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Authors note: This story takes place after Season 3, episode 7, which is what really happened as far as I'm concerned. Anything post Season 3, episode 7 is not cannon to me.

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Heroes: Elle's Pain Slut Part 8
by MTL ([email protected])

"I'm ready for my punishment Mistress Pom-Pom."

These were the words which greeted Claire as she entered her room, her girlfriend looking up at her expectantly from a kneeling position.

After a couple of weeks of Elle promising to let Claire be in control tomorrow the cheerleader had finally been able to talk her girlfriend into promising her that it would be tonight and from the looks of it Elle was not going back on her word.

"I was going to wait for you naked, but I know how much you hate it when I'm in my birthday suit in front of an unlocked door." Elle grinned making both blondes briefly flash back to a rather awkward moment with Claire's brother Lyle.

Closing the door firmly Claire slowly walked forward until she was standing directly in front of the other girl at which point she softly said, "Get up."

"Your wish is my command Mistress Claire-Bear." Elle said teasingly.

At this point the 'don't call me Claire-bear' argument was getting very old and it didn't seem like one that Claire was ever going to win, but the fact Elle was using that particular nickname right now made it blatantly obvious the other girl was trying to push her buttons. That wasn't unusual for Elle... actually it was pretty usual, however if Elle's goal was to tease Claire into playing the role of dominating mistress who puts her slave girl in line then she was going to fail because Claire had other plans for the evening.

"Elle look at me." Claire said, cupping Elle's face, "I told you, I want to be in control tonight. I didn't say I wanted to do the whole mistress-slave thing. We can do that another night, in fact I'd love to be your Mistress, at least for a little while, but that's not what tonight's about."

"Then, what's it about?" Elle asked with a frown.

"Control." Claire says simply before elaborating, "You try and be in control all the time. In your line of work you have to be, I get it, but something I learned while being with you is that letting someone else be in control and doing whatever they say is unbelievably freeing. It feels like you lose all your worries and all your stress, because it doesn't matter. Nothing matters but doing what you're told."

There was a few moments of pause and then Elle smirked and chuckled a little, "God pom-pom, you're such a bottom."

"I think we've pretty much established that's what I am." Claire smiled as her girlfriend pulled her into her arms, "But that doesn't mean I don't want to share the burden of being in control with you."

"Oh believe me cheerleader, it's not a burden when you're having this much fun." Elle grinned wickedly, as she circled her hands around Claire's waist, her hands joined together just above the other blonde's behind.

"I know you think that, but isn't it tiring being in control all the time? Don't you wish you could give it up sometimes, even a little bit?" Claire asked as one hand slid around Elle's back as she used the other to stroke her face.

"No." Elle said matter of factly, "But like I said, I'll give up control for you... I'd give up anything for you."

As it often did the mood had quickly turned from sexual to loving. The mood was something that tended to change a lot in their relationship and could do so at the drop of a hat, mostly as a result of Elle's mood swings, which had turned a lot of people off in the past but like many things Claire didn't seem to mind, one of the many facts which made Elle fall so completely for the little bundle of perfection which was Claire Bennet.

As for Claire, she felt like she had a million thoughts in her head, but they were all about the same thing, "Elle."

"Yes snuggle-bear." Elle said, emphasising her words in a forcibly cute way.

"There's something I've been wanting to tell you for a while now, but... I'm scared." Claire admitted.

"Claire." Elle said, using her girlfriend's real name to prove she was being completely serious, "There's nothing you can't tell me."

"I know... I just..." Claire took a deep breath, "Promise you won't freak?"

"I promise." Elle said seriously.

"Promise you'll let me talk for a little while without interrupting?" Claire asked.

"I promise." Elle repeated, before lifting up one hand and presenting her little finger, "Pinky swear."

Claire smiled. It was so easy to forget but because of her screwed up upbringing at least part of Elle was still very much a child, something which occasionally shone through at times like this. Claire couldn't help find it unbelievably cute and endearing.

"Pinky swear." Claire said, shaking little fingers with her girlfriend. There was a long pause after they let go of the childish embrace in favour of concentrating on the far more intimate one, the two girls staring into each other's eyes until Claire took a deep breath and laughed softly, "I... I practice this so many times in my head and I don't know what to say. I... I just need you to know, this... this wasn't something that I was looking for. Or expecting. I mean, you're a girl, and I'm a girl, and... I never imagined myself being a lesbian. I was straight. I didn't like girls, and any thoughts to the contrary were just the result of hormones and curiosity. And then you came into my life, and... I hated you. You were part of the reason my dad died, and even though my blood brought him back to life I still blamed you, which was ok because you were part of the company, and an enemy, and then... God, all that just feels like a lifetime ago, like it happened to someone else, because I look at you, and I don't see any of that. All I see is the girl who helped me save my uncle, and helped us take down Pinehurst, and continues risking her life to protect me and the people I love and I just need you to know, that... there are other people I love, but I love you more than anyone or anything. I'm... I'm in love with you."

There was some much-needed silence which allowed those words to sink in for both girls.

"I love you Elle." Claire said softly, "I couldn't have ever imagined myself being in love with another girl a month ago but now I can't imagine not being in love with you."

Another pause.

"I... I don't know if it's too soon. I've never felt this way before, so, I'm really not sure what I'm doing, and you probably think I'm acting crazy...." Claire didn't get the chance to finish before Elle kissed her firmly.

"No, acting crazy is my job, and you're not... I... I've never felt this way before either." Elle said, desperately searching for the right words.

"Don't say it back unless you're ready." Claire said quickly, "I don't want you to say it unless you really mean it... and if you say it now it will be like I pressured you into it, so don't. Just know I love you more than anything else in the world... and what I'm about to suggest comes out of a place of love."

Elle frowned as Claire kissed her, took her hand and then led her out of their room, down the hall and into the bathroom, at which point Elle froze in terror, the frightened older blonde clutching so tightly to Claire's hand it was a miracle she didn't break it.

The bathroom was fairly small so the fact the tub was filled with hot soapy water would be an intention grabber to anyone who didn't have a severe dislike of anything liquid, and to an aquaphobic like Elle it screamed look at me and tremble in fear.

The look of fear and betrayal in Elle's eyes was so heartbreaking Claire almost called the whole thing off and begged her girlfriend's forgiveness right then and there. Almost.

"Elle, listen to me." Claire said firmly, slowly taking Elle's hand and pressing it to the back of her neck, "You feel this? This is my weak spot. Someone sticks something here and drives it into my brain just right and I'm dead. If whatever's stuck there isn't removed, I stay that way. There's no removing the spot, no dulling the effects, no nothing. This is my Achilles' heel and it always will be. There's nothing I can do about it." Claire paused to take Elle's hand away from her neck, "If... if something happens to you my blood can heal you. It can save you from just about anything... even death, but there's one thing it can't protect you from."

Elle didn't need to follow the cheerleader's gaze to know what she was talking about.

"It won't work Claire." Elle said firmly, "The company tried..."

"The company experimented on you!" Claire interrupted, "They tortured you in the name of science, and in the name of being able to control you. You seriously think they ever wanted to help you? To protect you? I bet they loved you having such an easily accessible weakness, they probably thought it made you a less threatening puppet."

"Claire." Elle began.

"No! Don't you dare try and defend them, not to me. Not after what they did to you. They used the woman I love as a lab rat and then manipulated her into being there puppet, so I get to hate them forever." Claire snapped.

"I'm working for them again now." Elle pointed out softly.

"It's different. You work for my Dad now, not yours." Claire said, her mind casting back to Elle's file which she and her family had been allowed to read, "I still can't believe the things he did to you."

Elle shrugged, trying to brush it off, "I think, in his mind, he was doing me a favour. And he did. I'm strong now, powerful. I can protect you. That's all that matters to me."

"Well it's not all that matters to me." Claire said softly, stepping forward, "Look, I know it's scary, but please, let me help you. If there's even the slightest chance I can help you learn to control your water problem better isn't it worth taking the risk?"

There was a pause and then Claire wraps her arms around her girlfriend.

"I'll be here, every step of the way, and if something goes wrong we can do whatever you want tonight, for as long as you want. Just please Elle, let me try and help you." Claire pleaded, "I know you can do this. You've learnt how to control yourself enough to drink and take quick showers. You can learn to control yourself completely, and then I won't worry about you so much."

Elle lowered her head, thinking about it.

"Elle, look at me." Claire said after a pause, waiting until she's looking into her girlfriend's eyes before continuing, "If you want to think about it that's fine. If you don't want to do it at all that's fine too. I just worry about you, and... and I hate the thought of something happening to you, especially if there's a chance I can help you. But if you want we'll leave right now."

There was more silence and then Elle bit her lip.

Taking this as an indication she had tried to push this idea too fast and hard Claire began back tracking, "I'm sorry, I didn't want to ambush you like this, I just thought it would be better if we did it like ripping off a Band-Aid so you wouldn't have to obsess over it. I'm sorry Elle, please don't hate me..."

"I could never hate you." Elle interrupted bluntly.

Claire smiled, "You said you used to hate me."

"I was jealous of you. There's a difference." Elle insisted, "I never really knew you. You were just the girl who had everything, when I had nothing. Now I have everything, because I have you."

The girls exchanged smiles, and then after a pause Elle said softly, "Ok."

"Ok?" Claire needed to be sure.

"Ok, let's do this." Elle said, reaching down to pull up her top.

"Wait." Elle immediately stopped at the sound of her girlfriend's voice, looking over at her to see a beautiful little half smile on her face, "Let me."

Letting go of the shirt Elle stood still as Claire slowly pulled it up, the older blonde lifting her arms up at the appropriate time to make it easy for the other girl. Claire then knelt down and slowly slipped Elle's shoes and socks off before reaching up and slowly pulling down her pants, leaving the company agent in her bra and panties. From her position on the floor Claire looked up at Elle with an endearing mix of love and desire, her hands reaching up and round to skilfully unhooked Elle's bra and gently pulling it away from her body. Finally Claire reached up and pulled Elle's panties down, removing them even more slowly than all the other items of clothing, making it feel like forever until Elle was naked.

Normally clothes were discarded ASAP when it came to sexy fun time, previously the only break from this being the occasional striptease, usually either performed by the older girl or the result of Elle talking Claire into it. Elle was blown away by just how impossibly erotic it was to have another girl undress her.

Claire oncored that simple but oh so effective act by performing a confident and suggestive striptease which Elle didn't know her girlfriend was capable of, although on the inside Claire was terrified she was going to screw it up, particularly when she was slowly teasing the removal of her bra and panties.

Once they were both naked Claire took Elle's hand gently but firmly and guided her to the tub. Elle looked over at the door. Claire had shut and locked it before the first item of clothing had been taken off, but all of a sudden that door was looking incredibly inviting.

Claire followed her girlfriend's gaze and squeezed softly on her hand, "If you want to back out..."

"I don't." Elle interrupted quickly.

"If you want to back out there's no shame in it." Claire finished firmly, "I get it if you think backing out or quitting might somehow make me think less of you but it couldn't. I get this is a big deal for you, so I totally understand either way. For the record though, I believe in you."

Elle took a deep breath, "Ok... let's have a bath."

That phrase had almost definitely never been uttered with serious dread before with someone else taking it seriously but like the world they lived in these were extraordinary circumstances.

Claire slowly pulled Elle to her, the two blonde girls gently intertwining, their lips meeting in a kiss so soft and sensuous that they both forgot what was to come. The realisation came back strongly with a renewed sense of dread for Elle when Claire broke the kiss, slowly stepped into the tub filled with water and beckoned her to follow.

Biting her lip Elle hesitated for a long moment and then cautiously lifted her leg up and at a speed slower than a snail lowered her right foot into the bathwater, wincing instinctively as she dreaded the worst. Again Elle hesitated but nothing happened. She was still just as slow at putting her weight on her right foot and lifting herself up so she could lower her left foot down into the tub, the only good part of the experience being Claire reaching out to hold her best she could under the circumstances in such a small and seemingly insignificant gesture which meant the world to the frightened aquaphobic.

From there it was a slow but steady process as Claire convinced Elle to lower herself slowly down into the tub, first getting down on her knees before slowly lifting herself backwards so she was resting in Claire's arms which was a new and interesting experience. Normally it was Claire in Elle's arms, and although they were roughly the same height the reversal of the norm was quite peculiar, although rather nice, which would hopefully continue as the role reversal continued for the evening.

At that particular time though Elle was very much concerned with her present situation, her heart racing a mile a minute every time she had lowered the tiniest extra bit of herself into the water and now she was laying in the bath tub her heart felt as if it was about to burst from her chest.

"Shhhhh, it's ok... I've got you." Claire whispered into Elle's ear, those words along with Claire holding her so tightly doing the impossible and actually making Elle relax. The warm soapy water itself was relaxing, but at any moment that relaxation could turn to agony as Elle lost control, but she knew if that happened Claire would save her. It wasn't even a matter that Elle hoped Claire would, she knew she would save her if she had too, and that thought alone made Elle more relaxed than she could ever remember. It was comforting too, Elle becoming lost in letting Claire hold her like no one had before.

Eventually Claire started to wash Elle, gently rubbing a sponge all over the other girl's body, even encouraging her to lean forward so she could do her back, occasionally whispering soft words of encouragement as she continued cleaning her. Then Claire got rid of the sponge and began sliding her hands all over her girlfriend's body. That was when the real fun began.

Slowly but surely Claire's hands became more and more adventurous, sliding over Elle's sides so she brushed against her breasts and almost but not quite touched them when caressing her stomach and shoulders. This continued to escalate as Claire softly traced her fingertips up and down Elle's inner thigh, causing the older blonde to whimper.

"Please... Claire... I..." Elle whispered softly.

"Shhhhh, just trust me, ok." Claire whispered comfortingly, kissing Elle's neck gently.

Elle opens her mouth to continue to protest but the words died before they ever left her lips, the older girl relaxing into her lover's embrace and letting her do whatever it was she wanted with her.

Claire continued this gentle caressing for what felt like hours, almost but not quite touching Elle's most sensitive of areas.

Just when Elle thought she was going to go crazy she whimpered until the electricity inside her threatened to surface as Claire slowly cupped her breasts, but by some miracle Elle was able to control herself and continue to do so as her girlfriend played with her tits, manipulating her nipples to full hardness despite the very unnerving to say the least situation the aquaphobic found herself in.

Yet more hours passed, at least they seemed to, Elle desperate for more but unsure whether or not she could take it, whimpering in fear rather than relief when Claire's fingers finally slid over her pussy lips.

"Claire... I don't think I can do this." Elle said again in the same weak, pathetic sounding voice she hated.

"You can do anything." Claire said again firmly, and then after a pause added, "But like I said, if you want me to stop, I'll stop."

There was another pause and then Elle whispered so softly it was barely audible, "Why?"

She didn't need to say anything else for Claire to guess what she meant.

"Because remaining calm is the easy part for you. It's remaining calm when you're being distracted which we've really got to work on." Claire explained softly, "Besides, other than pushing your limits, if we pull this off, if I can make you cum in water, then it's a big fuck you to your weakness, and to anyone who would try to use it against you."

Claire waited for what felt like longer than she ever waited for anything before as her lover's mind clearly raced with a thousand different thoughts until finally Elle relaxed in her arms again, Claire continuing to wait for a little while until she slowly pushed her finger inside her girlfriend.

Elle gasped and Claire prepared to get them out of the water as fast as she could, something that she had been preparing for every time she pushed the other girl a little further, the whole time hating herself for it and feeling incredible relief when again, like every other time, Elle relaxed.

Claire knew she was seriously running the risk of pushing Elle too far, but as much as endangering her girlfriend's safety was nearly unbearable Claire felt like it had to be done. Elle was out on dangerous missions every other day for her father, and the company which he was now all but running by himself, and it was only a matter of time before Elle face someone with some type of water ability or forced into a situation where water couldn't be avoided.

Over the years Elle had learned to concentrate enough to control herself enough to drink and take brief showers so Claire didn't need to introduce the older girl to liquid, she needed to push her resistance to it, and this, this was definitely pushing it, perhaps too far but Claire was willing to risk giving Elle some pain now if it meant building up her resistance and possibly saving her life later.

With this in mind Claire gently fucked Elle with her finger for a long-time while continuing to use her other hand to massage her breasts and softly kissing her neck and whispering encouraging and loving words into her ear.

This entire time Elle felt like she was in hell, especially when the cheerleader pushed a second finger into her pussy and then even more so when she began gently massaging her clit with her thumb.

Elle had spent a lot of her life torturing people, sometimes with the intention that the other person would like it, and sometimes not. The more she got to know Claire and became part of the Bennet family the more Elle regretted the 'not' part.

The electric blonde had caused so much pain and suffering during her life she briefly wondered if this was the punishment she so richly deserved, but before she even settled in the tub it became crystal clear it wasn't. Elle's victims hadn't been shown the kindness that Elle had, and while many of them deserved it and while there was always at least one reason why the others had suffered at her hands, the way Claire was treating her now was only making Elle feel more guilty.

Before she had found happiness with the cheerleader Elle had barely felt guilty at all, but now there was a tear running down her cheek and she genuinely wasn't sure if it was a result of sorrow over the past or overwhelming joy of the loving care she was getting in her present. It could be a result of both, however as Claire's fingers slowly increased the pace of their thrusting Elle was unable to concentrate on anything but the pleasure rushing through her body.

The well practised fingers inside Elle seemed to go for all of her most sweetest spots, that thumb expertly rubbing her clit as the fingers of the other hand worked her nipples and a soft pair of lips caressed her neck and whispered the sweetest of things into her ear until, considering where she was, the unthinkable happened.

"That's it, cum for me." Claire whispered softly into Elle's ear as she curled her fingers inside the other girl's pussy, zoning in on her lover's G-spot.

In her current state Elle didn't hear her girlfriend, and she was barely even aware she was submerged under water, Claire's name softly escaping her lips as a climax washed over her which was so gentle in its nature it almost wasn't recognisable as an orgasm. It certainly didn't possess the normal fireworks, but the wash of pleasure and then peace was unmistakable, Elle melting further into her girlfriend's embrace as Claire removed her fingers and they lay like that for a while.

Claire smiled softly when she heard her real name and not a nickname escape Elle's lips as she made her cum, her smile fading into a look of peaceful tranquillity as the two girls laid in each other's arms until the water began to grow cold.

"We can get out now... slowly." Claire said, the two of them wordlessly doing as she said, getting out of the tub without incident.

After pulling the plug and letting the water drain Claire grabbed a towel, "Stay still."

Elle obeyed, standing as still as a statue as Claire quickly used the towel to first dry the electricity thrower before using it herself, Elle amaze just how erotic something so simple as watching Claire dry herself could be.

Once dry both girls dressed which Elle in particular found annoying as for what she was in the mood for clothes were simply a hindrance, but it was a very good thing that they did get dressed as they ran into Claire's brother almost immediately upon exiting the bathroom together.

"I saw nothing." Lyle said, looking down and genuinely trying to forget that he saw his sister exiting the bathroom at the same time as his sister's girlfriend.

"You better keep to that story." Claire warned, although she needn't have bothered.

Claire's suddenly very active sex life was something that the other members of the Bennet family, and Claire's biological family, chose to ignore. It was harder for those living under the same roof, but for the most part the Bennets had seemed to convince themselves that Claire and Elle only played passionate games of tiddlywinks when they were together. Well, actually one time they actually did, but that had been Elle's idea and not nearly as fun as the things they usually did together when they were alone.

Speaking of which, although technically in this case it was thinking of which, Claire soon found herself alone again with her girlfriend in their room, the door safely locked and the two of them looking at each other the same way they had done so many times over the last month, the only difference being who was in control.

Deciding to make that clear Claire sat down on the bed, crossed her legs and laid back as if she was expecting a show, which she was, "Strip."

Under normal circumstances Elle might have made a playful comment on just how demanding the cheerleader sounded, but Elle wasn't in the mood to argue or prolong things any more than necessary, so she simply grinned and started stripping. Having done so plenty of times before Elle knew just how to slowly remove each item of clothing for maximum effect.

Claire watched lustfully as her girlfriend somehow made taking off her top, pants and even her shoes sexy, with the removal of her bra and panties being better than so-called 'must watch TV' which practically had her salivating. Even after a month Claire was surprised just how turned on she could get from watching another girl get naked in front of her, even if she'd seen that girl naked only moments ago, but of course, a naked Elle was something Claire couldn't imagine she could ever get tired of seeing.

"Get on the bed and lay down with your hands above your head." Claire ordered.

Elle frowned for a moment, but then did as she was told, smiling wickedly as she saw Claire pull out a pair of handcuffs, "I thought we weren't doing the mistress-slave thing tonight?"

"We're not. But, that doesn't mean we can't have some bondage fun." Claire grinned, getting on top of her naked girlfriend and beginning to secure the cuffs around Elle's wrists and through the headboard, which had holes through it almost as if it had been designed for this type of fun.

"What's the Safe Word?" Elle asked, her grin only getting wider.

"Trust me, you're not going to need one." Claire promised after the cuffs were secure, briefly kissing the other girl before getting up to do a striptease of her own.

Despite the many, many lessons Elle had given her Claire didn't feel as comfortable stripping as her girlfriend did. No matter how many times she did Claire always felt a little silly and awkward, but the way Elle looked at her always made her feel better. It was very possible despite assuring her to the contrary afterwards that Elle was faking her looks of enjoyment, but given the other girl's lust for her body Claire doubted it, which helped a lot every time she found herself in this position.

Elle certainly wasn't faking her enjoyment, although truth be told part of it came from the amusement of the times Claire would briefly get stuck pulling something off her body or would pause and try and decide what to do next or something equally as cute, but it was mostly lust, especially when Claire got down to her underwear and slowly revealed Elle's favourite parts of the cheerleader's body.

Slowly getting back onto the bed Claire kissed the inner side of Elle's right ankle and then kissed her way up her legs. Elle's heart rate briefly increased as for a moment she thought her lover was going in for the kill right from the get go, only to find herself a little disappointed as Claire deliberately missed kissing Elle's downstairs lips on her journey up the older girl's body to her upstairs lips. Once she reached her destination Claire kissed Elle softly and then smiled at her, "For tonight only, there's going to be a special rule."

"A special rule?" Elle repeated questioningly.

"Uh-huh." Claire confirmed.

"And what might this special rule be?" Elle asked.

Claire leaned in and whispered, "You're not allowed to electrocute me." When Elle looked at her with surprise Claire continued, "I love it when you hurt me. I need that pain more than you can ever know, but it makes me melt inside. It makes me lose control, and makes you feel like you're in control, which is not what this night is about. This night is all about me being in control, and you not being. So, no electricity from you."

Elle continued to look surprised for a couple of moments and then said softly, "Ok."

"Promise me." Claire pushed.

"I promise." Elle swore.

Claire smiled, "Pinky swear?"

Elle grinned, "Pinky swear."

Claire reached up so she could shake one of her girlfriend's little fingers with one of her own before she kissed her again, this kiss being the long, passionate and soft kind which allows two lovers to express their true feelings to each other, something both girls did eagerly.

All too soon for Elle it was over, at which point her girlfriend began kissing all over her body, starting with her neck and then moving down to her chest, suddenly taking a detour up her arms which caused both girls to giggle, before Claire made her way down her body to her toes and then up again to repeat the process.

At first this was extremely cute, but it got old very quickly. Things briefly got better when Claire added tit sucking and caressing to the equation, but it didn't take long for that to just add to the frustration.

Despite getting put so on edge she felt as if she was moments away from breaking her pinky swear after only just making it Elle had to admit she was impressed. They had barely just begun and Claire had already succeeded in not only firmly taking control and taking away Elle's control, but taking away Elle's ability to get her control back thanks to that little promise she made only moments ago.

Ever since they had gotten together Elle had been suspicious that she was rubbing off on the cheerleader and she was never more confident in that belief than she was right now.

Elle wondered if Claire wanted her to beg for her to go down on her, Elle moments away from actually doing so when Claire began circling her centre with her lips, concentrating on her thighs to make sure the older blonde was practically dripping in anticipation. Deciding to put her theory to the test Elle asked in a voice which was so soft and husky she barely recognised it as her own, "Claire... please..."

"Shhhhh, soon. Just relax, trust me... and let me have my way with you." Claire replied in a equally almost unrecognisable soft and husky tone.

Fighting back the urge to whimper Elle closed her eyes and waited patiently for the inevitable, the diagnosed sociopath who had never really been good at being patient waiting what felt like an eternity before finally Claire gave her what she wanted, and when she did Elle almost broke her promise not to electrocute the cheerleader again.

There was always something special about that first lick, that first sweet pleasurable sensation which was only sweeter because it promised more licks to come, harder and/or longer licks, and other fun things, but Claire's slow teasing had got Elle wound so tight she thought she would pop, like the weasel in the song, the moment Claire gave her pussy a single lick, and in a way she almost did. However Elle was able to control herself and continue controlling herself as the real fun began.

Her girlfriend didn't make it easy for her, Claire sometimes waiting for minutes in between licks while at other times she would give Elle quite a few in the span of the couple of seconds. She also quickly became more adventures with how hard or soft the licks were, and of course just where she licked her, Claire's mischievous little tongue seemingly finding different angles of just how to slide across Elle's pussy lips, teasing her entrance and even toying with her clit.

At first all this was heaven but it quickly turned to hell as it went on for what felt like an eternity in the fiery pit, the endless soft teasing driving Elle crazy... or possibly crazier.

Elle let out one of the most joyful cries of her life when Claire's tongue slowly penetrated her pussy, but the cheerleader took it out and continued the soft licking, adding the occasional tongue thrust to basically what she'd been doing before. Like everything else just how Elle's cunt got invaded became random, that tongue occasionally thrusting in more than once and sometimes even thrusting in fast, almost causing the electric blonde to break her promise, Elle actually wondering if that was the point.

It wasn't the point, nor was it to torture Elle for any reason whatsoever. The reasons Claire was doing this was firstly to make this night special by making her girlfriend cum like never before, which would hopefully be exactly what happened thanks to all this build up. The other reason was because now Claire had told Elle exactly how she felt about her she wanted to show her. She wanted to make love to her.

Whether she was aware of it or not Elle had already made love to Claire, many times in fact. The electricity throwing blonde was always a little bit unpredictable, which was one of the things Claire loved most about her, and while most nights Elle seemed to be testing just how hard she could possibly fuck another girl there were nights Elle took Claire so softly, gently and lovingly Elle might as well have verbally confessed her undying love because the way she touched the cheerleader those nights spoke volumes. The last time was a few nights ago and it put any doubt about Elle loving her to an end in Claire's mind, the cheerleader longing to not just return the favour but let Elle know how she felt about her in every possible way she could.

As Claire slowly made love to her girlfriend she couldn't help smirk a little at the irony of it. During her first time West had made slow, gentle love to her and she had hated it. For a while she had thought there was something wrong with her, then she concluded it was because she simply wasn't into slow and gentle sex, but eventually she realised the truth, that being she hated the way he looked at her. He looked at her like she was something fragile and delicate and it reminded her she wasn't and made her feel like he was looking down on her or something. Elle never looked at her like that. When Elle looked at her when they were having soft, gentle sex Claire saw love. Often other things like lust, want and desire amongst other things, but definitely love.

Claire felt like Elle understood her in a way no one ever had, perhaps in a way no one else ever could. She understood who she was, what she wanted, what she needed, and she could fulfil her wants and needs so... so perfectly. No one made Claire feel so happy and content as Elle did, and Claire was determined to do the same for her girlfriend, or at the very least try.

While Claire was putting all her effort into showing Elle she loved her the company agent was writhing on the bed, unconsciously tugging at her restraints and making the most pathetically high-pitched whimpers of her life.

Elle hated how easily Claire could reduce her to a whimpering wreck pretty much every time her girlfriend went down on her. Claire's mouth and tongue were just so talented Elle couldn't help herself. She melted under the soft touches and made sounds which made her seem so weak. And that was just normally. Now the cheerleader was going into pussy teasing overdrive tears were literally forming in Elle's eyes as the torturously slow pace became unbearable.

Just as Elle was about to beg for mercy Claire's tongue, which had been slowly fucking Elle for what felt like the better part of an hour, finally began to speed up, slowly but surely bringing the electricity throwing blonde to the edge of climax before bringing her down and then repeating the process.

It didn't stop there, Claire repeating this experiment seemingly to see just how much she could torture Elle as she began sucking her pussy more firmly between tongue thrusts, even beginning to slurp at Elle's love hole so hard it again almost sent her over the edge, but alas again it was not to be as the electrically charged girl was brought to the brink time and time again.

When Claire's lips latched on to her girlfriend's clit and began sucking down on it hard Elle swore she would cum on the spot, but the cheerleader continue to torture her, Elle's legs gently rapping around the other girl's head in an attempt to stop her from escaping. If Claire really wanted out Elle would of course let her, but she prayed she wouldn't. She prayed her girlfriend would finally give her the release she so desperately needed.

As Elle's legs wrapped round her head Claire wondered if she should have restrained those as well. After all Elle's thighs were pressing so tightly against her ears she could barely hear her girlfriend moaning, groaning and whimpering for her as she continued sucking on her clit. On the other hand those soft, creamy thighs were pressed against her so tightly they kind of made up for the muffled sound as they equally showed just how much Claire was affecting the other girl. In fact they only added to Claire's fun as she could still just about hear Elle moaning, groaning and whimpering for her while enjoying the pressure on her head as Elle's legs, and really her whole body, trembled against her.

One definite drawback was that her current position did make it difficult for Claire to lower her head to Elle's love hole, but the cheerleader was easily able to come up with a fine alternative.

Squeezing her hand in between the now tight fit in between Elle's legs Claire pushed two fingers into her girlfriend with ease and began steadily pumping them in and out of the other blonde, using her fingers and mouth to bring Elle to near climax after near climax.

This was fun for a while but it became clearer and clearer Elle really needed to cum, and denying her became less about wanting to give her the greatest orgasm possible and more about Claire simply wanting to continue making love to her girlfriend. But was it still making love if it was causing the girl she loved pain? There was an irony in that thought, but pushing it and any other type of distracting thought aside Claire concentrated on increasing the pace of her pumping fingers and sucking mouth, this time not slowing down at the last second but speeding up even further to send Elle crashing over the edge as hard as possible.

Whimpering and crying out loudly in relief Elle received the climax she had been aching for... oh and what a climax it was. Claire always made her cum hard but this was exquisite, all that build up making her first orgasm harder than any other orgasm she had ever received before and making it easy for her to cum again quickly afterwards, Claire tirelessly driving Elle to the sweetest of heavens and keeping her there for what felt like the most wonderful eternity.

Meanwhile Claire wondered if Elle was so lost in her pleasure she wasn't aware she was squeezing the younger blonde's head so tightly it was a miracle it didn't crack or whether she knew that the cheerleader's healing ability would take care of any issues like a cracked skull. The self mutilating part of Claire almost wished it would happen, but it didn't, and she had more important things to worry about than the pressure on her head, which like most pain she still couldn't feel properly, or the fact it was a little difficult to breathe in her current position. She had one thing she should be worrying about and one thing only, and that was making Elle feel good.

Easily achieving that goal Claire continued pumping her fingers in and out of Elle while sucking on her clit, keeping the other girl on a constant high and only briefly slowing down to allow her to enjoy her current orgasm. Claire repeated this process when she removed her fingers from Elle's pussy and replace them with her mouth, using her by now quite skilful lips and tongue to squeeze another couple of orgasms out of her girlfriend before gently pushing her fingers into her ass hole for yet another hard climax. At this point both girls completely lost count of the orgasms as Claire seemed to become obsessed with making Elle cum, only pausing in the rapid movement of her tongue and fingers in her girlfriend's pussy and ass to swallow down a few mouthfuls of creamy girl cum while allowing most of it to cover her face.

Elle like to brag about having stamina, and she did, but she wasn't stupid. Claire's healing ability meant that she could quite literally go forever if she wanted too, so no one but someone like her could truly compete. To try and prevent Claire leaving her for someone else, which had quickly become Elle's biggest fear in life, the electricity throwing blonde always kept up with Claire for as long as she could when her girlfriend was in a mood like this, but this time the cheerleader was in control and the only thing Elle could really do was stop herself from breaking her promise and frying the other blonde with her electrical ability. It was truly impressive how long Elle lasted, but eventually it felt like she was going to electrocute Claire or die from trying not to... or possibly perish from too many orgasms.

Whatever the case as loudly as she could Elle croaked out, "Please Claire... no more... please... stop..."

Showing slight reluctance Claire pulled herself away from in between Elle's thighs with minimal difficulty considering Elle's legs had slowly turned to jelly so their grip on Claire's head was practically non-existent. The cheerleader then licked her lips and then slowly kissed her way up her lover's body until they were face to face, their naked bodies pressed roughly down against each other as Claire grinded against Elle as she captured her lips with hers. Elle kissed back with as much energy as she could but it was obvious she was exhausted, something which had Claire grinning as she broke the kiss.

"Wow pom-pom... that was... wow..." Elle gasped.

"Hey, I thought I said no nicknames." Claire grinned.

"I know... I'm sorry, it's just... wow." Elle continued to gasp.

"Nice to know I can take your breath away." Claire said proudly.

"You always do... but that... that was really something." Elle panted.

Claire smiled, "Well, I wanted to show you how I felt about you, not just say it, you know?"

"Message received." Elle said, finally grinning that oh so familiar grin of hers, "So... are you going to let me out of these cuffs now so I can return the favour?"

"No." Claire said firmly, before explaining, "Normally I'd love to uncuff you... or maybe just crawl up so I can sit on your face, but tonight is all about you... all about me showing you how much you mean to me."

"I thought tonight was all about control?" Elle teased.

"Oh shut up." Claire laughed, before grinning, "Like I was saying, tonight is all about you, and as much as I'd love for you to return the favour I have something else in mind before I let you go."

"Oooohhhh, do tell." Elle grinned, her curiosity piqued.

"I'll do better, I'll show..." Claire smiled softly back, her smile fading as she added, "But first, you've got to do something for me..."

"Name it." Elle said without hesitation.

Stroking a piece of stray hair away from Elle's face Claire smiled softly again, "Close your eyes."

When Elle did so immediately Claire frowned and then rolled her eyes a little, "And no peeking."

"I wasn't gonna." Elle lied. She totally would have, but Claire asked her not to so she wouldn't. If it had been anyone else she would have peaked anyway... and if she hadn't thought it might spoil the mood Elle might have done it anyway, but the older blonde could tell this was no time for that kind of playfulness.

Elle let out a little disappointed sigh as Claire got off her. She liked having Claire lying on top of her when they were still fully clothed and it was even better when they were naked with their bodies perfectly matched and rubbing together. It pleased Elle greatly that her lover wasn't gone too long, but when she returned there was a noticeable difference, "You're wearing the strap on?"

It sounded like a question but it was more of a statement. Nevertheless Claire answered, "Uh-huh... you can open your eyes now."

When Elle did so she was greeted with Claire's face hovering not that far away from her own, the other girl's eyes burning strongly with love, lust and a touch of what seemed to be dominance, "When was the last time you were fucked?"

Elle was a little taken aback by the question, but she quickly grinned, "Just now... I think you might have been there."

"I mean with a cock." Claire said firmly.

"Well... there's that double dildo we sometimes use..." Elle mischievously smiled. She got this was still no time for playfulness, but Elle just couldn't help herself. The serious look on Claire's face however had Elle get serious, "I... I don't know... a while, I guess."

"Well, I'm going to fuck you better than you've ever been fucked before." Claire said boldly.

Elle grinned again and opened her mouth to respond, but immediately forgot what she was going to say and Claire's previous statement as her girlfriend firmly pressed the tip of the strap on against her centre, forcing a little gasp from her lips.

"You like that?" Claire asked huskily, ignoring Elle's comment as she began to slide the dildo up and down the other girl's pussy lips.

"Uh-huh... mmmmmm, feels really good. You're off to a great start pom-pom." Elle smiled softly, and then quickly corrected herself, "I mean, Claire. You're off to a great start Claire."

Claire smiled, kissed her girlfriend softly, and then as slowly as she possibly could pushed herself into her, Elle gasping and then moaning as she was penetrated.

It was... it was kind of like losing her virginity. Just thinking such a stupidly girly thought made Elle hate herself, but there was some truth to it.

Elle had never let another girl fuck her with a strap on before. Not once. She had fucked loads of girls with strap ons of all shapes and sizes, but she had never, ever let another girl fuck her like this... until now.

It was weird... a lot like when she and Claire used the double dildo and it was the other blonde who was pushing her half into her, just like those times Claire spending way too long pushing in and giving Elle way more time than necessary to relax, but it was nice as it showed how much her girlfriend cared for her. Elle honestly didn't think anyone had ever cared for her as much as Claire did, in fact she was 100% sure no one ever had. Claire's love wasn't something Elle deserved, but Elle tried not to question it as doing so just drove her crazy and made her miserable when she had no right to be.

She certainly wasn't miserable now, Claire deep enough to begin to thrust in and out of her, the slow and gentle strokes soon pushing the rest of the dildo all the way into Elle and leaving the older girl to moaning and groaning in pleasure as the cheerleader settled into a steady rhythm, fucking Elle like she'd never been fucked before.

There was a certain roughness Elle missed, but even the hardest, orgasm inducing fucks she'd received couldn't compare to this fucking, Claire already achieving the goal of fucking Elle better than she'd ever been fucked before.

Claire was just making Elle feel so loved, taking her so softly and gently while looking at her so adoringly... it was like nothing Elle could remember experiencing before, not even in her softest sex sessions with Claire before now. It was a little scary. Ok, very scary, and it made Elle feel so mushy inside she thought it would suffocate her, but it also felt so unbelievably good.

Trying desperately not to let her own insecurities ruin this for her, or worse ruin this for Claire, Elle did her best to stay out of her head and just enjoy the affection Claire was showing her while concentrating on the amazing feeling of that strap on slowly sawing in and out of her.

It felt so good Elle briefly wondered why she'd never let herself get fucked this way before, but the answer popped into her head almost immediately. To get fucked like this was to lose control. It meant being the bottom, and Elle... or at least the old Elle bottomed for no girl. She was even mostly dominant when it came to guys, only letting the really butch ones top her, and even then only when they'd either worked for it or when she was simply in the mood to let them have it. Things were different with Claire though. There wasn't anything Elle wouldn't do for Claire, and being submissive for her, even to this degree seemed like a small price to pay for the happiness she got from being with the cheerleader.

This was something they had talked about. Well, this was something Claire had talked about. In detail. A lot. It seemed Claire had some kind of fascination with the idea of fucking Elle this way, which was something Elle didn't entirely understand, but she certainly wasn't going to deny Claire her curiosities.

It wasn't mere curiosity that motivated Claire to convince Elle to bottom for her. Well, truthfully Claire was curious, and now being able to slowly pump in and out of her girlfriend, a dildo strapped around her waist sliding in and out of the other girl's pussy, allowing Claire to fuck the older girl, it was all very intoxicating. Claire had dreamed of fucking Elle like this, and while it was very similar to using the double dildo that was more equal, with this she was in control. She, Claire Bennet was in control, and admittedly it felt good. It felt really good. But this was about more than Claire simply indulging her curiosities. Claire wanted to help Elle, to show her that she didn't have to be in control all of the time.

To the casual observer Elle might appear to be relaxed and at ease most of the time, at least when she wasn't short-circuiting, which was certainly what Claire had thought at first, but it hadn't taken Claire long to realise the truth, that Elle was always on edge, always analysing the situation to make sure she was in control, and if she wasn't to make sure she could twist the situation to her advantage at a moments notice. This was part of Elle's agent training and it served her well on assignments, however the older girl couldn't turn it off.

No matter where they were or what they were doing Elle never seemed to truly be relaxed, the older blonde always looking over her shoulder, both metaphorically and literally. Even during the bath when Elle's body had seemed as relaxed as could be Claire could tell her girlfriend was still a little tense, and in a twisted way this was Claire's attempt at finally getting Elle to completely relaxed.

Claire knew from her own experience how relaxing submission could be. To truly give up control was bizarrely freeing, which sounded crazy but it was true. It was also ironic, Claire long to be more in control of her life, for people to stop protecting her, for her to be able to play a more active role in saving the world, and yet when she gave up control to Elle all her fears, worries and doubts melted away and the only thing that mattered was doing what the other girl told her to do, the results always ending in pleasure for one or more often than not both of them.

The problem was Elle wasn't giving up control and relaxing, not truly. She was still on edge, looking out for an attack or something bad to happen because Claire's poor emotionally damaged girlfriend was suspicious of happiness as, in her mind only, she didn't really think she deserved it. Claire needed to show her differently, and she also needed to convince her to relax otherwise she just wouldn't succeed in what she set out to do.

Bringing her slow, gentle thrusting to a stop Claire waited for Elle to look at her, and then when that didn't happen she said softly, "Elle, look at me."

Elle, who had closed her eyes momentarily, opened them to look deep into those of her girlfriend's.

Claire smiled softly, "You don't have to pretend to be a guy for me."

"What?" Elle frowned.

"I said, you don't have to pretend to be a guy for me." Claire repeated.

"Ok..." Elle frowned again. There was a brief pause as Elle tried to let it slide before protesting, "I don't..."

"You do." Claire insisted, "You act dominant all the time, which would be ok if it was who you are, but... it just feels kind of forced sometimes, like you're scared if you're too vulnerable or girly in front of me I'll suddenly remember you're a girl, realise I'm in a lesbian relationship and run screaming."

"I... I don't think that." Elle tried to argue, but the look Claire was giving her forced the truth out of her, "Ok, maybe a little bit, but hey, it's not my fault. I'm kind of emotionally damaged. Just ask anyone. Besides, I've never been in a relationship before. I don't know how I'm supposed to act and... and I just want to be a good girlfriend for you."

"You are, and you don't have to prove anything or try and be something you're not." Claire said, stroking her girlfriend's face, "I don't love you despite you being a girl you know? I love you because of it. This isn't some experimentation or a curious fling. I'm not gay until graduation. This is as real as it gets for me. I love you Elle, for everything you are, and it's ok for you not to be dominant all the time. It's ok if you like getting fucked like this, if every so often you want to be the girly girl in our relationship. I can be the dominant one for a change, if you let me."

"I thought I was?" Elle pointed out with a smile.

Claire returned it with a smaller one of her own before reaching up and then undoing the handcuffs.

"W... what are you doing?" Elle asked.

"I'm trusting you." Claire replied, finishing her task before looking back down into her girlfriend's eyes, "You're holding back on me. I can feel it. If letting go for you is too much that's ok, but I want you to try for me, ok?"

"I... I'll try." Elle said softly.

Pressing her forehead down against the other girl's Claire said softly, "I know it's hard for you to let go. You've been trying to stay in control your whole life, and as much as you like to pretend it doesn't it makes you feel like you've got the whole world resting on your shoulders, but please, try for me? You could take back control with one little blast of electricity, and if it's too much for you I'd rather you did that than suffer, but if you trust me, if you let me have full control, you won't regret it. I promise."

There was a long pause and then Elle softly nodded and then wrapped her hands around the back of Claire's neck while she wrapped her legs around Claire's waist. It was such a small, seemingly insignificant thing, but Claire knew it was a symbolic submission to her and made her heart flutter and her hormones race.

"I know you can do this. I love you Elle." Claire whispered before she restarted the fucking.

Elle's lips parted automatically, however the older blonde had no idea what she was going to say. She would never know as she let out a long half whimper half moan as her girlfriend began thrusting in and out of her again, Elle holding on to Claire tightly while she tried to control herself and relax at the same time.

It was quite the paradox. Elle couldn't relax completely. If she did she risked losing control over her powers and electrocuting Claire, but Claire wanted her to relax. It was kind of irritating, and a little confusing at first, but amazingly it actually seemed to work.

Elle surrendered herself to Claire as much as she could without running the risk of hurting her, giving up all but one little piece of control, or at least that's what Elle thought at first, until she realised that she was controlling herself because it was what Claire wanted so in a weird, kind of an unorthodox way Claire now truly had full control over her. It was like... it wasn't Elle controlling herself any more, it was the cheerleader's will holding her powers at bay.

At that moment Elle realise just how much power Claire had over her. She had known for a long time that despite the fact that she was very much the top in the relationship and Claire was the bottom the fact remained that the cheerleader could have asked Elle to do anything for her and Elle would have done it, however Elle always knew that all she had to do was touch her girlfriend in a certain way and the other girl would be putty in her hands. Now it was like Elle was putty in Claire's hands, because if she chose to take back control she would disappoint her girlfriend, and Elle couldn't bear the thought of doing that, so for the first time in their relationship Claire was truly, 100% in control.

The thought was oddly very freeing, Elle gasping as it felt like suddenly she was weightless, every ounce of her worries gone and replaced by not a care in the world. It felt like she floated up and melted into Claire's arms, the other girl holding her firmly as she began fucking her at an ever increasing rate. Elle knew Claire spent plenty of time slowly speeding up, but while in one sense it felt like hours as her mind slowly drifted in another way it felt like only a second as Elle awoke from her dreamlike state to find Claire was now pounding her pussy, the company agent letting out a guttural cry followed by a whimper as Claire's lips crashed against hers.

For the briefest of moments when she came out of her dreamlike state Elle thought she was going to lose control but as if she could sense it Claire kissed her softly but passionately, allowing Elle to regain control of herself... but only because Claire gave her the strength to do so.

Once Elle was back in control Claire broke the kiss and return to staring into her eyes, something she had been doing the entire time she had been fucking her with the strap on. The look of love and devotion Elle saw in those eyes was overwhelming and made her want to return it. But could she? Was she capable of it? Could sociopaths with paranoid delusions love? If what Elle felt for Claire wasn't love then Elle couldn't be capable of that emotion, but she wanted to be. Elle wanted what she was feeling for Claire to be love, and despite any doubts to the contrary if Elle was honest with herself she knew she had fallen completely and totally in love with Claire Bennet. And she wanted to tell her. She wanted to tell Claire she loved her so badly... but she was terrified to say it. Elle had never said that to anyone and meant it so the prospect of doing so and returning Claire's earlier words was terrifying for her.

Little did Elle no she didn't need to say anything as her eyes were speaking volumes at that point, as was every other fibre of her being except her mouth.

Claire didn't need Elle to tell her she loved her, because she already knew it to be true... but that didn't mean she didn't want to hear it. Exactly the opposite in fact. She longed to hear those words, but didn't want to hear them unless Elle was ready to say them.

So for now the important thing to Claire was showing Elle how much she loved her. She was pretty sure she was doing a good job of that considering how much Elle was moaning, groaning and even crying and whimpering in pleasure, every little sound music to Claire's ears. The sounds of pleasure themselves were nothing new of course. Elle was very verbal in bed, they both were, and they had spent many passionate nights letting at least half the neighbourhood know how good they fucked each other, probably doing so even when Claire's family were in the house and the two girls were trying and mostly failing to stifle their sounds of joy. However there was a difference to Elle's noises, although it was only slight. Whenever Elle was on the receiving end of pleasure she would sound vulnerable, but like she was trying to fight against it. Now it sounded like she was embracing that vulnerability, truly allowing Claire to be in control for the first time.

It wasn't just the sounds she was making either. It was in her body language, the way she just seemed to melt into Claire's arms, and her eyes... that look on her face, it was all so peaceful, submissive, something Claire had never seen from Elle before. That Elle was doing as Claire had asked her, and seemed to be reaping the benefits, warmed Claire's heart, but it also sent an incredible thrill through her body as she realised she was fully in control now. Ok, she was only fully in control because Elle was allowing her to be, but it still counted.

Embracing her new feelings of control Claire continued increasing her pace until she was pounding as hard and as deep into Elle as she could with every ounce of her strength, the sound of bouncing bedsprings echoing throughout the room as Claire got down to some serious girlfriend fucking.

With every thrust their tits slammed together, their nipples rubbing against each other as that dildo strapped around Claire's waist drilled in and out of Elle's pussy hard and deep, the older blonde's already tight love canal clamping down on the toy like a vice in a way which seemed to maximise both girls pleasure, Elle's inner walls getting even more stimulated as the friction on Claire's clit only seemed to increase as the little bundle of nerves was bashed against the end of the strap on.

Normally when Claire was on the receiving end of the strap on she would have began thrusting back against Elle by now, and if they were using the double dildo both girls would have been frantically pounding against each other, but Elle had simply lifted herself up as far as she could while her legs were still wrapped tightly around Claire's waist. For a few moments Claire wondered why Elle wouldn't be trying to increase her pleasure, and then it hit her. By not thrusting back Elle was further allowing Claire to take complete control, the usually dominant girl letting the usually submissive girl fuck her as hard as she wanted without doing anything to try and make the fucking faster and in doing so take away even an ounce of Claire's control. Of course this realisation had the same effect that Elle trying to fuck back against Claire would have had, that being encouraging the cheerleader to fuck the other girl harder.

The fucking got so hard and brutal that most wouldn't call it lovemaking, but Claire would. After all, Claire and Elle did extremely kinky things to each other almost all the time and Claire really, really got off on Elle causing her physical pain, but no matter what they did to each other it came from a place of love. Ok, at first the things they had done came simply out of a desire for sexual gratification, and in Elle's case a genuine desire to cause pain... and in Claire's case a genuine desire to feel pain again, but as they had fallen for each other even the most depraved acts became acts of love, meaning every time they had sex they were making love. This just happened to be one of their more rougher lovemaking sessions. Of course, neither girl was complaining about that.

Making sure there was no doubt that what they were doing was lovemaking Claire was constantly sliding her hands all over Elle's body, covering her face in gentle kisses while of course devoting plenty of kissing time to the other girl's lips and whispering soft words of encouragement to her. After all, Claire knew more than anyone that it was the little touches which made all the difference. Half a dozen sex sessions with Elle had taught her that, and now Claire was putting everything she had been taught to very, very good use.

Elle knew this better than anyone, the electronic blonde overwhelmed just how well Claire was fucking her. The other girl had clearly been paying a lot of attention to the things she had done to her and learned well. Claire just might make for a half decent top after all, even if only part time, something which seemed to be confirmed as a fact as the younger blonde expertly sent Elle crashing over the edge of a monster orgasm.

As usual Elle had been holding back her climax so she could enjoy the pleasure for as long as possible but as usual she inevitably went over that edge, her eyes rolling in the back of her head, her body trembling and her inner walls clamping down on that wonderful pleasure giving dildo as it still thrust in and out of her pussy as total bliss washed over her. What wasn't usual was that she didn't electrocute Claire in the process, Elle literally having to grit her teeth as she fought to control her powers. To do so became increasingly difficult as orgasm after orgasm crashed through her, Claire similarly refusing to stop until she had made Elle cum as much as she could in this situation, or at least come close.

That was certainly a big part of it, another was that Claire was curious to see just how much Elle could take. Her girlfriend had made her so proud with being able to control herself for this long and Claire was hoping and praying Elle would be able to continue to control herself for as long as she could fuck her for. If she couldn't that would be ok, Elle had already done so well, and it wasn't like Claire would object to being electrocuted, but Claire chose to believe in her girlfriend and to her tremendous joy Elle continued making her proud.

Elle's restraint and Claire's stamina were both impressive, that pounding dildo and the clit stimulator inside it ensuring that both girls came several times before they both inevitably ran out of energy and an exhausted Claire collapsed on top of her panting lover.

After a few moments Claire's rejuvenation powers kicked in and suddenly she was fresh as a daisy, happily lifting herself up and covering her girlfriend's neck and then her face in kisses before pressing her lips to the still tired blonde's. After gently kissing her girlfriend Claire pulled back and smiled mischievously down at the older girl. Claire then gently pushed Elle's arms and legs from around her, the once death grip of the other blonde now as loose as can be, before gently pulling the strap on from Elle's pussy, the company agent gasping and then softly moaning in displeasure as that big dildo was slowly taken away from her twat. Once it was out Claire quickly unstrapped it, brought the head of the shaft up to her lips and then seductively licked the tip before taking it into her mouth for a little blow job.

"Wanna share?" Claire asked with a grin, briefly taking the toy out of her mouth before popping it back in for another sucking session.

It was something Elle had done many times before, right down to the slightly forced moaning, although only in the sense that Claire was deliberately being loud about it, because she could never get enough of the other girl's taste, her lover's cum and pussy
juices pure heaven to her tastebuds.

"You can have it." Elle said softly, obviously tired and yet totally transfixed on the younger blonde.

Figuring her girlfriend wanted a show Claire happily gave her one, sliding her tongue up and down the fake cock, tasting the cum and pussy juices which had completely drenched the shaft before slowly taking every inch of the dildo down her throat, acting as if she would win a prize if she gave the inanimate object a blow job worthy of a professional hooker.

The sight was certainly a turn on for Elle, and made her proud thinking Claire's actions were a direct result of her influence over the other blonde, but all Elle could think during the little show Claire put on for her was that she couldn't possibly love this girl more.

Once she was 100% sure she couldn't get another drop of juice from the strap on dick Claire carefully put it down and out of the way before crawling down until she was on top of Elle, the other girl instinctively wrapping her arms around her as they fell into a deep, but soft and passionate kiss which seemed to last for an eternity.

When Claire finally broke the kiss she smiled softly at her lover, pressed her forehead against Elle's and asked, "Would it be all right if I got to hold you for a change? I mean I love it when you hold me, and I could lay forever in your arms, but could I hold you just this once? You know, to complete the night of me being the top... unless you want to go another round?"

There was silence as Elle just stared back into Claire's eyes before she finally replied, "I love you."

Claire's mouth opened slightly in surprise, and then she smiled.

Silence fell between them again and then as if she needed to clarify herself further Elle continued, "I'm in love with you. I love you more than anything. I'd do anything for you. I'll do anything for you. I just... I just love you so much. You're the only good thing that's ever happened to me. I didn't even know how unhappy I was until I got to be with you, and I know... I know you deserve so much better than me, but I can't help being selfish. You make me want to be a better person, but I can't lose you, even if I don't deserve you..."

"You deserve me." Claire said firmly, "We deserve each other. We deserved to be happy. We make each other happy. Nothing else matters."

Elle smiled, "I love you."

"I love you too." Claire smiled back before she pressed her lips to Elle's in a kiss even softer than any other that they'd ever had, which was really saying something, before she rolled over so Elle was laying in her arms.

As they were the same height it wasn't as awkward as Claire had feared it would be, and even if it had she couldn't have possibly been happier than she was at that moment. She had told her girlfriend she loved her and her girlfriend had told her the same thing back. The night couldn't be more perfect.

Deep down part of Elle hated herself for the little ball of mushy sentimentality she had become, someone so pathetically lost to their feelings it was laughable, and yet she couldn't help herself. She was just so completely in love with Claire Bennet and while she had no idea what she was doing and she felt completely lost Elle had never been more happy.

While they both knew Elle would inevitably go back to teasing Claire tonight they had become even more intimate with each other and had only grown closer together. As they drifted off to sleep the two lesbian lovers wondered if this was as close as they could get or whether there was a way they could get even more closer. Either way at that moment it didn't matter, they couldn't be more content, Elle resting her head against Claire's chest as the younger blonde played with her hair in another reversal of the norm between them, both of them enjoying it just as much as everything else they had done that night.


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