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Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part 12 - Growing Relations (FF, Ff, inc, anal)
by LL

On the screen a young blonde pulled her legs back until they were almost parallel to her ears. A brunette, perhaps a couple of years older was on top of her, slamming a strap-on into her co-star's pussy. Both women threw themselves energetically into the fuck, squeaking and squealing in pleasure.

In the Parr house Vi Parr cast a quick glance at Claire Bennet, sitting next to her on the sofa. Vi very seldom had friends round, indeed for 'seldom' read 'never' and to celebrate her Mom had made a bowl of popcorn for the two teens to share. Vi had eaten her fair share, though as she didn't want to put on weight that hadn't been much. Claire had happily munched a few pieces before Vi had slid the DVD into the machine. The blonde cheerleader had picked up one final piece as the film started and the two stars had walked into the bedroom. The same bit of popcorn was still between her fingers, just an inch from her lips as the blonde watched the screen as transfixed as a rodent hypnotised by a King Cobra.

Claire's mouth opened and she seemed to be trying to saying something, but whilst her jaw was working all she managed to get out was a squeak, albeit a much quieter one than the blonde on the television was making. Vi grinned, 'Pussy-loving Partners' was one of her favourite films as well, one she and her Mom watched regularly in the evening, with Helen snuggled into her girlfriend/daughter and sliding her hand underneath Vi's panties. The porn blonde arched her back and screamed out an oath, the cheerleader blonde eyes widened and the popcorn rolled from her fingers, onto the floor.

Picking it up Vi deposited in the bowl and then picked the bowl up, she didn't want any more corn and she was pretty sure that Claire, even if she remembered it was still there, was no longer interested either. In the kitchen Helen Parr was just finishing drying the last of the dishes; it was no surprise that Helen had pulled out all the stops for dinner - she always did. With no job apart from being a housewife meals weren't quick knock-ups, but lovingly prepared delights combining both tastiness and health benefits. The Milf smiled as her daughter placed the half-full bowl on the counter, "How's it going?"

Vi smiled as she thought of Claire sitting open mouth in front of the television, drinking in the lesbian porn on show, "I think she may be picking a few hints on how to please her girlfriend."

"Mmmnnhh," Helen grinned and slid her arms round her daughter's petite waist, "Are you picking up any tips?"

"Do you think I need any?" Vi squeezed at her Mom's butt, kneading the firm pair of cheeks with her fingers.

"Eeekkk," Helen gave a small squeal of enjoyment, "No, I don't think you do."

Grinning Vi gave her Mom's ass another quick squeeze and returned to the main room.

It was probable that Claire had moved, but if so it wasn't by much. The teen was still entranced by the lesbians banging away on screen. Vi sat down beside her, grinning, "Like what you're seeing?"

"Uh-huh," Claire nodded, so wrapped up in the sex that Vi could have asked whether she had big ears and a tail and got the same answer. The dark haired teen smiled and sat back on the sofa, she couldn't believe that Claire was such an innocent - she'd always believed Cheerleaders were made sluts at birth - but there it was; if the blonde wasn't as innocent as the day she was born she was close. It actually made Vi quiet like her...

The blonde on screen let out a high-pitched scream and her body arched. Her brunette friend dropped down and the two women began to kiss tenderly as the credits started to roll over them. Vi looked at Claire, "Like what you saw?" she repeated.

Claire reddened, but she nodded, "Yes, yes I did."

"Learn anything, this is supposed to be educational remember," Vi said teasingly.

The cheerleader went an even deeper red and mumbled something unintelligible whilst looking at the floor. Vi could have made a few more witticisms and made Claire even more uncomfortable, but for some reason she couldn't. She'd never really had a friend before, never mind one who was popular herself and she didn't want to spoil it by being unkind. Not that Vi was kidding herself they were actually friends, but perhaps they were closely acquainted enough that Claire might briefly acknowledge Vi if she passed her in the corridor. Vi thought that would be a good thing, even if did mean she'd have to be visible long enough for Claire to notice her as she wafted past.

Vi ejected the DVD and replaced it in the box. Claire's colouring returned a bit more normal now that they weren't talking porn. She gave a small smile, "Thanks, y'know, for having me over."

"I hope it's helping," replied Vi.

"It is, you don't know how much," replied Claire. She looked at her watch, "I really better be getting back home."

"You want a lift?" asked Vi.

"Sure," nodded Claire.

"Mom, come and take Claire home," called Vi, before deciding to add, "Thanks."

* * *

Opening the front door Claire called out, "I'm back."

After a few moments her younger brother Lyle wandered in from the kitchen with a bowl of ice-cream. He nodded at Claire with the vague disinterest of younger siblings everywhere and settled in front of the TV. Claire waited for him to say something, but as the basketball was on she realised that this might be a while, "Where's Mom?"

"Out," came the monosyllabic reply.

"Out where?" Claire demanded.

For a second it seemed that Lyle's only response was going to be a half-shrug, however he followed it up with, "On a date."

Her Mom was seeing the new person several times already this week, which meant it was serious; Claire wasn't sure whether she was pleased or not. She supposed as long as her Mom was happy she was as well, but it had just been the three of them for so long that Claire was used to it. She looked at Lyle hoping that he would betray his feelings on how he felt, for either Claire to replicate or push against. But he was sitting forward, watching in excitement as the March Madness game. Claire was tempted to ask him what he thought, it was confusing being a teenager and Claire felt you needed help to get through it. But Lyle didn't look like he did, he looked relaxed and content, not caring who their Mom was seeing as long as the local basketball team got some hoops.

"Okay," replied Claire, "Who's winning?"

If she couldn't talk dating, she could at least talk basketball. Lyle shrugged, "VCU. Jackie called, I said you'd call her later."

"Thanks," Claire frowned, not at Jackie calling, her stomach zipped around like a bubble in the wind at the thought of speaking to her sexy girlfriend, but that Lyle hadn't bothered to give her message straight away she got home, "I'll call her now."

"Mmmn," Lyle wasn't listening, his interest swiftly returning to the basketball.

Shaking her head Claire left the room; she'd call Jackie and have a cooing conversation, perhaps hinting around some of what she had seen on the DVD earlier. For the moment at least she wouldn't think about her Mom and what she should think of her love life.

* * *

At that moment, it would be fair to say that the last thing on Sandra Bennet's mind was what her daughter might think of her love life. She was too busy enjoying it.

Elle's flatmate, a tanned blonde a few years older than Elle, called Mirage had briefly introduced herself on Sandra's arrival, before excusing herself to go out. In the periphery of Sandra's vision she had caught the knowing wink from Mirage to Elle and Elle's confident smile. Far from being mortified or angered by the blatancy of the signals Sandra had loved them; being over forty and a Mom you needed to lap up young women's sexual desire for you - not suppress it with righteous anger. Anyway it was good to know that Elle had the same ambitions for the night as Sandra.

Not that they had moved up to the bedroom as soon as Mirage had left; it seemed only right to have a glass of wine first. Before heading up to Elle's room and getting naked.

Sandra threw back her head and let out another squeal of pleasure. She continued to bounce up and down, her haunches working like pistons. Elle lay on her back, the only work she needed to do was hold onto Sandra to make sure that as the Milf raised herself up she didn't fall off the strap-on before she rammed herself back down. Sandra brought her wet pussy down hard, the rubber toy banging deep within her. She shrieked again, "Aaarrrghhh, yesss, yesss."

She pushed herself up, sliding easily up the toy, coated as it was with Sandra's cum. She crashed down, the dildo whizzing up her pussy with the ease of a puck shooting across ice. It hammered into her clit, like the puck had hit the back of the net. Sandra screamed even as she raised herself, "Yesss, yesss, yesss."

Up, down, up, down; the Milf moved quickly and rhythmically. The muscles in her thighs strained as she moved, pressing against the skin, looking like hard hills. Her tits jumped, free from any constraints they bounced in time with her thrusts. Sandra could feel sweat dripping down her, salty tears leaking from her skin and sliding down her body leaving dirty white marks in their wake, "Oh my God, yesss, yesss, yesss."

The cock bashed her clit, the rough rubber ridges running rampant over the hard flesh. The sexual stimulation coursed through Sandra's body like a wave, brushing aside anything in its way. Harder and harder the blonde Milf bounced, ploughing herself down onto the hard rubber and loving every inch of its firm touch; she felt like she was swooping towards heaven - except perhaps being more sweaty, "Yesss, yessss, yesssss."

Sandra's cries were becoming louder and more high pitched. They were starting to merge together into one long drawn out, if indecipherable, word. The faster she drove herself down, the more intense they became; the harder she slammed onto the cock, the greater the orgasm welling up in her became. And the greater the orgasm became the more her cries echoed round the room. Her cries became ear-splitting, as the orgasm exploded in her, "Yessssssssyessssyessss."

Sweating, her hair matted to her forehead Sandra slid off Elle's body and into the twentysomething's arm, "Thank you," she murmured.

"I don't know why you're thanking me," said Elle, "I just lay back and thought of Detroit."

"Mmmnnn," said Sandra either in agreement or in argument. She didn't expand her comment, mainly because her mouth and Elle's mouth's closed in on each other. The two naked women lay against each other, their lips and tongues moving in a passionate dance and their hands stroking each other's waist, hair and arms. The older woman's hand moved down the front of Elle's chest, drawing a small line between her tits, twisting round her belly-button to end stroking the rubber dong. She moved her head far enough back from Elle to allow herself to speak, but not so far that she couldn't feel the twentysomething blonde's breath on her; "This dildo's very wet."

"I wonder why?" giggled Elle and leant forward to kiss her lover again. Sandra gave no resistance and for a short while longer the two women's tongues and mouth grappled in lust filled conflict.

After a few minutes Sandra pulled her head back again. She smiled and slid her finger up to touch Elle's lips, stopping the younger blonde coming in again. Elle gave a nod of acquiescence, though the way her hand slid up Sandra's waist and back suggested that her intended pause would be short-lived. Sandra touched the damp dildo again, "Have you ever fucked any of your girlfriends in the ass?"

If Elle was surprised she hid it well. She gave a very brief expression of concentration as she thought what to say, before replying, "A few, not all of them wanted to do it."

"I want it," said Sandra. It had been a long time since she'd had a good anal fucking; they had gone with the rest of her sex life when she was widowed. But now the rest of her sex life had returned she realised how much she missed have her ass ploughed. She licked her lips and ran a finger over the rubber toy before repeating for emphasis, "I want that big dildo in my ass."

Elle grinned, "I can do that."

Reaching over she turned Sandra onto her side, facing away from her. The blonde twentysomething's hands slid over the older woman's ass, kneading and massaging at the fleshy buttocks as she plied them apart. At the same time she shuffled her body closer to Sandra's, ending up with the toy nestled between the Sandra's cheeks, resting on the hole. Elle's leg slid on top of Sandra's thigh as she encased the older woman; one arm slipped under Sandra the other moved over to end up holding Sandra's tittie. Elle's face nuzzled into the back of Sandra's neck as she began to guide the dildo in, "Here I come baby..."

"Oooohhh," Sandra briefly stiffened as the cock entered her. It was so long since that her ass had been stretched it was almost like being a virgin touched for the very first time. However, unlike the first time when she worried if the discomfort was all that would be brought she now knew that soon waves of heavenly pleasure would be lapping up her body. So she grinned and bore it as Elle slowly slid the cock deeper into her ass, pushing aside the resistance the rubber met like a knife carving through butter. The cock moved in deeper, Sandra groaned and gripped at the bedding, feeling Elle's leg slide up her thigh as the blonde forced the toy in.

"Ooohh, that's it," the first spark of pleasure slid from Sandra's bottom to zip into her brain. It was swiftly joined by others, so many it was like they were burning embers shooting from a recently lit fire in Sandra's ass, a fire that had been extinguished for too long. The rubber ridges stimulated her nerve endings even as the hard rubber raced over her anal G-spot. The fire began to rage as Elle started to move quicker. Sandra gripped the bedding harder, pulling it towards her, "Oh, Elle, fuck me, fuck me hard."

Geed up by the moans of her girlfriend the younger blonde began to slam the strap-on into her ass harder and faster, ramming it into the tight hole and making it flexible. Sweat began to appear on Elle's body, slipping and sliding down her young flesh to soak the bed. As she hammered into the hole her leg moved up and down Sandra's thigh, warm friction adding yet more perspiration to the sweat filled coupling. At the same time Elle was gripping Sandra's tit harder, squeezing it so tightly that it almost popped. The Milf squealed in pleasure as the cock went into her deep, "Elle, Elle, Elle, take me, take me deep. I want you to bang my butt until I bleed."

Elle didn't want to go that far, but she did want to give her lover a fuck to remember. She sped up, moving her pelvis quicker to plough Sandra's ass. The Milf squeaked in pleasure as the toy slammed in as far as it would go, Elle's body slapping hard against the Milf's butt cheeks. She kissed and licked the back of Sandra's neck and gave her tit another vigorous squeeze. The older blonde's body arched and she squealed again as the pleasure engulfed like being wrapped head to foot in the comfiest and warmest towel. Elle hammered home, "Oh baby, this it baby, take my toy baby. Take it deep. I want to give it you so fucking deep."

"Oh, God, yes Elle, yes Elle, I love you fucking my ass. I want you to fuck it so hard I burst. Oh God, Elle, fuck me, I'm yours," Sandra gasped and groaned, her body buckling under the intensity of the ass ploughing she was receiving. She was as soaked in sweat as her lover, it was dripping and rippling down her skin, like she was feverish. She shrieked again, any words lost in the high-pitched cry, as the dildo hammered over her G-spot. The erogenous zone, unused for so long, was making up for its enforced unemployment with a series of earth shattering orgasms. Sandra pulled the sheets closer to her, as if just holding the cotton could control the explosions racing up and through her anal passage. It could and the Milf let go off the bedding as suddenly as she picked it up to shriek again, "Oh yes, oh, oh yes. Fuuuucckkk..."

The dildo ploughed in deep and Sandra's body began to tremble. Elle's slammed in again and again, each thrust making Sandra shake more uncontrollably and making the waves of pleasure merge into one tidal-wave of surf. The Milf opened her mouth and screamed as the orgasm roared over her, a frenzied stampede of feelings blowing through her body like a Tsunami, "Aaaarrrghhh, Elllleeeee, yessssss, yessssss...."

Elle pulled out the cock, and the two women lay naked and sweating, but content in each other's arms. After a short while, Sandra got up and reached for her underwear, lying on the floor, "I better head home. The kids will be wondering where I am..."

"Sure," Elle rolled over and kissed the back of Sandra's neck, "but you'll come round for dinner, to visit your little Elle soon."

"Yes," laughed Sandra as she pulled up her panties, "Unless you want to come round to my place. It be good for you to meet Claire and Lyle."

As Elle had already met Claire she didn't want to meet her again, not yet at least. She quickly nodded, so that Sandra wouldn't recognise it, "That'd be good. But let's give it a few more weeks, I don't want them to be wigged by me appearing as the new woman in their Mom's life."

"Zip me up," Sandra looked over her shoulder at the naked blonde. She paused as Elle zipped up her dress, before replying, "I'm sure they'll love you, but there's no need to rush."

Elle hoped the tone in Sandra's voice wasn't disappointment.

* * *

It was bedtime and Vi Parr was incredibly horny. It had been watching the porn films with Claire that had made her feel like she needed to fuck, anyone, anything or risk exploding. Well, that wasn't quiet true - she was usually incredibly horny by this time at night and the porn had whetted her appetite, but it hadn't created it. Luckily for Vi there was a solution at hand, or rather just next door in the bathroom.

Vi shrugged off her bath robe. It fell to the floor, leaving the teen totally nude. She briefly turned to look at herself in the mirror, her body was slender with just a touch of muscle visible beneath her skin to show that she toned physique was down to exercise as well as being sixteen. Her tits were slightly below average size, but firm with the nipples standing out like little round stones. She flicked her head and her long hair waved like silk in the wind. She gave a smile, not bad.

She walked over to the dresser and opened one of the drawers. Between her underwear and socks was her collection of sex-toys. She paused for a moment as she considered which to go for. Eventually she pulled out a nine-incher, ridged with enough of a haft that it could bounce against her own clit as she thudded the main portion into the wanton hole she was planning to enter. Vi slid the strap-on up her thighs and tightened the leather belt.

Now prepared she opened the door to the bathroom. A cloud of steam escaped into the main room. The sound of the powerful water jetting out competed with singing as Helen Parr soaped herself down. Vi could see the outline of her body, obscured by both the steam and the shower screen. But even blurred it made Vi's libido rise - it was a fine Milf frame, slender and sensual with bounceable tits and a round, but not overly fat, butt.

Vi moved closer, smiling as she realised that Helen was so engrossed in her shower that she hadn't realised she had company. It was lucky that she wasn't a stalker, Vi thought. She crept closer, watching the blurred figure from behind as Helen washed her body, there was a seductive sexuality to the way her hands slid down her body - especially when she moved one round her front to clean her slot. After the brief pause to appreciate her Mom's sexiness without any warning Vi opened the glass door.

"Oh!" Helen jumped in surprise, twisting round to see who was entering her sanctum, her hands reaching up to cover her tits as if that would protect her from a Norman Bates style knifeman. She dropped them and smiled as she saw it wasn't a psycho who had entered. Her eyes glanced down to the large dildo between her daughter's legs and her beam got wider, "You gave me a shock."

Vi stepped into the shower. The water was just the right temperature, enough outside boiling to avoid scalding, but hot enough that its warmth soaked through skin and flesh to heat the entire body. Slowly and deliberately she trailed her eyes up and down her Mom's body, taking in the gorgeous sexy Milf in front of her. The way her mouth twisted, mixing a sardonic curl and a sensual pout, left no doubt what she meant by her next words, "I thought I'd come to wash your back."

"Really?" Helen's smile was wider, her gaze was continually sliding down to the large rubber cock. She licked her lips, before picking up the bottle of shower gel and handing it to Vi, "I always find it hard to reach."

Squirting the gel onto her hand Vi stepped closer. The hot water shot down, bouncing as it hit flesh like a thousands of tiny rubber balls, before it slid down, hundreds of lines grooving across the pink skin. Vi lathered the soap in her hands, before starting to soap her Mom's back. The Milf arched her back and gave a moan of sexual pleasure as the teen's fingers played down her body, the soap dribbling like overflowing milk down to her ass. Vi pushed harder, massaging Helen's back with her digits. It made the Milf groan in pleasure as the tips dug deep into the muscle surrounding her spine; it was probably moot whether it removed any dirt from her pores. Vi's moved her fingers up and down, always pressing and rubbing, ignoring the soap suds that surged between her fingers and were swept away in the torrent of water. Again Helen moaned, her body stretching in pleasure, "That feel's sooo gooood," she elongated the words to emphasise her point.

"I think you've a dirty cunt," murmured Vi. She pressed her body closer to the Milf's so that Helen could feel the rubber toy pushing up against her. The teen's tongue flicked out and she brushed away a sliver of soapy water from Helen's back. As she did so her hands moved to the Milf's front and slid down her stomach, sliding through the wetness like a car skimming over wet tarmac. Her tongue flicked out again, "I think you've a dirty twat - shall I clean it?"

Helen's back curved as she forced herself into her daughter, if the hot jets hadn't been making her skin red and warm, Vi's ministrations would have been doing so. She moaned as Vi's fingers threaded down her and round her pelvis, just stopping above her hole, "My pussy is filthy - wash it better."

She giggled with pleasure as Vi's hand moved down and began to rub at the slit lips. It was obvious that not all the liquid was from the shower. Vi pushed harder and harder, massaging the outside of the cunt with the palm of her hand. Helen moaned and bucked in pleasure; she'd have risked falling out of the shower if Vi hadn't been behind her holding her in place.

"Do I need to clean inside?" Vi asked mischievously, "Does that pussy need a couple of soapy fingers in it?"

"Yes," gasped Helen, "Yes, yes, yes..."

The cries got higher pitched as Vi slid her soapy fingers into the sopping slit. The teen knew how to work them for maximum pleasure, and she did so - sliding them hard over the clit. She could feel Helen's body as it shivered and trembled against hers, the wet, warm walls of the cunt grasping and gripping at her fingers as she pounded them in. Helen shrieked and gasped, moving like she was standing on an electric wire, "Oh God, yes, yes, yes."

Vi pushed harder, enjoying the reaction of her Mom as the digits pressed down on the lump of hard flesh. It seemed to zing as Vi touched it, certainly her Mom's body did. The Milf stretched and groaned, rubbing her newly cleaned back down against her daughter's pert tits, the rubber dong massaging against Helen's ass cheeks as the result of the same movement, "Oh Vi, finger my dirty cunt, clean Mommy's pussy."

It was obvious to Vi that her Mom was on the cusp of an orgasm. Vi slid out her fingers, leaving her Mom on the edge - the teen had another hole she wanted to fill and didn't want to leave Helen sated too early. Anyway she enjoyed teasing her Mom.

Helen turned her head, a mixed look of annoyance, frustration and disappointment clouding her pretty features, "I think my slit still needs some washing out. It's really filthy."

Ignoring her Mom's words Vi said, "Lean your hands against the wall and put out that butt."

"Oh," giggled Helen, any worries about the dirtiness of her pussy forgotten. She leant forward, balancing herself against the wall. The water from the shower beat down on her back, looking like a rain on the pavement. Vi reached up and massaged her Mom's butt cheeks, gradually pulling them apart to uncover the back hole.

"I'm going to deal with that dirty ass, now," murmured Vi. With one hand she took hold off her strap-on toy and started to push it into the back chute. Helen growled in pleasure as she wiggled herself to facilitate entry. The back hole was well used so it wasn't hard to push the toy in, but that didn't mean that there wasn't friction. The Milf shivered in enjoyment as the toy rubbed and pushed aside her walls, the nerve endings seeming to ripple in excitement as the rubber ran over them. Vi continued to push, sliding the large dildo further and further in until the full length was inside Helen. Vi grinned, "I think that dirty butt needs a hard fucking don't you?"

"Yes," Helen nodded vigorously, sending droplets of water scattering from her wet hair as she did, "I think it needs to be ripped open and fucked clean."

Transferring her hands to her Mom's waist to get a better grip, made more difficult by the slidy soap, Vi began to rock her body. The cock moved out and in quickly, deeply. Skilfully Vi angled it so that it was pushing the anal G-spot hard into place. Helen screamed loudly as the erogenous zone seemed to explode in pleasure. Vi rammed harder, slamming the cock into her Mom's ass with speed and precision. The Milf's tits bounced as her body shuddered under the ramming it was receiving, like it was continually being hit by a wrecking ball. Her mouth opened and she shrieked, "Yessss, yesss, ram my filthy ass."

Vi grunted. She gripped the Milf tighter and redoubled her efforts. The harder she ploughed into Helen the stronger the vibrations, which shot down the strap-on to excite her own clit. She could feel herself juicing up as the toy played against her G-spot. In front of her Helen was shrieking and screaming in pleasure, her wet body shaking the water off her even as more jetted down. Vi's dildo pumped deep in and the teen gasped in pleasure, "Fuck, fuck, fuck. Your butt needs fucking, dirty whore ass."

The sound of Vi body slapping into her Mom's was sharp above the low, but undulating hiss of the shower. The gasps and groans of both Parrs merged with these sounds, alternating between high shrieks of pleasure and low guttural moans of exertion. Below them was high pitched, but much quieter, squeak of rubber ramming through ass. Vi slammed in harder, banging the butt in front of her with enthusiasm, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, let me fuck that dirty ass."

Helen screamed again, her high-pitched wail reverberating round the shower. Her entire body shook and bounced, her hands desperately clawed at the wall for balance. Vi gripped her harder to stop her falling and slammed the dildo deeper down into her Mom's open, gaping chute. The toy raced downwards, blasting away any resistance to slam over the forbidden erogenous zone and sent pleasure whizzing round the Milf's body like out of control marbles. Helen's voice was so high-pitched that it almost burst eardrums and so drawn-out it stretched her vocal chords painfully, "Aaaaaarrrghhhh, yesssssss, aaaaarrrrgggghhhh."

Vi continued. Her own pussy was starting to hot up, pounded as it was by the haft of the strap-on. Cum was sliding from her slit and over her lips; the leather was already soaked by the shower, but the juice didn't make it any drier. The teen grabbed her Mom's waist tighter and levered herself in, hammering the dildo deep into the open hole. Vi felt herself get hotter and hotter, the gushing water spraying her body and the exertion combining with the waves emanating from her pussy to make her body flush and turn red. Harder and harder she slammed, until...

"Yesssssss....." screamed Vi. The ultra-orgasm ripped into her like a knife, it seemed to shred her into a million pieces and just as quickly put them together again, "Yesssssss..."

There was a pop of air as Vi pulled the cock out. Her Mom stayed in position for a few moments, allowing Vi to get a good look at her gaping ass. With an exhausted sigh Helen turned and slumped against the wall, the water pooling around her feet and butt, "Wow, just wow."

Vi got down beside her, "I think that you're clean enough now."
_ _ _

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