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Heroes/Incredibles/Heroines Part 11 - Being In The Wrong Place Is So Right (ff,FF)
by LL

The scratch of pens on paper was the only sound that competed with the dull monotone of Mr Snyder and the nibs were loosing badly. The teacher continued explaining glacial movements, so slowly, but with such grinding intensity that there was a distinct similarity with the ice packs he described. Claire blinked and tried to concentrate on her the notes she had written. Looking at them she gave an internal sigh, she was pretty sure her teacher hadn't said, "As the ice moved back it left kissies and debris in Jackie."

Shaking her pen, so that it looked like it had suffered a sudden blockage, rather than the real reason, which was to give Claire a few moments to collect her thoughts and think about Geography not girlfriends. Claire wouldn't have normally put herself as one of the top students, but she was bright enough and when she needed too, around exam time and assignments which counted to her GPA, she would settle down to graft. Claire felt she wasn't a complete slacker who lived only for partying and cheerleading, such as Jackie. Claire groaned, even when trying to clear her head of the tall, sexy cheerleader her girlfriend would keep bursting into her thoughts seemingly determined to prevent the inexorable movement of the glaciers.

"Yes, what do you want?" Snyder's voice turned from a boring monotone to threatening evil, as if he was going to suddenly go insane with a piece of chalk and a spinning globe.

Claire looked up to see what the interruption was. It was just her luck that it was the object of her affections, Jackie Wilcox, looking extremely fetching in her short cheerleader skirt and its matching tight top. The cheerleader gave the teacher one of her most dazzling smiles, which failed to placate him in any way. Seeing her failure she put on a more serious expression, "Principal Flutie, wants to see Claire in his office now."

"Pack up your things, Bennet, don't keep the Principal waiting," Snyder looked at her with the look a serial killer gives a hitchhiker.

Claire felt her stomach turn nervously. She wasn't aware of having done anything that warranted a trip to the Principal. Okay, she'd pushed a geek out of the way as she'd travelled down the school corridor, but it was so acceptable for the 'pretty girls' to have to remove obstructions that it wasn't even worth a raised eyebrow never mind a visit to 'fat' Flutie. The only other thing she could think off was... she blushed, but was pretty sure what she and Jackie did was their own business, not the Principal's. Anyway, Jackie looked relaxed as Claire put her things in the bag and followed her friend out.

"Do you know what he wants?" Claire asked nervously.

"Who?" Jackie smiled in what was meant to be a mysterious way.

"Principal Flutie, what does he want with me? Do you know?"

"Nothing, nadda, zip," Jackie stopped and turned round to face Claire, her smile shifted from enigmatic to sexily charming. She pushed open the door to the girl's restroom and rested her hand on Claire's butt, the fingers lightly moving and massaging the teen's cheeks through her skirt. The taller blonde gave a quick look round and guided Claire into the ladies. Jackie's lips brushed Claire's nose "I, on the other hand..."

Claire wasn't sure whether to swoon at the romance of it or be outraged that she'd been virtually kidnapped from class. She compromised, following Jackie in without resistance before breaking from her and slamming her hands on her hips to show she wasn't to be taken for granted.

"You took me out of class, because you were hot?" Claire looked at Jackie, God she was so damn sexy standing there that it made Claire's insides zigzag; "Because you were horny? I could get in so much trouble..."

Jackie didn't look like she was in the least put out by Claire's complaints. Instead she smiled and said, "Only if he knows. I'm not going to tell him? Are you?"

"Mr Snyder might," snapped back Claire. She paused, that was perhaps more brutally put than she wanted, she wanted Jackie to realise what she was doing wasn't a joke, but not to drive her off into thinking Claire wasn't fun.

Luckily Jackie didn't seem to mind, she stood in front of Claire and slid her arms round her back, "Don't worry Cutes. Mr Snyder and the Principal hate each other. They haven't said two civil words to each other since 1997."

"Okay," Claire conceded, Jackie's perfume was wafting in her nostrils and her fingers were playing a little tune Claire's waist. She felt she had more or less made her point, so she gave a shrug and followed it with a forgiving smile, "Warn me in future."

"Will do, Cutes," replied Jackie and moved her mouth over Claire's. As it closed down the tongue flicked out, gently pushing apart Claire's lips and entering her. Jackie's hands slid down Claire's waist to end on her butt. Any misgivings Claire had were washed away as Jackie's lifted the petite blonde's skirt and slid her hands under the thin material of the panties. Claire felt herself starting to wet up, her cunt starting to juice with lust for the other blonde. Jackie must have been feeling the time as she suddenly broke the kiss and jumped onto the basin shelf. Reaching underneath her skirt she pulled down her panties and dropped them beside her, "We've only got time for a quickie before break."

Claire looked at the underwear lying by her foot, a slow smile forming on her face as she shifted her gaze upwards. Jackie's face was a picture of beauty, her attractiveness enhanced by the way she briefly pouted and moved her tongue over her lips, making the red lipstick glow even more. The taller cheerleader continued to heft herself onto the shelf, positioning herself between two basins. Her legs opened, though the wet hole beneath was still concealed by her short skirt, even if only just. Claire stepped closer and placed her hands on her girlfriend's thighs, before leaning so close that her face was almost touching Jackie's. Claire's spoke softly, but she hoped seductively, "Tongue or finger?"

"Finger," Jackie's mouth opened in a smile so sensual that if smiles could make the recipient cum Claire would have been squirting all over the floor; "I want to look at you."

"Sounds like a plan," purred Claire. She moved between Jackie's legs and slid her hands up the thighs so that the skirt slid up her girlfriend's midriff. The pussy underneath was pinkly pulsating with lust, shining beneath the artificial lighting. Claire looked at it lasciviously; she loved looking at her girlfriend's most intimate parts. Almost as much as she liked touching them.

"Oh, that's good Claire," moaned Jackie as the teen slid her finger into the other cheerleader's slick hole. Her young slit seemed to close warmly around Claire's finger as she moved it around, the digit pushing at the wet walls. Jackie purred again, as a sliver of cum leaked down her slot and onto Claire's finger. The petite cheerleader bit her lips to stop the surge of sexual excitement that was threatening to overwhelm her as she watched the juice trickle down. Jackie gave another gasp "You're hitting the spot."

Claire moved faster pushing her finger harder and harder against the clit. Each touch of the bud make Jackie shiver and shake, little groans of pleasure rising from her diaphragm. Her twat moulded to Claire's finger, the sides clinging to the digit, seeping girl cum everywhere. Claire's slammed her finger in so quickly her shoulder began to ache. It worked, though. Jackie bucked so hard her back smacked into the mirror and she began to squeal with the intensity of the orgasms flowing through her, "Oh my God, Cutes, that's so good. You're the best, I've never had a girlfriend so good..."

The words hit Claire like a wrecking ball, but she didn't dare stop; now that Jackie had accidentally let on Claire wasn't her first she had to finish. She continued to slam the finger into the tall cheerleader, even more desperate to please Jackie and suddenly fearful that Jackie would open her eyes and mention how poor Claire was as a lover and certainly not a patch on her last girlfriend. Luckily, Jackie didn't seem to be thinking anything of the sort - instead she was straightening her back and letting out a scream of excitement, "Ooooohhh, aaaaarggghhh, thaaattts...."

She sagged back against the mirror, breathing heavily as Claire slid her finger out of her girlfriend's hole. She walked over to the towel roller and wiped off the cum coating it. By the time she was certain that no one was going to detect any girl juice on her Jackie had jumped off the shelf and was putting her panties back on, "We need to come and do quickies more often..."

Steeling herself Claire moved in front of Jackie, "Am I your first?"

"I never said you were," it wasn't a direct answer to the question, but it said as much as any answer.

That was true, Claire conceded - she had just assumed. She nodded and agreed "You didn't."

"Does it matter?" suddenly Jackie looked worried.

"No," lied Claire. It was just she felt very inexperienced, "It doesn't matter."

"Good," Jackie leant forward and gave her a light kiss on the cheek, "I'll see you at lunch?"

"Yes," replied Claire, "I might be a bit late, there's someone I've got to see first."

* * *

The phone rang. Mirage looked at it. The only person who had the number was the Mistress. It rang again. Mirage continued to look at it. Elle stepped into the room, fixing an earring into her earlobe. She looked at the ringing phone, then at Mirage before saying, "I can't answer it, I'm beautifying myself."

"I'll get it," Mirage picked up the phone, "Mirage here."

"You took your time, I hope you weren't sampling the cheerleaders without permission," it was, as expected, the Mistress. And she didn't seem to trust Mirage to be around the dozen kidnapped and brainwashed cheerleaders without the tanned blonde trying to have her wicked way with them without permission. That hurt, especially as it was true that if Mirage wasn't aware that the Mistress would have found out, she'd have been bending over a couple of the new arrivals and introducing them to pleasures that no Football Jock could provide.

"I was reading," she lied.

There was a pause from the end of the phone, as if the Mistress was trying to decide if it was a lie and whether to challenge. Mirage found her breathing become slower and her heart racing faster as the silence lengthened until, "Put Elle on the phone, I haven't got long."

Mirage thrust the phone at the blonde, "It's for you."

Reluctantly Elle took the phone, "Mistress," she said.

"You are meeting Sandra for a bite to eat?" asked the Mistress

As Elle had told her about the lunch date earlier in the morning it was impossible to deny, so she merely said, "Yes, I am."

"Are you planning to go back to her place... I don't want to hear you whining about her being a lady; you've already used that line so many times its beginning to bore me."

As that was the exact line Elle had been planning to use she was silence momentarily as she thought what to say. Nothing came to mind, so she told the truth, "I don't know."

She expected some withering reply from the Mistress, but the younger woman was obviously in a good mood as she said, "Fine, if you do go back to hers, make sure you're gone by the time Claire arrives."

"Sure," replied Elle. That would have been her plan even if the Mistress hadn't said it. It would have been awkward to meet a girl who she'd licked out and deliberately given a wrong phone number too. It would be even more awkward if they met when she was wandering round the Mom's house clad only in a sweat stained sheet - especially if you were falling for the Mom. Elle knew that if she carried on carrying on with Sandra she'd have to face it sometime, but if she could put off that day as long as possible she'd be happy.

"Okay. I'll speak to you later," said the Mistress, "Have a good time with Sandra."

"Er, I will," replied Elle surprised at the Mistress's remark, "You have a good time too."

The purr from the other end of the line said that the Mistress had already put the phone down; though as the shocked look Mirage gave Elle reminded the blonde, that might not have been a totally bad thing. Elle shrugged and tried to appear blas‚ about her final words, "What? She was in a good mood. Can't we be pleasant?"

"We can," said Mirage, "But the Mistress in a good mood? How?"

"She's probably getting some and speaking of that, I'm off. I'll see you later;" Elle picked up her bag and headed for the doors.

* * *

"Hi, how are you?" Claire Bennet leant against the locker, clutching her books to her chest like they were the love of her life and gave Violet Parr a beaming smile.

Confused Vi looked around, but everyone else had already dropped off their books and charged to the cafeteria, which was why Vi had thought it now safe to emerge from the obscurity of the corner she had positioned herself in. She turned to look at Claire, who didn't seem at all put off and was still smiling happily at Vi as if they were best friends who hadn't seen each since before the Summer vacation. Vi twisted her head round once more, just to make sure that she wasn't missing a dwarf crouched on the floor or an orang-utan scratching itself on top of the lockers. There wasn't, the only two people in the corridor were Vi and Claire - not leaving much doubt who the pert cheerleader was addressing. Vi forced a smile, "Good, really good."

"Good, I'm glad," said Claire, the smile not leaving her face. She kept it up as she opened her own locker and deposited her books, her stance suggesting the conversation was not at the end, but hopefully Vi thought, the uncomfortable small talk might be. It was as Claire turned, "I think we got off on the wrong foot giving we have things in common."

"You mean the superpowers?" Vi shrugged, she had been brought up with them and to her it was no biggie. But she remembered Claire's reactions, obviously the blonde thought different, perhaps it would explain her general rudeness and arrogance, or more likely that was just a result of being a cheerleader.

"No," said Claire and to Vi's surprise the cheerleader blushed. She reached forward and took hold off Vi's wrist. The grip was surprisingly strong for such a petite girl - it looked like cheerleading did have benefits after all, "Look if I ask you something will you keep it secret?"

"Why would I do that?" Vi asked, there was no way she was going to give the cheerleader a free pass. Claire and others like her had spent their entire high school careers being Queen Bee's - it was a sweet revenge to find one that couldn't sting.

It was Claire's turn to be confused, it was obvious she had been expecting Vi to immediately do whatever the popular girl said and to bask in a brief moment of reflected glory - it happened in the movies, but not in real life. Vi smiled and leant against the locker, she couldn't ever remember feeling in control at school and she discovered she liked it. She waited for Claire to speak again.

"Superhero solidarity?" asked Claire nervously. Vi's smile said that wouldn't work. The blonde bit her lip nervously, as she thought up another reason, "Because you're a nice person? Not like the popular bitches who rule the school. You're better than them - nicer."

That was emotional blackmail, the cheerleader wasn't just a dumb blonde Vi decided. She sighed, "Sure, hit me, let's hear it."

"I am lesbian," blurted out Claire.

Only the super-serious expression on the cheerleader's face stopped Vi from bursting out laughing. Even then she couldn't resist a smile, "You? Miss Boys-Look-at-me-I'm-a-cheerleader? Everyone thinks your flashing those legs for the guys and the poor saps don't have a chance. Instead you're wanting to slide against the other cheerleaders in the shower? You're a muff-diver?"

It was the longest speech Vi had given in school since the fifth grade. The response was one of Claire's shortest in the same time; the blonde looked at her pumps and softly murmured, "Yes."

"So what do you want?" asked Vi, "A date? Because I'm already spoken for."

"Advice, I really want your advice," Claire looked up, her face strained and looking like she was on the edge of tears; "I'm seeing someone, but she's... she's seen others before me and I must look like an idiot. I don't know what to do or how to keep her. I just know that soon she's going to see how inexperienced I am and go off with someone prettier. I need you to help me, I don't know who else I can talk to."

It surprised Vi how suddenly Claire looked lonely and vulnerable. She'd always imagined that all cheerleaders had any self-doubt removed from them as they were given their pom-poms and that with so many good-lookers queuing up to date them that they saw relationship issues as something for the little people. But looking at Claire Vi realised it wasn't true, at least some of the cheerleaders were human too - or superhuman in Claire's case, but the principle held true. She reached out and lightly touched Claire's wrist, the blonde tried to smile brightly at the contact, but didn't quite manage it. The look also decided Vi, sighing as she broke every rule in her book she said, "Look - come round to my place tomorrow. I've got some DVDs we can watch that'll give you some ideas..."

* * *

Elle drained her coffee as Sandra hurried down the sidewalk; she was only a few minutes late, but she look flustered. The twentysomething gave a wave to indicate where she was sitting and stood up. Sandra stopped and gave her girlfriend a peck on the cheek, giggling as Elle's hand surreptitiously dropped and almost by accident brushed against the side of the older woman's upper thigh.

"I'm sorry I'm late," Sandra said, "Have you been here long?"

"No," lied Elle. She had been here for nearly thirty minutes, but over twenty of those were due to her arriving early; "It's not a problem. Do you want a coffee and then to order something?"

Sandra pulled a face, "Elle... I'm sorry. I'd hoped to have finished my weekly shop and dropped it home, but it took longer than I thought. And I've got things for the freezer."

It was obvious that there wasn't going to be cappuccino and a salad (with or without fries). Elle grimaced, "Another time?"

Sandra nodded, her face showing as much disappointment as Elle's. Suddenly she seemed to brighten up, "Look, say no if you want, but instead of eating out, why don't you come over to mine and I'll rustle us up some lunch. Lyle's out tonight at football and Claire's cheering, so I they won't be home until gone five, so we can watch a film as well. What do you say?"

"That's sounds great," beamed Elle. She suspected that Sandra might have been late on purpose, in which case the afternoon plans might not just be movies - especially with the mention of the Bennet teens being out.

* * *

"Thanks, you didn't have to help," Sandra Bennet turned to take the last grocery from Elle, "I told you to sit."

The blonde twentysomething shrugged, "I'd have felt guilty sitting watching you unpack. Not..." she quickly added, "that I don't like watching you."

For a second Sandra didn't see the compliment, then she smiled and tenderly kissed Elle's lips, "So sweet."

"I try," murmured Elle back and returned the kiss. She slid her hands down Sandra's back in the hope from some serious loving.

She got it as Sandra opened her mouth and allowed Elle's tongue to flow in like a river weaving into a underground tunnel. Elle kissed harder, moving her hands up and down Sandra's back. The movement pulled out the older woman's blouse, which had been tucked in her slacks, and Elle moved her hands underneath it so she could feel the skin beneath.

"You want some lunch?" Sandra pulled away and gave Elle a smile that suggested that whatever the Milf was hungry for it wasn't lettuce or tomato.

"I'm good," smirked Elle back and replanted her mouth on Sandra's. The older woman's hand moved up and she started to undo Elle's shirt. The blonde felt Sandra's hand slip in under the cotton and stop at her bra. The pause was only temporary before Sandra's fingers pulled the material down the bosom. The nipple bounced out, exposed. Sandra's fingers slid over it and she began to rub it between them. Elle moved her head back and let out a giggly moan, "I'm very good."

"I'm hungry now," purred Sandra, "I want some tasty pussy."

"I'm sure I can manage that," Elle replied. Sandra was already undoing the buckle on the belts of Elle's jeans. It dropped to the floor as Elle undid her button and zips. She jumped onto the counter and pushed her legs straight out, giggling, "Pull."

Sandra removed the younger woman's shoes and followed it with the jeans, dropping them both onto the floor. Elle put her hands under her elastic and pulled her panties down to her thighs. Sandra smiled and took hold of them, "I'll take those as well."

"If you're still peckish," Elle teased. She slid two fingers down in an inverted 'V' and opened her slit for Sandra's delighted inspection, to be conducted with her tongue,

The Milf didn't reply, but dropped to her haunches between Elle's legs and with her face opposite the pussy. She reached up and brushed Elle's fingers away, replacing them with her own. Elle moaned as the Milf stretched opened her hole, the moan getting louder as Sandra's tongue pushed in. Elle gave another grunt of pleasure as the other woman swung her tongue round the twat hole, swishing in a circle of pleasure. Faster and faster Sandra moved, her tongue exploring the damp cunt and lapping away at the cum being secreted in copious quantities by Elle.

"Oh God, yes, yes," Elle's voice squeaked up a couple of octaves as Sandra hit her clit. The older blonde recognised the feel of it beneath her tongue and pressed hard against it. Elle's hands pressed down against the counter-top, as her entire body shivered lustfully. If this pussy-licking was Sandra once she'd been out of the market a while she must have been in line for America's top cunt-lapper when she was dating. Elle threw back her head and squealed again, "Oh stop, stop, stop."

Luckily Sandra wasn't listening as she was too engrossed in slamming her tongue down Elle. Again and again she licked at the bud, slurping away the cum from Elle and drinking it down like it was soda. Elle screamed and shivered, her body exploding in pleasure as Sandra drove into her. She screamed again as the orgasm rushed through her, her juices shooting out of her cunt and coating Sandra's face.

The Milf stood up, the cum dripping down her face and onto her blouse. She smiled and licked at what she could, "I guess you enjoyed?"

"Better than a cappuccino," said Elle as she recovered her equilibrium, "Much better."

"I got something else when I went shopping," said Sandra shyly, "I haven't unpacked it yet."

"What?" asked Elle. She dropped from the counter and headed to pick up her jeans, but Sandra moved them away with her foot. Elle paused as Sandra gave her a naughty smile, "What have you bought?"

"It's in my bag," said Sandra. She gave a small giggle like she was eighteen and on her first ever date. Stepping over to her bag, she bent over, her slacks biting tightly against her butt - much to Elle's pleasure. She was even more pleased when Sandra straightened up and turned round holding an strap-on. The Milf held it out like she was passing a sacred relic to the High Priestess, "I bought this. I was hoping you'd use it on me."

Elle took it, she seen bigger, but the slight shake from Sandra reminded her the Milf had been celibate a number of years, she didn't need big. Elle grinned reassuringly, "You going to spread for me then, cos that lick out you gave me has made me as horny as a porn star in heat."

Elle pulled the strap-on up her thighs as Sandra pulled off her pants, following them up with her underwear. She paused before undoing her blouse and dropping it to the floor, so she was just standing in pants and bra. She didn't remove them and Elle didn't push, though she removed her own shirt and slipped down the bra so that her twentysomething titties were free. She smiled and walked over to Sandra, "Come here sexpot."

Their mouths met again, but this time Elle moved her fingers to rub at the Milf's smooth slit, whilst Sandra ran her hand up and down the rubber dong that was pushing into her midriff. The older woman was damp and becoming more so as Elle stroked at her twat, "Okay you ready?" asked Elle.

She didn't wait for a reply, but grabbed Sandra and lifted her onto the kitchen table. It slid a little, but it was solid wood and whilst it wasn't designed to be copulated on it was strong enough to cope.

"Oh, yes," breathed Sandra as she felt the wood under her back. She gave another moan as Elle reached down and pushed apart the Milf's thighs, leaving her legs dangling over the edge and her cunt ready and open. The younger woman took hold off the rubber toy and moved it so that Sandra felt it touch the outside of her pussy lips. Elle moved the dildo teasingly, rubbing at Sandra, but not yet putting it. Sandra looked at her, they both smiled and Sandra said quietly, but firmly, "I want you to fuck me, fuck me now."

"Oh yes, love me," moaned Sandra passionately as Elle pushed the strap-on between the older woman's legs. The toy moved slowly into Sandra, cum clinging to the rubber as it went deeper. Elle leant forward, resting her hands on the table, as she fed in the full length. She only stopped when her body was pressed into Sandra. The Milf opened her mouth and let out a whinny of pleasure, "That's it Elle, remind me I'm a woman."

"I don't think I could forget," breathed Elle as she looked down at the nearly naked figure beneath her, the titties straining at the thin nylon of the bra. Sandra's hands reached up and Elle took them in hers, before levering herself in. There was a brief pause as their fingers played against each other, then Elle slammed in again. She was rewarded by Sandra's back bending in pleasure and a gasp from the Milf.

Quickly Elle began to get into a speedy rhythm. She slammed in faster and faster, hammering the dildo deep into Sandra. The Milf squeaked and squealed as each time it sent waves of sensual joy flooding through bodies in a way she had almost forgotten existed. Elle rammed hard, exerting herself as hard as she could. She grinned and squeezed Sandra's hands harder as the Milf's legs moved up and wrapped themselves around Elle's waist; with each thrust from Elle, Sandra's heels would bounce against the younger blondes lower-back. And such was the speed Elle was thrusting they were bashing like a pneumatic drill, but without the pain.

"Oh God, oh God, this is... oh God, fuck me hard Elle, love me like a woman," shrieked Sandra. Her back arched as another orgasm poured down into her; they were coming faster and stronger - blowing her away in excitement, "Oh God, Oh God, this is heaven. I'm yours... fuck me... fuck my pussy."

Soon Sandra was sweating, her perspiring back sliding up against the laminated wood of the table. Elle's own perspiration slid down her body to join her lovers, where it mixed with other liquid that both women were producing. Elle slammed harder and faster, triumphing in Sandra's passionate shrieks, "Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaargggghhhh."

The older blonde screamed and arched as the orgasms tore into her, one after another, until her body was so wracked with pleasure it was almost incapable of any more. Elle was starting to slow, sweat soaked her so much that she looked like the melting man and her hair was plastered down her back and to her forehead. She slowed down more, bringing Sandra gently down from her plateau of pleasure. Eventually she stopped and pulled out the dildo; it dripped cum.

Elle moved to a seat and collapsed exhausted. Sandra got up off the table and unbuckled the strap-on, sliding it to the floor. She kicked it away and sat on Elle's lap, putting her arms round the younger woman's neck and smiling, "You must come to lunch again."

Elle stomach rumbled in hunger, the pangs had been suppressed when she was doing something more exciting, but now they were arriving. She grinned at the Milf, "I'd love to come to lunch again. But next time let's also eat..."
_ _ _

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