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Authors note: This is story takes place during Season 3, episode 7.

Keywords: Ff, Language, Oral, S&M, Toys, TV-parody

Heroes: Elle's Pain Slut Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

As she slowly awoke from her slumber Claire frowned, momentarily unsure of where she was and what she was lying on in her drowsy state.

Once she was fully conscious Claire remembered the whirlwind that had been last night, and as she slowly lifted her head she saw the sleeping body of Elle.

Although Claire remembered falling asleep on her side with Elle's arms wrapped around her it seemed the two girls had rolled over during the night and now Elle was flat on her back with one of her hands still around Claire while Claire had ended up on top of the other girl with her head resting on Elle's chest like it was a pillow. It was the embrace of two lovers and even though a lot of last night's activities were far from loving Claire supposed that's what Elle was now, her lover. Her lesbian lover. Claire liked the sound of that.

Before last night Claire had imagined what it would be like to be with another girl but had never thought she'd ever be brave enough to try it. However after last night Claire might just have too re-evaluate her sexuality.

Staring down at her lesbian lover Claire was almost taken aback by just how stunning Elle was. Sure, before last night Claire had recognised Elle as beautiful and Claire's lust for her had grown to an intense level over the night, but the entire time there had been a alluring aura of danger and unpredictability. Now Elle didn't look dangerous, in fact she looked deceptively harmless, maybe even innocent which was far from the truth, which only made the cheerleader lust over her lesbian lover even more.

Looking down at her beautiful lover Claire was reminded of all the amazing orgasms Elle had given her last night. As the memories of those orgasms came flooding back the cheerleader became increasingly horny until a wicked thought popped into her head... what better way to wake the other girl up than to return the favour a little?

Sure Claire had returned the favour a little last night by going down on Elle but that was only one time so Claire owed the electronic girl at least half a dozen pussy lickings to make up for all the pleasure the other girl gave her last night. Hell considering how the older girl made her feel last night Claire would need to spend at least the entire day worshipping Elle's body, a far from unpleasant thought for the horny teen as she stared down with ever increasing lust at the other blonde's body.

As her eyes continued to take in the beauty of Elle's body Claire debated whether she should start out slow or just dive face first into Elle's pussy.

The second option sounded very fun but Claire was in no mood to hurry. In fact she wanted to savour every moment of thanking the other blonde for introducing her to the joys of lesbian sex.

Slowly and carefully Claire lifted her body up until she was hovering over Elle, the cheerleader looking down into the peacefully sleeping face of her lesbian lover, smiling, and then planting a feather soft kiss on her lips before pulling away.

Elle didn't even stir, which was the result Claire was going for and a result which she continued to get as she kissed her way down Elle's neck and to the other girl's tits.

As gently as possible Claire took Elle's right nipple into her mouth, gently sucking on it for a few moments before switching to the other nipple and then going back and forth between them.

Claire was soon smiling around those nipples as they grew hard inside her mouth, the cheerleader cautiously sliding her tongue around one of them to see if she could get away with it.

Hearing a soft moan Claire looked up, worried Elle had been awoken too early but the other girl's eyes remained closed and no other sound escaped her mouth.

Cautiously Claire continued, trying to use her tongue again and finding to her delight it only made Elle moan softly in her sleep, not wake her up.

With confidence filling her body Claire continued her worshipping of Elle's tits until her nipples felt like they could cut through glass they were so hard.

If Elle had been awake Claire might have spent longer on her nipples, teasing the electricity thrower until the other girl was begging her to go lower, or even better threatening to 'punish' her if she didn't but with Elle still seemingly out of it the only one suffering from the teasing was Claire herself, the horny teen finding herself becoming more anxious to taste Elle's pussy again by the second.

Considering she had thought she was more or less 100% straight less than 24 hours ago the sudden craving for cunt felt a little weird, especially as it grew stronger, but it was a feeling that Claire could easily get used too, at least as long as she had some yummy pussy around to satisfy her newly discovered yearnings for sweet girl cream.

As she pulls away from Elle's nipples and began kissing her way down the other girl's stomach a horrible thought momentarily pass through Claire's head... what if she had been on such a sexual high after all those orgasms that she had forced herself into thinking she likes the taste of pussy, either to get through the night or just to thank Elle for the way she made her feel. Worse, what if Elle's electricity was the only thing that really turned her on and everything else was just her getting caught up in that feeling, making her not only a straight girl in over her head but a pretty twisted one at that.

Claire's worries all but vanished as she found herself eye level with Elle's pussy, the cheerleader smiling in relief as soon as the sweet smell of the other girl's honey hole hit her, leaving little doubt in her mind that everything she felt last night was real, and as she leaned forward for a half cautious and nervous and half eager and excited lick her worries completely vanished and any doubts were cleared up. She, Claire Bennet, was a dirty little cunt loving lesbian... or maybe a dirty little cunt loving bisexual, she wasn't totally sure yet about that, but from that first lick Claire was sure she liked pussy, and the licks that soon followed only confirmed this.

Slowly coming out of her thoughts Claire noticed every time she slipped her tongue over Elle's pussy lips she would hear little sounds from the other girl. Whimpers, moans, groans, even gasps seemed to slide from Elle's mouth, but every time Claire looked up the other girl's eyes were tightly closed and she was breathing softly as if she was still in a deep sleep.

Claire could remember reading an article in some trashy magazine about waking your boyfriend up with a BJ. When she had first read it Claire had been shocked and thought only a slut would do that, but the more she thought about it the more she liked it, possibly because even before her night of twisted lesbian sex with Elle Claire had fantasized about being a little slut, even reading the article over and over while imagining herself performing the act. Not all of the tips from that article had been useful this morning but Claire still loved the chance to fulfil this fantasy. However there was a problem, Elle was still asleep... or that least, she appeared to be.

When she had been working her way down Elle's body Claire had been praying she wouldn't wake Elle, wanting to literally wake the other girl with some head, just like in that magazine, and had been as gentle as possible as a result, but now Claire was licking Elle's pussy the cheerleader strongly felt the older blonde should be waking up now. If it hadn't been for Elle's moans and groans Claire would be worried that she wasn't doing a good job. Of course those moans and groans made her wonder. Sure some people make sounds in their sleep, but could Elle really be sleeping through this?

The more she thought about it the more it annoyed Claire, because either her pussy licking wasn't good enough to wake Elle up or the other girl was screwing with her, and both scenarios were equally as frustrating.

Determined to get an answer one way or another Claire began to slide her tongue over Elle's pussy lips with quicker and firmer strokes before teasing the other blonde's entrance and then suddenly sliding her tongue all the way inside the older girl. This resulted in a soft gasp which had Claire's eyes shooting upwards just in time to catch Elle letting go of her bottom lip.

Narrowing her eyebrows Claire began roughly tongue fucking the other girl while keeping her eyes locked on Elle's face. To her credit Elle continued to softly moan and groan, but Claire was now convinced the older girl was awake which somehow pissed her off even more than when she wasn't sure if Elle had been pretending to be asleep or not.

More determined than ever Claire continued fucking Elle at a pace which made it clearly hard for Elle to keep up her charade before Claire pulled her tongue out of the other blonde and viciously attacked her clit, first with her tongue, and then with her mouth, Claire sucking on that sensitive little ball of flesh until finally Elle cried out loudly, and then giggled.

"Mmmmmm, bad cheerleader, naughty cheerleader." Elle taunted playfully, "Mmmmmm, couldn't even wait for me to wake up before starting to molest me. Did I really corrupt you that much in a single night? Did I really turn you into such a cunt craving little lesbian slut that you're now willing to rape a poor, innocent sleeping girl like me just to get your pussy fix? Are you really that pussy hungry now? Are you just going to start dropping to your knees in public and begging strange girls to let you taste their pussies? Or maybe you're not even going to bother begging. Maybe you'll just start shoving your tongue into every girl you meet regardless of what they want, just so you can get yourself a little pussy. Is that how it's going to be now cheerleader? Have I turned you into such a little pussy slut that you'll do just about anything to get in between a girl's legs?"

In response Claire lifted her head, glared at Elle, and then smirked, "Maybe... why, are you complaining?"

"No, no, no, no, no pom-pom, I'm just talking dirty." Elle said, her hand finding its way to the back of Claire's head as she begins to softly, and unsuccessfully, try and push the cheerleader's mouth and tongue back down where it had been, "Don't take it seriously and get offended."

"Who said I was offended?" Claire asked, dipping her head down and lashing her tongue against Elle's clit, squeezing a cry of pleasure out of the older girl, before lifting it back up again, "Say whatever you want, I don't mind."

"You don't mind?" Elle asked, her smile returning, "Or you get off on being called a slut?"

"I don't know..." Claire said, feigning innocence, "What do you think?"

"I think... you should get back to eating my pussy you little pussy loving lesbian slut!" Elle said as Claire allowed herself to be pushed back down to the other girl's needy wet hole.

Elle let out one of the most girlish squeals of her life as everyone's favourite cheerleader buried her tongue deep inside her and started slam fucking her with it, Claire only pausing to wrap her mouth tightly around Elle's pussy lips so the supercharged girl's juices could flow pretty much directly down her throat.

Under normal circumstances Elle would have been embarrassed about such girlish squeals. Sure she wasn't super butch and she loved throwing her feminine charms around but the sounds she was making right now sounded a little too high pitched and out of control for her liking, but Elle really couldn't help herself, not when she had perfect little Claire Bennet's tongue slamming her horny fuck hole. Hell, it was hard to even care how she sounded with that sweet little tongue pounding her pussy.

If it hadn't been for the first curious and unsure licks Claire had given her earlier, and the night before, Elle would have been convinced the cheerleader had been lying to her about being a lesbian virgin. Ok, so there were a few tricks the girl didn't know, tricks Elle would be more than happy to teach her, but Claire was a quick learner and showed an eagerness for pussy licking which couldn't be taught.

There was no doubt about it, perfect little Claire loved the taste of pussy, and with some practice would probably become quite the little rug muncher.

A huge grin spread across Elle's face as she imagined the still innocent looking Claire returning home and seducing her way into the panties of all her little cheerleader friends, that angelic looking face being buried in pussy after pussy, all because Elle had introduced Claire to the joys of lesbian sex.

Elle's grin got even wider as she imagined seeking Claire out in a year or so just to try out the cheerleader's mouth again, her grin growing even wider as she silently betted that as good as Claire's mouth was now it would probably feel like pure heaven after this obviously cunt starving girl was given a year or so of pussy eating practice, but then Elle's smile faded as she remembered that after today she would never see Claire Bennet again. After all that was their agreement, and while Elle would be happy to break it for the chance of some sex, or pretty much for any other little reason, Claire wouldn't be so happy about it. Hell, with a mouth and tongue of this potential Claire would probably have at least three girls eating out of the palm of her hand by then and would probably just be annoyed if Elle showed up.

Pushing such thoughts out of her head Elle concentrated on her own pleasure, which really wasn't hard under the circumstances, and talking dirty to the cheerleader.

Elle really got off on dirty talk and once again Claire surprised her by seeming to be just as into it as she was, the younger girl somehow finding a way to tongue fuck her even harder, faster and deeper with every dirty word that came out of Elle's mouth, "That's it, fuck me you rug munching little dyke bitch, fuck me with your pussy loving tongue! Oh fuck. Fucking fuck my fucking pussy! Fuck me and make me cum! Fuck me, make me cum and then suck the cum right out of me like the cum craving little whore you are! Fuck me! Fuck me you slut! Fuck me you total slut! That's what you are, a total slut! You're a slut for pussy, a slut for cock, a slut for cum, a slut for pain, a slut for everything aren't you? That's what you are, that's all you are. The oh so precious cheerleader Claire Bennet is nothing but a little slut! My little slut! My little slut that is going to make me cum! Oh, that's it... that's so fucking it... fuck me my slut... fuck my pussy... oh... fuck... fuck me slut... fuck me cheerleader... fuck me Claire... OH FUCK ME... FUCK... CLAIRE..."

For the next few moments the only coherent word to come out of Elle's mouth was the cheerleader's name over and over again, albeit at different volumes.

Elle was too busy savouring every toe curling moment of her climax to pay much attention to what she was saying, in fact she spent most of her orgasm either unaware of it or not caring, but what she said meant a great deal to the indestructible cheerleader.

In most of the short time they've known each other Elle had called Claire by several names so on the rare occasion Elle called Claire by her actual name it had more of an impact, and no more so than right now as the fact Elle used her real name and the way she said it told Claire more about what the other girl was feeling than all of her dirty talk combined. The screams, the cries, the whimpers, the moans, the groans, the whispers, all of the different ways Elle said her name told Claire she was making the other girl feel good, incredibly good, and that motivated her to try even harder.

Of course it wasn't the only motivation she had as Elle's cum was just as heavenly as she remembered it, Claire not even hesitating for a moment when it came to swallowing down the yummy liquid which flowed into her mouth as the other girl climaxed.

Immediately hungry for more Claire replaced her tongue with two of her fingers which slid into Elle's slick channel with ease and began to slam them in and out of her at a rapid pace while she closed her mouth around Elle's clit and sucked down on it for all she was worth. With Elle's body still on a high from it's previous climax it didn't take long for Claire to make the older girl cum again, moving her mouth back to the electronic girl's entrance just in time to catch the fruits of her labour, one of her now very wet fingers slowly finding its way into Elle's ass hole to give the other blonde a little double stimulation to squeeze out yet another orgasm from her which gave Claire the cum she craved and the sound of her name on Elle's lips which sounded like music to her ears, and yet... it was still missing something.

Clare was just finishing licking Elle's pussy clean of cum and about to try again to see if she could get that missing thing when she felt her hair being pulled.

Quickly realising what was happening Claire reluctantly removed her tongue from Elle's pussy and moved up the older blonde's body, unable to stop giggling along with the other girl as the pulling became harder and faster, forcing Claire to move faster until the two super powered girls were face to face again.

There was a brief moment where they just stared at each other, and then they brutally attacked each other with their lips, their tongues battling against one another as they pressed their bodies against each other.

As their tongues fought for dominance Elle rolled them over so she was on top, making sure all their fun places were rubbing against each other as they continued kissing until oxygen became an issue and they were finally forced to break apart.

Not wanting her silly need for oxygen to slow her down for long Elle lowered her head to Claire's neck which she quickly began kissing and biting, causing the younger girl to gasp and moan beneath her.

"You... oh... you didn't electrocute me." Claire moaned.

"What was that pom-pom?" Elle asked, pulling away from Claire's neck and looking into her eyes.

"You didn't electrocute me." Claire repeated, then added, "Before, when I went down on you, you gave me a little jolt whenever I made you feel really good, and when I made you cum you gave me more than a little jolt."

"And you missed it?" Elle questioned mischievously.

"Well... yeah." Claire said, knowing there was no point in arguing as Elle would see right through her. Of course her admission only put a grin on Elle's face which clearly said the other girl was about to mock her so Claire quickly added, "Do you think there's something else wrong with you now?"

Elle's grin immediately faded. Her power overloading was one thing, but losing it, the most precious thing she'd ever had, pretty much the only thing she ever truly had, Elle could think of no worse a fate, which was why when she tried to use her power and felt that oh so familiar and comforting feeling of electricity running through her to her hand Elle's huge grin returned, although this was more a grin of relief. Her grin faded again to a curious look when she willed the energy back into her body without any pain, something she hadn't been able to do for a very long time.

"Huh, weird." Elle mumbled to herself.

"What?" Claire questioned.

"Nothing, it's just... last night, before all the fun started, I could barely control myself... and now..." Elle trailed off, suddenly feeling very vulnerable to tell Claire how she was feeling so instead deciding to quickly change the subject, "I guess you must have really worn me out last night pom-pom. Mmmmmm, I've taken down buildings, cities, even a small country with my power, but you just kept taking it, and taking it, and taking it. I must have used enough electricity on you last night to supercharge the entire world for years, and you still want more. Ha, you really are one of a kind cheerleader."

"So you're feeling better now?" Claire asked, trying to focus, although Elle's roaming hands certainly weren't making it easy.

"Better... I'm feeling fan-fucking-tastic." Elle growls lustfully, "I'm feeling fan-fucking-tastically horny for you pom-pom, and now I'm going to fuck your pretty little cheerleader brains out!"

Clare's eyelids fluttered as Elle begins grinding her body against her in a fucking motion, the other blonde's pussy banging and rubbing against her own as their nipples bashed together wildly.

If Claire had been watching it instead of experiencing it she would have probably thought that it was obscene and kind of weird, but feeling it felt anything but weird, it felt amazing.

Really thinking about it Claire supposed it made sense. After all, rubbing herself down there felt good, so if someone or something else rubbed her there it should feel just as good if not better, and the fact it was another girl's pussy that was rubbing against hers just seemed so wonderfully kinky. Not as kinky as some of the things Elle had done to her last night, but still pretty kinky.

Desperately trying not to focus on this or last night Claire opens her mouth to ask, to... wait, what was she going to ask again... oh, right, she wanted to know what's going on with Elle's power. That somehow didn't seem so important now, and even less so when Elle captured Claire's lips with her own in another brutal kiss, the cheerleader losing herself in the pleasure the other girl was giving her, even trying to help her fuck her, thrusting her own pussy up against the other super powered girl, Claire grinning into Elle's mouth as she made the older, more experienced blonde moan for her.

While Claire was being distracted thanks to her skilled touch Elle's mind was racing. Before she had been the one preoccupied with the cheerleader's touch but now Elle was fully awake and wondering what the hell was up with her powers.

She hadn't slept properly in weeks and every single waking moment had been hell not knowing when she was going to short-circuit again and yet last night with a proper outlet for her ability she had actually felt normal... well, normal for her, and not only had she slept peacefully all night but she awoke feeling better than ever.

But was she better? Or was she going to overload in a few hours? Could these Pinehurst people tell her? Could they help her? Or was she going to have to kidnap Claire and hold her hostage just so she could have a semblance of normality?

Elle smiled at the thought of the last option, not for the first time over the last 24 hours, or truth be told for longer than that, imagining making Claire Bennet her sex slave, turning her into a little pet she could use for pain and pleasure, maybe even get her a little collar... but then, as sadly with most times before when she thought about this, reality came down on Elle like a ton of bricks.

There was no way in hell Noah Bennet was going to let Elle just walk away with his precious little Claire-bear. Elle gave it a week tops before he hunted her down, and while it would probably be one hell of a week of pleasure/pain fun Elle would rather take her chances with Pinehurst than piss off old HRG, which meant she was still on a one-way trip away from Claire forever which bothered Elle far more than it should have.

Pushing thoughts of what was wrong with her powers and her imminent future Elle focused on the writhing girl beneath her, something Claire made easier by humping her pussy against Elle's just as hard as Elle humped herself down onto the cheerleader.

The friction caused by her most sensitive areas rubbing against the other girl's most sensitive areas was a great source of pleasure, one Elle was far from unfamiliar with, in fact she had done this many times before, literally humping herself against someone else like an animal in heat. What made the pleasure even better was that once again Claire was showing she wasn't the stuck up little prude Elle had mistaken her for by humping back just as hard, Elle grinning into the brutal kisses as the sweet, innocent looking Claire showed off just how wonderfully slutty and wanton she could be.

Given a little time both blondes could probably cum just from this, especially if Elle gave the pain loving younger girl some of that sweet agony she craved, but Elle had something else in mind.

Claire was disappointed when Elle slowly stopped grinding against her, broke their latest kiss and pulled away, but was immediately cheered up by the sadistic smile that crossed the other girl's face as while Claire wasn't Matt Parkman she didn't need to be able to read minds to tell Elle had a plan, one which would no doubt result in pain and/or pleasure.

Quietly hoping it was both Claire asked, "What?"

Elle continued to smile and then said, "Wait right here."

Claire frowned as Elle got off her and practically skipped over to the bags of sex toys Elle had purchased last night, reached in and pull something out. Because her back was facing her Claire couldn't see what Elle had got but she was curious to find out, especially as she heard Elle grumble cutely as she struggled to get the item out of its packaging. When it was finally free Elle turned back to Claire with a smile on her face, holding out a toy so gigantic it left the cheerleader stunned.

The monster looked like it was a mile long and Claire didn't see how anyone could possibly take it. For a few moments Claire thought Elle was going to try stuffing it all inside her, something which had to be literally impossible, until she realised it had two heads at which point she figured out what it was for, blushed, bit her lip, and then gave a little half smile.

"You like?" Elle asked.

"It's... big..." Claire said, "Is... is it for both of us?"

Elle grinned, "Yes, unless you want to try being a greedy little cheerleader and take it all... which could be very interesting to see..."

"That's... that's ok..." Claire blushed, and then gave another little half smile, "We can share."

"Awwww, how generous of you cheerleader." Elle grinned as she slid back onto the bed and captured Claire's lips in a quick but passionate kiss before bringing one of the heads of the double dildo up to her lips, sliding her tongue out over it before swallowing it and giving it a brief suck before pulling away from it and smiling, "Wanna help me get this ready pom-pom?"

Claire bit her lip, and then lent forward and slowly, cautiously did what Elle had just done, sliding her tongue over the toy's head before taking it into her mouth, her eyes locked with Elle's the entire time. Elle grinned widely down at her as Claire tasted the other girl's saliva on the dildo, which was neither unfamiliar nor unpleasant, in fact if anything it encouraged Claire to really get into worshipping the head with her mouth and tongue, putting on a show for the other blonde in the process.

A still grinning Elle lowers her mouth down a few inches away from where Claire was sucking on the head and slides her tongue up the shaft, Claire pulling away in time so that just her tongue was sliding over the head so that both girls could start licking it, their tongues playfully bashing together until the two blondes found themselves kissing with the massive head of the toy in between their lips, their tongues awkwardly finding a way around it to get at each other.

This continued for a while until eventually Elle pulled away and lowered her mouth a few inches down the cock before pulling up for air.

Exchanging a grin Claire copied her, going ever so slightly lower which of course started up a little competition between the two blondes to see who could swallow more of the dildo, Claire eventually winning when she took the toy not just down her throat but literally into her stomach, and yet still only taking three quarters of the big fake cock in the process.

"Holy shit cheerleader, you're going to be VERY popular with all the boys... if you aren't already." Elle laughed as Claire came up for air after the super display of deep throating in a fit of chokes and gags.

"Jealous?" Claire questioned after a choke and a smirk.

"Of you? Never. The boys on the other hand..." Elle said playfully, pushing the other end of the double dildo to Claire's lips, the cheerleader willingly parting them as Elle briefly dreams of being a boy getting a blow job from Claire.

Sure, Elle was happy as a girl and would never really want to change, but it was fun to imagine, if only for a few moments, especially considering how much 'dick' the cheerleader could take down her throat, although this time Elle made sure it was only a few inches so she could have her turn sucking on the toy.

After briefly taking turns deep throating the fake cock and making sure it was coated with both of their saliva the two girls fell into a passionate make out session. Neither was sure who had initiated it and neither really cared, before Elle pulled back slightly, grinned, brought the double dildo down in between her legs and pressed it against the entrance to her pussy.

Claire watched as Elle slowly pushed the head of the toy into herself, their joint saliva on the dick along with her saliva left over from Elle's little wake-up call on the electric girl's cunt and Elle's natural lubricant helping the older blonde to take the first few inches of dildo inside her pussy with only a gasp and a moan of enjoyment. Elle then continued to slowly feed inch after inch of the fake dick inside herself, Claire pulling her eyes away from Elle's stretching snatch only once to look up into the other girl's eyes, the two blondes exchanging a little sexually charged grin of mutual enjoyment before Claire's eyes return to where the real action was going on.

Once Elle had about 8 inches inside her pussy she stopped, grabbed the other end, pressed it against Claire's pussy and then began rubbing the head up and down the cheerleader's slit, causing the indestructible blonde to moan, groan and even whimper as she was mercilessly teased.

"Give it to me." Claire breathed heavily.

"Give it to you, huh... how very demanding of you cheerleader..." Elle said teasingly, "But give you what exactly? What is it that you want?"

Claire glared up at the older girl, deeply annoyed by her teasing but at the same time Claire couldn't even begin to pretend she wasn't enjoying it, just like she couldn't pretend not to like the idea of what Elle wanted her to do.

"I want that cock." Claire stated truthfully, "I want that cock inside my pussy. Please Elle, stick that big cock inside my pussy and fuck me with it. Pound my pussy with that big cock and make me your little slut again."

From the huge grin on Elle's face and the twinkle in her eyes it was clear that Claire's words had given the other girl the motivation she had hoped to give her, but before the cheerleader could even smile to enjoy her brief moment of victory Elle thrust forwards roughly, pushing the dildo several inches into the other blonde, the older girl going just deep enough into the younger girl to take her virginity for the second time.

Claire quietly curse the fact that she could feel no pain from the violation, just an odd discomfort which thanks to her supernatural powers healing her entire body and making it as good as new she would have to get used too, before Elle slid the majority of the 12 inches on Claire's end of the double dildo inside her, leaving only a few inches left between the two girls pussies. The invasion was noticeably faster than what Elle had allowed for herself, although seeing as for Claire there was no pain, only a weird absence of it and a slight feeling of discomfort, it was very understandable why that was the case.

Despite pushing the cock in quickly Elle then paused, oddly giving Claire a chance to adjust, which at first seemed like a moment of kindness on Elle's part, but as the seconds ticked by and her pussy adjusted to it's stretching and a wicked smile crossed Elle's face Claire began to wonder if this was just another case of the other girl teasing her.

In reality it was a bit of both, although in this case Elle wasn't in the mood to tease Claire for long.

"How are you feeling cheerleader?" Elle asked with a glint in her eye, "Is that pussy feeling nice and loosened up? Is it ready for a fucking? Is the nasty little cheerleader slut ready to get her pussy fucked by this big fucking cock?"

"Yes. Give it to me." Claire answered without a moment of hesitation, "Fuck me with that big cock. Please Elle, fuck me. Make my pussy loose and slutty. Make me your slut again, if you can."

The little half smile that crossed Claire's face at the end of her response made it crystal clear she was challenging the electrically charged girl, and it was a challenge Elle was only too happy to accept.

Both girls let out a long moan, and then a quick one, as Elle slowly pulled back, causing each end of the dildo to be slowly removed from each blonde and then once a few inches had been removed Elle gave a quick thrust forwards, pushing all the just removed inches back in.

After this initial thrust Elle began a series of short sharp thrusts, grinning as she forced groan after groan out of Claire because of it, before starting to grind her hips in between every other thrust, sliding the double dildo around inside both super powered girls, causing them to moan simultaneously, and then adding a steady thrust to the mix.

The steady thrusting quickly became the norm, Elle only switching to the grinding or the sharp thrusting every so often to keep Claire guessing, or at least that's what the cheerleader assumed. Claire couldn't help wonder though if this slow, stretching pace was for her benefit and that Elle was giving her an unnecessary amount of time to adjust or whether it was more about Elle teasing her some more. It could even be a result of instinct, Elle giving it to Claire slow because it's what any girl who didn't have a healing ability and a lack of feeling pain would need in this situation, of course a normal girl in this situation would definitely need for it to be done slowly given the size of the cock... unless they were a total slut.

Thinking about it Claire realised there is another explanation... what if this wasn't about her at all... what if this was about Elle?

Elle was obviously more experienced than her, but had the other girl ever taken anything this big inside her pussy before?

Even taking into account that by its design a girl was expected to take about half of the dildo and not the entire thing that still left what was easily 12 inches, maybe more, for each of the blondes to take, which was pretty much the size of the strap on dildo Elle had used on Claire last night, but just because Elle was willing to use 12 inches to fuck a self-healing cheerleader who couldn't feel pain doesn't mean she'd be willing to use that type of size on anyone else, let alone take herself. Actually given Elle's sadistic nature, and the skill in which she used that toy, Claire guessed it would be surprising if Elle hadn't used a 12 inch strap on before, but that didn't mean Elle had ever taken something like that before. After all, back in that plane's bathroom where all this craziness started hadn't Elle said something about being more of a giver then a receiver?

Looking down Claire moaned, first at the sight of her own hole as it was stretched obscenely around the shaft of the double dildo, and then again when she saw Elle's hole being stretched in the same way only a few inches away from her own by the same toy. The stretching looked kind of painful, not for Claire obviously given her current circumstances, but the cheerleader couldn't help wonder what Elle was going through at that moment.

With this thought in mind Claire looked up to catch Elle with her eyes closed and her mouth open in a moan of pleasure with a slight undertone of pain.

As if she could sense Claire was watching her Elle opened her eyes and smiled down at the cheerleader, perhaps in an attempt to show her that everything was fine while masking her own difficulty. Furthering her suspicion Elle quickened the pace, which quickly got Claire to stop thinking about how Elle was feeling and concentrate on her own pleasure, which was probably the other girl's intention, not that Claire really cared at that moment as she let out a long moan of satisfaction.

Of course her moan made Elle's grin grow wider, which made Claire blush a little and look down, which brought her back to the sight of both her own and Elle's pussies being stretched wide by the double dildo, the other girl's hips pumping the toy cock in and out of both of them. Before Claire had simply focused on the stretching, but now she was focused on the way Elle's thrusting motions caused the dildo to move. As she watched this light bulb metaphorically went off above Claire's head and grabbing a firm hold of the bed sheets beside she suddenly thrust herself upwards as Elle was thrusting downwards, causing both girls to cry out with joy as a result.

"Mmmmmm, that's it cheerleader, fuck me while I fuck you." Elle giggled, and then moaned as Claire grinned and then did what she was told, slowly and awkwardly at first, but eventually getting a groove going as Elle continued to talk, "Mmmmmm, I was wondering how long it was going to take you to figure out you could do this. I thought about telling you, but I figured it would be more fun this way and I was right because it shows what a nasty little girl I've turned you into, always looking for how you can get as much pleasure as you can, isn't that right pom-pom? Oh yeah, you're such a little slut. A pain slut, and a pleasure slut too. That's what you are. Nothing but a horny little slut. Isn't that right cheerleader?"

"Ohhhhh yes, that's right... I'm a slut... a horny little slut." Claire moaned as she and the other blonde settled into a steady pace, fucking themselves and each other at the same time.

"My slut." Elle growled.

"Your slut." Claire replied with a little half smile.

"Yes, my slut. My little cheerleader slut." Elle groaned, picking up the pace, "You wanted to be all slutty before, and deep down you always were, but you needed me to show you just how to be a little whore, and now you know, now you're all nice and broken in, and ready to fuck. You're going to be so popular when you get back to school pom-pom, but for right now you're not going anywhere. And you know why? It's because, at least for now, you're mine. You're my slut. My horny little cheerleader slut!"

"I'm your slut?" Claire replied as more of a question than a statement.

"Yes, that's right cheerleader, you're my slut!" Elle said, before crying out in shock as she was suddenly rolled onto her back and her legs were forced open before a particularly hard thrust sent another couple of inches which she had been struggling to take into her pussy.

"Who's the slut now?" Claire asked challengingly, her face now hovering above Elle's.

Outwardly Claire was doing an excellent job at keeping a cocky smirk on her face while her insides were turning to jelly and her mind was panicking.

What the hell had she just done?

One moment Claire had been loving the fucking she was receiving and really been getting into Elle's dirty talk, and the next something inside her suddenly thought why the hell was Elle calling her a slut considering the way she acts, then she was wishing someone would give Elle a taste of her own medicine, and then as if she was possessed Claire suddenly grabbed onto the older blonde and rolled them so she was now on top of Elle, the cheerleader using her knees to forcibly push apart the other girl's thighs before roughly thrusting her hips forwards to squeeze a little moan of enjoyment out of the other superpowered blonde in a way which gave Claire a rush of power she had never felt before.

It had been a moment of instinct and now the cheerleader was worried she had pissed off the other, notoriously dangerous girl, which she didn't want to do, not when they were having so much fun.

As shocked as Claire was by her own actions she was even more baffled by Elle's, the older girl staring at her thoughtfully for a few moments, as if she was deciding what to do next, before a grin crossed her face and she wrapped her legs and arms around Claire.

"I guess I am." Elle said in answer to Claire's earlier question.

For a few moments Claire just blinked, which got a slight sigh of disappointment from Elle. She had been hoping for more initiative from the cheerleader, but she supposed she didn't mind giving Claire a little encouragement.

"Come on cheerleader, you wanna be on top for a teensy bit, fine by me. I'll even be your little slut if you want... just remember... if I want to make you my slut again I can just, like, that." Elle said, letting a few little sparks fly through her clicking fingers at the end to emphasise her point., "But if you're going to be on top then you've gotta fuck me."

Claire blinked again. Did she want to be on top?

It seemed at least part of her did, and as she thought about it Claire reasoned if she was exploring her sexuality then it made sense to try it, but could she pull it off? After all throughout last night and this morning Claire had easily slipped into the submissive role, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but could she play the dominant role? She had sort of been the dominant one when she went down on Elle, but that seemed so very different to this.

"You know, I'm not indestructible but I'm not going to break easily either, so please, give me the best you've got pom-pom. Fuck me. Pound my pussy with that cock. Make me your slut, if you can." Elle challenged with a grin.

Claire returned the grin, recognising the challenge she had given Elle earlier now coming from the other girl's mouth.

Earlier Elle had accepted the challenge and succeeded in making Claire her little slut. Now Claire decided it was time for her to accept the challenge and give Elle a taste of her own medicine.

Deciding to copy Elle's original actions Claire started slowly pulling out and then roughly thrusting back in, causing Elle to grin again, and then again when she started to grind her hips, and then again when she started fucking her at a steady pace while occasionally switching to one of the other two tactics, Claire adding to the mix by quickly pulling out and then slowly pushing back in or giving long or slow thrusts at random while her focus remained fucking Elle at a steady pace.

Naturally as the fucking began things were a little awkward, especially when Claire tried experimenting with the speeds of her thrusts, but to the surprise of both blondes Claire got into the swing of things quite quickly. The main reason for this was actually Elle, who's reactions quickly built up Claire's confidence, the cheerleader practically hypnotised by the other girl's facial expressions while she was serenaded by Elle's moans and groans.

When Claire had gone down on Elle the other girl's moans, groans and occasional whimpers were really confidence boosting, and they were again now, but they were nothing compared to watching the big tough former company agent as her eyelids fluttered closed and open at random as she bit her lip to try and hide how much pleasure Claire was giving her, presumably in an attempt to not stroke Claire's ego too much. If that was what Elle was trying to do she was completely failing at it, especially when her mouth was forced open in an 'O', something Claire found an incredible mix of adorable and sexy which made the cheerleader just want to force a moan like that as much as possible out of this supposed enemy.

With this in mind Claire redouble her efforts, desperately trying to think of everything Elle had done to her in the last 24 hours to see if she could think of something else to do, or failing that just think of a way to do what she was already doing better. She even tried to think back to her one night with her ex-boyfriend West, but that was a waste of time as nothing he had ever done could even compare to a single moment with the electric blonde.

As she was thinking Claire suddenly realised there was still a couple of inches of dildo between herself and the other girl. Seeing as she looked up into Elle's eyes and actually saw a little nervousness there, which made Claire grin, before thrusting forward as hard as she could, finally burying the entire other end of the double dildo inside the older girl, Elle crying out in a mixture of pleasure and pain which only made Claire's grin wider.

"Awwww, I'm sorry sparky, was that too much for you?" Claire asked, mimicking the mocking voice of fake concern Elle had used on her before, "Do you want me to take it out?"

"No, I'm fine." Elle said, sounding a little forced, obviously struggling a little, although doing a better job of hiding it when she grinned and said, "Fuck me with that big cock cheerleader. Mmmmmm, you're stretching me out so good. I can't remember the last time I got fuck by anything so big. Now, if only you could fuck me a little better we could really have some fun."

Claire glared at Elle, and then smiled, "You want fun?"

Elle grinned back, and then cried out in pleasure as Claire gave her one quick hard deep thrust, and another, and another, and another, before randomly switching tactics like before, only this time doing it all harder.

"Oh pom-pom... you're so cute when you try and act butch." Elle half chuckled, half moaned.

Elle continued to tell Claire she wished she could fuck her harder, that she wished Claire was a better top, or that she was at least with someone who knew how to actually fuck a girl, etc, which of course motivated Claire to fuck her harder. The cheerleader wasn't stupid, she knew she was doing what Elle wanted, that the other blonde was manipulating her into doing what she wanted, but she didn't care because every little sound she was forcing out of Elle's mouth in between her words told Claire that this older, more experienced girl was loving every single thing she was doing to her, that despite what Elle was saying Claire was doing a great job of fucking her, and that, that made Claire feel a kind of power she had never felt before.

Claire was indestructible, able to take anything given to her and be fine, but her power didn't make her feel powerful. Most of the time it just made her feel like a freak, and even when she was using it to save someone's life she felt more like a weirdo than a hero. Of coarse she didn't feel like a hero right now, but ironically she felt something that her power had never made her feel, powerful.

At this moment Claire was in control, dominating an older, more experienced girl who had spent most of the last 24 hours dominating her in ways Claire couldn't have even imagined, and yet here she was, pounding a huge dildo into this girl's pussy, causing this dangerous, sociopathic killer to moan, groan and whimper in pleasure with every thrust of her hips.

The feeling of power this caused her to feel was intoxicating, Claire craving it so much she found herself fucking Elle at an ever increasing speed and hardness, Claire even grinding her pussy against Elle's like a woman possessed, causing both blondes to moan like crazy.

Before when she or Elle had circled their hips around it had moved the double dildo in a small circling motion around inside them which had felt amazing, but now with all of the fake cock inside of them their pussies were pressed together almost as if they were two mouths exchanging a bizarre French kiss, and as a result of this whenever Claire grinded her hips their cunts rubbed together in a way the cheerleader could only describe as wonderful.

It somehow became even more wonderful when Elle started grinding and thrusting back, Claire not even caring that she no longer felt totally in control because of it as control was a small price to pay for the pleasure she was feeling. Besides, she was still on top, so she was still mostly in control.

Just as she thought that Claire cried out in joyous agony as Elle suddenly grabbed a hold of her and electrocuted her, the effect adding to her pleasure but also causing her to go limp long enough for Elle to flip them back over so the sadistic blonde was once again on top.

"Honestly pom-pom, was that the best you could do?" Elle gasped and panted, "Was that really the best you could fuck me? Mm, how very... disappointing. Oh well, you may not be able to play the butch role, but we both know you make a great bitch... and right now, I'm going to make you my bitch... again."

With that Elle gave one quick hard thrust, causing both girls to moan as the double dildo moved quickly, Elle's moan turning into a gasp of surprise as Claire turned them over during the inward thrust so the cheerleader was on top again.

"Who said I was done playing the butch role?" Claire asked before crying out in pain and pleasure as Elle electrocuted her again before once again flipping them over.

"I did. But don't worry pom-pom, if you're a good little bitch for me maybe I'll let you try being the butch again." Elle said with a grin before she again restarted the fucking.

This time, just to make sure Claire didn't try anything... and because it was fun, Elle began randomly electrocuting the other girl. Elle kept the voltage gentle at first, but as with the speed of her thrusts she quickly increased the voltage, the effect of coarse causing the pain loving slut to moan and groan in pleasure.

Elle had savoured every single moment of causing the oh so special cheerleader pain and pleasure last night, but to see the same euphoric look on the younger girl's face no matter what she did somehow made the whole thing seem even better. No... it wasn't the same look. As she looked closer Elle realised the ever so subtle differences between Claire's reactions to pain and pleasure. When Elle gave Claire pleasure the cheerleader pulled a face of pure bliss, which was the most wonderful mixture of cuteness and sexiness Elle had ever seen. Meanwhile when she gave her pain Claire's face was a mixture of relief, joy, wonderment, and agony, which was somehow just as equally cute and sexy to Elle as Claire's look of pleasure.

Each time Elle thrust into or electrocuted the other girl Claire would make those faces with no two expressions being exactly the same, all meaning one of two things but always looking beautiful, it was also intoxicating for Elle, who became practically obsessed with lighting up the cheerleader's pretty face.

Claire's moans, groans and whimpers were similar to the looks on her face in that they told Elle how much the cheerleader was enjoying every little thing she was doing to her, but it was becoming increasingly hard to keep quiet herself and soon her own moans, groans and whimpers were mixing with Claire's, the sound of both girls enjoyment echoing throughout the room, mixing with the sound of their bodies roughly humping together on the bed and of course the sound of Elle's electricity.

While fucking another girl with a strap on dildo Elle liked to shoot electricity through the fake cock and directly into whichever hole she was taking, but a double dildo was different, because if Elle fired a little voltage through a toy like that with her and the other girl's wetness mixing together the electricity ended up returning to Elle in a really, really bad way. Of course that didn't mean Elle didn't do it, it just meant she had to be very careful about how much she used. The little buzz she was giving Claire through the double dildo would have been more than enough to stimulate any normal girl while not hurting her, but the thing was Claire was no ordinary girl and craved that very pain Elle couldn't really give her via the toy. However, there was more than one way to skin a cat... or electrocute a pain loving slut.

Elle's main weapons of choice had always been her hands. They were the things that had always seemed the most convenient to fire electricity out of on her body and so she had practised using them for years of her life, and really was still perfecting just how much electricity she could fire through them. As she ran them over Claire's body Elle refrained from using her full power, choosing instead to tease the younger girl with a steady, almost non-stop current of her very lowest setting possible as she began power fucking the cheerleader's sweet little pussy. Just when it seemed like Claire was being overwhelmed by pleasure Elle would fire a huge blast of electricity directly into her, normally focusing on the other blonde's firm little titties which Elle just couldn't keep her hands off, but occasionally aiming for one of Claire's vital organs, her power so strong it cut through the cheerleader's flesh, nearly killing her in the process only for her to regenerate in seconds before the sadistic blonde's eyes.

Looking for more ways to cause Claire pain Elle captured the other girl's lips with her own, mostly so she could use her mouth and tongue to shoot electricity down the younger blonde's throat, but also to distract Claire from her adventurous hands... and also because kissing the cheerleader was kind of fun. Claire was a good kisser and under the circumstances it was easy for Elle to bully Claire's tongue into submission and claim the other girl's mouth as her prize.

All this gave Elle the feeling of dominance and being in control which she so desperately craved both during sex and in her everyday life... and yet she wasn't exactly getting the same satisfaction out of it she was before. Part of her was still enjoying the hell out of it, but another part of her was itching for Claire to suddenly flip them over so that Elle would be on the bottom again. It had been so long since anyone had dared take control of Elle during sex like that, and to her surprise Elle had not only found herself really enjoying it but really wanting to try it again. However after firmly putting Claire in her place Elle unfortunately doubted the cheerleader would try anything again, meaning if she wanted Claire to be in control again this time she was going to have to give it to her.

Without any kind of a warning Elle flipped them over once again so that Claire was on top of her, the action shocking the cheerleader so much it brought their fucking session to a brief and unwelcome pause.

"You know what cheerleader, I think I'm going to take pity on you and let you top me again for a little bit..." Elle said to a still baffled Claire, "I mean you're clearly a little pussy loving slut who's probably not going to be able to keep her hands off all her little cheerleader friends when she gets back to school, but while you may be born for pussy eating you clearly need practice when it comes to fucking a girl like this, so go ahead, practice on me. Fuck me cheerleader. Fuck me like I'm one of your little cheerleader friends. Mmmmmm, fuck me good. Fuck my pussy. Pound it. Fucking pound my pussy with that big fucking cock. I'll fuck you back. I'll fuck you while you fuck me and we can cum together. Come on pom-pom, do it, fuck me."

Claire continued to look dumbfounded for a few seconds, and then smiled widely before she did as she was told, slamming as hard as she could into Elle's pussy, while of course impaling her own love hole on the double dildo, both blondes moaning loudly as the fucking resumed.

Honestly Elle was a little disappointed that Claire didn't try talking dirty to her, but one look in the other girl's eyes told her exactly why she didn't. Claire was clearly concentrating on one thing and one thing only, fucking Elle as hard, fast and deep as she possibly could, fucking herself as hard, fast and deep as she possibly could in the process, and making them both cum.

This was something Elle had no problem with. All this fucking had been fun, but while part of her would have liked it to go on forever her body was aching for a climax or three, and Elle imagined Claire felt the same way. So, helping her fellow blonde out, Elle wrapped her arms and legs around Claire and began pumping her hips up and down in time with the cheerleader's thrusts, this action encouraging Claire to fuck Elle even harder, faster and deeper, Elle keeping up with her the whole time. There was no more switching tactics, no more switching speeds, no more grinding, just two horny girls pounding both themselves and each other with the now thoroughly drenched sex toy.

In what felt like seconds Elle felt herself approaching climax, and she could tell Claire was practically on the edge, which left her with an interesting choice. Right before she orgasmed Elle always shocked her sex partner. Sometimes it was by choice, sometimes it wasn't, but as long as she timed it right and didn't use to much it was a nice little boost over the finish line for both herself and who ever she was fucking. Obviously when it came to Claire the more electricity she used the harder the little pain slut would cum, but if Elle used her power now it would disrupt Claire, making her unable to continue to fuck her. It seemed a shame, Elle was really getting off on being the bottom for another girl, something she hadn't done in a very, very long time, but it looked like she was going to have to take over again, just for the last little bit.

Just as Elle thinks this she is taken off guard as Claire reaches back, grabs her legs and pulls them from around her waist, Claire holding them up for a few seconds as she continued pounding Elle's pussy, smiling down at her while she did so. Elle frowned in confusion at these actions, the electrical girl being even more surprised when Claire placed her legs on her shoulders and quickly leaned down so she was face to face with Elle, Claire grabbing Elle's hands on the way down and forcing them over her head.

"Don't use your power on me." Claire said firmly.

It wasn't a request, it was an order. Elle had heard that phrase enough times to know the difference.

There was no hint of doubt or uncertainty in Claire's voice either. The cheerleader was demanding control, demanding Elle didn't take it away from her. Elle could. Just one hard blast of electricity and she would be back in control. But that's not what either girl wanted at this stage.

Elle found Claire demanding control an incredible turn on, especially how she demanded it, so the electricity throwing blonde did as she was told and surrendered herself to the other girl, submissively laying back as Claire bent her body in half as the two horny girls thrusted themselves up and down, fucking their own and each other's pussies with the double dildo.

To Elle's delight the cheerleader didn't second-guess herself, Claire's eyes burning into her own as she continued in her vendetta to bring them both to climax.

For a few brief moments Elle wondered if there was some horny lesbian nearby with the power to possess other people and was currently using that power to possess sweet looking little Claire Bennet to make her fuck her this good, and then for the first time in her life Elle came without any use of her powers whatsoever. Part of her missed it immediately, but she was mostly too preoccupied with screaming her lungs out as her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her body shook.

Simultaneously Claire went through the exact same thing, only she wouldn't allow herself to stop. When Elle had fucked her the electric blonde hadn't stopped until she had squeezed at least half a dozen orgasms out of her and Claire was determined to at least return the favour. No... returning the favour wasn't good enough. Elle had opened her eyes to a world of pleasure and pain that she might have never known if it wasn't for her. Simply returning the favour wasn't good enough, Claire had to make Elle cum enough to double whatever the world record was for her to even begin to repay her.

With this determination in mind Claire powered through her next orgasm, and the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

Claire quickly lost track of her own orgasms, instead desperately trying to count how many Elle had, but her own pleasure was so overwhelming all the cheerleader could do was concentrate on the fucking, Claire becoming more and more animallike as she became lost in pounding herself and Elle with the dildo.

Elle had no idea what had gotten into Claire but it was hard to complain, at least at first, but it turned out her Daddy wasn't just trying to spoil her fun when he told her you could have too much of a good thing as eventually all the pleasure became a little too much for Elle to handle as her pussy began to feel incredibly sore.

Feeling the need to bring this to an end, but wanting to do so in spectacular fashion, Elle finally broke her hands free of Claire's grasp and did that one thing Claire told her not to about half a dozen orgasms ago.

She used her power. She used it a lot.

With a cry of ecstasy from Claire as her body was filled with wonderful, wonderful pain Elle force them to turn over once again, the sadistic blonde determined to make Claire cum at least once from being fuck by her... well, maybe twice... or maybe more...

At that point the fucking, which had already become incredibly rough, dissolved practically into a fight as the two girls battled for dominance, each seemingly determined that the fun would end with them on top while the other was beneath them in an orgasmic mess.

Elle's entire body ached and she felt as if she was about to pass out with exhaustion but she stubbornly continued for as long as she could, determined not to lose to the cheerleader, until finally she realised she had no choice.

Every so often Claire would slowdown but she never truly stopped and after awhile Elle realised Claire's powers of regeneration must work on her stamina as well. The little cheerleader was pretty much literally a fucking machine who, without exaggeration, had the ability to keep on fucking forever.

For the very first time Elle actually pitted who Claire ended up with, because whoever it was they were going to have their work cut out for them when it came to even keeping up with this little sex machine, something not even Elle could permanently do.

After putting up one hell of a fight in which she shot enough electricity to keep the world going for years while cumming so hard and so often she almost passed out half a dozen times Elle finally admitted defeat, pulling away from Claire while on top of her after what felt like her gazillionth orgasm, Elle lifting herself up enough so the dildo was pulled out of her pussy before she collapsed down on the bed, the exhausted former company agent gasping for her life.

As she lay there struggling to stay conscious Elle watched as after only about 30 seconds of lying next to her in nearly the same exhausted state Claire got up and turned around and smiled down at her while kneeling on the bed, clearly as fresh as a daisy.

Claire's lack of exhaustion caused Elle to frown in annoyance, the electronic blonde still kind of upset that someone had worn her out for once, but that frown faded as Claire removed her half of the dildo from her pussy and lifted it up to her mouth.

As her eyes remained locked with Elle's Claire slowly took the end which had been in her own pussy into her mouth and down her throat, the indestructible slut easily swallowing 12 inches before beginning to bob up and down on it, sucking and slurping on it noisily as she began giving it a long, drawn out blow job.

Despite having more orgasms than could be humanly healthy Elle felt her aching body come alive with pure lust which revived her from her practically comatose state, Elle grinning widely when Claire eventually switched the other end of the double dildo and greedily sucked every drop of Elle's juices from it.

"Slut." Elle giggled.

Claire responded by tipping her head back and lowering the entire 24 inches dildo down her throat, the thing literally filling her stomach just so she could close her lips around the other end it to try and show Elle just how right she was, although it seemed to be more like something out of a carnival act than anything sexual, Elle giggling with mirth as Claire violently choked and struggled not to throw up as she removed the dildo from her insides.

Upset that her attempts to be sexy had failed Claire glared at her lover, but Elle's giggling was infectious and she soon found herself joining her.

Claire's giggles turned to light laughter as she realise despite all the unique and twisted things she had done to herself to test her power what she had just done was possibly the weirdest as she had never shoved anything so far down her throat that it filled her stomach, and then curled up inside there just to fit. It was definitely something she would have never tried if it hadn't been for Elle, but with the exception of shoving way too much cock down her throat there wasn't anything she didn't want to do again... and again, and again, and again.

As she thinks about all the things she's now tried thanks to the other girl Claire quickly stops giggling as desire for more fun fills her body and a little half smile crosses her face.

Elle's giggling ceased almost immediately as Claire looked at her with pure want, the cheerleader slowly crawling up her body until they were face to face again.

The two girls exchanged a soft smile and then a tender kiss, which quickly turned into a passionate kiss, which in turn became a rough kiss, Elle rolling them over as they began to battle for dominance again.

Finally due to a need for oxygen the two girls pulled away from each other, only to share a smile and go right back to kissing. This continued for the longest time until finally Elle looked over at the clock, grinned and bit her lip.

"What?" Claire asked, wondering what had grabbed her lover's attention, before craning her neck to look at what the other girl was looking at, blushing once she saw the time, "Oh."

"I guess we got a little carried away huh cheerleader?" Elle giggled.

Claire blushed again. She'd never imagined herself having sex for an entire morning but that was exactly what had happened. Well, Claire was pretty sure it was kind of late when she finally woke up but still, she and Elle had been fucking for hours, locked together in naughty lesbian fun, acting like total sluts for each other... wait, why was this a bad thing?

"Are you complaining?" Claire asked, biting her lip.

"Never." Elle replied, gently pressing her lips against Claire's in a quick kiss, "But we'd better get moving if we want to make it to Pinehurst."

With that Elle got up and stretched, Claire immediately missing the feeling of the other girl on top of her as Elle looked back at her and smiled.

"Do you want the first shower or do you want to just lay there for a bit and recover?" Elle asked, her smile turning into a grin.

Claire opened her mouth to go with the second option before a wicked thought crossed her mind, a wicked grin appearing on her face shortly afterwards, "How about I join you? We could... you know... scrub each other's backs and stuff..."

The way Claire bit her lip made it crystal clear that by stuff Claire meant let's have more lesbian sex, lots more lesbian sex, but it was surprisingly met by a frown and a look of uncomfortableness by the other blonde.

"I... I don't think that's a good idea pom-pom." Elle answered.

This reaction caused Claire to frown, something she did again as she suddenly remembered what happened when her brother threw a bucket of water over the electronic girl.

"Hey, how do you take showers anyway?" Claire asked, immediately regretting it when she saw the look on Elle's face, Claire amazed just how vulnerable a 'sociopath with paranoid delusions' could look.

Elle's instincts told her to storm into the bathroom, slam the door and yell at the cheerleader if she ever dared ask that question again or perhaps do all that stuff after yelling abuse at her first, but she ignored them and then to her amazement Elle found herself confiding in Claire, telling her something about herself that she wouldn't under any normal circumstances say.

"I... I don't mix well with liquid, but it's part of my body and I kind of need it, you know? It's not easy but if I concentrate on not using my power I'm normally fine." Elle confessed.

"So when Lyle threw that water on you... you what, short-circuited? But only because you were..."

"Charged up and ready for action." Elle finished for her, "Yeah, but normally I'm not like that. I can drink all I want and I can take a shower as long as I'm quick... but... it's kind of hard for me to stay calm when I'm... you know..."

"In water." Claire finished for her.

"Exactly. It's why I can't stand the rain. Well, that and all that thunder and lightning... freaks me out... and swimming... total nightmare for me... literally..." Elle trailed off, suddenly realising she was breaking one of her biggest rules and discussing her biggest weakness with someone else, someone else who will probably be an enemy again before the end of the day, the realisation making her angry at herself and taking it out on Claire in the process, "So you want the first shower or not?"

Claire blinked at the way Elle snapped at her, but she kind of got it. It couldn't be easy for Elle to talk about her biggest fears and weaknesses, and oddly Claire found herself happy that Elle had confided in her, but maybe there was a way they could get off of this unpleasant topic and on to something far more pleasant... and pleasurable.

"How about we skip the showers?" Claire grinned.

Elle frowned, "No offence cheerleader, but if you're going to be stepping out of this room than you're going to want a shower because you kind of smell like you've been in a sex marathon, and I smell like... whoa, I smell like I seriously need a shower."

Both girls giggled after Elle smelt herself to prove her point.

"Well maybe I don't want too..." Claire said.

"What do you mean?" Elle asked in confusion.

"I mean maybe I don't want to step out of this room... maybe I want to stay here with you..." Claire said, biting her lip, "I mean think about it, we could order room service, maybe a movie, talk... get to know each other a little better... stay naked all day... do whatever we want, whenever we want, or however long we want too... doesn't that sound like fun?"

It did. It sounded like fun, way too much fun...

Biting her lip Elle put on the most sadistic grin of her life, although it was a little forced, "Yeah, we could do that... but if we did... I might not ever let you go. I might just grow so attached to you I'd have to keep you as my slutty little lesbian love slave."

To Elle's surprise Claire returned the grin with a wanton one of her own before she replied, "Maybe I wouldn't mind that."

"Well... it wouldn't exactly be living up to my end of the deal now would it?" Elle stammered.

"What deal?" Claire asked, genuinely forgetting for a moment.

"You know, the deal we made on the plane. We have all the sexy fun time I want for the night and in return I give you all the pain you want and then I leave you alone for good once we reach Pinehurst." Elle said, "In fact this morning was kind of breaking the rules a bit so..."

"So maybe we could break a few more?" Claire suggested.

"I was more thinking we should just get going." Elle said.

"But..." Claire began.

"Look cheerleader, I just want to get to Pinehurst and get this over with ok?" Elle said, swiftly making her way towards the bathroom.

"But..." Claire tried again, unfortunately before she could think of anything else to say Elle was slamming the bathroom door behind her.

* * *

After Elle had taken a shower Claire had taken hers without complaint, the two girls then quietly dressing while exchanging looks, Claire grateful to be back in her normal clothes and out of the pornographic cheerleader costume, the blondes not exchanging a word until Elle offered to buy Claire lunch. The cheerleader, who felt very hungry at this point, happily agreed which led to a very bizarre meal for the pair of them in the sense that it was normal. No fooling around, no hostility to each other or anyone else, not even an attack on them. It was just two girls, two sandwiches, two soft drinks and some small talk. It was pretty enjoyable. Not in the same way as everything else they had done, but both girls were secretly surprised how much they enjoyed themselves, so much so they spent another few hours just talking and walking around with each other, before eventually heading to Pinehurst.

It was Elle's idea to rent a car for the occasion, reasoning if things went badly it was better to have an escape vehicle handy, just in case. Claire agreed, not knowing she would soon be very grateful for the car.

Once they had arrived to Pinehurst the two girls just stood there for awhile, staring at it.

"It's bigger than I imagined." Claire said, finally breaking the silence that had fallen between them.

"I've seen bigger." Elle said dismissively.

More silence.

After getting out of the car the two girls had reached for the other's hand as if out of instinct, neither one truly meaning to do so but as with several other points during the day it seemed their bodies were finding any excuse to touch each other, perhaps subconsciously the two girls reminding each other and/or themselves of how much pleasure the other had given them, or perhaps they were doing it because there was a sort of electricity running between them when they touched, sometimes literally, but whatever the reason it was beginning to freak Elle out.

"Well... we should go in..." Elle said, trying to move forward and let go of Claire's hand but the cheerleader wouldn't let her do either.

The two girls stared at each other for a second and then Claire finally said, "I don't want too."

There was a pause and then Elle frowned, "If that's what you want fine... let go of me and you can leave."

"I don't want to leave you." Claire said.

"Then come with me, or stay here and wait for me." Elle said.

There was a pause as Claire tried to think what to say, "We don't know what's in there?"

"Yeah, well... I guess that's a risk we've got to take." Elle said.

"Why?" Claire asked.

"Claire... come on..." Elle began.

"No. If you won't say it I will." Claire snapped, before softening, "We came here because there was something wrong with us. I couldn't feel pain and you kept short-circuiting. We wanted someone to fix us... but maybe we can fix each other. Maybe you're already fixed. You haven't short-circuited all day. Maybe shooting all that electricity into me fixed you, maybe you just needed an outlet. A really big one. Maybe you still do. Maybe..."

"No." Elle said.

"Let me finish!" Claire snapped again, "It's like... it's like we're two pieces of a puzzle. We fit together. When I'm with you... I know it's crazy, and scary, and I know we barely know each other, and the stuff we know is not even close to all good, but when I'm with you I feel normal. No, I feel... good? No, good doesn't even begin to cover it. What's that word you used? Perfect. You called me perfect before, when we were in my house, but I've never felt perfect, not until..."

Claire stopped briefly to step forward so she was in Elle's personal space, the two girls practically nose to nose.

"I'm not perfect. Everyone says it. They say I have the perfect life, but I've never felt it... never... except when I'm with you. And it's not just the amazing sex, it's us, it's our powers. They fit perfectly together. We fit perfectly together." Claire said, staring into the other girl's eyes, "I like pain. I love it. I know it's weird, and it makes me a freak, but it makes me feel normal... and... it just kind of feels... good. It's like a rush. I... I kind of got addicted to it when I was testing out my power and now I can't feel it I crave it. I crave it so much, and when you give it to me... it's pure heaven. And... and you like it too. I've seen you, the way you look at me, the way you smile, that little glint in your eye, you love it as much as I do. You crave it as much as I do. It's wrong, but it's who you are. You like inflicting pain. Your a... a..."

"A sadist. Yep, and you're a masochist. Not that hard to figure out pom-pom." Elle mumbled dryly.

"Right... but you're the only one who can give me pain, and I'm the only one who can take what you can give." Claire said.

"Actually, it's more like you're the only one who can take it and enjoy it." Elle interrupted.

"Which makes us sound like a perfect fit to me." Claire said, "So... let's just leave and... and..."

"And what cheerleader?" Elle snapped, "Go back home with you? I broke into your home, KO'ed your brother and attacked you... and that was just recently. Do you really think I can just go back with you and say 'hey Noah, sorry about everything but I'm banging your 17 year old daughter now so I'm on your side, hey, what's for dinner'?"

"And you would prefer what? Risking your life by going in there?" Claire yelled back at her, "We have no idea what's inside there, why take the risk?"

"Because it's the only choice I have." Elle said bitterly.

"No it's not." Claire replied, "You have a choice Elle, you can go in there or you can leave with me and... and maybe somehow we could find a way to be together. We don't even have to date or anything. We could just be friends or allies or something, just as long as we're both there for each other... and we can give the other what they want... what they need." There was a long silence and then Claire continued quietly, "I... I think we could be friends... I mean, I really liked just hanging out with you, so I think I could get used to that... but... last night was so amazing, and this morning, and you can't tell me you didn't love it too, so we could be friends with benefits or..." Claire closed her eyes, swallowed and then continued, "I... I've never even thought about dating a girl before... at least not seriously, but I never used to seriously think about having sex with a girl either... so... I... if... if you want to... I'd be willing to try... and even if we were two different or if I just couldn't deal with it or if you couldn't deal with it or it just... didn't work out... at least we tried, you know?" At this point Claire was struggling and failing to keep tears from falling from her eyes as she bared her soul to the other girl, "But... I get it... I'm sounding crazy, and you probably just want to run in there and never see me again, but I don't want that. I don't want to never see you again. I..."

Suddenly Claire was interrupted by the sound of glass shattering, she and Elle looking up just in time to see a familiar figure fall from the sky and down onto the concrete below.

"Oh my god... Peter!" Claire exclaimed, rushing to her uncle's side as she wiped away her tears.

"What are you doing here?" Peter asked, as Claire helped him up and onto his feet.

"He's not healing." Elle pointed out.

"He took my ability, we have to go." Peter said as he leaned on Claire's shoulder for support.

"Elle, help me get him in the car." Claire said, turning to the other blonde.

The moment she looked at the older girl Claire was filled with dread as she saw the fear and confusion on Elle's face.

"Claire, did you hear what he said... that they took his ability... that's what we came here for?" Elle said.

In truth it wasn't what Elle came here for. Claire might be happy to settle for a normal life, but Elle was too screwed up to ever be normal. However, as much as Elle loved her power she loved not suffering more, and if her only choice was to keep her power and suffer or give it up and be free from the agony she had been in lately she would happily take it. It seemed like Elle's only option to be sure the pain wouldn't return. So... why was she hesitating? Why was she looking back and forth at the door to her salvation and two people she had fooled around with?

"You don't know what happened up there." Claire said.

The cheerleader was right and Elle knew it. She didn't know what had happened, and it seemed foolish to just think she could walk into that building and someone would rid her of her pain for free, but what other choice did she have?

Ok, so part of her wanted to take the cheerleader up on her offer but there was no way that could end well for her... and if she went in there now maybe she could stall whoever was in there long enough so that Claire and Peter would get away.

"I... I'm..." Elle began.

"Elle, please... help me." Claire pleaded softly, tears threatening to fill her eyes again.

With those four little words Elle's mind was made up for her.

If she had been on the outside looking in on this exchange Elle would have laughed at the poor sucker doing as they were told, but when the cheerleader looked at her like that and asked for her help in that tone Elle just couldn't say no.

As she resigned herself to her fate Elle briefly smiled, it wasn't like she was the type of girl to have a happy ending anyway. Chances are she was dead whatever decision she made. Hell, maybe in a another time and another place she turned her back on Claire, strolled right into Pinehurst only to end up dead or something. At least this way she could have some more kinky fun with Claire.

"We have to move fast." Elle said, quickly throwing Peter's other arm over her shoulder, "I'm guessing people are coming to find him pretty soon... even if they're only looking for a body."

With that the two blondes help Peter to their rental car, Elle looking over her shoulder the entire time, surprised, and a little disappointed, no one came after them.

Once they were all strapped in and on the road Peter asked the question he had wanted to ask since he saw the two blondes together.

"So... what's going on? Why... why is she here?" He asked, the second part being said softly to Claire who was sitting next to him.

"Well you see Uncle Peter... is it ok if I call you Uncle Peter? I know we've made out and stuff so it's kind of weird, but I think given the circumstances Uncle Peter seems kind of appropriate. Anyway, the reason I'm here Uncle Peter is..." Elle stopped in her tracks, the look on Claire's face making her think twice about what she was going to say, "I... I... my power was malfunctioning... I think it still is, and Claire can't feel pain, so we took a little trip up here together to see if this Pinehurst place could help."

"Some girl gave Elle the address, told her to come here for help." Claire added.

"Well trust me, Pinehurst is not going to help anybody. You two need to stay away from that place, especially you Claire." Peter said.

Elle rolled her eyes.

"Ok, we will. It's fine, you just rest, me and Elle will figure out what to do next." Claire said.

"Thanks Claire." Peter said, closing his eyes.

Elle rolled her eyes again, before she locked eyes with Claire in the mirror.

"Thank you Elle." Claire said.

Elle smiled.

Perhaps she would have a happy ending after all.


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