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Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part 14 - The Secret Life Of (Some) American Teenagers (Ff,ff,mF)
by LL

At times she was just Jackie Wilcox, a cheerleader and valley girl, a pretty airhead with a smile that would melt ice and a tongue that could cut diamond, not too bright, but a decoration any jock would be proud to have hanging on his arm. But at other times she was the Mistress, with an intellect that made Einstein seemed dumb and an ambition so burning hot that even in the ice-water in her veins couldn't quench it. And that was who she was at the moment, clad in black leather with thigh lengths boots, dressed as she expected a supervillain would. Her base, deep underground, and all metal walls, sliding doors and minimalist was modelled, like all good lairs, as a cross between the Death Star and the headquarter of Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Indeed the only thing that stopped her being a happy villain were her subordinates, Elle Bishop and Mirage (surname unknown). Yes, she had to accept incompetent minions - it made her shine all the more, she could even cope with them squabbling like little children - it emphasised her leadership and maturity. What she couldn't cope with were two yawning criminals clad in pink dressing gowns and with fluffy slippers. She tapped a foot impatiently, that got the two twentysomething's attention, they stopped yawning and snapped to attention; the Mistress scowled and her acolytes woke like cold water had been poured on them. A reputation was a wonderful thing to have, mused the Mistress, they feared her - that was right; they should. Not because she had done anything, but because she was the Mistress.

"I said to come down straight away," the Mistress looked at her watch. It was a small gesture, but it showed her displeasure - almost as much as the ice in her voice, "When I call I expect you down in an instant. If I meant you to take your time I'd have told you to have breakfast, a read of the paper and to brush your teeth."

Elle and Mirage looked at each other, both daring the other one to contest the fairness of the Mistress remarks. The Mistress paused, waiting to see if either would challenge her - she didn't think they would even though they would have been right. The time between her calling them on the tannoy was only long enough for them to put on their slippers and gowns and come down in the lift. From the scarecrow look of their hair they hadn't even had time to run a brush through it. But neither spoke, that was the thing about a reputation - it keeps the minions in line. It was lucky, because the Mistress had no idea what she would have done if one of them had piped up - she might have had her flayed alive, but that wasn't likely.

"I have jobs for you," she began. The two young women looked at each other again and back to her. The Mistress allowed them their moments of curiosity, "The plan is going well; soon the town will be mine, then Texas, then America and after that the world. But there are still some who would stop me and I am not yet prepared..."

There were brief nods from Elle and Mirage, followed by a yawn from Mirage - neither of her acolytes liked the morning, but Mirage had been out just that little bit later. The Mistress was forgiving though, the tanned blonde had slipped the mind-control bracelets on two more cheerleaders - they were both like automatons, sitting and eating their breakfast with the dozens of others; an army of controlled lesbian cheerleaders - the Mistresses dream.

She smiled at the thought and continued, "Elle, I need you to follow a Mrs Helen Parr. Do nothing else, I want to know who she visits, where she goes, what she does all day. But nothing else... not yet. Mirage I need you to check on the computers whilst I'm at school, you know what to do - keep the brain waves steady; I want the town gradually to become susceptible to my messages - too quick and we'll have thousands of ravening lunatics on our hands..."

"My b... friend..." said Mirage, she blushed, her tanned skin reddening at the rush of blood to her cheeks, "He will be alright?"

The Mistress was surprised that Mirage was speaking up. She considered a cutting remark, a warning to put the sidekick in her place, after all she had only ordered Mirage to seduce the teen so that she could get the Bennet house to herself and Claire. It was typical that Mirage was falling for him. She looked at Mirage, the women looked scared, even more so than normal. The remark died on the Mistresses tongue, she was a supervillain not a monster. Instead she briefly shook her head, curtly to show she was annoyed, "The waves turn have the side-effect of making women b-sexual, but they don't do anything to men."

"Except turn them compliant," said Elle. She gave a brief smile at Mirage, it was less catty than normal so the tanned blonde ignored it. Seeing that Mirage was not going to reply Elle tuned back to her leader, "Mistress, it won't do those its turning into lesbians any harm?"

It wasn't a general question, Elle wasn't interest in the health of random Texans. The Mistress inwardly sighed, she had put Elle close to Sandra to keep the older Bennet occupied and now it was Elle who was occupied; mentally her sidekick was designing wedding dresses and planning honeymoons. It was the same mistake in ordering Mirage to seduce Lyle Bennet - you'd have thought there would have been some learning in between. Again she felt a catty reply rise up within in her and again she let it die silently, instead she shook her head.

"No-one will be harmed; they'll just be a little more docile to my suggestions, such as voting me into power. Mayor, Governor and President will all be easy enough, though I may have to spend a bit off effort setting up the ballot systems for the first, and only, vote for 'World Dictator for Life'," the Mistress paused, briefly imaging her new world. Then she shook her head, "but they'll be no harm to your precious Sandra Bennet."

"She'll still me?" Elle was pushing it, obviously she was feeling particularly courageous this morning.

"She was a bi before we started pumping out the waves, she'll still be as they start to magnify" replied the Mistress. This time she did say something catty, "Though I with most of Texas begging for pussy I can't say she'll want to stick with you."

Elle went red and nodded.

* * *

Vi Parr looked in the mirror. Her costume was tight; it also made her hot. Not in the rising temperature, sweat trickling sense, but in the stretched tight over curves, highlighting her seductive body way. Initially she would have preferred it to be blacker, but her Mom and Edna Mode had persuaded her that only villains wore totally dark and that red was the colour of passion. They were right; the red suit made her moves seem sensual, the black pants and boots added to the sexuality. The suit was also bullet proof, fireproof and much suppler than a skin-tight costume should be - not that Vi cared about that. The costume went with the licence, the licence was only there for emergencies.

The seventeen year old moved away from the mirror and turned, "So what do you think?"

The Milf had just come into their bedroom and it was obvious from the way her mouth opened and her eyes gazed that she was finding her daughter even more desirable than she normally did. She wetted her lips with her tongue, "It looks good, better than I thought it would."

"Yeah, sexy?"

"Very," said Helen. She moved further into the room, keeping her eyes on her daughter's slender form as she moved to the bed and sat down. Her dressing gown opened, as if by accident, revealing the sides of her large tits and glistening of her shaven slit. A finger slid down touching twat lips, they seemed to quiver with lust.

Vi could feel her libido rising. She had only meant to briefly change into the costume, whilst her Mom was setting breakfast, but it felt and looked so good she had been a little longer than planned. She looked at the clock, the hands were steadily ticking towards when she would need to run out to catch the bus, but if she didn't bother with breakfast... Vi smiled and put one leg on the stool next to the dresser, "Come here slut."

Helen was off the bed as quickly as if her superpower was speed. She dropped to her knees beside her daughter, looking up lustfully. Vi grinned, her Mom loved dirty talk and being made to act like a whore - which was good as Vi also loved dirty talk and making her Mom act like a whore, at least during their frequent sex sessions. The teen pointed at her boot, it was so shiny that her face was almost visible in it, but that didn't stop her ordering, "Lick my boots."

Helen's tongue slid out and she began to lick the hard leather, her tongue sweeping back and forth so that not one inch was untouched. Her saliva glittered where she went, at least for a moment before her tongue returned to lick away and white spit to leave the leather glowing. Once she had done one boot Vi replaced it with the other. Helen's tongue did the work on that as well, sliding from the toe round the ankle and all the way up the calf until the end of the boot; "Good slut," grinned Vi. "Now I want your tongue elsewhere."

Helen nodded enthusiastically as Vi reached behind for the Velcro fastening. The join between the top and bottom of her costume was so close that it too her a few seconds to find it and few more seconds to open it. All the time Helen sat on her knees before Vi, her tongue elasticating in and out lustfully. Vi pulled at the bottoms, they split in half and she eased them off over her boots, exposing her teen twat, a tiny tuft of hair its only decoration; "Eat it up you whore."

Helen tucked in with gusto, burying her face into her daughter's cunt. Her tongue, extended beyond normal length, plundered into the teen's slit, running around like a motorbike on a Wall of Death. She swung and pushed and probed, exploring every crevice and crease, slurping and licking down the hole. Vi gasped in pleasure as her Mom's tongue expertedly ran over her stimuli, sending little waves of pleasure soaring into her. She gripped her Mom's head holding her in place, "That's it whore, I want you to make me cum."

The Milf's tongue moved over Vi's clit, the jolts of pleasure so intense that Vi felt her legs wobble and her heart rate speed up, bouncing against her chest as it sucked in more oxygen to keep her pussy in trim. Cum slid down the hole, over Helen's tongue and down her throat, the harder the Milf licked the more there was - Helen rammed her tongue in with pressure. Vi groaned again, forcing her Mom's head into her cunt, "Lick me, I want your slut tongue in me."

Slurping with desperate excitement Helen hit the clit again and again. Each touch was strong, pressing the clit forcefully into the wall and making it more sensitive for the next tongue lashing. Quickly Helen's tongue moved over the firm flesh, so fast that it was impossible to count how often it ran across, so fast that the feelings began to merge into one, so fast that the cum was being swept away as fast as it was being secreted. Vi gasped and groaned, as the tongue drove her pussy into orgasmic bliss, the explosions of pleasure become quicker and more powerful, raging together in a powerful stream. She opened her mouth, "I'm cuuummmmiiinnnggg, you slut!"

The orgasm supernovaed in her, blowing away her insides and making the teen an exploding ball of lust. She screamed loudly, arching her back and driving her cunt deeper into her Mom's face; at the same time more juice flooded down her slit, soaking Vi's already slippery hole, before shooting into Helen's mouth. The Milf swallowed her daughter's sweet nectar as Vi let her go. The teen smiled down at her girl-cum soaked Mom, "I better get changed if I don't want to be late for school."

* * *

Jackie Wilcox carefully slid the Mistresses suit under her bed. For a moment she wished to wear it again and be the foxy, intelligent, controlling supervillain, but she couldn't - too early and her plans for world domination would be ruined. No, she'd have to be Jackie Wilcox again - the blonde, dumb cheerleader who everyone thought would follow her Mom on the route from High School popularity through local bike to a fat gross caricature of femininity.

"Hurry up, you'll be late," Mrs Wilcox hammered on her daughter's bedroom door so hard that the entire trailer shook, "You're not hanging round here today."

Her last comment drew what was probably a ribald comment from her Mom's latest 'man', a string vested redneck who's only job since leaving school had been clearing roadkill off the interstate and made most of his money from the State's benefits for drunken sots. He was one of the reasons that Jackie was happy to go to school, even if the lessons bored her and the intelligence of most of the students was just above that of some of the lower primates. There were two other reasons. Firstly was that it was pay-day at the club her Mom worked at, which meant after going to collect her cash her Mom would be roaring drunk by midday and might decide to take her dead-end life out on the child she'd born at sixteen. The other reason was Claire Bennet.

Even thinking about Claire Bennet made Jackie go giddy and the thought of Claire Bennet naked made Jackie wet up like a leaky pipe. Jackie was a smart bundle of blond pertness and moments when Jackie wasn't with her were moments wasted. As she quickly dressed Jackie's thoughts drifted again to Jackie, her beauty, her wit, her charm. Soon Jackie would rule the world and on the day she did she'd legalise lesbian marriage and drop to one knee in front of Claire, probably moving to two knees once Claire said 'yes'.

"I'll see you later," Jackie said as she exited her room and headed for the trailer door. If there had been some breakfast she might have paused longer, but there wasn't so she didn't. Her Mom was ignoring her anyway, engrossed as she was in screaming obscenities at her boyfriend about who had drunk the last of the vodka and that she'd have to get another bottle because the lazy good-for-nothing wouldn't get off his ass.

Outside the bus was pulling up as Jackie approached. She didn't hurry, the driver had seen her and he'd wait - she might not be the Mistress during the day, but she was head of the cheerleading squad and that had to count for something. The bus was almost the same as when she normally got on it, kids of all ages chattering, gossiping and yawning. Today she noticed Emmy Lou had her tongue stuck down Missy Watts throat, no-one paid much attention - Emmy was always making out with someone. Inwardly the Mistress smiled; the power was increasing, the day coming closer. She sat down next to Claire.

"Hey," said Claire. She grinned and kissed Jackie on the cheek.

"Is that all I get?" Jackie gave a good impression of being aggrieved, "A 'hey' and peck?"

"You want more?" asked Claire, all pert innocence.

"Yeah, cutes, I want more," replied Jackie and moved her mouth onto Claire's, sliding her tongue into Claire's mouth as it opened. A couple of weeks ago her action would have caused comments, not now, everyone knew Jackie Wilcox and Claire Bennet were an item - the two hot cheerleaders were much more than friends. Jackie's hand slid up and over Claire's sweater to grope at the tit, unfortunately still covered; soon the electrical mind controlling waves would mean that she could do what she wanted - but not quiet yet. Still, she could enjoy a heavy make out session with Claire.

And she did, pushing her lips hard against Claire's, exploring the teen's mouth with her tongue, gripping and ungripping her titties, first the left and then the right and then back to the left again. All the time Claire reciprocated, her mouth moving onto Jackie's and her tongue fighting for control and to push into Jackie. The smaller blonde's hands rubbed up and down her girlfriend's thighs, under the skirt and stopping just short of her panties; deliberately tantalising, thought Jackie.

The bus stopped again. On got Vi Parr, as normal trying to appear as inconspicuous as possible, at least without becoming invisible. Someone said something to her, not particularly rude or unkind and the brunette blushed. It slightly irritated Jackie that Claire stopped kissing her to give the geek emo a quick smile and a cheery 'good morning'; it was almost as irritating that Vi smiled back and managed to murmur a 'morning back'. Jackie couldn't work out what someone as beautiful and desirable as Claire could see in the dumb, stupid Parr. They both had superpowers, of course, but that was so secret only the National Superheroes Agency knew, and Jackie, but that was because she'd hacked into their secret files.

Surprisingly Vi gave Claire a small wink. Claire winked back, but before Jackie could comment Claire's lips were on hers again, sucking the oxygen out of her mouth and counter-attacking with her tongue. Jackie responded enthusiastically, her hands returning to her girlfriend's chest to squeeze at the firm mounds beneath the sweater. Suddenly Jackie squeezed harder, Claire's hand had moved further up her thighs, moving from teasing to sliding under the thin silk of Jackie's panties. The taller cheerleader's eyes opened wider, shocked for a brief moment that Claire was taking a lead. Then she resumed making out, pushing her face harder against her girlfriends and groping the titties harder to show how supportive she was off Claire's movements.

Then a finger entered Jackie's cunt.

It was lucky, thought Jackie, that Claire was making out so passionately and that their mouths were locked together - otherwise the squeak of pleasure would have been so loud that everyone would have known where Claire's digit had gone. The tall blonde kissed hard at her girlfriend, desperate to muffle the moans as the petite cheerleader drove her finger hard at Jackie's clit. Again and again, it stabbed hard at the firm flesh, pushing the bud into the wall and making Jackie seep like a pump. The tall cheerleader felt the orgasmic rush pour into her and she arched her back, breaking her kiss with Claire.

"Ooooh," gasped Jackie. She blushed as Claire swiftly pulled her finger out and placed her hand back on her girlfriend's thigh. She winked at Jackie and licked her lips. The tall cheerleader grinned back, hopefully no-one had noticed the little moan and if they had no-one was mentioning it.

* * *

In theory Lyle Bennet should have been at school. However, given the choice between sitting at a desk being lectured by a teacher and lying naked on a bed having his prick licked by his older girlfriend Lyle had, unsurprisingly, gone for the latter. His lay back, his eyes closed and his hands behind his head, as Mirage's tongue slid up and down his large shaft. He had imagined this happening, or at least something similar, hundreds of times before, each time his hand would be pumping as his mind painted internal pictures in his head. It was a lot better for real.

"That's so good," it was and he wanted Mirage to know.

The blonde didn't say anything in reply at first, instead she slowly moved her tongue up his prick, touching the exposed head and the first drop of pre-cum that had formed their. This time instead of slowly bringing her tongue down as she'd done before, she opened her mouth and moved it down over his cock. Lyle moaned as he felt her warm lips and wet tongue running slowly over the his throbbing prick, wetting it and leaving it glistening. It was only a brief tease as Mirage brought her mouth up. Lyle opened his eyes to look at he; she was beautiful with her hair so blonde it was almost white and her tan darkly exotic, her large eyes and full lips spoke of her sensuality and if her face was Helen of Troy her body was that of the Queen of Sheba.

Seeing him looking Mirage gave a slow wink and moved her tongue seductively over her lips, hinting at good things to come. His cock went so hard it nearly hurt. Mirage looked at it "Steady, good things come to those that wait... or is that cum?" she tittered.

"I'm not sure I can," admitted Lyle.

Mirage smiled, "Oh, well a girl can get too much foreplay..."

"I could try and hold on, think about ice-cream or basketball scores or something," Lyle didn't want to disappoint her. He had never had a girlfriend before, never mind one who was experienced and confident.

Mirage laughed; it was a sweet sound like the tinkle of ice in a glass, "I get horny too, baby, it's about time I got that cock in me proper or else it won't be you exploding but me."

She moved crawling up him, her firm titties pressing onto Lyle's stomach. The redheaded teen waited for the blonde, his cock firm as she went up. She sat up pushing her back straight and running her hands over his chest, her nails creating small red lines where they dug. She grinned, "Let me fuck you."

The blonde lowered herself on Lyle's large prick. It was nearly ten inches long, thick as well. It was lucky Mirage was as wet as the saliva prepared prick, but even so the cock pushed hard against her walls and she had to move up and down, wiggling, to encourage it in. Lyle helped, taking hold off her waist, guiding and encouraging her without forcing her down too fast. His swelled member pushed deep within her as Mirage slowly started to ride him, "C'mon cowboy," she grinned, "give it me."

Lyle held her rocking body as she started to get into a rhythmic dance, moving up and down his prick, her tits bouncing and her blonde hair flowing onto her shoulders. She gave a small moan of satisfaction as the prick stretched her hole, rubbing sensually against the nerve endings and pushing at her bud. She began to move faster, bucking as she ground down on the cock, giving little groans of lustful pleasure, moaning out encouragement, "That's it baby, that's my stallion, I want your big dick."

Once he was ready Lyle began to move in time with her, thrusting up as she came down so his cock was rammed deep into her pussy. As she moved quicker so did he, matching her energy and passion. He stared at her tits, loving the way the firm, large mounds bounced and wobbled as she moved. Little rivulets of sweat slid over them, down the flesh to hang tantalising on the nipples as she rode up, only to fall off as she hammered down. Harder, faster, quicker, "Mmmnn, that's it big boy, fuck my cunt."

She was going wild now, bouncing excitedly, her body hammering down against Lyle. She screamed and screamed again, her body shaking and shivering as the orgasms started to rake through her. She didn't pause though, but continued to fuck Lyle. He pumped up, hard into her, deep and swift. Her nails scratched at his chest as another orgasm struck, "Yesssssss... yesssssssss... aaaaaaaarggghhh!"

Lyle could feel himself on the edge, even thinking about ice-cream was going to stop him and with Mirage bouncing tits in front of his eyes any thoughts of basketball swiftly returned to her firm mounds. He arched his back as he came, his cum shooting into Mirage's slit. She screamed once more, "That's it, baby, that's it...aaaaaargggghhhh."

She dropped off him, her breathing as heavy as his. He turned his head to look at her and was surprised to see a tear in her eye. Lyle reached up and pushed it away with concern, "You alright?"

Mirage sniffed and smiled, "Yes, just memories of another man a long time ago and things, which went wrong."

Lyle wasn't sure this was the time to talk about her past lovers, but, hell, what did he know - he wasn't past sixteen yet; "Want to tell me about it?"

"You're sweet," Mirage smiled and kissed his nose gently, "I think I could seriously fall for you. He died and it was my fault, it's all I want to say at the moment."

"Okay," Lyle nodded, "Perhaps later?"; though he hoped not.
_ _ _

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