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Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part 10 - Is A Secret Still A Secret When Others Know... (Ff,ff)
by LL

"Jeez Mom, you're looking chipper today," Lyle Bennet yawned as he walked into the kitchen and ran a hand through hair tousled by sleep, "You were back late last night. How was the date?"

He sat down and Sandra slid a waffle onto his plate before passing him the bottle of maple sauce. As she did so she thought of the gorgeous Elle Bishop, their session in the park and the way that the sexy blonde could do things with her tongue that made Sandra's body explode. She smiled at her son, "It was pretty good. They'll be a fourth."

As he was already tucking into the waffle Lyle didn't seem that interested in his Mom's love life, asking more from politeness than from any real interest. Sandra smiled, that was a sign that he'd been well brought up.

"Morning," Claire almost danced into the kitchen still wearing her nightie, but looking happier than she had for months, "Morning" she kissed her Mom on the cheek, "Morning," she kissed her brother on the top of his head, "Morning, morning."

"Yeuch," replied Lyle, wiping at his head like his sister had some contagious disease that he needed to get rid off.

Ignoring her son Sandra spooned the next waffle onto Claire's plate, "You were late back last night? How was the dance with Jackie? No alcohol I hope."

Holding up her hand Claire moved her index finger so it was about half an inch from her thumb, meanwhile putting on her naughty but still really innocent face, "We had one, that's all."

Sandra smiled, she was so glad to see Claire looking back to her normal self she'd have been forgiving if the teen had emptied an entire brewery, "Well as long as your careful. You're looking very cheerful, I'm guessing a fun night."

There was a smile from Claire and she gave a sigh like the heroine in nineteenth century romance as her true love rides into view, "I met someone - they're scrumchy."

"Yeuch," said Lyle again. He was again ignored

"Really?" Sandra remembered the magazines she found in her daughter's room, the well thumbed copy of 'Pussy Pink' - it wasn't likely that the person who Claire had met was a boy. Sandra wondered whether her daughter had really gone out with Jackie or whether that was a little lie. It didn't matter - whoever Claire had met had bumped up her blonde daughter to her old chirpy self, let Claire decide when she was going to come out of the closet.

* * *

"Mmmmmnnnn," Vi gave a deep and satisfied groan of pleasure. She was lying on her front on the bed she shared with her Mom, the only barrier to her nakedness was a sheet lying across the small of her back. She gave another moan and flicked her head, so that her long dark hair brushed along her back, "That iiissss soooo goooood."

The only reply from Helen was a slurping sound as she pushed her tongue deeper between her teenage daughter's ass cheeks. Vi gasped again as her body vibrated in pleasure; her wet slit rubbed against the linen sending further shots of joy rushing through her. She gripped the sheets beneath her and pulled at them, no longer interested in the open laptop in front of her, only the tongue raging at her butthole. She gasped again, "Go on slut, lick my ass."

Helen pulled apart the teen's cheeks so she could push herself further down. She slimmed her tongue and started to dab it around and into the anal chute. Her tender, sensual touch of tongue was sending Vi into paroxyms of lust. The teen groaned and gasped as her back contracted and stretched. Her body shook and quivered beneath the lapping, hot flushes appearing and fleeing as her Mom drove her on. The teenager squeaked, "You dirty bitch... oh you dirty, dirty whore."

Her body shuddered in excitement, as her Mom licked harder at her back-hole; the Milf's tongue racing over the nerve endings as they shattered into a cataclysm of joy. Vi gasped and her spine stretched one more time, as she came. Then with a sigh she relaxed again letting the warmth of the orgasm subside; it wasn't the best she had received, but it wasn't bad for first thing. She pulled the laptop towards her, "Morning Mom - is that a coffee?"

"It is," giggled the Milf as she picked up the two mugs from the bedside cabinet, "I made it for you, but when I came in and saw that delectably cute butt uncovered, I couldn't help myself."

"No complaints here," Vi took her coffee as her Mom sat down cross-legged beside her. The teen shifted position so that she too was sitting, the sheet covering her fell to the bed, and sipped her coffee. She looked at her Mom, a tiny nightie covering her sexy body. She sipped the coffee again and gave a nod to her Mom's body to show what she was talking about, "Mmmnnn nice."

A tiny touch of red coloured Helen's cheek and she gave a pleased smile at the compliment. She moved slightly closer to Vi, so the teen could feel the silk of the Milf's negligee against her own naked skin. Helen leaned over to look at the laptop's screen, which had the added bonus of straining her titties against the thin material covering them. She looked up at Vi, "What's this?"

There was more than a touch of worry in her Mom's voice; Vi had suspected there would be. Whatever was said her Mom was still struggling to accept that Vi wasn't a child, but a woman and she took her duties to protect her Mom and brother very seriously. However, whilst there might be a time later for impatience and raised voices, now was the time for understanding and gentle persuasion, "It's my costume. Edna's sent me some designs for one for when I put in for a licence. We agreed last night - remember?"

That wasn't strictly true, any discussion on the issue had been replaced by a bout of passionate butt-fucking, but Vi felt that the general gist was right. Evidentially so did Helen, despite her worried frown, "Yes," she said slowly, "I guess we did."

Turning round Vi gave her a Mom a slow, but tender kiss on the lips. Moving back she slid her hand under the Milf's chin and held her head so that they were looking at each other, "We've been moving this way for months... it works for us with me being head of the household. Nothing's going to happen - it'll be fine."

"I suppose," said Helen. Her smile and tone told Vi she was not convinced, but also that she wasn't going to push it.

The teen smiled back and stroked a thumb down her Mom's cheek, "Why don't you help me choose it?"

She swivelled the laptop so that Helen could easily see the screen, a picture of Vi wearing a loose red jump-suit, with black thigh length boots, gloves and panties on the outside. Helen smiled, "It would look better if it was tighter; it would show you off."

* * *

"Come in Jackie, how are you today?" Sandra Bennet smiled at the tall cheerleader as she stepped through the front door. Behind her Claire Bennet hopped impatiently like she had an urgent appointment with the toilet. It was typical she'd zoomed down the stairs as soon as she'd seen Jackie's car pull-up ready to greet her at the door and curtailing any conversation between her new 'girlfriend' and said Mom. Unfortunately Sandra had chosen just that moment to start to water the plants by the door.

"Great, thanks Sandra. How was your date?" it was one of Jackie's most irritating or endearing habits that she could speak to her friend's Mom with easy familiarity and that they responded like she was an equal rather than a presumptuous teen.

"It was good," Sandra raised her eyebrows in surprise, "How did you know?"

"Oh," Jackie shrugged, "Claire must have mentioned it."

Sandra's expression looked even more surprised and she looked at Jackie strangely as if she wasn't sure whether she was telling the truth. Claire quickly stepped forward, to be honest she had no idea what she had said last night. After their liaison in the toilet Claire's mind had been in such awhirl that as they waited for the taxi she gabbled about everything Lyle's soccer team to her views on which animals should be kept in zoos. She couldn't remembering mentioning her Mom, but she hoped whatever she said wasn't so personal on her Mom's love life that she'd be making heartfelt confessions to Sandra later. She grabbed Jackie's hand, "Let's go upstairs."

"To do homework," said Jackie in a voice that sounded so insincere even Claire winced.

Again her Mom looked at the two of them strangely and she seemed on the point of saying something. Then she smiled and shrugged, "I'll let you get on with it."

Claire ran up the stairs, as Jackie followed at a more leisurely pace. The smaller blonde waited impatiently at her bedroom door, shutting it firmly as soon as Jackie was in the room. She turned to her friend, shaking her head in exasperation and putting her hands on her hips, "Homework? Homework? Jeez Jackie, even Mom knows that you blast off your assignments in the bus the morning it's due to be handed in."

Smiling Jackie stepped forward and slid her hands round Claire's petite waist and back, "Tell you what I'll go down and tell her I came over to make out with her daughter."

Claire's stomach somersaulted and she felt her mouth fall open in horror. Jackie laughed and leant down to kiss her forehead, before bringing her lips down to kiss her nose and eventually ending up on her lips. Jackie's mouth slightly opened and her tongue played lightly around the inside of Claire's lips for a moment before she pulled her head back and gave a wicked smile, "Joking."

"Well don't," smiled Claire, looking at Jackie, her girlfriend, she couldn't be cross for long.

"I can't help it," grinned Jackie, "You look so gorgeous, the way your mouth moves and your eyes flit in panic."

"Mmhm," breathed Claire in agreement as Jackie's lips again hit hers. Claire opened and moved her mouth to match her girlfriend's. The petite cheerleader squirmed in enjoyment as Jackie's tongue slid in, up and against the inside of her mouth. Their bodies pushed together and Jackie began to tug at Claire's sweater, pulling it up the teen.

Breaking Claire blushed and pushed her sweater back into its original position. She squeaked in a whisper, "We can't. My Mom's downstairs..."

Her friend didn't seem perturbed, she bit her in a grin and stepped forward to take hold of Claire's sweater again. Shaking her head she laughed, "Well you'll just have to be quiet."

"Jackie..." Claire tried to protest again, though experience had taught her when her friend got an idea there was no getting her out of it. But any further discussion was cut off as Jackie's mouth enclosed Claire's. It felt so good as the tall cheerleader's tongue slipped in that Claire decided that she might as well go with the flow, her Mom wouldn't disturb them for a while yet - Claire hoped.

She didn't resist as Jackie pulled off her sweater and guided her to the bed. Claire fell onto it, bouncing, with her hair splayed out beneath her like a model. She looked up and watched as Jackie removed her pumps and pulled of her jean. The taller cheerleader put her hands to her hips and posed, "So what you think cutie?"

Claire couldn't think of anything to say, so she just smiled and reached behind her back to unhook her bra. It lay covering her titties. Jackie grinned and slid her hands down so that her thumbs were under the elastic of her panties. She smiled at Claire, "So you going to say what you think or just lie there and look ravishing."

"You're beautiful, so sexy," Claire breathed as she took in the sensual curves and bumps of the teenager before her.

"Mmmnn, that's the magic words," Jackie slid down her panties and stepped out of them. Her sweater partially covered her naked slit, but enough was visible for Claire to feel her breath stopping and her heart pattering. The taller blonde saw the effect she was having on her petit friend and reached down to hold the bottom of her sweater. Claire gave a tiny little gasp of lust as Jackie pulled up her sweater as far as her tits. For a few seconds she waved the two mounds, unhampered by a bra, at Claire, who was more entranced by the cheerleader's cute cunt with its tiny tuft of hair above it. Then Jackie brought the sweater back down, hiding her parts behind it. She grinned at Claire, "Now you see it, now you don't."

"Don't tease," pleaded Claire, she pushed herself partly upright - her bra slid down her body and onto the floor.

"Don't tease... please," grinned Jackie, she leant forward onto the bed, her hands placed either side of Claire. She pushed her lips onto Claire's forcing the smaller blonde back; not that Claire complained as her moist lips synchronised with Jackie's in a passionate tango. Jackie broke only when she was laying on top of Claire; the tall cheerleader's eyes twinkled and she placed a finger on Claire's mouth, "Claire I'm the tease, but will I please?"

"Yes," murmured Claire, "yes..."

The reason for her murmurs of pleasure was Jackie's hand had slipped up under Claire skirt and was sliding under the teen's panties. Claire gave another gasp as Jackie's finger slid in up to the knuckle. Her eyes fluttered in ecstasy and as Jackie's lips touched her naked nipple she moaned again, "Yes, oh yes."

Suddenly Jackie stopped. Claire started to sit up, not sure whether she should be annoyed that Jackie had finished so quickly or glad that her friend had stopped before she had got too loud. She opened her mouth, "What..."

She was interrupted by Jackie's mouth touching hers. It was only a brief kiss, but still enough to set Claire's toes tingling, before Jackie pulled back and put her finger on Claire's lip, "I haven't finished pleasing yet..." she said, her mouth curling upwards in a seductive smile.

Claire watched as her friend moved over to her bag and bent over it. Again Claire's breath was taken away as Jackie's sweater moved up to reveal her butt, firm and sensual. It was only a glimpse before the tall cheerleader straightened up and turned. In her hand was a small dildo, "I told you I haven't finished pleasing."

"Oh God," Claire breathed in lust even before Jackie knelt down and removed the petite cheerleader's panties. Claire gasped even louder and gripped her bedding as Jackie started to push the toy in. It wasn't massive, but at six inches neither was it tiny to someone who'd not had much more than a few fingers inside her. Jackie worked it in slowly, before pulling it back with a rush that sent a rippling wave of pleasure up Claire. She moaned again, louder this time as Jackie pushed it in and followed up by nuzzling the top of Claire's twat with her tongue. The petite cheerleader's body grew hotter, little beads of sweat appearing on the skin. She licked her lips and moaned, "Oh God."

"Mnnnn, tasty," Jackie's tongue licked away a bit of cum that had escaped her friend's cunt. She was working the dildo with a skilled rhythm now, pushing it hard against Claire's clit before pulling it half-way out and then repeating. Each thrust slid through the juice that Claire was creating, pushing it out and over the slit lips. Some would trickle down the teen's thighs, some Jackie would get with her tongue. She lapped away another bit, before teasingly asking "Am I pleasing?"

"Oh yes, oh God," replied Claire; it was impossible to deny that Jackie's tongue and toy combined were having a very pleasurable affect on the petite blonde. She squeaked again as Jackie's toy hammered into her G-spot; her hands gripped at the bed and her back arched like a spring, "Oh God, yes."

Harder and harder Jackie rammed in the toy, no longer licking as she instead looked at the contortions of Claire's face as the teen struggled to orgasm silently. She wasn't having much luck, her passionate moans escaping through gritted teeth and her body hammering into the bed so it was quaking under her shakes, "Oh God, God, God, yessss, yessss."

A louder moan escaped from Claire and her pussy thrust up to meet the toy hammering into it. Her eyes scrunched close and one hand move to grip one of her own titties, as if by holding it she could stop her entire body quivering, "Oooooh, ooooh, I think I'm cumming..."

It was hard to disagree as her body flushed with warmth and her breath caught in her throat, for a few moments reducing her vocal output to shattering sobs as she struggled for air. Slowly the tingle left her and her breathing returned to normal. Looking up Claire smiled as she watched Jackie lick clean the toy. Her friend saw her looking and gave one more lick, her tongue seductively moving down the rubber; "Did that please cutes or did you have to lie back and think of Texas?"

Claire gave a fake pout, "You're teasing me now."

"A little," admitted Jackie with a smile. She stood up and looked down at Claire, the teen lying wearing only a skirt and that wrapped up round her midriff, "but you little sexpot, I'm not the only one who is."

"I'm sure I can do something about that," said Claire and licked her lips, "Why don't you come here."

The taller teen crawled up Claire's body, encouraged by Claire gripping her friend's waist and guiding her up. She only stopped when she was sitting on Claire's chest. Jackie looked down and grinned, "Look's like I'm top."

"A little further and you will be," Claire moved her hands round until she felt the firm muscle of Jackie's butt cheeks. She squeezed them and licked her lips, "Place that sexy slot where you want to place it."

"Mmmn, you know where I want it," murmured Jackie and moved a few inches forward, her pussy already dripping.

"I do," purred Claire as Jackie's slit hovered over her mouth. A tiny trickle of cum dropped out and landed just above Claire's mouth. She moved her tongue out and licked it away, before pulling Jackie down and opening her mouth again. The taller teen groaned as Claire's tongue ran into her cunt. Claire swung round and round the tunnel, licking away the juice in a never-ending corkscrew. Gradually she moved deeper, exploring the moist hole and tasting the cum that trickled down her tongue and onto her taste buds.

"Eat me," gasped Jackie. She shook and pushed her juicy cunt deeper into Claire's mouth. Claire slammed her tongue up harder and shoved her mouth hard against the teen's twat lips. The labia quivered as Claire's mouth moved. Jackie groaned again, grinding herself down and waving her body in time with Claire's tongue diving in. She moaned harder and deeper, "Oh that's it cutie, lick me hard."

Claire was loving it. She loved the feeling of soft flesh beneath her touch, the way that Jackie groaned, shook and moaned; she loved the smell of the teen's tight twat and the taste of the cum that leaked from it. Her tongue hammered up and in, rushing over her girlfriend's clit. As she touched more cum came down like water from a leaky tap, but no water had ever been so sweet. Claire lapped harder as her hands squeezed at Jackie's butt. More cum shot out and the taller blonde screamed in pleasure, "Oh Claire, eat me, eat me..."

Claire ate harder, carried away with lust.

* * *

In the kitchen Sandra looked up from her crossword. There was a light smell of cookie dough from the oven, not yet strong enough to say they were ready. But that wasn't what had interrupted her from the puzzle - there was another scream of pleasure from upstairs. Sandra smiled, so the person Claire had met was her friend Jackie - it was such a relief that Claire was much more perky that Sandra didn't want to go upstairs and hint they might want to be a bit quieter. Anyway Lyle was out with friends so there would be no awkward questions or comments from him.

Sandra smiled and returned to her crossword.

* * *

"I'm not sure," Vi turned her head so that she could see her ass in the mirror. Helen thought it looked fuckably sexy in the tight material. Indeed if Edna Mode hadn't been there Helen would have been pulling the pants off her daughter and burying her face between the gorgeous cheeks.

Unfortunately Edna was there, with a tape measure and some tungsten drawing pins (the only metal hard enough to be able to pierce the flame-resistant, bullet-proof, machine washable rubber material). So Helen contented herself with giving Vi a verbal boost to her self-esteem, "I think it looks good. It reminds me off my costume."

A little too much if Helen was honest, same shade of red, same black boots and mask, same underpants over the costume. Even the a similar marking on the front, a swirly pattern of orange and black with a yellow 'V' in the middle. Helen forced herself to ignore the feeling, not sure whether it was jealousy that Vi was being allowed a licence or fear that she was. It didn't matter in either case, Vi had made clear she was head of the household and with that came protection duties, whether Helen wanted it or not. She looked at Edna and asked, "What do you think?"

It was a question to which Helen already knew the answer. The chances of Edna thinking one of designs wasn't the epitome for fashion conscious superheroes was roughly the same as her entering the hundred metres at the next Olympic. Edna didn't disappoint, "Vonderful, darlink. My best vork. Wi vooks as pretty as Marlene Dietrich," gushed Edna, "and zee..."

She picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed them into Vi's thigh. Helen winced and Vi uttered a cry, before realising that they hadn't penetrated the material. In fact the blades of the scissors were bent. Edna gave another smile and reached for some hairspray. Holding it over her lit cigarette the spray turned to flame. Whirling she shot the burning fire at Vi's chest.

"Zee, stab-proof, fire-proof, bullet-proof," she began to look around for a pistol.

Vi stopped her, "Thanks Auntie Edna. I get it..."

"Ja, darlink," said Edna and then with a flash of inspiration added, "You vant it taken in?"

Vi blushed and nodded, "I don't want to appear vain, but y'know I think my ass is one of my best features and well, it wouldn't do any harm to show it off."

"Of course darlink. It needs to ve pervect." smiled Edna and scratched a line of chalk down the thigh. She reached onto the dresser and pulled out a small mask, "And now zee disguise."

"I'm not sure just covering the top of my face is going to fool anyone," said Vi, but she took the mask anyway and slipped it on.

"You'd be surprised," replied Helen, smiling as she remembered her own super days, "As you're often hitting the bad guys and gals at the same time they're often not at their most observant."

"Wouldn't it make more sense for me to go invisible?" asked Vi. Her body faded away as she spoke, but unfortunately her clothes remained in place.

Edna tutted and wrote something down in her notebook, "A vew teething problems vith vour costume. I'll sort it out;" she looked up again at Vi as the teen returned to visibility, "Have vu vought of a name. Ve vill vave to let the NSA know. V'haps invisigirl? Vorce lady?"

"Miss Incredible," said Vi in a tone that suggested that this wasn't something that was up for discussion.

Helen gulped and looked at Edna. The older woman just nodded and said, "Miss Incredible it is. Now keep it secret, vonly I, vour Vom and Vick Vicker will know vho vu are."

"Sure," grinned Miss Incredible.
_ _ _

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