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Note: This is an alteration to episode 5 of Season 3

Codes: Anal, Mf, Oral, Reluc

Pairings: Claire/Steve

Heroes - Villains 1, Claire 0
by The Chemist

Things were not going according to plan for Claire Bennett. She was new at this hunting bad guys thing and her lack of experience had bit her in the ass, and what an ass at that. Her mission started out well, she found the monster, snuck into his house and used the tasor on him, however he recovered quicker than she thought and sucked her weapon into a vortex.

"Well what do we have here, a Company cunt. Where's your partner girl?" Steve demanded, slowly walking towards the diminutive blonde.

"Listen I'm not with the Company and I don't have a partner. My name is Claire Bennett, I'm in high school." Claire responded, trying to reason with the monster, her fear really showing.

"How do you know about me then? Why did you break into my home and shock me with that tasor?" Steve shouted, still advancing on the cute young girl who was wearing a black coat with a white shirt underneath and a pair of tight jeans.

"I read your file and saw that you were a monster like Sylar and decided to act. You are a killer after all and just broke out of that level 5 prison." Claire shot back, sounding bolder and getting angry at the monster that was coming towards her. Steve was about 6'0, slim with an olive complexion that was true to his Cuban roots.

"That was an accident, I made one mistake and paid for it the rest of my life. They didn't give me a trial or a chance to explain, they just locked me up and threw away the key. I had a wife and kid that thought I abandoned them now they won't even talk to me. She said I was dead to them!" Steve said as wiped away a tear. "So let me get this right, you came to my house to bring me back to level 5 without a partner and I disarmed you of your only weapon?"

"Well, yeah, but I see that I have made a mistake. You're a really nice guy Steve and I was wrong to come here, but since I know that now I'll just be on my way." Claire said as she turned towards the door until she felt both of Steve's strong hands land on her shoulders and stop her forward progress.

"You just got here blondie, why don't you stay for awhile. I've been trapped in that underground prison for so long that I haven't been around people in quite some time, especially a woman." Steve said softly as he ran his hands down Claire's body and groped her chest, which he found to be a satisfactory B-cup.

Claire knew she was in a world of trouble. If she tried to run than psycho Steve would suck her into a vortex and she'd be lost forever but if she didn't escape than this monster would rape her. A tear escaped down Claire's cheek as she weighed the options and decided to ultimately do nothing; she couldn't die but she could still be sucked into a vortex and never be seen again. She felt Steve stop molesting her tits and move down to the zipper of her jacket. Once he undid it, he removed it from her body and threw it to the floor, which was soon followed by Claire's white shirt she was wearing underneath.

"You said you were in high school? You must get all the guys looking like you do. A nice rack, beautiful face and I can already tell you have a hot, round ass. I bet you got a nice, tight pussy too Claire, or do you get fucked a lot and it loosened?" Steve commented.

Claire didn't respond. She told herself that she was going to be strong through this encounter. She wouldn't cry, she wouldn't scream, she wouldn't speak. She would just take her punishment for being so stupid as to walk into a villain's house with no real weapon or back up or telling anyone where she was going. This mess was her fault, Steve was just exploiting the situation but the real blame falls on her shoulders so she has to get herself out of it and if that means giving up her body for this criminal to use then so be it.

Steve continued to undress the beautiful 18-year-old by removing her jeans from her strong legs, leaving her standing in her white bra and tiny red thong that showed plenty of her smooth, thick ass. "Just when I think I can't like you anymore, you show me the best ass I have ever seen. Mmm I have to taste me some of that," Steve said as he turned his long-haired captive around and bent her completely over the arm of the couch so her ass was sticking in the air. Steve bent behind the young blonde and pushed aside her red thong so he could start licking up and down Claire's crack before focusing his licking to her tightly clenched asshole.

Claire simply stayed bent over the furniture without saying a word as the monster licked her backdoor, and only shuddered for an instant when she felt him separate her cheeks and insert his long, cold tongue into her rectum.

"My turn to receive some oral, after all we have to be fair. Oh yeah, keep the thong but lose the bra sweet cheeks," Steve mocked as he stood up and took off his pants and underwear to reveal his already hard, 8-inch, fat cock. Claire turned around and unhooked her bra to give Steve a view of her boobs that were a good B-cup with nipples that were pink and an inch big. When she saw his manhood, Claire was stunned; all the men she had been with were close in length but nowhere near as fat as Steve. Claire got to her knees and wrapped her small hand around the massive prick, which she could barely get her fingers completely around it. Claire pumped her hand up and down Steve's cock until she popped the thick head into her mouth.

"Claire, I haven't had a blowjob in 5 years, I'm expecting you to make up for the lost time so pick up the pace. Actually, let me do it for you," Steve said as he reached down and grabbed a handful of Claire's long blonde hair in each hand and pulled it towards him. Claire was caught off guard as she was jerked towards the towering monster, his entire cock going down her teenage throat as her nose was now buried in his thick mound of pubic hair and touching his sweaty body. Claire provided no resistance as Steve continued to roughly face-fuck the beautiful girl for another 10 minutes until he noticed how shiny her tits had become from her own saliva that had spilled out of her mouth during the messy blowjob.

"Why don't you pleasure me using those boobs of yours. I want you to fuck my with your little titties whore," Steve said with a smirk. Claire stayed silent as she slipped the well-lubed cock from mouth and placed it on her breastplate, squeezed her boobs together before Steve started thrusting his manhood into the seal she had made. "I love teenagers, always so eager to do anything," Steve said as he was thoroughly enjoying himself. "I think I want to get back in your throat though."

Claire obeyed and started deepthroating the killer again, not needing the motivation of Steve yanking on her hair this time. Without warning, Steve exploded into Claire's mouth, the first blast going right down her throat before he pulled out of her and blasted the rest of his thick, smelly load onto Claire's gorgeous face. Claire swallowed down the putrid jizz that Steve shot in her mouth then she felt him rubbing his fat cock along her cheeks, nose, eyelids and forehead. Steve was collecting the cum that had landed on face and brought it back to Claire's mouth for her to swallow, which she did without batting an eyelash.

"So are we done here then Steve. I'm free to go?" Claire said as she got to her feet.

"Claire, I've been trapped in level 5 for 5 years, and you think the first girl I get with after is just going to get off with giving me a blowjob? Claire I'm going to fuck you raw until you can't stand anymore. It's been 5 fucking years! I need to make up for lost time."

Claire knew it wasn't going to be that easy but she had to try. She told herself again to be strong, that she did this to herself and that this was her punishment so she just had to take it and move on.

"Looking at those powerful thighs, I would say you do some sports. What do you play Claire?" Steve asked as his eyes still roamed over the impeccable body of his teenage captive. But Claire didn't answer. "Cat got your tongue? Fine, nod when I get it right. Is it swimming? Soccer? Gymnastics? Cheerleading?" Claire finally nodded her head.

"Damn girl, you're like a dream. Can you do the splits?" Steve asked excitedly. Claire nodded her blonde head again. "Excellent! Okay Claire this is what's going to happen. I'm going to lie on my back as so, and then you are going to do the splits on my cock as you ride me."

Steve was already on the ground and waiting for Claire, who pulled down her thong and stood above Steve's crotch, which was still at full height. For the first time, Steve got a view of Claire's perfectly shaven, bald pussy that had big, pink lips that had a slight glisten from her excitement.

"You act like your not liking this Claire but deep down you know you're a slut. I can see your twat is wet already. What turned you on, when I ate your ass your when you sucked my cock. You're a filthy whore, but I like that." Steve said, knowing he was embarrassing the young girl.

Claire wanted to cry at that moment but wouldn't let herself. Steve was right; she was turned on. It had been awhile since her and West broke up so she hadn't had sex in quite some time so her body was only reacting normally to the foreplay. She couldn't help but think how fucked up she was for enjoying being raped. Or maybe it wasn't rape if she was enjoying it so much. All Claire knew for sure was that she was seriously fucked up and now she had to fuck while doing the splits. With a foot on each side of Steve, she lowered herself to the ground but slowed almost to a stop when she felt her lips brush against his fat cock. Steve noticed this too and rather than taking her passive approach, he grabbed onto her hips and pushed her downwards. Claire only let out the slightest of whimpers as her pussy was stretched wider then it had ever been. After 20 minutes of riding Steve using only her legs muscles to propel her up and down, Steve finally cum deep within her womb. He quickly went over to the kitchen and took out a martini glass, which he got Claire to cream into before setting it aside for now.

"Something's been bugging me Claire. You said your last name is Bennett. Any relation to Noah Bennett?" Steve asked, but he didn't have to wait for her to nod as the shock in her face gave it away. "From that look I would say it's your daddy. I assume he is hunting all us convicts down so it'll only be a matter of time until he comes here. I don't want to be rude so I think I'll leave a present for him." Steve left the room but returned a minute later carrying a camcorder and a tripod. "I bought this so I could record my kids around the house having fun or at sports, but since my wife won't take me back it's useless, until I found out you were Noah's daughter."

All Claire could do was wonder what sick idea this murderer had in mind.


Several hours after both Steve and Claire had left the house, Noah & Sylar came bursting through the door. After sweeping the house they converged back on the living room and read the sign on the TV that said press play. They noticed that there was a camcorder hooked up to the TV so Noah went over to the camera and did as the sign said. Immediately Steve's face came on the screen.

"Hello Noah. I'm sure you remember me because I remember you. You locked me away for 5 years over a mistake I made one time, which lost me my family forever. Anyways, this type is my payback. You probably don't know but your lovely baby girl Claire came by earlier, mimicking her father by trying to capture 'bad guys'. We made this tape together. Don't think of shutting it off at any time because throughout the film is clues as to where you can find your darling girl. Enjoy the feature presentation."

Noah couldn't believe his eyes as he saw his Claire-bear on all fours on the floor as that monster Steve came up from behind her. Steve had taken the camera off the tripod and was holding it in his hand to give a close-up view of Claire's round ass. Steve lined up his large cock against Claire's asshole then applied pressure until his head disappeared into her rectum, followed quickly by the rest of his shaft. Out of view of the camera, Claire had bit her lip so hard it drew blood as her virgin ass was penetrated. Steve wasted little time before he had built up a head of steam and was really slamming in and out of her little rear entrance.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me, fuck me hard! Harder daddy, harder!" Claire screamed as Steve grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and pulled back on it. Before they had started filming, Steve told Claire that she better turn on the theatrics and talk while he ass-fucked her. "Oh Steve! I love a hard cock in my ass. I'm such a dirty cock-loving whore. Fuck me. Fuck me."

After watching his daughter get fucked for nearly 30 minutes like a dog on the floor, Steve picked her up without ever leaving her backdoor and sat on the love chair. After enduring another 15 minutes of Claire-bear grinding Steve's cock in her asshole as she rode him, the monster lead Noah's only daughter to the kitchen table. Steve placed the tiny blonde on the table so her ass was barely hanging over the edge before she laid back. Steve threw her legs onto his shoulders then replaced his cock back into Claire's bum.

"Wait. Where are my manners," Steve said as he took his dick out of Claire. He placed the camera down on the table before he bent Claire nearly in half so her legs were back around her head and her ass was up in the air. Putting the camera in his mouth and zooming in on Claire's once virgin asshole, Steve pulled her cheeks apart to show that the hole was now spread with a wide 3-inch gap! "That's going to hurt to sit on," Steve mocked.

Steve went back to fucking Claire in her ass with her legs on his shoulders for the final 40 minutes until he pulled out suddenly and shot his load into an almost full glass. He handed the practically overflowing, thick white martini glass full of his sperm from many fuck-sessions with his sex-slave. Claire took the glass, looked into the camera and said, "The only thing I love more than getting fucked in the ass by a big, fat cock is guzzling cum."

Maintaining eye-contact with the camera the whole time, the cheerleader slurped down every last sticky drop of jizz that was possible.

"Manners Claire. Clean my dick for me. It might taste a little funny, you know, like your asshole," Steve said before guiding the blonde's head to his swollen cock for her to suck dry for 10 minutes before releasing her.

"What do you think of your baby girl now," Claire said into the camera for her dad to hear.

Steve took the camera back from Claire and said, "Like I promised I will tell you where Claire is. She's on here way home, I couldn't hurt her after a performance like that. Payback's a bitch, eh Noah."


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