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Heroes /Incredibles: Heroines Part 3 - Vi In charge (Ff,inc,anal)
by LL

Helen Parr lived for the weekend. All during the week she had to share Vi with school, but on weekends she got her daughter all to herself. Sometimes during the week Helen had to be the Mom, to tell Vi to do her homework or to turn down her music; on weekends Vi took control and became the head of the household. And finally, and most importantly, weekends left more time for hot, heavy, passionate fucking.

The house was silent, no sound to show that Jack-Jack was awake. The only noise was the light breathing of Vi lying beside her, an armed draped round her Mom. Slowly Helen turned over, careful not to wake to the sleeping teen, until she was facing her beautiful lover. The quilt had fallen away, revealing a small tit, partially covered by Vi's dark hair. Her mouth was ajar, hardly open, just enough to show her pearly white teeth. Helen looked at her, Vi was so perfect looking, slender and shapely, sexy and seductive. Even just looking at her made Helen lustful.

It was lovely watching Vi sleep, but it also meant time was awasting. It was time for the teen to wake up, Helen decided, but in the best way possible. Gently she disengaged Vi's arm from over her and placed it next to the teen. That done, the Milf slithered down under the bedclothes. There was a sleepy moan from Vi as her Mom moved her onto her back. For a second Helen paused afraid she had woken the sleeping beauty, but there was no more sound or movement from the teen as she drifted back into sleep.

Lowering her head Helen puckered her lips and gave her daughter's pussy a tender kiss. Slowly she kissed around the lips and the skin beside them. Above her she could a yawn and there was a little shiver of movement as Vi began to wake. Helen smiled, she was better than any alarm clock. She lowered her head again, this time she opened her mouth and slid her tongue out, gently tickling the flesh round the hole. There was another yawn and Vi's legs shifted, one pushing out to allow greater access to her cunt, the foot on the other rubbing through Helen's silk nightdress at her flesh.

Helen paused and smiled, "Are you awake?"

"Mmmnnn," came a sleepy reply, "I think...."

Helen smiled more broadly and dipped her face again. This time she slid the tongue down her daughter's hole. Vi stirred and gave a deep moan as Helen licked around. She moved slowly at first, barely pressing at the flesh and seldom hitting the clit. But as Vi's movements became more pronounced and less sleepy Helen licked faster. Her tongue spun through the cum, lapping the juice up as she hammered at the clit. Above her she could hear Vi's cries, even muffled by the bedding over them, Helen could hear the pleasure. Vi's body was arching with each touch, her back lifting off the mattress and her knees lifting the quilt. It flapped, sending shivers of cool air over Helen. Even so covered under it and with her head dug deep between Vi's thighs Helen was soaking with sweat. It dripped down her hair and flooded down her back.

"Aaaarrrghhh, I'm cuuummminnng," shrieked Vi, now fully awake. Cum jetted from her twat and into her Mom's mouth. Helen drank it down and crawled up her daughter's body to emerge smiling from under the covers just next to Vi's erect titties. The teen stroked her Mom's hair, "Morning Mom, that was a nice wake-up call."

"Glad you liked it, have you any plans for us today?"

Vi put her hands under her head and leant back on them, "You mean apart from lots of sweaty fucking?"

"Mmmnn, that sounds good," Helen crawled further up the teen's body, rubbing her skin against Vi as she moved. The vibrations which coursed through her body were luxuriating.

"I plan to use your ass as a trampoline," Vi continued, "I'm going to put on a great big-strap on and fuck that tight hole until I can stick a melon up there. Then... then's a surprise..."

"You're just making it up as you go along," scolded Helen with a smile.

"I prefer to call it spontaneity," laughed Vi. There was a light cry from the neighbouring bedroom, "Sounds like Jack-Jack is awake. You better get up and make breakfast."

Helen got out of bed and pulled off her nightdress. She went over to the wardrobe and turned to face Vi, "What do you want me to wear, pants or dress?"

Vi lay back considering for a moment, "Slacks, and I think that blue blouse; you know the one that looks good when you don't wear a bra."

Helen nodded. It was much easier checking what Vi wanted her to wear than choosing it herself, "What about panties? Or do you want me to go commando?"

Vi shrugged, "I'll let you decide."

* * *

Vi took the money from the ATM machine and passed it to her Mom, "Don't spend it all at once," she smiled as she took the card out of the machine and slid it back into her purse.

"There's more here than usual," replied Helen in surprise

Vi smiled again, since she'd taken control of the Parr's finances she doled out a budget each week for her Mom to spend on groceries, bills and the odd treat. It was sometimes nice to slip in a little extra to see her Mom's reaction, "I'm sure you'll spend it wisely," she slid her arm round her Mom's waist, "Let's grab a coffee, before we hit the Mall."

Helen nodded and allowed Vi to guide her to the coffee shop. Once seated Vi ordered a couple of cappuccinos. It was good to be alone with her Mom; Jack-Jack was with Edna Mode for the day, allowing the lovers a bit of couple time. She looked across at Helen, the Milf had bigged up her tits so they were straining against her light blue blouse, which was unbuttoned far enough to see the top of the globes. The push of the nipple against the cotton acted as reminder that Helen wasn't wearing a bra underneath.

Sipping at her cappuccino Vi slid her foot up her Mom's calf. Helen gave a little squeak and spurted a little coffee from her mouth. She smiled at Vi and the teen silently mouthed back, "Going to fuck your tramp butt later."

Helen giggled, "Looking forward to it," she murmured.

Vi moved her hand across the table and rested it on her Mom's. Her fingers reached out and she stroked the back of it, silently mouthing, "That's because you're a slutty whore."

Again Helen giggled in delight, but any response she was about to make was silenced by, "Violet."

Vi went deep red, apart from her Mom, no-one ever talked to her in public. She turned. Beside her was Claire Bennet, it being a Saturday she was in civvies rather her normal cheerleader uniform, but her civilian attire was still an awfully short skirt and t-shirt which was a size too small. She was artfully juggling three coffee cups and from the blush of her cheeks was as embarrassed as Vi. The blonde forced a smile, "Hi Violet."

Her heart hammering, Vi gripped her Mom's hand so hard that Helen winced. Her brain went blank, she knew that she was supposed to say something, but nothing came. Luckily Helen saw her discomfort and stepped in, "Hi I'm Helen Parr, Claire's Mom," Claire looked down at Vi holding her Mom's hand and added, "and lover."

"Oh, cool," replied Claire, if she'd gone any redder she'd have been up for best grown tomato at the Summer Fair. She turned to Vi, "You're a ..."

As Claire tailed off, Vi felt a sudden surge of relief. She'd always thought Claire was so self-confident and in control that she could crunch ice between her perfect buttocks without wincing, but perhaps she wasn't, perhaps, just perhaps, she was as shy and nervous as Vi. It was a new feeling for Vi to make someone uncomfortable, and if she couldn't say she enjoyed it, it was certainly liberating. She deliberately stroked the back of Helen's hand, "A lesbian?"

"Yes," Claire nodded emphatically, as if whilst she couldn't say the word, she didn't want any confusion to exist between them. She paused, "How can you?"

Vi bristled. For a few seconds she'd been beginning to like the cheerleader, but she was as judgmental and snotty as every other spoilt, blonde witch. It was a question that needed an answer which would put the bitch back in her place, "I just take her home and fuck her, hard, up the ass. That's how I can."

If it was possible for Claire to go even redder she managed it. She stepped from foot to foot and looked around nervously, "That's not what I mean. I mean... It's simply... Well you know what I mean...."

Vi knew that Claire was a homophobic bitch princess. Probably fancied girls herself and was too buttoned up to admit she wanted to go down on the entire cheerleading squad, "Oh and she licks my pussy a treat. She stuffs her pretty slut face into my cunt and licks my clit until its shining clean," she spat out.

She was rewarded with a look of horror, Claire shuddered so much she almost dropped her coffees. She backed away nervously, as if lesbianism was as contagious as chickenpox, "Well, nice to see you Violet. Have a good weekend."

If Vi had been allowed to use her powers in public Claire would have been riding a wave of energy to the roof. As she wasn't she just gave the cheerleader a dirty scowl, "Piss off Princess."

Claire scuttled away like her feet was on fire, so fast that the coffee split over the rim and left splashes of brown on the tiled floor. Vi scowled as she left, before turning back to her Mom, "Sorry about that."

"It's not your fault, you don't always need to be so defensive," Helen replied; whether the comment was about the apology or Vi's reaction to Claire's comment was left unsaid.

Vi nodded, "Tell you what, you look like a woman who needs some slutty lingerie. My treat."

* * *

Helen had barely parked the car before she'd popped the trunk and was rushing inside festooned with her packages. Vi got out more slowly, "I'll unpack the groceries, shall I?" she said sarcastically

Helen stopped, torn between being a good housewife and trying on the sexy new lingerie Vi had brought her. Vi saw her Mom's dilemma and gave a melodramatic sigh, "I'll unpack, you try on your gear."

"Love you," said Helen, she waited for a reply, but typically none was forthcoming. Helen was sure Vi did love her, but it would be nice if the teenager said it once in a while. Still, she thought as she rushed upstairs with her new underwear, actions spoke louder than words.

Quickly Helen got out of her clothes. She pulled out the first of her treats, a daring blue thong. She pulled it up her legs, the back string slid into her butt, she was impressed with how comfortable it was. Looking in the mirror she saw that the front patch covered her slit, but only just and even then it was so tight that the outline of her lips was recognisable. She gave a quick pose, before pulling out the top that went with it. It was a matching blue cropped vest. With her tits expanded it bulged in the right places, just covering her nipples and flapping above her belly button, its glittering gold star shone in the mirror as Helen pranced. The outfit made her look ten years younger and an extremely fuckable thirty year old with that. She bent over, twisting her head round so she could see the thong ride up her crack, it was just the outfit for loitering round the house on a warm day. And, as an added bonus, Vi would love it.

Not as much as she love the second outfit they'd bought. If the thongs and top were daywear, the items in the last bag were definitely hot and steamy nightwear. She quickly stripped again and opened the bag. First of all she pulled out the white, net bra. Putting it on she admired herself in the mirror, it worked best when she made her tits larger than average, so the nipples pushed over the top and the bra held them in place. Helen wiggled, bouncing the boobs. Yes, this worked. And it worked even better when she pulled up the lacy stockings and snapped the suspenders in place. Not only did the silk feel so smooth and sensual against her skin, but they looked great. The outfit came with a pair of panties, but Helen wasn't bothered with them; after all she knew where Vi was interested in and she didn't want to block either the view or access.

Now she was 'dressed' Helen cleared away the packaging and got onto their bed. Drawing up one leg and turning slightly on her side, she called downstairs, "Vi, baby..."

"Are you ready?" Vi replied, she was skilled in reading her Mom's intention.

"I'm very hot," Helen replied, not quiet answering the question.

It obviously told Vi enough as a few seconds later she appeared in the doorway. Helen licked her lips and pushed her torso upwards, her tits wobbled dangerously. A slow smile flitted across her face as she looked down at Helen, "Yes, I can see you must have been a bit warm."

Seductively Helen slowly shifted her pose, dropping her knee slowly down and shifting more onto her back so that her slit was fully exposed to her daughter. She reached down a finger and pushed it into her cunt, wiggling it around, before pulling it out. The juice glinted on the digit as Helen held it up, "So hot," she purred, "even my little twat is sweating."

She didn't wait for a reply from her daughter, merely putting the finger into her mouth and slowly licking her own cum off it. Vi grinned and moved forward, "If you're so hot, perhaps I should leave you alone to cool off?" she teased, "I could open a window if that helps."

Luckily Helen knew how to react. She gave a slow, sensual grin and arched her back, stretching herself and showing off her titties, "You could..." she paused for dramatic effect, "or you could fuck me like a bitch until you're as hot and sweaty as me."

"That sounds fun," admitted Vi, with a cocky grin, "but you're going to have to work for it."

Helen rolled onto her back and watched as her daughter stripped. Vi had such a beautiful body, with her small, but perfectly formed tits, her smooth tight snatch, her firm toned stomach and slender frame. Just watching her made Helen even hornier, filled with carnal cravings which she hoped would soon be fulfilled. But these with mixed with a more spiritual feeling; with Vi Helen could be herself and that every moment without her was a moment lost to eternity. It was a feeling she hadn't felt since her early years with her dead husband. But over the last few years it had rocketed back with a vengeance. If this was what love was... well it was perfection.

The teen finished undressing and sat on the corner chair, spreading her legs and running a hand over her pussy, "Are you my horny, sexy slut?" she asked.

"I am," purred Helen. She pushed herself along the bed, raising her ass, "You want me, you get me."

"Mnnmm, sounds good, but tell me who you are," Vi ran a finger past her pussy lips, which quivered and vibrated.

"I'm Helen Parr and I'm a fucking slut. In fact I'm a dirty, whoreish skank. A complete nasty, cheap, hooker who likes nothing better than getting her slutty, whore ass fucked and gaped. I'm a cunt on legs, just waiting to be filled with dirty big strap-ons. I'm the sluttiest, whore you've ever met, a dirty bitch who does anything," purred Helen.

"Ohhhh, you sound like a total slut," Vi breathed heavily. She slid her fingers in an inverted V over her pussy and pulled apart the hole, "Tell me more."

Helen wracked her brains for a second, before coming up with a new spiel, "I love putting my tramp face between a teen's legs and licking her sweet snatch until she gushes over me. I love big rubber dildos being rammed up my nasty, tight pussy. I love lying on my front as some teen cutie pounds my ass until its sore. I love it afterwards as she makes me clean it with my mouth."

The Milf paused and watched as her daughter slid a finger up her cunt. Slowly Vi worked the digit back and forth. The movement of it, the tiny quivers of the lips and expression on Vi's face fascinated Helen. She couldn't help moving to touch herself. Her own pussy was damp, it became damper as she began to rub the flesh with a couple of fingers. She continued to look at her delectable daughter, noticing that Vi was also watching her masturbate. Then Vi's eyes flicked up and momentarily locked with her Mom's, they both smiled, aware that the others sensuality was the only aphrodisiac they need. Helen began to speed up, silently daring Vi to match her. The teen did, slamming her finger into her slit, until juice was seeping out. The breath of the two women came in stuttered sobs of excitement. Helen could feel her face reddening, and see the same thing happening to Vi as the two of them thrust away.

"Uuuurrhhh," Vi gave a deep moan and pushed herself back into the seat.

The sight of Vi cumming was enough to push Helen over the edge. She started to gasp loudly, still striking away, "Oooh, oooh, oooohh," she groaned as the orgasm brewed up in her.

Vi leant back, and licked her lips, "Oh you are a nasty, dirty whore. Fingering yourself over me, that's sluttish."

Helen wiped a strand of hair from her head, "I told you I was a dirty, whoreish skank."

Vi stood up. She didn't so much walk as saunter over to the bed, her hips swinging from side to side. The bed bounced as she got on it and looked down at Helen. The teen reached out a hand and brushed it over Helen's cunt. It slipped through the cum coating Helen's twat lips. Vi raised her palm and sensually licked the juice away, "Why Mommy, what a juicy pussy you have."

"Mmmnn," Helen could see the cum glistening in her daughter's hole, "So have you baby, your tight little cunt looks good enough to eat."

To make sure Vi got the hint Helen licked her lips and put on a ravenous expression. Vi may sometimes have been a tease, but she wasn't stupid. She knew what her Mom wanted and from her smile it was obvious she wanted exactly the same thing. Reaching down Vi ran her finger over Mom's cummy slit "I'll let you eat mine, if you let me eat yours."

Helen barely had time to say, "It's a deal," before Vi was lowering her pussy on her Mom's face. Wriggling Vi moved into position, guided by her Mom's tongue, until her tasty twat was directly over Helen's mouth. The pussy was already dripping juice, falling into Helen's open mouth and she could taste the sweetness of her daughter, her favourite, refreshing drink. Helen moved her tongue up the hole as Vi bent over and spread her Mom's legs. Not wanting to move to far ahead Helen contented herself with gentle laps of pussy as Vi pushed open her own hole and began to move her tongue lightly round its edge.

It felt wonderful to have Vi exploring her whilst at the same time she pleasured her daughter. Vi felt the same way, squeezing her knees against her Mom's head in excitement. The teen stuck her tongue in a little further, pushing against the walls. Helen quickly replicated the action, she always liked to let Vi lead on their frequent sixty-nines. Another drip of juice dropped from Vi's slit and onto Helen's tongue. The Milf savoured the taste as it slid over the tongue and down the back of her throat. Her daughter's pussy was so lovely, like honey waffles in the morning.

"Mmwwwhh," Helen couldn't stop the muffled grunt of pleasure as Vi started to hit her clit. At first it seemed so tender, it was like she was clipping it by accident. However Helen knew that Vi wasn't so klutzy, she could be a tease though. This was soon confirmed as Vi started to concentrate on the clit. Helen quickly located her daughter's bud and returned the favour. The faster one licked the quicker her lover reciprocated. Soon their tongues were hammering like humming bird wings, sending explosive waves of pleasure through both of them. Their bodies quivered and stretched with the orgasmic energy, but whilst there were pauses, neither stopped pleasuring the other.

"AAAarrghhh," Vi lifted her head and let out a heartfelt scream of pleasure. Her slick pussy squirted out cum. There seemed to be gallons of it, more than Helen could swallow. It coated her face and splashed over her cheeks and forehead to soak the bed and matt her hair. It couldn't have taken more than a few seconds, but to Helen it felt like many marvellous minutes. She gave a sigh as Vi lifted herself off her.

Perching beside her the teen smiled down, "You look like such a whore, soaked in your little girl's cum."

"Mmnn," agreed Helen. She licked away the sweet juice from her lips and chin. Slowly she extended her tongue so that it could lick the rest of her face. She didn't stop until she'd lapped up every last drop, leaving her face with a silvery sheen, "I am such a slut."

"And you're about to become a butt-fucked slut," Vi laughed as she got up off the bed and walked over to the toy drawer.

Helen watched in mounting excitement as Vi rummaged through the drawer, would her daughter pick a small one, built for speed, or a larger toy, one with ribs or even the one that squirted fake cum. Helen couldn't help but touch her cunt as she waited, everything else they'd done had been an appetiser, now was the time for the main course. Finally, after what seemed eternity, Vi made a choice. She slid it up her thighs and turned so her Mom could admire the ten inch red translucent rod dangling between her legs. Helen purred in lust, "Oh baby, give me your big fucking cock. Slam my tramp ass."

"Oh, I'm going to," Vi ran her hand over the toy as if she was gently masturbating it, "I am going to gape that gorgeous ass. I'm going to fuck you until you're screaming. I'll hammer that hole until you can't take any more."

The description of what Vi was planning made Helen hot; she could feel the reddening of her skin as her body contemplated the treat in store for it. Her throat was dry and she licked her lips and tried to swallow some saliva, "Oh baby..." she managed to murmur.

"Turn on your side, facing away from me," instructed Vi. Helen did as she was told. She felt the mattress shift as Vi got on the bed. The teen moved closer to her, the toy pushing against one of Helen's cheeks and Vi's small pert titties rubbed against her Mom's naked back. Helen could feel the young woman's warmth and the movement of her diaphragm as she breathed. One of Vi's hands reached round and cupped one of her Mom's tits. She gently fondled it as Helen groaned in lust as her daughter played with the nipple until it was erect. Vi kissed the back of the Milf's neck, "God, you are so sexy, my dirty whore."

"Mmmnnh," groaned Helen. The feeling was mutual, she never felt so good as when Vi was loving her. She gave another groan as Vi's hand moved from her tit and slid down her stomach to end as her pussy. The teen extended a finger and teasingly moved it round the lips, flicking them back and forth. Helen repeated "Mmmnnnhhh."

"Do you want it now? Do you want my big strap-on in your tight ass?" asked Vi, as if either Helen had a choice or might refuse.

"I want it baby, I want it now," groaned Helen.

Vi slid on of her legs over the top of Helen's thigh and with her spare hand guided the toy so that its tip was touching the Milf's puckered butt-hole. She gently pushed, opening the hole and moving the top of the toy in. Helen shuddered in pleasure and lust, her body shaking as the rubber pushed apart her ass walls, "Oh baby, baby, baby, give it me all."

There was an indistinct murmur from Vi. But she gripped her Mom's stomach and pressed herself forward. Helen gave another moan as more of the cock slid into her. It was a bit sore, but that was nothing compared to the waves of feeling that were unleashed; each inch that went it intensified the pleasure. She gave a grunt and pushed her back so hard against Vi she squashed the teen's titties back, "That's it. Feed Mommy your cock. Open her dirty back fuckhole."

Giggling Vi ran her hand up and down her Mom's waist, "I'm opening it, don't panic. By the time I've finished you'll be so open you could drive a motorbike through your back tunnel."

Helen ignored the exaggeration, especially as Vi used the brief silence to push the dildo deeper into her ass. The tip was just tickling the edge of her anal G-spot, bringing hot flushes to Helen. She gave another moan, "More baby more."

Vi grunted and drove herself forward. Helen felt her daughter slap into her butt-cheeks, the collision sending such a vibration through the Milf that she could feel the bed under her rock. For a second it didn't seem to make any difference to her feelings, but as her anal G-spot realised it was being stimulated an explosion of pleasure burnt through the Milf. Helen breathed deeply, "Aaarrghhh that's it baby. That's the spot."

There was a pause as Vi waited her Mom's ass to get used to the foreign object buried deeply within it. The teen's nimble fingers played with her Mom's waist, beating a small, relaxing tattoo against the flesh. The interlude was brief. Without any warning Vi pulled the cock back and thrust forward again. With the hole opened, it slid down quickly, the rubber brushing strongly against the g-spot buried in the soft walls. Helen screamed again, "Uuurrghh, aaarrgghhh, fuck me, fuck me hard."

Vi slammed in and out. Her tits bounced against Helen's back, which got sweatier and sweatier. Each thrust sent waves through Helen as the toy was rammed in to its full length. There was a slapping sound as Vi crashed continually into her Mom's butt. The Milf wobbled and shook with each movement, and the bed creaked underneath her. Vi's hand had moved from Helen's waist and was holding the Milf's toned stomach. It would slightly slip now and then as she lost traction with the sweaty skin, but each time she'd reposition it. Harder and harder Vi went in, grunting in exertion as she battered the butthole. Helen gasped and yelled in joy, "Aaaarrrghh that's it. Fuck me like a whore," she closed her eyes as the explosive jolts ran through her like a being plugged to the mains. They merged faster and faster, "Aaaaarrgghhh, I'm cumming."

If Helen had worried that Vi would stop after one orgasm she needn't have been. The teen didn't even pause from filling her Mom. Beneath them the bed was soaked with their sweat, it poured off them both, dripping down their naked bodies. And it was the only liquid they were producing, cunt juice slid from their pussies, intermingling with the sweat in a strange aroma, before sliding down their skin and onto the sheets. Helen gasped and screamed again, Vi was on fire, giving her one of the best rides she'd had for ages. It was always good, but this was fantastic. Vi was moving like she was an Indianapolis 500 driver, fast, in control and hard. The dildo was banging down the chute, ramming against the walls and creating little air-pockets of pleasure, "Ohhhh, baby, that's it baby. Wreck my ass."

The pants of exertion coming from Vi were more pronounced as the exertions began to tell. Other lovers might have stopped or slowed down, but not Vi, thought Helen. The teen continued to push herself, desperate to give her Mom another orgasm before she stopped. It was one of the myriad of reasons Helen loved her. Helen shouted in encouragement, "Go baby go, slam my fucking butt."

The pants became louder, but the thrusts became harder. Until the little bangs became bigger explosions, reaching up like an nuclear blast through Helen's body, "Yessssss, yessssss, yessssss, aaaaarrrggghhhh," she screamed as she came.

Almost immediately Vi stopped, her breathing came in ragged bursts, though Helen, recovering from the orgasm, wasn't much more controlled. The teen slid one of her hands to take hold of one of Helen's. She squeezed it hard as she slid her other under the Milf's body and held it round her front, "Need... afternoon... sleep," the teen gasped.

Helen nodded, "Mmmnnhh me too. You tire me so."

Slowly they both drifted into a doze, the toy still buried deep in Helen.

* * *

Claire couldn't believe how stupid she felt. There was Vi, who not only had superpowers, but was a lesbo as well and all Claire had wanted to ask was how it worked; was it like in the magazines or did they do something else. Well she knew the answer, Vi fucked her Mom up the ass. The only problem was that Vi now thought that Claire was a dumb bitch, the goth probably thought Claire was snorting with laughter with her friends, rather than sitting miserably in her room. God it was always such a mess, it was as if her body wanted her to be a lesbian, but her mouth wanted her to be lonely. She had a vision of the future; locked in a loveless marriage, perfunctory sex once a month. Oh God, why couldn't she be out and confident like Vi was. Why couldn't she, instead of sitting in her room, moping, be out with some sexy vixen, naked and sweaty.

She sighed. Vi did it with her Mom, that should have seemed icky, but it didn't. It seemed erotic and fulfilling. An imagining of the two of them coupling sprang into Claire's mind. She unzipped her jeans and slid her hand down under her panties. There was a tiny tuft of pubic hair and she ran her finger through the downy fleece, as she thought about a naked Vi taking an equally naked Helen from behind.

Her finger slid into her pussy as she imagined Vi turning to her and offering her Helen's ass. The imaginary Claire stepped forward and drove her strap-on into the Milf. The harder she moved in the daydream the quicker her finger moved in reality. Claire moaned harder and harder as her finger hit her clit. The nail scratched at her bud, the light stabbing being drowned out by the excitement rising within her. She gave another groan, as she felt the juice cover her finger.

If being a lesbian was wrong, Claire wasn't sure she wanted to be right.

* * *

"Hello, my little lovebirds, are you up?" Edna Mode's call woke Vi out of her doze. She opened her eyes and looked at the alarm clock. They'd been sleeping for close to two hours. Beside her Helen stirred and stretched.

Vi gave a yawn herself as Helen shouted, "We'll be down in a minute."

"We better get this out first," murmured Vi. She gestured at the strap-on, still embedded in her Mom's ass. The hole had closed round it and Vi had to take her hands and push at her Mom's back, before it came out with a pop. Vi looked appreciatively at her Mom's ass, if it couldn't take a motorcycle it was still gaping.

She pulled off the strap-on and dropped it on the floor. Helen gave a small tut, Vi just smiled at her, "You can give it a clean later."

"I will," said Helen, who had long since moved beyond the stage where untidy rooms were a mark of teenage individuality. She walked over to the bedroom door and passed Vi her dressing gown, before slipping on her own.

Vi slid her arm round her Mom's waist and guided her down the stairs. Jack-Jack was asleep in his pram, on the sofa beside him sat Edna Mode, her oversized glasses making her eyes look like an owl and with one of those foul-smelling cigarettes in a holder in her hand. Vi frowned, but Edna ignored her; she always did when it came to nicotine. The older woman stood and dropped a piece of ash on the plate she was using as an ashtray, "So how was your afternoon? My, my darlink, from your healthy glow am I to guess Violet gave you some loving?"

"Er..." Helen blushed deep red, she blushed even deeper as Vi moved her hand down and squeezed her ass.

"Lots of loving," grinned Vi. Edna was the first person her Mom had told when she started being banged by Vi, only to find out Vi had already beaten her to it. The old woman might have the exterior of a rather bad-tempered secret policeman, but she had a heart of gold, being like an old maiden aunt to both Vi and Jack-Jack. Vi felt she could tell Edna everything and frequently did, "Lots of loving up the butt."

Edna gave a sigh and tapped some more ash onto the plate, "Aaacht, to be young and in love, my dear, vot a vonder."

"Thanks for looking after Jack-Jack," Helen was less comfortable than her daughter than discussing their sex life, though she was learning to cope with Vi's burst of openness. She walked over to the pram and tickled her son under his chin, his mouth opened as he yawned and cooed softly. Helen smiled at him, before looking up at Edna, "Has he been fed?"

"Ja, darlink," Edna reached out and took Helen's arm through hers, "A vord darlink, in private."

They walked into the kitchen as Vi picked up her brother. He giggled as she whirled him round. Her Mom and Edna weren't long; only a few minutes after they'd left the room they rejoined. Helen looked worried, but quickly rearranged her features as Vi looked at her, "Something wrong?"

"Nothing Vi. Nothing at all," Helen said.

But Vi noticed that when Edna left her Mom locked and chained the door.
_ _ _

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