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Authors note: This is story takes place during Season 3, episode 7.

Keywords: BDSM, Ff, Language, Oral, Spank, Toys, TV-parody

Heroes: Elle's Pain Slut Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

As they turned into an alleyway which was even more seedy looking than the
last Claire found herself starting to worry again.

The multiple orgasms Elle had given her in the restaurant had fried Claire's
brain, both figuratively and literally, and since then the cheerleader had
been to happily exhausted to really worry about such trivial things like the
fact she had no idea where she was or where she was going or that she was
travelling with a sadistic killer who she had agreed to spend the night
having dangerous, and possibly deadly, lesbian sex with.

During Claire's dazed happiness Elle had been surprisingly good company,
engaging in mostly silly but fun small talk as they ate making the time just
fly by. The whole time Elle never stopped giving Claire sexually charged and
hungry looks and would constantly find excuses to softly and subtlely touch
her which seemed to keep Claire on her sexual high without completely
distracting her from whatever it was they were talking about.

Claire knew she shouldn't be enjoying these touches so much, that she should
have been more freaked out from another girl looking at her in such a way but
the truth was she liked all of the attention Elle was giving her.

She didn't know why but she liked the fact that Elle's attention was on her
and no one else. It made her feel special, like she was the centre of this
woman's world... which if true at least for the time being should worry
Claire considering Elle's sadistic tendencies but it didn't.

The cheerleader had liked that unlike their first cab ride Elle paid no
attention to the sites, or the driver, or anything around them except her,
and the same was true when they had got out of the cab in the middle of
nowhere and started walking.

Admittedly the restaurant had been in the middle of nowhere and the food
there had been surprisingly good so maybe Claire was worrying over nothing.
Then again, Elle had been very cryptic about where they were going and as
they turned round another corner Claire saw why.

"We're here." Elle said cheerily, heading towards the door, only stopping and
turning when she saw that Claire had stopped in her tracks, "What?"

"You can't be serious?" Claire exclaimed quietly in disbelief.

"Why not?" Elle asked.

"Because it's... it's..." Claire stammered.

"A sex store." Elle finished for her, "Why can't I be serious about that?"

"Because I'm not going in there." Claire said.

"Why?" Elle asked.

"Because... because..." Claire said, trying to find a reason.

"Because you are afraid Daddy might find out?" Elle offered with a smirk.

"No, that's not it." Claire protested.

"Well then what's the matter pom-pom? Why are you so afraid of a store?" Elle

"I'm not." Claire said.

"Prove it." Elle challenged.

What lame reverse psychology Claire thought, still trying to find herself
away out of going inside the store.

"Why do you want to go in there?" Claire asked.

Elle smiled.

"There are some rooms in the basement of this store which can be rented out
for an hour or two. All the rooms are supposed to be soundproof so I was
thinking it might be fun to rent a room and unlike in a hotel you could
scream to your hearts content and no one will disturb us. Plus we can use
whatever fun things we find in the store to explore your love for pain." Elle

"Oh." Claire said, still feeling a little unsure.

What Elle was suggesting sounded... interesting, but did Claire really want
to be alone with Elle in a soundproof room? And could she really go into a
place like this?

Elle sighed at Claire's hesitation before stepping forwards so that she was
inches away from the cheerleader.

"Look pom-pom, if you really don't want to go in there that's fine, we'll
just go find a nice hotel room where I can spend the night sliding my tongue
and fingers all over your hot little body, but I'd really like to at least
pick up a couple of fun toys to use on you, and if you let me I promise to
make it worth your while." Elle whispered huskily in a tone which made
Claire's insides melt.

Claire bit her lip and struggled to keep eye contact with Elle as the other
girl's eyes were burning with lust.

"What kind of toys?" Claire asked, although she was pretty sure she already
knew the answer, a fact confirmed by the smile on Elle's face.

"What kind of toys do you think pom-pom?" Elle asked, throwing the question
back in Claire's blushing face.

Too embarrassed to keep eye contact Claire looked away, hating that she was
having this conversation in a public street, no matter how empty it was, and
hating herself for getting so embarrassed.

"Have you ever even had a toy before cheerleader?" Elle asked with a frown..

Claire's attempt to avoid the question by continuing to look away gave Elle
her answer.

"Ok that settles it, you're coming with me." Elle said firmly as she took
Claire by the hand and led her into the store.

Claire would have protested but the conversation had left her feeling an odd
mix of embarrassment and desire to the point where she was unsure what she
wanted, and Elle was more than ready to capitalise on this moment of

Before she knew it Claire was standing in the middle of a sex store staring
at a wall full of fake cocks of every shape and size.

She was so stunned by what she saw Claire didn't even flinch when Elle
pressed herself against the cheerleader's back and encircled her arms around
the other girl's waste from behind in a gentle hug, Elle not giving a damn
about the other customers who quickly became captivated by the sight of one
girl hugging another in a definite more than just friends type of way.

"I'm kind of disappointed in you pom-pom." Elle said huskily into Claire's
ear, "Every girl your age should have at least one vibrator. So here's what's
going to happen, you're going to pick out any toy you want and I'll buy it
for you. It can be a little something for you to remember me by. When you've
chosen the toy you want to keep I'll choose a couple of toys which I'm going
to keep but share with you tonight. And by share I mean I'm going to use them
to fuck your sweet little cheerleader brains out!"

Claire was so captivated by the sight before her it took a few moments for
Elle's words to sink in and when they did now familiar feelings of
embarrassment and desire ran through the cheerleader's body again, although
she was able to hide these feelings this time.

On the outside Claire was reasonably calm looking but on the inside her mind
was racing.

Was Elle serious about buying her one of these things? Did she want one? And
if so what should she get?

The more she thought about it the more Claire's desires fought off her
embarrassment allowing her to admit to herself she wanted one of these things
regardless whether Elle was willing to pay for it are not, leaving her with
just one question left, which one should she get, and that was hard to answer
because there were just so many of them.

Elle was a little disappointed about the lack of reaction she got from the
cheerleader, but quickly shrugged it off. She had only just started to press
Claire's buttons and Elle was sure that she would be getting plenty of
reactions out of the younger girl soon enough.

"So what do you think cheerleader? Wanna be boring and go for something small
like a little pocket rocket, or do you may be want to try something like
that?" Elle asked, first pointing to a collection of small vibrators and then
to a giant fist which until she saw the price tag Claire had thought was just
for decoration.

This comment got a reaction.

Claire liked pain but she didn't see how any hole would be able to fit that
thing. Besides, how on earth would she be able to take it home with her, and
how would she be able to explain coming home with and/or keeping an obscenely
large fake fist?

With a selection of embarrassing thoughts flooding her head Claire quickly
reached out and grabbed the nearest reasonably sized dildo and held it out,
offering it to the other girl.

"Mm, sure you don't want to go bigger pom-pom?" Elle asked.

Claire's eyes momentarily flashed to the other sizes, her mind filling with
many naughty images before she snapped herself out of it.

"I'm sure." Claire said.

"Okey dokey." Elle said a little disappointedly before removing her arms
around Claire's waste and walking away from the selection of dildos, her eyes
reading the back of the box the vibrator was in, "Mm, only three settings,
slow, medium and fast... bet this thing can't give you a stronger buzz than
me pom-pom..."

Elle looked up from the (rather on the small side in her opinion) vibrator,
preparing to try and talk Claire into getting a more interesting toy when
suddenly her eyes spotted something which made her stop in her tracks.

She stared at it for a few moments and then smiled evilly.

Claire felt an odd sense of disappointment when Elle had let go of her, but
that feeling of disappointment was quickly replaced by shock and then anger,
annoyance and embarrassment as her eyes followed Elle and saw what the other
girl was looking at.

"It's your uniform!" Elle squealed happily, clapping her hands together with

"It's not my uniform!" Claire said indignantly as Elle took down a
cheerleader outfit almost identical to the one she used to wear.

"It is. You're old red and white one from back when everyone was so obsessed
with saving the cheerleader." Elle said, holding the uniform up, "Ha, it's
even got a cat on the front of it like your old one."

"But it's wrong." Claire pouted, "There's too much cleavage and the skirt is
ridiculously short. And we were the WILDcats, not the..."

"PUSSYcats." Elle finished for her with a wicked grin causing Claire to pout

"Just put it back." Claire grumbled.

"No way, you have to wear this now. It's like fate or something." Elle said.

"No I don't." Claire said.

"Oh come on Claire, I'll make it worth your while." Elle said suggestively.

"That's what you said right before you dragged me in here." Claire pointed

"And I am, I'm just going to make it extra special worth your while if you
wear this." Elle said.

Claire gave her an annoyed look and Elle sighed.

Elle really, really wanted to see the cheerleader back in a cheerleading
outfit. She wanted it so badly she'd probably do just about anything to get
it, even beg if she had to, but first she would try something that tended to
be a little more reliable in her experience, bribery.

"Ok fine, what's it going to take to get you into this uniform?" Elle asked.

Claire opened her mouth to say Elle would never, ever get her to wear that
thing but stopped herself.

Ever since the plane it had felt like Elle was in control of her every move,
that no matter what Claire did or said ultimately she would wind up doing
whatever Elle wanted and now she was finally in a position of power she felt
she should use it. She could suffer wearing that knockoff cheerleader outfit
if she could have control, even if it was only for a moment.

"No more dragging me around without telling me where we're going. And from
now on, whatever you're planning you tell me about it first. Deal?" Claire

"Deal." Elle said, smiling happily at the thought of getting the cheerleader
back into her proper attire.

"And lose the jacket." Claire suddenly added.

"Why?" Elle asked, a little surprised by the request.

"It's ugly and I don't like it." Claire said.

"So you want me to take it off?" Elle said smiling, "Anything else you want
me to take off pom-pom?"

"Just the jackets fine." Claire said, blushing slightly.

"Alright, but that's it, no adding more conditions later, agreed?" Elle asked

"Agreed." Claire said.

"Ok cheerleader," Elle said, holding up the cheerleader outfit again, "Let's
get you into something a little more comfortable."

* * *

A little more comfortable, what a joke. What a unfunny and completely wrong

This was what Claire thought to herself as she scowled at her reflection in
the mirror.

The cheerleader outfit she had agreed to wear for Elle was skin tight and it
crushed her breasts together so tightly it was almost painful. Because of
this Claire's tits almost appeared to grow bigger, something the cheerleader
was unsure whether she liked or not. The skirt looked even shorter while she
was wearing it than it had looked while Elle was holding it, but it actually
looked kind of... good.

Claire was happy with her body, or at least as happy as any teenage girl
could be, but she had to admit the outfit did look very good on her. It was
even kind of comforting to be back in a cheerleader outfit as it was
something that Claire felt defined who she was, even giving her pleasant
memories of before she knew anything about abilities, the company, etc, when
she was just a normal girl with normal problems.

However Claire found herself dreading when Elle saw her in this because the
second she did Elle would know she was right, it did look just like her old
uniform and she did look good in it, and then Elle would rub Claire's face in

Claire's concerns were proved valid as she saw the reflection of Elle pushing
the curtain aside and stepping into the changing room without any warning

The cheerleader was going to yell at Elle for walking in on her when she
could have been changing but considering she had agreed to a night of lesbian
sex with the other girl it did seem a little pointless so Claire said
nothing. She did however pout and cross her arms defensively when she saw the
wide grin on Elle's face.

Not giving Claire a chance to turn around Elle quickly through her shopping
bags to the floor and skipped happily over to the cheerleader and wrapped her
arms around her waist from behind in another hug, this one tighter than

"Oh my god pom-pom, you look so cute." Elle said happily.

Claire glared at Elle in the mirror in a look which was obviously meant to be
threatening but it just looked so cute Elle couldn't help but laugh.

Elle quickly stopped herself from laughing when she saw the look on Claire's
face changed to a kind of uncomfortable disappointment and she knew she had
to turn that frown upside down pretty quickly if she didn't want Claire to
get upset and change her mind about having fun with her tonight.

"Did I say cute, I meant sexy. Sexy, and totally hot. We should burn all your
other clothes cheerleader, because this is clearly what you should always be
wearing." Elle said.

"You think?" Claire asked, oddly enjoying the compliments.

"I think you look good enough to eat pom-pom." Elle said, before gently
kissing Claire's neck a few times, squeezing soft moans of delight out of the
cheerleader's mouth, "Now, how about I show you the downstairs to this

Claire bit her lip and then said, "Ok."

Smiling Elle took Claire by the hand and led her out of the changing rooms,
stopping only to pick up her bags which Claire found worryingly big looking.
Claire got even more worried when Elle led her into a room downstairs which
looked more like a mediaeval dungeon than a basement.

Things were hanging from the walls Claire wasn't even sure how to describe,
and there were things scattered around the floor which looked very

Elle fought the urge to laugh as she watched the cheerleader staring in
disbelief at all the pretty little devices of pain and pleasure scattered
around the room.

The look on Claire's face amused Elle so much she watched her prey for a few
seconds before slamming the door shut harder than necessary, causing Claire
to nearly jump out of her skin.

"Something wrong cheerleader?" Elle asked innocently.

"What is all this stuff?" Claire asked with a frown.

"What, you didn't think we were here just because it was soundproof?" Elle
questioned, grinning mischievously.

"We agree to no more secrets, you're supposed to tell me where we're going
and why, that was the agreement." Claire complained.

"Yes, and I already did. I told you we were going to a special soundproof
room in the basement to explore your love for pain. Remember?" Elle pointed

When she thought about it Claire realised Elle was right, but that didn't
stop her from glaring at the other girl angrily.

"Oh come on Claire, if I had told you about everything down here you wouldn't
have come and we wouldn't get such a perfect chance to see what a little pain
slut you are." Elle said, noting by the look on Claire's face she was on the
right track and decided to push this whole pain slut thing, "Don't you want
to find out if that's what you really are, a pain slut? Isn't this the
perfect opportunity to test that? And if I'm right and you are a pain slut,
well, then we can just explore how much you can take."

The anger Claire felt towards Elle was quickly replaced by lust but the
cheerleader was still hesitant. Everything was just happening so fast and her
mind was screaming danger over and over again, until she suddenly realised
something, what was the point?

"What's the point? I can't feel pain. Well, I can feel it with you for some
reason, but that's different. I won't be able to feel any of this stuff."
Claire said, unable to hide her disappointment.

"I'll make you feel it." Elle said without a single hint of doubt in her

Claire was obviously still unsure so Elle decided to switch tactics.

"Listen cheerleader, like I said before, if you really don't want to, that's
fine, we can leave now if that's what you really want. The thing is, we both
know that's not what you really want. We both know how curious you are about
this stuff, how much you want to explore this pain thing, how you want to
feel it, how you want me to make you feel it. So why don't you just try it?
If you don't end up liking it then you never have to do it again, and if you
like it, then maybe you'll at least be able to admit to yourself what you
really want." Elle said.

"I don't know." Claire said honestly after a pause.

"Why? What's the matter?" Elle ask, wondering what else Claire could be
worrying about and then realising what it could be, "Is it me? Are you afraid
I'm going to betray you or something?"

Elle took Claire's silence as a yes.

"What do you think I'm going to do, tie you up and leave you here? Hand you
over to a company I hated working for, a company that fired me? I wouldn't do
that..." Elle said, before thinking about it and adding, "Well, I might have
done that if I could but considering my track record I don't think if I even
brought the company back you and every level 5 freak I accidentally allowed
to escape they'd take me back, and besides, last I heard scary old grandma
Petrelli was running the show and I don't think she'd appreciate having me
show up with her hogtied granddaughter expecting my old job back."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Claire scoffed.

"Yes actually, cause if you think about it, me taking you to the company
isn't an option, and as for leaving you here all tied up and helpless, as
funny as that sounds it doesn't seem half as fun as a night of corrupting
everyone's precious little cheerleader and turning her into a pain loving
lesbian slut. So you see pom-pom, you really don't have any reason not to
trust me." Elle said with a wicked smile on her face.

Claire pouted, but she could see nothing wrong with Elle's argument. There
seemed no reason for Elle to betray her, but Elle was the most unpredictable
person Claire had ever met and who knows what she would do given the
opportunity. The unpredictability of the other blonde was actually kind of a
turn on for Claire, but that didn't change the fact that she was in a
dangerous situation, one that could end really badly, but no matter how hard
the sensible part of her brain urged her to leave Claire knew she would
always regret not exploring these desires with Elle in this room if she chose
to leave, and as much as she tried she couldn't convince herself not to stay.

"Ok, fine, I'll... I'll do whatever you want." Claire sighed.

"Good, you're making the right choice." Elle said with another smile, before
picking up the bags and walking round to the front of a big table in the
middle of the room, "Lay across this table with your arms hanging over the
front and your legs apart."

Claire did as she was told and laid across the table. Although Claire wasn't
tall by any stretch of the imagination she was able to stretch her slim body
across the entire table with her arms hanging out in front of her while her
legs hung off behind her, leaving her basically in a ridiculous version of
bending over.

Once Claire was in place Elle pulled some rope from out of one of the bags,
which caused Claire to frown.

"You were serious about the tying up thing?" Claire said.

"Of course." Elle said, and then added after seeing the look on Claire's
face, "Oh come on pom-pom, it's all part of the fun."

"I don't know about this." Claire said hesitantly.

"Do you want to explore your desires for pain or not?" Elle questioned,
clearly running out of patience.

"Yes." Claire said quietly after a pause.

"Well then trust me, I know what I'm doing pom-pom and like I said I have no
reason to betray you." Elle said, before smiling, "I know, we can have a
safety word. People have safety words with this stuff all the time, it stops
things from getting out of hand. I know, the safety word can be pom-pom. I
like that, pom-pom it is. You think you can remember that cheerleader?"

Considering that's one of the two things you call me regularly instead of
using my name, yes, I think I can remember that Claire thought angrily to
herself, however when she said it she shortened it to, "Yes."

"Good, now hold still." Elle said as she knelt down in front of the

Not giving Claire a chance to change her mind Elle quickly wrapped one of her
pieces of rope around the cheerleader's right arm and one of the chair legs,
waiting until not only that arm was secure but until Claire's left arm was
also in place to smile and say something else.

"You know it's a pity we're using safety words because that means I won't get
a chance to test out that pretty ball gag I got on you. I bet you'd look
great with something in your mouth." Elle said as she walked round to
Claire's legs, unable to stop herself from smiling as she could sense the
cheerleader glaring angrily at her, "Oh well, I guess we'll just have too
wait until we get to a hotel room to try out that toy."

Elle quickly tied Claire's legs to the other two table legs, leaving the
other girl helpless and exposed to the desires of her sadistic travelling

With a new air of confidence brought on by the fact that Claire was now
powerless to stop her from doing anything she wanted Elle stood up and walked
around the cheerleader like some kind of predator circling its prey.

"You know something cheerleader, you're actually pretty lucky. You see in the
company part of mandatory training is how to extract information from people
by any means necessary, which means I'm trained in just about every type of
torture there is. I was never really good and most of the training, and I
don't test well, but I passed torture with flying colours. From there it was
an easy transition to the world of BDSM and I soon became an expert in
knowing just how to make it hurt in all the right places. Of course it helps
that I had my own special... touch to it." Elle said, sliding her fingertips
gently over Claire's back as she continued to circle the cheerleader, firing
gentle sparks of electricity into her body on the word 'touch', causing
Claire to gasp, "I got special training from the company on how to use that
too of course, but I did a lot of... experimenting on my own too, especially
with all my pretty little toys in their cages. I tried all sorts of fun
things on them, and I found out such interesting things. For instance, did
you know if a large burst of electricity is channelled into just the right
spot on someone's spine not only will it go up and down their backbone but it
will spread evenly through their entire body? See?"

Claire cried out loudly as on the words 'see' Elle fired electricity directly
into her back in just the right place to slide up and down her spine and all
over her body, making every part of her come alive in wonderful, wonderful
pain. The sensations were so powerful and overwhelmingly everywhere Claire
thought she would pass out from this pleasurable agony only for Elle to bring
her down from her high just in time.

"Of course electricity flows through someone's body no matter where it hits,
but I can concentrate my electricity on a pacific spot..." Elle explained as
she slipped her fingertips up to the back of Claire's neck.

Claire's breathing became fast and hard as Elle's fingertips brushed against
her weak spot, the place where if something was inserted into and left there
it would kill her and she would remain dead. It had happened before with a
large piece of wood and Claire had no doubt that with enough electricity Elle
could kill her, at least temporarily.

While Claire felt a natural fear of this happening she found that part of her
actually wanted it, part of her wanted Elle to fire as much electricity as
she could directly into her skull just to see how deliciously painful it
could be.

It was incredibly twisted but when Elle fired a gentle burst of electricity
directly into the back of her neck and head Claire almost begged the sadistic
other girl for more, almost begged her to give her everything right on her
weak spot so she could feel the wonderful agony.

Before Claire got the chance to beg for that pain Elle removed her fingertips
from the cheerleader's weak spot and then slowly slid her fingers down the
other blonde's spine, over her butt and up her short skirt until the tips of
her fingers rested against Claire's pantie covered pussy.

"Some spots can be extremely painful when electrocuted, others can be
extremely pleasurable." Elle said as she pushed Claire's panties aside and
slid two fingers slowly into Claire's wet love hole.

Claire gasped and then moaned from the penetration as her pussy was once
again filled with Elle's fingers.

Elle had managed to keep Claire in a constant state of arousal since the
restaurant and the last couple of electronic blasts had left the
cheerleader's pussy soaking wet so it was hardly a surprise when Elle was
able to slide into Claire like a knife through hot butter.

Once she had her two fingers all the way into the knuckles inside the
cheerleader Elle gave Claire a few moments to anticipate what was to come
before sending gentle sparks directly into the other girl's cunt, those
sparks steadily increasing in power and speed until the little cheerleader
was moaning with pleasure and trying desperately to hump herself back against
her unmoving fingers.

Smiling evilly to herself Elle brought Claire down from her high, removed her
fingers, re-covered the cheerleader's pussy with the panties and walked over
to her bag of goodies.

"Of course, I didn't go to all the trouble of bringing you down here just to
use my fingers to play with you, not when I've got so many fun toys for us to
play with." Elle said, as she carried the bags out of Claire's line of sight.

Before unpacking the toys she plans to use Elle couldn't resist popping the
two fingers which had been inside Claire into her mouth, just as she couldn't
resist moaning softly as the sweet flavour of the cheerleader's cunt cream
hit her tastebuds.

A very big part of Elle would have just like to bury her face in the
cheerleader's pussy and eat that delicious tasting thing to orgasm after
orgasm for the rest of the night, but there were too many naughty things Elle
wanted to do to Claire for her to do that. So Elle called up every ounce of
willpower she had and successfully moved on, displaying all the pretty toys
she planned using on Claire, or at least all the toys she planned using on
Claire in here, in front of her on a smaller table next to the younger girl.

Looking at her selection of goodies Elle picked out the first toy she planned
on using which was a long but thin riding crop and then walked around so that
she was facing Claire, twirling her instrument of discipline in her hand for
the cheerleader to see.

"Ever been spanked or whipped before cheerleader?" Elle asked mischievously.

Claire stared at the crop silently for a few moments and then shook her head.

"Didn't think so." Elle said, walking round so she was now standing behind
the bound girl, "Oh well, there's always a first time for everything."

After she said that Elle waited a long time before delivering the first blow.
Elle knew if her plan was to work then she would need Claire to be
anticipating each and every strike, and while it was doubtful Claire was
looking forward to it now Elle was confident she could get the cheerleader to
the point where she was practically begging for it. But Elle was getting
ahead of herself.

Focusing on the now Elle admired Claire's hot little body in that tight
little cheerleader outfit, all bent over and tied up, her butt sticking out
invitingly at Elle as if Claire's ass was begging her to spank it.

When she felt enough time had passed that was exactly what Elle did.

Elle raised her crop and brought as hard as she could down on Claire's skirt
covered backside.

The cheerleader gasped at the shock of the first hit, but barely reacted to
the second hit and completely ignored the third.

Despite the lack of reaction from the cheerleader Elle continued to have her
fun, bringing the crop down again and again on Claire's ass with a minimum of
effort, the whole time knowing the other girl wasn't feeling a thing.

"Mmmmm, something's not quite right." Elle said, pretending to sound
thoughtful, "Oh, I know!"

Grabbing the bottom of Claire's cheerleader skirt Elle gently pushed it up
and over the other girl's hips, leaving only a pair of panties between her
and Claire's butt.

"Much better." Elle said happily, resuming the whipping.

Claire crinkled her nose in annoyance as Elle pulled her skirt up but said
nothing about this added humiliation.

The cheerleader honestly didn't know what else she'd been expecting. She
shouldn't have been expecting this to hurt but somehow Elle had managed to
convince her it would. Oh how she wished it would. She didn't want to admit
it out loud but Claire wished she could feel each one of these blows, she
wished she could feel pain from them, she wished they would hurt her, but
they didn't, they couldn't.

It seemed only Elle's electricity could harm her for whatever weird reason,
meaning if Claire wanted to feel any of the wonderful agony she had felt only
moments ago again it was probably best if she just let Elle have her fun, get
bored, and then maybe the other girl would give her the pain she craved, or
perhaps some of the pleasure she had also given her.

"It's still not quite right." Elle said, again pretending to sound
thoughtful, "Oh, got it."

Claire blushed a little when she felt Elle sliding her panties down to where
they were just above her knees, Elle obviously unable to take them down any
further due to how wide her legs were spread by the table.

"There, perfect." Elle said, before going back to the whipping.

Claire scalded herself for blushing when her panties were removed but really
she couldn't help it.

This whole situation just seemed so humiliating to her. Here she was
receiving some kind of twisted bare bottom whipping like she was in some kind
of uptight school and she had just been found smoking in the bathroom or
something. And the outfit she was wearing was just ridiculous. Even if it did
look like her cheerleader outfit it was still the cheap hooker version of her

There may have been some twisted part of Claire which got off on physical
abuse but this mental abuse was doing nothing for her, nor was the supposed
physical abuse for that matter.

"It still missing something." Elle said, pretending to sound thoughtful
again, "Maybe if I do something like this..."

Claire gasped in surprise, and not in surprise like before when she had been
caught off guard when Elle had finally struck her with the crop but this was
a genuine gasp of surprise, because for the first time since the whipping
began she had actually felt something. She had actually felt pain, and it had
felt good, so very, very good.

Before Claire got the chance to wonder if it was some kind of fluke she felt
a sharp sting of pain again and again, brought to her by the same crop which
moments ago hadn't been able to make her feel anything.

"What the... how... how are you doing that?" Claire asked, turning her head
as much as she could to try and look back at Elle.

"I would have thought it was obvious cheerleader. I'm using the crop as a
conductor so I can give you a little shock on every hit." Elle explained,
"Why, don't you like it?"

Claire blushed and bit her lip. She liked it, she loved it, but could she
actually admit it out loud?

"Cause if you don't like it I guess I could stop..." Elle began.

"No! I like it." Claire interrupted quickly.

"Really..." Elle said, smiling wickedly, "I kind of thought you would... do
you want more?"

There was a slight pause and then Claire softly replied, "Yes."

"That's what I thought... you want more because you're a dirty little pain
slut who just can't get enough of what I can give her..." Elle said cockily,
"But if you want any more of your precious pain you're going to have to do a
few things for me."

Claire's heart sank and she inwardly cursed herself for falling into this
trap. Here she was tied up and helpless with no choice but to give in to
whatever Elle demanded of her in this position. How could she have been so

"What do you want?" Claire asked, preparing herself for the worst.

"Well." Elle said smiling, "Since we're in this nice little dungeon setting
and I am punishing your naughty ass I think as long as we're in here you
should call me Mistress Elle."

"You expect me to call you Mistress Elle?" Claire asked in disbelief.

"Uh-huh." Elle said.

Claire frowned but thought about this for a moment. She honestly wasn't sure
what she had been expecting Elle to try and blackmail her into in this
position but it seemed rather mundane compared to what Elle potentially could
do to her. Besides, if she was going to test whether she liked this kind of
thing or not maybe it was best to go along with it.

"Ok." Claire said.

"Ok what?" Elle asked.

Claire frowned, thought about it for a moment, and then said, "Oh, ok
Mistress Elle."

"Better, but I don't think it's enough." Elle said, "I mean I really am doing
you a favour here pom-pom, I'm allowing you to explore these naughty little
desires for pain so that you can better understand yourself and what you
really want, so how about you thank me for each strike."

Claire thought that idea was weird, but because it didn't sound that bad she
just sighed and gave in, "Ok, what else?"

"Nothing, that's it... well except maybe it might be fun if you counted each
blow as well before thanking me, so why don't you do that too." Elle said.

"Ok, anything else?" Claire asked.

"No, that's it, I promise." Elle said, raising her riding crop, "Ok now
remember cheerleader, count and thank your Mistress Elle for each and every
one of these!"

"Ok... ahhh... one, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh... two, thank you
Mistress Elle... ahhh... three, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh... four,
thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh... five, thank you Mistress Elle... "

When she felt nothing on the first strike Claire was incredibly angry and
disappointed, when she felt nothing on the second strike she was just angry
and when she felt nothing on the third strike she was furious.

Claire had thought the agreement she had just made with Elle would ensure
that every blow would give her the pain she craved, but when she thought
carefully about it Claire realised that wasn't what she had agreed too. Elle
didn't agree to give Claire pain with each strike, Elle had blackmailed
Claire into calling her Mistress Elle and counting each blow by threatening
not to give her pain at all, so the cheerleader had no argument. Once again
Elle had manipulated her into doing whatever she wanted and Claire didn't
like it one bit, mostly because she was beginning to worry about the growing
power Elle seem to have over her.

Whatever worries or thoughts were going through Claire's head were
immediately interrupted on the tenth strike of the crop when Elle finally
gave her a little jolt of the pain she so wanted, causing the cheerleader to
gasp loudly and momentarily forget what she was supposed to say before a loud
coughing sound from behind her quickly had Claire counting the correct number
and thanking her Mistress Elle for the blow she had just received.

Unfortunately the next couple of blows did not come with a little buzz of
pain, but just when Claire was getting disappointed another couple came along
in a row which, rather perversely, cheered her up.

It continued like this, Elle randomly shocking Claire, sometimes on every
other strike, sometimes infrequently, and sometimes on almost every strike.

At first Claire tried to look for a pattern, a method to Elle's madness, but
she quickly realised there wasn't one, Elle was just having fun at her
expense, which for some incredibly twisted reason Claire actually found kind
of a turn on. Rather than try and analyse why that was a turn on Claire
decided to turn off her brain and concentrate on what she was feeling, partly
because she didn't want to analyse why another girl totally having her way
with her in this twisted environment was such a turn on, but mostly because
Claire just wanted to savour each and every one of those wonderfully painful

"Owww... forty eight, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... forty nine, thank
you Mistress Elle... owww... fifty, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh... fifty
one, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh... fifty two, thank you Mistress Elle...

Elle had known this was going to be fun but it was honestly better than she
could ever have imagined.

Normally in this situation Elle would take sadistic pleasure out of the
reactions of the person she was dominating. Their screams, their cries, their
whimpers, the way their bodies tightened up defensively as she struck them,
and the marks left on their skin all drove Elle crazy. But Claire was

In all her years of dominating Elle had never been with anyone who reacted
quite like Claire.

Claire cried and whimpered, but her cries and whimpers were always half of
pain and half of pleasure, the little pain slut enjoying every strike Elle
gave her. Well, every electric powered strike. The normal strikes did nothing
for Claire and although she cried out when the crop smacked off her ass it
was a cry of disappointment and slight surprise, not one of pain.

The cheerleader's body tightened up defensively when she was struck however
in between strikes Claire would press herself backwards as much as she could
in her bonds as if she was eagerly offering her ass up to be beaten.

And of course, no matter how hard Elle tried no mark stayed on that perfect
little body for long. Even after the sadistic girl gave Claire's ass a long
series of super charged strikes at the moment Elle stopped beating her the
cheerleader's flesh would supernaturally heal before her eyes.

The healing part Elle had seen before but she had never seen someone lust for
pain as much as the cheerleader did. It was an incredible turn on.

"Owww... ninety six, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh... ninety seven, thank
you Mistress Elle... owww... ninety eight, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh...
ninety nine, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... one hundred, thank you
Mistress Elle..."

"Having fun cheerleader?" Elle asked.

There was a pause and then Claire mumbled something incoherently.

"What was that pom-pom?" Elle asked, and then after another pause added,
"Tell me or no more electric strikes for you."

"Yes, I'm having fun... please give me more." Claire said loudly and clearly.

"You mean yes, I'm having fun Mistress Elle, please give me more Mistress
Elle." Elle corrected.

"Yes, I'm having fun Mistress Elle, please give me more Mistress Elle."
Claire parroted, trying and failing to keep the anger and annoyance from her

"Better, but I'm bored of beating you with this. I want to try one of my
other new toys." Elle said, putting the crop down and picking up a large
paddle, "This will do. Ok, here we go again, start from one and continue to
count and thank me for each strike."

"Yes Mistress Elle... ahhh... one, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh... two,
thank you Mistress Elle... owww... three, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh....
four, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... five, thank you Mistress Elle.... "

As Claire counted and thanked her 'Mistress' she thought about the difference
between the crop and this new instrument of punishment.

The crop was able to get into a more concentrated area of flesh however the
paddle hit more of her bottom, especially in the way that Elle was using it.

Of course it only really hurt when Elle fired electricity through the paddle
and a bigger object didn't automatically mean more electricity. It was
completely up to Elle how much Claire got shocked, and each blow seemed to
vary, but by having a wider head than the crop more of Claire's ass would be
damaged from the blow, so when Elle let her feel the pain it almost always
hurt more than the crop.

Not surprisingly Claire welcomed more pain, the whole time greedy for more,
part of her wishing she could plead for more instead of this stupid counting
crap, but another part of her happy she wouldn't have to humiliate herself
any further by begging. Although, as perverted as it was, there was another
part of Claire that wanted to beg Elle for more pain not just because she
wanted more pain, but because she wanted to feel the shame and humiliation of
begging another girl to beat her ass.

When this whipping had started Claire had hated the feeling of being tied up
and beaten but as Elle continued to punish her the cheerleader found herself
beginning to actually enjoy it.

At first Claire had been afraid to be under Elle's control, helpless to stop
the other girl from doing anything she wanted to her but as it became clear
that Elle's intentions were purely sexual in nature the cheerleader was able
to relax and as she was able to relax she was able to concentrate on the
wonderful pain she was receiving. Claire found herself longing for each
strike, silently praying that this one would contain a blast of pleasurable
agony. With every electric free blow hit Claire would cry out in
disappointment and then get back to eagerly anticipating the next, hoping it
would give her the pain she craved, and with every electric hit Claire would
cry out in joyous pain before greedily hoping the next blow would also
contain the sensations she wanted. Eventually the anticipation itself became
sweet agony and then Claire was truly in heaven.

Suddenly every second of this was painful either mentally or physically and
rather than annoy Claire it brought her to paradise.

No longer caring what she had to say Claire's tone of voice turned from
annoyed to blissfully happy, the cheerleader counting and thanking her
Mistress like she truly meant it, because now she truly did.

"Owww... forty eight, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh... forty nine, thank
you Mistress Elle... owww... fifty, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... fifty
one, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh... fifty two, thank you Mistress Elle...

The change in Claire's tone did not go unnoticed by Elle who smiled wickedly
at this turn of events.

Elle had received a few spankings and whippings just for the fun of it in her
free time so she knew exactly what Claire was going through.

Most people would probably think a spanking or a whipping in the name of
pleasure was all about getting off on the physical pain but in Elle's
experience there was more to it than that. For Elle the mental side of it was
just as if not more important than the physical element, and never had that
been more true than in this case.

Claire couldn't feel physical pain but Elle had expected she could still
experience mental pain and from the cheerleader's reactions it would seem she
was correct.

Elle had humiliated Claire by putting her in this situation, making the
cheerleader feel degraded by being cropped and paddled and yet she had been
able to make her enjoy it, leaving Claire feeling perverted and sickened by
herself. Of course that self-hatred had obviously either faded away or added
to the mix as, Elle guest, Claire excepted her enjoyment of this act and
simply concentrated on waiting for the next strike.

Anticipation was key in this, and Elle knew just how to drive someone crazy
with lengthy pauses in between some strikes while having others come in quick
concession. Elle constantly switched between that and a steady rhythm, her
blows sometimes spreading all over Claire's ass, other times she concentrated
on one specific spot. If Claire had been able to feel pain Elle would have
spent more time switching in between the power behind her strikes but since
she wasn't sure how much effect it was having she didn't concentrate on it
too much. Still Elle found herself experimenting a little bit, but to her
disappointment it didn't seem to make much difference. No matter though,
there were still plenty of things Elle could do to the cheerleader while
beating her, and Elle was nothing if not adventurous.

"Ahhh... ninety six, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... ninety seven, thank
you Mistress Elle... owww... ninety eight, thank you Mistress Elle... owww...
ninety nine, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... one hundred, thank you
Mistress Elle..."

"Had enough yet pom-pom?" Elle asked mischievously.

"No, give me more Mistress Elle." Claire half whimpered, half begged.

"Mm, you forgot to say please but since I'm already punishing your hot little
ass I guess I'll let it slide." Elle said, switching the paddle for a cat o'
nine tails, "Go back to one and start counting again pom-pom, and don't
forget to thank me."

"Owww... one, thank you Mistress Elle... ahhh... two, thank you Mistress
Elle... oww... three, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... four, thank you
Mistress Elle... owww... five, thank you Mistress Elle..."

Ever since she had started enjoying both the physical and mental pain of the
beating Claire had been on a constant high, and she only seemed to soar
higher with this new, wonderful weapon.

In Elle's hand that's definitely what the cat o' nine tails was, a weapon,
one which the other blonde used to lash into the soft skin of Claire's butt
over, and over, and over again, the cheerleader loving every single blow.

Claire welcomed the physical or mental pain brought on by each strike, her
cloudy mind trying to analyse why this was so much better than the paddle or
the crop.

It wasn't hard to figure out. With both the paddle and the crop Claire was
receiving one blow at a time, one big, one small, but both carrying the same
amount of electricity, unless Elle decided otherwise. But the cat o' nine
tails was different because electricity would slide through each of those
nine tails giving Claire nine equally powerful blasts when Elle shocked her
and the feeling of nine little lashes smacking off her ass maddeningly
without any pain when Elle wasn't giving her what she craved was now almost
beginning to feel as good as those wonderful electric charged strikes.

So Claire was receiving more pain with this object than ever before and it
got even better when Elle started drastically increasing the power behind
some of the electric blows.

Elle had been increasing and decreasing the amount of electricity on nearly
every strike since the older girl had started giving some of the hits a
little something extra, but this was different. Elle still decreased the
power on occasion but on the whole the voltage was definitely on the

Of course Claire loved it and welcomed the stronger concentration of pain,
the cheerleader silently hoping Elle would start giving her all she had and
being disappointed as she sensed the other girl was still holding back on
every strike.

Still, the added pain was wonderful, and just when Claire didn't think it
could get any better it did as the non-electric blows became fewer and
further between until finally they were gone and every single blow came with
the sweet agony Claire wanted, the cheerleader crying out in gratitude.

Mental pain was nice, but physical pain was so, so much better, especially
when the person inflicting it obviously knew what they were doing.

"Owww... forty eight, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... forty nine, thank
you Mistress Elle... owww... fifty, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... fifty
one, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... fifty two, thank you Mistress Elle...

Elle knew exactly what she was doing.

She had a plan. She always had a plan. Or at least she tried to always have a
plan. Sometimes plans were made up in seconds and executed in half the time
they were thought up, but plans nevertheless.

Elle didn't like to change her plans mid play. She had done it before, and it
had never ended well.

But she couldn't stop herself.

Everything was going fine. She was giving Claire the pain she craved but she
was doing it in a way which would always leave the cheerleader wanting more.
Elle was deliberately teasing Claire with pain to turn her on to get her
ready for the fucking she intended to give her when a thought entered Elle's

Could she make the cheerleader cum just from beating her ass?

From her moans it was pretty clear that Claire loved pain far more than
anyone else Elle had ever been with, but could she really make her cum just
from pain?

Because if she could that would be so fucking hot.

Despite her rules about changing her plans Elle couldn't stop herself, she
had to try this, so she increased the speed and power behind her blows,
whipping Claire with a level of viciousness even she had never reached

It was actually kind of a thrill to see what she was truly capable of, and
the cheerleader's reactions did not go unnoticed.

Claire's butt became bruised, battered and bloody under the vicious assault,
and even though Elle knew the moment she stopped Claire would automatically
heal there was some twisted part of her mind which pretended that it wasn't
going to heal, that she had succeeded in doing what no one else could and
permanently damaged everyone's precious little cheerleader. That same twisted
part of her mind told Elle if she actually succeeded the cheerleader would
probably thank her, and the idea of that, the idea of Claire actually
thanking her for permanently damaging her cute little butt, fuck, it was one
of the most sick, twisted and hottest things Elle had ever thought which only
made her beat the cheerleader harder, not that the cheerleader minded.

Elle loved the physical reaction of Claire's body. What she didn't love so
much was the verbal reaction, Claire having to speak very quickly to keep up
with every hard and fast blow.

It was kind of cruel to make Claire count so fast, and it was kind of
annoying, so Elle decided to put a stop to it.

"Owww... ninety six, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... ninety seven, thank
you Mistress Elle... owww... ninety eight, thank you Mistress Elle... owww...
ninety nine, thank you Mistress Elle... owww... one hundred, thank you
Mistress Elle..."

"Ok, that was very good cheerleader, but now I want you to stop counting and
thanking me and just enjoy!" Elle said, "Oh and scream. Scream for me

Claire did scream, not because Elle told her to but because she couldn't have
stopped herself even if she wanted too.

The pain was just so wonderful Claire couldn't help but scream, scream with
joy as she received sweet, sweet agony.

Although until recently she had been in deep denial about it Claire had been
secretly enjoying pain for a long time, but she felt like Elle was making her
practically redefine the word, and maybe that's exactly what she needed to

Pain was a negative word, something normal people didn't like because it
reminded them of their mortality, but Claire loved it because it made her
feel normal.

But it was more than that. The feeling Claire got from pain was not just the
comforting feeling of humanity that came with it, but there was a desire
inside her to see how much she could take, to push her limits, to test her
abilities. Beneath that curiosity was a desire to prove she wasn't the
innocent little high school cheerleader everybody saw her as. Beneath that
desire was something else, something dark and twisted which craved the thrill
of getting hurt, that felt a sexual charge every time she felt pain, a sexual
charge that Claire was loving more by the second.

The sexual charge was becoming so powerful Claire began to wonder if she
could cum just from receiving pain. She wished she could. She wished she
could explode in a wonderful pain induced orgasm, proving once and for all
she was exactly what Elle said she was, a pain slut, but no matter how much
she wanted to Claire just couldn't seem to cum.

Her pussy was running like a river and she felt herself on the edge but
Claire needed something a little extra for her to climax.

It wouldn't take much. If Elle would just graze her pussy with one of the
strikes... or if Elle could strike her pussy... oh please let Elle strike her
pussy with that wonderful whip. Please let Elle beat her pussy like she had
beaten her ass.

Claire wanted it, but she was so beyond speech at this point all she could do
was lie there and hope that her 'Mistress' would do something to make her

The thought of whipping Claire's pussy did cross Elle's mind but she thought
that would be going too far, especially considering the state of Claire's

Elle didn't normally worry too much about going too far. Normally she loved
pushing boundaries to their breaking point, but she only had one night with
Claire and she didn't want to jeopardise it in anyway. Plus Elle would
definitely prefer to hang out with slutty cheerleader Claire Bennet than
bitchy cheerleader Claire Bennet.

So Elle concentrated on the whipping, beating Claire's backside over, and
over, and over again, loving the rush of power she always got in this
situation, determined to make Claire cum from a ass whipping.

The idea of making the innocent little cheerleader cream herself just from
pain was so hot Elle could barely stand it, but as time wore on she could
barely stand for a different reason.

Her job... her former job, had meant that Elle was always in great shape but
even she had her limits and she was getting incredibly tired.

She had completely lost track of time and had no idea how long she'd been
whipping the cheerleader for but it felt like an eternity. Her arms were
tired, her legs were tired, her whole body was tired and she needed a break.
But just from listening to Claire's cries Elle could tell just how badly the
cheerleader needed to cum and she had no intention of leaving her high and

So running out of patients and energy Elle gave up on trying to make Claire
cum from the butt whipping, deciding if she couldn't make Claire cum from
pain then she'd just do it the old-fashioned way, from pleasure.

Without a single ounce of warning Elle suddenly stopped whipping Claire,
turned the whip around in her hand and slammed it handle first as deep into
the cheerleader's pussy as it would go.

Claire's screams reached a new high pitch as she came immediately following
the sudden but welcome violation of her pussy, her inner walls clamping down
hard on that object as her body shook and her eyes rolled in the back of her

Before her inner walls could even get a grip Elle sent a strong blast of
electricity directly into Claire's pussy, making the cheerleader cum only a
second after her last orgasm. Immediately after this Elle began roughly
slamming the whip handle in and out of Claire's cunt, electrocuting the
cheerleader as hard as she could on every other thrust, squeezing a hard
series of climaxes from the bound girl.

Elle whip fucked Claire as roughly as she could for a few long minutes before
pulling the handle from the other blonde's pussy just as suddenly as she had
pushed it in and staggered over to a chair in the corner where Elle collapsed
for a few moments of rest.

In the next few seconds the only sound in the room was the panting of both
girls as they recovered from the brutal whipping and brief fucking.

From her chair Elle watched in fascination as Claire's red, swollen and
slightly bleeding butt healed in seconds, the sadistic girl being reminded
she could do anything her twisted little heart wanted to the cheerleader and
the younger blonde would not only be able to take it but she would beg for

But Elle was done hurting Claire, at least for now.

The only thing the electric girl wanted to do was fuck the cheerleader, and
not with some little whip handle or even with her tongue and fingers, no,
Elle wanted to thrust deep into Claire's pussy, to stretch that sweet little
hole out, to fuck it like it had never been fucked before.

Re-energised Elle stood up and made her way back over to the cheerleader's
bound body, playfully sucking the other girl's cream off the whip handle as
she walked and of course moaning as that sweet flavour hit her tastebuds.

Ok, she had been lying before. Elle totally wanted to fuck Claire with her
tongue and fingers so she could taste the cheerleader again, but there would
still be plenty of time for that later and right now she had something
particular in mind.

"That was fun, but now I want to fuck you with something bigger than a whip
handle." Elle said, quickly stripping off her clothes before picking up her
favourite toy which she had picked out from the store and attaching it around
her waist before walking around to where Claire could see it, "Now, I know
you had your heart set on that vibrator, but it was a little on the small
side in my opinion, and I'd rather fuck you with something that would give me
pleasure too anyway. What do you think?"

Claire was too stunned for words. She had been shocked into silence by the
massive dildo strapped around Elle's waist, the other girl lazily stroking
the shaft with a menacing grin on her face.

"It's called a strap on, in case you're wondering. It's 12 inches long and 2
inches wide. I'm guessing that's bigger than your little boyfriend." Elle
said cockily.

"Ex... ex-boyfriend... and yes..." Claire said, trying not to blush and

"Really... good." Elle said, happy with the knowledge that West was a thing
of the past, "Then you won't have a problem with sucking my little strap on

Claire gave a little half laugh at the word little and then obviously
hesitated as Elle pressed the dildo to her lips.

This action made Elle stop and think.

"You have sucked a cock before haven't you pom-pom?" Elle questioned.

There was a pause and then Claire shook her head.

"Why not?" Elle asked.

"Well... I was only with West once and we didn't do much, just... well... it.
He didn't ask for anything else." Claire said, unable to believe she was
telling Elle this but unable to stop herself.

"Which is probably why he never got anything else." Elle said, mostly to
herself, before a smile crossed her face, "Well I'm not asking pom-pom, I'm
telling. Suck my cock, cheerbitch!"

Elle pushed the tip of her strap on firmly against Claire's closed lips and
waited for the cheerleader to do as she was told.

There was a long pause in which Elle began to wonder if she had misjudged the
situation but decided to keep trying.

"Come on pom-pom, open wide and say ah!" Elle ordered with a smile as she
pressed her strap on more firmly against Clare's lips.

There was another pause and then Claire opened her mouth wide and swallowed
the head of the fake shaft. Even just the head made Claire's mouth feel full
and the cheerleader honestly didn't think she could take much more but she
did try, bobbing her head up and down on the shaft as best she could in her
current position, her lips sliding up and down the first few inches of strap
on cock as Claire began giving her first blow job.

Part of Claire resented being told what to do, especially by Elle, but a
bigger part of her was turned on by it and combined with the sight of that
big cock dangling in front of her made up her mind to just go with this
latest perversion.

Besides, it didn't seem that bad and she might learn something.

The only real downside, other than the odd sensation of her mouth stretching
wider than ever before, was that even without looking up she could sense the
huge grin on Elle's face as the electrically charged girl no doubt celebrated
another victory over her.

Claire was right about the huge grin on Elle's face, but then again Elle had
good reason to be grinning.

Here she was standing in the basement of a sex store with the oh so precious
and important Claire Bennet tied up and dressed in a slutty cheerleader
outfit sucking on the end of a big strap on dildo which was firmly around her
waist. What part of that wasn't grin worthy?

The feeling of power Elle was getting from watching everyone's favourite
cheerleader suck on 'her cock' was intoxicating, but it didn't take long for
her to want more.

The small amount of head bobbing was cute and totally expected considering
Claire's inexperience, but now Elle wanted to see if she could turn this
sickeningly innocent little cheerleader into a cock sucking slut.

"Good, but considering I'm going to ram this thing balls deep into your
little pussy I think you should try and take more, that way it's nice and
lubed when I fuck you." Elle said brightly.

A normal feeling of fear spread through Claire's body at those words but it
was quickly followed by a feeling of lust as she reminded herself she wasn't
normal. Elle slamming this thing into her pussy would not damage her in the
long term and, unfortunately, she wouldn't even feel any pain from it, only
pleasure. Claire didn't even need any lube, and not just because she couldn't
feel pain. Her pussy was still wet from the previous fucking and she was more
than ready for another, bigger fucking and if taking more of Elle's strap on
cock meant she could get this huge dildo into her cunt than she would take
it, she would take it all if she had too.

So Claire did as she was told, bobbing her head lower and lower until the
head was repeatedly hitting the back of her throat, which didn't take that
long thanks to Elle's 'encouragement', but even then she only had barely half
of the monster in her mouth which apparently wasn't enough to satisfy the
other girl.

"More, more, come on pom-pom, more!" Elle said, realising the cock was at the
back of Claire's throat but still demanding she take more, "Relax your throat
muscles and take more! Take it down your throat! Deep throat my cock you
little cheerwhore!"

Claire had briefly heard the term 'deep throat' in passing but she'd never
realised what it meant until now. Without allowing herself time to
overanalyse it Claire just went with it, relaxing herself as much as she
could as she tried to push her lips even lower on the shaft.

She succeeded and Elle's strap on began to be pushed down her windpipe.

Seconds later Claire began gagging on the dildo, but determinedly continue to
push her lips downwards and downwards, Elle's long poll sliding deeper into
her throat. There seem to be even more of it then Claire had thought just
looking at it. The cheerleader began wondering if she could even take it all
before passing out but just as she thought that her lips touched the base of
the strap on, announcing she had been able to take the entire 12 inches into
her throat.

By this time of course Claire was struggling for breath, the massive intruder
choking her to the point of dizziness, and it was wonderful.

Claire couldn't feel the pain this would cause any normal girl but the
choking sensation was making her feel lightheaded from lack of breath, and
while that wasn't as good it was at least something.

Because she enjoyed the sensation Claire kept the cock inside her throat
until she was on the verge of passing out, at which point Elle pulled the
dildo from the depths of her gullet and began playfully slapping the very wet
dick across Claire's face.

"That was very good pom-pom. You got my cock nice and wet to plow your little
pussy, but I'm not done with your mouth yet. Besides, I think we're making
progress here." Elle said, smiling wickedly, "Trust me cheerleader, if you
deep throat any guys cock like that he'll probably blow his load in seconds,
or fall in love with you, or both. So let's see what else I can teach you
about giving head. Let's see now... why don't you start by licking at the
shaft. Come on, stick out your tongue and lick it! That's it, up and down, up
and down, up and down, now swirl your tongue over the head. Good, now down
and lick the balls. Now suck on them gently. Good, now lick the shaft again."

Claire obeyed Elle's every word, switching in between sliding her lips and
tongue all over the fake cock and balls and taking the shaft as deep into her
throat as it could go.

In time a rhythm was established.

It would start with Claire bobbing her head on the cock, just the head at
first but soon taking more on every bob until she was deep throating the
strap on again, after she had done that for a while she would keep the cock
buried inside her gullet until she was about to pass out from lack of oxygen,
then Elle would pull it out just in time and allow her to lick the shaft up
and down, spending some time on the balls before swallowing the head of the
dick to begin the process all over again.

The whole time Elle was talking dirty to her, calling her names like a good
little cock sucking slut and cock loving whore and telling her what a good
job she was doing which Claire found surprisingly more encouraging than

That Claire was almost certain Elle was trying to be encouraging played a big
part in the cheerleader not getting insulted, however a bigger part of it was
that she was genuinely proud of herself for doing a good job at sucking a

Although she had thought about performing this act before Claire hadn't
imagined herself being any good at it and yet she honestly felt like she was
becoming good and even if it was mostly because of the help she was receiving
from Elle the cheerleader felt like she was learning something that would be
important later, something which would enable her to please someone she
actually cared about when the time was right, and that made her feel good
about herself. Then again, it was inaccurate for Claire to classify Elle as
someone she didn't care about. The other girl's opinion clearly seemed to
matter to her, as the fact that she was impressing Elle, a clearly
experienced woman, with her blow job skills was filling Claire with just as
much joy and pride as she could ever imagine experiencing by giving head to a

If anything it was Elle's words of encouragement which inspired Claire to
devote herself completely to this blow job, the cheerleader soon becoming
lost in sucking off a fake cock which was bringing no real pleasure to the
person it was attached too.

Of course, just because Elle wasn't feeling anything in the traditional sense
didn't mean she wasn't feeling anything at all.

What Claire didn't know was that every time she moved her mouth and/or tongue
on the dildo it's base would rub against Elle's clit and there was a little
nub on the inside the harness itself providing extra stimulation to Elle's
pleasure button meaning the electronic girl was feeling some physical
pleasure from this, pleasure which would be blown away if Elle could really
feel the blow job, but pleasure nonetheless.

However the physical pleasure Elle was receiving was easily dwarfed by the
psychological pleasure she was receiving by turning the precious cheerleader
into her cock sucking slut.

Elle had been with a lot of girls before and most of those girls had been
like Claire, lesbian virgins before Elle got her hands on them. It was a
personal fetish of Elle's to turn innocent little girls like Claire into
sluts like her, but the cheerleader was different. Elle believed Claire was a
slut who just needed to be shown her true nature, and never had Claire's true
nature been more obvious than right now.

Claire Bennet, the girl Elle had once believed to be a stuck up Goody two
shoes who would never even consider doing anything but boring vanilla sex
with the guy she eventually marries, was now sucking on a fake cock around
her waist with the enthusiasm and skill of the most cock hungry of
professional whores and Elle had never been so proud of herself.

She had turned Claire into this... no, she had shown Claire this was what she
truly was and thanks to Elle even if the cheerleader tried to deny it later
deep down she would always know that she was a cock sucking slut.

Of course considering Claire was still firmly tied to the table Elle had to
give the cock sucking slut a little helping hand.

It was her who decided when Claire licked and sucked the cock as she pulled
it out of her mouth only to reinsert it after it had received a good tongue

Elle also gently thrust her hips backwards and forwards making it easier for
Claire to deep throat the dildo. It was while she was doing this that Elle
got an idea to try something on Claire that she had never tried before with a
girl so new to this type of kinky sex, and yet one she was sure the
cheerleader would be in to, at least when she got used to it. Still, Elle
thought it was only fair she gave Claire at least some warning before doing
what she had planned.

"You're doing really great pom-pom, but now we're going to try something
else, something a little more rough, but I've got a feeling you're going to
like it." Elle said, pulling the dildo from Claire's mouth and then holding
it in front of her lips, "Open your mouth as wide as you can... ok now close
it gently around my cock but don't suck on it or anything... good now just
stay like that and let me do all the work."

With Claire's lips loosely around the strap on Elle began gently moving her
hips back and forth, her dick beginning to slide in and out of the
cheerleader's mouth in a fucking motion.

At first just a few inches was moving in and out of Claire's mouth but it
didn't take long for Elle to go deeper, pushing the dildo first to the back
of the other girl's throat and then down her windpipe, the cock slowly
travelling down Claire's gullet until Elle was sliding all 12 inches of fake
dick in and out of the cheerleader's mouth.

Shortly after this Elle began to pick up the speed of her thrusts until
eventually she was slamming in and out of Claire's mouth like it was a
professional whore's loose cunt.

Claire gagged and choked on the dildo so hard she thought she would suffocate
and she loved every minute of it. Well, at first she had panicked as a
natural reaction but since there was no pain and only the lightheadedness she
received from lack of oxygen Claire soon found herself enjoying this
extremely twisted act.

Of course Elle wasn't sure if Claire was enjoying this or not, and while she
was almost certain the cheerleader would there was still a little doubt in
her mind. It was this doubt which ensured that Elle stopped the brutal
assault on Claire's mouth not that long after she had started seriously
abusing the cheerleader's throat.

Naturally Claire coughed and spluttered so hard it seemed as if she was going
to throw up, something that worried both girls for more or less the same

Kneeling down Elle cupped Claire's face with both hands and gently pulled the
other girl's head back up so she could look into her eyes.

"How was that pom-pom, too rough for you?" Elle asked, trying and failing to
keep the concern from her voice.

Claire couldn't stop herself from smiling softly at the look of concern in
Elle's eyes and the sound of it in her voice. It was nice to know Elle did
have some compassion.

"No." Claire replied softly, her voice box a little weak from the abuse it
had just taken.

"Good." Elle said in relief before biting her lip mischievously, "Do you want

There was a pause and then Claire softly replied, "Yes."

Elle smiled wickedly and then shoved her tongue down Claire's throat for a
brief but passionate kiss before standing up and pushing her strap on back
into Claire's mouth.

A pattern quickly formed as Elle began fucking Claire's mouth like a cunt,
stopping only to shove her tongue down the cheerleader's throat and give
Claire a little time to breathe before beginning to face fuck her again.

Having in only very limited knowledge of sex, and even more limited
experience of it, Claire had never heard of anything like this before and
wouldn't have even thought it was possible if she wasn't living through it.
Then again she was probably only living through it thanks to her powers so
maybe this wasn't anything real people did. Maybe it was just something Elle
had seen in a porno or maybe the sadistic older girl had just made it up so
she could find new and interesting ways to torture her.

Whatever the case Claire had to admit she kind of liked this.

It was so rough and brutal, Elle treating her like a total sex object just
there for her pleasure, to be used in any hole just for her amusement.

It was so hot.

None of her former boyfriends ever tried anything like this, and they
probably never would have, but here she was, willingly participating in the
most perverted sex act she'd ever experienced with a sadistic girl who had
already taught her more about sex and her own sexuality than any guy she had
ever been with.

Little did Claire know that this would be just one of many things she would
mentally call the most perverted sex act thanks to Elle Bishop.

Of course this was nothing new for Elle.

She thrived on perverted sex. She lived for it.

And what an incredible rush this was.

Elle had turned precious little Claire Bennet into her own personal face
pussy and was using her face pussy more brutally than she'd ever used a face
pussy before.

In truth Elle hadn't used that many girls as face pussies. This act was
normally too extreme for most of the girl she had been with but there had
been a few sluts who had not only taken a face fucking but enjoyed it.
However not even the most sluttiest of girls had shown half the enthusiasm
for this that Claire was, and Elle hadn't faced fucked any of them as hard as
she was face fucking the cheerleader and yet the little whore just couldn't
seem to get enough.

Having Claire act so slutty combining with the physical and mental pleasure
she was receiving from the face pounding soon had Elle burning with desire to
fuck something else, something that would give both herself and the
cheerleader a lot more physical and mental pleasure.

Pulling her strap on from Claire's mouth for the last time, at least for now,
Elle gave the cheerleader another passionate kiss and then grinned at her.

"Is your pussy ready for a fucking pom-pom?" Elle asked lustfully.

"Yes." Claire replied quickly and as loud as she could after being brutally
throat fucked for so long.

"Really, let's see shall we..." Elle said mischievously, licking the index
and middle fingers of her right hand in front of Claire's eyes before getting
up and slowly walking around to behind the cheerleader.

Claire let out a long, almost pitiful moan as Elle's fingers slid inside her
pussy with the greatest of ease, her horny cunt running like a river after
the treatment she had been receiving.

"Ha, weren't lying were you cheerleader? Your pussy is fucking dripping."
Elle laughed as she lazily began sliding her fingers in and out of Claire's
cunt, "You really want this cock don't you. Don't you?"

"YES!" Claire practically screamed, her throat burning but she didn't care,
she wanted that cock.

"Tell me. Tell me how much you want this cock." Elle said, slightly picking
up the pace of her finger fucking in the hopes that it would get her what she
wanted, "I want to hear it. I want to hear you beg for it. I want to hear you
beg your Mistress Elle to fuck you with her big fucking cock!"

Claire hesitated momentarily as she inwardly complained at Elle for demanding
something like this before her hormones completely overruled any ounce of
hesitation and she began to beg.

"Please... Mistress Elle, give me your cock. Fuck me with that big fucking
cock. Please, I need it. I need it so bad. Please give it to me. Please give
me your big fucking cock Mistress Elle. Please fuck me with your big fucking
cock!" Claire pleaded in a tone mixed with desire and annoyance.

"Fine, since you asked so nicely." Elle said, removing her fingers from
Claire's cunt before grabbing her strap on by its base and pressing its tip
to the cheerleader's pussy lips.

Before moving forward Elle was unable to resist the urge to pop her Claire
juice covered fingers into her mouth so she could taste the cheerleader
again, just as she was unable to stop herself from moaning at the sweet

Again Elle was tempted to forget the cock strapped round her waist, bury her
face in that sweet creamy hole and see just how many orgasms she could tongue
fuck out of the cheerleader, but as much as she wanted to do that Elle wanted
to strap on fuck Claire more.

So, when she was sure she had got all the yummy girl cream off her fingers,
Elle pushed her strap on cock firmly against the other girl's hole until the
lips of her pussy slowly opened to receive the head of the dildo.

Claire gasped as the strap on's head slowly entered her and then moaned as
she tried to get used to the odd sensation of being stretched wider than she
had ever been before. Her ex-boyfriend West's cock had looked half the width
of Elle's dildo and even though only the head was inside her it felt like
Claire had been wrong, West's cock wasn't even half the width. Of course,
there was no pain, unfortunately, but it did feel good having something so
big inside her horny pussy.

Even though she was sure the cheerleader didn't need it Elle gave Claire a
few moments to adjust before pushing a little more dildo into her, and then a
little more, and then Elle encountered a barrier she hadn't been expecting.

"You're a virgin pom-pom?" Elle exclaimed in confusion.

Elle was sure Claire had told her she had let that wimpy looking boy West
fuck her.

"No." Claire said, feeling both embarrassed and annoyed.

"But you have a..." Elle began.

"It grew back ok!" Claire cut her off, "I had sex with West, he took my
virginity and then it grew back."

"You're healing ability." Elle said, clarifying it out loud so she could get
her head around it before a smile crossed her face, "So you'll always be a

"No. I've had sex so no... not technically... but..." Claire said, struggling
to find the words.

"But you'll always have your cherry." Elle giggled.

Claire didn't answer and Elle broke out into hysterical laughter.

"You know what, for get it, untie me!" Claire said, no longer in the mood to

"Oh, I'm sorry pom-pom, it's just it's so cute. The innocent little virgin
cheerleader who no matter what will always be pure, innocent and
untouched.... no matter who she lets have their wicked way with her. I guess
I was wrong to try and pervert you. You'll always be too perfect for that...
always too perfect." Elle said, her mind wandering as she talked.

"I'M NOT PERFECT!" Claire snapped angrily, "I'm not innocent, I'm not little,
I'm not cute, I'm not pure, I'm not untouched and I'm definitely not a
virgin. I'm not what you think I am or what everyone thinks I am. I can be
anything I want to be."

"Please, you're exactly what I think you are, and you could never be anything
different." Elle said.

"I could." Claire insisted.

"Really." Elle said, "Prove it."

"How?" Claire asked.

"Let me fuck you with this dildo." Elle said, pausing so Claire could frown
but continuing before the cheerleader could react in any other way, "Think
about it, that isn't something a innocent little virgin cheerleader would do
is it? A innocent little virgin cheerleader wouldn't let another girl tie her
up and fuck her with a big strap on cock would she? I don't think so.. So,
you want to prove you're not what everybody thinks you are fine, let me fuck
you and prove it. Besides, we both know it's what you really want."

Claire hated Elle so much in that moment. Mostly she hated Elle because
Claire knew the other girl was right, she wanted Elle to fuck her with that
big strap on cock, but she also hated her for trapping her in this corner.
Even if Claire insisted on being untied and Elle didn't fuck her with that
cock, which really wasn't what the cheerleader wanted, Elle would spend the
rest of the night teasing Claire about being exactly who everyone thought she
was until the two girls either ended up fighting or fucking. Either way Elle
would win. But Elle also won if Claire gave into her meaning no matter what
Claire did she lost and Elle won.

God, was Elle always this manipulative?

The simple answer to that question was yes, although it only really applied
to sex.

When she had been a company agent Elle had tried to be as manipulative in the
field as she was in the bedroom. If she'd ever actually succeeded she'd have
probably been the best agent ever, but things always seem to go wrong,
unexpected things kept happening ruining the little plans she came up with in
her head meaning she had to improvise, and she wasn't as good at
improvisation as she was at manipulation, and everything just ended up being
a mess. In the bedroom though she was a master manipulator, almost always
able to judge someone's reactions and being able to use them to her

It was a self-taught skill that enabled Elle to play Claire like a musical
instrument, however she could still tell the cheerleader was hesitant so she
decided to sweeten the deal.

"Oh come on cheerleader, I'll make it worth your while." Elle said.

"You keep saying that." Claire muttered, but after a pause sighed and asked,

"Well, I've always had this fantasy about slamming a nice big cock like this
one into a virgin girl's pussy in one thrust. There's just something about
the idea of taking a girl's cherry so roughly that really turns me on. I'd
never do that to a real virgin, that's just a little too mean for me, but
like you said, you're not really a virgin." Elle said, "And I know, you can't
feel pain, but if you want I can make you feel it."

Claire thought about this for a minute.

She saw no way out of the predicament she was in other than to give in to
Elle and the idea of experiencing something like having her cherry roughly
taken and being able to feel it was enticing to the dark desires inside
Claire which she had only recently discovered but desires she seemed to
becoming a slave too. No matter what part of her brain argued this was sick
and wrong every other part of her body wanted to do it because it was sick
and wrong.

"Ok." Claire said softly.

"Good." Elle said, grabbing a firm hold of the cheerleader's waist, "Brace
yourself pom-pom, this is going to hurt, I promise."

Claire certainly hoped so, and to her delight it did.

Elle paused for a few seconds, savouring the moment and allowing the
cheerleader to anticipate what was about to happen before she slammed her
hips forward with all her might, breaking through Claire's hymen in one sharp
stab and not stopping until her hips were resting against the other girl's
ass cheeks.

Timing it perfectly on the exact moment she popped Claire's cherry Elle sent
a blast of electricity into the cheerleader's body, Claire crying out in
surprise at the pain.

Claire wasn't crying out in surprise of receiving pain, she was crying out in
surprise of where she was receiving it.

In theory Elle could shoot electricity from every part of her body, it was
just a lot more convenient to use her hands 99% of the time. But she had
practised shooting from other areas, her feet, her elbows, her knees, even
her mouth. Actually she had quite a bit of practice in shooting electricity
from her mouth. Another place she had plenty of practice shooting from was
her clit for this exact purpose.

Elle could fire electricity from her clit, through a strap on and into a
girl's pussy, and in her experience if she did a little bit at just the right
time she could get a girl to cum harder than she'd ever cum before. Of course
this time it was different and Elle was pushing more electricity out of her
clit than she ever had before, which was a weird experience but just in case
it didn't work quite right she fired even more electricity through her hands
into Claire's body.

The cry of surprise dissolved into a cry of pleasure as Claire experienced a
blissful agony which started when her cherry was taken and continued until
Elle's dildo was all the way inside her. It wasn't that long, but it was long
enough to give her some of the pain she craved.

It wasn't like the pain she had experienced when West had really taken her
virginity but it was pain and that was good enough for her.

Part of Elle had been worried she had done something wrong when Claire gasped
but her concern quickly faded when the cheerleader cried out in obvious
pleasure, bringing a smile to the sadistic girl's face.

"How did that feel cheerleader?" Elle asked mischievously.

There was a pause and then Claire whimpered softly, "Good."

"Thought you'd like it, just like I thought you'd like getting stretched out
by a nice big cock." Elle said, gently rotating her hips slightly so she was
pushing her strap on around inside Claire's pussy, "I was right about that
too wasn't I pom-pom?"

"Yes." Claire moaned at the sudden movement inside her.

"Good, because I've only just got started stretching this tight little
'virgin' pussy out." Elle said as she slowly began removing her fake cock
from the cheerleader's cunt.

Claire whimpered softly as the big dildo was removed from her pussy until
just the head and a few inches were still inside her. She then softly moaned
in pleasure as Elle reinserted her strap on inside her, the other girl
repeating this process in a slow fucking motion.

As the dildo moved through her it stretched Claire's pussy wider than it had
ever been stretched before and it felt good, so very, very good.

Claire could remember that at the beginning of her first and only time with
West it had felt weird to have her pussy so full. Weird, awkward, and
painful. But that's not at all how it felt with Elle.

Ok, so it still felt a little weird having her pussy opened up, especially
because there was no pain, but Claire relaxed very quickly, a lot more
quickly than she had with West, and then everything was fine. Better than
fine. Fantastic.

Beyond fantastic because there was no awkwardness whatsoever.

Claire wasn't in bed with a clueless and horny teenage boy, she was tied up
and at the mercy of a experienced woman who with just the first few thrusts
showed she knew more about fucking girls with cocks than Claire's ex-
boyfriend ever did.

The only thing Claire experienced in her first time which she was missing now
was the pain. Even back then she had enjoyed the pain but hadn't allowed
herself to admit it. The pain was the only thing she missed, but Claire was
sure it wouldn't be long before Elle gave her some more of that sweet agony.
For now she was actually grateful for the chance to get used to being fucked
by such a big object.

Elle was being surprisingly, and a little disappointingly, gentle with her,
pushing and pulling almost the entire strap on in and out of the
cheerleader's pussy in long slow strokes until any weirdness was just a
distant memory and all Claire could think about was how desperately she
wanted Elle to fuck her, and not fuck her like West fucked her, but fuck her
like the slut Elle made Claire feel like, the slut she had secretly always
wanted to be, the slut she truly was.

Up until now Claire had thought Elle somehow knew her better than West or
anyone else ever had, that the other girl truly knew what she wanted, what
she needed, but now she wasn't so sure.

West had been slow and gentle, he had treated her like a delicate flower,
like some precious little thing that needed to be protected and kept safe. He
had made love to her and it had made her sick.

Now Elle who had been the only person ever to give Claire the rough sex she
truly wanted was now gently fucking her in just the way she didn't want.

At first Claire had appreciated time to get used to having that big strap on
inside her but now she just wanted to be roughly fucked and Elle wasn't
giving her what she wanted. It didn't make any sense... or at least it didn't
until Claire strained her neck to look back at Elle and saw the giant wicked
smile on her face, then everything suddenly clicked.

Elle was doing this on purpose.

She was teasing Claire, fucking her in just the way she knew she didn't want
so she could drive Claire crazy. But there was more to it than that, and it
didn't take long for Claire to figure out the real reason Elle was doing

Elle wanted her to beg. She wanted Claire to beg her to fuck her in the way
they both knew she truly needed it. Elle wanted Claire to beg her to fuck her
like the slut they both knew she was.

Part of Claire wanted to beg because she needed that hard fucking so badly it
was killing her, another part wanted to beg just so she could feel another
sweet blast of mental pain as Elle humiliated her again, but Claire's brain
seize control of her body, refusing to let it give in and allow Elle another
victory over her.

But Claire was so horny. This gentle fucking felt so good and she wanted

It was just a matter of time before she gave in, but at least this way Claire
could later tell that small part of herself which was still uncomfortable
with this that she tried to fight while the rest of her enjoyed the mental
pain by forcing herself to wait.

Claire wasn't the only one who knew it was only a matter of time before she
gave in.

Elle knew she had the cheerleader on the ropes and ready to break, she just
didn't know whether she wanted to break the other girl's spirit and make
Claire beg for her or if she wanted to enjoy this slow fucking some more.

As a general rule Elle wasn't much of a fan of soft fucking. She liked it
rough and hard, apparently just like the cheerleader, but Elle also liked to
tease and torture when she was in the right mood and she was definitely in
the right mood now.

Plus watching Claire wiggle and squirm was just too fucking cute.

Elle didn't want to say that out loud in case Claire through another hissy
fit but that didn't stop Elle from grinning like a mad woman as she watched
the cheerleader writhing around on the table, or at least as much as she
could given the fact she was firmly tied down.

It was such a thrill for Elle to watch the effect her slow torturous thrusts
were having on the cheerleader, Claire moaning these oh so adorable little
moans of frustration, anger and lust which alone made Elle want to give the
other girl what she wanted, but she resisted.

As much as she wanted to show Claire what she could really do with a strap on
Elle wanted the cheerleader to beg for it more.

Elle wanted Claire to break down and beg her to fuck her. She wanted Claire
to beg her, Elle, not some dull looking wimpy guy, to fuck her. She wanted
Claire to beg her to fuck are harder than any of the cheerleader's boring
boyfriends ever could, or ever would. She wanted the cheerleader to beg for
her, for her cock, for her to fuck her with her big cock and make her cum
like she never had before.

Smiling to herself Elle realise she had just answered her earlier question..

She loved fucking Claire like this and watching her squirm, but Elle wanted
to make the cheerleader beg for her more.

Not that Elle should feel bad about it. After all, apart from the obvious
advantages for the cheerleader, that being Elle would make her cum until her
pretty little head melted and all that would be left would be a pile of happy
Claire goo, this experience could also help the younger girl be able to admit
what she wanted more freely. They both knew how badly the cheerleader needed
to be roughly fucked, and making Claire admit it out loud could only be good
for her in the long run.

Besides, it would be so fucking hot.

So Claire and Elle became locked in a battle of willpower, Claire desperately
trying to stop herself from begging and Elle refusing to give the cheerleader
the hard fucking they both wanted until the younger girl begged for it.

It seemed to last forever, both girls tapping into previously unused levels
of patients as they struggled for control over themselves as the slow
fucking, which for the longest of times resembled more of a fight than a
fuck, continued.

Eventually it all became too much and one of them had to break.

"More!" Claire finally gasped, "Harder! Please, I need it!"

"You need it pom-pom?" Elle asked.

Claire moaned in response.

"Then beg for it! Beg me to fuck you harder! Beg me to fuck you as hard as I
can!" Elle demanded.

"Fine, whatever, please fuck me hard, I beg you to fuck me as hard as you
can." Claire said in annoyance.

"Not good enough cheerleader." Elle said, loving this feeling of power, "Do
it again, beg your Mistress Elle to fuck you hard."

Claire closed her eyes and gritted her teeth because of what she was about to
do. Then Claire opened her eyes and opened her mouth, ready to say whatever
she needed to say to get the fucking she craved.

"Please Mistress Elle fuck me, fuck me hard! Fuck me as hard as you can! I
need to be fucked! Please give it to me, I beg you! I'll do anything." Claire

"Anything?" Elle questioned.

"Anything." Claire cautiously confirmed.

"Will you act like a little slut for me?" Elle asked.

"How do you want me to do that?" Claire asked.

"Just keep doing what you were doing before, that was pretty slutty, but also
tell me how much you like it and keep telling me to fuck you harder." Elle

"When did I act slutty before?" Claire asked indignantly.

"When you kept moaning and trying to thrust that pretty little body of yours
back at me." Elle said, smiling as she could practically hear Claire
blushing, "Don't be embarrassed pom-pom, it's totally hot to see what a
little slut you really are... and now since you beg so nicely and promised to
do as you're told I'm going to make you my little slut!"

Claire was going to complain about Elle making her her little slut but the
truth was she had been pretty much Elle's slut ever since she had let the
other girl fuck her in the plane's bathroom and Claire really couldn't argue
otherwise. She would have liked to protest she wasn't acting like a slut
before but thinking back on it Claire realised Elle was right, she was acting
like a total slut before and she really couldn't stop herself from acting
like a total slut now, nor did she want to stop herself.

Of course Claire didn't really get much of a chance to make any complaints
whatsoever as in the time it took her to realise she had no argument Elle had
already started picking up the pace of the fucking.

It still wasn't as hard as Claire would have liked, but it was harder, much
harder than she'd ever had before and that was at least a good start.

The increase in speed promised a harder fucking to come and even though she
wanted that hard fucking as soon as possible Claire was ok with waiting a
little longer.

Elle had already won, she had made Claire beg her to fuck her and now in
return Elle was going to give her the fucking she craved.

Not that Claire felt much like a loser right now.

All she really felt was pleasure and a slight feeling of anger at herself for
letting her pride get in the way of feeling such wonderful ecstasy, ecstasy
which was about to get even better.

Without even needing to be asked Elle began firing little bursts of
electricity into Claire's body, mostly from her hands which were still firmly
gripping the cheerleader's waist, but Claire was also feeling shocks of
electricity being fired into her pussy, Elle obviously using the dildo in the
same way she had used the whips to conduct electricity into her, not that
Claire was complaining.

As much as Claire was loving the exquisite feeling of pleasure she was
getting from being fucked like this she had been missing the equally
exquisite feeling of pain Elle had been giving her.

Even after such a wonderful beating Claire was still horny for pain and the
cheerleader was very happy those twisted desires were not going to go
unsatisfied. As a matter of fact those twisted desires ended up being very
much satisfied as the power of each shock steadily increased at the same rate
as the power of the strap on fucking Claire was receiving, Elle giving her an
ever-increasing amount of pleasure and pain until the cheerleader could no
longer tell the difference.

Then, all of a sudden Elle was practically brutalising Claire's cunt with the
strap on, the sadistic older girl pounding into the younger girl's pussy with
such power it would probably split a normal girl in two, or at least make her
feel like her pussy was being torn apart.

Of course for Claire there was practically no such thing as pain. Everything
she was feeling felt like pure ecstasy and Claire wanted more. Claire wanted
to feel more of that heavenly electricity running through her body, she
wanted to feel more of those savagely hard thrusts into her pussy, she wanted
to feel even more like a slut than she did right now, she just wanted to feel
more. More, more, more!

Claire tried to beg for more but every time she opened her mouth a huge blast
of electricity would literally fry her brain leaving her unable to do
anything but cry out in ecstasy.

After only a few tries Claire gave up on trying to make anything resembling a
word come out of her mouth and just enjoy the sweet bliss that was this
heavenly pussy pounding and random electric shocking.

As her mind slowly melted away from pleasure Claire briefly thought of her
ex-boyfriend... whatever his name was and wondered why he couldn't have
fucked her like this. Another brief thought was that she had to get better
taste in men before another hard blast of electricity knocked any thought
other than how amazingly good this felt out of her head.

Claire wasn't awoken from her pleasure filled dream world again until hours
later, or possibly seconds she really couldn't tell, when she finally felt
herself about to crash over the edge of an orgasm which would probably be
even more powerful than the ones she had received from Elle's tongue and
fingers. Unfortunately instead of crashing over the edge Claire was kept
teetering on it, Elle expertly slowing down just enough to stop her from
cumming but speeding up the moment the cheerleader started to come down from
her high.

As a result of this Claire was kept on the edge of her orgasm for what felt
like an eternity, so recently forgotten hatred of the other girl coming
rushing back into Claire's mind until something snapped inside her. Whether
she became used to this new type of torture and suddenly began to enjoy it or
whether Elle had taken her to some unheard of height of ecstasy Claire didn't
know and she didn't care, all Claire knew was that she was in paradise and
she hoped Elle never let her leave.

Elle would have liked to have kept Claire in paradise for the rest of their
lives, because she didn't want to ever, ever stop fucking the cheerleader..

No matter how much pleasure Claire must have been feeling Elle refused to
believe anyone could feel better than she did right now.

She was fucking the cheerleader. THE CHEERLEADER. Precious little princess
Claire Bennet, apparently the most important girl in the entire fucking world
and she was fucking her.

The cheerleader had let Elle tie her up, whip her cute little butt and then
fuck her sweet little pussy with a big strap on cock.

And this was no gentle fucking, Elle was pounding Claire's pussy harder than
she'd ever pounded any hole ever. If Elle had tried to do this with anyone
else they would have probably been begging for mercy but the cheerleader was
just begging for more. Ok, not with words but Claire's cries were of pure
ecstasy, and there was a type of desperate need in her tone which seemed to
scream for more that was driving Elle crazy. Not to mention Claire was
shamelessly trying to thrust her body back in time with the inward thrusts of
Elle's strap on which told the older girl exactly how much the younger girl
was loving this and how she couldn't get enough.

Elle couldn't get enough of giving it to the cheerleader either, but she was
doing it under her terms.

With what felt like endless teasing Elle had got Claire's pussy nice and
loosened up with the soft fucking and then had made the cheerleader beg for
her before oh so slowly increasing the pace until Elle was finally giving
Claire the kind of fucking she had always wanted to give her. Well, there
were so many different types of fuckings Elle had imagined giving Claire, but
this particular dirty little fantasy had involved the type of careful
planning and teasing which were months of lonely nights in the making, but
Elle had been willing to do whatever it took to make this dream come alive
and it had been worth every single second of the build up.

Elle loved to fuck girls with her tongue and her fingers, but she always
wished she had some kind of stretching ability as well as her electric
ability, that way she'd be able to reach deeper inside a girl, but a dildo
was a good alternative. She didn't need a dildo to fuck a girl but Elle
certainly enjoyed it.

A dildo let her get deep inside a pussy, allowing her to stretch that pussy
out and give it the fucking of a lifetime.

That's exactly what Elle was doing to Claire right now.

She was giving her the fucking of a lifetime.

No matter how many of those boring, wimpy looking douche bags Claire seemed
to always end up with none of them would ever fuck the cheerleader this hard,
they would never fuck her this roughly, they would never give her what she
wanted in the same way Elle was.

Years from now when Claire was happily married to some nice rich guy, being
the good little housewife, taking care of her children and cooking the meals
in her perfect little home in suburbia the then former cheerleader would
always think of her, she would always think of Elle and how on this night
Elle fucked her with a 'cock' better than any guy ever could.

Claire would think of her for the rest of her life because Elle was going to
make sure that no one else could ever measure up to this level of fucking.

Elle wasn't stupid, she knew that tomorrow the cheerleader would be gone from
her life and she would never see her again, that had been the agreement after
all, but that wouldn't stop Elle from giving Claire a night she would never

With that in mind Elle used every ounce of her strength and power to fuck
Claire Bennet, the sound of her hips smacking off the cheerleader's butt
echoing throughout the room as she shot as much electricity into the other
girls body as possible through both her hands and the strap on itself.

Elle would have loved to fuck Claire like this forever, and had tried her
best to do so, but what after felt like hours of fucking Elle was exhausted
and, thanks to the stimulator on her clit, needed to cum almost as badly as
the cheerleader.

So Elle power fucked Claire to the highest peak she could possibly be at
without cumming and then finally sent her over the edge.

Wanting to do something extra special for the occasion Elle finally removed
her hands from where they had been digging into Claire's hips and then slid
one hand so it was at the very middle of the cheerleader's spine and then
lent forward so she could reach under her still thrusting body and pinch
Claire's clit with her thumb and index finger.

Claire thought she was in paradise as she was kept on the edge of climax by
Elle's cruel teasing but she had been wrong. The place Elle sent her to when
she sent enough electricity to light up a city directly into her spine and
clit, that was truly paradise.

The true paradise was much different from the one Claire had been in before.
She first got to this paradise with a huge explosion which started in her
pussy and shot directly into her brain and all over her body, and then there
was another explosion, and another, and another, and another until the never
ending explosions seem to combine to keep Claire on a high that was out of
this world. This paradise came with a price as her mind melted under the
pleasure and she became a pile of brain-dead but happy goo, unable to fully
comprehend the sensations coming from her spine, or her clit, or her pussy,
or any other part of her body for that matter. All that remained was
pleasure. Wonderful, wonderful pleasure.

It wasn't just Claire who became overwhelmed with what she was feeling but
for the sake of them both Elle maintained control for as long as she could..
Even when the stimulator inside the strap on banged against her clit so hard
it was impossible not to cum Elle continued fucking the cheerleader. Even
when her body started to shake almost as violently as Claire's and her eyes
rolled in the back of her head Elle continued fucking the cheerleader. Even
when she came again, and again, and again, Elle continued fucking the
cheerleader until she literally had nothing left and collapsed from
exhaustion onto Claire's body, pausing only to squeeze the ball of the strap
on to release the contents into the other girl's pussy before she fell,
landing on the other blonde in a gasping pile of sweat and girl cum.

Elle wasn't that much into liquid of any kind but she was fascinated by the
idea of a squirting strap on. She had first found one years ago while in a
sex store just like this one and had been using them ever since. It was just
so fun to be able to shoot 'cum' at will and Elle very much enjoyed filling a
girl's hole like this. It was like writing 'Elle was here' on the inside of
Claire's pussy, temporarily marking that hole as hers, something she had used
for pleasure, and something she could use for pleasure again if she wanted
too. Of course it wasn't actually her cum, it was whatever liquid came with
the dildo originally, but still the metaphor was virtually the same.

Feeling drowsiness threatening to send her to the land of sleep Elle pulled
herself from her thoughts and concentrated on getting up, something that
proved surprisingly difficult.

In the end Elle managed to stand up long enough to gently pull her strap on
from Claire's pussy, much to the cheerleader's disappointment, before falling
back on her ass.

Too tired to be embarrassed Elle unstrapped the dildo from around her waist
and lazily began sucking Claire's juices off it. The sweet flavour of the
cheerleader's girl cream soon woke Elle up and she greedily sucked the strap
on clean before diving face first into Claire's cunt.

Elle had stopped herself from doing this too many times in the name of giving
the cheerleader a serious strap on fucking, and now she was temporarily done
with the toy Elle was only too eager to slam her tongue is deep into Claire
as it would go, her mouth wrapping around that sweet little pussy like a vice
as the older girl hungrily drank the heavenly liquid which was Claire's cum
and cunt cream.

What should have been a heavenly experience was somewhat soured by the taste
of whatever had been in the dildo which almost but not quite ruined the

Making sure this wouldn't happen again Elle refilled her strap on's balls
with something she knew tasted much better, her own cum. There was so much of
it dripping down her legs and thighs alone she had enough to refill the
device without even looking, and managed to fill a couple of empties by
removing her tongue from Claire's pussy for a few horrible seconds to grab a
couple of spare fake balls off the table before of course returning to that
sweet, sweet hole.

Before long Claire's cum was all gone, not that fact stopped Elle from
licking and sucking the cheerleader's pussy. If anything it only made her
lick and suck harder as Elle tried to bring Claire to a few more orgasms
before they had to leave.

Unfortunately time ran out.

"Ms, the store is closing so could you please finish up with your girlfriend,
pay and leave." said the voice of the store manager through the door as he
banged on it repeatedly.

Elle frowned and considered ignoring him and just stay here fucking the
cheerleader for the rest of the night, but her aching body could do with a
break and when the time came Elle would rather have the option of sleeping in
a bed so she reluctantly pulled her mouth from Claire's pussy and
straightened up.

After first unstrapping Claire's legs Elle made the mistake of untying the
other girls hands by reaching across the cheerleader's body and the second
she was untied the dead weight which was the exhausted Claire Bennet fell
backwards onto the surprised Elle Bishop who was knocked to the ground.

There was a cry of shock, then of pain, then a brief pause before both girls
started laughing.

"What the hell cheerleader?" Elle laughed.

"Sorry... I can't feel my legs." Claire chuckled in a exhausted voice.

"Oh, and why is that pom-pom?" Elle asked innocently.

In response Claire blushed, fought the urge to laugh and snuggled into Elle's

The cheerleader didn't know why she found the fact that she had been fucked
to such exhaustion funny. Maybe she was still on such a high from her orgasms
her joy had to come out somehow. That didn't explain her sudden urge to
snuggle up with Elle, but Claire supposed after being so overwhelmed by the
pain and pleasure she had received the natural response was to look for
comfort, even if it was somewhere she shouldn't be looking for it, and a
place she wouldn't find it.

To her surprise her last thought was proved wrong as Elle wrapped her arms
around her in a tight embrace, making Claire feel oddly comforted.

Claire couldn't help but smile at this, even such a simple act as a hug
seemed somehow twisted and wrong with Elle, and yet felt so very, very right.

Despite what Claire might think hugging was something Elle love to do in the
right circumstances, and snuggling up to recover from a long lesbian fucking
session was definitely the right circumstances.

Elle loved to touch and she had no problem holding her sex buddies, it was
her sex buddies that normally had a problem with holding her. It wasn't her
fault, it wasn't like she intentionally shocked them for fun, she only did
that occasionally, mostly she would just let off a little spark here and
there when she was happy and for some reason normal people didn't seem to
like that, even if none of the shocks could really hurt anybody.

But Claire wasn't normal people and Elle was happy to have a few moments of
snuggle time with everyone's favourite cheerleader before the same knocking
and annoying voice disturbed them again.

"We keep getting interrupted." Elle complained as the two girls separated.

"Gee, I wonder why that is." Claire mumbled sarcastically.

"I don't know, maybe it's because someone screams too loudly." Elle snapped,
annoyed by the cheerleader's comment.

"Well, maybe someone shouldn't make me scream so loudly!" Claire snapped

Those words seem to echo throughout the room and the brief clash between the
two girls was ended as Elle smiled wickedly and Claire blushed.

"Well, get dressed and we can find somewhere which is actually soundproof."
Elle said, frowning in annoyance by the false advertising of this place as
she could clearly hear the annoyed store manager still banging on the door,
before a smile crossed her face, "Somewhere preferably with a nice big bed."

"Sounds good to me." Claire said, blushing again from her not so subtle
desires before she tried to pull her cheerleader top over her head.

"No, stop." Elle protested.

Claire frowned at Elle who smiled back wickedly.

"Leave it on." Elle said.

"Are you crazy? I can't go out like this!" Claire said.

"Sure you can, and you're going too." Elle said.

"Really, and why is that?" Claire asked.

"Because your Mistress Elle commands you too." Elle said triumphantly.

"No way!" Claire said defiantly, "I only had to call you that in here, and
I'm not wearing this ridiculous thing out there for you."

"Oh come on Claire," Elle whined, before smiling, "I'll make it worth your

"That's what you said about this stupid costume in the first place." Claire
pointed out.

"And was I wrong? Was it not worth your while pom-pom?" Elle countered.

Claire bit her lip.

She had no doubt Elle could make it worth her while but she also rather
suspected Elle would do that regardless whether she wore the cheerleader
outfit outside or not, but maybe she could get something out of this new
little embarrassment.

"Ok, but you have to do something for me." Claire said.

"Name it." Elle said.

"Let me choose what we do first next time." Claire said.

Elle looked a little surprised, because she was, but then smiled.

"Ok." She said with a shrug.

"Whatever I want?" Claire checked.

"Whatever you want pom-pom." Elle confirmed, before spotting a clock on one
of the walls, "Wow, no wonder the manager's complaining, we've been in here
for ages. Let's get out of here before he hurts himself and find a hotel

"Ok." Claire said, watching as Elle picked up her clothes and began to get

It was weird but for the first time Claire truly saw Elle naked. She had seen
her naked for a while now but the cheerleader had always been distracted by a
strap on or something, and now she was truly looking at the other girl Claire
found herself getting turned on, especially when Elle bent over to pick up
the discarded tie on toy, giving her a perfect view of her ass.

Claire had been turned on by the sight of other girls before, but she'd
always suppressed it. Now Claire was openly checking out another girl and
liking it, pretty much confirming she was at least bisexual.

However Claire wasn't satisfied with pretty much, she wanted to explore her
feelings and experiment in anyway possible with Elle in the hopes she could
end this night with no doubt in her mind whether or not she was truly into

Luckily this night wasn't over yet.


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