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Authors note: This story takes place after Season 3, episode 7, which is what really happened as far as I'm concerned. Anything post Season 3, episode 7 is not cannon to me.

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Heroes: Elle's Pain Slut Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Hey Glasses. Yes, this is your daughter's cum. It's all over my face because I was totally eating her out a few seconds ago. She tastes fantastic, I can't get enough. She's a pretty good pussy eater herself, and her holes are so tight. Did you know because of her ability she'll always be a virgin? Mmmmmm, it's like finding the greatest little fuck toy ever. Now if you'll excuse me I promised your daughter we'd 69, and after that she's going to fuck me with a strap on. Or maybe I'll fuck her with the strap on. I'm totally in the mood to fuck her with it again, especially up the butt. Your daughter has a great ass doesn't she? I should know, I loved fucking it last night. She loved it too, along with everything else I did to her.

Part of Elle genuinely wished she had said that after Hiro Kakamura teleported himself, his best friend Ando Masahashi, Nathan Petrelli, Tracy Strauss and Noah Bennet himself into the main room of the hotel room where she had fucked his precious little Claire-bear. Sure she would have probably died shortly after from Bennet's hands around her neck but it might have just been worth it to see the look on his face. It would have hurt Claire though, and not in the 'good' way the cheerleader would have enjoyed, so as much as the sadistic side of Elle would have liked to have said that she kept her mouth shut.

The problem was she couldn't think of anything else to say, and at least part of it didn't need to be said. Her face still was covered in the cheerleader's cum and she was naked and flushed. It was pretty clear she'd been having sex, and since Claire was looking equally as flushed with a bed sheet wrapped around her and Peter was fully dressed even Hiro and Ando seemed to pretty much get what was going on, albeit a few moments after everybody else.

After what felt like hours of silence Claire made her way over to Elle, her first steps slow as if she was trying to remind herself how to walk, but the remaining steps a mad dash as she hurriedly to stand in front of Elle, shielding her nakedness and more importantly shielding her lover from her father.

"Dad..." Claire began.

"Elle. Get dressed. Now. I want to talk to you alone." Mr Bennet said firmly.

"Dad..." Claire tried again in a much smaller voice.

"This is not up for debate." Mr Bennet snapped, sternly looking at his daughter.

There was a pause and then Elle placed a hand on Elle's shoulder, "It's ok pom-pom."

Claire was still hesitant but she didn't stop Elle from slowly walking into the room they had just had sex in, instead choosing to study her father's face to try and get the faintest idea of what he was going to do, something she should have known better than to try as his face remained emotionless.

Trying to reason with him Claire said, "I... I know how you're probably feeling right now, and I know this is crazy, and I know what she's done, but she's on our side now. Please give her a chance. She helped us with those goons, and she helped get Peter to safety. She's changed, or at least I think she's trying. And she could totally help us. Just... give her a chance... or at least just don't hurt her... I... we... she means..."

"Claire." Mr Bennet said, cutting off his daughter, "I'm not going to hurt her. I promise. I'm just going to talk to her, and then... we'll see."

Ignoring anything else his daughter had to say Mr Bennet knocked on the door Elle had closed behind her.

"Just a minute..." Elle called from inside.

Modesty was never Elle's forte, and it seemed pointless under the circumstances given everyone had gotten a pretty good eyeful already, but Elle knew Claire and Noah Bennet wanted her fully dressed for whatever was to happen next and disappointing either of them wasn't an option right now.

In the pause that followed some looked to Nathan Petrelli to see if he was going to join Mr Bennet or at least say something but he intended to do neither. True he was Claire's biological father but he wasn't the man who raised her. He had given up his rights as a father long ago and even though he now occasionally talked to her Claire was still very much a stranger to him. Noah Bennet was Claire's father, her protector, and as such how to deal with this situation was up to him, which was not something Nathan envied.

His younger brother Peter considered saying something but like everybody else in the room he wasn't sure what to say.

"Ok, come in." Elle called out after what felt like an eternity of silence.

Part of Mr Bennet was expecting a lightning bolt to greet him upon opening the door, a scenario he was well-prepared for, but instead the only thing that greeted him was the sight of the now fully dressed Elle sitting on one of the beds, waiting for him.

Closing the door behind him Mr Bennet grabbed a nearby chair, placed it in front of Elle and sat down on it so they were eye level.

Silence fell, the same type of silence in which it seemed like the next sound would lead to somebody else's death, only this time even more so, making the atmosphere in the room so tense Elle nearly couldn't stand it.

Why did they have to be alone in here? What the hell had Elle been thinking? This room reeked of sex, particularly the scent of a certain blonde cheerleader. Glasses had to know why the room smelled the way it did, and it could only antagonise him.

Elle's eyes darted to the gun which had been firmly resting in his hands the entire time. Could she electrocute him before he shot her? Maybe, but Claire would never forgive her if she did, even if it was in self-defence. She could promise to stay away from Claire forever, but could she really do that at this point? Even if she wanted to try Elle couldn't help feel she would be drawn back to the cheerleader like a moth to a flame. Then again maybe she could promise to stay away from Claire but convince the cheerleader to date her in secret. That could be fun, and sure eventually she would be caught and probably killed, but it would be worth it if it meant she got to be with Claire, even if it was only for a little while.

Just as she was about to tell Glasses she would never go near his daughter again, while never intending to live up to her promise, Elle was cut off.

"Do you remember the first time we met?" Mr Bennet asked.

Elle was taken aback by the question, "I... erm... no. It kind of seems like you were just always around."

"Well, I remember meeting you. You were just a little girl. Your power had only just manifested and your father was eager to begin testing." Mr Bennet told Elle, "You were very scared. I promised you'd be ok. That I would protect you."

Mr Bennet paused, watching Elle intently.

"Later after the screaming, and the crying, and the begging, I convinced your father it would be... prudent to erase your memory. He was hesitant to do so, thought you might make a better test subject if you could remember, but I convinced him you would be more cooperative if you couldn't remember. A lamb to the slaughter was the term he used to describe it. So your memory was erased. Over, and over, and over. So in a way, I kept my promise. When you were older I tried to help you in other ways, mostly from afar, but there was little I could do for you. Lately the only thing I seemed to be able to do for you is let you live."

Mr Bennet continued.

"What? Did you think it was a coincidence that you're still alive after crossing me so many times? Hurting my family? I have killed people for less. Then again I'm not even sure which times I let you remember any more, and it's not like I don't understand why you did all those things. You were either following orders or you were afraid or you had no where else to go. And you wouldn't be... you if it wasn't for me. Sure, the things that were done to you, they were never my decision, but I helped do them, and when I didn't I just stood back and watched. So I've cut you a lot of slack over the years, but those days are now over."

Mr Bennet sighed.

"Things are bad Elle. As far as we can tell most if not all of the people who escaped level 5 are now joining together to form a super group, and while we're not 100% sure what their intentions are I doubt it will be anything good. Those people were in level 5 for a reason and they need to be put back. With Angela Petrelli out of action I am in temporary control of the company, or at least what's left of it, and... I need assistance. Angela fired you because she felt you were too much of a liability. I believe you can still be of some use. So, I'm willing to make you an offer."

Mr Bennet lent forward.

"From now on you will answer to me. You will do what I say, when I say. You will assist me in putting every single one of the escaped level 5s back in their cages where they belong. When you're not doing that I will allow you to protect Claire. I believe Claire will be a target because of her ability. She has been for a while now."

Having studied Noah Bennet when they were working together Elle could tell the next part was difficult for him to say.

"Claire seems to have grown attached to you very quickly. The fact that your still here and not making a big joke out of this situation tells me you are... attached to her as well. I am willing to let you both... explore this attachment as long as it makes you both happy. If it doesn't work out I will not hold it against you, but if you betray her or me I will end you."

There was a long pause.

"Well, do we have a deal?"

Elle blinked, still trying to take it all in, "You... you want me to work for you?"

"Yes." Mr Bennet said.

"And... you want me to protect Claire?" Elle asked, wanting to make sure she hadn't misheard.

Mr Bennet nodded.

There was a brief pause.

"Ok... I mean, yes. Sign me up. I'll do whatever you want, Sir." Elle said nervously.

Mr Bennet just looked at her and stood up, "Wait here. I'm going to explain the situation to the others.

He walked towards the door and then stopped when he was almost there.

"To be clear you get one chance. That's all you get. We met shortly after they gave me Claire and you reminded me of her. Every time I saw you I saw what they would do to her when her powers manifested. It made me do whatever I had to so she wouldn't become you. I protected her in a way I could never do with you. That fact led me to have a soft spot for you, but that's over now. From this point forward we're even. I owe you nothing, and if you betray me or my family I will not hesitate."

With that Mr Bennet left Elle alone in the hotel room.

* * *

A few hours later Claire entered her room with Elle, one of the last people she ever thought would follow her into it, behind her.

Part of Claire was ecstatic her father was giving Elle a chance, but another part of her couldn't help worry about the dangers her lover would face now Elle was pretty much her father's lackey. There was even part of Claire that wondered if her father had only given Elle the job so she could be killed in battle either by a level 5 or by way of 'accidental' friendly fire, a thought which had also been circling around Elle's head, but even if that was the case this was probably their best shot of being together so they had to take it.

Neither one of them had really expected Noah Bennet to give them a chance and were still shocked he was taking it so well.

Elle, who had actually seen the extremely rare occasions Noah Bennet lowered his guard, knew he was still trying to process the fact that his daughter was not only at least bisexual if not gay but now in a lesbian relationship, but Noah Bennet hadn't got where he was today by dwelling on shocking and potentially upsetting information. He was a company man. Someone who always tried to see every possible advantage to a situation in a single moment and capitalise on it accordingly.

If there hadn't been such an abundant threat and/or he didn't harbour a somewhat secret soft spot for her/feel responsible for her Elle could very much be dead right now so she considered herself lucky.

Sandra and Lyle Bennet were not happy to see Elle when she appeared out of thin air along with the others thanks to Hiro's ability. They were even less happy when Mr Bennet explained to them that Elle would be staying with them from now on so she could help protect Claire.

A fight ensued, the verbal kind which Elle didn't find nearly as much fun as the physical type, followed by another after Mr Bennet showed his wife and his son Elle's file. However unlike the first fight the second wasn't about whether Elle could stay but rather how could Mr Bennet work at a place like the company for all those years.

After the long pause which followed the second fight Sandra made dinner and Elle found herself in the most awkward and tension filled meal she'd ever been in, with the truly worrying part being that most of the tension was directed at Mr Bennet rather than the girl who had so recently broken into the Bennet household, bludgeoned one of the family members unconscious and had a catfight with another before dragging that member off on a dangerous mission and seducing them.

Just when it seemed like the dinner was going to last forever it was finally over, and the collection of super powered freaks and Mr Bennet settled into the living room to discuss what to do about Arthur Petrelli and Pinehurst. Neither Claire or Elle contributed much to the conversation until it came to the subject of who would go to Pinehurst to stop Arthur Petrelli. Mr Bennet was understandably against the idea of putting his daughter in harms way, but Claire argued her healing blood could be of great use and it would be ok as long as Elle was there to protect her, although Claire was secretly more worried about being able to use her healing blood to protect Elle. The others reluctantly agreed with Claire, none of them really wanting to put the cheerleader in harms way, but as Elle pointed out they were going to need all the help they could get. With the others in agreement Mr Bennet relented as long as Claire promised to stay with Elle at all times. Claire promised, and Elle promise to keep Claire safe, understanding that failure to do so would probably be a fatal mistake if the look in Mr Bennet's eyes was anything to go by.

There was a lot more talking but Elle found it a little hard to concentrate on it, partly because it was becoming increasingly repetitive and boring, and partly because in the middle of it Claire's fingers intertwined with hers. Luckily both girls were sitting on the sofa opposite Hiro and Ando who were the only ones who saw their little act of tenderness. Elle had held hands before, but it had never really meant anything with anyone else, it had never felt oddly comforting or intoxicating or any number of the other things Elle was feeling just from holding Claire's hand.

Eventually it was agreed everyone would try and get some sleep as it was quite late by the time they were finished and then they would spend tomorrow recruiting as many people as they could before attacking Pinehurst the next day. Hiro graciously teleported most of the group either home or to The Company where they would hopefully be safe. There were people watching over the Bennet household and considering The Company was even more of a target Mr Bennet decided to keep his family right where they were.

When everyone else was gone Mr Bennet told Claire to go get the spare mattress set up for Elle in her room. It was surprising that Noah was willing to let Elle stay in Claire's room, but as he pointed out himself now that Arthur Petrelli had Peter's powers he could travel through time and space so if Elle was going to protect Claire she was going to need to be by her side whenever possible. Besides, it's not like Claire or Elle minded. Ok, so there was the not so subtle instruction that Elle would be sleeping on the spare mattress, but it was a lot more than they thought they would get and they both felt very lucky just to be standing in Claire's room together at that moment.

"Sooooo, this is your room." Elle said, breaking the awkward silence that had fallen between them, "It's... nice."

"Nice?" Claire questioned.

"Nice... cute... girly... very you." Elle said.

"Thanks." Claire scoffed sarcastically.

"I wasn't trying to..." Elle started.

"I know." Claire interrupted, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean... it's just... kind of surreal, you know? You... you're in my room, and I didn't think you ever would be, but now you are it's just kind of... weird. But a good weird."

"A good weird?" Elle smirked.

"Uh-huh." Claire confirmed, "I'm glad you're here."

"Me too pom-pom." Elle smiled softly.

There was a little more silence.

"So, how about that mattress?" Elle said.

"Huh... oh, right." Claire said, showing Elle where it was kept, both girls helping to set it up and getting some pillows, a duvet cover and some sheets to go with it.

Once it was set up there was more silence.

"You... you weren't actually going to sleep on it were you?" Claire asked, biting her lip.

Elle sighed, "I don't wanna, but I don't wanna piss off your Dad on my first night here either."

Claire swallowed, "Maybe... maybe we could just not do anything."

Elle smiled softly, "You sure you can handle that cheerleader?"

"Yes." Claire said firmly, "I don't regret doing it with you earlier when Peter was in the other room, but I get it, this is different. I promised I wouldn't do anything, and I won't let you do anything."

Elle raised an eyebrow, looked thoughtful for a second, and then said, "Ok, but we should probably... not do anything for a while. Like... a couple of days or something. Just until everything's a little less tends."

"Ok." Claire smiled.

She would have agreed to just about anything if it meant she could fall asleep in Elle's arms again.

"Soooo, do you want to watch a movie or something?" Claire asked after the latest round of silence.

Elle frowned, looked at the clock, and then said, "I don't know, it's kind of late and I think we've had enough drama for one day."

"We could watch a comedy?" Claire suggested, "But if you don't want to..."

"I want to, later, just not now." Elle said, stepping closer and looking kind of awkward, "We could... do something tomorrow. I mean I don't know exactly how tomorrow's going to go down but maybe I could take you somewhere... or we could... I don't know, do something..."

Claire looked a little puzzled, then a lightbulb went off in her head, "Are you... are you trying to ask me out on a date?"

"Well, I was just thinking yesterday didn't count, so I was thinking it would be nice if... you know..." Elle trailed off, feeling like an enormous dork and hating it.

"If we had a first date?" Claire finished, fighting back a smile as she pretended to look thoughtful before adding, "I would love to go on a first date with you."

"Cool." Elle said, still kind of feeling like a dork and desperately trying to think of a way she could change the subject so she wouldn't feel that way, "So... what do you sleep in?"

"Huh?" Claire was caught off guard, "Erm... underwear, why?"

Elle frowned at her, and then walked over to Claire's bed.

"Elle don't!" Claire warned.

Throwing Claire's bedsheets aside Elle looked down and grinned over at the cheerleader.

"Care-bear pyjamas!" Elle practically squeals with glee, "Claire-bear wears care-bear pyjamas!"

"There... I..." Claire stuttered, trying to think of a good excuse but coming up with none, the whole time the other blonde's grin had to be breaking some kind of world record it was so wide, "I'm warning you Elle... don't..."

Before Claire could finish warning the other girl about mocking her Elle burst into song, "Claire-bear wears care-bear pyjamas, Claire-bear wears care-bear pyjamas, Claire-bear wears care-bear pyjamas..."

Just as Elle was going into the fourth verse Claire rushed at her, intending to push her backwards. Elle was able to push Claire's hands out of the way, but she was too busy laughing to stop the momentum of the cheerleader crashing into her, knocking them both off their feet and onto the bed, even Claire laughing despite herself.

"So, does Claire-bear have any other care-bear goodies? Like T-shirts? Hats? Cute little care-bear fluffy slippers?" Elle teased after she eventually stopped laughing.

Clare's blush pretty much answered Elle's question, causing the older blonde to laugh as the younger one tried to explain herself, "I was really into them when I was a kid ok, and it was mostly my Dad who bought that stuff for me, and I swear I only still wear the pyjamas, and that's only because they're really comfortable, and I was going to throw them out any way, and hey, didn't I tell you not to call me Claire-bear?"

"You did, and I said I would try." Elle shrugged off, "You got the bears too right? Please tell me you kept them."

There was a moment of silence as Claire tried to will herself to lie but Elle's hopeful look broke down her defences.

"They're in my closet." Claire admitted, feeling as if despite her powers she was going to die from embarrassment.

Elle grinned again, only this time surprisingly softly, "You... are the most adorable thing in the entire world."

Fighting through her latest round of blushing Claire glared at Elle, "You know it isn't too late for me to back out of our date."

"Awwww, don't get mad pom-pom." Elle pouted, "I was just teasing. I tease. It's my thing. I can't help it."

"You could try harder." Claire huffed.

"Could, or... you could help keep me in line." Elle said playfully.

"Really, how do you suggest I do that?" Claire asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, I'm sure we could find some way you could punish me for annoying you..." Elle teased suggestively.

Claire frowned, "Mm, why do I get the feeling what you're suggesting involves something that's going to have to wait until you're sure my Dad isn't going to kill you for touching me?"

"It does." Elle confirmed, "Why, is that going to be a problem for you cheerleader?"

"No, of course not." Claire said.

* * *

One week later...

"You're not playing fair pom-pom." Elle growled.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Claire said, removing her lollipop just long enough to speak before popping it back into her mouth, turning around and bending over to pick up her keys which she had just 'accidentally' dropped on the floor.

The Company tried to teach its employees not to get emotional and to remain calm at all times. It was one of the many things they had tried to teach Elle which hadn't really sunk in, but she was trying to remember every lesson of it now, and as a result her lips only parted a little bit as she was presented with Claire's tight little ass.

The teensy tiny pair of short shorts looked like they were painted on they were hugging Claire's ass so tight, and the same could be said for that top which was digging into the cheerleader's breasts so much that when she got up and turned around Elle could see the same thing she saw a second ago, that being Claire's nipples poking out of the fabric to say hello.

Combined with that damn lollipop Claire had somehow done the impossible and made herself look even more fuck-able than usual, so much so just about every fibre of Elle's being was itching to fuck the cheerleader senseless right on top of the kitchen counter of the Bennet household.

"I'm not going to do it." Elle whispered in Claire's ear.

"Do what?" Claire whispered back innocently.

"You know what." Elle insisted, before sighing, "It isn't that I don't want too. Believe me, I want too, but your brother's still here."

"In his room, and there's always someone around so it's not like we can afford to be super picky." Claire pointed out, "Come on Elle... I'll let you gag me with my own panties again, or... you could always gag me with yours."

Elle bit her lip, "As... tempting as that sounds, I have a better idea... if we do something tonight you know what it will be?"

"Incredible, amazing... orgasmic?" Claire suggested softly.

"I meant if we went on a date." Elle smiled, she was totally rubbing off on the cheerleader.

Claire looked thoughtful for a moment and then shrugged, "What?"

"It will be our third date. And you know what couples do on the third date right?" Elle asked, Claire's smiled telling her they were on the same page, "So I'm thinking we make tonight special. Like I said before thanks to my Daddy's powers I'm a total rich bitch so I can spoil you rotten, which is exactly what I'm going to do tonight. Anywhere you wanna go we can go, anything you wanna do, we can do. Just name it."

"How about leave the house." Claire said sarcastically.

"Done." Elle said.

"But..." Claire began.

"Your Daddy said since Arthur Petrelli's dead and his followers are scattered with no particular grudges against either of us it's going to be as safe as it's ever going to be for us to go out on our own, and since we helped bring down Pinehurst your Dad said we could go out tonight and celebrate." Elle explained, a twinkle in her eye, "He also said he was treating your Mom to a night out, and they would be out all night, so from the looks of it the only one not getting laid in this household tonight is your brother. Then again he's going to a same sex sleepover so if he's anything like you..."

"Ewwww, shut up, shut up, shut up." Claire half laughed, half grimaced, "Oh God, now I have images of my parents and my brother having sex. Thanks a lot Elle."

"You're welcome pumpkin." Elle giggled, "Now, any thoughts on where you'd like to go? I mean seriously, I can take you anywhere. Well, I'm not allowed to take you out of town, and I'm not allowed to get you drunk, but other than that we can do anything, five-star all the way."

Claire looked thoughtful for a moment, and then said, "Do you remember what we did on our first date?"

Elle frowned, "I... I cooked you a half burnt meal and then we curled up and watched some mushy chick flicks."

"Uh-huh." Claire nodded, "And that's what I want to do tonight."

Elle frowned again, "But... but, we could do anything."

"Yes, but that's what I want to do." Claire said.

"But why?" Elle questioned.

"Because it was almost perfect. It was just you and me together and it was wonderful. The only thing that could have made it better was if we had sex afterwards, so let's have our first date, only better." Claire said, stepping ever so slightly closer so she could pull the other blonde into her arms, Elle happily following suit so they were gently intertwined, "Look, I know you don't like large crowds, and if you want this to be special then I think the best way would be if it was just you and me, ok?"

"Ok, whatever you want cheerleader." Elle said a huge, warm smile crossing her face before she gently kissed the younger girl's forehead.

* * *

"So, are we girlfriends now?"

Claire blinked as Elle's voice brought her back to reality. She had been lying in the most peaceful place in the world, Elle's arms, watching movie after movie perfectly content in a mellow state somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness, the only thing interrupting her being when they ate the surprisingly not that bad meal or when Elle asked her what movie she'd like to see next followed by a course the changing of the movie.

There had been barely any talking between them for hours, but there hadn't needed to be, the two girls spending a lot of time in a comfortable silence with each other, something Claire has rarely experienced and apparently Elle had never experienced. Even when they had talked Claire still felt she had been in a dreamlike state, but now she was very much awake.

"Huh?" Claire responded.

Ok, maybe Claire needed to wake up a little, which she quickly did.

"Well... I'm no expert on this type of thing... in fact I've never actually had a girlfriend before, or even a boyfriend, but it's been a week and we've dated and we've had fun... you've had fun right? The point is, we're at least kind of in that territory, right?" Elle stammered, hating herself for it.

Elle couldn't stand when she got like this but she wasn't good at verbalising this sort of thing. She had spent hours trying to think about how to approach the subject and what to say, but everything she had thought up before was crap so all she could do was just go for it and hope what she said didn't suck too badly, which was not looking like it was a possibility.

Luckily for the diagnosed sociopath Claire loved it when Elle got like this.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Claire said after a pause.

"Erm... sure thing cheerleader." Elle said, not sure where Claire was going with this.

"I've been thinking of you as my girlfriend since you helped me save Peter." Claire said, lifting her head from Elle's chest to smile down at the other blonde.

"Really?" Elle asked, a smile threatening to cross her lips.

"Really." Claire said, staring deep into Elle's eyes, "I know things moved kind of fast with us, and I think it was a good idea to slow things down and not to jump into using words that maybe we weren't entirely ready for, but... I'm crazy about you, and I've been that way since our first night together."

"I know what you mean pom-pom." Elle said, her face lighting up in that smile which had threatened to cross her face before, "It's..."

"Intense." They said together, smiling and giggling a little in unison.

"I just... I've never been in this situation before and I just want to do it right. I want to be a good girlfriend for you cheerleader." Elle confessed, part of her not liking just how mushy she was getting but the other girl just brought it out in her.

Claire smiled softly, "You're off to a great start."

Elle returned the soft smile which slowly turned into a mischievous grin, "So, you're my girlfriend?"

"And you're mine." Claire said.

"Well then... does my girlfriend want to watch another sappy movie about some boring guy and a neurotic girl getting together... or does my girlfriend want to have some fun with her girlfriend?" Elle grinned suggestively.

"Errrrmmmm, let me think about it." Claire said, pressing her index finger to her chin and deliberately looking thoughtful when there was no question in her mind.

"Well, if you're not sure..." Elle said.

"No! I'm sure." Claire insisted.

"I don't know pom-pom, maybe I'm not in the mood any more." Elle said as seriously as she possibly could.

"You're always in the mood." Claire complained, "You said it yourself, you're like a guy except you're still horny after your first couple of orgasms."

"Well maybe this week of celibacy has changed me." Elle said, lying through her teeth, "Maybe we could just talk some more or watch another one of your romantic movies."

"You hate these movies." Claire pointed out.

"I never said I hate them." Elle huffed, "I just think if we're going to continue having these home movie dates we're going to need to expand your movie collection. Get some Action and Horror movies so you can cling to me tightly, oh, and we have to get you some cheerleading movies, like one of those Bring It On movies, those are always fun to watch in a PG-porn type of a way."

"Those movies are always so lame. They never show what it's really like to be a cheerleader." Claire grumbled, before sighing and adding, "Oh come on Elle, what do you want me to do, beg?"

"Maybe..." Elle said.

"Fine, I'll beg." Claire said, before beginning to do exactly that, "Please Elle, fuck me. I need to be fucked. I need it so bad. I love that you wanted us to slow down and not rush into anything but this last week has been hell because you wouldn't touch me and I've barely been able to think about anything else. I want you. I need you. I crave you. I crave your touch. Please Elle, fuck me. I'm begging you, give me what I crave."

"Fuck you... is that what my girlfriend wants?" Elle questioned playfully.

"Yes, that's what your girlfriend wants. I'm your girlfriend now Elle, and you said yourself you want to be a good girlfriend, so be one. Fuck me. Be a good girlfriend and give your girlfriend what she wants." Claire said, using Elle's own words against her.

"Mmmmm, I have such a demanding girlfriend." Elle grinned before briefly kissing Claire, gently rolling them over so she was on top.

Elle tried to keep things soft and gentle but to her surprise it seemed Claire was even more horny and inpatient than she was, practically attacking Elle with her tongue to the point where the electronic blonde felt like she was fighting for her life, although in a very fun way.

"Wow, you really do need this don't you pom-pom?" Elle giggled as she pulled away.

"Uh-huh, I need it so bad." Claire whispered huskily.

"Mmmmmm, bad cheerleader... very bad cheerleader..." Elle growled, Claire practically able to see the wheels in Elle's head turning as a huge evil grin crossed her face, "In fact, I don't think you should be rewarded, I think you should be punished."

"Really, what for?" Claire asked, liking the sound of where things were going.

"Well you have been quite the little slut haven't you? Trying to seduce me with those naughty little short shorts and that tight top. You didn't even change for our date which I wanted to be all nice and romantic for you while you just couldn't help dress slutty to try and tempt me to fuck you. Not that you haven't been doing that all week, because you have, haven't you? You were being all sexy and Claire on purpose, just so that I would fuck you. That makes you a naughty cheerleader who needs to be punished, and since everyone's out and it might be a while before I get another chance, I think your punishment is going to have to be... severe." Elle grinned.

"You're right." Claire sighed, pretending to confess her sins, "I was trying to seduce you all week. I tried not too, but I couldn't help it. I'm just a horny little slut who needs to be fucked and punished. Please Elle, fuck and punish me. Do your worst."

"Oh I don't think you've quite earned my worst, but I'm sure you'll get there eventually. For now, turn over. I want you face down, ass up. Your tight little ass is getting spanked." Elle said gleefully.

Honestly Claire was a little disappointed. She was hoping Elle would break out one of the toys she had brought from the sex store like maybe the paddle or one of the whips, or possibly something else around the room like her hairbrush, but of course as long as Elle gave the spanking a little... electronic boost Claire was sure she was going to love it.

Once Elle had moved off her Claire didn't hesitate in getting in position, presenting her ass for the spanking she was about to receive, Elle not hesitating either to get in position behind her, and after briefly groping her butt, pulled down her tight little short shorts.

"No panties! My, my, aren't we a naughty cheerleader today." Elle pretended to scold the younger girl, "You are clearly in desperate need of a spanking pom-pom, and now you're going to get it."

Wasting no more time Elle brought her hand down roughly on Claire's right ass cheek before giving the left a little smack, going back and forth between them as she settled into a rhythm.

Claire had quickly warmed to the idea of the spanking. After all while the other forms of punishment she had previously received from Elle had each provided their own strengths and weaknesses none of them made her feel more naughty an actually taking a bare bottom spanking like a disobedient child being disciplined.

However while Claire had been expecting Elle to start out slowly and softly the other blonde showed no sign of stepping things up anytime soon, and it maybe her imagination mixed with just how horny she now was but Claire could have sworn this was softer than any other time Elle had spanked her.

Of course Claire couldn't actually feel the pain of the blow but when it was rougher it somehow felt naughtier, and the absence of pain was in itself torturously exquisite and even more so when the butt beating was hard. Above all else Elle had been much more inclined to electrocute her in the middle of a hard spanking as opposed to a soft one, her current spanking proof of that.

Just as she thought this a small but noticeable electrical current flew out of Elle's hand as it connected with Claire's ass cheek, causing the cheerleader to cry out and then grin. Now the real fun could begin.

Unfortunately for Claire the reality was her fun was nowhere near about to begin while Elle on the other hand was already having plenty of fun.

It felt so wonderfully naughty to be spanking the cheerleader again.

Their first night together had been quite the little exploration into BDSM fun, but they hadn't really got around to it the next day and since then barring a little PG-13 kissing and groping here and there they hadn't laid a finger on each other, which was torturous to both the blondes. To have such amazing sex and then go cold turkey for a week had been almost more than either one of them could handle. Luckily they had little distractions like fighting for their lives against Arthur Petrelli's goons and bringing down his corrupt organisation, but now all that was over with they were both ready for some fun, especially Elle.

Smacking Claire's little booty was quite the thrill. It had been before, but now Elle had that ever so slight worry that Noah Bennet would return early and catch her in the act of spanking his precious Claire-bear.

It was a threat Elle would now be living under constantly and she obviously wasn't sure what was worse, the idea of glasses catching her giving Claire pain or giving her pleasure. Claire needed both and Elle didn't have it in her to deny her girlfriend what she needed, at least not for long, so she was going to need to start taking calculated risks.

This was a good start, Elle taking her time, gently warming Claire up, conscientiously making it as gentle as possible, just in case, before it came time to step things up at which point she went at full force, figuring as long as she was quick it would be ok, or at least ok as it could ever possibly be.

Also fearing discovery, although to a much lesser extent, Claire buried her face in the duvet cover as the first hard smack ricocheted off her behind, the hard hits beginning to rain down on her backside with such wonderful brutal force, so hard they almost felt like they actually caused Claire pain for a second, although that was just wishful thinking. The absence of pain was nicely excruciating but a poor substitute.

Luckily it wasn't long after the hard spanking began that Elle really began to let the electricity fly, jolt after jolt flying through her hand and into Claire's body with every impact, the cheerleader finally getting that pain she had craved.

Perhaps the worst thing about the last week of cold turkey was feeling pretty much no pain. Like an addict looking for her drug Claire had silently begged Elle and when they were sure they were alone together Elle had given Claire a little buzz but compared to what had come before it was nothing. It was a tease, an appetiser given to a starving woman which in no way satisfied.

The pain Claire was receiving now was so much better, the cheerleader almost literally crying with joy as she got what she had been craving for the last week, or at least one of the things she had been craving.

Claire felt like a junkie who had finally got their fix of one drug, but was still yet to receive their fix for the other drug they were hooked on. Luckily Claire knew Elle. She knew her girlfriend wasn't going to let her go without her sex fix for long, and until then she was very much enjoying getting her pain fix.

As Claire tried to ignore her ever-growing arousal and concentrate on the exquisite agony she felt from the electronic spanking Elle was concentrating on two things, firstly keeping an eye out for Claire's father or intruders of any kind, the second filling her girlfriend with a nice big blast of electricity with every strike.

Elle could be using more electricity but she wanted to save the real fun for later. This is just a little taste, more than she had dared to give Claire over the week in fear of discovery and/or losing control and physically and sexually abusing the horny for it cheerleader. As a result she was able to just about keep Claire happy without spoiling her too soon.

Besides Elle had to keep a lookout for interruptions, something which became increasingly difficult as Claire's tight little backside became discoloured and even disfigured as the electronic spanking continued.

Part of Elle literally got off at causing pain and that part of her was having a field day with Claire's butt. Disfiguring the cheerleader's flesh only to watch it return to perfection never failed to get Elle's juices flowing, and this time was no different, the hot sight of the self-healing cheerleader causing the older blonde to go into a berserk super spanking mode, beating Claire's ass as hard as she could while pumping a steady level of electricity into her.

As a result Elle was able to bring Claire to the edge of an orgasm just from the beating, Elle knowing if she shoved her fingers inside the other girl's pussy that hole would welcome her and her girlfriend would be cumming in no time. However Elle had other ideas.

Claire whimpered in frustration as the spanking slowly began to die down before it finally stopped, denying her both pleasure and pain which had been racking her body so wonderfully, but before she could verbalise a complaint she felt soft lips pressing all over her healing backside, and then she cooed as she felt soft hands parting her butt cheeks, exposing her ass hole which was quickly attacked by something soft and wet.

Moaning into the bed sheets Claire raised her ass, not needing to look behind her to know that Elle's tongue was now sliding around her back door, gently preparing her ass to be penetrated, something the younger blonde was already looking forward too.

Elle on the other hand was in a teasing mood, the electricity throwing blonde figuring if she was going to be living in the constant fear of Glasses catching her fucking his darling daughter she may as well use the time he and the rest of the Bennet family were away to her advantage. From now on quickies should be reserved for when one or both of the blondes were just to horny to resist each other and they were out on a mission, or were just out in general, or were stuck at home with one or more of Claire's extended family and/or friends. And when they were finally alone like they were now Elle needed to make sure the fucking sessions lasted as long as possible so she could make sure both herself and the cheerleader got as much pleasure as they could.

With this in mind Elle spent a long time sliding her tongue slowly around that cute little puckered opening, occasionally breaking to slide her lips and even her tongue all over those soft little well rounded cheeks, grinning as the cheerleader's moans, groans and whimpers became increasingly vocal as she continued gently licking the younger girl's ass hole.

"Please Elle, no more teasing." Claire finally moaned.

This of course made Elle want to tease Claire more, either by continuing to lick the sweet little rosebud in front of her or by rubbing it with one of her fingers while taunting the cheerleader, but the whimpers the girl who was now officially her girlfriend made the electric blonde change her mind, Elle deciding to take pity on Claire by gently pushing her tongue into her ass.

As a result Elle's lips ended up pressing against Claire's ass hole, the older blonde smiling against that little back door as the younger blonde moaned at the little anal intrusion. Of course the thing that really got Elle smiling was the fact that they were only just getting started so if the cheerleader was moaning in pleasure now she was going to be screaming in ecstasy before she was finished with her.

That had suddenly been the case last time, in what felt like an instant Elle remembering every little detail of taking Claire's anal cherry from the first lick to the literal climax of the butt fucking with that strap on dildo. It had been wild and yet bittersweet as Elle had been having the time of her life and yet believing it was all drawing to a close, not realising that night wasn't the end, it was only the beginning.

Giving Claire her first taste of anal pleasure that night had been very, very rewarding and Elle was eager to give her the same anal pleasure now and pretty much whenever either one of them wanted it from now on.

As Elle's tongue began moving inside her ass Claire inevitably thought back to the first time she'd experienced such wondrous pleasure and all the pleasure she had received before the ass licking and after it on that night, but really it was hard for her to focus on the past when her present was so enjoyable.

Any attempt at teasing seemed to be a distant memory as Elle devoted herself completely to the rim job, pumping her tongue in and out of Claire's ass, randomly pausing to swirl her tongue around inside the younger girl's back passage and suck noisily on her ass hole, all three actions making Claire moan and groan in pure happiness.

Was getting her ass eaten out really this good? Because she remembered it being good, it seemed somehow better this time. Maybe after previously exploring her ass Elle knew exactly where to touch or maybe after having this done to her once before Claire was more relaxed and ready for it, not to mention looking forward to what was to come rather than dreading it or maybe it was a combination of both. Claire wasn't totally sure but she didn't really care, the cheerleader happily pushing her ass up and back to get more of that wonderful tongue in her ass.

Just as it was starting to get really good Elle suddenly pulled back, the electricity thrower grinning at the moan of disappointment that little pom-pom let out for her, and then grinning even wider when she shoved a finger into Claire's wet and ready ass hole, making her moan in pleasure all over again.

Not wasting any time Elle began sliding that finger in and out of Claire's butt hole, pretty much doing exactly what she did with her tongue, that being pumping her digit in and out at a steady pace and occasionally twisting it around this way and that inside the other girl's ass. She obviously couldn't suck but she was able to add curling to the mix, rubbing down against that small little membrane of flesh separating the back entrance to the front entrance, allowing Elle to take the most unconventional while still not being gross way possible to stimulate Claire's pussy.

Looking down at that juice dripping love hole Elle licked her lips and considered leaning down for a little taste, but she knew herself too well. A little taste would turn into a real taste which would turn into Elle trying to drain every drop of cream from Claire's cunt, and while that sounded extremely tempting, tempting enough in fact for Elle to consider changing her plans the electricity throwing blonde decided to stick with her original plan. Besides, one way or another she promised herself she would be eating that sweet little pussy before the night was over.

At this point Claire would have more than welcomed Elle's mouth and tongue working on her pussy. Actually there would be virtually no time Claire wouldn't want Elle's mouth and tongue working on her pussy, however at that moment Claire's mind was focused on a very different type of pleasure.

The cheerleader could remember where this type of back door fun had led to last time and she was very, very eager for a repeat performance. Just thinking about how hard she had cum with that big strap on dick pounding in and out of her ass made Claire quiver with anticipation, which was weird because she had only taken it up the butt once before, but wants had definitely been enough to turn her into a total anal slut, or at least a total anal slut for Elle and her big strap on cock.

Patiently Claire waited as Elle added another finger to continue working over her back passage with, oddly adding a third and then the fourth finger, which felt really good and stretched Claire's rear opening very nicely for what was to come, but these fingers couldn't compare to that big fake dick and after waiting for what felt like hours of slow butt stretching the blonde teen was all out of patience.

"Please Elle, fuck me." Claire moaned, "Fuck my ass with your big cock. Go get that big cock, strap it on, and pound my tight little ass hole. Pound it hard."

Elle grinned, "You want me to butt fuck you pom-pom?"

"Yes. Butt fuck me. Butt fuck me hard. Please Elle, fuck my butt. Fuck my butt as hard as you can." Claire begged.

"Mmmmmm, that sounds hot, but first, I think it would be fun if we did a little more butt stretching." Elle said.

"I'm stretched out enough. Fuck me." Claire whined impatiently.

"Trust me cheerleader, you're going to love the type of stretching I had in mind." Elle said, slipping her thumb into Claire's ass, "Just let me know if it's too much or too weird for you."

This gave Claire a suspicion of what Elle meant, but it wasn't until the other girl started pushing forward, her knuckles threatening to pass through the teenager's little anal ring that she realised what was about to happen.

However it didn't. Nothing happened. Elle's hand remained where it was and for a few seconds Claire couldn't figure out why that was, and then it suddenly hit her... Elle was waiting for permission.

Claire's heart fluttered at this little sign of compassion from the clearly misdiagnosed in Claire's opinion psychopath behind her, the younger blonde lifting her ass up again, hoping Elle would get the silent sign of permission. She did and she pushed forwards, Claire once again wishing she could feel pain instead of just the absence of it as Elle's knuckles passed through, followed by the rest up until the wrist, meaning Claire now had the whole of her girlfriend's fist up her butt.

"Wow... that looks so pretty." Elle said in a hushed tone, "I knew it would. Mmmmmm, I knew my girlfriend would look so pretty with my fist up her ass!" Claire moaned in response, encouraging Elle to continue, "How does it feel cheerleader? Does it feel good? Weird? Do you want me to take it out?"

"No. It feels good... in a weird way. It feels weirdly good." Claire giggled softly.

"Mmmmmm, I knew my girlfriend could take it." Elle said gleefully, "And she did, and I'm so proud. But what does she want now? Does she still want me to fuck her? Does my sexy girlfriend want me to fuck her ass with my fist?"

"Oh yes, please Elle, fuck me. Fuck me hard." Claire begged, about to continue when the thought of saying something other than just 'fuck' suddenly occurred to her, "Fist me. Fist my tight little ass. Please Elle, fist fuck your girlfriend's tight little ass. Fist fuck it as hard as you can!"

Claire's begging ended with letting out a long moan as her girlfriend complied with her request, Elle slowly pulling her fist back to the knuckles, stretching Claire's ass hole as wide as it had ever been before, and then thrusting back in to the wrist again, repeating the process over and over as the cheerleader buried her face in the duvet covers as while there was no one around the blonde teen feared that people for miles would be able to hear her moaning considering how good Elle was making her feel.

It wasn't the hard pace Claire had begged for but she honestly hadn't been expecting it and really if she was honest with herself she didn't mind so much that Elle started out slow. True, Elle could have started off at full force and Claire would have only barely felt uncomfortable but the skilled older girl was working her ass like the pro she was. As a result any slight uncomfortableness Claire might have been feeling quickly became an afterthought to the ever-growing pleasure flooding her insides, Claire's ass not only adjusting to the fist inside it but soon welcoming it while preparing for the real fun soon to come.

Unfortunately there was no telling exactly when that real fun would come as Claire just knew Elle would be having a ball from teasing her, the cheerleader not needing to take her face out of the duvet cover and look round to know Elle had a massive grin on her face.

Over the past week or so Claire clearly had come to know Elle very well as indeed the electric blonde had a grin on her face, but it only became massive when she got a particularly loud moan out of the girl she was fisting, the rest of the time Elle's grin being fairly small by her standards as her face was more a mask of concentration than of happiness.

Elle was certainly happy, ecstatic in fact, that from pretty much the beginning of their latest fuck session, which was about a week removed from their last, the two blondes were pushing the boundaries of the kinky things they could do to each other.

There was part of Elle that worried about the fact that she was running out of new tricks, however Elle was confident when she had nothing but old tricks she would be able to use them all again in different combinations making sure to keep her lover constantly guessing exactly what they were going to do and hopefully keep the passion going in there relationship.

Elle had heard that in real relationships sometimes couples just ran out of steam and fell out of love, and the idea of that happening in her first real relationship ever terrified her, but it wasn't going to happen, because she wasn't going to let it. Of course if she couldn't satisfy this beautiful, wonderful, perfect girl Elle didn't deserve to have her... not that she deserved to have her anyway... but... no, Elle would not become lost in self-pity now. She had a perfect girl to satisfy.

With that in mind Elle increased the pace, sliding her wrist round clockwise and anticlockwise as well as in and out, much to Claire's delight.

"MMMMMMMMMM, oh yes Elle, yes, just like that, fist me!" Claire begged, pulling her face out of the covers to beg for more, "Fist me more like that. Fist my ass. Harder. Give it to me. Give it to your slutty little girlfriend who loves it up the butt. Mmmmmmm, I'm such a naughty little anal whore... taking your fist up my ass... begging for it... I'm naughty aren't I Elle? I'm a naughty little up the butt loving cheerleader."

Elle grinned, "Yes. Yes you are. Mmmmmm, you're such a naughty little girl pom-pom. Such a bad, bad cheerleader. Good cheerleaders don't love it up the butt, but you do don't you pom-pom? You love it up the butt. Mmmmmmm, my girlfriend's a naughty little anal whore and I love it. I love fisting my naughty little girlfriend's anal loving ass."

The two blondes continued to talk dirty to each other for a while until the ever increasing pace of the fisting turned Claire into a moaning wreck, the cheerleader burying her face in the covers again as the pleasure threaten to overwhelm her. Of course part of Claire was more than welcoming that threat, her body craving the type of mind numbing climaxes which Elle could so easily give her, and yet there was part of her that wanted to spend the rest of the night with Elle's fist up her ass.

Claire blushed into the covers. God she had become so perverted.

Just over a week ago the idea of even kissing another girl was something taboo that she couldn't ever see herself actually doing, now she had a girlfriend who was currently pumping her fist in and out of her ass. Ok, having a girlfriend wasn't perverted, but it was still a little taboo as far as society was concerned, and there was no way anal fisting was ever going to be anything but taboo.

It was crazy, but Claire couldn't get enough, thrusting herself back against the back door invasion and begging and pleading for more as best she could in between her moans, groans and cries of ecstasy.

After spending such a long, long time stretching the cheerleader out, making sure her butt was nice and loose as possible, Elle began really giving it to Claire, punching full force into the other blonde's ass like a champion boxer in the final round seconds away from a win.

It seemed vicious, perhaps even vindictive, but Elle knew her girlfriend could take it. She could take anything she could give her. It was why Claire was so perfect for her. But while Claire was perfect for her Elle wasn't perfect for Claire, not even close. Elle was dirt compared to this perfect girl, not worthy to be in the same room as her, let alone to be dating her... or fisting her ass. That's why Elle had to do everything in her power to please this perfect girl, so there could be at least the slightest bit of justification why Elle had gotten so lucky to have this little walking definition of perfection.

This was one of the many tricks Elle planned on using to keep this perfect girl hers, and although she certainly didn't need extra incentive the sudden need to satisfy the other blonde to make sure she could keep her lit a fire within the electric girl, Elle somehow finding a way to slam her fist in and out of Claire's ass, making it look as if she was trying to beat the hell out of the cheerleader's backside.

Searching her brain for something else she could do Elle suddenly felt very stupid, however her urge to slap herself was quickly replaced by a grin of delight as wicked anticipation filled her.

After waiting a few moments just to saver what was about to happen Elle fired as much electricity as she could without feeling faint directly through Claire's ass hole and deep into her bowels, the blast quickly spreading through the cheerleader's body and lighting her up like a Christmas tree.

Before Claire could even lift her head from the covers to scream she came violently, her rectum clenching down hard on the fist which didn't even slow down, that wonderful hunk of flesh and bone filling her back passage, not stopping in its relentless assault, and neither did the electricity flowing out of it. The pain was even stronger than the pleasure and it was glorious, the little pain slut revelling in the torturous feelings as the mixture of sensations being continuously brought to her made her cum again, and again, and again. It was the type of multi-orgasms Claire's body had been screaming for all week, and now she finally had them the blonde teenager was in heaven.

Part of Elle became increasingly jealous with every orgasm she gave the cheerleader, Elle definitely wishing she could be receiving pleasure like that as while fisting Claire's ass to climax made her incredibly hot it didn't provide the same satisfaction the other girl was clearly receiving. However that part of Elle was completely overrided by happiness at being able to bring her girlfriend so much pleasure, the fact that she was doing it with her hand up her ass only making it better in a sadistic type of way.

Elle had no idea how many orgasms she squeezed out of Claire, but it was a lot, so she didn't feel too bad when she suddenly pulled her fist out so she could watch as the other girl's gaping butt hole as it clenched and vibrated its way through a final climax which Elle had sent it on. The sight was fascinating, Claire's wrecked rectum going crazy before Elle's eyes, and then healed itself back to virgin tightness in seconds.

Groaning Claire tried to slump down onto the bed but Elle wouldn't let her.

"Oh no you don't cheerleader." Elle said, grasping Claire's hips and making sure she stayed with her ass in the air, "You stay right here."

After a few seconds Elle let go and smiled that Claire was doing as she was told, and then she practically skipped over to where she had hidden the sex toys, quickly returning with the same strap on dildo she had used to take Claire's anal cherry firmly around her waist.

"Mmmmmm, now, does my girlfriend want more anal fun... or does she want a little pussy pounding?" Elle asked gleefully.

Claire groaned, pulled her face out of the covers, looked back and smirked, "Is my girlfriend your new favourite nickname for me or something?"

"Maybe... why, you don't like?" Elle questioned.

The cheerleader suspected she would be hearing the nickname regardless of her answer, but luckily she meant it when she said, "I like. I really like."

"Awwww, someone likes being my girlfriend." Elle giggled.

"Someone loves being your girlfriend." Claire said, moaning as an aftershock of her last orgasm ran through her, "Mmmmmm, no one could make me feel like you do Elle. Now hurry up and fuck me."

"Ha, patience my sexy little girlfriend, patience. You haven't said which hole you want me to fuck yet." Elle pointed out.

"You choose. Fuck me were ever you want." Claire said, reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks, presenting both her holes ready, waiting and eager to be used.

Elle bit her lip. The agony of choice. Claire's pussy looked so wet and inviting it seemed a shame to deny it... but after the fisting Elle was definitely in a anal mood, and Claire's ass hole looked just as inviting, if not more so.

"Mm, let's see now... eeny, meeny, miny, mo..." Elle sang the childish ditty softly as she slid the head of the strap on back and forth over Claire's two aching to be fucked fuck holes, finally settling on her now virgin tight butt hole and pressing forwards firmly.

Claire gasped and then moaned as she felt her back door slowly opening, Elle staring in lustful awe as Claire's ass hole stretched to receive her cock, the sight enthralling to the electricity throwing blonde as she slowly filled her girlfriend's rectum with inch after inch of strap on cock, much to Claire's annoyance.

When it came to filling up a girl's ass with strap on dick most girls would be grateful to their lover for giving them plenty of time to relax. Not Claire Bennet. She had loved the feeling of Elle ramming her fake cock inside her ass in one thrust, causing the most exquisite feelings of weirdness, the absence of pain almost wonderfully torturous itself. With her unable to feel pain in the traditional sense the slow rectum filling seemed like a waste of time to the cheerleader. Elle seemed to be enjoying herself though so Claire decided not to complain. Besides, as she rightfully guest it didn't take all that long for Elle's hips to meet her ass cheeks, every inch of that dildo now deep in her ass which caused Claire to smile. Now the real fun could begin again.

"Mmmmmm you look really pretty with a dick in your ass cheerleader." Elle said with a little smirk on her face.

Taking her hands off her butt cheeks Claire lifted herself up slightly, looked back and returned that smirk with an even smaller one of her own, "Better than with a fist up my ass?"

"Arrrmmmm... let me think..." Elle said, pretending to mull it over before smiling, "Just as pretty."

"Ah, such a charmer." Claire said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Watch it pom-pom, I could take the dick out you know." Elle warned.

"What. I said you were charming." Claire pointed out, "A charming, beautiful, generous, caring girl who loves fucking her girlfriend's ass hard and rough just the way her girlfriend likes it."

"Mm, well... I definitely love fucking your ass." Elle said, as if proving her point beginning to do just that.

Unfortunately it wasn't the way her girlfriend liked it. Exactly the opposite, but Claire was pretty sure that was the point.

Elle was taking her time and Claire knew she should just relax and enjoy. She knew there was a chance one of her family members could come home or they could be attacked at any moment, but the odds were unlikely as they were ever going to be so they should use their time wisely, and there was part of Claire that did want that. No, there was no part of Claire that didn't want that, every single fibre of her being wanted Elle to spend every single second they had alone together from now on fucking her, the problem was in her current mood slow and gentle just wasn't working for the cheerleader.

It wasn't even her fault really. Elle was the one who had turned her into such a little slut, craving to be brutally fucked by another girl every single second of every single day. Regular teenagers could barely stop thinking about sex but Claire could easily outdo even the hornyist boy in her age group with her constant naughty thoughts which made her previous day-to-day sexual daydreams look like a PG-13 kids movie compared to what was going on in her head lately, and there was only one person to blame for that.

Of course that one person was also responsible for redefining Claire's understandings of the words pleasure and happiness. Actually, the more Claire thought about it the more she realised she didn't even understand those words until she got together with Elle, not really. The other girl made her happier than she'd ever been before just from holding her hand, and the things Elle had done to her, and what she was moments away from doing again, it was all just so wonderful.

It was then that Claire realised she was being selfish. After all Elle had done for her the least she could do was let the other girl have whatever fun she wanted with her for as long as she wanted it. Knowing Elle it wasn't like the older blonde wasn't going to give Claire what she wanted anyway, so excepting her fate Claire lifted her ass up a little higher and resigned herself to letting Elle stretch her out as long as she wanted, the whole time counting the seconds until her girlfriend would give her another nice hard butt fucking.

Elle was also trying to make the best of the situation but finding it oddly difficult, something Elle found really, really strange.

She loved butt fucking. She was a butt fucking machine. It was one of her favourite things to do to other girls. Ok, so her list of favourite things to do to other girls covered a lot of ground to say the least, but this was definitely near to the tippy top of that long list, and her not enjoying it was a first.

Of course technically it wasn't the butt fucking she wasn't enjoying, it was the butt stretching. That was strange enough as Elle usually loved stretching tight little ass holes, and the cheerleader's ass hole was the tightest little ass hole Elle had ever fucked, but the electricity thrower knew it wasn't necessary. She knew Claire's ass could take a hard fucking pretty much from the word go, and all the slow moving in and out, up and down, side to side stuff was pretty much a waste of time.

It was an incredibly pretty waste of time, part of Elle still loving the sight of the cheerleader's back door stretching this way and that as she moved her strap on around in any direction she pleased, easily making it the best time Elle had ever wasted, but there was just something off about it.

Eventually Elle realised it wasn't the fact that it was a waste of time at all, the reason she wasn't enjoying stretching out the cheerleader's butt was because firstly she had already spent plenty of time doing that already before the fisting, and secondly and most importantly this wasn't what Claire wanted. This wasn't what Elle's girlfriend wanted.

That was the weirdest thing of all after jumping from bed to bed just looking for her own fun Elle had found someone who's wants and desires mattered to her more than her own ever would.

So Elle decided to give Claire what she wanted, slowly speeding up the pace of the butt fucking, causing Claire to moan in pleasure which in turn caused Elle to grin and call out, "Is this what you want cheerleader? You want me to fuck your ass hard?"

"Oh yes, please Elle, fuck me. Fuck my ass hard!" Claire moaned, quickly coming up with an idea to drive Elle wild, "Fuck your girlfriend's ass hard. Mmmmmm, your girlfriend wants you to fuck her ass Elle, your girlfriend needs you to fuck her ass. Ohhhhh, we're, oh, we're dating now Elle. We're a couple, that means we should do stuff for each other, and do stuff to each other, like hard butt fucking. Mmmmmm, I swear I'll do anything you want Elle, my beautiful and sexy girlfriend, if you just butt fuck me hard."

"Anything cheerleader?" Elle grinned.

"Anything." Claire promised, "Anything you want. I'll eat your pussy, or your ass, or both, or I'll try fisting you, or oh, I could fuck you with the strap on, I would love that..."

"How about that 69?" Elle interrupted, "Would you like that pom-pom? Would you like to eat my pussy while I'm eating yours?"

"Oh yes please Elle, butt fuck me hard, make me cum and then lets 69. I want to 69 with you, just please pound my ass and make me cum first." Claire pleaded.

Elle smiled, "Anything for my sexy girlfriend."

Claire moaned as Elle quickly began to pick up speed, the sound of her hips smacking off the cheerleader's butt cheeks becoming increasingly loud as the butt fucking became nice and hard, just the way both girls liked it.

Now Elle really was enjoying herself, the other girl's moans, groans and cries the sweetest music to the electric thrower's ears as she began really plundering her girlfriend's pooper.

Elle grinned. She was plundering her girlfriend's pooper. Slamming her girlfriend's shitter. Breaking her girlfriend's back door. Ramming her girlfriend's rectum. Busting her girlfriend's butt. Assaulting her girlfriend's ass. She, Elle, had a girlfriend and she was fucking her up the ass.

In all those mushy romantic movies she used to watch, the whole time secretly hating herself for enjoying them so much because they were so girly and sickeningly sweet, Elle couldn't remember the scene where the leading lady bent over so that her co-star could take her up the hershey highway. Well, not in any of the movies that she didn't have to hide from her father and the rest of the company, and in those movies the romance was hard to buy as you generally saw less wooden performances in a forest, but things between the cheerleader herself had definitely taken a turn for the lovey-dovey and Elle had never figured that lovey-dovey could go hand in hand with anal sex, but she was being happily proved wrong.

Even as the thrusts grew vicious there was nothing but compassion and affection in Elle's heart for the girl she was sodomising, constantly listening out for the slightest sound of discomfort even though she knew that there were better chances of a cartoon piano dropping on her head right now considering how the cheerleader seemed to be loving every second of the rough pooper pounding, Elle's new girlfriend crying out with pure joy as she continued begging for more.

Ironically as they drew closer and closer to climax it was Claire who was beginning to hold back.

Of course there was no need to explain this, both girls knew while before when Elle had been holding back and unnecessarily stretching Claire's shit hole out it only postponed the true feelings of ecstasy both blondes could have been experiencing as the real butt fucking got underway, but now Elle was slam fucking Claire's ass it was crystal clear the cheerleader wanted to stay on the edge for as long as possible so she could receive the maximum amount of pleasure for the longest amount of time.

Even more ironically the very system which had caused Claire so much frustration in the beginning, that being Elle's desire to make sure they got as much out of their time alone together as possible actually worked in the cheerleader's favour, her girlfriend not only noticing she was trying to hold back but actually helping her stay on the edge, pounding her ass full forcing till Claire was ready to cum and then slowing down ever so slightly so she could give her the maximum amount of pleasure without bringing it to a close.

If possible Claire fell even more in love with Elle in that moment. How could she not? Her girlfriend was doing everything in her power to give her the most pleasure possible, something Claire knew she could count on the other girl to do when it really mattered because she felt the same way about her that Claire did. She wasn't ready to say it, or even hear it, a fact Claire knew all too well and had her watching what she was saying all the time, but the truth was both girls had fallen for each other hard and it felt like the only thing that could happen now was for things to get even better as they got closer and closer each day, and that was with out physically being together. Now they could be intimate again there was no telling how wonderful things could become.

Unfortunately as Claire's heart fluttered and her mind filled with thoughts of a lifetime in the arms of her beloved Elle she became unfocused, her orgasm catching her completely by surprise. By the time it was rushing through her there was no going back, a fact Elle picked up on very quickly.

"That's it cheerleader, cum for me." Elle exclaimed happily as she forgot all about keeping Claire on the edge and went back to giving the younger blonde everything she had to give, the older blonde not only ass fucking Claire with every ounce of her strength but firing blast after blast of electricity through her hands clutching the other girl's waist and through the strap on itself and deep into the cheerleader's bowels.

Claire squealed in ecstasy as the butt fucking became so wonderfully brutal it made her go crashing over the edge again and again, the heavenly agony of the electricity flowing through her veins doing the same thing, those two things combined making her insides go topsy-turvy as her outside shook, the cheerleader falling down onto her face as she became overwhelmed, but not so overwhelmed that she didn't keep her ass in the air for Elle to keep fucking which was exactly what the diagnose sociopath did.

Having yet to cum herself until that point Elle was able to keep electrocuting and pounding the cheerleader's cute little butt for a long time, perhaps breaking her own record for orgasm squeezed out of a girl during anal sex, although it was extremely hard to keep count and it was debatable whether Claire should count given what a naughty little anal loving slut she had proven herself to be in only two ass fuckings, three if you generously counted the fisting as its own little session.

As skilled and as in shape as she was though fatigue inevitably began affecting Elle's performance, slowing her down to the point where it felt like she couldn't continue giving her lover the continued level of force behind her butt pounding thrusts that she deserved so Elle may as well quit now in the hopes of having enough energy to give a proper fucking to her precious cheerleader later.

Her cheerleader. Elle liked the sound of that.

Grinning at her new nickname for the other blonde Elle suddenly pulled out and spread Claire's ass cheeks, staring in perverted lust at the gaping chasm she was presented with, watching as before her very eyes that obscenely stretched hole closed back to virgin tightness in less than a minute, inspiring Elle in wanting to go for another round of ass fucking but Claire had other ideas.

"Would you like me to clean that for you?" Claire asked cheerily, lifting up her head as just like her ass hole she was now fully recovered.

Elle looked thoughtful, leant back to allow Claire to turn around and head straight for her strap on and then at the last second jump back, unstrapped the dildo and popped it into her own mouth as the cheerleader watched on in annoyance.

"What, did my little cheerleader want a taste?" Elle taunted, pulling a face as if that was genuinely never going to happen, and then before Claire could complain a grin returned to Elle's face and she practically jumped back onto the bed next to the other blonde.

Seconds after being presented with the dildo Claire greedily swallowed down at least half of it, bobbing her head up and down as she noisily sucked her own ass juices off the cock, her eyes staring lustfully at Elle who bit her lip at the performance.

Pulling it out of the other girl's mouth Elle licked her way up the base and took it into her mouth, tasting mostly Claire's saliva before joining the younger girl who had already started licking the base, the two of them quickly devouring every bit of cheerleader butt juice available before becoming lost in a deep kiss which just seem to go on, and on, and on.

"That was fun, but do you know what I've been thinking about all week, aside from you fucking me?" Claire asked when she finally broke the kiss with a grin, leaning forward to answer her own question before Elle had the chance, "Me eating your sweet pussy."

Elle grinned, "Only if I can eat yours too cheerleader."

"Well..." Claire said, pretending to look thoughtful, "You did promise me a 69, again, so it's probably about time you delivered." Again Elle grinned, capturing her girlfriend's lips with her own for a second before Claire pulled away, "But only if you're on top. This time I want to feel your pussy on my face."

Elle grinned wider than usual. Who was this girl and what had she done with that uptight little prude Claire Bennet? Oh, that's right, she never really existed. Elle's girlfriend was a nasty little slut just waiting for someone to teach her how to be naughty and Elle just happened to be the lucky girl at the right place at the right time to have the honour of helping this beautiful girl in brace her true slutty self.

Before Elle was even done thinking about how lucky she was Claire had stripped herself of her remaining clothes and got on her back where she lay ready and waiting. Not giving the cheerleader a chance to complain Elle quickly stripped herself of her clothes and positioned herself hovering over Claire's pretty face, lowering herself down slowly, partly to build the anticipation and partly not to just shove her twat in the face of the other girl who was still pretty new to lesbian sex.

It certainly didn't seem like Claire was at all new to lesbian sex from the way she grabbed Elle's thighs and shoved her down forcefully on her face, the former company agent crying out as Claire unceremoniously shoved her tongue inside her.

For a few seconds Elle remained where she was, only moaning slightly as she first got over the shock of Claire's actions and then simply enjoyed them. That didn't even last long enough for Claire to complain, the hunger for pussy and the desire to return some of the pleasure she was receiving taking over Elle quickly as she bent down and completed the 69.

Her first couple of licks were gentle and teasing, not something easy to do when it felt like there was a vacuum cleaner on her cunt.

From the moment her lips had come into contact with Elle's pussy the cheerleader had been tongue fucking her hard, taking no prisoners and only pausing to suck down her pussy juice. This obviously drove Elle insane and it was all she could do not to retaliate. She had her mind set on slowly teasing the other blonde and that was exactly what Elle was going to do, no matter what.

Elle's thinking was no matter how good Claire's physical regeneration was it couldn't help to be cautious in not overloading her mentally with too many relentless climaxes. And even if Claire would be fine no matter how many times she came, which was what Elle honestly expected, denying her climaxes was at least kind of fun. Or at least it was in theory.

In practice Elle was struggling to concentrate on the task at hand and all the little licks around Claire's pussy lips just seemed to pale in comparison to what the younger blonde was doing. She fought it as best she could but soon Elle was so horny to give Claire a hard tongue fucking she couldn't even remember why she hadn't been doing so from the start.

After getting her ass so wonderfully spanked, fisted and fucked Claire was in no mood whatsoever for slow. She knew that is exactly what Elle would give her, but it's not what she wanted and she knew it wasn't what Elle needed.

In one of their long talks over the past week Elle had confirmed that the wearer of a strap on could cum if the harness had a clit stimulator on the inside of it and the fucking went for long enough but most of the fun was mental, the orgasm that could be gotten from using a strap on to fuck someone good, but not as good as things like having one's pussy eaten.

Wearing that strap on was the only way in the last week Elle could have cum, and Claire wasn't even sure she had cum as the cheerleader had been so engrossed in her own pleasure, so Elle's enjoyment had been minimal at best. That was all going to end as of right now.

Claire was going to make Elle cum whether Elle liked it or not. It was something she needed. It was something Claire's girlfriend needed and the blonde teen refused to let Elle deny herself.

Elle put up one hell of a fight, more than Claire thought she would under the circumstances, but ultimately Elle gave in, slamming her tongue inside Claire's pussy and fucking her hard while no longer trying to hold back herself. As a result the two blondes became locked in a desperate fight to see who could make the other cum first, the battle far more vicious than that little catfight they had had just over a week ago a few feet away in the Bennet family kitchen, a fight which seemed like a lifetime ago to both of them.

Never one to be called patient Elle was impressed with herself holding out as long as she did, and while part of her was annoyed that Claire had forced her hand really she was pretty happy she did. After all, teasing was fun, but multiple climaxes were even more fun, even more so when someone else was cumming like that too.

Bringing Claire to so many climaxes had been really satisfying to Elle in a way which wasn't with anyone else. Before making another girl cum had almost seemed like a sign of her dominance over that girl rather than genuinely trying to make that girl feel good, but with Claire it was different. Elle wanted to make Claire feel good. She wanted to make her feel so good she came all over her face, and as she was no longer holding back that's exactly what Elle set out to do.

Claire had enthusiasm, and was surprisingly good for a girl who had only eaten pussy a few times about a week ago, but Elle had experience. Elle knew exactly where to touch, how to touch, and how long to touch for, the electric blonde able to catch up with Claire in minutes only to slow down so they both could push each other towards orgasm together.

The last couple of times they were together the blondes had cum at the same time at least once and somehow having the cheerleader experiencing as much pleasure as her at the same time as her made Elle's orgasm that much sweeter. Elle was determined to get a repeat performance.

That's what Claire wanted too, the cheerleader mimicking her lover's actions as they tongue fucked each other, her tongue sliding in the same speed and depth as Elle's.

It didn't take long for Elle to catch on at which point things got really interesting, Elle using her own mouth and tongue to show Claire a few tricks that Claire could use to make her feel really good, the cheerleader quickly picking up on them much to Elle's obvious delight, the younger blonde grinning as she made the older blonde moan extra loudly for her.

Claire tried to return the favour however the truth was Elle was finding sweet spots inside her which Claire didn't even know about, the older girl taking the younger girl to pussy eating school which just left Claire feeling really inadequate despite how much her girlfriend was moaning.

While Claire was pretty confident she and Elle were made for each other her lack of experience compared with the other girl's bothered her sometimes. What if she was never as good as Elle? Would Elle grow bored of her? Was Claire just some shiny new toy? Was the novelty of fucking her going to wear off, leaving Elle unsatisfied and ultimately going to find her pleasure with someone who could actually get the job done?

Pushing her anxieties to the back of her mind Claire used her grip on Elle's ass to force her girlfriend down onto her face and pushed herself upwards, rubbing herself against that juicy love hole.

When Claire had been in Elle's position she'd been unable to stop herself from rubbing her pussy all over Elle's face but her older lover seemed hesitant to do the same thing, something which Claire didn't understand. It had felt really good when Claire had rubbed her pussy on Elle's face and now the positions were reversed the younger girl was just loving the experience of practically being suffocated by pussy.

The reason for Elle's hesitance was that she simply didn't want to overwhelm the cheerleader, which seemed silly even as Elle was doing it considering all the perverted things she had got Claire to do with her, but the closer she got to the other girl the more paranoid Elle was that she was going to do something wrong, and she was so deliriously horny at this point she didn't even trust herself. However when Claire lifted her head up so she could press her face deep into her pussy it sent Elle off like a rocket.

With every ounce of her willpower Elle was able to hold off the orgasm which suddenly became inevitable to crash over her just long enough to send electricity into Claire, ensuring they would both climax exactly at the same time which they did, making both their orgasms feel even better than they otherwise would have done.

Not stopping even for a second the two girls continued fucking each other, Elle holding back the use of electricity so they could both make each other cum an equal amount of times.

It seemed to go on forever, their faces being covered in thick coats of girl cream as they grinded their juicy holes on to each other, rolling back and forth on the bed so they could take it in turns on top, becoming lost in each other's pleasure to the point where it felt like they melted and became one.

Many hours and orgasms later they both thought they heard something, ignored it, and then it came again. Despite 99% of her screaming at herself to ignore it Elle's company training just wouldn't let her do it, the older blonde rolling off the cheerleader, desperately gasping for breath and energy she didn't have, before bouncing upwards and heading towards the irritating sound.

"Wait." Claire said as she sat up, "Is that... the doorbell?"

Elle nodded, "Yeah."

"Who the hell rings the doorbell at this time of night?" Claire questioned.

Elle shrugged, "It could be a distraction."

"A distraction." Claire parroted.

"Sure. This one time, I was on a mission, and..." Elle trailed off, deciding that particular story wasn't going to endear herself to her lover, "But that's not important now. The point is it could be part of an attack."

"Maybe... or it could be a friend or somebody lost." Claire pointed out.

"Maybe... but either way, they shouldn't have interrupted us..." Elle grinned, lifting her right hand up and letting sparks fly through it. Claire gave her a look and got up, which caused Elle to giggle, "What? I'm kidding pom-pom, I swear. Well, at least if it's a friend or somebody lost, because if it's an enemy then I'm going to do whatever I have too."

"Well let's see who it is first." Claire said, wiping her face and then throwing Elle's pyjamas to her before putting her own on.

Elle hated these pyjamas. She knew these things existence in her life was her own fault for mocking Claire's care-bear pyjamas, but given the choice Elle would have happily worn a pair of care-bear pyjamas herself not only to bed but out on missions where people could have laughed at her rather than wearing these boring things. They weren't even cutesy, just plain and boring and didn't suit herself or the cheerleader at all. Hopefully now they were fucking again they could just sleep in the nude, or get some of those oversized T-shirts, or at least get better pyjamas. Actually, they were going to have too as Elle had a sneaking suspicion that these pyjamas were going to mysteriously disappear soon, never to be seen again.

While Elle grumbled and put her pyjamas on Claire couldn't help worry what would happen if it was someone less than friendly at the door. True, she was indestructible but she couldn't fight and had no desire to be made a victim again, and more to the point she worried what might happen to Elle, the girl who had all of a sudden come to mean so much to her.

There had been a couple of close calls while fighting Pinehurst and not wanting another Claire instructed Elle to hide as she answered the door, Claire taking a deep breath as she opened it, preparing for the worst.

The moment she saw who was standing in front of her Claire felt as if she went as pale as a ghost. This was worse than anything she had imagined.

"West." Claire said in disbelief.

"Claire, I'm so sorry, I only just got your message about Pinehurst. Is it too late? Can I still help?" West asked, relieved to see she was all right and not able to stop himself from continuing, "And listen... I'm... I'm sorry we lost touch. I'm really glad you called... I've been meaning to... I just... I'm really sorry how things ended between us, and I was wondering if maybe OH MY GOD ELLE! Claire, it's Elle, she's..."

West seemed to lose the ability to speak as Elle gently pressed herself against Claire's back, her hands circling around the cheerleader's waist in a protective hug before she kissed the side of her head and then her neck, Elle blatantly marking her territory by digging her teeth into Claire's flesh.

"Hey there fly-boy." Elle greeted cheerily as for the first time she could remember she wished Claire didn't heal as she watched in disappointment as her teeth marks almost instantly disappeared from Claire's neck, "Can me and my sexy girlfriend do anything for you?"

To Elle's delight West looked as if he was about to pass out from what was no doubt a mix of anger, arousal and confusion.

"Girlfriend?" West said in a small, astounded voice.

"It's... it's a long story." Claire said softly, finally finding her voice and blushing furiously instead of her eyes being half closed and her mouth half open like they had been since her new girlfriend had began molesting her in front of her ex-boyfriend.

"It's not that long a story." Elle said, resting the side of her head softly against Claire's, "In fact if you leave out all the sex it's pretty short."

"West!" Claire said loudly, getting his attention before she began talking very quickly, her eyelids occasionally drooping and moans threatening to escape her lips as one of Elle's hands wandered under her pyjama top to caress her bare stomach, that hand threatening occasionally to go higher... or lower, "I'm sorry I forgot to call but everything has been sorted out with Pinehurst and... everything is fine now so... so you can just go, and I'll call you tomorrow. I've missed talking to you so hopefully we can reconnect and be friends, but right now I'm kind of... erm... busy, so yeah... I'll call you."

With that Claire gave her ex-boyfriend a smile, slammed the door in his face, turned around in her girlfriend's arms and glared at her.

Elle just grinned back and innocently asked, "What?"

"You just had to make a scene." Claire scolded.

"Hey, I think under the circumstances I showed great restraint." Elle said.

"Great restraint!" Claire exclaimed.

"Well yeah." Elle said as if it was obvious, "I didn't tell him I was just fisting your tight little ass or that our faces are wet because we're covered in each other's cum."

At this point Claire gave Elle this cute little punch to her arm.

"Oh come on cheerleader, lighten up." Elle giggled, and then when Claire continued to glare at her added, "Look, I'm sorry ok. It's just you're so amazing and I can't not gloat about being with you. And come on, you were going to turn him down anyway, at least this way he has something to jerk off to later... you were going to turn him down, weren't you?"

The last part sounded so unsure and vulnerable Claire had a hard time remembering she was supposed to be mad at Elle.

"I was going to turn him down, gently." Claire sighed, "West is a nice guy, he doesn't deserve you rubbing our new relationship in his face just because you don't like him."

"Well he did knock me out this one time... but only because he used his stupid ability to sneak up on me while I was distracted. And anyway I said I was sorry." Elle protested.

"That doesn't automatically make things better." Claire said firmly, before looking thoughtful, a little smile slowly crossing her face, "Which is why you're going to have to be punished."

Elle grinned, "What did you have in mind?"

"You'll find out... soon enough." Claire said, getting close to Elle as if she was about to kiss her, then suddenly pulling back and heading towards the stairs, turning back once she had reached them to smile at her girlfriend.

"I'll be looking forward to it." Elle said, following the cheerleader upstairs to her room for more naked fun.


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