Author's Note: In the actually commercial, she is just wearing regular
clothes, but in my fic let's put her in her racing uniform.

Honda Coupe: Danica's Car Trouble (FF,F-Dom,bmail,celeb)
by Hamster

Danica Patrick got a call. The beautiful, dark-haired racecar driver was
being offered the opportunity to make a public appearance at a Packer's game.

"I'll be there in ten minutes." she said.

With that she made her way to the driveway intent on making good on her
boast. She jumped into her new Honda and began to speed down the highway. She
was a complete blur. So fast it was that she was moving that she didn't
notice the cop on the side of the world. She did however hear the sirens of
the police car that was now following her.

"Dammit." Danica said.

Danica slowed her car and pulled over. A speeding ticket would be incredibly
embarrasing to an Indy car racer, but Danica knew how to get out of tickets.
She unzipped the front of her jacket and looked in the mirror to be sure she
looked perfect. The cop got of the motorcycle and walked over to the car.
Danica looked out her passenger side window and lost all hope. The police
officer was a woman.

"Do you know how fast you were going?" Asked the cop.

"Uhh no." Danica said dumbly, she had no idea what to say now.

"Well just so you know that little half-circle thing there with the numbers,
that tells you how fast you are going. Learn to use it." Said the cop.

"Hey!!!" Danica protested with a frown.

"Don't 'hey' me. Let's see your licence and registration." The cop asked.
After looking at it she rolled her eyes. "You'd think that a racecar driver
would know better. are an Indy driver. Everyone knows that in this
country the good drivers are all in NASCAR."

"Can you chill with the put-downs please." Danica said.

"I'm sorry, am I hurting your feelings?" Asked the cop. "It's really going
to bug you then when I give you a ticket and you get fined, then publicly
humiliated. ESPN is going to be talking about you for weeks. Hell, I'm going
to be recording Leno and Letterman everynight just to see what they say about
you. Not Conan though. He creeps me out."

"Please no, can't you just give me a warning?" Danica begged.

The policewoman looked over Danica's hot bod. She looked danm good in her
blue and white racing uniform. Good enought to eat. She wanted to touch her.
All of her.

"Nah I rather see you embarrased and rediculed. Although you are kinda cute
maybe you can convince me..." The cop left it hanging.

Danica stared at her. She didn't want the avalanche of crap that was heading
her way to hit her. She really didn't mind the idea of being with another
woman too much either. It seemed that giving in to this woman's demands was
the only option available to her.

"So you'll forget the ticket?" Asked Danica.

"Sure, if properly motivated." Replied the cop.

Danica was well aware of what sort of motivation the cop was talking about.

"OK I'll do whatever you want." Said Danica.

"That's what I like to hear. Ok, please exit your vehicle." Ordered the cop.

Sighing deeply, Danica opened the door and exited the vehicle. The cop
appraised the racecar star's body appreciatively. The cop herself looked
pretty good in the tight leather pants and equally tight blue shirt. The
cop removed her helmet. She had a pretty face and short blonde hair.

"Put your hands on the vehicle." The cop said.

Danica did as instructed. The cop stepped behind her and placed her hands on
Danica's hips. She ran her hands over Danica's ass. The cop loved the feel of
her form beneath the leather of Danica's racing uniform. The cop also ran her
hands over the danica's shapely thighs and calves.

"Nice." The cop whispered into Danica's ear.

The cop's hands reached around and grabbed Danica's breasts through the race
suit. the cop then began to unzip the front of Danica's uniform from top to
bottom. Her hands went up to Danica's breasts again and she began to massage
them softly. One hand creeped down further, down Danica's tummy to her
panties. The cop began by rubbing Danica's pussy through her underwear.
Danica was soon purring like a race car. The cop released her and spun her
around. Danica was surprised and a little disappointed when the other woman's
hand left her pussy.

"Strip." She said.

"But we're out in public." Danica protested

"This is me not caring. Besides this stretch of highway is pretty much vacant
at this time of day which is why you thought that you could get away with
speeding." The cop said.

Begrudgingly Danica removed her boots and her racing uniform and then she
took off bra and panties. The cop admired her pretty face, framed as it was
by long black hair. She was short with a nice body and the horny policewoman
licked her lips with lust. She lunged forword and grabbed Danica by the
shoulders then pusshed her againstthe hood of the car. The cop kissed the
racecar driver hard and pushed her tongue into the other woman's mouth. The
cop pinched Danica's right nipple between her thumb and forefinger and rolled
it between them. this made Danica squeal which only made the horny cop more
ecited. The blonde police officed dipped her head to Danica's pussy and began
to plant light kisses up down it. Taking her thumb and forefinger. The cop
pushed them into Danica's cunt and began pistoning then in and out.

"OH, uh oh yes it feels good." Danica cried.

Soon Danica couldn't contain it any longer and began to cum. The cop pulled
her fingers out and then licked them clean. While Danica panted and huffed
the cop took her belt off and pulled her leather pants down to her ankles.

"Get on your knees and eat me." Ordered the cop.

Danica was in a bit of a daze. Her mind registered the command and in a
zombi-like trance she did as she was commanded. She knelt on the the asphalt
in front of the cop and she began to lick the other woman's pussy like a
puppy showing love for her master. The cop grabbed some of that beutiful
black hair and pushed the other woman's face into her pussy.

"Yes, yes lick me bith. Lick me good." Now it was the cop's turn to cum.

When she had finished she stepped back and pulled up her pants. A
crimson-faced and deeply embarrassed Danica went to retreave her own clothing
but the police woman stopped her.

"I'm keeping your panties, as a souvenire." She said as she picked up
Danica's panties and stuffed them in her pocket.
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