Hollyoaks (MF,MFF,MMFFF,inc,ws,exhib,mc)
by Michael_John11 ([email protected])

Cindy strode into the bathroom and stretched making her big breasts press
against the flimsy fabric of her sweater, She was just about to peel it off
along with her tight fitting jeans when she noticed a small black object in
the corner of the room making a whirring sound. After a couple of seconds
she realised it was a tiny camera, "Max! the dirty little fucker!" she
thought "trying to catch Mandy in the nude again!", her initial anger turned
to curiousty "or could it be me hes trying to spy on?" she thought, the
idea got Cindy moist it's incestous overtones only heightening her desire.

Max was a wanka but he had developed into a well built young man and being a
single mother severely limited Cindy's chances for sex. A mischievous grin
covered her face, she left the bathroom and headed toward Max's room to await
his return from college.

* * *

"Hi girls!" Sam said cheerfully as he entered the sitting room containing
Geri, Anna and Nikki they all scowled and ignored him. Sam glared at them for
a moment the walked through to the kitchen where Alex was making beans on

"What a bunch of fucking bitches!" Sam said "Who the fuck do they think they
are blanking me like that?"

"Your world famous charm at work again eh mate?" Alex grinned.

Sam stared angrily through at the three girls, Geri and Anna sat on the sofa
in excitingly close proximity while Nikki sat opposite in an armchair. Geri
wore her usual tight top clenching her big curvy breasts and a short skirt
with a daring slit that revealed a good deal of her tanned, tone legs. Nikki
matched her in the slutty clothing stakes with a low cut, backless top that
hung on to her small, firm breasts for dear life and a pair of cut off denim
shorts riding in at her clearly wide open cunt. Anna was her usual
conservative self wearing a thick sweater and loose fitting jeans. Somehow
though she managed to remain deeply alluring thanks to her obvious innocence.

"Those sluts need to be taught a lesson!" Sam said getting angrier as he got
more turned on by their revealing clothes.

"There just a bunch of cockteases, I'd like to show them who's boss."

"Are you serious man?" Alex said getting more interested by the minute in
Sam's agressive tone. "Cos I may have an idea."

Sam turned to his friend "Go on."

"Hypnotism" Alex replied "I've been doing a class on it."

He and Sam shared knowing grins as Alex pulled a watch out of his pocket.

* * *

Beth was passing Luke's room when she heard sighing and gasping from inside.
She stopped and listened at the door, curiousty and concern got the better of
her and she quietly opened the door then peeked inside. Luke lay on his bed
desperately trying to wank, his sex drive had dissappeared since the rape and
he was trying without sucsess to regain it. Tears rolled down his cheeks as
he failed to get a hard on. Beth felt so sad for her brother, a knock at the
front door lead her to quickly close Lukes and pad downstairs. She opened the
door to find Mandy standing there.

"Hiyeah! Is Luke in?" she said.

Beth nodded. "Can I have a word first?"

Mandy nodded and went into the sitting room with Beth.

"This is going to sound weird" Beth began "But I just saw Luke trying to wank
and he couldn't."

Mandy stared wide eyed in amazement.

"I'm just concerned about him Mandy." Beth continued

"This not being able to get it up thing is destroying him."

Mandy nodded in agreement, still a little bemused at Beth's interest in her
brother's sex drive.

"You think I should let him fuck me?" Mandy said "Help him get his confidence

Beth shook her head "I don't think you just offering sex is going to be
enough to help him Mandy. It has to be spontaneous, something unexpected but
very erotic."

"Like what?" Mandy asked growing increasingly curious.

"Well..." Beth began slowly "Most guys get off on two girls together, right?"

Mandy nodded then a look of realisation dawned on her face. "What me and...
and you? Jesus Beth no way, I think that'd freak Luke out even more. Maybe I
should just leave this is all just too weird."

Beth grabbed Mandy's arm as she started to leave. "Please Mandy, For Lukes
sake." she pleaded.

Mandy stared back at Beth and considered the proposition once again.

* * *

"It's a shame theres no one to try that out on..." Alex said loudly as he
and Sam entered the sitting room immediately grabbing the girls' attention.

"Yeah its an interesting experiment alright." Sam agreed.

Geri's curiousty got the better of her as usual. "What the hell are you two
on about?" she asked.

"Well it's just that theres a theory that the quicker you get hypnotised the
lower your IQ." Alex said.

Geri shrugged, the other girls also remained uninterested.

"I reckon those three would be gone in seconds." Sam said mischievously to a
grinning Alex "Specially Geri, I mean she is the archetypal dumb blonde isn't

"Well lets just fucking see shall we?" a furious Geri said.

"I want in too" Nikki added eager not to be outdone by the blonde. Anna also
volunteered, secretly believeing she was the brightest of the three of them.

"Mission accomplished" Alex muttered to Sam.

* * *

Max hurried inside the house quickly shouted "hello" to no reply then grinned
lecherously as he pulled a porn video from out of his bag. He moved quickly
through to his bedroom then almost had a heart attack when he swung open the
door to find Cindy laying on his bed in a skimpy babydoll nighty that clung
to her full figure and ample breasts while revealing most of her shapely

"What the fuck are you doing?" he demanded "Have you invited someone round?
Were ye gonna do it in my bed?"

Cindy smiled seductively at her dopey brother and shook her head. "No this is
all for you Max." she purred.

Max decided his sister must be playing some kind of sick joke. "Fuck off
Cindy, its not funny" he replied.

Cindy grinned then slowly slipped a hand up her nighty and beneath her tight
fitting thong, She soon started to moan and sigh as she masturbated herself
then quickly came having been already aroused. "This is no joke Max" she said
showing him her come covered hand then sensually sucking her sticky fingers
clean. "I know you have a camera in the bathroom, I also looked at some of
the tapes in your wardrobe. You've got me naked on them.."

"It was just erm, I was just testing there reaction to heat." Max stammered.

Cindy giggled at her pathetic brother "It's alright Max, It turns me on to
think of you wanking over me."

"It does?" a stunned Max asked.

Cindy nodded then glanced at the porno he was holding. "No need for that."
She said "Tonight your gonna get some real action big boy."

Luke continued to clutch his limp penis desperately trying and failing to
get an erection. As he yanked himself off for the umpteenth time the bedroom
door opened and Mandy followed by Beth entered hand in hand, A stunned Luke
opened his mouth only for Mandy to signal him to stay quiet.

"Everythings fine." she said soothingly "Beth and I are gonna help you, just
relax and enjoy the show."

Luke stared confused as the two girls turned and stared deep into one
anothers eyes for a second then slowly began to kiss each other. "What
the...?" Luke began, Only for Mandy to signal to him again. He could
hardly believe his eyes as his gorgeous ex girlfriend and equally lovely,
though entirely off limits, younger sister started a lesbian show for him.

As they continued to lock pouting lips the pair gently caressed each other
petite frames rubbing small, firm breasts together and running their hands
across each other tight buttocks then reaching round to rub each others
increasingly moist pussies through the thin fabric of their respective tight
fitting trousers.

The girls themselves could hardly believe what they were doing, but had
resolved to do all they could to help Luke. His limp cock was already
starting to stir despite his reservations about the whole thing and it
grew ever bigger as the girls stripped off each others tight fitting tops
before unbuttoning and slipping off one anothers trousers.

They continued to kiss and caress as they stood in skimpy, very revealing
silk bra and panties. Beth glanced across at Luke his cock was starting to
bulge but still wasn't at full erection. She impulsively undid her blonde
lovers bra and peeled it off leaving Mandy topless, Mandy stared into Beth's
lust filled eyes realising this wasn't just about Luke anymore.

She followed suit fumbling at Beths bra then quickly moving on to her
panties, slipping them down past Beths perfect arse and down her slim, tanned
legs. Beth, totally free of inhibitions and lost in the moment, pulled off
Mandys creamy coloured panties too and the girls broke away from their kiss
to face Luke smiling seductively at their subject.

Luke loved the sight of Mandy's perfect naked body with her small, firm tits
and trim,thinly matted pussy that he'd explored so many times before but it
was the sight of his sister Beth standing naked that really brought on the
erection he had sought for so long.

His eyes covered every inch of her gorgeous, tanned frame. Her pert, rosebud
like tits complete with perky nipples along with her trim midriff and long,
shapely legs made a superb combination but it was the mat of hazel coloured
pubic hair hiding what would surely be a tight,nearly virginal twat that was
the clincher.

His cock bulged as he thought of entering his lovely, younger sister. Beth
seeing his erection kissed Mandy on the lips and headed for the door.

"Don't go" Luke said to her "Couldn't we y'know....?"

Mandy grinned at Luke then Beth "Looks like Lukey boy has got his wood back
Beth. Why don't we both enjoy the fruits of our labour."

The highly, horny Beth didn't need asking twice and hurried back towards the
bed as Mandy advanced on a grinning Luke.

* * *

"I can't believe those dumb bitches fell for it!" Sam said staring at Geri,
Anna and Nikki as they sat in a trance.

"Yeah well what are we gonna do now we've got them like this?" Alex asked.

"Anything we fucking well like." Sam grinned "First things first. Girls go
get the outfits hanging in my bedroom cupboard with your names on, change
and get back here QUICK!"

The girls obediently hurried out of the room, returning rapidly. Geri was
dressed as a schoolgirl with skimpy,low cut blouse and a staggeringly short
skirt that barely concealed the white panties beath, Nikki worse a skimpy
nurses outfit that clung to her full figure and stopped where her long legs
started making her red,satin panties clearly visible while Anna's thin but
well formed frame was covered by a strictly non regulation nuns habit
complete with daring slit across her breasts, the hem was so short that the
guys could clearly see that this very unsaintly sister was wearing no
underwear as her pert, milky white ass cheeks peeped out from beneath, the
only godly thing seemed to be a crucifix hanging around her neck.

Both guys loved the sight of these usually sassy, opinionated bitches totally
degraded and subservient to their demands and wasted no time in exploiting

"Lap dance for us bitches!" Alex commanded as he and Sam sat down. Sam
flicked on the stereo and the girls began to girate sensually to the slow,
sleazy sound of "sexy motherfucker" by prince.

Their outfits riding up and down as they pursed their lips and clutched their
breasts each desperately trying to satisfy their masters. Geri and Nikki took
it in turns to rub their arses and firm breasts teasingly against the two
guys erect cocks and faces while pantiless Anna continued to sensually move
to the music giving a full view of her moist,virginal cunt as she spread her
legs and stroked the previously untouched snatch. She then took her turn to
lapdance the guys proving surprisingly able to tease and taunt the two of
them despite her apparent innocence, the guys had clearly awoken her slutty
side and she was loving it.

Finally Sam and Alex had enough of the girls taunting and ordered them to
strip and do a lesbian show. Totally free of their inhibitions the three
girls undressed to reveal vastly different but equally alluring naked

Anna, being the most submissive by nature, was put in the middle of the
threesome. Geri stood behind kissing her neck and slipping her fingers into
Anna's anus then her eager mouth while Nikki suckled her small breasts,
licked the length of her petite body and fingered and licked out her moist
but very tender twat causing a loud orgasm in Anna who'd never come before
but thanks to her hypnotic state was totally free of virginal fear.

The show was repeated twice more with busty Geri's big breasts suckled at
length by both girls before they took it in turns to masturbate and eat our
her wide, experienced cunt along with exploring the length of her superb,
tanned body.

Finally bitchy brunette Nikki was the subject of the other girls newfound
lesbian desires. Alex and Sam spitefully reminded Geri and Anna what a bitch
she was and they took pleasure in ramming four fingers each into her dripping
pussy as she howled with pain and pleasure.

After each girl had tasted every inch of the others body and their mouths
dripped with come they were ordered to stop, Alex and Sam decided it was
time for them to get some action.

* * *

Max could hardly believe his luck as Cindy pushed him down on to the bed
having helped him off with his shirt. She smiled and ran her hands over his
surprisingly muscular chest before turning her attention to the belt holding
up his jeans, this was quickly undone as a still stunned Max watched in

"Are ye sure about this Cindy?" He stammered "I mean it's fucking incest

Cindy nodded as she pulled off his trousers and boxer shorts to reveal an
erect, almost manly cock.

"That makes it all the more fun." she replied.

Max decided not to talk himself out of a good thing. She may have been his
sister but Cindy was an attractive and well developed girl and Max wasn't one
to turn down sex with anyone though he suspected Cindy would only do handjob
and oral. Any reservations he might have had dissappeared as Cindy took his
cock in her hand and staring intently at him with a fixed grin she wanked him
off. Max sighed and moaned as he quickly reached a climax before shooting a
huge load in his Sisters face.

He opened his eyes to find Cindy lapping up the liquid on her lips and chin.

"Mmm very sweet." she said "I'd like some more."

With that she bobbed down and took his huge, erect manhood between her
pouting lips before slipping it as far down her throat as she could and
giving him an earth shattering blowjob, Max groaned with delight as Cindy's
lips and tounge toyed with the tip and sides of his cock and he soon shot
another creamy load down his eager sisters throat.

After thoroughly swallowing down her Brothers semen, Cindy sat back up. "I
suppose you wanna see me naked?" she said.

Max nodded wildly. Cindy promptly obliged pulling the silk nighty up over her
big breasts and dropping the thin garment to the ground, then peeling off her
matching silk thong and standing fully naked in front of her goggle eyed

He couldn't take his eyes off her big round breasts with pink nipples
standing to attention or her trim mat of brown pubic hair beneath which her
dripping wet cunt peeked out. She climbed back on to the bed and lay beside
Max stroking the few hairs on his chest and staring seductively.

"It's time for you to make me come Max." she said.

* * *

Luke was back to top form and Mandy was feeling the benefit as she expertly
rode his massive cock screaming with delight as rammed the organ in and out
of her dripping wet slit, her pleasure was compounded by the fact that Beth
was busily working away beneath her ass cheeks greedily lapping up any sweat
or excess come that dribbled down Mandys crotch. She was loving every second
of her debauchery and masturbated furiously as she licked her blonde friend

Finally an exhausted Mandy had to get off Lukes still rock solid cock, She
lay beside him gasping then submissively spread her thin but shapely legs
beckoning Luke with a seductive grin, he needed no second invitation climbing
between her legs as Mandy wrapped them round him clinging on for dear life
from a second onslaught.

Beth stared at Lukes jiggling ass. She was still unsure about how far to go
with her brother but was far too turned on to resist temptation, she bobbed
down between his buttocks and began to lap up liquid dribbling down off his
cock and mixing in the sweat and shit off his ass.

Luke looked behind him for a second after noticing a tickling sensation and
was amazed but delighted to see his gorgeous sister happily eating out his

Finally when Mandys pussy was aching and her throat sore from screaming she
pushed panting Luke off. They lay grinning at the naive, beautifal Beth
perched on the end of the bed.

"Luke's cock is pretty big heh Beth?" Mandy said.

Beth nodded trying not to stare too intently at the bulging organ.

"I can just see it in your sweet mouth." Mandy said.

Beth was a little taken aback, her inhibitions had begun to return and though
the thought of giving her brother a blowjob turned her on, she didn't feel
quite right about it. "Maybe I'd better leave you to it." Beth mumbled.

She got up and turned to leave but was stopped by a loud groan from Luke,
she turned round to find Mandy bobbed down with most of Luke's cock between
her pouting, ruby red lips.

Beth was transfixed both by Lukes sighs of pleasure and Mandy's casual
approach to cocksucking. Finally Mandy sat back up, her lips were covered in
come and it dribbled from her mouth as she opened it to speak.

"Mmm tastes good." she said "Real good."

Beth's curiousty got the better of her, Mandy and Luke grinned to each other
as the gorgeous teenager bounded back on to the bed,took a deep breath the
bobbed down and began to give Luke a slow, skillful blow job. Luke patted his
sister's head encouragingly, while Mandy masturbated enjoying the astonishing
incestous show.

Luke shot several loads of hot,sticky come into his younger sisters mouth
the taboo nature of the act only increased his sexual prowess. "Be sure to
swallow" Mandy said grinning.

Beth did just that, gulping down the sweet liquid gratefully until her
stomach could take no more and she finally came up for air.

She lay beside Mandy and Luke panting, overwhelmed but highly aroused by the
days events and still unable to take her eyes off Lukes huge cock. Mandy
noticed her staring, "I bet you'd like it inside you wouldn't you Beth?"
she ventured.

Beth looked up, she and Luke exchanged concerned glances.

"I dunknow Mand, blowjobs are one thing but fucking her is a bit much innit?"
he said.

Mandy shook her head and smiled "I guarantee it'll be the fuck of your lives,
go for it while your horny."

Luke and Beth exchanged lustful glances.

"I'm up for it if you are." he said, Beth gulped and nodded then submissively
opened her long,tanned legs.

* * *

"Ye know I've always liked an audience Max." Cindy said as she lay on the
bed preparing to fuck her brother. "I'm a bit of an exhibitionist."

"Yeah so." said Max, horny and eager to fuck his busty big sister.

"Well..." ventured Cindy spotting Max's computer "Do you know how to set up
a internet link with that camera?"

"Well yeah but...." Max stopped as Cindy's thinking suddenly dawned on him.
"Ye mean fuck online?" he said.

Cindy nodded getting moister by the moment.

"Theres a site, an incest site. they'd love a live show." he stammered
jumping off the bed.

"Get it hooked up then." Cindy said impatiently "I'm gagging for it here."

Max hurriedly logged on to "incest lovers" and quickly connected the video
camera. After a drawn out period of convincing members that they were
actually siblings by showing family photos, the live webcast could begin.

First Cindy delighted users with a personal performance with a fat dildo
which she jammed up her pussy and ass, she loved showing off and secretly
longed for a career as a lapdancer. Then the evenings main event could begin
as Cindy climbed on to the bed grinning at Max then waving at the camera.
Every users speakers were filled with the loud sighs, groans and obscenities
of Cindy as Max's erect cock found its way inside her experienced but
recently underused pussy.

"Fucking hell yeah Max!" she cried as his confidence grew and he pushed the
organ further up his sister.

Users were treated to the twin sight of Cindy riding her brothers cock like
a two dollar whore and caressing her own bulging breasts as she reached a
staggeringly loud climax that most of cyberspace could hear.

* * *

Geri, Anna and Nikki all now naked and still horny from their lesbian
performance sat awaiting their next orders. Sam and Alex had them entirely
under their control and planned to exploit it big time.

"Okay whores listen up." Sam snapped "Your gagging for a fuck get that?
You're gonna get down on all fours and beg us to take you up the cunt and
the ass get that?"

The girls nodded and promptly dropped to the floor.

"Oh please fuck me!" Geri begged "I'm a dirty blonde bimbo who wants it
everyway you can think of, please!"

"Fuck me master!" screamed Nikki "I'm such a whore, I need it bad!"

"Oh please master!" Anna said "I'm just a little slut, I want to be your sex
toy do what you will with me."

After the girls had fully degraded themselves and sat begging like dogs the
guys decided to put them out of their misery.

Geri was the first to be fucked, Nikki and Anna were ordered to keep each
other amused which they happily did taking it in turns to re-explore each
others firm, young bodies.

Meanwhile Geri sat on Sam's cock which slipped into her wide anus easily
while Alex spread her legs wide open exposing her loose,experienced cunt. As
Sam pounded her from behind Alex rammed his cock into her pussy and suckled
on her erect nipples.

Geri's screams as she headed towards a gigantic double orgasm were more than
matched by Anna's howls of pain then pleasure as Nikki gleefully rammed the
crucifix she'd be wearing up Anna's virginal but now not so tight pussy.

Finally when each guy had fucked Geri repeatedly up both her openings and
she'd willingly been deepthroated by both of them she was allowed to stand
down and take over from Nikki in a lesbian show with Anna.

The two kissed tenderly, awakeing deeply hidden desires as they collapsed on
to the floor and began exploring each other once again.

Meanwhile Nikki, the most stuck up and spiteful of the three was being taught
a lesson. She was forced to continue begging for sex as she sat on all fours
being furiously anally assaulted by each guy in turn and was then pushed
violently against the wall so that her back grazed on the frame of a large

Each guy fucked her repeatedly, both doing their level best to cause her
agony. They suceeded as she screamed and wailed but despite the pain could
only beg for "more, harder." Next she was grabbed by her mop of black hair
and pushed back down on to her knees where after pleading "for a taste of
meaty cock." she was allowed to suck each of the guys off in turn, her mouth
and stomach full of come and every part of her body aching from the ordeal
she was pushed on to the floor and lay gasping before heading back over to
Geri to resume their lesbian show for earlier.

Despite their desire for one anothers ample charms the girls were transfixed
between lingering kisses by what Anna's ordeal would be as she was ordered
over to Sam and Alex.

* * *

"AAAH, OH YEAH!" Screamed Beth as Luke pounded away between her legs, his
thrusting cock was taking her to heights of pleasure she never thought
existed. Luke too was enjoying the incestous encounter, he'd secretly
dreamed of his sisters tight twat as she'd dreamed of his big, experienced
cock and Mandy's prediction that it would be "the fuck of a lifetime" was
turning out to be true.

Finally the glorious moment came. As Mandy screamed "Fuck that little whore,
she's gagging for it this was her idea."

Luke could hold back no more and with one final, violent thrust that took
Beth's breath away for a moment he popped her cherry and took away his
gorgeous little sisters innocence.

Beth screamed with delight as she became a woman, she knew something had
changed inside and she liked it. Mandy beamed at her handywork as she brought
herself to a sticky, climax.

With Mandy's encouragement Beth then climbed on top of Luke and gently at
first but then with increasing ferocity rode her brothers bulging cock. It
filled every inch of her cunt and brought her to another earth shattering

After this Mandy was once again the instigator ordering "Take her up the
arse". The thought of anal sex scared Beth but she was too curious to refuse
and willingly squatted on all fours as Luke prepared to ram his manhood into
her tiny, untouched anus. He hesitated for a moment, reminded of his own anal
assault but after staring at Beths small, firm buttocks for a second he shook
off the flashback and slid his cock confidently into his younger sister. He
went gently at first but then increased the ferocity of his assault and
grabbing Beth's jiggling breasts as he fucked her.

Finally Beth, red rore and exhausted was allowed to break off from Luke and
lay back beside him gasping, her brown hair was sticky from sweat, her lips
were covered in the sticky white stuff but it was her dripping cunt that
caught most attention.

Now fully refreshed Mandy clambered over Luke who watched with interest as
she climbed on top of Beth. The pair began to kiss again their thin, firm,
naked bodies pressed together. Mandy broke away from the kiss and stared
deeply into Beth's blue,lustfilled eyes before slowly moving down her
gorgeous friends body, her first port of call was the eighteen year olds
small but beautifally shaped breasts. As she sucked on the pert, pink
nipples Beth gasped satisfiedly and lovingly stroked Mandy's mop of blonde

Next Mandy kissed and licked Beth's bare midriff before finally stopping
at her target - Beth's pussy. Luke stared wide-eyed still amazed at the
performance before him despite the taboo's broken that afternoon. Mandy
smiled sweetly at Beth and Luke then swooped down between Beth's legs.
Beth wailed with delight as Mandy's curious tounge lapped up the mix of
sweat, come and blood dripping from her cunt and toyed with her previously
untouched clit.

Finally the fully satisfied trio lay naked on the bed together, they all
agreed it had been a hell of a day and vowed it would be the first of many.

* * *

The sight of Max's milky white arse bobbing up and down wasn't especially
alluring to the predominantly male internet audience but the sound of Cindy's
screams of delight as her brother repeatedly fucked her on demand was.
Viewers were more satisfied when Max dissappeared behind Cindy and the top
part of her ample frame became visible as she sat on all fours grinning
widely into the camera. The grimace that briefly covered her face and than
the furious bobbing of her head made it clear Cindy had responded to one
users demand for her to be fucked in the ass, again speakers filled with
Cindy's groans of delight as the ever more confident but still amazed Max
pounded his sisters tight, brown anus.

After her throat was too sore and her pussy and anus too raw for her to take
anymore Cindy pushed a panting and still dazed Max to one side and went over
to the computer giving a clear view of her big breasts and soaking, wet cunt
as she moved closer to the camera.

"Any requests?" she tapped into the computer.

"Suck his cock slut!" was the speedy reply on the chat board.

Cindy grinned and nodded into the camera then moved it nearer to the bed and
put it on close up. At first all that could be seen was Max's erect cock but
Cindy soon came into view. Her head slowly bobbed down and she grinned
thinking of every user climaxing as she took her brothers cock in her eager
mouth and began slowly sucking him off, her big blue eyes burned into the
camera as she gave him a blowjob giving her a strangely innocent look despite
her obvious debauchery.

After he'd come into her mouth several times Cindy pulled Max's manhood out
then delighted already more than satisfied internet viewers as she let the
thick,milky deposit dribble slowly out of her mouth.

"Mmm" she purred feeling just like a slutty porn star.

"We've taped the whole thing" she wrote "And they'll be more live action
soon." a promise that delighted the users and Max as he lay on the bed
pinching himself that it hadn't all been a dream.

* * *

Geri and Nikki were cuddled up breast to breast transfixed as Anna sat in
front of them, She was straddling Alex expertly while being fingered and
eaten out by Sam. Both guys were loving Anna's debauchery and humiliation
the most, miss prim and proper sat naked with a bulging cock up her tiny
ass and another heading for her tight virginal cock.

She'd tasted breast, pussy and cock today not to mention having a crucifix
and various other blunt object inside her previously most private parts.
She screamed like a slut as Alex's cock was rammed in and out of her ass
then begged Sam "Fuck me, please fuck me!"

Sam needed no invitation, the change in Anna had undoubtedly been the most
radical and enjoyable. He spread her thin,white legs and entered her still
pleasingly tight opening. Anna wailed on pain of entry but quickly got into
the rhythm and was soon rubbing her small breasts to increase her arousal
as Sam's huge cock invaded her untouched pussy.

Geri and Nikki's own arousal was complete and they both moaned with delight
and dripped yet another load of come all over the carpet as Anna's virginity
was loudly taken. Blood dripped from her pussy but still Anna begged for
more, after Alex had fucked her and Sam had taken over anal duties they each
delighted Anna by forcing her on to her knees and showering her sweet face
with semen which she gratefully lapped up like the whore she'd become.

Geri and Nikki were ordered to sit beside Anna which they immediately did.
After being told to shut their eyes and open their mouths wide each girl
grimaced at a sickening, salty taste that trickled slowly down their throats
washing away the come that remained.

They opened their eyes to find Sam and Alex putting shaking off the last few
drips of urine from their cocks, still in their hypnotized state none of the
girls cared remotely that they'd just drunk piss.

The girls were ordered to lick each clean of any remains evidence of the
days events which they happily did. After they had dressed normally Alex
took them out of their trance but not before telling them they were his and
Sam's slaves now and would do whatever they asked of them.

"Yes master." the girls chanted in unison, Sam and Alex grinned knowing they
were in for many hours of pleasure with their three sex toys.


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