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Heroes: Trials Of Claire Bennett Part 1 - Maybe (Mf,inter,reluc,first)
by Jazz

Claire had left the Haitian at airport security to head to New York and find
Peter Petrelli. It was an uneventful flight finally landing in New York in
the early evening. She left New York airport not really sure how to find
Peter yet, but little did she know that soon it would not matter.

She walked into New York with not much money. She figured she didn't really
have to worry. I mean who could hurt her. So she stopped and sat on a bench
to access her situation. Going through her bag, she worked out she had $20.
She knew that was never going to get her a place to stay so she started
looking to see if maybe she had something of value she could trade for a
place to sleep. After 10 minutes of looking she had nothing. Her head sunk.
She started to wonder if leaving the Haitian was the right thing to do.

While trying to work out what to do a car started to roll pass with it's bass
thumping. The car came up close to her, the music shut off and the window
rolled down. A large black man said to Claire, "Hey, little girl, how much
for an hour?"

Claire looked up smiled and said, "Oh, sorry, I think you have me mistaken
for a different kind of girl."

The black man said, "Oh, sorry, girly, but I could make it worth your while."

Claire thought for a second. She needed money and she needed it soon. It was
getting cold and the weather was not going to hold out. So she looked at the
man again and said, "Just how worth my while are we talking about?"

The man said, "Well, that depends on how far your willing to go."

She said, "Well, I can go all the way, so lets say $50 for me to suck your
thing and $100 for you to fuck me."

He said, "Ok, get in I'll get us a place to do this."

So Claire quickly got in the car and the man drove off.

Claire said to the man, "Can you turn the heat on."

"Sure, girly."

She said, "Thank you. Can call me Claire. What's you name?"

The man said, "Never you mind about my name."

The man pulled into a motel parking lot, went inside and got a room. When he
walked out of the office he gave Claire a look to say "come on". She got out
of the warm car back into the cold. She ran over to the man who by now was
opening the door to the room. They went inside.

Claire now getting a bit nervous said, "So how do we do this?"

The black man said, "Well, how 'bout you start by sucking on this." He
dropped his pants revealing his 9 inch flaccid penis.

Claire had never seen one so big, not that she had seen a real man's, just
a few pictures in pop-ups on her computer. She got down on her knees, placed
her hand around his cock about halfway down it. Her fingers didn't meet
around his now harding cock. It came out to 11 inches. Claire was not sure
how she was going to take this thing in her mouth let alone her tight virgin

The man looked down at Claire and said, "Well, go on. There's an extra 50 in
it for you if you can get my whole dick in you throat."

Claire thought there was no way, but she didn't want to have to this to often
to get money, so she would do what she could the get as much as she could
now. So she started licking the tip. The man sat on the edge of the bed. Now
Claire started licking up and down the sides. The man moaned softly. She
raised her head back to the tip and took his knob in her mouth. He said, "Oh

She took more into her mouth, got down about 5 inches and she started to gag.

The man looked at her and said, "Guess I don't need to worry about that extra

Claire took his cock out of her mouth and said, "Oh, you will be giving me
that extra $50, you just wait and see." Claire with new found courage shoved
his cock back into her mouth, got back down to 5 inched and started gagging
again. She forced his cock past her gag reflex another 2 inches in. Now 7 of
his 11 in her, she was still gagging heavily on his cock forcing her throat
to tighten around his cock every time she gagged. He was loving the feeling
of Claire's throat just constantly tightened around his cock. She let the
cock out a bit, took a few breaths and slam her head forward on his cock
again this time getting the whole thing into her throat. As soon as it was
there the gag reflex kicked in again her throat trying to milk his cock.

The man said, "Oh yeah, just hold it there."

Claire was starting to panic. She needed air. She went to pull her head off
his cock, but the man put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her
back down yelling at her. "I'm almost there little girl. Just wait!"

Claire's eyes started to bulge out of her head. She was about to lose
conscious, but the man just held her there. She passed out. The gag reflex
stopped when this happened, so the man moved his hands to side of her head
and just started slamming her head up and down his cock. But this was still
not enough for her to breath especially in her unconscious state, so the man
was just face fucking her like crazy and finally came down her throat. Little
did he know she actually suffocated while this was going on. He pulled her
off his cock and threw her to the floor, but when she didn't get up or move
for a few seconds he panicked, but then as if nothing had happened she
breathed in real deep.

The man said, "Oh, my god! I thought you might have been dead."

Claire coughed up the man's cum and said, "Hey its gonna take more than that
to keep me down."

Well, then," the man said, "shall will get down to the real business."

Claire said, "Sure, have you got a condom?"

The man said, "Ok, girly," pulling out his wallet and pulling a condom out.
He threw it to Claire and said, "You know the only way one of these should
be put on it with your month."

Claire thought back to sex ed and thought about how to do it. Then she simply
said, "Ok."

So back on her knees she opened the condom, put it on the tip of his cock
and then lowered her head. She placed her lips at the front then just started
shoving her face forward to roll it down his shaft. When she got to the
bottom she gave a good few sucks and gags then pulled her face off it. She
stood up and told him to lay on the bed. The man did so, his huge dick
pointing skyward as if it were a mast on a ship. Claire climbed onto the bed
and placed her legs on either side of the man's hips and began to lower
herself onto his cock. His inflamed knob started pushing her pussy apart, but
it took Claire bouncing herself down to get the knob in her. She winched in
pain she was very tight. She had to adjust, but it wasn't too bad. Claire
always did enjoy a bit of pain, so she pushed forward until he hit her hymen.

The man's eyes shot open and said, "Wow, girl! I didn't realize you were a
virgin! Well, I suppose I should throw in another $50 for this privilege."

Claire smiled back and said, "You damn right you should." That's when Claire
threw her leg out to the side as if doing the spits and impaled herself with
this man's monster cock. Claire screamed as he busted threw her Cherry.

The man just moaned, "Oh yeah!", rolled her over and stared pumping.

Claire was still quite tight at this point and was loving every minute of it.
She felt so full of cock. The man started doing long strokes taking his cock
almost all the way out and slamming back in. Claire didn't know it at the
time, but this was the best orgasm ever building quite fast. Now she was
getting more and more into it and then the man pulled back a little too much
and Claire's power kicked in regenerating her a new hymen and was just as
tight as ever. The man not knowing this just reared up and plowed threw her
new one.

That was it for Claire. She exploded. Juices flowing from her and so high she
couldn't believe it. The man, also close to coming, pulled back again and
once again Clair had a new hymen and was super tight. He slam back in and
that was it. He blew his load before falling down on the bed. He said, "Damn
girl, that was some of the craziest sex I've ever had. You kept tightening
back up. If you can keep doing that, you could sure make some money 'rounds

Claire climbed off the bed and went to the bathroom. While washed away what
she had just done, she was already good as new once again. No one would have
ever guessed she just had an 11 inch cock in her.

When she came out of the shower the man was gone. A note on the table said:

Hey girl,
Left you 200 bucks. You sure earned it. I paid for a night in the room, so
feel free to keep it.

She smiled and thought, 'Great, I guess I don't have to find somewhere to
sleep now.'

Is this a decision she will live to regret?


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