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Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part 4 - Bracelets (FFf,anal,dp)
by LL

The phone rang in the kitchen. Elle and Mirage looked at each other, neither willing to pick it up.

"It's your turn," said Elle.

"No, its yours," replied Mirage. The phone continued to ring, in both their minds getting louder and more impatient. It was Mirage who cracked first, "Mirage here. Who's squeaking... speaking?"

The woman on the other end said, "Santa Claus... put it on speakerphone. I want Elle to hear this."

"Yes mistress," replied Mirage. She put down the handset and pressed the speakerphone tone.

"Can you hear us, Mistress," shouted Elle.

"Yes," came the woman's voice, "No need to shout."

"Sorry Mistress," replied Elle and Mirage in unison. Ever since they'd found out Claire was alive they were dreading this call, unsure how they would explain that the cheerleader had survived being run over. They had thought about lying, but if the Mistress found out they would be seen as deceptive rather than incompetent. All in all it was better to be thought foolish than dead.

"Claire Bennet is alive?" the Mistress asked. Mirage frowned, surely a better question would have been whether Claire Bennet was dead; unless of course their Mistress already knew about their foul-up. Mirage looked at Elle and nodded, they had agreed as it was Elle who had screwed up it would be Elle who told their boss. Or rather Mirage had decided, as she explained to Elle at least if the younger blonde said it the Mistress would be spared Mirage's description of how Elle couldn't even perform the simplest tasks.

Elle gulped and forced a smile, that her Mistress could not see, "She's alive mistress. I hit her full on, but I...I... she was a bit late for school though."

"Are you sure it was her?" asked the Mistress.

Elle looked horror struck, she hadn't thought that she might have hit the wrong person. Luckily Mirage had, "Yes mistress, I've scoured the papers for any hit and runs, nothing. It was her," she gave a quick smile for Elle to show there were no hard feelings, before continuing, "Obviously Elle didn't hit her properly, just a glancing blow."

"She bounced over the car," interjected Elle. She clicked her fingers and sparks flew between them. Mirage moved back, pulling out a taser and pointing it at the other woman.

"Good. You've both done well," said their Mistress.

"We have?" asked Mirage. She glanced at Elle, the younger woman shrugged and let her electricity subside. In turn Mirage pocketed the Taser.

"You have" purred their Mistress "and I have a treat for you..."

"What?" both Elle and Mirage spoke together, surprise evident in their voices.

There was a knock at the door. Both women looked at each other wondering whether to answer. It was their Mistress who decided them, "Aren't you going to get it?" she said, "it's your surprise."

Elle and Mirage nearly tripped over each other as they rushed to get it. It was a UPS deliveryman, not even an attractive deliveryman, but one who was fat and balding and who had seen better days.

"This is our surprise?" Elle looked at Mirage in disgust.

The man thrust a package at them, "Sign here."

Mirage scribbled her name, so indecipherably it was little more than a squiggly line. She closed the door behind her and opened the box, two bracelets fell out. They looked like they were fake gold with an even faker gem encrusted in them, way too gaudy for Mirage, though Elle might like them. Still, Mirage thought, it was best to flatter her mistress, "Thank you. We love them."

From the other end of the phone came a snort, "They're not for you to admire you fools. They magnify you thought patterns making the weak willed fall under your control. Weak willed people such as cheerleaders and I've got just the target for you..."

* * *

"I really don't need a lift to school," Vi put an emphasis on the really.

Helen ignored her and continued buckling Jack-Jack in his car seat. Only when she was sure he was secure did she get out of the back seat and face her daughter. Vi wasn't happy, no sixteen-year-old liked being dropped of by their Mom. Helen patted Vi's arm and smiled, best to try another tact, "Can't a woman drop her sexy lover off on the way to the shops?" she asked.

Vi shrugged and then nodded, her sulky expression lessened, "I guess so, but no kissing me goodbye."

"Okay," smiled Helen, concealing her disappointment, "but I thought you wanted to open about our sexuality."

Vi frowned, "I do. But no one at school's going to think we together. They'll just think you're way too overprotective."

Helen got into the car and put her keys in the ignition. Vi got into the passenger side and put her hand on her Mom's arm as Helen was about to turn the key, "We better do our goodbyes here then."

She leaned across the gears, opening her mouth and connecting with Helen's. Teenagers, thought Helen, she'd never understand them. That didn't stop her responding though, moving her mouth in time with Vi and running her tongue hard against her daughters. The teen stroked her Mom's thigh through the thin cotton of Helen's slacks, a sensual and soft touch. Eventually Vi pulled back, a trickle of saliva, either hers or Helen's trickled from her lips, "Bye, Mom, see you later."

Helen shrugged and started the engine. Jack-Jack sang loudly in the back, hitting his rattle against his car seat not quite in tune. Vi sat silently, perfecting her moody teen look for the day. Helen hated lying to her. In many ways Vi was a woman, the woman, Helen reminded herself as she thought about her still aching pussy. Vi had really, really slammed her cunt hard this morning. With Vi sexually in control, the dominant one of the two of them it was sometimes hard to remember she was only sixteen. The delectable, sexy creature pouting out the window was an adolescent, little more than a child. Okay, she was a hard banging, deadly fuckable adolescent, but that's what she was and sometimes Helen needed to protect her.

Normally she tried not to think of the day of her husband and son's death. But Edna's news had made her remember it. She had replayed the scenario again and again, wondering if there was anything she could do to stop it. A tearful Mirage screaming from the warehouse window that Syndrome had gone mad and was after her, blaming her for their failed plot. Gallant as always Mr Incredible had rushed in, followed by dash, less out of chivalry and more out of recklessness.

It had been a trap of course. In her nightmares Helen could still feel the heat as the warehouse had gone up in flames. Mirage had planned her escape almost perfectly, dropping like a cat, seconds before the explosion. Not totally perfect though. Neither Elastigirl or Vi had gone in. In all her life nothing would ever give Helen as much satisfaction as hitting Mirage's face, repeatedly, until the villain was blubbing like a baby and the cops were dragging Helen off.

And now Mirage and her cellmate, a borderline psychotic called Elle Bishop, had broken out of the Supervillain Correctional Facility. Edna said that probably the two of them had fled to somewhere safe, like Brazil or Thailand, away from the law. It was extremely unlikely that Mirage wanted to have another go at Helen. But it was Elastigirl who had put her behind bars and Helen wasn't going to risk it. Better to take Vi's wrath and drop her off at school for a few weeks, than find her with her throat cut.

She pulled up outside the school gates. Vi opened the door, slamming it shut so loudly that Helen's call of 'Bye Vi,' was lost.

Helen sighed and restarted the car engine. "Teenagers," she grunted to herself, "why do I love her so."

* * *

Luckily or unluckily, Helen Parr didn't look too closely at the parked cars as she drove off. Otherwise she might have seen Mirage reappear from where she'd ducked down, sliding under the steering wheel.

Elle looked at her ex-cellmate quizzically, "You missed some complete cuties. What was the matter?"

"I had an itch on my chest, I was trying to scratch," it wasn't a very convincing lie, both the snort of derision and the expression of disbelief told Mirage that Elle hadn't fallen for it. But the other woman didn't push it.

Instead Elle pointed at a young cheerleader hurrying in the school gates, "Is that the one?"

Mirage looked, not bad, not bad at all, she thought. Sometimes, very rarely, her Mistress did her minions a really big favour, "She'll do," she whistled and slipped on her bracelet.

* * *

Jackie Wilcox tapped her foot and looked at her watch, "Where is she?"

Claire Bennet shrugged and looked at the other cheerleaders, "Anyone know where Chastity is?"

The gaggle of cheerleaders hanging round the back of the gym hall all shook their heads. Claire turned to pass the news on to Jackie, but the other cheerleader had already seen. She frowned and bit her lip in concentration, before looking again at Claire, "So what should we do? Do we wait?"

Claire glanced at her watch, "She's half an hour late. She knew today we were electing the squad captain, Jackie, if she can't turn up I say you get it."

Jackie frowned deeper, "It hardly seems fair, perhaps she's had an accident or slept in?"

Jackie was being too fair by a long way, Claire thought. If she could get in after being hit full throttle by a hit and run driver Chastity Church could set her alarm on time, "Jacks, let put it to the vote," she turned to the other cheerleaders, "Let's vote. Those for Chastity..."

To the onlooker the cheerleader votes were an exercise in simplicity. Two names were called out and the cheerleader put their hand up for whomever they were voting for. But beneath the surface currents of complication swirled. No cheerleader would want to been seen as voting for the looser, not when the mascot suit had yet to be filled. So you wanted to vote with the majority, but if your hand went up too late it looked like lack of enthusiasm and whilst that was better than voting for the looser, it was only by degree. But if you put your hand up to quickly you may find you'd miscalculated and accidentally voted for the looser.

Of course if one of the candidates wasn't there to see how you voted it made sense to vote for the candidate who was seeing how you voted. Claire quickly added up the votes, which was exactly the same as the number of cheerleaders in the room, "Congratulations Jackie. Looks like we're yours.

* * *

The missing Cheerleader giggled, "I've never drank champagne before. It get up your nose, doesn't it?"

"It does," agreed Mirage, "Would you like a refill?"

Chastity Church giggled again and held out her glass. Mirage filled it to the brim and over so some trickled out and onto the black teen. Elle was sitting sulkily in a stool on the corner and Mirage shot her partner a warning glare. More than one choice seduction had gone wrong because Elle decided to throw a tantrum.

"Your friend doesn't look too happy," said Chastity with more perception than Mirage would have suspected she possessed. Though given it was easy to tell the difference between a pissed off Elle and a ray of sunshine, perhaps the Cheerleader's perceptive skills were as poor as Mirage thought they were.

"Ignore her," replied Mirage and moved closer to the teenager. She slid her hand out and ran it up Chastity's thigh, stopping when she got under the skirt. It was as their Mistress said, the bracelet's magnified the power of the mind and made any weak-willed recipients suggestive to all sorts of things. Mirage was sure Chastity didn't normally bunk off school just because two twenty-something, well a twenty-something and a just turned thirty-something, drove up next to her and asked her to come to their flat for some champagne. That said as the girl was a cheerleader Mirage wasn't sure that her lack of resistance to Mirage's hand was due to the bracelet or the rampant horniness of the teen. Mirage slid her hand up a bit further, moving her face closer and closer to Chastity's.

"She seemed fine earlier," said Chastity with apparent unconcern that Mirage's hand was now under her skirt and slide towards her panties.

"She's like that," said Mirage, with a touch of impatience. Indeed it was typical of Elle, they'd tossed a coin in the kitchen over who got first go with the cheerleader. Elle had lost, as far as Mirage was concerned that was just her tough shit. As far as Elle was concerned it was just another example of how Mirage was favoured by everyone and everything. The bad-tempered bitch was determined not to enjoy anything, even her champagne was untouched. Mirage on the other hand was determined to ignore her.

"Do you think she's jealous?" asked Chastity, causing Mirage to rework yet again her views on the black teen's people perception.

Sliding her hand further up Mirage came to the cotton panties. They were damp to the touch, clinging to the teen's tight hole. As Mirage hands explored Chastity opened her legs, allowing the older woman to slide her hand beneath the underwear and to slide her fingers over the wet pussy lips. Mirage leant forward and kissed the cheerleader's mouth lightly, but seductively, at the same time as she moved a digit into the teen hole. Mirage gave a quick look at her sulking partner, "Almost certainly."

"Mmnnn," moaned Chastity as Mirage's middle finger slid into her. She closed her eyes and let out another satisfied moan, before quietly murmuring, "You could share me."

Mirage's hopes that the cheerleader's suggestion had been said softly that Elle hadn't heard were immediately dashed. The twenty-something jumped up and began to remove her pumps and pants, "That's a good idea, isn't it Mirage," she smirked.

Mirage's smile back was fake as Pamela Anderson's tits, "Brilliant," she said in a voice dropping with sarcasm.

"Mmmmn," Chastity moaned again as Mirage's nail scraped at her clit, "I thought you'd both like it."

Mirage decided that Chastity was a lucky guesser as her perceptive skills were roughly on par with an autistic. Though the other alternative was that Elle was manipulating the teen's mind with her bracelet. Elle must have know what Mirage was thinking as she gave her an innocent look and guiltily removed her bracelet and put it on the table. It didn't matter now, it was too late, Elle had won this round; if Mirage said she wanted Chastity all to herself she'd just look petty - it looked like she was going to have to share. And if she was going to have to share she might as well be generous about it, "Why don't you like back and let Elle sit on you? She's got a lovely pussy."

The sexy cheerleader complied. Lying back on the couch, she opened her mouth and waggled her tongue seductively as Elle planted her pussy between the teen's moist lips. Elle began to moan happily as Chastity began to pleasure her, the twenty-something moving her body back and forth, grinding her slit over the cheerleader's mouth, whilst at the same time, pushing her firm tits together and playing with them. For a few seconds Mirage watched, as she fought down her irritation. But with the two lithe bodies writhing passionately in front of her, she couldn't be annoyed for long. She leant forward and pushed up Chastity's cheerleader skirt, exposing the panties. With a smile, Mirage hooked her fingers under the elastic and pulled them down. She threw the panties to land on Elle's, the two of them would have to remember which ones they'd been wearing that moment, which would tax the brains of them both. It was a petty act of revenge, but it made Mirage feel better.

As did the cute cunt staring at her. It was seeping juice already, the liquid glistening on the black skin. A small tuft of pussy hair was visible above the slit, the rest being carefully shaven. It looked delicious and Mirage didn't waste any time tasting it. She dipped forward and slid her tongue in. Looking up, she could see Elle jolting harder and harder as the licks Mirage gave to Chastity shot through the teen and were translated into extra strong munches of Elle's twat. Mirage licked harder and harder, pushing her tongue hard against the tasty teen clit. Chastity was pumping pussy juice like a leaky pipe, as Mirage lapped it up like a cartoon cat with milk.

"MMmmnnn, that's good," gasped Elle. She squeezed her thighs tighter on Chastity's face and gave another groan, "I'm going to cum."

Elle screamed and threw her head back like she was a werewolf baying at the moon. Her entire body shook with pleasure and she vibrated so much that Mirage could feel the cheerleader's body moving as well. The twenty something gave another loud squeal and her eyes fluttered. With a groan she dropped off the cheerleader and walked, or rather staggered, over to where Mirage was licking the teen out.

"Hurry up and make her cum," said Elle impatiently, "I want to fuck her properly."

Mirage frowned. That was typical Elle, couldn't even wait for Mirage to finish, as long as Elle had completed everyone else needed to. Still if Elle wasn't being licked, she could at least do something. Briefly Mirage brought her head up, "Go and get the strap-ons then."

"Do I have to?" whined Elle, who seemed to think a trip upstairs sounded too much like a long trip.

Mirage nodded, "Yes;" she quickly forestalled any further argument by dipping her head and diving deep into the sweet pussy on offer.

Without Elle covering her mouth Chastity was able to vocabularise her feelings, "Yessss, yessss, yessssss," the teen shrieked, "Eat my juicy little twat. Lick me out, oh this is soooo goooooddd."

Mirage hammered her tongue against the teen's bud, pushing and slurping at the clit, enjoying the excitement of the cheerleader as much as the cheerleader herself. Teen's always tasted nice and Chastity was no exception.

"Ooohhhhhh," gasped Chastity as her back arched and her pussy dropped even more juice into Mirage's mouth, "That's it..... Aaaaaarrrgghhh."

Mirage pulled back her face and licked the girl cum from her lips. It tasted wonderful. She felt a tap on her back. Turning round she saw an impatient Elle standing there with a strap-on in her hand, she'd already fastened her own one. Elle passed the one she was holding to Mirage, "Hurry up."

Mirage took the toy and slid it on, at least Elle had waited until she'd finished. Though Elle was still impatient as she elbowed Mirage out of the way and announced, "I'll go first."

Mirage was about to tell Elle where to get off when Chastity spoke, cutting of the argument before it began, "Aren't you going to share me?"

The two older women looked at each other and grinned, "It would certainly stop an argument," agreed Mirage and Elle said, "Mirage does need to learn to share."

Mirage glared at Elle, but decided not to push it. Not as Chastity was removing her skirt and dropping it to the floor, leaving only her pumps and tight cheerleader top on. The beautiful black teen pouted gorgeously at the older women as she walked between them. She slid her hands down to play with the dildos, running her hands up and down them as if they were real not rubber. She licked her lips in anticipation, "They're so big."

"All the better to fuck you with," replied Elle. Her eyes widened and her mouth creased in pleasure as Chastity dropped to her knees and began to suck and lick her dildo. The twentysomething turned to Mirage, "Looks like I'm getting lubed up. Dibs I get the ass."

"Fine," Elle could no longer be bothered to argue. Anyway Chastity's pussy was sweet enough.

There was a slurping sound as Chastity brought her mouth deep down on the cock. Her head bobbed back and forth, before she pulled herself back, a thin line of saliva between her lips and the toy. Elle moved forward, murmuring, "Take it, pom-pom," and returning the prick to the cheerleader's mouth. The teen moved forward taking more of the rubber in her mouth, so that it was bulging in her cheek as she slurped and touched it with her tongue. Mirage had to admit watching Chastity blow a strap-on was damned erotic, even if the strap-on belonged to Elle not her. The cheerleader slurped some more and her eyes moved between Elle and Mirage, the pupils seductively sizzling.

"That's good, you're a great cocksucker," purred Elle.

Chastity pulled her head back and smiled, "Thanks, that's what my boyf says."

"He's a lucky boy," said Elle. She helped Chastity to her feet, "Has he done your ass?"

"Of course, yes," replied Chastity nodding. She waited as Elle got on the sofa, before moving over to join her. The blonde took the cheerleader's ass cheeks in her hands and spread them as Chastity lowered herself down. Her mouth opened and her eyes rolled as she impaled herself on the dildo. Elle's hand moved from the cheeks to under the teen's thighs as Chastity continued to lower herself so she was taking the full cock. The teen moaned and pushed her back against Elle's tits, "Oh that's good. That fills me up..."

Mirage licked her lips and watched excitedly as Elle started to lift Chastity. The teen allowed herself to be pushed up half a foot, before slamming herself down with a cry. Again raised herself slowly again and slid down the cock, as Elle pushed her own body up. Each movement opened Chastity's ass wider and made the cock fly up and down, soon Elle and the cheerleader were in a pattern, groaning and grunting in pleasure.

"I'm coming in," Mirage announced. She could see if she waited for an invite she'd be hear until Christmas. Chastity paused and smiled, her beaming features a stark contrast to the scowling Elle, who had momentarily hoped she had the black teen all to herself.

The teenage cunt was soaked and slippery, allowing Mirage to easily slide her cock in, despite its girth and size. Chastity moaned in pleasure and pushed her back harder against Elle, rubbing herself against the twenty-something's hard nipples. Elle groaned as the naked skin played against her, it pressed harder as Mirage moved the dildo in deeper. And from the look on Elle's face she'd decided that sharing wasn't so bad after all. Mirage pushed deeper and deeper, feeling Chastity's legs reach up and round her. The teen was gasping and groaning, pressed between the two older women, each slamming a dildo up her hole.

"Yessss, yesssss, yesssss," screamed the black, "fuck my tight holes."

The three of them had developed a pattern with the two older women thrusting into the holes in unison, squeezing the teenage cheerleader between them. There bodies were slippy with sweat, it running in rivulets down the creases as they hooked and moved, dripping down like lava rivulets, leaving dirty streams across their skin. Harder and harder Mirage and Elle pounded, opening and ramming the cheerleader until Chastity was screaming in orgasm, "Aaaaaarrgghhh, yessssss, that's it."

Mirage pulled out and helped Elle to her feet. The other woman smiled at her, "Friends again?"

There's nothing like double dipping a teen cheerleader to remind you of who your pals are thought Mirage, she nodded, "Yeah, friends again" and gave her friend a hug.
_ _ _

Jackie Wilcox is from Season 1 of Heroes

Chastity Church is from 10 Things I Hate About You
_ _ _

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