This story is totally fictional and is for entertainment purposes only. Don't
take it too seriously.

The events in this fic are taken from episode 211 called "Need To Know". The
beginning of it and the end appeared in the actual episode, and I filled in
the between.

House - A Good Talk (Mg,pedo,oral)
by Idanyboy

Gregory House set in the chair in his office, watching his little TV and
trying to figure out what's wrong with his recent patient, Margo. Suddenly,
he heard the door to his office open. He looked over and there stood Stella,
the patient's 8-year-old daughter.

"What are you watching?" she asked so naively.

"TV. What are you doing here?" Greg replied, not even looking at her.

"Ted's with my mom. He asked the nurse to watch me."

"What nurse?"

"She's not really watching me."

"I got that." House tried to avoid any kind of contact with the youngling.

"Do you want to play something?"


Realizing the little girl is having trouble taking a hint, House turned off
his TV and walked towards her.

"Come on, let's play. I can make you happy," she abruptly said.

"I really doubt that," Greg giggled at the innocent young girl.

"No, really. When I do this for Ted he always gets in a better mood."

"Do what?"

"Give him a blow job."

House froze in his place, not knowing what to say. Here before him stood a
beautiful blonde 8 year old, suggesting to blow him. Before he could mouth
off any words, Stella continued.

"I know it's not permitted, and I won't tell anyone. I promise. I just want
my mommy to be better and I don't like it when people are sad around her."


"I'm really good at it," she said with an adorable smile.

"But people walk by..."

"I can go under the table..."

Greg pondered for a few seconds. He hasn't been with a woman for a long time
and he sure could use a release. With a guilty conscious and a giant boner,
he nodded affirmatively to the excited 8 year old, then went back to his

Stella smiled. She walked across the room and set on House's lap, wiggling
herself on his shaft for a few seconds, then kneeled down to the floor, her
head just barely passes over the height of the table. This was the cutest
sight ever. House felt his raging cock dieing to be released from his pants.
Stella looked up at him and smiled.

"Let's see if I can make you smile," she said with an adorable smirk.

She put her hands behind her back and buried her face into House's crotch.
With her mouth she searched for the zipper, and slowly brought it down with
her teeth. This was hot! This 8 year old sure knows how to get a guy hard.
"How many years has she been doing this" crossed House's mind.

Stella was having trouble getting his cock out from his underwear. Greg,
feeling like he's about to burst, just took it out himself, revealing his
raging 8 and a half inch rod. He slammed it on Stella's nose and she giggled.

"Wow, that's a lot bigger than Ted's" she said as she lifted her tiny hand
and started stroking his erection. Slowly... Firmly then softly, she knew
exactly how not to make him cum right away.

"What's your first name? Ted likes it when I say his name when I service
him," she smiled so innocently.

"Just call me Dr. House. It's more naughty that way..."

Stella nodded without saying a word.

Stella continued stroking House's cock, increasing the speed and strength
from time to time.

"You like that, Dr. House? Am I a naughty patient? Will you cum on my face,

"Well, your temperature seems fine, but I should stick my thermometer in you
mouth to make sure," Greg played along with the role-playing.

"Yes, doctor," she said with her big blue eyes wide open.

"And by thermometer I mean my cock."

"Yeah, I got that," she rolled her eyes.

She opened her tiny mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of House's
dick. Her mouth was so small, that she couldn't even move it another inch in.
Greg saw that, and pulled out from her mouth. He grabbed her head, and held
it so that her face was facing upwards. With his other hand he opened her
mouth wide. He bent over as much as he could and kissed her young mouth with
all he got. He pulled away, closed her mouth, and then spat on her lips, then
smeared his saliva all over her lips. He then placed her face against his
cock, rubbing her lips all over the head of his dick for lubrication.

"Let's try this again, shall we?"

Her lips wrapped around the head to his cock and he shoved it once more. It
worked a little. He was able to push in only about half an inch more.

House was getting frustrated. At that exact moment Dr. Cameron walked in.
Greg was startled. He looked up and tried to act normal. Luckily Stella was
in no way in Cameron's eyesight, as she was under the table completely.

"Hey. Have you seen the Jetsons' little girl? Some nurse was supposed to be
watching her but she must've gotten away."

"ahhh... checked the race tracks? You know those 8 year olds... always after
those big bucks," he said in his sarcastic way.

Cameron realized that House doesn't know anything. "Well, if you see her
could you take care of... well, just send her back to her parents?"

"Yeah," House said with a dumb expression on his face, as he felt Stella push
in another inch of his cock.

"Are you okay? What's with the strange look?"

"Just picturing you naked..." he said with a crafty smile.

Cameron sighed with disgust, and walked out.

"Umm... could you close the drapes? I need to be alone for awhile..."

"Ah... yes, sure," she did so, and closed the door behind her.

Greg listened as Cameron's footsteps faded away then returned his attention
to Stella.

"That was close."

Stella nodded, with the cock still lodged between her preteen lips. Greg was
mesmerized with the sight of his prick in this sweet 8-year-old jaw. He
wanted more!

"So, tell me something, umm... Daughter of patient... Does your step-dad
ever... fuck you?"

Stella pulled the cock out of her mouth and started stroking it again...

"No. My mom wouldn't let him. She says because I'm not his daughter she
decides what he can and cannot do to me. That's why he want another baby,
that way, my mom can't tell him what to do."

"Aah... interesting..."

"But I can do almost everything else with him. For example I can lick his
balls. Do want me to demonstrate?"

"By all means."

Stella pointed House's cock upwards, then licked the rod from top to bottom.
She then pressed her lips against his scrotum, and all House could see is her
curly blond hair bobbing up and down his crotch. Stella licked the balls and
sucked on them, occasionally sucking and pulling her head back. Greg grabbed
her by the hair and she yelled out.

"Ahhh...Fuck!" she cried out.

Greg wanted to do more to this youngling.

"You said the F word. Now you should get punished."


"Yeah. Stand up and lower you pants and panties."

"O-okay..." Stella stuttered as she felt she is no longer in control of the

Stella stood up, and lowered her undies to her knees. Her little preteen
panties were cute pink ones with flowers on them. Underneath them were her
preteen pussy lips; no hair in sight, and the most perfect ass House has ever
laid eyes on.

"Cute," House blurted out.

He bent her over his lap, her ass right in front of him, and his erection
pressed against her stomach. He slapped her tiny butt so hard it made a big
sound, echoing threw the office. To his surprise, Stella liked it. She didn't
scream or anything. She just looked at him with her big blues and softly said
"fuck". Greg pounded her cheeks again. "Fuck" she yelled out louder. He
smacked her again. "Fuck!!!" she was screaming. Damn, that girl does want a

"Ah, shit. Get on the table!"

Stella got up and set herself on the table. House laid her on her back, then
flipped her around, now her head is right under his dick. He shoved his dick
in her mouth as much as he could, and with his one good leg and started a
rhythm going. He was fucking this 8 year old's face and it was the most
incredible feeling he'd ever had. His pre-cum that accumulated during the
spank session was a good enough lubrication for his cock to slide fairly
quickly in and out of her mouth. He leaned in and started fingered her
clitoris. He shoved his finger in her cunt, just until he felt resistance,
and he started pumping it in and out of her tight pussy. All the while Stella
has been struggling holding House's massive cock in her mouth. She used her
tongue around the head, and licked it from inside her mouth. That was an
amazing feeling for Greg. He almost fell to the floor for a second but
quickly regained composure. At this point he didn't care if the FBI
themselves would've entered the room, he knew just one thing, he's going to
come right in this little girl's mouth. He wanted to cum on her face when she
was kneeling in front of him and was prepared to do so when he would feel
himself coming.

"Ahhh, Jesus, is your mouth tight."

Stella moaned. That was it for House. He pulled out his cock and quickly
flipped Stella around so he could come the way he wanted. But he couldn't
time it right. He only got her turned over enough so that he came right on
her pussy and stomach. Massive squirts of cum landed on Stella's crotch,
some dripped all the way down to her asshole, and some landed on her belly,
and dripped down her pussy and on the floor. It was indeed an amazing sight.
Greg looked at it and was just glad to be alive to see this.

"Sorry," he said, not really sure why.

"That's okay. You didn't get any on my cloths," she said, and then casually
got off the table and lifted her panties and pants on, over her cum filled
pelvis. She looked at House's worried look and thought about how she still
couldn't make him smile.

"Walk me out?" she asked.


House grabbed Stella's hand and they walked out of his office.

"When can Mommy come home?"

"Don't know." House replied, pretending nothing had just happened.

Stella looked at House. While he pounded into her face it seemed like he has
some pretty steady posture, and now he walks with his cane as if his life
depended on it.

"What's wrong with your foot?"

"War wound." House said sarcastically.

"Does it hurt?"

"Every day."

"Is that why you're so sad?"

House looked down at the intrigued preteen.

"Oh, aren't you adorable." He said as he pushed the elevator button.

"I'm not sad. I'm complicated. Chicks dig that. One day, you'll understand."

She looked over at him with a naughty glance.

They talked some more about her parents and stuff until the elevator arrived.
House leaned in the elevator.

"What floor was that nurse on who was watching you?"


House pushed 2 and leaned back out of the lift.

"Good talk." He said as she waved goodbye to him. The elevator doors shut.

"Best talk I ever had," he said to himself and walked back to his office.



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