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The story codes that occur in this story are as follows: FF, cons, oral

The following characters are involved in this story, although only the last
two have a specific sex scene:

Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) - "Heroes"
Niki/Jessica Sanders (Ali Larter) - "Heroes"
Magenta (Kelly Vitz) - "Sky High"
Layla Williams (Danielle Panabaker) - "Sky High"
Marie D'Ancanto "Rogue" (Anna Paquin) - "X-Men" (1st through 3rd movies)
Katherine Pryde "Shadowcat" (Ellen Page) - "X-Men" (3rd movie)

I do feel I should thank a few people for the inspiration to write this.
First, those who got the idea to make the X-Men and Sky High movies, as well
as the Heroes show. Second, the actresses themselves for pulling off the
characters as well as they did. Third, DrBlasphemy, for coming up with an
idea that I wholly twisted in ways I had no clue I could. Fourth, Winter
Vacation for giving me the time to write. Finally, everyone reading for
taking the time to see how I write.

Thank you for going through the required information for me. Any feedback
can go either to the message boards in the feedback thread or to my e-mail
address, Game.Dreamer at yahoo dot com. (Yes, it is Game dot Dreamer) I'll
do my best to send some form of a reply back if you do send it to my e-mail,
so if you don't want anything, just put a post up.

Now, without any further delay, I present:

Heroes/Sky High/X-Men - The Last Stand: Superhuman Stories Part 1 - The Hunt
by GameDreamer

Claire Bennet -- Odessa, Texas

"Why the hell did this have to happen to me?" Claire yelled to herself as she
slammed the suitcase closed. The cheerleader had just been told that her dad
had been part of a group that captured people like her. They did tests,
marked, tracked, and watched their lifes. And it was because of their tests
that her mother had died. She could tell, she still cared about him, but she
was furious and had to leave.

Jimmy would be able to delay them for a while, but eventually, they would
catch up and have to capture her. Hopefully she could get far enough away to
be able to be kept safe. Not that she had much of a clue where to go. All she
knew was that Peter Petrelli's brother, Nathan, was a politician in New York.
So, that was where she would head to first. Try to find Peter, probably
through Nathan, then... Well, she figured that they would be able to come up
with something after that.

Grabbing the suitcase, Claire rushed out of the room after hugging her bear
for the last time, and she pocketed what little money she found, as well as
a small bag of food and some water. She reached the living room just as Jimmy
was hanging up the phone.

"Your father is to return home in an hour, after stopping at the office. You
must be on your way," he informed her as the two of them walked outside.
After making sure that a taxi got her picked up and paying for it, he stepped
into his car and drove off.

"Well, we got a couple hours before we arrive in Fort Worth, just so you
know," the driver told her as she got in.

Magenta + Layla Williams

"Where are we?" Magenta asked her older classmate, Layla.

"Well, I'm not quite sure, but we should be careful just in case," Layla

Walking through the forest, Layla had felt more at home than she had even at
the school. Of all her friends, she figured, it was probably best that she
had gotten here with Magenta. The rest were nice, but there would have been
a bit too much tension between them at different points. An animal, or even
part-animal, could understand her choices on food better than almost anyone.

Magenta, on the other hand, was a bit nervous. Not so much about who she was
there with, or where they were, but how they got there. The last thing she
had known, she was getting ready to go to bed, and now they were in the
middle of a forest that they had no clue how to get out of. Luckily she had
just come in from a trip to the store, so she was dressed for it, because
otherwise, it could have been troublesome when they found someone else. Then
again, she could just become a hamster. They wouldn't have to worry about
clothes. Larger animals, of course, were another story. And Layla was better
than anyone, because she could find food without even trying.

Their trip had so far been fairly uneventful, besides its start. They could
tell that it was getting late, as the sky was almost black. Now, they needed
to find somewhere to sleep safely. Thanks to Layla, they could work up a
decent shelter from the bushes, along with some safeguards to protect them
in case, but it would be a long night.

"It's a really nice night, though," Layla said, working on making

"Yeah. Fairly warm," Magenta replied, with a small smile.

"Well, I suppose we should try to get to sleep, huh?"

"Yeah. Goodnight, Layla," Magenta yawned and rested her head on her arm
against the ground facing the entrance and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight, Magenta."

The small size of their shelter required a bit of closeness, which wasn't a
problem for either of the girls. Layla lay facing away from the entrance,
against the other 'wall' in the triangular area. While she slept soundly,
Magenta had some troubles finding a comfortable spot. She found herself often
waking up, and saw Layla's red hair hanging onto the ground, and on occasion
found that her hand found its way to Layla's soft hair, just resting itself

Jessica Sanders -- Las Vegas, Nevada

Jessica picked up the phone as it began ringing. "Hello?"

"We need you to take care of a little... problem," the voice at the other end
of the line started. "Go to the usual spot for the information."

Jessica hung up and began driving. She stopped when she got almost out of
town and walked up to the gate of the boarded-up house. On the left of the
gate, just below the lock was a small panel that slid back and to the side.
Reaching in, she pulled out a small tape and a set of pictures.

"Cute girl," she commented quietly to herself looking though the pictures.
"Too bad."

Returning to the car, she doubled-checked the pistol under her seat and put
the tape into the tape player.

Katherine Pryde + Marie D'Ancanto -- A Hotel Just outside New York

"Morning, Kitty." Marie smiled and leaned over to kiss her bedmate's forehead

"A good morning," Kitty responded happily. "How much time do we have before
we need to go?"

"You mean, do we have enough time." Kitty just smiled in response. "I think
we've got more than enough."

The younger girl turned to face Marie and slowly let the sheets fall through
her body, revealing her creamy nude form. Turning over on the bed, pinning
Marie under the sheets, the two girls locked eyes just before their lips
approached each other. Just as they touched, their closed lips traveled
through each others. Their tongues shot forward, and Kitty phased her own in
to wrap around Marie's, pulling on it before letting it slip right through
again. She pulled back, pulling the older girl's lip lightly, and pulled her
face back in a smile.

"You know I love that," Rogue replied softly.

Kitty lowered herself towards Rogue once more, but turned her head to
kiss her neck through the sheet and moved her kisses down along the girl's
shoulder and up onto her breast, until she finally reached the nipple. She
pulled herself back, to look up and smile at Marie, just before licking and
tugging on her nipple.

Marie sighed in pleasure, unable to move against Kitty holding the sheet

Soon enough, Kitty had moved down to Rogue's stomach, slowly moving further
down and moved her hands to play with Marie's breasts and nipples. Every
few kisses, Kitty pulled on one of Rogue's nipples slowly, then passed her
fingers through it, letting the breast fall through her hand. When Kitty
approached Rogue's pussy, Marie began to moan in anticipation and spread her
legs as much as possible with Kitty's holding them down.

Kitty moved through her legs, and licked Rogue's lips apart, and could feel
that she was already moist. She began to lick at Rogue's clit and continued
playing with her nipples. At the first lick, Rogue bucked slightly, almost
knocking the lighter girl off of her, but Kitty was able to respond quick
enough, and the two overlapped before Rogue fell back to the bed, and Kitty
continued. Every few seconds, she made sure to phase out while licking,
passing her tongue through the clit she was licking, and exciting both girls
even more.

"Come on, Kitty, I can feel it coming!" Marie shouted out as her legs pulled
together, through and around the girl's head.

Kitty smiled to herself, and began licking faster, but less frequently in
phase, causing Rogue to began bucking into her face, and at one point, Kitty
found Rogue's clit partly in her eye before it returned to place to be licked

"Oh, my god, I'm gonna come!" Marie yelled out, unable to control herself at
all. "Come on! Come on!"

Kitty continued, her tongue almost always out of phase with Rogue's body,
licking even faster and furiously.

"OH!! GOD!!!" Marie screamed, as she came, her juices passing through Kitty's
mouth and onto the bed as she flailed in orgasm, knocking the sheet away.
As her flailing slowed down, Kitty moved back to lick up the juices that
remained and catch the last bit of the orgasm.

"So, my turn?" Kitty asked, smiling.

Just after she asked, the alarm next to the bed went off and both girls
shoulders slumped down as Marie turned it off.

"Sorry, we've got to go."

"Not again," Kitty sighed.

Claire Bennet -- Fort Worth, Texas

"Thanks for that," Claire said, as she got out of the taxi.

"Hey, it's what I get paid for," the driver replied. Plus, he figured, I got
to see a hot girl there for the past few hours.

The taxi drove away, and Claire walked into a nearby diner. After looking at
the food, she ordered a sandwich and a glass of water. She had figured out
the cost to travel to New York by bus, and still needed to make roughly fifty
dollars, plus money for food. The best she could come up with was to make
bets of stuff she could do, that her power would allow her to recover from.
She looked around for someone she thought would be willing to take a bet like
that here, but figured that she wouldn't find anyone. After a few minutes,
one of the waitresses came up to the table with the sandwich.

"Is there anything else you'ld like?" the blond waitress asked her.

"No, I'm fine. Thanks," Claire replied.

"So," the waitress continued. "Are you waiting for someone or in a rush?"

"No," she answered as she ate. "I'm actually headed for New York, but I don't
actually have quite enough to get a bus ticket up there."

"I might be able to help you there, actually. If you don't mind waiting, I'm
about to get off work, so we could talk here."

"No problem."

Katherine Pryde + Marie D'Ancanto -- Just outside New York

"Let's see here," Marie commented aloud. Her handheld communications device
was open, and while she couldn't contact any of the rest of the team, the
report of the dimension crossing effect was still up and accessable. "It
should be around here somewhere."

The two X-Men were quite confused, as their report said that they were
standing at the place that someone crossed into their dimension, but saw
nothing and no-one that would indicate a dimension crossing. In a way,
they figured, it was good. It meant that it probably wasn't a major danger
to the world, but they had no clue what came through.

"Maybe they were able to move further away from here," Kitty suggested. "I
mean, if they were normal looking and had some ability that could get them
out to the street..."

"That looks like it's going to have to be the case. Which means they could
be anywhere."

"And we're going to have to get moving then. I think someone's coming."

Rogue leaned in and pressed her lips against Kitty's, enjoying the quick
moment, and knowing Kitty did too. She then pulled back and rushed through
the rock nearby.

Kitty took a moment to recover from Rogue's kiss and passed herself to the
other side of the same set of rocks. The pair began to walk away once they
were both through.

"So, Rogue, what now?" Kitty asked, sliding her hand into Rogue's gloved

"Well, we could start our search," Rogue answered. "Or we could go let me
pay you back for this morning."

"That sounds like a good idea." Kitty grinned, barely keeping from laughing
at the calm, serious tone of their voices.

"You're right. We should get back to work," Rogue teased as Kitty punched
her arm playfully. Calming down a bit, but both grinning, they walked off
into the woods to find a secluded area to use.

Magenta + Layla Williams

The sky began to light the grove in the forest, and Layla found herself
walking up. She could feel the soft, silky bedsheets; the tight, warm embrace
of her blanket wrapped around her; the forest air... While planty, her room
did not smell like a forest. She opened her eyes, and remembered what had
happened. But she realized what she was feeling. It looked like the plants
that made the shelter had collapsed, and were now a heavy cover over her and
Magenta. Layla quickly relized that the warmth was from Magenta, who was
still asleep, her arm wrapped around Layla, and face resting on Layla's
shoulder, neck and cheek. And she would be unable to get up, thanks to the
weight of the plants on top of the pair.

Plus, she thought, it wasn't like they were in danger. She needs the sleep.

So, Layla nuzzled herself a little so they would be more comfortable, and
started to drift back to sleep. Unfortunately, as she did that, the plants
above shifting, falling slightly. This landed on Magenta's side, and she
began to wake up slowly.

A bit confused as to where she was, and what she was holding in her arms,
Magenta took a few seconds to do much of anything, then turned to look at
Layla. Magenta's movements had knocked Layla awake, and she turned her
head to see what was going on at the same moment. The two suddenly found
themselves with their noses next to each other, able to feel the other's
breath and in each other's arms.

"Umm..." Magenta whispered, dumbstruck for a second. She did regain her
thought processes in a second, though, and began to shrink herself.

Layla was unable to speak, her heart racing, and just before Magenta became
too small to support the vines, she rolled slightly to hold them up as well
as she could above the hamster. Soon, she felt the small rodent against her
chest, slowly making it's way up. It stopped every few seconds, chewing
through a vine to make enough room to move, and soon was out in the clearing.

"Your turn," Magenta told Layla, who began to crawl, using the small space
added by the lack of Magenta's body to move. She had a few problems, as her
hair and clothes got caught against twigs as she slid out.

Layla began to pull the twigs out of her hair as Magenta changed back, and
realized her shirt had been torn slightly. It was just showing her stomach
a little, so it wasn't something she needed to take care of soon, but she'd
have to change soon. Having cleaned herself up, Layla looked back up at
Magenta. Neither were quite able to look the other in the face, Layla looking
at Magenta's cheeck, and Magenta at Layla's hair.

"Hey, about the, uh..." Magenta started, trying to find something to say.

"Magenta, don't worry about it," Layla said soothingly. "You didn't do
anything wrong. I didn't do anything wrong. Nothing happened between us,
stuff just fell on top of us."

"Well..." Magenta began again.

"What say we just continue trying to find a way out of here?" Layla

"But," Magenta finally looked up into Layla's eyes, suddenly calmed. "Why


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