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Authors note: This is story takes place during Season 3, episode 7.

Keywords: Abuse, Ff, Language, Oral, TV-parody

Heroes: Elle's Pain Slut Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

"This places a dump." Claire said, crinkling her nose in disgust.

"I like it. It's got a kind of rustic charm." Elle said, "Besides, this place
has its advantages."

Claire frowned.

"Like what?" Claire asked.

"Just look around." Elle said, looking around herself, "This place is small,
it has no security cameras and it has these nice little corners like this one
where we can hide away from sight. There are much nicer restaurants around so
the only way this place stays in business is if the owners keep their mouths
shut, and that's something we need in case I start short-circuiting again and
I need to zap you. Plus it's off the radar so we should be safe."

Claire frowned again.

"What do you mean it's off the radar?" Claire asked.

There was a pause as Elle questioned how much she should tell Claire about
this place. Her father had always taught her to be careful how much she told
her enemies, and be even more careful how much she told her friends. Elle had
never really had any friends to tell too much to, but she did have a nasty
habit of letting a little too much unnecessary information slip. Luckily Elle
had ways of making sure that information didn't go anywhere.

However this information was hardly vital, to either her or the company, so
Elle decided to share.

"The company, and organizations like it, closely monitor the goings on of
everything they possibly can, but places like this tend to be less watched if
watched at all. The company does its business deals behind closed doors of
far more upscale places than this, and even though they have eyes and ears
nearly everywhere this place is hardly a hotbed for strange activity so it
doesn't really interest the company and most owners of places like this don't
like to cause any trouble so they don't bother mentioning anything if
something weird happens, and even if they did who's going to believe them
when they have no evidence? Also, I've been able to get away with all sorts
of fun things in here which didn't involve electrocuting people." Elle said,
moving herself a little closer to the cheerleader.

"Like what?" Claire asked.

"Ask nicely, and maybe I'll show you." Elle said reaching over and playfully
squeezing Claire's hand.

The touch of Elle's hand cause Claire to think back to the first time their
hands touched, and everything that had come after it.

Claire remembered that first huge burst of electricity running through her
body, giving her pain for the first time in weeks, and how that had led her
to making Elle electrocute her again in the bathroom, and then somehow that
had led to Elle in between Claire's legs, electrocuting her in wonderful
little bursts of pain which added to the ecstasy of the feeling of Elle's
tongue and fingers moving inside of her, fucking her to orgasm after orgasm.

It had been... amazing, like nothing Claire had ever felt before. Nothing
else even compared, and that fact had her mind in turmoil ever since.

The responsible part of Claire's brain kept telling her over and over that
what happened in the bathroom was a mistake. Elle was a murderous psychopath
and she should not under any circumstances associate with her any more than
necessary. She should tell Elle that what happened in that bathroom was a
mistake and it would be better for both of them if they pretended like it
never even happened.

But the more that part of Claire's brain discouraged her the more Claire
could feel the rest of her brain and her entire body screaming for the other
blonde's touch.

Claire wanted Elle to touch her like she had in the bathroom, to run her
fingers all over her body, to slide inside her, to fuck her, to make her cum,
and most importantly electrocute her.

She didn't know or care how it was possible but Elle could hurt Claire, she
could give her the pain she had craved for so long, and she could give her
mind bending pleasure while doing it.

It made Claire want Elle, but the responsible part of her mind wouldn't allow
her to do anything about it. However if Elle made a move on her Claire wasn't
sure if she could resist.

But until now Elle hadn't made any moves on her.

She had barely talk to her since they were in that bathroom.

Once she had returned to her seat Elle had taken Claire's hand during the
dissent and had not let go until they had landed, shocking her constantly in
bursts of electricity which varied in power but after they had got off the
plane Elle let go of Claire's hand and had not touched her again until they
had left the airport. Before getting a taxi to this rundown hellhole Elle had
briefly electrocuted Claire, but it was nowhere near as strong as when they
had been on the plane and Claire barely felt it. After that, nothing.

Elle seem to have no problem with flirting with the baggage handlers, or the
taxi driver, or the waiter when he had come to take their order, but she
barely even looked at Claire, which made the cheerleader feel disappointed.
Being disappointed that another girl wasn't looking at her combined with the
conflicting feelings battling inside of her had Claire's head practically
exploding in confusion. And now the girl who hadn't really shown her any
attention since fucking her was now not only looking at her but hitting on
her and Claire found that part of herself was actually happy about that. What
the hell was going on? When did she become this gay? She was just so

"Something on your mind cheerleader?" Elle asked, bringing Claire out of her

"It's nothing." Claire said quickly, but then added, "It's just... about
before... on the plane... it was... a mistake. It shouldn't happen again."

Claire hated herself in that moment. She knew she was making the right
choice, but it wasn't the choice she wanted to make.

There was a long, tension filled pause and then Elle leaned in close and
asked, "Mm, is that how you really feel pom-pom?"

Elle was so close Claire could feel the other girl's breath on her neck and
it seemed to send a shiver through her body.

"Yes." Claire said, trying and failing to sound like she meant it.

"Pity." Elle said dismissively leaning back and letting go of Claire's hand,
"That's going to make things awkward."

"What do you mean?" Claire asked.

"Well, since it's late Pinehurst is almost definitely going to be closed
until tomorrow so it's pretty much a safe bet we're stuck with each other for
at least the next 12 hours or so, and because in my current state I'm like a
ticking time bomb you're going to have to stay with me at all times to stop
people getting hurt. That means we'll have to not only share a hotel room but
sleep in the same bed with me shocking you all through the night, and that's
probably going to leave you very horny, what with you liking pain so much and
all. I could have maybe helped you out with that, which could have been a lot
of fun for the both of us, but if you think what happen before was a mistake
and you don't want it to happen again I won't force myself on you. Not
consciously anyway. I tend to get a little handsy while sleeping so I'm not
sure I can promise that I won't make any... mistakes during the night, but
other than that I promised to leave you alone." Elle paused awhile, allowing
all that to sink in before adding, "But... that doesn't sound like fun, and
considering the last couple of weeks I could do with a night of fun... so how
about a deal?"

Claire thought about just telling Elle to shut up, which was probably what
she should do, but surely there couldn't be any harm in just hearing the
other girl out could there?

"What kind of deal?" Claire asked.

"A fun kind." Elle said, leaning in close and smiling wickedly, "A kind where
you can have all the pain and pleasure you could ever want..."

Elle paused as Claire tensed, the sexually confused cheerleader obviously in
a fragile state of mind.

Seduction was normally so easy for Elle. She gave off vibes without even
trying, and when she was trying she almost always got what she wanted. But
things were different with Claire, because Claire was different. Everyone
else Elle had ever gone after had been flawed, most broken and dirty, like
Elle herself, but Claire, Claire was perfect. No matter how much the
cheerleader denied it she was perfection, and Elle wanted her. Before Elle
didn't think she had a chance, but now she knew she did Elle promised herself
she would not let Claire slip through her fingers.

But how should she go about it? There were so many different ways Elle could
try, but she was more determined than on any other seduction to succeed, so
Elle decided to resort to something which had never ever failed her...

"A kind where we can have a lot of fun together and then you can rid me from
your life forever." Elle said, briefly pausing before continuing, "I know how
you feel about me Claire. You don't like me, and you don't want me anywhere
near you or your family, so how about this, whatever happens tomorrow,
whether these Pinehurst people can fix me or not, I promise you will never
see me again... if until we get to Pinehurst you let me do whatever I want to
that pretty little body of yours. Think about it, we can be just two girls,
alone and bored in New York, finding a fun way to pass the time. And I
promise not to tell anyone, ever. It can be our little secret."

This didn't seem to impress Claire who still seemed hesitant to say the
least. It was pretty clear to Elle if she was ever going to make a move on
Claire that now was the time to do it. Either the cheerleader would reject
her and the night would be boring, or she would accept and the night would be
very, very fun. It shouldn't matter that much to Elle either way, it wasn't
like she hadn't succeeded more than she had failed that this type of thing,
but seducing Claire really mattered to Elle.

Leaning in closer Elle told Claire, "Look, imagine the night I described to
you before. A boring, sex-less night of either awkward silences or dull small

Elle paused to allow the full image to run through Claire's head again before
she leaned in closer until she was practically whispering in the other girl's

"Or, we could have a night of fun. You remember fun don't you Claire?
Remember how much fun we had on the plane? Remember how I electrocuted you?
Remember how it felt, that pain spreading through your body, how much you
liked it, loved it, wanted it, needed it, begged me for it. Remember my
fingers sliding all over your hot little body, touching you in all the right
places, squeezing and caressing you in all the right spots, sliding into your
panties and fucking you like the little slut you are."

The little half gasp, half moan that escape from Claire's lips let Elle know
she was on the right track. Now she just had to go in for the kill. With that
in mind Elle gently placed her finger on Claire's thigh, squeezing another
half gasp, half moan from the cheerleader's lips, but no complaint. After a
brief pause Elle began sliding her finger up and down Claire's thigh with the
same result before Elle began whispering in Claire's ear again.

"That's what you really are you know pom-pom, a slut, but you look so sweet
and innocent I bet no one knows it. I bet everyone who gets close to you want
to believe you're a good girl so much they refuse to see you for what you
really are. And you hate that don't you. You're stuck playing the good girl
role that everyone wants you to play, but deep down you know it's not who you
really are, it's not what you really want. You don't want to be a good little
girl, you want to be a naughty little slut. Well tonight you can be what you
really are. You can be a slut. You can be my slut."

Halfway through her speech Elle had began adding fingers until all four of
them were sliding up and down Claire's thigh, and right at the end those
fingertips continued travelling upwards until they brushed against Claire's
jean covered pussy.

Claire gasped loudly and stiffened for a moment, but then relaxed and allowed
Elle to begin stroking her fingertips up and down her pussy lips through her

After diddling Claire's pussy like this for a few long moments Elle push
things further by moving her fingers upwards to the waistband of Claire's
pants and panties so that she could feel the soft, wet flesh of the
cheerleader's cunt against her fingers again.


The words were so weak and half-hearted not even the most gullible person on
earth would have believed Claire didn't want Elle to fuck her right there in
the diner, and neither girl was that gullible.

"Tell me you want me to stop, and maybe I will." Elle whispered.

Claire turned her head so she was looking directly at Elle, her eyes burning
with lust and desire, her body screaming with need as her mind made one final
attempt to remind her of what Elle was and what she represented before it
ultimately lost the war it had been fighting.

The cheerleader cast her eyes downwards in defeat and then turned her head
back so she was looking directly forwards again so she wouldn't have to see
the smug look of triumph on Elle's face, trying to pretend she didn't feel a
rush of excitement from knowing that the other girl now had her and could do
anything she wanted with her.

Elle did indeed have a look of triumph on her face. She had one of the widest
smiles she had ever had on her face, and it only got wider when Claire cried
out and stiffened as she slid her fingers under her pants and into her
panties, only for the cheerleader to then relax and moan.

"Shhhh, try and keep it down cheerleader." Elle said playfully as she
shamelessly slid her fingers up and down Claire's pussy lips, "I've done this
type of thing before in places like this and normally they don't mind, they
can't afford too, but if you make too much noise their going to complain. So
be a good girl and stay quiet while I play with your pretty little pussy."

Claire whimpered at Elle's words but did not complain or try and stop her. In
fact after only a few short strokes of her pussy lips Claire actually spread
her legs a little wider, quietly encouraging the other girl to fuck her.

Of course Elle wasn't going to settle for a quiet encouragement.

"You want something pom-pom?" Elle asked playfully.

"Please." Claire gasped quietly.

"Please what?" Elle asked, whispering in Claire's ear, "Please fuck you?
Please slide my fingers inside your tight little pussy and fuck you like the
little slut you are?"

"Yes." Claire groaned after a brief pause.

"Do you agreed to my deal." Elle said.

Claire bit her lip, and then said, "Yes."

Hearing what she wanted to hear Elle smiled wickedly and then plunged two
fingers right up to the knuckles inside Claire's pussy in one hard thrust.

Claire opened her mouth to cry out in pleasure but before she got the chance
Elle used her free hand to turn the cheerleader's face towards her and then
captured her lips with her own, muffling Claire's cry of pleasure as much as

Taking full opportunity of Claire's open mouth Elle slid her tongue through
the other girl's parted lips and across the cheerleader's tongue, gently
massaging it with her own.

Claire tensed slightly as her mouth and pussy were invaded but Elle's skilled
tongue and fingers soon had her melting into the older girl's embrace, her
tongue beginning to playfully fight with Elle's as she let the other girl
have her wicked way with her.

Even though she wasn't looking at what she was doing and she had only really
had the privilege of getting her hands on Claire's sweet little pussy once
before Elle played the cheerleader like a musical instrument. The former
company agent expertly touched Claire in just the right way, curling and
twisting her fingers inside her at just the right angle to stimulate a girl's
most sensitive spots while finding a few special places which drove the
cheerleader wild, all the while pumping her fingers in and out of her. On
occasion Elle would gently brush her thumb against Claire's clit or give the
girl a little shock just powerful enough for her to feel but not enough to
make her moan into Elle's mouth too loudly.

Elle made Claire feel things others never had. Others never even came close.
But the problem was while Elle was making her feel amazing she was also
relentlessly torturing her, and not in the way which might have given Claire
the pain she craved, but in the way which left her feeling unsatisfied.

In what felt like seconds after sliding inside her Elle had Claire on the
edge of an orgasm, but instead of allowing her to go over that edge and
experience the bliss of climax the other girl cruelly slowed down the pace of
the finger fucking, almost coming to a complete stop within her pussy until
there was no chance of her cumming and then quickly picking up the pace again
until Elle was pounding Claire's pussy with her fingers, only to deny her a
climax again.

This process repeated itself over and over until Claire wanted to scream for
Elle to fuck her at the top of her lungs, but of course her mouth was far to
occupied with fighting off Elle's in the dark corner. All Claire could do is
pray silently that Elle would get tired of teasing her soon and let her have
the orgasm she craved.

Elle had enjoyed teasing her little sex toys before but she'd honestly never
had this much fun.

Normally Elle preferred an appetizer of minimal foreplay and a main course of
brutally hard fucking, however on occasion she did enjoy a little teasing,
especially when it came to girls. In Elle's experience guys were always
impatient, eager to get their rocks off as quickly as possible, but girls,
some of them liked to be teased, to be fucked to the very brink of climax
only to be denied so that when they finally achieve climax would be even more
powerful than it would have been on the initial chance. Of course there were
some girls who didn't like to be teased, and then there was some girls who
said they didn't like to be teased but secretly they loved it. Elle wasn't
entirely sure which category Claire fitted into but based on what she had
learned about the cheerleader on this little trip Elle was almost positive
Claire was the type of girl who like to be teased but didn't like to admit

In fact Elle was pretty sure there were a lot of things Claire secretly liked
but wasn't willing to admit it to herself or anyone else. If only there was
someone nice enough to teach Claire the joys of sex, someone with a unique
mind to show her all the ways that a little pain slut like Claire Bennett
could enjoy herself. If only...

Smiling wickedly to herself Elle broke the kiss and took a moment to admire
her little prize, the former agent practically drooling over the sight before

Elle didn't think she had ever seen Claire look so good, not that the
cheerleader looked anything other than perfect all the time, but now she
seemed even more so. Her face was flushed with arousal, her body was writhing
in pleasure and every few seconds Claire would either bite her lip, grit her
teeth or just let out a little half and half whimper that was just so cute it
made Elle just want to eat the other girl up.

Well eating Claire was exactly what Elle intended on doing, but first she
just wanted to tease her a little bit more, and hopefully get the little slut
completely under her control.

Leaning in close Elle whispered into Claire's ear, "You know something
cheerleader, I've got to admit, you had me fooled too."

"What?" Claire half asked, half gasped.

"You had me fooled too at first with the whole good girl routine, but now I
know what you really are and I love it. Others probably hate it, or at least
they would if they allowed themselves to see it, but I love this side of you,
and now I think about it I think it makes you even more perfect. Certainly
perfect for what I have planned tonight." Elle said gleefully, "Oh, we're
going to have so much fun together Claire. I can't wait to get you to a hotel
room where you can scream your little slutty heart out, but until then try
and keep quiet while I'm fucking you with my mouth ok?"

Claire's eyes widened and she opened her mouth to tell Elle no, not here, but
the only sound to come out of her mouth was a little whimper as she watched
the older girl remove her fingers from her pussy and erotically suck each
digit clean of any juice, making a great show of moaning softly as she did

"Mmmmm, yummy." Elle said before she made a move to slide underneath the
table, only to stop and add, "Oh, and no cumming in my mouth until after the
waiter comes back with our food."

With that Elle slid underneath the table, positioned herself so she was
kneeling in front of Claire and reached for the waistband of the
cheerleader's pants and panties with a wicked smile on her face.

Claire was sure she should have protested, told Elle no, made her stop, do
something, anything other than lift her hips upwards and make it easier for
the other girl to remove her pants and panties but that is exactly what she
did without even really thinking about it.

The cheerleader briefly scolded herself for her actions but she ceased to
care when something wonderfully soft latched on to the lips of her needy
pussy while something equally as soft slid into her tight and yet welcoming
love canal, the soft invader beginning to fuck her in exactly the way she
wanted, hard and fast.

Relaxing back into her seat Claire let out a long moan without thinking which
earned her a light slap on her thigh which didn't get her attention nearly as
much as the horror of the removal of Elle's mouth and tongue from her pussy.

Looking down Claire was just able to see Elle glaring at her with a finger to
her lips in the universal sign of be quiet.

Claire nodded and then gritted her teeth as she struggled to keep another
moan from escaping her mouth as Elle's mouth and tongue quickly returned to
her horny honey hole.

Elle had to stifle a moan of her own as Claire's heavenly sweet flavour hit
her taste buds as her tongue re-entered the cheerleader's cunt. It was hardly
a reaction that surprised Elle as she had done the exact same thing when she
had shoved her tongue into Claire a few seconds earlier. It just couldn't be
helped. Nobody could taste something this deliciously sweet and not moan a
little, but still Elle wanted to remain as quiet as possible.

There were many, many kinky things Elle was into and public sex was
definitely one of them. It was the reason she liked going to places like
this, which couldn't afford not to be tolerant of her kind of fun, but Elle
knew even the most tolerant of places have their limits, and she was pretty
sure Claire screaming her lungs out would be shattering those limits to
pieces, along with possibly every nearby piece of glass.

Over the years Elle had played with a lot of guys and girls but none of them
had screamed as loudly as little Claire Bennett... at least not in the good
way. Even her moans were loud. They were cute, adorable moans and Claire's
screams had been a total turn on for Elle but this was not the time or the

So, going against her own desires, instead of giving Claire the hard tongue
fucking she wanted to give her, and the hard tongue fucking Claire no doubt
wanted from her, Elle moved her tongue as slowly as she possibly could
through the cheerleader's pussy, slowly building towards her orgasm while
hopefully giving her the time she needed to control her moaning.

Of course, just because she was going sickeningly slowly didn't mean that
Elle let her considerable rug munching talents go to waste. She still easily
found and caressed all the places inside Claire's pussy which made that sweet
little hole squeeze on Elle's tongue in just the way that let Elle know she
was hitting all the right buttons. On occasion, Elle would even let a little
electricity shoot from either her lips or directly out of her tongue into
Claire's cunt, just strong enough to give the cheerleader a little taste of
the pain she craved, but not enough so it would make her cum prematurely and
scream this whole place down.

It was a tempting thought to just do exactly that for her own sadistic
enjoyment but Elle was actually really beginning to enjoy this.

The slow tongue fucking was really giving Elle a chance to savour the sweet
nectar of Claire's pussy as it flowed into her mouth and down her hungry
throat, and of course she was enjoying torturing someone in the good way,
just as she enjoyed it in the bad way, and the fact that she was doing it to
everyone's sweet little princess Claire Bennett made it even better. Now if
everyone's sweet little princess Claire Bennett could just keep her sweet
little mouth shut long enough for Elle to have her fun everything would be

Despite the fact she was the one receiving head Claire wasn't having as
nearly as much fun as Elle was.

Elle's mouth felt amazing caressing her pussy lips and Claire was pretty sure
there were no words for how Elle's tongue inside her honey hole was making
her feel but trying to keep quiet was almost impossible.

It was like something out of a nightmare. Claire was receiving some of the
most powerful feelings of pleasure she'd ever felt in her life but she just
couldn't stop herself from making noise, and the more noise she made the more
she felt like people were watching her, even when there was virtually no one
there, and the more she felt like people were watching her the more
embarrassed she felt, and the more embarrassed she felt the more turned on
she felt, and the more turned on she felt the more noise she made, and so on
and so on in a vicious cycle.

Reaching down Claire gripped tightly to the edge of the seat and tried to
contain her composure as much as possible as she was eaten out in the middle
of a public restaurant.

This was so crazy, Claire couldn't believe something like this was happening
to her. She had heard of people giving each other oral sex in public places
like this, but to actually be on the receiving end of it, and from another
girl, from another girl who was mentally disturbed and and/or evil was
completely insane. This felt so wrong, was so wrong... and yet, it felt so
right. Claire shouldn't be doing this, but she felt like she couldn't help
herself, like she didn't want to help herself. Elle's mouth and tongue just
felt so good and Claire couldn't get enough.

Not that Elle was giving her what she really wanted of course. No the
psychotic bitch was doing exactly what she had done with her fingers with her
mouth and tongue, bringing Claire to near orgasm after near orgasm only to
deny her at the last second before wonderful climax hit. In fact this was
worse than before because at least when Elle had been fingering her she had
let her down slowly after each near climax and then built her back up, this
time Elle was just keeping Claire at a constant state of near orgasm,
teetering over the edge of a blissful abyss of pleasure but never being
allowed to fall into it.

On the bright side the few people who had been in the restaurant before had
now left meaning there was no one around to hear Claire desperately trying to
stifle her moans... except the approaching waiter!

Quickly wiping away the momentary look of horror that had covered her face
Claire desperately tried to remain calm and half smiled at the pimply faced
waiter who seem to almost blush at his greeting. He couldn't have been much
older than Claire herself and from the way his eyes stared at her chest
Claire thought she had a decent chance of him being to preoccupied with
staring at her to realize how heavy her breathing was or realize what was
going on underneath the table.

"Chicken." The waiter said nervously, holding up the plate in his right hand.

Not trusting her own voice Claire raised her hand weakly and the waiter
placed the plate in his right hand down in front of her before placing the
other on the empty space next to her.

The waiter then stepped back and was about to leave when something stopped
him right in his tracks.

That something was a whimper of frustration followed by a deafening scream.

Elle had enjoyed herself more than she would have thought possible in this
slow and gentle tongue fucking. Normally she wasn't really much of a fan of
slow and gentle but the cute little reactions she got from Claire's body made
it totally worth it. As surprisingly good as it was however she longed to
fuck the cheerleader hard and fast so she could make her cum and swallow as
much of the only thing sweeter than Claire's pussy juice as possible. Truth
be told Elle probably didn't need to fuck Claire hard to make her cum, but
just because she didn't need to fuck her hard didn't mean that Elle didn't
long to be able to do it.

The obvious problem was that if she did so Claire would scream her lungs out,
but as the slow tongue fucking continued it became obvious that even if she
gently brought the cheerleader to climax she would probably still scream the
place down, leaving Elle in a damned if she did, and damned if she didn't

The only way Claire wouldn't scream would be if Elle got out from underneath
the table and stopped altogether, however that just wasn't an option as far
as Elle was concerned because she wanted to taste Claire's cum again way to
much. Even though she had only tasted Claire's cum once Elle was practically
salivating at the idea of tasting it again.

With seemingly no way out Elle mentally said fuck it. There were other places
like this all over the city and honestly she was quite prepared to get kicked
out of every single one of them if it meant tasting Claire's sweet cum again.

Just as Elle came to this conclusion the waiter showed up with their food
which caused the former company agent to smile wickedly. If Elle was going to
get kicked out she might as well get kicked out in style.

With sadistic intentions in mind Elle slowly brought Claire to the very edge
of a climax and as she had done constantly allowed the girl to teeter on the
edge as the waiter put down the plates, but instead of slightly backing off
Elle suddenly and without warning went into overdrive.

A brief smile crossed Elle's face as her tongue slammed in and out of
Claire's pussy as hard and as fast as she possibly could, her mouth sucking
at her pussy lips with a power of a vacuum cleaner as Elle finally sent the
cheerleader over the edge with a nice powerful little shot of electricity
from her tongue to deep within Claire's cunt.

The cheerleader's screams and the flood of juice in her mouth let Elle know
she had been successful but she was just getting started.

Swallowing down a good portion of Claire's cum Elle tore herself away from
the heavenly liquid just long enough to shove two fingers into the knuckles
inside Claire's pussy and then firing every ounce of electricity she possibly
could into her body, lighting the cheerleader up like a Christmas tree.

Giving the little pain slut exactly what she wanted had the desired effect
and Claire came in multiple orgasms, too overwhelmed by what she was feeling
to care about anyone else around her, barely able to be aware of anyone else
around her as she was lost in clouds of pleasure.

After the first couple of climaxes Elle began pumping her fingers in and out
of Claire's pussy, fucking the cheerleader as she electrocuted her, Elle
making sure she could squeeze as many orgasms out of Claire as possible. With
that in mind Elle bent her head down to capture Claire's clit in between her
lips so she could lick, suck and electrocute that little bundle of nerves
which of course made the cheerleader scream even louder than before.

A couple of dozen orgasms later Elle slid her fingers out of Claire's pussy,
pressed them to the cheerleader's ass hole and slowly pushed them into her
butt, her tongue quickly replacing her fingers inside the other girl's cunt
before restarting the electricity fun all over again.

Elle was rewarded for tearing herself away earlier by a flood of delicious
Claire cum which began constantly pouring down her throat and into her
stomach as the cheerleader's girl cream flowed almost like a river into her

When Elle finally got bored of making the cheerleader cum she gradually
slowed the pace of her tongue and fingers until they came to a stop and then
she removed them from Claire's pussy and ass hole before casually sliding
from underneath the table and sitting back down next to the panting

Picking up her knife and fork Elle began eating her food like nothing out of
the ordinary had happened for a few seconds before innocently looking up to
see the waiter staring open mouthed at them.

Elle had expected someone to pull her away from Claire's pussy the moment the
cheerleader started screaming... or more accurately Elle had expected someone
to try and pull her away from Claire's pussy the moment the cheerleader
started screaming, and had wondered why she had been left to do what she
wanted to the other girl, but the look on the waiter's face told her all she
needed to know. Inwardly Elle smiled, maybe she could come back here after
all. Better yet she could stay and eat her food, which she was glad of.
Eating Claire out had given Elle quite the appetite.

Reading the waiter's name tag Elle smiled at him and said, "Don't worry
Randy, me and pom-pom will eat quickly and leave, I promise."

Elle return to her food only to look up and see Randy still staring at them.

Reaching into her pocket Elle retrieved her money, counted out how much they
owed, factored in a generous tip, and placed it down for the waiter to take.

She then returned to her food only to see Randy again the next time she
looked up.

"Take the money and go." Elle said.

Still the waiter stood there staring.

"Now!" Elle said threateningly, blue sparks appearing in her hands.

In the blink of an eye the waiter grabbed the money and ran as fast as his
legs could carry him to the back which is where he stayed until the two girls
were gone.

Elle went back to her food, this time eating almost the whole thing until she
was interrupted again.

"I hate you." Claire grumbled angrily at Elle, or at least as angrily as
anyone can possibly grumble at anyone who had just given them multiple

Looking over at the cheerleader Elle couldn't help smiling widely. Claire was
panting heavily, her cheeks were flushed and she was clearly blushing bright
red, a state she had no doubt been in ever since Elle brought her to orgasm
right in front of the waiter.

"I hate you too." Elle said playfully, to her own surprise finding she didn't
really mean it.

Had she hated Claire before? Maybe, but fucking the cheerleader was just so
much fun Elle thought it would be impossible for her to hate Claire now, even
if Claire hated her.

"You realize he's probably calling the cops right now." Claire said.

"I don't think that's what he's doing." Elle chuckled before adding in mock
seriousness, "But just in case you should probably eat quickly."

Claire glared at Elle briefly before pouting and picking up her knife and

Elle wasn't sure if she found the glare or the pout more adorable but she was
sure she was oddly not happy with Claire being upset with her, more than
likely because it ran the risk of them having less sex, so Elle decided to
try and cheer Claire up.

"Oh come on Claire, it was funny." Elle protested, "Did you see the look on
his face? I thought he was about to faint."

"It wasn't funny." Claire said blushing, a small smile threatening to cross
her face.

"Oh it was." Elle said, a wicked smile crossing her face, "And I don't
remember you complaining."

"Yeah, well... I kind of didn't want too." Claire admitted, trying and
failing not to blush.

Silence fell between them briefly as Elle smiled at Claire and Claire softly
smiled back.

"And you're not going too." Elle said, squeezing Claire's hand.

That had sounded a lot less threatening in Elle's head but from the look on
Claire's face Elle could tell the cheerleader wasn't really sure how to take
it, so she tried to say something else which only ended up making Claire feel
more nervous. Luckily for them both it was a good type of nervous.

"Eat up pom-pom. It will give you energy. And trust me, you're going to need


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