This story is a work of fiction, not to be taken seriously. Also this story
is not for anyone under the age of 18. If that's YOU than leave now. For us
adults... enjoy.

Characters: Dr. Allison Cameron, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dr. Greg House

House: House's Blackmail (FF,MFF,M-mast,voy,cons,bmail)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

House walked in to the apartment complex where Allison Cameron lived. He
didn't wanna be here. But when his very smart, and very beautiful doctor had
up and quit on him, he knew he had to persuade her to come back. Gregory
House was anything but a man to plead with someone. He was all about sarcasm
(which doesn't come with begging someone to come back to work for you). He
always liked to be in control, to belittle his fellow doctor's in many case.
The belittling of them would bring the best out of them in his mind. True,
House was not a good person. However if you were sick or dying in a hospital,
there was no one else that you would ever want to treat you than him! He was
the best.

Walking up to Cameron's apartment number he took a deep breath and was about
to knock. Then he stopped himself since the door was slightly open already.
He curiously put his ear to the door. He could make out sounds, faintly. It
seemed apparent that someone was home. House debated what he should do, then
ultimately decided to go inside. The sounds seem to be coming from the
bedroom. Looking thru the bedroom door crack he saw an incredible sight. He
saw the near naked backside of Allison. She had on gray sweat shorts but they
were pulled down to her knees. She also had on a gray sports bra. Though the
way in was ruffled up, it was very apparent, that her boobs weren't being
contained by the bra. He could vaguely make out the figure of someone
kneeling in front of her.

'Some lucky bastard is getting to go down on Cameron?' He thought to himself.

Cameron had the most incredible ass, not big, but not overly thin either,
curvy with no tan-lines and no doubt the ass of a young woman who keeps
herself in shape! House felt himself getting stiff at hearing Cameron's
moans and her derriere gyrating to her lovers oral skills. He didn't wanna
get caught watching her but still he wished she'd turn around so he could
see her pretty face, and what the front of Cameron's body looked like

Then House got thrown for a loop, when he saw two hands grip Cameron's ass
cheeks. These hands had well manicure red painted nails. Cameron was getting
oral from another woman! This was too much! House reached down and pull his
member out of his pants and started stroking himself. Cameron's moans only
got louder as it seemed apparent she was getting closer to release. Fingers
were now pushing in and out of Cameron's snatch like a piston as she was now
holding her lovers head to her face. House noticed the woman giving Cameron
oral was a brunette, but that was all he could make out. But that soon
changed as Cameron reached orgasm...

"Oh yessss yessss yessssssssss do it baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Lisa mmmmmm I'm cummingggggggggggggggggggggg God yesssssssssssss

House knew someone named Lisa, but it couldn't be...but it was!!!

As Cameron lower her lover to the bed to return the favor, he saw it was
Lisa Cuddy, his boss at work! Cuddy had on a white lacey bra, that barely
contained her massive jugs, in fact House was sure he could even see a
darker shade of skin poking out of one of her bra cups. House smiled as
Cameron pulled off Cuddy's white thong. 'I always knew she was the thong
type' he thought to himself. Cuddy did have tan-lines, at least her bottom
half did. Cameron's now bent over ass arched, as she sat on the floor,
while her tongue seeked out the trimmed brunette triangle of Cuddy's pussy.
House went back and forth, he didn't know what was better seeing Cuddy's
face as Cameron's tongue slithered inside of her, or the incredible ass of
Cameron, with her love juice still dripping from her womanhood and onto her
inner thigh. Cuddy was arching her back and licking her lips as Cameron no
doubt was as good at oral sex with another woman as Cuddy seemed to be.

House could hear Cameron licking and slurping on his boss's pussy. House
couldn't help himself but stroke himself faster. This was better than
Cinemax After Dark, especially considering it was real, and he knew both
the women here. Nothing choreographed here, this was all real pure lesbian
lust. Cameron's head started to move back and forth as she teasingly licked
the older woman's vagina lips like a schoolgirl with a lollipop. Cameron
was now using a freehand to twist and pull on Cuddy's nipple thru her bra.
House had admired Cuddy's cleavage before in her low cut blouse's, but never
had her nipples poked thru and been so visible as they were right now. Cuddy
was now locking her ankles around Cameron's back, she was close, very close
to release! Cuddy wasn't the only one, House was about to let loose as well.
More feverishly than ever he stroked his 8 inches, knowing that he may never
see a sight this hot in person again. He concentrated on the sounds Cuddy was
making and the booty gyration from the young doctor Cameron, until it became
too much!!!

Almost at the same time House and Cuddy orgasmed with a loud

Cuddy was too turned on to notice the extra voice. Cameron's ears were
shielded by Cuddy's legs scissored around her, so she didn't know that House
was there, shooting his load. As Cuddy reluctantly returned her breathing
back to normal, she brought Cameron to her in a tight embrace and they
started kissing softly. As nice as it was seeing them kiss, House zipped up
his pants. He knew this was too good of an opportunity to pass up on,
catching them in a position this awkward (to put it mildly).

With a loud "BANG" he used his cane to push open the door.

As expected both women leaped off of each other, and to their shock saw the
worst possible person to see them like this! Gregory House!

"Ladies, I'm not interrupting am I? Ah who am I kidding, this isn't what it
looks like is it?"

Both women just sat there on the bed stunned. Neither had a comeback for
House's sarcasm on this day. They didn't even think about the fact that they
were both nearly naked. House was a smart man, who knew what was happening so
they just sat there with their mouths open, wondering what would happen next.
Wondering if this situation could be any worse.

"Well, I could forget that our hospital's administrator is having a lesbian
affair. Question is hmmmmm what's in it for me?"

"What do you want House!" Snapped Cuddy

"Oh there's so much I want, I mean really, where do I begin? Hmm first of all
Cameron, I want you to come back to work."

"Done," Cameron quickly responded hoping that was all it would take.

"Cuddy, um hmmmmmmm where to start, where to start...ahh first of all I want
out of clinic duty."

"That is impossible, House, and you know that, even if you report me you'll
never get an administrator that gives you less clinic duty than I do!"

"Look, House, what if you joined us, we could give you the time of your life
and then you never speak of this ever again." persuaded Cameron.

"Hmmmm interesting, OK, I accept."

They both looked shocked, was it really this easy?

But House didn't join them, instead he started to write on his note pad.
After a while he flipped the page and started writing on another piece of
paper, Cameron and Cuddy just looked at each other.

"Um, what are you doing, House?" Cuddy inquired.

"Shhhh, you'll find out soon enough, brilliant mind working here."

After a while he tore off both pieces of paper and hand it to each of them.
"Tomorrow in exam room 1 at 5 PM, will that work?"

They both looked at the paper their eyes grew big and they looked at each
other, and shrugged their shoulders.

"If we do this, House, there will be no mention of me and Cameron's affair


"I'm in." said Cameron.

"OK, me too," said Cuddy.

"See you two lovebirds tomorrow." said House with a smile even more devious
than usual.

The next day, both Cameron and Cuddy all got questioning looks from their
colleagues. They were wearing their white doctor's coats, but Cuddy was
wearing tennis shoes, and Cameron was wearing red high heels with white
pantyhose/stockings. Still, they both knew their colleagues would have a
lot more questions if they were to take off their white coats.

It was 5PM, and a noticeably excited House made his way to exam room one.
Sure enough Cuddy and Cameron were there. House gave them both a smile, then
locked the door.

"Shall we begin?"

Cuddy and Cameron, both removed their jackets. Cuddy was dressed in a black
and white cheerleader outfit. Cameron was dressed as a schoolgirl with a red
plaid skirt and white button up blouse, with white thigh high stockings and
red high heels. House walked up to each of them his hand reaching out and
caressing Cuddy's thigh as she sat on the exam table. He kissed Cameron on
the mouth. Gently at first, then more passionate opening his mouth and
pushing his tongue in her mouth. Cameron gave him her tongue as well as they
exchanged a heated french kiss. House moved Cuddy off the table and put her
hand on his crotch. House, now sitting on the exam table felt Cuddy pull his
pants off him. She then pulled his cock from his underwear and began licking
his dick up and down. House's hands were now under Cameron's skirt. Cameron
had no panties on (as she was instructed).

House's hands squeezed on Cameron's tight toned ass. He pulled and pinched on
the cheeks over and over causing the younger woman to moan into their kiss.
Cuddy was now swallowing House whole with her mouth. Her head bobbed up and
down as the hospital administrator gave him head like a pro. House was
thinking Cuddy could teach the couple prostitutes he had been with a lesson
or two. After a while House had Cameron join Cuddy. Now both women were on
their knees giving him an incredible double team blowjob. House watched as
Cameron's angelic face now had her lips wrapped around House's shaft. While
Cuddy was now sucking on his balls. House had never been so hard, but after
a while he did get bored with this, so he told the two women to stop, and
told them to start kissing.

Even though he seen this before the previous day, House really enjoyed seeing
it again. Cuddy and Cameron in a hot wet kiss their lips locked together as
Cameron's top was unbuttoned. Cameron wore a sexy red bra underneath that
accent her lovely chest. But as Cameron removed the top of Cuddy's cheer top
House's attention was now on the incredible D cups of Lisa Cuddy. Barely
contained by a lacey white bra. Standing up House came over to them, kissing
his annoying boss on the neck. Then between her valley of cleavage. Reaching
behind her he unhooked her bra. Her huge mammaries coming into view. She had
an incredible tan, with huge aureolas the size of a Ritz cracker, and dark
nipples that pointed out no less than a half inch! House took each large tit
in his mouth sucking slurping and even exciting Cuddy when he nibbled and
bite on the nipples. All the while Cameron was stroking him off and using her
other hand to stimulate Cuddy under her skirt. House then unhooked Cameron's
bra. Cameron offered her smaller chest to House, which he graciously
accepted. Sucking on one round globe as he pulled and pinched on the nipple
of the other one.

This went on for several minutes, House enjoying the boobs of both beautiful
doctors before deciding to move on. He had Cuddy lie on the table, and spread
her legs with her cheer skirt hiked up. Then he had Cameron put her face
between her lovers legs. Cameron knew what to do, and slid the crotch of her
black panties aside and pushed her tongue inside of Cuddy. Cuddy's hands
grabbed Cameron's head and pushed it hard to her crotch. House positioned
himself behind Cameron, hiking up the schoolgirl skirt, and feasting his eyes
on a sexy tight ass. Cameron's wetness was a big help! Otherwise House may
not be able to get inside her tight cunt, as he pushed his throbbing member
inside of her velvet box.

"Ohhh God yeah yesssssssssssss!" screamed Cameron.

Cuddy pulled and played with her nipples, she even looked at House as she
licked her own nipples. House was very impressed with her massive jugs
bouncing as he pounded into Cameron.

"Fuck her, fuck her hard." Cuddy almost whispered with lust in her eyes as
she saw House's eyes glued to her tits.

He grabbed two handfuls of tight ass as he slammed all of his cock into her.
The small exam room echoed with the sounds of his balls slamming against
Cameron's clit! Soon the thrusting got Cameron to cum all over House's cock,
coating his shaft with her hot girl cream. Cuddy voluntarily licked Cameron's
cum off of House's cock, never wanting to miss a sweet drop of Cameron's
female essence.

House then told Cameron to get on top of Cuddy's face. With her back to House
Cameron began riding Cuddy's face. Gyrating up and down on her female lover
like she had many times before but never grew tired of. While House spread
the older woman's legs and pushed inside of Cuddy's steaming hot abyss

"ohhhh House ohhhh fuck yessssss give it to me!!!"

House did just that he thought that they might break the table but he didn't
care as he thrust over and over into Cuddy's pussy. House wasn't sure what
sight was hotter, seeing his cock go in and out of his boss's cunt, Cuddy's
tongue swirling all over Cameron's cunt lips, or the amazing sight of Cuddy's
boobs bouncing all over the place. His hands played with her huge knockers,
and he even bent over to rim Cameron's ass a little when he could. Cuddy
didn't last long as soon her body was spasming and her back arching as her
pussy was squirting all over House like a dam bursting.

"Ohhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!"

Still after all this House hadn't cum yet he had one last thing he was
holding out for. Cameron got off of Cuddy and House got on top of her. He was
now fucking Cuddy's tits. Watching his member disappear then reappear in her
mountanious cleavage. Cuddy stuck out her tongue to lick the head each time
it came out from between her chest. Cameron kissed House and sucked and bit
on his neck. Before long Cuddy's lust-filled face and near perfect boobs
became too much. House tensed up and exploded all over Cuddy's cleavage and
her face as well. Cuddy took House's shaft and sucked it and licked it clean
getting all the cum out oh him that he could. Cameron helped licked the cum
of Cuddy's tits and her face. After a minute or two of this they all caught
their breath. All of them not knowing what to say to one another now they
decided to get dressed.

"Well, that was even better than I suspected it would be, so...I'll see you
two tomorrow."

"Um wait, what about me and Cameron's affair?"

"What affair?" House gave them a smile, only for once not a devious one.


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