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Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part 17 - The Diabolical Genius Becomes Undone (No sex)
by LL

Jackie Wilcox gently disengaged herself from the sleeping beauty lying naked beside her. Claire Bennet murmured something and gave a small groan of what sounded like annoyance. For a moment Jackie almost got back into the bed to snuggle her honey, but she ignored the temptation - she would have plenty of time once the day was done. She still couldn't resist leaning down and giving Claire a tender kiss on the cheek. The petite blonde made another grunting noise and brushed her fingers over the spot Jackie's lips had just touched.

On the other side of the bed a naked Elle Bishop stood, staring wistfully at Sandra Bennet. She saw Jackie looking at her and blushed, quickly bending over to pick up her clothes and head from the main room, so she didn't wake up her lover or her daughter. For a second Jackie paused, unable, or at least unwilling, to take her eyes of Claire's perfect face and half-exposed figure. The quilt covered some of the sexy cheerleader, but it was not enough or too much depending on the viewpoint. It took a supreme act of will for Jackie to pull herself away and head into the landing to dress.

"Should we leave a note?" asked Elle, as she fastened her bra.

"Why?" Jackie pulled her dress over her head.

"Just... well we'll be gone when they wake and if your plan, er when your plan, succeeds it'll mean when they next see us, everyone 'll be screaming for you for Governor, or President or something. We could just leave a note saying we'll see them in a few days, say we love them so they don't get too jealous," Elle said.

For a moment Jackie thought, it was so rare that Elle had an idea never mind one that was good, the cheerleader was unsure how to cope. Eventually she nodded and reached over to a pad and pen sitting on a sideboard. She ripped a sheet of the pad and passed to Elle, "Write" she ordered. Elle scribbled something quickly on the paper before handing it back to Jackie. The cheerleader smiled as she read Elle's scribble, before adding a few words of her own, 'Cutes. Had to head. Won't be at School today. See you Sat. Jackie. PS - Love you to bits. PPS - Missing you already. PPPS - I love you.'

She scampered into the room and put the note beside Claire, before quickly retreating before her sexy girlfriend awoke. Outside she turned to Elle, "Let's go, Mirage will be taking out the opposition and then we can start."

* * *

The teen girl turned and gave her Mom standing in the doorway a wave, before turning round and slouching down the road. Out of habit Mirage slid down in her car seat; she was pretty confident Vi Parr wouldn't recognise her, but why take the chance? She waited a few moments until she was sure the teen was well away, before getting out of her car and heading up the drive.

She knocked on the door and waited; it had been a long time since she and Elastigirl had met - not since the trial - but she had a strong feeling the woman wouldn't have forgotten her. There was the sound of footsteps and the door opened to reveal Helen Parr. The Milf looked at her, flabbergasted for a moment, before finally managing to gasp in shock, "Mirage!"

"Hi," replied the tanned blonde and shot her.

The tranquilliser dart hit Helen directly in the middle of the forehead. She gave a small groan and collapsed, unconscious in Mirage's arm. The blonde quickly picked her up and carried her to the car, a few neighbours looked on their expressions a mixture of curiosity and surprise. Mirage ignored them with Elastigirl a prisoner nothing could stop the Mistresses plan, certainly not a bunch of housewives and stay at home Dads in the suburbs. She dumped Helen into the backseat, making sure the Milf's fingers were clear before she slammed down the door. The Milf moaned, "Jack-Jack..."

Making a mental note to tell the Mistress that Elle's tranquilliser darts were not nearly as effective as her rival claimed Mirage opened the door and shot Helen again. She turned round, there was a crowd forming, but none of them showed a willingness to rush her. "You," Mirage snapped her fingers at the nearest bystander, "There's a kid in the house; go look after him until the cops arrive." She had the death of two Parrs on her conscience; she was damned if she'd have another.

* * *

Claire could hardly wait to grab Vi Parr. She had finally managed to track down the brunette by the lockers furthest away from the canteen and hence where there was as much student activity as the in the library during the summer vacation. Vi had looked up in terror from her book as she had heard someone approaching, obviously deciding whether to go invisible or not. She had relaxed as she saw it was Claire, ironically the popular cheerleader seemed the only person the school's geekiest girl could get on with - both recognising their similarities overcame their differences.

There was a slight play on Vi's face as she listened to her friend's description of the last night, a trace of pride in Claire and also a touch of surprise at how far Claire had gone. The blonde held her hands lightly as she carried on talking, "And then once Jack's had taken me in the ass..."

Vi gave her friend's foot a quick tap as she heard someone coming. It was the Principal, accompanied by two cop; this was unusual - the school wasn't that rough that teachers needed armed escorts. The Principal stopped as he saw Vi and for a moment he looked lost and scared like a little boy, then he straightened and nodded towards the nearest cop, "Vi...there's been an incident at your house."

Vi went pale, but when she spoke her voice remained calm, "What?"

"Your Mom. She seems to have been kidnapped, a tanned blonde woman. Your brother is alright," it was the tallest of the police who spoke.

Vi stood up, "Thank you. I'll deal now."

The policemen gawked at her like she had gone mad and the Principal stood between them, looking confused before he said, "Violet, I think this is a job for the police."

"No," Vi stood straight, "It's a job for a superhero."

Claire stood beside her, "And her sidekick," she paused and added, "I'm also a superhero and a lesbian."

Saying both was so liberating.

For a moment the cops stared at the two teens, who both standing as resolute as the Statue of Liberty. Then the smaller policeman said, "You know where to start then?"

Claire looked at Vi, waiting for her friend to answer that question, as Claire herself had no idea how they would go about it. Unfortunately Vi was looking at her with an equal blankness. What could have been an embarrassing silence was broken by the arrival of a man with a hangdog face and with old dirty mac over his arm. He looked at the cops and the principal for a second, "Okay, gentlemen I'll take it from here," his voice seemed both world weary and firm at the same time.

"Rick," cried Vi and ran forward to hug him like he was an old friendly bear out of hibernation. Rick Dicker, Senior Field Agent NSA, seemed mixed between being pleased at her reaction and embarrassed at the public scene. He patted her head briefly like an uncle who's not sure if it's any longer appropriate to hug his teenage niece as Vi continued, "You heard about Mom? Me and Claire will rescue her."

"Yes," Rick nodded, "But there's more to it than your Mom."

"What?" asked Claire and Vi together. In response Rick gestured them to follow him down the corridor and into a classroom, empty apart from Edna Mode.

The woman looked up from the laptop and smiled, "Vi, darlink! How are vu? And vis must be Viss Bennet! As vetty as a victure."

Rick pulled up two seats next to the desk Edna was sitting at, gesturing to the two teens to sit, before he pulled one up for himself. He sat down his face looking more languid than ever, "Have you ever heard of the Mistress?"

Both teens shook their heads, and Rick continued, "No reason why you would have. She's new on the scene, but an absolute genius makes Einstein, Darwin and Hawkings look like dullards. But she's ambitious she's developed a machine that can change the brainwaves of entire continents, make people do her will without even knowing it. And her will is that she becomes leader of the entire world. Even as we speak she's heading down to her lair and turning the machine on, if we don't stop her soon she'll be unstoppable."

"Oh," said the two teens. Rick gave a smile of encouragement, something which was so rare Vi nearly fell off her chair in shock. Recovering she asked, "How do you know this? And why haven't you stopped her?"

"We should have done," Rick answered the second question first, "but we underestimated her and were putting all our resources in tracking the Underminer, until we suddenly discovering she's much more powerful than we thought. How, we know about her, well she made one mistake and that was working with two sidekicks who also work for us... Elle Bishop" he heard Claire's gasp and said, "yes, we know she's seeing your mother, Miss Bennet." He paused and continued, "and Mirage."

"Mirage..." repeated Vi, "Mirage..."

"Yes," said Rick, he actually blushed, "the real story is a bit more complicated. She told us when she was arrested it was an insurance job. She didn't say anything in court to spare further pain. We later heard about the Mistress and that she was looking for some sidekicks, we offered Mirage a deal, work with us for early release. She accepted. Elle Bishop was the same, though her Dad was one of ours before he... well that doesn't matter; she had lots of petty criminality and her powers were verging on going out of control. She took our offer and like Mirage has been an asset. The affair with your Mom, Claire, that wasn't planned; it's not our business so as long as Elle and your Mom want it to continue."

He paused before continuing, "Elle and Mirage have been reporting back to the NSA. Unfortunately not to me, but another section, I'd have realised that if we had the Mistress in the same town as Elastigirl that the Mistress would need to kidnap her before she can move into action and put out a warning. I only found out this morning and I got here as fast as I could. Too late to stop the Mistress kidnapping Helen, but with enough time for you to get in, stop her plan and get out both your Mom and a hundred brainwashed cheerleaders."

"Brainwashed cheerleaders?" Claire asked before Vi said something 'smart'.

"She built an army of them to protect her base. I've got men watching it so we know where it is, but these cheerleaders are martial arts trained. It needs supers to get past them."

"We're in," said Claire.

"Good," said Rick. He slid a picture across the desk.

Claire looked at it, trying to stop herself drooling with lust; it was a picture of Jackie in a tight catsuit and she looked so foxy that Claire could have licked the photo. She looked up, trying to appear cool, "My girlfriend... why do you have a picture of her?"

Rick looked pained for a moment, "That's the Mistress, Jackie Wilcox."

"It can't be," said both Vi and Claire together.

"She is, she's a lot brighter than she appears," said Rick, "If its any consolation Miss Bennet, we don't think she's meaning any harm to you."

"I'm going to kill her," snarled Claire, whilst knowing she didn't mean it, though she did intend to spank Jackie very hard.

* * *

The Mistress looked at the monitor, the secret base was no longer so secret. Dozens of NSA vans had pulled up outside, backed up by hundreds of local and state police. All three law agencies seemed confused and unsure what was going on, their main action so far had been to point their weapons as the air vents, which pumped oxygen down in the base below, as if they were suddenly hundreds of Taekwondo trained cheerleaders were going to rush out. The Mistress smiled, if they'd arrived a little earlier they might have been able to do something. However, one of the reasons for their confusion was that her mind-control machine was pumping out the message that she was the greatest and should be dictator for life, which suggested to the men up above that they shouldn't be grappling down with teargas and tasers.

Suddenly she frowned, a new van had appeared in the monitor and from it was emerging Rick Dicker, he was one of the NSA top agents - not that this mattered soon he would be worshipping her as all the others would. No what worried her was that Vi Parr was getting out of the van wearing the red and black uniform of a superheroine and that Claire was following her equally dressed. The Mistress tapped the keyboard in front of her; 'that was a pain,' she thought, 'she had hoped to be well on the way to world ruler before she had to tell Claire that she, Jackie Wilcox, was a supervillain.'

Shaking her head she turned up the dial slightly, making the waves more powerful. It wasn't Claire had discovered her secret so early, even less so that as a superhero she felt duty bound to stop her. But it was nothing that a few expensive meals, nice floors and a sensual massage of the cute blonde's butt couldn't cure. She turned to Elle and Mirage, who were standing dutifully for once, "Mirage - I need you to check the prisoner, I don't want her escaping. Elle, take the guards and block the entrance... but make sure no-ones hurt, okay I don't mind a few cuts and bruises, but nothing serious - the guards should be able to take down any assault with minimum force."

The two sidekicks looked at each other, nodded and quickly left the control room to do their appointed jobs. Jackie turned back to the monitor, there seemed to be some sort of discussion going on. Again she frowned, she needed to take control of the agent's brain waves quickly, before they forced the building. She looked at the panel in front of her, an arrow on a dial was hovering worryingly close to the red. But she had no choice, she touched a button - making the machine churn out more power, she only hoped it would work before it exploded.

* * *

Rick Dicker's head swam, but he knew he had to keep concentrating and not give into temptation; Jackie Wilcox was a supervillain, not the second coming as he kept reminding the NSA agents, state troopers and sheriff's deputies clustered around him. Unfortunately, not everyone believed him and already half a dozen agents and double that in locals had told him that they couldn't go ahead with the raid as, 'You can't arrest the country's future President'.

Luckily, Vi and Claire were still with him, even if Claire kept hinting that a stern telling off would be a more appropriate punishment than jail. Indeed her suggestion that perhaps the best cure for Jackie's delinquency was to give the cheerleader a bare-bottom spanking seemed to have got Vi on her side as well. However, at the moment it didn't matter what punishment Jackie got, the thing to do was stop her. He looked at the teen's - they seemed too petite to have the future democracy of the world on their shoulders, "You ready?"

"Yes," they both nodded, looking excited.

"Okay, repeat the plan, quickly now," Rick would have preferred to spend more time hammering it home, but there wasn't the time.

Claire and Vi looked at each other, then Vi shrugged, "You and the NSA agents go in through the main doors with your stun guns. The cheerleader's will come out to fight you, but your going to retreat and make them follow you, if needed stunning those who come to close. Me and Claire are going to drop down the airvents, find my Mom, turn off the machine and er..." she looked at Claire and shrugged, "arrest the Mistress... probably."

Rick ignored the final words, "Okay people let's do it."


No matter how much Helen Parr shrank her wrist and ankles, the chains that bound them shrunk the same amount. The only saving grace was that as she returned them to their normal size the plastic cuffs did the same, otherwise it might have more than chafed. She sighed, at least she hadn't been tortured, indeed the Mistress almost seemed apologetic --as if something as mundane as kidnapping was beneath her, and Mirage had been even worse, hardly able even to look at Helen. The Mistress had also said that Jack-Jack was safe, that before fleeing the scene Mirage had made sure someone was in after him. They'd also said that Helen wasn't going to be harmed, the Milf actually half-believed them; it was the half that didn't which made her try and escape.

She tensed as she heard the footsteps outside the door, barely expanding her wrists back to there normal size before the door opened and Mirage stepped in. The tanned blonde looked nervous and out of place, as stood there fiddling with her keycard. She looked at Helen, "Look, I'm going to free you and lead you out. Promise you won't hit me again."

Helen looked at her venomously, "Why?"

"Well it would hurt and I don't like getting punched," replied Mirage.

"No, why are you planning to let me go?" asked Helen.

Mirage knelt down, "I didn't kill Bob, it was..."

"I'm not stupid," said Helen, "I know you were fucking him. Whether you meant to kill him and Dash or not it was your actions which did."

"I know," said Mirage miserably, "I live with that every day."

"So why do you want to help me escape?"

"I'm a Government Agent, undercover. Sorry I had to kidnap you, but I had to keep my cover long enough to let the NSA know that the Mistress's plan was happening and I couldn't disobey or she'd suspect. But now they're here I'm getting you out."

"I won't hit you," Helen felt it was a big concession, given that the woman had just tasered her as well as being responsible, morally if not actually for the death of Dash and Bob. But that was for the future, Helen had to get out of here and to do that she couldn't spend time looking at the past.

For a moment Mirage looked like she was about to change her mind, but she bent down and ran her card over the cuffs. They sprang open. Helen stood up, "Let's get out of here."

* * *

Gripping the bracelet hard Elle waited, the next few moments would either see her being lauded as a heroine or fucking up so badly not even her pastor would be able to say her name without cursing. Behind her stood rank after rank of brainwashed cheerleaders, all programmed to fight to the finish for the Mistress. And to follow the orders of her sidekicks.

In front of her the door was glowing red as the welders outside cut a hole in it; it was almost like a scene from Star Wars with a light saber slicing through metal - except this was a lot slower.

"Haven't they got through yet?" asked Mirage.

Elle turned in surprise; her tanned friend was behind her grinning broadly, behind her stood a cross looking brunette, which was obviously Helen Parr; Mirage had been quicker at freeing her than Elle would have thought or else Rick's assault was taking longer. Elle shook her head, "Nope, not yet. Do you think the Mistress is watching?"

"Don't know," replied Mirage, "Probably not or she might be on the tannoy asking why Elastigirl is out."

There was a clang as the remainder of the metal door was hammered in. Behind her Elle could hear the cheerleaders straightening and readying themselves for battle. It was now or never. She clasped the bracelet tightly and speaking slowly and clearly, so that every word could be heard by those behind her, "Walk out slowly and sit down next to the ambulances. Wait there until I give you further instructions."

To her gratification (and she had to admit slight surprise) the cheerleaders followed her instructions, walking past the astonished guards without a word. Rick watched them go, before walking down the corridor. He nodded, "Well done, Elle," he said, "Now let's get the Mistress; she is overdue a spanking."

The others nodded and began to walk down the corridor, Suddenly a firedoor crashed down in front of them, solid and unmoveable. Even as Rick gestured for an entry team to join them, the tannoy barked out, "Alert, alert, evacuate, evacuate. Critical overload."

"That doesn't sound good," said Helen.

"No," said Rick, "We've still got Claire and Vi in there. Hurry up with that gear!"

* * *

"Idiot," said Vi as she looked at Claire. The cheerleader's leg, which had been a mess of blood and gore was visibly healing even as they watched, "Why did you jump down the shaft?"

"I'm indestructible. It seemed the fastest way," replied Claire. She paused, "I didn't think you were going to use your force powers to levitate down."

"Idiot," replied Vi again, smiling. The walls shook again and some plaster fell of the ceiling, covering both teens in dust. The brunette brushed it away from her shoulder, "Though either you did more damage to this place or else it's a bit creaky."

Claire stretched her leg and stood up, "Agreed, let's get your Mom and Jackie and out of here."

The two of them started down the corridor. Luckily the place seem deserted so they didn't have to fight their way through hordes of high kicking cheerleaders. Unluckily it meant they had no-one they could beat directions out of and meant they were increasingly wandering randomly. Which was even more worrying as bits of concrete started to fall down and every time they passed a tannoy it would squawk, "Alert, alert, evacuate, evacuate. Critical overload."

"In here," Claire gestured at a room, filled with monitors and dials. Vi followed her friend in, heaving a sigh of relief as her friend pointed at one of the monitors. There was her Mom, together with Rick, several black clad NSA agents and two blondes, one of whom looked very much like Mirage waiting as the men tried to cut open the doors.

"Look likes she safe," said Vi with relief.

Claire smiled and patted her friend's shoulder, "Knew she would be. Now let's rescue Jackie from her own stupidity and we're out."

Vi nodded. It went without saying that they would rescue Jackie, even at the risk of their own lives, because they were heroes and that was what heroes do.

There was another rumble of an explosion and the room shook, more bits of plaster dropping down in explosions of dust. Vi brushed it from her hair and off her uniform, "So where now?"

Claire was looking at a map on the wall, which she tapped, "Here I guess?"

Vi walked over to look where her friend was pointing -'Main Control Room'. She shrugged, if you were in charge that's where you'd be wasn't it? Anyway she had no better ideas. The brunette gave a nod, "Let's go."

The two teens jogged down the corridor, the smell of smoke was intense and more than once they had to duck as an spitting electrical cable came loose and swung down. The tannoy was still speaking, but its message had become garbled and ruined, not that the two of them needed any telling.

As they approached the entrance to the main control room they hoped that there wasn't anyone in there. The way was almost blocked with fallen rubble and thick smoke emitted from the room. Vi and Claire looked at each other, Claire looking nervous. Vi gave her a quick smile, "I'm sure she's somewhere else and fine."

Almost immediately a voice gave a lie to that claim, "Help," Jackie's sounded small and pitiful.

Vi lifted her hands, sending the rubble flying to the sides and clearing a corridor. Claire was through in seconds, coughing as she entered the smoke-filled room. Flames were spurting from wrecked monitors, sparks flashing as one after another they exploded. The roof was in, the rubble covering the floor. Beneath it, a girder pinning her legs was Jackie, clad in black leather not her normal cool cheerleading kit, but still Jackie; "Help," she murmured, her eyes closed and her face contorted in pain.

Claire dropped to her knees, beside her, "Don't worry Jackie, we're here."

Jackie opened her eyes, the pain being replaced by embarrassment and horror, "Claire... I don't... I didn't mean..."

"We'll talk later," smiled Claire and stroked Jackie's forehead, "Let's get you out first."

"Stand back Claire," ordered Vi. She waited until Claire had moved clear and then used her force powers to lift the girder up. Claire reached down and dragged Jackie clear, before Vi dropped the girder back with a clang. Vi coughed and scampered over to Claire and Jackie, "Let's go."

Jackie tried to stand, but her legs were too badly hurt to hold her. Jackie and Claire grabbed under her in a fireman's lift and headed out. Behind them the roof of the control room collapsed, sending ash, dust and smoke billowing behind them. The two teen's began to run, Jackie bounced in their arms squealing in pain as every step sent pain coursing through her.

Claire and Vi ignored her cries, as the base tumbled around them. The two teen's ran faster and faster, pushing their bodies to the limit, ignoring the pain in their lungs, in their calves and wrists. Sweat dripped from them, soaking their uniforms. Up ahead were the main doors - they were closed. And behind them the corridor collapsed, each crash of falling masonry sounding like an explosion.

Vi used her force powers, trying to push the doors apart. It remained stubbornly shut. She hammered on the door; that did no good either. The roof a few feet behind collapsed, showering the three teens in dust, plaster and bits of brick and earth. Vi looked at the other two, "Any ideas?"

Claire shook her head, "Give it another go?"

"It didn't work last time," said Vi testily.

"Try it again, I've no other ideas," Claire said. She jumped as a piece of masonry landed at her foot. Above her she saw some more pieces tottering. Quickly she flung herself over Vi and Jackie covering them as a large piece of concrete smashed down. It hurt, shattering bones and covering her lover and friend in her gore, but she was hard to kill. She got up, "Try again."

"Okay" said Vi and started to concentrate.

The door opened. Vi looked in surprise and then grinned, "Mom!"

Elastigirl held open the doors, assisted by Rick, Mirage, Elle and several burly guards. Helen said, "Quickly, out of there."

The two teens picked up Jackie and hurried out. Behind them the door slammed shut. The two teens set Jackie down, Vi hugging her Mom and Claire wiping a strand of hair from Jackie's forehead and giving her a loving smile.

Rick looked confused as he stared at them, "I've a feeling that I should be arresting you, but I can't arrest the future President of the United States."

"Damn right," said Claire, she smiled, "Though I'm getting first dibs and she's not even going to think of standing until for at least twenty years."

Vi kissed Helen, "I love you."

"I love you too," replied Helen answering the words she'd been waiting years to hear.
_ _ _

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