Highlander: A Love Of My Own (MF,MM,inter,viol)
by The Fan ([email protected])

A man stood in the middle of a loft in London. Duncan MacLeod was his name.
He was a tall man with long black hair and dark eyes. His skin was light
bronze. He was no ordinary man but an immortal. He was the Highlander.

The world knew nothing about immortals. Immortals are men and women who are
not ordinary. They die, and then rise again. After the first death, they can
no longer grow old. They are impervious to illness. Their bodies can heal any
injury. The only way to kill an immortal is to cut off his or her head. When
an immortal dies, his lifeforce flows from his body in the form of lightning.
If an immortal is nearby, the lifeforce of the slain immortal will flow into
him or her. The Quickening.

Immortals lived in something known as the Game. They fight each other to
acquire the lifeforce they need in order to survive. Duncan MacLeod was a
very old immortal, even though he did not look like it. He had been alive
since the late 1500s. He was incapable of aging or dying. He had seen it
all in the five hundred plus years he had been walking the earth. He had
seen all sorts of men and women. They were good and evil in every shade in
between. He had seen treachery and deceit as well as forgiveness and
compassion. All that mankind had to offer. It was in times like these that
Ducan MacLeod felt really tired. He had seen it all. He often felt extremely
bored. The men and women around him could no longer surprise him. At all.

Duncan was still thinking these thoughts when he felt a pair of hands on his
body. He was startled but not too much. He knew who these hands belonged to.
He felt them caressing his body. He felt a kiss on his neck and felt slender
hands cup him in interesting places.

"Hello, my love." said the woman. She kissed him again, on the back of his

Duncan MacLeod turned around and smiled at his lover. He gazed upon the woman
who looked at him. "Hello, Linda." he said.

Linda gently kissed MacLeod on the lips. "Hello, lover." she said.

Duncan met Linda Tresor in Paris, not long ago. She was an woman from Africa.
An artist. He put his arms around her. She was easily as tall as he was. Her
skin was dark brown. Her hair was black, long and braided. She was a very
beautiful woman. "What are you doing, my dear?" she asked him.

Duncan shrugged. "Looking at the scenery." he said.

She looked past him, at the city which he gazed upon. "Simply beautiful." she

"It doesn't compare to you." Duncan said.

Linda Tresor smiled. "Flattery will get you nowhere, mister."

Duncan grinned. "Hmm. So you say."

He kissed her on the lips. Linda put her arms around him and kissed him.
"Let's go to bed." she said.

She took his hand and led him to the bedroom. The loft was vast. Linda
started undressing Duncan even before they reached the room. She was very
eager. He had been with passionate women before but she was something else.
She practically ripped the clothes off him.

"Do you want me ?" Duncan asked after she threw him on the bed.

"I want to do things to you that are unnatural." she said.

She threw her clothes on the floor and joined him in bed. Duncan admired her
beautiful body. She had that tall, athletic black woman thing that he liked
so much. She was damn sexy and she knew it. He kissed her lips and caressed
her breasts. He felt their firmness in his hands. He caressed her gorgeous,
plump buttocks. They rolled around on the bed. She came between his legs and
took his cock into her hands. She took it into her mouth. She licked the head
of his cock and caressed the shaft and licked the length of it before taking
in as much as she could into her mouth. She sucked him like a pro and he felt
like his cock was getting milked dry. She cleaned up his cock, leaving it
incredibly hard and dy.

Then, she was on top of him, straddling him. He gripped her by the hips and
she grunted when she felt his erect cock underneath her. He thrust into her.
She began to bounce up and down on his cock. MacLeod went as deep as he
could, his hard cock ravaging her insides. He made love to her like this for
a long time, thrusting deep into her and making her scream his name. They
made love like this, and several more times. Each time was better than the
one before. Finally spent, they lay in each other's arms.


Duncan MacLeod sat in the airplane. He was taking the plane from London to
Paris. He and Linda Tresor parted ways. She went back to South Africa where
she was a professor at a university. He was returning home to Paris. He
hadn't been there in awhile.

When Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod arrived at the airport in Paris, he
found a big surprise waiting for him. He sensed the presence of an immortal,
and immediately was on his guard. He relaxed when he saw that it was his old
friend Methos. "Hello, Duncan." said Methos.

Duncan smiled and shook his friend's hand. "Methos, mate. What are you doing
in Paris?" Duncan asked.

"Just chilling, as the Americans say." Methos replied. "Shall we go?"

Duncan nodded and the two of them went back to the car. Duncan had known
Methos for a long time. Methos was the oldest immortal on the planet.

While on their way to Methos's place, they weren't aware that they were being

When they reached the apartment, a black car parked nearby. A woman came out
of it. She was tall and slender, clad in black. Both Methos and Duncan could
sense that she was one of their own kind, an immortal. She looked angry.

"Who is this?" the woman asked Methos while staring at Duncan.

"This is my friend." Methos said. "Cassandra, it's over between us."

Cassandra glared at Methos. "You are not leaving me. No one leaves me!" she
said. She spat on the ground. "Not even you, Methos." She drew her sword and
came at Duncan.

"Since you won't take me back, I'll kill your friend." she said.

Duncan had already drawn his blade.

"No, stop!" Methos said.

Cassandra came at Duncan with her sword and Duncan parried her blows. She
lashed out at him, wanting to cut off his head. Duncan ducked under the blow
and lashed out, almost taking her head off. Instead he cut into her face. She
screamed in pain.

"I have no quarrel with you." Duncan warned. "But if you try to harm me, I
will kill you."

Cassandra laughed. "To kill one as old as me is gonna take more than you."
She pulled out a gun and to Methos's horror, she shot Duncan MacLeod twice.

"Ah." Duncan screamed and fell.

He dropped his sword. Duncan lay on the ground, helpless. He was an immortal,
so unless his head was cut off, he would not die. Cassandra stood over him,
sword in hand. She looked at Methos.

"Your friend will die by my hand." she said.

"No!" Duncan screamed.

Methos watched Cassandra's arm rise. She was about to kill Duncan... his
Duncan. He couldn't let that happen... he rushed at Cassandra, moving faster
than anyone she had ever seen. He struck her in the face and in the chest.
She staggered beneath his blows. He caught her arm, and twisted. She screamed
in pain. He caught her sword before it reached the floor, and with one swift
motion he cut off her head. Cassandra's headless body fell on the ground.

Methos took a couple of steps back. Cassandra's lifeforce flowed from her
body and into his. The dizzying lightning caught him and he screamed as her
lifeforce entered him. It added to his power, and levitated him off the
ground. He screamed and his scream could be heard for miles around. The
lifeforce poured from him and struck out at random things. It also struck
Cassandra's lifeless body and burned it to ash. The Quickening filled Methos
and all settled down. Methos looked at Duncan MacLeod. Duncan was still
wounded...the bullets couldn't kill him, at least not permanently. Methos
took him into his arms. He knew an immortal as old as MacLeod would
regenerate pretty quickly.

When Duncan MacLeod came to, he was lying in bed....somewhere.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"With me." Methos said.

Duncan looked at him. "Where's the psycho lady?" he asked.

"Dead." Methos said confidently. "I took her Quickening."

"Why was she mad at you?" Duncan asked.

Methos came and sat close to Duncan. "Once, Cassandra and I had a love
affair. She knew that I loved men and women indiscriminately and she also
knew about my past. I thought she could handle it."

Duncan listened with interest. "I never knew you loved men and women." he

"Well, I do. I always have." said Methos.

"How come you never told me?" Duncan asked.

"We are friends." Methos smiled.

"I don't care for any of the men and women out there, Duncan. You do matter
to me, though."

Duncan looked at his friend. "Why?" he asked.

Methos shrugged. "You are a goody-two-shoes from Scotland. I always liked
you. I've been romantically involved with thousands of men and women in my
lifetime and none are anything like you."

Duncan smiled. "Highlander pride." he said.

Methos smiled. "Does it bother you that I am bisexual?" he asked.

"No." Duncan said. "Why did you have to get involved with such a psychotic
woman ?" Duncan asked.

Methos grinned. "She was really good in bed. I'm talking about sex acts that
are still illegal in some states." Duncan smiled. "Ever got into bed with a
psycho?" Methos asked.

Duncan looked at him. "I am now." he said.

Methos looked at the handsome Scottish immortal resting in his bed. "Do you
enjoy it?"

Duncan looked and Methos and shrugged. Methos looked at Duncan. Methos always
liked Duncan but was afraid to act on his feelings. He touched Duncan's face
tentatively, and hesitated. "I love you, Duncan." he said.

Methos stared at Duncan, watching the younger immortal's face for a sign, any
sign at all. Duncan just looked at Methos silently. "And I love you back."
Duncan said.

Methos felt his heart leap with joy. He came closer to Duncan MacLeod, the
man who had been the object of his affection for a long time. He kissed him.
Duncan hesitated, then pulled Methos into his arms and kissed him back.
Methos had dreamed of being in Duncan's arms for a long time. He didn't want
this moment to end. The two of them were on the bed. Methos got on top of
Duncan. He unbuttoned Duncan's shirt and caressed the other man's hard,
muscular body. Duncan looked at Methos. Methos felt his pulse quicken. He
took his own clothes off, biting his lip and hoping Duncan didn't dislike
what he saw. Obviously Duncan did like it for he smiled and Methos went into
his arms once more. The two men stood naked, facing each other. Methos kissed
MacLeod. They fell into the bed. Methos looked at Duncan's gorgeous body and
licked his lips. He reached out and took Duncan's manhood in his hands. He
put his lips around Duncan's cock and sucked it. Duncan looked at Methos as
Methos pleasured him. He closed his eyes and relaxed. Methos continued
sucking, wanting to please Duncan and bring him maximum pleasure. Duncan felt
like Methos was draining the life out of him, only it was a very pleasant
sensation. He warned Methos that he was about to cum and Methos just kept on

When Duncan was about to erupt, Methos let go and climbed on top of Duncan.
He lowered himself onto Duncan's tool and grunted as Duncan entered him.
Duncan thrust mightilty. Methos loved the feel of Duncan inside him. Duncan
made him feel full and complete. Duncan came inside Methos and Methos
screamed in pleasure and pain. Duncan smiled and took him into his arms.

"Stay with me, Duncan." Methos asked, looking into Duncan's eyes.

"For how long?" Duncan asked.


Duncan MacLeod looked at Methos. Methos had been one of his best friends for
centuries. Methos had just declared his love for him. Duncan always liked
women and always would, no matter what. But he also knew he loved Methos,
maybe as much as Methos loved him. They would find a way to make it work.

The End


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