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Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines 7 - Breakdowns And Backyards (Ff, inc)
by LL

Jackie Wilcox stepped out of the school showers and ambled unconcernedly over to her towels. She wrapped the larger one round her waist and with the smaller one started to dry her long blonde hair. Her large titties bounced as she patted her locks. Claire, last one out of the shower as normal, moved over to where her own towels lay beside Jackie. She leant over and picked them up, getting a full view of Jackie's lovely pair as she did so. It was so lucky that Jackie and the other's didn't know what she was thinking or she'd be cast into social oblivion quicker than they could shout, 'Lesbo dyke'.

Jackie looked up at Claire and gave her a half-smile, half-frown look, "You've been very chirpy today..."

Oh God, thought Claire, was it so obvious. For the first time in ages she had felt happy, she couldn't help herself - she had spent the weekend daydreaming about the pussy licking she had given on Friday and now it seemed that she was thinking about it at school today. She gave a wan smile at Jackie, "Have I?"

Jackie continued to give her the quizzical look as she nodded, "You have..." she paused and a look of astonishment, then pleasure cross her features, "Claire... you met someone on Friday..."

Claire nodded dumbly, it was time to think fast and think fast she did, "Rod," she uttered the first name she could think off.

"Why didn't you tell me?" squeaked her friend in excitement. The head cheerleader stood up and gripped Claire's arm, before pulling the naked teen to sit down beside her. Jackie's tits bounced again and it was all Claire could do to look her in the face. Jackie didn't notice Claire's eyes quickly flutter down, instead she repeated, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"He's married," Claire cursed inwardly even as she said it. It was bad enough she was having to lie, but as she had to she should at least be keeping it simple. But her mouth continued even as her brain screamed at it to shut down, "with children - six of them. And a dog, two dogs."

Jackie's mouth opened, "You slut," she said in admiration, "Did you do it?"

"Not yet," replied Claire's, "I blew him though."

"You dirty slut," repeated Jackie and shook her head, smiling broadly at her friend. Claire blushed, but Jackie leant forward conspiratorially, "You need cover just tell your Mom your staying at mine. I'll back you."

"Thanks," said Claire, aware that her lie was getting bigger and more complex.

"What are friends for," replied Jackie.

* * *

"And I got this from the 'Diamonds are Forever' jewellers..." Mirage held up a finely wrought necklace studded with expensive sapphires. Elle looked at it jealousy for a moment, before Mirage dropped it onto the pile of rings, necklaces and brooches on the kitchen table. Elle's hand sneaked across to touch the necklace, but just as her fingers touched it Mirage slapped her palm down on the back of Elle's hand. The tanned blonde frowned and brought out her next piece, a finely crafted golden dragon brooch with a Dragon's Eyes, "And we stole this from 'Horrigan and Fish Goldsmiths'... really worth visiting if you're in New York."

Elle gave a snarl, which widened as Mirage looked at her with a smile that looked innocent, but was in reality deeply mocking. It just wasn't fair, the boss had said it was just a trip to New York to see someone, not to knock over half of New York's finest jewellers. And from the look of Chastity's ass when Mirage had returned the cheerleader it wasn't only the jewellers Mirage had been knocking. The cheerleader was sitting there now, a vacant smile on her face and an icepack under her buttocks.

It wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been from the fact that the only action Elle had got over the weekend was from a beginner. Not that Claire had turned out to be a bad pussy licker, far from it, the teenager had been both enthusiastic and with a natural skill which it would have been nice to train. But the Mistress had been quite clear on her instructions, find Claire, get her to lap Elle's cunt and then give her a fake phone number. Whilst the instructions had been clear, they were also confusing, it had only been a couple of weeks ago the Mistress had been ordering her to kill Claire and now she was ordering her to love her and leave her.

And Mirage was still smirking, like she was the cat who'd got the cream. Elle snarled again and crossed her arms petulantly, "Next time I go to New York," she said defiantly.

"Unless I say Mirage goes to New York," said the Mistress as she walked into the kitchen.

Elle froze, tried to relax, shot her boss a dazzling smile and turned back to a grinning Mirage to mouth 'You didn't tell me she was here' all within the space of time it took the Mistress to walk from the kitchen door to the seat where Elle was sitting.

Elle forced herself to look up and hoped that she wasn't quivering too much, "Sorry Mistress, I was just been mouthy."

"So I noticed," said the villain dryly. She ran her hand through Elle's hair, "Don't worry Elle, I've still got use for your special skills."

Elle nodded, relieved that her Mistress was prepared to overlook her stupid remark. The Mistress smiled again, it was a very attractive smile, the Mistress was very attractive full-stop; "As I suspected Claire Bennet is a lesbian... like mother, like daughter as they say." She patted Elle's shoulder, "I've another job for you; I'm sure you'll enjoy it even more than the last one."

* * *

Sandra Bennett sighed as she held up the pornographic magazine she'd found stuffed in the bottom of her daughter's wardrobe. The cover, a pair of teenage girls entwined, didn't leave much to the imagination on what the magazine covered and the title 'Pussy Pink' wasn't too subtle either. Sandra put the magazine down on the bed and continued putting away Claire's clean laundry - each sock put in its drawer, each blouse placed on its hangar.

That done Sandra sat on Claire's bed and looked at the magazine. Sandra opened the cover and noted the well thumbed pages, stained by girl juice as an excited teen turned over the pages with fingers that she had been dipping into her pussy. This wasn't a magazine that Claire had bought out of curiosity and then placed away; it was too well used for that. Sandra turned over the pages, looking at the teens and twentysomethings on display, looking at their naked bodies Sandra could see why Claire had used the magazine so much.

Slowly she closed the pages and slid it back where she had found it, hoping that Claire wasn't so paranoid that she noted the exact position. She had suspected Claire was a lesbian or at least bisexual for a long time. Mothers knew these things, the way Claire would look at women as they went shopping, the posters on her wall, the films she watched.

Sandra picked up the laundry basket and walked into her own bedroom. The double bed sat in the middle, it had been ten years since it had been regularly shared, not since Noah had died on active duty. Which wasn't to say it hadn't been shared at all, sometimes when her children weren't around Sandra entertained; men or women, though truthfully it tended to be more the latter than the former.

The Milf shook her head as she opened her own wardrobe. Should she tell Claire she knew or wait for the teen to tell her? If she did the former, Claire would probably freak out; the latter meant that her daughter might suffer years of worry, doubt and fear until she came out to her Mom - or even worse spend her entire life hiding it, always fearful about being open. Sandra shook her head, still unsure what to do. She bent down and opened a shoebox, she'd decide later - right now she wanted a little quality time. She pulled out the small dildo and her, slightly more recent, copy of Pussy Pink.

She sat on her bed and undid her slacks, pulling them and her panties down. She opened the magazine, suddenly smiling as she thought of Claire sneaking surreptitiously into a shop to buy it, little realising her Mom had them mail ordered and was more than willing to let Claire borrow.

The toy smoothly entered her slit, despite not getting much action Sandra believed in remaining prepared and she kept herself shaved apart from a tiny landing strip. Quickly the Milf started to move the dildo in and out, the small rubber dong bouncing against her clit with the expertise of someone who's used to self-pleasure. Sandra closed her eyes and groaned as she imagined it wasn't her hands holding the toy, but some sexy young teen, a cheerleader even. Perhaps the cheerleader could be Claire thought Sandra momentarily, and in her imaginings her daughter briefly appeared, they weren't literally flesh and blood after all. But Sandra quickly pushed her aside and replaced her with Sarah's foxy friend, Jackie. The tall blonde cheerleader pushed aside her smaller friend and moved between Sandra's legs.

The doorbell rang.

It always did at the most inopportune times.

For a moment Sandra considered ignoring it, but she knew it would eat at her with a worry it might be something important. That was the trouble with having children - you would always worry that the moment you left a doorbell it would be the police bringing them home from a fight or a neighbour to say they'd just been in an accident. Dropping the dildo in the drawer, Sandra hoisted up her slacks and underwear. She took a brief second to puff up her hair and straighten her blouse before going to the door.

"I'm sorry," said the young woman standing there pointing at a car with the hood up, "It's just stopped and my cell, I seem to have let it run out of charge. Can I use your phone to make a call to the mechanics and get someone out?."

"Come in, help yourself," Sandra told herself she'd have done the same for anyone, but it didn't do any harm that the woman was in her mid twenties, blonde, good-looking and seemed to have forgotten to have done up several buttons of her shirt. She led the young woman to the phone and waited as she spoke into the receiver, a look of annoyance crossing the young woman's face as the conversation carried on.

Eventually the woman put the phone down, a fed-up look scarring her pretty face, "It's going to be at least two hours before they can get here... Thanks, anyway I better wait in the car."

"No, don't do that," Sandra held out her hand and lightly touched the woman's arm, "Why don't you wait here. I can make us a coffee."

"You don't mind?" asked the woman, her irked look vanishing to be replaced by a radiant smile.

"Not at all," smiled Sandra, "I'm Sandra."

"Elle, Elle Bishop," responded the blonde.

* * *

Two hours later Sandra was laughing at a quip; it was a long time since she'd met someone who was not only cute and sexy, but amusing and intelligent as well. Elle Bishop met all these attributes, and often during the last two hours the younger blonde had bent forward allowing Sandra to look down her shirt at the alluring cleavage. Sandra cursed how she couldn't have met Elle twenty years ago when they were the same age, not now Sandra was a forty-five year old widow with two teenage children.

The mechanic called from the doorway, "Miss Bishop, I've got it attached. I can give you a tow to the garage now."

Reluctantly Elle stood up, "Thanks, I don't know what I'd have done without you."

"Not a problem," said Sandra trying to look at Elle's face rather than either her cleavage or her tight butt, firmly enclosed in a pair of jeans.

Elle started towards the door, just as she reached it, she turned and looked back at Sandra, "I don't normally do this; I'm not usually this forward, but would you like to go out for a meal, perhaps a drink sometime?"

"A date?" asked Sandra, she was as surprised as if she'd woken up with a horse's head next to her.

The twentysomething blonde blushed, "Yes, a date."

"I... I'd love too," stuttered Sandra, "Here's my number."

The two women hurriedly exchanged numbers as the mechanic waited impatiently. That done Elle hurried down the driveway and into the cab of the towing truck. She looked behind the seat, underneath a blanket a foot was visible, its owner struggling against the bonds. Elle leant over and covered his foot, as the 'mechanic' got in beside her.

"So," said Mirage, "How did that go?"

"As easy as falling off a log," replied Elle, "The Mistress was right, a bit of charm and a glimpse of cleavage and Mrs Bennet was eating out of my hand."

"Target acquired," grinned Mirage. She turned and looked over at their unwilling passenger, the real owner of the tow truck, "We better wipe his memory before we drop him off."

* * *

It was Helen Parr's favourite apron, even if the blue stripes made it look Momsy, though not nearly as much as the 'World's Greatest Mom' emblazoned across it. There were a couple of reasons why Helen liked it so much, firstly it was a present from Vi from a couple of years ago, before they became lovers, and held a special significance for the Milf. The second reason was that it was cotton and much more comfortable on her naked skin that her other, plastic, aprons.

Sipping her wine Helen Parr looked round her yard, glad that the fence and trees were high enough that the neighbours couldn't see in. After all, whilst the apron did cover her pussy and tits, it didn't cover her naked ass nor did it disguise the fact she was naked underneath.

"Jack-Jack's down," Vi walked from the house into the yard and walked over to the picnic table on the veranda, "Out like a light as soon as his head hit the pillow."

The teen poured herself a glass of wine. Strictly speaking at sixteen she was probably too young to drink, though she was probably also too young to bang Helen's ass and Helen didn't feel Vi could give up one without giving up the other; to the Milf some sacrifices were too big. She turned to her teenage daughter, "Thanks for putting him to bed, I'll do the dishes shortly."

"No problem; it's a nice night, no hurry to do the dishes," Vi raised the wine to her lips and took a sip. She placed the glass on the table and patted her thigh, "Why don't you take a seat?"

Taking the hint Helen sat her naked butt on her daughter's knees. The denim of Vi's jeans touched at the Milf's flesh; Helen began to slowly move back and forth feeling the friction warm and relax her ass. Vi giggled, her entire body relaxed from both the drink and the nude Mom sat on her. She giggled some more as Helen leant her head into her shoulder.

"Mmmnnn sexy," whispered Vi into Helen's ear. The Milf smiled, quickly followed by a moan as Vi slid a hand under her apron and onto her pussy. The teen gently rubbed at the outside, the lips seeming to vibrate as her palm slid over them. At first Vi's touch was soft and slow, but gradually she began to move faster until Helen could feel the pressure of the hand on her twat as Vi pressed down. Mom cum seeped out and onto the Vi's hand. Much to Helen's displeasure she pulled the hand away and licked the juice, "Tasty Mom, you're tasty."

Helen's displeasure didn't last long as Vi returned her hand to twat. This time she didn't rub the outside, but slid a finger into the hole. The digit swirled round the wet cunt, rubbing at Helen's wall. The Milf moaned as Vi slowly moved round and round, before starting to move in and out. Each prod touched the older woman's clit, sending little sweeps of pleasure up her. She dug her head back rubbing it on top of Vi's shoulders as the teen moved her mouth down to suckle passionately at her Mom's exposed throat. Helen moaned again, "That's right baby; Mommy's your slut."

The teen's teeth scraped at the Milf's neck and her tongue would run over the slight indentations, licking them better. At the same time her finger was also working the Milf's slit, slamming harder and faster against the bud. Cum was leaking from Helen's hole, a damp patch rapidly forming on the cotton apron. She bucked in as Vi's nail scraped onto her clit; the pleasure outweighed the momentary pain. Vi slurped loudly at Helen's throat, her finger hammered down. Helen gasped in pleasure, "Oh that's the spot Vi, my baby. Mommy's going to cum, oh God, Mommy's going to cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm!"

The shriek of ecstasy from the Milf would have sent any owls flying for their lives. She squealed loudly and passionately as the orgasm raced through her body from the tips of her toes to the locks of her hair. Her apron got wetter, "Oh Vi," she murmured.

"Good?" asked Vi as she raised her lips from her Mom's neck. Not that she needed an answer and she didn't wait for one; instead she twisted Helen's head round so that her tongue could slide into the Milf's wanton waiting mouth. For a few moments there mouths locked, as Vi removed her damp finger. She pulled back from kissing Helen to lick her finger, before offering it to Helen to suck. The Milf did so, even though the taste of her juice was gone she could still taste her daughter's saliva and from the look on Vi's face the little teen minx enjoyed having her digit quickly sucked. Helen slid her head back and Vi's hand dropped down.

"Your turn," said Helen in a sultry voice. She stood up and pulled her apron over her head, exposing her body in its full naked glory. Her elasticity and a vigorous work-out regime kept her trim, a razor kept her slit smooth. She stepped back, into the light shining through the kitchen window and allowed her daughter a few moments examination of her body; "You like Mommy's titties and puss?"

"I like," agreed Vi. She undid the top of her jeans and started to slide her hand down.

Stepping forward Helen gently pulled Vi's hand out, "Let me do that," she said.

Firstly Helen bent down and removed her daughter's ankle length boots. She sauntered over to the back door and neatly put them together on the shoe rack. Next she returned, pulled down Vi jeans zip and followed that with the rest of the jeans. Unhurriedly she folded them up and hung them over the washing line, teasingly waggling her naked ass at her daughter as she did so. Finally she slid her fingers under the elastic of Vi's panties and slid them down her thighs, past her knees and over her ankles. Helen held them daintily between her thumb and finger, before dropping them to the floor. She looked at her daughter's twat and licked her lips, "That's better."

Vi ran a couple of fingers over her pussy lips enticingly, "Is that slutty mouth going to lick twat? I want your tongue lapping my cunt, now..."

"Of course, baby," said Helen dropping between her daughter's legs. She ran her tongue over her lips, wetting them as they had suddenly gone dry with lust. Then she lowered her head over her daughter's pink. The sweet, musky aroma filled her nostrils as she pushed her nose into the flesh and slid her tongue between Vi's quim lips. The hole was warm and already wet. Helen's tongue slid over the walls, trying to lick away the cum. But as fast as she wiped it away more would ooze out, slipping and sliding round the teen's twat. Helen licked harder, pushing her tongue deep into the walls, feeling them quiver and shift, moulding round her tongue. Above her she could hear Vi's squeaks of excitement, "That's it Mom, stuff your tongue deep. Eat me out you dirty whore..."

Her daughter's words excited Helen almost as much as her lapping was exciting Vi. She pushed her tongue deeper, it wasn't really exploring as she knew exactly where Vi's G-spot was. She teased, ramming her tongue so that it didn't quite hit the clit, or just dabbed at it. Vi was tensing and relaxing in paroxysms of pleasure, her hands rubbing at Helen's shoulders, "Oh you slutty cunt. Hit the spot, hit the spot; you whore. Oh, that's good..."

Helen had moved her tongue slightly and was started to hit the clit with a passion. Each prod sent sweet pussy juice into her mouth and made Vi squeal and jump. The teen's fingers squeezed and tensed at Helen's shoulders as the Milf dabbed her tongue over the clit. Her tongue hammered at the hard flesh, driving it into the softer, more pliable, wall around it, "Fuuuuuuccckkkk," squealed Vi.

Her pussy was squirting juice, over Helen face and down her mouth as the teen bucked orgasmically. Helen briefly paused to swallow the tasty cum in her mouth, before resuming her lapping. Vi started to quiver again, her body pushing into her Mom's mouth. Helen pushed her tongue in as hard and deep as she could, forcing her face into Vi's pelvis and ramming the clit deep into the flesh around it. Harder and harder she licked as Vi squeaked and squealed in pleasure. So hard was Helen lapping that her tongue was starting to numb. Luckily before she lost total feeling, Vi screamed again and bucked her body for her second orgasm, "Aaaaaarrrrrghhhhh, aaaaaaarrrrrghhhh," she screamed as a second deluge of pussy juice soaked Helen's face.

Helen withdrew and stood up, the cum dripped from her chin and down onto her large titties. She bit her lip and gave her daughter a shy smile, "How was that?"

"You are a dirty slut," moaned Vi in appreciation.

* * *

"Is there anything wrong Claire?" her Mom asked as she walked into her room with a pile of laundry.

"Nothing," lied Claire as she quickly put down the phone. It was typical, she'd met a girl, found her alluring, licked her pussy and then made a mistake with her number. Every time she rang Elle the same number unobtainable response came up.

Sandra put down the clean pants, shirts and panties in a neat pile on Claire's desk. She picked up the socks to put in the drawer and gave her daughter a look of concern, "You would talk to me if you had a problem? Any problem at all I'm here."

"There's nothing wrong," Claire hoped her fake smile convinced her Mom, but just in case it didn't she added, "Well apart from I've a test coming up."

"You want me to help you study?" asked Sandra, sitting down on the bed.

As there was no test, it was the last thing Claire wanted, "No, I'm good, I probably just need to get out over the weekend and party."

Sandra smiled, "Sounds like a plan. I'm out myself on Saturday. I'm meeting someone for dinner and a drink."

"Good," lied Claire. It seemed everyone could find somebody, but her. It was just so typical.
_ _ _

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