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Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part 9 - Protecting Those We... (ff,Ff,inc,anal)
by LL

"Claire!" Jackie Wilcox's voice seared into Claire Bennet like a burning hot sword. Claire winced and her mouth dried, not that this mattered as at the same time her brain and voice disconnected leaving her only able to gasp like a goldfish. It was so unfair, the blonde cheerleader thought, for so long she'd been able to pretend she was normal, all for it to be blown away in seconds. Half a minute either side and Jackie would have been walking merrily on her way down the street, not staring at her friend exiting a lesbian bar. On Monday she'd be the social outcast of school, probably even lower than Vi Parr. Redness raced through Claire's cheek and she waited for Jackie's taunting to begin.

Jackie was looking up at the sign, before looking down at Claire, "You just been to Lucy's?"

For a second Claire was tempted to say 'no', but it was no good denying it; she was standing outside the doorway and unless she'd teleported in there was no-where else she could have come from. Miserably she nodded, "Yes..."

"So what's it like?" the question took Claire by surprise. She had been expecting Jackie to scream something like 'sick dyke' and run off, pulling her phone out of her pocket to alert everyone as she did so. Instead she sounded curious.

"Lousy service and expensive drinks; busy though, it's the only les... it's the only bar which serves those cocktails in the county," Claire had almost called it a lesbian bar. It was almost impossible Jackie hadn't worked out what it was; the head cheerleader was much brighter than she often pretended to be - in fact she was probably the smartest person Claire knew. Still a hope, even a small hope, that Jackie hadn't realised was like an oasis on the horizon...

...only for it to turn out to be a mirage, "I don't know about cocktails," said Jackie, "It's certainly the only lesbo bar round here."

"Huhuh," Claire laughed nervously, trying to pretend she hadn't realised that, "Really?"

"Yeah," said Jackie, she looked up at the sign, "I should know I've spent the last twenty minutes walking up and down the sidewalk trying to work up the courage to pull out my ID and go in."

Claire stared at her friend. If Jackie had declared she was planning to give up cheerleading and aim for a scholarship in advanced physics she couldn't have been more surprised. Jackie was an all-American Valley Girl, a tall, blonde cheerleader who boys were lining up to date - not, well, a 'sick dyke'. Claire briefly wondered if someone had accidentally elbowed her and this was all an illusion, any moment she'd work up with an oxygen mask on and paramedic leaning over her. She tried to think what to say, a few words came to her and opened her mouth to speak, before thinking better off it and closing it again.

Jackie had seen her, she looked quizzically at Claire, "What?"

Claire blushed and breathed deeply, she couldn't think of anything to say apart from 'nice weather' apart from what she did say; "You could come in with me."

The words came out in gabble so quickly together that Claire nearly choked and for a second she thought she had so mangled them that Jackie hadn't understood what she was saying and she'd have to repeat. But a smile spread across Jackie's face and she reached into her bag for her fake ID, "Thanks Claire... I don't know what I'd have done without you... apart from pace the sidewalk like a hooker."

* * *

Jackie pulled a face and put down her glass. She looked across the table at Claire and smiled, "How's your drink?"

The smaller teen swilled it round in her glass; they been sitting here twenty minutes, fifteen minutes of that had been waiting for the waitress to come over to take their order. In all that twenty minutes Jackie had talked incessantly, like the two of them always spent their Fridays in lesbian bars; Claire had hardly said a word as if the two of them had just met rather than known each other for years. Forcing a smile she looked into Jackie's face. It was strange how she had dreamed of Jackie suddenly dropping to her knees and declaring she wanted to feast on Claire's cunt, but now that the two of them were here that Claire felt like a Vestal Virgin invited to an orgy with the Emperor. She closed her eyes briefly and remembered the sweet taste of Elle's puss; if she wanted to taste Jackie's she needed to pull herself together - quickly.

"Too much rum, too little coke," Claire said and pulled a face to show it was a drink she regretted.

"Mine's the opposite," laughed Jackie pleasantly. She pushed the glass to one side, ignoring the half-full contents sloshing around in it; "You've come here before?"

Leaning forward she slid her hand across the table, stopping it inches from Claire's. The petite cheerleader knew that her friend wouldn't complain if she moved her hand to take it. Claire felt too nervous to do so; it would be fully admitting to Jackie that she was a lesbian. It would be fine taking a leaping bound out of the closet if she could be sure Jackie wasn't playing a mean spirited-trick, unfortunately with Jackie you could never be totally sure. It meant it was also best not to tell the truth when answering the question, "Only tonight..."

Jackie nodded, "Weird though, both decide to try it for the first time tonight. Cosmic Karma?"

"Yes," Claire nodded trying to control the pitch of her voice, which had been way too high with her last response. She blushed, wondering if Jackie realised as the other cheerleader's mouth curled upwards in a slight smile, which may have indicated disbelief or indeed pretty much anything.

For a few seconds they sat, Claire's heart pit-pattering away as she waited for Jackie to call her out as a liar. But nothing happened.

Instead Jackie stood up and turned to look at the heaving dance floor before switching back to Claire, "Wanna dance?"

"Dance?" Claire realised that this was not the brightest response, but couldn't help herself make it worse by sounding surprised "The two of us..."

"I hear that what women do in these clubs," said Jackie dryly. She looked at Claire and smiled, holding out her hand. The petite blonde didn't push it away, but she did stand up without any assistance. If Jackie was put out by her friend's behaviour it didn't show as she just gave her another pearly white grin and headed to the floor.

Taking a deep breath Claire followed her, her emotions and thoughts a jumble of fear, confusion, longing and excitement. She so wanted Jackie, but at the same time she feared a sick trick or that perhaps her friend was just playing around and that Claire was misreading the signals.

The floor was busy like the first day of the Sales; there were women of all shapes and sizes, teens and cougars, experienced and experimental. They were gyrating energetically; elbows, feet and hair whipping round and round as they twisted. Bodies hammered against each other like pool balls in the break. The scent of sweat was in the air, indeed it seem to shimmer like a fine mist above the dancers switching from red to green to blue as fast as the flashing lights. Even if Claire had wanted to remain a respectable distance from Jackie the dance floor crowd wouldn't allow it.

As soon as she had reached a tiny bit of spare room Jackie had started to dance .Her arms were raised above her head, the flawless skin exposed as the sleeves of her loose dress slid down to her elbows. Her slender waist twisted from side to side, swivelling her body and floating her skirt up her thighs. Claire gulped again and moved in to dance opposite with her. She tried to get lost in the beat, not looking at the rivulet of sweat sliding down Jackie's throat or the way the other cheerleaders tits bounced beneath the thin material of her dress. It wasn't like they hadn't been clubbing before...

The mass of people pressed against the two teens, Jackie didn't seem to resist as she was pushed forward so that as she swayed she brushed against her friend. Claire felt a hot clamminess between her thighs, not caused by the sweltering heat of the club, as Jackie's firm titties touched her and bounced away. A further trickle of sweat slid down Claire's forehead and hung from her eyebrow, threatening to drop further, but irritatingly just refusing to do so. The petite cheerleader desperately wanted to brush it away, but if she moved her hands from where they were waggling by her side they would accidentally meet Jackie's bouncing bosoms. Once that would have been acceptable, but not here, not now, not where Jackie might get the wrong impression; or even worse - the right one.

The droplet hung precariously, teasing her that it wouldn't quite drop, but just stayed there an itch that refused to be scratched. Claire tried to blow upwards to dislodge it without moving her hands. It didn't work. In fact all it did was make Jackie laugh. Claire blushed realising how stupid she must look.

"Let me," shouted Jackie. Before Claire could reply her friend's hand came down and wiped the sweat from the brow.

"Thanks," shouted Claire back followed almost immediately by a surprised squeak "Oh!"

Instead of returning to above her head Jackie's hand had continued on a downward trajectory to land on Claire's butt-cheek. Her eyes widened as the other hand swiftly joined it and together they squeezed as Jackie grinned at her, "You all right Claire?"

There was no mistaking what was going on, no way a future Claire could claim she thought this was an innocent move by her friend. Claire had to make a choice and make it quickly. She could be safe or she could take the risk of being herself. She shook her head back, "Sure am."

She breathed in deeply for a second, and looked up into the eyes of the taller cheerleader. Jackie's eyes seemed to sparkle as much as the silver glitter ball spinning above them. Claire moved her hands round her friend's back and clasped them lightly together. They swayed together for a few moments and then Jackie's face descended.

Claire opened her mouth in preparation.

There lips touched, brushing against each other and moving like the two of them were dumb, but trying to form words. Jackie's tongue followed, sliding down and into the smaller cheerleader's open mouth. Its moist softness felt good as it flicked around, touching and teasing, as Claire's own tongue tried to grapple with it. Claire felt Jackie grasping at her ass, suddenly moving upwards and sliding down beneath her short skirt. The fingers slid under the panties and rubbed at the teenager's naked flesh.

Breaking the kiss, Claire wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, she was breathing heavily and her body felt like it was wracked with fever; a heavenly fever but still one that left her boiling and sweating. Reaching forward she gripped Jackie's hand and dragged her off the dance floor, saying, "I want you."

They barely made it before Jackie had swivelled her smaller friend round and was resuming the passionate make out, except only one hand was down the young blonde's panties, the other had slipped under her sweater and was fighting the lacy material of Claire's bra. The young blonde gasped in enjoyment as Jackie's hand slid under and began to grip at her firm tit, "Oh God I need you to take me now..."

As they were in a public bar Claire didn't have high hopes of her wish being fulfilled; she was surprised, and secretly delighted, as Jackie grabbed her hand and started to drag her, "Let's try the toilet cubicles," the tall cheerleader gasped breathlessly.

Claire didn't believe that would work, there had been an attendant earlier who had looked sternly at every woman who came in and told them, 'no drugs, no drink and no sex in the cubicles'. She had looked mean enough not to argue with.

The earlier attendant had gone and in her place was a tanned platinum blonde in her early thirties. Her eyebrows raised as the two teenage cheerleaders staggered in, unwilling to take their hands from each other. Pointing to the cubicle at the end, she smiled, "That one's free, if you want some privacy."

"Thanks," Jackie shot out a quick reply to the attendant, before continuing to slam her mouth onto Claire's. Her legs moved up the inside of Claire's thigh, pushing at the skirt. Jackie knee hovered just inches from Claire's rapidly dampening panties. The cheerleader gripped Claire's ass tighter and guided her into the cubicle. They continued to kiss passionately, their mouths hitting each other lips and their tongues racing inside, as Jackie reached out and slammed the bolt into place. She pulled her head back and licked her lips, "There; that should give us some privacy."

"Yes," Claire nodded, her stomach was flip-flopping in excitement. She didn't resist as Jackie reached out and lifted her sweater so that it coiled up just below her neck. Her friend licked her lips as she looked at Claire's tits, straining against the black lace bra. The petite cheerleader was glad she'd gone for something sexy, she imagined Jackie would be less impressed if her titties had been encased in white polyester. She was about to move her hands round to unclip the bra - not so easy when you're ass is balanced precariously on the toilet lid. However, Jackie was already solving that problem as she pulled the bra down so that Claire's titties were free and dangling over the material, "Oh, touch my tits..."

"You want me to suck them?" Jackie didn't wait for a reply, before dropping down to start feasting on the pert teen titties.

"Oh, that's right," Claire gasped in pleasure as Jackie's mouth slid up her bosom. She wiggled her body and spread apart her legs so that Jackie had room to move, the other cheerleader crushing down on the petite teen and toyingly teething the teat. Claire gave a loud and passionate moan as Jackie sucked. She could put out her hands to balance herself against the cubicle wall as Jackie leant harder forcing Claire back against the cold porcelain of the toilet. It chilled her, but Jackie's body warmed her at the same time. Jackie took the nipple in her mouth and stretched it back as she moved her head. Claire closed her eyes as the pleasure seeped through her pores, "Oh baby, that's it."

Suddenly Claire could feel Jackie's hand. It was pushing up the teen's skirt, before sliding down under her panties. Claire's eyes opened like a shot, looking straight at Jackie's sparkling, sexy pupils. The petite cheerleader paused and then said the only thing she could think of to say at this moment, "Do you wear contacts?"

As Jackie had her mouth full of cheerleader tit it was hard to tell her response, but from the way her head moved and Claire's tit vibrated she thought Jackie might have just laughed. The hand continued under Claire's underwear, the blonde unwilling to stop its movement. Jackie began to rub at Claire's nearly smooth pussy. Claire groaned and thrust her head back, "Oh God, oh God."

"Let's get these off," Jackie moved her lips from her friend's tits and with her second hand reached under the skirt. Claire closed her legs long enough for Jackie to remove the underwear and drop it on the floor. She opened again as Jackie moved between her legs, one hand pushing up the skirt and the other sliding up the thighs only halting as it hit the lips. Jackie paused, a mischievous smile on her face, "You want me to finger this cute little pussy, Claire?"

There was nothing more that Claire wanted more at this moment. She nodded energetically, "Stick it up me."

Two of Jackie's fingers slid into the slit. Claire gasped. She wasn't unused to fingers being up there, she'd played with herself plenty of times, even if this was the first time the fingers weren't attached to her own hands. Jackie was pushing deeper, her fingers tickling at Claire's wall as she did so. It didn't take her long to find the clit, even if it was longer than Claire own explorations took. The taller cheerleader's long nails slid into the clit, mixing sharp little pinpricks of pain with even more intense feelings of excitement. Claire gave a quick moan and Jackie grinned, "How's that, sexy?"

Claire had fingered herself more times than she could remember, hitting her spot with an expert precision. She'd kidded herself she knew how to self pleasure herself. But now she knew that it was nothing compared to what Jackie's fingering was doing to her. The two digits were sending Claire into orbit, her body ground into the porcelain behind her, as her hands pushed at the cubicle wall and her feet kicked out to join them. Her face went red with lust and her body shook, "God, God, God, fuck, fuck, fuck," she squeaked.

"I'll take that as a compliment" grinned Jackie and increased her speed. Her fingers dived hard in and deep, shooting through Claire's juices like a shark after a fish. Each thrust rammed Claire's clit like a wrecking ball, sending electrical jolts of pure pleasure coursing round the teen. Claire gasped and squeaked in pleasure as the warm cum slid from her cunt and coated the outside flesh.

"God, God, God, fuck, fuck, fuck," moaned Claire, her body shook and her naked titties bounced. A warmth was building up in her, getting hotter and hotter as Jackie hit her clit. Until it exploded in a massive flame of sexual delight, "Aaarrrghhhh, aaaaarrrrghhhhh."

Jackie pulled the sopping fingers from the equally soaking slit. Claire's cum was dripping from them. Jackie slid her tongue over the digits removing some of the excess cum, before asking. "Wanna lick?"

Nodding Claire stuck her tongue out and ran her tongue over her friend's fingers; proudly Claire noted how sweet she tasted. She gave another quick lick, "Thanks."

Jackie nodded and slid the two fingers into her own mouth to suck clean. Claire leaned back, allowing the tingling she still felt to dissipate. Looking at Jackie, standing above her, Claire felt another wave of desire wash over her. It was only fair that as Jackie had given her such a great orgasm she return the favour. The petite cheerleader smiled up at her friend, "You want me to lick out your cunt?" before quickly adding, "I don't have to if you don't want."

"Now there's an offer," purred Jackie.

She leant against the door and reached under her dress. When her hands re-emerged they were sliding down her thong. She stepped out of it and dropped it to the floor. She smiled at Claire as she lifted her dress to expose her bald slit, "You done this before?"

"Once," admitted Claire going red, though whether it was because of her sluttishness, lack of experience or the reminder that she had lied to Jackie about there being a man, was unclear even to the petite cheerleader.

"Cool, you'll know what to do then," Jackie didn't seem worried that Claire was either a complete slut or an almost complete amateur. The taller teen wiggled her cunt at Claire, "Come and get it, sexy."

Nervously Claire dabbed her tongue at Jackie's quim lips. The other cheerleader giggled and quivered. Her hand started to stroke at Claire's head, running her hair through the cheerleader's blonde locks. The move relaxed Claire, it wasn't a competition, all she had to do was lick her best and she would be fine. She pushed harder, feeling the lips move beneath the force of her tongue. Gratifyingly Jackie gave a moan and her combing of Claire's hair sped up. Still kneeling Claire's hand reached up to her friend's pussy and pulled it apart. There was another groan from Jackie as she murmured "Oh sexy."

Claire pulled the slit as far apart as she could before pushing her tongue into the wet tunnel. The juice from her friend seemed to fizz against her tongue and no matter how she wiped it away it was always replaced away. Claire swung her tongue round the warm hole, sensually exploring every bit of the flesh. Above her she could hear Jackie's pleasurable gasps; the tall cheerleader stop stroking Claire's hair and moved her hands to lean on her shoulders for support. In one way that was a shame, Claire had enjoyed the sensitive movements of Jackie's fingers, but it also showed that Claire was doing it right; confirmed by a squeak from Jackie, "That's it Claire, oh baby that's good."

Deeper and harder went Claire, her tongue slithering round the hole as she sought the treasure. A gasp of excited joy and Jackie's fingers biting into her shoulders meant that Claire wasn't going to accidentally miss it. The young cheerleader began to tongue at the small lump, each lick making Jackie quiver like an arrow striking its target. The tall cheerleader gasped and shrieked in pleasure as she moved her pelvis forward to smother Claire in its tasty embrace. More cum seeped out. Claire lapped away, bringing the sweet juice down her throat. Harder and harder she licked, driving the clit into a bouncing frenzied state of desire. It's owner squealed in excitement, "Oh yes, Claire. Lick my cunt, lick my fucking cunt."

Claire was enjoying doing just that. There was some sort of power she had, not a superpower like not dying, but more that her licking gave her a control over Jackie. If she licked softly and gently the cheerleader's moans were soft and her fingers would lightly stoke at Claire's shoulders. If, however, Claire slammed hard the sounds that came from Jackie were loud screams and she would grip Claire's shoulders so hard it was like she feared falling off.

More and more cum was sliding from Jackie and her body shook with pleasure. Claire hit harder, she could feel Jackie quivering on the edge of an orgasm - one more burst should do it. Claire's tongue hammered home. Jackie's back hit the cubicle door so hard it almost broke. The tall teen was screaming in pleasure, "Aaaaarrrghhhh, aaaaarrrghhhh, ohhhhhhh."

Claire removed her mouth from the leaky pussy. As Jackie recovered Claire sat on the toilet and put back on her underwear; fun though tonight had been she didn't want to explain to her Mom how she'd lost a pair of her panties. Jackie bent over to pick up her thong as well; as she slid it under her dress she looked at Claire, "Does this mean we're secret girlfriends?"

"You asking me out?" Claire tried to keep the surprise from her voice and pretend she was only clarifying a poorly worded question.

Jackie played along with her, "Yep."

"I guess we are," smiled Claire. Her heart leapt in excitement.

* * *

"What's the matter? You've been like you've lost a dollar and found a cent ever since I got home from school," Vi Parr stood behind her Mom who was brushing her hair, prior to them going to bed.

Putting the brush down on the dresser Helen looked at Vi in the mirror, admiring the small, but perfect, teenage titties on display. She smiled, with her daughter's perfect body in the reflection, it was only partly forced, "I've been a bit down since before then, it wasn't you coming home," the Milf joked.

"Really?" gushed Vi breathlessly and crossing her hands put them over her heart whilst fluttering her eyeballs. When she spoke again a few moments later her voice dripped with sarcasm, "Because I was worried that it was me returning that gave you a face like a lemon, I was planning just to stay in school all the time."

"Oh," responded Helen, she turned and faced her sexy daughter. She hadn't been able to see the teen from the waist down in the mirror. Vi was obviously ready for bed, she wasn't wearing any panties, but her pussy was covered by the strap-on dangling from her thighs. Seeing an excuse not to answer Vi's question she leant forward and ran her finger seductively down the toy, before looking up with a smile on your face, "You want to get into bed and I'll join you in a second..."

Vi looked at her Mom sternly, "If it wasn't me coming in the door, what was it?"

Helen blushed, "I told you Rick Dicker was coming, well he turned down my superhero licence."

"Good," said Vi, "Now hurry up..."

"Good?" repeated Helen, she looked at Vi who had turned and was walking towards their bed - she had a nice rear, but Helen wanted more, "What do you mean 'good'."

Vi gave a theatrical sigh, the teen could see that she wasn't going to get away without an explanation. She turned back and walked back over to her Mom, "I mean 'good - I agree with Rick' - that's what."

"Why?" Helen's face looked pained and just a little bit frightened, "If I need to protect you and Jack-Jack..."

She trailed off, contemplating futures too awful to imagine. Vi felt for her Mom, sometimes she too worried about those futures, but her Mom had the wrong solution.

The teen leant her hands on her Mom's shoulder before leaning down and lightly kissing the Mil's upturned mouth, "I think it's me who should be doing the protecting of my family;" she was the top in the relationship. It meant that she was the head of the household and Vi held some pretty conservative views on what that signified; "If anyone is going to get the licence it'll be me."

Her Mom didn't look convinced, "Vi, you haven't the strength or the experience..."

Vi looked at her Mom crossly, "You didn't say that the night I came into your room and fucked you the first time."

"That was different," mumbled Helen, blushing as she realised she was in a fight she couldn't win.

"Really," snapped Vi. Then her face softened, she was being too harsh, her Mom was just looking out for her. Okay - she was doing it so clumsily that she'd managed to irritate Vi, but even that was kind of sweet. However, instead of arguing what her Mom needed was a demonstration, a reminder of quite what Vi was capable off. The teen smiled, "I'm ready for bed and so are you."

The sudden switch of conversation surprised Helen, especially as she wasn't ready - she still hadn't finished brushing her hair and if she didn't it would be all tangled in the morning. Nor was her lipstick wiped off and that would leave marks on the pillows that were a nightmare to wash off. She was going to mention this all to Vi, but she didn't get a chance. Just as she started to open her mouth Vi leant forward and pulled down the Milf's dressing gown, temporarily pinning her arms to her side and exposing her round bosom.

"Oh," Helen gave a squeak as much of pleasure as surprise, she certainly didn't mind if Vi wanted to be domineering, indeed she preferred it. She looked up at her daughter and smiled, "Now I'm ready for bed."

Vi grinned back. Without warning the teen leant down and swept the Milf into her arms. Helen gasped as her feet left the ground and her ass left the seat; for a second she felt a shock of fear as she dangled precariously between the hook of Vi's arms. But despite the slenderness of the teen she had unexpected strength and the speed of Helen's heart slowed to a more normal rate, at least for someone who was giggling with excitement at the thought of being banged. Vi looked sternly down at her Mom, "So you don't think I have the experience..."

Helen went red again, "Well, I was a bit hasty..."

Vi ignored her Mom's answer, instead she strode over to the bed and held her Mom over it, "I'm going to fuck your ass, I'm going to fuck it until it's raw, I'm going to fuck it until you scream your lungs out. Then we'll see who's the Mommy."

Helen let out a little whimper of excitement, even without being touched her pussy was already starting to quiver in anticipation it's owner was about to receive. Vi let go off her and Helen dropped onto the bed. She struggled to get out of her gown, managing to pull her arms out before Vi got on the bed and pressed her hands down on the Milf's shoulder pinning her to the bed, "You want it?"

"I want it," replied Helen huskily. She looked up at the slender teen above her, drinking in her beauty and waiting for her instructions.

They weren't long in coming, "Hook your ankles behind your neck, I want to really be able to slam that butt."

Few women could contort enough to slide their feet round their necks and most of them were no more than their mid-twenties. However, whilst Helen might not be allowed the licence to be Elastigirl anymore, she still retained the powers. She gracefully moved into the position her daughter had ordered. Helen knew why Vi had chosen it; not only did it leave her ass exposed and vulnerable, but it was a very dominating position leaving the recipient unable to fight back and totally reliant on their partner. There was a lesson Vi was teaching, reminding Helen that she was in a position for a top to put he bottom in. The Milf licked her lips and said in a quiet voice, "I'm ready."

Sometimes Vi would lubricate her toy before slamming her lover, but this time she wasn't. Helen opened her ass just a fraction, enough so that the first thrusts wouldn't be agonising, but not so much Vi would be disappointed. The teen positioned herself over Helen and pushed down. Helen squeaked as the large dick entered her butt; it felt like concrete was being poured down her hole. Vi raised herself and rammed down again, thrusting the dildo in deeper as Helen's ass opened. The Milf gasped again, "Fuck me, fuck me hard."

"You're not screaming yet," Vi rammed down deep again, her cock pushing aside any resistance from the chute walls. Helen groaned as the toy buried itself. The large girth battered within her sending out messages from her nerve endings; unsure whether to concentrate on pain or pleasure they intermixed both. Vi was up again and then down, thrusting deeper. Soon her body was slapping into Helen's and the teen continued to ram, so that her chest and thighs were driving deep into the Milf's flesh making her wobble like jelly on a plate. Vi grunted with pleasure, her eyes alight, "Take it you bitch, take it all."

"Oh yes, yes, yessssss!" gasped Helen as her daughter hammered home. The harder that Vi went down the more the Milf's ass shaped to fit the toy. Soon the pain had gone to be replaced totally by pleasure. A little trickle of cum slid out of Helen's pussy, jiggling a crooked path down from her lips as the brunette's body bounced under Vi's intense banging. The first orgasm swept into Helen like a hurricane; she closed her eyes and screamed in pleasure, "Fuuuuucccckkk, yeeeeeesssss...."

"That's not a scream, whore, not even close," Vi panted. Helen opened her eyes and looked into her daughter's pixyish features; they were lovely even as they were contorted in effort. The teen raised herself and rammed down like a train ramming the sidings. The force of the blow sent another blast of pleasure ricocheting round Helen's body and more cum jumped from her wet slid as she sprung with the impact. Her large tits were flapping as she moved; Helen licked her lips and groaned in pleasure, she knew how much Vi loved making the titties bounce and that would drive the beautiful teen into even greater exertions. The dildo slammed in deep.

"You slutty bitch," panted Vi, "You love having my big strap-on up your trampy ass, don't you?"

"I love it, I love you," gasped Helen, as normal Vi didn't reply or acknowledge her Mom's words. Helen didn't mind, even if Vi wouldn't say 'I love you' her actions showed she meant - still it would be nice to hear it once.

"Dirty cunt, fucking whore, take it you slut," swore Vi. She was moving fast now, her strap-on slamming into her Mom's ass. Sweat dripped from the teen, sliding down her pert titties to splash onto Helen's body and intermix with the Milf's own perspiration. Helen was moaning in pleasure as her ass was ploughed so well it was like she was being sent to paradise. The feelings were building up so that her body begun to shake violently and her groans became louder and more high pitched. Vi whacked in, "Who's the Mommy, slut?"

"You are, you are," screamed Helen as the orgasm tore into her, "Aaaaarrrggghh, aaaaaarrrgghhh, I.... Aaaaarrrghhhhh."

She screamed in pleasure so loud that her lungs almost hurt and her voice gave way. Vi pulled the dildo out and dropped down, her body slippery with sweat, "Don't worry," she said in a soft and loving voice, "I'll protect you."
_ _ _

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