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Authors note: This is story takes place during Season 3, episode 7.

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Heroes: Elle's Pain Slut Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

As soon as the hotel door was closed Elle had Claire's back against the wall, her lips attacking the cheerleader with a ferocity which had intimidated a lot of the electric girl's previous lovers, but not Claire.

Sure at first the cheerleader had been just as hesitant as the rest, perhaps even more so, but now this girl who Elle had mistook for a goodie two shoes was showing herself for the slut she really was.

Much like when they left the restaurant earlier Elle had been finding any excuse to touch the cheerleader on their way from the sex store to the hotel. In fact a lot of the time there hadn't even been an excuse.

Elle took any opportunity she could to kiss the cheerleader's lips and neck, her fingers sliding over the soft material of the cheerleader uniform she had forced the girl to wear, and sliding beneath it to touch the even softer flesh the uniform concealed, and even giving the little pain slut a little jolt every so often, just to squeeze an extra loud moan out of that pretty little mouth of hers.

Through it all Claire didn't complain, the cheerleader letting Elle do whatever she wanted to her.

All these little touches were meant to drive Claire crazy and make the cheerleader putty in Elle's hands, but it totally backfired and now Elle was so horny she didn't think she could wait another second to fuck the cheerleader.

Little did Elle know she was going to have to wait, but she would enjoy it.

Claire's heart was racing.

The cheerleader didn't know if she could actually go through with what she planned to do next, but Claire knew she had to at least try.

Being with Elle was amazing, but apart from a few moments Claire was always the one on the receiving end of things. As that fact had brought her previously unimagined levels of ecstasy it was hard for Claire to complain, and yet there was one little problem floating around in her head, that being that she was experimenting with her sexuality but she was only experiencing one side of lesbian sex, the receiving. Claire wanted more. She wanted to be the giver. She wanted to give Elle the kind of pleasure the other girl had given her, or to at least try.

The cheerleader was afraid it would feel wrong, or weird, or gross, but she was also worried she wouldn't do it right, and worst of all, what if she liked it? What would that mean?

All Claire knew was that her mind was a wreck with thoughts, and one way or another she had to silence them.


Elle froze to the spot the second she heard the word.

The spotting question was Claire's neck, the place Elle's lips had latched on to once they pulled away from the cheerleader.

For a few seconds Elle stayed in that spot, then lifted her head up and asked, "What's wrong pom-pom?"

"Nothing, it's just... you promised I could choose what we did first when we got to the hotel, and... well... here we are." Claire pointed out.

"You're right, I did." Elle agreed cautiously, still not sure where this was going for a moment until realisation hit and a smile crossed her face, "So, what do you want me to do to you first cheerleader?"

"Nothing." Claire said, faking a smile of confidence, "I want to do something to you."

This took Elle by surprise, but she quickly recovered, "Really, what did you have in mind pom-pom?"

"I..." Claire blushed, her nervousness and fears creeping up on her, but she reminded herself she wanted to at least try doing this, and the first step to doing it was being able to say it out loud, "I... I want to lick you."

Elle smiled again, even more wickedly than before.

"Where?" Elle said, leaning into the cheerleader until their lips were practically touching, "Where do you want to lick me pom-pom?"

Claire bit her lip, "Everywhere. I want to lick you everywhere."

"Ok then," Elle said, deciding that was probably as graphic as the teenager would go, "But if you're going to do that, I think I should be wearing less."

With that Elle stepped back and began to slowly strip off her clothing, Claire's heart racing a mile a minute at the sight and only picking up speed with every wicket smile Elle gave her which came with every item of clothing removed.

As a cheerleader Claire had seen other naked girls many times before, but she had never really looked all those other times, not really. There was the occasional curious glance, but the mood was totally different now and Claire was looking, really looking, and she couldn't deny she liked what she saw.

She had seen Elle topless while wearing that strap on in the sex store but Claire had been so enthralled by the size of the fake dick she had barely noticed anything else. She was definitely noticing now though.

Once she was naked Elle gave a smile much softer and calming than either girl would have thought possible before picking up the previously discarded bags, taking Claire by the hand and leading her to the large suite's bed.

Pretty much the only positive effect of the death of Elle's father was that she had inherited an obscene amount of money. It seemed that her father, who's power was to turn anything he wanted into gold, had done a good job of hiding just how much money he had from the company so now Elle could basically live the rest of her life without ever needing to work again. Of course that would be boring and Elle had no intention of doing that, but it was nice to know she had the option.

It was also nice to know she could afford the biggest, and most expensive suites in any hotel in the world.

Her company training told her that it was a mistake to get the biggest, and most expensive suite, so she normally compromised on the second biggest, and most expensive suite, or the third or something like that.

It wasn't the biggest, or the most expensive, or the deluxe honeymoon suite (an option she had almost gone for just to see the look on Claire's face) but it would do.

Dumping the bags on the floor Elle giggled and ran to the bed, jumping down onto it with a sort of playful innocence, before turning to Claire with a smile which was anything but.

"What are you waiting for pom-pom?" Elle asked, spreading her legs, "Lick me."

Claire froze, her mind frozen in an odd mix of fear, apprehension and horniness, the same mix that had frozen her before the last time she had stared at something in between Elle's legs, only this time it wasn't an obscenely big cock, it was a small, soft looking pussy.

Reading the fear on Claire's face Elle slowly closed her legs and sat up.

"Look pom-pom, you don't have to if you don't really want too. I'm more than ok with just fucking you until your little cheerleader brain melts." Elle said, forcing a smile across her face to hide her disappointment.

There was a rush of desire which travelled through Claire's body from the second sentence, but it was the first sentence that really lingered.

Claire really didn't think Elle would be so understanding of her nervousness and despite herself Claire found Elle's compassion not only comforting, but endearing.

It actually gave Claire the courage to remind herself she had already made up her mind to at least try this so she could hopefully understand whether she was really bisexual or whether she just liked having her pussy touched and it didn't matter who was doing the touching.

Taking a deep breath Claire crawled onto the bed, smiling at the look of surprise on Elle's face as she approached her like a cat stalking its prey. Elle seemed even more surprised when Claire pushed her back down onto the bed and mounted her, the two girls staring into each other's eyes for the briefest of moments before they devoured each other's lips.

After a few long moments of trying to choke each other with their tongues Claire broke the kiss and took a page from Elle's playbook, diving at the other girl's neck and covering it in licks and kisses.

Claire smiled into Elle's neck as she made the other girl moan softly from her attentions, the cheerleader finding an odd sense of pride from being able to get a moan from the far more experienced girl.

Wanting to try and get more moans from the other girl Claire kissed her way down Elle's chest, over the soft flesh of her right breast and to her right nipple which the cheerleader took into her mouth and began gently sucking on.

This not only got a loud moan from the older girl but a little spark of electricity, which shot directly from Elle's nipple into Claire's mouth, the suddenness of it all making the cheerleader pull away in shock.

Embarrassment flooded Elle's body.

She certainly didn't embarrass easily but her body's reactions to sexual pleasure almost never failed to make her blush.

Whenever she received sexual pleasure Elle would have to fight to control her powers, and sometimes the urge became just too great and she couldn't control it.

Elle hated losing control, and accidentally electrocuting your sex partner half to death tended to ruin the mood, so Elle always tried to be the aggressor when it came to sex, making sure it was always the other person who was receiving the most sexual pleasure while carefully allowing herself to have just enough pleasure in return to make her cum without killing anyone in the process.

However Claire had loved Elle electrocuting her in a way no one else ever had before, so maybe, just maybe the cheerleader wouldn't mind a little accidental electrocution.

Biting her lip Elle grinned mischievously and was grateful to see the cheerleader return the smile before returning to her nipple to suck it even harder, taking time to slide her tongue all over it before moving her mouth to the other nipple and repeating the process.

Claire went back and forth between Elle's nipples, the supercharged girl randomly, and mostly unintentionally, firing gentle sparks of electricity into her mouth, every spark of which was welcomed by the pain loving cheerleader.

As she continued to enjoy getting lightly electrocuted while sucking on another girl's nipples Claire had to acknowledge that this was extremely, extremely perverted, but it wasn't like the sparks were doing any real damage, so was it really so bad she was kind of getting off on it? Well yes, she guessed it was kind of bad, but she didn't care. It felt too good to care.

Although, Claire had to acknowledge that it wasn't just the little sparks of pain she was enjoying.

There was just something so... right, so... natural about sucking on another girl's nipples.

It was fun, Claire seeing how hard she could make Elle moan for her, how much she could make her wriggle, how hard she could make her give her that sweet electric pain that the cheerleader craved.

Elle was surprised how comfortable Claire was sucking her nipples. She had always seen the cheerleader as being sickeningly sweet and innocent, but the more she really got to know Claire the more Elle realised she had been wrong about the younger girl.

Claire certainly didn't look sweet and innocent now, using her hands to massage Elle's tits and push them into her eager mouth, the cheerleader using her tongue, lips and teeth to lick, suck and bite Elle's nipples until they were so hard it was painful. It was a good type of painful though, a type which brought Elle a level of pleasure she had never known.

Because of the unpredictability of her body while receiving sexual pleasure Elle had little time for foreplay. Even when she was giving and not receiving Elle preferred to skip quickly through the foreplay, but with Claire it was different. Claire didn't mind Elle's little electronic reactions, in fact the cheerleader seemed to enjoy them, so Elle could relax and let the younger blonde slowly learn the best way to stimulate another girl's nipples, Claire slowly pleasuring Elle in this way which the older girl had never really experienced before, giving the electric girl who thought of herself as very knowledgeable when it came to sex an entirely new and exciting sexual experience.

This new experience was extremely fun for her for a while, but then Elle's natural impatience kicked in and the greedy older blonde found herself wanting more.

Of course 'more' was a big step.

Licking and sucking nipples was one thing, after all guys had nipples, but actually eating pussy was a big deal for a girl.

It hadn't really been for Elle. She had always just really been into pleasure of any kind and she had never understood why some people got so squeamish about the idea of same sex fun. If it felt as good as opposite sex fun why shouldn't she enjoy it? Why shouldn't anyone enjoy it?

But some people were fussy, uptight, prudish, all things Elle had until a few hours ago thought perfectly described prim and proper little Claire Bennet.

Elle had been wrong about the cheerleader, she was far more sexually adventurous than Elle could have dared hoped, but even after everything they had done Elle just couldn't imagine innocent little Claire as a rug muncher.

She really, really wanted to be wrong about this but no matter how hard she tried Elle kept envisioning Claire giving a couple of licks to her pussy, pulling a face, saying yuck and then yelling at her for tricking her into lesbian sex.

Still, this previously unexperienced level of foreplay had put Elle on the edge and the vision of Claire's angelic face in between her thighs and her soft tongue gently flickering over her pussy lips was almost enough to make Elle cum on its own, and if Elle could make that happen, if she could somehow make the cheerleader give her pussy just a couple of little licks then not only would it make her cum but she would have a little memory in her head which she could use to masturbate herself to orgasm for the rest of her life.

So, only hoping to get a couple of licks, Elle began pushing down on the back of Claire's head, gently encouraging the cheerleader to go lower.

When gently didn't work Elle tried a little more force, than a little more, than a little more, then finally a little blast of electricity which got her a mischievous smile from Claire and a hard bite to her nipple.

The innocent little cheerleader was teasing her. How interesting, and frustrating.

Just as Elle was envisioning what she could do to get her way without really upsetting the cheerleader Claire finally broke away from her nipples, the younger blonde kissing her way down the older blonde's body, her lips gently caressing the soft skin of Elle's flat stomach before slowly descending lower until the cheerleader's head was in between Elle's legs.

Claire honestly didn't think her heart had ever beaten as fast as when she came face to face with Elle's pussy, which considering the extreme lengths she went too test her powers was really saying something.

The cheerleader felt like her heart was about to explode within her chest she was so nervous, terrified and excited all at the same time.

There were several other thoughts, feelings and emotions running through her body, all threatening to turn her into a nervous wreck, but she didn't allow herself to listen to any of them.

She had been going over this decision in her head ever since she had been introduced to the heaven that was having Elle's tongue inside her, and it was a decision she had made and was now going to follow through on.

So, closing her eyes tightly shut, Claire lent forward, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and gave her very first lick of another girl's pussy.

At first Claire wasn't sure about the flavour which hit her tastebuds at the moment her tongue made contact with Elle's cunt. It was so familiar, and yet like nothing she'd ever tasted before.

Claire was struggling for words to describe it, but one thing was for sure, she didn't know whether she liked it or not yet. She needed to take another lick.

So Claire cautiously stuck out her tongue again and repeated the process she had done before, slowly sliding her tongue up from the bottom of Elle's pussy to the top.

Still Claire wasn't sure, so she licked the other girl again, and again, and again.

Finally somewhere between the fifth and the tenth lick Claire found a word to describe the taste of Elle's pussy, good. Elle's pussy tasted good. She liked it. She couldn't quite describe all the different textures, but she liked it and that was all that mattered.

Whether this thought relaxed her enough to enjoy what she was doing more or weather this was simply a taste that got better once you're used to it Claire didn't know, but for whatever reason the taste seem to get better and better with every lick.

As her enjoyment of the taste grew and she became more relaxed the cheerleader became aware of the soft sound of gasping and moaning which to her surprise seemed to be coming from Elle.

It was a surprise because the gasping and moaning seemed so soft and girlish that Claire wouldn't have thought Elle was even capable of those sounds, but looking up not only did Claire witness Elle gasp and moan, she saw her whimper too.

Claire's power had enabled the cheerleader to do so many supernatural things, but she had never felt more powerful than at this moment when she made such a sexually experienced girl like Elle whimper with such need just from a flick of her tongue.

The cheerleader wanted to feel that power again, so she began licking Elle faster and harder than before, slowly increasing the speed until she was sliding her tongue up and down the other girl's pussy lips as fast as she could, her tongue pressing down hard against the soft flesh of this yummy cunt, the whole time her eyes watching Elle closely to see what touch of her tongue would make the other blonde moan the loudest.

Elle was a little embarrassed about how girly her moaning sounded, and she flat out hated every time she let out a whimper, but she really couldn't help it.

No matter how much she had prepared herself Elle hadn't been able to stop herself from gasping when she felt the feather soft touch of innocent little Claire's tongue brush against her pussy for the first time, or the little moans that had fallen from her mouth courtesy of that little tongue cautiously caressing her cunt lips shortly afterwards.

That had been ok though, Elle wasn't expecting to be able to control herself when she got Claire between her thighs. Hell, it had been a miracle she hadn't electrocuted the cheerleader yet, although that had less to do with her ability to control herself and more to do with every fibre of her being turned numb from the surprise that innocent little Claire Bennet not only gave her pussy a little lick, but gave it a couple of little licks.

Those couple of licks suddenly turned into a lot of licks, a lot more then Elle could have imagined Claire giving her pussy in real life, although she had imagined the cheerleader's angelic face in between her legs many times, not that her imagination did this justice.

Even if Claire suddenly stopped right now Elle would have this beautiful vision of Claire Bennet's innocent little face so close to her pussy, the cheerleader's soft tongue sliding out over the lips of her cunt, caressing her centre, committed to her memory forever as something she could spend the rest of her life masturbating over, imagining what it would have been like if the cheerleader had really been into eating pussy.

The problem was Elle was greedy. She didn't want to have to imagine the cheerleader eating her pussy, she wanted to remember it. She wanted to experience it. But she didn't want to open her mouth, say the wrong thing and ruin her chance for a proper pussy eating from the cheerleader. So she was stuck.

Just as Elle thought this Claire looked up at her with such an innocent and questioning look on her face while sliding her tongue along the lips of her pussy Elle couldn't stop herself from whimpering in pleasure.

Elle immediately hated herself for the whimper, but then found herself unable to care as the cheerleader sped up her licking, her tongue rubbing up and down Elle's pussy lips faster than ever before.

Seeing a look of confidence on Claire's face Elle saw her opportunity to get what she truly wanted, and she took it.

"More. Give me more." Elle pleaded, "Please pom-pom, put your tongue inside me. Put your tongue inside my pussy."

There was a pause as the two girls locked eyes for a few seconds, Elle momentarily concerned she had tried to push Claire too far while Claire's mind momentarily became a minefield of nervousness, doubt and excitement until finally the cheerleader smiled, bent her head down, and thrust her tongue at the entrance to Elle's cunt.

Unfortunately Claire's nervousness affected the power behind the tongue thrust and the cheerleader was unable to penetrate Elle's pussy on the first try. Fortunately the same problem did not occur on the second more powerful thrust.

Elle cried out loudly in pleasure as the soft little tongue of everyone's favourite cheerleader Claire Bennet entered her pussy, causing a wave of pleasure to flow through her which was so strong she momentarily lost control of her body and she accidentally electrocuted the invading tongue.

Although it was a quite small blast compared to all the others this one seemed to attack every inch of Claire's tongue while it was still inside Elle's pussy which really freaked Claire out and the cheerleader pulled back quickly.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry." Elle said quickly, feeling embarrassed, "That just happen sometimes. I have a little trouble controlling it, but I'll do better, I swear."

Honestly Elle was expecting Claire to try and end things here, which was understandable, although Elle would do whatever she had to to convince the cheerleader to continue the fun they were having, even if it meant they just went back to Elle giving and Claire receiving, but what happened next really caught Elle by surprise as the cheerleader actually smiled at her.

The reason for Claire smile was simple, she'd never seen Elle embarrassed like this before, and it was adorable, and it also made Elle seem human and not a complete bitch. Claire liked that she had found a chink in Elle's armour, a little weakness which embarrassed her. In a twisted way it was kind of sweet, and it was not something which really bothered the cheerleader. After all, Elle's power wasn't really a deadly problem for her, something she was happy to point out.

"It's ok, I can take whatever you can give." Claire said with a smile.

There was a pause and then Elle returned the smile, "Really?"

"Really." Claire confirmed.

Another pause.

"Prove it." Elle challenged.

A brief grin was exchanged between the two blondes before Claire dived face first into Elle's pussy, shoving her tongue into the other girl with a surprisingly rough level of force.

Elle let out a loud moan and then accidentally on purpose electrocuted Claire's tongue with the gentlest blast she could possibly give her under the circumstances.

Instead of pulling away like all the others had from this Claire moaned and somehow pushed her tongue even deeper inside Elle's pussy, causing Elle to moan even louder than before, although this time Elle was able to control her powers.

Elle had a lot of experience of holding back and controlling her powers during sex and had more or less found a way she could enjoy herself without permanently harming her sex buddy. While it definitely wasn't the same for the cheerleader Elle knew Claire's weakness was her head, or more accurately her brain. If Elle scent enough electricity into that pretty little head of Claire's she could probably KO her. She probably wouldn't be able to kill her that way, at least not permanently, but it would definitely be a mood killer, so as Claire's tongue began moving in and out of her pussy Elle found herself gripping tightly to the bed sheets in concentration, only shocking the cheerleader a little when it felt like she absolutely needed to and even then trying to keep the blasts as gentle as possible.

Holding back became increasingly difficult as the cheerleader became more comfortable with eating pussy, Elle's fingernails almost tearing the bed sheets apart at the surprisingly skilful touch of the other girl's tongue.

Everyone's favourite innocent little cheerleader Claire Bennet took to eating pussy as if she was born for it.

At first her tongue moved slowly in and out of Elle's pussy in the soft, cute, and yet frustrating little way that seemed to be so Claire Bennet, but then the cheerleader began slowly increasing the speed of her tongue thrusts and wrapped her mouth around Elle's pussy lips so she could begin gently sucking on her cunt in between thrusts, driving Elle crazy.

The first time Elle felt that heavenly soft mouth on her pussy she felt this huge spark of pleasure run through her body which soon turned into a huge spark of a different kind which threatened to shoot out of her at any minute.

Momentarily Elle considered shooting her electricity anywhere but into Claire, unfortunately that would have been messy and possibly costly, so lifting herself up Elle grabbed on to Claire's shoulder and made sure the majority of her pent-up voltage flowed from her fingers and not her pussy. The idea paid off and instead of knocking out the cheerleader Elle's electricity attack only seemed to make the other girl even more pussy hungry, Claire attacking Elle's pussy with a passion which both surprised and excited the former company agent.

Elle could have never imagined Claire would be such a skilled and enthusiastic rug muncher. Well, she had imagined it, but she hadn't believed the real Claire would ever be this into eating pussy, yet there was the cheerleader between her legs, eating her pussy like it was her other superpower.

A smile crossed Elle's lips at the thought.

The indestructible pussy eater.

Now why did Elle get the feeling Claire would be a little embarrassed if Elle started using that as a nickname for her.

Elle could just picture Claire blushing now. It was such an adorable thought Elle knew immediately she was going to have to come up with a whole new set of nicknames for the little pussy loving pain slut Claire Bennet.

Part of Claire was embarrassed of the way she was acting but she really couldn't help herself.

Those same pussy juices which had tasted kind of nice when Claire was lightly licking Elle's pussy now tasted like pure heaven as they flowed directly from the source into Claire's hungry mouth.

The taste was delicious and addictive, the cheerleader craving more of that sweet cream with every drop swallowed down her throat and into her belly.

Suddenly finding herself craving pussy juice Claire tried to remember everything Elle's skilled mouth and tongue had done to her and began to use it against the electronic girl in an attempt to get more of what she now craved.

Pressing her lips more firmly around Elle's pussy Claire began sucking as hard as she could, collecting as much cunt cream in her mouth as possible and swallowing it in big gulps. To make sure those juices were flowing as much as possible Claire spent plenty of time in between each hard suck to jack-hammer her tongue in and out of Elle's pussy, at first only fucking the other girl with it, but then remembering another trick and quickly started twirling her tongue inside of the older blonde. Claire was rewarded for her efforts with an extra loud series of moans, even more juice and a nice shot of electricity from Elle's pussy and hand, all of which made the cheerleader feel good.

Greedily wanting more Claire continued twirling her tongue inside of the other girl, listening very carefully to Elle's moans so she could find all the most sensitive spots inside this delicious pussy.

This time Claire was rewarded by a pair of hands on the back of her head, pushing her face deeper into the wet cunt she had become obsessed with. Not that she at all minded. In fact she welcomed it. She also welcomed Elle beginning to hump her face. It felt like she shouldn't, it felt like she should be disgusted, or at least a little put off, but the truth was Claire loved it. This was rough lesbian sex, something no one but Elle seemed to think she was capable of, something which wasn't part of the good girl routine she felt like she had been forced into, something which made her feel like a slut, something which made her feel like the slut she had loved being tonight.

So instead of any type of complaint Claire went into pussy eating overdrive, constantly switching between slamming Elle's pussy with her twirling tongue and sucking at the other girl's centre like a hoover until there was a ear piercing scream and Claire's mouth was filled with something even more delicious than Elle's pussy juice. A few seconds ago Claire wouldn't have thought that was possible, but there was a slightly different texture to this juice and Claire found herself loving it from the first drop. From the electricity flowing from Elle's pussy and fingers and the shaking of the other girl's body it was pretty clear Claire had made the older, more experienced girl cum, which filled Claire's heart with pride and her mouth with girl cum, yummy, yummy girl cum which she greedily swallowed.

When there seemed to be less girl cum Claire shoved a couple of fingers easily into Elle's cunt and began roughly fucking the other girl with them as her mouth closed round the sensitive little bundle of flesh which she hoped was Elle's clit.

The loud scream, electricity, and shaking proved Claire was right and after only a few minutes of finger fucking Claire closed her mouth around Elle's pussy again so she could swallow a fresh batch of girl cum.

When that seemed to start running out she pressed her wet fingers against the little rosebud beneath the pussy she was tongue fucking and gently pushed them inside, Elle's ass hole slowly stretching open to accept Claire's fingers inside them.

Only a few hours ago Claire would have been disgusted by the idea of pushing her fingers into somebody's butt hole, and she was still a little grossed out by it, but she remembered how fantastic Elle's fingers had felt inside her butt hole and she wanted to make Elle cum again.

It worked and Elle was forced to cum for a record breaking time, or at least record breaking for her.

Elle had always been very sexual and over the years had become an expert on working around her powers in order for her to fully enjoy herself while making sure whoever she was with survived, at least most of the time, but because of Claire's powers and the cheerleader's love for pain Elle was able to cut loose like never before. She had been very careful of the cheerleader's head at first but that was it. When she started to cum Elle struggled to remember that little detail, or think of anything in fact other than the pleasure flowing through her body.

No one had ever made Elle feel this good before, and the electronic girl struggled to cope with the pleasure.

Elle wasn't even aware of how much electricity she was pumping into Claire until she felt the cheerleader's actions start to slow down, which gave Elle a moment to regain her senses.

Realising what she was doing Elle pulled Claire up and away from her pussy before she did any permanent damage to the cheerleader, much to the annoyance of both herself and the younger girl since both of them had really started to enjoy that particular sex act. But all good things had to come to an end, even things which gave previous unheard of levels of pleasure, and at least Elle managed to wipe that angry look off the cheerleader's face and stop whatever complaint was going to come out of her opening mouth by capturing her lips with her own in a deep, passionate, grateful kiss.

It seemed Claire had her heart set on complaining as she was very hesitant at first but Elle was persistent and eventually the cheerleader melted into the other girl's arms.

Once the cheerleader got into it things really started getting heavy, the two blondes frantically trying to bully each other's tongues into submission as their lips roughly pressed together in something which seemed more like a fight than a kiss.

Claire could have happily gone on kissing like that for much longer, maybe forever, but oxygen became an issue for Elle after a while so she broke the kiss, leaving both blondes heavily panting.

Feeling air returning to her lungs Elle smiled wickedly as a wicked idea came to her head of how to both taunt the cheerleader and move them nicely to what she planned to do to the other girl next.

"Did you enjoy that cheerleader?" Elle asked mischievously.

"... It was ok." Claire said softly, biting her lip to subtlely let Elle know it was more than ok.

Elle picked up on the subtlety and a megawatt grin crossed her face before she faked a frown.

"Mm." Elle huffed.

"What?" Claire asked, a little concerned.

"Nothing... it's just... well... you don't think I'm corrupting you do you pom-pom?" Elle asked, struggling to keep a straight face.

Claire frown for a moment but then noticed the smile threatening to cross Elle's face. The other girl was playing a game. Claire wasn't sure why, but hoping it might lead somewhere good she decided to play along.

"I don't mind." Claire said, biting her lip and trying to look seductive.

"Oh no!" Elle gasped, "I've already succeeded. I'm in so much trouble."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Claire frowned, thoroughly confused.

"Think about it pom-pom. You're the little cheerleader who everybody loves Claire Bennet. So pure, so sweet, so innocent. You couldn't possibly be enjoying nasty lesbian sex. That's not something good little straight girls like you do. We need to do something quickly. God forbid the precious Goody two shoes cheerleader end up a perverted little lesbian slut. We need to make sure I don't corrupt you into that twisted lifestyle of pleasure and multiple orgasms or one of your families will kill me. Understand?" Elle asked in a playful tone of voice.

Claire tried to glare at Elle, but she just ended up having to fight back a smile. This was so stupid but despite herself Claire was struggling not to laugh.

"But... but what can we do?" Claire asked, trying to sound serious.

"There's nothing for it cheerleader, I'm going to have to spank you." Elle said solemnly, taking a couple of seconds to fight the urge to smile as Claire's face lighted up before continuing, "If we're lucky a little negative reinforcement will put an end to those slutty lesbian desires of yours and you can go back to being the little Goody two shoes straight girl you really are.

"I don't know Elle, I really liked going down on you, and I loved everything you did to me, so if a spanking is going to help you are going to have to really hurt me. A lot." Claire said, trying to sound like that would be a bad thing.

"I'll try my best." Elle said, a smile breaking through, "Quickly, get on all fours and stick that cute little ass of yours out pom-pom so I can try and stop you from becoming a lesbian slut with a nice hard spanking."

Claire couldn't help but laugh as she scrambled to her hands and knees on the bed, Elle breaking character for a moment and laughing too, momentarily allowing them to forget all the troubles and stresses that came with their world of superpowers, experiments, companies, good, evil, heroes and villains and become lost in a playful game between two female lovers.

Their world and everything that came with it quickly returned but both Claire and Elle did their best to forget about it and concentrate on this new and exciting game that seemed to be developing between them.

Elle was the first to stop laughing as the cheerleader's cute little butt was presented to her, desire filling the electronic older girl's body as she reached out and slid her hand over Claire's short skirt clad behind, a little murmur of anticipation escaping the younger girl's lips as she did so.

"Mm." Elle muttered after a few minutes of light butt groping.

"What?" Claire asked, eager for the spanking to begin.

"Well it's just if this is going to really help stop you from becoming a naughty little lesbian slut then I think this is going to have to be a bare bottom spanking. That way it will be humiliating as well as painful so maybe, just maybe we can save you from evil lesbian corruption." Elle said, almost sounding convincing.

"Do whatever you want." Claire panted, her butt practically crying out for the first wonderful hit, "Do whatever you think needs to be done."

Without further ado Elle eagerly pulled the short little cheerleader skirt up until it was bunched around Claire's waist, revealing her cute little white cotton panties which Elle slowly pulled down so she could watch as Claire's bare little bottom and private little holes slowly came into view.

Thanks to the cheerleader lifting her knees Elle was able to pull the panties all the way down Claire's legs and off of her entirely, Elle's attention quickly turning back to the other girl's butt once she had carelessly tossed the panties away.

After a few long moments of enjoying the sight of oh so important and innocent little Claire Bennet on all fours with a cheerleader costume over her top half and a naked and exposed bottom half Elle reached out, gently placed her hand on the cute little naked butt in front of her and began to gently caress it.

This action caused Claire to groan in frustration, which just made Elle smile and continue to tease the submissive little cheerleader with a long and thorough butt groping.

"Ready for your spanking now cheerleader?" Elle asked once she'd had her fun.

"YES! Do it! Spank me! Spank me hard!" Claire begged.

"Ok pom-pom, just remember, this is for your own good." Elle said grinning before raising her hand.

Claire let out a little whimper of anticipation as she felt Elle's hand leave her butt, before she let out a groan of joy and frustration as that hand returned with a hard slap to one of her ass cheeks.

The frustration part of the groan was from the fact that although Claire could feel the force of the hand's impact on her ass cheeks, and here the sound of it echoing throughout the room, she felt no pain from it. Elle hadn't given the spank the little something extra it needed to give Claire the pain she craved, and neither did any of the following hits.

However it was only a matter of time.

Part of Claire's initial groan and the groans that followed were joyous as Claire knew at any moment Elle would give her that pain that only she could give, the pain the cheerleader needed, and the uniform wearing blonde didn't mind waiting. In fact the anticipation in itself was torturous, each denial of pain only making Claire want to feel that sweet agony even more, her desire for pain growing with each and every slap to her butt, the wait almost becoming painful, and therefore pleasurable, itself.

The only question was how would Elle introduce those wonderful shocks of electricity that would give Claire the pain she needed into this little game? Would she come up with some kind of excuse? Would she just pretend like it wasn't happening and do it anyway? Or was the game over already and Claire just hadn't picked up on it yet.

Honestly Claire didn't really care, she just wanted to feel pain again.

Just as she thought this Claire cried out in joyful anguish as she received a nice big jolt of electricity from a particularly hard spank, the pain like sweet pleasure to the cheerleader.

Looking back over her shoulder Claire saw Elle grinning mischievously at her, a grin she happily returned as the spanking continued, those electric filled blows coming randomly but each and every one of them were like a pure heaven of agony for Claire as each time she either got the sweet physical pain she craved or the almost equally as stimulating mental pain which she was growing to love more and more with each passing moment she spent with the sadistic older girl.

The look of pleasure Claire had on her face was weird for Elle to see. Sure she had seen people enjoy getting spanked, but none like the cheerleader.

Little Claire Bennet really was a total pain slut, and Elle loved it.

No matter how much electricity she fired into the girl Claire just cried out in pleasure and took it.

The little slut even pushed her cute little ass up and back at Elle, the cheerleader either unconsciously or consciously begging for more, more Elle was only too happy to give. Not too much more though. After all, she didn't want to spoil the cheerleader. That would be bad. And besides, wasn't this supposed to be a punishment?

Of course if Elle really wanted to punish Claire she could just not give her any pain at all, but Elle wasn't that sadistic.

Besides Elle actually liked giving Claire pleasure, especially this type of pleasure. In fact Elle didn't just like it, she loved it. She loved causing pain. It was wrong, but it felt so right. And knowing that the other person loved it too, knowing they loved receiving pain as much as she loved giving it, oh that was just so much better, because not only did Elle not have to worry about any kind of pesky guilt but she actually got off on the idea of someone loving pain. Because of this Claire Bennet was even more perfect than Elle had originally imagined.

As it turned out Claire wasn't the innocent little girl Elle had originally imagined her to be, but it was fun to pretend.

It was fun to pretend that she had corrupted an innocent little flower and turned it into a little lesbian pain slut. It was what the little game Elle had invented was all about.

Elle had dropped the game for a little while to enjoy spanking Claire's cute little butt, but now she was into the swing of it the older blonde decided to bring it back with a vengeance.

"You've been a bad girl Claire... a naughty... little... slut..." Elle said, spanking Claire on every random pause, "Letting yourself get seduced by another girl... letting another girl touch that sweet... innocent... little... body of yours. Letting her slide her mouth all over your pure... virtuous... untouched... tiny... body and defile you... stully you... make you all dirty... and nasty... like she is... turn you into a disgusting... little... lesbian... slut... what were you thinking? What... were... you... thinking... you... dirty... little... girl...? Letting some girl turn you into a little lesbian slut. Is that what you are now Claire? A... little... lesbian... slut...?

"No." Claire whimpered, half faking it, but half not, "I'm not a lesbian."

"You're not a lesbian, but you are a slut?" Elle asked with a giggle.

"I'm not a lesbian or a slut." Claire protested.

"Really, then why are you so wet?" Elle questioned, her fingers quickly sliding over Claire's soaking wet pussy lips, "Why is your pussy so wet, huh? Is it because of me? Or is it because of the spanking? Answer me cheerleader!"

"Both!" Claire cried out joyfully as a particularly hard spank gave her a wonderful little shot of painful electricity.

"Both! So you are a lesbian? And a slut? And a liar?" Elle asked, delivering a electric spank with each question.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I'm a lesbian, and a slut, and a liar! I'm a lying, naughty little lesbian slut and I need you to punish me Elle!" Claire confessed, willing to say anything she had too to get more of those hard electric spanks.

"I'm sorry cheerleader, there's nothing I can do. You're obviously too far gone, lost to your new perverted lifestyle as a little lesbian pain slut. No amount of punishment will stop the fact that deep down you know what you really are is a lesbian pain slut." Elle told the other blonde, getting closer and closer to her with every word until she was whispering in her ear, "So there's only one thing left to do..."

After the briefest of pauses Elle pulled back and suddenly slammed the two fingers which had been rubbing Claire's pussy lips knuckles deep into the other girl's cunt and firing a huge blast of electricity into the other girl.

"MAKE YOU MY LESBIAN PAIN SLUT!" Elle bellowed over Claire's screams as she began to savagely fuck the other girl, smacking her ass with her free hand and letting her electricity flow freely as she did so.

Well, the electricity didn't flow freely, it came in random bursts, all of which Elle controlled, but to Claire it felt like an endless flow of sensations were flooding her body due to the other blonde's talented touch.

Every spank, every finger thrust, every blast of electricity, they were all just different forms of pleasure to Claire and the cheerleader couldn't get enough of any of them.

Elle used all of these things as weapons to play Claire like a musical instrument, the whole time pure filth falling out of the other girl's mouth, Elle telling Claire she was her lesbian pain slut among other nasty things but Claire welcomed it.

One of the many things Claire wished she'd had the guts to ask her former boyfriend to do was talk dirty to her, and each word out of Elle's mouth was more of a turn on for the cheerleader than Claire had dared to hope it would be. It was probably just meant as meaningless words, but Claire found great meaning in them and founding herself wishing them to be true.

She wasn't a lesbian, but after licking Elle's pussy and loving it Claire could happily identify herself as a bisexual, or even a filthy little cunt loving pussy slut as Elle called her.

She was a pain slut. Those two words in bodied her perfectly. She loved pain more than words could do justice, and each and every shock of electricity through her just proved this.

Was she a slut? Probably not. She was certainly acting slutty, but she'd only had sex a few times with a grand total of two people. That wasn't very slutty. Then again what makes a slut? How many times you have sex and how many people you have sex with? That's how Claire had always seen it, but could she consider herself a slut just for what she was doing with Elle? After all Elle was her enemy, wasn't she? She wasn't her friend, and she was dangerous, a psychopath. That had to count for something. Whatever the case Claire found herself wanting to be a slut, wanting not to be the good girl cheerleader but the nasty little slut Elle made her feel as the older girl pumped her fingers in and out of her.

Claire was wrong, Elle's words had meaning, meaning which was very effective.

None of the words were said out of any type of hate for the cheerleader, on the contrary, Elle just wanted to push Claire's boundaries and see just how far she could push the other girl.

Elle had been extremely impressed with what the cheerleader had allowed her to do to her, and it seemed this was going to be another thing she got away with as no matter what she said the cheerleader seemed to moan and whimper more.

Of course the moaning and whimpering probably had a lot to do with the brutal electric spanking and finger fucking Elle was dishing out to the other blonde, but Elle like to think her words were having an effect as well.

Although thanks to the brutal electric spanking and finger fucking Elle wasn't given the opportunity to see as much as she would have liked, but then again she herself was to blame for that.

Elle had meant to fuck the cheerleader to the edge of orgasm time and time again, but she got carried away with the name calling to the point where she forgot to slow down and Claire came in a screaming orgasm much sooner than Elle planned.

Deciding just to go with it Elle increased the voltage and speed of her spanking and finger fucking combo, making sure her little streak of making the cheerleader multi orgasmic was not broken.

Elle had nothing to worry about as she easily extended her record, Claire's body shaking violently and her eyes rolling in the back of her head as she was once again forced to cum over and over again by another girl.

Wanting to move on Elle tried not to replace her fingers with her mouth and taste the divine liquid which was Claire's cum, she really tried, but the temptation was just too strong and soon the electric girl had her face buried in Claire's cunt again, this time from behind.

The second that heavenly taste touched her lips Elle automatically craved more, the experience girl using her talented tongue to fuck Claire through another couple of orgasms before finally pulling herself away after making sure to swallow the very last drop.

Exhausted from her orgasms Claire collapsed on the bed breathing heavily, remaining where she was until she felt lips pressing against the back of her neck.

Wordlessly she turned her body around and the two girls simultaneously fell into a passionate kiss with each other which was as heated as always but almost seemed borderline tender this time.

This ever so slight hint of tenderness freaked both girls out a little as it wasn't something either was expecting, but after a few moments of awkwardness they both just went with it and it quickly became the most loving kiss either girl had ever experienced, making this quite possibly the weirdest and most surreal moment of the night which was quite impressive given the competition.

The kiss only lasted a few minutes but it felt like hours to Elle, who found herself loving every second of what easily became one of her favourite kisses ever, which was why she was a little hurt by Claire's giggle once the kiss was broken.

"What?" Elle questioned, unable to hide her annoyance.

"Nothing, it's just..." Claire trailed off, unsure whether or not she wanted to admit just how much fun she was having being with Elle and ultimately chickening out, forcing a smile and saying, "I didn't expect it to be this good."

This quickly had Elle smiling again, "What? Sex with another girl? Or sex with me?"

"Both." Claire said.

"Well I'm glad you're having fun cheerleader, because we're not done yet." Elle said.

"Oh really?" Claire said challengingly.

"Really." Elle said, lifting her own body up slightly, "Get up onto your hands and knees pom-pom and stick your cute little butt in the air."

Claire hesitated, but only for a moment before doing as she was told and getting on all fours.

The cheerleader then watched Elle bounce off the bed and practically skip over to their luggage and rummage through the goodies they had bought at the sex store.

As Elle pulled out the strap on and a bottle of something Claire's heart began racing and she grinned widely at her returning lover as she stood in front of her and without a word strapped the toy cock around her waist, a mischievous grin plastered on the electric girls face throughout.

Once the cock was firmly in place Elle stroked it suggestively for a few moments before walking round and kneeling behind her prey on the bed.

A smile crossed Elle's face when she saw the little cheerleader skirt had fallen back down over Claire's butt, giving her the pleasure to push it up and out of the way, revealing her cute little butt again.

Despite herself Claire gasped a little as Elle helped herself to two handfuls of butt cheeks, the other girl shamelessly beginning to play with her ass.

"Has anyone ever told you you have the cutest little butt cheerleader?" Elle asked playfully as she continued to grope the other blonde's butt.

Claire thought for a moment and then smiled, "You."

Elle frowned and then smiled as recollection of a few moments ago hit her.

"No, I said you had a cute little butt, so I was selling it short because it really is the cutest I've ever seen." Elle said, before spreading Claire's butt cheeks as wide as she possibly could and then giggled a little, "You also have the cutest little butt hole I've ever seen."

Claire gasped softly when her butt cheeks were spread, and then again except a little more loudly when she felt Elle's finger press against her ass hole.

"Lick-able." Elle murmured, "Extremely lick-able."

Claire bit her lip as she felt Elle's finger brush back and forth against her ass hole for a few long moments.

"Do you mind?" Elle asked.

"W... what?" Claire mumbled.

"Do you mind if I lick your cute little butt hole?" Elle asked.

Only a few hours ago Claire's response to that would have been ewwwwwww, but that seemed like a lifetime ago now.

"Ok." Claire mumbled softly, before crying out in a mixture of surprise, disgust and pleasure as she felt Elle's tongue pressing against her ass hole and sliding its way up her butt crack.

Elle gave the cheerleader's ass crack a lot of long loving licks before she moved her hands to Claire's waist and began sliding her lips all over her butt cheeks before returning to the other blonde's ass hole. Over, and over, and over again Elle repeated this process, the electric girl spending a few long minutes worshipping Claire's ass before she focused all of her attention on the cheerleader's butt hole.

During the weirdly pleasurable butt kissing Claire had been biting her lip to stop herself from moaning but she couldn't stop a moan forcing itself from her lips when Elle's tongue began twirling around her tiny little ass hole. Claire also couldn't stop an even louder moan escaping from her lips as Elle's tongue suddenly began slowly forcing its way into her rectum, her butt hole slowly opening to allow Elle inside it.

Despite the softness of Elle's tongue and the tightness of Claire's ass Elle was able to slide her tongue all the way into Claire's butt hole, the older blonde wrapping her lips tightly around the younger blonde's back door as she began gently fucking the other girl's butt with her tongue.

Claire buried her face in the bed sheets to muffle the sound of her moans of pleasure as she received her very first rim job.

Although she had been a little curious about anal stimulation Claire could have never imagined herself actually asking someone to do anything like this, nor could she have imagined herself actually allowing anyone to do it if they asked. Well she had imagined it but never thought she would ever go through with it, and yet here she was on her hands and knees with another girl's tongue sliding in and out of her butt, and it felt amazing. Weird and wrong, but amazingly pleasurable.

It became even more pleasurable as Elle began gently sucking on her ass hole in between thrusts of her tongue, the clearly experienced girl bringing her hands back to Claire's butt cheeks and greedily beginning to grope them as the gentle rimming continued, although it didn't remain gentle for long.

Soon Elle really started to go to town on Claire's cute little butt hole, loudly slurping and sucking at the hole in between drilling it with her tongue, making sure that no matter how deeply Claire buried her face into the covers her moans were still as clear as day.

When Elle shot a little blast of electricity from her tongue when it was still inside Claire's back door the cheerleader thought she was going to cum on the spot. She thought the same with every other little blast that followed, each time wishing it was just a little stronger so that it would have a better chance of sending her over the edge.

Unfortunately for the cheerleader Elle was in a teasing mood, fucking Claire's ass hard with her tongue but making sure not to give the other girl enough stimulation to make her cum.

Elle had been with quite a few girls who didn't enjoy anal stimulation at all, but once again it seemed she had lucked out with the 'innocent' little cheerleader as she had one of the most sensitive little butt holes Elle had ever had the privilege of eating out.

Combined with the effect her electricity had over the cheerleader Elle was confident she could probably make Claire cum just from this, but the sadistic blonde had other ideas, ideas which involved making Noah Bennet's precious little Claire bear as horny for anal play as possible so she would let her do even more wicked things to her cute little butt.

Of course in a way that was just an excuse to prolong the rim job, and a poor excuse at that given how horny the cheerleader was. The little pain slut was even thrusting herself back against Elle's thrusts, obviously trying to get her tongue is deep into her butt as possible while moaning the whole time, extra loud when ever Elle electrocuted her.

Still, Elle didn't care if Claire was ready or not, she wasn't ready to remove her tongue from this yummy little butt hole.

From the very first moment she saw her Elle knew Claire would have sweet tasting holes, and while it wasn't as sweet as her delicious little pussy Claire's butt hole was still the sweetest little butt hole Elle had ever tasted.

Always enjoying the more perverted and kinkier side of sex Elle had perfected the art of the rim job through a number of sexual partners, but this scrumptious little butt hole was her favourite and it was really hard to tear herself away.

Eventually though, after what felt like hours to both horny girls, Elle managed to pull her tongue away from Claire's ass only to quickly replace it with two fingers which she had previously spent a couple of minutes brushing against Claire's dripping pussy. The fingers slid in easily, Elle wasting no time in establishing the same rhythm she had with her tongue only this time she quickly began twisting her fingers around inside Claire's back passage, forcing the cheerleader to moan even louder than before.

"You like that pom-pom? You like me playing with your cute little butt hole?" Elle asked playfully, not pausing for a second in fingering Claire's ass.

The cheerleader moaned in response, but that wasn't even slightly good enough for the electronic girl.

"Answer me cheerleader!" Elle demanded, smacking Claire's ass with her free hand, before thinking of something which would actually be a punishment, "Answer me or I'll stop!"

"NO!" Claire cried out, lifting her face from the bed spread, "I like it. I like you playing with my cute little butt hole!"

"I thought so... I thought a little slut like you would like getting her cute little butt hole played with." Elle said lustfully, "I bet none of your boyfriends even asked if they could play with your cute little butt hole did they pom-pom? Did they?"

"No." Claire moaned.

"Awww, poor little pom-pom, can't find a boyfriend who wants to play with your cute little butt hole... or at lease can't find one man enough to ask." Elle said, "Well don't worry cheerleader, I'm not one of those wimpy little boys you date. I'll play with your cute little butt hole as much as you want... as much as you need."

Claire moaned extra loudly as Elle curled her fingers, attacking a particularly sweet spot inside her back door.

"You do need it, don't you pom-pom?" Elle asked.

"Yes, I need it. I need you to play with my cute little butt hole." Claire moaned, unable to believe the words falling out of her mouth.

"Oh don't worry pom-pom, I've got exactly what you need right here." Elle said, firing electricity deep into Claire's bowels.

Claire cried out in ecstasy as her butt hole was played with, unable to believe she could get so much pleasure from that hole.

It felt so weird and wrong to feel pleasure from her ass hole but it felt so good Claire didn't care.

In a way she had experienced this before, after all Elle had fingered Claire's ass hole during each of their previous times together tonight but each one of those times Elle's tongue had been deep within Claire's pussy and it ended up feeling more like additional stimulation as opposed to this which was that additional stimulation on its own. As a result Claire's focus was on her ass hole and just how good Elle was making it and her feel. So good in fact Claire would say or do just about anything to feel more of it.

Unfortunately she was still out of luck as Elle was still in a teasing mood, although again the electronic girl was using that somewhat as an excuse just so she could prolong the anal fingering, not that she felt she really needed an excuse.

Claire's little butt hole was not only the cutest Elle had seen or the sweetest she had tasted but it was officially the tightest little back door she had ever fingered.

Although she had fingered Claire's ass before Elle's mind had always been preoccupied with the delicious flavour of Claire's cum and pussy cream, and even though Claire's ass had felt nice and tight on her tongue Elle wasn't really able to appreciate it until now.

The tightness was really no surprise considering Elle was sure that Claire had been telling the truth and none of her boyfriends had even got close to her ass hole, and even if they had if her ability healed her cunt's virginity it would no doubt do the same for her ass, but even by the standards of the other anal cherries Elle had popped Claire was incredibly tight, which made Elle look forward to what came next all the more.

"You know what pom-pom, I've been thinking. All this is fun and all, but in addition to being a pain slut and lesbian slut you're clearly an anal slut in desperate need of a proper butt fucking, and as much fun as fingers and tongues are in my experience you haven't been properly butt fucked until someone shoves a nice big cock up your ass... or at least a nice big strap on." Elle said, pausing to allow that to sink in before continuing, "Now I'm sure you are saving your little anal cherry for one of those boring looking guys you like to date... but if you let me take your anal cherry I'll make you cum harder than he or any guy ever could."

To emphasise the point, not that she needed to, Elle gave an extra long twist of her fingers around the inside of Claire's butt hole, bagging her another long moan and hopefully the other blonde's anal cherry.

Claire had no doubt Elle could live up to her word as she had been redefining Claire's understanding of pleasure all night long and the long pause that followed which worried Elle had less to do with the slight concerns of what something that big would feel like inside her butt hole and had far more to do with Claire imagining what type of pleasure was in store for her.

"How about it pom-pom?" Elle asked, "Can I have your anal cherry?"

"Uh-huh." Claire moaned and nodded her head.

Elle gave a huge megawatt grin of triumph, the electronic girl tempted to just take that as an answer and get her strap on into Claire's ass as quickly as possible, but that wasn't her style when it came to these things. No, something like this needed to be savoured, every little part of it enjoyed to its fullest.

"What was that cheerleader?" Elle said teasingly, "I didn't hear you? Was that a yes?"

"Yes." Claire said.

"Well then... ask nicely for it. Say please Mistress Elle, pop my little anal cherry." Elle demanded softly.

There was a little pause in which once again Elle wondered if she had finally gone too far, but clearly not as Claire looked back at her and with a little smile threatening to break across the cheerleader's face replied, "Please Mistress Elle, pop my little anal cherry."

Elle grinned widely again, grabbed a bottle of anal lubricant and... stopped in her tracks as a thought occurred to her, and then she grinned again.

"I just had a thought pom-pom. Normally I would consider lubricant in these circumstances just common courtesy and happily do it... but it seems to me a little pain slut like you might prefer no lube at all. I know you won't be able to feel the pain of having a 12 inch unlubricated strap on shoved up your ass, but I'm betting you're such a twisted little slut you'd actually enjoy feeling that weird absence of pain, wouldn't you?" Elle asked rhetorically, before eventually adding, "I could even make it hurt if you really want... is that what you really want cheerleader?"

Claire looked back at Elle lustfully for a few moments before simply replying, "Make it hurt."

Elle grinned again, threw away the lube, and removed her fingers from Claire's butt hole.

Watching intently Elle's suspicions were confirmed when Claire's butt hole closed back to pure virgin tightness before her eyes, causing the electronic girl to once again grin.

With Claire's ass hole the tightest it could be Elle got into position so that the tip of her strap on was resting against Claire's virgin back door, at which point Elle stopped to savour the moment.

The night had been filled with pretty sweet moments for Elle but this just might be the sweetest. For all the naughty and perverted things she had done to the precious little cheerleader taking her anal cherry with a 12 inch strap on dildo was probably the naughtiest and most perverted, which is why this moment was the sweetest.

In Elle's mind all the people that made such a fuss over the 'innocent' little cheerleader Claire Bennet were now watching in horror as she firmly pressed her strap on against Claire's butt hole, the older blonde ready to further corrupt and pervert the younger blonde.

Claire was surprised and disappointed by how slowly Elle moved forward, the dildo only very slowly stretching her back door open and while that felt weird and gross it wasn't nearly as weird and gross as Claire had been hoping, and it wasn't at all painful despite what Elle had promised.

Becoming rather annoyed Claire opened her mouth to complain. Her mouth remained open for a few seconds in shock before her eyes bugged out and she screamed in agonised enjoyment.

The mix of pain and pleasure Claire was feeling was from the brutal and violent robbing of her anal cherry, Elle not just popping it but tearing it apart.

Like a predator waiting for the right moment to strike Elle had watched carefully as the head of the dildo stretched open Claire's ass hole until that cute little butt hole was about to close around the cock, signalling in Elle's mind the true taking of Claire's anal virginity, only the millisecond before it fully closed Elle's hands latched onto Claire's waist and the sadistic electricity thrower slammed her hips forward with all her might, absolutely destroying Claire's anal cherry in the most savage anal cherry popping Elle had ever given. At the exact same moment she brutally thrust forwards Elle shot electricity through the cock into Claire's bowels, causing more pain and damage than could ever be achieved by the brutal anal cherry popping Elle had just performed.

Elle paused for a couple of seconds, first noticing to her annoyance only about half of the cock was inside Claire's ass, but then smiling to herself as she realised that had more to do with just how tight Claire's little back passage was then Elle's own strength. In the remaining seconds before she pushed forward again Elle paid very close attention to the noises Claire was making to see if the cheerleader enjoyed what just happened to her or not. A huge grin crossed Elle's face as she quickly realised the cheerleader was moaning in pleasure from the pain she had just caused her, the sadistic dildo wearing blonde only too happy to give her that type of pleasure again.

With a couple of hard, brutal thrusts Elle was able to force the strap on the rest of the way in, her hips smacking off Claire's ass cheeks softly, announcing she had buried every single inch of that monster cock up the cheerleader's butt, and in record time too.

Of course Elle was sure to fire off a nice little blast of electricity with every hard, brutal thrust, making Claire cry out in agonising pleasure with each couple of inches which were forced into her rectum, leaving the cheerleader a little disappointed when the cock was all the way inside her butt because it meant the pain stopped, but at least she got to enjoy the uncomfortable and weird sensation of having that large toy stretching out her back passage like never before, Claire eagerly anticipating what was to come.

Claire would be anticipating for a few more long seconds as Elle was again savouring the moment, yet another huge grin crossing her face as she enjoyed the sight of her hips pressed against Claire's butt cheeks, a huge 12 inch strap on cock in between them which was now firmly up the cheerleader's ass.

Deciding to make this moment even better Elle leant forward until her mouth was almost pressed against Claire's ear and then asked in a voice just barely above a whisper, "Do you like that pom-pom? Do you like the feeling of a 12 inch cock up your butt?"

"Yes." Claire said softly.

"You do? Well then... do you want me to fuck you with it? Do you want me to fuck your tight little butt hole with my big 12 inch cock?" Elle asked, sounding playful but being deadly serious.

"Yes! Yes, yes fuck me, please fuck my ass." Claire said, trying to think what Elle would want her to say, "Please fuck my butt Mistress Elle, please fuck my tight little butt hole!"

With another megawatt grin Elle quickly lifted herself up, grabbed hold of Claire's hips and then began slowly pulling her cock from Claire's ass hole, the cheerleader moaning softly as inch after inch was slowly removed from her rectum until only the head was inside that little back hole, before Elle slammed all the way back into Claire's rear passage in one hard thrust.

Elle repeated this motion for a little while before frustrating the cheerleader by just moving slowly in and out of her rectum, giving her the most gentle butt fucking possible. Luckily for the cheerleader Elle wasn't patient enough to keep that up for long and quickly began giving her an occasional hard thrust either in or out, leaving Claire constantly guessing where the next hard thrust was coming.

To add to the fun Elle began rotating her hips when she was fully embedded in the cheerleader's butt, the wicked blonde moving her hips around clockwise, anticlockwise, up, down and in random directions, moving the large dildo around inside Claire's bowels, stretching out the other girl's shit pipe in yet another new and interesting way.

Making it even more fun Elle soon started rotating her hips on random intervals during certain thrusts meaning various different amounts of strap on cock began moving around Claire's back passage.

Through it all Claire moaned, first from all the weird sensations, and then from all the pleasure.

While she may have imagined what anal sex would be like Claire's imagination could have never done justice to all the sensations this sodomising gave her.

First there had been the weirdness of having something moving in and out of her back door, feeling so wonderfully full back there and yet missing the pain that she should no doubt be feeling from being violated in such a way. As with the spanking the lack of pain Claire was feeling was in itself emotionally painful and as twisted as it was the cheerleader was able to find enjoyment in that.

Of course it was a poor substitute for the real pain Claire so desired, the pain only Elle could give her.

Just as Claire began to dreamily think of the sweet agony of Elle's electricity she gasped and moaned in pleasure as Elle shot a little spark into her butt, the electricity shooting straight up Claire's back passage and spreading throughout her body. It was a really gentle blast, nothing really compared to the blasts she had received during the taking of her anal virginity, but it was more than enough to wet the appetite of the pain craving blonde.

Unfortunately Elle was not at all generous in dealing out that pain Claire so desired. Not only did the other blonde refuse to electrocute her often but all the infrequent shocks were pitiful compared to what Claire knew Elle was capable of giving her. Of coarse Claire knew Elle's intention was to tease her with pain and pleasure to the point of insanity before finally giving her the ecstasy she wanted, and considering the previous results Claire accepted that, but it didn't stop her from naturally wanting that heavenly pain and pleasure now.

To make matters worse the uncomfortableness which Claire had originally enjoyed all too quickly died down under Elle's skilful butt stretching, leaving those random, gentle blasts of electricity Claire's only source of pain.

At first Claire missed the uncomfortableness but that didn't last long as it was slowly replaced by pleasure, pleasure that became more powerful with every thrust of Elle's cock until it almost became unbearable, but not a good type of unbearable that sent Claire over the edge of orgasm but the type of unbearable that made her desperate for a harder butt fucking, a harder butt fucking Elle had obviously no intention of giving her right now, leaving Claire to just whimper and moan in frustration.

Claire actually wasn't helping herself by whimpering and moaning as that only encouraged Elle, the former company agent just loving all the little sounds she was squeezing out of the cheerleader. These little sounds were like angels singing to Elle. They were perfect.

Another thing which was perfect to Elle was the sight of the oh so precious cheerleader Claire Bennet on her hands and knees, in a porno version of her cheerleader uniform, the little skirt of that uniform pulled up over her waist and her little panties around her knees, her ass on a beautiful display with Elle's strap on disappearing in between Claire's soft butt cheeks and into the once tiny little hole in between them, the large cock strapped to Elle's waist slowly sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of Claire's perfect little back door.

Elle had never seen anything as sexy as Claire's ass hole wrapped tightly around her strap on cock, the electronic girl getting an almost undescribable feeling of pleasure from stretching out the cheerleader's butt hole.

Just when Elle didn't think things could be more perfect her wicked little mind came up with a new perverted way to sexually torment the other girl.

Slowly Elle pulled out until only the tip of her cock was inside Claire's rectum, paused for a second, and then suddenly and without warning pulled her strap on completely out of Claire's ass hole.

There was a extra loud little moan of frustration from Claire which went virtually unnoticed by Elle who was staring lustfully at the gaping crater in between Claire's butt cheeks which used to be all tiny and closed but was now a stretched out little hole showing Elle deep into the other girl's bowels.

For a few moments nothing happened and then another megawatt grin crossed Elle's face as before her eyes Claire's cute little butt hole closed with supernatural speed, the cheerleader's healing power tightening Claire's poop shoot like nothing had ever happened.

Quickly popping her finger in her mouth Elle sucked on it for a few seconds before pushing it into Claire's butt hole, revealing Elle's suspicions were correct and Claire was now virgin tight back there again. More accurately Claire was a virgin back there again.

As she lazily fingered Claire's ass Elle, not for the first time tonight, found herself envying what ever wimpy guy Claire ultimately ended up with. Not only would the unworthy wimp get a girl who was perfect in every way Elle could possibly conceive of but each one of her holes would be literally virgin tight for every fuck.

Elle loved being a girl and she had no desire to switch genders but for the briefest of moments she wished the cock dangling from her groin was real just so she could feel what it would be like to be balls deep in one of the cheerleader's forever virgin tight holes as she could only imagine the type of exquisite pleasure that would bring.

Of course such a tight little hole would probably prevent a real cock from remaining hard for very long which wasn't a problem Elle's cock had. Elle's cock could go all night long and give Claire the type of fucking that not even the manliest of studs could manage, and more importantly Elle had something none of them had, the ability to give Claire the pain she so desperately needed.

Remembering this fact made Elle extremely happy.

She could give Claire more pleasure than anyone the cheerleader would probably let fuck her in the future and Elle was more than happy to give Claire that pleasure, but first she was going to make the cheerleader earn it.

Sliding her cock forcefully back into Claire's rectum Elle began playing gape the cheerleader's ass hole, only giving the other girl a few inches of her strap on before pulling out so she could admire the beautiful sight of Claire's stretched out back door for the few moments it was open and then equally admire the sight of it supernaturally quickly closing before repeating the process.

This of course had Claire almost in tears, Elle driving the cheerleader almost insane with lust before finally giving her a chance to get what she wanted.

"You want something cheerleader?" Elle asked playfully, as she pushed her strap on into Claire's newly virgin ass hole again.

"What do you think?" Claire asked sarcastically in between her moans as her ass was filled again.

"I think..." Elle said thoughtfully, slowly pushing her cock nearly all the way into Claire's butt before suddenly pulling out, "That you don't like this and you want me to stop?"

"NO!" Claire cried out, actually worried for a moment Elle was being serious until she turned her head round to look at the other girl who had a huge grin on her face.

"Really, then what is it that you want pom-pom?" Elle asked mischievously.

Claire knew what Elle wanted and while part of her was annoyed by it a much bigger part of her was turned on by it.

So, trying in succeeding to sound more horny than annoyed Claire said, "I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to fuck it hard. Please Mistress Elle fuck my ass as hard as you can!"

"You want me to fuck your ass?" Elle questioned as she slid her strap on over Claire's once again virgin ass hole.

"As hard as you can." Claire added insistently.

"Does that mean I was right about you cheerleader?" Elle asked, "Are you an anal slut? In addition to being a pain slut and a lesbian slut are you also an anal slut?"

"Yes, I'm a slut, a anal slut. I'm a pain slut, I'm a lesbian slut, I'm a anal slut, I'm anything you want just please hurry up and fuck my ass already!" Claire said shamelessly, willing to say or do anything she had to if it meant she got the pleasure and pain she knew Elle could give her.

Elle smiled and pressed the tip of her strap on firmly against Claire's puckered little back hole, but not firmly enough to penetrate it, at least not yet.

"So, you're a nasty little anal slut who wants me to fuck her up her cute little butt as hard as I can?" Elle asked lustfully.

"Yes, fuck my butt as hard as you can! I'm a nasty little anal slut who wants you to fuck her up her cute little butt as hard as you can! Please Mistress Elle, fuck me up my cute little butt as hard as you can!" Claire begged.

Claire's begging ended in a half moan, half gasp as her virgin tight ass hole was violated again. It was easily the fastest her butt hole had been stretched open but while the rest of the strap on entered her backside faster than the last couple of times it was still far too slow for Claire's liking.

When the strap on was once again balls deep inside her rectum Claire hoped things would speed up but to her incredible annoyance Elle insisted on continuing to go slowly, gently pulling out for only a few inches, then gently pushing back inside her ass hole.

Just as Claire was about to complain Elle finally began picking up the pace, butt fucking Claire a little harder than she had been before, then a little harder still, then a little more, than a little more, then a little more, until finally Elle started really fucking Claire's ass hard.

The electricity throwing girl was still obviously holding back, the blissful memories of the pussy pounding she had received was still fresh enough in her mind that Claire had no doubt of that, but right at that moment Claire didn't care as while this wasn't as hard as Elle could fuck her it was hard enough, at least for now. Besides, Claire knew it was only a matter of time before Elle gave her everything she had, and until then she was happy to enjoy this nice hard butt fucking.

It still felt a little weird to be receiving so much pleasure from that hole but it was a weirdness Claire could definitely learn to live with if it meant she could feel pleasure like this again.

As Claire became used to the weirdness everything about the experience became pleasurable, from the feeling of Elle's thighs smacking methodically off her ass cheeks, to the moans of pleasure she could just about here the other girl making as she herself moaned, the occasional look round at the other girl pumping into her pooper from behind, and of course the feeling of that large toy moving in and out of her butt hole.

With each thrust of that cock thousands of tiny little sweet spots inside Claire's back passage were stimulated, making Claire feel like thousands of little sparks of pleasure were running from her ass hole to all over her body.

Claire loved those sparks of pleasure, but at the same time she was craving a difference type of spark.

She was about to demand it, or probably beg and plead for it, when a huge jolt of electricity was fired up her butt, causing Claire to cry out in pleasure. Her cries kept coming as Elle began firing random shocks of electricity into her body. Much like the butt fucking itself Claire knew the electricity she was receiving wasn't even close to what Elle was capable of but it packed enough of a punch to get her moaning and writhing in pleasure. For a while that was enough for Claire, the cheerleader telling herself she could happily spend hours like this receiving this type of wonderful pleasure, but the fact of the matter was she was greedy. Claire knew just what type of mind blowing pleasure Elle could give her and it wasn't long before the cheerleader was craving more.

Claire tried thrusting herself back against Elle's thrusts, trying to get that dildo to move even faster and harder within her ass, however deep down she knew it wouldn't be that easy, and it wasn't.

Elle giggled softly to herself as the cheerleader tried and failed to increase the speed of the butt fucking, Elle easily able to adjust her thrusts to the point where Claire's thrusts made little or no difference at all.

They did add to Elle's enjoyment though, the electric girl loving the sight of the precious little cheerleader shamelessly thrusting herself back in an attempt to impale her ass hole on Elle's dildo. It was so cute, and incredibly hot.

It almost made Elle want to give the cheerleader what she so desperately wanted, almost.

Unfortunately for the cheerleader Elle was enjoying sodomising her far too much to end things so quickly.

Still, Elle didn't want to have to deal with a whining cheerleader so she reluctantly began to increase the speed of the ass fucking until Claire was on the verge of orgasm, only then to cruelly start slowing down at the last possible second, denying the horny cheerleader her orgasm.

Elle did this as many times as she thought she could get away with before switching her method of teasing by firing an increasing amount of electricity into Claire's body from not only the cock strapped around her waist but her own hands which were capable of firing a much larger voltage due to the fact that normally she threw most of her electricity out of her hands.

For any normal person this would have been at least a turn off but it had the exact opposite effect on Claire, the little pain slut going absolutely crazy for the increased voltage into her rectum combined with the new added voltage from Elle's hands on her waist.

Again Elle drove Claire to the edge of orgasm with ease only to deny her time and time again, the former company agent soon constantly switching between almost making the cheerleader cum from the pleasure of the increasingly hard butt pounding and the pain of an increasingly large amount of electricity running through her body.

Claire tried to beg Elle for more but Elle was too fast for her, the older blonde increasing the power of the pooper pounding or the electrocution just as the younger blonde tried to say anything.

Finally Claire stopped as her mind melted from pleasure and she became completely lost in the ass fucking to the point where she didn't actually care if she ever came or not because she felt like she was in a perfect paradise of pain and pleasure.

Elle didn't know that of course and she couldn't help but worry if she was being perhaps a little too cruel by not allowing Claire to cum, but Elle just couldn't help herself.

She had never, ever had so much fun ass fucking another girl before and she didn't want it to end. Hell, she'd never had so much fun fucking another girl before, or a guy for that matter.

This was probably the greatest night of Elle's life, not that it had that much competition, and this moment, this perfect little moment of ass fucking everyone's favourite sweet innocent little cheerleader Claire Bennet, who as it turned out wasn't that sweet or innocent but instead a total slut, this moment was the greatest moment of the greatest night of her life.

No night could ever compare to this one and while tomorrow Claire would probably pretend it never happened Elle would treasure this moment of absolute perfection.

Suddenly Elle was terrified almost into stopping as she realised while this precious moment should be hers to keep that wasn't necessarily the case as there were those who could reach into her head and take this from her, making it as if this had never happened.

It wasn't like Elle's memory wasn't full of holes anyway so she knew she was vulnerable, and Elle could think of a laundry list of people who would want this night out of her head, and an even disturbingly larger list of people with the ability to do it.

In that moment Elle's fear turned into deadly determination.

No one was going to take this night away from her. No one. She would kill every single person with the ability to take it away from her if she had to but no one was taking this from her.

This was her one perfect night in a life filled with pain and regret, and no one would ever take it away.

Her determination to keep this night turned into determination to make it truly a night worth fighting for. It was already that, but she still used it as an excuse to bring this perfect night to a perfect ending.

Grabbing Claire by her hair Elle pulled the cheerleader's head back towards her before growling lustfully in her ear, "Tell me what you are cheerleader! Tell me what you really are!"

If it wasn't for her hair being pulled Claire might have missed Elle's question, no matter how loud it was asked, but she heard it and after a few minutes searching through her pleasure clouded mind Claire knew what the correct answer Elle wanted her to give was.

"A slut! I'm a slut!" Claire cried out.

"No cheerleader, tonight you're not just a slut... your my slut!" Elle corrected.

There was a pause, and then Claire smiled.

"Your slut!" Claire replied.

Elle smiled back and then began pounding Claire's pooper as hard as she could, her fake cock savagely slamming through that little shit pipe like she was trying to do the impossible and permanently ruin the heeling cheerleader's ass hole.

Within seconds Elle had Claire at the edge of orgasm again, only this time instead of denying her she sent her over the edge in a truly spectacular way.

The moment before Claire's orgasm was about to hit Elle snaked one of her hands underneath their bodies and shoved two fingers directly into Claire's cunt, her thumb coming to rest against Claire's clitoris. At the same time she pressed her other hand directly into the middle of Claire's spine. When her hands were in place Elle shot one of the biggest electric blasts of her life into Claire's spine, cunt and clit. She also sent as much electricity through the cock into Claire's ass as possible, giving the pain loving cheerleader all the electronic agony she could possibly ever want or need.

All this heavenly pain combined with the now brutal butt fucking she was finally receiving made Claire feel like she was in the middle of a supernova, her mind being blown to pieces by her first anal induced orgasm, the little pieces left of her sanity quickly destroyed soon afterwards by the following multiple climaxes that rocked her body. She was aware of her body going berserk but Claire couldn't control it and she didn't care enough to try, the pain and pleasure mixing together inside her and sending her to a perfect paradise of pure ecstasy.

While Claire's mind was turned to mush Elle struggled to maintain both the brutal thrusts into Claire's butt and the electricity shooting out of her body, all the energy she was using draining her of her own self-control until she herself came. A veteran of ass fucking girls Elle was able to keep the pace through a couple of orgasms, but she wasn't used to electrocuting another girl while sodomising her, at least not to this degree, and eventually every single ounce of strength was drained from Elle's body.

After she had fired what felt like enough electricity to light up a country into the other girl's body Elle collapsed down onto Claire's back in exhaustion, easily knocking the cheerleader facedown into the bed sheets.

As she collapsed Elle reached beneath her and squeezed the balls of her strap on, the liquid inside them shooting deep into Claire's bowels. Laying on top of the cheerleader Elle wish the liquid being forced into Claire's rectum was her own cum and not some 'cum-like' substance as it said on the box. Elle should have taken a moment to fill the balls with her cream as she loved squirting it into another girl via one of these type of dildos after a fucking session as it was a primal way to make her mark. It would have been so great to mark the cheerleader's ass as hers, at least temporarily, but in a way it kind of was, and always would be. Elle was the first person to fuck Claire up the ass, and the liquid she was now filling Claire's back passage was temporary proof of that. Keeping the permanent proof of her memories could possibly be more difficult, but Elle was still determined to do whatever it took to keep them.

Once enough strength had returned to her Elle lifted herself up so she could slowly pull the dildo from Claire's ass, Elle grinning widely at the little popping sound Claire's butt made when her cock was removed for the final time. A little trickle of liquid oozed from Claire's ass for a few seconds, and then that little rear hole closed with supernatural speed, trapping the rest of the liquid within Claire's ass.

Elle smiled again. Yeah, the unworthy guy Claire ultimately ended up with was going to be one lucky little wimp.

Removing the strap on from around her waist Elle laid down and pulled it up to her lips with the intention of sucking on it until she saw Claire staring at her.

"Wanna give it a suck pom-pom?" Elle asked mischievously, offering the other girl the dildo.

Claire crinkled her nose in discussed, thought for a few seconds and then gave a wicked smile before cautiously opening her lips and swallowing the head of the shaft.

Elle was stunned by this for a few minutes, but then she just smiled and began licking the shaft.

After a few minutes of sucking on the head Claire joined her, the two girls licking every inch of the dildo which had just been pounding Claire's butt which quickly transitioned into them making out passionately.

Elle threw the dildo carelessly off the bed as she lay down with the other girl, not breaking the kiss for even a moment.

Since both blondes were tired this quickly turned into another surprisingly soft and gentle kiss, the two girls becoming lost in it for several minutes until they broke apart, stared at each other, and then simultaneously grinned.

"That was... wow... just... wow." Claire panted, unsure what to say.

"Glad you had fun pom-pom." Elle said, smiling again.

Claire returned the smile which quickly turned suggestive, "Can we do it again?"

"Maybe in the morning." Elle said, looking over at the clock.

Claire joined her gaze and both girls were surprised to see it was practically morning already and while they both would have liked to have continued they were also both too exhausted to do so.

Without another word Elle crawled under the sheets, Claire soon following her, after she had removed the cheerleader uniform.

They both laid awake together side-by-side for a while, unable to sleep. They wanted to, but for the first time in quite a while there was an awkwardness that had fallen between them which neither was sure how to address.

Eventually Claire rolled onto her side in a attempt to finally get to sleep but it didn't work.

After a few minutes Claire felt movement behind her and then Elle's arms wrapped around her, the other girl snuggling into her body from behind.

Claire looked behind her and Elle just grinned at her.

"Just in case I need something to shock during the night." Elle said playfully.

Claire grinned back, melted into the soft embrace and then fell into a peaceful sleep a few moments later.

Elle watch the other girl sleep for a while but her own exhaustion took over as soon she too fell asleep, her last few thoughts going over exactly what she could do to this perfect little pain slut tomorrow.


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