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Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part 16 - Before the Storm (Ff,Fm,FFff,inc,anal)
by LL

The plan was almost in motion, the machine in the underground bunking was starting to warm up. There was a slight risk that Elastigirl would get wind of the plot and stop it. Unlikely though that was Jackie had given Mirage orders to make it even more unlikely.

Jackie looked at what to the untrained eye looked like an alarm clock, she touched the button and instead of the time the VDU showed the latest ETA for when her mind-control would be ready. Less than twenty-four hour and it would be operational - once it was ready it would send out mind-control waves to the town, all telling them the same things - worship Jackie Wilcox and follow her commands

For the female half of the population a small addition told them they swung both ways. When Jackie had added that section of the code she had been looking forward to using it, a lot. But that was before she realised Claire Bennet actually was a lesbian without any brain-wave altering shenanigans required; now, knowing that, Jackie couldn't see her using that at all - Claire was all she wanted and needed.

Which led Jackie to her other plan and the one at the moment seemed the more important, 'Operation Impress Mrs Bennet'. Jackie knew she could have waited, after all in a couple of days all she had to do was tell Sandra Bennet how great she was and how perfect for Claire and the woman would automatically agree. It seemed like cheating, short-changing Claire on what was one of the most important days of her life - the first time she introduced a girlfriend to her Mom. Jackie looked in the mirror, yeah the skirt and top were both presentable, but with just enough of a hint of naughtiness to let Sandra Bennet know her daughter wasn't dating a dork.

Jackie opened her bedroom door. Her latest step-father was asleep on the couch, the half empty beer cans clustered around him suggesting that the nap might not have been wholly due to tiredness. Her Mom looked up from the TV, her face wrinkled in a permanent scowl from too many tanning sessions, too many cigs and too many vodka fuelled late nights, "You goin' out?"

"Yes, Mommy," replied Jackie, "I'm meeting a friend."

"You ought to bring her back here sometime. We'll tidy the place up, get in some beers, be nice to meet one of your friends - you never bring them round."

Jackie smiled sweetly, but didn't answer - it would be a cold day in hell before she brought anyone back to meet her Mom and step-Dad, unless one counted her various fantasises about inviting the Sheriff round to see if he could find anything to pin on them. She opened the door and headed out away from the trailer park and towards the bench where she had arranged to meet Claire.

The pert blonde was there where she said she would be. She rose as Jackie approached, standing on her tiptoes to kiss her girlfriend. Jackie kissed back, moving her hands down the other cheerleader's back. They stayed like that for a few moments, enjoying the others company without any words being needed. Then Claire broke her kiss, smiling, "Hi. You're late."

"Two minutes," said Jackie.

"I missed you," said Claire, "That's two minutes we've wasted."

"I'll make it up to you," smiled Jackie, "I'll be the perfect girlfriend tonight."

"You always are," Claire smilingly chided her lover again. Then the smile went down a little, "There's been a change of plan tonight."

"We're not meeting your Mom? You have told her?" it wasn't a disaster, but it would mean putting back her plan to take over the world a few days, she really wanted to charm Sandra first.

"I have and we are; we're just going to dinner she's parked round the corner waiting," Claire took Jackie's hand and started to walk sown the street towards the car.

"So what's the change?" asked Jackie.

"Well as Mom was meeting you, she wanted me to meet her girlfriend as well, we're going out as foursome," said Claire.

"Oh," said Jackie in surprise. She knew exactly who Sandra Bennet's girlfriend was and to say that Jackie wasn't pleased at the suggestion would be a bit like saying the Pope wasn't a great fan of condoms. Still, she supposed it could be worse at least her other minion wasn't going to be there - no she was banging Sandra Bennet's son and preparing for taking down Elastigirl tomorrow.

Claire stopped walking, "Also don't get cross, but well... it turns out I knew her. I haven't told Mom, but I met her in a club a few months back and got... well, a bit intimate. It was before we started going out, it means nothing..."

Jackie nodded and smiled at her girlfriend, none of this was Claire's fault - after all it was Jackie who'd sent Elle out to see if she was a lesbian; she was. Jackie had then sent Elle to soften up Mrs Bennet, to reacquaint her with lesbian relationships so that she wouldn't got ape when she discovered her daughter in one. That plan had worked too well as not only had Elle and Sandra fucked they'd gone on fucking and what Jackie had planned as a quick fling was now getting too serious, leaving Jackie unsure how to stop it. She smiled at Claire and squeezed her behind, "It's cool."

In the car she could see Elle sitting up-front, whispering in Sandra's ear.

* * *

It had been a long time since Mirage had been so fulfilled. But then it had been a long time since she'd had an athletic teen ramming his ten inch cock into her ass. She gasped in pleasure as her butt was stretched. A few years ago the walls would have been as elastic as a boxing ring rope, but several years of enforced anal celibacy and then, once out of prison, becoming a more lesbian top, had left her ass almost as tight as if it was virgin. Not that Lyle Bennet would have known a fresh ass from one so well used it was like a rubber band - this was the first time he'd done anal.

He was, however, a gifted amateur.

"How's this?" he grunted as he grabbed her waist and slammed her from behind. She was in the beginners position of hands and knees, easy to get into for him and with perfectly acceptable orgasms for her. Or more than acceptable as he moved quicker and harder than she had hoped and with a confidence that spoke well for when they move to more adventurous positions "Am I doing it right?"

"Uh, uh, uh," grunted Mirage, "You're doing....uhhhh....fine... more than fine.... uuuhhh. OOOhhhh, just fuck me harder, keep doing it..."

Lyle hammered in harder, slamming his cock deep down the tanned blonde's chute so that she gasped and cried in pleasure as the orgasms rocked her. She could feel sweat dripping down from her forehead, her body was soaking with exertion; no-where near as much as Lyle's, but still making her slippery and wet. There was other wetness around as well, the boy had been making her orgasm so much that she had squirted, blowing her cum from her cunt and onto the bed. The quilt was soaked and she knew she'd have to change it before they went to sleep, however some more laundry seemed a small price to pay for the series of anal orgasms ripping through her body.

"I'm cumming," said Lyle, though from his tone it was hard to tell whether it was a warning, a boast or even a shriek of surprise.

His warm hot seed shot into Mirage's ass, filling it with gooey liquid. She could feel it both seeping down deeper into her body and overflowing from the hole to trickle down between her ass crack. Lyle pulled out his rapidly softening cock and dropped to the bed, panting, "Was that good?"

"More than good," Mirage rolled over him, giving him a further treat as her hard nipples scraped across his chest, before pecking him on the lips, "You were a stud."

"Y' think?" Lyle asked.

"I do," confirmed Mirage and again kissed him lightly on the lips. It seemed to satisfy him, as he said nothing more, but allowed Mirage to cuddle up to him as he recovered. Her hand moved down to stroke his cock to help it; she hoped it wouldn't be long she could do with more cum before they went to sleep. She wondered what is was about the Bennet's, her boss was doing he daughter and her friend the Mom and here she was doing the son. She smiled at the thought of them all sitting down for a Sunday meal together; she couldn't imagine the Mistress passing the peas and listening to small talk, but perhaps Elle would fill her in on what the Mistress was like in a social setting.

She could feel the cock harden. She looked at Lyle, he looked so relaxed after their previous athletic coupling that there was no way he could replicate the energy and it would be a shame to spoilt the memory of such a butt-fucking with a second rate follow-up. Still, the cock was hard again and that would be a shame to waste.

"You've been up my dirty-hole," she purred, putting a finger to his lips to shush him in the unlikely event he was going to disagree, "Let me clean you up."

The tanned blonde moved down and slid her lips over his hard prick. There was something extra naughty and taboo about sucking something that had been up her ass a short-while before. Her head moved slowly up and down, her lips gripping hard to the shaft as her tongue drew a trail down it. Lyle groaned in pleasure and his eyeballs moved to the top of his head, "Oh that feels so good."

'So it should,' thought Mirage as she pushed the end of the cock into her cheek. She bobbed up and down slowly a few more times, getting used to the taste of prick and the way it filled her mouth. The trouble was she could only clean the top half like that, not even the that, and as Lyle had stuffed the full ten-inches down her hole she wanted to make sure she returned the favour and cleaned it all. So the next time she bobbed down instead of pushing against her cheek she took it up her throat. Lyle groaned, "Oh God Mirage, that is so so good."

Taking the cock deeper was a lot harder, her gag reflex was constantly yelling at her not to take it. But one thing Mirage had learnt in her near thirty years was that you could force your body on if you were prepared to accept the discomfort. And to give her boyfriend a really good blow job Mirage was prepared to take a lot. She ignored the constant gagging, the drool running down and the tears in her eyes concentrating on taking in the cock, past her tonsils and down her throat. Lyle's moans of pleasure were worth the discomfort.

She pulled up a bit, allowing the gorgeous blast of oxygen into her, before dropping down and taking it. Lyle gasped, "Oh God, oh fuck, oh fucking God."

As she got used to it Mirage good move quicker and deeper, her head moving up and down at speed, sucking the cock into her throat. Lyle gasped and groaned in pleasure as his cock was cleaned so well it was almost shining. Quicker and quicker Mirage sucked, slurping greedily at the cock and leaving it dripping with her saliva.

This time Lyle gave no warning of his cumming. The first Mirage knew of it was Lyle tensing and the goo filling her mouth. She didn't mind though, she pulled her head back trying to swallow as much of the salty liquid as she could, but even more spilled from her lips and down over her chin. She smiled, and some more cum trickled out, "Guess you enjoyed that."

It took a moment or two for Lyle to answer, still stunned by the intensity of the orgasm Mirage had caused. Then he smiled, "I'll say I did."

"Be a good boy and there'll be repeat performances," said Mirage smiling.

"Tomorrow?" asked Lyle excitedly.

Mirage had been hoping not to think about tomorrow. That was when she had to deal with Elastigirl. She shook her head, trying to think about something else, "Not tomorrow, but soon. Now let's get under the covers, I want a snuggle-cuddle before we sleep."

* * *

Tonight was a naughty night for Helen Parr and her daughter, Vi. Though, now Helen thought about it, so were most nights. The Milf was sitting on their bed, wearing nothing but a pair of black suspenders as she waited for her daughter to finish in the bathroom. It seemed a long wait, but Helen was smart enough to realise that it was the anticipation that was making the time drag as slowly as a snail. Helen, after all was expecting a real good hard fucking, certainly the strap-on Vi had picked before she'd headed to clean her teeth et al was twelve inches of solid rubber.

The door opened and into the bedroom walked Vi Parr, her slender sixteen year old frame lithe and toned. With no bra to hold them her pert titties jiggled as she walked, the movement enhanced by the way she swung her hips. But what Helen was really looking at was the large, thick foot of rubber strap-on that Vi had attached to her thighs. The teen stopped just short of the bed. Putting her hands on her hips she stood, slightly thrust forward looking at her Mom gaze at the big strap-on. After a few seconds Vi spoke, rubbing the toy gently with her hand as she did so, "You know what I'm going to do with this baby?"

Helen had a pretty good idea, but she still shook her head. She wanted her daughter to describe it, the dirty talk was a big turn onto Helen making her wet for the fucking itself.

The teen knew that, she gave a smile of domination, "I'm going to take this great big strap-on and I'm going to shove it in your tight butt. Then I'm going to work it until you're screaming and your ass is gaping so much that you could stretch round and put your head in it. I'm going to fuck you hard and I'm going to fuck you deep... I'm going to fuck you like I'm a John and you're my whore; like you're the cheapest, dirtiest, skankiest slut in the whole world. And you're going to love it..."

'That was true,' thought Helen, she was already dampening just imagining it. She licked her lips as Vi got on the bed, "Can I lubricate it first?"

Sometimes Vi let her lick the cock before use, sometimes she preferred her Mom to clean it afterwards - both worked for Helen. The Milf waited for Vi to answer, the teen making her wait as she lay on the bed and casually out her hands behind her head, resting on the pillow. She smiled, "Suck it like a dirty skank. I want it to hit your tonsils."

Helen tittered. She moved so that she was crouched over her daughter's chest, so that as she bent over Vi would get a good view of her Mom's holes. Opening her mouth, Helen slid it over the cock. It was so thick that the Milf used a small amount of her elastic ability so that her jaw wouldn't ache; she knew that the length going down her throat would cause her discomfort without causing herself extra strain. Behind her Vi gave a small light slap of her Mom's rump, "Bend over, slut, take it properly."

Doing as she was told Helen took in more of the rubber. She continued to bend and stretch moving her mouth down over the rubber until she could feel the tip tickling her tonsils. She paused to try and control the gag reflex, letting the drool run out of her mouth and down the cock. Behind her Vi was impatient, "Suck it up whore, I want my cock in your dirty whore mouth."

Eager to please her daughter Helen swallowed her discomfort as she swallowed the cock. It pushed against her tonsil, making her eyes water and causing her to retch saliva down the rubber. She still had a bit to go so she continued, thanking the powers that be her ability to stretch meant that her mouth was being ripped open by the large rubber doing elasticating her lips. Further and further she went, geed up by Vi's spanks on her ass and the teen's cries of excitement "Suck it you skank, take my dildo in your dirty whore mouth."

It moved down her throat, the full amount it. Helen felt like she was choking, but she kept in place, forcing herself to remain still. Then she could stand it no longer and came up like gravity had walloped her in the face. She let out a crying, gasp as the cock sprang out of her mouth, a wave of saliva going with it. Her breath came in ragged pants.

"Suck it properly, skanky slut," Vi spanked her Mom's ass again.

Helen smiled and went down again; she lived for pleasing Vi. It was easier this time; a bit. It still made her gag and choke, her mouth still filled with drool and saliva and her eyes still watered as if there was a sprinkler system in side them, but at least she was able to bob back and forth cleaning the cock. All the time she sucked and swallowed Vi was shouting encouragement and giving her Mom's ass a quick, light slap if she felt the Milf wasn't performing well enough. It was a matter of pride to Helen that tonight her butt-cheeks were hardly touched. She moved down, feeling the rubber stretching her gullet.

"Okay slut, that's enough foreplay," ordered Vi, "Now I want some ass."

Helen came up for the last time, leaving the dildo slimy with her saliva. She turned her head, "Yes, Vi, You want to stay there and I'll ride you."

"Sounds good," grinned the teen, "Put some oompf into it though. I want you to feel it."

Helen couldn't remember a time she hadn't put some 'oompf' into it, but instead of saying that she nodded and smiled, "I'll try."

She moved round so that she was facing her daughter and on her haunches, her ass hovering over the erect dildo. Vi leant sat half-way up, leaning on her elbows and waiting with anticipation as Helen slowly lowered herself until the tip of the toy was between her butt-crack. She moved slightly, so that her closed hole was on top of it. Vi grinned, "Go on you slut."

"I am aren't I," said Helen. She wondered how easy it would be this time. On one hand her ass was tight and unprepared, on the other it was as elastic as the rest of her. And the dildo was massive off course, but well lubricated. Well, there was one way to find out. Helen smiled together, "I'm a total anal slut," she said and slammed down.

It was safe to say the cock filled her back-passage leaving so little space not even a paper clip could have been slotted in. As she went down the Milf felt her chute spread out to accommodate the toy and only her own saliva stopped her getting friction burns as she thundered down. It was worth it though, as her nerve endings exploded with pleasure, "Aaaarrghhh," she screamed, "aaaaarggghh!"

"Work it slut, work it," ordered her daughter as Helen levered herself up again. She slammed down again, again her nerve endings tingled and blew as the rubber stretched her anal-chute. Again she pushed herself, paused for a millisecond and then hammered down the dick. It spread her ass like it was jelly and the Milf gasped in pleasure. Harder and harder she bounced, ramming her ass down on her daughter's strap-on and letting in open her anal chute. Vi grinned, licking her lips as she watched the sexy Milf tits bounce up and down and felt her Mom's body landing down, "Harder, slut, harder."

"Aaarrgghh, yes, harder," shrieked Helen. She sped up, moving quicker and putting her whole weight into her downward thrust, pushing down until she felt her daughter's flesh beneath her and the cock was a fully implanted as it could get. And then she was moving up again, feeling the hardness of the rubber against her ass walls - it was heaven, "I'm cumming..."

"Don't stop, slut," said Vi, "Carry on."

Helen did as she was told, continuing to ram up and down on the cock even as the anal orgasm twisted in her, turning her insides into a gooey mess of pleasured bits, "Oh yessss," she shrieked, "Yesssss, yesssss, yessssss."

Cum dripped from her pussy, leaking over the lips and glimmering under the bedroom light before it dripped down and away. The Milf bounced higher and dropped lower, her eyes looking at her daughter as she did. The teen's pert tits were jiggling happily away as her Mom's weight slammed down on her and the broad smile showed how much Vi was enjoying the fuck. The Milf rammed down, "Yessss, yessss, I'm a sluuuuttt fuuuucckkk!"

Orgasm after orgasm hit Helen, so many that she only bothered to count the real orgasmic explosion and she soon stopped counting them as well. Her body was slick with sweat and her ass sore, but pleasured. So much juice had been let loose from her cunt that she was literally dripping non-stop. She slammed down again, softer as she felt her strength begin to flag. Vi must have felt the same, as she said, "Oh that's it, that's enough..."

Helen levered herself up and off the cock, dropping down next to Vi, her sweat staining the bed clothes. She turned her head so that she was looking direct at the teen, "I love you Vi."

"I know," said the teen, as ever not saying the words, though her kiss on Helen's lips was tender and slow.

* * *

It had gone better than Claire had either expected or dared hope. She had spent the first half of the meal fretting over whether Jackie liked the restaurant, whether her Mom liked Jackie and whether Elle was going to mention their brief tryst of a few months ago. It was only about half-way through that Claire began to relax; if Jackie was overawed by the plush surroundings she was coping well, swapping jokes with Sandra. There had been a slight frost initially, with Elle, but after they'd taken a quick trip to the bathroom together they'd returned all smiles and Jackie was getting along with her girlfriend's Mom's girlfriend as well as could be expected for people who'd only just met.

But it was only in the backseat of the car, with Jackie sitting beside her stroking her hand, that Claire really relaxed and felt it had gone well. She gave a little sigh of relief, seeing , in the periphery of her vision, that Jackie was smiling at her reaction. The petite blonde turned and gave her girlfriend a kiss on the lips.

"What was that for?" Jackie grinned.

"For a perfect evening," replied Claire.

"It can last a bit more," said Sandra from the front, "Elle, Jackie, you want to come back for coffee?"

"Love to," said Elle.

Jackie looked at her girlfriend, her eyebrows raised in a question. Claire nodded that the invite was from her as well. Her girlfriend squeezed her hand and mouthed, "Thanks cutes," before saying more loudly, "Thanks, Sandra."

It took only five minutes from their house, but Claire used the time wisely, allowing Jackie to make out passionately with her in the back seat. The taller cheerleader squeezed her girlfriend's cute tittie through the thin material of her sweater and moved her hand further up Claire's thigh than could be considered decent. Claire heard Sandra say something and Elle laugh, the twentysomething's hand moving to rub Sandra's thigh for a moment. Claire kissed Jackie harder, keen to impress Elle that she had improved her technique since their brief meeting. Elle turned round and grinned, winking hard; "They make a great couple don't they Sandra."

"Yes," said Sandra, "though I wish they'd make out a little less loudly."

"Making you horny is it?" asked Elle, her hand reached down again for her older girlfriend's thigh.

Even though Claire couldn't see her Mom's face she guessed she was blushing as she tittered, "Elle... "

Elle looked round to the back seat, "She's horny."

Jackie broke the kiss and squeezed Claire's titty ignoring the fact Elle was still looking at them. The taller cheerleader nodded, "I think it goes in the family."

"Do you think they're saying we need a good going over, Claire? asked Sandra.

Claire didn't know, but she did know her pussy was tingling in anticipation and as soon as she reasonably could she intended to get Jackie away from the coffee and upstairs between her thighs. Luckily she didn't need to answer as the car pulled into the drive. As soon as she got out she moved next to Jackie, "Where were we?" she asked and before Jackie had a chance to answer Claire had locked her lips to her girl's mouth and was slamming her tongue into her. Her naked knee ran up Jackie's thigh until the petite teen was both balancing precariously on one leg and hoisting up Jackie's skirt with the other. It was only Jackie's hands on her back, stroking and holding her that kept Claire from toppling, though she was aware if it hadn't been for the sexiness of Jackie she wouldn't have been in the precarious position to start with.

"Let's head inside," murmured Jackie, "At least if you're going to fall it'll be on the carpet not the roses."

At least Sandra had managed to open the door, before Elle had got her hands on her. The key might still be in the lock, and Sandra was pressed against the wall moaning as Elle slurped at her throat and grappled with her bosom under the Milf's dress, but Jackie and Claire were able to totter in. Albeit still kissing and with their legs intertwined so much that it was a miracle they reached the sofa before collapsing into a heap. Jackie pulled her mouth away from Claire, "Eat me."

Claire was down on her knees in seconds, pulling down Sandra's panties she tossed them to one side. Just as she was about to dive in Elle dropped down beside Jackie, she grinned, "We thought we'd join you."

"Okay," smiled Jackie, "but Claire's mine."

"And Elle's mine," said Sandra dropping to her knees beside her daughter. Elle pulled her underwear to her knees and then Sandra took over, grabbing the panties and pulling them over the blonde's ankles and feet. She tossed them to land next to Jackie's pair and gave a smile at her daughter, "Shall we eat?"

"Mmmm, yes," said Claire.

The two Bennet's heads slammed down on their girlfriend's pussy and started to lick furiously at the shaven slots. Elle and Jackie moaned in pleasure as the tongues darted at their tasty twats, licking and lapping first at the lips and outside and then movingly more daringly between them and into the holes.

"That's good, baby, that's good," gasped Elle, as she ran her hand through Sandra's hair.

"Oh yes, cutes, lick me, love me," moaned Jackie, her back arching in pleasure as the younger Bennet's tongue touched her clit. She moaned louder, her eyelids fluttering as the pleasure coursed through her. Beside her Elle had pulled down the top of dress and was rubbing her titties as Sandra cleaned her cunt. It seemed a good idea, so Jackie did the same, pulling off her top and tossing it aside. She could see Claire looking up, even as she ate; the small cheerleader's eyes gleamed with excitement as she gazed at the pair of magnificent tits on view and drove her tongue harder. Jackie gasped and bent, making her tits shudder playfully, "Eat me cutes, eat me all up."

To Jackie there wasn't the slightest doubt that Claire was the greatest pussy-licker ever, though judging from Elle's moans and contorted expressions she might have challenged that assumption. It would be fair to say that Jackie was less than happy on discovering Elle was going out with them, but for Claire's sake she'd played along - pretending she had no idea who Elle was. It was funny as the evening wore on, that Jackie found herself caring less about Elle presence and even laughing at one of her jokes. Perhaps it was because it made Claire happy to see her girlfriend and her Mom's get on, perhaps it was because Elle was amusing or perhaps because when she wasn't the Mistress Jackie didn't need to worry about how she across to her minions.

The other thing that happened during the dinner was less surprising; and that was that the smell, touch and look of Claire made Jackie increasingly horny and from the look of it Sandra was having a similar effect on Elle. Following Elle into the ladies the two of them had quickly discussed it, agreed that dessert and coffee with two itchy as hell pussies was a luxury they could drop and that they both wanted to get back to fuck their girlfriends as quick as possible. It had been Elle who suggested that it would be a lot quicker for them both if, instead of having to waste time on brief small-talk before heading upstairs they could get the Bennet's panties down almost on entry to the household.

Jackie wasn't sure, but agreed to use a small dose of the mind-control machine to change the Bennet's brainwaves so they'd be happy to go down together. It had used so little power that Jackie was sure a 'pretty please' would have had the same result.

Now, she thought as Claire's tongue hit her clit, she was totally sure that this was a great idea.

"Mmmnnn, that's it cutes, stick it in," Jackie moaned, rubbing and holding her breasts. Her elbow moved out and connected lightly with Elle as the twentysomething orgasmed and moaned. Their arms rubbed lightly together as both blondes yelped and stretched and came from the tonguings they were enjoying. Jackie gasped yet again as Claire's tongue expertedly hammered the teen's sensitive bud, even as she arched and cried a wave of cum fled from her pussy to splatter against Claire's beautiful face.

The petite cheerleader giggled and moved back to wipe away the liquid as it stung her eyes and dribbled from her chin, "I'm getting good aren't I?"

"Very good," agreed Jackie surveying the girl cum covered face in front of her. Beside Claire Sandra was looking similar, except it was Elle's juice that had been squirted over her and which she was busy slurping away from her lips. The tall cheerleader grinned, "And as a reward I thinking its time I fucked your pussy."

"Well," said Elle standing up and reaching down to help Sandra to her feet, "I wouldn't want you to think your daughter's getting something your not, so we better fuck your favourite hole."

Sandra giggled like she was a schoolgirl less than half her age, sotto voce, "That's my butt."

"In the ass, do me in the ass," said Claire almost bouncing with excitement and looking at Claire imploringly, "I want you to fuck my backhole."

Jackie nodded; she knew Claire's back door wasn't quiet virgin - the tiny cheerleader had masturbated it with a dildo whilst Jackie watched a few nights ago, but this would be the first time it wasn't DIY. Jackie had been waiting for a special occasion to suggest that Claire might want to give her girlfriend her ass; it seemed the special occasion had arrived, "Sure thing; I'll be gentle."

"Not too gentle," Claire chided her slightly as she stood up and slid out of her dress; she looked adorable nude with her teen body as fresh as grass after rain, unflawed and unmarked. Jackie took her hand and they head up the stairs, following the equally naked Elle and Sandra.

There was a second when they got to the landing where they could have continued along and into Claire's room or take a right to follow Mrs Bennet and her lover into the main room. Without asking both Jackie and Claire took a right. Jackie giggled as she realised that they'd both been so sure that the other would be good with it that they hadn't bothered consulting, "Great minds," she tittered.

"Mmnnn, yes," agreed Claire, "though it's not brains I'm thinking about now." She kissed her girlfriend hard and they were still in the embrace as they tottered into the bedroom.

"Get a room," giggled Elle as she eyed the making out-teens, "Oh you have..."

Sandra held out a strap-on to Jackie, "Do you want to borrow a toy? Or have you got one? This might be a bit big?"

It was Claire who answered, looking lasciviously at the nine-incher her Mom was holding. She licked her lips, "It'll be fine," she took it from her Mom's hands and knelt down to clip it round her lover's body. Sandra was doing the same to Elle, before moving forward to open her mouth and slowly take the rubber dong in her mouth.

Given the tightness of the hole which the dildo would be jamming Claire thought a bit of lubrication couldn't do any harm. She looked up at Jackie, smiling, "Let me lube you up."

"Get sucking then, cutes, I'm about as horny as satyr," said Jackie; she ruffled her girlfriend's hair lovingly as Claire smiled before taking the dildo in her mouth. She moved slowly at first, keeping an eye on her Mom and copying what she was doing. Her Mom's head bob back and forth, slurping at the dildo and taking a little more in each time. It seemed to make Elle excited, the blonde was certainly giggling and laughing in anticipation, so Claire did the same. She pushed down, sucking the dong in and pushing it to the side of her mouth, before pulling her head back and letting her lips run over the rubber toy. Jackie grinned and stroked at her head, "Go on cock-sucker Claire, make sure my dildo is wet and slick for your ass."

"Oh, yes, Sandra" purred Elle in response to an unspoken question, "You're sucking cock good as well."

The Milf started speeding up, taking the dildo hard into her mouth and against her cheek. Claire followed, moving her lips up and down over the rubber so fast that, if it hadn't been for the saliva covering the strap-on , she would have got friction burns. The dildo pushed against her cheek, the tip making her face bulge outwards and then she was swinging back, allowing for a second her cheek to return to normal, before she head-butted forward and swallowed the toy again.

"That's it, that's enough," squeaked Jackie in excitement. She could no longer hold her anticipation and pulled the cock out of Claire's mouth, "God, I need to bang that sweet ass now."

So quickly did Claire move onto the bed that there were almost burn marks on the carpet. She rolled over onto her front and got onto her hands and knees. Her Mom assumed the same position beside her; she gave the teen a smile, "I bet I cum first," she said teasingly.

As Claire was so excited she was almost orgasming without a dildo in her ass that was a bet she was willing to take, "I bet you don't. If you do I'll do the dishes for a week."

Sandra laughed and turned her head round to Elle who was clambering onto the bed, "You heard that, Elle? I want a good fucking."

Jackie laughed as Elle said, "You got it one hard anal pounding coming up."

Claire groaned in excitement as Jackie's hands gripped her ass-cheeks and moved them apart. The rubber dildo touched her tight ass-hole, the tip in just far enough to keep in place without wanting to be held. Claire waited for her fucking as Jackie said, "If this is a competition we better start at the same time. Count of three?"

"Yep," agreed Elle, "though I'm confident it's not so much a comp as a massacre."

Jackie leant forward closer to Claire, "Don't worry, cutes, you'll be cumming like nobody's business." She sat up straighter and moved her hands from the teen's butt to her waist. She looked at Elle, the blonde twentysomething was in position, her dildo touching the hole, but not in. Elle nodded that she was ready. Jackie smiled and gripped Claire harder, "One... two... three."

She slammed in as hard as she could, forcing the dildo as deep as it would go. Jackie squealed and arched her back, pain quickly turning to pleasure as the toy stretched her ass and stimulated every nerve ending it touched. Jackie pulled back and Claire gasped, "Fuck me, fuck me hard. I want you deep..."

"Will do," said Jackie and thrust forward, deeper this time. The dildo slammed so far in that Claire thought it would end up in her stomach; she also thought it would make her explode with pleasure - it wasn't quiet an orgasm, but it was near. She gave her Mom a quick glance, the Milf was shuddering under Elle rapid anal assault. She was going for swiftness, rather than Jackie's more considered slow but strong. They'd both hammer the dildo in all the way eventually, but one would take dozen of thrusts, the other just a few- either might be quicker.

But Claire noticed something else, her Mom was balancing on one hand, the other was rubbing hard at her cunt as her ass was violated. Claire frowned, "That's cheating.... Ooooohhhh....yessssss..... fuccccckkkk meeeeee...."

The dildo slammed in deep, stretching the anal walls and making Claire shriek and squeal with lust as her ass reverberated from the pounding it was getting. She moved her hand and started to rub at her wet pussy; it was hard to balance as Jackie hit her like a kung-fu boxer, but it doubled the pleasure she was receiving. Harder and harder Jackie slammed in as beside her Elle kept the pace up in her Mom's ass. The two Bennet's screamed in enjoyment, coaxing on their lovers, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck my butt, harder baby, faster baby, deeper, deeper!"

The orgasm hit Claire like an express train. She had cum before, but never with such explosive passion - as her insides melted and burnt she could see why her Mom was such an anal fan. She opened her mouth and screamed her victory cry, just as her Mom shrieked out, "I'm cumming."

"A draw," said Jackie. She paused for a second, just long enough for Claire to let out a moan of disappointment and to wipe the sweat from her forehead, then she slammed down again, "I think you want more don't you?"

"I want more, I want more," squeaked Claire as the dildo rammed into her ass, "Oh God, I want more."

The two Bennets were taking the full length now, Elle and Jackie hammering deep down into their chutes and hitting the Bennets sweaty bodies with their thighs. Both Mom and daughter were also busily massaging their pussies, rubbing two fingers fast over their wet hole and lips. Both shrieked incessantly as the pleasure within them built up, cum dripping down from their slots and their bodies tensing and relaxing in time with the rushing waves of sexual joy flowing from their holes. Harder and harder Claire felt her ass being ploughed, "Oh yes, yesss, yesssss!" she shrieked as another orgasm tore her.

The only thing louder than her shrieks were her Mom's, as the Milf too was hammered hard into the middle of next week. Sweat dripped from both of them, soaking the bedding, already wet from the girl juice. Claire exploded again, her head shooting up as she howled like a wolf...

Jackie pulled out the cock and collapsed on the bed. Claire rolled on top of her kissing her as they watched Elle drive Sandra to completion. The Milf shrieked loudly as she came again. Elle pulled out the dildo and waited for Sandra to fall to the bed and turn-over, before falling in her arms.

Tenderly Claire kissed her girlfriend, "I love you," she murmured, feeling so safe, secure and satisfied.

"I love you too," murmured Jackie back.

Beside them Sandra and Elle exchanged similar endearments.
_ _ _

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