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Highschool DxD: How Highschool DxD Should Have Ended (mf,humil)
by Dagger

"So you lost..." Riser looked at the beaten Issei. "I expected nothing else. You're weakling. And to think you thought of making Rias Gremory your woman... It's funny. But it seems that somehow she likes you. I should kill you" he said, grabbing powerless Issei by his short hair and looking into his eyes. "I should get rid of you right now, break all your ones, crush your insides, turn your body into bloody pulp and rip your hear of your chest, to make Rias know that she you'll never stand before us. It's tempting idea..."

"Go... fuck yourself..." murmured Issei, looking at his enemy.

"You still dare to bark? Yes, killing your wouldn't end the problem. It'd make you a martyr or something. I don't like killing, it's dirty and messy. I think I have much better idea, actually." Riser made a step back, looking at his enemy. "How about joining my side... You'd be my servant, being able to see Rias everyday. Of course, you wouldn't be allow to talk to her, because she'd be my wife."

"Not in my... life."

"That was not a question, you idiot." Riser pointed his hand into beaten boy. A cloud of pink smoke formed around Issei. He could feel that something strange is going on. The pain lessened, it was like all his wounds disappeared. But he couldn't make a move, his body was completely numb. Issei tried to force his limbs to move, to rise and stand against Riser again, but his body seemed to not listen to his commands. This pink smoke was all around, Issei wanted to stop inhaling it, but he couldn't stop breathing.

His shoulders sank while his limbs started to get thin. His waist shrank visibly, pushing the excess mass towards his hips, which began being pressed onward. In unison his chest began to swell, until two supple breasts pressed appeared. His ass grew bigger, while his cock shrank to the size of thumb.

Issei's features softened. His ears and nose shrank into smaller shapes. His lips puffed up, becoming pink and glossed. His eyebrows were thinned, and his intently staring eyes became wider. Black hair cascaded from his scalp, waving and curling until it reached down past his shoulders. Lastly his hands and feet shrank a bit too.

"What.... what's going on..." He finally managed to say something, slowly regaining control of his body. "What have you done to me, you bastard?" Issei's voice sounded totally girly.

"Just a small correction of your pathetic look. You were never a man in my eyes, so I turned you into a sissy. Not a girl, but not a man too. I've been thinking of turning you into woman, but that'd be too good for you. I'd never fuck you, even as a woman. So this will serve your right."

"Wait... change me back..."

Riser clasped his hands. Two of his henchwomen entered the stage. They grabbed helpless Issei by his arms and carried the crying and struggling sissy out of the place. She cursed him, calling him loser and calling to turn her back into man and fight again, but Riser turned back and left, deaf to these pathetic pleas. Women carried Issei out of the stage and took the their rooms, for the obedience training.

Three days after Rias Gremory walked to the Riser's bedroom. She was dressed in the white, light dress. She knew that she lost, along with her team. Riser promised that he'll no harm any of her servants and he'll let them live. But she had to accept him as her husband. As she approached the Riser's bedroom, she saw Akeno and Asia standing on the both sides of the door. Both were dressed in the scanty lingerie - Akeno in black, Asia in red.

"Master Riser awaits," said Akeno in her normal, calm voice. It was the same voice that she used to talk with Rias before, calling her the mistress instead. But now Riser was her master. Asia said nothing, she just opened the door. Rias walked inside.

A tall, dark haired woman stood next to the Riser's bed. She approached Rias and helped her undress to her lingerie. Rias could say she was somehow familiar, but she couldn't tell where she saw her before. She was probably one of these henchmwoman they encountered during the duel. Dark haired woman took Rias's dress and stepped back. Moment later doors went open again and Riser walked inside.

"Finally," he said, "Gremory's daughter is my bride." He looked with the lusty eyes on the red haired beauty standing next to his bed. "I've been thinking about having my time with Akeno first, but hell, I couldn't wait to take your virginity, Rias Gremory."

He stepped forward and kissed Rias. His tongue moved to her mouth, forcing a long, demanding kiss on her. His hand fondled her round, big breasts.

"You," he said to the black haired girl, as they broke the kiss. "Stay next to the door."

"Yes" she bowed her head and walked to the door, standing there and watching as Riser and Rias are making out. Her small cock, even hard, was barely making any bulge in the panties. As Rias started to moan, impaled in the Riser's huge cock, Issei's nipples went hard and his small dick began to twitch. But since he was Riser's sissy slave, he could only watch and listen as Rias is turning into Riser's woman now.


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