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On a tip from Mr X, Mulder and Scully found themselves in New
York's darkened alleys, searching for Russell Nash.
"Granted," said Scully,"There has been an inordinate number of
beheadings in recent years, but what makes you think they're assassins?"
"Xavier, found dead in France, was an assassin for the
U.S Government, a general in a small European country was found dead, he
was a known opponent and constant foil to Senator Briggs, who is flagged in
several confidential F.B.I files, suspected of massive corruption."
She didn't ask him how he had gotten those 'confidential' files,
although she suspected The Lone Gunmen - The Government Watchdog Trio
he was friends with - would have something to do with it.
"Yes, but there have also been a number of beheadings of drifters,
businessmen and average men and women, with no obvious or even inobvious
"According to their files, yes, but the files are spotty, they
look thrown together."
"It seems a little unsteady don't you think?"
"Mr X doesn't seem to think so," Mulder said, looking around for
the antique store.
"Since when have you trusted Mr X anyway?"
"Something was different about him, something was a
little frightened."
Scully shook her head and fell back slightly.

Thomas Quinson was very tall, very strong and very horny. He sat
in the hotel room across from MacLeod's antique store and waited, his
sword ready. He noticed a man and woman enter the store, they both wore
trenchcoats and Quinson knew them for what they were, F.B.I.

Conner MacLeod looked up hurriedly, when he saw Mulder and Scully
he shook his head,"We're closed," he said in his peculiar accent.
"Mr Nash?" asked Mulder.
"Yeah, I'm closed."
"I'm Special Agent Mulder, this is Special Agent Scully, may we
ask you a few questions?" said Mulder, showing his I.d.
"Sure, tomorrow, when we're open."
"This is important business, and if you're closed why is the door
unlocked with the open side of the sign showing?" a slight grin crossed
his face, then his usual morose look returned.
"I'm expecting company, a cousin is coming in from France."
Scully stepped forward, Conner felt a sudden rush of euphoria,
Scully suddenly felt horny. She was shocked, this wasn't right, where
did this come from?
Conner's eyes widened, he recognized the signs, she was a consort.
Scully shook her head, taking control again,"You have a peculiar
accent Mr Nash, where do you come from?"
"Lot's of places," said Conner, feeling deja vu, he had to get her
out of here, he could control the feelings being a consort gave her, but
she wouldn't be able to control them much longer, she was already sweating.
"Really," he said,"I'll be happy to answer any questions tomorrow."
"Sure," said Scully absent mindedly.
"Wait," said Mulder but Scully pulled him out of the store,
surprising both of them with her strength.
When they were out of the store Mulder turned on her,"What the
hell was that about?" he asked.
"Look," she said,"I feel sick, I need a good nights sleep."
Mulder realized she was sweating and grabbed her in concern,"Are
you all right, you're burning up?"
"I'll be fine, it's a 24 hour thing, nothing serious."
They walked back to their car.

Scully awoke, she felt strangely empty, she wanted to be fucked.
She groaned in embarrassment, she could usually deal with such feelings,
she had too, especially after her mother would visit and ask her why she
didn't have a boyfriend.
She caught herself with her hand on her cunt, pulling back as if
stung, that wouldn't be enough tonight. She got up and threw some pants on
and then her trenchcoat, leaving her tits free, she liked the way they
rubbed against her trenchcoat.

Thomas Quinson sensed Duncan even from across the street, his aura
was strong, damn strong.
He got up and left the hotel, he moved outside and started to move
slowly across the street, then he noticed someone coming, he felt euphoria
rush through him, and a good deal of horniness.
"A Consort!" he exclaimed,"Haven't seen one since last century," he
grinned,"Duncan isn't going anywhere, but that Consort is," he rushed across
the road, hoping to pick up the Consort before the two Highlander's sensed

Scully was pulled off her feet, she tried to shout out but a hand
clasped over her mouth, as she screamed she felt her panties get flushed
with wetness, had she come?
She was pulled away across the street.

Duncan and Conner looked out the window, they saw Thomas pull
Scully away, Duncan also began to feel incredibly horny, he was shocked,
why was he feeling this?
"Damn," said Conner,"That's Quinson, I knew I sensed him, and that
woman is Agent Scully."
"How the hell do you....?"
"Never mind," said Conner,"This is perfect, you don't have to hide
from Quinson anymore, we can take him out now."
"Won't he sense us?" asked Duncan, confused.
"No, believe me, he's preoccupied."
"What?" said Duncan,"Just because he's having sex doesn't mean he
"Trust me," said Conner,"Just trust me."

"I've been fucking women for years, longer than you can ever know,"
said Quinson to the naked Scully, she was tied to the bed, hopelessly
resisting the affect the Immortal had on her.
"I've turned it into an art," he continued,"Beleive me, I'm gonna
fuck you till you beg for me to stop, then beg me to start again."
"I'm a federal agent, what you are doing is illegal, if you do this
I'll have the entire bureau after you....arrghhh," she cried out in
frustration, feeling waves of horniness wash over her.
"Go ahead, I'll even give you a name, Thomas Quinson," he grinned,
then bent forward and began to face fuck her cunt.
She groaned in pleasure, then shouted in anger, then groaned in
pleasure again as he licked, sucked, bit and chew at her cunt in ways she
had never felt before.
He raised his head, smiling, one of her pubic hairs caught between
his teeth, he started to laugh. He raised his body and began to massage
her tits, she moaned and thrust her hips up, begging to be fucked while she
screamed at him to stop.
He rammed his cock into her, fucking her for all he was worth, he
laughed loudly, raised his head and collapsed, falling out of her.
She screamed as an orgasm ripped through her, her eyes shut and she
didn't see the blue light slam into the man with the sword drawn.
She opened her eyes and saw the two men, one was Russel Nash, the
other was a stranger, but when she saw him she felt intense pleasure rush
through her.
"Fuck me," she cried, thrusting her hips up, her tits bouncing
back and forth and screaming out more and more.
Conner, exhilarated from the Quickening lost all control and ripped
his clothes off, he leapt on top of her and began fucking her with wild
abandon. She wondered where the other man was, she looked up and felt
pleasure rush through her again. She saw him standing, waiting patiently,
he grinned at her and mouthed the words,"I'm gonna fuck you raw."

It was damn quiet, Mulder looked around, the antique store was
closed, the streets were quiet, it was only six in the morning. He decided
to ring Scully, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed her number. To his
surprise he heard a phone ring distantly from across the street, he canceled
and the ringing abruptly stopped, he redialed and it began again. He
followed it.

Scully looked up in shock as Mulder entered, she was still naked
and was wandering how she had lost control. Mulder looked at her in shock.
"Mulder," she said,"Untie me."
But Mulder couldn't stop looking, he suddenly started loosening his

"I'm sorry Scully," said Mulder as they drove home,"I didn't mean
to rape you."
"It's all right, we all did some stupid things," she typed in some
things with her lap top and grinned, Russell had called the man Duncan,
Quinson had mentioned the MacLeods, she had taken a gamble with the name
Duncan MacLeod, cross-referencing it with France, where Russell Nash
had said Duncan came from.
"I'm going on holiday," she said, grinning.
"Where?" asked Mulder.

Scully walked gloomily through the streets of Paris, she knew that
Duncan was here somewhere, but he was difficult to track, after the disaster
in New York with Russell and Thomas she had felt a deep lust for the man,
he had been the greatest lover she had ever had, putting his friend Russell
to shame, strangely enough, Duncan had called Russell Conner, but she no
longer cared.
She felt an irrational desire to find Duncan, to love him again,
Mulder had felt a deep guilt after raping her, but she had ceased to think
of any form of sex as rape - she knew that was wrong - there was rape, but
Mulder had been unable to control himself, she knew what that was like.

She had come to the final antique shop on her list, she opened the
door and looked around, a tall red headed youth looked at her strangely.
"We're closing in a couple of minutes," he said,"Come
back tomorrow."
"Is Duncan here?" she asked tentatively.
"Mac? Nah, he left to pick up an order, can I take a message?"
"Ummm," she found she couldn't think, this boy was exuding the same
sexual vibrations she had felt from Thomas, Russell/Conner, and Duncan,"I
don't know.....but...I........"
"Hey, are you all right?" he asked with real concern, he ran over
to her and caught her before she collapsed, she looked into his
eyes,"Please, I need.......need you in me......"
He gulped,"Hey...are you sure.....I don't have much exp....."
"I don't care," she nearly shouted,"I need you in me now," she
knew she shouldn't be saying this....but she was so horny.
He kissed her then, his tongue awkwardly finding it's way into her
mouth, she wasn't enjoying this so much as with the others, but she still
felt ecstasy running through her body, she dimly heard a jingle behind her.
"Richie!!! Get away from her," came a voice, she turned around, it
was Duncan!!!
"Get upstairs, stay away for the rest of the night."
"But....but....she...and I.....and we were....."
"NOW!!!" he shouted, Richie turned and ran, obviously frightened
of Duncan.
Scully felt new ecstasy rip through her, it was him, her love....and
she was so horny.
"Duncan, I had to find you....."
"You can't stay here," he said, his strange accent filling her with
new desire,"It's dangerous."
"Why," she muttered, a little irritated, why wouldn't he make love
to her, wasn't she attractive enough, she had been before, in New York. Her
eyes flashed in anger and she pulled away from him,"Quinson is dead, he was
found beheaded, you have nothing to worry about."
Duncan shook his head,"There are more than three of us," he looked
around,"And why did you come here?"
"Maybe I can answer that," came a voice behind them, they both
whirled and Scully found herself looking at a middle aged, graying haired
man with a cane.
"Joe?" said Duncan,"What are you doing here?"
"I had to warn you, Scully here is a Consort."
"A what?" said Duncan, trying to figure out how Joe had managed
to sneak up on him, it was probably something to do with the waves of
sexual desire he felt being this close to Scully. He had never been this
close to losing control since New York.
"A Consort is a human whose pheromones combine with an Immortal's
to create overwhelming lust on both sides, it's completely random I
"I've never heard of them before," said Duncan, shaking his head
in disbelief.
"Older Immortal's don't speak of it because they fear their younger
kind will seek them out, Consorts can cause Immortals to completely lose
their head to everything but sex, even during battle."
"Wait a second," said Scully, shaking her head,"Immortals? Consorts?
I don't believe any of this, I came here because I feel a deep physical
attraction towards Duncan and I....."
"Dana, he practically raped you, of course he had little choice,
the affect of seeing you naked and feeling your pheromones made him and
Conner completely lose control."
"But....what is this about Immortals?" Dana said, unable to think
of anything but the Bible, and immediately feeling shame for being here to
have sex out of marriage.
Before Joe could answer Duncan spun his head, Richie was running
down the stairs, they both nodded at each other and Duncan pushed Scully
away, he drew a sword from out of nowhere, shocking Scully, she noticed
that Richie, too, had one.
Joe, get her to saf...." started Duncan and a sudden explosion
blew the wall away, Scully threw herself over a counter, Joe followed.
Suddenly she felt complete sensory overload, like nothing she had
felt since New York, she looked over the counter and saw Richie and Duncan
confronting a man in a business suit, he too held a sword, and suddenly
they started fighting with the swords!!! Scully gasped in pleasure and
surprise and realized to her shock that her panties were soaking, she
thrust her hand down her skirt and began to finger herself, groaning in
pleasure. Joe looked over at her in disgust, she couldn't care less, she
spread her legs and raised her hips slightly, pushing her fingers into her
cunt more deeply than before, her other hand fumbled with her shirt buttons,
finally she ripped the buttons from the shirt and pulled her bra away, her
tits sprang out, she grasped a nipple between thumb and forefinger, twisting
this way and that, groaning in pleasure.
Joe shook his head,"Resist it Dana, if Duncan loses his
concentration then Scott will have his head."
"Scott?" she muttered,"Who is that?"
"Dana," Joe said,"If Duncan dies, will you ever get another......
..fuck.......with him?"
"No," she said,"No....NO?" she snapped back to her senses, blushing
as she realized what she had been doing in front of Joe, she looked over
the counter, Duncan had the other man forced to the ground, Richie was
nowhere to be seen, then he appeared, disheveled and bleeding, his sword
drawn he slashed. Dana grimaced, the head had fallen from the body.
Suddenly blue light flashed from the body, Scully was shocked...his soul?
she thought and then saw the blue light ram into Richie, above him the
ceiling collapsed, smashing right into Duncan, but Scully didn't care, she
was feeling incredibly horny, she rushed to Richie, her firm tits bouncing,
he ogled them as she approached, she threw herself to her knees in front of
him, lay back slightly and pulled her skirt up above her waist,"Fuck me!!!"
she cried, already she could feel an orgasm coming, she was shocked, her
mind was completely overloaded.
Richie stared down at her and grunted suddenly, as if in pain, he
doubled over, his face turning red.
"Hurry," she said, wanking herself again.
"I can't," he stammered out,"I just.....just.....came,"
he practically whispered.
"WHAT?" she cried in anger, she ripped his pants down and pulled
away his underwear, now sticky.
"NO!!!" she cried, she grabbed his failing cock in her hand and
began to wank him, but it refused to get hard, she took his cock into her
mouth - something she had never done before - and licked and sucked on
him with all the expertise that had got her so high in the F.B.I, but to
no avail, he groaned and fell over, she stared at him in disgust.
"Scully?" came a voice behind her,"Where are you?"
She grinned, it was Duncan,"Over here," she said.
Her savior picked her up, Joe was next to him, shaking his head, he
helped Richie up and went to stand next to them.
"We have to get out of here," said Duncan,"The police will arrive
here soon."
"I saw a blue light," muttered Scully, pulling her skirt down and
her shirt together with a sigh of regret,"What was it?"
"I'll explain later," said Duncan,"Where are you staying?"
"Nowhere, I've been looking for you."
"Great," he said,"Into the car then."
All but Joe piled into a jeep, Duncan waved to Joe and drove off.
"Joe will disappear into the shadows," said Richie to Scully in his
best I know something you don't know voice, Scully stared down at his pants
and smirked, Richie blushed. The jeep drove out of Paris, the sound of
police sirens had already faded away into nothing.

Duncan was in agony, in the next room Scully was masturbating, he
could hear her. He groaned, trying to control the urge to go into her room.
"Damn it," he said,"Joe thinks I'll lose my concentration if I fuck
her, but I'm not exactly concentrating now," he got up and began his Tai
Chi, hoping to lose his mind in concentration.

Scully heard a door open slowly, she grinned, her fingers began
thrusting into her cunt faster,"Duncan?" she said.
"Yeah," came the voice, sounding slightly muffled.
"Please, I'm usually in more control, but I need to get fucked."
"I live to serve," came Duncan's voice, she heard a zipping noise
and grinned, spreading her legs.

"What is it Joe," said Duncan, continuing his Tai Chi.
"I was wondering, do you know about the Madman?"
"The legend? Yes," his breath was coming short, Scully was getting
louder in the next room, Joe looked like he was being affected too and he
wasn't even an Immortal.
"It's no legend, the madman was an Immortal, he lived for one and
a half thousand years, he slowly went mad, his Immortality driving him
"It makes no sense, why not just behead himself?"
"The Madman believes that suicide is wrong?"
"But not murder?"
"Self defense."
"Why are you telling me this?"
"The Madman was last seen by a Watcher near here."
"So - if we leave him, he'll leave us."
"The Madman has an insatiable desire for sex."
"Great," said Duncan, suddenly a scream ripped through the small
cabin from the next room."

Richie rammed into Scully, she was moaning happily, but not as
loudly as she had been before he came in. Dimly he wondered if Duncan sent
of greater waves of desire than he did, he doubted it, he was younger and
more vital, wasn't he?
One minute he was licking on Scully's tits, the next his head was
jerked back and a sword placed to his neck, he heard a number of French
words spoken, he knew enough to know that the man was telling him to get
off of Scully. He moved, feeling the cold air against his cock as he
withdrew, he could dimly sense the man behind him was an Immortal, why
hadn't he sensed him before, then Scully screamed.

Duncan switched the light on, he entered sword drawn, he saw Richie
being thrown against the wall by a tall, broad man in stinking, dirty furs.
"Scully, run!" he cried.
Scully shook her head violently and grabbed the man, she pulled him
down,"Fuck me!" she cried, her face blushing wildly, she knew this was wrong
Duncan thought, but being a consort, could no longer control it.
Duncan pulled him back, twisted him around and punched him in the
face, he kicked him in the gut and pushed him down to the ground. The
Madman kicked up, smashing into Duncan with incredible strength.
"I want her," the Madman cried out in French, he rammed his fist
into Duncan's face, knocking him back against the wall where Richie lay
Joe rammed the butt of his cane into the Madman's lower back, making
him howl in agony, Duncan rushed him, his sword swinging, with amazing
speed the madman parried the blow and hurled Duncan back to the wall.
Scully leapt to her feet, rushed to the Madman and dropped to her knees,
she pulled his pants away and engulfed his cock fully into her mouth, only
gagging slightly.
Duncan's eyes widened, his sword dropped and he began fumbling with
his pants, moving towards Scully.
"No Duncan!" cried Joe, grabbing him by the shoulder, Duncan pushed
Joe back wildly and grabbed Scully's legs, pulling her up into the air.
Scully grabbed the Madman's ass to settle herself in the air and moaned in
pleasure. Duncan spread her legs and moved forward, his arms strained
already from holding her up in the air, but he had the feeling he would
be capable of superhuman feats today, he grinned to himself and rammed into

Scully groaned happily, Duncan had finally got with the program!
he held her up in the air and began fucking her, she sucked wildly on the
stranger's cock.
She had screamed when he had entered, his sexual waves were as
equal to or more powerful than Duncan's, that combined to Duncan in the
next room and Richie fucking her had sent her over the top. She grinned
in memory of Richie trying to fool her.
Madman grunted and grabbed her by the hair, he muttered something
in French, she didn't understand but got the general message,"Stop grinning
and get sucking."
She wondered to herself how even genetics could overcome a lifetime
of mental training, she had always been an intelligent woman, strong and
independent......not a feminist - but her job had always come first, now
she couldn't even remember what F.B.I stood for..........maybe Fuck Boy
Immortals? she joked weakly.
Duncan kept fucking her, his cock constantly ramming into her
overworked cunt, the Madman was grabbing at her tits, kneading them like
bread dough, she was loving it.
The Madman came suddenly, his cum rocketed into her mouth, she
tried to swallow all of it, but it began to leak down her mouth, her tongue
darted out, lapping it up wildly.
The Madman groaned and collapsed, Scully's upper body fell forward,
but Duncan held her up, she screamed in pleasure again, rocking her body
back into his cock.
Madman looked around strangely, then he spoke some words in French,
no one but Joe and Duncan understood them,"What the fuck have I been doing
for the last 500 years?"

Fox Mulder jerked awake as the door opened,"Scully," he said,
smiling weakly.
"No," came a voice, it's accent unlike that of any he had ever
heard... scratch that, he'd heard it once before, in New York.
"Who is this?" he asked warily, thinking of the Group.
"My name is Russell Nash."
Mulder's eyes widened,"Have you come to kill me then?" he said,
putting his hand to his gun.
"I received a postcard from my 'cousin' Duncan today, it explains
quite a bit."
"Really," said Mulder, his gun withdrawn,"And what does it say?"
"It's not what it says, it's the photograph attached to it." a
photo was shoved into Mulder's face, it showed a red headed woman......
Scully!!!!.....on all fours, she was sucking one man's cock while another
was shoved into her cunt roughly, above the photo were the words,"Having a
great time!!!"
Conner MacLeod walked out of the room whistling, he passed by a
good looking agent, he felt sexual desire wash over him.
"Damn consorts," he said and turned to follow her.


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