But we weren't going in, and you're going to wait a few minutes before following me out. That way we at least have a chance of not getting caught."

"Jeez, you are determined to stay in the closet here aren't you cheerleader?" Elle questioned rhetorically, more than a little disappointment in her voice.

"You know that's not true." Claire sighed, before holding out her little finger, "Now pinky swear you'll wait before following me."

Elle pouted like a spoilt child, but reluctantly linked little fingers with Claire and mumbled in a little girl's voice, "I promise."

Knowing that was the best she was going to get Claire let go of the other blonde's pinky finger and started dressing as quickly as she could. Elle just watched for a few moments, then Claire gave her a stern look. Elle then sighed, jumped off the sink and also started retrieving her clothes.

Waiting until they were both fully dressed and Elle was reluctantly hiding Claire slowly opened the door and peaked out. Seeing the coast was clear Claire quickly stepped out, shut the door behind her and made her way to her room. Before she could get there she noticed a girl making her way down the corridor with a box so big she was struggling to see past it.

Eager for the chance to actually make a good first impression Claire said, "Here, let me help you."

"Thanks." The girl replied, welcoming the additional help as she guided Claire into a room a couple of doors down from the new room of the former cheerleader and her sadistic girlfriend.

The floor was covered in boxes, probably meaning the girl had been going back and forth unloading her stuff.

Once the box was down on the ground with all the other boxes Claire got a good look at the other girl, a pretty brunette who while not being a total stunner definitely wasn't plain. Cute. Claire hated the word as it was something she had been called her whole life, and to a sickening degree lately, but she had to admit it definitely suited the other girl, who after a brief pause extended her hand, "Hi... I'm Gretchen."

Claire smiled and shook Gretchen's hand, "Claire."

"I know." Gretchen blushed.

"How?" Claire asked, genuinely confused as Gretchen blushed even more. Then all of a sudden a horrible idea came to mind, "You... you didn't hear, did you?"

"I think the whole campus heard." Gretchen said, quickly adding when Claire blushed even more than she was, "Not that I mind. In fact, I think you're so... I don't know, courageous? I don't know, I just... I wish I was sexually free as you. I mean, I'm no prude, but making another girl scream your name that loud your first day here... I mean, wow. Just, wow. You must be a total stud."

"Actually she's the bottom in our relationship." Elle interrupted from the doorway, not really liking the way the brunette was holding her Claire's hand, but that didn't stop her from smiling as she added, "Well, most of the time."

Relationship. Of course Gretchen thought. The good ones were always taken. Then again from the looks of it that applied to both beautiful blondes.

"You're very lucky." Gretchen smiled at the newcomer.

"I know." Elle grinned, walking into the room and taking the stunned Claire by the hand, "Claire is the best thing that ever happened to me. And no matter what I do, even when I'm trying to push her away cause I know I don't deserve her, she stays with me."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Claire huffed.

"Awww, come on pom-pom. You know you love me." Elle grinned, "Besides, we both know what happens when I get naughty and be all mean to you..."

"Elle!" Claire scalded, before turning to Gretchen, "I'm sorry about that. She was raised by wolves."

"It's ok." Gretchen blushed.

"Our roles are reversed." Elle continued, ignoring Claire's scowl, "So it's me who gets the ass whopping instead of Claire... but she's the real pain loving sub in our relationship and she gets real cranky if I don't give her butt a regular hooping so she's pretty much over my knee the moment I'm off hers."

Knowing it was fruitless to try and reason with the shameless blonde Claire started dragging Elle away.

This only made Elle happier, "You see, my little pain slut is so eager to get her butt spanked she wants to get my punishment out of the way so I can give her what she really wants."

Ignoring her girlfriend Claire turned back to Gretchen and said, "Nice to meet you."

"You too." Gretchen said, biting her lip, "Maybe we could all go for a drink sometime. You, you know... as friends."

"Really?" Claire frowned. Gretchen nodded and a surprised Claire said, "Ok."

"But just as friends." Elle added firmly, "Cause Claire-bear is all mine. I'm not sharing her."

"Elle!" Claire sighed as she pulled the other blonde out of Gretchen's room and into the corridor.

"What?" Elle laughed as she was dragged back to her new room, "Didn't you see the way she was looking at you? She totally wants what's mine, and you know how much I hate it when other people touch my stuff."

Claire glared back at Elle, slammed the door behind them and practically growled, "You're just asking for it, aren't you?"

"Maybe." Elle said in a singsong voice.

Again Claire glared, but this time a smile crossed her face, "Strip."

Smiling happily back Elle did what she was told, a little disappointed when Claire began rummaging around in a bag rather than watch her get naked. On the bright side she didn't waste time on being seductive and just stripped down to her birthday suit ready for the fun to begin again.

Frowning Claire looked up from one of her bags and asked, "Is this room really soundproof?"

"Maybe." Elle said again in a singsong voice.

Again Claire frowned, smiled and then pulled out a ball gag.

"Awww, no fair." Elle huffed.

"Elle..." Claire began.

"Oh come on cheerleader!" Elle interrupted, "Everyone heard me already so what's the point of keeping quiet now?"

"The point is it's bad enough everybody already knows we're lesbian sluts. I don't want them all to know we're pain sluts too." Claire said.

"I thought that was just you." Elle grumbled.

"It isn't." Claire said, "Look Elle, you were too mean to me today. And you did it deliberately to push my buttons, just so I would do this. Now stop making a fuss and pretending like this isn't something you want."

There was a pause and then Elle opened her mouth, allowing Claire to insert the gag into her girlfriend's mouth and tighten the straps around the back of her head firmly, but not painfully so. Claire then retrieved a pair of handcuffs which Elle reacted more positively to, turning around and placing her hands behind her back so that the former cheerleader could secured them in place. Once they were Claire sat down on one of the beds, the one she guessed was hers by default given Elle had claimed the other with her bag. Patiently Claire waited for Elle to turn around again and look at her. When she did Claire patted her knee. Elle gave her a look.

"What did I just say about making a fuss?" Claire asked with a raised eyebrow.

Elle pouted but did what she knew Claire wanted her to do, namely bend over for her spanking. Given her hands were restrained behind her back it wasn't the easiest of tasks, but it was one Elle was familiar with.

Once Elle was in place Claire ran a hand over her girlfriend's butt, lightly squeezing and pinching the soft yet firm flesh.

In their normal roles this was something Elle like to do a lot. In fact Claire could remember on more than one occasion Elle had become so lost in playing with her ass that she hadn't begun the spanking for a whole five minutes. That was a long time for anyone to be bent over someone else's knee getting their ass groped.

Claire didn't take quite so long, but she went pretty close to it. Not because she became lost in feeling up Elle's ass, although it was a very grope-able ass in Claire's opinion, but because she wanted to tease Elle.

Elle loved to tease, but a little ironically she had very little patience. She could force herself to wait, but out of the two of them it was easily Claire who was the better teaser because when she teased she could do it for hours if necessary, and welcomed the chance to drive Elle crazy.

Although she didn't tease Elle for hours with this particular act, Claire kept the teasing thing up for while. Even when she finally began spanking Elle the blows were few and far between, Claire continuing to happily play with the other blonde's ass in between pretty soft strikes.

Slowly Claire made those strikes harder and more frequent, but at the same time they were close to what Claire was capable of. Then all of a sudden and without warning Claire began spanking Elle with every ounce of her strength.

Elle briefly wondered if Claire was trying to just get the spanking over with, but she kept it up, smacking Elle's ass over and over again even though the sound echoed throughout the room, the older blonde's yelps of pain being almost as audible despite being muffled through the gag.

This made Elle very proud.

She had been a total bitch to Claire and totally deserved to get her ass spanked. Claire was manning up to show she wouldn't stand for it and give Elle exactly what she deserved. Well, actually she deserved much, much worse.

If there was really any justice in the world Elle wouldn't have Claire. Elle didn't deserve Claire. She was a broken toy, a sociopath, a stupid little puppet who had tortured and killed not just because it was her job, but because she had liked it. Because it had been fun.

Meanwhile Claire was perfect. Even after Elle had corrupted her, seduced her, tried to make her as dirty and twisted as she was deep down Claire was still pure of heart. If Elle looked up the word good in the dictionary she was positive she would find a picture of Claire smiling back at her.

Elle didn't deserve Claire. That was a fact Elle liked to remind Claire of from time to time, mostly screwing with her like she had done today, metaphorically pushing her and screaming 'you're to good for me'. Elle had actually said that out loud once or twice and Claire's responded always had been that she didn't care what either of them deserved, they were soul mates and there was nothing Elle could ever do that would push Claire away. Elle had taken that as a challenge somewhat, but she had only half-heartedly tried as the truth was Elle was nothing without Claire. She loved Claire so much she didn't want Claire to have to be with her, but at the same time Elle never wanted to let Claire go. It was really fucked up, but then again Elle was really fucked up.

A particularly hard hit reminded Elle of the other reason she was so proud of Claire, that being her cheerleader was now making all the noise in the world seemingly without caring about the consequences. Of course there wouldn't be any as the room really was soundproof, but Elle figured it would be more fun to withhold that information, at least for now.

As Claire was operating under the assumption that the room wasn't soundproof the former cheerleader tried to find the middle in between giving Elle a nice hard spanking and making sure it didn't go so long that eventually someone would complain. It proved a impossible task as to give Elle what she deserved Claire had to spank her long and hard enough so that her girlfriend's ass cheeks turned a bright pink at which point Claire was pretty sure her reputation had been even more damage than Elle's ass.

So Claire took her frustrations out on Elle's ass, first with her hand, then she decided to use something else.

"Get on the bed." Claire ordered after she pushed Elle off her. Surprisingly without complaining Elle did as she was told, after which Claire put a couple of pillows in the middle of the bed, pointed to them and ordered, "Lay down across these."

Again without protesting Elle did as she was told, the older girl probably having a good idea of what was about to happen given how the pillows kept her ass up in the air.

In truth Elle was expecting Claire to get a paddle, or whip, or one of the many other spanking devices she had brought with them, and she was sure Claire had done the same. However when the cheerleader walked round to face Elle what she had in her hand was definitely something Elle was going to enjoy a whole lot more.

Claire noted the look of happiness that crossed Elle's face, which caused her to grin, "I wouldn't look so smug, your punishment isn't over so this, isn't going in your pussy. It's going up your ass."

Of course if anything Elle preferred anal sex over the regular kind, but both girls knew this was more about providing an outlet for Claire to take out her frustrations, which was something both blondes welcomed. However Claire had no intention of doing that until Elle was properly prepared, so after she strapped on the cock in front of the other girl Claire got in position behind her girlfriend and gently spread her ass cheeks.

Claire briefly paused to lustfully stare at the tight butt hole she would soon be fucking before she leant forward, spat on Elle's back hole and then slid her tongue over it.

Elle moaned through her gag in response from the first lick, the electric blonde than continuing to moan as Claire settled into giving her a thorough rim job.

Claire had been a fast learner and was now pretty much an expert in all the kinky acts of lesbian sex Elle was into. Sometimes Elle forgot just how good Claire had become, and this was definitely one of those times, Elle's eyelids fluttering as Claire's skilful tongue probed her butt hole.

Not missing a trick Claire began to break away from Elle's ass hole to lick up and down the crack of her ass and even covering her butt cheeks in light kisses, deliberately postponing working on Elle's back hole just to tease the sadistic blonde.

It was difficult for Claire not to lower her head down further so she could give Elle's pussy a little licking, but the former cheerleader knew she couldn't do that. If she did a little licking would quickly turn into tongue fucking Elle until the older blonde's cum flooded Claire's mouth and that wouldn't really allow Claire to work out her frustration. A part of Claire argued she could just tongue fuck Elle to just one orgasm, or maybe two, but again Claire couldn't trust herself not to become so lost in eating Elle's pussy that she spent all night pleasuring her girlfriend instead of doing what she really wanted to her.

So Claire stayed strong, avoiding Elle's pussy and instead concentrating on the older girl's ass hole, cheeks and crack, sliding her lips and tongue all over them before zoning in on the spacific area she was going to penetrate.

Gathering up as much saliva as she could Claire spat on Elle's butt hole a few times and then pressed her tongue firmly to the tight little puckered rosebud. Using all the force she could muster Claire was able to push her tongue into Elle's back passage and tongue fuck the other girl's ass, her head bobbing back and forth as she thrust in and out, making that back door as wet and ready as possible. Or at least as wet and ready as possible without lube.

Despite the fact that on average they now both took at least one ass fucking a day Claire and Elle made sure to have some lubricant laying around, mostly for Elle when she was good. On this occasion Elle hadn't been good so she wasn't getting anything other than Claire's spit. This way it would be initially more painful, although Claire was determined that it wouldn't be too much which was why she took a long time before she finally pulled away.

Spitting into her hand Claire rubbed the saliva into her strap on cock, spat on Elle's ass hole one final time and then guided the head of her strap on dick to the other blonde's butt hole.

"Are you ready?" Claire asked.

Elle nodded and then groaned into her ball gag as her ass hole stretch to accommodate Claire's dildo. It was a long, slow process, Claire gently opening Elle's back door until finally that ring of flesh stretched wide enough to allow the bulbous head of the strap on dick to slide past it and into Elle's butt.

Claire stopped immediately as Elle let out a cry of pain and waited for a few seconds. When Elle didn't show any real signed she had any objection to continuing that was exactly what Claire did, the former cheerleader slowly beginning to slip inch after inch of dildo into her girlfriend's ass, waiting until she was just over halfway before beginning to pump in and out of the older blonde's pooper.

Ever since she had taken her girlfriend's anal cherry Claire had been trying to butt fuck Elle as much as Elle butt fucked her. So far she had dismally failed, partly because Elle was far more naturally dominant than she was, partly because Elle was practically obsessed with Claire's ass, but mostly because out of the two of them Claire was by far the biggest anal slut. However even though it was her own ass which got fucked most of the time Claire had still spent a lot of quality time fucking Elle up the butt, and she had learned a thing or two.

For example Claire had learnt it was much better to slowly push the last few inches of dildo into Elle's tight little butt hole with some gentle thrusting as opposed to forcing it up Elle's ass in one go. Sure, Claire could shove it up Elle's butt in one slow thrust, but that back passage only seemed to become more unaccommodating with every additional inch of fake dick and being more used to fucking ass as opposed to taking it in the ass Elle struggled. However the way Claire slowly inserted the strap on not only minimised Elle's pain but had the usually dominant blonde moaning like a happy submissive slut.

Once she had every inch of her strap on inside Elle's ass Claire continued the gentle butt fucking, only breaking from her pattern to occasionally wiggle her hips to further stretch out Elle's back passage.

A short time after starting this Elle began humping herself back against Claire's thrusts, Claire getting her speed and timing so they were in perfect sync. However when Elle tried to pick up the pace Claire slowed down and tightened her grip on Elle's hips. It wasn't enough strength wise to force her to stop, but Elle got the message.

If Elle wanted to get butt fucked to orgasm she had to accept it was going to happen under Claire's terms, not hers. That was fair considering when Elle was the one fucking Claire's ass she always made sure her cheerleader knew who was in charge. And yeah, Elle wanted a harder ass fucking and she doubted Claire could blame her for trying to make it happen, but Elle couldn't help being proud of her girlfriend for standing her ground. However Elle was also disappointed.

Oddly enough Elle continued to feel disappointed and yet proud as Claire gradually used every teasing trick Elle had either directly or indirectly taught her for butt fucking.

It started with the occasional hard thrust either in or out of Elle's butt. Then it was both at the same time, then it was a series of hard thrusts, and then it was a random collection of slow, medium and hard thrusts so erratic Elle had no idea what to expect next.

After a few moments of fucking Elle's ass at random speeds Claire began spanking the other blonde in the exact same way she was fucking her butt, slaps reigning down on Elle's tushie at random speeds and times as Claire lustfully squeezed, pinched and groped Elle's firm cheeks in between spanks.

Soon Elle was doing her best to beg for more through her gag but her pleas went ignored. However before Elle could no longer resist the temptation to use her power to blow the lock on the handcuffs and from their remove the ball gag, an action which would more likely prolong the torturous teasing, Claire began ever so slowly to pick up the pace. It wasn't nearly as hard as Elle wanted, but it was hard enough to increase her pleasure and for a little while that was enough. Of course that little while didn't last long and Elle soon found herself practically itching to cum.

It was at that moment Claire reached over, grabbed the straps to the ball gag and said, "If I take this off, do you promise to be as quiet as you can?"

Elle frantically nodded.

Much to the displeasure of both blondes Claire had to stop fucking Elle's ass so she could concentrate on undoing the straps and removing the ball gag. After she succeeded Claire asked, "Are you sorry for being so mean to me?"

"Yes, I'm sorry Claire." Elle said, genuinely doing her best to keep her voice as low as possible, "I know I went too far. Twice. Thrice if you count the conversation with the brunette. I just... I just couldn't help myself. I always was a bitch... and even though you make me at least ten times a better person I'm still always going to be a bitch."

"Shhh, it's ok. I forgive you." Claire said softly, before a grin crossed her face, "Besides, I don't mind it when you're being my bitch."

"Ooooooh, you mean like when I'm letting you fuck me up the ass with a strap on? Do you like when I'm being that type of bitch pom-pom?" Elle asked, clearly brightening up as the conversation suddenly got a lot more fun.

"Mmmmmm, you know I do. You know I love it when you're being my little up the butt bitch. Taking it in the ass like a good little anal slut." Claire said, "But remind me, how does it make you feel? How'd you like being the bitch of such a slut like me? Do you like it? Do you like getting ass fucked by a slut?"

"Fuck yeah, I love it! I love getting ass fucked by you Claire." Elle quickly replied, "I love being your bitch and taking it up the ass. Mmmmmm, I love it up the ass so much. Please fuck me cheerleader. Fuck my ass some more. Fuck your bitch up her ass some more. And do it harder. Butt fuck me hard and deep. Enjoy using me as your bitch slut, just like I'm going to enjoy using you as mine."

"Oh, so you think I'm just going to bend over for you the second I'm done with your ass?" Claire questioned, pretending to be angry and insulted for a brief moment before adding, "Well yeah, I probably am. But first I'm going to give you the ass fucking you've been begging for."

"Ohhhhhhhhh yeeeeessssss! Oh pom-pom!" Elle moaned as Claire began pumping in and out of her ass again, gradually building up speed, "Butt fuck me. Butt fuck me nice and hard. Oh, mmmmmmmm, yes, fuck my ass. Yes, come on slut, fuck my ass good. Mmmmmmm, oh yes, oh fuck me, oh, ooooooooh FUCK! YES! Fuck my ass just like that! Mmmmmmmmm, show me why I love being your bitch!"

Elle continued to moan her approval as quietly as she could, wanting to encourage the cheerleader while not upsetting her by being too loud. Of course while it really didn't matter given the room was actually soundproof Elle wasn't able to keep her voice down indefinitely. She was a screamer. They both were. Elle loved that, and she was pretty sure Claire did too. That was why when the time came Elle was reasonably certain Claire wouldn't mind her screaming at the top of her lungs.

Besides, it would have been wrong for Claire to be mad at her. After all it was Claire who was doing such an amazing job of fucking Elle's ass, the cheerleader ramming her cock in and out of the older girl's rectum at an ever increasing speed until it was practically violent. Oh how Elle loved violent, especially in this context, the electronic blonde adoring every moment of the violent sodomising she was receiving.

Thanks to the earlier slow build up Elle's back passage had been given plenty of time to relax and loosen up so it wasn't just ready for a hard fucking, Elle's ass was literally craving it. Elle wanted to get her butt fucked hard and that was exactly what her loving girlfriend was giving her, Claire pounding into Elle's willing ass hole over, and over, and over again, causing the sound of flesh smacking off flesh to echo throughout the room.

At this point if the room wasn't soundproof Elle was pretty sure the rest of the dorm could have heard Claire's hips smacking into her sore ass cheeks, which were just about audible over the sound of Elle's now completely incoherent screams.

Luckily Elle had been right earlier, Claire wasn't upset at her screaming. In fact glancing back at the cheerleader told Elle that Claire was far too horny to care.

That simply wasn't true. In fact Claire was terrified at any moment now there would be banging on her new door followed by screams, and even threats, for her to stop, mostly because she didn't think she could. Even if she was threatened with expulsion Claire didn't think she'd stop herself from fucking her girlfriend's ass.

And why should she? She didn't want to be here. She didn't need a degree to be a company agent, especially not when her Daddy had control of the damn thing. Sure, he wasn't crazy on the idea but surely there was something she could do to change his mind. And as for the rest of the dorm, screw them. They should all be so lucky to be having as much fun as Claire was at that moment.

Of course despite her current thoughts of defiance Claire knew deep down that she wasn't nearly that bold, but while Claire doubted she could take things that far at the same time she knew whatever the future consequences she couldn't stop butt fucking Elle right now if she tried.

Deciding to simply focus on that Claire did her best to drown out her thoughts as she continued pounding hard and deep into Elle's pooper. More to the point she decided to concentrate on taking out her frustrations on Elle's ass.

Claire thought how Elle had tricked her, again, lied to her, again, embarrassed her, again, played with her emotions, again. Of course the logical reaction was to break up with her, not ass fuck her to orgasm, but Claire and Elle were both twisted, as was their relationship.

Soon Claire was as lost with taking out her frustrations as Elle was lost to the pleasure flowing through her body, that pleasure exploding in the most wonderful fireworks as Claire continued slam fucking her ass hole. Orgasm after orgasm rocked Elle's body until her mind melted into pleasurable mush, sparks buzzing off her happily satisfied body and into Claire's, the pain pushing Claire over the edge of a powerful climax of her own. Not letting that distract her Claire continued butt fucking Elle for as long as she could until both blondes were exhausted and Claire had to stop.

Of course thanks to her ability it didn't take long for Claire to fully regain her strength, but as tempting as continuing the ass fucking was she was pretty sure Elle needed a break. Besides, she had something else she wanted to do now.

So Claire quickly pulled out of Elle's ass and, after spending a few seconds staring through her girlfriend's gaping butt hole and deep into her bowels, Claire casually undid Elle's handcuffs and then dropped down beside her on the bed.

"Suck it clean." Claire commanded, pointing to the dildo still firmly strapped around her waist.

Not needing to be told twice Elle pushed the pillows out from under her, got in position between Claire's thighs and after briefly looking up at the younger girl with a grin on her face swallowed the head of the strap on.

Elle moaned happily as she tasted her own ass on the cock, getting more of that yummy flavour as she began bobbing her head up and down on it, sucking noisily with every movement.

Glancing upwards Elle saw a unsurprising look of lust on Claire's face, that look which Elle had become very familiar with pushing the electricity throwing blonde to lower her lips further down on the shaft, taking the fake dick deep into her throat in the process. It wasn't long until Elle's lips were pressed against the base, announcing she had taken the entire strap on into her mouth and down her throat.

Unfortunately after she had thoroughly sucked the base there was no more delicious ass juices for Elle to taste. On the bright side Claire continued to look happy, Elle eager to keep that look on her girlfriend's face, and she knew just how to do it.

For several long minutes Claire watched in fascination as Elle sucked her cock, her head effortlessly bobbing up and down as if she'd never even heard of a gag reflex.

Even Claire struggled to deep throat as much cock as Elle was now doing, and with Claire it really didn't matter how much she choked her ability would always make sure she was ok.

It was doubly amazing considering how much Elle had taught her about sex since they got together, Elle gleefully teaching Claire the proper way to prepare a toy for going inside her pussy or ass hole, and the proper way to clean it once Elle had used it to give Claire's pussy or ass hole a thorough fucking.

Meanwhile Elle seemed just as good a cock sucker now as she did when they had got together, which at times like this made Claire extremely jealous thinking about all of the guys and girls with strap ons Elle had been with over the years. It was a petty feeling Claire couldn't help, and one she did her best to ignore. After all, it was her strap on Elle was now happily sucking, just like it would be Elle who would be doing something else they both equally enjoyed in just a moment.

"Elle... Elle..." Claire called out, waiting until she had gotten Elle's attention, which she eventually got although Elle continued to suck on the dildo while she looked up at her, "What's your favourite way to fuck me?"

"Up the butt." Elle answered quickly after finally removing her mouth from the fake cock, a huge grin crossing her face as she added, "I love fucking you up your tight little butt. I love shoving a strap on up your tight little butt and ass fucking the hell out of you. Mmmmmm, you know how much I love eating your sweet pussy, but it's just an extremely close second to fucking your tight little butt."

"Well, how about this... I'll let you fuck my tight little butt, if you eat my sweet pussy first." Claire offered.

"Oh fuck yeah, give me your sweet little pussy pom-pom. I'll eat it so fucking good, I swear. Please give it to me. I want it so fucking much." Elle begged, although she wasn't really asking as in her mind the deal was already made, hence why as she was speaking Elle was practically ripping the strap on from Claire's body.

Elle barely had the patience to un-strap the damn thing before pulling it off and trying to bury her tongue in Claire's pussy. Unfortunately Claire's hands stopped her just before she could make contact, Elle looking up at which point Claire said, "Get on your back."

"Ooooooooh, is pom-pom going to sit on my face?" Elle grinned happily as she flipped over into position, "Is that what you're going to do cheerleader? You gonna sit on my face and feed me your sweet little pussy?"

"That's the idea... unless of course you had any objections?" Claire grinned back as she crawled upwards so she was kneeling over Elle's pretty face.

"NO. Sit on my face. Smother me with your delicious cunt. Cover me in..." Elle continued to beg as Claire slowly lowered herself, and then without warning Elle grabbed a firm hold of Claire's hips and shoved her forcefully downwards.

"Ellllllllleeeeeeee!" Claire moaned as her girlfriend's soft tongue slid over her pussy lips in one slow, long lick.

Elle also moaned as she tasted the most delicious thing in the world, Claire's cum. The heavenly liquid had been covering Claire's pussy lips, presumably as a result of the orgasm Claire had received as the stimulator bashed against her clit while she had been butt fucking Elle, but Elle was able to get most of it with her first lick. Nevertheless Elle's next licks were extremely thorough, becoming increasingly fast as she slid her tongue all over Claire's pussy.

After a few moments of this Elle shoved her tongue as deep into Claire's pussy as it would go, both girls letting out loud moans as for Claire the pleasure increased tenfold while Elle got to taste more of her girlfriend's delicious cum.

Unfortunately for Elle it didn't take her long to find all the leftover cum and greedily swallow it. Fortunately Elle was left with an extremely good substitute, namely Claire's cunt cream. It wasn't quite as yummy but it was a close second and Elle happily sucked as much of the delicious girl juice as she could into her hungry mouth and swallowed it, the rest covering her face as she made sure not to neglect her tongue fucking duties.

Normally when Claire rode her face like this Elle provided more of a build up, but being so horny as a result of the previous activities and tasting Claire's cum had sent the electricity throwing blonde into pussy eating overdrive, Elle unable to stop her tongue from ramming into her girlfriend's cunt with increasing force until she was tongue fucking her as hard as she could.

Part of Elle worried she was going too fast, that the cheerleader wanted a little more gentle build up to this type of hard tongue fucking.

Then Elle heard Claire cry out, "Oh Elle, oh fuck, oh fuck me! FUCK ME! Fuck me with your tongue. Mmmmmmmm, you fuck me sooooooo gooooooodddddd! Ohhhhhhh, you always fuck me so good. Mmmmmmmm, please, yes, just like that, fuck my pussy! Eat it. Eat me. Eat my pussy. Ooooooohhhhhhh, fuck, eat my pussy while I'm riding your face. Mmmmmmmm, I'm riding your face Elle. I'm riding your face with my hot pussy. You feel that? You feel my hot little cunt rubbing all over your beautiful face? Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, fuck, oh, I'm fucking your face, mmmmmmmm, and your fucking my cunt with your tongue!"

As she was hopefully making very clear to her girlfriend Claire loved the hard tongue fucking she was receiving. Of course Claire always loved the feeling of Elle's tongue fucking her regardless of the speed, but considering everything that had happened so far the ex-cheerleader wasn't really in the mood for foreplay, hence why she had chosen to sit on Elle's face.

In this position Claire could rub her horny cunt against Elle's pretty face and beg her for a hard fucking in Claire knew she could get it, but as it turned out that hadn't been necessary. Elle had practically attacked Claire's pussy the first chance she got, first licking every little bit of Claire's cunt lips and then thrusting that talented little tongue of hers deep into the former cheerleader's welcoming twat. From there Elle had only spent a few seconds working up a rhythm before she started giving Claire what she craved, fucking her hard and deep and making her squeal with joy.

"Yes, yes, yeeeeeeessssssss! Fuck me! Fuck me good! Fuck me hard! Oh Elle!" Claire squealed, practically desperate to encourage her girlfriend to keep fucking her with her tongue, "Fuck my dyke pussy! Mmmmmmmm, fuck the pussy you turned queer. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, oh fuck, mmmmmmmm, oh Elle, you did this, made me crave you, mmmmmmm, crave what you do to me. You, AH, oh, you made me a dyke. A year ago I was an innocent little straight girl who was just a little bi-curious. Now I'm a dirty little lesbian slut who can't get enough of rubbing my little dyke cunt all over your pretty little face!"

True to her word Claire was rubbing her pussy against Elle's eager mouth, randomly moving further up, down, left, right, clockwise and anti-clockwise so she could increased the friction she was getting, reassert the idea she was at least temporarily in control, and most importantly make sure the other girl was drenched in her cunt cream.

Claire shivered with pleasure at the thought of it. Her girl cream was covering her girlfriend's face. She was going to be able to smell herself on Elle's face. Taste herself. Lick her own pussy cream, and her own cum, off the beautiful face of her lesbian lover. However even after a thorough licking some would remain, almost like a mark of ownership.

There was still a little of Elle's cum and pussy juice on Claire's face, just a teeny bit, but enough to remind her she had been in between another girl's thighs happily licking pussy not that long ago. It had been such a perverted turn on while talking to Gretchen and now Claire was making sure Elle was getting the same treatment.

Later Elle would walk around with leftover pussy cream on her face... and cum... the cum Claire was about to give her, "Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh Elle! I'm going to cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum all over your face! My dyke cum is going to cover your face! Mmmmmmmmm, oh, fuck, I'm going to, mmmmmmmmmm, I'm going to cum and, oooooooooooh, my dyke pussy is going to cover you in lezzie cum! Mmmmmmm, you did this to me Elle! You made me a naughty little dyke who cums on other girl's faces and, ohhhhhhhhhhh, now I'm going to, ooooooooohhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

The idea that Elle turned Claire into a lesbian never failed to really inflame the passion between the two super-humans and in this case it helped push Claire over the edge of a massive orgasm.

Squealing joyfully Claire bounced up and down on Elle's face, her cum practically squirting out of her and into her girlfriend's mouth. Then just as she began to calm down Elle would thrust her tongue deep and hard inside her, viciously attacking all the right spots until Claire came again and the process repeated itself.

Elle felt as if she was being drowned in Claire cum and she fucking loved it. She welcomed every drop of the heavenly liquid which covered her face and filled her mouth, Elle greedily gulping down as much as she could in between using her skilled mouth and tongue to push the other girl to climax after climax.

Thanks to her healing ability Claire was able to keep this up for a long time without feeling tired, but after what felt like half a dozen orgasms it seemed only fair she gave Elle her reward.

First though she collapsed down onto the girl beneath her and kissed her softly, the two lovers quickly becoming lost in a gentle but passionate kiss which was only occasionally broken so Claire could slide her lips and tongue all over Elle's face, cleaning up her mess much to both blondes delight.

The fourth time, or possibly the fifth as she wasn't sure, Claire broke the kiss it wasn't to try and get more of the pussy juice covering Elle's face but because she suddenly noticed the room was getting darker.

"What's going on?" Elle asked, noticing the same thing.

"I don't know." Claire said, getting off the other blonde.

The two girls hated ending their snuggle time so abruptly but they were used to it. After all, there was no telling when someone with an ability would show up and cause havoc accidentally or on purpose, or when someone would come after Claire because of her ability.

Approaching the window cautiously Claire, being the self healer, peaked out and then sighed in relief, "It's ok, it's only an eclipse!"

"Ruh-roh." Elle murmured.

"What?" Claire questioned, recognising her girlfriend's Scooby Doo impression.

"It's probably nothing." Elle tried to reassure Claire, and then after the other blonde gave her a look added, "It's just that, Daddy once told me the sun is linked to our powers. He didn't know how, and even after working on it for years the company's best scientists couldn't figure it out, but it does somehow... and an eclipse can have a weird effect. Like activating dormant powers, or..."

"Or what?" Claire asked shortly after Elle trailed off.

It seemed Elle wasn't paying attention. She was too busy holding up her hand and waving it around.

"What are you doing?" Claire asked.

"My power. It's gone." Elle said, more than a little frantically.

"What?" Claire repeated, this time as a statement more than a question.

"My, power, is, gone." Elle snapped.

"Elle, calm down." Claire soothed.

"You don't understand. I am my power. It's all I am. All I've ever been." Elle said in a panic, before looking at Claire calmed her somewhat, "Well I used to be. Now I have you, so I'm electric girl with hot girlfriend, but without my power I'm just girl with hot girlfriend."

"Would that really be so bad?" Claire asked after a brief pause.

Elle looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, "It's temporary. It's probably, almost definitely temporary... but..."

"OWWW!" Claire yelped as Elle suddenly slapped her across the face, Claire looking at the older blonde with betrayal in her eyes, before things suddenly clicked, "I... I felt that."

"Our powers are gone... so you can feel pain again." Elle said huskily, slowly stepping towards Claire, "It's temporary. It has to be temporary, otherwise I'll go crazy, but rather than freaking out about it right now it would be better if we use this, hopefully brief, window of opportunity to our advantage, don't you agree?"

Claire blinked twice and then smiled wickedly, "Do whatever you want to me."

Gently stepping forward again Elle brought her lips millimetres away from Claire's and then softly said, "Hands and knees. On the bed."

Smiling happily Claire hurried to get into position, noting with brief disappointment that Elle went to her bag instead of immediately starting the spanking. Claire's disappointment was short lived as Elle pulled out three of her favourite spanking toys, namely a paddle, a riding crop and a cat o' nine tails.

"Usually eclipses are pretty short, unless one of us super powered freaks is somehow doing it, but let's assume we don't have much time, shall we?" Elle asked rhetorically as she brought her 'weapons' over to where Claire was kneeling, placing the riding crop and the cat o' nine tails down beside her so she just had the paddle in her hand before she added, "Now, I don't want you to worry about anything, ok? No having to count, or thank me, or anything like that. You just relax and enjoy."

Claire just nodded softly before crying out joyously as Elle brought the paddle down hard on her ass.

Usually Elle like to provide more of a gentle build up, teasing Claire for a long time before using her power to make sure the former cheerleader could really feel it. Even then Elle would keep the voltage low until the older blonde could wait no longer. Then Elle would zap the younger blonde with as much electricity as she wanted, Elle often giving Claire everything she had to give. After all, Claire could take it. Claire loved to take it.

This time was unsurprisingly different, Elle beating Claire's butt hard and fast like they were back at the Bennet household and Claire's Mom had said she was going out for half an hour and Elle was eager to get the spanking over so they could get to the sex.

At first Claire tried to remain quiet as possible, but it just felt so good and she was soon crying out with a mixture of pain and delight.

"It's ok Claire, scream as much as you want. The room really is soundproof. I swear." Elle promised as she continued violently smacking Claire's ass with the paddle.

Claire wasn't sure whether to believe Elle or not, after all it would be totally like Elle to be lying about this, but soon it reached the point where Claire was beyond caring. Soon all Claire cared about was her own selfish pleasure, Claire whimpering in delight, "Yes, spank me, ah, owww, yes, spank my naughty butt! Please Elle, owww, spank my naughty little butt. OWWW, yes, give me the pain I want. That I need. OWWW, yeeeeessssssss!"

The feelings Claire was experiencing were incredible. They were similar to feelings she had felt before, but now it was like... she could really feel them.

Before she had felt the paddle smack into the soft yet firm flesh of her little bubble butt, had felt her cheeks jiggle ever so slightly with the impact, but hadn't felt the sweet sting of pain she was now feeling with every blow, making her crave the next hit even as she was enjoying the latest one. It was the same thing with the riding crop and the cat o' nine tails, only the wonderful sting was slightly different as the riding crop caused a more concentrated sting while the cat o' nine tails caused a bunch of little stings all over her pain loving butt.


Elle loved Claire more than she could possibly have imagined herself ever loving anything or anyone, and yet she delighted in Claire's screams of pain. Elle knew that probably made her sick, a pervert, and all kind of other things, but it was who she was. She was a sadist. And her girlfriend was a masochist, which was why they were so perfect for each other. That's why Elle only felt a little guilty for enjoying what she was doing so much.

If anything the fact that she felt a little guilty showed just how normal and loving she had become as Claire's not so better half. God knows she hadn't felt the slightest bit guilty for doing far worse than beating her girlfriend's very willing butt with a paddle, or a riding crop, or a cat o' nine tails.

Wanting to give Claire as much enjoyment out of this as possible Elle constantly switched her 'weapon', making sure to give Claire's butt an equal amount of time with each spanking toy. It was fun for Elle too as she got to enjoy the slightly different ways those toys made Claire's ass cheeks jiggle and change colour under the force of the spanking. Although unlike usual when Elle like to use different levels of force for different blows to keep Claire guessing this was just a constant stream of the most vicious hits the sadistic blonde was capable of, Elle wanting to make the most of this opportunity while it lasted.

Quite reasonably Elle had expected the eclipse to last for only a few minutes, but every glance out of her window confirmed it was still in effect, and Claire's butt cheeks were looking increasingly sore. It had been hot at first, and for the sadistic electricity thrower it still kind of was, but as much as Elle had loved watching Claire's butt slowly turn bright pink, then a light red, then a dark red and then become covered in all these wonderfully nasty little bruises Elle's concern for Claire's well-being was beginning to get the better of her. After all what happened if the eclipse lasted for hours? Elle was pretty sure that was unheard of, but in the world she lived in Elle had to prepare for just about any possibility.

When Elle was sure more than a normal amount of time had passed for an eclipse, and Claire's ass looked like it desperately needed a break from the spanking fun, the older blonde stopped and pushed the toys off the bed, much to the younger blonde's displeasure, "Noooooooo, please Elle, more. Spank me. Hurt me. Give me pain. Oh, it's so, so wonderful. After so long... just please, give me it... give your pain slut what she craves."

"When I'm good and ready pom-pom." Elle said, smacking Claire's ass roughly before reaching down to grab the discarded strap on and quickly pull it up her thighs, "But the eclipse doesn't look like it's going anywhere, and you promised I could fuck your hot little ass."

With that Elle got on the bed behind Claire, leaned down and spread her ass cheeks to reveal the puckered rosebud in between them. Barely pausing for a second Elle deliberately salivated, spitting the results onto Claire's back door and then using her tongue to rub it into the other girl's butt hole.

"Oooooooooh Elle." Claire sighed happily.

This made Elle grinned. However much Claire wanted to be spanked clearly she didn't mind a little rim job. Not that Elle could ever recall Claire minding a rim job of course, a fact Elle was quite proud of.

Elle was also proud of the soft little moans she squeezed from Claire with every swipe of her tongue, Elle licking all over the tiny little puckered hole, both girls loving every minute of it.

The cheerleader just had such a cute little butt hole. Elle loved to lick it almost as much as she loved to fuck it, the electricity thrower quite happy to spend hours doing both. Under the circumstances she wasn't planning to spend quite that long, but at the same time she wasn't too quick, making sure Claire's ass hole was as wet as it could possibly be, even pushing her tongue as far into that little back door as she could, just to make sure Claire would be ready for the butt fucking to come.

Claire wasn't just ready for her butt fucking, she was aching for it.

This was nothing new. Usually an ass fucking was an easy highlight of Claire's day, and considering Elle's considerable anal kink it was an inevitability that her girlfriend would fuck her up the ass at some point, and yet despite the certainty of it happening Claire never knew when her ass was going to get violated. This meant she spent a lot of time thinking about when she was going to get her next ass fucking, how many she was going to get that day, etc. Of course the longer the pause between butt fuckings the more she wanted it, the more she craved it, just like she wanted and craved Elle's touch in general with increasing ferocity the longer she went without it.

That was why the thought of spending so long without Elle had been so unbearable. Or at least one of the many reasons. Certainly a big one amongst them. But Claire had resigned herself to know more anal action which wasn't provided by herself, and no more of Elle's heavenly touch in general. So now she was bent over and waiting to get her ass fucked Claire's desire for a nice hard butt fucking was quickly turning into a need.

Even though she knew it would be probably fruitless Claire continued to moan in hopeful encouragement, "MMMMMMmmmmm, that feels so good. Ooooooooooh, I love your tongue in my ass. I love the feeling of your tongue sliding all over my ass hole, pushing inside it, mmmmmm, getting me all nice and wet back there for the fucking you're going to give me. Ohhhhhhh, it feels so good. But I wish you would hurry up and fuck my ass. I want my ass fucked soooooooo bad. Please Elle, fuck my butt. Fuck my naughty little butt with your big strap on cock. Mmmmmmmm, I wanna be butt fucked by my girlfriend. Please Elle, butt fuck your girlfriend. Fuck your girlfriend up the butt. Fuck your little pain slut of a girlfriend up her butt."

As Claire suspected Elle just continued licking her ass hole, which was nice, but the former cheerleader really, really wanted to get her ass fucked.

Upping the anti Claire pressed her face down to the bed sheets, reached back, spread her butt cheeks wide and softly begged, "Please Elle, I want it soooooooo bad. Butt fuck me. Fuck me in the butt. Please, mmmmmmmm, your tongue feels so good back there. You know how much I love you licking me there, and I know how much you love licking me there, oh, but there's something we both love more, and that's you butt fucking me. Come on Elle, ooooooohhhhhhhh, yeeeeesssssss, aaaaaahhhhhhhh, fucking fuck my ass. Please, mmmmmmmm, I want it. I need it. Please give it to me. Please give me your big cock. I want my girlfriend's cock up my tight little ass. I need my girlfriend's cock up my tight little ass. Please aaaaaahhhhhhh ooooooohhhhhhhh fuck my ass!"

"You wanna get your ass fucked do you cheerleader?" Elle said, slightly mockingly after she finally pulled her tongue away from Claire's butt hole.

"Yeeeeeeesssssss! Fuck me, fuck my ass!" Claire pleaded.

"Then be a good girl and keep those little cheeks spread for me." Elle said as she pressed her dildo against Claire's ass hole and then firmly pushed forwards.

Claire gasped loudly in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Elle's strap on slowly began to force her back door open. Then Claire let out a louder more pleasure filled gasp when Elle's cock entered her back passage and began slowly filling it up with dildo.

It was truly amazing. Claire had taken so many ass fuckings she had lost count a long time ago and yet all those times she wished she could feel the pain of it, wished she could feel normal, and now she was getting what she wanted Claire couldn't be happier.

Well, actually she could, "Please Elle, more. Give me more. Don't be gentle, oh, it hurts so good. Slam your cock all the way into my ass hole. Hurt me, mmmmmmmm, hurt your little pain slut."

Elle bit her lip, "Are you sure?

"Yes, please, ram my rectum deep and hard." Claire pleaded, "It feels so good, and I might never feel this way again, so please, just this once?"

For a few moments Elle continued biting her lip, and then she said, "Take your hands off your butt cheeks pom-pom."

The second Claire did as she was told Elle ramped forwards, most of the fake cock slamming into the younger girl's rectum in that one hard thrust, the remaining inches entering Claire's butt in the quick thrusts that followed.

Claire cried out joyfully during each thrust, especially during the first thrust which got most of the dildo inside her ass and during the first thrust after the shaft was completely embedded in her butt as it was technically the start of the ass fucking itself, Elle immediately establishing a steady rhythm which quickly had Claire moaning in delight, "Yeeeeessssssss! Fuck me! Fuck my butt. Mmmmmmmmmm, fuck. Yes, butt fuck me Elle. Butt fuck me hard. Mmmmmmmmmm, it hurts so gooooooooodddddddddd!"

Elle was very worried she was going to permanently damage her girlfriend's rectum, especially as Claire seemed to be tightening her anal muscles around the shaft pumping in and out of her pooper in what Elle could only imagine was a attempt to increase the pain.

The main reason Elle had slammed into Claire's ass when the cheerleader hadn't been expecting it had been to avoid something like this and now Elle wasn't entirely sure what to do.

On the one hand Claire really seem to be enjoying herself as she was happily begging for more in between loud moans of pleasure. On the other hand Elle could hear little twinges of pain in Claire's moans of pleasure, and it wasn't clear whether the younger blonde was trying to hide them or the experience really wasn't that unpleasant. More to the point Elle knew ass fucking a girl this hard and fast so soon after penetration could literally rip open a back passage to the point where it could cause serious unpleasant damage, and despite all the anal sex they'd had Claire's healing ability meant that Elle was fucking a virgin tight ass hole.

Ultimately Elle's concern outweighed her desire to give Claire what she wanted and she slowed down ever so slightly when Claire tried to tighten up, making sure the butt fucking stayed at a firm but steady pace.

"Come on Elle, harder, mmmmmmmm, fuck me!" Claire whined, "Rip my slutty ass hole open with your big cock! Ohhhhhhh, butt fuck me hard and deep!"

"Patience pom-pom." Elle said, smacking Claire's ass, "I'll give you what you want when I'm good and ready."

Claire sighed, knowing there was no point in arguing. Elle was wearing the strap on so she was in charge right now and Claire would just have to take whatever the other girl was willing to give her and like it.

That was a long standing rule between them. She who wears the strap on is in charge and the other girl is her bitch. Of course there was the occasional exception to this rule, but Claire was very much enjoying Elle being in charge right now. Claire always did, but as she could finally feel pain again Claire found herself desperately wanting to feel submissive, and luckily she had a loving girlfriend who was willing to give her what she wanted.

Unfortunately under the slow butt fucking the wonderful pain slowly faded away. However it was replaced by the same amazing pleasure Claire had craved ever since she had given up her anal virginity to the girl who was now skilfully ass fucking her.

The pleasure grew more intense by the second, as did the sound of Claire's moaning, until finally Elle's thrusts began to increase in speed and roughness.

This of course made Claire cry out, "Yes, fuck me, fuck me hard! Mmmmmmm, fuck my slutty ass harder. Ohhhhhhh, fuck yes, mmmmmmmm, I'm such a slut. I'm a pussy eating slut. Oh, a butt licking slut. A, mmmmmmm, a pain slut. An anal slut. And most of all... I'm, ah, I'm your slut Elle. Anytime you want me, I'm yours. Always. FUCK, ooooooooooooh, fuck me, I'm your slut Elle, fuck your slut harder."

"And you're not just my slut right now, are you cheerleader?" Elle grinned as she continued increasing the speed and roughness of the butt fucking.

"No, I'm not." Claire agreed, quickly adding, "I'm also your bitch."

"That's right, you're my bitch." Elle said gleefully, smacking Claire's ass as she fucked it harder, "Earlier I was your bitch, but we both prefer it this way round don't we pom-pom?"

"Mmmmmmmm, yeah, this is the way it's supposed to be." Claire sighed happily, "I'm supposed to be your bitch. Ahhhhhhh, oh, I'm supposed to be your submissive little whore, ohhhhhhh, your pain slut, mmmmmmm, your bitch, oooooooh, because I'm a submissive little masochist and you're a dominant sadist. You hurt me and I love it. You, ooooooohhhhhh, you dominate me and I love it. Ah, mmmmmmmm, you fuck me hard and make me cum and I love you for it. Ooooooooh, please Elle, fuck me harder. Fuck your bitch as hard as you can. MMMMMMMM, FUCK, Fuck your pain loving slut like the whore she is!"

"Yeah, gonna give it to my pain slut so good!" Elle said almost dreamily as she smacked Claire's ass again.

"YES! GIVE IT TO ME!" Claire squealed as Elle drilled her ass hole with her strap on dildo and smacked her ass cheeks with her hands, "AND KEEP SPANKING ME! OOOOOOOOOOoooooooh, it hurts so good, IT HURT SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!"

This left Elle in something of a dilemma. It was a hell of a lot of fun spanking Claire while fucking her up the ass, and Claire was clearly loving every moment of getting her round little butt smacked and fucked at the same time. But as fun as it was to spank and fuck Claire's perfect ass Elle couldn't keep it up and give the other blonde the hardest butt fucking she could possibly give her just like Claire had been begging for.

Elle honestly couldn't decide if she wanted to give up on the spanking and just concentrate on sodomising her girlfriend with every ounce of her strength or fuck Claire's bubble butt as hard as she could while spanking the hell out of these perfect little globes of flesh, and Claire certainly wasn't making the decision easy for her. The cheerleader was begging desperately to be fucked hard but the moment Elle concentrated on the ass fucking Claire would start begging to be spanked.

It seemed really ironic given Claire was supposed to be the submissive one at this particular point. She was clearly acting like a power bottom, however Elle was reluctant to point this out as she really did want to please her lover. After all regardless of the kinky games they played the two girls loved each other and wanted to satisfy each other's needs.

Then again, wasn't one of Claire's needs being told what to do?

Ultimately Elle decided she would have too satisfy that need as it seemed the only way to please the younger blonde. So Elle smacked Claire's ass roughly and loudly asked, "WHO'S THE BITCH? WHO'S THE BITCH RIGHT NOW CLAIRE?


"THEN SHUT UP AND TAKE IT!" Elle ordered, smacking Claire's bubble butt one final time before doing what she really wanted to do, that being concentrate on fucking the hell out of Claire's perfect ass.

Technically Claire was unable to do as she was told as she screamed shamefully and joyfully as Elle gave her the type of rectum ramming the sadistic blonde was so good at, although Claire knew Elle didn't want her to stop it. As she had made very clear many, many times Elle loved hearing Claire scream in pleasure, but there was something Elle had made just as clear that she hated, that being Claire telling her what to do. Well, Claire telling her what to do when Claire wasn't in charge.

Claire hadn't been able to help herself before. The pleasure had just been so overwhelming, and she wanted more of it. She still did, she always did, but for now she restricted herself to just wailing in ecstasy as Elle's dildo rammed repeatedly into the deepest part of her bowels, stimulating the most intimate places inside her and pushing her closer and closer to climax.

Then, just when Claire was sure she was going to cum, Elle suddenly stopped and delivered a series of hard spanks to the younger blonde's ass... and Claire fell in love with Elle all over again.

It was physical and mental pain just before she was about to receive such a pure form of pleasure, the pain denying her that pleasure and yet giving her a different sort of it.

Elle repeated this process several times, physically and mentally torturing Claire who couldn't get enough of it, and then all of a sudden Elle just stopped everything. No spanking. No butt fucking. No everything.

Frowning in confusion Claire looked behind her to see Elle just staring at her ass.

What Claire couldn't see and was too horny to realise was that her discoloured ass cheeks were healing before Elle's eyes, a quick glance out the window confirming that the eclipse was finally over.

Lifting her hand up Elle allowed herself a moment of worry, and then she tried to use her power. Blue sparks flickered around her fingertips and she sighed in relief. Then a huge feeling of sorrow flooded her as Elle realised this meant Claire couldn't feel pain again. Probably. Claire probably couldn't feel pain again, but it wasn't a definite.

Cautiously Elle raised her hand and brought it down on Claire's right ass cheek as hard as she could.

Claire cried out in joyful pain.

Elle did it again, and again, and again with the same result.

"You can feel that?" Elle asked gleefully.

"Yeah... why?" Claire frowned.

"Claire... look out the window." Elle said softly.

Doing as she was told the truth hit Claire like a ton of bricks and she was left completely stunned, barely even thinking anything until Elle gave her ass another spank, this one electrically charged, blue sparks disappearing into Claire's butt cheeks and making the former cheerleader practically how with joy.

"AGAIN! Again! Please Elle, I need it. Make me feel it. Give your pain slut what she needs. I'm your naughty little pain slut Elle. I'm Elle's pain slut. Please oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Claire cried out mid-sentence as a series of hard electrically charged slaps connected with her now once again healing ass cheeks.

Elle started to fuck Claire's ass again, this time zapping her with random shocks with various different electrical strengths until she had built up the pace back to a hard rectum wrecking. Expert butt fucker that she was, especially when it came to fucking Claire's butt, Elle was able to sodomise Claire to the edge of a climax in a matter of minutes. The second Claire was on the edge Elle let go of one of Claire's hips, and while still pounding her girlfriend's pooper as hard as she could, Elle reached out, pressed her hand to the centre of Claire's spine and sent a huge jolt of electricity directly into Claire's body.

Claire screamed out in pure ecstasy as overwhelming pleasure and pain flooded her body, a massive climax rushing through her as electricity crackled up and down her spine and then spread throughout her body. The pleasure mixed with the pain in a way Claire was very familiar with, Elle having done this to her countless times before, but unlike all those other times the feelings of pain were so much more intense which only added to the masochistic blonde's pleasure.

Just when Claire didn't think it could get any better Elle would use her strap on which was still pounding in and out of Claire's butt to make the younger girl cum again or would fire another round of electricity into her, intensifying the pleasure once again.

Finally Elle started increasing the power of the voltage at which point Claire's brain felt like it was literally fried, which was a possibility, Claire slipping off into a blissful dreamlike state.

Knowing how much her girlfriend could take Elle kept up the intensity of the electricity and the butt fucking until Claire slipped into unconsciousness. When she realised this Elle denied herself yet another orgasm via the stimulator on her clit to immediately stop the electricity flow and pull out of Claire's butt.

For a second Claire remained where she was, her entire body seemingly covered in bruises and worse while her butt hole remained stretched open. Then in the blink of an eye Claire's gaping ass hole closed up and her body healed itself back to its usual perfect form.

There was a moment of silence, and then Claire panted, "More."

Elle wished she could comply, wished for the millionth time that she had a healing ability too, but the truth was she was exhausted. With the adrenaline no longer flowing through her veins like it was only a few seconds ago Elle could barely stay kneeling upright, let alone continue the butt fucking.

"Please Elle." Claire panted, waking Elle from her thoughts, "More. Hurt me. Fuck me. I don't care which, just please give me more. I wanna feel it."

There was another pause as Elle thought for a moment. She couldn't just fuck or spank Claire like she had been doing, but it didn't take long for an alternative idea to pop into Elle's perverted little mind.

Reaching out Elle gently pressed her fingers to Claire's pussy lips and gently rubbed them. Despite the moans of pleasure which quickly began falling from Claire's mouth Elle asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yeeeeeeessssssss!" Claire moaned, already thinking she knew what Elle had in mind, "Fuck me. Finger me. Finger my pussy. Fuck my pussy with your fingers. Mmmmmmmm, use your power on me while you fuck me."

Claire moaned again as a finger entered her needy love hole, gently thrusting in and out for a few moments before it was joined by a second finger, and then a third.

"More." Claire sighed dreamily as the third finger entered her, quickly getting her wish in the form of the fourth. Then all of a sudden the fingers were removed, but before Claire had a chance to complain they were replaced by three fingers from Elle's other hand, a fourth finger quickly joining them. And then, Claire felt those wet fingers which had so recently been inside her pussy pressing against her ass hole, which made her joyfully cry out, "Yes, yes, yeeeeeeessssssss! Fuck both my slutty little holes! Fuck them with your fingers! Mmmmmmmm, finger fuck my pussy and ass at the same time, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!"

Much to Claire's delight Elle repeated her earlier technique, gently inserting all four fingers one at a time into her butt. In between the addition of each finger Elle would gently fuck Claire's holes, curling the fingers in her pussy to gently rub her G-spot while using the thumb on that same hand to play with her clit.

Once Elle had eight fingers inside of her girlfriend at the same time she began to fuck her with them, Claire practically squealing in pleasure as her pussy felt fuller than her ass and then vice versa, then both holes almost empty and then both having four fingers knuckle deep inside them. It was a wonderful sensation but, greedy little slut that she had become, Claire couldn't resist begging for more.

"Oooooooooh yeeeeeeesssssssssssss, FUCK! FILL ME, FILL ME UP! Please Elle, fill me with your fingers! Ahhhhhh ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccckkkk meeeeeee! Fuck me with them! And hurt me. Please, give your pain slut what she wants. What she needs. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Claire moaned happily as she felt little sparks crackling inside her holes, a little taster of what was to come. Then Elle simultaneously pushed her thumbs into Claire's holes, causing Claire's eyes to widen in first shock and then delight as she realised exactly what was about to happen, "Yes, oh Elle, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Claire cried out in the most wonderful mixture of pleasure and pain as for the first time both her holes began stretching wide enough to receive Elle's fists at the same time.

Elle was very careful. She had fisted Claire's pussy and ass many times, often while fingering or licking her other hole, but never at the same time before. Of course Elle had been given plenty of opportunities, Claire had been practically, and even on one occasion literally been, begging for it but Elle had been determined to save this for a special occasion.

Celebrating the start of a new chapter in their lives seemed like a good enough excuse for Elle to double fist her girlfriend, and the atmosphere certainly felt special to Elle. As did the feeling of Claire's holes stretched wide around her knuckles, Elle keeping those poor holes as stretched as possible for a few seconds, which must have felt like an eternity for Claire, before pushing them inside the other girl to the wrist.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!" Claire squealed with delight as those fists finally slipped all the way inside her, quickly followed up with a sigh of relief and a groan of, "Fuck me... fuck me Elle. Fuck meeeeeeeeEEEEEEE OH FUCK!"

From this point on the only thing really coherent out of Claire's mouth was swear words, Elle again feeling proud of corrupting Claire's vocabulary along with so many other things.

Thinking back to what Claire used to be, the innocent little cheerleader, never fail to get Elle going, the memories refuelling her desire as she pushed ever so slightly further into Claire's holes, then pulled all the way out to her knuckles and then shoved back in as deep as she could. Elle repeated that over, and over, and over with increasing speed and force, pounding both Claire's holes like never before as the other girl squealed with delight.

It didn't take long for Elle to bring Claire to the edge of an orgasm, the sadistic blonde waiting until she was sure her girlfriend was on the edge before firing electricity into Claire with her still pumping hands.

Claire's eyes practically bulged out of their sockets as a wonderful feeling of agony combined with the amazing feelings of pleasure coming from her pussy and ass to send her body into what felt like a supernova of a climax, her entire universe crashing down around her to the point where she could only barely comprehend her existence.

Elle gave Claire all she had, watching carefully for the slightest sign the younger blonde wasn't enjoying herself. Claire's body spasmed uncontrollably and she screamed beyond the point she was horse, but as far as Elle could tell there wasn't a single moment of it which Claire didn't enjoy.

It wasn't until Elle felt the need to stop to recharge that she actually seriously considered stopping and even then Elle pushed until she could push no more. Then in one fluid movement Elle pulled completely out of Claire, watching in fascination as the cheerleader fell down onto the bed a whimpering, wounded wreck and yet in seconds healed before her eyes.

"Thank you... thank you..." Claire whimpered repeatedly as she tried to recover from her climax... or climaxes, she honestly wasn't sure.

"Don't mention it." Elle said with a cocky grin before she began to slowly clean her hands, licking the palms and backs before taking each finger into her mouth for a thorough sucking.

Once Elle was finished with the fingers of one hand and was about to move on to the other Claire looked up at her and smiled. Then Claire crawled over to where Elle was kneeling and without a word took the dildo which was still strapped firmly around Elle's waist into her mouth and began gently sucking on the head.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it pom-pom, help me clean up your mess." Elle grinned before taking another Claire flavoured finger into her mouth.

Claire smiled softly around the cock and then concentrated on sucking it clean. Tightening her lips around the tip Claire sucked as hard as she could, moans slowly coming from her closed mouth as she enjoyed the taste of her own ass.

Once Claire was sure the tip was clean she started bobbing her head up and down on the shaft, going lower each time while gently sucking, savouring the sweet flavour on the dick for several moments until she was taking all she could in just her mouth. Then she sucked roughly, again making sure she got every little bit of that yummy taste she had learned to love.

Even after all this time Claire was a little ashamed of herself for loving this so much but she couldn't help it. She was a naughty, filthy, dirty, girl who got off on the most kinkiest of acts, and in her very perverted experience it didn't come much more kinky than this.

Of course what really added to Claire's enjoyment was Elle's loving words of encouragement, "That's it cheerleader, suck my cock. Suck the big cock which has just been up your ass. Ohhhhhh yeah, you're such a good little cock sucker. Cock sucker Claire. Mmmmmmm, it tastes good doesn't it? Mmmmmmmm, yeah, it tastes real good. Mmmmmmmm, I can taste you on my fingers Claire-bear. I can taste your sweet little holes on my fingers, so I know exactly how good it is."

Elle grinned as Claire grimaced at the nickname her father gave her. Claire hated it when Elle called her that under any circumstances, but Elle had learned not to use it during sex as it was a real turn off for her girlfriend. The aftermath was a different story though.

Take now for instance. Sure Claire stopped sucking for a few moments, and even looked up to scowl at Elle, but the cheerleader's desire to get the rest of her ass juices got the better of her and soon, much to Elle's delight, Claire was bobbing her head up and down that fake cock again. This time Claire pushed her lips down further, the dildo slowly sliding down her throat as she made her way to the base. Once she reached her destination Claire began sucking as hard as she could, Elle watching gleefully as her girlfriend cleaned the last of the ass juices off her strap on.

Even when it was done Claire kept sucking, maybe to make sure she had got it all, maybe just for fun. Elle decided it was probably the latter considering Claire began once again bobbing her head up and down, Elle happily grabbing on to her hair with now both clean hands and gently helping her move up and down.

In addition Elle cried out in encouragement, "Yes, that's it, good cock sucker. Good little cock sucking Claire, making sure every drop of her nasty ass juices are off my cock. Mmmmmmm, fuck yeah you love that huh? You love sucking my cock almost as much as you like eating my pussy and getting fucked in your slutty little holes, don't you cheerleader?"

Claire gargled in response as Elle gently thrust in and out of her mouth in time with Claire's bobbing motion, lightly fucking her face for a few moments before suddenly pulling her off the dildo and up into her arms. Barely giving Claire a chance to gasp for breath Elle kissed her roughly, loving that Claire returned the kiss with equal roughness as the two girls fell down onto the bed together, becoming lost in a passionate make out session.

At some point Claire must have un-strapped the dildo and tossed it because when Elle finally broke the kiss she noticed it was gone. She looked over at Claire, intending to ask her about it, but Elle just became lost staring into her girlfriend's beautiful eyes.

Suddenly a thought popped into Elle's head and she smiled, "So I guess we're both fixed now."

Claire frowned, "What?"

"We're fixed now." Elle repeated, before further explaining, "This whole thing between us started because we took a plane ride to Pinehurst in hopes they'd fix us. They were evil and didn't help, but firing enough electricity into you to power several countries fixed me, and the eclipse seems to have finally fixed you."

Claire smiled and nodded in understanding, "You're not short-circuiting and I can feel pain normally again. Like it should be."

A smile briefly crossed Elle's face, then she softly said, "So... I guess this means you don't need me anymore."

"What?" Claire said softly, frowning in confusion.

"You don't need me anymore." Elle repeated softly, explaining further, "Now anyone can give you the pain you need so..."

"I don't want anyone. I want you." Claire interrupted.

Elle smiled, "Don't you think it would be easier..."

"No!" Claire snapped, "I don't care about easier. I don't want easier. I don't want anything except you, because you're perfect for me Elle. We're perfect for each other."

"Sadist Elle and her masochistic little pain slut Claire." Elle smiled.

"Exactly." Claire smiled.

There was a moment's silence and then Elle said, "Hey, those would be fun super hero names. Well, the sadist and her masochistic little pain slut would be better. You know, to keep our secret identities in tact. Oh, and think of the costumes we could have. Me all in leather, you wearing nothing but a collar..."

"Elle!" Claire scolded, trying not to smile at the idea.

"What? You're the one always talking about graduating college, joining the company and becoming heroes." Elle pointed out.

"Yes, heroes. Not dorks in costumes." Claire countered.

"Awww, I think you'd look adorable in a costume." Elle beamed, "Lord knows you looked great in your little cheerleader outfit. Oh, that's it, you can wear your old uniforms and be The Cheerleader."

"I don't want to be forever known as The Cheerleader." Claire sighed.

"Well tough, because like I keep saying you'll always be The Cheerleader to me... cheerleader." Elle grinned.

Claire scowled, and then smiled softly, "I'd rather be Elle's pain slut."

"Oh you are, and no matter what happens, you always will be." Elle grinned, pinching Claire's nipple, "What are you?"

"Your pain slut." Claire gasped, and then grinned, "Elle's pain slut."

The End


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