Honeymooners: Boys Night Out (MF,FF,orgy)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Alice Kramden was fixing her husband's dinner when he walked in, "Alice,
don't bother. We have a special meeting at the lodge. Just make me a

"Well, you could have called. We do have a phone."

Just then it rang.

"See it does work," she answered and then hands the phone to Ralph, "It's

"Okay, I'm on my way out." Ralph grabs the sandwhich gives Alice a kiss,
which the tail on his hat gets in the way for he put it on backwards.

"Try turning your head around," she laughed.

"One of these days Alice! I maybe late," he said, "Depends on the situation."

Ed Norton shows, greets Alice and tells her Trixie wants her up stairs. Alice

"I got the movie," Ed said.

"SSHHH!" Ralph said and they left for the lodge.

Alice went to the Norton's and heard music playing. She walked in seeing
Trixie dancing. She clapped, "Very good!"

Trixie turned off the music. "Did they leave?" Trixie asked.

"Oh yes, all his most honored racoon wanted was a sandwich, so I geuss we
have the night to ourselves." Alice asked Trixie, "Can you show me how to
dance like you were."

"You like that?"

"Yes, very much," Alice said.

"Alice, I have been keeping a secret from Ed."

"REALLY!" Alice was shocked.

"Promise not to tell a soul."

Alice swore. They sat down Trixie took a deep breath.

"I use to dance burlesque, and not that vaudville stuff."

Alice looked at her. "You were a stripper?"

Trixie said, "Yes."

She got up put on a record and started to dance.

* * *

Meanwhile at the lodge, Ralph and Ed were setting up the movie when in
walked George from traffic. He had some ladies with him from the Kit Kat
Club. Ralph's cock began to stir when oneof the ladies said "hello". In
walked a few other members with women. "This is going to be some meeting

The head Racoon brought the meeting to order and popped open a beer. The
lights went out the film began.

Trixie had her dress off, dancing in her slip, which soon hit the floor.
Alice was feeling so turned on. Her dress was bunched up and her hand was
rubbing her wet pussy. Trixie soon had her bra off. Alice saw the firm
breast of her friend. Her nipples were hard. Trixie wiggled her ass as her
panties were taken off.

She stood naked in front of her friend. Alice's finger was so wet. Trixe
knelt down took her fingers in her mouth. Alice was shocked feeling Trixie's
tongue around the fingers, that were in her pussy. Alice soon found her
clothes off. Trixie was touching her breasts, rolling her nipples with her
fingers. They soon embraced began to kissing. They found their way to the

* * *

Ralph was rubbing his cock when he heard a sweet voice. "I'll do that for
you," she knelt down took his cock out and began to lick it until it was
hard. The sound of sucking noises filled the hall with the movie.

Ed had a lady on his lap riding his cock. Ralph was in heaven. The little
blonde was riding him like a kid rode a wild bronco. Ralph had a mouth full
of tit as his tongue worked her nipple. Moans of women and men cumming filled
the lodge.

* * *

Trixie was licking Alice's clit. Soon Trixie put her pussy in front of Alice.
"Just do what you feel," she said.

Alice slowly stuck her tongue out. It touched her pussy. Alice took her first
taste of pussy. Soon her tongue was buried into Trixie's pussy. She drank her
friends juice. Alice licked faster until Trixie came. Alice drank the love

* * *

At the lodge it was looking like a roman orgy. Naked bodies every where.
Ralph had two eating one out while fucking the other.

Ed called Trixie to tell her they would be late.

Trixie smiled, "That's ok."

Alice was eating her pussy again.

The End


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