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Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part 1 (Ff,f-solo,inc,anal)
by LL

In perfect synchronicity the cheerleaders kicked up, revealing long toned legs, tanned by the mid-summer sun. The crowd hooted their appreciation, apart from one. To have clapped or cheered might have brought people's attention to the sixteen year old and if they looked at her they might want to speak to her. And that would mean she would have talk back and they would realise she was a geek with the social grace of a amoeba. No, it was much better to sit here alone, with a book on her lap to which she could glance down if anyone approached. Violet Parr, Vi to her friends or at least she would have been had she any, would have much preferred to be invisible. But the trouble was that she had been seen that day and to have disappeared would mean questions, questions meant conversation and she knew the rest.

Vi looked across the field at the cheerleaders practising their routine. They looked so confident, basking in their allure and the knowledge that with a click of their fingers they could have anyone they wanted. None of them would want to lack visibility. Even if they did, she was sure they'd make much better use of it, sneaking into eighteen rated movies and past bouncers on the look out for fake IDs, not to sneak down the hallway or to hide from teachers on the look out for Gym Class absconders.

The cheerleaders had formed a pyramid. Claire Bennet was on top, the eighteen year old blonde looked she was on top of the world, smugly looking down at lesser mortals. Vi was both attracted and repelled, she wanted to be like Claire, blonde, popular, attractive, but was horrified by the fear that with it came a shallow, insipid dullness; she didn't imagine Claire Bennet had read a book in her life. Vi gave a quirky smile and sent out a wave of energy; it wasn't much, hardly a ripple in space. The pyramid was finely balanced, the slightest touch would send it tumbling down. And the little blast was enough to push one of a redheaded cheerleader's feet back a couple of inches.

Even from forty yards away Vi could hear the cheerleader swear as her foot slid from under her. The redhead desperately tried to regain traction as the others wobbled above her. Claire's expression went from smugness to shock as she swayed back and forth like a reed in corn in a storm. The pyramid couldn't hold. It collapsed like a house of cards, except with more pom-poms and short skirts. Vi picked up her book and headed for the exit. Behind her she could hear the cheerleaders yelling at each other in language a sailor would have blushed at.

* * *

"I'm home," Vi announced and dropped her schoolbag on the sofa.

As if she'd been waiting her Mom, Helen Parr appeared round the door, or more accurately slid. A long leg slithered from behind the wood first, longer than was natural, before springing back to its normal size, as its owner slipped round, wearing a long, sparkling evening dress; it was cut down the side to revealing Helen's shapely thighs and if the Milf's tits had been larger the lowering at the front would have enhanced her cleavage quiet magnificently.

"Why the get-up?" asked Vi, she walked over to the table next to the door and flicked through the post, bills and junk.

Helen let go off the door and straightened her back, her face clouded, "It's our anniversary. Don't you..." she stopped as she saw Vi give a mischievous smile and continued lamely, "remember..."

Vi put down the mail and smiled at her lover, "Come here sexy."

Helen came closer, allowing Vi to wrap her arms round her. The young teenager squeezed her close, sliding her hand down to touch her Mom's ass. Helen gave a purr of happiness as Vi rubbed at her butt cheeks through the satin material of the dress, "Jack-jack is in bed," she murmured, "Hopefully he'll sleep until morning."

"I'm sure he will," murmured Vi, though her two year old brother had a habit of waking up at the most inconvenient times, usually when she and her Mom were intertwined.

Pushing back her Mom, she took another look at the sexy woman in front of her, "You look..." Vi stopped herself. She had been about to say incredible, but that brought back bad memories. Her Dad had been Mr Incredible, her brother Incredible Boy. Until they had died, a last trick of Syndrome sending them into an exploding warehouse. She paused, "You look... you look good."

It wasn't exactly the greatest of compliments and Vi mentally kicked herself that she hadn't said anything smarter, especially as soon as she had spoken words like 'ravishing' 'gorgeous' and 'fuckable' crowded into her mind as alternatives. Luckily her Mom's smile didn't break, she was used to Vi being unable to express her feelings in words. She took Vi's hand, "Do you want your present?"

"Shouldn't we have dinner first?" Vi smiled and stroked the back of her Mom's hand.

For a second Helen didn't seem to get the comment, then she giggled, "Okay, your first present."

Her arm stretched out behind the sofa and returned with a present, whose shape could only mean a picture and a card. Vi opened the card first. Her Mom had written, 'To my sexy, seductive lover. On our second anniversary. Here's to many more hot and sweaty nights.' In case Vi hadn't got the hint, Helen had also scribbled in a badly drawn picture of a woman leaning back on her arms with her legs apart. An arrow to the pussy was labelled 'Me'.

Vi smiled and put the card on the table, before opening the present. She was right it was a picture, or rather a photograph, and a hot one at that. A naked Helen Parr lay on the bed her ankles up round her ear, whilst she thrust a dildo into her ass. Helen glanced nervously at Vi, "Do you like it? If not I can get another photo. I thought it could go on our bedroom wall."

"It's very nice," Vi said, caught up in its beauty. Even as she spoke she mentally kicked herself. It was better than very nice, it was fantastic, great, best present ever. For a second Helen's smile seemed to fade and Vi felt the lurch in her stomach, why couldn't she be like all other sixteen year olds and say the right thing? She quickly decided to give her Mom her present, if she couldn't show how much her Mom meant to her in words, perhaps she could do it with gifts. Vi reached into her backpack and pulled out the carefully wrapped present and card, "Happy anniversary."

Helen's smile was back in place. She opened the card first, Vi listened as her Mom read out what she had written;

"To my sexy, cute, adorable fuck-bunny,
"to the woman who's pussy tastes like honey,
"to the Mom who's sweeter than any wine,
"spread those legs, I'll make you mine."

Helen was definitely happy with the card, smiling so hard her mouth almost split her cheeks, "Sexy, cute adorable fuck-bunny," she repeated, "In verse. You are talented."

A blush rose to Vi's cheeks; she loved praise, but it made you noticeable and from habit she went red. She inwardly cursed herself, at home was the only part of her life she ever felt in control, but even then she had to force herself not to screw up. She quickly picked up the present and thrust into her Mom's hands, "Happy anniversary."

Excitedly Helen unwrapped the gift, scattering the paper on the floor as if she was a small child at Christmas. She held up the nightie, her mouth opening in admiration. Either she liked it or was adept at pretending she did, Vi wasn't sure which. Standing up Helen held it to her body, it didn't quite reach down to her belly button, "Oh Vi, it's absolutely gorgeous. See through as well... Oh, I'll look so sexy in this, I hope it didn't cost too much?"

"It didn't," lied Vi.

Carefully folding the night dress up, Helen sat down next to her daughter, "Thank you, that was lovely. Now I think I should fill this dress out..."

Vi licked her lips, which had suddenly become dry as her Mom's bosom started to expand in size, first filling the dress, showing ample cleavage and then continuing to expand until they strained at the material. Vi reached forward and pulled the dress down, her Mom's tits expanded until they were the size of two beach-balls. Vi grinned, "Now that's a pair of fun-bags, Mom."

Helen giggled as Vi squeezed at the two massive melons, "Happy anniversary," she tittered, "Now I've got a nice romantic meal prepared. Just the two of us."

The kitchen light was off, the only illumination was a three piece candle in the middle of the table. It made the white table cloth and silvery cutlery glow like they were on fire. The gloom and shadows didn't detract from Helen Parr's looks, rather they added to it, making her seem mysterious and hidden, or as least as mysterious and hidden as a woman with two oversized melons hanging over the top of her dress can be. Vi uncorked the wine as her Mom put out the first course and sat opposite her.

There were three courses in all. And as they talked and ate their way through them Vi felt herself getting hornier and hornier, until she felt like she was going to explode. Her Mom was immune to the effect she was having, she seductively licked the last of the ice-cream from her spoon, moving her tongue so slowly it was almost like she wanted to give the cutlery an orgasm. She put it down on the table, "I better wash-up, shouldn't I?" the smile on Helen's face suggested she was expecting to clean in the morning.

"No," said Vi. She was glad she didn't squeak, seeing her Mom purring with sexuality was almost overpowering her vocal chords, "We'll have an early night."

"I love it when you take control," giggled Helen. She held out her hand to Vi and stood up.

Vi moved behind her Mom and gripped her butt, "Well you'll enjoy this because I'm going to take you upstairs. Strip you and then fuck that cute little behind so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week," Vi thought there was an irony that when it came to fucking she could be so dominant, whilst in everything else she was so meek and mild she was bullied by mice.

"I'll be your little fuck-toy," Helen arched her back and pushed herself into Vi, as the teen's hands moved from her Mom's butt, up her waist to grasp at the large titties.

Vi pulled at the nipples, leaning her head into the cradle of her Mom's neck and spitting out her tongue to dab at the flesh, "You'll be my fuck-bunny, a dirty whore whose ass I'll gape so much you could stuff your head up there."

That didn't quiet have the effect Vi wanted as she quickly banished the thought from her head. That was the trouble with having a lover who was made of elastic, anatomically impossible things became commonplace. It didn't seem to have given her Mom the same vision as the Milf just pressed herself closer against her daughter. "Mmnnn, I want you to fuck me so hard I burst."

Luckily Vi pushed that vision out of her head before it fully formed; she didn't reply just in case her imagination led her into more and more outlandish leaps. Instead she moved her hands back down to her Mom's butt and started to push at her, "Upstairs, now."

Helen almost skipped up the stairs and into their shared room. She twisted as she entered the door and turned on the light. Vi blinked at the sudden illumination and blinked again as her Mom moved to the middle of the room and began to slide down the straps of her dress. They slid down her arms and her dress dropped to her waist, "You like?" she asked.

Vi moved to the bed and took off her boots, "Get naked fuck-bunny," she smiled.

Helen cupped her titties in her hands, leaning forward to blow a Marilyn Monroe kiss. Vi could feel herself getting wetter as her Mom's hand reached down for the dress again and slid the thin material down her thighs. Underneath her see-through panties a small tuft of hair was visible, an inch or so above the slit. Vi unbuckled her own jeans and slid them down, keeping her eye on her Mom's sexy crotch, "I thought I said to get naked," her mouth was dry.

Helen gave a sexy pout and slid down her panties, revealing her alluring twat, "Look, it's all wet."

"So it is," grinned Vi. Her Mom's juice was glimmering in the light, little sparkles of dewdrop on her flesh. She pulled off her T-shirt. Her Mom stood up right, but extended her arms to undo her shoes. Vi put up her hand, "Keep them on for first bout, fuck-bunny."

"The first bout?" murmured Helen as if someone had just given her the Crown Jewels as a birthday present.

"It is our anniversary," explained Vi. She pulled off her panties and dropped them to the floor, before unclipping her bra. It followed the panties. She put her hands on her hips and regarded her lover, "Make your titties smaller, it's a nightmare trying to slam your twat with those melons hammering my ears."

"My pussy? I thought you were going to fuck my ass" Helen sounded disappointed, but reduced her tit size to a more manageable portion anyway.

"For starters," grinned Vi. Her Mom immediately perked up. She perked up more as Vi reached into their sex-toy drawer and pulled out her Mom's favourite strap-on, eleven inches, with ribs for extra pleasure. She pulled it up her thighs and clipped it in place as her Mom salivated.

She walked towards her Mom, stopping in front of her and pushing her with the palm of her hand so Helen ended up on the dresser. There was a clatter of lipstick and blusher as the Milf cleared some space. Vi reached down and spread her Mom's legs, moving into the space created, "That juicy cunt wants some rubber doesn't it?"

"It does," gulped Helen, her eyes fixated on her daughters, "It wants a big rubber dick in it."

"Like this?" Vi leaned forward so the top of the dildo entered her Mom.

Helen groaned, pushing her head back against the mirror, "Deeper."

"Like this?" Vi slid the cock half it's length down.

"Deeper," Helen's legs reached up to wrap round Vi's waist, her high heels lightly digging into the soft flesh of her daughter.

"Like this?" Vi said for the third time. She moved forward until the strap-on was buried up to the hilt in her Mom's juicy cunt and her thighs were rubbing against the Milf's flesh.

"Yes, that's it," groaned Helen. Still lying on her back she extended her arms so that her hands were gripping Vi's shoulders, "Fuck me Vi."

Vi began to slam the cock in. Beneath her Helen bucked and groaned as the dildo hit her clit. The Milf's tits wobbled as she was pounded and her eyelids fluttered like a butterfly. The harder and faster Vi went the more she lubricated her Mom and the more the hole opened to accommodate the big toy. Vi slammed down, enjoying the way that each shove made her Mom's body shake with passion. Mom cum leaked from the slit, over Helen's labia and onto the dresser, until little pools formed on the lacquered surface.

Helen was gasping and groaning, her hands gripping hard at Vi's shoulders, squeezing and massaging the teen's flesh in a most desirable way. Vi hammered quicker and quicker, her buttocks ratcheting back and forth as she shoved the dildo deep into her lover. The friction from Helen's high-heels burnt at her buttocks, but it was an energising burn, not a painful one. Helen's mouth opened "Oh God, fuck me, fuck me, fill my cunt, fill my dirty little twat."

It was being filled, filled so much that it couldn't keep the juice in. Helen's cunt was slick and wet, and drops of perspiration began to form on her forehead. There was a continued clump as her head hit the mirror and a squeak as the wooden dresser protested against her weight being pushed into it. Vi moved even faster, turned into a superhero by her Mom's high pitched groans. The touch of the Milf sent shivers of excitement through her, excitement she transferred into Helen until her Mom was screaming and her body was arched so much her spine was nearly double, "Oh baby, that's it baby, you're so good..."

Vi had fucked her Mom enough to know when Helen was on the edge of an orgasm, the red hot flushes which came to her Mom's cheeks, the quivering of her body, the short, sharp gasps of breath. Sometimes Vi liked to stop then and listen to her Mom's desperate pleas, before entering again to drive her to orgasm. But tonight, on their anniversary, she didn't want to tease her Mom, but pleasure her. She hammered harder down her Mom's hole. Helen gripped and ungripped her fists, "Yesssss, yessss, yesssss, I'm cuuuummmminnnggg."

The Milf screamed as the orgasm tore into her and her legs clasped Vi so hard the teen felt her inside's shake in rhythm with her Mom's volcanic shakes. Slowly the teen pulled out the cock, her Mom's juice dripped from it and onto the floor. Helen's legs relaxed and she dropped them from round her daughter. Her eyes closed and after a brief pause re-opened, "That was... you were..."

Vi leant down and helped her Mom to her feet, "Fucking ace?" she suggested smiling.

Helen grinned back, her legs still struggled to hold her weight, so she had to lean against the dresser. She nodded, "Fucking ace."

"I had a dirty whore to work with, it makes it easy," Vi reached her arms round her Mom, pulling her close. The older woman's tits rubbed against the small plums of Vi and Helen giggled as Vi hand's reached for her ass. For a second Vi looked up into her Mom's eyes, her beautiful face with its seductive mouth and cute nose.

"A very sexy, dirty whore," she murmured and opened her mouth. Her Mom slid her tongue downward between her daughter's lips. They kissed passionately, hands rolling over each other's bodies and flesh so close together the sweat of one became the sweat of the other. Vi moved and probed with her tongue, enjoying the intimate softness of her lover's mouth. Slowly they moved over to the bed, not breaking their touch, until they dropped on it and spread apart.

"I'm going to fuck you again," Vi got off the bed and undid her Mom's high heels. She dropped them to the floor, "You want that?"

Helen shuffled up the bed, "I want your big toy in me," she said.

Vi got back on the bed and crawled towards the Milf, the large toy dangling between her thighs, "Where do you want me to put it?" she grinned.

Reaching down Helen rubbed her slit and gave a moan, "I want it in my ass. I want you to put that big toy in my tight asshole and fuck me to pieces."

Quickly Vi put to one side the vision of her screwing a dismembered torso, "I want to watch you as it goes in. I want to see you screw up that pretty little face screw up as my dildo rips into you."

"Mmmnnn, yes," Helen's pussy was leaking again. She shifted her legs up and twisted her ankles so that they were crossed behind her head. Using her hands she lifted herself into position so that her asshole was sticking up. The hole looked so tight and so small that if Vi hadn't known better she'd have thought her Mom was an anal virgin.

Vi ran her finger over the closed hole, "So tight," she murmured.

"Let me open it up," smiled Helen. Her arm expanded to an inhuman length and she held out a finger. Vi gulped lustfully as Helen slid a finger up her rectum. The older woman's expression changed from lust to pleasure as she wiggled it back and forth. She didn't open it much Vi was happy to see, she wanted that pleasure for herself, but just enough that Vi could put in the tip of the dildo without any effort.

Vi moved her hands so they were palm down either side of Helen and the teen was hovering above the Milf. Helen's breath was coming in short excited gasps, even though the cock was in so little it would be tickling rather than pleasuring. Vi looked down at her Mom, the older woman's faced was flushed with excitement and her bosom heaving so hard it looked like she was having a heart attack. Vi gave a quirky smile, "I'll be gentle, shall I?"

For a second Helen looked horrified, slowly her face relaxed and a smile crossed her features as Vi's grin told her that her daughter was only teasing. Wiggling her butt, Helen licked her lips, "No, give it me rough, baby. Fuck me hard, fuck me like you want to split my ass."

"One ass-wrecking coming up," Vi steeled herself momentarily and then slammed down hard, pushing aside all resitance to bury the cock up her Mom's ass. A series of expression crossed her Mom's face, excitement, pain, lust and finally rapture. The Milf let out a scream of pleasure and her feet beat a tattoo against her own skull. Vi was levering herself up in seconds, before hammering down. There was less resistance than before, but from the wince that came from her Mom, enough to still be sore. Vi paused, "I am going to ram that ass."

Helen barely had time to nod before Vi was slamming down again and again and again. The older woman screeched in pleasure, gripping and pulling at the bedding. Her back arched and her legs twisted even more. Each thrust opened her more, allowing Vi easier access and the easier it became the more Vi could speed up, until she was like an express train ramming into the open hole. Helen screamed again, "Oh that's it, fuck open my ass."

Juice dribbled from Helen's cunt, as the sexual excitement rushed continually through her body. Her bobbed hair was messed, strands sticking out, matted with sweat and all in all looking like she had stuck her finger in a socket. Of course Vi slamming into her ass was producing plenty of electricity of a different sort, "Take it all, take my big fucking dildo."

Vi was sweating like she'd been boxing in a sauna. Rivulets ran down her body, leaving wet scars like the mark of molten metal. More stuck to her skin, giving it a deep sheen. And yet more dripped down her where they sizzled against her Mom's red-hot body. Helen gave another screech, "Oh, baby, do me hard, you know what I like."

Helen was out of control, shaking like an earthquake had exploded within her. Her hands were ripping at the quilt and whilst her mouth was open no recognisable words were coming out. She screamed harder and harder and suddenly snapped back as the orgasm poured into her. Vi felt the dildo being pushed out as her Mom literally looped the loop and ended on face, breathing heavily. Vi was panting as well. She forced herself to stand, even though she was exhausted and pulled off the strap-on. She briefly considered putting going to the bathroom to wash the toy or at least putting it away. But the two bouts had left her too tired, so she dropped it on the floor. Helen had managed to pull back the covers and Vi flopped next to her. She could feel her Mom squeeze into her, "Happy Anniversary Vi."

"Happy Anniversary, Mom," Vi replied and snuggled up to sleep.

* * *

The water was a deep red as Claire Bennet's life blood pumped into the bath. Unbidden a line from a play, she couldn't remember which one, came to her, 'Who would have thought the old man had so much blood in him?'. Claire had never thought of herself as a literary type, so the memory came as a surprise. If she hadn't been pumping out so much blood she might have cared, but she didn't, she was too tired, too weak. The knife, taken from the kitchen, dropped from her hand. There was a dull clump, muffled by the water, as it hit the bottom of the bath. She closed her eyes, "To die, to sleep," she murmured.

The rest of the soliloquy came to her, half remembered from a school play and she began to whisper it;

"No more - and by a sleep to say we end
"The heartache and the thousand natural shocks
"That flesh is heir to - 'tis a consummation
"Devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep
"To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, there's the rub,
"For in that sleep of death what dreams may come."

She opened her eyes again and looked at her wrists. The ragged gashes were closing. With a sigh Claire levered herself out of the bath, "Attempt seven."

Pulling out the plug, she watched as the red water gurgled out the plug hole. The white ceramic was still stained red, as if suicide had taken place in it. Well, she smiled wryly, one had except the suicidee was standing alive and well, and thinking she needed to clean up the stains before her Mom or Kyle came up. Pulling some paper from the roll, Claire lent over and began to mop up the stains. By the time she had finished she had used most of the roll. She hoped her Mom wasn't keeping track of toilet paper usage or else she be worried that Claire had picked up some dreadful bowel infection.

She flushed the toilet and put on her dressing gown, sliding the knife into her pocket. She'd need to return it before it was missed. Downstairs she could hear Kyle playing on a video game in front of the TV and her Mom clumping about picking up various bits of detritus Claire and Kyle had left round the house. Claire walked into the kitchen and slid the knife back into the rack.

"How was your bath?"

Claire jumped and turned round guiltily, did her Mom know. She didn't look she did, her expression radiated concern, but it seemed more to do with scaring her daughter as Sandra Bennet added, "Sorry did I startle you?"

Claire shrugged, "No biggie, I was just thinking."

Her Mom smiled, "A boy I suppose."

Claire blushed, hoping her Mom would think that was the reason. But Claire didn't ever think about boys, not even when she wasn't thinking about suicide. She looked at her Mom who was giving her a knowing smile, not aware of how wrong she was. Claire forced a smile back, trying to appear normal, "Something like that," she said, "Anyway I've got practice first thing in the morning, better get an early night."

"Night," Sandra offered her cheek.

Claire didn't take it, if she had she'd have smelt her Mom's perfume and that might be fatal, though unfortunately in her case, not literally so. Instead she just smiled, "See you tomorrow."

She closed her bedroom door behind her and slid in the bolt. Luckily her Mom was astute enough to realise that teenage girls needed their privacy, even if she thought the only reason was to keep out pesky younger brothers and their friends. Claire slipped out of her dressing gown and pulled off her nightdress. She walked to the mirror and examined her naked body, it was flawless and perfect. It shouldn't have been, it should have been torn and scarred, a putrid mess as she rotted in a coffin. A few months ago the school counsellor had lectured them on self-harm, it was a call for help, she said and we all need to look out for the signs. But, Claire thought, what use was self-harm if no-one even notices and your wounds just close up like sand under water.

Bending down Claire reached under her bed, stretching until she felt the cardboard box. She pulled it out and opened the lid. A naked woman pouted on the cover of a magazine, her hands strategically placed so that newsagents would be willing to stock it. She quickly flicked through until she came to her favourite. It had become a habit, horror would course through her as she fantasised about doing disgusting things with other women, she would try to commit suicide in self-pity and fail. And as the depression settled she needed to cheer herself by looking at naked women doing disgusting things with each other.

She flicked to her favourite spread, the pages were worn and she had several times to peel them apart. Soon the magazine would be useless, already the print from one photo was stuck across the picture opposite it. Sitting cross legged, Claire began to look at the pictures, with one hand she rubbed at her pussy. It was disgusting, why couldn't she be normal, why couldn't she like boys and not be indestructable, why did she have to be a freak. What made it worse was that the woman peeling apart her butt-cheeks looked too much like her Mom for comfort. It wasn't her, of course, despite them being around the same age and with similar hair styles, that would have been too gross for words. At least the teen inserting the toy in the older woman's ass was a redhead, not a blonde, even if she was half-wearing a cheerleader uniform.

Claire's eyes swam as she stared down, imaging the women's movements and their cries of passion. She rubbed harder at her pussy, her palm was wet with her cum. It leaked over her hand and down onto the bed. Harder and harder she rubbed, letting out little moans, "Oh yesss, yesss, yesss."

In her mind's eye she could see a nubile young woman, one part Michelle Trachtenberg, one part Eliza Dushku approaching her and dropping between her legs. The vision tossed back her hair and moved towards Claire's twat. With a gasp Claire stopped and the imaginary lover zapped away. Hurriedly she closed the magazine and thrust the box back under the bed. She got under the covers and drew them up tight, like there was a monster sitting at the end of her bed. She was a freak, a horrible disgusting freak...
_ _ _

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