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Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part 13 - Discoveries (mF, ff)
by LL

"Have you noticed how much busier this place has got?" asked Claire Bennet gesturing around at the gyrating dancers filling the lesbian club, the same club that they'd met in.

"Well we did get to hear early, before it filled up," grinned her girlfriend Jackie Wilcox. She lowered her head a fraction to sip her cocktail through a straw. It shouldn't have been a sexy move, but to Claire Bennet it seemed everything Jackie did was sexy, the way she moved, the way she talked, the way she kissed - especially the where she kissed. She blushed at the thought of where Jackie had placed her tongue. Jackie grinned again and sucked up some more cocktail.

"No, its not tonight," Claire didn't want to think horny thoughts, not in public anyway and shifted back in conversation, "Just generally. I mean it seems to be getting more and more popular."

Jackie shrugged, seemingly uninterested, "Probably just more women coming out. Or your imagination."

When Claire originally had mention the crowding it was just something to say, but Jackie's words for some reason made her look round the club more. A few of the women seemed confident as if they'd been before and were used to dancing and making out with other women. But a lot more seemed nervous, reminding Claire of herself a few weeks ago - it seemed like they had just crossed a threshold and were unsure what to do next. Some of more experienced lesbians seemed to sense this and more than one newcomer was being seductively led out by one more wise to the guile of clubbing. Claire looked around, "It's not my imagination, there's def more women."

"Aren't we lucky," laughed Jackie, "Come on Cutes, don't tell me your looking at other women? That's not good."

"I'm not" Claire blushed even though she knew Jackie was teasing her. Or at least she hoped she was; she was sure Jackie must know she was the only one for her.

For a moment Jackie got a wicked look in her face, as if she was planning to tease the young blonde for a bit more, but she shrugged as she decided against it, "Kidding."

Claire smiled, but it was a nervous one. Like the newly out lesbians Claire was aware that she wasn't her girlfriend's first; not that Jackie had ever suggested this was a problem. But Claire could imagine how frustrating it was waiting for Claire to be ready to do more than lick a bit of twat. Looking round again Claire noticed how cute many of the dancers were - Jackie might have been teasing about Claire looking at other women, but it was a real fear of Claire that Jackie was. She turned to look at Jackie, who seemed only to have eyes for Claire. God she was sexy...

* * *

There they were, kicking around a soccer ball on the field. The day's light might be fading, but it had not gone quiet yet and whilst it was around the boys, sixteen and seventeen would kick it around. Mirage stood back in the shadows watching them, unlike her mistress and Elle she liked a varied diet. Whilst she liked plenty of sweet succulent pussy she also liked a large leavening of large dicks as well. And teenage large cocks, from young athletes at the tip of their sexual stamina, well they were the dream. Not, she suspected, that the Mistress had considered Mirage's preference for a moment, it could just as easy been Elle if the Mistress hadn't sent her out.

The soccer ball skidded across the grass and bounced on the concrete before coming to rest against a low concrete wall. Several times before it had done so, each time a young man had jogged out to get it and each time it hadn't been her target. She watched as one of the teens shouted out he'd get it, before breaking into a swift stride towards the ball. The blonde smiled, yes that was her target, Lyle Bennet. She swiftly stepped out of the shadows and round the corner, getting to the ball just before the teen. She stepped on it lightly holding it in place. In her best sexy voice she drawled, "Hi...

Lyle slowed to a stop, his eyes widening and slightly blushing. Mirage wasn't surprised, it was no good going out to seduce if you weren't dressed to impress. High heels, a skirt slit at the side to reveal that the pantyhose were sexy stockings and a blouse that was two buttons from the navel would be enough for most women. When you added in blonde, tanned, the physique of a centrefold and an accent that hinted of exotic mysteries you would have to have either be gay or be with the love of your life to resist. Lyle was neither, which was why he was staring and going red. He quickly found his voice, even if it was a little hoarse, "Hi Miss, can we have our ball?"

Polite as well as athletic and a teen meant three out of four. Mirage glanced down at Lyle's tracksuit and saw the lump underneath - she corrected herself, four out of four. She stepped back off the ball and bent over to pick it up, even in the dim light it was easy to see she hadn't worn a bra. Slowly she straightened, holding the soccer ball, "It's yours? Are you any good?"

Lyle blushed, whether out of modesty or being talked to by an attractive woman not quite twice his age was hard to tell. He shrugged slightly, "Alright I guess."

"I bet you are, you've got the athletic build," Mirage smiled and ran a finger down Lyle's chest. It was a four-pack, rather than a six pack, but still firm with no flab. The teen's cock struggled against his pants; and the blonde smiled. It would be tempting to just drop to her knees and guzzle him here, but that lacked the subtlety the Mistress wanted. Instead she threw the ball over to the impatiently waiting players, Lyle quickly flicked his head to follow it before turning his eyes back to Mirage. She smiled and touched his lips, "It's getting dark, would you escort me back to my place?"

"S...Sure," Lyle stuttered. He turned once more to his friends, "Hey guys, it's getting late, I'll see you tomorrow."

Mirage was impressed that all the boys were too well brought up to shout ribald comments, Texas wasn't New York. Or perhaps they were all as stunned as Lyle and simply unable to compute that within thirty seconds of meeting her their friend was about to take home a tanned, deeply beautiful blonde. Mirage decided if it was the latter reason she'd give them further reason to talk, reaching out she hooked her arm through Lyle's, drawing him close whether he wanted to or not. She looked down, "It's not far."

It wasn't far at all. The Mistress had deliberately rented the furnished house near to where Lyle and his friends habitually played football; as she had explained to Mirage the quicker she could get him home the less chance there were of anything going wrong. Not that Mirage had anticipated any problems, she was a professional - or at least a gifted amateur. Within five minutes she was opening the front door. Lyle took a step back as it opened, his face a mixture of confusion tempered by lust. Mirage walked inside and paused before turning round, "Are you going to come in?"

"Yes Ma'am," said Lyle.

"Call me Mirage," she smiled foxily. She knew the answer to the next question, but Lyle couldn't suspect he was more than a random pick-up by the teenage dream of a beautiful, nymphomaniac, "And you are?"

"Lyle, Lyle Bennet, Ma...irage," said Lyle. He looked round the place, it was a little sixties for Mirage's taste and it seemed for Lyle as he didn't seem convinced when he said, "You've got a nice place."

"I like it," lied Mirage. She moved over to the sofa - leather - and sat down. She crossed her legs so that Lyle could see her smooth tanned thigh and patted the cushion beside her, "Are you going to sit beside me."

"Y... Yes," Lyle looked as if it was his birthday. The bulge in his tracksuit was bulging as he sat down beside the blonde. It straightened even more as Mirage moved so close she was touching him and slid her hand up the top of his leg, stopping just inches from the tent. She paused for a second and continued her movement, sliding her hand over the bulge. Lyle gulped, before saying, "Can I help?"

"So polite," teased Mirage as she reached up and pulled down the tracksuit bottoms "but don't worry I've think I've got everything handled."

She slid her hand around Lyle's erect cock; it was as large as she expected - at least nine inches, probably ten. He looked shocked, but unsurprisingly made no attempt to stop her as she began to slide her fingers up and down. She looked into his face as she massaged him, "I bet you get some envious looks in the shower."

"Er, yes, er, no, er, not sure," replied Lyle. He looked down, as if he was unsure that Mirage was playing with his prick. She slid her hand slowly down his shaft, smiling as she confirmed that this was no accidental touch. The movements were slow, keeping him erect, but not designed to jerk him into cumming - not yet anyway.

With her spare hand Mirage undid the final buttons of her blouse. She had to release Lyle cock to shrug it off, but from the way he stared at her tits she didn't think the teen minded the temporary release too much. Especially as she squeezed harder when her hand returned. Her tits moved juggled as she slid her hand up and down Lyle's dick. He gulped again and gave a small whimpering moan as her fingers played down the shaft.

"Like what you see?" Mirage deliberately bounced her tits, before quickly looking down at Lyle's cock, "Because I do. It looks good enough to eat..."

"I do. Like what I see," Lyle groaned.

"So can I eat it?" Mirage asked. She didn't wait for a reply, before dropping to the floor and bending her mouth over to lick at the tip of the dick.

There was no verbal response from Lyle, but the gasp and the way his eyes opened as wide as his mouth strongly hinted that there was going to be no objections from him, Mirage ran her tongue out again, this time sliding it down the side of the hard shaft. The veins seemed to pulsate as she swept over them and if it was possible the prick got more rigid. Mirage looked up and licked her lips, trying to control the excitement in her voice as she said, "I'm guessing that I can go ahead then."

This time, worried that if he didn't the once in a lifetime chance would vanish, Lyle nodded, his head moving so vigorously that it threatened to give his neck a crick, "Yes, yes please."

It was impressive, thought Mirage, that even as he was about to be blown for the very first time Lyle didn't loose his manners - that was the sign of a well brought up young man, who would make a lucky woman very happy in the future. His large dick just added to his appeal. Mirage opened her mouth and slid down the erect cock. It started to fill her, forcing her to keep her tongue pressed between the bottom of her mouth and Lyle's thick shaft. There was a satisfied groan from the teen as his shaft banged into the inside of her cheek, making in bulge as it forced the soft flesh back. He moaned again as she began to suck, bobbing her head slowly as she moved up and down. His hands clenched in pleasure, "Oh God, yes, please, yes."

Mirage kept her eyes on his face as she sucked. Lyle's eyes were closed, making his expression seem like he was in rapture. His smile got wider as Mirage moved up and down, as she continued to mouth platitudes, "Oh that's good, oh yes, that's good."

The cock battered into Mirage's cheek. She her lips down over large throbbing appendage; it tasted good. Suddenly she changed position so that instead of hitting the inside of her face she was pushing further into her mouth. Quicker and quicker she moved, sucking and slurping harder and harder. Lyle eyes sprung open, so far open that it looked like they were jammed into a cartoon style. His hands reached for Mirage's head, holding her in position, perhaps not realising that the blonde had no attention of leaving. He gasped in excitement, "God, fuck, God, God, God... this is...God, fuck."

The cum exploded in Mirage, the salty semen filling her mouth so completely that she couldn't stop it dribbling between her lips and down her chin. She let go off the rapidly deflating dick as she swallowed the cum, before licking the excess away. She smiled at Lyle, "That was nice. Lots of protein."

"Good, er nice, er thanks. Um -glad you liked it," Lyle seemed unsure what the correct response was.

To be fair Mirage didn't really mind, words of thanks were always a bit superfluous at this point. Instead she was stroking the cock the wet prick with her finger and marvelling at how quickly it seemed to be recovering, the young man had the sexual stamina of a well-endowed rabbit. Looking up Mirage grinned, "So you want to stay the night and give me a proper fuck? Dumb question, of course you do."

"S...Sure, yes, please," mumbled Lyle as his cock also sprang to attention to confirm its support. He paused, "But I... I really ought not to stay. My Mom will be worried..."

"Tell you what why don't you call her. Tell her your staying with friends; I'll pretend to be their Mom - she'll never guess," Mirage said. Her fingers slid down the now erect shaft in encouragement.

"Okay," nodded Lyle, a little bit nervously.

For a moment he looked like he was going to sit there forever, or at least until Mirage had jacked him off. That wouldn't do, thought the blonde, the Mistress had been quite clear he had to ring home. He had a great cock though, for a second Mirage was tempted to continue playing with it, but she knew her Mistress would not be pleased if she screwed up. Reluctantly she pulled her hand away; she could play in a moment. She gestured at the phone, "Go on then."

Equally reluctantly Lyle got up, pulled his tracksuit back into position and walked over to the phone. He dialled the number and waited. After a few rings he frowned and mouthed, "It's the answerphone."

Mirage knew it would be. The Mistress had planned it well; Elle was out banging Sandra and the daughter was out as well. The blonde smiled at the teen and mouthed back, "Leave a message."

"Er, hi Mom. It's Lyle. I'm staying the night at Frank's. Er, his Mom's here," he quickly handed the phone to Mirage.

The blonde was tempted to say that Lyle was here fucking her, but she knew that would go down as well as a double dose of rat poison with the Mistress, so instead she stuck to the lie, "Hi, Mrs Bennet. It's Frank's Mom, sorry about the short notice, but we just got the new Pixar film on DVD and as his Dad and brother's are out Frank's asked if a few of his friends could stay and watch it. Thanks, Bye."

Mirage put down the phone. Lyle was pulling a face, obviously not impressed by the excuse he was staying overnight to watch an animated film. Mirage walked towards him, her tits bouncing as she walked and his expression changed back towards lust. She took his hand, "Shall we go upstairs?"

They headed to the bedroom. Once they were in Mirage closed the door and kicked off her shoes. She looked down at Lyle, the massive mountain of a bulge in his tracksuits told her that he was more than ready for the main bout. Slowly Mirage pulled down her skirt and slid her thumbs under the elastic of her thong. Lyle pants moved outwards as his erection pushed against the material. Mirage grinned as she pulled them down, "Are you trying to hint at something?"

"Sorry," blushed Lyle.

"I was joking," said Mirage, it was easy to forget with a cock like his that he was still only sixteen. She slid onto her bed and patted the spot beside her "Are you going to join me?"

"Yes," said Lyle and started towards her.

Holding out a hand, Mirage halted him with a smile, "House rules - no clothes on the bed."

"Oh," said Lyle, then he grinned. It was a pretty charming smile, all white teeth and crinkles round his eyes. He quickly whipped off his T-shirt, followed by his pumps and socks before finally bringing down his boxers and tracksuit in one motion. His large, hard prick jutted out in front of him as he got onto the bed; it made Mirage almost salivate with lust.

Leaning towards him Mirage opened her mouth to kiss him, at the same time her hand reached out to stroke his large cock. It quivered as she touched it, like it was a dog straining at the leash as it saw a postman... or perhaps a pussy. Still with her lips playing with his Mirage rolled onto her back, one hand on Lyle's back guiding him, the other one his prick teasing him. She spread her legs open as Lyle landed on top of her, "You are a big boy; stick it in me."

His dick pushed at her, forcing open her hole as he thrust down. It was a tight fit, but that was good - snug always better than a tiny pecker rattling round like an empty pencil in a jar. Lyle moved down, angling his cock for maximum penetration. It bumped over her clit, surprising Mirage with the force of pleasure he exerted. Slowly Lyle levered himself up and slid down again, his large prick ramming into her; again running over her special spot. He began to speed up, each thrust down hard, but accurate - the boy was a natural born fucker thought Mirage as the first waves of pleasure soaked through her. She twisted her legs round, landing her heels on the small of Lyle's back, encouraging the teen to hammer her. Looking up at him she grinned, "Go on baby, let's see what you got. Fuck me hard."

Instead of replying with words Lyle drilled down, banging his cock into her G-spot so that an ecstatic explosion burned into her. Mirage gasped with pleasure as his large prick slapped into her, every thrust ramming the clit so that it trembled in excitement. Harder, faster he slammed. His body pressed close as he came down and squashing her tits between them - leaving them free to spring again as he levered up. The teen was grunting with exertion as he moved, sweat dripping from his red face, the droplets landing on Mirage's own perspiration soaked body. She screamed in pleasure as his cock filled her pussy and crushed her clit into the wall, "Ooooooh, aaaarrrghhhh, yessssss, fuck me with your big dick, fuck me hard baby."

The firm body of the teen slammed against her driving his prick deep into her. Her walls eased as the cock pushed at them, sending them slithering away like thieves in the night. Lyle rammed her clit again, the wave of pleasure getting longer and more intense the more and harder he hammered it. Mirage arched her back and dug her heels down as the orgasms threatened to overwhelm her, "Aaarrrghhh, fuuuuccckkkk. I'mmmmm cuuuummmingggg!"

The climax shredded Mirage's nerves like a million knives, racing through every fibre of her body in a mind-blowing symphony of lust. She screamed and screamed, her voice becoming both high-pitched and hoarse, "Aaarrrghhh, aaargghhhh, yesssssss, aaaaarrghhhh!"

Lyle didn't pause, but continued to thrust into her trembling body, slamming his cock deep down her sopping cunt. He was moving faster now, hammering down deep as he grunted. His face contorted, briefly into a snarl and then dreamy pleasure as his cum surged out and into Mirage. She groaned in pleasure as the warm seed filled her wet pussy, the white sperm mixing with her colourless juice. Some of it soaked down her hole, but more slid out - especially as Lyle pulled out his rapidly softening cock. The cum dripped down from it and from her cunt, slowly sliding down Mirage's flesh.

"Oh, wow, just wow" gasped Lyle as he slumped down onto his back.

As Mirage's cunt was still tingling she knew what he meant.

* * *

In the kitchen Claire poured a couple of orange juices. She looked at the bottle of vodka on the counter, before picking it up and adding a tiny splash of the clear liquid to the glass - a bit more for Jackie than herself. She picked them up and walked into the lounge. Jackie was sitting on the couch, the television was on, but the taller cheerleader was more interested in examining her nails than watching it. It was a picture of innocence, thought Claire, when Lyle and her Mom came in they'd just think it was two friends together - any guilt in their faces would be because of the alcohol in their drinks. There was no way Mrs Bennet would guess that the two girls had spent a large chunk of the evening making out in a lesbian club, drinking more than the tiny amounts of vodka that Claire would be willing to own up. She passed a glass to Jackie.

Her friend grinned and accepted it, before nodding at the flashing answerphone, "You got messages."

They probably weren't important, but Claire nodded and sipping her drink went over to listen to them. The first was Lyle; he sounded uncharacteristically nervous "Er, hi Mom. It's Lyle. I'm staying the night at Frank's. Er, his Mom's here."

There was a brief pause before a woman's voice came on, her accent wasn't local, "Hi, Mrs Bennet. It's Frank's Mom, sorry about the short notice, but we just got the new Pixar film on DVD and as his Dad and brother's are out Frank's asked if a few of his friends could stay and watch it. Thanks, Bye."

"Pixar," snorted Claire to Jackie as she pressed forward to the next message, "They're for kids."

This time the message was from Sandra Bennet, in the background Claire could hear someone else giggling as her Mom said, "Claire, Lyle. I'm staying at my friends tonight...stop it, you're bad... I'll see you tomorrow. Make sure you lock the doors. And Claire make sure Lyle puts his laundry in the basket, rather than the shower floor. See you. Love you both. Bye."

"Looks like you've got the place to yourself," drawled Jackie.

Claire nodded, in some ways it was an opportunity for her to move things on with Jackie and get the other to stay, but at the same time she remained nervous about her lack of experience. So she didn't respond, just sat next to her girlfriend and drained her drink. She held up the empty glass, "Want some more?"

"I'm good," grinned Jackie, showing her own glass, still half-full. She put it down quickly and moved her hands round Claire as the teen started to stand-up again, "Not so fast Cutes, anyone would think you need to get drunk to be with me."

"No," said Claire blushing furiously. She certainly didn't need alcohol to be with Jackie, though it possibly made Claire more fun and make it more likely Jackie would want to be with her. Despite her denial Jackie didn't seem to be letting go, instead she was pulling Claire down and towards her. Perhaps Jackie did want her after all, thought Claire, "Okay a quickie..."

Jackie's eyebrow's raised and Claire went red again, for a different reason as she stammered, "I meant a kiss, a quick kiss."

"Good," grinned Jackie as she brought the other cheerleader towards her, "Cos when we fuck together I don't want it to be quick."

Claire would have given an embarrassed laugh if Jackie's mouth hadn't been over hers. The taller cheerleader's hands slid up Claire's thighs and under her skirt, even as her tongue pushed open Claire's mouth and slid into the teen. Claire went with it, allowing Jackie's hand to move over her panties and rub at her slit through the thin cotton. Soon the material was translucent as Jackie's erotic touching had the desired affect, making Claire's pussy whirr with pleasure and liquid up. Claire moved her head back to moan in pleasure, Jackie's mouth moved to her neck and began to mouth at her throat. Claire groaned louder, it felt so good.

"Let's go to upstairs, to my room..." the words were out before Claire even knew she had said them.

"Okay," Jackie stopped necking her girlfriend long enough to reply.

For a few moments they continued in the clinch as Claire wondered if she had spoken the words and if Jackie had agreed to go to bed with her. Had, perhaps, Jackie misinterpreted them, after all they hadn't moved. But Claire's confusion was only temporary as Jackie slid her mouth away from Claire's neck and removed her finger from the teen's twat. The taller cheerleader stood up and reached out her hand for Claire to take, "I thought we were going upstairs?"

"Yes, yes, we are," said Claire. She followed her lover to her room, her nervousness lessening as she looked down at Jackie's butt, its curves moving sensually as she walked.

She closed the door and turned to face Jackie. The taller teen smiled, "God, you are beautiful."

"You too," replied Claire. She meant it, her girlfriend wasn't just beautiful, she was radiant - a Goddess put on earth to ensnare lesbian cheerleaders. She felt herself starting to heat up as Jackie pulled off her sweater and unclipped her bra. The warmth continued as Jackie's pants came off and then the underwear beneath them, exposing her shaven pussy.

Posing with her hand on her hip, Jackie stood naked and smiling, "So Cutes, you feeling the cold?"

"No," said Claire and undressed. She wanted it to be sensual, but she feared it came over as shy - hiding her body because she didn't want it to be seen rather than it be a tantalising tease. Jackie didn't seem to mind, she stood watching until Claire was hopping, her back turned, as she tried to pull off a sock without falling over. By the time a sockless Claire had turned back, Jackie had pulled back the bed covers and was lying in the bed, the quilt covering only the bottom of her legs.

"Come on in sexy" grinned Jackie.

For a moment Claire paused, before getting onto the bed and rolling over so that was touching Jackie. Her lover moved slightly, positioning herself so that whilst her legs were next to Claire's her top was over her and she was looking down into the teen's face. Jackie smiled and Claire smiled back as the taller cheerleader brushed a streak of blonde hair from the cheerleader's forehead. Her fingers slid down the teen's nose and over her lips, pausing for a moment, before continuing their journey through Claire's cleavage and over her navel, before finally stopping beside her pussy. Jackie smiled again, "I'm going to enter you?"

It was a question, a question to which Claire had only one answer, "Yes."

The blonde teen groaned in pleasure as Jackie's fingers slid into her cunt. She could feel them pushing against her walls, tickling at her nerve endings as the nails scraped over the flesh. There entry made her slit start to wet. The cum secreting from her and filling her twat hole. Claire gave a little groan as Jackie touched her clit and the taller cheerleader smiled down at her, "That's the spot, Cutes?"

"Mmmnn, yes, that's the place," murmured Claire. She felt the worry she had previously felt leave her relaxed body, even as she began to tense again with enjoyment as Jackie touched her. The other cheerleader was running two fingers over the lump of hard flesh, warming it up for the hammering it was about to receive. Claire moaned in pleasure, "That's so good."

Jackie moved her fingers back before ramming them back down hard onto the clit. Claire gasped in ecstasy as her lover hit her. Jackie beamed down, her eyes locking into Claire's, "Come on Cutes, moan for me."

The tall cheerleader began to slam her fingers in again, hitting the clit harder and harder. Claire's body arched and writhed as the pleasure flowed through her, moans and squeals pushing them through her lips as the orgasmic beginnings began to take control off her. Jackie moved faster and harder, her fingers ramming into the clit. With the other hand she gently stroked and touched Claire's tits, playing with the erect nipple between her fingers. Claire groaned and gasped as the warmth grew in her, "Oh Jackie, oh Jackie, finger fuck me, finger my cunt."

Jackie's fingers moved like a speeding train, shooting through the juicy hole to slam into the clit. Every thrust forced the hard spot into the softer walls around it and made Claire zing with excitement. The orgasms moved faster and faster, harder and harder until they merged into one explosion, "Aaaaarrghhh. My.... Aaaaarggghhh... aaaarggghh!"

There was no let-up from Jackie, she continued to slam her finger into Claire's soaking wet hole. Her fingers were covered with Claire's cum, which was also seeping out of her cunt and onto her bed. Harder and harder Jackie rammed, grinning all the time and never looking at anything but the enjoyment writ on the smaller cheerleader's face. Claire bucked and arched again as the orgasms started to quickly return. The climaxes came quicker now, at first separate and then merging into a crescendo of pleasure. The teen opened her mouth and screamed as her pussy seemed to explode in pleasure. More cum shot out of her pussy, leaving a damp patch. Jackie removed her fingers and licked them, "Mmmnn tasty Claire juice."

"Don't stop," moaned Claire, unused to such intense feelings.

"Oh, you want more," giggled Jackie, "You are such a tramp..."

Claire laughed back, knowing that Jackie was teasing. Her girlfriend hands moved between her legs pulling them further apart. The teen gasped again as Jackie's fingers went in, except this time instead of two digits there were three. Claire mouth opened and she purred in pleasure as the digits hammered into her clit, bringing it quickly to a pleasured state. Her backed bent, thrusting her titties up. Jackie's mouth closed down on one, sucking and nibbling at the erect nub. The taller cheerleader's teeth scratched at the nipple, keeping it erect, before switching to the other tittie. Claire's shrieked and moaned, her body exploding with pleasure, "Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.... Oh, ohh, ohhh!"

Pleasure flared from the G-spot round her nipples, but it was like a flavouring from the climaxes that were exploding in her cunt. Harder and harder Jackie slammed three fingers into the smaller cheerleader, each thrust hitting the clit like a hammer on a nail. Claire screamed, louder and louder as her entire body quivered. The orgasms came thick and fast, each one more powerful than the last until it seemed that Claire's entire body was in state of rapturous bliss, "Aaaarrrrghhh, aaaaarrgghhhh."

Slowly Jackie began to wind down, her thrusts becoming less powerful and more like slow massages of a special spot. She stopped slurping Claire's tittie and repositioned her head so that she was looking at Claire. A slow smile spread over her face, "You enjoy that/"

"Mmmnnn, very much," said Claire.

* * *

"See you later," Jackie leant over and kissed Claire's cheek. The sexy blonde murmured something sleepily before rolling over still clutching a sheet to her naked body. Jackie paused and looked down at her lover, she looked so sexy; the early morning sun shone through a crack in the curtain, giving Claire's hair a golden lustre. For a few moments Jackie stared, before she shook her head and roused herself from her reverie. She gave Claire one last peck on her forehead, "Got things to do, Cutes, see you soon."

She let herself out the front door and headed down the street. The first early Sunday morning suburbanites were starting to appear, men to wash their cars, women to do some weeding, children to cycle to their friends, grandparents to drive to church. Jackie smiled and nodded as she passed them; none would suspect she had spent half the night fucking their neighbour.

At the bus stop she was lucky; it arrived only moments after she did. Even so she had to change twice before she got to her destination - a small house, as non-descript as the one she'd spent the night at. Fishing out her key she opened the door and headed in. In the kitchen she could hear the sounds of arguing; that was typical - they just couldn't spend five minutes together without one being at the other's throat. Part of her felt that she ought to let it go, go have a shower and ignore them. But she feared if she did that there would be literal blood. With a sigh she put her stern face on and strode dominantly into the kitchen, "Mirage! Elle! Be quiet both of you."

The two women, who had been spitting at each other like two back alley Tomcats, shut up, both meekly staring at the floor as in unison they said, "Sorry Mistress. I didn't know you were back."
_ _ _

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