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The following characters are involved in this story:

Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) - "Heroes"
Niki Sanders/Jessica Sanders (Ali Larter) - "Heroes"
Magenta (Kelly Vitz) - "Sky High"
Layla Williams (Danielle Panabaker) - "Sky High"
Summer Jones (Kate Mara) - "Zoom"
Katherine "Kitty" Pryde (Ellen Page) - "X-Men"
Marie "Rogue" D'Ancanto (Anna Paquin) - "X-Men"

Once again, thanks go to all those that were thanked in The Hunt.

For anyone who wants to keep track, I will have a list of episodes previously
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Superhuman Stories Part 1 - The Hunt (Heroes/Sky High/X-Men - The Last Stand)

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Now, without any further delay, I present:

Heroes/Sky High/X-Men - The Last Stand/Zoom:
Superhuman Stories Part 2 - The Discovery
by GameDreamer

Last time, on Superhuman Stories; Claire has left her home, headed for New
York. On her journey, she has found a friend in the waitress from Fort Worth.
Meanwhile, Magenta and Layla have been searching for a way out of the trees.
After a dangerous night, the two have found a connection they never realized
before. At the same time, a trio of hunters have begun searching. One
searches for the girl, the others have just missed their target.

Magenta + Layla Williams

"What say we just continue trying to find a way out of here?" Layla
suggested, her eyes starting to make their way up to Magenta's face in a
show of confidence.

"But, why not?" Magenta asked calmly, as she looked Layla in the eyes. She
reached into Layla's hair to pull another twig out, her hand lingering with
her first two fingers to brush hair out of her face.

"It would just be…" Layla quietly responded, shaking her head and pulling
away from Magenta. "too..." She trailed off as Magenta started to pout.

"Alright. How about we solve this problem first and come back to that?"
Magenta offered, indicating the trees around them. "Maybe you can ask the
trees which way leads to a street?"

"Oh... yeah." Layla walked over to one of the trees and put her hand against
its trunk. She seemed to go into a deep focus, her mouth moving slightly and
concentrating on what she was hearing.

Claire Bennet - Just outside Texas

"Once again, thanks." Claire smiled at the blond driving.

"Hey, not a problem. I needed to head up to New York myself anyway, and it's
always nice to have someone to talk to on the way." The other girl smiled, as
she pulled off to stop at a motel for the night. "You never told me though.
How'd you plan to get the money for the trip if I hadn't met you?"

"Well," Claire paused to decide how to phrase it. "I have some abilities that
are unusual, and could be used to win some money."

"So, you would bet money that you could do... something..." she thought out
loud. "Knowing you could? Or what did you have planned if you couldn't?"

"I can't explain it fully right now. But I wouldn't have a problem once
somebody bet me."

"Whatever you say." The blond was concentrating on the road, but she looked
like what Claire had said struck some cord with her. But she didn't seem to
want to talk about it, and since Claire didn't either, it was fine by her.

"So... Summer, right? What do we have planned for tomorrow?" Claire asked,
changing the subject.

"Well, we should be able to get most of the way there, but depending on
traffic, we may need to make one more stop."

"Sounds great. Mind if I get the first shower then? I seriously need to clean
off that last rest stop. So disgusting."

"Feel free," Summer replied, unlocking the door to their room. As soon as
they got their bags into the room, Summer turned on the television and Claire
headed into the bathroom.

"Shit, it's been a long drive," Claire said out loud. She slid her pants to
her ankles, revealing the white panties underneath, and stretched upwards.
Claire kicked them off, and finished removing her clothes.

The water began to run, and the former cheerleader stepped under the stream.
'Former cheerleader,' she thought to herself. ‘I'm not one now, am I?' But
with the water flowing through her hair and across her face, Claire shrugged
off that thought with a grim laugh. The wet warmth of the water continued in
almost a predetermined path down Claire's chest. She watched as it made her
way onto her breasts. They weren't that small, but she had always been
manipulating what she wore to make them look larger. It worked too; they
almost doubled in apparent size. She watched with a smile as the water
collected onto the tip of her nipple until it got waited down and dripped to
the floor. There was more, making its way down her stomach, and it slid down
the inside of her leg.

Just like Jackie used to do.

Katherine Pryde + Marie D'Ancanto

Kitty loved the feel of the wind blowing through her hair. It was just so
free, yet above everything else, normal. That wasn't something that any of
the X-Men got very often. Here she was, standing on the top of a building,
looking out on the town, wind in her hair. Her beautiful brunette babe
beside her. It would be so normal, if it weren't for the fact they were
superpowered mutants on a hunt to find a small group of other superpowered
people. They didn't even know for certain that they were looking for mutants.

Sure, they couldn't actually touch for long. Sometimes they missed it. Of
course, they could overlap, and that felt amazing when done right, but it's
not quite the same. The feeling was so strange, being closer than anyone
else can get without being able to hold hands, or share a long, deep kiss.

Currently Rogue, Marie, was looking to see if there were any signs of strange
events. But it seemed that they were still in fairly normal territory. But
Kitty was more focused on Rogue. Her eyes, focused at the distance. Her
smooth skin, down to her soft lips. A glimpse of red appeared as she wet her
lips, and disappeared just as her lips began...

"...opening quickly."

"What?" Katherine asked, thrown off.

"Look there," Marie pointed off, away from the city. "That opening just
appeared there."

Magenta + Layla Williams

Layla snapped out of her deep focus and pointed. "That way."

The pair traveled quickly, avoiding looking at the other. The trees seemed
to be thinning out, and looked as though they moved out of their way. As they
reached the end, they saw that it opened to a road, with what appeared to be
a rest stop across the street.

Cars were shooting by quickly, but a fairly large opening happened to be
coming up. The two sidekicks ran for the rest stop, making it across just as
a truck breezed past.

"Whew," Magenta breathed out. "Think they'll have some food in there?"

"What do you mean? We had food available the whole time in there!" Layla
responded, sounding slightly upset by the question.

"Yeah, but it got you talking again," Magenta grinned and pranced off. Layla
shook her head, but smiled and followed her in.

It was a fairly standard rest area, with a woman and two younger guys looking
at the local map. A few younger kids and their parents were at the vending
machines. And the bathrooms looked about ready to fall apart. It was usable,
but was a finish and rush out kind of place.

Of course, without a ride, they were somewhat stuck in how far they could go.

Still, a little unsure, Layla and Magenta sat down on the nearby bench.
Although they were lost in their thoughts, Magenta did notice the brunette
who sat next to Layla. That, and how she was looking at Layla, as though she
were trying to figure something out. It made her suspicious, and she knew
that there was something strange about this girl who was messing with her

Claire Bennett - Motel outside Texas

Her fingers traced the path Jackie had always taken. Since her death, Claire
felt it a good way to remember Jackie, by doing what they had always done for
fun. Her fingers started by her face, and slowly went down her neck, circling
her breasts. Slowly, she would move onto Claire's nipples, one by one, and
place their mouths together. Just as her fingers finally made their way onto
Claire's clit, Jackie's tongue would lash into her mouth.

Claire could feel herself going over the edge, just about ready to burst. Her
fingers moved faster, as she struggled to keep from shouting out. Of course,
it used to be that Claire always had Jackie's tongue and mouth to shout into,
muffling her voice so they were never heard. But the past few days, she'd
been getting better at it.

Finally, Claire gave in, orgasming nearly silently, letting her cum be washed
down the shower drain. After a few seconds to recover, Claire stepped out of
the shower, and began to dry herself off. She her clothes off to the side,
and got dressed into her pajamas for the night, and brushed her hair. The
whole day, they had been making fairly good time, but Claire still didn't
know what she was going to do. And by now, they would have realized she was
gone. At any time, her dad's company could come after her and who knows what
they'd do to Summer. Hopefully, they'd be able to get back onto the road
before they got here. If not, well, there wasn't a whole lot that could be

Claire finally stepped out of the bathroom and walked into the other room.
Summer was sitting on her bed, watching something. It went to commercial, and
began airing an ad for the ‘latest and greatest' toy, some action figure for
a show coming out three months from now. She stopped and shook her head at
it, just as a sound like glass being shattered was heard.

Katherine Pryde + Marie D'Ancanto

Kitty passed through, having popped her head in to double-check it was empty.
Lifting her foot, she made sure not to pass it through the toilet water,
because it might not actually touch but was still disgusting.

Now in the girl's bathroom, Kitty took a second pause and left the stall. She
washed her hands, acting as though she had been in there, rather than having
just come from outside. After drying, she found her way out and into the main
room of the building.

She looked around, making sure she knew where Marie was and began to make her
way towards her.

Rogue had her wrist up, and had apparently found the unknown mutants, but was
waiting for Shadowcat to back her up just in case. She saw Kitty walk closer
to the map, and glance at her, indicating that she was ready.

"Excuse me, but would you mind coming outside to talk for a second?" Rogue
whispered to the red-headed girl sitting next to her.

"What?" She responded, still whispering, but raising her voice slightly to be
heard by the people nearby.

"I think it would be better to talk outside, if you don't mind," Rogue
replied. "I know you can do something different."

"Fine, let's talk." The two got up and headed towards the door, and Kitty
began to follow close behind.

"I think you can stay back here," a girl roughly her height said, stepping
between Kitty and Rogue.

"No, I think I'm going to go with." Kitty stepped forward, and walked
straight through the girl and out the door where the other two had already

Outside, Marie and Layla had begun talking. They found they had similarities,
both being in schools that were for people with superpowers. That and neither
had heard about the other's school.

"Let's go," Kitty said, having just come over to the pair. "I think we might
be attracting some company."

Rogue knew that tone, and knew that they might have a few minutes at most.
"Yeah, I think it's about time to go. I haven't been hearing anything from
anyone at the school, though, so we may have to get out of here on our own."

"Wait a sec, I'm not going to leave Magenta here if there's going to be
trouble," Layla stated.

"Okay, but you only have a minute. We're getting a ride there." Marie pointed
at a truck that had just pulled up to the stop.

Layla turned to go back in, just as Magenta came out the door. "I knew
something was up, they've got powers too! Let's get out of here!"

"It's alright Magenta, they're friends. We're going to be getting out of
here, and they're helping us."

The four girls met up near the truck, and Magenta and Kitty glared at each
other, but didn't say anything.

"Okay, we won't have much time, so here's what we'll do. Layla, Kitty'll get
you into the truck and I'll get Magenta. We all find somewhere that we can
fit, and then we'll get into phase and we'll be riding for a while. Get
comfortable quick." With that, she took off a glove and touched Kitty's arm
then grabbed onto Magenta's arm.

Each pair phased out and passed into the truck. Layla sat on a chair tied to
the floor, while Rogue got onto a bed with Kitty standing against the wall.
Magenta changed into a hamster, and took the space above a chair tucked under
a desk.

Jessica Sanders

She had seen the girl go into the room. Now, Jessica found herself squatting
on a fire exit on a building across from the motel. From her view, she could
see into the room as Claire walked into the bathroom.

Jessica went through the assignment once more, although she knew it by heart
already. It was a fairly basic capture, but for one key point. The girl could
heal, and amazingly quick. She knew it too, so simple wounds wouldn't cause
her to take cover and stop moving. By the same note, heavy wounds would be
recoverable. Which meant that the way to get her was to kill her temporarily.
The gun was just to keep her busy until Jessica could get close enough to
keep her down.

About half an hour into the wait, Claire stepped back into view. She had a
roommate, but the gunshot should scare her off, and if not, she could be
dealt with normally. Jessica took aim, and Claire paused. She fired.

Jessica didn't take the time to watch what happened, and instead jumped to
the ground and rushed across and got in through the window that had been

Claire was on the floor, the bullet had gotten a direct hit through the
chest, and her roommate was kneeling by her side. As Jessica expected, as
she got a knife into her hand, Claire gasped for breath and began to stand
up. "Who are you?" she asked Jessica.

The other blonde looked at the woman with a gun in one hand and a knife in
the other. "Not a friend, I'm guessing."

Rather than responding, Jessica went towards the roommate, figuring that
Claire would try to do something. And she was pleased when Claire tried to
charge her, and turned to face Claire, knife in hand. Suddenly, she found
herself flung over the bed and Claire stopped herself just before hitting a

"What was that?" Jessica shouted, upset that she had been tossed aside like

"Me," Summer stated, advancing on the woman laying prone. Jessica went to
pick the gun up from nearby her only to have it slide away from her. She
glared up at Summer and got to her feet.

Jessica rushed at Summer and lifted her off the ground with a single hand
as Claire rammed into her side. Jessica was thrown off balance, but knocked
Claire to the ground and tossed Summer against the wall. Summer never hit it
though, stopping herself before touching it. Jessica went to take Claire out
of the fight and Summer threw her outside, her legs hitting the wall before
she fell out.

"Claire, are you alright?" Summer asked, getting to her side once again. The
knife had landed, right in the soft area that the bullet had. Summer pulled
the knife out, hoping that Claire could heal again, and to her happiness, she
did. "So, you can heal can you?"

"Telekinesis?" Claire asked, and they each smiled.


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